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Space Rangers
Part 4 - Sector G - Part Two
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Sector G-Part 2

Previously, Ranger Force dropped out of Hive Drive on the edge of Sector G to host a forum of leaders from the two major ruling forces in the sector to broker peace and relax tensions between the Alliance of Cal ruled by a tyrant Sultan and the Altus 6 Council. Following the forum on Intrepid3, Aereon was invited to visit the Sultan under the false pretence to observe the formal addition of the planet Ord into the Alliance of Cal. The Sultan’s chief representative, Fi invited Aereon as a guest and had earlier secretly poisoned Ranger Blaze not long before the party returned to Cronos with Ranger Aereon. Once in the capital on planet Cronos, Ranger Aereon was tricked and captured. They began to torture Aereon to lure Ranger Dixon to his eventual capture. With Blaze suddenly succumbing to the poison and the vision of Aereon being tortured mercilessly, Dixon was forced to make an intolerable decision. Stay on board Intrepid3 to care for Blaze or leave Intrepid3 to save Aereon.

“Cockpit Control Integration!” Dixon controlled his emotions; he had to think straight and get his mind to consider all his options. He had Blaze heating up and sweating, Blaze was becoming a darker shade of blue, and his moans were slowing as if life were slowly being extinguished from his body.

The Integration Device system came to life and Dixon felt compelled to get the ship closer to Cronos. But before connecting with the ship, Dixon flew like lightning to Blaze, he wiped his partner’s forehead, it was burning and covered in sweat, his body and his erosuit were drenched.

“I will fly to Cronos as fast as I can, Blazy, I promise!” Dixon had tears in his eyes. “I’ll get Aer and break him out of their grip, then get us back here to work out how to reverse your condition!” Dixon controlled his emotions and he felt something powerful inside him, urging him to shine and control the situation, right the wrongs that were unfolding. Three was correct, and Dixon understood clearly, remembering Three’s words that evil lurked in the vastness of space. He stood up, with his hands on his hips, he looked at the bright speck on the viewing screen. Cronos shone brightly even at such a huge distance away.

He flew to the cockpit integration and settled into his seat glancing at the two empty seats by his sides. I will get you back boys, I will do my best , he was calm, and he accessed the store of energy welling up in his chest, he knew it was Hival, but he couldn’t rely on the Hive to magically come and save them. He, they were appointed Rangers. He was the hero; it was his duty to see that justice be done and he exercise his powers on behalf of the Hive. It was his solemn duty!

The device formed its integration field on his erosuit, he felt beauty of the ship fondle his bulge, his penis integrating, and the red brain linking sensors on his temples ensured that his body and mind were united with the ship’s systems, he was connecting to the H Drive, a sensation so invigorating so sexual, so powerful. He scanned through the files on the Sultan, digging deeper in his mind, searching and locating the information stores he needed. Aereon’s erosuit signal was still activating. Good boy Aer, I’m coming to get you! It showed up on the huge planet, Aereon was in a northern continent, the capital of the powerful Calinan Alliance. Hm he is in an arena, a huge arena.

Dixon cloaked Intrepid3 and then moved her within twenty thousand kilometers of Cronos, he disengaged all communication portals, he had the ship in stealth mode, she was undetectable except for the small pulse on his left hip; the ship’s beckon. He disengaged it, knowing he would need to re-engage it when he was returning with Aereon, get back to the ship and to neutral space before alerting the Council of Altus 6 of the Sultan’s evil destabilisation plan, the Altusians would be enraged at what the Sultan was enacting.

He dismissed his fears of the diplomatic fallout from this development, his primary objective was to save his beloved Aereon and Blaze, he just could not lose them, he would deal with the diplomacy later.

He flew to the bridge eroapplicator and changed his suit to a green erothong I’ll get Aereon’s attention with this thong, hopefully it will give him encouragement, to stay alive while I work out how to restore him and Blaze , Dixon was thinking fast, and he used the Intrepid3’s atomiser to shoot back to Blaze. Dixon picked up Blaze’s limp body and atomised to their shared sleeping quarters, he laid Blaze’s limp blue body on the expansive bed.

Stay alive my beautiful boy, do it for me “Stay alive for me, do it for Dixi and Aer!” Dixon voiced his thoughts and wiped Blaze’s brow, he wiped Blaze’s body down, but his beautiful Ranger kept sweating. Dixon atomised to his Pod on H Deck, he calculated as best he could, he calculated that he had thirty minutes or less to pull this off. He would rely on The Hive database to scan the medical files to find a treatment for Blaze.

He was working fast, and time was not on his side. The Pod, a mini saucer powered by Intrepid3’s H Drive came to life. It was smaller than a Cadet Craft and designed to be an highly manoeuvrable and agile little craft. Dixon sat in the control integration unit looking through the clear dome like top of The Pod, the external doors of Intrepid3 opened, he was soon looking out into space.

His erothong was integrating perfectly with The Pod, a green hue attached to his bulge, the light soft fabric becoming electrified as the control interfaced with his penis, his mind came online instantly he and his Pod were one, it felt invigorating and unreal, but Dixon did not have time to enjoy the sensation, he had a mountain of work to do.

Synchronous orbit at 265.78.6527.234, the co-ordinates were directly five thousand Kilometers above the arena. He created a tether control link with Intrepid3 and cloaked his Pod and ordered it to leave the ship. It glided out into space without sound, but when Dixon instructed The Pod to the co-ordinates, its systems and drives came online. His control panel floated in front of him, but he dismissed it, he was controlling his personal pod with his mind and erothong bulge. The Hival interface so sexual and effective and, his Pod obeyed his every command thought.

Dixon tried his manoeuvring skills, and he was soon enjoying the agility of his Pod, it sounded amazing with the high-pitched whirring of its propulsion system, but this was not the time for games he had work to complete, life and death were in the balance.

Synchronous orbit achieved; Pod Systems are standby, Stealth blocking enabled. He and his Pod were virtually invisible. Dixon then scanned the capital, he identified thousands of life forms with some kind of weaponry, they looked like spears, but they showed up as ‘hot’ on his scans, they were surrounding the palace and the arena where Fi had Aereon restrained. Aereon’s beckon was much stronger, and Dixon felt it in his erosuit, it was also very prominent on his mask info screen, he would easily track his beloved partner down.

Dixon’s next scans located three huge transmitter arrays, they were projecting a powerful field around the capital, these fiendish devices could easily be overlooked and the field of energy they transmitted could also easily engulf him and supress his powers, they were evil devices used to capture enemies and he remembered his Academy training on disarming such systems. Dixon located the three transmitters and went about engaging his envirosuit. The suit engulfed his body in a protective and sensual way, he could touch and feel, but his envirosuit provided oxygen a protection from the ravages of space and any hostile environment that found himself in. he was ready to fly to the planet and rescue his beautiful Aereon.

