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Space Rangers
Part 6 - Vega Part 1
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers


Discord: Scorpio#5862

(Sigma Sector), 680.92.1264, year 4063

It had been two years since Kroy had read the verdict of the Ordinate Council and the execution of the evil Sultan in Sector G. Two years since Kroy had had been welcomed onboard Intrepid3 and recognized by the Hive for his sexual royalty heritage. Two years since Kroy was anointed by the Hive to feed Ranger Force with his divine pleasure, binding with them in erotic magnificence, and to become the sexual conduit of power that nourishes the powers of the greatest heroes in the Galaxy.

A lot had happened in that two years.

Kroy had been taken under the wing of the ship, Dr Dale had taken oversight of Kroy’s Hivination as soon as the first binding ceremony had concluded after the Sector G adventure. There was no rest for the beautiful young trainee. Dale had ensured that Kroy underwent intensive training and intensive Hivination. Kroy had access to The Hive via the ship’s H Drive and Dale ensured that Kroy’s Immersatron sessions were intense and productive, Dale always rewarded long sessions of information programming with a delicious session of pleasure, he allowed Kroy to enjoy the splendours of the Hive, often calling the Rangers into the Atlantis suite to feed on Kroy’s plentiful juices while his Immersatron delivered him the beautiful pleasure sequence.

Then there were the feeding sessions. Kroy’s role had been ordained by The Hive, he had become the official conduit of power for the Rangers, they fed from his power, from his pleasure, his nectar, and that was the most beautiful thing in the universe for the young apprentice. He savoured his role, building an erotic bond with each of his beloved Ranger Force. Powering the most beautiful and mightiest heroes in the Galaxy. It was his honour and pleasure.

In that two years Ranger Force had been busy too. They had saved cities, planets and even one solar system. They had been envoys of peace to different worlds, negotiators and had helped de-escalate a brewing war between two worlds in Sector Beta. They had travelled 100 trillion kilometers in that time and Intrepid3’s amazing H Drive was only just coming into its own. But she needed an upgrade and The Hive had requested the Rangers to return to the Academy Space Station several days early, before Kroy’s graduation.

Kroy had been delivered to the Academy weeks earlier and the Rangers were already missing his beautiful smiling face from around the ship. Space Cadet Fin had kindly docked with Intrepid3 to pick up Kroy and returned the beautiful young apprentice to the Academy Space Station for his final intensive sessions and to ready himself for his graduation. Kroy’s only family were the Rangers now, he had been released from Sector G and from his home world of Ord two years prior, so the arrival of Intrepid3 and Ranger Force was being kept a secret from Kroy. For all Kroy knew, Fin would return him to Intrepid3 out on active duty. Only Ranger Force, the Five Hive elders and Space Cadet Fin knew of the Rangers’ impending return to the Academy. It was planned that Intrepid3 undergo an upgrade and even the Rangers were unaware of the plans to install a new Pod Dock and Pod for Kroy. Only Dr Dale had that classified information.

So, plans were well afoot for a special Ranger Force visit to the Academy and the Rangers were counting down the days to see their beloved beautiful Kroy get to wear the Graduation suit, they hoped he would be placed in the pinnacle stratification, as they had been two years earlier.

Enroute to the Academy, it was an uneventful shift for Blaze, he did enjoy his personal Hive time sitting in his bridge integration seat. The pleasure that the H Drive delivered into his erosuit bulge always stimulated him so; he could feel mighty power purring inside his body, his integration with the ship allowed him to access magnificent vistas of information and he always ensured he spent time reviewing his astrometric alignment or galaxian database interfaces. Blaze had to keep up with his beloved nerdy, beauty Dixon and have some new piece of information to astound Aereon with. The shifts at the helm integration with Intrepid3 were long, but Blaze ensured that he made the most of his time.

There was something of interest for Blaze to enjoy though, he slowed the ship down out of Hive Drive when he noticed the mammoth purple cloud, Intrepid3 was almost at full stop and Blaze used the scanners to probe the cloud. He had been studying similar formations in his bridge integrations to the Hive on his recent shifts. So, the cloud was irresistible to him, Blaze looked intently at the huge windows in front of the Ranger Integration seats and directed Intrepid3 to convert the windows into huge displays, he stayed seated, and the screens magnified the phenomena to a huge resolution, so there was no need to de-integrate with the ship for a closer view.

Dirithium, Chromium, Iridium and Resonic sub-atomic particles, Blaze read the elements and isotope configuration of the cloud on the inside of his Ranger Mask info-stream.

“Hmn, nothing toxic in there, a little peek won’t do any harm, and we have heaps of time before we are due at the Academy for our secret arrival!” Blaze said out loud to himself, he had a big smile on his face when he thought about surprising their magnificent Kroy. Kroy had held up his end of the bargain, when he had been accepted to serve of Intrepid3, he had studied hard, Hived himself into a knowledgeable beautiful young man.

Blaze ordered the ship to approach the cloud at 500kph, he wanted to enter the cloud carefully and slowly and as Intrepid3 made her way into the magnificent phenomenon, he could see the pink and purple flows of colour swirling around the hull cameras and the sensors were quiet, to all intents and purposes, Blaze’s inquisitiveness was taking the ship into a harmless and innocuous mass of space elements and isotopes.

I can’t wait to surprise Kroy, he has no idea, Blaze thought to himself. He was all alone on the bridge, and his beloved Dixi and Aer were asleep in their shared sleeping quarters. They had returned from a Viridian mining colony after rescuing several thousand mining workers from an incident believed to be the result of a political upheaval in that sector. It wasn’t Dixon or Aereon’s role to intrude in the affairs of the Viridian planet, their role had been to hold back the crumbling walls of the mining cavern while a thousand workers escaped. The rescue took hours and sapped them of their powers for the duration of the rescue. Dixi and Aer had returned only hours prior, and Blaze was planning on de-integrating with the ship in several hours to join with the two of them for some sensual fun. He had Aereon’s red erothong on his mind, Blaze allowed himself some time to let his thoughts wander and fantasize, his bulge was buzzing, and the pleasure fed his sensual thoughts and plans. Mmmm some Dixi juice would be mighty nice he thought to himself. Dixi bound up and helpless, Mmmm, that is one tasty treat. Aereon will lap up that little erosuit he was wearing . Blaze thought, Yum!

Blaze was jolted from his musings with a force so powerful, so overpowering, but in the instant of the attack, he had worked at lightning speed, living up to his name’s sake, he de-integrated with the ship and instantly shot up out of the seat and was turning quickly from side to side, he knew they were on the bridge, his super sense was powerful and his erosuit gave him that tingle, the one that indicated danger, it infested his body and his mind. His red and yellow erosuit was engaged and his body was surrounded by his invisible battle envirosuit; it was an automatic response by his erosuit to initialise the envirosuit, a super layer of protection!

“Show yourself!” Blaze demanded, looking around wildly, and floating in the middle of the bridge.

“Who are you?” was Blaze’s next outburst. Blaze then thought to lock the all the entrances to the bridge.

A whisp of air shot past his left ear and Blaze’s face followed the trajectory of the air current, every hero-heightened sense in his body was scanning the bridge. Blaze used the enhanced visual acuity system in his red Ranger mask. Nothing! He was alone, but he had sensed their presence so powerfully only seconds earlier.

“Ranger Blaze of Ranger Force, we desire you!” The voice seemed to boom in Blaze’s head.

“Who are you?” Blaze repeated his demands, “Show yourself!”

“As you wish!” The words boomed again.

Blaze held his hands to his ears, the sound was horrifically loud to his senses, but the rest of the ship heard nothing.

He was turning left and right, looking, searching, and then they materialised in front of him, the punch connected with his left side jaw and threw Blaze to the opposite side of the bridge.

“You want to play like that hey!” Blaze looked up, his clenched fist shooting toward his assailant, but it went through the attacker as if Blaze was punching a ghost.

Whack! Blaze was hit from behind, his erosuit’s envirosuit armour took much of the power of the blow, but the force of the blow was more than sufficient to toss Blaze to the floor of the bridge and crashing onto the plush floor, he was glad that the soft floor took some of his velocity. His body shook violently when he connected with the floor, but Blaze shot up instantly, he had no time to try and work out what was happening or to deal with his stunned aching head and muscles. Blaze created one of his signature power-balls, fashioning the glowing yellow mass of energy inside the palms of his hands.

Blaze launched the energy balls in two directions crashing into his two assailants, but they just stopped where they were and allowed the energy to fill their bodies, Blaze watched as his power balls flashed inside his attackers and then disappear into their bodies. They smiled at Blaze, not saying a word and then returned the power using their right hands as if firing a weapon: Blaze’s energy was returned to him, condensed and more powerful, they shot Blaze with the fine laser like bolts of power that hit him in the chest and pushed him backward with sparks and eruptions of light ricocheting off his body like fireworks. The assailants doubled the power and Blaze was thrown to the floor again, His body was on fire, his own energy was somehow keeping him pinned to the floor, everything was becoming cloudy in his head.

“Who are you?” Blaze was no longer demanding; he was being overpowered by his own energy.

“Our names are not important Ranger Blaze, we are here as your captors, Captain Parallax has ordered your abduction. The Bordello awaits your arrival mighty Ranger!”

Blaze’s attackers were humanoid! The well-built men were wearing tailored uniforms, dark trousers and white shirts with black bowties and grey vests with name tags. To all intents they looked like the cruise ship stewards of ancient times that used to ply the seas of Earth back in the planet’s history known as the twenty and twenty first centuries of Earth history.

“Bordello?” Blaze couldn’t move his body, but he was able to move his head, that was all! He was pinned to the floor by some powerful force. He tried to struggle, but he felt the energy buzzing him and holding him powerless, Blaze tried to move his arms, but they were pinned to his sides about a foot from his sides, his legs too, were stuck!

“Captain Parallax will explain!” announced the well-dressed steward, his name tag had the name ‘Beau’ printed on it.

“Bind the Ranger!” Announced Beau.

The steward named ‘Tom’, according to his name tag, then approached Blaze and bent down. Tom then proceeded to lift Blaze’s right arm, and to Blaze’s amazement, Tom was able to easily lift the arm from the floor, even though Blaze himself was held in some immoveable force and was completely immobilised. Tom placed his right hand to Blaze’s palm, their hands warming quicky as Tom went about his scanning. When he was finished, he placed Blaze’s wrist back on the floor.

“What are you doing?” Blaze was able to lift his head.

Tom looked at his prey and smiled and then using his righthand, the one he had scanned Blaze with, he cupped the red Nylon of Blaze’s erosuit bulge, Tom took great pleasure in his duties, he was cupping one of the most delectable creatures in the Galaxy in his palm and he used Blaze’s palm print to de-activate Blaze’s protective envirosuit.

“You won’t need that envirosuit Ranger Blaze!” Tom’s voice was very polite. “This dampener will control your power until you are restrained for the captain.” Tom’s grip had delivered a pulse of energy into Blaze’s body that caused him to grown and wince.

“Gahhhhhh!” Blaze’s head hit the floor and he twisted his head from side to side, he could feel the energy reaching into his muscles.

Tom rolled Blaze over onto his stomach as if Blaze were a ragdoll, they had managed to capture him and Blaze felt the energy restraints attach to his wrists and once secured, Tom stood up to survey his delectable captive.

“The Ranger has a beautiful ass, just look at that!” Beau was standing over Blaze, he bent down and ran his hands over the backs of Blaze’s legs, he then enjoyed feeling the beauty of Blaze’s tight buns.

“They say these erosuits are amazing pieces of kit!” Beau didn’t take his hands from Blaze’s butt, he was enjoying the feeling of the erosuit clinging to Blaze’s buns, he was looking up toward Tom.

“His bulge is sumptuous; Parallax will love this Ranger!” Tom replied, he was standing over Blaze and Beau.

Beau then proceeded to stand up looking toward Tom with a satisfied look on his face and while he did so, he used one finger and gesturing a lift, causing Blaze to lift from the floor and float next to them, fighting his bonds. Beau looking toward Blaze put a finger to his lips and smiled. Suddenly a red gag appeared in Blaze’s mouth. The mighty Ranger was floating bound and gagged, helpless waiting for his captor’s next move.

“The captain will be pleased!” Tom announced, walking over to survey the helpless captive. “He will do nicely!”

Tom Cupped Blaze’s chin and looked into the Ranger’s defiant eyes. “He is full of spunk! Yes, Parallax has chosen well!”

“Let’s get out of here!” Beau was insistent and had an urgency in his voice. He cupped Blaze’s bulge, he couldn’t resist it, and it was probably his last chance to do so anyway. With his other hand he touched his name badge and he, Blaze and Tom were suddenly onboard the Bordello.

“Welcome aboard the Bordello!” Tom gave a wry smile to Blaze who was standing fighting his bound arms.

“What is the meaning of this?” Blaze tried to say with his mouth full of gag, he was still weak from the dampener that his assailants had inflicted him with.

Tom pushed Blaze to the far wall of the room, it caused Blaze’s head to hit the wall hard. He was in a daze, and feeling powerless, almost weak! But Blaze put up a fight, especially when his restraints disappeared, and the gag dematerialised too. He tried to grab Tom by the throat, but Tom’s headbutt to Blaze’s forehead was punishment for his struggles. Beau worked fast, and they soon had Blaze’s wrists attached to the wall at shoulder height from his body. Tom landed a righthand punch into Blaze’s tight abs, but he needed more force that what he delivered if he wanted to wind a mighty Space Ranger. But Tom still had to rub his wrist standing back from the wall he was readjusting his uniform, tucking in his shirt to his grey trousers. Beau on the other hand had continued to work fast securing Blaze’s ankles, spreading them out from his body.

Beau stood back with Tom; they surveyed their catch.

“Spectacular! This one has spunk even with the ship’s dampeners affecting his powers. He struggles perfectly too. He is pure sexual gold.” Beau announced.

“I will be the judge of that gentlemen!” Captain Parallax had entered the arrivals vestibule.

Beau and Tom stood to attention when the ship’s master appeared into the arrivals area.

Dressed in white, Parallax’s white suit clung to his body, he wore a white officers, peaked hat, and shiny white shoes.

“Ranger Blaze!” So nice of you to come aboard my vessel, my name is Captain Parallax!”

Blaze was struggling in his bonds, he was fixed against the wall, he pulled on each of his wrist restraints, but he was held tight, and the restraints were tight around his wrists.

“I didn’t come ngfffff, of my own will Parallax!” Blaze’s response was defiant as much as he could muster, he was feeling strange and weak. “Wh-what have you done with my powers? Fee-el so, weak!”

Parallax was looking self-satisfied; he had trawled the Galaxy looking for the most delectable sexual delights for his ship and he looked over Blaze with glee; he could feel the lust rising inside himself.

Parallax came closer to Blaze, holding Blaze’s face firmly in his grip, pushing Blaze’s cheeks to the left and right, examining his beautiful captive carefully. Parallax then turned his attention on Blaze’s muscular chest and abdominal muscles. He just loved the symmetry of motion outplaying on Blaze’s abs, Blaze was breathing deeply, he wasn’t used to being restrained like this, and the look in the captain’s eyes was making Blaze uneasy.

“You are indeed beautiful; we have heard of Ranger Force and have been following your exploits these last couple of years my beautiful young hero!”

Blaze thrashed in his bonds, trying to free his body from Parallax’s creepy hold on his chest.

“Let me go! What is the meaning of this?”

“That’s a big NO my dear beautiful Ranger!” Parallax was looking at Blaze’s bulging erosuit, his eyes were lusting for the perfect curves of Blaze’s sexual bulge, the nylon fabric clinging to Blaze’s penis perfectly, the fullness of Blaze’s balls cupped in the beautiful garment was unadulterated erotic beauty to the evil captain.

