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Space Rangers
Part 5 - Sector G - Part Three
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Sector G-Part 3


Whilst on the edges of Sector G and hosting diplomatic talks, the Rangers were drawn into secret diabolical plans of a Sultan who ruled the Alliance of Cal, one of the two major ruling parties in the sector. Aereon had been tricked, captured, and was being tortured. Blaze had been poisoned and Dixon was tasked with trying to save both his beloved Rangers. The Sultan gave Dixon little choice but to surrender when Dixon realised the Sultan’s powerful systems were preventing him from rescuing Aereon from his very public torture. Dixon’s capture fed into the Sultan’s plan. He intended not to embrace Planet Ord, but to destroy it! As part of Aereon’s torture, they infiltrated Aereon with a diabolical bomb that climbed into Aereon’s arse with its evil tentacles. Aereon was then instantly transported to Planet Ord. The planet was in the midst of its annual tectonic plate movements, something very peculiar to that world.

Dixon was tied to a machine that siphoned his pre-cum nectar from his body into a golden, jewel encrusted vessel. Once enough of Dixon’s juices filled the vessel, it would be heavy enough to set off the detonator attached to Aereon’s torture device, setting off the bomb that had crawled up into Aereon’s helpless body, blowing Aereon up along with planet Ord. Aereon had been strategically sent to one of Ord’s weakest and most vulnerable points in its tectonic activity and the blast was designed to reach into the depths of the planet, setting off a seismic explosion that would destroy it into space debris.

Back on Intrepid3, the Ranger’s space craft, Dr Dale had appeared out from the Ship’s H Drive to save Blaze in the nick of time. Once revived and cleansed, Blaze located Dixon on Cronos and Aereon, who had been sent to Ord. He was their only hope of escape and for saving planet Ord.

On Ord, the air was filled with smoke and heat, the Centrus Fissure basically circled the equator region of the planet, and the two mammoth tectonic plates moved each year causing distinct changes the planet’s atmosphere and emitting gases from deep within the planet. Gasses which contained aphrodisiac properties which fuelled the religiously sexual festivals, but this year, the inhabitants of Ord were in a panic. The Sultan of Cal was threatening to destroy their home world.

The Invigorator and it’s struggling cargo of Aereon stretched helplessly inside the diabolical device and the Ordinate Chief Minister tethered to the side of the machine appeared at the entrance of a huge fissure vent, it was one of many breathing points along the Centrus Fissure for the planet and as the two gigantic plates moved during the two-week geo-activity period, these vents either exhaled vast amounts of the planet’s stored gasses or created a massive inhale; the planet as it were, taking a breath.

The position of The Invigorator was carefully chosen by Fi, it was a perfect and direct access point for his explosion to reach deep into the planet, the Invigorator’s control field not only protected the evil device from attack it would contain the blast releasing its forces downward and inward to the planet, in through the raging fissure’s access vent. It would take only minutes for the Planet’s molten core to absorb the shockwave and amplify it into a geo-explosion, pulverising the planet into space debris for thousands of years, something the Sultan wanted to use as a warning to those planets that refused to align with him and for the Altus 6 forces that continued to wage their incursions into his territory.

Aereon’s struggles were becoming desperate, he had to find a way to break the bondage restraints, his erothong was on fire with diabolical energy, it continued to torture him, tethered to Dixon’s Syphon pleasure device back on Cronos. He felt Dixon’s next pleasure pump erupt on his red, drenched erothong bulge, it cracked and shot evasive power around his penis like a tightening lasso, covering his cock in agony, the power was inescapable. He then felt the diabolical bomb shift deep inside him, it expanded and dispersed another dose of the toxic explosive into his body. Aereon arched his body in disbelief of the pain racking him and as he looked out from the Invigorator, he could see projected on the inside of the field protecting the Invigorator, a clear image of Dixon writhing in pleasure back in the arena on Cronos. He could see Dixi’s face screwing up, he was bravely fighting the diabolical sensation, he could see the flow of juice bubbling on Dixon’s beautiful bulge, it was thick and oozing from his bulge in a thick stream, glistening, flowing slowly down between Dixon’s struggling spread legs into the golden vessel. He could see the tears in Dixon’s eyes, but the determination in Dixon’s face was so beautiful to Aereon, his Dixi, doing his best to break his bonds and stop this evil plan was inspiring. But he was feeling weakened, he felt the nausea setting in, the explosive compound was reaching into his body, he felt it in his fingers and toes, he felt his body filling with the fiendish explosive toxin.

The look on Dixon’s face helped him prepare. Dixon had been molested by Fi again, he was arching his body, straining, and crying out in abandon, Aereon could see the bubbler effect of Dixon’s delicious Dixi juice form on his green bulge. Fi had scooped up a wad of pre-cum and turned to the camera so that Aereon could see him smile and lick Dixon’s juices from his hand. The golden vessel was filling. The invigorator, as expected, flashed, and pulsed around him and it diverted his attention from the erotic scene being played for his benefit, he then felt the energy pulse on his bulge, it was diabolical causing Aereon to scream, and he felt it force its way into his penis, like shards of glass cutting away at his flesh.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Noooooooooooooo!” Aereon screamed into the air, he could see Ordinates madly trying to fire some kind of weapon at the protection field, trying the dislodge the field, but that paled from his attention quickly, the pain had been imploding into itself inside his penis, forming into a super dense fragment that exploded shooting from his cock and covering his body in a blue field so intense so full of pain, causing him to scream so loudly that the Ordinates trying to break through the forcefield could hear. They stumbled backward with the force of Aereon’s outburst.

The evil bomb nestled in Aereon’s rectum reacted next, adding to Aereon’s torture, he felt the explosion inside his body, it seemed to feed on the blue energy attacking his skin, it seemed to draw more agony through Aereon’s penis. The second scream was just as powerful as the first. Aereon could only struggle, valiantly pulling on his bonds, he had to escape their diabolical death machine, he could feel the devious explosive filling his body, he could feel the tentacled bomb moving inside his rectum as if it were fucking him slowly and deliberately.

On Intrepid3 (and earlier, back to Fi’s realisation that Blaze had survived the poison)

Blaze was in the bridge on Intrepid3, he and Dr Dale were locating Ranger Dixon and Ranger Aereon. The long range sensor system picked up the huge outburst from Aereon on Planet Ord.

It was this outburst from Aereon that attracted Blaze’s attention to Ord. Blaze was pleased that the beacon from Aereon’s erothong was still working, he was so happy to have found his beloved Aereon. They knew the exact location on the planet.

Fi’s face appeared on the huge view screen, and he noticed Blaze hovering.

“What, you are alive? Well, no concern, our plans are well underway, very interesting Ranger Blaze, I will deal with you soon, but I have a planet to destroy and I’m in the middle of an erotic fiddle with your delicious Dixon.”

Blaze was beside himself when he saw Dixon’s predicament his straining face came into view.

“We are syphoning his delicious juices from his body; he is in a world of pleasure right now Ranger Blaze. His juices are sumptuous, and they are filling the vessel of death.”

“What, stop this now, I demand it Fi! You came here to seek peace and reconciliation!” Blaze demanded with an anger so powerful, so alarming, and brewing deep inside him.

“Silence!” Fi screamed.

“Your beloved Aereon is located on the Planet Ord, he is a human bomb and once your beloved Dixon has given enough of his ‘Dixi’ juice, the weight of the vessel will trigger the detonator and causing my little diabolical anal dweller deep in Aereon’s arse to explode, igniting the explosive compound that Dixon’s delicious pumps of pleasure are pumping into Aereon’s body. The force of the explosion will be directed to the core of Ord and the planet will disintegrate into a cloud of space junk. Aereon will be obliterated, and Dixon will become the chief sexual concubine of The Sultan. The sector will be plunged into hundreds of years of instability and the galaxy will know of the Sultan’s power. Ranger Force will be defeated. You may as well give yourself up Ranger Blaze!”

Blaze instructed the view screens to disengage. He was now looking out through the normal view of space. Cronos glowed in all its glory; Dixon had indeed moved Intrepid3 to a much closer vantage point. Ord was barely visible but in range.

Floating back the floor of the Bridge, he met with Dr Dale. "I have to go Dale, I must save my boys, we are Ranger Force and I for one cannot stand back and give up like Fi requests. There must be a way, a key to the lock that destroys this Sultan and his evil Fi!”

“There is Blaze!” Dale was looking impressed and pleased.

“Intrepid3 has scanned the excretions from your lungs Blaze, the ones that I extracted from you. We have notified Altus 6 and they are preparing for reprisals. The chemical DNA sequence from the purple gas I recovered and pumped from your body has revealed the missing link that the Altusians have been searching for.” Dale had to keep his composure and reign in his excitement.

“The Hive have likewise been searching for the missing link to the Sultan’s defence and offensive systems. The by-product of the poison was processed by your super, developing body, it is a unique compound of organic and digital properties. It will, in a word bolster your defences and make your powers unaffected by the systems they employ on Cronos that have rendered Aereon and Dixon somewhat defenceless!”

So, you’re saying I can be assured I can break their defences and render their weapons useless?”

“In a word Blaze – YES!” Dale was ecstatic.

“Intrepid3, I mean we…” Dale smiled “We are creating replicas of the compound now. We, I mean Intrepid3 will atomise the compound directly to the Altusian fleet in the next hour, once it is complete.”

Blaze was becoming excited, “How do I use the new power? We are running out of time and the peak of the geophysical movement of Ord is less than an hour away, I have two Rangers to save in less than hour!”

“Calm down Blaze!” Dale placed his hand of Blaze’s powerful shoulder to help calm him down.

“I have reprogrammed the erosuit applicator and from now on, your erosuits and erothongs will have the new coding update, you will be impenetrable by their forces and your power will obliterate their defences.” Dale then cupped Blaze’s bulge with his other hand. He could feel not only the warmth of Blaze’s body and the sumptuous snaking penis lurking behind the delicious erosuit, but Dale could also determine Blaze’s health quickly and confidently.

“Good your beautiful body recovers well, Ranger Blaze and your Hival strength is brimming, I can detect your system has also learned and developed from your near-death experience. You are as ready as you will ever be!” Dale took his hand from Blaze’s bulge. “Fighting fit in every sense!” Dale smiled.

“Intrepid3 has assessed the situation and the list of variables at play. The rescue is possible; however, Ranger Dixon and Especially Ranger Aereon will be exhausted, Ranger Aereon will need to be contained quickly and effectively until I can safely remove the bomb dwelling in his anus and evacuate it into space for detonation.” Blaze listened intently to Dale, Dale was effectively the ship speaking to him and he listened to every word carefully, taking in exactly what had been determined.

Dale continued. “Ranger Dixon’s Pod is cloaked in proximity to Cronos! Your role will be to enter the arena, disable the guards, you will know exactly what is needed, your new powers will disengage every weapon in their possession. Use your powers to stun every living being in the Areena but filter Ranger Dixon from your blast. Then blast him free from his bondage and return him to his Pod, your beacon control will locate it. It is imperative that he be removed from the detonator, they have been syphoning his juices for 30 minutes, the detonator must also be dealt with! Ensure the vessel holding Dixon’s pre-cum is removed from the detonator. Once you get Dixon back to his Pod, The Pod will detect his condition and return to Intrepid3. I will take care of him!” Blaze nodded and acknowledged the plan so far.

I have dispatched Aereon’s pod to Ord, to the co-Ordinates directly next to the Invigorator machine torturing him. The pod has the new coding uploaded already, its thruster beams will be able to break the Sultan’s forcefield defences and it should be able to start work blasting Ranger Aereon’s restraints. Aereon may be too weak to fly, he may need your assistance to get him to his Pod. His Pod will return to Intrepid3 immediately. I suggest you do the same immediately.

