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Space Rangers
Part 7 - Vega Part 2
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Vega - Part 2

Discord: Scorpio#5862

(Sigma Sector), 680.92.1264, year 4063


Enroute to the Academy for a surprise visit to Kroy’s looming graduation, and 2 years after the events in Sector G, Blaze had slowed the ship to study a beautiful purple cloud of space gas. Blaze was on duty on the bridge while Dixon and Aereon slept in the Ranger’s shared sleeping apartment, down on Deck B, part of their palatial living quarters onboard Intrepid3. They had returned from a difficult mine collapse situation in the Viridian system of Sigma Sector, they returned to the ship after several days of assistance to the mining colony. It was the collapsing mine that had sapped them of their energy, holding back the crumbling mine shafts and the No.7 mine chamber that posed the most difficult rescue situation. Once returned to the ship, Dixon and Aereon collapsed and slept.

Blaze had decided to slow the ship and investigate the purple phenomena, once inside he had scanned the cloud and its consist of space elements and isotopes. It had seemed harmless, but as he was concluding his study, he was jumped by two invisible beings. After a short fight, Blaze had been overpowered and abducted from Intrepid3 to the lurking massive, secret space cruise vessel, the Bordello.

Blaze learned his fate from the huge ship’s captain, who examined him in a diabolical pleasure machine called the Toy.

The Bordello under the command of Captain Parallax was on a continual space cruise delivering sexual delicacies to the mega rich tycoons, politicians and the powerful from around the galaxy. It was a secret pleasure vessel, scouring the galaxy for only the finest space heroes to capture and serve up to its discerning guests as sexual toys. Blaze had become the Bordello’s latest acquisition.

Parallax used mind control on Blaze, the mind-bending celestial spiral into the universal switch combined with a pleasure creature inserted into his penis called a Fillip are being used to control the mighty Blaze who has been returned to Intrepid3 to apprehend and capture his beloved Dixon and Aereon for sexual service aboard the Bordello.

Dixon and Aereon were naked, they lay spooning and oblivious to the fact that the enormous space cruise vessel was cloaked and lurking off the port bow of the ship. It had been a long couple of days, they were exhausted from their heroic work saving those miners.

Earlier, during the mine incident.

The cavern may not have been able to be saved, but they had been able to successfully stabilise the structure enough to get the miners out. At one point, Dixon had to position himself up in the roof of the cavernous underground room, stretching his body against the crumbling subterranean structure and using his power beams like a huge tarpaulin holding back hundreds of square meters of the crumbling rock. Aereon had been making his way through the tunnels, pulling out injured miners, he worked at lightning speed and as quickly as he could and safely as he could to move thousands of miners. Toward the end of the rescue, Dixon was beginning to falter, he was holding thousands of tonnes of crumbling rock and debris, Dixon’s powers were being depleted by the huge mass of rocks and the weakening mine braces. Aereon had to use his power to bolster Dixon’s efforts and as the last miner escaped, Aereon flew up into the cavernous roof to grab Dixon. He surrounded his beloved Dixi in a wrap of energy and as the mine crumbled around them, he pulverised an exit route directly above them. Holding onto Dixon with one arm, his left arm extended shooting powerful energy and a path to safety, Aereon forged their path through the crumbling rock and eventually to the surface of the dwarf planet.

Thankful for their amazing envirosuits for protecting their bodies from the angry collapsing rocks and terrain, they checked each other out, they were gratefully unharmed, and Dixon was also glad for Aereon’s last minute effort to bolster his diminishing stores of power, but they were safe, the miners were safe and after wrapping up their mission, Dixon and Aereon had returned to the Intrepid3 using their trusty, waiting Space Pods. Blaze had the ship in orbit, and had been monitoring the rescue, he had resumed their journey once Aereon and Dixon were safely back onboard Intrepid3.

Little had they known, that during their deep sleep, that the ship had been lured into the cloud by the Bordello. They had no idea that the evil vessel that was lurking so close to them, and that Blaze had been captured, examined, and assessed for sexual servitude. They were oblivious to the fact that Blaze had been hypnotized and had been sent back to lure them to the Bordello to become the next star bondage attractions, the star performers in an array of sexual pleasure performances for the wicked rich passengers of the secret space pleasure cruise liner.

Dixon awoke with a smile starting to flicker on the sides of his mouth. The familiar delightful and playful, but quiet moan behind him was Aereon, attempting not to wake him. But Dixon was just pretending to sleep, he was enjoying the beautiful warmth of Aereon’s growing penis as it gently caressed the edges of his tight butt crack. They had been spooning all through their sleep, Dixon loved the way Aereon’s arms held him dutifully, protecting him, loving him, Aereon had not let him go for hours. Dixon felt secure and sexy, he was in the arms of his beloved Aer, and he could feel the sexual warmth of his partner starting to wake and come to life. Aereon was always the horny one, and Dixon loved him for it. Dixon pretended to sleep for several minutes, the feel of Aereon’s growing member sliding through his buns was turning him on and his own growing erection was giving away his little subterfuge, but he kept it up until the sounds from Aereon became more pronounced. Aereon was nibbling his ear and his little sounds of sexual happiness purred into Dixon’s ear in time with Aereon’s slowly moving penis caressing his butt crack, threatening, so deliciously to delve between his buns. Dixon could not contain his emotions and his sexual urges any longer, Aereon had triumphed, he had stirred him awake and Aereon had succeeded in making him exceptionally horny. Dixon turned his head and kissed Aereon passionately.

His body followed quickly, Aereon tasted delicious, and Dixon used both hands to grip Aereon’s head, holding his beautiful hero close to his face, their tongues entwined. Aereon had a warm mouth, his body too was warm and smooth for Dixon’s own tight body to slide across. Soon their legs were as entwined as their tongues and Dixon could feel the majesty of Aereon’s rock-hard cock pushing into his own growing cock. Dixon rubbed his body slowly and carefully allowing their aroused penises to collide, he knew Aereon was feeling the delightful wisps of pleasure too, so he kept up his gentle yet loving thrust of his sex against Aereon’s.

Aereon loved the way Dixon was holding his head passionately, and the gentle movements of Dixon’s cock making love ever so tenderly to his own pleasure rod felt beautiful, sexual, and perfect in that moment. He reached his strong arms around his Dixi boy and pulled their chests tight before allowing his right hand to wander down and caress Dixon’s perfect buttocks. Dixon and Blaze were the most beautiful creatures in the universe to Aereon, they were more than loving brothers, they had been joined as one by The Hive, and Aereon lay there amid his kiss, enjoying the embrace of their bodies and letting Dixon’s beautiful cock make love to his own. It was a little moment of heaven.

But he felt the need to speak, he needed to voice his love.

He pealed his right hand from the Dixon’s butt but kept his tight hold of their bodies with his left arm. Aereon gently peeled Dixon’s face from his own with his right hand, and he looked into Dixon’s bright green eyes, his face so handsome and Aereon used his fingers to play with the sexy long strands of hair drenched across Dixon’s face.

“You’re so beautiful Dixi” Aereon moaned delightfully with that cute, naughty smile he always had when he was in his Ranger’s arms. “You’re my hero too!”

Dixon’s smile made Aereon melt.

Dixon replied whispering gently “Takes one to know one Aer!”

“I mean it Dixi! I was so busy down in No.2 mine, I had wounded to worry about, and another five hundred or so miners to move through the makeshift passage we had made, but when I looked up to see you up in the roof of that cavern, your body stretched out with your wrists and feet glowing, your sexy red erosuit. Your power like a huge blanket holding back that collapsing roof. Wow you were so beautiful, so sexy, so my hero! I so wanted to fly up and grab you and hold you like we are now.

Dixon had been holding Aereon’s head tight, he felt his body almost shimmer, he felt so thankful, so privileged to have Aereon in that moment’s embrace, he felt his cock sliding against Aereon’s, they were both wet and lubricated. “You moved a thousand miners to safety Aer, pulverising falling rocks and debris, not one was lost in that fury of activity, you’re my hero too, I’m so glad we’re here now together.” Dixon was looking deeply into Aereon’s dreamy blue eyes, and he allowed his hands to loosen their grip, and run through Aereon’s dark hair. He put his right-hand index finger on Aereon’s lips before Aereon could say anything more.

Lifting his body slightly, Dixon slid down Aereon’s body, kissing Aereon’s chest, those pert nipples, his tongue lapping up abs as he made his way down Aereon’s body. He reached Aereon’s penis head and digested the beauty of his partner’s manhood. Aereon’s cock had a slight bend, it was full and meaty, his deep pink penis head was glistening, and Dixon’s eyes devoured the beautiful glob of pre-cum that Aereon produced to welcome Dixon. It sat on the opening of Aereon’s penis and glimmered in the light, drawing Dixon to it like a magnet.