He pierced the atmosphere like a pin, leaving little in his lightning speed wake, his suit protected his body while he screamed downward to the surface of Cronos. Dixon expected that with his blistering speed he should be able to avoid detection systems and he was banking on the element of surprise. But he had to first skirt the edges of the power field surrounding the capital and the Arena, he was not falling for that trick! The first tower stood hundreds of meters into the sky, it was humming and had yellow lights pulsing up and down its tall structure. Dixon, was floating 50 metres from the device and he quickly scanned it, raised his arms above his head whilst holding his clenched fists tightly together. The golden orb of energy he created pulsed, and he lowered both his arms, both wrists were bulging with golden power, he held his arms to his sides determining the best insertion point and then lifted his arms pointing at his desired target. Dixon chose the huge transmitter dish and then blasted it into millions of fragments before lowering his wrists, the golden energy evaporated and although it was his very first use of this power, it felt as though he had used it for years. The Hive had been building his powers! He felt encouraged and then flew to the arena.

Yes, like the scanners had identified hundreds of guards surrounded the arena, Dixon scanned them from a safe distance using his acute sight capability. Thousands of them, and all with those long spears , he knew that the heads of the spears were ‘hot’ but wasn’t sure what capabilities they had. He decided to use the element of surprise and shot down toward the guards at blistering speeds. His arms above his head he ignited his golden power again, creating a huge ram.

The golden ram seemed to come out of the blue for the soldiers outside the arena; they were bowled over like pins, rendering them dazed and helpless on the ground. But Dixon noticed back up forming, they were like a swarm, he decided to replay his last invasion but to his surprise, the latest band of soldiers had learned; They used their spears to create a field that repelled Dixon’s attack. He was sent spinning backward relying on his envirosuit to protect his body, but he was slightly dazed. When he came to his senses, several kilometers away, he had to rethink his approach.

He decided to disarm the spears. Dixon set off again, back toward the arena, he used his power but focused the energy to pierce their barrier and once inside their domed defences he used his narrow power beam to overwhelm their spear heads. Their defences fell immediately, and Dixon was on the ground, surrounded by guards.

“C’mon” He shouted.

“Where is Aereon? You bastards!”

“Fifty on one, that’s fair boys!” Dixon taunted his attackers.

They circled him forming a closing circle, so Dixon dropped to his haunches, he let them approach closer before jumping to his feet spinning with his right fist extended, it connected with guards sending them backward into the men behind them, but they kept coming. They ended up engulfing Dixon’s body. He used his envirosuit but could feel their clawing hands and arms as they marauded him.

Dixon then decided to bend into a foetal position, he felt their hands, their punches, several fondled his arse, it was their chance to get their hungry hands on a Space Ranger and the one destined to head the Sultan’s concubine. He let the pressure build before exploding in a huge rage, throwing soldiers in all directions.”

“Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” he screamed lifting his body, his arms stretched and glowing. He exploded into a star position.

His voice boomed and his hands bulged in golden power, “Where is he?” Dixon’s voice raged throughout the area.

“Be our guest mighty Ranger!” A large soldier with a black mask approached Dixon and motioned to the large red doors opening into the vast arena.

“The Sultan will be pleased to meet you!” The captain of the guard smiled and motioned as if to usher Dixon into the huge auditorium.

Dixon’s rage had become an inferno, he felt his emotions expand inside him and power him, lifting off the ground he floated up to eye level with the huge captain.

“Thank you!” Dixon’s words were cynical, and he brushed the captain aside, picking up speed for his arrival to the arena.

He was not prepared for the sounds of horror that gripped his attention.

Thousands of spectators, a large stage full of ordinate officials and in front of the stage, his Aereon was spread supine in a infernal machine, to his left Fi stood, but not in his flowing red emissary wear, he was wearing a tight red outfit and his hand was playing the bulge of another captive. The captive was screaming and thrashing and Fi was somehow using his captive as a torture conduit. Dixon zoomed his acute vision closer to the stage. He watched as Fi’s multi-coloured glowing fingers caressed the skimpy thong covering the captive’s genitals. Every touch eliciting an off-key discord of sound to accompany the screams of Aereon and Fi’s helpless toy.

He focused on Aereon next, his beautiful boy was stretched unforgivingly, his red bulge displayed on the huge screens around the auditorium, Aereon had a red gag in his mouth and Dixon could see Aereon thrashing his head around, up and down, he was trying to dislodge the gag he was trying to scream, trying to communicate with him, but he could not get to his erothong, his bondage too powerful. His body twisted and convulsed while the diabolical blue rings of power surrounding his legs and his torso kept his torture active; the evil torture rings moved up and down his body.

Dixon had seen enough. But he scanned the audience; to his dismay, thousands of guards lined the upper reaches of the arena and down the stairs, they had the crowd in fear or at least the people of Ord, the Ordinates that had hoped to witness their planet’s alliance were now witness to something outrageously fiendish.

Dixon thought about disarming the guards, but it was too risky, thousands of innocent Ordinates and Calinans were in the audience, he decided to storm the stage to rip Aereon’s bonds from his body and steal his beloved boy back to the waiting pod and back to Intrepid3. He needed to act fast if he had any chance of saving both Aereon and Blaze.

He headed for The Invigorator Machine holding Aereon at a blistering speed.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” He screamed as he made his way toward his boy.

The cracking sound reverberated as soon as Dixon hit the powerful shield, and it deflected him spinning backward, back to his starting position. Dixon shook his head while he returned to an upright floating position. He then attempted to lift his arms; he had decided to use his golden orb of power as a battering ram to blast through the defence shield protecting the stage.

Fi looked over his shoulder, his hands still torturing Kroy and Aereon, not even the magnificence of Dixon’s mighty rescue attempt was going to distract Fi from his position at Kroy’s beautiful bulging red thong and stretched body.

“Tut, tut Dixon!” Fi’s voice boomed around the arena.

“I wouldn’t try that stunt again! Aereon’s life is in my hands and the deliciously sexual Kroy’s bulge, you attempt that again my dear Ranger, both Aereon and this sexual toy, will lose their lives swiftly.” Fi was bluffing, but he maintained his performance.

“Aereon is just beautiful, I can understand your deep desires to save your Ranger friend, he tortures elegantly and would have been pride of place in the Sultan’s concubine, but the Sultan seems to have eyes for you!”

“I don’t have time for your diabolical games Fi! We acted in good faith, expecting you to act honourably for the good of your sector!” Dixon was angry. “Give me my Aereon and your torture toy and we will negotiate a way through this mess!”

Aereon was extremely agitated, he was thrashing in his bonds, trying to thrust his head violently to remove the gag from his mouth. Kroy could see the impending danger too, but with Fi’s diabolical agonising fingers torturing his bulging thong, he knew better, he thrashed in his bonds trying to throw his head forward, to signal Dixon to look upward, but he was interrupted by the Sultan. The Sultan dragged Kroy’s head backward by his long hair. The Sultan used his other hand to caress Kroy’s face, “Don’t move your body Kroy, or I will feed you to Titan personally.”