Parallax turned to Tom and Beau and gave his order, “take out latest acquisition to my private rooms, I wish to examine him before presenting him to the Hedonic Council. Tie him to the Toy, I will enjoy the Ranger there, where we won’t be disturbed!”

“Take him away!” Parallax turned and left the room.

They knew Blaze had been weakened by the ship’s dampener system and when the restraints holding him released, all four restraints released at once and Blaze was ejected from his spot on the wall and was thrust into Beau’s sturdy arms.

“Going someplace, hero?” Beau played with Blaze while Tom bound Blaze in glowing green cords, he tied Blaze’s wrists and Blaze could feel the power cords sapping his remaining energy. He was being tossed from Beau to Tom and back again. They played with their mighty Ranger like Blaze was a doll.

“Enough games, kids!” Parallax’s voice boomed into the room. “His Toy awaits!”

Before he knew it, the far wall had vanished with a high-pitched buzzing sound to add to the effect, Blaze had no time to wonder where the wall had gone, he was being pushed through the opening through a corridor filled with different coloured lights as he was forced and pushed, stumbling with every forceful jolt from Beau.

Beau was overcome, his cravings for Blaze were growing, just watching that ass covered in the red nylon and the flashes of yellow on Blaze’s hips as Blaze twisted and turned in his bonds while trying his best to stay upright, being thrust ever forward deep into the captain’s domain, was making Beau horny.

He was overwhelmed, he couldn’t take it anymore, Beau succumbed to his carnal appetite and slammed Blaze against the wall outside of Parallax’s private pleasure parlours. Beau allowed Tom to lift Blaze off his feet against the wall, Tom was using Blaze’s throat as his lifting point, and while Blaze gasped for breath and thrashed about in his bonds, Beau bent down and caressed Blaze’s beautifully packed bulge, he so appreciated the beauty of this mighty captive and the response he would soon receive when Parallax presented him to the Hedonic Council and then to ship’s paying elite. The Bordello’s manifest boasted some of the richest tycoons in the Galaxy and one or two from neighbouring Galaxies, who had paid immense amounts to be a part of the voyages of this most secret of space cruise vessels.

Behind them, the doorway buzzed open, and Parallax emerged, pushing Tom to the side, and throwing Beau to the floor. Blaze gasped for breath and fell to the floor, he was uneasy on his feet but managed to stay standing, he stood bound and fighting his restraints in front of Parallax.

“Do excuse my stewards mighty Ranger,” Beau was up like a shot and pushed Blaze into Parallax’s parlour.

“Tie the Ranger to the Central Play Toy!” Parallax’s order was decisive and had Tom and Beau jumping to attention inside the parlour. Not many people were allowed to enter Parallax’s parlour, but Tom and Beau were the captain’s trusted fix-it boys, his henchmen. They also worked other areas of the ship, ensuring the guests were provided a sumptuous feast to enjoy, but when the ship engaged her extreme stealth mode, stalking its prey, Tom and Beau would be called to the captain’s quarters once the Hedonic Council had approved the capture. Their behaviour this capture was out of character, but the captain gave them some slack, after all, they had apprehended one of the Galaxy’s most beautiful male heroes.

He noticed several side rooms, they were empty, his muscles were still weak, and even though they had bound his arms together behind his back, the ropes were preventing him from conjuring his energy ball. He was frustratingly helpless and struggling to stay upright with every push from Beau.

“The Central Play Toy!” Tom announced as they arrived in round shaped room, in the centre of the room a device made of a red alloy glowed; the X shaped device seemed to be floating inside a ring flashing yellow and then red and back to yellow lights. The floor inside the ring of red and yellow lights had thousands of tiny holes, it too was pulsing red and yellow in a similar hypnotic sequence to that of the circumference lights. The four restraints opened immediately as soon as the machine recognised Blaze.

“Welcome Ranger!” The voice was low and evil.

Blaze tried to break free from Beau’s strong hands, he was struggling desperately, trying to get away from the evil looking red device.

“No, No!” Blaze fought them trying to step backward, his arms still tightly bound behind his back.

“Get him inside the perimeter light array,” Beau said to Tom, they both lifted Blaze from the floor.

Once inside the perimeter of the lights he was helpless to escape, he tried to move but the force of the machine was powerful, easily overpowering whatever strength he had left in his body, Tom removed the glowing cords that had bound Blaze’s wrists and as much as he tried to move, the power of the machine held his arms and legs immovably secure. He was stuck again, but as soon as Beau or Tom moved him, he was able to move.

“You are experiencing the suppression array Ranger Blaze, Parallax loves this Toy, it will keep you immoveable and secure and even if you could escape the restraints and the suppression array, the machine is surrounded by an energy light curtain that would cut you down immediately, Only Parallax has the keys to free you!”

“Fiends!” Blaze was able to speak, the machine had control of his limbs, so he could turn his head and speak without the assistance of Tom or Beau, but beside that he was as good as paralysed.

They moved him to the device and Tom easily lifted Blaze onto the central ledge of the machine and a tight-fitting band emerged from each side of the device clasping just below his abs, it pulled him snugly to the machine. Beau ensured Blaze’s legs were stretched and the restraints clasped his ankles snuggly. While Tom secured Blaze’s arms above his head and stretched out on each of the X struts with the wrist restraints closing and locking in place.

The suppression array disengaged once the final restraint was locked in place and the captive was secure.

Blaze pulled on his bonds, twisting as best he could, he tried lifting his pelvis off the machine, but his struggles were rewarded with a swift bolt of energy, into his abs, he felt them contract powerfully and he cried out in pain at the ferocity of his muscle spasms.

“You will learn not to resist Ranger; Parallax approached his captive from behind, stepping into the glowing field surrounding the central Toy. He dismissed Tom and Beau with a wave of his hand, they were to return to their normal roles in the passenger areas of the secret ship. “Thank you, gentlemen, I’m sure you will be seeing a lot more of Ranger Blaze in the coming weeks.” Beau and Tom nodded in instant attention before their captain and then stepped out of the ring, the field shimmered and buzzed as they traversed its perimeter.

“I hope you are comfortable Ranger. My Toy and I have important work to perform. We will measure your pleasure, your pleasure resistance and I shall milk you nice and slowly, we need to measure your pleasure as accurately as possible. I am grading you, grading your Ranger juices and your stamina. All very important, my dear Ranger Blaze!”

“Never!” Blaze pulled on his wrist restraints, his legs pulling to try and free himself. Blaze’s face screwed up in concentration, trying to access his powers, to find the Hive, accessing the Hive was his only hope; they had jammed his erosuit beacons, and his usual delicious pulses of Hival power he received from his erosuit were silent.

“What have you done to my powers? In the name of Hive, I demand you to release me!” Blaze did his best to break his bonds.

“Stop struggling hero!” Parallax smirked. “It is useless, but try if you must, you’re a very sexy struggler. My guests are just going to love you!” Parallax looked Blaze over. “Lower the captive.”

The machine hummed while it lowered Blaze down so that he was face level with his captor.

“Indulge my preliminary scans Blaze.” Parallax ran his fingers over the tops of Blaze’s legs, he traced the elastic of the erosuit clinging to Blaze’s body before running his fingers across the top of the red and yellow garment.

Blaze felt many lasers on his bulge, sensual energy filled his erosuit pouch, his bulge felt exhilarated as the lasers moved slowly and determined to scan every millimetre of his erosuit pouch. He felt the pleasure infest him as the machine went about scanning his most private regions. He felt the energy seep into his boy hole too, it was exploring him, feeling its way encroaching inside his body. His balls were pulsing and warming, Blaze turned his hips seductively.

Parallax was pleased at Blaze’s response, he approached Blaze, and ran his fingers over the erosuit. He felt the full roundness of Blaze’s magnificent cock, he felt each testicle, Parallax was conducting his initial examination of his prize.

“Mmmm! Excellent, you are in perfect health Ranger Blaze!” Parallax was impressed with his catch, his eyes caressing, Blaze’s beautiful face, he enjoyed the look delight on Blaze’s face while his most private regions were being scanned. Parallax checked every muscle and produced a small machine which he used to scan each muscle, Blaze was helpless to resist, and the machine sent impulses into each muscle causing them the flex and contract, as if he was working out.

“Ngfffff!” Blaze struggled. “Mphhh,” Parallax was insistent and moved his scanner over every part of Blaze’s body.

It took quite some time, and left Blaze in a hyper toned state, but Parallax had completed his scan. Blaze struggled in his bonds, his bulge and rectal scans had not concluded, and the intensity of the energy was stimulating him, he was becoming horny, his every struggle was making him hotter and hotter.

“Your struggles are absolute perfection Ranger Blaze.” Parallax was looking over his scans and had looked up from his machine to watch his prey writhe and turn. “You see I named this machine the Toy, because it can do lots of things and, well, I love to play with my captives tied so deliciously to it. Look around mighty hero, you are inside my private parlour, I am the master of this huge vessel, you are onboard the pleasure vessel – Bordello!”

“Gah, Mpff! But you were not on my - ngfffff, Scans, Intrepid3 has the most sophisticated scanning array of any Hival vessel!” Blaze was twisting and turning, his pelvis was gyrating in sexual moves, fascinating Parallax with the pure eroticism of his captive.

“The scans are agreeing with you, mighty hero!” Parallax traced his fingers around the base of Blaze’s perfectly formed and beautiful erosuit bulge, and Blaze was overcome with the delicious sensation that licked at his body, his moan gave Parallax all the feedback that he needed. “This is a cruise liner for the filthy rich, a most secret mission of enduring pleasure for Galaxy’s most influential and rich elite, it is their indulgent holiday destination where all their erotic fantasies are pampered and, let me say, well, exceeded! They seek, erotic and sensual enjoyment, some very public, but others like the privacy of a special facility to play with their toy. Some love the spectacle of a torture, others like a soft sensual time with their bound plaything, they just like to hear their captive purr. Their tastes are wide and varied. We have twelve hundred guests, as many staff, and wide variety of play toy captives for them to enjoy. You see, I collect and capture some of the most beautiful specimens from around the Galaxy. We deal in pleasure; we give them pleasure.”

The realisation was starting to dawn, Blaze knew he was to become one of Parallax’s toys, he dared not mentioning Dixon or Aereon, they had to make it to Kroy’s graduation. He had to keep them a secret and maybe they could somehow work out with Dale, how to find him and mount an attack on the Bordello and rescue him.

“We have tracked your ship for two years Ranger Blaze, we have been watching and plotting, they say all good things come to those that wait, well we at the Bordello have been patiently waiting to pounce. I’ve been under pressure from my Hedonic Council, the owners of this vessel and representatives of my regular patrons, to obtain the prized Ranger Force. You are too delicious to overlook, a most welcome addition to the ship’s pleasure inventory.” Parallax was walking around his captive, enjoying Blaze from different angles.

“Ngfffff!” Blaze was pulling more violently now, his fate was being outlined to him and while he didn’t mention Dixon or Aereon, Parallax had called them Ranger Force, the ship had been stalking them all.

“Struggle Ranger, you are such a beautiful creature, your struggles are sheer artwork! Now, I am going to reduce the dampener effect on you, you will feel your powers surge through your muscles, I want to you feel good and powerful when I pleasure you, you see I can control your power; our systems have been developed and perfected through years of research and development, so that we can provide the most erotic shows in the Galaxy, in perfect safety, the ship is perfectly cloaked, and your friends, like you have no idea we are lurking. I used that beautiful purple cloud as your lure, it also contains sub-atomic isotopes which my ship’s systems can use that help jam your ship’s sensor array, we use this cloud and thousands like it when we are on the hunt. Your ship has no idea that the Bordello is so close and ominously waiting.”

“So, let’s get back to business, shall we?” Parallax stated, Blaze was desperately looking around the parlour, it was well lit, with bright lights, blues, and greens, but the play toy he was tied to was bathed in red and yellow light.

“I’ve tuned the play Toy into your erosuit, there is so much for us to learn about this erosuit, and rumours have been abounding amongst the passengers that the ship was going to present them with one, in the flesh, so to speak! Mmmm,” Parallax surveyed, Blaze’s struggling body, admiring his beautiful erosuit, “…it is just beautiful, sexual, it is outstanding!”

Blaze began to breath heavily and his struggles increased, he felt his powers surging through his muscles. “Gahhhh!” he thrust his bulge toward Parallax.

“The dampeners have relaxed their hold on you Ranger, your powers are returning, your beloved Hival power is once again powering you. Your pleasure will encourage it too, you see Ranger Blaze, I have completed my homework, I am well aware of how the most stunning of space heroes maintain their arrays of power, that is why we have doubled our dampener arrays throughout the Bordello. We can boost you or deny you your power, but our guests will want to ensure you are strong, mighty, and powerful, when they spend their money to pleasure you and defeat you.”

Blaze’s look of horror was reverberating through his body as well, he struggled with all his Ranger might, providing Parallax with a rich display and erotic show of defiance.

“You bastard, you monster!” Blaze spat his words toward the gloating captain, his twisting, and struggles, communicating his displeasure, he clenched his fists desperately trying to break the bonds so he could pulverise Parallax with his energy beam, his attempts were only serving to turn his captor on more and more.

“Oh yes, you are a delicious capture Ranger Blaze, I can’t wait until your sumptuous mates are aboard too!” The evil look in Parallax’s eyes just set Blaze off in another frenzied fit of fruitless struggles.

“Leave them out of this, you monster, you have me!” Blaze was trying to push his torso toward Parallax, spitting his defiant words toward his captor.

“Your struggles are beautiful, I thought that would gain your attention Blaze!” Parallax had moved in closer to his beautiful captive, running his hands over Blaze’s heaving chest, he enjoyed the deepness of Blaze’s breaths, he enjoyed the smoothness of Blaze’s tanned skin and the Ranger’s erect nipples. Parallax ran his hands up over Blaze’s shoulders feeling the roundness of Blaze’s deltoid muscles, they were extended and tight in the powerful bondage system stretching Blaze for Parallax’s extended inspection and impending pleasure session. He moved his hands to savour Blaze’s armpits and back toward the top of his Pectoral muscles.

“Struggle mighty Ranger, struggle, you are one perfect specimen, every cell in your body is defiant and resistant, and that will be my pleasure to tame, sweet hero!” Parallax had moved his hands toward Blaze’s neck, gripping it with both hands and lifting his hands to stretch Blaze’s head upward, Parallax revelling in his power over this magnificent and dangerous captive.

Parallax was becoming sexually aroused with his dominance of his mighty hero, he began caressing both sides of Blaze’s head, enjoying the handsome features of Blaze’s attractive face, he was infatuated with his captive, running his hands through Blaze’s tight sandy blonde curls of hair.

“Ngffffff!” Blaze did his best to avoid the eye contact with his captor, he could feel his power pulsing throughout his body, but his restraints counteracted his strength, every pull on the bindings only serving to elicit a micro tightening on his wrists and ankles, it was a subtle but a very discrete message to him that his bondage was secure.

Parallax then grabbed Blaze’s hair in one hand, forcing Blaze to look directly at his enraged and lust filled eyes, Parallax’s other hand gently cupped Blaze’s left cheek, Parallax toyed with Blaze’s red mask with the tops of his fingers, his words were containers of lust, Parallax was drinking in the eroticism of this most beautiful catch, Blaze’s defiance only fuelling Parallax into a new wave sexual longing.

“Welcome aboard mighty hero, get used to your bondage, your life will be spent in servitude to this ship, your pleasure filled writhing body will feed this ship, its paying guests have some very deep-seated needs that you will supply!”

Blaze spat in Parallax’s face, but his response was ignored, Parallax licked Blaze’s top lip and the tip of Blaze’s handsome nose. He continued his gloating, revelling in the beauty of his helpless erotic captive.

