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Space Rangers
Part 9 - Vega Part 4
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Vega - Part 4

Discord: Scorpio#5862

(Sigma Sector), 680.92.2278, year 4063


“Universal Dimensional Element: Epsilon Zeta Nine, Zero, Zero, Eight.” Dale announced, “Got you boys!” he said with a big triumphant smile and litres of relief oozing from his face, Dale was pleased, he could access their minds as the orgasm took Ranger Force into the dimensional sensory array of Universal.”

The Rangers had been captured whilst enroute to the Hive academy to attend the graduation of Kroy. They had been captured by the evil Parallax, Captain of the Bordello, a secret space cruise liner serving the galaxy’s elite and their sexual needs, Captain Parallax has spent enjoyable hours examining and assessing his new sexual toys. The Space Rangers have been subjected to an evil creature which resides like a worm inside their penises, supplying a constant flow of discrete sensual pleasure throughout their genitals and their erosuit bulges. The Filip creature is dynamic and insistent, designed to keep its Ranger in a state of constant sexual readiness to serve the discerning needs of the Bordello and its powerful clientele. They had been captured as assessed by the evil captain before releasing them to serve the special needs of his ship’s discerning guests. The Rangers had been admitted into the extravagant orgasmic experience known as Universal. They were being milked for their first time on Bordello.

However, Dr Dale has located the missing Rangers and is their only hope of salvation from the evil sexual servitude planned for them as the latest and greatest additions to the Bordello’s cohort of captured space heroes.

Kroy, the descendent of the sexual gods of Planet Ord, saved by the Rangers two years earlier and anointed by the Hive as the sexual conduit of Hival Power to Ranger Force had completed his Hival training onboard Intrepid3, encouraged and supported by Dr Dale. He had been transferred to the Academy to complete his final Hival preparations and is due to graduate from the academy, to be assigned to serve onboard Intrepid3.

The adventure continues.

On Board the Hive Academy Station

Kroy was so excited, it was less than two weeks to his graduation he and his friends were looking forward to their new lives serving the galaxy in the service of the Hive. Many of them would become Space Cadets, most of the higher stratifications of the student body would become Space Cadets. Kroy on the other hand, wanted only to return to his beloved Rangers, to serve their needs and the Hive. He would serve onboard Intrepid3 in whichever capacity the Hive had decided for him. He was honoured to serve Dixon, Aereon and Blaze. Kroy kept his knowledge of Ranger Force to himself mostly whilst at the academy, having been given strict instructions by Dr Dale and the Hival eldership on his special admission to the Academy to keep his relationship with Ranger Force to himself. But he had made friends with many of the guys in his short three months there, they had accepted him as one of their own. They were the pinnacle class of 4063.

Space Cadet Fin was returning to attend Kroy’s graduation, Fin had transported Kroy to the Academy from Intrepid3 and he and Kroy had become buddies, keeping in contact, even after Fin had returned to service in his assigned sector. Fin would be Kroy’s only ‘family’ at the graduation, well at least that is what Kroy thought. The return of Intrepid3 was a highly classified secret and Kroy had no idea that Ranger Force were scheduled to attend his graduation.

Kroy also had no idea that Ranger Force had been captured by the Bordello and that they were facing a life of sexual servitude onboard the debaucherously secret space vessel or that Dr Dale and the Hival eldership were constructing a rescue plan, it would be tight, but it was achievable. The rescue needed to be swift and secret. Only the Hive elders and Dr Dale were to know of the delicate rescue operation.

Kroy’s final week was filled with exams, Astrobiology was his favourite subject, and Kroy only had that exam left, he was ready to let his hair down because once Astrobiology was over, he had several days of free time. Kroy would have been one of the horniest guys in the strat. He was handsome and sported the most delectable butt in the whole of his stratification. He literally turned down advances from so many of the most beautiful guys in the academy, but Kroy was single minded and resolutely devoted to his Rangers. He had turned down so many offers of ‘study dates’ with his peers, and he couldn’t help how handsome and attractive he was, but he was a devoted friend, colleague and lover of his three special Space Rangers. He knew them intimately, his penis knew each Ranger’s rectum intimately, he had powered them so many times and his love and devotion to them was unbreakable.

Kroy pined for Dixon, he craved Aereon and as for Blaze, he dreamt of his saviour regularly, he was devoted to and deeply entwined emotionally with each Ranger. Kroy had been saving his cum for them, he set up his Immersatron to edge him, but never allow him to ejaculate. He wanted rivers of cum to smother his beloved boys in when they re-united in a couple of weeks. Kroy was focussed on his job at hand and worked hard on his final assessments and of course his final major work on the political ties and emerging alliances of the planets of Sector G, following the overthrow of its evil Sultan and his oligarchy, the paper was ready for submission! He had also decided to continue studying the Ancient Gods of Ord, even after graduating, using all the resources available to him on Intrepid3, he had intended to work with Dr Dale to unlock the mysteries of his lineage and the power that The Hive eldership had identified he possessed, but at the moment just weeks before his graduation, he was proud that they had firstly recognised his royalty and had commissioned his innate sexual power for the good of the Galaxy and for furthering the work of Ranger Force.

His final Immersatron sessions became more focussed, these were his private forays into the vast litanies of information stored inside the Hive, it was his way of integrating with this immense power known as The Hive and it was a conduit of pleasure. He knew better than to just flippantly use his Immersatron sessions as mere sexual rides and extravagant masturbation like many of his classmates at The Hive Academy. He respected the power of the machine and integrated it into his own learning agenda. These final sessions were spiritual for Kroy, as much as they were educational and deeply integrated into the sexual dimensions of The Hive. They were spiritual enough for Kroy to discard his Academy wear clothing and don his native green loincloth. He had taken his favourite garment to the academy to remind him of both his heritage and his unbreakable bond with his Rangers. This was the same loincloth that Dale had fashioned for him based on their Hival knowledge of planet Ord and its customs. The same garment Kroy wore when he first met Three, one of the five Hive elders and learned of his royal connections to the ancient Gods of Ord. These Gods play a part in this history of Ord and once his royal heritage was awoken and anointed by Three that fateful day, he found his inner sexual power and his place aboard Intrepid3 serving Ranger Force, he had become a conduit of Hival sexual energy, the very force powering the three heroes. Yes, his Immersatron sessions were becoming intense and delicious, and Kroy felt compelled to wear his native loincloth each time he rode his Immersatron. It provided him a connection to his very soul and purpose.

The feeling of the under thong caressing his body, filling between his buttocks, cupping his beautiful genitalia and forming his beautiful bulge made Kroy’s heart sing. It was a physical luxury and a spiritual fulfilment merged into a confluence of sexual and erotic feelings. His love for his Rangers dominating his very existence, and as he attached the outer cloth feeling it gently caressing his bulging pleasure pouch, feeling the beauty of the erotic garment touch his exposed buttocks made Kroy purr with sexual desire and pine for his Blaze, for his Aer and his Dixi boy. They were more than superheroes, space celebrities, they were his personal heroes, lovers, and his responsibility! Kroy gently rubbed the outer cloth over his bulging thong, allowing his eyes to roll into the back of his head, he felt secure, he felt sexual, and he had a sense of divine purpose burning inside him as looked toward his waiting Immersatron.

“We never had these on Ord!” Kroy spoke respectfully to his Immersatron. He had known of the entity known as The Hive, the entity that powered armies of Space Cadets patrolling the vastness of the Galaxy but as a young Ordinate, growing up on his planet, he never thought he would ever see a Space Cadet, let alone a mighty Space Ranger! He never, in his wildest dreams would have contemplated The Hive as something that would be interested in him . But here he was, at The Hive Academy, in his final intensive weeks, preparing to graduate and gazing at his own Immersatron. Kroy felt his penis pang inside his green under thong of his loincloth. His sexuality was always interfacing with him and as he contemplated his next Immersatronic foray into the depths of Hival energy, his penis, his bulge felt saturated with something special.