Dixon tasted the warm and sweet nectar immediately, his tongue devoured Aereon’s penis head in several lusty passes. Dixon was very skilled at pleasuring his Rangers, and his mouth knew every millimetre of this penis, they were old friends and Dixon devoured Aereon for several minutes, enjoying the several pumps of Aer juice. His hands busy caressing Aereon’s heaving body.

He just loved the way Dixon worshipped him, Dixon’s love making was always tender and careful. Dixon was a master and Aereon arched his back allowing the pleasure to caress the length of his penis, Dixon’s hungry mouth and tongue would accept nothing less from his beautiful hero. Aereon felt the pleasure intensify slightly, Dixon was sucking the next wad of pre-cum and Aereon stretched his arms across the expansive bed, clutching at the sheets as the pleasure vaulted through his penis. There was a distinct sucking sound and Aereon looked down to see Dixon’s smiling face approaching his own. Dixon was making his way back toward his head, Dixon looked so sexy in that moment, he was biting his bottom lip and staring into his eyes. Aereon felt their penises re-connect and then tasted his own pre-cum. Dixon’s tongue was now working its magic inside his mouth again and Dixon delivered his payload of Aerjuice. The moment was full of passion and beauty. Aereon grabbed Dixon and held their bodies tight in an embrace full of pent-up emotion.

“I love you Dixi!” Aereon whispered when Dixon’s tongue allowed him to speak.

“Shh” Dixon replied and whispered back “Just kiss me hero!”

As if synched somehow, they both pulled out of their kiss and they both whispered “Blaze” to each other.

“I think it’s time we relieve Blazey boy from his bridge duties” Aereon said smiling.

“I’ve missed him these past couple of days and I’m so drained of power, I think we all need to don our erosuits and make love, I really need to regain my powers, and I bet Blaze is horny, he has probably been watching us and getting horny!” Dixon’s eyes were exploding and his face alight with excitement.

They were on holiday as it were, they had finished their duties and were on their way to the Academy to surprise Kroy at his graduation, but they had weeks available to them and it was time to play, they deserved the break and Dixon’s mind was racing with possibilities.

“Blaze always has something sexy up his sleeve!” Aereon replied to Dixon, they were sitting up on the huge bed and were both fully awake. “I bet he has some erotic Atlantis Suite adventures cooked up in his mind too. I hope you’re ready for bondage Dixi, you know what Blazey’s like. Aereon’s look of excitement was palpable, the thought of being tied up by his beautiful and sexy Blaze was making Aereon’s mind run rampant.

“Let’s get into some sexy erosuits and lure him to our boudoir Dixi!” Aereon was jumping to his feet and pulling Dixon up too, Aereon was horny and excited, and it was infectious, Dixon was shaking with excitement too, he ordered the ship to deploy one of the many restraint systems built into their sleeping quarters. Shackles appeared from the roof and out of the bed.

“Mmm, they will do!” Aereon said lustfully feeling one of the wrist restraints that had appeared from the roof. “Blaze will see them and know we mean business!” He flashed Dixon that naughty smile again.

“I’m so horny Aer!” Dixon said walking to the erosuit applicator on the edges of their expansive sleeping quarters.

“Powder Blue erosuit please, I want my cock bulging out, sticking out inside the nylon as a delicious layer, my cock head showing through the fabric.” Dixon commanded the applicator with his legs apart and his feet on the foot pads of the machine.

Aereon’s eyes almost popped, Dixon was so erotic with his arms outstretched and beautiful erosuit draped over his hips. The machine got the specs perfect; Dixon’s penis was exquisite in the erosuit, the fabric caressed his balls, and his penis formed a beautiful pouch, creating the spectacular rounded and proud bulge, the fabric caressed Dixon’s cock and displayed every erotic detail of Dixon’s beautiful body.

Aereon gasped! “You’re so beautiful Dixi, oh my you’re always the delicious one!”

Dixon grabbed Aereon and directed him to the erosuit applicator “Hurry up hero boy!” Dixon commanded, “I’m so horny, make yours your favourite green erothong please…” Dixon was rubbing and admiring his bulge, he enjoyed the way the soft fabric caressed his cock, and his fingers were impressed with the way his bulge protruded the smooth fabric felt spectacular as his fingers explored his bulge. The erosuit felt amazing, his butt felt perfectly supported by the elasticised sensual nylon of the suit and he enjoyed tingles of Hival energy already titillating his bulge. He needed some more power to replace the energy he had lost in the mine rescue and the erosuit was already delivering. “I think Blaze will love this!” Dixon announced with a naughty smile appearing on each side of his mouth.

“Green erothong, make my bulge round and pronounced, I want the fabric to form sexy folds around my balls and make it tight between my buttocks.” Aereon commanded the erosuit applicator, he had his eyes firmly fixed on Dixon’s bulge and butt, he desperately wanted to look as sexy as Dixi.

But it was Dixon’s turn to gasp. The eroapplicator had responded well to Aereon’s request, he stood with his feet on the pads, his arms out from his sides and the lime green erothong sat perfectly on his hips, it produced a stunning pouch, and his bulge was full and rounded, the beauty of this made Dixon gasp, and Dixon stood looking at Aereon with awe.

“Turn around Aer” Dixon said as he approached his magnificent partner and holding out his hands inviting Aereon to step off the applicator and into his arms.

“You are so beautiful man! Blaze is going to cream his erosuit when he sees you.” Dixon said, his hands feeling the beautiful erothong on Aereon’s hips, pulling him around to get a better view of Aereon’s buttocks. Dixon gasped again.

“Do I turn you on Dixi?” Aereon said turning his head and looking downward to Dixon’s busy hands, he was also glancing across to Dixon’s beautifully formed bulge. “You’re looking mighty fine too Dixi!” Aereon commented, he let Dixon’s hands caress his exposed buns, he desperately wanted to turn to face Dixon. The erothong gave him that delicate tingle, that Hival approval and he was getting hornier by the moment, Aereon wanted to spin around and pin Dixon to the wall and worship his beautiful Ranger. But he let Dixon examine him, he let Dixon worship him enjoying the way Dixon’s fingers explored his butt tempting him and tantalising him, but his excitement exploded, he just had to have some Dixi bulge, and he needed it immediately. Aereon span around, grabbing Dixon’s arms forcing them upwards.

“Spread your legs Ranger!” Aereon demanded his playmate.

Dixon complied and Aereon bent down to survey Dixon’s body. His hands were exploring now, he drank in the beauty of his mighty Dixon, smelling him, licking him, but when he reached the powder blue pouch of the erosuit, he looked and worshiped its beauty with his eyes. He couldn’t decide which part of Dixon’s erosuit he lusted for most, the pouch, the fabric, the cute narrow sides? The bulge, oh the bulge, it was exactly how Dixon ordered, Aereon was drunk with lust, the fabric housed Dixon’s beautiful balls exquisitely, the fabric soft and new, its folds were beautiful, and the way Dixon’s penis was arranged made his heart jump a beat. It stuck out like a beacon, it was proud and delicious. Aereon looked up, his eyes caught Dixon’s, “You are a beautiful, sexy man Dixi! I want every part of you, and I will devour you slowly and completely my beautiful boy.”

“Can pull my hands down?” Dixon asked with a playful and loving look in his eye.

“Oh, Ooo kay” Aereon replied playfully too.

Dixon grabbed Aereon’s head, since he had been granted permission to lower his hands, Dixon liked to play the subordinate one, he loved being captured in their sexual play times and being milked by his beautiful captors and his mind was racing, today was play day, they had all day to act their sexual desires and to love each other. Dixon lifted Aereon’s head upward, drawing Aereon to stand and although his mind was screaming to enjoy that green mound of Aereon bulge, he needed to kiss Aereon desperately.

They kissed passionately in each other’s strong arms for several minutes.

Aereon spoke first, he was super aroused, and frisky. “I mean it Dixi, you are going to be devoured, slowly and deliberately, I see bondage in your future my beautiful Space Ranger boy.”

The look of expectation in Aereon’s face was breath-taking.

“Let’s get Blazey, I can’t stand another second without him.” Aereon said. “He’ll not want to miss you my stunning boy!” Aereon’s hands were all over Dixon’s nylon encased buttocks.

“Yeah, he better be careful, Aereon is on the prowl!” Dixon responded with sexy undertones in his voice. “We have a big day of fun ahead; he won’t want to miss any of the action!”

Aereon looked upward, peeling his eyes from Dixon’s handsome and sexy face, he spoke loudly and as if into the ceiling.

“Ranger Blaze, report to the Ranger rest room immediately! You better be sexy and ready for action boy; Dixon is horny, and we desire you.”

Aereon looked back toward Dixon, “That ought to do it, let our play day begin.”