“Your perfect body, your handsome defiant face will attract a high price, Blaze! Now before I explain your new role further, I must grade your body, your sexual lure, and your juices, I will measure your pleasure and explore your erosuit in detail, feel free to writhe and moan, not even your Ranger powers can protect you from my Toy, it has been programmed with so many pleasure sequences from secret sexual emporiums and evil forces scattered throughout the Galaxy. It, along with so many devices installed in public rooms and in every private stateroom and suite, can stimulate your body, your arousal, the divinity of your pleasure, layers of sumptuous sensation will delight your super brain, your power filled muscles and you will perform your erotic function. Some guests love to put their beautiful captives through ceremonies of torture and exquisite agony, they will probably copulate over you while your screams stimulate their deep and needy lusts. Your powerful body will be popular.” Parallax’s smile was a disturbing and ominous revelation to Blaze of the insidious and dangerous predicament he was in. Blaze’s struggles consistent and suggestive, earned him a tighter stretch and tighter restraints.

“Ngffffff!” Blaze’s hips were gyrating, his slow thrusts of his body and flow of red and yellow of his erosuit only served to turn Parallax on with more lust, more power and gained his full attention. Glancing down toward Blaze’s slow, sensual push of his hips, the red of the bulging erosuit gave Parallax the impetus to continue his gloating.

“Now my delicious Ranger, surrounding the base of my Toy, you will notice thousands of small openings, receptacles that will capture your juice. They will return a final grading of your juices; this will be published in the menu options on board the Bordello. It will determine the price you will fetch. First your precum juices will be milked, the Toy is quite hungry, it hasn’t fed it for a while, now, you see the circle of lights around the perimeter of the Toy, they will flash white once the machine is satisfied. It will measure the quality of your pre-cum and your ejaculate. It is quite technical, but it will use and algorithm taking into account several factors, the viscosity and volatility of your juices are important for the way your juices sit in the patron’s mouth, the adhesion and cohesion of your nectar will be measured, along with its acidity and sweetness and volume of your precum will be measured, it will also look for levels of sperm in your pre-cum, highly evolved males like yourself, virile young men can produce sperm in their lubricant juices. Your semen, that delicious nectar will be graded as well on similar scales, Toy will look at its potency and of course its ability to satisfy different palates.

Blaze looked at Parallax and then toward his erosuit, his bulge was perfectly formed, and his penis was bent slightly pushing out the fabric creating a delicious ridge above his balls and the head of his magnificent appendage, that part of him that Dixi liked to suckle on, sipping his pre-cum, was sitting perfectly inside the bulge, topping off his bulge perfectly, as the sensual loose fabric caressed the undersides of the ridges of his penis. Parallax was looking intently at Blaze’s sexual offering too.

“You have a god-like bulge, Ranger, Impressive is an understatement! I know it will pleasure well; you will endure magnificently!” Parallax cupped the base of Blaze’s bulge; he felt the Ranger’s warmth and he felt the Ranger’s mighty power in the palm of his hand. A huge smile erupted on Parallax’s face when he felt the power.

“They say you are powered by the mighty Hive, but I have never felt such beauty in my hand, I can feel the intensity of your power source, it is magnificent, and your testicles feel exceptional, such majesty such power! Parallax was gasping, his eye’s widened when he allowed his fingers to traverse the beautiful, rounded edges of Blaze’s nylon wrapped manhood, his index finger toying with the underside of Blaze’s penis head, his finger massaging Blaze delicately, in that most holy of holies spot.

Parallax turned away momentarily and spoke into the air; he was speaking directly to his bridge officers on duty in the nerve centre of the huge vessel.

“This Ranger’s bulge emits the power of the Hive, it is superb, the other Rangers will emit similar power levels, maintain the dampeners on the Ranger, increase the acuity of receptors, we have been shielding different wave lengths, including Hival power, adjust the sensors and direct a narrow Hival stream to Ranger Blaze, it will become stronger when I begin to pleasure him. Maintain surveillance on all Hival frequencies, his orgasm will suck the power; they are fabled to obtain their Ranger powers through pleasure. Report to me on the progress, his pleasure will begin to attract Hival activity on each receptor.”

Blaze was beside himself, Parallax was correct, he dared not tell him of Kroy’s ordained pleasure conduit status, even though Kroy was safely at the Academy, he had to remain that special secret he, Dixi and Aer held dear to their hearts. But Parallax was correct, his powers were a divine and erotic gift from the Hive and Parallax would exploit it. He pulled on his bonds, vigorously trying to obtain some sort of fulcrum to snap the restraints with his super strength. He was rewarded a swift and painful explosion of power from deep in his chest, causing him the pull on each of his restraints, throwing his chest outward as much as his bonds would allow.

He Screamed.

“The Toy will permit your struggles Ranger!” Parallax had returned to face Blaze, he removed his Captain’s peaked hat revealing his crew cut light hair, he also removed his shirt, his trousers, and his shiny white shoes. He was wearing a long white latex suit that caressed his body. Parallax looked after his body, he looked to be in perfect health, not super muscular, but well proportioned. He wore a black lycra brief. Adjusting himself while he looked at Blaze, he continued his gloating. “…But you see Ranger, the Toy will detect your anger, and your valid, but futile attempts to break its bonds. It will reward you with a dose of what I like to call Parallaxian punishment. I programmed the Toy myself!” Parallax examined Blaze’s bulge again, savouring the sensual secretions of power.”

“Ughhhh, get your filthy hands off me!” Blaze dared not to provoke the machine again, it’s ability to punish had been painfully demonstrated, and he still felt bolts of pain toying with his nipples. He looked down examining his body, checking that he was still in one piece.

Parallax kept his light grip on Blaze, his fingers fanning out to savour the beauty and fullness of Blaze’s bulge, he felt the entire erosuit, from hip to hip, from the base of Blaze’s bulge, over the cascading mountain of caged meat, caressing the folds of nylon, running his fingers across the top of the sumptuous garment feeling the tie, he pulled a part of the cord out, and then stood back from Blaze examining the majestic creature spread helplessly before him, tied so powerfully to his Toy, contemplating, waiting for his pleasure.

“You are a magnificent creature, Ranger Blaze, my newest prized possession! Your erosuits and erothongs are the most requested items on this ship, so to see and feel yours is a true honour and pleasure, but the pleasure will be all yours, mighty hero. We must grade your nectar now, we must grade your pleasure too!”

Blaze was turning and writhing, pulling on his bonds, “you bastard, let me go, I’m not going give you a thing, you’ve felt my Hival power Parallax, it is mine to control, you can’t access that power!” Blaze’s face was screwed up and defiant, his eyes were squinting and displaying his insolence and anger toward his captor.

“The Toy will make its adjustments, Blaze, and now that we have adjusted the receptor acuity it will give you a delicious and tantalizing taste of your beloved Hive as you succumb into the folds of pleasure. Your beautiful bulging erosuit will be scanned again to commence the process, just so my systems are tuned perfectly, I also need a facsimile of your pleasure signature to transmit to your ship, so it thinks you are still on board, I’m broadcasting an initial signal, but it will be refined once you are scanned and your pleasure begins to magnify, ha ha ha.”

Captain Parallax gave his order, speaking to his Toy, it’s AI listening and waiting for the permission to commence its pleasure sequence.

There was a flash of red light booming from the lighted circumference around the Toy.

Blaze’s initial moan was soft and smooth, “Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Blaze felt the energy was surrounding his buttocks, it was encroaching across each of his hips, moving across the soft, light nylon fabric of the erosuit, devouring it, it was clean and crisp, the pleasure felt almost clinical, but it was magnificent and inescapable, and as it started to devour his bulge, and through Blaze’s cries of delight, desperate cries trying to resist the elegance and intensity of the pleasure, Parallax continued to provide his evil commentary on what the machine was inflicting on the hero.

“The initial scan will sweep your erosuit, the data is rich and detailed, we will learn much of the suit’s nanotech capabilities, it will also record your initial pleasure signature, but this will be refined and adjusted during your pleasure. Your orgasm will provide the final data for our continuing transmission of your pleasure signature to your beloved Intrepid3 ship. They will never know that you are off the ship my delicious young hero. Now the pleasure is swirling around your bulge, and such a beautiful erosuit bulge it is!” Parallax had his right-hand index finger hovering just off the apex of Blaze’s bulge, he had Blaze’s attention captured in a moment of delicious anticipation.

Blaze could see Parallax’s finger; it was ominous and tantalizing all at once. The pleasure was being confined to his red and yellow erosuit, it was such a stimulating experience and Parallax was correct, the scan had halted at the extremities of his sumptuous bulge, it felt delicate, delectable and mouth wateringly seductive to him, it was toying with his genitals, toying with his experience of his erosuit, poking fun at the power it feeds him, and his connection to the Hive. Parallax was enjoying himself immensely, enjoying teasing the Ranger at the precipice of his subjugation into the ship’s company of very exclusive toys, its inventory of bound sexual slaves.

“Are you ready Ranger Blaze, my Toy will now scan your erotic bulge, I think it is one of your finer features, up there with your stunningly handsome face, ripping musculature and your sensational buns, it is perfectly formed, it draws the eye ever so seductively. I have always wondered why the Hive dressed its marquee trio of heroes in these delicious garments, only to attract the eye of millions, dare I say Billions of admirers and fanning the desire and lust of evil throughout the Galaxy!”

“The very, Mmmm, evil we are sworn to resist and stop, Ngfffff!” Blaze was looking at Parallax, his struggles and twisting were in vain, but he had to try and escape the power of this machine. But Parallax put a stop to Blaze’s response by connecting his finger with the tip of Blaze’s bulge. Blaze’s outburst of sexual enjoyment filled Parallax’s body with delicious tingles, he shimmied with delight and an expanding smile told Blaze, that his sexual conquest was only beginning, he knew Parallax would evolve the pleasure to consume him.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, w, hat is it d, do-ing?” Blaze’s look of defiance and luscious pleasure were folded into one deep stare into Parallax’s eyes. He felt the light touch of Parallax’s finger on his bulge, it was causing the pleasure engulfing his erosuit to throb. He began to push his pelvis seductively and slowly, thrusting delicately, his satisfaction spelled out in every moan of delight. Blaze could not keep his eyes off his bulge. He was feeling sexual desires so primal, so needy pulling inside his chest. The pleasure was being drawn up over his bulge, it was being attracted to Parallax’s finger.

“Oh my, Blaze, your erosuit, is a Hival masterpiece, my pleasure systems are purring and the way your body is accepting the sensation is beautiful! Let it devour you Ranger, the scan will become intimate with you, it will absorb into your penis, your even your delicious pubic hair, it will infiltrate your every private place, my systems will worship you Ranger! Your lower bulge will absorb every delicious incursion, it will encase each of your testicles, combining with your juices, your precious, delicious juices, that I will so lovingly extract from your body. The pleasure will also devour your very special glands on your urethra, the ones that human males use to create their sweet, pre-cum nectar.” Parallax did not move his finger, only to move with the gentle trusts of Blaze’s pelvis, his eyes locked on Blaze’s sexy red mask, locked in a lascivious stare with his captive hero.

Parallax knew his Toy so well, he was correct on every count, Blaze’s moans were becoming deeper, more pronounced, and serial. The pleasure was indeed buzzing his pubes, absorbing into his penis, like a sensual liquid seeping into a sponge, it was making his cock soft and supple, its sumptuous pleasure enlivening his pleasure points throughout his penis, he felt his balls warm and supple, they were happy, satisfied and encased in sensation, radiating back to the fabric of the erosuit, empowering it, distributing it across his entire erosuit pouch, the pleasure was consuming him. His bulge was conquered in less than ten minutes and when Parallax finally removed his index finger, Blaze’s body experienced a wave of sensual tingles, delicious energy enveloped him momentarily and his body shuddered as the pulse of power gripped him. It finished quickly though, leaving his erosuit, his bulge, his pouch filled with residual energy. The scan had completed. The scan had conquered him, his data was being processed and Parallax’s look of delight was haunting and ominous.

“My scans are pleasing?” Parallax’s question was rhetorical given the look of sheer enjoyment plastered all over Blaze’s face, but Blaze’s innate fire, his resistance and defiance, were turning Parallax on equally. “Your face tells, me that part of you wants more, I can see how horny you are Ranger, it is to be expected, your precious Hive has fashioned you and your delicious Ranger colleagues into sexual beings, your body, feeds on pleasure, it powers you Ranger, and I will exploit that unique quality for everything I can. You also project your defiance, your insolence, that fighting spirit is so erotic, especially when your face screws up so perfectly, your muscles, trying to access your power, to break your bonds, it’s so erotic! I can’t wait to announce your capture to my passengers, and to display your magnificence at the upcoming gala dinner. I love to throw big dinner events, especially with sumptuous captives writhing for my guests to savour, while they choose their play toy. They can’t hand over their money fast enough. You will be my luxe display. But first I must now measure your pleasure, your capacity! My Toy has more, much more for you to enjoy.”

He couldn’t believe what Parallax was saying, he was going to be displayed as a trophy while Parallax’s wealthy guests dined, that was sick, it was evil, he had to escape this lascivious vessel! Blaze twisted and turned, and the Toy continued to pulse around him, he could see the tiny vents on the floor filling the space below him and surrounded by the Toy’s circular line of lights. The vents were almost alive, he could see them gasping almost and his alarmed, yet inquisitive look earned the attention of Parallax again.

Parallax bent down, he smelled the scent of Blaze’s envirosuit, he was taking a closer look at his sumptuous bulging beauty, enjoying the voluptuous curves, the inviting smell of the fabric and Blaze’s scent was intoxicating to Parallax’s heightened senses. Parallax examined Blaze’s rounded and divinely packed lower bulge, he felt each testicle, the beauty of this Ranger was incomprehensible, his hand cupped it once his examination was complete, he let the fullness of Blaze’s bulge fill his palm, he used both hands, cupping and running over the bulge and then enveloping the entire erosuit, the pouch, the bulge, was providing Parallax with his own assessment of this sexual gift. He felt Blaze tremble and listened for the purring response that Blaze was conjuring from deep inside his body.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Blaze had his head thrust sideways, Parallax was making his erosuit pound, with whisps of delicate energy, the touch of his hands worshiping his erosuit was causing his penis to tingle, he felt the enticing energy swirling at the entrance to his boy hole too. He felt the warmth and beauty of the moment enveloping him, he could feel his desires rising and his love of bondage was being stroked, it was receiving a booster, it was driving him wild with encroaching desires. It was Parallax’s deft handy work. He couldn’t resist, and his body was trembling, his mind becoming a sea of sexual thoughts. But Parallax stopped. The relief was almost disappointing. Parallax was licking each of his Abs, his hands massaging the tops of his Lats, Blaze could feel the captain devouring him.

Parallax reached Blaze’s face, his worship of his newest sexual god, his conquest, and the anticipation of two more equally exotic human Rangers was making Parallax hornier by the minute.

Blaze could see Parallax’s face close to his, his mask had a line of red, it was flashing around the edges of his mask lenses, he knew that the delicious sensation was not for his benefit. Parallax’s hands were now caressing his face, Parallax was indeed assessing his captive, but he was savouring every moment, every touch of this young man, made Parallax desire Blaze more. His tongue was lapping at Blaze’s left ear, Parallax’s hands were running through the tight sexy curls of Blaze’s hair and the sensation was exceptional. Blaze felt his head tingle, every strand of hair aroused by the touch of his captor.

The words of Parallax were deep, slow and in a whisper that communicated self-satisfaction and covetousness. “My assessment is complete, hero! I have graded you high, but my Toy is getting tired of waiting, I can feel it clawing at my brain, it wants to make its assessment too. I’ll of course compare notes once it has completed its assessment.”

