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Space Rangers
Part 8 - Vega Part 3
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Vega - Part 3

Discord: Scorpio#5862

(Sigma Sector), 680.92.1264, year 4063


The Rangers, enroute to the Hive Academy to attend Kroy’s graduation, were on a little down time, it was time to play and put aside their heroic duties, let their hair down. But unbeknownst to Aereon and Dixon who had recently returned from a taxing mine rescue situation, Blaze had been captured, pleasured, and hypnotised onboard a massive and secret vessel named the Bordello, whilst they had slept, recovering from the rescue assignment.

The Bordello’s mission was to cruise the galaxy secretly, capturing worthy, erotic space heroes to serve the ship’s horny clientele. Blaze had become their latest acquisition, and he was hypnotised to serve Parallax’s evil intent; to capture his delicious partners, Dixon and Aereon. The Bordello’s latest acquisition was Ranger Force.

Blaze had conducted his mission with precision, Dixon and Aereon thought Blaze was playing, roleplaying heroes and villains, but his laced pre-cum bewitched Aereon and Dixon, who found themselves bound to an erotic Presenter device and wrapped in an erotic rope supplied to Blaze by Parallax. Dixon and Aereon found themselves helpless and horny, bound, and powerless on the Bordello. They were toyed with and taken to Parallax’s private pleasure sanctuary to be assessed by his diabolical machine named Toy.

The celestial spiral’s control over Blaze unravelled when he returned to Toy in Parallax’s pleasure sanctuary, he fell to the floor as his cognitive and conscious awareness flooded back into his mind, it was overwhelming and a diabolical crush on his mind and body. He would awake to realise the devious part he had to play in the capture of his beautiful partners. Ranger Force were helplessly captured and bound, sexual gods about to undergo Parallax’s erotic plans.

“Leave him on the floor, he’s not going anywhere soon, get Ranger Dixon and Ranger Aereon tied to Toy, once they are safely restrained, you can drag Blaze back to his favourite place, stretched helplessly in Toy’s clutches, I can’t wait to see his face when he realises that he lured and captured these two delicious heroes single handed.” Parallax ordered Beau and Tom.

Toy’s modifications allowed the diabolical pleasure machine to accommodate two extra heroes. Blaze’s restraining device faced two more of the same, and the circumference array of red lights had been extended to accommodate the three devices. The machine had been bolstered and the three restraint devices were connected, its hungry breathing floor had been expanded within the confines of the enlarged circumferential light system and it was already sucking air through the thousands or receptacles across its base.

“Get them inside the border, get them restrained!” Parallax demanded.

Dixon was confused, his mind awash in the sensation from the evil rope around his neck, the Thraxian rope emissions were clouding his mind with sexual thoughts, his body was weak, and he was super horny, his erosuit felt delicious and he put up little resistance especially with the Bordello’s Hival dampeners engaged. He felt his body tingle as Beau dragged him across the precipice of lights surrounding Toy. He couldn’t stop the urges to thrust his hips, he was in sexual daze, and it took several minutes after the Thraxian rope was removed for his mind to clear from the fog. He came to, suddenly conscious, suddenly realising his body was stretched in a powerful device, his legs were pulling outward and downward, his arms upward and outward, he was helplessly tied to the machine and his attempts to loosen his restraints were feeble. Dixon was facing Aereon, he had a perfect view of Aereon’s helplessly stretched sexy body, they were close enough to each other with perfect views and an empty device sat ominously waiting to receive Blaze back into its clutches. There was a cosy space in the centre of their X shaped devices which could accommodate one or two people between Toy’s, now triple restraint devices.

Blaze was in a spin; his mind was scattered, and he could barely work out where he was. There were hands lifting him from the floor, he felt his feet dragging on the floor. His body buzzed as they dragged his limp, lifeless body across the light barrier into the clutches of Toy. He remembered the same sensation when he was forced inside the barrier to Parallax’s Toy hours prior. It was dawning on him that he was back for Parallax to enjoy again, but his vision remained scrambled, sounds were distorting too, but he felt the cold restraints attach to his wrists, they were above his head, and they were spreading his legs wide again. Blaze moaned allowing for the stretch to take his body, forcing him helplessly spread and he remembered Parallax. Blaze’s head hung low, it was limp and almost lifeless, but inside his thoughts and perceptions were starting to reform and settle back into place.

Blaze mumbled the word, his head still hanging down on his chest, “Pa, Pa, P, Per!” He shook his head several times, he was opening his eyes and then blurted the name. “Parallax!”

“Welcome back Ranger Blaze!” Parallax said, “I’m so glad you remember my name!”

“Bah!” Blaze was in a fit, he thrashed in his bondage looking upward to his wrist restraints, it was dawning on him that he was back in Parallax’s machine. But then he realised that Aereon and Dixon were spreadeagled in similar diabolical devices they were in a circle, they were all close to each other inside Toy’s clutches.

“God! No! Noooooooooooooo!” Blaze screamed, twisting his body once he realised that he and the other Rangers were in Parallax’s custody. “How? You monster!” Blaze spat toward Parallax. His desperate cries made Parallax smile.

“I always get what I want Ranger Blaze, this is my ship, and I told you hours ago that I wanted these two delicious heroes!” Parallax said running his fingers across Aereon’s nipples. “They are as beautiful and sexual as you Blaze! I just had to have them!” his gaze turned back toward Blaze.

“Gah, you have me! Let them go!” Blaze tried to bargain, desperately straining his head toward Parallax.

Parallax burst out in a fit of laughter walking over to Dixon, toying with Dixon’s hair. “So beautiful, all three of you!” He paused for effect. “Why would I release them, when you worked so hard to lure and capture them for me?”

“What? No! I would never, NEVER, NEVER!” Blaze blurted in his vain thrashing, he pulled his restraints as hard as he could in a rage of disbelief. But he had forgotten the Toy’s ability to inflict fast and painful punishment, He screamed as the torture shot through his abs, Toy had responded to his crazed struggles, “Gahhhhhh, Aghhhhhh!” Blaze bent his body, contorting in the pain and shocking Dixon and Aereon with the ferocity of his punishment.

“You remember Blaze, Toy will permit your struggles, but will apply Parallaxian Punishment should you struggle too much!” Parallax was toying with Dixon’s abs while Blaze was punished, he looked into Dixon’s angry green eyes behind his blue mask and then across into Aereon’s straining face. “Let this be a little lesson gentleman, this ship will pleasure you in so many delicious ways, but we also deliver pain in equally competent manners!”

Dixon tried struggling out of his bonds, he was no longer inquisitive, he was feeling deep emotions of hate and despair mixed into a cocktail of defiance, his body was still weak, he had been planning on a long session of play and pleasure with Aereon and Blaze to refresh his powers, whilst they headed for the Academy, and all those ideas had been dashed; this evil man calling himself a captain but dressed in black tight body hugging wear with what looked like a white erosuit was toying with his body.

Blaze took several minutes to regain composure and for his breathing to return to a normal. He looked at Dixon and then to Aereon, “No, it can’t be, no, oh god, what have I done?” He said watching Parallax play with the extremities of Aereon’s lime green erothong bulge.

“Your Ranger friends are so beautiful Blaze, Aereon here wears this thong like a badge of honour, the Bordello is pleased to have you three as our newest recruits, captive sexual gods that thousands of passengers are dreaming of, and want to touch, they want to see the mighty Ranger Force, experience your bodies in the flesh!”

“What?” Aereon tried to dislodge his bulge from Parallax’s attentive touch. “Get your hands off me!”

Parallax grabbed Aereon’s chin tightly and forced him to look into his eyes. “I like spunk in a hero Ranger Aereon, I will enjoy breaking you in!”

“Never!” Aereon’s response was filled with barbs of defiance, and he twisted his body trying to dislodge the restraints holding him stretched in the diabolical machine.

“Toy begin your initial scans of our two new guests!” Parallax commanded.

“No, no, please no, Parallax! Oh, what have I done, I’m so sorry Dixi, I’m sorry Aer!” The look of anguish on Blaze’s face was in stark contrast to the looks of surprise and delight that suddenly appeared on Aereon and Dixon’s faces.

“Enjoy the initial pleasure scan Dixi, that look on your face is so cute, and Aer, I can see, your bulge is feeling deliciously warm too! Toy will scan your bulges and your sexy suits; we must obtain your base-line data and record your pleasure signatures. The machine is very thorough, so feel free to moan and sigh, Blaze and I won’t mind,” Parallax smiled watching Aereon and Dixon begin to experience the pinpoint accuracy of the laser like probes crisscrossing their bulges. “…will we Blaze?”

Blaze felt the Toy suddenly shoot energy into his rectum, it was tantalising his ring and humming inside his body.

“Mmmm, bah! Ohh!” Blaze could not believe how the energy was tantalising him, it made the Fillip buzz and release an array of Pleasure Particles in his bulge. “Ughhhh!” Blaze looked toward Parallax with defiance in his eyes, but his pelvis slowly moved in erotic gyrations responding to the delicious entree of pleasure filling his bulge, captivating his cock, and stimulating his prostate.

Parallax turned his attention to Dixon. “Let me explain Dixon, you have so many questions, and now that Blaze is feeling nice and sexual, and you and Aereon are getting your first taste of what I offer, you’ll have to concentrate, Toy is never light handed when it dishes pleasure to its victims.”

“Bah, gahg! Mmmm!” Dixon was bent forward, straining in his tight bondage looking at his bulge, he had waves of pleasure attacking it from all directions, explosions erupting in his testicles and a line of pleasure zapping his penis head with delicious intensity. He looked up, forced by Parallax gently pushing under his chin, forcing him to look forward. He watched Blaze twisting, his bulge glistening in pre-cum. “Aghhh, what are you doing to Blaze? Gah!” Dixon moaned to Parallax in hushed sensual tone, he couldn’t escape the beautiful sensation infesting his erosuit.

He took his time, allowing Toy to continue its scans of Dixon and Aereon. Parallax used his time to fill them in on Blaze’s capture, his assessment, the presentation to the Hedonic Council and their purpose onboard the diabolical space pleasure liner. Parallax explained the celestial spiral that Blaze had endured, and Parallax’s unbridled control of Blaze’s mind. How he used Blaze to lure them, he explained the Fillip, the Pleasure Particles and the control device installed in Blaze’s mask.

By the end of the briefing Blaze was writhing in sumptuous pleasure, the Fillip was actively pleasuring Blaze’s penis and Blaze had drool running down his chin, and his erosuit thong majestic and erotic as he thrust his hips and moaned seductively. Although the scans had concluded during their briefing, Dixon and Aereon too were writhing in delicious ways, as the residual pleasure energy caressed their bulges.

“So now you know! Don’t be too hard on Blaze, his mind was mine, his cock belongs to me, and it directed his mind through my controls to lure and bewitch you. His juices you enjoyed so much are laced with a beautiful isotope, it magnifies Blaze’s pleasure as it moves though his penis and its effect on you two was remarkable. Like a drug, Blaze’s pre-cum nectar enamoured your senses, you were so lost in your sexual thoughts and your bodies felt alive, I remember watching you writhe in self-absorbed enjoyment. Ha ha, ha, oh you had me at your first pelvic twist Dixon, and then Blaze fed you a second dose, I wanted you in a sexual state for our introductions. Blaze’s little Fillip device pleasuring him as he went about your capture. I am very pleased with the outcome! Yes, extremely pleased indeed!”

Aereon felt the pleasure fill his penis, Parallax was running his finger over the roundness of his green bulge.

“Mmm, mmm, no, please!” Aereon’s head was lolling from side to side, “So weak!”

Parallax smiled, “I think you and Dixon need some Hival power! You must be so depleted and famished from that mine rescue, such amazing heroes, yes you must drink up your Hival power!” The look in Parallax’s face communicated to Aereon and Dixon that he was very much aware of their power source, he knew that only pleasure could deliver the power they were craving. “Let’s give you boys a drink, but first, I have to be a man of my word! Parallax squeezed Aereon’s bulge making him twist and moan. Parallax then left Aereon and stepped toward Blaze, he ran his fingers around Blaze’s magnificent red bulging erosuit thong, he loved the micro-trembles of delight and the warmth of Blaze’s nectar drenching the erotic thong. He turned to Dixon and Aereon and with his fingers still toying with Blaze’s red pleasure mound, smearing the nectar over the bulge, and toying the pronounced outline of Blaze’s cock.

“Isn’t this just the most delicious sexual delicacy boys?” Parallax said turning to Dixon continuing to run his fingers across the entirety of Blaze’s bulge. I denied Blaze’s orgasm in front of the Council, he was so ready to pop, he was on the edge of a mighty heroic explosion, he had so much pleasure pressure in his penis, he was literally spurting pre-cum like a hero of his virility would shoot cum! But he was denied until you were lured and detained, and well.” Parallax paused for effect, “Here you two are, both safe-n-sound ready to be assessed and become my latest sexual offerings to my very hungry manifest of passengers. Toy and I will assess your bulges and your pleasure. Blaze has been assessed and let me say Toy has been yearning for Blaze to return, Toy really loved Blaze’s pleasure, and well, I’m sure Toy is going to love you two as well. Now as soon as I have you both assessed and prepared for the Council, I will summon them to review you!”

Dixon pulled desperately on his bonds, the effects of the Thraxian rope were wearing off, he was thinking straight and was taking in everything Parallax was saying, he suddenly thought of Kroy and the graduation, and try as he might, he was powerless, and helpless, he tried conjuring a power ball on each of his hands, clenching them as he fought his bondage, but it was useless. “You bastard!” Dixon finally blurted, “What gives you the right?” Dixon arched his body throwing barbs of defiance toward Parallax who was still enjoying the fullness of Blaze’s wet red bulge, smearing syrup into every crevice, every rounded protuberance of his erosuit and enjoying Blaze’s erotic pelvic thrusts.

Parallax then decided to lick a wad of pre-cum from Blaze and licked his lips, smiling toward Dixon and then to Aereon, both Rangers fighting their bonds vigorously. “Mmmm, Blaze does taste good! Don’t worry boys, I’ll have you in the same state soon, writhe and struggle all you like, remember the Parallaxian Punishment, so don’t push Toy too much! Ha, ha, ha.”

