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East is West
Part 3 - Kindness of strangers
By swphillyboi

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East is West 3 - Kindness of strangers

Jim’s 2 handlers grabbed his arm arms braces and propelled him into the stable’s tiled room. They quickly removed the braces and attached his wrist cuffs to the hanging chains and raised his arms over his head before leaving Jim alone in the room.

He could not remember ever feeling more physically exhausted. A few minutes later a tall man came into the room carrying several bottles. He put most of them down on a table beside a cot. He walked over to Jim carrying one of the bottles.

“Hi Jim, my name is Harold. I am here to get you out of your pony gear and hopefully make you a little more comfortable.”

He opened the bottle and poured some liquid into his right hand. He walked behind Jim and started to rub the liquid into his sphincter, around the plug holding the tail in Jim’s ass. Jim grunted and squirmed trying to pull away.

“Calm down now Jim. This is liniment to help loosen the muscle. We need to get the tail plug out without too much pain and no damage to your asshole. You don’t want to have to wear diapers for the rest of your life.

I need you to relax while I rub in the liniment, when I feel the muscle is pliable I will start to remove the plug. You must stay as relaxed as possible until I tell you to push.”

Jim hated the fact that the rubbing actually felt good, his asshole had hurt all day but the liniment seemed to numb the pain. He did his best to stay relaxed as Harold started to ease out the tail plug until Harold told him to push.

The plug dropped to the floor. Harold finger pushed into his asshole and he gently rubbed liniment around the inside of Jim’s ass. It felt warm and soothing and Jim felt horrified and comforted all at the same time. Jim could feel his asshole contracting and after a few moments Harold removed his finger.

Harold lowered Jim’s arms and removed the chains.

“Come over here and let’s get the rest of this stuff off you.”

He helped Jim over to the cot and boosted him up on the cot. Harold washed his hand in a basin and carefully removed Jim’s harness and bit.

“Open your mouth and let me take a look at your gums.”

Jim did as he was told. Harold grunted and reached for another bottle, he poured something on a cotton pad which he rubbed on Jim’s raw gums and the corners of his mouth.

“That should make you feel a little better.”

Harold unhooked the bells from Jim’s nipple rings, gently turned the rings and rubbed some cool salve on the nipples. He reached down and undid the laces on Jim’s pony boots and slipped them off. Jim groaned as his cramped feet were freed.

Harold grabbed another of his bottles and massaged some oil into Jim’s feet and legs.

“Just lay back Jim and try to relax. This oil will make you feel better.”

Jim eased back on the cot, he actually groaned as Harold massaged his feet. The massage helped relax his aching feet that had been trapped all day in the tortuous pony boots. Harold’s massage continued up his legs. Jim felt for the first time since his capture someone was actually being kind to him.

Jim worked his jaw back and forth, like every other part of his body it ached.

“Could I have something to drink? My mouth and throat feel really dry.”

Harold smiled at him and quickly dried off his hands.

“Sure Jim. I have just the thing for you to drink.”

He grabbed a jug of apple cider and filled a metal glass.

“Here drink this. It is better than water, it will provide some nourishment. Your body has been through a lot today.”

Jim took a sip, the cider was cool but seemed to have a strange after taste.

“I’d rather have water if you don’t mind.”

“Hey don’t argue with your doctor. This is best thing for you to drink after the day you’ve endured.”

Jim quickly emptied the glass which Harold refilled.

“You’re a doctor?”

Harold nodded.

“Yeah. I was the town doctor before Dr Morelike arrived with his team of researchers. Now I mostly just take care of the quarry workers.”

Jim saw a chance to possibly make an ally.

“I’m a secret service agent. Dr Morelike is a wanted criminal. I need you to send a message from me to Washington. There will be a reward and you’ll be serving your country.”

Harold nervously looked around the room and stood close to Jim before quietly talking to him.

“I wish I could help you but Morelike controls this town. Lots of folks are grateful to have the quarry in operation again. Town folks are getting rich after years of being dirt poor.

Morelike is like a savior to most everyone around here. He keeps me here, at the quarry, because he doesn’t completely trust me. I’m not sure what your history is with him but he hates you. It isn’t really normal the way he feels about you.

I’m doing what I can for you but there is no way I can get any message out of here for you.”

Harold was interrupted by a woman coming into the room pushing a cart with a sheet covering the contents.

“Here are the things you ordered doctor.”

“Thanks Sophie. I think we’ll be ready for the soup in about half an hour.”

Jim had quickly reached down to hide his cock & balls with his hands which made Sophie smile as she pushed the cart over to Harold.

“Mr East your junk has been hanging out for everyone to see all day. No sense trying to cover it up now.”

Harold uncovered the cart and lit a lamp underneath a metal bowl. The bowl was half full of water with eucalyptus leaves floating on the surface. He helped Jim sit up and lean over the bowl as the water started to boil.

Harold tented the sheet over Jim’s head and the bowl.

“This will help clear the dust out of your nasal passaged. Take some deep breathes and use this cloth to blow your nose into.”

Jim did as he was told. He was pretty disgusted by what came out of his nose into the cloth. He started to feel a little light headed and leaned too far forward. Harold quickly supported Jim and helped him lay back on the cot.

“Just rest here for a couple minutes while I get a warm tub ready for you.”

Jim closed his eyes. He could breathe much better and his body felt relaxed. Most of his aches and pains were gone. Jim had no idea that some of Dr Morelike’s experimental drugs had been included in the apple cider and aromas from the eucalyptus water.

Jim was drifting towards unconsciousness when Harold came over to the cot.

“Jim, I’ve got a hot tub ready for you. That will really soak the aches away.”

Jim needed help getting to his feet and leaned heavily on Harold as they made their way over to the tub. The water glistened with bath oil as Jim gingerly stepped into the tub. He slipped quickly into the water causing an over flow onto the floor.