Blaze tried to break free of Parallax’s grip, he twisted his body, vainly attempting to find some leverage, to access his power to break free.

“Do what you like to me Parallax, but leave the others out of this. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Blaze’s look of desperation and defiance only turned Parallax into a more determined and self-satisfied dominator.

“We’ll discuss them later!” Parallax’s words were more determined but filled with lust “For now we will discuss what my Toy is going to do to you!”

“Ughhhh” “Bastard!” Blaze whispered back toward his tormentor.

“Toy will assess your pleasure! Now that we have processed your initial scan data, we have a base line and Toy will evolve its assessment as your pleasure progresses. I noticed you looking at the base of Toy, its thousands of sensor receptacles are waiting for your juices, they will make their assessment and your juice grade published on every menu and every notice for my patrons, my lovely guests to consider.”

“Ngfffff!” Blaze pulled desperately on each of his wrist restraints.

“Struggle hero, Toy will assess that aspect of your bondage pleasure too! I’ve requested Toy to utilise one of its favourite play systems on you. A gift from the Heroditan dynasty for the services provided by this vessel, the Particle-iser, will create a colony of tightly compacted, very dense, but microscopic particles, they are so highly charged and filled with amazing sensual energy, they will be attracted to your erosuit, they seek to connect with each other vibrating at super speeds attracting other particles in an erotic dance as they form a blanket like structure over your erosuit. They leak pleasure and when they get together, they become excited, leaking more and more delicious sensation, your erosuit will become a hypersensitive garment, filling with more and more particles, they will saturate your beautiful suit eventually, devouring your bulge, they are hungry little buggers. You’re going to just love it!”

“I, Ughhhh, have, some power, I will resist Parallax, I won’t let you devour me that easily!” Blaze’s defiance was sexual!

“Yes, correct Ranger, it will be no fun without your resistance!” Parallax turned his head slightly and reverted to a tone of voice every captain would use when issuing an order on their bridge; “Soften the Hival dampeners let our delicious Space Ranger hero feed on his pleasure, the flow of Hival power, will add to his enjoyment!”

Parallax returned his gaze back toward Blaze. “See I’m happy to let you play some more, my delicious boy!”

Blaze felt the flow into his muscles immediately, his skin was sensitive to the touch as part of the Toy’s pleasure sequence and Blaze felt his body being engulfed with sensational energy, inside each of his muscles, his tendons, his bones, and his skin felt sensual and erotic. Parallax was smiling, his hands massaging Blaze’s pectorals, enjoying how it made his captive purr and squirm, twist and thrust his erosuit slowly, inviting Parallax to lust even further.

“Your power is sexual Ranger, I have studied the Hive for years and when you three were revealed to the Galaxy, I formed a special research group to follow your every movement, study your existence, I know all about your powers, your amazing erosuits. That’s why you’re here, and I will have your beloved ‘Dixi’ and ‘Aer’ too! Such an amazing attraction to my ship, we will become even more luxe, more exclusive in the Galaxy!” Parallax licked each of Blaze’s pert nipples, he stood back to take in the beauty of his helplessly bound young god.

Blaze was crawling with sensation, his nipples still alive with the remnants of Parallax’s suckling and licking, he desperately looked over his body, he was feeling spectacular, every flex of his muscles sensual and tactile, his erosuit was still active from the recent scan, and his bulge felt alive just the sight of it fuelling deep desires inside his mind, he pictured Dixon’s face close to his, his warm kiss, and breath, his mind exploded with vision’s or Aereon, emerging from their Atlantis Suite pool after completing his laps, the way the water made his erothong cling to his penis. Blaze was being swamped, his body, his mind becoming sensitive to his environment, even the cool air flow felt sensual. But he was jettisoned out of his visions by Parallax.

“I see the Toy is enjoying your mind Ranger, it will just love exploring it, raping it with its tendrils, but before we play there, we really must play here!” Parallax was focused on Blaze’s erosuit pouch, the sight of it dominating Parallax’s attention and more specifically, the magnificent bulge of fabric, clinging to Blaze’s genitals. “Your pleasure central Blaze, your holy of holies mighty hero. Surely the Hive would have anticipated that such consummate beauty, and for that matter, three or these sumptuous displays, would attract the attention of evil lust throughout the Galaxy.”

Blaze looked at Parallax, the lust in his captor’s face was alarming and on a much deeper level, erotic, Blaze was being aroused by his predicament, he tried fighting it with his mind, using his powers to try and filter the feelings the thoughts but Parallax had other ideas.

“I will grade your erosuit experience, Ranger, I will assess your bulge, your reaction to pleasure and your ability to synthesise the pleasure. Toy will also make its assessment throughout the Particlization program. We will then stimulate your production of your pre-cum juices, I will explain that when we are at that part of your first erotic conquest!” Parallax moved closer to Blaze; his face firmly pointed at Blaze’s beautiful nylon mound.

“No, please no!” Blaze was fighting his bonds, sensation reverberating throughout his body, anticipation exploding in every cell in his body.

Parallax bent down, he examined the shiny, soft nylon fabric of the erosuit, his eyes lapping up the beauty, the majesty of the moment, he thought of the power, the link to the Hive, that the garment, the bulge provided. Parallax felt the fabric at each of Blaze’s hips, it was soft, it was supple, it was such a beautiful tactile feeling, his fingers enjoyed the feeling of the fabric gliding beneath his fingers as he moved his hands.

“Delicious Blaze!” Parallax momentarily looked up and enjoyed the beauty of Blaze’s blue eyes behind his sexy little red mask. “Your genitals must feel like royalty inside the garment! My researchers tell me that the suit pleasures you ever so delicately when you wear it, I can just imagine! Rest assured my beautiful boy; it will be pleasured superbly soon!”

Blaze was gasping in desperate anticipation, staring at Parallax’s face, but darting his eyes to his hips intently focused on Parallax’s worship of his erosuit. His body felt a surge of tingles, a wave of delicious energy enveloped him, he could not resist it, but he slowly twisted his body, moaning, purring, watching as Parallax enjoyed the expanse of his pouch, moving seductively, slowly, and intently toward the extremities of his bulge.

They both moaned in unison.

Parallax was working expertly, he had assessed every bulge, every male sexual offering on his pleasure vessel, he craved perfection, and his insatiable cravings for hero bulge were being satisfied in this beautiful moment of exploration, he was alive with desire, but worked methodically, appreciating the sublimity of his beautiful captive.

“Your bulge is magnificent!” Parallax’s voice was filled with awe and lust. “The fabric so soft, but the tightness of its fit at the sides of your bulge and how it dutifully caresses your genitalia is simply stunning, artistic!” Parallax was looking at the base of the bulge closely, he marvelled at how Blaze’s slow erotic gyrations allowed the red fabric to almost shimmer in the lights of his parlour. He had left the lights bright, he needed to examine every facet, every sensual nuance of the Ranger bulge.

Blaze felt Parallax’s initial exploration of his bulge, he felt his captor’s fingers surrounding the extremities of his beautiful mound, he was so aroused, so filled with anticipation. He felt Parallax’s fingers explore the erogenous and very private zone between his legs, one finger exploring and pushing the nylon between the base of his buttocks, tempting Blaze so expertly, but the fingers explored his lower bulge, the underside cupping his testicles, he felt the whispers of energy darting around the surface of the erosuit, of his under bulge, like extensions of Parallax’s fingers he felt delicate shards of pleasure reach into and surround his testicles with delightful sensation. Blaze heard Parallax’s deep-seated moans; his captor’s assessment of his beauty was very much a two-way street. Parallax was lost in his worship and Blaze was awash in a flowering tempest of sensation across his body. Blaze felt the fingers explore around the sides of his bulge, they were moving lightly, but firmly assessing the volume and warmth of his mound, he felt himself being devoured by Parallax’s lust and visions of Dixon tied up in sector G flooded back to his mind, his Dixi so erotic in his bondage, his mind darting between his lustful desires for his Ranger partners and Parallax’s devoted attention of his bulge were captivating his mind.

Parallax had moved his assessment to the top of his bulge, both hands, fingers exploring, feeling, caressing every sensual curve were invigorating him and Parallax’s next words ricocheted throughout Blaze’s mind generating a wave of anticipation.

Parallax whispered the order loud enough for Blaze to hear, and the Toy was patiently waiting to begin the pleasure sequence, listening for Parallax’s orders, Toy was well aware of the captain’s desire well before the order was given, it was so attuned to Parallax’s lust. With his fingers delicately exploring the sides of the bulge apex and looking into Blaze’s face, he smiled, licking his lips, “Toy, I want you to make the edges of Blaze’s penis head a little more sensitive, energise his glands, I want to evaluate his response to the initial pleasure, record this pleasure, record vision, sound and record the pleasure, I want to use this in my onboard advertising.”

He cried out the word, but his voice was full of desire, “No!” it was long and deep.

Blaze felt the beautiful pleasure almost instantly, the underside of his penis was being displayed through the soft red fabric. He felt the delicate sensation bind and tether the ridges of his penis, his sensitive glands alive and receptive.

Parallax was drunk with desire, he was focused only on the fabric clinging to the base of Blaze’s penis head, he watched how Blaze gently moved his hips, seeking the sensation, the way the fabric displayed the erotic movement of the penis inside the erosuit. Parallax almost came, he desperately controlled himself in the moment of sexual fascination. His fingers explored, brushing the fabric delicately over the protrusions of the penis. Blaze was vibrating and the first moments of sexual domination of this mighty Ranger were caught on the various recordings.

Blaze pulled on his bonds, the restraints felt sexual to him, they were feeding his bondage lusts, every movement of his body enlivening the sensations crawling on his skin, his bulge felt the velvety soft erosuit, the pleasure of being worshipped, the delicate lines of pleasure enveloping his penis head, reaching, and stimulating his sensual glands were driving him wild with desire.

Parallax withdrew his fingers, he stood back, licking his fingers, smelling the delicious Ranger scent, they were tingling slightly, and his assessment was complete.

“Ranger Blaze of Ranger Force, I assess your envirosuit, your bulge as AAA. You will attract a high price. But now your pleasure will be assessed. The Toy will undertake this process, it has learned so much of your physiology, it has been probing your brain, understanding your sexual needs my beautiful young hero, it will now deploy the particle-iser and record your entire conquest into the realms of Bordelloean ecstasy, this ship has so much to offer you my delicious hero.” Parallax had moved closer to Blaze, he held his fingers beneath Blaze’s nostrils, smell your sexual majesty hero, prepare your mind…” His hands running through Blaze’s tight sandy blond locks of hair and causing Blaze to purr, his head engulfed in a sea of sensation. Once your pleasure has enveloped your erosuit, and captured your bulge, I will release your pre-cum, the Toy will release your glands to secrete your juices hero. But more on that soon!”

“Ughhhh, Ngffffff!” Blaze did his best to fight the sensations, “I will, Ngffffff, resist giving you or anyone on this ship my juices, never!” Blaze’s mouth was open, his struggles fuelling the movement of his penis against the fabric of his bulge, the sumptuous lasso of energy shooting lines of pleasure across the skin of his penis, like a curtain, he could not escape, he was caught in the rhythm of the process.

“Good to hear hero! I will enjoy your defeat; the mighty heroes of the Hive will be mine soon!”

Blaze, pulled as strong as he could, he lurched forward as much as his bonds would allow, lurching straining, defiantly looking at Parallax; “never, you fiend!”

Parallax laughed, allowing his breath to flow over Blaze’s face, he had moved in close to Blaze’s straining attempts break free. “Time to measure your pleasure, my gorgeous hero! I expect Toy will grade you highly, but we will wait and see. You know I have lots of equally delicious heroes onboard, this ship is a collection of caged sexual, beautiful men. I want to compare you with them. Ha ha ha.”

He stood back and surveyed Blaze’s helplessly stretched twisting, writhing body, the slow and gentle hip flexing and pushing feeding Parallax’s deep-seated needs.

The red circumference lights surrounding Toy, pulsed. The thousands of receptors below Blaze opened and shut, it was like the diabolical machine was gasping, sucking, seeking, Blaze could feel the wisps of air flowing over his body, the machine was evaluating his scent, his sweat, it was hungry.

Parallax laughed while he spoke “I love it when it does that, I can feel Toy sucking on my feet, it is very erotic!” and as he said the words he moved in close to Blaze, his hands cupped in front of the hero’s face, Parallax then used a theatrical motion and slowly opened his palms pulling his hands away from each other, as he did, a purple sphere like mist appeared in front of Blaze’s face, it was big enough to draw Blaze’s attention, the size of his erosuit.

“It’s beautiful don’t you think? Toy just loves when I employ the Particle-iser! You are looking at the first of the micro-particles they are really energised this time!” Parallax smiled and then continued “Toy really likes you I think!”

“Ughhhh! I will fight you Parallax! Ngfffff!” Blaze’s struggles were futile.

“I’m counting on it Ranger, it would be no fun if you didn’t!” Parallax moved his hands downward over Blaze’s heaving chest directing the sphere of particles downward, Blaze was breathing deeply, trying to focus his powers, but whisps of particles escaped the sphere in the motion, they landed on his pecs, he felt their vibrations accelerating the energy surrounding his body.

“Oh, My G O D!” Blaze’s face was erupting with erotic gestures, his tongue licking his lips. His body ensconced in a pulse of sensation.

Another wisp escaped the sphere over Blaze’s abs and his body erupted again.

Parallax reached Blaze’s erosuit, and the sphere became heated, it was bulging in different places, changing position, enlivened by Blaze’s nylon suit; his bulge, it could taste the pleasure lassoing the head of Blaze’s penis, the sphere had become ravenous, Blaze’s pleasure attracting it.

“Mmmm, the particles are peckish Blaze, they have been programmed by Toy to seek your scent, and sniff out your pleasure, that’s why I asked Toy to sensitise the ridges of your penis head, they can see to the outline of your cock, hero, as clearly as I, they can taste the pleasure you are offering it, it is inescapable hero! Ha ha we, woo!” Parallax’s laugh had become evil.

Blaze could not stop, he was lost in the erotic sensations covering his body, filling his mind, the discretely sumptuous pleasure licking at his penis, he thrust his hips, he couldn’t stop, it was fuelling the pleasure as the underside of his penis brushed the soft sensual fabric, he couldn’t stop. He cried out “No, please No! Don’t do this Parallax, ngfffff!”

Parallax released the sphere and watched intently along with Blaze, the sphere dropped onto the surface of Blaze’s envirosuit, it distributed its millions of microscopic particles evenly across the nylon, electrifying the surface of the suit. The purple haze looked as if it was being sucked into the fabric of the erosuit.

Blaze breathed in deeply, his fists clenched, and his legs pulled in opposition to the force on his arms, his attempts to escape were futile. Parallax ran his left-hand fingers across Blaze’s face first, then gripping and pulling Blaze’s head forcefully, causing the mighty Ranger to look Parallax in the eye.

“The pleasure is just beginning hero, you cannot escape my millions of pleasure drone particles vibrating, craving, lusting for your bulge as much as any being on this vessel, they will take you hero, as they vibrate in their lusty exuberance to devour you and feed on your pleasure, they will leak, their own pleasure into your bulge, and soon, they will infest your body, your penis, your testicles, crawling up into your boy pussy, they like to burrow Blaze and once inside your skin, they will explode releasing their super compact payload of condensed pleasure. Toy will release a new swarm after the original particles have released their consignment. Your body will be engulfed, and every new load of particles will feed on the growing mass of pleasure inside your erosuit, inside your bulge.” Parallax forced Blaze to look at his seething red erosuit.