The Altusians will help mop up the mess as soon as their fleet arrive, I am expecting their Admiral to atomise on to the bridge as soon as they arrive, however they will allow you to make your rescue and mount your initial attacks before they arrive in detection range.

Blaze headed to the bridge eroapplicator. “Erosuit, Red with yellow sides!”

Blaze stepped off the machine, feeling the beauty of his bulge, the new erosuit felt sumptuous against his flesh, he felt power surging inside his body!

“Thank you, Dale!” Blaze cupped his bulge and energised his new super bolstered envirosuit. He felt the energy cling to his body, he headed for H Deck and the Airlocks, and before atomising to H Deck, he looked across to Dale.

“Thank you again Dale, I’ll see you soon with Dixi and Aer back on board, take good care of my boys!” Blaze atomised to the Airlock.

A flash of light indicated to Dale that Blaze was on his mission.

He was in a rage, flying through space at blistering speed, Blaze detected Dixon’s pod several thousands of Kilometers from him as he sped toward Cronos, he could see the arena clearly in his mind and on the view field in his red mask, he detected Ord in his mind’s eye as well. Blaze’s connection with Intrepid3 was clear and strong and the words of Dale hung in his memory: “You will know exactly what is needed.” He could feel his penis, his bulge was alive, and his erosuit gave him confidence, knowing that his powers would be evident as soon as he arrived at his destination, he needed the element of surprise, so he flew at blazing speed.

Cronos ! He thought to himself, it looked beautiful, but Blaze had no time to waste, he pierced the atmosphere five thousand kilometers from the capital, he planned to fly at hypersonic speeds high in the atmosphere then descend, breaking through the roof of the arena, he wanted the element of surprise. Dixon’s life-signs were strong, and he also followed his erothong beacon; it drew him closer and closer. The capital was huge, and Blaze could see activity starting to amass, he had to work fast and effectively, so he ignored their activity for the time being.

At last, the Areena! Blaze checked his envirosuit it was an amazing piece of kit, but he didn’t have a moment to lose, he opened his palm and created a burst of energy, he formed it into a seething mass and directed it into the atmosphere over the city. He watched as the sky above him turned a deep shade of red. Good that has deactivated the defence system protecting the city, he knew that the compound Dale had fashioned from his body, when Dale revived him was working and his envirosuit was bolstered with the capability to defeat the Sultan’s evil systems. It was ironic that their own evil compound of death had become the catalyst, combined with Blaze’s Ranger DNA, it had provided Intrepid3 the ability to synthesise the keys to defeat the Sultan’s evil defences.

Satisfied, Blaze extended one arm and shot toward the Arena, he picked the weakest part of the roof and blasted a hole the size for two human beings to exit, his leading fist glowing with energy he entered the arena. He had taken them by surprise! The sound of Dixon’s cries and attempts to escape filled the auditorium and the sight of him stretched, struggling, and being sapped of his juices into the golden vessel took Blaze by surprize. It was diabolical and forceful, thousands, twenty-five thousand onlookers were either excited or outraged and at least five thousand guards filled the huge room as well.

Glowing red spear tips appeared around the auditorium and every guard in the arena were taken by surprise by the sudden arrival of Blaze. He was several hundred feet above the main floor of the arena and floated above the writhing band of concubine. Blaze had no time to deal with every situation at hand. He had to disarm them, stun them, and get Dixon out.

Blaze’s voice boomed around the shocked arena. “Behold the power of Ranger Force” He located Fi and Dixon first, they would be spared! He spun around quickly with is left arm stretched out releasing a mighty crash of sound that infiltrated every person in the room, the sound was deafening, causing each person to slump forward or collapse. Every spear head suddenly powered down and fell to the floor.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh, ngffffffffffffffff” Dixon was being pleasured by the next diabolical pleasure surge, he was arching his back, looking at Blaze with disbelief and waves of relief and then he looked over to Fi, who was standing poised to deliver another of his pleasure grips on his seething pleasure filled bulge. Dixon Glared at Fi and his eyes widened when he saw Fi’s fingers glow and sparkle, but Fi suddenly turned his attention to Blaze.

“You’re too late Ranger Blaze, Ha ha ha!” Fi was staring directly at the sumptuous sight of Dixon, he was arching his back and twisting to the right, Dixon’s face screwing up as he did his best to relieve and stem the flow of his next huge load of pre-cum.

“Nggffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff” Dixon was in a state of hyper-pleasure and Blaze’s mighty vision detected the bulbous glistening juice form on the Dixon’s green erothong bulge.

Blaze was instantly on the stage, he removed the golden vessel, using the juices to stun Fi. Blaze threw the Dixi juice from the vessel at blistering speeds, hitting Fi in the face, the blast of the thick viscous torrent knocked Fi backward, hitting one of the restraining poles holding the concubine, Kroy. Kroy had not been spared by Blaze, only Fi and Dixon were awake, Kroy hung in his bondage, his head hung backward, he was stunned like the other thousands.

Satisfied that Fi was sufficiently stunned, Blaze blasted each of Dixon’s restraints, he captured his beloved Dixi in his arms and held him tightly, wiping the tears from his eyes. Blaze then looked at the exposed detonator, he had no intention of letting go of Dixon, and two red beams of energy shot toward the detonator from Blaze’s eyes, and it vaporised into thin air.

Dixon moaned and tried to hold Blaze, but he was weak, his erothong buzzed with residual pleasure and he continued oozing his pleasure juices. “Thank you, Blazy, Aer...” Blaze quietened Dixon down.

“I’ll get you back to your pod Dixi, we’re on our way to Ord now for Aereon” Blaze felt Dixon’s grip starting to return as he held him close to his body.

“I’ll activate your envirosuit and get you to your pod Dixi. Then I’ll meet Aereon’s Pod on Ord to rescue Aereon.”

The smile on Dixon’s face started to emerge at the edges of his mouth and Blaze cupped his beloved Dixi’s head and kissed him quickly.

“K kh K” Dixon started to mouth Kroy’s name.

Blaze looked bewildered at first.

“K r o y” Dixon got the word out, and nodded toward his fellow captive, slumping, and dazed after Blaze’s blast.

Blaze knew immediately! Laying Dixon down on the stage floor tenderly, he then blasted the restraints holding the beautiful concubine, gabbing him in his arms.

Dixon was slowly reviving and was sitting up, with a big smile when he saw Kroy in Blaze’s arms.

“Yesssss, he can come too!” Blaze said in a playful tone. He reached down helping Dixon to his feet. They embraced and Dixon activated his envirosuit, the system recognized the extra life form and automatically adjusted its protection system to protect the young concubine as well as Dixon.

Blaze then looked toward Fi. Fi was stirring and looked up, he was drenched in Dixon’s pre-cum and his face stung from the force at which the juices had hit his face. He licked his lips and looked at Blaze.

“Your Ranger Dixon does taste exceptional!” Looking up to Blaze, Fi started to get to his feet.

Blaze then turned and extended his left arm, so as not to disturb his precious cargo he held lovingly in his arms and shot the devious Fi directly in his genitals, blasting Fi further across the stage.

“Good that will stun you. The Altusians will be here soon to mop up this mess.” Blaze then gripped his two patients, shooting extra space in the hole he created on his arrival to the arena and then departed the stage heading for Dixon’s waiting Pod.

The wind was rushing by them, and he had to yell, “Your pod will accommodate you and Kroy and will return you to the Ship. Don’t be alarmed, you will meet a special man, Dr Dale! I will explain later, Dale will care for you and Kroy.

Dixon looked into Blaze’s eyes, behind his beautiful red mask, he could feel the warmth and safety of Blaze’s body protecting him, he held onto Kroy as tightly as he could, the envirosuit protecting them as they entered space heading for the cloaked Pod.

Dixon dared not letting go of Kroy, he needed to be protected by the envirosuit and only once, safely inside the pod could he dare let go of the young concubine.

The Pod detected Dixon once they were within 500 Kilometers range, and de-cloaked itself. The mini saucer’s glass domed roof unlocked and swung backward allowing Blaze to carefully place Dixon into his control integration unit. Dixon held Kroy close to him throughout the transfer manoeuvre into the safety of the Pod. Once inside and pressurised, Dixon integrated with the pod and set course for Intrepid3 leaving Blaze floating in space and setting his co-ordinates to Ord, he had to find Aereon, get him safely contained in his Pod and escorted to the ship for the extraction of the bomb and its devious explosive toxins.

Dixon left the envirosuit activated as a precaution, he didn’t mind the beautiful young Ordinate slumping onto his body. He held Kroy tightly and as the young man started to stir, Dixon lovingly caressed him.

“Sh, sh, sh, its ok Kroy, you are safe.” Kroy lifted his head suddenly realising he was laying directly on top of a beautiful Space Ranger. The warmth of Dixon’s body and look on Dixon’s beautiful smiling face gave him assurance.

“You? H, how? What happened?” Kroy had many questions.

Dixon held him tight and soon Kroy was able to reciprocate. Kroy directed Dixon’s hands to his buttocks.

“Hold me tight Ranger Dixon, I’m so grateful to be out of that sexual prison, I will happily serve you and your Ranger partners.”

“Sh, Sh!” Dixon squeezed the beautiful Ordinate’s buns and traced the concubine’s loincloth thong between his buttocks. “You are a beautiful young man!” Dixon held him tight.

“You’re safe now.” The Pod sped to Intrepid3.

Blaze had the co-ordinates to Aereon, and he raised his right hand and flew as fast as he could to Ord. The planet was orange in colour and Blaze could easily make out the Centrus Fissure once he had reached orbit distance from the planet. The tectonic activity on the planet could easily be seen from his distance above the planet. He located the co-ordinates that were flashing inside his mind and inside his mask viewer, he shot down to the planet, piercing the atmosphere like a needle, but the atmosphere on Ord was thicker than Cronos and his descent could easily be seen from the ground, he resembled a mighty tempest of steam and debris, and bright light allowed Ordinates to track his descent.

Aereon was still reeling from his torture, he was weak and exhausted, he hang in his bonds, but was bolstered by the hovering Pod just 50 meters from the diabolical Invigorator device. The Pod was blasting a red beam of energy directly into the forcefield protecting the diabolical torture machine, the forcefield was breaking up, sparkling with thousands of tiny explosions as the forcefield disappeared into nothing. Aereon could feel fresh air circling his body, he pulled on his bonds, trying to free himself but the evil machine had him locked.

The Ordinate Chief Minister was also struggling, he was extremely frightened, looking up to Aereon in a desperate bid to gain his freedom.

“Get me out of this!” He demanded.

But Aereon could barely speak and as he moved his head to try and answer the demands of the Chief Minister, he noticed the flash of yellow and red, the beautiful face of Blaze hovering in his red and yellow erosuit was a vision of beauty to Aereon.

Aereon motioned his face to the Chief Minister and Blaze shot to the Ordinate’s side, he easily broke the bonds, freeing the man to run for his life, the fear in his face was exploding.

“That Ranger is a bomb!” he screeched, running as fast as he could to the waiting members of the Ordinate forces.

“Get him off the planet, please, please!” The Chief Minister pleaded.

Blaze did just that, and just as Dale had advised, Blaze’s newly bolstered powers blasted open the restraints holding his beautiful Aereon. He held onto his beloved Ranger with one strong arm, using his other hand to blast each of the restraints. Aereon slumped into Blaze’s strong arms, he wanted to kiss him, but had no strength.

“We have to get you to the ship, remove the anal dwelling bomb and pump your body free of the toxins Aer!” Blaze held onto Aereon, slowly flying across to Aereon’s pod. He Held Aereon’s limp head in his arms and he decided to hold his beautiful boy all the way back to the ship.