The Hapalochi from one of the Sultan’s outlining planets was one of his favourite pets, although not a shapeshifting creature, it could change form and blend in to is surroundings when needed, it lived in the water normally but was equally happy outside that sort of environment. Titan had become the Sultan’s pet and was often fed any creature the Sultan wanted. It was not a good idea to get on the Sultan’s wrong side or try and escape his grasp, he would enjoy watching his enemies fed to this creature he had named Titan years ago.

The Hapalochi was descending slowly from the upper reaches of the Arena and was several meters above Dixon. It used stealth when stalking its prey, quietly descending, floating almost with its many tentacles slowly twisting and turning in evil arcs. Its red body was spotted with orange warts and other bulbous growths that bulged and oozed a clear liquid all over the Hapalochi’s fat body.

Dixon had regrouped and recovered his senses, his collision with the powerful wall of energy had knocked him. He surveyed the stage again seeking out the source of the energy, but whilst he was quickly running his scan, he felt his erothong tingle, he knew many of the sensations and workings of the garment, but this was different, his penis was buzzing, and the sensation was increasing. Then he noticed the clear long secretion dangling in front of his face, it had a distinct odour.

“What?” Dixon said looking up.

He noticed the tentacles, but not the two approaching him from behind. They ensnared Dixon’s arms, pulling them away from his body. He looked up and watched as another descended and circled his neck, they tightened their grip squeezing his arms constricting them also slowly closing off his windpipe. Dixon was gasping.

“Dixon, meet Titan!” The Sultan stated, “It’s such a devoted pet, I feed it and it stays loyal, it is an amazingly simple relationship. But Titan has had its fill today, you are lucky I fed it earlier, or you might be fighting inside it as it digests your body. Its tentacles are highly effective and can secrete powerful neuro drugs that render its victim paralytic for life. So, I wouldn’t make any sharp moves if I were you.”

The monster made a huge burp-like outburst above Dixon and the sound filled the auditorium.

“That was its latest meal, an insolent leader of one of my planets, that refused to pay the planet’s taxes to my treasury. Suffice to say, I have my funds and Titan has had its fill for now! Titan is very loyal, like my subjects.”

“Bring the Ranger Titan, I don’t want him harmed, he is an important catch!”

Dixon’s legs flayed out below him, he was in the creature’s grip, his erothong buzzing frantically, he learned there and then that this frequency of sensation across his bulge and through his buttocks was the call to impending danger. He was ensnared and dared not struggle too much, he did not wish a life of Paralysis! Titan approached the stage and was hovering above the concubine of beautiful humanoid men, bound to their presentation devices. They were looking up from the bonds in fear of the outrageously ugly Hapalochi.

“Now I have a special job for you Ranger Dixon, you will so enjoy your role full of pleasure and pain, it will be so satisfyingly explosive for you, in fact you will become famous in this sector and in the reaches of space. Even your beloved Hive will recount this day on planet Cronos and planet Ord.”

“Titan, be a good er, Titan and allow the Ranger to disengage his protective envirosuit!”

As much as Dixon tried, he was not able to fight the powerful tentacles, the tentacles holding his right arm forced his hand to the erothong. Dixon was screwing his face, fighting the monster, but his strength could not match its evil intent.

“Be a good Ranger and disengage that envirosuit Dixon, if you don’t Aereon will die!” The Sultan was insistent.

Dixon looked across to Aereon, he was arching his body upward, straining at his bonds, the torture had ramped up and his muffled sounds were being amplified though the auditorium.

Dixon had no choice at that moment, he would need to bide his time and he knew Blaze’s time was almost up. He needed to pull a miracle, but at the moment, his situation was becoming dire. He complied, his face straining in defiance though. He cupped his magnificent green erothong bulge and disengaged the envirosuit. He was exposed and his danger factor had just increased. The creature returned his right arm pointing away from his body and Dixon was dangling below the floating creature, his arms extended out from his body, held in the powerful grip of tentacles and his neck ensnared in a tangle of smaller tentacles all pulling tighter then loosening, pulling and loosening. The creature was playing with him.

“Ngffffffffff!” Dixon struggled amidst the plethora of devious tentacles moving and sliding, constricting his neck. They caused his head upward and he had to look down to see the stage and Aereon.

“Ngffff you fiend, let us go, aggg aggg ahhhhh!”

The Hapalochi continued to play with Dixon.

“Now, don’t interrupt Ranger!” The Sultan smiled toward Dixon and then motioned to the opposite side of the stage to that of Aereon.

A section of the stage disengaged and moved across to where Fi was orchestrating the torture of Kroy and Aereon, it hovered and came to rest aside Kroy’s beautiful and ravaged body. Four poles like that which Kroy was tied to lifted from the disengaged section of the stage and from below a large golden vessel encrusted with jewels positioned itself between the four pillars. Between the new set of pillars and The Invigorator, Fi was continuing to molest Kroy’s beautiful loincloth thong, directing the torture of Aereon, diabolically through the conduit of the beautiful concubine.

“Bring Ranger Dixon to the Stage, he gets to play an exciting role!”

Dixon struggled, the obedient creature delivered him to the stage, it held his arms behind his body before several guards placed restraints on his arms behind his back. The creature let go of Dixon and began floating back to its pen high in the ceiling of the arena.

“Come take a look Ranger Dixon!” The Sultan motioned for him to move toward The Invigorator. “Take a closer look at your beautiful Ranger Aereon. He struggles and writhes so beautifully, I want you to watch as I unfold the next stage of my plans to this lovely captive audience.

The soldiers pushed Dixon toward Aereon’s torture, Aereon was spread supine, writhing and twisting, turning his head toward Dixon. Dixon too was struggling, trying to break the restraints holding his wrists behind his body. They removed the red loincloth from Aereon’s mouth.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ngffffffffffffffff, Bastards!” Aereon thrashed.

“Dixi, I tried to contact you, but bonds, aghhhhhhhhh, too tight, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” Aereon twisted his body, agonising energy engulfing his body. “Please, stop, gahhhhhhhhhhh” Aereon continued trying to speak, but his torture was consuming him.

“Aereon is such a beautiful Ranger, Dixon, as are you! And he was so accommodating to wear red for me. I have plans for you both, such wonderful plans.” The Sultan caressed Dixon’s tight buns and ran his finger over his next sexual conquest.

Deep inside, Dixon was beside himself; he had Blaze in the back of his mind, he had failed Blaze, he was probably dead, and here he was bound and gazing at his beautiful Aereon, being tortured by the evil Fi in a crazy machine. Aereon looked so sexual, so alluring, his beautiful body warping and writhing, his red erothong wet with his sweat, it clung to beautiful penis and testicles, the garment was a siren of complete sexual majesty and Dixon became determined, thrashing in his bonds in a determined attempt to break the restraints and get Aereon out of this hell.

“You Bastards!” Dixon pulled with all his might, but a lasso of energy wrapped around his neck, one of the guards had used his spear head to release the wicked power across the stage.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Dixon stumbled backward in agony.