Blaze felt the first swarm electrifying his bulge, his erosuit was sensitized in harmony with his pleasure signature, Blaze’s moans were deep, his voice almost demonic, purring as the pleasure built, he felt his erosuit, feeding the lasso surrounding the ridges of his cock. “Aghhh!” he moaned, his head seething from side to side. He felt his penis absorb what felt like a soft warm liquid, it was the first particles burrowing into his genitals.

The explosion in his penis, in his testicles was outrageous, it was sublime, his penis felt like it was breathing pleasure, it moved over his member, it engulfed every cell in his penis, his glands were alive.

Blaze had begun to drool.

“Good boy!” Parallax, stood back to watch his mighty hero thrust and moan, his helpless body being taken, wave after wave, caressing the nylon, absorbing into the fabric, infesting his body, and exploding their condensed pleasure cargo into Blaze, filling his bulge, filling his entire pouch with inescapable intoxicating torrents of delicious power.

Toy, all the time evaluating Blaze’s reactions, his acceptance of the intense energy, the ability of his penis to conduct and hold the pleasure, his ability to synthesis the power and build a store of ejaculate. Toy was insistent, it was sucking the air over Blaze’s sensitized body, engulfing the mighty hero in layers of sensation, his skin crawling with delicious tingles, his mind ablaze with desires, memories, lusty thoughts.

Parallax, bent down, he could smell Blaze’s sexuality, he was oozing scent, he could feel the energy in the hero’s bulge bridge the gap between Parallax’s face and Blaze’s seething bulge. “Yes, he is absorbing the particles perfectly,” he said opening his mouth, Parallax let the power synapse onto his tongue, he felt Blaze drawing him to his bulge, Parallax reached around and gripped Blaze’s rock-hard buttocks, Blaze was breathing deeply, crying out with each exhale, the pleasure captivating his cock, exploding inside it, coating it, energising it. With his grip firm, Parallax licked the base of the bulge, sucking in the charged air buzzing the erosuit, tasting the Ranger’s sexual essence, the moment charged with erotic passion. Parallax let his tongue rest on the underside of Blaze’s penis head, he felt the powerful energy fill his mouth. He withdrew quickly, and left Blaze in a state of trembling sexual bliss, he let go of Blaze’s buns, rising to face Blaze’s straining face. Parallax stared into Blaze’s eyes; his sexy mask could not hide the need in Blaze’s eyes. Parallax gripped the back of Blaze’s head, he thrust his tongue inside Blaze’s mouth, allowing the stored pleasure on his tongue to flow into Blaze’s mouth. It enveloped Blaze’s head infesting his mind, Blaze’s hair was radiating sensual tingles.

Parallax smiled withdrawing from Blaze’s mouth, enjoying the taste of his mighty Ranger, the way Blaze’s moans evacuated his lungs with such passion and power. He brushed his fingers over Blaze’s face, smirking, gloating.

“And now for your juice production hero, Toy is very hungry, Parallax is famished too, I need to wet my whistle!”

“Aghhh!” Blaze was pulling desperately, his body engrossed in tornadoes of sensation, his penis exploding in pleasure, “Ner, Ner, Never! You mustn’t get my Ranger juice, it is, Aghhh for my Rangers, must, n, not give up my nectar.” Blaze was writhing, his hips thrusting faster, slowly turning in the erotic gyration of defeat, looking desperately toward his captor alternating back to his erosuit bulge.

“The human male secretes pre-cum, evolved from when sexual relations were for procreation only, the juice is highly alkaline and smooth, you and your Ranger partners are rumoured to be blessed by your beloved Hive and your production of the lubricant is plentiful. Toy has shut down your bulbourethral glands, and your glands of Littré; they normally fire when your arousal is triggered, I am right? My researchers tell me, your arousal spikes with bondage, how delicious Blaze! I don’t think you will be able to resist your milking, your erosuit, your penis is enduring a load of pleasure pressure, and Toy will be stimulating your glands, it will be irresistible for you.” Parallax enjoyed the show.

“No, I beg you, no!” Blaze moaned, thrashing glaring, pleading with the captain.

“Yes, on this ship, your milking is paramount Blaze! Every hero captive is milked here, pleasured here and often tortured by sadistic and wealthy patrons.” Parallax bent down slightly, cupping the Hero’s bulge. Looking back into Blaze’s pleading eyes. “This will be saturated soon…” He said looking at the beauty of the pleasurised bulge and then back toward Blaze’s eyes, “…your juice pumping through the vortex of pleasure in your penis. Toy is going to charge your pre-cum with special isotope from the Randion regime in the system of Cassiopeia. Another gift for services rendered by the Bordello to their elite underground. The isotope is activated by the particles currently pleasuring you Blaze, it will make your juices activated with another dimension of pleasure, as your pre-cum moves through your penis, it will absorb the sumptuous pleasure, each pump of your juices will be like a mini-orgasm, micro-orgasmic, and very insistent mighty hero! Toy is eager to sample your supple juices, it will grade your nectar hero!” Parallax caressed the tip of Blaze’s bulge. “I want to watch the first offering of your sacred syrup, hero!” Parallax bent down, his fingers causing the pleasure to amplify in Blaze’s bulge.

Blaze, thrust his hips forward, his eyes firmly on his bulge, on Parallax’s fingers caressing his meat.

“Toy! Proceed please, release Blaze’s glands and release the isotope; standard dosage please!”

Blaze cried out, he used his available power, he concentrated as best he could, but he was hyper-horny, Parallax had been working him for hours, he spoke as best he could.

“Must, Mmmm, resist, Mmmm, can’t give them my nectar!” His head thrust upward in a fit of concentration, trying to transcend everything the Toy was inflicting his body with.

But it was in vain!

Blaze screamed as the pleasure brewed deep inside him, fermenting as the first flow of juice pumped through his penis, it electrified and powered the particles pleasuring him into a new frenzy of activity, his bulge was crawling with power inside and outside and the first expulsion of juice appeared like a huge growing glistening bubble.

The sounds emitting from Blaze were magnificent, the micro-orgasmic release ricocheted throughout his bulge. Parallax grabbed it and placed it on his tongue, he then lapped up the next erotic discharge and kept the viscous and sweet nectar on his tongue. Parallax, lifted his body, surveying Blaze’s heaving abs, the rising and falling of Blaze’s deep beathing invigorated Parallax, and when reached Blaze’s face, Parallax licked Blaze’s mouth again, Blaze’s handsome, face grimacing and displaying his pleasure, it was irresistible to Parallax, who forced the sweet juice into Blaze’s mouth with his fingers.

Blaze tasted his juice, it was warm, sweet, and plentiful.

“There you go mighty Ranger, you cannot escape the Toy, it will milk you, very insistently.” Parallax’s fingers were moisturising Blaze’s lips with pre-cum. “We can’t have you drying out!” Parallax gloated.

Blaze screamed in abandon right in Parallax’s face as his next micro-orgasm erupted. The bulbous clear warm nectar saturating the erosuit and Blaze could feel the juice surrounding his bulge like a warm bath.

Another surge, another Micro-orgasmic explosion filled his erosuit and after several minutes of discharge a long growing oozing drip extended from Blaze’s bulge to the base of the Toy, it sucked the juice into its hungry receptacles and Parallax stood back to watch his erotic show unfolding before his eyes.

He watched as Blaze writhed, the mighty, helpless Ranger wrapped in layers of sensational pleasure, his juice flow increasing with every pump from the Toy. Pre-cum began to fling in different directions, long sticky, warm shards of Blaze’s pleasure juices were catching the deep red and yellow lights being emitted by the Toy, the light refracting through the long shards of juice thrown around by Blaze’s gyrating, thrusting body.

He watched as Blaze’s body vibrated in anticipation of the micro explosion, watching the look on Blaze’s face and the sound of his captive’s vain attempts to vocalise the delicious power surging through his erosuit, ensnaring his bulge, captivating his every sense in continuous, unrelenting waves of pleasure.

As much as Blaze tried, he could not impede the production of his pre-cum, his urethra, his glands were in a state of overdrive, producing his nectar, infused with the evil isotope and exploding inside his penis, wrapping it in lubricant, so beautiful and spiritual, Blaze’s mind controlled by the pleasure, controlled by the Toy, he could feel it’s probes, he could feel the sexual explosions caressing his skin, even his hair was sensitive to the air being sucked over his body by the Toy’s feverishly hungry systems.

Parallax was ready to assess Blaze’s erection, the erosuit was saturated and bulbous eruptions of Ranger juice were absorbing and flinging about. He approached Blaze, and grabbed Blaze’s hair again, his voice was full of rage and his tone lusty and deep.

“I am going to have the honour of massaging your bulge, Blaze, I want to feel the rise of your penis, slither beneath the drenched nylon of your precious and lubricated erosuit. I will feel your rock-hard cock for the first erotic time, I’m going to suck your juices through the fabric hero, I can’t let Toy have all the feeding to itself!”

Blaze looked at him, it was all he could do with Parallax’s tight grip on his sensitised hair, tingles shot around his head, pleasure invading every aspect of his pouch, his skin warping in waves of sensation and as much as he knew he had no chance of escaping Parallax’s dominion of his penis he had to try, it was a deep-seated trait that his Hival academy training had instilled in him. He was a Ranger after all!

“Nnnn – no, must nnnn-not s, s -suc – cumb, ooooh,” Blaze’s words were difficult to form, they were impregnated with lusty erotic tones, they were loud enough for Parallax to enjoy. “…p pleasure is devouring m, me!” Blaze tried to throw his head back in a fit of desperate delight, his bulge was spraying pre-cum.

Parallax felt the spray on his tight sensitive suit. “I see the pleasure pressure has increased nicely! Toy is such a beautiful machine, is your penis exploding nicely? I have a guest that will spend the night drinking your nectar, that is all he desires, he is filthy rich Blaze, he will lap your nectar, probably kill for it!” Parallax’s eyes narrowed and his glare became evil. “Now feed me Ranger Blaze, but I will only feed when your pleasure infested penis is hard, I want to savour it, enjoy the length of it, taste the pleasure radiating through it, your rod of power will feed me, I am your captor and new Lord, Ranger!”

“No!” Blaze felt his penis’ joy, but he felt remorse too, he was being defeated by the beauty of pleasure, he was going to feed a tyrannical monster, he had no resistance. “Bah!” He flung his head upward as soon as Parallax released his grip.

He had lowered himself; Parallax was face to face with one of the most erotic hero bulges in the Galaxy, he was satisfied, but hungry for more. He watched how the bulge, the entire red and yellow sided garment was glistening in the slippery lubricated Ranger nectar, he examined the bulge closely, listening for the delicious bubbly sounds of the pleasure zapping Blaze, caressing his bulge in insistent and delicious pleasure. He watched Blaze’s body shudder, the next bubble of goo and then the spray engulfed his face. Parallax smiled, wiping his face, lubricating his hand in preparation.

Blaze had concluded his scream, he was desperately looking down to Parallax, he tried to prepare himself for the spike in delicious sensation, pulling on his restraints, his face contorting in lusty pleasure, licking his lips, he watched Parallax’s hand connect with his bulge, engulfing him in the palm of his hand, he felt Parallax’s hand slide over him, it was beautiful, the pleasure wrapping his bulge kissing every part of his penis, inside and outside, Blaze felt the vibrations breach across his skin, his body enveloped in a wrap of beauty, so sensational, he felt the next micro-orgasm building, this one was mammoth, it was devouring him, he heard Parallax’s cries of delight. Blaze knew that Parallax was experiencing the power of this pleasure surge too, he could feel the flow of it being sucked from his bulge into Parallax’s palm. His bulge was engulfed in it, his penis on fire and the juices moved slowly through his member, controlled by the Toy, it was releasing the isotope in a powerful and measured way. The machine was pulsing red and then yellow, he was surrounded by light, by sounds so erotic, wrapped in pleasure and his bulge was filling with a torrent of sumptuous enjoyment oozing through his soft, supple, and sensitive penis; the activated pre-cum moved through him pleasuring him magnificently, building to the conquest of his next micro-orgasm. He exploded into Parallax’s hand, juices flung with such power and force and although Parallax tried to contain the power of the micro-orgasmic emission, the force of Blaze’s expulsion flung his pre-jiz in different directions.

“Well done!” Parallax was impressed. He ordered the Toy encourage Blaze’s erection, feeling the soft penis slithering inside the erosuit. Parallax moved his fingers massaging the underside of Blaze’s cock. Blaze felt exquisite, his substantial penis already filled his erosuit bulge impressively, but is cock was a dynamic conduit of the Toy’s pleasure particle-iser, it was holding him in an ecstasy so exhilarating and delicious, inviting Blaze deeper and deeper into its vortex, raping his body, his mind and most exclusively his bulge. Parallax massaged, delicately watching the emission of pre-jiz, feeling the vibrations of his majestic captive, listening to his captive’s delightful cries, he followed the curvature of the penis, he felt the majesty of the pleasure rod, oozing lubricant juices that he used to slide his hand across the fullness of Blaze’s entire erosuit pouch, the garment slippery, lubricated in sumptuous hero juices, Parallax worshipped, he let the palms of his hands caress Blaze’s suit, diffusing pleasure across the surface of the suit, and then using his fingers to direct the flow back toward the bulge.

Parallax was intently working, he didn’t remove his lustful eyes, he just calmy spoke his instruction to the Toy, “Direct the pleasure along the underside of Ranger Blaze’s penis, condense and release it along the penis so it envelops him, controls him, repeat the process in waves Toy, distribute, condense release!” His evil grin revealing the captain’s lust.

Parallax then looked up from Blaze’s bulging delight, he looked to Blaze, “I will have your erection hero, you cannot escape, I intend to feed and when I am ready I will introduce you to the Hedonic Council, they will examine your beauty, the excellence of what you offer this ship, they will watch as my Toy and I bring you to your orgasm, they will hear your delicious screams from different corners of the Galaxy, they will watch the conquest of our first mighty Ranger.”

Blaze felt the direction of the pleasure change course, he felt the underside of penis accept and absorb the sensation, he was being sucked into a delicious vortex by his penis, he could feel the energy covering his body, moving migrating toward his bulge, the nylon surrounding his penis pulsing, feeding the pleasure absorbing into his penis, he felt its build up and the way it engulfed his member like a soft warm mouth pleasuring every cell in his penis. He felt his juices invigorating the pleasure from inside his penis. He couldn’t stop it, the arousal was majestic, it was more powerful than his will, more powerful than the Hival power that Parallax was permitting him to access.

His cock vibrating in delicious frequencies, his juices lubricating its rise.

“Good hero, your penis is alive is it not?” Parallax was drooling almost as much as the nectar pumping, oozing from the slab of wet red nylon growing in front of him.

Blaze’s moan also heralded the growth of his member, his penis was being devoured, it was inescapable, and diabolical, he was looking down intently toward his bulge, biting his bottom lip and drooling, he was being transported into a cornucopia of sensation and Parallax began to stroke the growing beautiful pleasure rod.

“Accept the pleasure hero!” Parallax stroked Blaze into a frenzy of cries so erotic, Parallax tingled all over.

He watched Blaze’s penis head grow, it was still oozing juices, lubricating the drenched erosuit and as it moved upward through the sea of wet clinging nylon, Parallax began to finger the underside of the penis, he let Blaze’s juices glide beneath his finger, driving the mighty powerful hero into the next frenzy of resistance.

Parallax felt the fullness of Blaze’s erection, the penis just fitting in the erosuit and slightly to the left, it stood out majestically and Blaze’s juices continued to push through the fabric, the Toy had reduced to pleasure pressure slightly, Blaze was no longer spurting pre-jiz, but it remained plentiful.

