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First Day
Chapter 3
By Telemachus

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Spike and Dog reached the door to the security block. This was the trickiest part of the plan. Having left Butch to take care of their captive they now had to get into the building.

Spike waited as Dog sidled around the security camera, getting as close to the door as he could without being spotted. He needn't have bothered, neither Rich nor Harry had so much as glanced at the camera screen since Tom had left. Rich was dozing in his chair and Harry was engrossed in an 'educational' article in Playboy.

Once Dog was in place, Spike stepped forward and pressed the buzzer next to the door, making sure that his cap obscured his face from the camera. Harry glanced up, saw the uniformed figure waiting to get in and pressed the release. "Tom's back quick" he thought, "Can't have done the rounds properly. Boy is he in trouble". He would punish Tom by making him do all the rounds for the rest of the week, he smiled at the thought and went back to reading the article.

Time passed and Tom didn't appear. Harry noticed the red light on the panel, indicating that the main door was still open. "Stupid kid" he muttered and got up. He walked out of the room and down the hallway towards the main door. "Hey Tom, where the fuck are you?" he called.

Suddenly a damp cloth slapped over his face, hands grabbed his arms and he felt himself being pulled backwards "MMMmmmpppppphh"

"Tom's taking a little nap right now" whispered a voice in his ear "And you're going to join him"

Harry flailed around, trying to break free. He twisted sideways and caught a glimpse of a thin dark-haired kid in a biker jacket gripping his arm. He lashed out with his free hand, sending the kid spinning. He twisted again to try and hit the guy behind him, the one with the cloth. But he couldn't get at him. He felt the drug take hold, dulling his senses. His struggles weakened, his legs sagged. After a few more weak twists and turns he slipped into darkness.

Dog kicked at the unconscious form, angry at being hit by the guard. "Fucker" he spat. Spike grabbed him and slammed him against the wall.

"Shut the fuck up! There's still one more to go" he muttered fiercely. Dog cowered before him, dropping his eyes to the floor in submission.

Back in the control room, Rich continued to doze, blissfully unaware of the drama down the hallway. Spike peeked through the half open door and beckoned Dog to follow him. Quietly he slipped into the room, moving around behind Rich. He got out the cloth and stepped forward. As he did so Rich awoke, and seeing the reflection in the screens before him jumped up and spun around.

"What the fuck..." Spike jumped at him, trying to get the cloth over Rich's face. Rich dodged the lunge. He swung at his assailant, knocking him sideways and making him drop the cloth. He turned to face the second leather clad kid. Dog charged at Rich burying his head in the guards stomach, winding him. Rich staggered back and found Spike behind him, pinning his arms.

"Get the cloth, get the fucking cloth" gasped Spike. Dog grabbed at the white square and launched himself at the struggling guard, slapping the damp rag across Rich's face. Rich struggled, but Spike was strong, and he wasn't going to let go. Dog kept the cloth in place, looking squarely into the face of uniformed hunk before him. Rich felt the fumes start to take effect. He weakened, his eyes started to flutter and his strength seeped away.

Spike felt the increasingly dead weight in his arms. "Keep the cloth on him, we don't want the fucker playing possum on us". He needn't have worried. Rich was soon out cold.

They lowered Rich to the ground and used thin rope on his wrists and ankles. Then Spike turned his attention to the old big black safe in the corner of the room while Dog went off to secure Harry.

"This combination had better be right" muttered Spike as he pulled off Tom's tunic and settled down to the big numbered wheel on the safe door.

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