Before mounting the Immersatron, he ran his finger across the smooth rounded edges of the device, Three had ensured that he was provided a shiny green Immersatron for his psychosexual experiences into the beauty of The Hive. The machine felt warm, and he was ready to enter its wonders. Kroy looked at his loincloth and then toward the Immersatron. “Remember, no cum, I know how bad I want to cum, man I want to orgasm into joy, but only in the arms of Dixon, Aereon and Blazy boy. Edge me into their metaphysical arms, I can hold another couple of weeks, it’s going to be hard, but I must! I only want to explode while in their arms, while my cock is inside each Ranger fulfilling my sacred bond to them.

Kroy mounted the machine, and he felt the usual energy cupping his bulge, coursing inside the green fabric clinging to his penis, his testicles, his boy pussy. The Immersatronic field locking him in. Kroy felt secure and ready gazing into the hovering green translucent screen above him.

Welcome Kroy, it is a pleasure to welcome you aboard. I have integrated your sexual function and now please gaze into the screen; I can detect your readiness and willingness to serve. I am your Hival link. Relax Kroy of Ranger Force, formerly of Ord.

The Immersatron began to take his mind into a relaxation process, he felt his body loosening, becoming light, he felt delicious supple energy reaching up into his rectum, his green thong lightly buzzing as his thoughts and feelings merged into a beautiful and gentle movement, it was deeply spiritual and his body and mind were captivated and calm all at once, inside the delicious Immersatronic portal.

Kroy felt hands on his body, he felt bindings attaching his ankles to the Immersatron, he enjoyed the feeling of the bonds, it was sexual and spiritual too, the hands pulled his wrists from his control sticks, it was evident that this Immersatron session was not going to involve any control from his part. He didn’t resist, he couldn’t. His arms pulling around the machine, he felt the hands pulling him, bindings circling his wrists, pulling his arms, pulling his body tightly against the Immersatron, binding him to the machine. He felt the spirituality of the bondage immediately, a connection to The Hive so deep, so physical so emotional. He felt sexual and his mind was happy, his bulge was happy, his rectum warm and sensual and ready.

“Enter the Hive Kroy” The words were clear, and they filled his head. Kroy has in psychosexual state but deep inside his mind he recognised the voice of one of the Hive elders, it was the familiar voice of Three and he felt secure, deep inside himself, that The Hive was favouring him.

Three had indeed appeared inside his private Immersatron room, he had bound the beautiful young man to the Immersatron, much like his symbolic bondage when he first connected with Ranger Force, he was bound once again, wearing his native Ordinate loincloth, he was deeply sexual, deeply spiritual, and prepared.

Three admired the beautiful young man, watching his muscles flex in delightful response to the Immersatronic sensations caressing his loincloth. Three listened to Kroy’s mumbles, he was looking into the screen and speaking to it. The screen alive with bright colours of the light spectrum, flashing and reaching out toward Kroy’s face enthralling the beautiful, sexual young man. Three caressed the back of Kroy’s head and looked down over the beauty of the heaving sexual mass of male form slowly turning and twisting in tune with the delicious expressions of pleasure. The green loincloth so sleek and erotic, caressing Kroy’s under thong bulge, the layers rubbing as Kroy began to slowly respond sexually to his Immersatron.

“You are indeed beautiful my handsome Kroy. The Hive is pleased with your maturity and development, your Rangers need you more than your beautiful head, your beautiful mind can understand, physical joined with spiritual, Hival bonds so tight, so secure and so sexual are yours to share. Be immersed into your purpose. The Hive will unfold your heritage, your lineage, your divinity, and power in this session my beautiful young man. We know you have requested to hold your ejaculations, your devotion to Ranger Force will be rewarded, but for now immerse yourself in your heritage so you can better understand the divine path that is opening before you.” Three spoke carefully and clearly and although Kroy was in an inert state of sexual suspension, Three knew that his voice was gently speaking inside Kroy’s open and vulnerable mind. Three lifted Kroy’s outer loincloth and caressed the young man’s bulge, his right hand hot with sexual power, it was sensitizing the thong’s fabric, sensitizing Kroy’s bulge with erotic and sensual power. He watched as Kroy began to drool and then replaced the outer loincloth. He knew full well that the sensation of the outer cloth rubbing sexually over the under thong would stimulate Kroy, with sumptuous pleasure. Three stood back, to savour the beauty of the bound young god, a true sexual descendent of the ancient sexual Gods of Ord, now bound to serve Ranger Force.

Three disappeared, leaving Kroy writhing sexually and spiritually, bound to the Immersatron and to his future.

Inside the vision, Kroy was transported to ancient Ord, long before neural net that eventually evolved into the entity known as The Hive, a time before the alliance of planets in the sector known as Sector G. Gods of power and grace cared for the planet and Ord’s inhabitants. Tribes and alliances of power, men and women who worshipped the Gods. Kroy was shown his ancestors, his House, known as Xochi, the House represented homosexuality, lust and desire, his ancestors were beautiful Gods in the form of men and masculinity, sculpted bodies wearing skimpy silver loincloths, silver headbands bearing a single sparkling diamond, they wore silver boots and silver neck chokers. The Gods of House Xochi took great joy in disguising themselves among the inhabitants of ancient Ord, appearing to men and igniting sexual fervour deep inside the beautiful young male population of the planet. The Gods engineered sexual festivals and ancient Ord became ruled and devoted in many ways to fetish. Ancient practices recognised and celebrated by the modern-day Ordinate population and their festivals.

Kroy’s vision opened with him laying on an altar he was in the Temple of Xochi in one of the ancient ruling tribes on the planet. The temple was a central part of the ancient world of Ord. Temples were in every major region on every continent and hemisphere of planet Ord. Although he was usually invisible to Ordinates, he was the source of the sexual fervour, he would appear to them when the priest performed the rites. Kroy, in this vision, was a God, he was to be worshipped and he demanded male beauty, he demanded their devotion and provided enchanted sensation to the devotes of Xochi. Leaders, lovers, hungry male Ordinates attended the temple ceremony weekly, they obtained power, they obtained sustenance form the ceremony presenting one or more beautiful young male sacrifices to the Gods, to Kroy. Kroy did not want their life or the lives of innocent animals like other Gods demanded. He demanded their pleasure, he demanded the offerings of semen, of male orgasm and in return the male offering would be blessed by him, his genitals given gifts of divine extravagance they would become the sexual servant of the tribe for a week, until the next ceremony.

In Kroy’s vision he saw the ancient world of Ord through the eyes of a God, a giver of pleasure, wealth and who demanded male perfection. Kroy was witnessing his ancient heritage where Gods and Ordinate men exchanged and co-habited in bonds of sexuality and devotion. It was a world long before the modern world of Ord, but a time that the contemporary Ordinates keep and honour in their festivals even to this day.

Kroy wandered through the villages, he was unseen, his silver loincloth barely covering his silver thong, his bulge beautiful and resplendent, he watched the men working and toiling during the day, smiling at the beauty of each young Ordinate male. Green or brown loincloths were worn by most. He enjoyed the nights the most and would wander through the dwellings as these same young beautiful men enjoyed private times alone or with others, their sexual expressions filled him with joy and he would watch them copulate, watch them worship each other’s bodies, sometimes anointing a penis, unseen, Kroy would bless one or two of his devoted subjects. As he blessed them, his diamond would shine around the room, it became visible to the horny young men in their moments of pleasure and the young men knew that Gods were smiling, their penises becoming ultra-hard, blessed by the Gods, their orgasms taking them into vistas of beauty and their cries of delight piecing the tribe and signalling to others that the Gods had visited them. He gave them enjoyment; he gave them wealth and status and in return these beautiful men worshipped at the Temple of Xochi.

Kroy, in his vision conferred with his brothers too, they each were responsible for different parts of ancient Ord, they spread their sexual gifts around the various continents of the planet, the two major hemispheres and they demanded their sacrifices from their respective tribes. Kroy and his beautiful brothers conferred and planned regularly, discussing the most beautiful Ordinate offerings, fetish, and sexual deviations. They shared their most intimate stories, they shared exquisite orgasmic decadence devising ways to distribute such beauty to the inhabitants of their planet.

Kroy was beginning to understand his sexual and royal heritage, his innate power that The Hive had recognised, back when he had first met Three on Intrepid3 following his rescue over two years earlier, he was now understanding his ability to tap into immense sexual power and use his divine gifts to enhance and power his beloved Space Rangers and how The Hive had recognised and anointed his gifts.