“Get your hands off him!” Aereon demanded through gritted teeth and straining forward as best he could inside his restrictive bonds.

Parallax looked at Aereon, his eyes surveying Aereon’s beautiful body, his lime green erothong packed with sexual gold, Aereon’s muscles twitching with every struggle.

“Oh, you are a beautiful one, Ranger Aereon! Patience my dear boy, you will get your beloved Hival hero power very soon, I’m going to enjoy your pleasure assessment, but you must be patient, Blaze has been promised an orgasmic reward for your capture, he will have it and soon enough; you and Dixon too will partake in the majestic Universal orgasm too.”

“Bah, Aghhh, Gah, but he wasn’t in control of his mind you monster, you had him mesmerised into another dimension, it was you! Get your dirty hands off him!” Aereon had worked up a rage of anger, he watched as Blaze writhed still thrusting his hips, Blaze’s pleasure showing on his face and bubbling out onto his erosuit thong.

“I will tame you first Aereon! But Blaze must reach his orgasm and it will be more than my hands that will control his pleasure!” Parallax smirked and lifted his hands high, his hands clasped together and as he opened them a purple haze buzzed and throbbed, the swarm of Pleasure Particles sparked Blaze into a fit of struggles.

“No! Blaze screamed, he was looking at the haze and his eyes were popping through his red mask. “Please Parallax, not again!”

“Pleasure Particles Gentlemen, one of Toy’s favourite play things, millions of microscopic particles that just adore human anatomy, they love bulges, the human penis and scrotum, they take up home and get excited releasing millions of doses of micro-pleasure, and when they find a home, they get so excited and vibrate, eventually exploding releasing an explosion of delicious sensation and in that explosion they spawn the next generation of particles, it’s like a mini circle of life deep inside the victim’s bulging garment, infesting his penis and balls. Blaze just loved it. While you were blissfully asleep, Blaze endured his first infestation and by the look on his face, he can’t wait for his next!”

Three Rangers, screamed out in defiance, writhing, and struggling, “You monster!” Dixon screamed “Please no!” Blaze pleaded and Aereon remained silent his face screwed up in a determined effort to break his bonds and somehow get the swarm away from Blaze.

Parallax took no notice. He walked to Dixon first offering his open palms buzzing with the swarm, Dixon could hear the buzz and hum, he looked at Parallax with defiance, but Parallax just flicked his finger and small amount of purple dropped to Dixon’s chest.

“Gah Ohh, mmmmm!” was all Dixon could muster, he was desperately looking at his chest, lifting his hips. He felt sexual urges, and delicious sensation erupted on his skin.

Aereon too was shown the swarm and provided a taste, his head rolling backward and his hips slowly turning when a small portion of the particles dropped onto his body.

“A little taste Dixon, enjoy your taster Aereon! Wait till they find your bulge, boys! Ha, ha, ha!” Parallax investigated the swarm as he spoke, they were his favourite too, and he spoke to them lovingly, turning toward Blaze.

“Ranger bulges my little ravenous kids, you’re in for a treat, I hope you’re hungry!”

Blaze was in a frenzy, looking at his erosuit pouch, he knew where the Particles were going, “Parallax, no, stop this madness!” He blurted.

“Shh Ranger, accept your pleasure!” Parallax said with an evil yet tender tone, he placed the swarm directly in front of Blaze’s erosuit pouch causing the Fillip inside Blaze’s penis to excite; pleasure filled his penis as a tantalising trailer to what the swarm of Pleasure Particles had in store for him.

“Mmmm!” Blaze was drooling.

“His Fillip is very excited; can you tell from Blaze’s face boys?” Parallax enquired turning toward Aereon, his face awash with joy. “I’ll introduce you to the delights of your very own, very personal Fillip too boys!” Parallax said glancing back toward Aereon and then to Dixon.

“I will assess your bulge now Aereon, you can watch the show while I pleasure you, Blaze will writhe and cry out, the particles, millions of them are toying with the outside of his bulge first, but once they have marked their territory, they will absorb into the nylon and explore his genitalia, Fillip will welcome them, Fillip loves his Pleasure Particles and well they will party hard depositing pleasure before the particles explode and spawn their hungry children. Toy will control Blaze’s pleasure levels and we will enjoy his erection soon enough! Remember, Blaze’s pre-cum is laced with my special isotope, his secretions of juice are adding to his enjoyment.” Parallax said as he toyed with Aereon’s abs. “You remember how good it tasted, how it made you feel so sexual, don’t you Ranger Aereon?”

“Once assessed, I will give you your very own little personal penile dwelling Fillip, your delicious penis will house it and it will deliver you small doses of Pleasure Particles as will Dixon. You must be ever ready to serve my ship and its complement of discerning, very wealthy and very horny passengers!” Parallax was enjoying the way Aereon was fighting his bondage, he could appreciate the beauty of his bound god, Aereon was indeed as sumptuous as Blaze and Parallax could not get enough of Blaze’s body and bulge, and he now had Aereon to discern and enjoy. Parallax stood back to take in the view of Aereon’s stretched helpless body. He gasped at the beauty, the entire package that Aereon was offering him.

“You are superb Ranger Aereon. You are the erothong Ranger, you’re well known amongst the galaxy, you have many admirers Space Ranger, and looking at you, your reputation as an erotic powerhouse is correct. Your body perfectly formed, so handsome with piercing blue eyes behind your sexy little mask. Is it true you’re also the ‘horny Ranger’? Well, that is what my researchers say!”

Parallax grabbed Aereon’s face, he gripped Aereon’s chin deftly and with enough force to gain Aereon’s attention. Aereon glared at Parallax, his eyes communicating insolence and defiance.

Parallax enjoyed the play “I will enjoy your assessment Ranger!” Parallax moved closer to Aereon’s face, and his voice had become determined and forceful. “You wear that little green erothong, it’s like you’re inviting me to your bulge, that little piece of delicious fabric filled with all that Hival nano-technology, covering, and caressing your balls, presenting your penis, your sexual gold to me. Is that what you’re doing Ranger?” Parallax glanced down to Aereon’s lime green bulge and then back to meet Aereon’s defiant glare. “I will assess your sexual bulge now and the pleasure you feel will be assessed by Toy, it will create a further base-line pleasure for you as I have created with Blaze. We’ll then have something very delicious to work with! Now you can either watch me or watch Blaze’s little sexy show, Blaze will give you a good idea of where you will be very soon, my deliciously helpless hero. Feel free to moan, writhe and enjoy the ride!” Parallax pushed Aereon’s head upward, letting go of Aereon’s jaw in the process.

Aereon, pulled desperately on his bonds, he was still weakened, but had some Hival energy, he needed more Hival energy urgently, and he knew Dixon did as well. He looked toward Blaze, and Parallax had been correct, it was a sensual show. Blaze was writhing, his words were babbling and his breathing erratic, his red erosuit pouch was sumptuous, they had fashioned that thong to perfection, his skimpy pouch was jam-packed, filled with penis, it bulged so proudly, so beautiful and Blaze’s hip flexions, his erotic thrusting, his attempts to dislodge the swarm of Pleasure Particles enjoying his juiced up bulge was outrageously beautiful, Aereon could not but be aroused by the decadent performance unfolding directly in front of him.

Parallax’s attention was saturated with lime green though. Aereon’s erothong was attached to his sexy body by a simple and narrow green elasticised cord, it sat on his hips perfectly, Aereon had ordered his favourite thong from the eroapplicator, thinking he would arouse Dixi and Blaze for a day of sexual and erotic play. He had in fact given his captor one of the most sought-after hero bulges in the galaxy, serving his captor with an eyeful of erotic indulgence. Parallax observed and fondled Aereon’s scrotum, enjoying the fabric and the curves as the garment cupped and lifted Aereon’s testicles. Parallax fondled the narrow folds of fabric emerging between Aereon’s stretched legs, emerging out from the base of Aereon’s beautiful buttocks. He then examined the way the bulge cupped and provided Aereon’s penis with its sensual wrapping, his fingers feeling the power of Aereon’s sexual organs and his face awash with a huge smile.

“Yes, perfection Ranger, your penis will have its feast of enjoyment and your beloved Hival power!” Parallax said looking up from his infatuation with the sumptuous bulge, across Aereon’s struggling body.

“Gah! You fiend!” Aereon blurted between his erratic breathing.

“Toy, commence pleasure sequence beta, Aereon will enjoy that, begin assessment of his pleasure!”

Beta initialised the Toy responded.

Aereon felt the erothong begin to vibrate, he could feel the extremities of his bulge beginning to sizzle with delicious pleasure, it was encroaching his bulge, buzzing the erothong’s fabric and creating a deliciously inescapable field of pleasure that was filling the inside of his bulge, it was seeping onto his balls, seeping onto his penis. He tried to push his hips to escape the encroaching delicious sensation, but it was insistently filling his erothong pouch as the sensation continued to envelope his bulge and stimulate his penis.

“Arrrrrrrrrrr, so beautiful, so, Aghhhhhh…” Aereon could not believe how velvety his penis felt, his bulge was becoming a mass of pleasure energy, delighting him in so many ways. He was turning his body erotically, he had no other choice, the sensation was outrageously beautiful and the sight of Blaze’s pre-cum oozing bulge opposite him served his arousal, stimulating his sexuality like a battery charge.

Parallax called his bridge, he was speaking into the air, but communicating directly with his officers on the bridge. “Attenuate the Ranger dampeners slightly and amplify the Hival sensor array, direct Hival energy to Toy.” He then looked toward Aereon’s gasping face.

“There you go boy! We have lowered the dampeners on your powers and are pumping a nice flow of Hival energy to your body, your pleasure will draw the energy, enjoy your assessment Aereon!”

The pleasure was filling his bulge, it was like a gas filling a liquid, effervescent and delicious, Aereon was being overtaken so deliciously, his body writhing and arching in his bondage.

Parallax then cupped the bulge, he used both hands, he worshipped the beauty of it, running his hands gently, reverently over it, enjoying the buzz of energy, feeling Aereon’s body tremble with delight. He felt Aereon’s penis, it was sumptuously vibrating inside its field of pleasure, Parallax played with Aereon’s penis head, toying with his prey, goading the pleasure enhancing the pleasure, and he listened to Aereon’s cries and moans, he was enjoying and assessing this most erotic hero’s pleasure response.

Every touch, every movement and reverent squeeze that Parallax caused his pleasure to spike, his penis, his entire bulge was alive with sensational magic, and he was ensorcelled and charmed by its beauty and sumptuous delights. All Aereon could do was twist his body in response to the supremacy of the pleasure. “Aghhhhhh!” moans of delight erupting from his lungs, he was taken by the beauty of his pleasure. He hadn’t noticed, but the floor of Toy; the array of juice hungry receptacles were breathing and sucking; Toy was hungry for more Ranger juice.

Parallax knew his Toy so well, the machine’s AI had built a robust relationship with Parallax and the two were working synchronously, Parallax knew exactly what Toy wanted. “Yes, I understand your hunger, my beautiful Toy, you shall dine on Ranger juice soon!” Parallax looked at Blaze, Blaze was lost in his own sea of sensation, his penis, his bulge, drenched and the oozing, a clear line of pre-cum was making its way, swaying in tune with Blaze’s hips, the thick clear juice was what Toy craved and Parallax could just feel the machine’s hunger.

“Pre-cum, Aereon, it is so sweet and delicious, your natural lubricant, your nectar! I want to taste your juices hero, as does Toy!” Parallax said averting his gaze from Blaze, then toward Aereon’s heaving erotic bulge and then to Aereon’s widening eyes. “Just look at Blaze’s little fountain, his bubbling spring of juices, would you like to experience that Ranger Aereon?”

“Gah!” Aereon was twisting, striving in his bonds, his bulge a sea of luscious energy, he could feel his arousal and he could feel the sensual Hival energy coursing into his body through the pleasure interface. It was diabolical, Parallax was twisting his Hival pleasure interface; using it for his own purposes and Aereon could not control it, he was prisoner to Parallax’s evil intent. His body an erotic conduit of power and he could see Blaze being consumed by it too.

Dixon could only watch and attempt an escape, his two beloved boys were being pleasured into a frenzy and he knew he was next, he struggled and strived, but his bonds held him steadfast all he could do was try to escape and watch and listen to Blaze and Aereon’s manipulation. He knew his powder blue erosuit, his bulge had Parallax’s attention as well, he knew he was next in line for Parallax’s assessment.

Parallax kept up his worship of the lime green erotic mound of nylon, his attention to detail was enthralling Aereon to no end, and his enjoyment bubbled out of Parallax’s mouth, “Toy will now stimulate your pre-cum producing glands Aereon, you are a virile majestic young god, just like Blaze, your body will produce your nectar, gallons of juice will be your bounty my delicious hero. Blaze is experiencing a special layer of pleasure as his juices pass through his penis, and yours will too my beautiful young man. A gift from Randion regime in the constellation of Cassiopeia, the isotope that Toy will deploy into your body will activate so nicely by the pleasure you are enjoying, Blaze’s Pleasure Particles are activating the isotope. Your glands will be encouraged to make more nectar by the process, and as you can imagine, it will improve your experience remarkedly!” Parallax looked at Blaze and spoke loudly to ensure Blaze could hear him. “…Doesn’t it Blaze, ha, ha, ha!”

Blaze looked over to Parallax, he could see through the fog of pleasure clouding his mind, watching desperately as Parallax continued to fondle and assess Aereon. “Bahhhhhhhhhhhh!” was his only response, and he arched his body causing the stream of his nectar to sway. Blaze then screamed in powerful delight as the swarm of Pleasure Particles absorbed into his bubbling bulge, the pleasure radiating into his body as the particles took possession of their new home. He twisted and turned screwing his face up in delight, tears cascaded down his cheeks, his erotic red bulge was exploding with millions of microscopic Pleasure Particles fighting excitedly for a cherished place on his balls, on his penis, some reaching inside his penis. Fillip was in a turmoil of its own, supercharged, and pulsing waves of sensation through its penile home, amplifying Blaze’s bountiful pre-cum flows into micro-orgasmic eruptions. Blaze’s juices were a constant bubble effect on his wet red delicious bulge.

