The Telemachus Story Archive

Love Charm
By Telemachus

Chapter One - The Charm

Young warriors in training need to know about magic too. Forewarned is forearmed as Chiron always said. Today he was lecturing the cadets about the dangers of love charms. He pointed to a drawing on a papyrus he held. "This is a specialty of Aphrodite. Whoever wears it cam force one other to become their love slave. And afterwards the love slave doesn't even know anything happened. Be especially careful of it. Anyway, that's enough for today. Time to end the lessons"

He rolled up the papyrus and put it with many others as Hercules, Jason and Iolaus header for the door.

"Boy, am I glad that's over. I much prefer the physical training!" laughed Iolaus. He waved goodbye to his pals and headed for the dorm. He arrived along and was amazed to see a stunningly beautiful woman waiting for him. "I understand you've been learning about this." she laughed holding up a charm identical to the one in Chiron's drawing.

"Whoa, Aphrodite? You're gonna use that on me?" asked Iolaus, not sure whether to be frightened or elated.

"No, silly" she laughed. "This one only works on a guy when it's held by another guy. Have fun". She tossed it to Iolaus and vanished is a puff of light leaving Iolaus clutching the charm just as Herc and Jason entered.

"Hey guys lets go up into the hills after dinner, see what we can find" said Herc. "I'm on." said Iolaus, slipping the charm into his tunic. "OK, by me answered Jason"

Chapter Two - The Hills

After dinner the three pals headed for the hills. Once away from the academy they drifted through the wooded lands trying to find a secluded spot. A small glade opened before them. Jason yawned, "I could do with a rest".

"OK" said Herc, I'm just going to check out that hill. "See you back here"

"I'm with Herc." said Iolaus hurrying after him.

Leaving Jason to stretch out in the glade Herc and Iolaus headed for the hill. As they arrived Iolaus decided to take a chance. "Hey Herc see what I just found" he muttered. As Herc turned to face him he flashed a beam of sunlight off the charm into Herc's eyes. Instantly Herc stopped, staring blankly ahead.

"Looking good" muttered Iolaus to himself as he circled his new captive. As he arrived back in front of his new love slave he dropped his hand to cover Herc's manhood. It was firm and hard. He massaged and stroked the bulge. "Hey Herc, let me feel those famous muscles of yours" he whispered.

Herc's slack expression didn't change as he pulled opened his tunic and pants. All the time Iolaus was letting his hands wander over the iron hard flesh in front of him. Herc's young manhood pointed out hard as Iolaus stroked Herc's nipples. Unable to contain himself Iolaus dropped to his knees and took Herc's dick into his mouth. Sucking and pulling he soon felt an explosion of cum in his mouth. Swallowing the man-god's seed he stood up. Herc's stared unfocused into the distance, his expression was one of pure pleasure.

"Better fasten yourself up before Jason arrives" he whispered. Herc began to tie up his tunic and pants as Iolaus circled behind him. He had his own dick out now as he caressed Herc's pert round buns, his own excitement mounting. But before he could contain himself an enormous spurt of cum erupted. And as it did he fell back, collapsing unconscious to the ground even as Herc stumbled and fell.

A few minutes later Iolaus awoke. Quickly he adjusted his clothing then realized the charm was gone. Herc was shaking his head as he pulled himself up. "Phew, I felt really dizzy there, I wonder what caused it" Iolaus realized that Herc had no idea of what had just happened. "Err, great view" he said changing the subject.

"Sure is" said Herc. "Listen I'm gonna head back to Jason, I think I need a rest too"

"Sure" answered Iolaus. "I'll stay here." Now was his chance to find the charm, unaware that it now rested in Herc's tunic.

Chapter Three - The Glade

Herc arrived back at the glade to see Jason stretched out asleep. He had already found the charm and was turning it over in his hands as Jason yawned and sat up. A flash of sunshine glinted off the charm straight into Jason's face. Herc looked in amazement as Jason's jaw hung slackly and his eyes glazed over.

"Wow, this is powerful" he muttered looking down at the charm in his hands.

"Hey Jason, are you OK buddy?" he said kneeling down beside the handsome young prince of Corinth.

"Sure Herc" said Jason. He turned and looked at Herc's face just inches from his own, then leaned forward and kissed Herc on the lips. Herc was too startled to react, then he found himself kissing Jason back.

"Can you stand?" he asked. Jason slowly pulled himself up then stood swaying as he opened his tunic to reveal his full pectorals and washboard stomach. He reached out and pulled Herc's hand forward rubbing it across the hard slabs of muscled. Herc was too fascinated to pull away. Jason turned as he dropped his pants, thrusting his butt into Herc's crotch. Herc found his hands running around Jason's sides and cupping his pecs as his hips started to thrust his bulging dick into Jason's crack. Suddenly Jason jerked upright as a white jet shot from his dick. Herc could feel his own orgasm coming as he whipped out his dick. In seconds both the young men lay collapsed on the ground.

Herc was the first to wake. Quickly he cleaned his dick and adjusted his pants, then he closed Jason tunic and pants into some semblance of normality. Just as Jason awoke.

"Oh, hi Herc. Good walk?" he said sleepily. With a feeling of relief Herc knew that Jason has lost all memory of their encounter.

"Yeah" he muttered as he wearily laid himself down to sleep of the best orgasm he could remember.

Jason looked down at Herc's sleeping form. "Must be good view up that hill. I think I'll check it out myself" he said to himself.

Chapter Four - Sunset

Jason reached the hill to find Iolaus still looking around. "Lost something?" he asked.

"Err, not really" answered Iolaus still scanning the ground.

"Is it this?" asked Jason, flashing the charm at Iolaus.

Iolaus stood his ground, his arms hanging limply at his side. "Hmm, bet you wish you'd found this first" muttered Jason as he stepped forward sliding his hand into Iolaus tunic, pinching the small hard nipple he found there. Iolaus grunted with pleasure.

"Suck my dick!" ordered Jason. Iolaus dropped to his knees and chewed on Jason's crotch. Both the boys erupted in pleasure almost simultaneously and fell back on to the ground, dazed and confused.

The circle was complete. From a distance Aphrodite, giggled and snapped her fingers. The charm appeared in her hand and she turned away, job done.