In the Temple ofXochi, Kroy was laying on an Altar, lounging on the Altar of Xochi, it was here he would enjoy the pleasure offering of his subject, the chosen young man had to have been visited during the previous week by Kroy, his penis must have been blessed by Kroy. There were thirty potential offerings in the ceremony on this occasion, they came and were revered by the Ordinates in the huge temple. They wore their most erotic loincloths to hopefully attract the attention of Kroy and his Ordinate priest.

Behind the altar where Kroy lay lounging, invisible to the inhabitants, a silver, jewel encrusted frame would be used to bind the offering, the offering would be revered and tantalised throughout the ceremony, edged, and pleasured, his juices extracted carefully by the priest and offered to the devotees and a goblet placed on the altar for Kroy’s pleasure. Kroy was overseeing a decadent homosexual ceremony which the Ordinates knew would please him, and in turn, bless them sexually and with wealth, providing them physical and erotic sustenance through the varying Ordinate seasons of their year.

Kroy stood up from the altar, he knew the many hundreds of devotees could not see him, but he knew they would witness his approval, his pleasure, that would be evident throughout the decadent ceremony. The Ordinates were excited, they had collected their exquisite offerings for Kroy, their invisible deity to enjoy, and one would be chosen by Kroy. Kroy would use his priest. The Xochi Priest was a holy man, and his sexual appetite was known amongst the tribes. He was revered and honoured in the community. Kroy was a horny God, the altar always made him horny and as the ceremony progressed, he would become consumed with desire and sexual fervour. He roamed the temple enjoying the delectable sexual expressions of his loyal devotees. Ordinates came to the ceremony wet with expectation, horny men on the edge seeking sexual nirvana. Kroy was that nirvana.

The ceremony began and the people quietened down, hundreds of the most sexual and frisky men quietened down around the dais and Kroy returned to lay on the altar, he remained invisible, but the throng of men could feel his presence, they could feel their loins reacting to the presence of sexual royalty, their deity was among them. The priest of Xochi approached the altar and stood tall facing it. His loincloth of thin leather like material clung to his genitals, he was not wearing a thong, he was naked beneath the skimpy garment. He presented his body to Kroy, spreading his legs and raising his arms upward and outward to mimic how the sacrifice would be tied in the golden frame behind the Altar of Xochi. Two temple attendants appeared on either side of the priest, and they ran their hands across the musculature of the beautiful priest. A third attendant lifted the rear loincloth flap and worshipped the tight butt of the priest allowing his hands to worship the tops of the priest’s legs and his hips, his hungry tongue lashing the buttock muscles and venturing to the priest’s man pussy.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhh” The priest was looking upward as his deep moan filled the sexual sanctuary.

“Bless us with your power mighty lord”


“We worship you with our bodies, we offer you pleasure, bless usssssssssssssssssss” his words became demented and powerful, his voice becoming deep and loud, resonating throughout the temple.

Kroy was playing with himself, caressing his body as he writhed on his altar, looking at the beauty of his priest, the magnificence of his body made Kroy ravenous for penis, he was becoming so aroused, and his hands were delving beneath his shiny loincloth to his shiny silver bulge, he was so horny, he played with himself moaning in delight watching the display. His happiness, his arousal was powering the priest.

Show me your penis Priest, I desire your penis, I will fulfil your request. Kroy’s words came out as he licked his lips, his bulge was buzzing with pleasure, and he was fingering between his buttocks, massaging his bulge in his private, unseen delight on his Altar. But his words boomed inside the head of the priest who knew Kroy was present on the Altar, he was present in the Temple, and he was aroused.

“He is here, he has spoken to me!” The priest’s voice was powerful, it reached into the very souls of the assembly.

The priest smiled and pushed his hands into fists above his head, looking forward and around the assembly of horny men, looking at the corralled group of horny hopeful sacrifices.

“He desires penis!”

The priest was semi-erect and one of the attendants used a sacred blade and cut the priests holy loincloth from his body, his penis presented to Kroy. They placed the holy garment on the side of the Altar for Kroy to enjoy.

Kroy was sitting up, licking his lips, and moved toward the priest’s beautiful naked body, he was alone now, the attendants had bowed their heads and retracted away from the sacred Altar and silver frame. They left the holy priest of Xochi there with his God.

Kroy positioned himself below the hanging fruit of the priest’s gonads, they, as usual were a favourite of Kroy’s, in this vision. Kroy admired the beautiful roundness and fullness of the testicles, the way they hang in the scrotum was making Kroy even hornier, the way the semi-erect penis rested, hanging in its limbo, waiting for the touch of sexual divinity.

Your sex is accepted priest, yes, I will accept this penis, your pleasure will display my power and blessing. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Kroy was salivating, his words booming once more inside the priest’s head.

“Accept our worship Lord, bestow your blessing on your servants. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh” The priests demented, possessed words seemed to boom from the depths of his soul into the cavernous temple.

Kroy licked the ball sack of the priest, he enjoyed the softness and fullness of the priest’s magnificent manhood, he devoured the balls enthusiastically and the priest hissed in joy, feeling the divine mouth consuming his semen stores, he could feel pleasure reaching into his penis, his erection growing in stature before his God.

Kroy had one hand caressing his bulge, squeezing his silver thong, his other began to reach up the priest’s growing member.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmn such beauty Priest! Kroy communicated to the priest who was smiling and looking around the room to the mesmerised onlookers. To them, some unseen force was enjoying their priest, they could see his testes moving, his scrotum responding as Kroy enjoyed them fervently, but as Kroy sat up to enjoy the penis in it full glory, he began the grip the growing shaft at its base causing a bolt of pleasure to reach through the growing appendage and the priest to moan powerfully.

Kroy began to work his fingers up the shaft, his delectable offering, it was beginning to ooze the priest’s holy pre-cum from the bulbous pink head.

Give me your nectar Kroy demanded.

As a sign of Kroy’s acceptance, and pleasure, he placed his lips over the priest’s penis head, it was supple, warm, and moist. The sweetness of the nectar making Kroy hornier by the minute and more demanding as their deity!

The priest, laughed, his head thrown upward, his voice deep and resonating throughout the temple.

“Ha Haaaaaaaaa, he is here he is amongst us!”

Expectation, excitement, and lasciviousness filled the temple, the assembly could see the priest trembling, his legs still spread, and his arms pointing upwards, his body convulsing and his penis throbbing, rivers of precum were coating his long impressive holy shaft, he thrust his hips pushing his penis into the mouth of his unseen deity, Kroy massaged the penis, squeezing and licking the priest into a massive pleasure gyration.

Kroy remained invisible, yet he spoke through his priest.

“Bring me my sacrifice, I want my pleasure from innocence from pure of heart, I will honour my offerings I will honour your gifts with protection, you shall not be hungry, your God is pleased!” Kroy’s words were amplified through his priest.

That left only one potential offering from the thirty or so potential young hopefuls. The offering had recently turned twenty Ordinate years old, the age of admittance to the temple, he was pure and according to the Ordinate ways had not partaken of sexual acts, only his own secret masturbation away from the prying eyes of his elders and carers, he had been bought up in the ways of Ord and according to their custom. He was attending the temple for the first time in his life. All initiates were corralled with the other sacrificial hopefuls according to their village’s customs and Kroy had watched this lovely young fit Ordinate on many nights during his rounds, he knew this beautiful Ordinate had remained true to the customs, he had not ventured out during the sexual hours, neither had he allowed other horny men into his sleeping quarters. Kroy had visited him on different occasions observing and admiring the hardness and beauty of the young man’s exquisite penis and lean body. Kroy wanted him, his desire was burning inside him and Kroy knew, this neophyte’s initiation would be a memorable and dramatic entrance to the young man’s Ordinate adulthood.

The priest moved from his position behind the Altar of Xochi, his penis continuing to erupt with nectar, his member throbbing with pleasure, he held the sacred rope of Xochi, holding it above his head and turning to the altar where he knew his invisible deity was lounging. Kroy spoke through the priest while the rope was presented to him and then to the throng of devotees, all the time a long line of pre-cum oozed from the priest’s throbbing penis.