The pod opened and allowed Blaze to enter, and he integrated with the pod’s control systems, he enjoyed the pleasure filling his bulge, it was the familiar pleasure signature of Intrepid3, he felt like he was home already. He let Aereon slump on him and used his mind to instruct the pod to return to Intrepid3, he ordered the pod to recline his control integration seat. Aereon laid slumping on Blaze, body to body, bulge to bulge and as the Ordinate atmosphere buffeted around them during their escape velocity. Blaze enjoyed the way the bumps and thudding of the small craft stirred Aereon awake.

Aereon’s view of Blaze’s smiling face, the warmth of his body and the way they jolted together held in Blaze’s strong arms filled Aereon with joy.

“Oh, you are a sight for sore eyes, legs, arms, torso, cock, oh yeah arse!” Aereon’s face changed from happiness to alarm.

Blaze held him tight. “I’ve got you Aer!” He squeezed their bodies together.

“But I have bomb, a devious burrowing device up my butt, Blazy!” Aereon was none the wiser about Dr Dale.

“Sh, shhhh!” Blaze caressed Aereon’s buns delicately.

“I am not letting something so sumptuous as you blow up, especially when I am holding you so tight!” Blaze’s squeeze and smile re-assured Aereon.

“Not only do you have the device burrowed deep in your love hole, but it has also been diffusing toxins and explosive into your body. We need to exhume it all to ensure you are safe and free from their control on Cronos.” Aereon nodded.

“But how?” Aereon looked bewildered.

“I have a surprise for you Aer, I am alive because of it. We are alive because of it!”

“Now rest and let me slowly hump your bulge, I’ve missed my beautiful swimmer boy, Aereon!”

“Oh, if you must!” Aereon kissed Blaze, “…but don’t get me too excited, I might explode, literally!”

On the trip back, Aereon recounted his ordeal, the ruse to get him to Cronos, the lies they fed him regarding the agreement between Ord and the Alliance of Cal. They discussed the way Fi had somehow poisoned Blaze and then forced Dixon to make an intolerable choice, luring him to his capture. Aereon described his torture and the way Fi used one of their sexual toys, a spectacular Ordinate named Kroy as a conduit to torture him and how Kroy suffered at Fi’s diabolical fingers. He then recounted the evil device in his body and how it crawled across his buns seeking the warmth of his boy pussy, the feeling of its burrowing and the intensity of the pain with every diabolical pump of Dixon’s pleasure.

“They will pay!” Blaze announced, he was running his fingers gently across Aereon’s exposed buttocks. “But I have my beautiful Ranger back, both my beautiful Rangers, we will rid you of that infernal Calinan bomb as soon as we are able. In fact, we will need to extract it before the arrival of the Altusian fleet.”

Approaching Intrepid3 . The pod announced.

After 40 minutes, the Pod announced their arrival at the cloaked saucer. The Pod docked automatically and as soon as the tiny craft entered Aereon’s Pod Dock, the ship began to materialise around them. They were safely on board Intrepid3, and the ship remained de-cloaked.

“I don’t want to leave your arms Blaze; you have made me a little wet with all your slow humping.” Aereon kissed Blaze again, “Seriously thanks for listening, I’ll definitely need a debrief with Dixi Boy too.” Aereon lifted himself slowly, he still had aching arms and legs and as he lifted his body upward, he looked down to see their two bulges still connected. “Yum!” Aereon purred, their pre-cum was thick and stretched when Aereon lifted his body backwards to exit the Pod.

“Once this bomb is out of me, we need a proper debrief!” He winked at Blaze who was treating himself to a taste of their juices off his bulge.

After licking his fingers, Blaze smiled, “Definitely!”

The hand on Aereon’s shoulder was not Dixon’s, Aereon knew Dixon’s strong hands, and this was not him, he turned around to see the smiling face of Dr Dale.

“W, woah, who are you?” Aereon could not believe the sight of this cute guy dressed in his tight white suit.

Blaze shot up to help Aereon alight the Pod.

“Aereon, meet Dr Dale!” Blaze ensured Aereon was stable on his feet and with Dale, they escorted Aereon directly to the Atlantis Suite. It had been configured into a medical service facility. They helped Aereon onto the service bench, it scanned his body and located the device, it also identified the explosive toxins in his system.

Dale worked fast. He dissolved the erothong first, Aereon’s naked body looked beautiful, and needy, there were several bruises from the torture rings that Fi used it slice into his flesh, his penis was in good condition, but he flinched when Dale gently examined it.

“All is fine in that department; your penis is thankfully in good condition Aereon.” Dale announced, he checked all Aereon’s musculature and performed a deep psychological scan.

Blaze was watching on carefully and then welcomed Dixon into the Atlantis Suite they hugged and kissed before Dixon walked over to hold Aereon’s hand. Dixon reached over and massaged Aereon’s balls and played with his tender penis. While Blaze held Dixon from behind.

“Ranger Force is back boys.” Blaze peered over Dixon’s shoulder smiling at Aereon.

Dale then proceeded to explain his existence to the trio while he continued treating Aereon, Dale outlined his role as the Ship’s human interface, created by the Hive but generated from each of their unique pleasure signatures during the initialisation ceremony presided by the Hival Elder named Three. He was the ship’s embodiment and product of each Ranger in unique ways. He was a part of them as they were a part of the Hive.

Aereon smiled, he felt assured and safe in their arms and Dale’s expert care. It all seemed to make sense and Dale explained that he hadn’t appeared earlier in their maiden voyage because he had not been completely fashioned; their pleasure signatures were complex and the intricate work of combining their signatures and life forces required a substantial gestation time deep inside the H Drive. He emerged as it were in the moment of need, the final moments of Blaze’s life were very close at the time, and Dale had arrived, as it were, the nick of time.

“Now I need to roll you over Aereon, I need to access your buttocks and your anus.” Dale worked fast directing Dixon and Blaze to hold Aereon’s legs apart and for Aereon to hold the hand holds on each side of the worktable. They complied with Dale’s instructions.

“I’m creating a containment coating of the device” Dale announced.

Aereon turned his head sideways and screwed his face slightly, he could feel the field meshing and coagulating deep inside him and the evil device inhabiting his rectum had become agitated.”

“Whoa, what’s happening?” Aereon lifting his head and was looking backward as best he could.

Blaze and Dixon, massaged Aereon’s calf muscles and hamstrings trying desperately to keep him relaxed.

“That is to be expected Aereon, the Hival technology now understands the unique protection system built into the Sultan’s defences and weapons, thanks to Blaze! We can now bypass its resistance and the containment is…” Dale paused “Is now complete!” Dale had a satisfied look on his face.

“Roll back over Aereon.” Dale directed Aereon to another device and directed Aereon to lay back, there was a special seat on the device with a repository directly below Aereon’s buttocks.

“This machine will bring you to an intense orgasm, very quickly and will maintain the orgasm for enough time to milk you of all your cum. The machine is also working to draw the toxins into your semen Aereon.” Dale then looked at Dixon and Blaze.

“I know what you two are thinking, unfortunately as inviting as it may seem, I would not recommend sucking Aereon’s penis during this controlled extraction, unless you wish to carry explosive in your body too. However, you may worship him now, I think he deserves it!” Dale smiled toward Dixon and Blaze. “I need his penis rock hard.”

Dale then directed his attention back to Aereon.

“Your orgasm will work two-fold; firstly, sucking your juices out of your body, removing the toxins, then, the force at which the machine works will cause your body to shoot the contained bomb into the receptacle for expulsion out into space and a controlled detonation. The experience will be intense Ranger Aereon, but your youthful vigour will be able to withstand the intensity of the pleasure, its better you cum violently now than dying a slow toxic death or exploding!”

Aereon looked excited and concerned all at once. He revelled in the idea of extracting the evil device and the toxins it had released in his body, but the thought of such a violent exorcism of the evil forces was concerning him.

“I will be ok, wont I doc?” Aereon enquired.

“Right as rain Aereon!” Dale’s face exuded confidence.

“Once Dixon and Blaze have had their enjoyment, we will insert your rock-hard penis into the cum collector, now Ranger, the process may feel like it is completing, it will make several pleasure passes as it milks your testicles of all your juices. Use the foot stirrups and hand holds to keep your body in place.”

Aereon stood up and looked at Blaze smiling.

Blaze bent down and worshipped his Aereon, he was so horny from their forty-minute ride in Aereon’s pod. He licked Aereon’s beautiful penis tenderly and slowly, Dixon licked Aereon’s buttocks, Dixon smelled Aereon, the smell of sweat, of his torture was erotic and he worshiped his beautiful Aereon with each tender stroke of his tongue, Aereon’s buns felt spectacular and tasted even better!

Aereon felt so safe and warm in the loving hands and tongues of his Blazy and Dixi. He slowly began to thrust his pelvis, moaning with every worship of Blaze’s tongue on his penis, Aereon moaned intensely, feeling Dixon’s tongue now exploring his love hole and Blaze almost wet himself watching Aereon’s semi-erect penis spring to life.

“Good boy Aer!” Blaze mumbled as he took Aereon’s cock deeper into his mouth, he had to use all his will power not to suck too hard, he just needed Aereon excited and super stiff.

Dixon began drawing Aereon down to the Medi-milker and as Aereon lowered himself onto the device and laid back, Dixon swung around and offered his bulge to him. Aereon breathed in Dixon’s sexual scent, Dixon had not changed since they milked his pre-cum and his erothong was sweet and very damp still. Aereon licked Dixon’s bulge feverously.

“Lick me Aer, I’m yours all yours man, my bulge belongs to you and Blaze, my cum is yours and my pre-cum too. Drink of my nectar, get hard Aereon we need you fucking horny.” Dixon caressed Aereon’s beautiful dark hair, pulling Aereon’s face closer into the bosom of his green erothong bulge. “My penis is yours Aer, take me, eat me.” Dixon was getting wet again and Aereon’s penis was hard in Blaze’s tender hands stroking him tenderly.

Blaze just loved admiring Aereon’s member between his pumping mouth action and his tender strokes, sucking Aereon, stroking Aereon’s long beautiful erect penis, he marvelled in the beaty of Aereon’s penis’s pink throbbing head, it was starting to discharge pre-cum and Blaze just loved the view of Dixon’s beautiful buns directly above him, Dixon was straddling Aereon, allowing Aereon to feed on his juices, making Aereon super horny, it was such an enjoyable task.

Dale had to interrupt the proceedings; he held the round clear collection tube in his hand. It was attached to a machine that would suck the nectar from Aereon’s body. The device was set to fit Aereon’s rock hard penis and diffusors circling the inside of the device were poised to emit a pleasure field so intense that Aereon would be forced to a majestic orgasm within seconds.

Dale gave the device to Blaze to hold while he checked the seal on the bomb receptacle device, the Medi-milker would catch the jettisoning evil explosive device into the removable field stasis container below Aereon’s buttocks

“Good, Aereon is ready, once he expels the bomb it will pass into the stasis field and will be held safely, we will expel it from the ship soon.” Dale announced.

Blaze stroked Aereon with his other hand feeling the warm pre-cum oozing down Aereon’s penis head onto the top of his left hand. Aereon’s juices were becoming plentiful, and Dale instructed Blaze to insert the milking pleasure diffuser device over Aereon’s throbbing oozing member.

Dixon bent down and kissed Aereon, he tasted his own precum on Aereon’s lips. “Cum my beautiful boy, cum like a cannon, I’m here!” Dixon caressed Aereon’s forehead tenderly.

Aereon looked up into Dixon’s loving eyes and then down to watch Blaze slide the Medi-milker over his gorgeous raging hard-on, his penis head was covered in pre-cum and his penis was filling with sumptuous pleasure.