“You will learn to be an obedient concubine Space Ranger Dixon!” The Sultan ran his fingers through the warmth of Dixon’s tight buns admonishing the delicious hero.

“You will be trained in the ways of pleasing me but for now your insolence makes you even more the sexual delicacy!”

“Tie him to the Siphon!” The Sultan motioned his hand, as if introducing the device to Dixon.

The guards dragged the struggling Ranger to the poles, the neck lasso firmly keeping Dixon compliant restricting his airway and allowing him little capacity to draw breath. Four soldiers prepared the restraints and lifted the struggling Dixon, securing the restrains on each of the poles. When they completed their task, the erotic Dixon was spread eagled, much like Kroy next to him.

Kroy looked across toward Dixon, his body engulfed in exquisite agony, he was trying to escape Fi’s grip on his bulging thong, however he was fighting against the Sultan’s prized tormentor. Fi was overtly in control of Kroy and Aereon, and Dixon struggled helplessly, his bondage pillars rotating outward, pulling Dixon tighter and tighter in the ensnarement.

“Best to do what they - Aghhhh - tell - Nghhhhh - you to – Aghhhhhhhhhhhh – to do! Or believe me - Ngffffffff - they will torture you until you bend to their - Mpppph – will!” Kroy’s young face was contorting with the powerful forces being unleashed through his bulging thong into his body, the power was fucking his arse, reaching inside his body, squeezing his organs.

Fi used all fingers and pulsed the energy into Kroy’s erotic bulge, it caused Kroy to scream at the top of his lungs arching his beautiful body upward and sidewards.

“Do not talk to the new Concubine Kroy!” Fi squeezed the young sexual toy.

Aereon too was madly pulling and crying out in desperate cries, the intense burst of energy had made its way to The Invigorator and their combined screams were amplified around the arena.

By this point in the proceedings, the Sultan was becoming extremely horny, he was excited to have two Space Rangers in his custody and both arranged in sexual devices so diabolical, so dangerous both feeding into his plans for the sector. He walked over to view the magnificent Dixon.

Dixon’s tanned skin and rippling musculature were a magnificent sight, his erothong formed a voluptuous mound of shining green, the light fabric bunched below his balls and tiny folds of nylon gathered as the garment clung to Dixon’s magnificent testicles and penis. The outline of Dixon’s penis was like a beckon, its erotic beauty captivating his captor’s desires and fantasies. He would become the most sought-after erotic toy in the Sultan’s concubine, rented out for exorbitant rates to any person willing to pay for such sexual mastery.

Dixon flicked his hair, he was pulling and twisting his beautiful body, his face straining looking at the Sultan who was approaching from centre stage.

“Welcome to The Syphon Dixon, this machine will syphon pleasure from your body slowly and competently, it will leave your mind in a spin as it tantalises your body for hours my delicious young beautiful Ranger. The Hive will not penetrate into my sector, and I half expected it was using you and your Ranger friends to infiltrate me, so don’t rely on its power Ranger Dixon!”

The Sultan moved around Dixon’s beautiful body, he surveyed his beauty from different angles and ended his little Ranger tour standing between Dixon’s stretched muscular legs, his hand gently caressing the soft green erothong bulge.

Dixon shuddered.

“Oh my, what was that?” Dixon’s head tilted to the side and his face radiated the pleasure that had caressed his bulge so elegantly.

“The Siphon has accessed your bulge Ranger; it is scanning every piece of your sexual organs and your delicious erothong. We will study this garment very closely Ranger, but first you will fill it with your DNA, your precum juices will saturate your Ranger bulge, so sexual my delicious young man. The Ranger life is sexual, is it not Dixon? So, you will be right at home when we begin to syphon your pleasure and your nectar!”

The device continued to scan Dixon’s bulge, he tingled and buzzed, the energy delving deep into his penis, into his scrotum, stimulating his juice production stores.

Dixon thrashed and wriggled, trying his bonds. “What? I am stretched out in front of thousands of spectators; you can’t pleasure my body here?”

“The galaxy needs to witness your demise and capture Ranger Dixon, not just these mere thousands of spectators!” The Sultan bent down and licked Dixon’s heaving abs, Dixon’s breathing was becoming deep and powerful, he was pulling defiantly, helplessly on his bonds.”

“Why? Why are you doing this, you, aghhhh, ngffff, evil man?” Dixon was becoming agitated, yet his erothong continued to deliver the beautiful whisps of pleasure, he could feel his testicles being infiltrated by a beautiful energy, it was becoming hyper erotic, and it contrasted the sounds of agony from Aereon and Kroy.

Fi looked across, “You have such a beautiful addition to your concubine Sultan, Ranger Dixon will feed your sexual needs for many years to come, but I think it is time we reveal your plans for Ord.”

“Yes, as usual your counsel is well founded my beloved Fi!” The Sultan kept exploring his new erotic toy, he surveyed Dixon’s green erothong with interest and lust.”

His body stretched and glistened in sweat, his green erothong bunched and bulged with delicate and tight folds of special soft nylon fabric designed to hug Dixon’s genitals and interface with his body and The Hive; his bulge displayed the beauty of his penis, and scrotum with elegance, the roundness of anatomy so perfect, so inviting! The Sultan traced the roundness and fullness of the sumptuous erotic pouch, his hand cupped and squeezed gently. The Sultan looked toward Dixon’s beautiful face, then toward Fi.

“He is perfect, his bulge will be my new delight, he will be serviced in my eternal pleasure temple, we have chosen well Fi!”

Dixon had to throw his head backward. The Sultan’s gentle and reverent touch of his loins made the sensation fizz and bubble inside his bulge, it somehow seemed to be combining with the erothong and distributing sumptuous sensation across its surface, tantalizing him.

Dixon erupted with a powerful moan from deep inside his diaphragm.


“You fiends!”

The Sultan withdrew his hand and checked the golden vessel below Dixon was in place.

“Yes, we are almost ready to begin!” He stepped off the platform.

“Raise the Ranger slightly!” commanded the Sultan, his arms outstretched taking in Dixon’s beauty and sexual presence.

The poles holding Dixon’s arms began to raise and Dixon was lifted several feet, tilting forward.

“Yes, that will be suffice. Now look below you Ranger Dixon. That vessel will soon begin to fill with your Ranger juice. The Syphon is preparing your testicles and priming your penis now, I hope you enjoy what it is performing on your delicious bulge, it is in for some exquisite attention very soon!”

Dixon looked down; the jewels incrusted around the vessel below him sparkled in the bright lights of the stage. He pulled on his bonds feverishly, but the Sultan’s systems were holding him secure. Dixon looked desperately around the huge auditorium, and then across to Kroy to his right. Kroy was arching his back in agony and Dixon could see the mighty red bulge of Aereon’s erothong, Aereon, likewise was screaming and turning in consuming agony.

Fi stopped, he disengaged his glowing fingers from Kroy’s loincloth thong.

