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Stories by Telemachus
A Day In The Woods - 3 chapters
Two cops find that life can be dangerous out in the woods.
A steel town by night
First Day - 5 chapters
An unemployed jock finds his first day as a security guard to be quite eventful.
Hotel Room
A London thief discovers a surprise guest when he sets out to rob a swish hotel.
Love Charm
Young Hercules and his pals find that Aphrodite's Love Charm works both ways.
A squad of arrogant marines find that one of the locals has his own ideas.
Sweet Dreams
A secret agent is on a very special mission.
The Bunker
Some building workers discover that a disused army bunker still has a few secrets.
The Corner Bar
After a hard days work, Tony just wants a quiet drink, but someone has other ideas.
Well I'll be Dawged - 3 chapters
Well I'll be Dawged