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Part 2 - II

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- II -

When Lucian had presented himself at the Mansion as a prospective boy, Master Jeff had taken him on on a whim. The world of boys was in a rut at the time. The Mansion had more than one vacancy yet no endless list of eager applicants to fill them in. Lucian wasn't particularly cute or well built, not well endowed, not even extremely eager. He was, in a boyish way that made Jeff feel fuzzy, simply curious. As far as Master Jeff was concerned, his brightness, but in particular his silken voice that could melt glaciers, convince rain to drench the Sahara, and nudge white dwarfs to go full supernova was enough to let Lucian have a try at being a Boy in the Mansion. James did not share that opinion. ("A vaste of space, Jeff. Vat if ze golden boy should arrive?" "Plenty more room." said Jeff. James grumbled. "Still... Nothing vill come of zis.")

He got the full Mansion drill, excelled at nothing as a slave (though he found quite a few activities 'interesting', but nothing more than that), and intentionally roamed around the bottom of the pecking order where he felt unbothered. To the other residents, Lucian was just another, transient boy. There had been, were, and there would be many of those. They too could not understand why Jeff had accepted him. He was a slave in a gay household, didn't get turned on by most of what happened there, and - cherry on the top - he had an unconditional, guttural, almost comical revulsion for spunk.


Lucian was wrapped in a leather sleepsack, strapped tightly to an inclined, padded bench. About a foot in front of his mouth, wrapped in a straitjacket and hanging in a parachute harness, hovered Tomi, muzzled.

Tomi, or Toyo - or Toyotomi, full name - was from Japan. His sharp and gender-confused features were framed between spiky, bleached hair and a sinewy body sporting the unchanging duo of cammos and army boots. Although well in his twenties, he looked, by grace of Asian genes, at least a decade younger. Thin as he was, he claimed to have black belts in half a dozen martial arts. No-one any longer questioned this bold claim after he'd grappled, arm-locked, and milked dry (in record time) several shit-brickhouse muscleboys at one of the traditional evenings of unfair entertainment. And yet - to his irritation - he was considered one of the Mansion's cute boys.

Lucian, as he had admitted after a slight excess of booze at one of said evenings, had what he called a semblance of a vague but undoubtedly unrequited infatuation for the boy. Tomi was, possibly, the only guy in the Mansion he wouldn't be utterly horrified of sucking off. (Also, he wouldn't gag on his cock, as it was of more natural proportions.) But his cock would have to be immaculate, of course. (But then, the Japanese like bathing.) And he'd be sucking only, no cumming for Tomi. That would involve spunk, which is disgusting, Japanese or otherwise. Unless, of course, he were so horny that... you know... And he'd babbled on, coaxed by the spirit of Veritas that lives in vino. Word hadn't taken long to get round, and Jeff had an idea.

Tomi was struggling, whining, and then screaming with frustration as James brought him, for the what must have been the twentieth time, to the edge. Both boys were at the end of their twelve day period of orgasm denial, and both had had double helpings of James' more torturous ministrations for the last week. Both exuded enough pheromones to cause a bronze statue to grow an erection. Lucian had a thing for complete helplessness, preferably involving swathes of tight, inescapable, heavy black leather. Seeing the boy he fancied dangling in front of him, wrapped himself in lots of heavy-duty leathers while being edged by a merciless James, was turning him on far more than he was willing to admit. His own situation wasn't any more enviable. Randall, one of the senior slaves, was holding a vibrator against Lucian's cock, pushed downwards and wrapped in soft leather inside the unyielding sleepsack, but removed it when he thought Lucian was close enough. It wasn't edging proper - although Randall was quite skilled in the art of removing stimulation when it was most needed - but the boy was desperate to cum, humped the sleepsack, and groaned louder than he'd done so far when the removal of the vibrator coincided with another unbearable edge through which Tomi shrieked. Master Jeff was looking on, taking small sips of brandy from a deep glass, his face showing subtle signs of expectation. After another, albeit smaller glass, and as many squeals from both boys as there were sips, he got up.