Aereon was taken back with Blaze’s response, his eyes widening, taking the erotic beauty of Blaze’s supercharged pleasure wracked body and the sumptuous show of bondage unfolding in front of him.

“Toy loves to assess hero pleasure. It assessed Blaze as triple A, Aereon, I’m certain that you will achieve that high standard too. I will expect nothing less of you and Dixon!” Parallax said looking to Aereon and then toward Dixon. “Your next Dixi boy, I hope your delicious penis is ready! Hold tight Ranger! Ha, ha, ha.”

Aereon took Dixon’s attention though, his body twisted slowly, and he was turning his head sideways, his face screwed into a delicious contortion, his wrists clenched and his feet pointing “Gahhhhhhhhhhhh, Oh mmm-my!” his face radiated the pleasure, his lime green bulge bubbled with the first kindle of his juice bounty, it glistened on the tip of Aereon’s bulge, but it was just the opening volley, the inaugural micro-orgasmic pump of juice. The next wad of nectar took up Aereon’s attention, he thrusted his hips into Parallax’s hungry hands and Parallax smeared the juices over the expanse of lime green nylon bulge, lubricating his hands as they glided over Aereon’s mound.

“Well done, Aereon! I have guests that will pay handsomely to watch that sexually charged majestic moment of release, your bondage, your submission to their sexual fascination will be one of the most sexually sought-after experiences that this galaxy has ever craved! I’m sure Toy will make its assessment of your pleasure and juices soon. I will let you watch Blaze descend into the pit of depravity, the dimension of erotica; I will let you marinate in your own erotic turmoil of pleasure; I must assess Dixon now!” Parallax kissed Aereon’s bulge, breathing in Aereon’s scent, tasting Aereon’s nectar, and then spoke loudly over the din of Blaze and Aereon’s sexual cries filling the pleasure parlour.

“Be it known that Ranger Aereon has been scored triple A on the aesthetics and presentation of his hefty erothong bulge, we will await Toy’s assessment of his pleasure capacity and the fluid dynamics of his juices.” Parallax then turned to Dixon, leaving Aereon in a state of ever encroaching pleasure sensation, the genesis of his juice flow forming on the base of his mighty wet bulge.

“The beautiful and handsome Ranger Dixon, welcome to Toy!” Parallax could not hide his fascination with Dixon.

Dixon did his best to break his bonds, but his energy stores were so low, but he had to resist Parallax, he looked at his erosuit and wished he hadn’t ordered the eroapplicator to provide him his layered bulge, he looked up and Parallax was standing next to him, he was helpless, and Dixon gulped.

“When I was inside Blaze’s mind, I could tell his deep devotion to you and Aereon,” Parallax said tinkering with Dixon’s sexy hair, he was infatuated by it, infatuated with the beauty that Dixon oozed. “…Blaze lovingly thinks of you as his Dixi, he has great taste Ranger!”

Dixon pulled violently on his wrist restraints, his piercing green eyes glaring toward Parallax.

“Is there no bounds to your evil?” Dixon spat his words “You accessed his mind, you controlled him, you monster!”

“It was the best way to lure you and Aereon Dixon, we could have easily overpowered you and Aereon with force, but we needed to fool your beloved ship and your Hive, they think you’re still onboard your ship, in fact your pleasure signatures are being replicated on Intrepid3 now and we will be light years from your ship before it works out you’ve all been captured. You are mine, and no, my evil has no bounds, Ranger Force will learn and understand that very soon!” Parallax said feeling Dixon’s arm muscles, watching them flex and contract, he was infatuated with Dixon’s virility, his perfect musculature, and his handsome lure.

“You are the ‘nerdy’ one they say, but some would argue that you are the most handsome of Ranger Force!” Parallax said gripping Dixon’s face, turning Dixon’s head left and right, Examining every facet of Dixon’s beauty. “Mmm, you will fetch a hefty tariff Dixon, just on your beauty, I have clients that want you, they want to torture you, they want to copulate over your writhing helpless body. Others want to drink your nectar, they crave your bondage, they crave your helpless body and every sexual and erotic sound you make for them as they delicately pleasure you! So, let’s not waste time, I’m looking forward to your bulge Dixon, mind if I play with it for a while?” His lusty smile emerged on the sides of Parallax’s mouth, Parallax had to control his drooling, he was so turned on by Dixon’s erotic, helpless and stretched body.

Parallax was standing directly in front of Dixon’s struggling body, his hands feeling every bump and fold of muscle as he worshiped Dixon’s upper body, his hands gently worshiping, assessing Dixon he took minutes to finally reach Dixon’s hips and his hands reached around to feel Dixon’s tight peachy buttocks clenching and flexing, he enjoyed the feeling of the soft nylon clinging and caressing Dixon’s buns and with his face close to Dixon’s, he moaned, reaching his face around to Dixon’s left ear, his hands busy worshiping Dixon’s buttocks. “Mmm, Dixon you are the pretty one, aren’t you? I’m going pleasure you my delicious hero, your cock is now mine, I will ensure it is well looked after. Moan Ranger Dixon, it is only going to get more sumptuous by the second!” Parallax was in a sexual rage, and his whispering voice in Dixon’s ear was ominously communicating his lusty intentions. Parallax spoke softly, but his voice was full of lust.

“Toy, begin pleasure sequence delta. Delta for Dixi please!”

Pleasure sequence Delta confirmed Toy confirmed the order.

“Dah, ggggah, ohh!” his outburst was swift, he felt the erosuit transform into a sumptuous energy field, every brush of his penis inside the suit translated into a pulsing array of pleasure on the underside of his penis, his balls felt the energy wrapping him, he could not escape it and his head turned to the right trying to escape Parallax’s breath, trying to deal with the sudden bombardment of sensation.

Parallax bent down to view the erosuit pouch, the bulge was powerful, it was a commanding sexual beacon and infatuated Parallax’s mind, Parallax was intoxicated with lust as he admired Dixon’s majesty, not only was this Ranger beautiful to the eye, but he also sported erotic charm, his erosuit proudly displaying Dixon’s sexual organs. Parallax gasped at the beauty of the powder blue, proud bulge, the two prominent folds of nylon reached from the apex of the bulge across Dixon’s pouch to his hips, the erosuit projected Dixon’s penis head proudly as the crown on top of the bulge, it sat as a layer above the hefty roundness covering the rest of Dixon’s penis shaft and balls. Parallax gasped again. “Spectacular Dixon!”

Dixon was doing his best to remain stable, every movement of his body set off the erosuit, his pouch, his bulge was sensitive, and he had to try and diminish his hip flexions and avoid the diabolical pleasure. He was holding his breath, concentrating as best he could, but Aereon’s cries were loud, his body thrusting and his pre-cum was flinging around, as was Blaze, but Dixon had to concentrate, though Parallax wasn’t having any of it.

His hands caressed Dixon’s hips and the pleasure coursed over the erosuit making Dixon scream in delight. His fingers tinkering and toying with the folds of delicious fabric and as he worked his way to the sides of the bulge, Dixon could feel his penis light up with delight, he couldn’t hold back the pleasure, it was overpowering him, and he felt the Hival energy course into his muscles as the pleasure enveloped his pouch.

Parallax then felt the fullness of the bulge, he used two reverent hands, feeling the firmness and majesty of the sexual object filling his palms. He could feel Dixon tremble and the moans erupting from deep in Dixon’s diaphragm communicated the richness of the pleasure he was inflicting on this beautiful young Space Ranger. Parallax then traced his fingers below Dixon’s bulge, he covered every millimetre of the luxe erotic object, he traced the roundness and fullness of the bulge and then caressed the upper layer of Dixon’s offering, finishing his lusty exploration at the perfectly round apex of the bulge, Dixon’s penis head pushing inside the erosuit and proudly protruding its majesty.

Dixon felt the pleasure enveloping him, his bulge was so sensitive, and Parallax’s fingers were amplifying the pleasure expertly, he was trembling and pulling on his bondage, but the bondage was fuelling his pleasure, he loved being tied up, he loved being helpless, and somehow, deep in the sexual turmoil unfolding in his bulge and surrounding him, he was savouring the delight. Parallax was twisting his erotic desires, controlling him.

“I’m sorry if I am drooling Dixon, but your majesty is overpowering me, you are the beautiful boy, and your bulge has earned the triple A rating with ease.”

Parallax then looked upward and spoke his next words, but he could not resist the power of Dixon’s bulge, his hands remained worshipping while he gave his order to Toy.

“Record vision of their writhing, beautiful bodies, close ups of each bubbling bulge please!”

Recording acknowledged Toy responded.

“Play the announcement of the capture of Ranger Force!” Parallax was speaking to his promotions team. “Make sure you use vision of their beautiful nectar fountains, I want it on every screen, in every stateroom, in every public facility on board, The Rangers will be unveiled at the grand dinner tonight!”

Parallax then smiled and returned his gaze back to Dixon’s bulge then up to Dixon’s straining face. “You are proudly displaying your cock head Dixon!” Parallax was toying with the beautiful mound; it was slightly wet and lubricated with Dixon’s pre-cum and Parallax bent down to explore its beauty. “You are so virile, even with my constraint system on your glands, you are producing nectar Dixon!” Parallax felt the extremities of Dixon’s bulge, it was firm inside his grip and Dixon’s struggles, his legs pulling on his bondage restraints were turning Parallax on immensely, Dixon’s moans were just as delicious, and Parallax decided to enhance the process.

“Toy,” Parallax said smiling into Dixon’s desperate eyes, “Stretch Dixon, this Ranger gets off on bondage!”

Acknowledged, I want his pleasure, I demand it. Toy responded.

Dixon felt the stretch pulling his body tighter, he let out a delicious moan and hiss while his muscles accustomed to the new pressure.

“Gah” Dixon thrust his hips into Parallax’s waiting hands, his moan was long and erotic, this most sexual of heroes struggled for his captor, his beautiful powder blue bulge rubbing inside Parallax’s hands.

“Superb Dixon, you will be well sought after by the ship’s company!” Parallax could not believe the beauty of the sexual offering filling his palms, it was firm, hot, and moist, the fabric clinging to the hero’s genitals soft and supple. “Your bondage does turn you on, and the sight and sounds of Aereon and Blaze are fuelling your arousal mighty Ranger! Now, Toy is demanding your pleasure Ranger Dixon, it is hungry to taste you, record you and build your sensation! It will be a divine mix of exotic and rare beauty for the ship to store on its menu, I hope you are ready Dixi, I can call you Dixi, can’t I?”

“Bah, Dixon threw his head upward, Parallax’s fingers were creating a hyper-sensitive field along Dixon’s penis, “F, fer, fiend! Gah!” Dixon’s voice was gurgling delight.

“Toy, Dixon likes to display his cock in his bulge, especially his penis head, target every sensitive gland on the edges of his penis, increase sensitivity, I want this part of his bulge so sensitive, and his penis head filled with sparkling pleasure, every movement of his body must drive him wild with sexual delight!” Parallax looked at Dixon’s straining face. “That will be nice my sweet hero, but it’s not all!” Parallax was tracing the edges of Dixon’s pouch, following the curves of elasticised fabric clinging to Dixon’s legs and buttocks. “Toy, I want you to let the pleasure encroach over Dixi’s penis, it must consume him, and stimulate his pre-cum flows, with a delicious quantity of isotope. I want Dixon’s cute sexy hair to curl and his erotic body to twist and purr with every secretion of his nectar, just like Aereon and Blaze.”

Acknowledged, give me your pleasure Ranger Dixon Toy demanded.

“Oh God!” Dixon cried out as the first offering of his laced pre-cum began to fill his urethra filling and radiating divine pleasure as his warm nectar progressed through him. He felt his penis head, zing with tight sharp gorgeous sensation of the pleasure program being deployed by Toy. Dixon was clenching his fists, he could also feel power being directed into his muscles, his pleasure was powering him, but it was impossible to break his bonds and he knew Parallax’s systems were controlling every aspect of his beautiful and mighty body. He was lost in the power of his penis, it was directing all his thoughts, his cock head was so sensitive, and the pleasure augmented with every movement of his body, his erosuit was acting as a conduit. Spikes of crazy, delicious pleasure filled his penis head, and warm, more delicate pleasure encroached along the body of his penis, he could feel the layers of sensation, but it was the movement of his nectar that radiated through his penis, it was creating a third layer of sensation, his pleasure was consuming him. He had no choice, he was compelled to moan in delicious abandon, to thrust his powder blue sexual mound of hero goodness into Parallax’s hands and as Parallax fondled Dixon’s bulge, his fingers working the extreme sizzling pleasure captivating his penis helmet, he could only cry out, spitting saliva and taking desperate truncated breaths. His cock was his supreme master and Parallax was conducting the concerto of delight!

Parallax worked Dixon into the rage, the pleasure was radiating on and in Dixon’s penis, his balls were captivated by a delicate tingle, his semen being warmed and readied and Parallax knew just what to do next. He looked his scrumptious defeated hero in the eye, Dixon’s eyes were carefully watching Parallax’s every movement of his fingers. Parallax cupped his bulge, the pleasure pressure building in his penis, Toy was holding the first precum offering in his cock, it was cooking his penis, throbbing pleasure so delicious, Dixon’s drool began to emerge from the side of his mouth. Parallax then fanned his hands outward, down the sides of Dixon’s pleasure filled bulge and across the rest of his nylon erosuit pouch toward each of his hips, like a magician would, the pleasure followed his hands completely engulfing Dixon’s powder blue erosuit V in a blanket of magical pleasure. Toy responded by releasing Dixon’s inaugural micro-orgasmic release of his pre-cum.

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Dixon’s moan was monumental, it was an absolute erotic masterpiece, and Toy had the whole outburst recorded, sight, sound and pleasure were recorded and stored in the Bordello’s pleasure systems, it was pure erotic gold. The precum emerged on Dixon’s bulge like a mighty bubbler effect it was magnificent, an emission of sheer exquisite beauty and Parallax stood back watching his delicious captive mighty Space Ranger contort and cry out in abandon to his pleasure.

