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Part 8 - 13 Part 8
By SHeroNY
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The Super Friends in


By SHeroNY

Part 8

After listening to nothing but Professor Overlord’s authoritative, commanding voice for literally hours on end, the subject’s mind was now receptive enough to accept his Master’s direct orders without the need for any repeated reinforcement. Therefore, the Doctor returned to the lab after his lovemaking session with the Dynamic Duo to give Superman his next series of instructions in person.

Only this time, he brought along with him a different pair of slaves, Number 7 and Number 12 or, as they are more commonly known, Green Arrow and Black Vulcan, respectively. Number 7, a blonde well built more mature bodybuilder with a goatee, and Number 12, a dark skinned, incredibly handsome hunk of a man, almost (but not quite) as muscular as Superman himself, were both adorn in their newly assigned slave attire and standing at attention, as were their stiff, upright hard-ons, waiting to be of service to the man they now belonged to.

The mere sight of the straight Man of Steel slurping on that exact replica of the dirty old Doctor’s dick brought a wicked smile to the deranged scientist’s disfigured face. Seeing that rugged he-man giving that plastic penis a blowjob with a vibrating butt plug shoved up his ass while his throbbing super-cock stood at full mass inside the suction cup of the milking machine, just about ready to explode made the despicable Doctor beam with pride. Once the bastion of heterosexuality, the Doctor’s dreaded sexual reorientation device had turn the previously-incorruptible Man of Steel into a confirmed homosexual. Not only was Superman now completely gay, from this moment on, he would be only sexually attracted to one man and one man alone. And that was his evil enslaver Dr. Overlord.

Speaking into the microphone plugged into the computer‘s main console, the positively elated professor started issuing his commands directly through his now-cooperative patient’s headphones, “That’s right, boy. You must prove to me that you are deserving enough to be my slave. So suck me off. Show me that you are truly worthy to serve a great and powerful Master such as I. Make me cum,” the Doctor demanded.

Number 13 did exactly as he was told as that rubber phallus slid in and out of his drooling mouth. The newly-created super-cocksucker put all his conscious effort into pleasuring it as if it was his Master’s real cock, unaware that it was just a incredible reproduction.

Meanwhile, the incredibly hypnotic slideshow of the naked out-of-shape doctor with that fat, thick dick of his still appearing in the visor had its spellbound super-subject completely mesmerized as the headphones over his ears continued to fill his empty head with subliminal messages, telling him that he was a slave, telling him that he enjoyed being a slave, telling him that he loved his Master, telling him that he should consider himself lucky to have such a kind and benevolent Master, telling him that he is proud to be his Master‘s slave, telling him that a good slave always obeys his Master, telling him that a slave is obligated to serve his Master, telling him that a slave will do whatever it takes to please his Master, telling him that a slave must satisfy his Master‘s every desire. Number 13’s mind absorbed it all like a sponge. By this point, not only had the Ex-Superman fallen hopelessly in love with the nasty old man constantly flashing before his eyes, our helpless hero wanted nothing more than to be his sex-slave. This newfound ‘lust’ that he now felt for his perverted reprogrammer could no longer be contained as the pre-cum started trickling out his piss-slit.

Quick to notice this, the Doctor kept urging him on, “That a boy. Just keep on sucking on that big dick of mine until you make it cum, attentive one. Go on, super-faggot, use that tongue of yours. Take it all the way down your throat. Good slave! Worship the cock of your loving, giving Master and you shall soon be richly rewarded!“

After his initial butt-fuck training and having his raging cock worked up into a frenzy of heightened arousal for most of the day, Number 13 was finally allowed to cum. Suddenly the word “Release!“ in large text popped up on his visor and Number 13 immediately felt compelled to comply. Virtually on cue, his mighty manhood of steel erupted like a volcano, spewing his super juices out his pisshole and into the suction device which collected what it had extracted and poured Superman’s sperm into a large test tube. The Doctor then labeled the valuable DNA sample and placed it in his medicine cabinet alongside the other vials he had managed to procure from his superhero colleagues over the past few weeks. You see, over the years, the mad scientist has been privately conducting some cloning experiments in his secret lab and their super-powered DNA could prove to be very useful to him in the future. Perhaps the tantalizing thought of breeding even more musclebound super sex-slaves like these, identical to them in every way may be just the incentive he needs to complete his research. But he’ll think about that later. Right now, the enslavement of Superman was his top priority. And, if the size of this sperm sample is any indication, he shouldn’t have to wait much longer.

The sound of Superman’s muffled moans of ecstasy was music to the devilish Doctor’s ears. If the rubber phallus hadn’t been thrust deep within his salivating mouth when he reached orgasm, Number 13 would have surely screamed with joy. Instead, the former superhero turned sex-slave was rewarded by a sudden jet of strange fluid that spurted down his throat.

“Satisfy your hunger,” his ever-demanding new Master ordered, “Swallow my seed, slave! Gulp it all down, every last drop! You love the taste of my cum, don‘t you, boy? That’s because you just can’t get enough of your Master’s manly emissions. It is so delicious, you crave more … MORE … MORE … !!!”

