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Part 3 - Bruce Wayne unwittingly falls for Lex's sales pitch
By SHeroNY
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By SHeroNy

(Inspired by the unfinished story “The Complete Takeover” by M2MNIPU8me)

Chapter Three

Once Bruce was through viewing Lex’s video ‘presentation’, his computer screen went completely dark. While he removed the disk from his drive, Bruce soon found himself looking up at the bald-headed villain standing next to his desk and staring directly into Luthor’s deep, deep green eyes once again. He couldn’t help but be drawn to them as he handed the disk back to Lex.

Luthor held his business rival in his spellbinding stare as he started to give him his next series of instructions, “Now, Bruce ... when I count to five, you shall awaken. ..... You shall feel relaxed and refreshed. ..... You shall be in awe of me in both a physical and a business sense. ...... You shall have no conscious memories of anything which has just transpired. ..... You will only know that we have more to talk about. ..... Much more …. The fact that your shirt is open will not bother to you. ... You shall stand up and dress yourself in front of me without giving it so much as a second thought. .... You shall not feel awkward about the hardness of your cock. .... It will seem perfectly natural to you. ...... You shall look forward to being with me tonight! ..... do you understand? ..... "

“ Yes, ..... Doctor ..... ” Bruce obediently replied.

“Even when fully conscious, you will remain completely susceptible to my suggestions and commands .... Say it for me, Bruce! .... ”

“Even when fully conscious ... completely susceptible ... your suggestions ...... your commands ..... ”

“Yes ... You shall be completely susceptible to my suggestions and commands at all times .... say it again!”

“I shall be completely susceptible .... to your suggestions and commands .... at all times .... ”

“You want to please me ..... say it! .... ”

“I want to please you .....”

“I excite you like no one you have ever known before ...... ”

“You excite me like no one I have ever known before ...... ”

(Bruce had slipped yet further under Lex’s hypnotic spell because he now repeated Luthor’s words without being prompted. .... it just seemed so right to do anything Lex tells him to do ..... and when he repeated what he had been told .... when he heard his own voice speak the words, it gave powerful credence to the meaning of those words!)

“I excite you like no other and you NEED TO PLEASE ME! ..... ”

“You excite me like no other .... and I need to please you .... ”

"Whenever you hear me say the phase ... ‘Please me, boy’ .... your conscious mind will immediately fall to sleep ... your subconscious mind will then take over and you shall be TOTALLY OBEDIENT to my will .... Do you understand, Brucey boy? ..... ”

“Yes I understand ..... ”

“Good boy .... you please me! ..... ”

(Lex observed how the slowly decreasing bulge in Bruce’s slacks immediately stiffened right back up the moment he heard him say that. This brought an evil grin to Luthor’s face.)

“Now, you desire to give me something of great value .... to prove to me that you are genuinely sincere about continuing our talks. ” Lex added. “Don’t you, Brucey Boy! ..... ” Again, it was a suggestive command, not a question.

“Yes, Doctor ..... ”

Just then, Luthor couldn’t help but notice Mr. Wayne had something on his wrist. Lex could see the brightly colored band slightly peeking out from underneath the sleeve of Bruce’s shirt. It appeared to be an expensive looking watch.

(“Now that’s strange.” Luthor wondered to himself. “If Wayne is wearing a wristwatch, then why did he keep looking up at the clock on the wall earlier to check the time? ... Oh well, if he has already forgotten that he had put it on when he got dressed this morning, then I guess he won’t miss it. After all, everything he owns will soon belong to me anyway!”)

“You shall offer me the watch that you are wearing as a token of your sincerity … As proof of how much you want to see me again.” Lex instructed Bruce as he pointed at his wrist.

“I shall offer you the watch that I am wearing as a token of my sincerity … As proof of how much I want to see you again ..... ”

“Very good boy .... Now I shall begin counting. … One ... two ... three ... four ..... FIVE ..... "

With that, Bruce suddenly awoke from his trance.