Blaze had arrived back on the bridge earlier, he watched his two delicious partners wake and prepare, his desire for them intense and his desire to deliver them to Parallax burning inside his mind. Parallax’s systems had returned him to his Bridge Integration seat, Parallax wanted Blaze’s pleasure signature to feed into the ship’s systems, keeping up the ruse that Blaze was onboard. Parallax needed Intrepid3 to suspect nothing, and before the ship realised he had captured the Rangers, the Bordello would be light years away on its secret voyage of debauchery and with three new lucrative star sexual attractions.

Blaze felt the next release of Pleasure Particles, his bulge felt luxuriously nice, they complemented the ship’s blue integration field caressing his erosuit. He was still we wet with pre-cum and the layer of Hival energy buzzing on his erosuit added to the enjoyment, his eyes were rolling back into his head, he was delirious and happy, determined to fulfil his mission. He moaned softly, satisfied with the luscious tender pleasure tantalising his bulge, his cock felt amazing as he watched Dixon and Aereon on the huge bridge info screens, the sight of them being applicated into their new erosuits made his cock smile, he too was sporting a healthy grin glancing across to his coils of Thraxian rope, it’s discrete red glow making Blaze all the more horny, he couldn’t wait to have his two sexy rangers tied up in that rope, they were already horny and the lure of his pre-cum and the delicious erotic energy produced by the rope will ensure Dixon and Aereon would be presented to their captor in a horny, sexual state, perfect for Parallax to assess them. His promised orgasm was palpable on his lips, Parallax had promised, he remembered clearly; he needed to obey, he needed to lure and capture his beautiful Rangers.

Blaze watched their kiss, he heard every word between Dixon and Aereon as if he was standing there kissing them too, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on them, they were two sexy men ready for fun, Aereon looked so perfect the way he held Dixon in his arms, his exposed perfect buttocks made Blaze hornier by the moment. Dixon’s powder blue erosuit was the most beautiful thing too, and he wanted his hands all over it as much as Aereon was enjoying their Dixi. He glanced at his rope again, he couldn’t wait to use it on them.

The words boomed into the bridge, “Ranger Blaze, report to the Ranger rest room immediately! You better be sexy and ready for action boy; Dixon is horny, and we desire you.”

That was his cue. He couldn’t de-integrate fast enough and get to his feet. He decided not to atomise directly there though, he would enjoy every step of the journey to Intrepid3’s lift and make his way to their sexy rest and play area on foot.

Parallax watched through Blaze’s mask using the little device he installed prior to him being deployed on his mission. “That’s a good boy Blaze, make sure you enjoy every delicious step, Fillip will pleasure you, it will reward your service hero. You’ll also be parading your unique pleasure signature through the ship as you go, good, the ship will not suspect a thing. Capture them, Obey.

Although Blaze was unaware of Parallax’s surveillance, nor could he hear Parallax’s words, he was perfectly in tune with the program, as if it had been instilled into his mind, Parallax’s control was devious and complete.

Every step felt beautiful, his body felt strong, his erosuit was tightly filling between his buttocks, the thong had been created for the lustful Hedonic Council members and it made Blaze feel ultra-sexual, every step felt luxurious, and his red bulge felt every nuance of the delicate and enticing pleasure the Fillip was rewarding him with. He found himself in the lift and he couldn’t stop admiring the way his penis draped inside the erosuit thong, he ran his finger tracing his beautiful bulge, it was a mountainous beauty, full and now wet, his special pre-cum laced with Parallaxes special isotopes, added to the way his cock felt.

Deck B – living and conference facilities. The lift announced.

He had arrived, he held the glowing coils of rope in his left hand, and he licked the juices from his right hand which he had been using to caress his bulge in the lift. Blaze stepped out of the lift determined and on point, he was never more excited and hornier, he needed to touch and taste his two favourite creatures in the whole galaxy, he was even more excited about the prospect of capturing them and tying them up, his lust for bondage somehow fuelling the desire to please Parallax in a diabolical way.

He arrived at their rest and play quarters and stood leaning against the door.

Dixon was plastered against the wall near their eroapplicator, Aereon was plastered onto Dixon, his arms outstretched making sure Dixon could not escape his body, pressing Dixon to the wall. They were kissing and Aereon’s buttocks were slow pumping, their erosuit bulges rubbing together. They looked so outrageously beautiful in their love play and Blaze quietly watched them for a while before clearing his throat playfully.

“Ugh Hmn, Ugh.” It was the most playful Blaze could muster and Aereon’s head turned, pulling back from Dixon’s face to allow Dixi his view.

Aereon peeled himself from Dixon, who grabbed Aereon with a huge smile on his face. They both gawked at Blaze with desperation and anticipation coursing through their bodies. They were speechless at first, and just stood there looking at Blaze, taken by the majesty of his beautiful body, that erosuit thong pouch demanded their attention and the way Blaze stood, twisting his hips, looking over his body, and then back to them was an erotic invitation that neither could resist. But they stood in each other’s arms mesmerised by the sexual creature standing before them.

“I came prepared, I hope you don’t mind boys?” Blaze said in a sexy voice after licking his lips, he glanced toward his erosuit and then back toward Aereon and Dixon, he glanced at the glowing coils of rope he had in his hand.

“Tie me up!” Dixon blurted.

“Do you boys want some of this?” Blaze asked.

“Man, you are a sight for sore eyes Blazey!” Dixon had nudged his jaw shut before he spoke.

Aereon was spell bound, there was something about Blaze, something alluring, and he desperately wanted to get put his finger on it! “Looks like your bridge integration shift was productive, can’t wait to hear what fabulous facts you’ve got for me!” Aereon was joking of course, facts and data were the furthest things from his playful mind in that sexy moment.

“May I come in?” Blaze asked in a light-hearted and frisky tone, he didn’t wait for the answer, he stepped into the room throwing the glowing rope aside onto the expansive bed.

“I’ll use that rope later boys, I’ve got plans for you in the Atlantis suite, big plans and well, you see, you will have to be taken there tied up, I won’t say no! You know the drill, especially you Dixi boy and as for your Aereon, you won’t be my partner in crime this time, I will have you both as my captives. I want your pleasure; I want your juicy milk and I will work both of your bodies slowly and deliberately!” Blaze’s erotic plans sounded enticing.

“Oh really, is that so!” Aereon said looking toward Blaze, his fingers toying with the warm tip of Dixon’s bulge.

Aereon and Dixon moved toward Blaze as if synchronised, they could not resist his magnet, that perfect body wrapped in the erotic red garment, his tiny but pronounced pelvic movements and his rolling eyes broadcast his sexual attraction like crazy.

Aereon moved behind Blaze and Dixon moved into position in front of Blaze.

Aereon took no time before his hands were exploring Blaze’s pert peachy buttocks, Aereon loved every inch of Blaze, he worshipped Blaze with every loving touch.

Dixon too, he stood close enough to Blaze to allow his to view Blaze’s beautiful musculature, his eyes drinking in the handsome features of Blaze’s face. Dixon’s fingers exploring, Blaze’s pecs, while his eyes investigated Blaze’s through the sexy red mask on his face.

Blaze felt the pleasure fill his bulge, it was sensual and delicate, the Fillip buzzed discretely in his penis delivering the latest deployment of Pleasure Particles. Blaze stifled a sexy little moan and his hips twisted upward. The display so erotic, so alluring, Dixon was helplessly in Blaze’s control, and he glanced down to watch Blaze’s beautiful bulge slowly thrusting upward toward his eyes, the bulge producing a clear and thick offering of precum. Blaze lifted his head in delight, the precum deposited a wave of tingles across his pouch, his nectar attracting his prey with pinpoint precision.

Dixon was salivating, his hands cupping Blaze’s handsome face, gently pulling Blaze’s gaze toward him. “You are so sexy Blaze; I want you so much! Yum!”

Blaze had noticed the restraints protruding down from the ceiling while his head was facing upward in that moment of pleasure he had just experienced.

“I want you to restrain me Dixon, I somehow have so much nectar, my cock is super sensitive, it must have been the bridge integrator, I don’t know, but it’s made me so horny, restrain me, please! I will feed you and Aereon before I tie you up and take you to the fate, I have awaiting you!” His naughty smile was irresistible to Dixon.

Aereon looked up having heard Blaze’s request, he had been licking Blaze’s buttocks and the thought of Blaze’s powerful legs stretched out and restrained made every sexual cell in his body come to life. He moved Blaze’s ankles to the floor restraints stretching his legs outward from his body, locking Blaze in the play system and then stood up behind Blaze. He reached for each of Blaze’s arms gripping him by the wrists along with Dixon from Blaze’s front. They simultaneously lifted Blaze’s arms upward and outward to each of the restraints above his head. The restraint system automatically gripped his wrists tightly, retracting back into the ceiling pulling Blaze’s body tight.