"Both of you are ready to cum, I believe." he said. An understatement. He looked at Lucian. "Randall is going to wheel you close enough to Tomi so that you can take his cock in your mouth. Before you're allowed to do so, James is going to edge him one final time. You've got five minutes to finish him off. One lick should really be all that's needed, knowing James' skills." Jeff could see that Lucian wasn't happy with the arrangement, but the boys were here to be trained, he thought, and sometimes they had to grit their teeth. (Although in this situation that would be a bad idea. Enough bad metaphors (and booze), he thought.)

"If you don't take his cock in your mouth," he said to Lucian, "we're going to put it in there. With a ring gag if necessary. Understood?"

"But Sir..."

"No sirring. You finish him off, then you cum. Randall shall see to that. Tomi doesn't cum? You don't cum, and we start the exercise again tomorrow. And the day after, if required. Five minutes."

James teased out Tomi's last edge with sadistic leisure. With one rubber-gloved hand he gently pulled on Tomi's balls (one of the things that made it difficult for the boy to cum), with the other precum-lubed rubber glove he was stroking with just one finger, in only one direction, from Tomi's frenulum, easing up on the tension on Tomi's balls and the pressure of his finger when he reached the piss-slit. Each time Tomi felt James' easing on his balls, he thought he'd cum, started gasping in the muzzle, then sobbed when James gently pulled on his balls again, confining the orgasm to the root of his cock, and keeping it there, just out of reach, right before eruption. He tried fucking James' hand, for the hundredth time, but James followed his movements with baleful precision. When Tomi was vaguely staring in front of him, humping, and droning on, after a loud sob of frustration, James slowly squeezed only the base of the boy's cock, and released his balls. With a gasp, Tomi started breathing rapidly. James tickled them, continued the squeezing of the boy's cock and then - the keening Tomi humped with all his energy left - after a final, unendurable, full-handed squeeze, pulled again on the boys balls when he was certain he couldn't get him any closer. Tomi thrashed in the harness now, screaming, shaking his head furiously as, again, relief fluttered just out of reach of his helplessly restrained body. James licked his lips, counted off a few seconds, released Tomi's balls, and gave Randall the signal to wheel Lucian onto Tomi's cock. Master Jeff was about as tense as everyone's cocks were hard, and stared at Tomi's cock disappearing into Lucian's unprotesting mouth. Tomi gasped sharply, froze, and shuddered. Everybody sighed in relief. Then he shuddered again, shrieked, stared down, looking in utter horror, threw his head back, and shrieked again. Randall jumped up, checked to see whether Lucian hadn't bitten Tomi, but there was no blood. Nor was there any trace of spunk. Lucian was - to James' incomprehension, Jeff's amazement, Randall's horror, and Tomi's utter distress - sucking the helpless boy's cock and not letting him cum. For James this amounted to a physical impossibility. Jeff shook his head in disbelief, but applauded Lucian's determination with a raised eyebrow. Tomi though he was going to die. For another five minutes he wished he'd faint, which he didn't.

When Randall wheeled Lucian back after seven minutes of agony ("Give him two more minutes", a mesmerised James had suggested to Master Jeff), he drooled out the wretched boy's precum. There wasn't a spot of white liquid.

"Okay..., well, better luck tomorrow boys." Master Jeff shrugged, picked up his empty glass, and left the room, trying to conceal a burp and a subtle wobble in his gait.

James' eyes darted from Lucian's mouth to Tomi's cock, back and forth. He shook his head, then shook it again as he tried to get rid of a frown that crept back the moment he willed his face to relax. With a curt gesture James dismissed Randall and Lucian (who, looking smug in his bag, had to be wheeled out).

Tomi hung limply in the harness, bobbing up and down with every sob and hiccup. His cock was harder than James had got it, a long strand of precum dangling from it. He took out his glasses, which wasn't easy with thick, slippery rubber gloves in a tight rubber breast-pocket, put them on, and bent forward to inspect the boy's cock. As if to test its hardness, expecting it to have the texture and resonance of crystal, he tapped it with with a rubber finger.