“Well, that’s my allotted half hour, Bruce .... Oh, I forgot ... you do not like it when I call you Bruce .....”

“Oh, Bruce is just fine, Master ... Errrr, I mean Doctor.” Bruce said with a confused look on his face as he buttoned up his shirt.

“Nonetheless .... thank you for your time, Bruce .... I guess that we will not be seeing each other again. ... Good day ..... ” Lex said as he started walking towards the door.

Bruce hurriedly spoke up, trying to catch Lex before he had a chance to leave, “On the contrary, Doctor .... I truly desire to continue our discussion! .... How about tonight .... at your place??? .... ”

“Tonight ... my place? .... Well, I don’t know ..... Say, you’re not leading me on, are you, Brucey Boy?....” Lex toys with the straight businessman‘s head.

“NO, ... not at all!” Bruce quickly answers, desperate to see him again. “Here .... (quickly removing the watch from his wrist without even looking) .... Please take this as a token of my sincere interest in meeting with you again tonight, Doctor.”

Lex takes Bruce’s rather unique watch in his grubby hands and examines the merchandise, “Why, this looks extremely valuable ... But, if you insist .... "

Bruce is definite, “Yes, ... I insist! .... I want you to have it … So, are we on for tonight, Doctor? … "

Luthor finds it amusing that it is Mr. Wayne who is asking him and not the other way around, “Well, since you seem to be so interested in what I have to say .... how can I refuse? ..... "

“Good … until tonight then, Doctor. .... I’ll just call my lawyers and arrange for someone to come with me.”

But Luthor can‘t allow that, “NO! .... There’s no need for lawyers, Bruce!"

Accustom to having a legal representative there with him for all of his important business negotiations, Bruce appears to be baffled by Lex’s reaction, “But I will need someone to advise me ..... ”

Luthor took advantage of Bruce’s susceptibility to his suggestions even when he was conscious, “Lawyers are definitely a bad idea .... I won’t need one and, when you think about it, ..... you do not need one either ..... do you, Bruce?.....” After a brief silence, Luthor repeated, “You do not need a lawyer to come with you tonight, ..... do you, Bruce? ..... ”

“No, you’re right, Doctor ... I do not need a lawyer to come with me tonight .... ”

“But you will need an ally ... someone to give you advice .... won’t you, Bruce?"

“Yes ....”

“I would like you to bring Grayson along with you ..... just you and Grayson, Bruce.”

“But Grayson is only an apprentice here .... He hasn‘t been working at Wayne Enterprises for very long, Doctor. ..... ”

“Yes ... but he is your ward .... your heir .... Your beneficiary … Why, he is practically family .... So, tell me … who knows you better than Grayson? .... "

“No one knows me better than Grayson ..... ” Bruce replies

“So, who better to bring than Grayson ... Wouldn’t you agree, Bruce? ..... "

“Yes, Doctor ... Who better to bring than Grayson ..... ”

“You shall bring Richard! ..... ”

“I shall bring Richard! ..... ”

“But you shall not tell him ahead of time where the two of you are going. ..... In fact, no one must know ... Not your employees .... Not your board of directors. …. Not even Richard can find out that you plan to meet with me again. ..... ”

“No one must know .... Not even Richard .... can find out .... that I .... plan to meet .... with you again. ..... ”

“Grayson will be against it because he has hopes of running this company himself someday. … In fact, Richard cannot wait to be named your successor. .... That ungrateful brat is just biding his time until you step down and hand the reins of the business over to him. … So he will do or say anything to keep us from making a deal. … That‘s why you can‘t tell him where you are going. .... Do you understand? ..... ”

“Yes, .... I cannot tell … Grayson .... where we are going. ... He will do … or say anything .... to keep us .... from making a deal .... ”

“Grayson will try to talk you out of it ..... ”

“Grayson will try to talk me out of it ..... ”

“But you need to keep your meeting with me ..... ”

“But I need to keep my meeting with you ..... ”

“So you will not say a word to him until you both arrive at my place tonight .....“

“So I will not say a word to him ..... until we both arrive at your place tonight ..... “

“Good boy ..... you have pleased me!”