Kroy had tears in his eyes, his beautiful face showed the relief immediately.

“Thank you, my master!” Kroy was panting in relief and exhaustion, he had been liberated from the torture for now, but his bulge was a mass of shooting pain that attacked him indiscriminately, slicing at his penis, piercing into his testicles shooting through his body and exploding. Kroy continued to writhe in his agony for a good while following Fi’s withdrawal, but it slowly subsided allowing the delicious concubine to calm down and become less tense with each passing minute.

Aereon too was panting, his face showing his agony and relief. He was still strong, but his bonds were much more powerful than he. He Looked across to Dixon.

“Dixi, oh my beautiful Dix…” Aereon was cut off.

“Silence!” Fi walked to the centre stage his arms outstretched.

The Sultan wishes to address the worlds of the Alliance of Cal. Especially the planet Ord.

Earlier on Intrepid3.

“I’m Dale, Doctor Dale.”

Blaze’s vision was blurry, he was not sure if it was an hallucination or a vison, he was lying on his back, his body blue and covered in sweat, a purple mist evacuated his lungs with each laboured breath. Blaze was in pain, every muscle in his body ached, he spasmed and coughed purple phlegm and his head pounded with each beat of his heart. He could not raise his head. But the warm face of the Doctor stirred him back into reality.

He tried to speak, but words were impossible at this advanced stage of the poison.

Where did he come from? So weak! Blaze thought to himself.

Doctor Dale was created with every human emotion and likeness, but his key compulsion was to care for his Rangers and his patients. Dale had a soft and caring bedside manner, and he had to work quickly and effectively if he were to save Ranger Blaze.

The Doctor was more than an artificial life form that could be conjured up from the H Drive systems of the Ship, he was part of the ship, he had been generated from the trio of pleasure signatures and Ranger juice extracted by Three when the Intrepid3’s systems were initiated with the juices of Blaze, Aereon and Dixon. Dr Dale was a part of the Ship and forged from each of the Ranger’s nectar and pleasure signatures. He knew each of his crew intimately and his integration with the Hive Drive and ultimately The Hive meant that he possessed a special nexus between the Ship, the Rangers and the Hive.

Doctor Dale was Blaze’s only hope.

Dale did his job expertly, he ensured Blaze was comfortable and was pleased that Dixon had the for-thought to get the patient to their sleeping quarters. He spread Blaze’s legs, he needed access to the erosuit bulge. He placed a ventilation system over Blaze’s mouth and nose, the system created a vacuum of air, and the device utilized a reservoir system to hold the exhaling gasses from Blaze’s respiratory system. That in place, Dale twisted Blaze’s body, lifting the erosuit from Blaze’s buttocks, pulling the stretchy fabric aside, he positioned the medical godemiche and slipped the device into Blaze’s hole. Blaze moaned and mumbled unintelligible words while Dale went about his work.

Dale replaced the erosuit across Blaze’s buttocks, he checked Blaze out as best he could, except for his blue colour, he was indeed a beautiful young man of intense beauty and Dale was proud to see one third of each of his creators, their essence, he had been formed from such a beautiful human and he expected the other Rangers were also magnificent young heroes too.

He wiped Blaze’s brow, running his fingers through Blaze’s tight sandy blond curls. “You are going to be ok Blaze, I know you can hear me, deep inside your fog, but hold on. I have inserted a medical diffuser into your body, and it will work in concert with what I am going to position next. Dale ran his fingers and hand over Blaze’s erothong bulge, the pale blue fabric showed his penis and balls beautifully and Dale scanned Blaze, he savoured the beaty of this man, he was eternally connected to his man and his restorative instincts fired up. “Let’s get this out of you Blaze!” Dale reached for his next device and set it several inches above the erosuit bulge peak. The device hovered and then scanned the fabric clinging to Blaze’s penis and scrotum, it was bathed in a bright green light, and it began to shoot beams of energy into Blaze’s bulging manhood.

“Relax Blaze, let the systems connect, the medi-vibe is sending power into your erosuit, and into your body, it is activating the synthetic antidote being pumped into your body by the godemiche diffuser. Lay still my beautiful boy, your body may convulse as the antidote reaches into your body.”

Blaze opened his eyes.

The sight of Dr Dale leaning over him, between his stretched legs was alarming at first, he went to lift his head, but Dale gently guided Blaze’s head back onto his pillow.

“Shh, Shh, Its ok Ranger, Shh. Lay back – don’t try and speak.”

“I’m Doctor Dale!” He introduced himself again in case Blaze had missed it the first time.

Dale reassured Blaze; he carefully cupped his cheeks, “…you are such a handsome young man!” Dale announced while he kept working.

“My systems are refreshing your body, you have been drugged with a unique toxin - Shh, shh, beautiful Blaze.”

Blaze looked down, through the clear device covering his mouth and nose.

“Now I am going to flush your body. Your penis will feel the energy, don’t be alarmed, your body will feel a surge from deep in your rectum, it will flush you!”

Dale looked into Blaze’s piercing eyes; he could see the fear erupting across Blaze’s face.

“Don’t speak Ranger Blaze, but I need you exhale as powerfully as you can, your body will exhume the toxin.”

Blaze felt the power, his arse was on fire his penis felt the power gripping him squeezing his cock and squeezing his balls, he pulled his head back and exhaled a mighty breath from deep within his diaphragm and the purple gas was sucked into Dale’s waiting container. Blaze could feel the suction, it was intense, but it need to take every millilitre of the evil toxin.

One more time Blaze.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Blaze moaned this time, he was pleased that he could get sound out of his body at last, his bulge felt like it was being gripped by a powerful force and he felt the magnificent energy emanating from the device inhabiting his anus.

Blaze convulsed and the clear glass of the respirator attached to his mouth and nose filled with the evil pink gas; it was sucked efficiently into the waiting container system.

Blaze coughed up pink Phlegm, while Dale kept wiping the Ranger’s brow.

“Now that about does it Blaze, your body is free of the toxin.”

Dale was smiling and enjoyed the look of relief on Blaze’s face.

“One last, treatment beautiful Blaze.”

Dale adjusted the controls on the hovering medi-vibe.

Blaze’s eye’s widened as the pleasure engulfed his bulge, he moaned and twisted his head, sweet restorative energy was surrounding his penis, his erothong erupted in delicious sensation causing Blaze to lift himself up on his arms.

Dale removed the respirator devices and Blaze stared at his beautiful bulge beneath the hovering medi-vibe, he was embarrassed, his suit showed a stain where his pre-cum had oozed earlier when his was playing with Dixon, before all this horror erupted in his body.

“That’s enough of that for now Ranger” Dale announced. He powered down the medi-vibe and packed the device back into his array of equipment. Dale then wiped Blaze’s forehead again and invited him to roll on his side.

“I need to remove the godemiche, I am happy to leave it inserted, it is a very enjoyable experience, isn’t it?”