The bondage fed Blaze’s erotic needs, the Fillip responding too, he remembered the hypnotic words of Parallax – ‘you shall have your orgasm’, it made him ravenous, and his bulge was erupting in the latest gentle diaspora of Pleasure Particles, in time to scintillate Dixon and Aereon.

Blaze’s moan was sexual, his bulge felt the luxuriously delicate pleasure, and the feeling of the restrains pulling his body, made him hornier.

“Mmmm,” he started to thrust his hips and pull on the bondage, his little sexual game was so enjoyable, so sensual. “Gah, what are you doing to me you fiends?” He pulled on his bonds, twisting his body, he was enjoying the role play.

Dixon enjoyed the switch in roles too. “Struggle all you like hero, you are bound here for our pleasure!” Dixon was standing back, both hands on his own spectacular erosuit bulge, rubbing himself, caressing the curves of his penis inside the nylon. While drinking in the majesty of Blaze’s erotic body draped in the red thong, writhing, and he noticed the glisten of Blaze’s precum appearing on his spectacular bulge. Mmmm Dixon thought to himself as he pleasured his own powder blue pouch, the sight of Blaze being worshipped by Aereon from behind was so arousing. He couldn’t wait for what Blaze had in store for them, Blaze always delivered the goods!

“Never! You will never get my juices!” Blaze kept up the play, thrusting his body.

Aereon had both hands attached to Blazes hips, gripping Blaze, and allowing him to keep thrusting, he was bending behind Blaze, his tongue exploring the crevasse between Blaze’s buns, pulling his face into his meal. Dixon could hear Aereon’s hungry moan. The scene was driving Dixon’s mind, Dixon enjoying the perspective of the villain for a change.

“Your juices hero are not yours to control!” Dixon said with a smile on his face approaching his writhing prey. Dixon twisted Blaze’s left nipple and he grabbed Blaze’s hair, pulling him to look toward him. “Is my colleague annoying you hero?” Dixon glanced down toward Aereon, still engrossed in worshipping Blaze’s buttocks. “Or are you secretly enjoying his devotion to your body? You see, your body is mine to enjoy, you are helpless hero!” Dixon kept up his tantalization of Blaze’s nipple with one hand, gripping Blaze’s hair with the other.

Blaze looked at Dixon with the best defiant eyes he could muster, his penis felt delicious, Aereon’s tongue was working him perfectly. “Gah!” Blaze tried to break Dixon’s grip on his hair, but then succumbed to his erotic captor “I will do my best not to feed you my juices, I have a very strong will and power! Gah!” Blaze’s struggles were driving Dixon and Aereon wild with lust.

“We shall see hero!” Dixon said, he let go of Blaze’s hair but gripped Blaze’s jawbone. “I’ll be happy to break your will, your super bulge is mine, and from what I can see, you are already offering your juices up.” Dixon moved his grip to the back of Blaze’s head forcing his captive to peer down toward his own sumptuous bulge.

Blaze watched the next deposit of his laced precum emerge on his mound of mounting delicate pleasure. “You fiend!” Blaze’s voice peppered with sexual undertones was directed at Dixon. Blaze gasped as the gentle sensation filled his penis and his bulge, his eyes flickering with delight. He slowly pointed his hips upward, it was erotic and irresistible to Dixon.

Parallax too, could see Blaze’s bulge, he could see everything through Blaze’s mask, he watched the delicious Ranger nectar appear on the red mound. “Good Ranger, you are performing exceptionally!” Parallax said, he then sat back to enjoy the show, while Tom and Beau began to modify the Toy to accommodate the three Rangers. Parallax, rubbed himself, his erotic plan was unfolding perfectly, he would soon be assessing Ranger Force for sexual service.

Dixon let go of Blaze’s nipple and released Blaze’s head, and their eyes met in a moment of passion. “Let’s see what this hero tastes like, shall we?”

“No! Please, no?” Blaze whispered, and as he did, he felt the pleasure radiate, Dixon’s fingers were exploring his red bulge, they slipped and glided across the perfect roundness of his penis. Blaze was in heaven with Aereon’s tongue worshiping his butt and Dixon’s fingers caressing his bulge.

Dixon was in heaven too, the feeling of Blaze’s balls, his penis, all wrapped up in the erotic pouch of nylon was sumptuous. He loved his Blaze, and he loved the way Blaze was giving himself to them, his playful game so erotic, so perfect. Dixon moaned too; his happiness, his love for Blaze and Aereon was welling up inside him. He put his precum coated fingers in his mouth, smiling toward Blaze. Blaze was in heaven as well, biting his bottom lip watching Dixon consume his spiked nectar.

Parallax, taken with Dixon’s beauty, watched too through Blaze’s mask, enjoying the show, knowing Dixon’s reaction would be exquisite.

Dixon knew exactly what Blaze tasted like, he knew his Rangers and Kroy’s distinct flavours, but as soon as Blaze’s nectar touched his tongue, he could tell Blaze was offing something amazing. Dixon sucked every drop of Blaze’s juice from his fingers. His eyes widened and his mouth was alight with joy. He had no idea, that he was ingesting microscopic Pleasure Particles, nor did he understand the special isotope which was pleasuring Blaze’s penis with every delicious secretion of his juices. All Dixon knew, was that Blaze was amazing him again! Blaze always had something beautiful to share with he and Aereon, and Dixon’s delight was immediate and delicious. Dixon’s eyes rolled, his head enveloped in a field of delicious energy, the gentle pleasure filled his mouth and his mind demanded more!

Must have more, oh god, I must have Blaze’s bulge, mmm red, delicious Ranger bulge, oh god, so good. Dixon’s mind, his desires were flowing like a raging current, he was hornier than ever, and Blaze could tell, Blaze watched along with Parallax as Dixon’s face lit up, they could see the reaction clearly.

Blaze then licked his lips, Aereon was still worshiping his butt, however the feeling of Aereon’s right hand reaching through his stretched legs and caressing the underside of his bulge made his testicles vibrate and shimmer. Blaze threw his head upwards and moaned loudly in response to Aereon’s erotic exploration of his bulge from behind, and the Fillip ensured that Blaze produced a bountiful portion of juice for Aereon. Blaze was shuddering in delicious sensation and Aereon’s expert fingers caressed and squeezed him with precision, they obtained their bounty of nectar while Aereon continued his devoted worship. Aereon slid his hungry fingers back through Blaze’s trembling legs and Aereon lapped up the juices from his glistening fingers.

Aereon too was bewitched instantly. His head, his mouth captive to the evil devices of Parallax. There weren’t many Pleasure Particles, but there was sufficient to capture their minds, sufficient to stimulate their horny lust up a notch, enough to fuel a need for more. Aereon moaned and burrowed his face as deep into Blaze’s buns as he could, he couldn’t get enough of the tight red nylon pulling against Blaze’s body. Aereon was in a frenzy of desire fuelled by Parallax’s lure.

Dixon gripped Blaze’s face again, he was enraged with lust. “I will dine on your bulge Ranger, you will give me your nectar and feed me!”

Blaze played along, pulling, and struggling in his bondage, his hips pushing toward Dixon, he glared at his captor, “Never you fiend, Gah!”

That was all Dixon needed, he lowered himself kneeling before Blaze’s erotically thrusting bulge trap.

Dixon put his hands on top of Aereon’s hands, Aereon was gripping Blaze’s hips in his own fit of eroticism from behind, Dixon paused to survey the beauty of the pouch, the erosuit turned thong was exquisite, every curve, every protuberance displaying Blaze’s sexual majesty flawlessly, but it was the way Blaze, twisted in that final moment, the sounds of delight coursing through his body, the way the next globule of nectar appeared on the tip of the bulge, that gripped him. Dixon pulled his face into the red wet mound, his mouth open and hungry, his tongue desperate for more of that plentiful nectar.

Dixon fed, he worshiped Blaze with deep intense effort, he sucked the bulge, his tongue worshiping every millimetre of the bulge, sucking, gasping for air. Dixon fell backward on their shared bed after his feeding, his body was in a frenzy of delicious sensation, his powder blue erosuit, showing his own growing wet spot on his own mighty bulge. His head engulfed in pleasure, Blaze’s juices were a powerful aphrodisiac and he lay on his back writhing, his hands caressing his body, he could feel his body becoming a sensual temple, it was bewitching him.

Aereon saw his opportunity for his fill of whatever Blaze had served to Dixi.

Wow I’m going to devour Dixi, he looks so erotic playing with himself, must get me some Blaze juice, need Blaze’s bulge then I want Dixi’s bulge, oh god I love these boys so much. Aereon was taking the bait too; Blaze’s bondage ruse working to plan, drawing his prey just like the devious pleasure hungry plants on Thraxia bewitching their prey, drawing their quarry in to their fate.