“I love you boys” Aereon’s eyes darted between Dixon and Blaze and then widened, he stared intently at his penis inside the Medi-milker, the orgasmic field infiltrated every pleasure spot on his penis, his orgasm was instant and gigantic.

“Hold him boys!” Called Dale, “He will need you near him!”

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Aereon’s scream of delight rocked them all, he tried to lift his body, but the Medi-milker needed him secure. The next orgasmic pulse was far greater and Aereon screwed up his face, he watched as the machine drove his semen through the tube into the receptacle and he felt his anal muscles spasming and the bomb suddenly letting go.

Aereon screamed again, his cum splashed over the inside of the clear tube and he threw his head back, he felt the bomb leave his body and the receptacle machine turned red indicating that the containment field had caught the device safely and had it in a state of stasis.

“Aggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg” Aereon was unintelligible, his knuckles white as he held on to the device handles.

It pulsed his penis again and again, pumping his nectar violently and his screams continued throughout the fifteen-minute extraction. When the process completed, he felt the pleasure field dissipate and he flinched as Dale carefully removed the device from his still throbbing and oozing penis. Dixon stroked Aereon’s cock and enjoyed the way it reacted, bouncing up and bubbling with the last vestiges of his Aer juice.

“Do not lick his semen, it may still be toxic.” Dale warned Blaze and Dixon.

“Aereon will undergo a deep cleansing now, it will stimulate his cum production, toxic free, and he will be ready for your worship in due course.” Dale helped Aereon to the other examination bed allowing Aereon to lay back. The Machine ran a green line of energy across Aereon’s body, and it began its restorative process, cleansing Aereon with every sweep of his body.

Dixon scooped some of his own pre-cum and placed it on his lips before bending over and kissing Aereon. “Get well my beautiful boy! That’s a taste of what I have ready for you and Blaze.” Dixon then kissed Aereon’s penis. “Oh, you are such a beautiful man!”

Blaze kissed Aereon too. “So glad to have you back, I’ll make sure I’m tied up and wearing one of your favourite thongs once you’re back up and running. We love you so much!”

Dixon and Blaze then left the Atlantis suite. Blaze needed to meet Kroy.

“I didn’t want to bring him to the Atlantis suite, I left him in the bridge, in the lounge area.” Dixon put his arms around Blaze and pulled their bodies tightly together. “I thought I was going to lose you, they forced me into a decision.”

“Shh Dixon, you did the right thing! I’m so glad you had your pod cloaked near Cronos. You weren’t to know their plans. I’m glad you did what you did.”

Dixon was welling up, “But, I would have failed you, I couldn’t free Aereon and get back here to work out how to save you! Well, that was my plan, I figured I had less than thirty minutes.”

“Dixi, they had weapons and defences that neither you or Aereon could conquer, they had something so terrible, that had eluded even The Hive and the Altusians. It was only the fast working of Dale to analyse and synthetise the compound and the quick upgrade that energised my erosuit that I could defeat them. The Altusians have always kept their distance from the Alliance of Cal because of this powerful defence that the Sultan’s forces had.” Blaze held Dixon tightly. “You did your best in the circumstances they delivered you. You made the choice to rescue us both, you didn’t choose between Aereon and I! Hey, they were torturing Aer, you had to save him. I so love you Dixi!” Blaze kissed Dixon, holding their bodies tightly together. “Our Dixi!” he kissed Dixon again.

“Bridge!” They were instantly on the bridge; their bulges were used to the delicious puff of pleasure that that occurred in their erosuits when they atomised around Intrepid3.

Dixon, kissed Blaze back and then looked around for Kroy.

He was standing looking out of the main forward windows toward space. His eyes were fixed on Cronos, and Ord further in the distance. He was still trembling and coming to terms with the fact that he was no longer a captive in the sexual servitude of the evil Sultan. He felt the warm hands of Dixon on his shoulders and turned around to see Dixon smiling, he could tell that Dixon had been emotional but ignored it, he was looking at his saviour and his face lit up when he saw Dixon’s beautiful and friendly face.

“How is Aereon?” were his first words.

“He is fine, we have extracted the bomb and he is being cleansed. How are you recovering Kroy, we need to let you see our doctor too?”

Kroy turned and hugged Dixon, his youthful body warm to Dixon’s touch. “Thank you, Ranger, thank you.”

Blaze walked over to them holding out his arms and Kroy dragged Dixon, extending one arm to Blaze.

“Thank you, Ranger Blaze, I have only my thanks to give you, I have nothing left in life, but thanks to you I have my freedom.”

Dixon stepped back and let Blaze hold the beautiful Ordinate. Kroy was still wearing the red thong he had been tortured in, it was still moist from the hours of torture and sweat at the evil fingers of Fi, his tormentor.

“Yes Kroy, you are free!” Blaze held Kroy tight and looked across to Dixon with a look that was impregnated with questions.

Dixon explained. “Kroy was one of the Sultan’s pets, he was a sexual concubine, kept in a state of sexual readiness, ready to serve the Sultan at any moment. He endured hours of torture, if that is what the Sultan wanted so he could pleasure himself watching Kroy writhe and scream or take him to his playrooms, edging him for hours in long sessions of pleasure. Kroy was used to torture Aereon.”

Anger began to fill Blaze as he contemplated what the evil Fi and his master had created. “I should have killed them and not stunned them, obliterated them from the galaxy once and for all!” Blaze kept holding Kroy in his arms and Kroy held his saviour tight as he could.

“There are hundreds of concubines, we are distributed amongst the Sultan’s highest-ranking officials, they are sexual captives to their whims and desires. The Sultan has over twenty personal toys to himself and Fi, well Fi is the cruellest.”

Blaze pulled Dixon back into the embrace.

“They will be freed Kroy, as are you now! Altusian guard are flooding the Capital as we speak, and their Admiral will be here soon you can speak with him and ensure your friends are freed and returned to their home worlds. We will return you to Ord!”

“H Deck” The three were instantly on the H Deck outside the Atlantis Suite.

“Approval is provided to Kroy of Ord!” Blaze approved Kroy’s admission to the deck and the Atlantis Suite and they allowed him to access their most private place. It was still configured as the medical facility, and they directed Kroy to lay on another inspection device.

Blaze was struck with the beauty of the young Ordinate; he could tell how this young man would have become the favoured toy of his masters.

“You are beautiful Kroy!” Blaze told him and then looked toward Dixon who was smiling and nodding.

“Thank you” Kroy replied, “…they kept me in peak physical condition, I was required to give them my nectar nearly every day, it was my role to please them, if it meant being tortured, it was my role.” His face showed the strain that his memories conjured.

“Shh, shh Kroy, its ok you’re safe, Dr Dale will help you.” Blaze was tender with the young Ordinate, and as Dale approached, Blaze held the young man by his shoulders. Kroy felt safe but the sight of the doctor made him uneasy, he was starting to become agitated. Dixon noticed the change in the young Ordinate, it was the sight of Dale and his white suit that was triggering Kroy’s response. Dixon embraced Blaze, they held Kroy between them.

“Now let’s take a look at you!” Dale directed Kroy to the observation device next to Aereon.

“It’s ok Kroy,” Dixon encouraged him, “Dr Dale will care for you.”

Dale understood the situation immediately. He reached for Kroy’s hands, and he moved in between Blaze and Dixon, they let go of the young man and Dale squeezed Kroy’s hands carefully and tenderly. “I am not Fi, nor am I an official or lord, young Ordinate. I am here to serve and protect. I am an extension of this ship, of these Rangers, let me help you.”

Kroy felt the assurance, he was beginning to understand.

“Forgive me sir.” Kroy began to bow toward Dale, but as he did, he heard Aereon’s voice from further inside the Atlantis Suite.

“Kroy, Kroy, over here.” Aereon’s voice was another comfort to the young former concubine.

Dale knew exactly what Aereon was doing.

Although he remained on his restoration bed, Aereon held out his hands. He was still naked, and his beautiful body lay on the bed allowing the restoration process to continue infusing Hival energy into Aereon’s body. He felt his strength welling up and he longed for an erosuit. Aereon’s muscles flexed and as he held out his arms, the sight of the beautiful young Ordinate made his penis happy.

“Here he is!” Aereon reached across to the approaching young Ordinate, he had a huge welcoming smile on his face.

“Ranger Aereon, you are my hero, I have never seen anyone survive the Sultan’s Invigorator machines, not at the energy level they were blasting you with.” Kroy was in awe of Aereon.

But then his demeanour changed again, Kroy was experiencing a typhoon of different emotion, he immediately transitioned from joy and awe to remorse.

“Please forgive me Ranger Aereon, I had no choice.” A tear was dripping down Kroy’s cheek. He was leaning over Aereon’s chest and Aereon’s strong left arm embraced Kroy. Aereon used his right arm to tenderly lift Kroy’s face to look at him. Aereon used his thumb to wipe the tear.

“I don’t have a grudge Kroy. You struggled and writhed under intense torture, Fi was ruthless to you and your concubine. I was blasted in bright lights and the pain was taking over my body, but I heard your cries, your struggles, you fought strongly. I am in your debt. In fact, we share a special bond you and I forged in pain, forged in bondage, but none the less, I admire your bravery! You are as much the hero!”

Kroy had another tear form, and he wiped his face on Aereon’s chest, Aereon was gripping Kroy’s head and pulling him into an embrace, pulling the Ordinate close to his body.

“Now my sweet boy, let Dr Dale examine you. He has the goodness of Blaze, Dixi and me built into him.”

Kroy felt the warm embrace of Dale again and Dale allowed a small amount of Hival energy to flow from his palm over Kroy’s head, Dale lifted Kroy from Aereon, slowly and tenderly, he looked Aereon in the eye and whispered, “Well done!”

Aereon smiled and winked back toward Dale.

Kroy was much calmer and he turned toward Dale, he felt his body shimmer and his head felt it the most. His eyes were alight, they were bright and alive.

“Let me examine you, I want to help you. They tortured you and I can restore your tired body.”

Kroy complied, he laid on the bed adjacent to Aereon and looked across, toward his hero and held Dixon and Blaze’s hands. They stood either side of Kroy as Dale began his scans and examination.

“Fi used your genitals as his torture point, correct?” Dale enquired.

Dixon responded for Kroy, but Kroy looked at Dixon, nodding.

“Yes doctor, Fi used some kind of energy transfer using Kroy’s bulge, they removed his outer loincloth and used it to gag Aereon, Kroy’s exposed bulging thong took the load of energy from Fi, its power filled Kroy with ravaging energy and somehow that was used to power the machine torturing Aereon before they transferred the power source from Kroy to my milking machine after they captured me. Once transferred from Kroy to the milking machine, they used my powerful pleasure to continue to power the Invigorator and torture Aereon.

“Thank you, Dixon, I have accessed the Sultan’s catalogue of ‘devices’ and have located the Invigorator used to torture Aereon and the Siphon they used to pleasure you. I would need to examine Fi to determine his source of power, but I would think his development as a sorcery apprentice on his home world before joining with the Sultan would be his spring of evil power.”

Kroy was still wearing the loincloth thong and Dale ran his hands across the young Ordinate’s body, his scan was comprehensive.

“Hm, yes damage to musculature and ligaments, his nervous system is intact. Psychologically, he will need some care, but all in all he will recover!” Dale announced.

“May I examine your genitals Kroy?”

Kroy opened his legs, his thong, rounded and full, he was still moist, from years of sexual servitude and his recent torture experience, he acted out of habit almost.

Dale’s tender hand cupped the fulness of Kroy’s bulge, his fingers felt the majesty of his delightful penis, his testicles were full and spongy and Kroy’s look of delight made Dixon’s cock tingle.