(Luthor chuckled to himself as a wet spot appeared in the crotch of Bruce’s pants.)

“So, I guess that I will have my driver come pick you up here at the office … say around 6 PM?”

“6 o’clock would be fine, Mast … errr, I mean, Doctor.” (“Why do I keep doing that?” Bruce wondered to himself.)

“Okay then. See you later tonight, MY BOY! .....", Lex said as he shook Wayne’s hand goodbye and closed the door behind him.

Something about the way Lex said 'boy' caused Bruce’s cock to twitch. He wasn’t sure why … but, suddenly, he could not wait to see Luthor again!

Now that Lex had gone, Bruce was about to pick up the phone and let his reporter friend Clark Kent know how their initial meeting went. But, subconsciously, he remembered that he was to tell no one that he was planning to meet with Luthor again later this evening. So he ‘decided’ not to make that call, just in case Clark would also try to talk him out of it. Besides, there is nothing Superman could possibly say that will keep Batman from making that appointment with the doctor tonight. In fact, his impending secret rendezvous with Lex Luthor was all Bruce Wayne could think about for the rest of his work day!

Meanwhile, Lex got into his limousine that was parked right outside the main entrance of Wayne Tower. Surprisingly, his limo driver was none other than that notorious criminal, The Penguin.

“Ready to roll, Luthor?” Penguin asked.

“Head back to my office, Penguin. We are having a couple of guests over tonight. So I must prepare for their arrival.”

As they take the exit to the freeway, The Penguin inquires, “So, Luthor, I take it then your meeting with Wayne was a success? Waaa waa waaa … "

“Even more successful than we thought, Penguin. Just look at this special watch Mr. Wayne gave me as a token of his esteem.” Luthor shows him.

Penguin takes one look at the watch and it jars him to the point of distraction, so much so that he quickly slams on his brakes before he nearly crashes into the rear bumper of the car in front of them.

“That’s no watch. … That is Batman’s two-way wrist communicator. … Why, I would know it anywhere. …. But how did you ever get your hands on it, Luthor?”

“I already told you, Penguin ..... Bruce Wayne took it off his wrist and handed it over to me as a gift. ..... And oh, what a valuable gift this is. ..... Why, it’s absolutely priceless!”

Penguin cannot contain his excitement, “You know what this means, Luthor??? ..... Billionaire Bruce Wayne is really The Caped Crusader!

“Precisely, Penguin! … And I’ll bet you that young ward of his, Dick Grayson is Batman’s pesky sidekick, Robin The Boy Wonder!”

The Penguin curses himself under his breath for not realizing it sooner, “Waaa waaaa waaaa ..... Of course! Why didn’t I figure it out before. ..... That independently wealthy entrepreneur and his teenage charge ARE the Dynamic Duo! ..... Who else could afford a fancy, one-of-a-kind sportscar like the Batmobile ..... Or all of those costly gadgets they have on their utility belts, ..... not to mention spend a small fortune turning the Batcave into his own personal crime lab, fully equipped with the most scientifically advanced, high tech equipment ever built ..... Only a man as rich as Bruce Wayne could devote so much of his time and resources to pursuing criminals and then never expect a paycheck for it in return. ..... Don’t you see, Luthor? ..... It all fits!”

“You’re right, Penguin. And, thanks to Bruce Wayne’s generosity, I now have the proof right here in the palm of my hand. Well, well, well … isn’t this a unforeseen but extremely fortunate turn of events! … Not only is LexCorp’s hostile takeover of Wayne Enterprises about to go through with nary a hitch, but soon The Dynamic Duo will both be working for me!”

“Not just for you, Luthor … But for the two of us!”, Penguin corrects him as they both have a hearty laugh at Batman and Robin’s expense, knowing full well what they have in store for them next.

To be continued …

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