“I’ll have some of what he’s having!” Aereon said as he moved around to Blaze’s front. Aereon was caressing Blaze’s face enjoying his captive. Blaze played the struggling hero captive perfectly, he thrashed in his bonds, twisting his body and as he expected, his bulge was suddenly alive with a fresh deposit of Pleasure Particles, the Fillip was very active inside Blaze’s penis, driving Blaze’s ploy perfectly for Parallax.

Aereon was taking the bait. He couldn’t keep his eyes off his struggling beautiful hero and when Blaze began to radiate his latest wave of delicious pleasure, biting his bottom lip, and looking into Aereon’s eyes with passion, he achieved his goal, Aereon was snared!

“Have a taste hero!” Blaze investigated Aereon’s hungry face.

“Don’t mind if I do! I will devour your bulge Ranger Blaze, then I intend to tie up Ranger Dixon, I will have you both in my clutches hero!” Aereon relished the role of villain.

“I won’t give you, my juices!” Blaze spat back to Aereon pretending again to be the defiant captive.

Aereon put his finger on Blaze’s mouth, “I’m going to devour you Ranger!”

“Gah!” Blaze struggled for Aereon, “No, no! Please No?”

Aereon laughed and lowered himself, he was on his knees, he was transfixed at the sheer beauty of Blaze’s body, his red and yellow erosuit drenched in pre-cum and Dixon’s saliva. Aereon’s eyes could not get enough of Blaze’s beauty, the round bulge sticking out and covered in delicious red nylon, Aereon could see Blaze’s majestic penis head inside the wet garment, he watched the next discharge of clear delicious juice form on Blaze’s red bulge, he was fascinated by the way Blaze shuddered in delight, looking down to him and crying out, “No, must not give him my nectar!”

Blaze’s eyes rolled when Aereon’s mouth opened and sucked as much bulge as he could take. Aereon’s tongue took the first coating of juice, Pleasure Particles filled his mouth and exploded, it was sweet, warm, and delicious, his head began to shimmer, and he could hear Blaze’s cries.

“No, can’t let him feed on my bulge, No!”

Aereon gripped Blaze’s buttocks, he pulled Blaze’s body into his face, his tongue licking, he was feeding like a crazed hungry man, he couldn’t get enough of the juices, the bulge felt amazing on his tongue, Aereon was enthralled, his face wet with Blaze’s juices and his body began to feel warm and sexual, very sexual.

Aereon was hooked, he was in another world like Dixon, and he too laid back on the huge expansive bed, and like Dixon, he was on his back, his legs spread, he was thrusting his hips in erotic gyrations and his hands were running all over his body, he was in a world of erotic decadence, a captive to his enhanced sexual needs.

Blaze too was in a world of pleasure, but his mission was priority one! He looked down from his bound position down toward Dixon and Aereon, each writhing erotically in a world of delicious stimulation. Blaze then looked up toward the restraints pulling at his body and gave the release order.

He dropped to the floor and jumped up on the bed and made his way to Dixon. Dixon’s green eyes were sparkling, his smile enormous, his hips slowly thrusting. He looked at Blaze with eyes full of lust. “Give me some more of your nectar Blazey, I need it, oh wow, what did you do, I feel amazing!”

Blaze straddled Dixon’s face, he lowered his bulge into Dixon’s face. “Shh my delicious Dixi, have some more nectar!”

Blaze began to worship Dixon’s bulge, his fingers massaging the penis head below the sumptuously soft powder blue fabric. Blaze was in love with Dixon’s pouch, he was so attracted, so drawn to it. He muffled another moan as the Fillip released a load of Pleasure Particles, for Dixon to consume. Blaze could hear and feel Dixon’s voice muffled by his bulge.

“Feed Dixi, feed!” Blaze whispered, his mind intent on enjoying Dixon’s bulge in that moment of delicious, yet diabolical ensnarement.

Blaze dismounted Dixon, he changed position and kissed his beautiful, but bewitched Ranger. “Lay back my gorgeous boy, enjoy the beauty of the pleasure, I have something amazing to surprise you with soon, I’m going to tie you up, Mmm, Dixi likes his bondage!”

Dixon looked into Blaze’s eyes, his look dreamy, he was lost in a world of delight. “Yes, tie me up Blazey, I’m yours to enjoy!” Dixon’s eyes rolled backward, and Blaze made his way to Aereon, allowing Dixon to marinate in pleasure.

Aereon was twisting his body, lost in a self-absorbed world of sensual thoughts, he had both hands gently brushing his beautiful green thong bulge. He looked up at Blaze, Blaze had arrived at his bulge too. “Hey, Mr Handsome, do you like what you see?” Aereon looking at Blaze, stretching his legs wide to provide Blaze easy admission to his thong bulge, the lime green masterpiece of erotic fascination drawing Blaze like powerful tractor beam.

“Oh, very much so!” Blaze responded, he was pushing Aereon’s legs apart and then gently moved Aereon’s hands from his sexual offering. Blaze replaced his own hands tenderly on Aereon’s bulge. Aereon felt so perfect, his genitals were warm and firm to Blaze’s gentle squeezes. Blaze looked intently at Aereon’s beauty, watching his own fingers trace the extremities of the majestic lime green hero bulge, following the folds of delicious soft fabric caressing Aereon so erotically. Blaze lifted Aereon’s hips off the bed, he then applied his tongue to Aereon’s taint, enjoying the scent, the sexual perfection drinking in the beauty of the tight fabric filling the cleft of Aereon’s perfect buttocks. He licked his Ranger carefully and expertly and Aereon gripped the bed again, purring. Blaze was not finished, he moved to the spectacular lower bulge, his mouth tasting Aereon’s inviting nylon wrapped ball sack. Blaze purred and trembled, it was the Fillip again; as if demanding Blaze feed Aereon his juices. Parallax was loving the show, but was becoming impatient.

Blaze obeyed the pleasure resonating throughout his bulge, he wasn’t finished with Aereon’s bulge yet, but the pleasure compelled him, it commanded him to feed Aereon. He had no choice, he obeyed.

Blaze positioned his lower bulge in Aereon’s face. Aereon was in heaven, smelling Blaze just fuelled the erotic urges surging through his body invading his mind. Aereon tasted the wet garment, feeling Blaze trembling on top of him, he sucked the moist pouch and Blaze reciprocated moving his hips so that Aereon could access the beautiful bulge of his penis, his penis alive with exploding Pleasure Particles. Aereon’s tongue located Blaze’s familiar penis head, he felt the energy, sensual sensation bridge into his mouth and then Blaze shuddered allowing a huge globule of pre-cum to fill Aereon’s mouth. Aereon was gripping Blaze’s hips pulling Blaze’s bulge into his face. Blaze reciprocated, lifting Aereon’s hips into the air and toward his mouth. Blaze was captivated by Aereon’s erothong, the lime green bulge so exquisite, his mind absorbing the beautiful moment of pleasure as he dined on Aereon’s sex whilst simultaneously feeding his beautiful Ranger his laced syrup.

He wanted to stay in that moment of erotic decadence but followed the compulsion to capture these two beautiful gods and deliver them to Parallax. So, he gently replaced Aereon’s body back on the bed and dismounted Aereon’s face. He stood up at the end of the bed looking at his two erotic captives writhing in self-absorbed ecstasy, drunk almost.

The effects of the Pleasure Particles would only last a little while, but he had them bewitched they would comply with everything he suggested to them. He watched their beautiful erosuits twisting and thrusting, their muscles flexing and contracting as the potion of pleasure exploded across their bodies.

Parallax was very pleased with Blaze; Parallax was poised to present Ranger Force to his Hedonic Council and then to his manifest of horny passengers. But first he would enjoy the trio, he needed to assess the beautiful Dixon, he needed to assess the erotic Aereon, and Blaze would be rewarded with a universal orgasm once Parallax released him from his spellbinding control. “Keep up the good work Blaze! Bring them to me!” Parallax demanded.

“I will restrain you boys now!” Blaze rubbed his bulge, thrusting his hips, he was so erotically charged; the thought of binding these two divine beauties was arousing every sexual cell in his being. He bent down grabbing Dixon.

“Come on man, up you get!” Dixon was coming out of his stupor and obeyed Blaze’s command; he stretched his legs obediently knowing his normal captive hero role would turn Blaze on. “Get on the eroapplicator Dixon!” Blaze took Dixon’s arms forcing them behind Dixon’s back holding them tight. Dixon twisted his body, playing the captive. “Gah, what are you going to do to me!” Dixon said struggling.

Once on the applicator Blaze demanded Dixon be masked with a matching powder blue sexy mask.