Blaze bent down and removed the thong carefully, he removed the erotic garment and placed it on a side table. Dale continued checking the young Ordinate, allowing a small bust of energy to caress over Kroy’s penis head.

Kroy’s eyes widened, and they watched as the energy moved over Kroy’s penis, sheathing it.

Kroy’s eyes rolled into his head.

“Ohhhhh my, what is that?” Kroy’s smile was infectious.

Dixon could not resist the smile and caressed Kroy’s face. “See, we told you the Doctor is good!”

Dale announced that Kroy needed time to rest.

“I have infused your penis with a sheathe of delicate energy young man. You may touch your penis, it won’t affect its work, in fact your pleasure will be enhanced. It will take an hour for the restoration to complete.”

Dale dematerialised leaving Kroy, naked to enjoy his treatment.

Blaze left Dixon to care for Kroy, and then approached Aereon.

“You beautiful boy! So glad you’re back.” Blaze bent over Aereon, his arm, lifting Aereon off the bed and twisting slightly to allow the embrace. They kissed and kissed some more, and Blaze’s right arm moved down toward Aereon’s exposed cock.

“You’re all restored I can see!” Blaze nibbled Aereon’s ear and whispered tenderly.

“Yeah, it needs your mouth Blazy! It’s been lonely and the air is cool, it misses the warmth of our erosuits, maybe you could, you know, warm it up a little?”

Their fun was short lived.

Altusian battle cruiser 100 thousand kilometers, port bearing, arrival expected in 10 minutes. Ranger to the Bridge.

Dixon removed his fingers from Kroy’s penis.

Aereon’s excitement had to wait too.

Dixon licked Kroy’s nipples and then turned his head to look the horny Ordinate in the eye.

“Enjoy your restoration Kroy, your penis will just love that little piece of Hival technology. Blaze and I will be meeting the Altusian Admiral for an update, and we will pick up our fun as soon as they have departed.” Dixon then bent down and sucked Kroy’s flaccid penis into his mouth, his tongue caressing the Ordinate’s cock head delicately before lifting himself and licking his lips.

“We will discuss your future soon, so get well Kroy.” Dixon smiled and winked at Aereon. He grabbed Blaze, adjusted Blaze’s erosuit and his own, they needed to be presentable to the Altusians. They activated their official Ranger collars and atomised to the bridge.

Aereon jumped up off his bed, he felt amazing, he felt powerful, his strength felt good to be back and the sight of Kroy moaning in delight as the ship provided him his ‘treatment’ was irresistible.

“Aereon, I am well versed in pleasure, it has been my role for years to please my masters.” Kroy invited Aereon with his eyes. He dared not leave his restoration bed, he was savouring the delicious energy caressing his cock.

“Let’s get one thing straight Kroy,” Aereon was smiling as he spoke and he was darting his eyes between his own growing cock and Kroy’s face, “…we’re definitely not your masters, you are free. But I would love you to show me your skills.”

Aereon stood next to Kroy’s bed and used the bed’s control screen to lower the narrow bed. Aereon then lifted his leg over Kroy, he straddled the beautiful young man as the bed adjusted lifting Kroy’s head in position to worship Aereon’s penis.

Aereon bent down on his haunches, his boy hole titillatingly close to Kroy’s energised penis head. He lowered himself on the Ordinate’s now rock-hard member, he could feel that Hival energy caress the inside of his rectum.

“Mind if I share your little Hival delight?” Aereon’s beautiful face and his infectious smile were irresistible to Kroy.

Kroy’s eyes rolled into his head, his cock was fizzing and suddenly now filling with delicious pleasure, it was as if the warmness of Aereon’s boy hole was encouraging the energy.

“Yum!” Aereon held Kroy’s beautiful face, and he leaned backward allowing the fizzing energy infused penis to delve deeper and deeper into his body.

Smiling, Aereon squeezed his own rock-hard cock producing a globule of his nectar, he scooped the juice onto his fingers and placed them on Kroy’s lips.

“Ohhhhh, Ranger juice in my mouth!” Kroy was in heaven as he said the words.

Aereon’s penis was drawing the Hival energy from their connected bodies, he felt the delicious energy embracing his member enjoying Kroy’s slow thrusts of love into his body.

“Is that good enough Ranger, do you approve?” Kroy’s words were saturated with erotic tone, and he lent forward, bringing his hands around to cup Aereon’s buttocks, Kroy held Aereon in his tight grip, and looking up, he cracked his neck from side to side. “Us Ordinates have some special abilities Ranger Aereon!” And to Aereon’s surprise and delight, the vertebrae muscles, and bones in Kroy’s body shifted, allowing Kroy to easily bend and take Aereon’s oozing pink cock head in his mouth. Kroy was fucking and sucking Aereon at once. Kroy sucked the Hival energy from his own cock, through Aereon, and up through Aereon’s pulsating penis. Kroy’s mouth tingled as he worshiped his Ranger.

“Aghhhhhhhhhh! Oh Myyyyyyyyy” Aereon’s smile was electric, he bent over to caress Kroy’s body, he was being worshipped by this beautiful creature from Ord, their bodies began to glow as the Hival energy built and surged through their bodies.

Aereon, was in heaven, his power was surging through his body, he was being energised, he could feel Kroy being cleansed and blessed, the energy was outrageous, erotic, and sanctifying.

“Oh, Kroy I want us to cum together, you into my love hole, surge your cum up into me, I want to pump your face with Hival powered Ranger cum!” Aereon was riding Kroy, their bodies cavorting and writhing as one and they held each other in vice-like grips; their bodies pumped and rode like raging bulls.

“I’m ready, Ranger Aereon!” Kroy mumbled, he looked up at Aereon, his mouth dripping in Aereon’s pre-cum. “I have the ability to control my orgasm and my juice spurting!” He licked his lips, looking up into Aereon’s dreamy face, Aereon was so close, he could feel the orgasm brewing deep in his sex, his penis buzzing and fizzing enjoying Kroy’s tongue as he licked the length if the hot Ranger cock.

“Oh God!” Aereon’s orgasm exploded into his cock like a phase torpedo, Aereon’s eyes almost popping, his head thrown upward.

Kroy took Aereon’s raging cock deep into his throat, his tongue lashing the silky flesh of his Ranger’s exploding penis. Aereon squeezed Kroy’s head, his embrace full of passion and he felt the hot Ordinate juices explode inside him, he could feel the nectar coating the walls of his arse.

Kroy heard Aereon’s majestic cry, in slow motion, hot spasms of Ranger juice flooded his mouth, Kroy’s tongue lapping the hot nectar spurting violently, it filled his mouth and he swallowed as fast as he could, but Aereon’s juices gurgled from his mouth and Kroy coated Aereon’s cock in cum using his tongue to distribute the warm salty ejaculate, worshipping every thrust of their beautiful bodies.

Kroy screamed when his final shot of jism ejected into Aereon’s body. He was spent. His cock had never experienced sensation so exquisite and encompassing.

Aereon too was in a moment of deep spiritual awe, he pulled his body off the Ordinate’s rod, he was covered in his own cum and he slid his body down over Kroy’s, the bed changing position again, but automatically allowing their bodies to connect, Aereon, held Kroy tight, their bodies squishing in cum, their buzzing penises connecting, they kissed, sharing Aereon’s nectar and lay in a beautiful embrace for several minutes.

“There is a reason why the Sultan and Fi favoured me! Did I please you Ranger Aereon?”

Aereon held his index finger on Kroy’s lips.

“One more thing my beautiful Kroy, my name is Aereon and Aer for short. You do not need to address me formally as Ranger Aereon and I know Dixi and Blazy won’t like that either. We’ve all been through so much. Let’s not be too formal, shall we?”

Kroy smiled, his eyes were dreamy, he was falling for his Ranger heroes one by one.

“Yes Aer!” he answered, and that made Aereon smile.

“Now get into that turbo shower, beautiful Kroy, we must meet the admiral of the Altusian fleet!” Aereon’s tone was playful but firm.

Kroy obeyed! He joined Aereon but remained once Aereon had cleaned himself up. Aereon wanted to meet the Admiral, he left Kroy to discover the wonders of turbo-shower fun and made his way to the drying pads.

“Erosuit red! Make my bulge hang to the left!”

Aereon was always amazed how the eroapplicator could apply his erosuit so perfectly, his boy bits felt spectacular, and he wanted to make Dixon and Blaze so horny. He so wanted Blaze to tie him up this time, he wanted to please the two most magical men in the galaxy, but he realised those sexy thoughts needed to wait. He activated his formal yellow collar for the Admiral.


Aereon appeared on the bridge on the upper level near their conference table and lounge area. He noticed Dixon attending to the scanners and Blaze was hovering in front of the view screen waiting for the Altusian battle cruiser to materialise. He flew quietly behind Blaze, and Dixon noticed from his station, he smiled across to Aereon who was smiling with his finger against his lips. Dixon nodded and went about his job at the scanner console.

Aereon approached quietly, but Blaze had detected his playful Ranger’s approach. He pretended to be none the wiser, but quickly turned and flew to greet Aereon, grabbing him and pulling him close and tight.

“Oh, you will need to do better than that Aer!”

To Aereon’s delight, Blaze had chosen a light yellow skimpy erothong. Blaze’s bulge sat in the pouch of soft fabric that gathered and cupped his genitals, the skimpy garment was connected to his body by a thin dark string that encircled his hips and gathered the light-yellow fabric pouch, it then connected between Blaze’s buttocks. Aereon, could not escape Blaze’s strong grip.

“I’m not letting you go that easy this time Aer!” Blaze kissed Aereon and squeezed his beautiful Ranger boy so hard that Aereon had to fake being choked. Their bodies and bulges connecting in perfect Ranger harmony. “I love you boys!” Blaze nibbled Aereon’s lips as he whispered.

Blaze let go of Aereon and flew backwards slightly opening his arms.

“You like? I chose the sexiest thong for you Aereon, I want you super horny.”

“Mmm Aereon squeezed his erosuit bulge. You will have to tie me up, Blaze if you want to really send me into heaven.”

The look on Blaze’s face erupted and the smile on his face dominated his demeanour completely.

“Don’t make me wet right before the Admiral arrives!” Blaze grabbed Aereon by his erosuit and pulled his beautiful boy closer again.

“I love the red Aer; I might need to make that into a thong before I restrain you!” Blaze felt his cock smile. He was happy.

Aereon too felt his penis contemplate its next play time.

Dixon flew across to his boys, he had chosen a royal blue and white erosuit, his bulge was packing a hefty sexual punch too. And he grabbed his boys by their heads forcing them to look directly into his eyes. “You two are the best! Oh boy I love both of you!” And with that he announced the arrival of the Altusians.

“The Sulawesi has dropped into Intrepid3’s safe ellipsoid zone.” Dixon announced.

The Sulawesi was one of the largest Altusian Cruisers in the sector. She was an impressive ship and boasted a company of one thousand Altusian officers, officials, and regular crew. The Sulawesi also boasted formidable weapons array, she appeared instantaneously off Intrepid3’s port side.

“Gentlemen!” Admiral Bryn’s face appeared on the main view screen. “Cane sends his greetings and the greetings of the council, I am the emissary of Altus6, Cane is busying himself with the surrender of the Calinans. Permission to board?”

“Please Admiral, atomise directly to Deck A – Bridge!” Dixon welcomed the Admiral who appeared behind them in the lounge area on the Bridge’s mezzanine.

Blaze flew across to greet the Admiral first, he offered the favoured Altusian greeting, holding the Admiral’s shoulders in a strong grip. The Admiral returned the compliment and repeated the gesture with Aereon and Dixon.