Blaze smiled, “You can say that again, but it is distracting!” He pulled his erosuit across his buttocks and allowed Dale access to his beautiful hole.

Blaze’s next sound was deeply sexual, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Dale replaced the device inside his medical kit and Blaze lay, sitting up leaning on his shoulders, enjoying the afterglow of the device that remained buzzing in his rectum.

“Thanks Doc!”

“All in my duty Ranger!”

Dale looked at Blaze, “I must say, I’m impressed at how beautiful you are, your erosuit is spectacular, you are in some ways almost a parent for me. I am created from your nectar and your unique pleasure signature, and that of the other two Rangers, are they as beautiful as you?” Dale enquired.

“Aereon, Dixon!” Blaze shot up! He was standing next to the large bed his hands on his head, in deep thought, OMG where is Dixon? Aereon has gone to Cronos with Fi!”

Dale stood up, he was almost as tall as Blaze, his body not as muscled as his Ranger creators, he had a distinct swimmer’s build and a defined athletic body, he wore a tight white one-piece bodysuit, and the medical symbol was displayed on his shoulders, his elegant tight suit sported a yellow collar. He had been fashioned in human form; he looked every bit human although an integral part of the ship. Dale had short spiky blonde hair and boyish good looks.

“Dixon is not here Blaze; he has taken his pod to Cronos to retrieve Aereon. We are deep within the sector now; the ship is twenty thousand Kilometers from Cronos, we are currently cloaked.

Dale touched Blaze’s shoulder and they were instantly in the bridge.

Blaze bought up the view of Cronos on the huge display, the viewer blinked at the spot where Dixon and Aereon were, there were two distinct references on the screen and Dixon’s and Aereon’s names were displayed.

Aereon’s marker had a red graph next to his name.

“Hm,” Dale was looking slightly disturbed. “The Chart depicts Aereon’s life force, his erothong is sending repeating location beacons and these contain metadata of his life signs, emotions, and the like. By the look of this, he has been undergoing a length of torture.”

“What?” Blaze was beside himself with the news.

“He has successfully fought the pain, he is still well alive Blaze, but he must be released from this bombardment, or they will consume his life!”

“What of Ranger Dixon?” Blaze demanded.

“He is well and alive but is in a state of erotic tantalisation!”

The notation depicting Aereon disappeared.

“What has happened demanded Blaze?” Blaze engaged Inrepid3’s life force sensors desperately seeking his beautiful Aereon.

Aereon’s marker re-appeared and Intrepid3 announced his new location through its new mouthpiece, Dr Dale.

“Aereon is located on the Centrus Fissure - Planet Ord!” Dale’s facial expression indicated that he was accessing information.

Dale continued his report. “Yes confirmed, the Centrus Fissure is currently active, tectonic activity is peaking in one hour’s time. Local religious festivals on the planet have been suspended! It seems the planet has been engulfed in a wave of fear and distress. Please wait, I’m accessing further information.”

Blaze flew closer to the screen, he zoomed in to the Planet on the viewer and located the Centrus Fissure.

“It is huge! It almost reaches the circumference of the planet.” Blaze was accessing all the information he had on the phenomenon, he had so much information provided to him by Three’s initiation ceremony upload, and he remembered his Academy training on geo-planetary physics.

He noticed a huge disturbance, it was from Aereon’s exact location, but before he could react his concentration was averted to the view screen and the familiar face of Fi.

“What, you are alive? Well, no concern, our plans are well underway…”

Earlier in the Arena (Planet Cronos)

There was silence and the Sultan took to the front of the stage.

“Time to reveal my plan for Sector G!” he looked around the huge arena, Calinans were excited and riveted however the Ordinates in the crowd sat in silence, they were full of fear and dread. The guards were plentiful and snaked down each of the sets of stairs leading up into the reaches of the arena.

Aereon was quieter, but still moaned and cried out, the pain slowly subsiding without the intensity of his torture, but Dixon slowly turned in his bondage, the Syphon had nearly completed the scan of his erothong, and his body felt shards of pleasure shoot from his erothong down his legs and up through his torso. He had a perfect view of Aereon and the expansive audience, he could see the other concubine, fighting their bonds directly in front of the stage. It was very evident that the Sultan and Fi had engineered the occasion perfectly. The sheer beauty of their bound captives was a spectacle that they wanted to show the rest of the Sector.

“Time to put an end to the idea of peace in the region, I will stake my claim and I will enhance the instability until all the non-allied worlds agree to come under my rule. Ord will be an example to the sector!”

“Bring me the Chief Ordinate Minister!”

The soldier pushed the Chief Minister to the front of the stage. The frightened official stumbled and was made to kneel at the feet of the Sultan.

“Good, you know your place, stay there as I reveal my plan.” The Sultan did consider terminating the Chief Ordinate’s life on the stage there and then, it would have made great vision, but he decided a more fun death would be in order.

“Now listen carefully Chief Minister and do keep up!” The Sultan kicked the balding man in his side.

He motioned toward Aereon.

“Now this is your big moment Ranger!”

“What are you up to, you bastard?” Aereon was fighting his bonds as the Invigorator began to rise from its position, it lifted and tilted forward, it spun around facing Dixon. Aereon was still stretched helpless, he continued struggling. He was looking directly at Dixon directly over Dixon’s stretched body. Dixon too continued to twist, with divine sensation infesting his erothong pouch.

“Now You boys have a perfect view of each other, two erothongs, so sexual, so erotic, so tragic!” The Sultan looked at his two beautiful Rangers and then toward the audience and the camera’s, he knew all of Ord were watching, their Chief Minister kneeling at his feet; his empire was watching and expected his enemies were also watching. Knowing The Altusians had shown up in force to the Ranger function, The Sultan knew that they were scanning his activities.

“Well, you are all going to love this, big exclusive! Planet Ord will become a billion pieces of space junk in the next few hours.”

There was a hum in the arena, every Ordinate standing and screaming.

Kroy thrashed in his bonds, “Nooooooooooooooo!” He was helpless, he was outraged as was every Ordinate in the auditorium.

Dixon and Aereon, began to thrash powerfully in their bonds, Dixon had no way of joining his wrists to form his energy, Aereon too was helpless.

“What to do mean?” Aereon was screaming at the Sultan, spitting defiance with every word.

The Sultan walked over to Aereon, they were now at face level, The invigorator holding its captive competently floating just above the stage floor.

“You Aereon will be the bomb!” He turned to look over his shoulder while he described the next part of his plan, “Dixon will be the detonator, well his sweet, how do you say it Aereon?” The Sultan paused for effect. “His sweet Dixi juice will cause the bomb to detonate.”

“What!” Dixon struggled with all his might.


“But you cannot resist the Syphon Dixon, it will be an amazing and beautiful experience for you! I cannot wait to see the pleasure erupt in your body, and then the anguish in your eyes as you try to resist its power. You see, the golden vessel down below your stretched legs will capture all your Ranger juice and as it fills and becomes heavier, it will eventually be heavy enough to set off the detonator! Are you with me so far Rangers?”