“Restraint presenter device.” Blaze ordered pointing his head and looking to the left of the eroapplicator device. The device appeared, it’s restraint systems open and Blaze, forced his captive to the device. “Stretch your legs hero, Dixon pretended to fight Blaze, but Blaze pushed Dixon with enough force to let his captive know he meant business. Blaze forced Dixon to mount the presenter, pulling his recalcitrant captive’s legs into the ankle restraints. Blaze pushed Dixon’s body, backward onto the seat of the presenter and pulled his captive’s arms back to the wrist restraints, one by one. Once secured Blaze ordered the machine.

“Stretch the captive!”

The device pulled Dixon’s arms backward, slightly out from his hips, his legs were forced outward, and the seat pushed forward presenting Dixon’s powder blue erosuit to Blaze as a sexual offering.

“Mmmm now that is beautiful Dixon!” Blaze could not keep his hands from feeling the beautiful garment, he was taken with the beauty of Dixon’s spectacular bulge, allowing his fingers to explore the entirety of Dixon’s nylon pouch. “Yes Dixon, you are perfect.” Blaze let his hands explore the rest of Dixon’s body for several minutes, but his eyes could not resist the allure of the magnificent bulge Dixon offered him.

“Stay put Dixi, I have another captive to subdue.” Blaze turned his attention to the lime green thong and Aereon’s beautiful body on the bed. Aereon was just coming out of his stupor, his eyes were back focusing and when he realised that Dixon had been captured by Blaze his eyes nearly popped. “Man, he is beautiful!” Aereon purred his eyes fixed on Dixon’s predicament.

Blaze bent down smiling at Aereon. “You, my delicious mighty hero are next, have I got some things planned for you and Dixi, now get up!” Blaze demanded.

Aereon stepped into the roleplay immediately. “No, never!” was his playful response.

Blaze was having fun, he grabbed Aereon forcing him up to his feet, grabbing Aereon’s arms with one hand and Aereon’s throat with the other hand.

“Do as I say hero, and you will not die!”

“Bah!” Aereon twisted his body but was unable to release himself from Blaze’s grip.

Blaze followed the same procedure as he had utilised with Dixon, and once Aereon had his lime green mask applied to his face, Blaze ordered a second presenter, which appeared at the right of the eroapplicator and soon Aereon was stretched and presenting his green erothong bulge erotically. Aereon and Dixon struggled in their bondage, twisting their delicious bodies, throwing the heads around and grimacing their faces. Their erotic roles made Blaze tremble with delight, Blaze’s bulge producing the next wave of Pleasure Particles. Blaze thrust his pelvis, the sight of his two captives exceptional and erotic. Blaze tightened the sides of his thong, purring as his penis and balls resettled into pouch of wet nylon. He smiled and licked his lips; he was in heaven watching Dixi and Aer struggle. The anticipation of pleasing Parallax buzzed in his mind and across his bulge.

“One last thing my delicious helpless heroes!” Blaze said still adjusting his erosuit thong. He had retrieved his coils of glowing rope.

“Thraxian carnivorous plants, the ones that suck a hero’s power, the ones that use a special enzyme in their tentacles that wrap their victims in a delicious, pleasurable and pliable state as the drag their victims into their feeding pouch. That enzyme is in this Rope my delicious hero’s, I ordered this in the Atlantis Suite, while you two were sleeping. Ha, ha, I’ve been plotting your milking for a while Aereon, and as for you, you will be pleasured slowly Dixon.

Blaze tied coils of the rope around their chests, he wrapped more around their thighs and biceps and then a final coil around their necks, leaving enough as a lead to dangle down over their helpless bodies.

Dixon felt the sensation creeping through his body, down his legs and arms, his erosuit began to feel luxurious and he was lost in an erotic dance as the sensation crept through his body, delicious and sexual he felt amazing. Aereon too moaned between his deep breaths, his lime green pouch was filling with the sensual energy and every slow movement of his pelvis caused the fabric to stimulate his penis delicately. He looked at Blaze, and after a long sensual moan, he fixed his eyes on his captor, “Gah, Aghhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you fiend! What are you going to do to us?” he said struggling and lifting his head in a bout of pleasure.

Blaze moved toward Aereon, his fingers tracing the edges of Aereon’s bulge and Aereon’s eyes watched every sensual movement of Blaze’s fingers. Aereon trembled and pulled on his bonds. “You want our pleasure, you fiend! Mmmm!” He looked toward Dixon. Dixon was thrusting his pelvis upward and looking intently at his bulge, he was lost in beautiful delicate pleasure too.

Blaze allowed his palms to caress Aereon’s green pouch and as he worked his pleasure, he looked Aereon in the eye, saying, “Oh I have so much more for you Hero, we will have your pleasure, we will have your juices, we will milk you for hours until you beg for release, hero.”

Aereon, looked at Blaze through the blanket of pleasure caressing his body “What do you mean, we?” Aereon’s head lolled upward and downward, he could hear Dixon’s delightful moans too, he was enthralled and hungry for the Atlantis Suite.

They didn’t appear in the Atlantis Suite though.

Blaze, his two captives; Dixon, Aereon and the eroapplicator appeared in the reception hall of Parallax’s pleasure parlours, they were onboard the Bordello and still unaware that they had been atomised off Intrepid3, Dixon and Aereon kept up their role play fun, struggling and slowly twisting their hips as best they could under the stretch of the presenter device. Blaze walked over to Dixon, his hands enjoying Dixi’s heaving abs. “I’d play with your nipples Dixi, but I know the Thraxian rope coiled around your chest his giving you a delicious dose of sensual energy. I tried it out earlier, should feel it when it touches your erosuit bulge!” Blaze said as his right hand felt the fullness of Dixon’s soft but substantial bulge.

Dixon struggled for Blaze. “Get your hands off me, Bah, what are you doing to do to us?” Dixon looked at Blaze with the best defiant look he could muster. “Gah, where am I?” Dixon asked through gritted teeth.

“You are aboard the pleasure liner Bordello! Welcome aboard Ranger Dixon, welcome aboard Ranger Aereon, and, welcome back aboard Ranger Blaze!”

Dixon looked at Blaze and then to Aereon, his face a mix of delight and surprise, he, like Aereon, turned his head in the direction of the words coming from behind them, and when they returned their gaze toward Blaze, they were shocked to See Beau and Tom standing behind Blaze.

“Look who it is, Ranger Blaze is back like a good puppy for his master. Ooh, and he bought some playmates!” Beau was standing over Blaze, his hands caressing Blaze’s handsome face. Tom ran his fingers over Blaze’s buttocks. “We’ve missed you Ranger!” Tom stated looking over Blaze’s right Shoulder while his hands played with Blaze’s buns. He looked toward Aereon and then across to Dixon. “You boys playing some kind of sexy game or something? Ha, ha. I’ve heard your beloved Hive powers you up when you are pleasured!”

Dixon and Aereon were dumbfounded, but their bodies remained under the influence of the sensual Thraxian rope. They were unable to resist its hold on them, the beautiful sensations coursing through their muscles. Dixon muffled a moan as did Aereon, it was a welcome gesture almost as Parallax stepped from behind them to obtain his first view of his latest acquisitions.

“Bah, huh, errr!” Aereon was being overwhelmed by the sexual sensations, his mind still dealing with that was happening. He looked at Blaze in disbelief, struggling and twisting his lime green bulge deliciously, he still believed that they were in the ship’s Atlantis Suite. He thought that Blaze had outdone himself with his latest sexual program; the characters were so believable, so real.

Parallax contained his glee. “My attendants do like Ranger Blaze; they have a soft spot for him. They get attached to the heroes they capture!” Parallax stated.

Dixon too was still hoping this was part of the play, but his face revealed his realisation that this was no game.

“Gah!” Dixon twisted in delicious sensation, it was running through his stretched legs, and gently entering the extremities of his pretty powder blue bulge. His struggles and facial expression also revealing the delicious energy toying with him. “Her, hah, who are you, what are you?” Dixon’s logical mind was running at pace, he looked at Blaze, knowing Blaze was real, but these others were fantasy, right?

Dixon’s look gave him away and Parallax picked up on it quickly.

“You’re fast Dixon! I know this is a little confusing for you and Mr Aereon here.” Parallax turned his gaze toward Aereon who was watching intently amid his own delicious waves of erotic sensation coursing through his body.

Parallax turned toward Blaze. “Good boy Blaze, you have delivered me Dixon and Aereon in mint condition, I didn’t expect you would present them to me so deliciously, I thought you would have merely tied their arms with the rope. I did tell you to use your imagination in how you would use the rope. Very nice application. You have presented them impeccably; they writhe in pleasure as erotically as you. I will reward you Blaze; your orgasm will be payment for your delivery of these two spectacular specimens.”

