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Madness IV

Madness IV

He’d been in quality porn so far. No, I’m joking. Some highlights: Desperate Nerd Bones Ugly Granny (I don’t know why that got captioned, but it was), A Slenderman’s cum stash , Oviposition Overlord . Niche stuff, written on his body: sunken chest, tall and gangly, nerdish boy-face with creepy undercurrents. Doc – director and general manager, if you want – had cast him for his prodigious ease to cum. We were all bustling to get the set ready when Doc was running through his contract.

“How long could you stay?” Doc asked.

“What do you mean, stay? Isn’t this thing a one day shot?”

“Cumulatively, yes, but we’re shooting several titles at once, a whole lot of stuff’s going on. So, how long could you do? We’ve only got the building for ten days.”

“Depends on what I get. Realistically, perhaps, eh, a week or so?”

“That’s enough. What do you think, Mack? A week’s enough?”

Mack shrugged. “Depends on him, I suppose.”

Doc studied the nerd (I’ll try to call him Ned from now on; it’s nicer). “It’s for a series called ‘Madness’,” he said. “We need you to go full-blown psycho. How’re your acting skills?”

“As good as any occasional porn actor’s, I suppose? But, why would I have to stay? Can’t I just come over when you need me?”

“Unpredictable schedules,” Mack said. “We need you to be here at all times depending on who’s available and so on. Otherwise it turns into an organisational nightmare.”

Ned shrugged in tacit understanding. “What’s the porn about?” he asked.

“Revenge: you nick two studs’ girlfriends after teaching them some maths, the studs catch you shagging their girls and proceed to tie you up and wank you silly.”

“Forced gay, eh?”

Doc nodded and handed Ned a sheaf of papers. He huffed when he looked at the contract and saw what he’d get for it.

“Take it or leave it,” Doc said. “We’ve got plenty of backups.”

He took it – in cash and without contract – and left with the ten lines of script.

The first day of shooting we showed him his bare-bones room: bed, sink, bland view on weedy parking lot from patched window. He could use the showers, jacuzzi, and sauna downstairs when not in use for a production. (Doc had hired the entire building – a derelict, detached, three story office block in brutalist concrete – from a friend of his, for cheap.)

Ned confirmed his capabilities as a stinking actor straight from the first scene – not that I had expected anything better. Jezz and Cunt (or Cynthia, video editing wizard extraordinaire and one of the pornstars) were undressing him and started teasing him while we filmed from a corner of the set. His cock sprang to life the moment the girls grazed him. Cunt pushed him on the bed, Jezz ripped his white undies down and impaled herself while Cunt was snogging and licking him and massaging her breasts right under his nose. He was getting close. The cucked boyfriends stormed in, corny shouting ensued (they too were crap actors), and Jezz hopped off needy Ned’s cock seconds before he would have shot. Timing was punchline-perfect but Doc said it was crap and told them to start all over. Three takes later – Ned’s eyes turned white when Jezz hopped off – Doc told everyone to take a break. He had enough material. Ned stared at his cock, twitching, hard, glistening, and aching with bottled-up spunk. We could all see him wonder whether he should have a wank there and then. Jezz was already rubbing one out. She moaned and sighed. “God, I needed that,” she said. Ned looked on and grabbed his cock.

“Hey! No wanking for you,” Doc said, pointing a finger at Ned. “I want you primed and ready to pop tomorrow, like that!” He snapped his fingers.

“What? No more shooting today?” Ned asked, trying and failing to hide his irritation.

“No, I’ve got other things to do.”

That was that. Ned swore, sulked, and slapped his cock.

We knew he would try and squeeze in a wank. Cunt kept an eye – or an ear – on him and dropped in while he was beating his cock, seconds before he could shoot. Again. Poor sod.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she said.

Ned got flustered.

“You shouldn’t masturbate,” she said. “You’ll need everything you have tomorrow. Don’t spoil it.”