“You are so beautiful, Ranger Dixon!” Parallax purred and then turned to Aereon, he bent down and sucked on Aereon’s drenched oozing erothong, Aereon was drooling too, his head and body turning in opposite directions as he writhed in his own tornado, the cascading waves of delicious enjoyment. His pre-cum so sumptuous, so rich in viscosity, and Parallax loved the way Toy was savouring the juices as Aereon’s long gooey emission of juice reached downward to the Toy’s hungry receptacles, all of them consuming his nectar as fast as it was able. Aereon couldn’t speak, his beautiful face told the story of his erotic abandon so irresistibly.

“Don’t speak Ranger, your job is to feed Toy, concentrate on your bulge Aereon, it is the fountain of erotic divinity, your bulge is your god, it demands you succumb to its need for pleasure.” Parallax said, licking his lips, coated in the lip gloss of Aereon’s pre-cum. Aereon’s mouth was open, and he needed Parallax to hold his head, in order to look at him. Parallax was correct, his erothong bulge was his supreme master in that moment of delight, he was lost in a dimension of pleasure, he was helpless. He screamed as his next discharge of precum exploded like a truck, his entire bulge coated in his clean warm nectar. “Good boy Aereon, Toy is really enjoying you, I can feel Toy’s joy, it is a happy machine, keep feeding it mighty Space Ranger.” Parallax let go of Aereon’s head, leaving him to mercy of Toy and turned to face Blaze.

Blaze’s body, his muscles, his demented moans told a story of defeat, he had relinquished control of his sexuality to Parallax and the demands of this most diabolical and secret vessel of bondage and pleasure; he was being oriented into his new role as the provider of sexual, erotic services to the depraved needs of hungry, horny, depraved sadists waiting to savour his beautiful body and taste his pleasure.

Parallax savoured his helplessness, the beauty of the red erosuit fashioned perfectly into a thong ensured that the eye of the beholder was drawn to the red mass of male bulge. Parallax was anticipating what hundreds of wealthy guests would savour soon, the ones who could afford Blaze, and what Drake, one of the most powerful magnates in the galaxy, and member of the Bordello’s powerful Hedonic Council would get to enjoy in the private confines of Royal Suite. Parallax also knew that Drake would not be satisfied until he had milked each of the Rangers personally. He was due to board the ship in the coming days after he finished his preparations and dealt with one of the enemies of his favourite slave trading side businesses.

Parallax did not have Drake on his mind though, he left the arrangements to his chief of staff and the hotel director, Parallax needed Blaze to reach orgasm, he could let the Pleasure Particles devour him for hours and he was poised to deliver Aereon and Dixon their doses of the delicious microscopic delights, but his mind was flushed with red. He licked Blaze’s nipples, his hands caressing every straining muscle in Blaze’s chiselled body, and although Aereon and Dixon were so nearby and crying out in their own ravages of pleasure, Parallax centred his thoughts on Blaze, his beautiful boy drone, he savoured the time he was able to spend inside Blaze’s mind, the celestial spiral had provided a portal into Blaze’s life force, his mind a perfect portal and he intended to enter it again soon. But, not now, he wanted his body, he wanted Blaze’s defiance and struggles, it was the most sexual and erotic show, super space heroes, in Parallax’s mind should be broken and enjoyed. He had milked every hero onboard Bordello, but Blaze’s inaugural orgasm will be Parallax’s personal gift to the mighty cocky hero.

“It is time Blaze! Time for your penis to ramp your pleasure, your penis is mine to command Ranger, your bulge, your erosuit are mine, I will milk you not only of your sweet nectar, but your orgasm will be my gift to you, so expansive and mighty, in fact you will each partake, I call it the Universal! And like the universe, it expands, it has violent nebulous explosions and then, there is beauty, it is rich and flavoursome and it will be my distinct pleasure to allow you Dixi and Aer a glimpse into to wonders of Universal. Of course, you cannot experience all that Universal has to offer at one sitting, you will need to return to the orgasmic table many times to experience the various layers and facets to pleasure of that calibre, it is something so beautiful, so organic and rich in ineffable ecstasy!”

Blaze was spitting saliva and straining his body, his pre-cum flinging onto Dixon in his manic excitement, he could not speak, and his eyes darted between Parallax’s face, so close to his and his red mass of pleasure. He could see the way his penis was pushing out the drenched nylon of his erosuit thong bulge, the tent of fabric was so beautiful, it was a mass of indescribable pleasure. Parallax noticed too.

Parallax touched Blaze’s lips and spoke softly to him. “You’re going to love Universal, my beautiful boy, I’ll worship your sumptuous body now, could I please have your erection?” Parallax paused for effect. “Now that was not really a question, was it?”

“Gah!” Blaze did his best to fight the bonds, he could feel his Hival energy powering his muscles, but the Bordello’s dampeners were restricting his use of his power, it was frustratingly powerful, and it was holding back the floodgates of his mighty strength. But his bulge kept delivering and the latest wave of Pleasure Particle incursion was making Blaze drool.

Parallax could see the way Blaze’s bulge shimmered and the slight haze indicated that the particles had spawned, millions of microscopic explosions had delivered a barrage of pleasure and the Fillip inside Blaze’s urethra was drawing nectar in its own crazed way, Blaze’s trembling pelvis was driving Parallax to distraction. “It is beautiful isn’t it Blaze, your hive of Pleasure Particles is so ironic, given your own beloved Hive cannot save you here on my ship. The particles have given their life for you, they have given up their pleasure force to you, dying yet spawning new burgeoning particles in their wake, a meiosis! A homologous chromosome alignment, a synapse, and cross-over which is delivering you the extensive experience. I can’t wait for Dixi to drool like you and Aereon’s green, beautiful mound to vibrate like this. Parallax had his fingers rimming the edges of Blaze’s erosuit bulge. “I will worship you Blaze and bring you to the doorway, to the edge of Universal. Once there you must wait until I bring your sexual Ranger colleagues to the doorway too. Universal is huge, it will transport each of you each into the orgasmos, a dimensional pleasure shift and the Hedonic Council, who, I might say, have been patiently waiting, will supervise your accession and passport to pleasure nirvana. Your milking will be long mighty hero, it will be exhaustive, but even you three gods cannot fathom Universal in a single sitting. You will be milked many times, while traversing your orgamos! But now I must worship at the beauty of the Blaze bulge, excuse me for a while, I need to enjoy Blaze! You are just irresistible!” Parallax’s fingers were expertly worshiping the pleasure mass.

Parallax bent down and used a small plinth to lean on, provided by Toy, the pedestal had raised from the base of Toy, directly between Blaze’s stretched straining legs and in front of Blaze. Similar plinths had arisen between the stretched legs of Dixon and Aereon. Toy’s circumference of light was fluctuating between red, green and powder blue, matching each of the Space Rangers’ masks and erotic suits in hypnotic transitions traveling in an anti-clockwise rotation around the hungry pleasure device.

Universal production engines initiated! Creating Universal Dimensional Element: Epsilon Zeta Nine, Zero, Zero, Eight. Toy announced the orgasmic dimension that the Rangers would ascend to.

Welcome Space Rangers! Toy sent a powerful bolt of energy into each wrist and ancle restraint and the devices holding them restrained, and stretched helplessly, Their devices began to glow red, green and powder blue matching each Ranger.

Blaze was bathed in faint, soft red light, Aereon green and Dixon Powder Blue. Toy also cancelled Aereon and Dixon’s pleasure sequences, it was time for them to welcome their own Fillip penile parasite and Parallax needed to release the two erotic creatures before providing Aereon and Dixon their own swarms of Pleasure Particles.

But Parallax was focused on Blaze, he knew Aereon, and Dixon would marinate in the residual pleasure for hours, and Parallax was engulfed in red, his eyes awash in the splendour of red erosuit thong bulge, the mass of male perfection was his to survey, to enjoy, and to pleasure, the mighty space hero, helplessly stretched and bound, and at his command. Toy was bathing Blaze in hazy red light, it matched Blaze’s mask and erosuit, but it was soft, it reflected off Blaze’s flexing muscles, his body so perfectly aligned and ready to enter his inaugural journey into Universal.

The bubble of clear Blaze beverage burst out onto Blaze’s packed red bulge, Parallax was drooling and savouring the beautiful pouch, filled with the genitals of this god like hero, he watched the curves and nuances of Blaze’s sumptuous bulge, and his hands followed the drenched red erosuit pouch reverently and expertly, his thumbs toying with the underside of Blaze’s cock head. It was magnificent, he remembered his first delicious experience with Blaze’s penis, he wanted Blaze’s bubbling cock more than any hero bulge in his command, in that decadent moment. Blaze’s cock was lux, it was much more than an indulgence, it was his to command and Parallax ignored Blaze’s luxurious cries and moans, he needed to have that mound of hero in his mouth, he wanted to taste the Pleasure Particles, they felt outrageously sublime on the tongue, and he always loved the pre-cum of heroes pumping his delirious isotope. Blaze’s penis head was the first sensation Parallax felt on his tongue and as he used his tongue to traverse the ridges of the penis, he could feel it buzz and hum in his mouth. Juices sprayed the back of his mouth, they were warm and sweet, Blaze’s muscles forcing the juice into a tornado of goo. Blaze was screaming, his body trembling.

Parallax retracted his face from Blaze and as he stood up, from his position of worship, he turned toward Aereon and then toward Dixon, Parallax was smiling, his smirk communicating his evil intentions. Parallax was wiping his face, licking his lips and Blaze contorted behind him, screaming in abandon.

Dixon was horrified and Aereon was strangely horny, they each felt a mix of emotions and the thought of entering an orgasm named Universal was filling them with a mix of interest, fear, and expectant arousal, but Blaze’s response to Parallax’s worship took then both by surprise. It was ferocious and intimidating, even to them, mighty Space Rangers.

“We’ll get Blaze’s erection up and away soon!” Parallax said calmly to Aereon and then turned his attention to Dixon “…but first I must provide you your very own penile piquant to stimulate you, Blaze has one, and it just loves his penis, and yours will also take up residence in your urethra, it will deliver you small doses of Pleasure Particles, nothing like Blaze is experiencing and what you will experience soon. But rest assured, your cocks will never be the same mighty Rangers, my Fillip will stamp my ownership on you!” Parallax licked his lips and held out his hands, his right hand in front of Dixon and his left extended to Aereon.

Blaze sprayed pe-cum, he was twisting behind Parallax, straining in pleasure, he hissed the word “No!” his face screwing up in response to the latest Pleasure Particle outburst.

The light blue glowing worm appeared in the hand extending to Dixon and a glowing green worm wiggled in the hand being offered to Aereon.

Aereon was mesmerised by the slowly turning glowing creature as was Dixon, they were looking at a symbiont, at something that would dwell and live in their bodies, the Fillip looked cute and harmless, but it was the harbinger of defeat, the sexual restraint, and a master of erotic manipulation, it was Parallax’s penile stamp of ownership. Aereon watched Blaze’s beauty twisting and struggling behind Parallax, but the face of the evil captain captured his attention, he was smiling with evil intent, focussing his eyes into Aereon’s mask as if drilling into Aereon’s soul and his hand was dropping down to deliver the evil green Fillip. His smile was wide and evil.

“There you go Aereon, my delicious, beautiful Ranger your spectacular penis deserves this Parallaxian upgrade!”

As much as he fought his bonds and the residual pleasure coursing in his green mound, he pulled and struggled crying out “No, Noooooooooo!” the glowing green creature, the Fillip floated off Parallax’s palm and softly dropped onto Aereon’s bulge. The erothong, unlike Dixon’s erosuit, was a mass of green bulge, the entire pouch was bulging with Aereon’s sexual majesty, and the Fillip arrived on the summit. It was home, it was happy, it lifted one end of its slender body as if it was looking at Aereon as if it was surveying its home, evaluating its host and released its first deposit of Pleasure Particles, absorbing into the heaving moist bulge. Aereon’s reaction was delicious, his penis oozed precum, breaking through the surface of the erotic green fabric as if welcoming its new tenant. Aereon looked across to Dixon, his eyes flickering around, trying to focus on his beautiful Dixi, clamouring for help, but all Dixon could do was watch and anticipate. Aereon licked his lips, twisted his hips, and then tried to refocus on the green glowing creature slithering across his bulge. He felt the pleasure seep and fill his bulge, he was bathed in a beautiful pleasure pouch, exquisite and delicate. His first moan made Parallax tingle with anticipation.

With his now free left hand, Parallax scooped up a wad of pre-cum oozing from the base of Aereon’s bulge and smeared the nectar on Aereon’s lips. “Taste your delicious nectar Aereon, once Fillip enters your penis, it will enjoy your juice factory, feeding on your pre-cum and infesting you with endless pleasure. You enjoy your Fillip, it will enter your bulge soon, once it has surveyed its territory, and such magnificent territory you have to offer it, it will deliver you tantalising doses of Pleasure Particles, just like the one you just experienced, I hope you enjoy the ride, my beautiful boy. Time to welcome Dixon’s Fillip to it new home.” He pushed his gooey finger into Aereon’s open mouth, muffling Aereon’s next moan of delight.

Parallax bent toward Dixon, leaving Aereon to slowly twist his body in an ocean of tender enchantment. “Aereon just loves his new Fillip Dixon!” He was lowering his hand toward Dixon’s powder blue erosuit bulge. He put his left-hand index finger to Dixon’s mouth, allowing the remnants of Aereon’s pre-cum to moisten Dixon’s lips. “Taste your beloved Aereon’s pre-cum Dixon. I know you just love the juice of your hero Rangers; your juices will now welcome your Fillip.