Parallax looked at Tom and Beau, hands off boys, Blaze is expensive merch, the Council have plans for him, as they will for these two once I assess and present his two ship mates here to them!”

Parallax then pretended to suddenly realise something, turning quickly toward the writhing and stifled moans of Dixon and Aereon.

“How rude, I have forgotten my manners!” Parallax announced, he stepped over toward Aereon. His right index finger tracing the roundness and beauty of Aereon’s lower bulge, playing with the delicious folds of lime green fabric bunching around Aereon’s balls and pulling between Aereon’s buttocks.

Aereon watched his handler fondle his bulge, his head straining, his eyes wide. He moaned delicately for Parallax.

“Mm, you are delicious Ranger!” Parallax said looking into Aereon’s widening eyes.

“I’m Captain Parallax! I am the master of the space pleasure liner, the Bordello. You have been delivered here by popular demand!”

Aereon suddenly realised that this was no longer play, but why was Blaze standing there, not doing anything? Why had Blaze tied them up helpless like this? And most importantly, why could he not break the bonds? He pulled on his ankle and wrist restraints as best he could, as was Dixon.

“This is Tom and Beau!” Parallax motioned toward the two burly attendants dressed in their trousers, white shirts, bow ties and grey vests along with the name badges attached to the vests standing behind Blaze. “They get to capture space heroes, they love their job, but Blaze’s capture has these two in a spin! I mean we have some of the sexiest heroes the galaxy has on offer, and they have been instrumental in each capture, but Blaze has this pair super horny!” Parallax returned his gaze to Aereon, his fingers still exploring the majesty of Aereon’s bulging manhood. He glanced toward Dixon, and then tapped Aereon’s bulge. He turned his head toward Aereon, “Very nice Ranger, I’ll be back, I just need to feel up Dixon, he is a little lonely over there!”

Parallax stepped across to Dixon. He looked the beautiful Ranger up and down, but then focussed his attention on Dixon’s sexual bulge. He stifled a moan.

“It is beautiful Dixon!” Parallax said admiring his prey.

Dixon’s bulge was proudly presenting Dixon’s perfect penis and balls, the soft powder blue nylon casting two sensational folds of fabric across his erosuit pouch toward Dixon’s hips. “Mm, you are sumptuous Dixon, I’ve been watching through Blaze’s mask all along as he lured you, toying with this beautiful, sexual bulge, to help lure you. You and Aereon, like Blaze wear your suits with erotic perfection. I must give the Hive my congratulations, it has produced three of the sexiest heroes this galaxy has ever seen!” Parallax let his fingers follow the ridge of soft nylon from Dixon’s hips across his pouch and then over the round mound of encased penis lurking below the surface of the sumptuous light powder blue fabric, gently caressing the spectacular and proud apex of Dixon’s bulge.

Dixon writhed pulling with all his might on the Presenter’s restraints, the touch of Parallax’s fingers on his erosuit was delicious and encouraged the seething pleasure pulsing through his body from the tight coils of Thraxian rope. Dixon threw his head upward, dealing with the sensational surge of delight filling his body.

“Gah!” Dixon’s moan was no longer stifled.

“Get your, mmm, hands off me!” Dixon returned his gaze to Parallax.

“Why can’t I break my bonds?”

“Why Blaze?”

“Is this the surprise, you had instore for us?”

“Where is the ship?”

So many questions blurted from Dixon as the realisation began to set into his mind, he was confused and angry, looking around himself seeking an escape, however slight, he needed to try and exploit it. Parallax enjoyed Dixon’s response with glee.

“Wow, this one struggles exceptionally!” Parallax maintaining his gently fondle of Dixon’s erosuit and he used his other hand to caress Dixon’s heaving abs, Dixon was breathing erratically, this sexy game was becoming a serious threat and his predicament was dawning on him. Parallax walked around to Dixon’s face, he gently ran his fingers across the Ranger’s cheeks, twisting Dixon’s sexy straight hair covering his light blue mask and left eye. “This one has an amazing mind too; I can just tell.”

Parallax turned to look toward Blaze, he continued to examine Dixon while he spoke to Blaze, “Blaze be a good Ranger, go and worship Ranger Aereon, fondle him into a world of delight, I want to see you make him writhe while I play with Ranger Dixon!”

Dixon’s struggles were turning Parallax on, “You fiend!” He yelled at his captor.

“No! Blaze, don’t obey him, its Aereon, Blaze stop!” Dixon then turned his attention, all the while twisting his body, screwing his face in delicious grimaces as the pleasure continued to tantalise his muscles. “Gah, Mmmm!”

But Blaze paid no regard to Dixon’s pleading. He felt the Fillip release a delicious array of Pleasure Particles that were dancing in his penis, several escaping into the confines of his red pouch, Blaze moaned and bit his bottom lip, caressing his chest in delight as the pleasure caressed his cock, he approached Aereon and immediately went to task caressing Aereon’s hips, his fingers following the thin cord of the erothong, Aereon’s hips were warm and delectable, so were the sides of his buttocks, Blaze enjoyed the manner in which this sexual god used his body, the erotic movements made Blaze’s mind fill with crazed need for Aereon’s lime green mound and the Pleasure Particles toyed and filled his own erosuit bulge with sexual happiness. Blaze looked at Aereon, and Aereon was in a world of sensation from the ropework coiling his body, but Aereon’s eyes pleaded with Blaze to snap out of it.

“Blazey, Blaze, Mmmm, what are you doing? Don’t, gah, listen to him!” Aereon too was twisting and struggling like Dixon, but his bondage was holding him secure, the device was presenting his beautiful body to Blaze. He felt every muscle in his body twitch and contract in delicious concert to the sensations engulfing his body, Blaze’s thumbs were tracing the edges of his bulge. Aereon knew that Blaze was an expert when it came to his erothong, Blaze had proven skills to bring him to ecstasy; Blaze was the master of he and Dixon’s bulges. Aereon stood no chance in his weakened and vulnerable state, but he had to try.

“Yeah Aereon, thrust your beautiful hips for your Blazey!” Blaze looked up over Aereon’s writhing body toward Aereon’s grimacing face. He then looked back to the inviting pouch of lime green nylon cupping, lifting, and presenting Aereon’s sexual majesty to Blaze. “Your bulge always astounds me; it is just so beautiful Aereon!” Blaze lent down looking closely at the curves and bumps, the folds of fabric, driving his innate sexual engines into overdrive, Blaze was compelled to please Parallax and the Pleasure Particles were pleasing his bulge, enforcing the diabolical hold on his mind, he was unable to evade the compulsion to worship Aereon’s erotic erothong. He took the bulge in both hands squeezing in just the way Aereon always loved him to do when they played. Aereon responded by increasing his breathing, struggling, and trying to arch his body, but the Thraxian ropes pulled Aereon’s body tightly.

Dixon screamed loudly at Blaze, attempting to shock him out of it. “Blaze STOP!” Dixon was in a state of despair and as he thrashed and twisted, he turned his consternation toward his captor, his eyes screaming defiance through the powder blue Ranger mask.

“What have you done to him?” Dixon demanded. He turned his shoulders pulling on his wrist restraints but the coils of Thraxian rope pulled tightly around his biceps restricting his movement, delighting his muscles.

Aereon could only moan, his body was in a world of sensual happiness, he was bewitched by the power of the Thraxian rope and Blaze was running his fingers over his bulge, worshiping it from every angle, his expert fingers toying with his cock in delicious ways and expertly caressing his substantial and sensitive penis head. Blaze knew that Aereon loved his penis head to be gently fondled, he was an expert at it, and he loved every aspect of Aereon’s sumptuous penis. He also knew that gentle worship of Aereon’s balls was also an avenue of exploitation. Aereon loved when Dixon sucked his balls and Blaze licked his cock head at the same time. They could spend hours enjoying Aereon like that, taking turns, changing ends so to speak, listening to Aereon’s delicious whines of delight as his body arched in frenzies of enjoyment. So, Blaze decided to use one hand to fondle and enjoy Aereon’s lower bulge, squeezing each testicle expertly and his right hand enjoyed the upper reaches of the mound, tracing Aereon’s cock, and tantalizing Aereon’s cock head.

The wet spot appearing on Aereon’s bulge told Blaze he had succeeded and the Aereon’s cries and twisting body confirmed that Blaze had produced the reaction Parallax had demanded.

Parallax was watching carefully, his left hand still fondling Dixon’s majestic bulge.

“Good boy Blaze!” Parallax praised Blaze admiring his beautiful body, he loved the way Blaze’s erosuit sat on his body, the way the tight fabric of the thong made Blaze’s buttocks pop, he was still completely enamoured by the beauty of Blaze’s spectacular bulge and the way the skimpy garment made Blaze so erotic to watch. He noticed how wet Blaze had become in his devotion to Aereon’s writhing, thrusting erothong.