The waves of pleasure energy, condensed, compacted, and then released along the underside of Blaze’s penis were insistent, his cock had become a mass of pleasure a seething ball of it, he was so hard, he felt he could burst with the insistent waves causing Blaze to sensually gyrate his hips upward and downward, up, out, down. To Parallax, the vision of this erotic movement was outrageously sensual, it caused Blaze’s penis to slide upward and downward inside the saturated erosuit, pushing juices forward as the penis head ploughed upward through the red sea of drenched nylon and then retracting backward as Blaze’s hips swayed in their erotic motion, only to continue its erotic journey again, Parallax drooled watching the emissions of activated pre-cum bubbling from the tip of the bulge. His meal was prepared and cooked to perfection.

“No!” Blaze’s cry was long and filled with emotion, he had some power left, and he had push through, but he realised that Parallax was feeding, he could feel the energy circling his penis pulse and flow toward his sensitive cock head, Parallax was sucking, he was sucking hard, drinking the sweet nectar of his helplessly writing and thrusting captive.

Parallax fed for what seemed like hours, he had his initial entrée of Ranger juice, after fifteen minutes, he fell back on to the base of the Toy, he could feel the strong suction of the unrelenting machine, it was sucking him to the floor, He was laughing loud, his face wet and drooling Ranger nectar, the juices continuing to ooze down from Blaze’s slowly thrusting hips, his penis continuing to slide upward and downward within his sumptuous straining pouch. Parallax sat up, holding his belly, he was consumed with happiness, he was feeding on one of the Galaxy’s most desirable, and beautiful heroes in the throes of sexual decadence, ready to be elevated to his climax, ready to serve his semen. Ranger cum, soon to become the exclusive offering of his space liner. He just needed the approval of his governing council.

The Hedonic council had the final say of the Space Liner’s product offerings, the Bordello dealt in the luxe sexual offering of mighty captured and helpless heroes, and Parallax was ready to promote his latest conquest. He had Blaze in a state of erotic transcendence, his Toy machine holding the hero effortlessly, maintaining the powerful hero at the edge of a massive orgasm, Parallax would display the hero for them to examine.

The councillors were three, with Parallax being the fourth, serving executive councillor. It consisted of Drake from the constellation of Perseus in the Beta sector. Tarn of the Etro Triangle in the Tauran sector and finally, Master Tempest from the vampire world of Aphrodisia. Each member of the council were masters in domination and power; rich beyond all measure, their funds came from many sources, but the Bordello’s voyages of sexual domination and hero worship was their favourite revenue generation source. Highly invested in the vessel, they were always keen to review Parallax’s newest conquests.

Parallax was standing, his mouth glistening in Blaze’s juices, Blaze behind him slowly thrusting, moaning in deep erotic outbursts, his body poking the air and writhing, his rock-hard cock bubbling with juices that oozed down the extremities of his now straining erection and forming a long continuous ooze of his nectar to the Toy’s hungry receptacles, his huge bulge glistening.

Blaze was ready for the Hedonic Council.

“Toy, summon the Council!” Parallax was licking his fingers, he turned slightly, pulling himself up from the sucking receptors surrounding the Toy and stood close to Blaze’s face offering Blaze some of his juices over his shoulder to the erotic, helpless hero. “They are just going to love you hero!” He said checking the circumference lights of the Toy.

The circumference lights pulsed brighter, and a wall of shimmering energy rose from the lighting array surrounding the Toy. It was dazzling, but Blaze was too focussed of the energy, forming, and surrounding his penis, he was focused on his erosuit, the repository of outrageous delight, the feeling of divinity, yet restrained divinity, filling his penis as it slid and glided inside his drenched erosuit, the sheer exhilaration of his juices exploding inside his penis proving another layer of pleasure, waves and pulses enthralling his tingling body with every luscious movement for his body.

The faces appeared on the shimmering wall of energy surrounding him, surrounding the Toy and Parallax’s face lit up. The huge images, so lifelike, almost holographic displayed their initial reactions. The images were moving slowly in an anti-clockwise trajectory around the Toy to get a full view of the newest captive.

“Presentation mode!” Parallax ordered causing the central component of the X shaped device to retract. Blaze remained at the same angle, but the council members were able to the view the entirety of their newest toy, every straining muscle was on display, they could view his erosuit from every angle and watch the mighty hero writhe for them for their initial examinations.

“So nice to see you again Drake, and Tarn, you are looking well. Parallax then turned to greet Master Tempest who had appeared behind Blaze. The faces moved around the Toy’s wall of energy like a parade. “Take your time gentlemen, yes you are looking at a mighty Space Ranger, his name is Blaze!”

Master Tempest replied, “Thankyou captain, but I am quite aware of these fabled mighty heroes, and of their beloved Hive. I have enjoyed some of the Hive’s Space Cadets that have stumbled into my space domain over the years, but when word reached my end of the Galaxy that the Hive had revealed three champions, I didn’t think I was going to see one so soon. You have been stalking them a while, I have been reading the Bordello’s logs.”

Tempest ruled a large sector of the Galaxy, a vampire, his world, and region of space are well feared by many, and his domain was not a usual domain for trade other activities, his red eyes were peeled on the on the Ranger and his long straight black hair added to his ominous appearance. Blaze had read the Hival information on that sector of the Galaxy and knew that Ranger Force would one day be called upon in that region. Blaze, like Tempest never expected to meet so soon, and meeting a vampire from planet the Aphrodisia was not high on his list of things to do, especially in his current circumstances.

Drake, the cleanest cut of the Councillors, looked handsome with his well-kept short dark hair and inviting emerald-green eyes, Drake controlled cartels scattered around the Galaxy and his smooth, clean-cut appearance camouflaged the wicked and villainous aspect of his persona, he was pleased that another hero had been removed from active duty, another threat extinguished, and yet so deliciously, the threat was going to become a lucrative opportunity.

“A beautiful example of human male perfection, I will give the Hive credit! It creates only the most beautiful specimens! Parallax, would you be so kind as to prepare the Royal suite for me, I shall be paying the Bordello a visit, I must experience this Ranger personally, I have images and video footage of these three beautiful men, let’s just say I am a fan!” Drake had scarcely looked at Parallax, he was already infatuated with the scene of this most beautiful Ranger dripping and writhing in front of his face.

“You beat me to the Royal, ha ha, ha! Tarn laughed, he always enjoyed partying with Drake, Tarn ruled the Etro Triangle, well, the underworld and discrete sexual services of the region, the Bordello was the natural investment for him and his substantial holdings in the liner’s books provided him his spot on the Hedonic Council. He used his connections in nearly every sector, every constellation to seek out delicious heroes for the Bordello to stalk and capture, Ranger force was on his list of conquests, and was delighted that Parallax had been able secure the catch.

“He is irresistible, my establishments could use some more stock like this. You have exceeded expectations Parallax!” Tarn’s smile glinted in the lights of the Parlour, he had a mouth full of gold teeth, a small diamond glinted over his left eye, Tarn liked bling, he liked expensive bling and he intended to have himself some of the human bling writhing before his face.

“Gentlemen, Ranger Blaze, the Bordello now boasts the ownership of a Space Ranger, and soon all three of these delicious heroes will be on the menus of our ship! Word is around the hotel that a Ranger has been captured, excitement is moving through the passenger manifest like a wildfire.”

“Good news Parallax, well done!” Drake did not take his eyes off Blaze, his infatuation growing with every delicious second.

“You have graded him?” Master Tempest enquired.

“Of course, I have assessed his musculature, his beautiful body is perfectly formed, his buttocks, his erosuit is spectacular as you can see and his bulge, well magnificent. His genitalia pack the suit, and it appeals to the eye! I have transmitted the sequences of his pleasure grading to you, you have of course been able to enjoy such beauty, I have graded him AAA. Toy has graded pleasure resistance, pleasure pressure, conductivity, intensity, the usual settings. His flaccid penis is very capable of intense pleasure, and he draws on the Hive during his pleasure. The erection is exquisite, as you can see. Toy has been able to distribute and condense pleasure easily. The Ranger’s endurance is exceptional, his juice production responds well, and as you can see, he is drenched from long delicious sub-orgasmic pleasure. I have kept him at this level for some time, I wanted you to watch the drool and the way his penis glides inside the erotic suit as it bubbles out his nectar. He is thrusting in tune with Toy’s little waves of sensation, driving him into a blissful world of anticipation, he so would love to cum!” Parallax’s tone was charged with power, and he looked at Blaze’s face, so full of erotic expression, Parallax was enjoying his triumph over his captive.

“His orgasm, and that of his Ranger partners, does not drain his powers like other heroes we have onboard in our captivity. His body feeds on pleasure and his beloved Hive bestows power through it. It is imperative that we maintain dampeners on his inflow of energy whenever he or his Ranger partners are enjoyed.” Parallax advised.

Blaze was twisting, his bonds tightening, but he had to resist their evil power over him. He felt the radiant pleasure devouring his penis, every jettison of juice, warm, exploding inside his cock, he couldn’t stop his show, the slow movement of his hips, causing his magnificent hard penis to slither upward and downward inside the drenched erosuit.

“Gahhhh, Nahhh!” his inconceivably beautiful sounds were becoming more erotic by the moment. “Must res, res, resist!” He laboured his words, his body engulfed in delicious energy. He looked into the eyes of the Council members as they slowly moved around him, around the Toy in their slow procession.

Drake then made his request, “You are a beautiful hero Ranger! Drake then turned his attention to Parallax, “I am looking forward to his orgasm, indeed we all are, however I wish to view his buttocks, I desire to see this gorgeous creature writhe in a thong, I want you to adjust his erosuit so that it tightly fits between his buttocks, adjust the front pouch too, I want to see how the hero’s bulge transforms. I have heard that these Rangers also display their bodies in beautiful thongs. So delicious!

Master Tempest’s eyes widened, and Tarn’s evil smile joined Drake’s smile.

Parallax reconfigured Toy to ensure the Councillors could view Blaze’s buns of steel even better, the machine reforming but maintaining its captive in his diabolical stretch.

“I do enjoy your tastes gentlemen!” Parallax concurred, “This beautiful Ranger is so delectable, so juicy and he will become exceedingly erotic!” And as Parallax spoke to his council, he pulled the nylon, from the edges of Blaze’s buttocks, drawing the elasticised fabric between Blaze’s buns. Parallax twisted the sides of the garment over Blaze’s hips, tighter, tighter, stretching the erosuit between Blaze’s buns. Parallax adjusted Blaze’s pouch, the wet fabric folding and caressing his bulge more erotically, pronouncing his bulge in magnificent ways. Blaze’s penis head more pronounced, slithering inside the newly formed pouch.

The transformation of his erosuit into a makeshift thong was an experience of outstanding pleasure generation for Blaze, and his moans of sheer desperation and sexual abandonment captivated his devoted audience. The pleasure Particle-iser caressed him and stimulated him in a mighty wave of sensation, Blaze had no option but to spurt the next emissions of his pre-cum, before calming back into the normal rhythm of the pleasure Toy.

Parallax bent down next to the seething red and yellow pouch, much of the yellow had twisted into the sides of his new thong, but Blaze’s balls sat perched erotically, drawing the attention of his admirers, the fabric folding around the extremities of his bulge and the oozing of his pre-cum glistened as it formed into little glistening rivers within the delicious folding fabric of his majestic red pouch; the movement of the red mass of seething pleasure hypnotic with every sensual delicious push of Blaze’s hips.

“Sublime!” Drake was almost speechless at the beauty of this magnificent beautiful human hero. His eyes watching the drooling juices being lapped up by the Toy.

“I want to see Ranger Blaze orgasm, I want to hear his defeat, watch his juices spurt from his thrusting body, I want to see him showered in his own Ranger syrup and once I have embarked and settled into the Royal Suite, I will enjoy this Ranger to myself. I will milk you dry hero!” Drake wanted to escape the confines of the communication devices and take over from Parallax, he had become infatuated with Blaze.

Blaze looked down at his thong pouch, his bulge was perfect, it was pumping, and he could not escape the beautiful sensation enveloping his cock absorbing into him stimulating him pumping him, his entire body electric, he was drooling, he couldn’t stop it and the faces were devouring him in lust, circling him to obtain their eyefuls of his magnificence.

Master Tempest erupted, he demanded the hero’s orgasm and his voice boomed throughout Parallax’s parlour, but Parallax simply bent down and devoured Blaze’s majestic hard-on with his tongue, licking the erotic wet nylon encased rod up and down, he was enjoying his treat, while his hands cupped and toyed with the edges of the red seething Ranger bulge, enjoying the scream of delight that drowned out the vampire’s demands, and as Blaze writhed and twisted, his cries insistent and demented, Parallax stood up, leaving Blaze behind him a trembling and writhing mass of sexual decadence. Parallax approached the huge ethereal image of the aroused vampire, looking at Drake and Tarn on his way to Master Tempest, his councillor was on the other side of the Galaxy, but so close within the confines of the Toy’s communication display, he licked his lips and smeared Ranger juice on his face like he would a moisturizing cream, and looking at the huge image of the Master Tempest’s face, he calmy said, “Patience my dear Councillor!” and then he turned and walked the circumference of the Toy, passing the other councillor’s faces and glancing across to Blaze’s beautiful helplessly writhing body, his beautiful captive so close to the edge of his orgasm, so tantalisingly erotic in every way, he spoke loud enough, over the din of Blaze’s sumptuous deep breathing and moans of delight. “Not just yet my dear friends, this mighty Ranger has work to do before I am even going to consider rewarding him with an orgasm so delicious, so overpowering, his defeat will be witnessed by his Ranger partners! They will watch as Blaze is rewarded for their acquisition!”

Tarn’s eyes lit up, “There is a reason I recruited you Parallax, your devious mind is pure evil! I will wait to see the full complement of Ranger Force before enjoying the delicious consummation of these mighty powerful heroes to the ship, their sublimation into our ownership will be well worth the wait!”

Drake agreed reluctantly but appreciated the evil brewing in Tarn’s mind, Master Tempest was also consumed in delicious thoughts, and the allure of three beautiful heroes, their bulges spurting as they were being commissioned into service was such an alluring thought, he cast his vote of agreement as well.

“Well gentlemen,” Parallax’s voice was lusty and flowing with greed, “…I’m glad the council is unanimous on the vote!” Parallax licked his lips and ran his fingers along the outstretched left arm of his trembling captive, looking toward Blaze’s handsome face, and that delicious red mask. Blaze had turned his head, watching Parallax caressing and squeezing his arm muscles.

“No, oh god, no, please you hahhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh god, so close, ohhhhh, hahhhhhhhhhhhhh, you hhhhhh – ave mer, me to milk, no, p p please leave them, out, Noooooooooo!” Blaze was beside himself, the defiance and realisation of their plans for conquest of Ranger Force send his body into a new explosion of tingles, the flow of his pre-cum exploded and his ultra-pleasure packed straining cock spurted again in a final delicious micro-orgasm for the session.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Blaze’s body thrust, his juices reaching the floating faces of the councillors.

The pleasure subsided quickly, they had brought Blaze to the edge of a majestic orgasm, but denied him, Blaze was almost disappointed, the machine was relaxing its hold on him, the germinating orgasm cancelled, leaving the mighty young Ranger panting, but still slowly thrusting. The Toy maintaining a delicious light pleasure flow into his bulge

Tarn looked at Blaze, “I hope we haven’t disappointed you Ranger, you looked so beautiful caught up in our little tempest of orgasmic contemplation, you see we have so many delicious ways to enjoy you, but I have seen images of your partners, and I would like to enjoy the full complement of your Ranger delights. You will need to be a good boy and do as captain Parallax says! You will get your supper hero, count on that, but not just yet!”

Blaze was able to gather his thoughts, he was no longer ensconced in hurricanes of delight.

“I will never do what you want, never! Kill me if you must, but I will never do your evil beckoning!” Blaze was in no place or state to make demands, his stretched helpless body, still oozing his juices, he could feel the erosuit tightly filling his butt crack, it was such an erotic sensual feeling, but he had to transcend such sexual impulsiveness, he had to fight with whatever strength their diabolical dampener systems would allow him.