Needless to say, he tried again. Jezz made sure of that. She sauntered into his room every now and then, asked him if everything was all right, massaged his shoulders and other bits, blew on his neck and whispered in his ear how brave he was and how hard it had to be not to wank himself silly, especially with such a delicious cock as his. He was easy. Doc happened to be there when Ned got caught for the third time. The boys were there too. For a scrawny nerd he put up a good fight, but we wrestled him on the bed, strapped in a sort of sloppy spreadeagle. Cunt gagged him. No need to hear him argue. Doc gave him the talk – if you can’t keep the fucking spunk in your balls, we’ll make you – and we left him. Cunt and Jezz sneaked in and did their thing – I assume you don’t want any details, as it involves female bits and sluice juice all over his face (which turned him on a great deal) and them cumming a lot while they made sure he couldn’t. He was beet-red from pleading by the time we got the girls a hot drink. (He told us to fuck off and let him go when we offered him some tea.) We got him loose, Doc gave him the talk again and made me and Cunt his chaperones. He was quiet for the rest of the day except when we watched him having a crap.

“This is going too far,” he said, mortified.

Cunt gave him the money/expendability speech. That did the trick. (It always does with minor, impressionable actors.) He complained again when we told him he’d have to spend the night strapped down, as we didn’t trust him. In the end we relented – it seemed a bit excessive. Good thing Cunt caught him – she was genuinely being sweet, bringing him a cup of hot chocolate before bed – and this time he got the full-restraint treatment. No way he’d be able to jack off.

He was fuming in the morning. Jezz gave him a kiss and all was well. “It’ll be all right,” she lied. We filmed the entire morning (Madness I through VII were being canned at the same time) and ignored him while he stayed strapped to his bed. Lick and Bam (the cucked boyfriends) whiled away their free time by acquainting themselves with his cock. He didn’t get to cum, though. By the time Doc was ready for his scene, Ned was close to incoherence.

“He needs to cool down,” Doc said. “He’s useless in this state.”

And so we left him (after giving him a drink), and waited for his impressive hard-on to shrink.

The scene proper started off as bad as it could get. Lick in particular was crap. Doc asked them to start over, over, and over. Each and every take they forgot one or the other of their stupid, simple lines. Somehow for Ned this wasn’t too bad, and he calmed down.

“So, trying to steal our girlfriends, eh?” Lick said.

“Yeah, you fucker, whatcha got that we don’t?” Bam said.

“Brains?” Ned offered.

“Who needs brains?” Bam said and flexed his biceps.

“Man, look at that.” Lick pointed at Ned’s soft, cucumber-like cock, nuzzled between his legs. “I think we should break it.”

“Yeah,” Bam said. “He shouldn’t use that ever again.”

Ned stifled a yawn. The barrage of repetitive crap dialogue had sapped his cock and mind. He looked on, disinterested. Lick cupped Ned’s balls and rolled them around. He got hard fast, to my surprise. A suppressed though distinct moan soughed through his teeth. He looked up at his cock and bit his lower lip. Bam, thumb and index in a loose O, stroked and squeezed the base of Ned’s shaft. Soon he humped. Bam tightened the bonds. Ned flexed against them, but couldn’t do more.

“Perhaps we should suck him,” Lick said.

“Ugh. Are you gay or what?”

“No homo, bro, but it would make it worse for him, wouldn’t it?”

“Fine. You suck him then,” Bam said.


Ah, the wonders of porn-realism.

Ned groaned when Lick’s lips closed around the ridge of his so-far denied and now leaking cock. We couldn’t see what Lick was using his tongue for, but from the increasing urgency that coursed through Ned’s contortions I knew that the boy wasn’t used to Lick’s lingual virtuosity. When he started asking to be allowed to cum, Bam got a gag from the bedside table and reduced the nerd – who cursed and struggled hard against the red ball being plugged into his mouth – to helpless mumbling.