Dixon pulled and thrashed in his bonds, he knew his erosuit was sexual and erotic, he knew he had Parallax’s attention, but the residual pleasure of Toy’s Delta sequence kept his bulge alive and velvety with pleasure, the erosuit caressed his genitals with precision and he was helpless to stop the sexual presentation to his tormentor. His moan was deep, primal, and erotic as the Fillip floated from Parallax’s right-hand palm and landed on the left-hand side of his mountainous blue mound. The Fillip glowed brightly for a second as if settling in, as if enjoying the warmth and power of the bulge it had been allotted. It was happy, satisfied, and enjoying the delicious wetness of the fabric, the lurking pleasure below the blue nylon energising the creature. Fillip pulsed in luminescent blue light for several seconds before slithering around the base of Dixon’s bulge, surveying its territory, and taking in the beauty of its new home. It was impressed with its new bulge home, after traversing Dixon it eventually reached the rounded apex, the gentle erotic curves of Dixon’s bulge were its triumph and it claimed its territory by releasing its first diaspora of Pleasure Particles, the microscopic monsters coated Dixon’s bulge, every millimetre of his erotic blue mound received the first coating of Pleasure Particles causing Dixon to push his hips forward, his moan was spinetingling and erotic and his cock responded by secreting a wad of pre-cum engulfing his new pleasure creature in the warmth of his nectar. Dixon planted his piercing green eyes onto his bulge and then to Parallax, he couldn’t speak in that moment of delicious abandon as the delicate pleasure invaded and pulverised his bulge in enjoyment.

“Fillip does enjoy its new home Dixon!” Parallax said allowing his right hand, to gently squeeze Dixon’s impressive lower bulge, feeling each testicle and causing Dixon’s piercing eyes to shoot up to his tormentor’s satisfied face. “Aghhh so erotic and sexual my delicious beauty, my penis loving envoy is now marking your bulge as my territory, just as I have taken Blaze, you are Aereon will soon host your personal pleasure creatures, it will dwell inside you, toying with your penis and obeying my every command, making you ready to be served as a sexual commodity anywhere on my pleasure liner.’

Dixon was helpless, he pulled and twisted defiantly but the sound of Blaze and the vision of Blaze’s next erotic eruption was outrageously sensual and beautiful, his pre-cum flinging and whipping Aereon’s face, the majesty of bondage, of pleasure was enthralling, not to mention the sumptuous pleasure caressing his bulge. Dixon moaned the word ‘No’ in a long and erotic way and then his eyes widened as the pleasure vaulted to the next level of intensity, his Fillip had disappeared! Aereon was twisting and screaming next to him.

“Gah! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Aereon was competing with Dixon and with Blaze for the most erotic outburst in that moment; his Fillip had disappeared into his lime green bulge as had Dixon’s and he licked his lips allowing the pleasure to caress his genitals.

“Your Fillips have traversed your bulges boys, they will now survey your penises, your testicles, marking their erotic territory, enjoying the inside of your bulges as much as the exterior. Your genitals are mine! It will traverse your cocks, absorbing its pleasure particle excretions into your penis’ boys, so you can expect several flavours, several permutations, and layers of pleasure as they accept your bodies. Your bulges are mine! Ha, ha, ha!”

His penis head was his favourite, and Aereon knew Dixon and Blaze could pleasure him by just licking it inside or out of an erosuit, but the Fillip was controlling it, it was conjuring pleasure along the ridges of his penis head and sending it down his penis. Aereon screamed in delight, it was all he could do, he thrust his hips forward, licking his lips tasting Blaze’s activated pre-cum that had flung onto him in his last outburst, it was sending Aereon into the same erotic self-absorbed sexual frenzy that Parallax used to lure he and Dixon back on Intrepid3. He needed desperately to squeeze his bulge, to caress his body, but his bondage denied him that luxury, he screamed in frustration and pent-up sexual energy.

Although his cock was a throbbing mass of pleasure, the velvety enjoyment making his penis purr, the Fillip had decided to take control of his balls, each testicle humming in micro-vibrations, his semen, his Ranger seed, arguably one of the most sought-after expensive commodities in the galaxy, his testicles were being possessed by Fillip. Barbs of pleasure spiking him, enthralling him; Dixon’s hissing was evidence of the intense beauty grabbing and taking his body to new vistas of enjoyment.

“Bah!” Dixon moaned, and he followed his outburst with a long and depraved hiss of delight.

Dixon was being devoured by the creature and it was feeding his erotic, cravings for bondage, but this was no play, this was real; his life, his freedom, his sexuality were being captured and bound, his body was being devoured and he was helpless to escape the clutches of this barbaric pleasure vessel.

Aereon’s screams then erupted, it was long, it was delicious, his hands clenched and his feet pointing; his lime green pleasure bulge pulsated, he felt the Fillip slither into his penis, from the mouth of his sensitive cock head. He trembled all over and he fixed his gaze onto Blaze, Blaze’s magnificently stretched helpless body was the sheer erotic beauty, his red bulging erosuit caressing his penis, displaying his balls in outrageous detail, the roundness of the pouch the juices spurting and his beautiful face contorting, fed Aereon’s sexuality, he was turned on in spectacular ways and his penis accepted the Fillip sucking the creature into its warm juicy urethra. Fillip deposited a housewarming dose of Pleasure Particles. Aereon’s vision almost blurred, his voice was throaty and his moan deep and sexual.

“Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Bulge is alive, pleasure, so delicious! So horny!” Aereon then glanced toward Dixon. Enamoured with Dixon’s erotic majesty, his bondage, the powder blue heavenly bulge screaming for his attention, Aereon watched as Dixon began to tremble and vibrate, thrusting his hips slowly, his wet, dripping bulge, glowing blue. Dixon flicked his sexy hair and screamed with mighty abandon, he felt the Fillip enter his penis, it entered slowly feeling its way into his cock as if swimming in the tide of Dixi juice.

“MaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh, gggggahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Dixon’s words were gibberish, the Fillip was enthralling his bulge and then he realised Parallax was stroking the roundness of his bulge scooping up his juice.

“Is my devious Fillip making your penis smile, beautiful Dixon?” Parallax enquired, he had been watching the show of Dixon and Aereon being taken by his little Fillip creatures, he was enjoying watching their god like bodies twisting and turning, the sounds of their defeat as the erotic creatures surveyed and took possession of their hero bulges, claiming the sexual heroes as his property, the property of the Bordello.

“Your penis, my dear heroes, is now the property of the Bordello, as are your gorgeous bodies. Your Fillip is my pleasure ambassador, my sexual enforcer, it will ensure you remain juicy and moist Aereon!” Parallax moved across to Aereon, his fingers squeezing the extremities of Aereon’s wet, lime green bulge, his fingers tingled, and it made Parallax smile. “Pleasure Particles, gentlemen! Your Fillip will deposit a dose of the delicious microscopic elements into your penises, it will also expel some of the particles through the mouths of your cocks, they will disperse into your bulges, making your bodies sing, turning-on my guests in unbelievably erotic gestures as your bodies constantly accept and enjoy the delicious little broadcasts of delight. You cannot escape my delicious little stimulants boys!”

Blaze’s hiss took Parallax’s attention, he had Aereon and Dixon salivating too, his body thrust his pelvis slowly forward and upward, Blaze’s moan was rich and meaty, his red bulge exploding as the Pleasure Particles exploded, divided and replicated like a virus, millions of the diabolical creatures were fucking with Blaze’s body, his mind, and his wet red pleasure mound.

Parallax was stroking the sides of Aereon’s bulge, and it was sending Aereon into twists of erotic power, and Parallax enjoyed being the puppeteer, toying with Aereon, playing with the sexual god stretched out and dripping pre-cum.

“Blaze just adores his special dose of Pleasure Particles, we will bring him to the edge of his orgasm soon, but first!” Parallax paused for effect, “…You two would like some more of his laced pre-cum? It makes you excessively horny and, well I want to give you both two more gifts!”

“Gah!” Dixon was trembling, he could feel the Hival force filling his muscles, but he was helpless to break the bonds holding him. “Gifts?” Dixon was able to form the word, between his deep breaths.

“Yes, I want you to enjoy the same pre-cum delights as your delicious Blaze, that is gift number one. And then you shall each received your first swarm, millions of Pleasure Particles, just like Blaze. You are going to enjoy your erotic defeat mighty heroes, I will ensure your bodies are spurting stimulated pre-cum, just like beautiful Blazey boy.”

Aereon was beside himself, Parallax had them in his sexual hold, he couldn’t escape, he could feel his power flooding into him as his pleasure continued to surge and flood his erothong.

“You, bastard!” Aereon tried to dislodge his slippery, wet erothong from Parallax’s attentive hold, twisting his body in vain attempts to free himself.”

“Good your beloved Hive is powering your bodies!” Parallax gripped Aereon.

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Aereon’s response was swift and erotic.

Dixon swooned, his bulge was smooth, it was velvety, and the pleasure oozed inside his penis, and he drooled as the Fillip ejected a dose of Pleasure Particles through the mouth of his penis. He looked at Parallax molesting Aereon, he looked into Blaze’s desperate eyes behind his sexy red mask, drool emerged from his mouth, the pleasure was too delicious and as much as he tried to speak, all he could muster was a throaty moan.


“Oh, you are so sexual Dixon! You will get lots of attention soon!” Parallax said with a lusty tone, and he then ordered Toy to crystalise the special isotope from the Randion regime in the system of Cassiopeia, Parallax ordered Toy to increase their dosage.

“Toy release the more of the isotope into Ranger Dixon and Ranger Aereon, bring them up to standard dosage!” Parallax ordered his machine.

“The Pleasure Particles will activate the more generous doses of the isotope, gentlemen! This little additive will spice up your juices, and as the pre-cum moves through your cocks, the Fillip will release the odd particle or two to activate the isotope and as your pre-cum emerges from your penis, it will erupt like a mini, entrée sized orgasm, such deliciousness will make you squeal in delight boys.”

Dixon watched in horror, Parallax had scooped up a wad of Blaze’s pre-cum scooping the elastic like flow upward and over the underside of Blaze’s bulge. Blaze cried out, his head shot upward, his body vibrating. But Parallax ignored the erotic display. He approached Aereon first, Aereon was thrusting his hips, his first micro-orgasmic release made him cry with delight, his mouth open and Parallax thrust his fingers, laced with Blaze’s pre-cum into Aereon’s mouth.

Parallax then watched Dixon’s initial pump of super-activated precum, Dixon threw his head left and then right, but Parallax grabbed Dixon’s hair, forcing the helpless hero to look at him, Parallax thrust his pre-cum laced fingers into Dixon’s mouth. Dixon couldn’t resist, he was ultra-horny, he lapped up Blaze’s juices and then thrust his hips upward, tears of delight ran down his cheeks.

They felt the effects of the laced pre-cum instantaneously, their skin crawled with desire, they felt the eroticism grab them, rape them, but their bondage demanded their obedience, it was sexual torture, sexual frustration gripping them, they were in a frenzy of desire, their bodies alive, their bondage feeding the desires with diabolical power.

Parallax clapped and enjoyed lime green beauty and powder blue perfection thrusting and spurting juices.

“I just knew you would love that little erotic hit my delicious Rangers!” Parallax crowed. “But wait there’s more!” The look of glee on the evil captain’s face was comical but laced with pure evil lust. “…There’s so much more my delicious sex pots!”

Parallax raised his hands and made a strong double fist and then unclasped his hands, his back toward Blaze’s erotic show, he faced Aereon and Dixon. In his left hand a haze of light green hummed and hovered and in his right a similar light blue swarm appeared.

“Your Pleasure Particles gentlemen, I went to the trouble of colour coding them, I like to be organised!” Parallax moved closer, stretching his arms as he went, presenting the swarms of microscopic bulge hungry particles to their intended victims. Dixon was screwing his face in a world of delicious pleasure, as was Aereon, their eyes were squinting and their heads slowly lolling upward and downward as their laced pre-cum marinated their cocks and bulges in preparation for the infestation of pleasure buzzing close to their faces, inside Parallax’s palms.

“Your Fillips can hear them Dixon!” Parallax turned his attention to Aereon. “They can feel them Aereon! You cannot escape their special delivery of pleasure.”

Dixon cried out harmonising with Aereon, their green and blue pouches erupting in a pulse of delicious pleasure, and their bulbous bubble of juice was shimmering as it absorbed into their nylon encased bulges.

“I’d like to massage your nectar into your delicious bulges boys, but my hands are a little full right now.”

Parallax ordered Toy to stretch Aereon to the same pressure as he had stretched Dixon and Aereon’s delicious cries made Dixon swoon, the bondage was superb and Aereon and Blaze were driving his mind wild with erotic desire as they writhed and moaned, as if the velvety, pulsating pleasure in his erosuit was feeding him, encouraging the eroticism of their situation.

“Dixon has eyes for you two!” Parallax turned to look toward Blaze and then to Aereon, “…it’s so cute and his piercing green eyes give away his sexuality.” He looked toward Dixon, “…you’re such and easy book to read Dixi boy. You shall have your delicious pleasure Ranger; your bulge will explode as these little puppies arrive and take up residence.”

Dixon was lifting his pelvis, arching his body as much as his bondage could allow and Parallax dropped the light blue swarm on his bulge. The fountain of bubbling nectar attracting the Pleasure Particles like a magnet. He sucked air into his lungs in preparation for his first long and meaty moan.

Aereon too was bubbling, his body twisting toward Parallax as much as Toy’s stretch would allow him, his emission of nectar causing him to gasp in delight as the mini orgasmic pleasure devoured his penis head; his erothong bulge accepted the green swarm of hungry Pleasure Particles drawing them to its beauty, to his erotic majesty. Aereon trembled and screamed, his eruption harmonising with Dixon in a special allegro of delightful cries.

Parallax turned to Blaze, “They sound like they are enjoying their new guests, they welcomed them with fountains of pre-cum Blazey Boy, just look at those frantic little swarms of delicious Pleasure Particles, they’re going to just love Aereon and Dixon!” His hands still a-buzz from handling the two swarms, Parallax bent down and caressed the mountain of red bulge, the fountain of Ranger nectar was plentiful, and Parallax used Blaze’s nectar, his delicious lubricant and smeared the entire full pouch with his palms, massaging along the penis line, caressing each testicle, enamoured by the feel of the erosuit bulge, the feel of the drenched fabric and the way Blaze was thrusting his body in determined, sexual fever.