“Bind the innocent neophyte, I demand his bound body be presented to me so I may delight in his offering!”

Tinan was overcome with fear, there were hundreds and hundreds of horny crazed men, he hoped that his first attendance at temple would be a quiet one, and one he could just observe and maybe fuel his private masturbation sessions with visions of sexual mastery. He tried to slink out of the enclosure he was in, but he had hands all over him, gripping him and preventing him from his escape, his first visit to Xochi was not playing out as he had planned; the deity wanted him and he was overcome with fear and tried to free himself from the grip of hands urging him, more powerful than his attempts to retract into the crowd and be lost within the throng. His feet left the floor, and he felt his weight push into his armpits, he was being lifted, they were urging his struggling, squirming body forward through the multitude of semi-naked bodies all wanting to touch him, to feel this virgin, this sacrificial offering to their God.

“No, no, let me go, no, stop, no!” Tinan’s prostrations were ignored, and he was struggling in the grip of these lecherous men suddenly looking at the crazed eyes of the imposing naked priest who had reached the edge of pen filled with the potential offerings. He glanced down to the priest’s erupting penis, the throbbing red head oozing clear juices that coated the impressive nectar which glistened in the lights of the temple.

They quickly turned Tinan’s body and bound his wrists behind his back while the priest examined Tinan’s young body, the Priest’s penis was throbbing violently, the pleasure moving inside his rod indicated Kroy’s demands, he knew that his Deity was pleased.

Kroy was indeed so excited to enjoy this beautiful young virgin, he would enjoy his body through the priest, and he would revel as he fed on the virginal flow of pleasure, knowing this virile young man would supply him with volumes of youthful pleasure to savour. Kroy knew that this would also make Tinan one of the most desirable young Ordinate men in the land, he would become a sought-after partner and honoured guest at the many orgies held by his fellow Ordinates to attract Kroy’s approval.

They called his name in unison “Tinan, Tinan, Tinan!”

But Tinan continued to struggle his arms bound and a rope around his neck, he was paraded around the huge central Dias to the horny lascivious assembly wearing his native light brown loincloth which he had grown up wearing. He had dreamed of one day pairing with another man his age, he never dreamed that at his inaugural coming-of-age admittance to the temple of Xochi that he would become centre stage. The priest paraded him around the Altar of Xochi and the shimmering silver frame of the sacrifice, drawing Tinan to the presentation pole, a tall golden pole where his legs were spread and bound, his arms untied and lifted above his head into shackles which lifted and stretched his body. Tinan was stretched helplessly struggling before the crowd that clamoured to view the beautiful virgin. His struggles, erotic and sensual drew the crowd to enjoy the spectacle of the virgin, he was beautiful of stature, he had kept his hair short, unlike many of the youths of his day. His short brown hair curled over his brow, his muscular upper body, twisting as the priest applied the sacred oil of Xochi, he had taken from the Altar close to where Kroy was lounging unseen, watching his beloved congregations’ reactions.

Tinan watched as the priest massaged his beautiful body, writhing, and his struggles only pushing the throng of horny men into greater excitement. He was soon glistening in the lights, his sacred body prepared for Kroy.

Kroy decided to take the priest into his control, he would possess his priest so he could enjoy the offering and taste his beauty, he was becoming increasingly horny, and his delicious offering was making him ravenous. Kroy walked over to the priest, who was facing Tinan, he was almost finished anointing the sacrificial vessel with the Oil of Xochi. The priest triumphant, began to address the crowd.

“Behold the sacrificial vessel, behold the virgin flesh for your enjooooooooooooooomeeeennnnTTT”

The priest vibrated, finishing his announcement of the offering as Kroy stepped into the priest’s body, he needed to possess his servant. To Kroy nothing had changed in his perception of the proceedings except he could feel the air, breathing the scent of his subjects. But the priest knew immediately; his god had possessed his body, he could feel his voice vibrating, he could feel the deity infesting his every cell, his penis erupting in clear spasms of pre-cum which he collected in his vial holding the sacred oil of Xochi.

“Behold!” The priest’s voice was deep and powerful, the sexual gods of Ord were pleased with the offering, Kroy was ravenous inside his naked priest.

He faced the Tinan’s beautiful young struggling body, his eyes fixated on the loincloth, he was ravenous to enjoy the garment and its contents, to enjoy Tinan and his virginal pleasure. Kroy sent a pulse of pleasure through the priest’s body in that moment of sexual decadence and expectation.

“Behold!” The priest’s voice deep and possessed, he spoke loudly and as the bolt of pleasure raptured his body, he shot a wad of pre-cum jiz from his penis into the vial of oil, squeezing his cock as he filled the large vial, his body in raptures of enjoyment.

Kroy was enjoying his moment of triumph, the tantalizing young Tinan watching as the priest spurted into the cup.

“The Holy Nectar of The Gods” The priest boomed his voice throughout the crowd holding the vial dripping in nectar for the crowd to savour.

“Tinan, Tinan, Tinan…” The crowd chanted in unison.

Kroy compelled the priest to approach his sacrifice, he savoured the beauty of this delicious young man he moved close to Tinan causing the priest to smile into the handsome face and green eyes of Tinan.

“Your body pleases me young man!” Kroy compelled the priest to lick Tinan’s cheek as he spoke the words.

“Pleasure is so sacred; your pleasure will become sacred my beautiful vessel…” Kroy was filling with desire, and he compelled the priest to wipe the excess oozing precum from his throbbing penis and then wiped it under Tinan’s nose and across Tinan’s lips.

“Taste the nectar my beautiful offering, smell its allure! Your juices will become holy this night, your bound helpless body will be given to Me” Kroy allowed the word ‘me’ to linger before allowing the priest to continue. “I will drink of your pleasure, you please me Tinan!” Once again Kroy let the word ‘Tinan’ linger, his tone full of lusty enthusiasm.

Tinan tasted the warmth of the holy nectar, it was sweet and oily, the potion promising the beautiful Tinan that his pleasure would be long. He pulled on his bonds, his legs striving to release from the restraints pulling his athletic legs apart. His grimace communicating his natural instincts to escape, but Tinan knew he was chosen. He would be held in the temple as a lingering offering on-call in the temple to the lascivious needs of the clan, he would be bound ready to cum for the next week until the double red moons arose in unison again over Ord. His sacred juices and his ongoing offering to the gods of Ord and Xochi.

The priest, looked around, he turned to the crowd and his temple attendants.

“Take him to the Altar of Xochi, tie him to sacrificial frame facing the Altar of Xochi.” His hands feeling Tinan’s biceps, straining and pulling on his bonds, Tinan felt erotic to Kroy’s touch, to the hands of the possessed priest of Xochi.

“Mmmmm, he will feed me his pleasure!” The priest hissed in a violent fit of sexual craving.

Kroy was laying on his Immersatron, he was deep into the vision of his divine heritage, his beautiful body covered in sweat, and his native green loincloth wet as he thrust his hips slowly and erotically; his tongue hanging from the left-hand side of his mouth. Kroy’s words were insistent but garbled, he was engrossed in the Immersatronic vision, but his eyes did not follow the blast of colour bombarding his face from the hovering translucent screen. Kroy’s eyes were open, but Kroy was not involved in his physical surroundings, and as he thrust his hips the loincloth squelched as the outer thin cloth slipped across the surface of his bulging and drenched green under thong. Kroy’s bondage restraints were wet and the floor surrounding his Immersatron wet as his juices drooled from his thong to the floor.

Kroy was unaware that the five Hival Elders has appeared into his student quarters and were hovering around his beautiful sexual body writhing on his Immersatron. All five elders were present; however, it was Three that took control, Three worked carefully to restore Kroy back from his vision, from his Temple of Xochi. It wasn’t the preferred course of action at this point, but it was necessary.

Three spoke directly to One and Four, “Kroy has had sufficient access to the vision, there is much more for him to explore, but the circumstances are pressing, to say the least!”