“Look!” Bam said. “Judy’s vibrator!” (Oh, the spontaneity!)

“So?” Lick said. Ned flopped down, relieved the hellish sucking had stopped.

“Perhaps we should get it up his arse.”

Ned humped, his eyes closed. Bam and Lick waited.

“You should beg us not to shove it up your bum,” Bam hissed, like a ventriloquist long out of practice.

“Oh, right. No, not up my bum, please,” Ned said with a fake wail, humping throughout.

“Not very convincing,” Doc said and looked at his watch. “Right boys, take a break. Madness III should be primed by now. I’ll see you in – oh, I don’t know – two hours or so. We’ll continue later. Ned, try to get into the scene, yeah? Take the break to practice, OK?” The crew left. Lick stayed, waited for Ned to go soft, and unstrapped him. Of course, he went straight for his cock. Lick – much stronger than the lad – tackled and armlocked him. I helped him cuff the nerd’s hands behind his back.

“You’re not making this easy on yourself, now, are you?” Lick said.

“But I need to cum so bad. My balls feel like they’re in a vice.”

“It’ll be all right,” Lick lied. He and Cunt got the messy logistics out of the way.

Doc popped around after the allotted two hours. “Can’t do him now, something’s come up with VI. Complications. Could you get ready? I should be there in forty minutes. Keep him warm.”

We had to wrestle Ned to the bed. Cunt enjoyed herself. Doc was later than he’d said by which time Lick had kept Ned warm for over ninety minutes.

“Right,” Doc said. “Action. At last. And don’t forget,” he said to Ned (humping his heart out when Lick popped off his cock with a wet squelch), “I want you to scream in terror as they show you that fucking dildo. Freak out. You’re straight. An anal virgin. Vibrating dildos are for degenerates only.”

Ned delivered on the third take as only seedy porn actors can deliver. Doc shrugged, and the anal scene went on. Ned’s nethers gobbled up the vibrator. (He’d been in Oviposition Overlord , remember? He was no stranger to serious insertables.) Lick twisted the thing around and when he found Ned’s magic spot the nerd blubbered into a state of molten urgency. He gurgled. Drool spluttered around his gag. His entire body twitched. Lick ringed his lips around the boy’s cockhead, his tongue did its unmentionables, and the vibrator throbbed against the boy’s desperate prostate. Bam massaged Ned’s stomach, pushed his grinding hips into the mattress. Lick turned the vibrator to high. The whine of the toy masked Ned’s urgency for only two or three explosive humps, then his screams overpowered the scene. Bam pushed him harder into the mattress. Lick slobbered over the cock, ground around the dildo. When Ned tensed for good, Lick let the toy slide out (it lay shaking and twisting between Ned’s legs like a glistening, freshly chopped-off tentacle) and froze the cock in his mouth. Ned tried to push it in deep, but Bam smothered him into the bed. Ned wailed, twisted as far as he could to get out of Bam’s grip, and Lick popped off his cock. It pulsed. The head was as tight as a deep crimson balloon blown up past popping point. Some precum slopped out. Ned struggled against the straps, groaned, then relaxed.

“Fucking arseholes, just make me fucking cum,” he said (or at least, that’s what I made of it).

“Nowhere near bad enough,” Bam said. “We’ll break your cock. By the time we’re done with you, your cock won’t even dare to get hard anymore.”

Ned – spurred by Bam’s ad-libbed intervention – gave a little sad wail, and drew in his breath when Lick slid in the dildo and took him back in his mouth first, then deep down his throat. Bam sat on Ned’s stomach facing him. He started wanking, taunted Ned how good it would feel to shoot his load. Mack – camera in hand – sampled different close-up angles of the three tangled lads. Ned didn’t notice him. Neither did Lick, who was back on Ned’s cock. One of Lick’s hands was fumbling down into his trackpants, massaging his own cock. Ned tensed, Bam jacked himself hard, and Lick stopped everything when Ned arched his back against Bam’s weight. The dildo shot out of his arse, his cock – Lick was holding it up with two fingers – let out a single spurt of clear cum and spasmed once or twice in the air. Bam groaned and shot all over Ned’s gag. Lick collapsed too, and a dark patch seeped around his crotch. Ned fucked harder against Bam’s weight. “Bastards! Let me cum!” He spittled around the gag. “Fucking arseholes!” Both boys relaxed on top of the needy, desperate, and now persistently foul-mouthed nerd.

