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First Day
Chapter 5
By Telemachus

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Tom heard a noise and looked across to see Rich slowly moving.

"Dunno where they got that chloroform from, but it doesn't seem to last long" he muttered to himself. Finding a knife he cut the ropes holding Rich and went to free Harry, who was also coming round.

Tom returned to collect the struggling form of the guy who had fucked him. He took pleasure in smacking him across the jaw again, not enough to knock him out, just enough to show him who's in charge now. He cut the rope binding Butch's ankles and hauled him up, forcing him to walk back to the control room.

Tom explained everything that had happened to Rich and Harry. Then all three looked at the three captives and then at the three canvas bags, each of which held as much money as the first.

"I recognize him" said Harry, indicating the leader of the punks. "His name's Steve, and his pa is the Chairman of the Board here. Got disinherited when he turned bad and got sent to jail, calls himself Spike or something now"

Steve/Spike and Dog were still out cold. But Butch was wide awake and when Tom approached him with fists clenched he was all too willing to talk. It seems the Chairman of the Board was also handling money laundering for the mob, hiding it in the old disused safe to which only he had the combination. It was the perfect hiding place. But when Spike found out he got back into pa's house when he wasn't around and stole the combination.

"It ain't a good idea to cross the mob, not in this town" muttered Harry. Rich agreed and Tom figured he had better do the same. "But what do we do with these three?"

Rich grinned and indicated Butch. "Well, as this one fucked Tom without asking, I figure Tom should return the compliment" Tom looked startled, "Huh? But.... But..." He knew he should refuse but the idea had its merits, Why not? The guy deserved it. In fact by the morning Tom had fucked all three of the punks, as had both Harry and Rich. 'Tough Justice' Harry called it.

As dawn broke, the three security guards hauled the punks down to the main door and threw them out. "Just remember, we see you round here again and daddy gets to hear what you did" said Harry menacingly. "And trying to rip off the mob leads to a short life, understand me?"

Spike, Butch and Dog nodded and slunk away. They wouldn't be going anywhere near that factory again. Not now, not ever.

Rich slapped Tom on the back. "And you, my friend, you need a good long sleep, the natural kind! See you tonight Tom, and thanks" As Tom proudly strode off to his bike resplendent in his retrieved uniform, Harry turned to Rich. "Three times, he fucked each of them three times. The guy is a sex machine!"

When he got home, Tom carefully removed his uniform and hung it up. As he snuggled into his bed he thought to himself. "My first day at work, I'm gonna like this job"