With a long, muzzle-strangled scream, Tomi came.


"A party trick ?" said Master Jeff?

"Yes. I enqvuired him after yesterday's zession. I can be persuasive, as you know. Ze boy is clever, he got the winds of your plan, apparently..."


"I don't know," said James "from the Mansion grapevines perhaps. What he did was suggestion on Toyotomi."


"Made Toyotomi believe that he was incapable of cumming in his mouth. Hypnose. Mind tricks some uncle of him learned him."

"Ah." Master Jeff raised his eyebrows in something akin to admiration mixed with defeat. "Did he say when he did it, the, eh, suggestion?"

"Shortly before the session, but he'd done it days earlier too. And he did it to ozer boys as well. He suspected sucking would be required, at some point."

"And Randall didn't notice anything before the session?"

James shrugged. "I zuzpect not. He wasn't zere all the time."

Master Jeff tapped the bottom of his glass. "So our boys are infected. And Lucian is expecting more orders of sucking off boys from our part. With cum. We've tried gradual desensitisation, haven't we?"

James nodded.

"It failed, didn't it?" James nodded again. Master Jeff stroked his beard, delved into thought. "So, he knows we know about his party trick. And we know he knows we know about it. So he knows we know he knows we know..." James recoiled. He cast a glance at the pitcher of scotch. It was almost full. "Bløff, double bløff, triple bløff... it's bløff all the way down." Jeff sighed, staring at an invisible point hovering at infinity over the floorboards. James shook his head. Even for Jeff this was getting outrageous. "Some feigned inertia, I believe, might be the best course of action." he continued, humming. "Let him simmer in his own stock... Yes..."

"Jeff, are you allright?" said James.

"Hmm? Yes, just thinking..." said Jeff, unperturbed. "You know what," he said, snapping out of his strange meditation, "I'll give Damien a call. He likes cute Asian boys. He might have one lying around looking not quite unlike Tomi, especially once muzzled and blindfolded. Do you think you could get such a boy desperate enough in, say, an afternoon?"

James smirked. "Oh, I sink I can do zat..."


Damien had a boy indeed, Hiko, who could've been Tomi's identical twin. Hiko was perhaps not quite as muscled and looked a few years younger, but muzzled and blindfolded, strapped in a straitjacket, and hanging in the harness, they were copies down to their cocks. Hiko's legs were thinner, so he got to wear cammos and boots.

Hiko had had the misfortune of being edged for most of the afternoon by a loathsome James. Two hours in, he'd have sold his grandmother into slavery to cum. James continued for two more hours (which, according to Damien, was not strictly necessary as Hiko, being into chastity, hadn't cum in over three weeks). By the end of James' treatment, Hiko had sold his entire family, himself many times included, to every possible ruler of the underworld.

The setup was identical to the day before, and great care was taken that Lucian's and the real Tomi's preparations crossed paths several times, much as it had happend the day before. Hiko was prepared separately. All that remained to be done was the great switcheroo (which made the real Tomi (who so far had been oblivious to the subterfuge) a very relieved boy).

Randall was teasing Lucian while James was edging Hiko. Master Jeff - joined in the shadows by Damien - sipped some scotch in one of the comfy chairs. Even Hiko's muzzled keening and swearing was indistinguishable from Tomi's. Just for good measure, Lucian had been hooded shortly after being wheeled into the playroom, after he'd caught a glimpse of the desperate, humping Hiko. He could hear every detail of the boy's distress, deformed and attenuated by the acoustics of the leather hood. After one of James' cruel, drawn-out build-ups, and Hiko's subsequent crashing edge (Damien had been cross-eyed with need, but daren't move in case his leathers creaked too much), Master Jeff got up.