“Well, at least we’ve got something. Nothing great, but something,” Doc said. “Enough for today.”

“No!” Ned shouted. “Finish me off!”

“I need you a lot more desperate than that. That was nothing like madness,” Doc said. “See you in two days, boy.” He left, discussing angles with Mack. Lick and Bam were cleaning up. Cunt came in and chatted. Ned was still humping and complaining. He didn’t sign up for his, he said. “You didn’t sign up for anything, you silly boy,” Cunt said. She was right, of course.

She and Jezz went through the shackled logistics of letting the nerd shower and eat and relieve himself (so to speak). They didn’t need me (Cunt had found a shock collar), so I got to nap and at last get some proper food in town (catering was on a budget). The girls enjoyed keeping their pet, teased him all along. They spent the night with him, giving him a good show. (I won’t let you in on the details. I understand you don’t want any.) They came a lot; he didn’t. It’s a miracle he didn’t die of dehydration that night from loss of precum. His free day was worse. The girls (Bixxie and Tam had joined us) had a field day of marathon relay teasing. Lick, when he wasn’t on other sets, savoured more of Ned’s cucumber, as he called it. At the end of the day – the girls were parading him around on a leash, hands taped behind his back – Doc let Ned know that he couldn’t finish filming tomorrow, that Ned would have to wait another day. That’s when I had to step in to subdue him. Bixxie suggested the bodybag – it had been lying around, sad and vacant, since they were done with it in Madness II , which seemed such a shame. We spliced him in and tossed him on the bed like a sausage on a butcher’s scales. Five minutes later, his meat was sticking out and Lick was at it. The girls (minus Tam, she had gone into town) followed. I heard giggling – and wretched begging – until the wee hours. Poor sod.

His next free day was supposed to be free, yet he spent it on the bed in the body bag, only let out under strict supervision for the logistics. He’d blown it again by going straight for his cock as soon as one of his hands got free. I started to wonder if he was doing it on purpose. As most of the crew were too busy and I was the only one who could more or less lounge around, I got tasked with spending the day with him. Doc had insisted I keep him horny, but I have no patience with cocks. Lick suggested a small bullet vibrator and a squishy cock ring to keep him from going soft. I just had to switch the bullet off when I thought he’d pop. I spent much of the morning reading, book in my left hand, the bullet’s switch thing in my right hand, turning the intensity up or down depending on how urgent Ned sounded. Turning pages necessarily involved turning the bullet down first, as once he’d almost popped while I was repositioning the book, the switch, and myself. He got liquid food (probably not even as unpalatable as the sandwiches we got) and when he had to pee I just had to collect it in a plastic tub.

When Lick took over – somewhere in the early afternoon (I had turned the bullet off and was preparing for a short nap) – Ned begged me not to let him alone with him. He could no longer stand Lick. Lick grinned, I shrugged, and left the room under pleading protestations that morphed into gagged anguish. I heard a string of no’s, then a liquid, guttural splooch of a moan. I blushed when I realised I was fondling my half-hard cock.

When I got back – revived by a nap, some tea, and a vigorous walk through the concrete desert this part of town is – Ned was alone. Lick had strapped his head in a thick hood. I shook my head in disapproval, then I noticed the mouth was zipped open and the gag was dangling at the other side. Ned snored. I switched on the lights, picked up my book, and settled into the chair.