Five was busy preparing the Eroapplicator and One was busy preparing his words of inauguration. This was not the way they had planned to reveal a new space hero, a champion of good! This was no way to reveal the consort of Ranger Force, but it was necessary. Kroy would access his divinity as The Hive released his powers, he would need these powers if he had a chance to rescue Dixon, Blaze and Aereon from the secret clutches of the nefarious veiled vessel known as the Bordello. Kroy’s mission was to be secret, and they needed to ambush the Bordello with the same shrine of clandestineness that it had been operating with up till now. The capture of Ranger Force was its first mistake, and now Intrepid3, Dr Dale, was on the case and The Hive remained resolute to capture this vessel and its crew.

Three chose the face of Dr Dale as the medium he would use to gently prize Kroy from his erotic histographic Immersatron vision. Three worked carefully on the Immersatron’s translucent screen ensuring the machine extracted Kroy from the vision without damaging Kroy’s cortical and subcortical brain structures, one wrong move could harm Kroy for life, but Three worked expertly, knowing the lives of the Rangers were in the balance. He had disengaged the subcortical visual stimuli; he slowly disengaged the pleasure diffusers allowing Kroy’s bulge to disengage safely from its entanglement with Kroy’s deep pleasure centres of his brain. Kroy began to loll his head from side to side, as if falling out of a deep sleep, his consciousness slowly taking more and more control. His head jerking upward then slowly falling only to jerk again, the process allowing Kroy to re-enter the conscious world slowly. Kroy’s words started to become more coherent, his face starting to show emotions.

It was Dr Dale’s face that he saw first. It was a 3D projection from the Immersatron’s screen.

“Welcome back Kroy, don’t be alarmed!”

Kroy’s moans were his first response.

“Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so delicious!” He said, his face still showing the effects of the Immersatron’s pleasure program. He looked away from the green holographic image of Dale floating over his sweaty body. He pulled on the bonds and watched, moaning as his bulge and drenched loincloth oozed layers of delicious pleasure. Kroy turned his head in response to the delicious wave of delight caressing his loincloth, and his penis. He was no longer erect, but he realised his bulge was saturated. Kroy pulled on his bonds, holding him to the Immersatron. He looked at Dale, realising also that he was surrounded by none other than the five Hive Elders.


“What is happening?”

Kroy was fully conscious, his body still thrusting erotically, slowly and his eyes wide open.

“Welcome back Kroy!” Dale’s holographic image stated once more.

Kroy wasn’t sure where or who to look at. Five elders and a holographic image were surrounding his pumping, beautiful body. He looked at each and tried to struggle in his bonds.

“We trust you understand your heritage Kroy of Ranger Force, we are sorry that your vision was cut short, however the Hive will share the entirety of your vision with you later!” It was One who spoke first, One’s dark eyes were sparkling as he spoke and looked at Kroy. One then allowed the Holographic image of Dale to continue.

“You have pleased the Hive Kroy, you have proven your devotion, your tenaciousness, your ability to learn and integrate knowledge, you have matched even Dixon’s ability and achievements. Congratulations!” Dale’s image said with a smile.

“Your love for Ranger Force and your dedication to your task and your agreement with the Hive following your rescue has been nothing short of impressive!” Dale continued.

Kroy gazed into the image, he was licking his lips, his penis pounding with pleasure, his wet loincloth sliding across his bulge as he pointed his hips in response to the beautiful sensation his Immersatron persisted with, supplying his bulge with waves of sumptuous pleasure. His mind was racing though! He had questions.

“Mmmm” he moaned softly, turning his head in response to his bulge’s demands.

“What, why are you here?” He moaned his words softly, clenching his fists.

“Bondage?” He stated his question in the same erotic tone looking at the eldership surrounding him.

“Firstly Kroy, although you see the holographic expression in front of you, it is me, it is Dale. I am onboard Intrepid3 though, I have been in contact with The Hive. The elders are here with us. Don’t be afraid!”

Kroy looked around, his beautiful body looked erotic as he turned slowly on his Immersatron in response to the flow of pleasure. He was tingling all over, drooling as he looked around.

Dale Continued.

“Your bondage is symbolic Kroy, it represents not only your heritage, your sexual majesty, it symbolises what you have become. You are one with The Hive and you have devoted your very existence to serving Ranger Force and therefore, The Hive. As you know, you are anointed to serve the sexual and pleasure conduit needs of Dixon, Aereon and Blaze. But the Rangers, who you provide with Hival energy that powers them and enriches them, are not your masters! You have chosen to accept your role and to serve them. You have excelled Kroy!” Dale’s holographic expression communicated Dale’s emotions as their eyes met.

Dale continued “The five elders have given you an understanding, and a glimpse of the ancient sexual gods of Ord, your vision, though truncated at this point in space time, has revealed to you your royal connection as a descendent of the God’s of Ord and their lineage. We can’t go into the history at this time but know that you are a confirmed extraction of the gods. You have divine sexual heritage and properties, amazing access to the universe, to the celestial continuum and are anointed by The Hive. Your bondage represents your deep binding to Ranger Force!”

Kroy looked at the Hologram of Dale, Kroy was crying, tears of joy, he felt overwhelmed with a sense of purpose and devotion. He moaned deeply enjoying the sensations caressing his beautiful body, the pleasure infesting his bulge throbbing and delighting him.

The elder, One, spoke again.

“Your bonds are released Kroy of Ranger Force!”

The bonds holding Kroy tightly to the Immersatron disappeared instantly.

“But your celestial bonds will never break!” One stated.

The elders were hovering and forming a line to what Kroy recognised as one of the Ranger’s eroapplicators.

“Rise Kroy!” One commanded

Kroy’s trembling, tingling body lifted from the saddle of the Immersatron and Dale’s holographic image repositioned instantly, appearing behind the eroapplicator at the end of the line of the five elders. Kroy was floating, his loins oozing his pre-cum and his tantalised body paraded, hovering past each of the elders, who nodded as he passed each one by on his way to the eroapplicator.

Kroy was amazed at what was occurring, he was in a state of sexual bliss, floating past The Five! His mind couldn’t take in the gravity of this most remarkable moment in his life, the start of the next amazing chapter in his young life. Overwhelmed, his body arrived on the eroapplicator, his feet apart. Kroy watched as The Five began to circle him, they circled the eroapplicator and Kroy along with the device commenced to rise slightly and turn in a clockwise position.

One spoke next.

“The Hive welcomes you to Ranger Force!” One announced.

Kroy was confused, he had served Ranger Force for over two years, they werehis boys,his Rangers, his lovers, he had come to love and serve them individually and as the team. Why was One welcoming him again? He was filled with emotion, his loincloth was screaming with pleasure, he couldn’t resist the urge to thrust his pelvis in a display of sexual beauty, he was overcome with a torrent of emotion.

The elder’s eyes began to glow, and they lifted their arms in unison. Kroy felt the new compulsion pulling him upward, light began to envelop him, it was blinding and permeated his whole being, he was suddenly transported to a dimension of power and as fast as it had exploded, it disappeared, the light was gone.

He felt power coursing through his muscles, he was floating, but it wasn’t from the compulsion of the elders who were still surrounding the eroapplicator and looking up at him.

Kroy was floating of his own volition.

“Come down and visit us mighty Vega!” One requested triumphantly.

Vega returned to the floor of his student quarters to greet the eldership. The holographic image of Dr Dale’s head was almost exploding with pride and although Dale was actually onboard Intrepid3 on an intercept trajectory with the huge Hival energy surge flow to the Bordello, Dale could not contain his pride and happiness. All the sessions he and Kroy had shared, the Immersatron sessions too had paid off. Kroy had surpassed all expectations and was now rewarded.

Kroy had become Vega, the newest space hero and the fourth hero to be inaugurated by the Hive in just over two years.

Vega looked himself over, his look of astonishment and shock was bolstered when he realised, he was wearing his very own erosuit. He sported a sexy V logo on his left hip, he had a green mask attached to his face which matched the sexy green erosuit, his bulge felt amazing, and it still tingled from his deep Immersatron session and vision only 15 minutes earlier.

Then Vega noticed his sexy green harness that fitted to his chest and back, intimately to his body, like his erosuit had become a part of his body, he felt power buzzing inside his chest and noticed that the sexy harness had a central glowing crystal set into a round dark casing. It pulsed and glowed and Vega stood there feeling his beautiful body with his hands. He looked and felt sexy, and he could fly! just like his Dixi, Aer and Blazey boys could.