“You fiend! But what bomb?” Dixon spat at the Sultan, writhing, vainly attempting to regain his freedom.

“This one!” The Sultan motioned for Fi to bring the evil looking black ball, it had small black tentacles that were twisting slowly from its body.

“It is going to just enjoy exploring Ranger Aereon’s arse.”

He walked over to Aereon and waved the evil black device in front of the Ranger. Aereon glared at it and then toward the Sultan.

“It is a cave dweller by nature, and it will just love your beautiful and warm body my delicious Aereon. Its tentacles will bury themselves into the walls of your boy pussy, it will not be comfortable, in fact the last hours of your life will not be comfortable. Just like your beloved Blaze, he suffered in agony, and well, he will be dead by now! Sad!” The Sultan projected a comical sad face.

Aereon spat in the Sultan’s face. “You MONSTER!”

“I think you’re going to love the way it burrows!” The Sultan was standing directly in front of Aereon holding the evil device and he brushed it across the expanse of Aereon’s soaked erothong. Its tentacles latched onto the fabric.

“Oh, look Aereon, look Dixon, it has attached itself without any coaxing, do you blame it though?” He looked toward Aereon who was looking down toward his erothong with fear. “…your beautiful bulging manhood is just so alluring, pity, but I need you to rid myself of Ord, you would be a very special toy, but I always find a silver lining, I have the handsome and sexy Dixon to enjoy from now on, He will remember you and Ranger Blaze with every mind-blowing orgasm he enjoys.”

Aereon, pulled feverishly on his bonds, looking toward Dixon, his anger was rising. Dixon too, thrashed and twisted, he could feel the delicious and growing spasms of pleasure erupting inside his bulge. But his attention was on the evil bomb device, which was now making its way between Aereon’s legs, hanging on to the nylon of the erothong and beginning to burrow between Aereon’s lower buttocks.

“Clench your arse Aer!” cried Dixon desperately, his face screwing up, and using all his strength to try and break his bonds.

“No, No, No, No!” Aereon tried his best to inhibit the device’s activity; he did as Dixon suggested.

But the device continued its trajectory to Aereon’s boy hole.

Aereon threw his head around in anger, he could feel it’s advance, the way it clung to the smooth skin of his beautiful buns, and then he screamed, the machine’s diabolical properties allowed it to pass through the elasticised nylon of Aereon’s erothong, it was as if the tight piece of the erotic garment did not exist; it had found the warmth of his body, it had found his external sphincter and it was entering his body in a determined and forceful way.

Aereon screamed, his head facing upward, and his scream was beamed around the auditorium and throughout the many worlds held under the strong grip of the Sultan. The broadcast reached into the entire sector and the Sultan revelled in the moment knowing his enemies were watching.

Aereon cried out, he looked over to Dixon, Dixon was horrified and helpless, he was arching his back straining with all his might to break the bonds holding him from saving his beautiful Aereon. Flashbacks of their fun together, Aereon’s beautiful body, Dixon so loved to bury his penis in, the time at the pool when they flirted with each other at the Academy, all flooded his mind.

Tears began to flow down Dixon’s cheeks, “No! Don’t do this please!” he pleaded and pleaded watching his beautiful boy writhe in agony.

The diabolical machine burrowing and growing inside Aereon causing Aereon’s face to become flushed, his chest, his straining muscles twitching and trembling as the machine set its dreaded roots into the walls of his rectum.

The Sultan and Fi then approached Dixon. Fi stood to one side and his fingers were once again glowing and sparkling. Dixon was held in the four-post machine like the concubine Kroy who was also stretched out on the stage, still reeling from his torture session. The poles holding Dixon’s arms stretched above his head had risen forcing the Ranger to be restrained at a seventy-degree angle, he was almost upright, but tilted backward in a spectacle of erotic bondage, his green erothong bulged magnificently, erotically and his twisting body made the delicious scene even more delectable.

“Beautiful, I like your choice Fi!” The Sultan played with the curl of hair cascading in front of Dixon’s face just covering his green mask. “He is so beautiful, and he will fulfil my every sexual desire so well! Won’t you Ranger?”

“Aghhhh, you monsters!” Dixon’s look of defiance and hatred sliced the air, he looked at his captors with disdain and with a rising temper. He was unable to use his newly found powers and he was helpless, he could feel his penis buzzing, his erothong pouch was filling with a delicious form of pleasure, he could feel it flowing around his bulge, it flowed between his buttocks tantalising his taint and flowing up into his boy hole, it followed the green nylon out and across his hips, it was a circuit of inescapable pleasure sensation, and it was rising, engulfing his sexy garment.

Dixon pushed his pelvis upward, and slowly thrusted his loins in a sexual display so beautiful and tender, he clenched his teeth trying to deal with the sensation.

“The pleasure is to your fancy Ranger Dixon?” The Sultan asked, he was playing with Dixon’s cute green mask. Someone as beautiful and erotic as you my dear ranger deserves only the absolute best of what I can offer. This will be a nice start for you and by the way, your defeat into the depths of sexual bliss is being shared with my friends and enemies alike, we are ‘LIVE’. Action!”

“Ngffffff!” Dixon tried to avert his gaze as a shard of pleasure invaded his penis.

Fi then fondled Dixon’s nipples with his glowing fingers.

Ripples of delight shot down his body, over the delicious bumps of Dixon’s heaving abs and into the thong. Dixon twisted his body and screamed as the delight exploded across his bulging mass of green nylon.

“Ohhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“These delights await you boy, as you become the new head concubine, a life of sexual servitude awaits you, but first we must delight your spectacular body, in this very public way so the galaxy can watch how your special nectar production will be used to detonate Aereon into millions of Ranger fragments, setting off an Ordinate tectonic reaction that will destroy the planet within minutes of the explosion.” Fi was determined and forceful. He played with Dixon’s nipples one more time just for the delight of watching Dixon’s face screw up in enjoyment with his body thrusting so slowly and evocatively.

“Your juices will flow soon Ranger and ooze into the vessel between your legs, fill it up boy, you won’t be able to resist, you cannot stop it!” Fi caressed Dixon’s bulge, he could not fit the entire package into his palm, but he moved his hand to feel to warmth and roundness of Dixon’s bulge.

“Exceptional and exquisite, you are such an erotic man to fondle! This bulge, so beautiful, so drool worthy, it will be drooling your pre-cum Ranger Dixon, very, very soon. You will be forbidden to orgasm, that is a very private function you will perform for your masters when we desire. Today, you will be pleasured, and edged in a display of sexual servitude as your body excretes your nectar filling the vessel.”

“Ngffffffff!” Dixon flicked his fair, he needed to glare at Fi.


The Sultan moved away from the delicious sexual scene unfolding on his stage, he left Dixon in the capable hands of Fi and enjoyed the growing sounds of delight, erupting behind him, he had returned to centre stage, Dixon, writhing and moaning behind him along with Aereon, writhing desperately trying to dislodge the diabolical black bomb that had taken residence deep in his rectum.