“Oh god, it’s you. Could you please, please let me cum. I won’t tell anyone. It’s like my entire groin has been trampled by a horde of dinosaurs. I can’t take it any more. I’ve had enough. It’s hurting badly.” He must have heard the chair creaking.

“Can’t do that, lad,” I said.

“No one will know.”

“They certainly will. All I can do is leave you alone.”


“Don’t insist, or I’ll gag you.”


He humped, even though his cock was as flaccid as it would get (which was still half-hard).

I had read four or five pages when a naked Lick (hard cock and all) barged in, snatched something from the bedside table, and slid it under Ned’s cockhead. He turned on the the bullet and pushed its slider-remote thing in my hands. “Almost forgot,” he said, winked, and left.

“No, please,” Ned said.

“Sorry, lad. Nothing personal.”

He let out the same sort of drowned gurgle – only more guttural – to settle, after a short hiss of half-hearted, distracted swearing, onto a steady drone.

I shot out of my book when he swallowed and gasped. He’d gone silent and was holding his breath. I’d forgotten all about him. The bullet was on full. (I don’t know how it got there; last time I’d checked it was on low.) His cock twitched. I shot from my chair, dropped my book, and smacked the vibrator off his cock, hard enough for it to hit a wall. He strained. Fuck. I slapped his cock, backhand, then again. He howled. I slapped it twice more. He was still straining and screaming. At the final smack his voice cracked. I bit my lower lip. He shook and squirmed – I could see his fists pump under the tight leather, his kneecaps slide back and forth and sideways, his pubic bone bulge up and down, fighting the sleepsack – and then he wailed. A dejected dollop of cum – white as guilt – condensed around his twitching slit. I thought he’d explode in rage, but he sank into the mattress and snivelled. His cock tried for a sad pulse; it just shimmered. Bixxie peeked in. Cunt followed shortly afterwards. I was still bent over him, my arm – at first poised to dole out another thrashing – now relaxed.

“What happened?” Bixxie asked.

“I fucked up. I think he came,” I said.

She shuffled towards the bed. Ned was sobbing and droning on.

“I smacked him real hard,” I said. “Just as he was about to pop. But he came.”

“That?” She leaned over to look at the drop perched on the tip of his cock. “Heh,” she said.


She smirked. “You ruined him good.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“No, no need to be. You ruined his orgasm. That’s very good. If anything, he’s feeling even more frustrated now. Doc’s gonna be pleased.” She leaned over and whispered in Ned’s hooded ear. “How do you feel, boy? Ever had your orgasm ruined like that? Even worse than an edge, innit?”

He told her – in a scratchy, sobby wail – to fuck off.

Cunt kissed me on the cheek. “Beautiful. Good man,” she said, and both girls left, giggling. I stooped over to pick up the bullet. To my surprise it was still humming. I set it to low, slid it to the base of Ned’s spanked cock, gagged his wretched pleading, and picked up my book. When Cunt took over from me I was well exhausted. The girls and Lick were perspicacious enough not to push Ned too far that night.

“Your big day today,” Doc said when he entered Ned’s room.

Ned didn’t answer. He was still exhausted from the fight he’d put up when we got him out of his leather cocoon and strapped to the bed.

“Two or three more edges and we should have something to work with.”

Mack arranged the props and the lights; Lick and Bam settled onto the bed. Jezz applied some fake cum over Ned’s face for continuity. I was about to mention that Lick’s trackpants were dry, but I didn’t bother. It took Bam a while to get into the scene – he’d done too much lately. Eventually he slumped over Ned and started beating his meat, more to taunt the boy than anything else. Lick, no longer reining in his malevolence, did his thing, and Ned, as if the lips touching his cockhead had broken a seal, seared like a bolt through his catatonic apathy. He humped, swore, spat, and gnawed at anything and everything. Bam gagged him. (More continuity issues? I couldn’t remember…)

For the entire seven minutes and forty-or-so seconds that Lick sucked him into ever greater suffering, he was a beast. His first edge was one of fury. He hovered over blissful relief for a full ten seconds, beaming and expectant, then crashed down into catastrophic rage. He was straining and shaking so hard against the straps that the knot holding the left wrist-cuff to the bedpost was about to come undone. Bam intervened, covered Ned in an empty, tired smile, and went back to wanking in his face.