“Welcome Vega!” The elder named Two exclaimed.

“The Hive does not normally create heroes; however, Ranger Force was the exception and now you! You are Vega of Ranger Force; you have your own identity! But remain the main Hival conduit of power to Ranger Force!” Vega acknowledged Two with a slight nod of his head before continuing to listen to the words of the elder.

“You are the perfect complement to Ranger Blaze, Ranger Aereon and Ranger Dixon, your powers have been bestowed by The Hive, and you are actually accessing the latent power that has always been part of your lineage, this is why we have allowed you to peer into your ancestry via your Immersatron, Vega,” Two paused for effect, “…your bloodline and heritage, your unseen history drives and powers your future. Your powers will develop over time as you grow into your role as Vega. You are the next hero of The Hive!” Two announced.

Vega was welling up with emotion, but he had many questions as he stood before the elders and the holographic image of Dr Dale’s head.

“We sense your questions Vega; we understand your inquisitiveness!” Two looked toward Vega, Two’s yellow eyes glowing as he stared into Vega’s sexy mask.

“First, we expected to have Ranger Force present when we revealed your Vega identity, this was planned for your approaching graduation, however circumstances have dictated otherwise!”

Vega looked confused and interested all at once, then feelings of dread and concern flooded his mind. He started to speak but was cut off by Two’s authoritative tone and piercing stare.

“The Rangers have disappeared; we have intelligence that they have somehow been hunted and captured by another vessel. We have little intelligence on the vessel, however given the surge of intense Hival energy to this vessel we believe that the Rangers are being subjected to sub-space orgasmic frequencies. They have entered what is known as Universal. An orgasm of outrageous proportions, so massive that it is partitioned into sub-orgasmic worlds known as elements. They have been admitted to a powerful segment that could overload their capacity to store Hival energy. We are experiencing a mammoth Hival siphon now and it is being directed three ways. We believe this power is being used to fuel the Universal orgasmic admittance portal. In short, the Rangers are being tortured by the very pleasure which powers them. To what end we remain unsure!” Two looked concerned as he looked around the circle of elders, to One, then Three, Four and Five and then back to Vega.

“I must save them!” It was instant and instinctive; Vega could not believe what he was hearing, how could this have happened? He knew they were still super powerful heroes with access to the Hive, even though he had been away at the Academy. How did they succumb?

“I have to get them back!” Vega wasn’t letting any evil force take his Rangers from him.

“Yes Vega, we need you work with Dale, he has been accessing the orgasmic gateways to each Ranger, deep inside their orgasmic experience, Dale has made contact, and is on an intercept course with the nefarious vessel. He is close to locking onto the vessel, but he needs Dixon, Aereon and Blaze to hold on while Universal milks them. They must endure the experience before their Hival energy expands to excessive volumes it could possibly become toxic, it could kill them. We must find and extract them. We need you Vega!” Two announced.

Vega looked toward the holographic image of Dr Dale and Dale’s voice spoke as if he was in the room with Vega and the eldership.

“Vega, we have prepared your Vega Pod, go with Three, integrate your erosuit bulge with the pod’s control systems and set the pod to home in on Intrepid3. It will fly directly to me, Intrepid3 will lock onto the pod, even across the vast distance between us and it will pull your pod to your dock at superluminal speeds. It will take several hours for your pod to reach Intrepid3. I have therefore placed a program of information to upload to your new super brain, it will contain everything I have learned and catalogued on his secret vessel!” Dale’s hologram looked at Vega with an intensity rich in expression.

“Go now, mighty Vega, I will welcome you aboard Intrepid3 soon! We have much to learn and plan!”

Three hovered over to Vega, they looked at the other elders and then disappeared instantly, re-appearing in the academy’s large dock area, Three then un-cloacked the Vega Pod.

“We were keeping this under wraps until your inauguration at your graduation Vega.” Three announced.

Vega knew he had little time to admire his new Vega Pod, but he noticed its sleek, shiny dark body, its surface designed to reflect the stars from its surface rendering the sleek craft camouflaged as it transported Vega on his missions. Vega looked up to the pod, it was hovering in place and he watched how the sleek dark canopy began to open.

“Your Pod awaits your first integration Vega!” Three announced, while he and Vega began to rise upward and toward Vega’s integration seat.

“Once sealed inside the cockpit Vega, ensure you have activated your erosuit’s envirosuit capabilities, you have the same systems to protect you as the Rangers have. Let’s get you installed.”

Vega activated his envirosuit by touching the V on the side of his erosuit. He immediately felt the warmth of the nano-technology envelope his body and he lowered himself into cockpit integration seat of his new (still secret) Vega Pod. He felt the integration immediately, his lime green bulge instantly vibrating, and he felt his bulge fill with discrete delicious pleasure.

“Mmm!” Vega moaned delightfully pointing his head upward out of the pod toward Three who was hovering close by.

“Welcome to The Hive Vega!” Three smiled.

“Your pleasure will power you as your new super body draws Hival energy. Only you and the Rangers have access to this power. Your pod and Intrepid3 will integrate with your erosuit bulge to access all the control systems!” As Three provided his quick handover, two luminescent green mind integration orbs connected with Vega’s temples on the side of his head.

“These orbs will allow you to integrate and communicate with Intrepid3, your Pod and Dale.”

“Hive Speed Vega!” Three announced and as he did, he retracted from the Pod.

“We will inaugurate the mighty Vega at the graduation, your mission is to find and extract the Rangers, take the secret ship into custody along with its crew and captain!”

“Understood!” Vega responded and as he completed his response, the sleek dark hood locked into place separating Vega from Three and the Academy Dock.

“Take us out Vega Pod!” Vega spoke out loud, but the pod responded directly into his new enhanced brain via the integration systems.

With pleasure Vega, I trust your integration with me is pleasurable to you!

Vega smiled, “Oh yes, Mmm, my bulge enjoys your touch, I could get used to flying in you Pod!” he responded.

Home intercept course laid into navigation systems, we will join Intrepid3’s homing tractor accelerator in 20,000 kilometers expected travel and integration time is 8 hours to reach Intrepid3!

Vega could see the Hive Academy station disappearing, the pictures were clear and were displayed inside his brain, Vega was on his way, a secret space hero, in a secret and covert space pod on his way to rescuing his beloved Rangers and on his way to re-unite with his beloved mentor, Dr Dale.

Ten minutes later the Pod announced the entrance to Intrepid3’s homing tractor accelerator, a chute of energy travelling at the same speed of Intrepid3. Vega felt the re-assuring pulse of energy enveloping his personal pod and the whirring of his very own micro-H drive boomed before settling down inside the mystical travel chute. The energy chute had sucked his pod into the temporal field and the hum surrounding his pod inside the chute continued throughout the journey, he and his pod were traveling at superluminal speed within a pipe of energy which itself was travelling at the same speed as Intrepid3. The energy beam was therefore doubling the speed capabilities of his pod. It took several minutes for Vega to become accustomed with the suspension inside the beam and the dynamics of travel at such velocity, but once his senses caught up, Vega settled in for the remainder of his journey.

His body felt powerful, he felt different to when he first saddled into his Immersatron hours earlier, he was taking his time allowing his body to adapt to the power stemming from deep inside him. Vega was super horny, and as he looked down to his lime green erosuit bulge he allowed his hands to feel the beauty of the suit, it felt luxurious the way it clung to his tight buttocks, his bulge was firm, and its curves turned him on as he pleasured himself.

Oh man, is this happening? he thought to himself.

I’m wearing an erosuit, I am a Space Hero!

Yes, you are, on both accounts Vega! The voice was Dr Dale, and it was booming inside Vega’s head.

Yes, it is happening too! Dale spoke directly into Vega’s brain through the interface.

“I have transferred my entire dataset on this case Vega, your interface will update your super brain in the background while we speak” Dale said.

“Welcome to Intrepid3 as a hero in your own right Vega! I am so pleased!” Dale continued.

“Thank you, Dale! I owe everything to you and the Rangers. I must save them, shut down whatever, whoever has captured them!” Vega had stopped exploring his new erosuit and harness, he needed to work out the next move, he needed to focus.