"So, Lucian. I gave you five minutes to make Tomi cum yesterday, James gave you an extra two. Today will be different. You can suckle, drool, and lick as long as you want, 'cause you'll have to keep yourself busy as long as it takes to make him cum. We can't forever keep the poor boy from cumming because you don't want to. That's unfair." Jeff should have rehearsed his speech a bit more. Everything at the Mansion was, after all, about unfairness. He cleared his throat, as if to excuse his sad attempt of a syllogism. "James is going to give the poor boy one more edge, which will be the last edge before he cums. And again, just to remind you, we have ring gags. James, he's yours again..." Master Jeff turned around, then turned back to Lucian: "And if you still can't or refuse to make him cum, James will do it for you, with Tomi in you mouth." Jeff went to the chair. "And Randall, make sure he is far and beyond just horny."

James was careful. This boy's balls were not the orgasm-denying trigger. Light strokes got him close, but what he needed most were sharp squeezes of his cockhead. One or two would be sufficient to make him cum now. James was back to light stroking. The vibrator, pushed into the sleepsack, got Lucian close too. Hearing Tomi suffer made him dripping wet. The leather around his cock was drenched, and if he could move just a little bit down, he'd be able to feel the slippery leather graze against his cockhead. That'd make him cum. He shifted.


"Yes Sir?"

"Take that vibrator away and tighten the straps around his thighs. Loosen the ones over his cock." said Master Jeff.

Damien thought he'd burst. He couldn't move either - he didn't want to make any noise - and his cock was pointing in an awkward direction.

Hiko was so close he'd gone rigid. (He'd been quite close for a while, but now his orgasm was in the theoretical realm of the butterfly effect. Which is why, as Master Jeff liked to joke, James never left a window open when he was edging boys.) James gave Hiko's cockhead an ultimate squeeze. Hiko had not been party-tricked. He was clean. Just Lucian's warm breath would be enough to make him cum. As Randall removed Lucian's hood and wheeled him forward, James carefully got Lucian's cock out. He'd edge the boy while he sucked. Perhaps his being incapacitated by need would get him over it. Hiko's cock went into Lucian's mouth. Both boys moaned. It took Lucian five seconds before he snapped his head back.

"This isn't Tomi!" he screamed, a look of disgust on his face, "He tastes different!"

Master Jeff shook his head in amused disbelief and James, taken by surprise, stopped edging him.

"No, you're right." said Jeff after a deliberate pause, "This isn't Tomi. This is Hiko, a boy of Master Damien, neither of whom you've ever met."

No one said anything. Lucian was well aware of the implications of that last sentence.

"But you are going to make him cum. After your little covert operation on my boys, consider this your punishment. Also, consider yourself lucky that I'm lenient - clean slate and all that. James would have tossed you out." said Jeff. ("After having made you zuck off all ze boys, vile being fucked, edged, and viz electric clamps on your nipples... Zeveral times!" added James.) "But enough talking. We're all gathered here for some good old-fashioned fellatio. Randall, get that muzzle and blindfold off of Hiko. Lucian, you know what to do. Time to be reasonable now."

Hiko's hair was plastered to his flushed forehead, his chin full of drool. Deep-pink indentations outlined where the straps of the muzzle had been. He was looking straight into Lucian's eyes. "Please, please let me cum." he begged, softly.

Lucian, blushing, flustered, somehow flattered, visibly infatuated, but above all relieved, took him in his mouth. Hiko moaned.

And moaned.

Lucian was exploring the boy's cock with his lips, tongue, and teeth. One way of flicking his tongue soon proved to get the boy to the edge. Hiko started humping. The same keen Lucian had heard so many times reached its top. Lucian stopped, opening his mouth wide.

"Pleeeease!" screamed Hiko.