“Good boy Ranger, Blaze, you are performing admirably, you are such beautiful and obedient hero. Now I mentioned your erection, I want it Blaze!”

Blaze was staring intently down toward Parallax who was working his manhood, squeezing him, developing a mass of pleasure like a wizard, Parallax was multi-tasking, his hands firmly entrenched in his worship of red bulge, but his eyes lustfully staring into Blaze’s.

“N, N, never, NO!” Blaze tried to dislodge his body from Parallax’s devoted hands, he broke the stare but was confronted with the faces of Aereon and Dixon, they were in the midst of their concerto of delight, their extensions of Toy glowing green and light blue, their bodies glowing in the incandescent hue of lights, their bulges seething in Pleasure Particles and to his horror, and in the midst of his own torrent of indescribable delights he watched as the swarms absorbed into Dixon and Aereon’s bulges.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” they each screamed, delightful sounds filled the Toy and their union drowned Blaze out as he screamed “Noooooooooooooo!”

“Now about that Erection!” Parallax was standing, smearing his laced nectar on Blaze’s chin as he gripped Blaze and forcing his other hand’s fingers into Blaze’s mouth. “Taste your defeat, taste your pleasure nectar hero!” His words were filled lusty power and Blaze could feel Parallax’s yearning enveloping him. But it was his nectar that he tasted; his head filled with the minute Pleasure Particles that had emigrated on Parallax’s hands from his bulge. His head exploded, his body tingled all over and his lust for Dixon and Aereon throttled his mind, he felt erotic, he desperately needed to touch and caress his body, he felt the explosion of desire take him into a vortex of lust. His sexual frustration exploding across his face and glaring through his sexy red mask toward Parallax.

Blaze spurted pre-cum onto Parallax’s black body suit and white brief.

Parallax’s face lit up. “Good boy!” he whispered, but immediately pivoted to a command. “Force his erection Toy!” Parallax ordered, “I want Ranger Blaze to fill his pouch with a pulsating full penis of pure unadulterated pleasure, we will initiate his first steps to Universal.

Blaze struggled and twisted, his sexual gyrations only edging Parallax further into his frenzy of sexual dominance.

Parallax stood aside and presented Blaze’s heaving spurting bulge, his beautiful god-like body to Aereon and Dixon, but they were being taken, being devoured by the millions of microscopic devils unleashing their pleasure payloads into their own bulges. Parallax presented the red mass of Blaze’s bulge to them.

“Behold the majesty of Blaze’s penis, his erosuit, along with yours, the most valuable and rare commodity in the galaxy! Behold the beauty of Ranger Blaze!” He paused for effect. “This is no longer yours Rangers, the bulge is mine, his body is mine, he is the property of Bordello, a sexual offering of magnificent and valuable beauty.

Blaze was thrusting, the particles were working the length of his penis, the Fillip enraged and angry inside his penis, emitting its own dosage of Pleasure Particles, activating the flow of nectar, resonating its energy throughout his red mass of man meat. He felt his cock stir, the mini-orgasmic emissions of nectar goading him, encouraging him, his penis was alive, it felt sentient, he was becoming an erotic dynamo in that moment he was becoming pleasure, it was filling his body, it was cascading inside his erosuit like fountains. He looked downward he could see his majestic bulge, he could feel his cock engorging with blood, the growing surface area providing the Pleasure Particles more penile real estate to claim and infiltrate. He was thrusting his hips upward and outward slowly and erotically, his flexions demanding attention and Parallax was caught in the erotic tractor beam of beautiful, sexual red pouch.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Blaze cried out, he was spitting and in a torrent of emotion and sensation. He desperately needed Aereon’s throbbing bulge in his mouth, Dixon’s beautiful powder blue expression of his eroticism was throttling his heart, his sexual desires bursting and every movement of his growing penis inside the wet red nylon pouch, the feeling of the tightness of the fabric through his buttocks was amplifying his pleasure. He had to draw on his Hival power to keep focussing, the pleasure was becoming extreme, it was bordering on torture.

Parallax was drooling, his hands were shaking with excitement, and he was still looking at Aereon and Dixon, he was so proud of Blaze, he was so enamoured with each of their helplessly, erotic, and beautiful bodies writhing, lost in the growing torrent of pleasure. He was almost ready to summon the Hedonic Council, but he wanted Blaze erect; he wanted his Council to return and witness Blaze back in the same momentous edge of his orgasm that they witnessed hours earlier, they would then also witness Parallax’s power over the Ranger Aereon and Ranger Dixon. He knew the Council would demand that Dixon’s erosuit be converted into a thong, like Blaze’s. Parallax craved the Council’s approval almost as much as he craved the three sexual gods tied before him. He had waited patiently to play with Dixon, Dixon was fast becoming his favourite, but he bided his time. He had Blaze to enjoy first.

“Blaze is perfect isn’t he boys!” Parallax turned his attention to the Blaze’s bulge.

R E D majesty was pointing and then retracting hypnotically through the slow erotic motion of Blaze’s hip thrusts. Parallax wanted to suck the sexual package, but he chose to watch, his hands reaching behind Blaze and caressing Blaze’s tight buttocks. Parallax was kneeling on the plinth between Blaze’s stretched trembling legs, his head was close to the beautiful mass of red, he could smell the nectar, he could hear the hum of pleasure reacting inside Blaze’s pleasure pouch, the bubble and spurt of precum and the high-pitched emissions of sound vibrating up through Blaze’s diaphragm were Blaze’s expression his erotic abandon to the power of Toy. He watched closely his attention on the triumphant rise of Blaze’s penis head as it once again pushed through the sea of drenched red nylon making its way upward and slightly left, reshaping the bulge, taking its proud place. The penis was iconic, and he knew that this would be craved by thousands, and his ship, full of horny and rich clientele would clamour for this cock, this regal erosuit will become the selling point for the Bordello.

Parallax did not turn his head; he spoke loudly as he gave the order to Toy. “Ensure this pouch is recorded, I want the fullness of Blaze’s pouch, his glistening and oozing wet bulge recorded, ensure this vision is included in the Blaze menu option.”

Blaze cried out and a huge bubble of juice emerged from his now erect penis lurking inside the red pouch, pushing, and stretching the fabric causing it to refract its sexual god-like persona. It was beautiful, it demanded attention, it was a powerful expression of Ranger Force’s defeat and captivity.

Parallax withdrew his hands from Blaze’s buttocks, he stood up and ran the index finger of his right hand tracing Blaze’s bulge from its protuberance between his stretched legs, the roundness of his testicles and ball sack so magically presented in the drenched nylon, then around and up along the throbbing erection, he moved slowly, his tongue licking his lips, he was watching his finger molesting Blaze, teasing Blaze, then looked into Blaze’s gaping eyes, then around and toward Aereon and then Dixon, his finger magnetised to the sexual masterpiece of Blaze’s red pouch. He felt the Particles on Blaze’s penis, they were buzzing in a frenzy and the tip of his finger tingled with the force of the pleasure as he slowly and deliberately felt the hefty erection, it was full and outrageously sensual to his touch, he felt Blaze shudder beneath his touch, he was commanding this sexual god, this mighty Space Ranger. He worked with every thrust allowing his finger to move in-tune with Blaze as he responded to Toy’s pleasure program.

“This is spectacular Aereon! I will have you in this state of sexual devotion and abandon soon, my delicious Ranger, but I will let you and Dixon accustom your bulges to the Pleasure Particles, they will devour you, and your Fillips will continue to take control of your pleasure, they have my complete permission to devour your penises. Enjoy!” Parallax hadn’t removed his finger from Blaze, he had arrived at the underside of Blaze’s penis head, he had reached Blaze’s glans penis, the corona was his favourite, it was sensitive, and Blaze’s response was erotic. As Parallax traced the outline, he listened to the spits and cries of enjoyment, he felt Blaze shudder and he worked with Blaze, pushing his hips upward and outwards toward the centre of the three Rangers, Parallax’s fingers lubricated by the next globule of pre-cum bubbling through Blaze’s dynamic bulge. He used Blaze’s nectar massaging the penis head, massaging the corona.

Blaze was drooling and spitting with each outburst of enjoyment.

Aereon was crying in delight and desperation, all at once, witnessing the way Parallax was demolishing and de-constructing Blaze’s erotic power. He could not reconcile the evil and erotic beauty of their predicament. His lime green bulge pumping with delectable pleasure, he was becoming overwhelmed.

Dixon pulled on each of his bonds, his bondage was delectable, his bulge, his sexual siren was consumed, the Pleasure Particles, the Fillip were overpowering him. His bondage, Aereon’s bondage and Blaze’s trembling body, so erotically stretched and bound was exquisitely feeding Dixon, preparing him to become an erotic dish for the Council to savour.

“Toy, magnify the pleasure pressure on Blaze’s penis, I want him to spurt pre-cum every second or third emission of his nectar, that will make the sounds of his defeat, when his moans deepen and become throaty, so delectable to the Council!” Parallax smiled and caressed Blaze’s red mask with his free hand.

“Your impressive bulge, your delectable penis will devour you soon Blaze, keep up the good work Ranger, Hero! I think Aereon and Dixon are just so turned on by your sexual dominance of the room Blazey boy!”

Blaze pulled desperately on his restraints.

“You’re so sexual when you struggle and thrust, the Council will just love you even more.”

Parallax then looked toward the centre of ring and instructed Toy to summon the Hedonic Council.

Summoning Council Members, Engaging Holographic Experiential Emitters Toy responded.

Toy was surrounded in a curtain of light lifting slowly and glowing in red and green and powder blue transitions, it was beautiful and hypnotic, Toy hummed ominously.

Intra-space connections secured. Toy announced.

The colours appeared around the curtain of light and intensified as if exploding and three huge faces seemed to appear from inside the intense burst of light and the light faded revealing the three faces peering into the centre of Toy.

“Gentlemen!” Parallax said wiping the left-hand side of his mouth.

“Excellent work Parallax, Ranger Force is finally reunited, I would like to hear your assessment and that of Toy before we begin.” It was Master Tempest, the vampire who spoke first.

Blaze was inside his own tempest of pleasure, his body engulfed in the rich foray partying inside his throbbing red bulge. But he knew the voices, he knew Tempest.

“No!” was all Blaze could muster and his scream took Dixon and Aereon by surprise.

“Yes, Blaze, you remember us, don’t you?” It was Drake who spoke next.

“Gah! Mmmmph” Blaze looked around, the faces were alive and lifelike, their eyes plastered on them, he could feel their evil desires drilling into his soul.

“Oh, the beauty of the trio is unquestionably erotic!” Tarn announced. Tarn lived and breathed perfection, he demanded perfection in everything he invested in. His approval was what Parallax craved.

Parallax then proceeded to describe Blaze’s celestial spiral, the way his mind succumbed to hypnotic suggestive aural and visual control, the control enforced by his Fillip through his penis, through his red bulge. Parallax explained the lure and capture of Aereon and Dixon, the erotic Thraxian rope coils and the progress they had made so far with Toy. Parallax then presented each of the Rangers bulges, beginning with Blaze, he moved onto Aereon’s lime-green majestic mound, explaining the research into this delectable hero, Aereon’s reputation and love of his delicious erothong, his sexual prowess. He described the rich beauty of Aereon’s bulge, the taste and viscosity of his nectar, finally providing a summary of the mighty Ranger’s pleasure capacity.

Tarn’s attention of Aereon was noticeable, every word of Parallax’s report on this beautiful Ranger made Tarn’s smile richer. Drake too, listened intently his eyes darting between each hero, but he was clearly admiring Blaze, his fascination with Blaze was being pumped, by every erotic thrust of Blaze’s hips. Tempest watched and listened carefully, he intended to torture Dixon the moment he laid his eyes of the beautiful young Ranger, but bided his time, Tempest relished his role on the Council and his plans for each Ranger had been brewing in his mind since he first met Blaze.

“Tell us about Ranger Dixon!” The Vampire was almost as handsome as Dixon, but his demeanour and evil nature were the antithesis of Dixon’s loving and warm nature. Tempest, though, was just as inquisitive as Dixon and he was contemplating hours of enjoyment, torturing Dixon’s body, torturing Dixon’s mind and although it was not noticeable by the Council, or Parallax, or the Rangers, the handsome vampire was stroking his huge cock, admiring the beauty of Dixon writhing, and thrusting his hips. Tempest was horny, exceptionably horny but that was noticeable!

Parallax took his cue, he moved toward Dixon, running his fingers over Dixon’s pectorals, squeezing Dixon’s pert, erect nipples, and making Dixon writhe even more erotically. He had the attention of the Council.

“This beautiful creature is the inquisitive one, he is also a sexual masterpiece, an object of erotic majesty. He is beautiful, no?” Parallax announced.

His bulge, his penis, his testicles are perfectly formed, he provides the handler with an explosion of sexual beauty, his penis head is full, it is sensitive, and this brings me to his pleasure capacity. As you know, the Hive powers them, it powers them through pleasure!” Parallax looked to Tempest. “So, if your intention is to torture these gods, make sure you pleasure them first, request the Hival power conduits and dampen their powers just enough, they will endure anything that desire!” Parallax watched as Tempest’s handsome face began to beam.

Tempest burst out in a fit of evil laughter. “Oh, you know me so well Parallax, I do like your mind. I enjoyed deconstructing Luna Lad last time I visited the Bordello, that’s right we held a carnival of pain in Theatre Dungeon. Luna Lad’s screams were so erotic, not a dry cock in that public torture session. Continue.” Tempest was looking forward to what Parallax had in store.

“Yes, a memorable session Tempest. These Rangers will be at your beck and call!” Parallax said turning his attention back to Dixon.

“I see pain in your future Dixi boy, but back to pleasure!” Parallax’s hands descended to Dixon’s erosuit.

Dixon’s struggles resulted in huge emission of pre-cum, the syrupy nectar glistened and coated his bulge, his moan reverberated around the curtain of faces, moving slowly in a clockwise rotation around Toy.

The Council were drawn toward Dixon, his erotic outburst taking their attention.

“His capacity for pleasure is exceptional, he is a perfect candidate for Universal!”