“How does the erosuit feel Vega?” Dale asked.

“I have never felt hornier in my life, even when I was in the service of the Sultan.” Vega responded.

“Leave that in the past Vega, you are poised to become as popular and revered as the Rangers, the Galaxy will honour you! Your sexuality will always power you Vega, we have linked this to your powerset, you will get used to your new powers and the delicious energy which courses into your erosuit bulge.” Dale instructed the rookie space hero.

“I have been able to lock onto the surge in Hival power, I have the vessel’s propulsion signatures locked but the Universal orgasm has concluded, or it has been interrupted. I was also able to determine that the captors were using the intense flow of Hival energy, using the many nefarious uses of Universal to initiate a probe out from the respective Ranger Universal applications back through the Hival energy to determine the properties that power the Rangers and now you! Vega, it is of utmost importance that we get them out of their predicament, but I only have snippets of data and even less vision. Transferring now!”

Vega viewed the file and the vision. “That is Dixi’s bulge, I know his beautiful body like the back of my hand!” Vega responded to the information he had viewed.

“That was exactly 10 minutes and 23 seconds into Dixon’s powerful ejaculation, his semen remained thick and creamy throughout his ejaculation. I was able to tap into the Universal Co-Ordinates to hack that vision.” Dale announced, it was somehow recorded from his mask, Dixon’s captor has diabolical equipment and capabilities. They must have systems on board to control their Hival powers, the amount of Hival power they absorbed in that Universal session was excessive!” Dale reported to Vega.

Vega looked at the vision repeatedly, he lusted after the delicious vision of Dixon’s straining penis inside the drenched light blue erosuit, he could tell that Dixi’s erosuit had been fashioned into a thong, he knew that Blaze and Aereon would have also endured the extensive orgasm as well, their bodies milked mercilessly, and he knew that this was only the start of their ordeal.

“I must save them Dale!” Vega was agitated, horny and angry all at once. “Can’t you get me back to the ship faster?” Vega peered into his screen and directly into the image of Dale’s caring face.

“We’ll get you here soon Vega, and the Rangers back on board soon too!” Dale gave his most convincing reassuring voice to Vega. “Concentrate on absorbing all the knowledge we have to date!” Dale suggested to Vega, hoping to alleviate Vega’s concern during his trip to Intrepid3.

Vega’s enhanced mind could not rest, he felt compelled to find out more, whichever way possible, he had to find his Rangers. His super-fast mind searched all the data available to him and one of his random searches provided him new leads, Vega had searched ‘reported missing heroes’ as a random search term amongst hundreds of other search requests his new super brain kept pumping out.

Interstellar from the Raydon sector came up first and then more names appeared on his integration screen; NovaBoi, Vector, Luna Lad, Force K, Quasar and Nucleus One, there were many. Vega reported his findings to Dale and the pair worked tirelessly trying to find leads and connections.

Back on the Bordello, millions of kilometers from Intrepid3 on an escape route to conceal its latest acquisition of Ranger Force.

The message displayed in each stateroom onboard Bordello confirming the rumours that the delectable Ranger Force had indeed been captured!

Bordello proudly presents

Ranger Force

Space Ranger Dixon + Space Ranger Blaze + Space Ranger Aereon

For your viewing and sexual pleasure

Ranger Force will be presented at the Captain’s Dinner

The sounds and vision of the pleasure preparations of each Ranger’s screaming and moaning as they were subjugated inside the clutches of Toy were displayed and advertised while the announcement ran on the viewing walls in each stateroom and in public spaces around the Bordello.

The dinner was a sell-out event onboard Bordello the ship was abuzz with expectation.

Earlier onboard Bordello, inside Captain Parallax’s private pleasure rooms.

Universal Dimensional Element Epsilon Zeta Nine, Zero, Zero, Eight had opened violently for Aereon. Aereon was screaming and gazing at his majestic lime green erothong bulge, his penis was immensely hard, dangerously so and it was becoming a lifeform in that spectacular serendipitous explosion of sensation and colour, enjoyment so rich, so powerful, this lifeform was welling up inside him. His semen filtered through his erothong pounding his face as it jettisoned from his bulge and his moans and cries were in slow motion. They were the expressions of the orgasm, it’s very lifeforce making the most of its ability to express itself through Aereon’s orgasmic pleasure explosion. The orgasm filled his loins, it was alive deep inside his rectum, Aereon was being consumed, and his bondage restraints glowing as the reinforcing restraints bolstered his bondage, Aereon was arching, and twisting his sumptuous body, but Toy remained resolute, holding its victim securely.

Tarn watched Aereon’s thick meaty cum wads catapulting like cannons, Tarn was drooling just watching and contemplating his personal time with this erotic young god, he came several times as he watched how Toy and the Universal went about demolishing Aereon, milking the virile young hero with every scream every mighty thrust of his sexual loins.

Tarn always enjoyed the Hero Suite onboard Bordello, it was his sanctuary away from the everyday operations of his busy life, a place where could focus on his sexual desires. He had decided, while watching the majesty of Aereon’s capitulation in the cauldron of his first foray into the orgasmic world of Universal, thrashing inside the beauty of Toy’s bondage systems, that he would focus his next visit to Bordello on the beauty of Aereon and his dynamic bulging thongs. Tarn would explore this space hero intimately, his lips drooling as he contemplated milking this beautiful man slowly and deliberately. Tarn would use all the facilities of the Hero Suite to enjoy the beautiful Aereon to his full extent.

Blaze screamed, he was spurting fluid faster and faster, the orgasm was relentless, and his penis burst juices so fervently, every pulse of semen exploding through his penis head was transmuting the pleasure, altering the dynamics of the sensation, thrilling his body, his mind his very being, and altering his perceptions and feeding the erotic feeling of helplessness, his bondage was becoming his home, he felt the erotic pull in each twist of his body; it was fuelling the orgasm, and the Universal had established itself in his world. He too like Aereon, heard everything in slow motion, but his vision was focussed only on red, on bulge, his outrageously beautiful straining penis, the way the red erosuit pouch drenched in pre-cum mixed with his lashings of semen throbbed; his penis head so distinct, felt unbelievably perfect inside the tight red nylon. His cock enjoyed his thrusting and the rubbing of the delicious red fabric allowed him to build the Universal pleasure elements, his orgasm was communicating to him in that powerful submission to the pleasure, it was alive, his bulge was alive his penis was alive, all working in the confluence of immense enjoyment.

“I am Universal!” the words hissed inside Dixon’s head, yet his penis buzzed in syncopation with the words, it made the orgasmic sensation speak to him in more ways than just words.

“Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Dixon heard his moan, but it was as if it was a part of the orgasm, he was being consumed and drawn into a vortex toward a place, somewhere in the world of orgasmos, in a universe of pleasure so exquisite sublime in its very essence. His world consumed by his bulge, by his penis and the way the flow of semen through his penis caused his perception of his surroundings and of his pleasure to distort and refract throughout his body. He opened his eyes, and he felt the heat of his beautiful cum splash across his mouth, licking his lips, flicking his drenched hair, flinging Dixi juice across the realms of Toy, he had no idea or experience of either Blaze or Aereon, he was inside the orgasm, inside the walls of Universal, consumed and saturated in pleasure that beguiled his every sense and thought. Dixon could see his bulge, he worshipped its beauty, its majesty, his mind was expanding into an erotic vista and the centre of it was the powder blue pouch, filled with penis, filled with testicles, it was the most important element of the galaxy in that moment of subjugation into Universal.

“Worship me Dixon!” The words sent powerful orgasmic pulses, energising the orgasmic pleasure to explode, his mouth filling with a huge wad of Dixon’s cum that shot from his staining bulge. He felt the tight fabric between his buttocks and the buzz of exquisite power filling his boy pussy. The orgasm was alive and speaking to him and inside his allotment to Universal, his perceptions of his surrounds had been altered, he had no idea that Blaze or Aereon were just feet from him, or that they were experiencing the same sensations and words, the expressions of the majestic orgasm were synchronised three ways, identical, yet erotically personal.

