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Part 2 - 13 Part 2
By SHeroNY
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The Super Friends in


By SHeroNY

Part 2

When Superman finally awoke, he found himself tied to some sort of futuristic chair in what appeared to be some strange laboratory. Heavy bands made of Green Kryptonite circled his wrists, legs, and waist, pinning him down to his seat. Advanced computerized equipment lined the sides of the white cold sterile clinic while through a glass window he could see out into a brightly lit room beyond.

The last thing he remembered he was checking out a lead on the whereabouts of his fellow Super Friends. It had been exactly 12 weeks to the day since he first learned both Batman & Robin were missing. And in that time, not only had the Dynamic Duo vanished without a trace but subsequently The Flash, Aquaman, Hawkman, Samurai, Green Arrow, El Dorado, Firestorm, Green Lantern, Apache Chief and Black Vulcan had all disappeared one by one in that order until Superman was the only male Justice League member left. Despite the fact that he had no hard evidence, he was convinced that they were all the victims of some sort of foul play. And Superman was almost certain that he would be the next target. So he knew that it was only a matter of time until whoever was responsible would finally strike. But being the most powerful man on Earth, Superman foolishly believed that he had nothing to fear and was determined to go to any lengths to find his friends. He was strong and capable and could certainly take care of himself, regardless of the threat. After all, he always has in the past.

But this time, he didn't know who he was up against. That the mysterious man who was holding his colleagues captive was unlike any villain he had ever faced before. For this was no ordinary criminal. No, their abductor had turned out to be, of all people, a seemingly innocent professor and an upstanding member of the faculty at the local Metropolis Medical College named Dr. Overlord. Not only is Overlord a highly regarded educator, he is also a very eminent psychologist within his own profession. He is even considered to be one of the finest scientific minds in the entire world. In fact, he is held in such high esteem by both his students and his peers and his reputation is so above reproach that no one would ever suspect that he could be capable of such evil thoughts. Yes, these superheroes may have the brawn but all their brute strength would prove to be no match for this accomplished scientist's brain as Superman, just like his pals before him, shall soon find out.

Now, why would such a respected and seemingly respectable scientist put his entire career at risk and resort to kidnapping the men of the Justice League? What could cause this apparently law-abiding, ethical doctor to commit such a violent and heinous crime? Was it for power or for wealth? The truth is it was for neither. For he was motivated by something far greater… his insatiable, uncontrollable lust.

For he may be considered a genius by all who knows him but he is also one of the most unattractive human beings ever to have been born. So, after more than 60 years of being too ugly to get himself a date during his entire lifetime, much less a one-night stand, the hard-up homosexual scientist decided to use his vast intellect to finally find himself a lover. But, with his superior intelligence, he realized he didn't have to settle for just any old average guy. If he was going to apply all of his scientific knowledge to secure himself the perfect mate, why not forgo his Hippocratic Oath and go about developing a new kind of surgical procedure that can turn even the strongest willed straight man into his completely submissive gay bottom boy, thus assuring him of his choice of virtually any man alive.

So the professor had tried out all of the most effective but medically unethical methods his brilliant mind could come up with on a handful of his unsuspecting college aged test subjects. The untimely deaths of his experimental guinea pigs were merely an unfortunate but necessary sacrifice for him to achieve his ultimate goal. He felt some pangs of regret that they had to die at such an early age but they were all too geeky and childish for his own personal taste in men so they really served no purpose to him anyhow. To this day, no one knows what happened to these promising young students since the devious doctor made sure to dispose of their bodies where they could never be found. But now, thanks to their senseless murders, the mad scientist has managed to create a mind-altering process that shall provide him with not just one exclusive sexual partner but an entire bevy of gorgeous and attentive manservants who, after their involuntary operations, shall be solely committed to their Master's happiness and will gladly devote the rest of their lives to his pleasure no matter how homely their new lover is.

Once he perfected his life-changing lobomization techniques, the demented doctor devised a evil plan to win the hearts of the hottest hunks he could think of. And that was, of course, those muscular manly members of the Justice League of America. After all, no one in the world is nearly as macho or more masculine or better built than those big, strapping superheroes. For, unbeknownst to them, they had been the objects of his desire for some time now. Yes, many a night he had spent masturbating all by himself alone in his bedroom while he dreamed about these hard bodied heterosexual heroes coming to rescue him from his loneliness. And now all of his perverted fantasies of them were finally about to become a reality.

For if this mad scientist succeeds in his sinister scheme, the entire Justice League will soon hang up their superhero costumes for good, unwittingly giving up their illustrious crimefighting careers in the process. Rather than fighting for and defending all mankind, they will ‘choose’ to serve and protect only one man instead. And that lucky guy shall be the demented doctor who intends to keep them enslaved there against their very wills forever. That is, once this determined doctor bends all of their wills to suit his own evil purposes. Then they will have no choice but to come to accept their new lives of complete servitude that await them.

Over the past few months, The Doctor has already managed to perform his lecherous lobotomy procedure on each of his previously acquired super-playthings. And now that he has the mightiest of them all, Superman, trapped within the impenetrable walls of his secret laboratory, no one will ever learn what he has prepared for his next heroic patient. The Man of Steel was not only about to find out what happened to his missing teammates, he was also about to experience first hand all of the agonizing torture they have gone through since they disappeared. Yes, after Superman meets their captor, he soon may wish that he had never found his fellow Super Friends...

To be continued…

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