“Blaze, look at you, you’re all moist! Have those delicious pesky Pleasure Particles been playing with your bulge? Has the Fillip been enjoying your penis again? Why don’t you feed Beau and Tom here, you have aroused them so, you naughty Ranger!” Parallax was enjoying the display and he had noticed Beau becoming hornier by the second. “Obey every command from Tom, Blaze, be a good Ranger!” Parallax commanded.

Blaze nodded to Parallax and then looked toward Tom for instructions.

Tom looked toward Parallax for confirmation and Parallax’s wink gave him the permission he was desperately seeking.

“Get over here Ranger, spread your legs and lift your arms, you will give Beau and I your body!” Tom demanded.

Blaze obeyed, he stepped away from Aereon, leaving Aereon and Dixon astounded at his behaviour.

Aereon was still recoiling from the pleasure Blaze had delivered him, still writhing, and struggling and in between his moans, he looked at Parallax and groaned his next words. “What have you done with him? Fiend! Aghhh!” Aereon was lost in a cavalcade of pleasure from the tight Thraxian ropes.

Blaze paid no attention to either Dixon or Aereon, he complied with Tom’s instructions and stepping over toward the two huge attendants, he had to resist the urge to caress his bulge, it was feeling delicious, it was buzzing with pleasure, his juices were displaying on his bulge, he licked his lips looking at Beau and then to Tom, spreading his legs and lifting his arms above his head for the two attendants to enjoy; his body was theirs to enjoy. Blaze glanced down to the tip of his gorgeous mound, it erupted in a bubble of pre-cum that caused him to thrust his hip’s forward and upward, Blaze could not speak, his tongue was silenced, but he licked his lips.

Tom worshipped Blaze’s face, his hands caressing the mighty Ranger, feeling Blaze’s arm muscles, and then moving to his shoulders and pecs. Tom was completely enamoured with Blaze’s beauty. “Mmmm, you’re beautiful Ranger, I have my sights on you boy!” Tom kept his fingers feeling the smooth skin covering Blaze’s upper body and Blaze just smiled in response to Tom’s attention.

Tom stood back from Blaze, he looked his delicious treat up and down. “You’re nice and wet Ranger, I see your pleasure agrees with you!” Tom said with a mischievous grin. “Can I have sip?” Tom asked, he used his first and index fingers and motioned an upward movement and Blaze began to lift into the air, his legs and arms remaining extended as he had been commanded.

Blaze was floating, his bulge at Tom’s face level and Beau rushed to take up position behind Blaze.

Tom caressed Blaze’s under bulge, cupping the mighty Ranger and his left hand felt between Blaze’s buttocks, Tom pulled Blaze’s bulge into his face, he was using two exploring fingers between Blazes buttocks to pull the Ranger. But Beau put a stop to that, he removed Tom’s fingers to allow his face access to the delicious buns and their beautiful crevasse. Beau worshiped Blaze from behind, pushing Blaze into Tom’s face.

Blaze cried out as the pleasure toyed with him, his juices were making the Fillip happy, and it responded, filling Blaze with sensual pleasure.

They fed for several minutes, they were like crazed men, knowing that Parallax would only permit them glimpses of happiness, they changed ends as Blaze thrust his bulge into their faces until Parallax ended the lascivious display.

“Enough gentlemen! You have had more than enough Ranger juice, we mustn’t spoil your appetites should we, ha, ha, ha.” Parallax used the same two fingers of his right hand, like Tom had used, motioning for Blaze to return to the floor of the arrivals and reception room.

Parallax was standing by the eroapplicator machine he had stolen from their sleeping quarters when he transported the three Rangers to the Bordello, it had been almost an hour in the reception room and Parallax had become the horny one. He touched the eroapplicator with his right hand, bending down to feel the shiny black device.

“I’d ask you to give me a show of this little marvel working Blaze, but I want the Council to enjoy your climax in the same erosuit, they enjoyed you in earlier. I fashioned that thong for them, and their eyes nearly burst with lust, so they will just love to watch you writhe in the same thong, I’ll also explain how we used it as the lure to capture Dixon and Aereon.”

It was becoming clearer to Dixon, Parallax had been toying with them, showing off his control of Blaze, but he still had so many questions, like who this Council was, why were Tom and Beau dressed in weird clothes, and his power, where was his power? He knew he had been weakened by the mine rescue, he needed more power from the Hive, but to feel so weak, was strange to him. He looked across toward Aereon watching Aereon struggle and twist, he looked back toward Blaze, Dixon had so many questions. He did his best to pull on his bonds, but he struggled in vain.

“I can tell you are inquisitive, especially you Dixon.” Parallax said with a smirk starting to form on his face, “I will answer your questions once I have you tied to Toy!” Parallax then turned his gaze toward Blaze and directing Blaze to approach him. Parallax then embraced Aereon’s head, he caressed Aereon’s lovely dark hair, and was playing with the edges of Aereon’s green mask. He turned to Blaze and motioned for Tom and Beau to approach. Tom was still wiping his face, Beau was still fascinated with Blaze’s exposed buns, but complied with his orders.

“Time to assess these two!” Parallax gently cupped Aereon’s chin and the looked across toward Dixon’s twisting body. “Remove them from these presenters and tie their arms behind their backs, use the same Thraxian rope. I am transporting the eroapplicator and the presenters to their holding rooms.” Parallax announced.

Looking at Beau and Tom, Parallax gave them their orders, “You two will be responsible for the preparation of the Rangers, you will get to know this eroapplicator very well! I want them presented impeccably at every engagement in their diaries, their erosuits must show their penises, their balls exquisitely, Ranger Force will be marketed as the high-end product onboard Bordello, they must be perfect at every public display!”

Dixon had many more questions, but what he did know, his fate was not looking any better.

Tom, Beau and Blaze obeyed, Blaze removed the coils of Thraxian ropes from Dixon and Aereon’s chest, arms, and upper legs and the two attendants dragged the weakened, horny heroes from their presenter devices and not wasting any time, they had them tied up and ready. Blaze left the neck the coils attached to Dixon and Aereon and once Tom and Beau had completed their expert rope work tying Aereon and Dixon’s arms tightly behind their backs, Blaze took up the ends of the neck ropes, he would use them to drag Dixon and Aereon behind him as they made their way to the awaiting pleasure parlour.

“The prisoners are prepared captain!” Blaze reported when they had completed their task, he was holding the neck ropes and Dixon and Aereon were behind him, their arms tied tightly behind them, they were still reeling from the effects of the devious rope and their bound wrists and neck chokers continued to deliver the sexual energy into their bodies. They stood bound, their legs open slightly, their hips slowly turning and thrusting as the energy continued to course through their bodies.

“Such good work gentlemen and such erotic prisoners!” Parallax looked at Aereon twisting and stifling a deliciously delightful sexy moan. “Take them to my private pleasure rooms, Toy and I will assess them and present them to the Council.”

After despatching the eroapplicator and the presenter devices into thin air, Parallax turned to one of the walls in the reception room, there were no doors in the prison cell like, featureless reception room, and the wall disappeared to the same long corridor that Beau and Tom had taken Blaze many hours earlier, Blaze pulled on the neck choker ropes, pulling Dixon and Aereon, Blaze had Tom flanking him, supervising. Beau followed enjoying the view of Dixon and Aereon’s horny bound bodies from behind and Parallax had atomised directly to Toy and was checking the modifications.

The journey took several minutes through the corridors toward the captain’s private quarters, the corridors were looking familiar to Blaze, the same dark features, the colours above the doors, the smell of crisp air, it was coming back to him, slowly but surely with every step of the way. Once they arrived at the correct entrance and as he began to lead his two helpless Space Rangers behind him though into the brightness of diabolical facility, Blaze began to feel the effects of the mind control loosening its grip on his mind, his memories were starting to come back to him.

On arrival, Parallax welcomed the party, he could tell from Blaze’s demeanour that the spiral mind compression was decompressing, Blaze’s face displayed the effects of his return to sentient consciousness and as his view of the Toy appeared to him, he dropped the ropes he was dragging Dixon and Aereon with, Blaze fell to the floor holding his head and curling into a defensive ball, crying out “No, Noooooooooooooo, what’s happening?”

“He’s coming out of it Boys!” Parallax exclaimed to Tom and Beau.

A secret and nefarious pleasure liner has three new heroes to enjoy, to add to its impressive array of sexy space hero captives, what will become of Ranger Force? How can they escape such an elaborate plan to turn them into sexual commodities for the depraved, rich clientele of the diabolical and secret ship devoted to bondage, to torture and pleasure?

Ranger Force will be coming back soon!

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