Bryn was much younger than the Rangers had envisaged, he was a tall man wearing a royal blue tight body suit. His shoulder insignias attested to his high rank.

They sat around the conference table, but the Admiral remained standing and activated the hypergraphical displays, they glowed blue hovering above the table.

“The Sector at a glance Rangers!” Bryn referred to the floating display.

“We owe Ranger Force a debt of gratitude! You have been able to decode the secrets of the Calinan defence and weaponry systems. This has baffled our intelligence for over a century! We understand that it nearly took your lives. Each of you fought unrelenting danger and you have exposed the evil intent of this evil ruling tyrant and his cruel right-hand assassin, Fi. The sector thanks you and The Hive for your bravery and show of strength. Word has reached the Hive of the Sector’s transformation and help has been despatched to aid and logistical support to the overthrow of the sultan’s armies and ‘loyal’ supporters.” Bryn then turned his attention to the outlying planets of the sector, walking toward the far end of the hovering display.

Bryn continued pointing to the planet Ord. “Ord owes you each a mighty debt of gratitude, they have agreed to the Altus 6 inter-planetary constitution and are the newest members of the Altusian coalition of planets. They are free to rule themselves and observe their native Ordinate customs and rituals!”

“The Council have consulted the Ordinate High Ministry and have left the punishment of the Sultan and Fi in their hands, and gentlemen, this is the primary reason for my visit to your ship other than to convey the thanks and appreciation of the sector, some 100 billion inhabitants owe their newly found safety to you three!”

Aereon remembered his capture and torture vividly, they were ruthless cowards, seeking nothing but confusion and chaos in the sector. The Ordinates meant nothing to them. Dixon too remembered the smell of the Hapalochi and its powerful tentacles. He remembered the evil way they siphoned his juices and the guilt they were orchestrating in his mind, not only making him choose between Aereon and Blaze, but the life of Aereon and billions of Ordinates were held by his ability to fight the exquisite pleasure systems sucking his nectar from his body. Blaze remembered the coldness of his body, and the way his life force was being squeezed from his body, the pain in his lungs and that paralysis of his muscles. But then he remembered the vision of Dale, the extension of he, Aereon and Dixon, their link to the ship and the Hive. Dale appeared from nowhere and restored his body. He felt his penis stir at the thought of The Hive and its power, and the way his newly developed powers had become so apart of him. He remembered the scene of death inside the arena, so many innocent Ordinates slain and the diabolical Siphon machine milking Dixon. He remembered blasting Aereon free from the infernal Invigorator and his depleted body slumped on his as they journeyed back to Intrepid3 in Aereon’s pod. Blaze’s penis stirred again, yes it had been an adventure. He was blasted back into reality from his space dream by the Admiral’s hand on his shoulder.

“Hey Blaze, you, ok?” Bryn was smiling.

“Yeah, sorry, a mile away then, recounting the last couple of days.” Blaze replied, his face became serious.

Blaze stood up, his beautiful body on display, his sexy erothong bulged drawing their attention to his sex, but he looked regal in his formal collar array, the yellow collar matched his yellow mask and erothong.

“What of them? I mean Fi and his evil Sultan?” Blaze’s demeanour became tense. “Their evil must be punished!” Blaze had his hands on his hips, he turned to look at his Rangers and then back to Bryn.

“Well, that is the other reason for my visit!” Bryn turned toward the viewer screens, the screens were looking out into space and toward the Sulawesi, Bryn spoke into the air toward the view screens, but it was very evident that he was speaking directly to his subordinates.

“Transfer the prisoners, my co-ordinates!”

Fi and the Sultan appeared, they were bound, gagged, and standing on a restraint device back-to-back, their wrists restrained to a central pole. The device was barely large enough to hold them both. Their feet standing on a glowing green semi-circle base that took up their side of the small round restraining device. They had materialised close to the Rangers and Bryn.

“Gentlemen!” Bryn addressed the evil pair while Aereon arose to join Blaze standing several feet from the captives.

“The Ordinate High Ministry has conferred with the Altus 6 Council; your fate will now be conveyed to you.” Bryn continued addressing the evil pair. But he turned and looked at the Rangers.

“You have rescued the young Ordinate named Kroy, correct?”

Dixon joined Aereon and Blaze, the three Rangers looked regal in their official collars, masks and erosuits.

“Yes, correct.” Dixon replied, walking over to view the convicts, he looked back toward his beloved Rangers and then to Bryn. “He is being cared for and has been examined by our ship, er doctor.” Dixon announced.

Admiral Bryn looked happy to confirm the news. “Once again, our thanks Rangers, may we see him? The Ordinate High Ministry has requested he read their sentence verdict to the prisoners.”

Seconds later Dale atomised onto the bridge, he was holding Kroy’s shoulders, supporting the beautiful young man. Kroy was wearing his native green loincloth, his body was a stunning sight, but he was nervous to see the evil prisoners who had tortured and milked him for several years following his capture. He no longer needed to please these evil men.

Kroy looked Dale in the eye and his facial expression spoke volumes as if to say, ‘it’s ok, I’ve got this.’ He squeezed Dale’s hands and walked over to view the convicts. Kroy circled them, looking them in the eye, his glare was penetrating. But he said nothing, he allowed his anger to beam through his eyes toward his former tormentors. He let his beautiful body do the talking while he circled them like a dignitary would inspect the troops. But he had one short message for them.

“I am no longer your toy!” His words were calm and determined.

He turned to Bryn and acknowledged the Admiral’s high rank by bowing his head extending his hand to take the verdict paper offered by Bryn.

Kroy walked over to stand with the Rangers. He felt safe and secure with such beauty and power standing behind him, his new heroes supporting him. He read the verdict.

“We, The Ordinate High Council sentence The Sultan of the former Calinan Alliance and Fi, Assassin, and Chief executioner of the former Calinan Alliance to death!”

Kroy returned the paper to the Admiral. He then returned to his place standing in front of Ranger Force. He felt secure with the Rangers near him, and he needed to feel secure after the years of his captivity under the cruel rule of the Sultan.

The Admiral then turned to look toward the Rangers and Kroy.

“You have the explosive device in your care?” He looked at Aereon particularly, expecting an official response from the Rangers, however it was Dale who took charge of response. Dale walked across to embrace Kroy, holding the young Ordinate’s shoulders, and he responded to the Admiral before Aereon could reply.

“Yes, it has been extracted and is in a stasis field waiting for a controlled detonation.” Dale announced.

Admiral Bryn was pleased. “Thank you, may I have the device please?” Bryn walked over to the convict restraint device and pointed to the top of the pole between the backs of the Sultan and Fi, they were struggling, but the gags in their mouths did not permit them to speak. Their high-pitched cries were ignored by everyone on the bridge.

“The device will be placed here!” Announced the Admiral pointing to the waiting receptacle device. “It will be locked and any attempt to dislodge the device will trigger its detonation.” The two captives struggled, trying to force themselves free of their bonds, but they were held securely.

Dale atomised out of the bridge and returned moments later with the stasis holding device. He looked at the Rangers and then to the Admiral before using his handprint to unlock the device. The loud hiss was the stasis evaporating from the containment device and the small black bomb, with its evil, slowly moving tendrils was delivered out of the device by an emerging clasp. Dale took the black bomb and handed it to the Admiral.

The Admiral held the bomb outward toward the captives.

“By the authority of the Altus 6 High Council and on the verdict of the Ordinate High Ministry and as read by Kroy of Ord, you are both sentenced to death!”

Bryn stepped onto the device, between the struggling convicts and placed the bomb on its receptacle. The device hissed, locking the bomb into place. The bomb’s tentacles still moving and twisting.

“This has been witnessed on-board the Ranger vessel Intrepid3. The verdict is unopposed!” The official words were now over and the Sultan and Fi’s fates were officially sealed.

Bryn then spoke to the convicts; it was the last words they were ever going to hear.

“This capsule will be jettisoned into space. There is five hours of air available in the capsule. You can decide to suffocate to death 5 hours after you are despatched to the cold vacuum of space, or you may choose to lift your feet from the pads under your feet to detonate the bomb. The detonator will arm 30 minutes after you are jettisoned from The Sulawesi. The decision will be yours, a five-hour, cold death or a quick death.” Bryn showed no emotion as he advised the convicts.

He turned to the capsule, “Seal the convicts and set the detonation timer!”

Their muffled screams became even more muffled with the field of energy creating a dome like effect surrounding the capsule. A green flashing circle of light surrounded the bomb between the two evil convicts.

“The green light between you gentlemen will illuminate your capsule in the darkness of space and once your capsule turns from green to red gentlemen,” Bryn’s voice was amplified inside the energy field of the capsule so that Fi and the Sultan could hear, “…the detonator will be armed. If either of you lift your feet, the device will explode. Goodbye gentlemen.” Bryn looked through the humming field to the struggling captives, holding his hands behind his back in an official stance.

Admiral Bryn then ordered the capsule to one of the Sulawesi’s ejection torpedo tubes. It disappeared from the bridge instantly.

“Fire!” Bryn did not waste any time giving his order.

They watched the device disappear into the darkness of space, the green pulsing light disappearing at high velocity. The Sultan and Fi were gone and Kroy felt a load lift from his shoulders.

Bryn turned to the Rangers.

The Sulawesi is at your disposal gentlemen as are the planets of the newly forming Sector G Council of Planets. There is much work to be done but the sector is at your disposal, we can return the Ordinate, Kroy, to Ord.

Dr Dale spoke up before Blaze was able to open his mouth. “The Rangers will be happy to return Kroy admiral. I was speaking with the young man prior to atomising to the Bridge. He is concerned for other members of the concubine forced to serve the Sultan?”

The Admiral was happy to announce the repatriation of the Sultan’s large concubine. “They are being repatriated and debriefed, they come from a range of worlds, some very different, some will be welcomed home, others have cultures that would reject them after being in the sexual service of such a tyrant, even though it was against their will. We have a program for them to return to a new life on other planets and a commune for those who wish live in a co-habitat.” The admiral replied. “Kroy would be welcomed and repatriated as he wishes.”

“I, I” Kroy became almost bashful, he looked toward Dale and then over his shoulder to the three Rangers. He felt safe, he felt love in their presence. “I, I wish to remain onboard Intrepid3, if these mighty heroes would allow it?” He looked over to Dale and then turned to face the three Rangers. He looked at the three beautiful, sexual men, his head buzzing with excitement, waiting, hoping for a positive response. He knew they desired him and his attraction to them was becoming stronger by the moment.

Dale was once again quick to interject. “Kroy has expressed his fear of returning to Ord. The tribal culture is punitive, and he would be rejected and punished by his tribe. His sexual body is a special gift, and he was once held sacred by his people and was sought, captured and taken by the Sultan to be his chief concubine and serve his sexual whims, but having been forced to share that special quality with the unclean, according to his culture, he would be flogged and banished to the Fissure world. He would roam the rest of his life, an outcast hiding in caves along the Centras Fissure of the planet hoping not to be engulfed by magma.

Dale noticed the smile starting to appear on the side of each of the Ranger’s mouths, but he didn’t flinch. Intrepid3 has the resources to accommodate the Ordinate and word from The Hive has been received to allow his orientation to the ship, should he choose to remain, I have anticipated he may wish to join the compliment of Intrepid3!”

Blaze stepped forward, he did his level best to keep his eyes above the loincloth, he looked at Kroy, “Would you like to serve onboard Intrepid3 Kroy? This is an active ongoing mission of service to the galaxy.”

Kroy was exploding inside, it was his chance to leave the sector, be an explorer, being a part of such a mission was mind-blowing.