It was Toy’s cue to interject with its report. Ranger Force pleasure ratings are AAA. They can accommodate every frequency in my pleasure spectrum. It is as is if their capacity is joined in a unified continuum of pleasure, most certainly through the actions of the Hive. It is possible to study the Hive, mine its secret data, access the Hival energy force through the Hival pleasure conduit. Through each of these Space Rangers, through their vast capacity for pleasure.

“Thank you Toy!” Parallax grinned.

“We have in our possession a conduit to understand the Hive. Excellence in pleasure, they are bound and helpless at our feet gentlemen!”

“Excellent!” Drake announced, he was horny and the thought of monetising the pleasure of Ranger Force was making his mind and his cock happy.

“I want to see Ranger Dixon’s bulge, make his erosuit into a thong, pull the garment tightly between his buttocks NOW! I want to see the beauty of his body in its entirety, I must see his bulge conform to the erotic form of a thong, his penis, his balls, he is making my mouth water!” Tempest’s eyes were raping Dixon with every sweep.

Dixon glared at Parallax and then to Tempest, his bulge was already screaming with millions of Pleasure Particles caressing his cock surrounding his balls and filling his bulge, his bulge was already sumptuous, and he threw his head up in desperation as Parallax obeyed the demands of the horny vampire.

“Gah!” Dixon’s muscles flexing, his buttocks clenching in desperation, he was putting on a show, so full of pent-up sexual frustration, but Parallax was determined and as the tight erosuit fabric invaded his crack and pulled against his body, as Parallax pulled the sides, twisting them and the adjusting his pouch, Dixon was crying out as the pleasure reacted to the re-formation of his erosuit into a thong. He spurted pre-cum, pulling on his bonds, twisting seductively, in the eroticism of that moment and Parallax then caressed his newly fashioned bulge, skimpier, sexier, his penis displaying inside the majestic wet bulging pouch. Parallax smeared the pre-cum into the powder blue mound and tears dropped off Dixon’s cheeks, his erosuit, turned thong oozing a line of activated pre-cum toward the hungry receptacles at the base of Toy. Dixon looked sideways to see the slowly moving faces gawking at his spectacular body, his handsome face screwing and displaying the thrilling pleasure raping his beautiful body.

“Excellent!” Tarn announced, Tempest was clearly overcome with lust, he for once was speechless.

“Spectacular! I want that erotic moment reproduced on the stage when we reveal these heroes to our guests.” Drake was always the businessman; he too was overcome by the fantastic display that Dixon had just performed. He turned his attention to Aereon.

“Your sumptuous friend puts on a showstopper of a show Ranger Aereon! And as for Blaze, he is truly lux. But I see something special in your handsome face. Your tight buttocks, which you love to display, right? You’re the thong Ranger Parallax tells me, and I must say you are the beauty aren’t you!” Drake’s face was gigantic in the huge curtain of light, his eyes displayed like two huge saucer lenses, and they were focussed on Aereon’s beautiful body.

Aereon fought is bonds as best he could, he could feel the sumptuous Hival energy filling his body, the pleasure conveying a steady stream of Hival energy into his muscles. He looked at the huge face and glared. “Gah, you won’t get away with this, you bastard, I can feel my power coursing through my body, Dixon and Blaze must be full of power too, we will break these bonds and destroy your m, your mer, m, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmn, mission!” Aereon twisted his body and lifted his hips in an erotic arc, his micro-orgasmic explosion of pre-cum shot onto his abdominal muscles and his delicious moan drowned out Dixon and Blaze in that moment of abandon.

“I don’t think so Aereon!” Drake smiled.

“Bordello will allow your Hival power, we want you to have it, BUT we have systems to control it! You, Dixon, and Blaze must be powered up, so you can endure your fates, and play your parts in the erotic purposes of this ship. You will play your parts so well!” Drake continued to play with Aereon’s mind.

Aereon fought his bonds he could feel the Hive, but the dampeners were resisting his efforts as if numbing his power, it was frustrating him to no end. “Gah, you bastards!” he blurted out.

“Turn him, I want a better view of his bulge!” Drake’s order was conveyed directly to Toy and the machine obeyed immediately, turning Aereon’s bondage device outward and facing the curtain of light containing the huge images of Drake, Tarn, and Tempest.

“Now that’s more like it Ranger!” Drake announced, “Such a beautiful view of your body, yes handsome, dark and mysterious, piercing blue eyes, perfectly formed musculature, powerful legs, exquisite arms, a beautiful space hero and that lime green thong you proudly wear, your badge of erotic beauty, well it is sumptuous! It is nice and wet, your juices are pleasing as they form and move through your penis, my beautiful boy? I expect Parallax has been treating your beautiful bulge with special delights?” Drake was determined to work on Aereon’s defiance. “That’s right mighty Ranger, struggle, you are such a sexy god when you do that.” Drake’s smile could have consumed Aereon in one bite.

Aereon screwed up his face and glared at the image of Drake and the other facial images moving around the circle, his anger had been stirred and piqued and in that moment of anger and defiant determination he transcended the screaming pleasure, the party of Particles exploding inside his drenched lime green bulge.

“We will never ever try to please you, you bastards!” Aereon was fighting his bonds in a fury of anger, twisting pulling his body violently, trying to push through the dampeners, restraining and numbing his powers like an anaesthetic. He threw his head around in desperation, his eyes darting to the huge images devouring his beauty. He noticed Parallax approach, walking along the circumference of the light emissions, and as he did Toy responded to his attempts at freedom.

He screamed, he contorted his body as Toy used Aereon’s nipples as conductors of diabolical energy, like two glowing torches of light, white hot, they distributed torturous energy throughout his body in a moment of agony, sublime power, punishing him, drowning out his senses, blinding him momentarily. It dissipated just as fast as it was administered and Aereon found himself lurching and desperately trying to regain his composure, shaking his head, desperately trying to clear the fog in his mind. His spittle flinging along with his stream of pre-cum which had formed into whip of clear juice in his frenzied response to the Parallaxian punishment.

Tempest was drooling at the display and the beauty of this majestic hero’s body convulsing in pain.

“Oh, I cannot wait to torture you Ranger, that was impressive!” Tempest’s handsome face was alight. “But I shall let Tarn milk you first, I think Tarn enjoyed the show as much as me and I know that look he gets, I can see lust in his eyes, I can see your future so clearly Aereon!”

Aereon heard Tempest, but was unable to respond, his panting and recovery were giving way to the realisation and resumption of the pleasure infesting his bulge, Aereon was in a tornado of sensation, on display and helpless.

Tarn took over from Drake and Tempest. “Now, Ranger Aereon, my colleagues know me so well! It’s only fair too! Tempest will devour your Dixon, he is a sweet young thing, Tempest likes to demolish heroes, he has his methods and well, Drake has already demanded Blaze to toy with. But, my beautiful young titan, I want you so bad! I’m very partial to that thong, your tight buttocks demand my attention, your bulge will become mine Aereon, am I clear?”

Aereon pulled forward, his anger raging, but he dared not provoking Toy again. He threw glares of defiance at the Council. “You think you’re so powerful, you freaks, bah!” Aereon’s face changed from anger to abandon, his next pre-cum emission was like silk; his juices erupted inside his bulge, covering his penis head, his sensitive glands with silky, smooth, and exotic waves of pleasure, he felt the Fillip stroking him inside his penis, and the outside of cock effervescent as his activated pre-cum deposited its sumptuous pleasure inside the confines of his bulge. Aereon had thrown his head upward, but he was slowly returning his gaze back toward the Council, licking his lips, enjoying the pleasure as it regained its prominence and control of his senses.

“Prepare the Hero Suite for me! I will arrive at Bordello in several hours, bring me Aereon, I want to examine him personally before he is presented at the gala tonight.” Tarn’s voice conveyed his authority and lust. “You better have cum left in you Ranger; I will milk your personally!”

All three Rangers writhed and twisted, their realisation of their fates dawning on them.

Parallax stood by Aereon, he ran his fingers across the expanse of the wet green bulge, Aereon’s face alight as his pleasure throbbed and raped him. “Sensitise his pouch, Toy; every brush of nylon, every touch on his bulge must energise his Fillip, it must amplify the pleasure inside his bulge.”

Sensitisation program initiated

“let’s try it out Aer!” Parallax said with devious grin, glancing between Aereon’s face, his bulge and Tarn’s excited image.

“No, Mmmm Mmmmph” Aereon’s body turned and twisted, the pleasure filled his penis, it coated his penis and the feel of the fabric on his cock had become and amplifier, his pleasure zapping and exploding, it was as if the Pleasure Particles had been spiked and energised to a new level.

Aereon spurted pre-cum, his bulge pushing upward and outward and his head lobbing forward and backward as he attempted to adjust to his predicament. “Oh God, oh my, gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so exquisite!” Aereon moaned with erotic undertones oozing from his words.

“Perfect, hero!” Parallax said removing his fingers, “…your bulge will almost pleasure itself as we bring you to meet Universal, Aereon!”

Aereon’s device retuned his writhing, spurting body to the central ring facing Blaze’s frantic struggling body, Blaze’s red thong flinging juices in arc like whips.

Dixon’s device turned to face the Council. Dixon’s body was already stretched, and his penis head sensitised, his Fillip was purring and stoking the inside of his cock, and the Pleasure Particles were infesting every crevice, every surface of his balls and penis. His activated pre-cum distributing layers of dynamic pleasure and the inside of his bulge, the wet fabric was coated in Pleasure Particles too, so that every erotic movement of his body caused his bulge to sing. Dixon was drooling, looking at the beauty of his newly formed thong pouch, admiring his buzzing bulge, enjoying the flow of his pre-cum mini-orgasmic eruptions. He looked up toward the curtain of light, it was Tempest, he saw first, he flicked his sexy hair from his powder blue mask revealing his piercing green eyes and his tongue hung from the left-hand side of his mouth. His struggling body an erotic masterpiece on display to his ravenous captors.

“Prepare my chambers, prepare the dungeon for Dixon!” Tempest looked directly into Dixon’s sex crazed eyes. “I might look just as handsome as your Ranger partners, but vamps from my corner of the galaxy are ruthless, Ranger Dixon, ruthless and ravenous; I will enjoy playing with you, dining on you first, then I will sample Blaze and Aereon! Oh, but you my pretty hero will be my crowning joy, your blood, your cum, nectar galore, will satisfy my growing arousal! I’ve already prepared for immediate departure, I need a sexual holiday a lovely holiday treat, and you my sexy Ranger will fit the bill nicely!”

“Gah!” Dixon writhed and struggled glaring at Tempest, he was strangely aroused by the vampire’s striking face.

Tempest then turned his attention to Parallax and the Captain knew exactly what the powerful vampire wanted, oh if you must Tempest, you can have ten minutes!” Parallax said looking toward the handsome face of Tempest.

“I will take what I desire Parallax, it will serve you well to remember that!” Tempest’s eyes narrowed and then intensified drawing Parallax in, drawing the evil captain closer to the shimmering image of Tempest on the curtain of light. Parallax was in Tempest’s control, his eyes turned red, they glowed eerily, and Parallax turned to Dixon, the creepy look on Parallax’s face spoke volumes and Dixon writhed and struggled as much as he was game, having witnessed the punishment that Blaze and Aereon had endured earlier, but Parallax was determined, he was savouring his duties even though the mind compulsion of the vampire held him steadfastly in Tempest’s control.

Dixon looked into the dangerous red eyes, he looked at Tempest, Dixon pulling his bonds in vain attempts to free himself and Tempest changed his demeanour completely in that moment when he looked toward his newfound struggling sexual toy.

“Don’t be afraid Dixon, Parallax will die if he harms you, I have very persuasive and deeply dangerous methods of controlling my puppets. Even across billions of space miles, my control is pervasive and powerful. I control Parallax’s body; his cognitive and sensory systems are now under my control. Now, Dixon, Parallax will convey the feel taste and smell of your sumptuous body to me!”

“Gah! Mmmmph!” Dixon’s struggles, his aroused body, thrusting his oozing bulging pouch filled with his pleasurised genitals, and his muscles flinching inside his tight bondage made him irresistible to Tempest.

“No!” Dixon cried, twisting his body slowly, he was helpless, and this erotic assessment seemed to be never ending.

The pleasure leeched from his bulge across his skin to the touch of Parallax’s hands on each of his arm pits. He began to drool as the delight coursed in his bulge and spiking across his skin.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” was all Dixon could express himself with.

“Mmm, yes I can feel your skin my delicious your hero, Mmm” Tempest’s face was alight with joy. “I am going to enjoy you Ranger Dixon; I can feel my cock demanding more of you!” Tempest said looking from the curtain and simultaneously through Parallax’s face.

Parallax then moved his hands fondling Dixon’s body, squeezing muscles, feeling the beauty of Dixon’s erotic physique.

Dixon’s cries of delight were as mesmerising as Parallax’s face.

He felt the spikes of sensation carry across his body, his pre-cum emissions, the micro-orgasmic outbursts on his cock head were being drawn across his beautiful writhing body, his cries were become deeper and joining with Blaze and Aereon’s delicious moans. The pleasure was exceptional, his bulge was divinity, beautiful and rich. Dixon could not escape the beauty consuming him.

“Your body is exceptional my beautiful Ranger!” It was Tempest’s voice, but it was Parallax saying the words to him, it was creepy and sexual all at once.

Dixon’s spittle flung from his mouth as he abandoned himself to the pleasure. It coated Parallax’s face, but Parallax took no notice.

Tempest then announced via Parallax, “I shall enjoy that erotic bulging pouch of your erosuit mighty Ranger, I will enjoy your buttocks and then we will bring you to Universal, an orgasmic experience of absolution and decadence, delight so rich and flavoursome you Blaze and Aereon will become lost in a maze of orgasmic pleasure, you’ll enjoy that mighty hero, won’t you?”

Parallax bent down, tracing his hands across Dixon’s flesh, feeling every erotic bump of Dixon’s abs and Tempest’s face on the curtain of light and his facsimile on Parallax’s face showed the sheer ecstasy of feeling Dixon’s body.