James, having started working on Lucian again, felt a drop of sweat running down his armpit. The tight rubber codpiece had been a bad idea. Edging a boy who was edging another boy made even him lose his composure. If only someone would edge him too. The rattling of chains and the rising keen of Hiko snapped him out of a short reverie about circular edging, and - wonder of wonders - Lucian was edging himself. James felt Lucian's cock stiffen as he was edging Hiko. James just held Lucian's cock, pointing it away from his body slightly. It was all he had to do. The boy was screwing his face and didn't dare moan. The vibrations of his voice might tip Hiko over the edge. If James could get Lucian even closer, the boy might just make a mistake and make Hiko cum. Lucian hadn't cum in two weeks, after all. James was too late to destabilise the boy, and Lucian was forcing a harrowed Hiko to back away from orgasm again. The playroom filled with a sobbing litany of soft pleading. Hiko had tears in his eyes. Jeff thought he saw a fleeting frown of compassion on Lucian's face.

James was working around Lucian's piss slit, lightly touching it with two rubber fingers, stroking from left to right, nothing more. The boy couldn't stand it. It didn't make him cum, never did, but it drove him mad with need. James knew how easy it was to finish him off. Lucian started struggling. Hiko's cock flopped in his mouth. Dangerous.

One more, he wanted one more edge. They were addictive.

With the last bit of concentration he could muster, he got the boy to keen again. James gave Lucian a vile rub. Lucian gasped, Hiko gasped, but he managed to calm everything down to pre-no-return levels. Eyes screwed closed, exhaling deeply, he got Hiko closer. James rubbed again. Lucian squealed, mumbled a cock-filled please. James rubbed again. Lucian screamed, held his breath, then, no longer able to take James' continuous rubs, screwed his eyes and forced himself to let Hiko cum. He twirled his tongue all over the boy's cock, slobbered, nibbled, sucked, and screamed when James still rubbed his cockhead. Hiko humped, humped, and groaned, whining, screaming, thanking, and finally flopping. Lucian, trembling and coughing (Hiko had humped deep), and drooling frothy cum, stared at James (still doling out rubs): "Please, (rub - scream! ) please Sir?"

James didn't have to get him closer, with one imperceptible squeeze he made Lucian cum, then milked the screaming, cock-gagged boy dry.

The playroom was now just spitting and huffing and the occasional tinkle of chains.

Randall, stooped over, his PVC bottoms tented, looked up at Master Jeff. "Permission to cum Sir, please?" he whispered. Jeff nodded - he was in a magnanimous mood. Randall, with a strangled groan, came. In the corner, turned sideways, Master Damien was fiddling with a tissue in his leather jeans - he'd cum a while ago.

"Hrmph. All veaklings." muttered James, still gently massaging both huffing boys' cocks.


"I need him, Jeff. He needs to be teached. He's a natural."

"He certainly is. Impressive feat edging a boy that desperate. And only with his mouth..."

"Vile peeing etched!" exclaimed James. "Ziziz unseen! Most boys can't add simple digits! Most boys no longer know what a digit is! Herr Gott, I need him, Jeff."

"That much is obvious." Jeff was amused by James' sudden change of heart and concerned by his pacing back and forth in the study, from one bookcase to another, hands clasped behind his back, staring at the floor, making an awful noise (and scratches) banging the heels of his boots into the waxed floorboards. The boy was a natural indeed - edging was the only skill, discovered so far, at which he was a natural. He was quite all-right - even good - at many things, but always something, if only fervour, had been lacking. Not so with edging.

"It would indeed be a shame to see such a skill lost." said Master Jeff. James looked up. Expectation twinkled over the rim of his glasses.

"Fine, teach him. But keep it under wraps. I don't think it'd be good for morale if the boys got wind of what you're doing."

"Ach, vondeful Jeff. Sank you." James strode to a small table carrying the usual drinking implements, poured himself a stiff one, and let himself crash in one of the leather armchairs. "You von't regret it."

"I do hope so." said Jeff.


Ayden - a mouse-like member of the Mansion's cute boys - was strapped to James' bench, muzzled, earplugged, and hyperventilating. His face was flooded with light, his begging eyes clearly visible in the mirror, angled, in front of him. Lucian, wearing an ill-fitting mask, was sitting in the dark where James would usually sit, at the cock-end of the bench. James gently removed Lucian's hands from Ayden's cock.