Jim settled into the warm water. He found an indentation in the back of the tub where he could rest his head. The bath oil aromas continued to relax Jim. Harold stood observing him with a smile on his face.

The door to the room opened and one of the guards came inside. Harold gave him a thumbs up signal. The guard chuckled and went back out into the hall.

Harold added some more hot water to the tub water and Jim moaned with contentment as his shoulders and necks were massaged by the doctor. Sophie reappeared with a soup tureen and bowl on a tray.

Harold fixed a shelf across the tub and out a full bowl of soup onto the shelf.

“Jim! Here’s some soup for you. You need to eat to give yourself strength for tomorrow.”

Jim opened his eyes and attempted to raise his arm and take the spoon Harold was holding. It just seemed like too much of an effort and his arm sunk back into the warm water.

Harold dipped the spoon into the bowl of soup and with his other hand gently stroked Jim’s cheek.

“Jim, you need to open your mouth buddy. I’ve got some delicious soup for you.”

Jim obediently opened his mouth and let the soup slide down his throat. He was only half aware of what he was doing. Even in his stupor he was aware of the same odd after taste as the apple cider but not aware enough to comment on the taste.

Jim continued to obey Harold’s commands to open his mouth and swallow the soup Harold placed in his mouth. Occasionally Harold added some hot water to the bath water. Jim drifted just on the edge of consciousness.

When Jim had consumed all the soup Harold removed the tub shelf. He took off his pants and underwear and straddled the tub. He coated his hands with scented oil and gently rubbed Jim’s head.

“Jim are you feeling good now?”

Jim opened his eyes and nodded his head. His vision was blurry and he felt like he was half asleep.

Harold moved closer until his cock dangled just in front of Jim’s face.

“Jim buddy, how about you do something to repay all my kindness to you. Would you do that for me Jim, for your friend Harold?”

Jim smiled slightly and nodded his head again. Harold moved closer, his cock already starting to harden and rubbed the head of his cock against Jim’s lips.

“Open up buddy, you know what to do.”

Jim opened his mouth and was startled for a minute when the tube of flesh pushed past his lips. His eye opened partway as Harold placed his hands on either side of Jim’s head and moved it back and forth.

Jim remembered this from his early days in the army. A handsome, willing, young private he had quickly advanced in rank once his first Sargent educated him on how to make superior officers feel good.

Jim curled his lips over teeth and got into the rhythm of Harold’s cock moving in and out of his mouth. He used his tongue to stimulate the sensitive head and tickled the piss slit by moving his tongue rapidly over it.

Harold’s groans of pleasure brought the guards in from the hall to watch. Jim’s memory of how to perform blowjobs was excellent and it wasn’t long until Harold unloaded into his willing mouth. He attempted to swallowed all the cum but some did slip out the sides of his mouth.

Harold moved away from the tub and pulled his clothes back on. The guards took their turns straddling the tub. They were forceful in face fucking Jim causing him to open his eyes and gag but he made to effort to stop them.

The drugs that Harold had introduced to his system kept Jim in a dream like state. When the guard were satisfied they hauled Jim out of the tub and strapped him into a wheelchair. Harold came over and injected something in each of his nipples. Jim’s body tensed and he groaned softly but didn’t come to full consciousness. Harold smiled at the guards.

“Dr Morelike wants these little titties to be a little more perky. That should take care of that.”

The guards wheeled Jim back to his stall and dumped him into the hay.

A gong awakened Jim the next morning. He was disoriented at first but quickly recognized the stall. He couldn’t remember how he got here. His mouth had an odd, but familiar, taste which sent him over to suck the rubber dick on the wall to get some water to wash his mouth out and assuage his thirst.

His breakfast tray slid through the slot in the bottom of the stall door. As Jim walked over to retrieve the tray he was aware that his scrotum was swollen. He reached down to touch it and was surprised when it was sore. His nipples also seemed to be swollen and sore to the touch.

Jim tried his best to remember what had happened the night before. He remembered being in the quarry infirmary with Harold. He knew that Harold had been gentle and kind but offered no help in notifying Washington of Jim & Artie’s captivity.

He hurriedly ate his breakfast and sucked more water from the wall dick before the stall door opened. Two guards came into the stall and Jim could see more guards outside along with Artie.

“Now Jimmy, you be a good boy this morning or your friend is going to get some more stripes on his ass.”

Jim remained silent but offered no resistance during the morning routine. He was washed, enemaed, oiled, his mane pomaded, his arm brackets were attached and his bit and harness fastened onto his head.

The guards commented on his swollen nipples but Jim could make no reply. He was led across to the medical building and strapped in the same chair as the day before.

Jim tried his best to steel himself for what was to come. The probe was introduced to his anus just like the day before but obviously the injections of the day before had the desired effect. His prostate was shocked seven times and his ample semen slithered down the tube to almost fill the glass container at the bottom.

Despite his best efforts Jim could not help shrieking, as best he could with the bit and tongue plate, during the procedure.

Tears of frustration ran down Jim’s face as he was taken back to the stable. His butt plug tail was inserted and his feet jammed into his pony boots. Once he was attached to his cart Jim made his way down to the quarry and back up with a load of stones. The first of many trips.

It was a blazing hot day and all Jim could think about was how he could escape from Morelike. At the end of the day there was no comforting visit to the infirmary. Jim’s pony appliances were roughly removed and he was hosed down with cold water before being locked into his stall.

A bowl of tasteless gruel was shoved through the door slot. Jim was so sore and tired he could hardly manage to get across the stall to get at the food.

After eating Jim curled up in the hay and tried to think of some way to get away from this hellish captivity. It was a long time before he could fall asleep.

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