Deprived of any food and water for days now and desperate for nourishment, the surrendering superhero readily obeyed, drinking down the salty nectar of his Master. As soon as he swallowed one load, another load would then shoot out of the cock-shaped mouthpiece as it shot wad after wad after wad, shooting faster and faster until the cum dispenser finally pulled itself out of the hungry hero’s slobbering mouth completely and automatically shut itself off. By the time it stopped, Superman’s cheeks were filled with the white creamy liquid. Thick secretions started oozing out the corners of his lips and dripping down his chin. Still Superman ate it all up, savoring the acquired taste of his Master‘s acidic, bitter old man-milk.

But what the newly-renamed Number 13 didn’t know was this was not his Master’s cum but a specially-created formula which the Doctor had developed in his lab that had the same flavor and consistency as his very own semen. Consumed in mass quantities, the highly addictive mixture of psychotropic and hallucinogenic drugs would literally turn the user into a strung-out cocksucking junkie who would be willing to do just about anything for that next fix, guaranteeing that his patient will provide him with endless blowjobs just so he can experience that high again and again while creating a lasting physical need and emotional dependence on his Master as well. In addition, the incredibly powerful chemical compound also contained ultra-concentrated doses of Viagra, Cialis and other performance enhancing supplements, as well as synthetic beta-endorphins and a wide variety of extremely effective aphrodisiacs which will leave its recipient in a permanent state of perpetual arousal, his cock always erect and ready for his Master’s enjoyment at all times. The extremely potent sexual stimulant already has our hero hooked as the former Man of Steel starts licking the cockhead-shaped tip of the rubber hose, desperately trying to get the mechanical phallus to ejaculate yet another load.

“Good slave,” his Master’s voice told him, “You see, boy, you obey your Master and you shall receive pleasure. Obeying me brings you much satisfaction. Your life will be totally fulfilling once you give your Master your total obedience! It is most gratifying to be my humble and obedient servant, isn‘t it, slave?”

Hanging on his sinister enslaver’s every word, the new Number 13’s mind took in these new commands. Incapable of independent thought, poor Superman had no choice but to believe everything his Master says because he could think of nothing else. They became the truth in his replenished mind… Deep truth. Sexual pleasure and obedience to his Master were now firmly linked together in Number 13’s now-receptive brain. Obeying his Master brought him pleasure. Being a slave was so fulfilling. Free of the rubber mouthpiece, a satisfied Superman smacked his lips and then opened his mouth to express his gratitude as he gave the Doctor his ‘consent‘, slowly speaking the words the horny Professor Overload had longed to hear, “Yes,… Master!”

When he heard Superman finally address him as “Master”, the victorious Doctor was positively ecstatic. For he had done what no other villain had done before. For he had finally broken the mighty Man of Steel. Oh, how he relished this moment. His evil eyes lit up as he stared at this breathtaking vision, basking in his success. Now Superman was his for the taking. Defeating the world’s greatest superhero indeed would be the highpoint of this prestigious scientist’s long and illustrious career. But unfortunately no one will ever know of this personal triumph. Only he alone shall benefit from this amazing scientific discovery. Yes, to the victor goes the spoils. Or, in this case, the Super-spoils!

But the Professor wasn’t ready to celebrate just yet. Even though he had already won the prize, the overly cautious Overlord wanted to make certain that his esteemed trophy remains firmly within his grasp. So the Doctor restarts the computer program again as he prepares to subject his already convinced convert to even more conditioning.

“Ah, yes, my eager young cocksucker, for I have chosen well. With a few more lessons, you shall make a fine slave. Once you have been fully indoctrinated, your commitment to me will be irrevocable. Then I shall be your Master for as long as we both shall live. You would like that, wouldn‘t you, boy?,” The Doctor asks, sure of what his answer will be.

Incapable of breaking the seductive spell this manipulative doctor has cast over him, the once-invincible Superman succumbs to his induced desires and concedes, “Yes,… Master… I would… like… to be… your… slave,… Sir… Your… slave… for life!… ”

“Good boy. Then let’s proceed to the more advanced level of your reeducation,” The Doctor informed the sinisterly persuaded superhero.

There was a slight pause before the next cycle began. Then the Doctor’s doppelganger dildo reentered the patient’s waiting mouth for another cock-worshipping session as the milking machine resumed masturbating his excited member once again while the butt plug still firmly implanted inside Superman‘s ass started fucking him some more. As the diabolical device went back to work, his Master’s voice boomed in his ears while the visor flashed even more suggestive images of his new ‘God’ in front of his eyes. Only this time, the increasingly graphic video clips also featured the other Justice League members physically and sexually submitting to the sadistic demands of this dominant top Doc. Specifically intended for this particular subject’s viewing, the highly erotic visual programming deliberately depicted sadomasochistic sex from the submissive’s point of view as the training film focused on the new duties of his fellow Super Friends as they willingly take their Master’s punishment, accept his discipline, service his cock, lick his testicles, swallow his semen, respectfully assume the bottom position and let him fuck them again and again and again just to show the subjugated Man of Steel what his new slave role shall be.

But, as he intently watched them perform the same degrading and laborious tasks that would soon be required of him, Superman did not even recognize his former teammates. To him, they were just a bunch of nameless, faceless sex slaves. In fact, he really did not care who they were. The only thing that mattered to him was the magnificent man that they had the honor and privilege of serving. All else faded in importance as our hero sank deeper and deeper into slavery.

The reprogramming of the former Superman turned Super-slave would continue over the course of the next several days…

To be continued…

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