"No, not like zat," he collected a strand of precum on his rubber finger and applied it to the boy's frenulum, "like zat ."

Ayden shrieked. Lucian reached for his own cock. James gave him a smack.

"Kein fontling! Konzentrieren!"

James held the boy's cock by its root with one finger, pulling it gently backwards, and rocked it back and forth while grazing the boy's slit with a lubed rubber finger from his other hand.

"Vatch ze eyes, zey glaze, too soon still, he humps; now I slow down, obzerve ze breaving - important - vis him it goes faster, and stops; I slow down, van sharp inhale, no more humping, too sharp inhales; I hold... ze glansh gorzes, van tvitch, zecond tvitch, I touch, barely - breazing stopped! - once more, even lighter - look at quiver - and very, very carefully, listen to protezt!, I releeees." James' drawled 'release' dripped with infinite sadism.

Ayden groaned, moaned, and cried in one. Lucian watched his cock, then his arsehole twitch erratically - a long, muzzled litany of pleases and muffled begging for cumming followed while the boy tried, in vain, to fuck the unhumpable bench.

"Now you do. Zen: Prostate. Und take notes!"

The further the session went on, the more James (and Ayden) lost the ability to speak English. Sentences became peppered with Ja's und Gut's, but didn't hinder Lucian from soaking up everything (German included).


Far too soon for James, the collective intelligence of the Mansion had deduced that Lucian was enjoying private sessions with his mentor, and that those secret sessions involved the use of Mansion boys as guinea pigs and learning material. Low morale made mutiny imminent. Jeff explained the situation in public, annulled Lucian's status as boy (he was now a resident, which was resented), then urged James to look for another arrangement. "Fine," answered James, "from now on Lucian will do the edgings, under my supervision, publicly." This did not boost morale. Being edged by a boy - tortured by a boy ("oh sorry, resident") - was something most slaves couldn't swallow. Boys left. Then Lucian left.

James still taught the boy, mostly by edging Lucian himself, or by visiting friendly Houses and tops, using other, often unknowing boys as learning material. Eventually, James felt the noose of deceit tighten around his reputation, and went off for two months to the European Mainland, followed by his disciple, to tour the dungeons of his youth. He felt a journeyman again. ("Ach the joys of Wanderlust!" he'd say when it wasn't raining.) He left Lucian in care of a Meister Günther, some cousin twice or thrice removed, and went back to England, refreshed. Herr Günther only had no-limit slaves who'd passed debasing selections and who were unconditionally tortured. He oozed at the idea of party tricks, hours of daily edgings gradually refined to inhumane levels, and year-long sentences of inescapable metal chastity punctuated only by a single, randomly-timed, ruined orgasm. Lucian had free reign and was encouraged to experiment, as long as the results were intense, abject suffering. He obliged.

Far too soon for Master Jeff the collective intelligence of the world of Mansions had caught on too, and it was wondering what was happening or had happened over at Jeff's. He got telephone calls. About protocol, of all things.

With James back and Lucian gone, the Mansion's dynamics took care of most things and balance returned. But fresh boys didn't flock to the Mansion's promise of perpetual, delicious horniness. Other masters used words like wimps , protocol , standards , or drunkard . Now, Master Jeff was used to foul language and human nature, but it bothered him.

"You know, James, I feel like there's a wrinkle in one of my socks, and I can't quite get my boot off to straighten it."

"I beg your pardon?"

Jeff smiled. "What I mean is that there's still a tarnish on this Mansion's blazon. I think we'd better get the copper polish out."

"Sorry?" James blinked. "Couldn't you ask ze boys to clean it?"

"You've been too long in Germany, my dear James. What I mean is that it is about time that we bridle the evil tongues. Iron out the rumours, squash the gossip, eradicate the calumnies!"

"Ach yes. That."

"Yes that, James. That." he said, quietly. "I think it is time we invite some friends and foes and introduce them to your secret protégé. A little weekend of entertainment at their expense, I believe, is called for."


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