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Part 10 - Superman searches for the missing Dynamic Duo!
By SHeroNY
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By SHeroNy

(Inspired by the unfinished story “The Complete Takeover” by M2MNIPU8me)

Chapter Ten

In less than a half-hour, the two white-jocked manservants returned to the gym. His brutish assistants told The Penguin that they had delivered the cameras to the laboratory as per his orders. They then relayed the message that the lab was now ready to proceed. So The Penguin pressed some buttons on the control panel, commencing the next phase of Robin's reprogramming.

While he sat there awaiting his next instructions, Dick's eyes remained locked on the LCD monitor in front of him as some figures started to form around the spiral .... Dick now saw erotic images of a young muscular male almost exactly the same height and built as him having sex with a variety of beautiful bosomy females in a multitude of positions and acts. As the pictures came more into focus, he could see that the man in these photos was he. If The Boy Wonder were to look more closely, he would have realized that his face had been morphed onto the other guy's body, but the current condition that Lex and The Penguin had him in made that highly unlikely. To Dick, there was no doubt in his mind that he was seeing himself on the screen.

Along with the pictures, Dick’s nipples, cock, and balls were ‘treated’ to a dose of electrical pain. “EEEERRRRGGGHHH!!! ......”

"See yourself, boy! ..... See yourself with these lovely ladies! .... Feel the pain! ........ Women touching your body! .... Licking your cock! .... Very excruciating! ... Very traumatic! .... You can't help but be disgusted by the whole experience! .... ” The Penguin informed him, drilling these thoughts into Dick's impressionable mind.

"Nooooooo!!! .... Stop!!! .... Please .... just go away!!! .... Leave me alone, you ... you sluts!!! ... " Robin cried out as he trembled in fear. The agony these fetching females were putting him through was more than he could bare. He was really terrified by what he was seeing ... and feeling!

Then the images changed. The pictures Dick now saw depicted two men in various sexual positions. The one was a barrel-chested, "Daddy" type .... The other was the same young man with the athletic build who looked just like Dick. They were pleasing each other with their mouths .... their tongues .... their cocks ..... At that same instant, the pain was replaced by pleasure .....

Dick reacted accordingly, “AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

“Now see what it’s like to make love to a man, Dick! ..... Feel the pleasure in your nipples and your cock! ... So arousing! .... So enjoyable! .... Making you so horny! ... So very horny! .... ” The Penguin said, while utilizing his 'electronically stimulating' powers of persuasion.

"OOOOHHHHHH, YESSSSS, SSSIRRRRR! .... I'MMMM SOOOO HORNY!!! .... SOOOO VERY HORNY!!! ... " Robin lustfully responded, moaning in approval.

These sights and sensations repeated themselves for well over an hour. After a few repetitions, Dick no longer needed The Penguin's voice to make the connection for him .... for it was firmly embedded in his brain. Somewhere around the first half-hour, the actual pain was removed whenever he saw the pornographic images depicting straight sex. Dick screamed in horror nonetheless. He was still given a dose of pleasure when he was showed the gay porn pictures to help reinforce these new desires he was feeling.

Then, a far more drastic change suddenly occurred. Dick went from seeing 'himself' having intercourse with sexy, voluptuous women (and experiencing pain ... by now, all in his mind), to seeing 'himself' participating in sexual acts with a much more mature man (feeling pleasure in his nipples, cock, and balls), to seeing 'himself' making mad, passionate love with a way older and somewhat overweight Penguin (all the while experiencing the highest pleasure the computer could possibly subject him to). Again, if Dick was in anything approaching a normal state of mind, he would have seen that his head had been photoshopped onto the similarly built man's body ..... but by now, Dick didn't care. ... He was in ecstasy!

Around that same time, there is a knock on the door at Stately Wayne Manor. Startled, Alfred looks at the clock on his night stand before he puts on his robe and slippers, then goes to answer the door, "Superman! Thank goodness it's you! I wondered who would be calling at three in the morning."

"I'm sorry to disturb you at this hour, Alfred," Superman apologizes to him, "But could you please let Bruce know I'm here. It's very important that I speak to him right away."

"I'm afraid Master Bruce is not home yet. And I must say, I am worried," Alfred confesses. "It's not like Mr. Wayne to stay out all night and not keep me informed."

"I am concerned as well, Alfred. I've been trying to contact Bruce since yesterday afternoon but he's not answering his cell phone. Tell me, Alfred, when was the last time you saw him?" Superman inquires.

"Around 6:45 PM. Mr. Wayne picked Master Dick up in a strange limousine earlier this evening and I haven't heard from either one of them since."

"A strange limousine? .... Do you know where they were going?" Superman asks.

"Master Dick wouldn't tell me." Alfred answers. "He said that Mr. Wayne had sworn him to secrecy. But from what I could ascertain, it sounded like some sort of special occasion. I found that to be rather odd."

"Why, Alfred?"

Alfred explains, "In all of my years as his faithful butler, Master Bruce has always kept me apprised of his itinerary. Why would he suddenly start keeping secrets from me now?"

"You do have a point, Alfred."

"But that is not the only reason I have my suspicions, Superman. Mr. Wayne also cancelled all of his plans with Miss Vale tonight at the very last moment just so he and Master Dick could attend this mysterious event." Alfred elaborates. "Now if they were invited to a party or some other formal affair, wouldn't Master Bruce have just asked Miss Vale to be his date?"

"You would think so, wouldn't you? .... " Superman pauses for a moment. "Hey, maybe Vicki knows where they went."