Dale then interjected. “It would involve intense training Kroy! The Hive have made that clear, time on star bases, lessons and sexual Hivination will be part of your day for several years.” Dale advised. “You will serve The Hive and the galaxy as do these Rangers.”

“It would be an honour!” Kroy was brimming, he was trembling with excitement.

The Admiral interjected. “Very well!” He approached Kroy placing his hands on Kroy’s shoulders, turning the beautiful Ordinate to face him. “I, Admiral Bryn Kestrel of the Council of Planets release Kroy of Ord from the Sector to the care and resources of The Hive.”

Blaze accepted the Ordinate, “Ranger Force accepts responsibility for Kroy, formerly of Ord.”

They embraced and soon Blaze and Kroy were enveloped in the arms of Aereon and Dixon, the mighty three were becoming three plus one!

“It is done!” Announced the Admiral. “I must return to Ord and deliver the notice of transfer to the Ordinate High Ministry. Kroy will be regarded as a citizen of The Hive, no longer Ordinate.

“Thank you, Rangers, thank you Dale and Thank you Kroy. We wish you well on your galactic mission.”

Bryn nodded and then disappeared from the bridge and the Sulawesi began to slowly turn, departing the safe ellipsoid zone of Intrepid3 within minutes. It disappeared back inside Sector G and with a flash of light, she was gone.

“Welcome Kroy!” Dixon and Aereon were embracing Blaze and Kroy so tightly, Blaze had no choice but to speak it directly into Kroy’s ear. Four hot bodies embraced on the bridge and Dale, smiling at his boys, directed them to the Atlantis Suite.

“Gentlemen please make your way to the Atlantis Suite.” Dale announced before disappearing from the bridge.

They held onto Kroy and instantly appeared in a lavish lounge, deep into the Atlantis Suite.

To their surprise Three, one of the five Hival Elders materialised into the Lounge to accompany them.

“Well done, Rangers, you have dealt with the Sultan at last. They have kept the genetic encryption code to their defence systems secret for a century and we have observed the Sultan’s activities for many years waiting for his mistake. Blaze you almost gave your life for it, but we knew the power of Ranger Force would prevail.”

“You have each had a chance to meet Doctor Dale. Dale is your link not only to the ship, but to the Hive, it was he who identified the chromosomal markers in the poison he extracted from your lungs Blaze. It allowed The Hive to evolve its knowledge base and bolster your erosuit integrations. It was a work of genius.” Three floated over to the Rangers. They were still holding Kroy from their atomisation to the Atlantis Suite.

“You have yourself a new addition!” Three stood tall and his long straight hair flowed down over his shoulders and cascaded. He looked down toward the former Ordinate.

Kroy was overcome and cowered stepping backward into the bosom of three mighty Space Rangers. But it was Dale who approached and took Kroy’s hands drawing him out from his perceived safety. But still, Kroy knew that the being standing in front of him was one of the most powerful creatures in the known galaxy. One of The Hive Five, Three was an impressively intimidating presence in the room, he was of course a Hival Elder. But he opened his arms and smiled at Kroy to encourage the beautiful young man toward him.

“Kroy, it is a pleasure to meet you!” The sincerity in Three’s voice saturated the conversation. “The Hive is impressed with your courage young man and your persistence; we are aware of your family and your lineage, and you can thank Dale for contacting the Hive on your behalf. We have confirmed your genetic royalty. You are a descendent of Ordinant Royalty from dynasties past, from where many of the sexual legends portrayed during the Ordinate festivals, when your planet undergoes it geostatic eruptions, originate. It is true, your ancestors were regal beings, they were also the bearers of mighty power.”

Kroy was attempting to kneel before Three, but Dale gently pulled him up to stand before the Elder. Kroy bowed his head in servility before the majestic creature.

Three, used his long, left hand index finger to gently lift Kroy’s head.

“The Hive is impressed Kroy, and in your debt, you have survived the tyranny of the once Calinan powers and the cruelty of the Sultan.”

They were interrupted when the ship seemed to lurch and list upward.

“That was the blast that would have destroyed your planet Kroy, the Sultan and his evil assassin have been destroyed by their own evil device. This ship is protected, do not fear, its H Drive protection layer is a powerful force” He smiled looking into Kroy’s somewhat alarmed face.

“Now where were we?” Three looked around at the Rangers and Kroy, his face did not show emotion.

Blaze held Kroy, he had stood forward to embrace the beautiful young man, and he and Dale gave Kroy their reassurance. Kroy loved the warmth and protection he felt in Blaze’s strong grip.

Three continued, “Therefore, The Hive honours you Kroy, you do have purpose in the Galaxy and although you had thought that to be a sexual servant to a raging tyrant, you have spectacular properties inside your body that are rare in the galaxy, your regal body is blessed! So, you have expressed your desire to remain on this vessel!”

Kroy, looked deep into Three’s eyes, he felt as though he was being drawn, as though part of him was connecting with powers far greater than he.

Kroy was gasping, looking deeply toward Three, but Blaze held him tight and Aereon embraced them from behind, also pulling Dixon into the embrace and if it wasn’t for the powerful connection, Kroy would have been an emotional wreck. But Dale squeezed Kroy’s hands tighter. Kroy felt the power enter his body, his hands were hot, and his eyes were fixated.

“Kroy, formerly of Ord, The Hive bestows your ancestral lineage power!” Three’s voice became deep and official. Your body is anointed!” Three touched Kroy’s forehead and pulled his head upward, lifting the beautiful young man upward off the floor in gentle power, their foreheads connecting, Three then lifted Kroy’s face so he could look Kroy in his eye and Kroy could feel his body shimmer. His fingers letting go of Dale’s hands, he was suspended in the air looking directly into Three’s eyes drawn by immense power.

“Your flowing hair will be removed; this symbolises your break from your past.” Three motioned his hands around Kroy’s head and the long flowing locks of hair disappeared, the beautiful young man was left with a buzz cut, his hair short and spiky.

The Rangers then captured Kroy’s fall as soon as Three released him. Kroy’s body was alive and strong, his native green loincloth felt like sumptuous velvet caressing his genitals, it felt sensual and powerful.

“It is done!” Announced Three.

“Kroy formally of Ord, do you wish to become one with The Hive and to serve on this ship with Ranger Force?”

Kroy felt his legs go weak, this was the beginning of the next exciting phase of his life, he turned and grabbed Blaze and Dixon and then motioned for Aereon to embrace them too. They surrounded Kroy, and he felt the Ranger’s power, this time lifting him once more from the floor. Kroy arose from the circle of Rangers floating in the power of his new beloved heroes. He was once again eye level with Three.

“I do! Yes sir!” Kroy felt his body tingle from head to toe.

“So be it! You are no longer Kroy, formally of Ord, you are now Hival, Kroy of Ranger Force!”

Kroy’s body continued to tingle and shimmer, his moans were erotic, and his green loincloth began to glow, he was suspended several feet off the floor, held up by the power of Blaze, Aereon and Dixon, his body thrusting sexually and his moans became deeper, he could feel his native Ordinate loincloth thong caress his genitals, he could feel the sensual tightness fill between his buttocks and the power begin to fill his rectum. He was thrusting his hips slowly and erotically, enjoying the all-encompassing pleasure engulfing his body and reaching into his very soul.

Three showed no emotion, watching as the Kroy’s convulsing body begin to turn slowly, his bulging loincloth was at the Rangers’ face level.

“OH Mmmmy!” Kroy’s moans were increasing and erotic. "Feel so magical, pleasure is filling my b-body, majestic, exquisite nghhhh, mmmpf.” Kroy’s body writhed in mid-air.

Three lifted his index fingers and Kroy felt the powerful force pulling his hands behind his back, he felt the ropes suddenly appear and wrap around his wrists, they drew his wrists together, they infused pleasure into his body as they bound and tightened. Kroy moaned deeply feeling his sensual green thong of his loincloth fill with a new layer of pleasure, his penis, his balls immersed in awesome sensation.

“Feed your Rangers Kroy, your pleasure, your sumptuous nectar carries your ancient Ordinate lineage which you cannot escape, but your connection to the sexual gods or Ord, are powerful vestiges of your Royalty!” Three’s voice was deep and powerful, “The Hive has integrated with your body. You will supply your Rangers with power from this day forth. Your bondage is a symbol of your new connection with this ship, the Hive and your Rangers!”

Kroy felt beauty in his bondage for the first time. He felt how the ropes fed his penis with pleasure, his bulge, his buttocks, his rippling muscles convulsed in overwhelming pleasure, he was writhing, thrusting, moaning, and begging for them to connect with his pleasure.

His sexual utterances became deeper, it was as if his pleasure was healing his body, his green bulging under thong was sticking to his outer loincloth, he was bubbling his juices as he writhed suspended in his bondage and he felt his body embrace the energy and beautiful connection to The Hive.

“Feed your Rangers Kroy!” Three was insistent! He was overseeing the binding ceremony.

“Your ancient lineage is unique in the Galaxy Kroy and as you become one with the Hive you will develop into Ranger Force. Your body is a direct conduit, your pleasure and your nectar are spiritual and will become an integral force powering these devoted Rangers.”

“Feed your Rangers Kroy!” Three repeated his demand.

Kroy threw his head upward, he felt the beauty of his drenched thong caressing his penis, his bulge was engulfed in all consuming pleasure.

“Ngffffffffffffffffffffffff!” His body turned slowly, drawing the attention of each Ranger as they watched the beautiful man writhe in his bondage floating between them, his beautiful writhing body was sumptuous and elegant.

He stopped at Dixon. Kroy writhed for Dixon, his loincloth dripping in nectar, Dixon’s eyes were fixated on the beauty of this beautiful man thrusting and writhing before him, before The Hival Elder. Dixon could not resist, he lifted the outer loincloth revealing the sumptuous green bulge, it was glistening with nectar, Kroy was trembling in spectacular power, and he offered Dixon his pleasure, he offered his juices to feed his Ranger.

Dixon felt the warmth and fullness of the bulge, his tongue fizzled as the anointed pre-cum coated it, the flavour of Kroy filled his head immediately, Dixon’s moans joined Kroy’s they harmonised and blended. Dixon used his hands to cup Kroy’s clenching buttocks, they felt tight and spectacular to Dixon, and he worshipped Kroy feeling the sheer extravagant beauty of the erotic moment. Dixon fed from the plentiful flow, he lapped the juices and sucked them into his body. Dixon felt the pleasure energy pump from Kroy’s anointed bulge into his mouth. Pleasure radiated into his body and Dixon began to rise off the floor, he felt the wet outer loincloth coat his body with Kroy’s nectar and he worshiped Kroy’s writhing body as he arose.

Dixon wrapped his legs around Kroy, he pulled his blue erosuit bulge to join the mass of potent pleasure flowing from Kroy’s bulge. They were joined as one and Dixon’s precum soaked tongue explored Kroy’s mouth.

They both cried out as the pleasure normalised in their bulges. Dixon’s erosuit bulge saturated in Kroy’s nectar and their pleasure was shared, Dixon cried out as he felt the first pump of his own nectar, his Dixi juice erupted through his sparking cock. They both moaned into each other’s mouth, Dixon holding his angelic, bound Kroy tightly, their bodies writhing together in harmonies of delight and erotic expression.

Dixon’s connection had been established and Kroy felt the connection explode in his body, tears of joy caressed his cheeks and he licked Dixon’s face, he so wanted to break the ropes that bound him symbolically, he wanted to embrace his beautiful Ranger, it was erotic and ironic.

Kroy was one third connected to Ranger Force, he felt Dixon deep inside him, even though Dixon had to break the embrace, it was time for Kroy to connect with his saviour.