“Heroes are so predictable!” Drake commented, “But that is what makes you so delicious to play with, I love manipulating a helpless hero’s emotions almost as much as playing with their beautiful bodies, you’re so sexual Ranger Blaze!” Drake’s eyes were fixated on the beautiful captive, he had rarely diverted them to Parallax.

Parallax then decided to run his fingers around the extremities of Blaze’s delightful little red mask, tracing the edges of the mask over the top ridge of Blaze’s nose. He enjoyed the desperate look in Blaze’s eyes, the way Blaze followed his fingers was just pure enjoyment to Parallax.

You know Blaze, they say the eyes are the windows to the soul, well I really love your windows, they are so erotic, so beautiful! I’m going to give them a little feast, a little interlude in your pleasuring for the time being.

Blaze struggled as best he could, his erosuit still oozing, but the flow had decreased, and the micro-orgasmic sensations had dissipated, his penis was retracting, re-snaking itself and it slid inside its wet nylon home, he could feel the beauty of his bulge reforming, he glanced down toward his reformed bulge making Parallax smile.

“Look gentlemen, these Rangers are very self-centred, they know they are beautiful, he is checking himself out!” Parallax had a sense of majesty brewing; he knew he was controlling one of the Galaxy’s most beautiful and delicious creatures. “He knows he is magnificent; he is so vain; he needs to check his bulge is as impressive as it was before his erection.”

“Gahhhh!” Blaze struggled and threw his head around in frustration, he needed to escape the evil device and destroy its wall of light, his little prison of light. His bonds were tight, the machine had proven itself to be a ruthless master and an ominous introduction to what awaited him on the evil vessel.

Parallax then turned his attention from Blaze, speaking to the Council as one entity, “Thank you council, our decision is unanimous by vote. You will be informed once I can report development on the capture of Ranger Force!” He could hear Blaze’s protestations behind him, causing a smile to flicker at each edge of Parallax’s mouth, “…I do look forward to meeting you all again soon, and Drake, the Royal will be ready for you, your normal play equipment will be available as always!”

The Hedonic Council disappeared, there were no goodbyes or pleasantries, but the humming wall of energised light remained, surrounding the Toy, its beautiful captive and Parallax.

“Yes, my gorgeous boy, your bulge has formed nicely, you are as beautiful as ever, ha ha ha! Does your penis still feel nice? I bet it does, it is a resilient piece of kit, like you, a beautiful example of Hive technology and sexuality all bundled into a creature so beautiful. Your Dixon is delicious too, I so want to sample him and as for Aereon, your delicious swim boy, sex pot, well he will make the trio complete. Hmm, pricing you individually and as Ranger Force will be very profitable, something for everyone!” Parallax mused, his finger on the side of his face pretending to be in deep thought.

Blaze pulled on the bonds, “NEVER, you fiend, leave them out of this!”

Parallax just laughed, “Oh so beautiful, oh so defiant!” He caressed Blaze’s exposed buttocks, reaching through the Toy and behind Blaze’s struggling body. He then ran his fingers over Blaze’s legs, looking up into Blaze’s eyes, he purred, “…and their capture will have the perfect lure, irresistibly handsome as oh so sexual!”

“Get off me, I said No!” Blaze spat toward the lust filled face of his captor.

But Parallax ignored Blaze completely, he spoke at Blaze, but not to Blaze, he was speaking to the Toy.

“Dome us!”

Blaze looked at Parallax inquisitively, a confused look turned into wonder and then dread. Behind Parallax, Blaze was witnessing the circle of humming light surrounding the Toy, the red and yellow pulsing energy field was forming itself into a dome of energy, locking them inside a tent of energy. Blaze looked around desperately turning his head sideways in each direction, his eyes darting around the confined spaces of the newly formed room, the hues of red and yellow light illumination, the room becoming hypnotic and ominous.

“Nice and cosy, aren’t we Ranger Blaze, a little privacy for us men to enjoy for a while!” Parallax sensed the trepidation in Blaze’s face. This beautiful thong clad hero, his struggling was driving Parallax wild with lust, but he was a professional and kept his demeanour in check.

“First, before we begin, a little stimulant Blaze, you will need this for your mission. We call it ‘Fillip’! A little penis piquant to stimulate you!” Parallax opened the palm of his right hand in a theatrical manner, as if a magician were conjuring, and to Blaze’s dismay he watched the small worm like entity, glowing red twisting its slender narrow body. “Fillip will make its home in your penis Blaze, he will love the warmth of your cock, your urethra will love him too. You see, Blaze, Fillip will generate those little pleasure particles, you remember the ones that were devouring you earlier. Not millions, just the odd one or a hundred, enough to keep your cock lively and feeling oh so delectable. It will also stimulate your pre-cum glands with enough isotope to make your bulge ooze delicate, tantalizing pleasure. Dixon will suckle on your juices, enticed by the enjoyment his mouth experiences. Aereon too will be captivated by the lure of your bulge, your penis, your juices will be irresistible to them, so much more with my little additives. Not to mention the way you will purr and enjoy the moment of sexual decadence with them.” Parallax’s evil smile was plastered across his face. “You keeping up Ranger Blaze?”

Blaze thrashed, pulling madly on his leg restraints, he figured, his powerful legs were his best avenue of escape, especially in his current state.

Parallax waited for Blaze’s outburst to run its course and then used his other hand to trace the extremities of Blaze’s bulge, he caressed the pouch of wet red nylon, appreciating the sheer beauty of the garment and its contents, its sexual properties were not lost on Parallax and then he gently placed Fillip on the tip of the bulge. Fillip moved over the bulge, as if familiarising itself with its prey.

Blaze’s moan was delicate, it was soft and conveyed the beautiful sensation that Fillip was depositing on his wet erosuit.

“I think he likes your bulge Blaze, he is quite the discerning little creature” Parallax watched closely enjoying the creature’s enjoyment of Blaze and conversely, he enjoyed the beautiful utterances escaping Blaze.

Blaze stared at the red creature, it was almost camouflaged on the expanse of his wet red bulge, but it was impossible for him not to feel exactly where the diabolical little creature; its deposits of delicate pleasure were pronounced and sumptuous. Blaze’s eyes widened and Parallax’s eyes narrowed when Fillip disappeared into the wet nylon.

“Fillip will explore your penis now Blaze, let it love you, it will care for its new home with devotion, the greater your arousal, the more food for it to enjoy, your juices Blaze, Fillip just loves your juices.” Parallax was caressing the sides of Blaze’s head enjoying the look of abandonment to the deliciously subtle pleasure the little creature was supplying him.

He felt it enjoy the fullness of his cock, he was entering a blissful state of enjoyment, Blaze’s penis was consumed in tiny tingles of delight, delicate but very, extremely real. Fillip entered his penis after 40 minutes and Blaze threw his head in abandonment as the creature broadcast a tiny shockwave throughout his cock, so delicate, so delectable, Blaze’s eyes rolled in his head. He was being taken by the beauty of the discrete pleasure.

“Well done, Blaze, how does your penis feel? It has accommodated Fillip well, it will activate your glands as the next process begins, Fillip will saturate your penis and your mind, he is very, very good at his sensual job Blaze!” Blaze looked Parallax in the eye, he had no choice, the evil captain had both hands holding the sides of Blaze’s head.

“Now that Fillip has taken your cock, he will now enjoy your mind Ranger Blaze!” Parallax did not let go of his prize.

Parallax then ordered Toy to paralyse the muscles in Blaze’s eyes.

“Toy will allow you blink Blaze, I think that is only fair, but your eye muscles will deny your ability to close your eyes, Toy will even adjust the visual acuity of your mask my delicious young man! We want you to enjoy the fullness of the visions we are going to present to you!”

As much as Blaze tried, he was denied the ability to shut off the visual stimulants beginning to form on the energy field walls surrounding them, the visual stimulants were presented equally on every surface on the inside of the dome surrounding the Toy, surrounding his helplessly writhing body, he was forced to watch the show and his mask ensured that the stimulants were clear and sharp, inescapable, they were beautiful, as beautiful as the delicious pleasure filling his bulge.

“Never, I will never!” Blaze started to protest, but his face was becoming absorbed in something powerful, and he changed his tune. “Oh my!” his voice much throatier, “… my penis is delicious, my cock is pure delight, my bulge is sumptuous!” Fillip was conquering him with deft and expert secretions of energy, transporting and disseminating the microscopic pleasure particles inside his penis. It was softly radiating around his erosuit bulge as if seeping through his cock, the fabric felt delicious, the warmth radiating, pleasuring him so delicately.

And the inescapable visual stimulant synchronised with Fillip, Blaze was being drawn into a majestic spiral, his penis felt like it too was being drawn deeper. The images moving around the inside of his prison of light, they moved around the curved dome above him, they were directly in front of him, they were behind him. To the left, they drew him in, and then to the right, he was captivated by the visions so sensual, so sexual, so erotic to his mind, they were geometric shapes swirling, forming erupting and spiralising into a central hole, cascading into in an accelerating gravitational vortex never to be seen again. It was constant and unrelenting, but Blaze could not understand where the centre was, they kept arriving and moving. They were monochromatic at first, black objects of geometric designs each moving and twirling, changing shape and as they moved and throbbed around him, Fillip too was synchronising its hypnotic penile eruptions and Blaze could see the pleasure disappearing into to centre of the swirling visual stimulant, the pleasure, the vision were welding together in his mind, his body following, he could feel himself being drawn into the visual vortex as if the bondage restraints had been unshackled he felt his body moving deeper, deeper, the pleasure caressing his cock, caressing his mind moving him toward something so outrageously delicious, so filled with pleasure, it was irresistible.

Parallax stood watching Blaze’s face, the young hero was captivated, his eyes darting behind his mask, seeking the best and most favourable position on the stimulant wrapping his mind. His mouth emitting restrained, but highly charged murmurs, they expressed his fall into the spiral. Parallax watched how the Ranger’s body turned slowly, twisting inside his bondage, his hips gyrating in slow deliberate movements synchronised with his discrete moans, his bulge was glistening again, the eroticism of Parallax’s seductive spiral beginning to take Blaze’s mind.

He felt secure in the vortex, the spiral was speaking to him, his penis was speaking to him, he was becoming part of the sensation enthralling his bulge, his mind becoming clearer to the realisation of the pleasure controlling him. The spiral began to take hypnotic colours, one at first, then a second, back to black and white and then a FLASH of light signalled the start of the auditory stream.

Toy commenced the next phase of its spiral delight, and the voice was not that of Parallax, it was soft inside his brain, it filled the inside of the dome and the spiral of delight continued to captivate Blaze, it was taking over his brain its tendrils reaching into his parietal lobe, controlling his awareness of space and time, causing him to fall deeper into its world of suggestion.

Blaze listen to the words, concentrate on my voice, your breathing is becoming calm Blaze. Toy was using a soft and suggestive voice, and the words began to form somewhere deep in the spiral, dragging Blaze further into its clutches.

Concentrating on your breathing Blaze.

Concentrate on the whisps of pleasure, they are one with your breathing.

Counting down three – two – one.

Breathing Blaze, count down with me from three.

Three – Two – One.

Aghhh, feel the delight in your bulge Blaze.

Three – Two – One.

Your mind is part of the spiral Blaze.

Three – Two – One.

The words filling his mind, slow and deliberate words, engulfing him.

Your fingers are soft Blaze, feel them become one with the celestial spiral Blaze, fingers, now toes, allow the spiral to enjoy your mind allow the spiral to connect with your delicious pleasure, your mind is becoming one with the spiral Blaze, you understand the power of the spiral, the power of the pleasure, you are becoming pleasure Blaze.

Counting down again Blaze.

Three – ah yes, enjoy the beauty of it Blaze.

Two – you are becoming one with the spiral Blaze.

One – Mmmm feel it embrace your body Blaze.

Blaze was totally consumed by the vortex it was circling him, yet in his mind, he was travelling in his body, so in tune with the universe, so consumed in a cocktail of pleasure. He was beautiful, he was part of the spiral and his mask delivered the visual stimulation with a sharpness of vision, his acuity heightened by the Toy’s insidious processes.

Welcome to the spiral Blaze, I am vortex, I will guide you.

Think of your Rangers for me Blaze.

I want you to think of Dixon, Blaze.

His beautiful face is smiling at you.

Blaze could see Dixon’s face deep in the spiral surrounding him, he was inside motioning with his fingers drawing Blaze’s mind deeper into the spiral.

Dixon’s smile, his warm breath, his mouth so inviting, his tongue exploring your mouth Blaze, he is kissing you.

Feel the warmth of his supple skin, you are embracing him.

Dixon is kissing you Blaze.

Three – Two – One.

His body is an ocean of delight Blaze, look at his beauty Blaze, let it embrace you.

Feel the pleasure Blaze, it is Dixon he pleasures your mind Blaze, he is sucking on your penis.

Dixon is yours Blaze.

The word Dixon was swirling around Blaze; large letters and smaller letters, the word Dixon was encasing him, the spiral was becoming Dixon in Blaze’s mind.

Good Blaze, you are so in love with your Dixon and now I want you to think of Aereon, Blaze.

Aereon is emerging from the pool, he has completed his laps.

Look at his beautiful face, the water cascading down from his hair over his face.

The water is caressing every part of Aereon’s body, it is a part of him, it is sensual Blaze.

Aereon is embracing you Blaze.

The water is now on you Blaze; it is transferring to your body.

Aereon’s shoulders are strong.

His body is beautiful to you Blaze.

His wet swimming thong is clinging to his penis, you are captivated by the roundness of his generous balls wrapped in the wetness of his thong. Your desires are exploding inside you Blaze.

Feel the moistness of his buttocks, they are yours Blaze, Aereon gives himself to you.

You are pleasure Blaze, Aereon is pleasure.

Toy had Blaze exactly where it wanted him. Blaze was lost in the spiral of visuals, of Aereon’s smiling face inviting him deeper and deeper into the infinity of sensation. The stimulant was everywhere, there was no escape from the insidious and constant visualisations bombarding him. His erosuit wet and delicious, so tempting to Parallax, but Parallax stood back oblivious to the swirling theatre of sight and sound, he focussed on the beauty of the helpless Ranger, the sounds of delight and the delicate bubbles of pre-cum forming and then absorbing into Blaze’s erosuit. The juices that would bewitch Dixon and Aereon, so charged with his delicious pleasure particles thanks to the erotic work of the Fillip creature.

Feel your breathing Blaze.

Toy was now changing its instructions, it had cemented the desire for Dixon and Aereon, Blaze would be constrained to them, craving them even more so than he had over their two years plus mission. Blaze’s cravings would be insatiable, but Toy needed to ensure the complete compliance of Blaze’s mind.

You are going deeper Blaze.

You are feeling light Blaze.

You are floating.

The sea of pleasure is engulfing your body.

It is calling you.

Dixon is calling you, Aereon is calling you.

The Toy began to change the visual display swirling around Blaze, captivating his vision, the words were appearing and flashing subliminally around his head, they were flashing inside his mask, erupting in his mind.

Blaze purred and thrust his hips, feeling the powerful secretion of his pre-cum forming on his bulge. Toy was pairing his sexual responses to the words, to his programming.

Your mind is light Blaze.

You are floating in that sea of pleasure.

Yet there is nothingness, you are tranquil.

You are becoming one with the spiral.


The word was extremely prominent, it was flashing quickly and propagating its subliminal messages deep in Blaze’s mind. His penis pulsed in a wave of discrete pleasure.


Your master is Parallax!

Say his name out loud Blaze.