"Afraid not, Superman. My curiosity got the better of me, so I spoke to Miss Vale on the telephone earlier this evening to find out what she knew. Master Bruce just told her that he would be working all weekend and he was much too busy to spend any time with her. He even said that he would not be able to escort her to the big charity fundraiser at The Gotham City Royal Hotel this Sunday afternoon. But that doesn't make any sense at all. Mr. Wayne was supposed to host the entire gala."

"Yeah, that's not like Bruce .... to break a promise without much of a explanation." Superman agrees. "Did she tell you anything else?"

"She also said Master Bruce seemed very cold and aloof with her when he called. Then, when she started to give him a hard time about breaking their date, he just hung up on her. Needless to say, she was quite miffed. What could have possibly been so important that Master Bruce would have placed his entire relationship with Miss Vale in jeopardy? Why, they have been seeing each other exclusively for months now."

"I don't know, Alfred. ..... " Superman ponders. "Let's go back to the limo. You said it was strange. What was so unusual about it?"

"Well, it certainly wasn't one of Mr. Wayne's. The limousine was much too grandiose and ostentatious for Master Bruce's taste. And it appeared to have one of those vanity license plates .... LXCR2, I believe." Alfred remembers.

"LXCR2? ..... LexCorp Number 2! ... Why, of course!" Superman finally figures it out.

"LexCorp, Sir? .... Isn't that one of Wayne Enterprises' main business rivals."

"Yes, it is, Alfred" Superman confirms. "And its CEO, Lex Luthor had scheduled a meeting with Bruce earlier in the day!"

This revelation has Alfred deeply distressed, "Oh dear. From what I have heard, Mr. Luthor can be quite untrustworthy and terribly ruthless. Now why would Master Bruce ever choose to consort with a man of his reputation?"

"Maybe he didn't choose to, Alfred. Maybe he was forced to!" Superman suggests.

"You mean to say .... "

"A hostile takeover, Alfred! LexCorp has recently been absorbing all of their major competitors. Now it appears that Luthor hopes to get his hands on Wayne Enterprises next."

"So Mr. Luthor is trying to talk Mr. Wayne into selling him his company? ... But Master Bruce would never do such a thing! .... And even if he were seriously considering Mr. Luthor's offer, why would he ask Master Dick to come along with him? Master Dick is not the least bit interested in the business." A puzzled Alfred questions.

"I'm not sure, Alfred. But I am going to find out! Thanks for all of your help." Superman says before he leaves.

"You're quite welcome, Superman! And good luck!" Alfred waves goodbye as Superman flies straight to LexCorp's Corporate Office in search of his missing friends. He lands on the roof, then sneaks into the building through the door at the top of the stairwell and carefully takes a look around. But, unfortunately, Bruce and Dick are not there. And, even more frustrating, The Man of Steel doesn't have any idea where to look next.

"Where could Lex have taken them?" Superman asks himself, unaware that Luthor has a new secret hideout.

Meanwhile, back in the gym, Dick was subjected to at least another hour of this ingeniously edited but incredibly deceptive video .... watching 'himself' making love to The Penguin. .... In all of these hardcore pictures, the younger man who 'looked' just like Dick was always shown in a subservient position ... either he was on his knees, on all fours, or on his back with his legs up in the air ...... A fact that did not go unnoticed by Dick’s subconscious mind. ... Everytime he saw either 'himself' or The Penguin shoot their loads on the screen, it would make him cum inside his protective cup. The Boy Wonder must have reached orgasm more than a thirty times in less than a sixty minute period. By the time the homoerotic slideshow was all over, his sticky cock was completely spent.

The last of the provocative images slowly faded away but the spiral still remained. Dick began to feel very tired. After staring at the screen for several hours straight, barely able to blink that whole time, he could hardly keep his eyelids open any longer.

The calming, reassuring voice of The Penguin was there to encourage him to catch some ZZZs, "Good boy! .... You have pleased me! .... Now get some rest, Dick! .... Dream of me! ... Your master! ... Dream about my cock! .... Your master's cock! .... Are you ready for your nap, Dick? ... "

"Yes, ... Master!" Dick mumbled.

The Penguin is quite satisfied with his response, "Good slave! .... Now I am going to start counting down! .... By the time I reach one, you will fall fast asleep! .... Got that, boy? .... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 .... 1 ... CLICK!!!"

Then The Penguin snapped his fingers. As soon as he did, Dick's head slumped down until it was lying face first on the handlebars. He had just fallen into a deep, deep sleep.

The Penguin gave him a post-hypnotic suggestion, "When you wake up, you will not remember anything about this evening, boy. But your subconscious mind shall retain it all. .... In fact, you shall totally forget you ever even knew me before. .... But you will definitely want to get to know me all over again!"

With that, The Penguin turned down the mike and told the two ugly manservants in the white jockstraps, "Leave his headphones on and let him rest here on the bike. Just unhook the wires from his cups and remove the restraints off of his hands and feet. He should be coming to in a couple hours. By then, the gymnasium will be full of other muscular slave boys working out. When he regain consciousness, our fit young athlete here will just think he came to the gym to get some exercise."

As his servants freed the sleeping Boy Wonder of his bonds, the Penguin pushed another button on the control panel. Suddenly soft music started playing quietly in Dick's headphones. But each song on the playlist actually contained subliminal messages of obedience and submission. These words would be implanted directly into his brain while he lies there dreaming of The Penguin. By the time Robin awakens, his mind shall be completely reprogrammed and he should be totally prepared to accept the new life that awaits him.

To be continued ....

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