Lick latched onto the lad’s cock, and Ned let go. He sank away. He sobbed, humped, droned, and started crying. Bam had to concentrate to get off. Lick was ripping through his trackpants. He took the vibrator, already lubed (courtesy of Mack), shoved it up Ned’s arse, and pointed it straight at his prostate. The boy howled and begged for it to stop.

Lick took his time. Bam was wondering when he’d have to cum, and looked at Lick with some urgency. Lick ignored him.

He took even longer to push Ned to the second edge. He alternated fucking Ned with the vibrator on high and licking him to madness. He slobbered and deepthroated, gagged on the cock even more monstrous from the days of torturous denial, coaxed Ned’s prostate with sinuous languor or punched his hole with the whining dildo. Ned too whined – a constant high-pitched whine – and whipped around his head. Bam looked concerned, let go of his cock (he wasn’t going to cum), and grabbed Ned’s head still.

Ned hyperventilated. Bam pinched his nose. Ned jerked. Lick slowed down and licked Ned’s cock from the base up to the tip. At each slobber of his tongue, the lad tensed. Twenty, thirty licks later, the lad – still under tension – quivered and fainted.

We waited. Doc didn’t move.

When Ned returned, Lick took him back in his mouth, and Ned, again, went berserk. His fury was brief, and he faded into unconsciousness five licks later. His cock deflated like a cheese soufflé.

Bam got up and coughed. “That’ll teach you,” he said.

“Yeah, that’ll teach you,” Lick said. “If you ever touch our boys, eh, our birds again, I’ll make sure your cock never won’t ever, eh…”

“Fuck’s sake, Lick, you idiot. It’s simple enough,” Doc said.

Two tries later he got his line right. Ned was still gone.

Doc and Mack whizzed off to a different part of the building, Bam asked me to check up on Ned and had a shower.

Cunt hurried over to stuff the boy in the sleepsack while he was still gone. He woke up when we laced him down.

“Hush,” Cunt said when Ned started to scream and pressed a finger against his lips. “I’m going to hood you,” she said, “and I’m going to fuck your brains out. You’ll cum and cum and cum, until you’ve had it. And then I’ll make you cum some more. And now, Ron,” she looked at me, “if you’d want to leave and close the door…”

“Sure,” I said. I picked up my book, on a chair in a corner of the room, and left them. Two minutes later, I heard a gagged and hooded scream. Ten minutes later another one. Knowing Cunt she’d ride him dry. Oh, right, you don’t want to know any of that. Sorry.

I drove him home later that day. He slept through the short trip, wobbled drunk with relief to his apartment block, and dropped the envelope full of cash when he fumbled for his keys. I shook my head, got out of the car, and got him to his floor, then to his room, then into bed.

I hurried back to the set – I’d lost time getting the boy under his duvet – as the girl from Madness II was fit for dispatching. She was in as sad a state and gobbled up even more of my time. At 1AM the lad from Madness I was done. The day after I got the others home, one after the other, all in much the same state.

The videos were never released except for Madness III, the most tepid tape. Doc auctioned the rest to the highest bidder from a clique of rich cunts he clung to. I’ve seen the odd copy resurface on the dark web every now and then – and every time I’m tempted. I always wonder if they’d be much different from what I remember.

As for Ned, there’s not much I can say. Cunt once told me she’d heard from a reliable source that he appeared in a flick called Fountains of Mars. (A poetic title for crap, don’t you think?) Clearly, he hadn’t lost the will to share his prodigious talents with the world. I’ll assume that’s a good thing.

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