Three Rangers looked up from their erotic drenched erosuits, they suddenly somehow realised they were all there as one, they suddenly understood that the shared orgasm was controlling them, their bodies spurting volcanic eruptions of Ranger semen. They were inside a tempest of Ranger juice, spurting cum was cyclonic inside the world that Toy had created, but they could not speak, their visions blurred, and huge wave of orgasmic power throttled their trembling, straining bodies.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhh” Aereon spat saliva and semen from his mouth as his body pulsed with orgasmic power. He could see Dixon’s face straining as the same pulse shot through his body. Blaze screamed in synch, he was staining in his bonds trying to reach Aereon and Dixon, his tongue flapping.

“Good at last, a moment where they are all gaping at each other!” Dale could see clearly through the covert link he had merged into the Universal Orgasmic stream. He needed the exact co-Ordinates and once established he could quickly get a fleeting message to the Rangers inside the syncretic nature of the orgasm. He was using the immense Hival energy syphon the Bordello had established to feed the mighty orgasm and he did his best to camouflage his connection from the pleasure engineers on board the Bordello.

Dale’s words were quick and succinct.

“Dale here, I have tracked the orgasmic co-ordinates, Universal has saved you. Keep focused, Inrepid3 is on intercept course. Stay strong Rangers!”

The orgasm ended suddenly and all Hival conduits were suspended, and Parallax wiped his face and his drenched suit down. All three Council members were silent, they too were enjoying the afterglow of their own multiple orgasms their eyes transfixed on the beauty of Blaze, Aereon and Dixon’s helpless bodies thrashing inside their bondage. Their wet thongs oozing juices, their faces displaying the afterglow of their orgasmic experience, yet their bodies were so full of Hival power, the orgasmic decadence had sucked volumes of Hival energy from the cosmos into their bodies.

Parallax dropped to his knees, he was filled with emotion and awe, he was drenched in the juices of Ranger Force. Parallax was laughing and wiping his hands through his drenched hair and down the sides of his play suit, he was saturated in his victim’s cum. He looked around at the three Rangers hanging in their bondage, although they were spent, their spectacular bodies twitching, still stretched in their inhuman bondage.

Their moans indicated the life and power they had received by the mammoth influx of Hival energy that Universal had sucked from the cosmos and directed into their bodies. Ranger Force were brimming with super strength and Parallax’s dampener system was holding them competently.

Blaze felt the power in his body, he was hot from the effects of universal, he gazed down over his body, he was covered in semen, he could smell sex, he could smell Aer and smell Dixi, their scent was intoxicating his senses, the smell and taste of their cum, their creamy nectar was his most favourite thing in all the galaxy, it was up there with Kroy’s enchanted penis inside him. But Kroy was not there, only Aereon and Dixon and as Blaze looked at his Ranger buddies, he felt the Filip inside his penis continue its nefarious work, Blaze had no choice but to moan and twist his hips while the Filip continued unfazed by the preceding massive orgasm.

“These Rangers have survived their first element of Universal, look at them, normally Universal would destroy a hero, sap them of their powers!” The look on Tempest’s face was electric, he was licking his lips peering across the reaches of the galaxy and through the curtain of light that Toy had maintained throughout the milking session, and as the faces of the Council rotated slowly his eyes were transfixed on three beautiful bodies, their struggles continuing the erotic show.

“Bahhh, you won’t get away with this!” Aereon had come around and recovered from the aftereffects of Universal, he was licking his lips and turning his erotic body from side to side enjoying the blast of Hival power infesting him. Aereon remembered the glimmer of hope that formed inside his head, he was sure that inside the torrent of orgasmic enjoyment that he heard the voice of Dr Dale. But he was not letting on. He felt his Filip fill his bulge with a coating of pleasure and twisted his head as he dealt with the fresh wave on enjoyment.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm!” Aereon was overcome with the next bout pleasure, he thrusted his hips upward, pointing his pelvis toward his face, his mouth instinctively open as he gazed at his pleasure infested green erothong bulge. He watched as it glistened in the green glow that Toy continued to bathe his body in, and then looked up to see Dixon licking his lips, Dixon was also pointing his own delicious powder blue bulge into the centre of Toy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Dixon’s moan made Tempest stand and begin to masturbate. Tarn and Drake sat transfixed at the beauty of the moment, considering their impending visits to the Bordello contemplating the taste of Ranger cum.

Dixon had heard the words of Dale too and his analytical mind had squirreled the message away, it was his secret and he hoped that Blaze and Aereon had also been contacted inside the torrent of orgasmic extravagance. But he was satisfied that Intrepid3 was no longer being fooled that he and his fellow Rangers were onboard. Dixon looked up, and the heavy backhand cracked across his face.

It was Parallax and Dixon felt the sting momentarily, he used his Hival energy to quicky deal with the blow. Bam the punch to his ribcage caused Dixon to spit, he was helpless against the blows that Parallax was delivering him. Three successive blows to his abdomen, winded him but his recovery was fast. He watched as Parallax delivered similar blows to Blaze and then to Aereon.

Dixon was full of anger, his face screwed up in the fit of rage and his body pulled violently on the bondage restraints and in that fit of powerful rage, Toy responded.

Dixon was contorting and screaming, he was spitting saliva and crying out in a long intense flow of energy. His bulge was being punished and as he gazed at his erosuit, he could see blue bulging suit begin to glow. His penis felt as if it was being pulled open like a piece of fruit, like a banana, his testicles felt the energy inside them, he was being cooked and the energy inside his rectum felt like hundreds of sharp cuts were slicing him apart internally, like surgery without an anaesthetic. Dixon screamed at the faces, he spat at Parallax in that torturous fit of punishment.

But Parallax smiled, turning from Blaze in a violent fit, an angry response to Dixon’s insolence and after landing a blow to Dixon’s left side ribs and then another to Dixon’s Solar Plexus before violently grabbing Dixon’s chin forcing Dixon to look at the bright curtain of light and into the eyes of the Vampire.

Parallax’s eyes were once again glowing red, Tempest had exploded in a fit of passion and desire, he had taken Parallax into his control for that fleeting moment of pent-up sexual rage and desire, he forced the beautiful hero to look him in the eye.

Dixon was seething, his vision was slightly blurred, and he was hissing through the tight grip of Parallax’s grip on his face. He was overcome with pain firstly from the punishment that Toy had delivered to him and then from the violent attack from Parallax, but the vampire ensured Dixon was forced to look toward him.

“Ranger Dixon, you are just too beautiful, so rich in youthful juices, I will enjoy you. Are you enjoying that blast of power we have siphoned from your beloved Hive? It seems to me that, our systems are more powerful than you and more powerful than your beloved Hive. Ha ha ha!” The handsome vampire’s evil laugh indicated he was well versed in dealing with insolent enemies.

Dixon’s face showed his impudence and defiance, he glared and struggled, forced to look at his tormentor.

“So beautiful, so defiant, don’t worry Dixon, in my care, you can struggle all you like, I won’t punish you for struggling. I just want to hear you scream; I just want to watch your cute, beautiful, sexual body writhe in pain so I can enjoy all that you have to offer. Your blood will be like an elixir for me, so full of your Hive, so full of power. And, well once we are done with pain, I’ll be sure to extract your juicy cum, more Ranger goodness for me. I’ll be there soon, onboard Bordello to take possession of you and your beautiful, sexual body so very soon!” Tempest’s words were infested with lust and when he finished his outburst his face disappeared from curtain of light surrounding Toy.

Parallax’s eyes returned to normal, and he let go of Dixon’s face but bent down to suck some of Dixon’s cum from his drenched blue pouch of nylon, listening as Dixon’s insolence reverted into a deep lusty moan of delight. Parallax stood up almost drunk on Dixi juice, he wiped his face and spoke to the remaining faces of Tarn and Drake.

“Well, if that is all gentlemen, your suites are prepared, now I’ll make sure your Rangers are prepared for your arrival too!”

The curtain of light sparkled out of existence along with the images of Tarn and Drake and as it did, the familiar faces of Tom and Beau appeared from behind Toy

“Nice timing boys!” Parallax said to them.

“Take them away, prepare them to meet their Council members! We have important visitors arriving very soon, who are very excited, very horny, and hungry for some delicious Ranger hors d’oeuvres before dinner. I’m sure they will be famished!”

The adventure continues soon.

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