Blaze watched as Dixon floated back to the circle of Rangers, he had watched the beautiful expression of connection that had transpired between Kroy and Dixon, it was a stunning display of sexual expression, Blaze was ready to bind with Kroy.

“Blaze, B b b laze, my hero, Kroy was fighting his bonds, he knew that Blaze had a thing for sexual bondage, Dale had briefed Kroy on the sexual turn-ons for each of his Rangers. Kroy felt the eroticism of his bondage and he looked down over his twisting body, his loincloth stuck to his under thong and every struggle and thrust of his hips delivered him outrageous pleasure. He yearned to share it with his saviour, and he offered his body completely to Blaze. Take me hero Blaze, I must share this pleasure with you. We must bind!”

Blaze’s mouth watered at the sight of this beautiful man, floating, and offering his sex to him.

He watched as Kroy’s outer loincloth slide over Kroy’s sumptuously dripping bulge, with every erotic movement of Kroy’s hips, clear, stretchy globs of nectar began to form off the Base of Kroy’s bulge, his pleasure was outrageous and tempestuous and as Kroy thrust his hips to meet Blaze’s face, the stretchy pre-cum globules flung toward Blaze’s waiting open mouth.

Warm and sweet, Kroy’s juices fizzed on Blaze’s tongue, he felt the warm Kroy juice coat his face. Blaze grabbed Kroy’s hips, and he pulled the delicious, floating god down toward his face, his eyes taking in the beauty of the green soaked loincloth, he worshiped it running his fingers across the expanse of pleasure, millimetres from his face and Kroy’s moans of delight filled the Atlantis Suite.

Kroy’s voice deepened, he was engulfed in a flood of Hival energy.

“I am a conduit to the Hive, Blaze, my Ranger, taste my bulge allow the pleasure to transfer to your body, your body and erosuit will fill with the divinity of this pleasure, taste of me! Feed from my nectar Blaze. He was withing and humping his loins into Blaze’s face, Blaze’s tongue lashing the beauty of the loincloth, slipping, and sliding across the beauty of Kroy’s thong.

“Oh, such beauty, majestic!” Blaze’s voice too had become deeper and erotic as he surveyed and lusted the sexual feast awaiting him. Blaze slid the loincloth from Kroy’s bulge, it was saturated and stuck to Kroy’s hip.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Kroy’s pleasure radiated throughout the loincloth thong filling his body with divinity and Blaze’s tongue worshipped him expertly, Kroy could feel the Ranger’s power connecting with his own newly forming and sumptuous connection to The Hive. Kroy’s moans of delight joining and as had occurred with Dixon, he was harmonising with Blaze.

Blaze’s head was surrounded by sensation so divine and exquisite; he felt his penis fill with spectacular pleasure. He lifted himself off the floor and worshipped Kroy’s magnificently bound and erotically writhing body, his taste exploding inside Blaze’s mouth with such force and energy.

They kissed.

Their bulges, two thongs, spectacular sexual beings connected in dual pleasure and the beauty of the moment was a stunning moment to behold.

Dixon watched on with tears forming, his pleasure had not dissipated, he was buzzing and dripping pre-cum from his royal blue and white erosuit bulge, he looked to Aereon, and loved the anticipation of his face, it was electric, Aereon was semi-erect and his red erosuit was bulging beautifully. Dixon so wanted to suck it, but the pleasure ceremony needed to continue unabated; this was distinctly Hival and only good could come from this delicious moment in time. Dixon scooped up some of his precum, enjoying the delicious pleasure that radiated around his bulge when he touched the erosuit, and offered his special Dixi juice to Aereon. He loved the look of love Aereon gave him, licking his fingers and looking at his Bulge as if to say, ‘this is yours Dixi!’

Dixon smiled and shuddered as a bolt of pleasure shot upward though his arse.

Blaze’s body was shuddering too! Kroy’s whispers of love and devotion and service were flashing in his mind, he was somehow connected with Kroy through the pleasure conduit, and he felt his body shimmer. Blaze bought his hands from Kroy’s tight peachy buttocks and grasped Kroy’s cheeks, he licked Kroy’s face tenderly and whispered back.

“Welcome to Ranger Force!”

Blaze was buzzing with delicious Hival pleasure, he descended to his place in the circle of Rangers.

They had not noticed, but Three and Dale had departed the erotic binding ceremony.

Kroy’s smile filled the room, he pulled on his bondage, the ropes feeding his sexual appetite, but he was ravenous, the pleasure in his loincloth spectacular, and discharging through his penis, filling his deliciously oozing thong with deep oceans of sensation.

Kroy’s body then turned toward Aereon, and he became fixated on the magnificent beauty of Aereon’s face beaming up at him from his place in the circle of Rangers. Kroy wanted to break his bonds and toy with his loincloth and bulge to turn Aereon on, but the power of the ropes made him all the hornier. He writhed for Aereon, twisting his body, his muscles glistening in sweat, his loincloth had re-established itself and it was, sticking to his bulging under-thong, it slid erotically, and Kroy, determined to turn his Ranger on, moved his body twisting and thrusting his loincloth to Aereon’s face.

“My body is a temple of pleasure Aereon, mighty Ranger, it yearns to connect with you, your force and power are sumptuous gifts, now savour this gift to you.

Kroy was drawn downward into Aereon’s face, and he arched his body, writhing in his bonds presenting his pleasure to his Ranger. Aereon was dripping and oozing his Aer juices already, he was horny as all fuck, and the sumptuous beauty of Kroy’s bound body oozing his Kroy juices was outrageously beautiful.

“Taste of me Aereon, taste the power of the pleasure it will consume you!” Kroy’s words were strong and inviting.

It was irresistible to Aereon, his hands lifted, and he explored Kroy’s powerful upper legs.

Kroy, lifted his head upward and cried out.

“Worship Aereon, worship!”

Aereon obeyed, he cupped Kroy’s buttocks, and played with the rear of the loincloth, Aereon rubbed the erotic garment across the two hemispheres of Kroy’s tight buns.

Kroy’s moans of sexual decadence filled the Atlantis Suite once more.

“Aerrrrrrrrrrrrrreon, Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrranger partake of my royal pleasure.”

Aereon then slid his powerful hands to the front of the loincloth, he worshiped Kroy tenderly and expertly, enjoying the soaked loincloth, he bunched the loincloth into his palms and cupped Kroy’s bulge in the delicious wet cloth, he felt the divinity of pleasure radiating through the bulge into his palms and as he slid the two pieces of fabric, he felt Kroy’s body shudder and thrust toward his expert hands.

Aereon peeled the loincloth off Kroy and in a fit of sexual expression, he ripped the outer cloth from Kroy’s body, he tossed the socked outer loincloth toward Dixon to share with Blaze.

Kroy’s oozing and sumptuous thong bulge was his! Aereon’s eyes drank in the beauty of the erotic vision before him, he felt the power of the pleasure radiating out from it, the Kroy juices oozing from the top on the bulge and oozing translucently across the rounded surface of Kroy’s beautiful mound.

Aereon opened his mouth, his own penis was already buzzing in anticipation of the divine meal presented to him by Kroy.

“Drink of my juices Aer” Kroy’s smile at Aereon made the Ranger tremble, Kroy looked so delicious, so needy, so inviting.

Aereon’s tongue lapped at the font of bubbling pre-cum. Pleasure engulfing his head, creeping down his body. He sucked on the bulge, enjoying the feeling of Kroy’s penis snaking inside the green thong bulge, it was radiating pleasure engulfing his face pulling him in to Kroy’s body like a powerful magnet.

“Worship it Aereon, drink of my juices, join with me!” Kroy cried looking down as he watched Aereon worship him, the pleasure was pulsing and throbbing inside his bulge, his precum fizzing and sparkling as it pumped from his body.

Kroy’s cries deepened. Aereon was sucking the pleasure, his mouth desperately sucking and trying to take Kroy’s bulge inside his mouth.

Aereon’s fingers exploring the beauty of the crack between Kroy’s buttocks, the drenched fabric tightly pulling against the flesh, caressing Kroy’s pleasure hole.

It was time to rise, and Aereon floated upward, his hungry hands exploring every sexual bump and fold of Kroy’s writhing body. Aereon’s penis was pulsing ebbs of pleasure, he too was dripping his Aer juices, and with his mouth full of Kroy’s pre-cum, he grabbed the sides of Kroy’s head tenderly and kissed him. They both drank of the pre-cum and Aereon drew his legs around Kroy, his strength joining them, bulge to bulge.

Aereon cried out as the pleasure flowed directly into his erosuit, divinity was inhabiting his bulge, he was connected to Kroy in the loveliness of the shared pleasure, his body, their bodies radiated as one. Aereon reached around Kroy, he had to pull their bodies closer into the embrace. He enjoyed the way Kroy struggled and withed in his bonds. Kroy was licking Aereon’s face. Whispering.

“My Aer, my hero. Our bodies our juices are as one mighty Ranger!”

Aereon was trembling and his erosuit wet and dripping, his body engulfed in the divinity of this unique and exquisite pleasure and as he let go of Kroy’s body, he knew that he had connected as had Dixi and Blaze with something beautiful and powerful. He looked down as he descended, the floor between them was glowing green, and pulsing.

Three Rangers writhing and dripping pre-cum and their newest addition floating, struggling, and flinging his juice around the circle in fits of mighty pleasure.

They then heard the ship speak in a soft and inviting tone.

Feed me Rangers, feed me Kroy, your orgasmic pleasure, and your juices are powering my H Drive, feed me your orgasmic pleasure!

The floor pulsed green, it was saturated in Ranger juice and Kroy’s regal nectar, the ship was feeding and accessing their pleasure as well as their luscious fluids.

Dixon felt the orgasm, so did Blaze, they looked at Aereon, he was trembling, he reached for Blaze and Dixon, their arms on each other’s shoulders, their erosuits and Blaze’s erothong were oozing and bubbling their pre-cum. Kroy’s body still bound writhed floating between them slowly turning. His eyes glowing and pulsing.

“Our climax is shared Rangers!” His erection was strong and powerful, straining inside the green thong, his body writhing as the god-like orgasm flowered and as their orgasm erupted four beautiful men screamed in pleasure, the orgasm was powered by the four individual pleasure signatures and had fused into a shared sensation of outrageous proportions. The circle bathed in green light, the ship feeding from their shared orgasmic eruption.

Four majestic bulges exploded as one, and Kroy broke his bonds, flinging his hands into the air his cum shooting, shooting through the garment and spraying his Rangers. Dixon’s cum shot onto Kroy’ buttocks, the powerful shards of Dixi juice hot and thick. Aereon, too threw his head upward and he watched his cum jettison upward and coat Kroy’s delicious body. Blaze thrust his hips upward and his wads of hot Blazing juice shot all over Kroy’s chest reaching Kroy’s face. Blaze was engulfed in Kroy’s cum burst and the Ship fed on their pleasure, orgasmic and spectacular, its stores of Ranger fuel replenished.

After ten minutes of feeding the ship was satisfied.

Thank you, Rangers, thank you Kroy of Ranger Force.

They embraced laying in the cum soaked centre of the circle their bodies curling and stretching in divine afterglows of the shared orgasmic feast, and they lowered Kroy onto their heaving bodies cavorting in the aftermath of such beauty and expressions of erotic desire and emotion.

Mouths exploring, hands exploring, they were back together, filled with majestic Hival energy, their newest recruit enjoying his bevy of sexual beauty, they were writhing as one, slippery in hero juice.

Kroy’s question made them laugh, “How do you three get any rest?”

They held Kroy’s majestic body entwined in the mass of legs are arms, he was sucking a bulge, but he wasn’t sure whose it was, he didn’t care.

Kroy was home.

A new Ranger Force adventure will launch soon.

Discord: Scorpio#5862

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