The name Parallax was being formed from the geometric shapes convulsing in the spiral, they moved around in the spiral creating the word, thousands of them were swirling into the vortex, the spiral dragging Blaze’s mind.

Blaze spoke the word clearly and concisely “Parallax!”

He said it again, his eyes fixed on the spiral “P A R A L L A X!”

Parallax is your master, mighty Ranger.

Who is your master?

Blaze responded again in an emphatic manner “Parallax!”

Then Parallax took his que. Moving close to Blaze’s head, he wanted to lick the beautiful helpless hero, but he desired the lure and catch of Dixon and Aereon even greater; Parallax, controlled his sexual urges and continued the programming of his delicious captive. Thousands of the words OBEY swirling into the spiral, drawing Blaze’s attention, his mind.

“You were so close to your orgasm Blaze; you desire that orgasm intensely!” Parallax grounded Blaze’s mind in his goal.

“You shall have it!”

“You desire your orgasm as much as Dixon and Aereon!”

“Bring them to me Blaze, they are my property!”

Blaze looked at Parallax, his eyes eerie and possessed searching for something, and they found Parallax’s smiling face.

“Ah Parallax!” Blaze said.

“Yes, I love them sir, but they, like me, well they are yours!” Blaze’s look of happiness gave Parallax the assurance that his mind was under his control.

“Do you feel the pleasure brewing in your bulge Blaze, the delicious sensation tantalising your penis?” Parallax enquired.

“Mmmm! Yes, my body feels beauty infesting it, I feel such love!” Blaze responded.

“That is good, Blaze, that pleasure is your love, it is seeking your beautiful Dixon and your luscious Aereon, they are part of the pleasure, they are part of your love!” Parallax was smiling and caressing Blaze’s cheeks. The word LOVE swirling around them, in the tempest of the spiral, consuming Blaze inside the huge spiral.

“Their love will be so much more beautiful once you bring them to me Blaze, they will fulfill your pleasure here with me. They will allow you to enter the universal orgasm, it wants to pleasure you into lands of beauty!” Parallax’s words were soft and infected Blaze’s mind and desires, His penis oozing more activated pre-cum saturating Blaze’s bulge.

“They will bring you pleasure, once you bind them and bring them to me.” Parallax continued reinforcing the capture of Dixon and Aereon.

“Bring them to me Blaze!” Parallax’s voice was suggestive, but firm.

“Let them taste your wet luscious bulge, your pre-cum, will lure them, the sensation and taste of your sweet syrup will bewitch them. But it is not enough, I want you to bind them, tie them and bring their beautiful bodies to me, so I can join them with you in your world of pleasure and you can have your orgasm, I promise you Blaze, your body will crave the orgasm I have planned for you!”

“Dixon will become mine, Aereon will become mine Blaze, but you will capture them!” Parallax cemented his words, and the spiral began to slow, the spiral consisted of one word. Capture and as the spiral ground to a halt, Blaze was fixated on the word as it burned into his visual cortex like a laser.

The light show, and the entire dome of energy retracked and fizzled away with little whisps of light that were dim reminders of the powerful vortex of energy that had existed only moments prior, Toy had withdrawn the stimulants carefully, leaving Blaze under the absolute control of Parallax.

Blaze looked at Parallax and then across his body, he surveyed his restraints, his oozing bulge.

“You will send me to the Ranger Ship Parallax, I will lure the other Rangers!” Blaze looked down to his seething bulge. “I have a secret weapon.” He stated looking back up toward Parallax with a diabolical grin starting to form at the edges of his mouth.

“Yes, indeed I will Blaze! And indeed, you have!” Parallax said with a self-satisfied smirk, he surveyed his delicious drone, Blaze was no longer struggling, he was calmly looking toward Parallax from his position stretched in Toy’s clutches.

“Toy, be so kind as to release Ranger Blaze!”

The circumference of light surrounding the evil device had also disappeared, allowing the hero egress from the device without harm.

Blaze felt his powers in his muscles, he was feeling to all intents normal and as Toy whirred into action, he could feel the cold floor on his feet, his envirosuit was not engaged and as it was standard Ranger operating procedure, to have the protective suit always engaged outside of Intrepid3, Blaze instinctively moved his right hand to cup his bulge to activate the technology.

“That won’t be necessary Blaze! You won’t be here long!” Parallax mentioned, he had his arms around Blaze’s shoulders as if they were old buddies and had just met again at a space port. Blaze accepted Parallax’s direction without question, removing his palm away from his bulge.

“Anyway Blaze, you can feel at home on the Bordello, it is your new home anyway, you will make so many people happy, my dear friend, but before that, you remember Dixon and Aereon?” Parallax was looking directly into Blaze’s mask; they were walking away from the Toy and into another one of Parallax’s playrooms inside his well-appointed pleasure parlour.

“Come into the equipment room!” Parallax motioned his hand resting on Blaze’s shoulder, he had his arm around the back of Blaze’s neck directing his prize as they walked. He motioned with two fingers as if flicking the bright wall which immediately disappeared opening an expansive and bright room. It was filled with different types of devices, prototypes, and an expansive and tall storage unit filled with drawers all labelled. They stopped, standing before the extensive storage unit.

Parallax released his embrace on Blaze’s shoulder, he was looking toward the storage unit and looking upward.

“Blaze, be a good boy and fly up to drawer 777666 and 535098,” he pointed to each drawer and then looked toward Blaze with a commanding look.

Blaze was immediately in the air, the drawers were high up and in different sections of the storage facility and Parallax could have easily completed the task himself, but he wanted to observe Blaze’s response and he wanted a good look at Blaze’s beautiful body from below.

Parallax was impressed on all accounts. Blaze had performed the task without any issues, he was pleased that Toy had performed well.

“You are so beautiful my delicious Blaze, I just had an eyeful of your beautiful body from below. Do you know how sexual you are, especially in that erosuit turned thong? You are perfect!”

Blaze put the two drawers on a white sorting table and then looked at Parallax, he was standing with his hands on his hips, looking at his new master, he spread his legs. “Yes, I am a Ranger after all, we are the sexiest heroes in the Galaxy, I’m glad I am pleasing to you captain!” Blaze tightened the thong arrangement of his red and yellow erosuit, he adjusted his pouch enhancing the way his cock sat inside his bulge, pronouncing the roundness of his bulge, making sure the head of cock was prominently displayed for the captain. He ran his hand over the delicious wet bulging fabric and then licked his palm. “I feel so sexual, does it please you captain?”

Parallax approached Blaze, and stood directly in front of the hero, he placed both hands on Blaze’s cheeks. His reply was pure restrained evil. “Indeed, you certainly do please me Blaze! You will be pleasing me for a long time, young man, you will be servicing a ship’s complement of filthy rich tycoons for the rest of your life! That bulge of yours is extremely popular in the Galaxy, you should be proud of your achievements, you have only been active for two years and you are so desired in every corner of the Galaxy. Bordello is already advertising to our regular guests and we’re filling up fast! Ha ha ha. As my stewards told you earlier on the bridge of Intrepid3, ‘we desire you’, remember? They meant hordes of horny paying passengers. You will serve us all well!”

Blaze looked around the room, he looked at the different apparatuses, he then slowly pushed his hips forward and looked toward Parallax with a look of delicious abandon, he was biting his bottom lip evocatively.

“It feels delicious doesn’t it Blaze?”

“Uh hah!” Blaze’s response was deep and throaty.

“That is my Fillip device, the creature is releasing a complement of pleasure particles inside your penis! You see I am a generous rewarding master; your obedience mighty hero will be rewarded.” Parallax pointed to one of the bondage devices, ordering the hero to “lay back on the device Blaze and stretch your legs, leave your arms to your side, let the device restrain you!”

Blaze obeyed.

“I just wish to examine you closely, does the bondage feel nice?” asked Parallax.

“My pleasure pleases you Parallax?” Blaze answered with his enquiry.

“Oh yes indeed, your erosuit pleases me, your body pleases me!” Parallax replied.

“My bondage feels erotic captain!” Blaze looked longingly toward Parallax.

“Good! Toy has accessed your brain; your erotic desires have been ‘enhanced’ my delicious hero.” Parallax approached Blaze; he had removed one of the contents from drawers that Blaze had retrieved.

Blaze was laying on a device holding him at a 70-degree angle, so Parallax had to lean on Blaze’s body, allowing his weight to rest on the warmth of his beautiful captive. He was affixing the minute device inside Blaze’s mask and slowly humping his black briefs of his suit, allowing his erection to slide across Blaze’s lubricated bulge.

Parallax licked Blaze’s face, as he slowly pushed against Blaze’s hips with his own.

“That device I just installed inside your mask is synchronising with the Fillip enjoying itself inside your penis, my delicious young man, your regular dose of pleasure particles, its regular ‘oiling’ of your pre-cum production with my delicious isotopes will synchronise with device in your Mask!” Parallax pushed himself up from Blaze, he could feel his black suit as it peeled off Blaze’s moist and warm red bulge.

“You will not remove the device from your mask Blaze!” Parallax was scooping some of Blaze’s juices from his own bulge as he spoke to Blaze.

“Of course, captain, aye aye as they used to say!” Blaze responded he was clenching his wrists and trying the bonds of the device he was restrained to.

Parallax looked his delicious drone up and down, that red and yellow thong was beautiful, Blaze was the perfect sexual siren, and he would draw Dixon and Aereon like an enchanted musician.

“I have reduced the dampeners system on your powers Blaze, you should be sufficiently powerful enough to break those restraints holding you.” Parallax said watching Blaze twist his legs and his arms.

“Break them Blaze, I desire to see my mighty Space Ranger’s super strength!”

Blaze smiled back to Parallax, he clenched his fists, and his face displayed his strain, but seconds later the loud crack ricocheted around the room, the wrist restraints almost vaporising, they shattered into tiny pieces shooting out from the bondage device. Blaze bent down and gripped each of the ankle restraints and crushed them, stepping forward he moved toward Parallax with a huge playful smile.

“That was fun! Got any more?” Blaze joked.

Parallax was pleased, Blaze was perfect, he was completely in his control.

“Good boy!” Parallax replied, “Now stand in front of me Ranger Blaze, spread your legs and lift your arms above your head, look forward!”

Blaze obeyed Parallax’s every word, and as he raised his arms obediently, and as if on que, the Fillip delivered its next delivery of pleasure particles into Blaze’s penis, the pleasure tantalised his entire red pouch and Blaze’s face displayed his delight; he kept his stance, but his face could not hide his delight, nor his hips, pushing his delicious wet red thong upward slightly, his magnificent body, draped only in the sumptuous wet erosuit thong. He was an erotic toy for Parallax to enjoy.

Parallax circled the beautiful and sexually charged hero standing in the centre of the room. Blaze was presenting his body and his skimpy lovely suit in perfect obedience, his hips pushing in slow deliberate movements. Parallax moved in close to his hero drone, he could not resist such perfection and after running his fingers over every inch of Blaze’s spectacularly beautiful smooth body, he tightened Blaze’s thong making the fabric pull even deeper into the skin between Blaze’s buttocks, Blaze moaned, the feeling so erotic, so sensual, he was there only to please his captain.

Parallax stood back and appreciated the beauty of his new hero drone for several minutes and then contemplated the capture of the other Rangers. He picked up the ropes from the other drawer that Blaze had flown up to retrieve a little earlier and held one of the lengths of rope, it glowed red along its length in several places, its discharges of light were subdued but very present.

“I see your eyes a drawn to the secretion of Thraxian energy in the rope Blaze.” Parallax said looking at the length of rope, “I have sufficient for Dixon and Aereon” He ran the length of rope through his left hand appreciating its beauty. “On Thraxia, a planet we sometimes visit for terrestrial excursions for our guests, we like to feed one or two of our captive heroes to one of their plant varieties. It is an enjoyable excursion for our guests watching the hero trying to fight for his life, once the tentacles of the plant get a hold, they immediately start to feed on the hero’s life force, the plants don’t care what sort of power the hero has, they are not fussy eaters! Their tentacles excrete a highly evolved energy, that at first plays on the hero’s mind, it is quite sensual, a feeling of deep longing fills the victim, it tricks the victim into a delicious mindset, all the while, the creature dragging him closer to its feeding pouch, the hero is drained of his powers slowly. These plants are farmed for us by one of our Thraxian regular guests, we have extracted the enzymes from the plant and have incorporated it into the rope. I think it will be a delicious way for you to deliver me Aereon and Dixon. Use your imagination Blaze, I cannot wait to see how you deliver the two Rangers to me.”

Parallax walked behind Blaze who was still standing with his legs spread, murmuring his appreciation of the delicate pleasure in his bulge, his arms still extended for Parallax to review his body. Parallax draped a section of the rope over Blaze’s shoulders causing Blaze to look to each of his shoulders. He felt the warmth immediately, his muscles seemed to be absorbing the energy, he wanted more, but he was compelled to stay in his position to please Parallax. Parallax then coiled the rope around Blaze’s waist, directly above the top of his erosuit thong, his breathing increased as the energy filled his belly, and shot up his spine. Blaze experienced another release of the Pleasure Particles in his penis as if energised by the presence of this new sensual power starting to move through his body. The pre-cum bubbled from the tip of his bulge, his erosuit suddenly alive with a burst of delicious pleasure.

“Mmmm,” Captain does my body please you? I feel, I feel so beautiful. Blaze’s words were throaty and filled with delight.

“Yes, indeed Blaze!” Parallax responded and as he did, he looped the rope so that it draped on Blaze’s wet red bulge and then Parallax slowly and deliberately dragged the rope between Blaze’s stretched legs, pulling it carefully between Blaze’s buttocks and fastening the rope to the loop around Blaze’s waist.

Blaze felt the Fillip move inside his cock, he felt the warmth of the energy brushing against his erosuit bulge, warming his pouch, it filled his buttocks, and he could feel the beautiful energy creeping into his boy pussy. Blaze was biting his bottom lip, his face exploding with delight.

But Blaze remained in place to please his captain.

Parallax undid the rope and it fell to the floor between Blaze’s stretched legs.

“It is a beautiful experience isn’t it Blaze! And now you understand its unique properties, I will leave it up to you on how you deploy it in the capture of Aereon and Dixon.” Parallax began his instructions to Blaze.

“Lower your arms my beautiful hero but remain in that stance!” Blaze obeyed Parallax.

“I will send you back to your bridge integration seat Blaze, I have left a copy of your pleasure signature there, to fool your ship that you have been on duty. Once aboard and disengaged from the integration seat, make your way to your sleeping quarters. Our two targets are still blissfully asleep, your presence in the room will help them stir.”

Blaze’s smile was eerily suggestive to Parallax.

“Yes, good boy, I know you know what is required of you, you will have less than hour and I want you to deliver them back to my parlour here, I will have Toy ready to welcome you back home, Toy will be modified in order to accommodate Dixon and Aereon for their, shall we say orientation and grading.”

Blaze looked down at the rope between his stretched legs and then back toward Parallax. “This WILL be fun, indeed.” He said longing to pick it up.

“Fillip will synchronise with your mask Blaze, you will be rewarded every step of the way, your bulge will feed them sweet nectar, lure them my delicious hero, lure them to their capture! Parallax was pleased with his drone and pleased with his plan, he smiled and then became very serious delivering his signal to the end of his instructions, “Dismissed!” he ordered.

Blaze stood to attention and then collected the other sections of glowing rope, he wrapped them up into a manageable loop and secured the ends. He stood holding the rope in his right hand and looked to Parallax for his next direction.

But it didn’t come. Blaze was instantly in his Bridge integration seat on Intrepid3, he was looking at the two empty seats, one for Dixon ad the other for Aereon.

Time to get to work! Blaze thought to himself; he had Space Rangers to snare!

Another exciting episode of Space Rangers coming your way soon.

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