“Toy, increase Dixon’s pleasure pressure I want to feel his pre-cum nectar spurt into my hands!” Tempest was in a sexual turmoil of delight as the vampire gave the order.

Acknowledged. Toy responded to the Councillor’s demands.

Dixon’s moan was long, it lingered, and his eyes popped, he spurt his pre-cum into Parallax’s hands, Parallax had annexed Dixon’s majestic powder blue bulge, his red eyes glowing, his hands drenched in pre-cum. Parallax then reached around Dixon’s hips, his fingers tracing the twisting tight blue fabric of the newly formed thong, the pleasure followed his fingers causing Dixon’s hip flexions into a new level of amorous seduction.

Dixon could feel the hands slipping and sliding with his nectar, it was enveloping him, his senses, his arousal screaming. What Parallax felt, Tempest could feel; Dixon’s tight muscly buttocks were next in line for Tempest to savour, and Tempest ensured that his molestation of Dixon was thorough and delicious. His satisfied moans filling the pleasure room, filling Toy, and joining with the confluence of each Ranger’s cries.

“Let me taste your bulge Ranger Dixon, spurt your nectar into Parallax’s mouth! I MUST dine NOW!” Tempest’s face was beaming through the curtain of light, the image bulging inward as if clamouring to grab his delicious sexual delicacy. His mouth open, Tempest’s sexual fury was remarkable and inescapable. Parallax’s tongue explored Dixon’s bulge, licking the juices, feeling the firmness of the bulge, the tightening fabric over the Ranger’s genitals, the line of the garment across Dixon’s powerful legs, and Tempest ensured that Parallax’s fingers dug deep into Dixon’s butt crack, they explored as passionately as Parallax’s tongue devoured Dixon’s bulge, but Tempest was determined to feel the warmth of this outrageously beautiful hero’s body and Parallax’s fingers were compelled to search beneath the tight nylon clinging to Dixon’s taint, and between his buttocks, he found Dixon’s love hole, his most private erogenous zone; Tempest was ready to cum, he was billions of light years away, but there in that moment and as he felt the warmth of Dixon’s body, he made his way to Dixon’s prostate and compelled Parallax to massage and squeeze the intimate muscle. It felt exquisite, and strong and Tempest was tasting and feeling the virility of this most delectable young hero. He pushed Parallax’s fingers toying with the muscle and he just loved the way Dixon trembled and he felt the moan envelop Dixon as he spurted his pre-cum into Parallax’s open mouth, it coated Parallax’s tongue and the roof of his mouth. The Ranger’s moan ensured that Tempest’s booking onboard the Bordello was secured.

“That’s enough yelled Tarn!” Tarn was not one to be left out, and he knew very well how Tempest could become ravenous; it was so typical of the vampire, and Tarn was desperate to see their orgasm. Ever since enjoying Blaze’s erotic edging earlier, before they captured Aereon and Dixon, he desperately needed to see the delectable Ranger Force shoot their joint cum loads, he wanted to see the three thongs-of-the-gods, the bulging, straining sumptuous bulges full of tempestuous, Pleasure Particle infested, penises burst inside Universal, the majestic and evolving Orgasm of defeat.

Tempest screwed up his face, his hands plastered on his temples, he was in a world of sexual decadence, asphyxiated with his arousal for Dixon; he could feel the beauty he tasted the pre-cum, he was enamoured by the experience. But he succumbed, only because it was Tarn, Tempest wanted Tarn too, Tempest was always horny, always ravenous and Tarn’s voice boomed across the galaxy in that moment of passion and as usual, Tarn got his way!

So, Tempest released Parallax.

Parallax’s eyes reverted to normal, he came to his senses, his left-hand squeezing Dixon’s left muscly and tense buttock his index finger and middle finger of his right hand were warm, he was inside Dixon, and he was caressing the Ranger internally, his tongue mortared to the delicious fabric of Dixon’s majestic and wet bulge, his mouth zinging with pleasure particles that had been vacuumed from Dixon’s bulge as Parallax sucked for Tempest.

His eyes lit up, and he slid his fingers out from Dixon’s warm boy pussy and then Parallax fell to base of Toy as his senses began to swirl and re-connect with his consciousness. He was being sucked to the floor; he could feel the pent-up rage inside Toy. Parallax laughed looking upward, his eyes were surveying the majesty of Ranger Force from beneath their powerful straining and stretched legs; Green majesty of Aereon, Red perfection of Blaze, the Powder Blue magical sight of Dixon, three streams of oozing pre-cum slapping onto his body, onto his face! Three god like bodies writhing in bondage above him! Had he woken up in heaven? He thought as much! But he burst out laughing, squeezing his hard throbbing cock, Parallax had never felt hornier, but Drake took control.

“Get up Parallax, you can’t have all the fun! Milk them! I want them milked immediately!”

Parallax obeyed, lifting himself as quickly as he could, but he savoured the moment, walking around the curtain of light wiping his face and licking his lips looking at the huge facial images.

“So, the Council approves of Ranger Force, Ha, ha, ha, all in favour?” Parallax had to play the moment licking is lips wiping Ranger Force’s pre-cum across his tight body hugging suit; he knew each of the Council members well.

Tarn’s face broke into a broad erotic smile, it disguised a growing rage, a sexual storm of raging desire was screaming from his eyes. But Tarn, well known in his sector and on the Bordello for getting what he wanted, obtaining only the juiciest, most delectable sexual objects, like his many other tastes and needs. He glared at Parallax.

“Yes, we do!” Tarn spoke for the Council. He spoke quietly and in a very controlled restrained manner, but his tone could not disguise the sexual fervour raging inside him and for that matter, each of his Council colleagues.

Tarn looked at Blaze, but he spoke to Ranger Force as one sexual object. “We will milk you, I want your cum Ranger Blaze, you were so close earlier, but never mind, Universal will devour you soon, your cum Ranger Aereon, your sumptuous body shall deliver your seed, your sensual seed, mmm and I will have you soon my delicious, erotic young hero, and as for you Ranger Dixon, nothing will arouse me more than to watch your body spurt your semen while Universal rapes your cock, your bulge, your body and your mind! Ha, Ha ha!”

He was helpless to stop it, his bulge was a sea of raging pleasure, the hurricane turned and twisted it was a major storm and building in power by the secon, and his penis was majestically growing, he could feel the Fillip expanding, goading him, directing his pleasure rod, pleasuring him with exquisite pounds of ecstasy, devouring his penis inside and outside. His erosuit tight on his body, his pre-cum fizzy as it spurted from his now full and extremely sensitive cock head, his glands alive and responding to very explosion of the Pleasure Particles. Dixon was consumed, his body was alive with Hival energy, but he couldn’t access it, it was forbidden to him, but he continued struggling, trying to break his bonds and save Aereon, save Blaze. They too were sporting their monumental erections, Dixon remembered the taste of Aereon, not so long ago as they made delicate and sensual love waiting for Blaze, blissfully unaware of the snare to catch them. Dixon looked at Blaze, it was impossible for him not to be so aroused, and Blaze could take his attention immediately, his majestic body now in a turmoil of erotic proportions, his long, hefty cock throbbing and straining inside the sexual pouch of red, it dazzled him, Dixon was so horny, his body screaming with delight and then Parallax’s wide eyes, and wet tongue released Dixon from his meandering sexual thoughts.

He felt the tongue and the hot breath on his cheek, Parallax was licking his face, Parallax, said nothing, he turned to Blaze, licking, Dixon despised Parallax for enjoying his beloved Blazey, Dixon then watched as Parallax molested Aereon before standing back in the centre of Toy, between his three erotic captives, writhing and spurting pre-cum through three sumptuous straining bulges, twisting, writhing bodies moaning in abandon to the pleasure caressing their sexual bodies. Then there were the three of the most powerful and ruthless villains the Galaxy, and that of many other of the trillions of galaxies had on offer, they were circling, watching, masturbating, and aroused, demanding their first taste of these delicious Space Rangers’ access to Universal Orgasm.

Universal production engines standing-by! Universal Dimensional Element: Epsilon Zeta Nine, Zero, Zero, eight; ready to admit Ranger Blaze Duke, Ranger Aereon Zelder and Ranger Dixon Archer.

“Proceed Toy, bring them to the brink, let them taste, let them savour the waters of the orgasmic cocktail waiting to pull them in, dragging them by their penises, infesting their erosuit bulges their pleasure conduits into the orgasmic co-ordinates - Epsilon Zeta Nine, Zero, Zero, Eight.”

“No, Noooooooooooooo!” Dixon cried spurting pre-cum into the centre of Toy’s diabolical and hungry system of juice receptacles.

“Time to milk you boys!” Drake was almost ready to cum, just the thought of watching Blaze erupt in fountains of jism was so delectable, so arousing. He was ready to milk Blaze personally, but this virtual entrée was enticing his sexual desires to no end.

Aereon, watched as his throbbing penis head squirmed, the pleasure was ripping into every sensitive cell in his cock, he could see the mouth of his penis through the stretched, drenched green nylon of his erothong, it was breathing his pleasure, giving his pre-cum, he sprayed in his face as he gawked at his bulge, it was as if it was expanding, growing, filling with dynamic, powerful excruciating pleasure, his vision was blurring and, although Aereon couldn’t see it, in that moment of outrageous abandon, but Dixon and Blaze too were straining as best they could, spurting their own juices into their straining faces, gazing deeply into the beauty of their own bulges, focusing on their majestic cock heads, their faces dripping, they were screaming in abandon as Toy nudged them to the edge of Universal.

Tempest, Drake and Tarn were watching intently, pleasuring themselves in their different corners of their galaxy. Parallax spinning in fits of joy between the outrageously, artistic decadence of sexual defeat surrounding him, licking his own pre-cum, he too was screaming in sexual enjoyment and laughing at the top of his lungs as the Rangers, entered the expanse of Universal.

Back on Intrepid3

It had taken several hours to reach this point, but Dale had found them! Hours earlier while undertaking his regular scan of the ship, Dale had noticed that the eroapplicator on Deck B, living quarters had been removed from the ship. He hadn’t perceived the absence of Blaze, Aereon and Dixon in his assumption that that the boys would be making use of their down time to enjoy one of the sexual Atlantis Suite programs. Their pleasure signatures had been strong, so Dale left the Rangers to play. They were excited to see Kroy after all these months he had been away to finalise his training at the Academy and Dale had thought the Rangers would be playing hard in the Atlantis suite, and they were very excited to have Kroy back in their loving arms.

But when Dale scanned the ship and realised the eroapplicator was not onboard, he checked everything! His powerful Hival mind searching meticulously. It was the deep pleasure signature search that revealed the anomaly in Aereon’s pleasure data first. Dale knew each of his Rangers intimately, he had been initialised by their cum and the three pleasure signatures of the Rangers, he was in one sense their joint son, yet he was also a Hival entity and a powerful extension of the Hive. Dale checked the code twice and then re-checked. There was a glitch; a tiny synaptic sub-routine in Aereon’s pleasure signature. He then noticed that the signature was becoming less intense as the minutes rolled on. It was as if the source of the pleasure signature was moving away from Intrepid3 at pace.

Dale checked closely, comparing his knowledge-base against the three pleasure signatures, it was clear, they were mere facsimiles, he used Intrepid3’s internal sensors, the Rangers were not onboard the ship! There were no tracking signals, they hadn’t left any distress signals. Dale could only suspect that there was something in the Glitch. Something sinister.

He tracked the departure of the eroapplicator, two presenter devices from the Atlantis Suite catalogue were also missing from the ship. Dale was confused. But his panoramic galaxy-wide scan; a powerful spere of energy shooting in all directions from Intrepid3 at super subspace velocity found the faint pleasure signal. It was Billions of space miles from the ship, but he noticed the spike, Hival energy was being drawn to the object and the spike was enormous.

Dale’s panoramic galaxy scan detected the Bordello’s Hival array, the Bordello was drawing Hival energy as Parallax pleasured the Rangers. Dale computed the level of Hival activity and immediately contacted the Five Elders. It was not a shock to Dale, but The Five Hive elders were also aware of the anomaly and were tracking the co-ordinates of the energy siphon.

Dale used those co-ordinates and was able to drill deeper into the flow of energy, BAM, he had found them, the energy was being divided three ways, he accessed the destination codes and triangulated the data from Intrepid3 and data collected by The Five. He had located the same glitch, he located Dixon first, then Aereon and finally Blaze. The tiny glitch allowing him to peer through the Hival energy, and it was building it was becoming a mega-flow event. Dale accessed Blaze’s mask, he could see the raging bulge, wet red bulge, spraying pre-cum. Dixon and Aereon too. He heard the words of Parallax.

“Welcome to Universal!”

Dale could hear the devilish captain’s laughing he heard Parallax goading the Rangers, “Let the Universal Orgasm draw you in Rangers, we will enjoy your semen flows soon, Toy has been waiting patiently for hours, Toy wants to taste your cum, you will spurt like the famous, virile, young gods you are!” Dale heard Parallax clearly.

Dale accessed the Rangers pleasure streams; he understood the complex architectural components of Universal and understood the orgasmic code; he worked fast, he needed to work at lightning speed. Intrepid3 was powering its H Drive, his sensors locked onto the glitch and Intrepid3 was powering at Hyper Warp, the Hive Drive screaming as it propelled the ship on an intercept course with the growing Hival siphon into the Bordello. Dale then accessed the orgasmic co-ordinates, all three of his beloved boys were being drawn to the same orgasmic destination within Universal.

“Universal Dimensional Element: Epsilon Zeta Nine, Zero, Zero, Eight.” Dale announced, “Got you boys!” he said with a big triumphant smile and litres of relief oozing from his face, Dale was pleased, he could access their minds as the orgasm took them into the dimensional sensory array of Universal.

He would speak to them inside their unified orgasm. He calculated the speed of the Bordello, and Intrepid3’s pursuit speed, he would intercept the Bordello in eight hours. He knew his Rangers well; he knew they would need to hold on until he could arrive. But he had time to craft his rescue, but he had no time to lose!

The Rangers are cumming along and will be back soon.

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