“We must say farewell to Ranger Aereon soon!” The Sultan looked back behind him over his right shoulder, he will be transported to Ord to the most fractious position on the Centrus Fissure. He and the Chief Ordinate Minister.

They bound the trembling Chief Minister’s arms and locked the restraints onto the side of The Invigorator to which Aereon was stretched inside.

“You see Aereon, we will be pleasuring Dixon so well, I know you love him, and he loves you and I know his pleasure will be so sacred for you, you see every pulse of power he enjoys will instantly connect with The Invigorator, it will send a shard of pain into your delicious red erothong, and this will in-turn stimulate the bomb to release its explosive toxins into your body. You see Dixon will be pumping you with pain and filling your exceptionally beautiful body with explosive.”

Shall we give it a try? Just to see that everything is working to plan, I think that will be a great idea. Fi, if you don’t mind, please play the bulge of Dixon just a little note or two.” His evil smile covered his face.

Fi had not really left Dixon, he was enamoured with the beautiful young Ranger, he lifted his right hand and showed Dixon the different colours glowing on each finger, they seemed to sparkle like precious jewels.

“They sparkle when I revert my power to pleasure mode Dixon, you will become very used to that spectacle, I intend to enjoy your tight muscular body regularly!”

“Ughhhh, Dixon twisted in the bonds, delicious sensation was already infiltrating his erothong and his penis already felt as if it was buzzing and glowing with beautiful delight. Fi used his index finger to trace across the top of Dixon’s mound. Dixon trembled and arched his back, he turned his body and moaned deeply, a mighty sexual utterance boomed around the auditorium.

“Aggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyy”

Dixon felt the entire thong bulge erupt exquisitely, indiscriminately the pleasure engulfed his body and his soul, it felt as if it were reaching into his body stimulating him powerfully, it was a distinct burst, and he took a minute to recoil from the delicious after glow that lingered in his bulge.

Dixon had flung his head backward in the short sharp superb explosion, but in the instant of beauty he felt in his loins, he heard Aereon’s scream.

As the Sultan had promised, the burst of pleasure caused the invigorator to provide a short and sharp eruption of agonising power to attack Aereon’s beautiful red bulging erothong. Aereon screamed. The outburst stimulated the diabolical anal probe to buzz erratically inside Aereon and Aereon’s second scream made the Sultan smile.

“The device has made its first deposit of explosive into Aereon’s body! We are all systems go! Ha ha ha ha.”

Aereon was thrashing madly, looking down to the Ordinate leader pulling desperately on his bonds “No, stop this madness, your sector needs peace, this will destabilise the whole system, No!”

“Exactly! And I just could not wish for two more beautiful space heroes to be the catalyst for such and explosive event such as this. Now do not fret, I know how much you love your ‘Dixi’ toy boy, he will be well looked after. He will become our chief concubine, a sexual servant so beautiful, so divine, I will be envy of many a ruler, er should I say tyrant ha ha ha ha ha! The Hive is not all THAT powerful after all.”

“Now Ord is in a bit of a flap, no real time to organise evacuations and I have ships ready to destroy any escape attempts, there is, shall we say panic in both hemispheres of the planet. So, I have equipped your Invigorator device with a force field to protect you just in case they try to free you and eject you into space to explode.” The Sultan looked toward the audience smiling, don’t try anything stupid Ordinates, you must accept your fate!” His face was being broadcast to planet and the sector.

“Begin the transfer!”

Aereon thrashed and twisted crying out “No, Noooooooooo!”

But he started to become fuzzy, the Invigorator and the Ordinate Chief Minister were disappearing into thin air before Dixon’s eyes.

Dixon was still reeling from the pleasure pulse, he screamed as the last pieces of matter disappeared into nothing. Aereon was gone!

“Noooooooooooooo!” Dixon was crying, he was helpless, and he writhed in sumptuous pleasure glaring at Fi who was poised with his sparkling fingers.

“Your Ranger Blaze is dead, you are torturing Ranger Aereon and your pre-jiz juices will eventually fill the vessel and set off the detonator that will explode Ranger Aereon along with that repulsive, recalcitrant planet into oblivion. You will be the only Ranger left Dixon and you will live life in sexual servitude, before being tortured to death, when you have passed your sexual prime!”

Dixon screamed and fought his bonds valiantly, No, you are monsters, you are scum, I will do my best to resist you and your pleasure systems!”

“You cannot resist Ranger, my powers are well developed, unlike your own. Our systems are powerful, my will is powerful and although Aereon is millions of Kilometers away, your bursts of pleasure will reach him, look onto the screen, he has appeared at the co-ordinates. You will witness his screams with every pump of pleasure that syphons your delicious Ranger juice onto your erothong bulge, oozing into the vessel between your delicious spread legs.”

Fi set the controls on the Syphon. He caressed Dixon’s bulge carefully and with determination. Dixon screamed in delight and the screen showed Aereon twisting in pain on Ord.

“Ha Ha Ha Ranger Dixon, every minute your body will feel a new delicious explosion germinate deep in your bulge, deep in your testicles as it draws your juices ounce by ounce, the pleasure will be indescribable and as the juice seeps up through your penis, you will cry out in sexual abandon, the pleasure will be sumptuous! Every minute you will be pumped and syphoned your green mound will be glistening soon, and your juices will ooze and drop from your man bulge, filling Aereon’s vessel of death. I, of course will help you along with my hand of delights!” He taunted Dixon with his sparkling fingers.

Dixon spat in Fi’s face.

Fi responded by gripping Dixon’s bulge.

Dixon screamed, the pleasure was in layers, powerful flows pumped his penis, gripping his testicles, it shot though his buttocks and he threw his head around in desperation finally looking down at his screaming bulge, The outburst had shocked his system and his wet spot had a huge bubble of Dixi Juice creating a warm, translucent and glistening and bulbous bubble of pre-cum, his erothong becoming saturated.

“No, no please I beg you, stop this, I can’t be responsible, must use my strength to resist the pleasure systems.” Dixon was desperate, his erothong was wet and filling with the warmth of his pre-cum.

The Syphon produced its first germinating pleasure sensation, Dixon tried to fight it, supress the beauty of the pleasure wrapping his erothong, erupting deep inside his penis, but he was not able to stop it. It had a life of its own sucking his sexual juices, like the machine’s namesake it was slowly syphoning him - growing, building and pleasuring him. It finally bubbled on the tip of his erothong bulge. Dixon’s moan filled the auditorium.

Ordinates were trying to stand, trying to leave, but the Sultan’s guards used multi-directional and targeted beams of energy from the spear tips, killing any threat that started to move, they were soon quietened down, forced to watch the erotic scene unfolding on the stage and the many screens around the arena either showing Dixon’s erotic demise or Aereon’s desperate attempts to struggle free on Ord.

Stay Tuned - Space Rangers explode again soon…

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