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Space Rangers
Part 2 - Intrepid3
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers


Ranger Force explodes into action.

This way gentlemen, the usher was insistent and polite as he pointed for the three new heroes to make their way to the Academy’s grand ballroom, they were ushered into an ante room away from the noisy crowd mingling and enjoying some final time before the Space Cadets were to be released into the waiting vastness of space. Emissaries of The Hive, the Cadets would soon be allotted specific sectors and boundaries to patrol and serve. They spent some time with family and friends enjoying their success, and the room was filled with proud parents and siblings and beautiful young men wrapped in their tight red Space Cadet suits and wearing their official Yellow Cadet sashes that draped from the left shoulder across their chest and abs and bending at their right hip before joining back up on the rear of the left shoulder. The room was regal, and the array of newly sashed Space Cadets filled it with importance and honour.

At the centre of the room a circular pounding lightshow hummed along, The Hive was centre stage and a potent reminder of the duty and honour the latest Space Cadet graduates were embarking on.

Blaze stood and looked at his two friends with a huge smile. They looked spectacular in their erosuits and they could feel the presence of The Hive pumping through their systems. They enjoyed the privacy of their ante room for a brief moment.

“Boys, you look so hot!” were Blaze’s first words as the usher closed the door to provide them with some welcome privacy. They had been popular with the media and other officials following their graduation ‘reveal’ and they were still reeling from the rollercoaster of emotions that preceded and followed the erosuit unveiling.

“We are Rangers, OMG I’m a Space Ranger!” Dixon’s smile was erupting on his face.

Aereon smiled too, his hands caressed Dixon’s cute tight buns and the beautiful green suit caressing his buttocks. “You are so amazing Dixi, you look gorgeous in that cute little mask! You will just knock them dead with your smouldering good looks, my sexy nerdy boy!”

“Come here!” Aereon had his arms outstretched to his two new super buddies and the fab three stood embracing, holding each other, and gripping each other’s shoulders as they stood taking in the moment, the three faced inward, looking into each other’s eyes, they felt the strong bond, they felt love, they felt sexy and most of all they felt the power of The Hive flowing through their bodies.

Aereon cupped the back of Blaze and Dixon’s heads as he playfully moved their three heads closer together.

“I think I’m falling for you two!” He was straight out with it, and although he could hide behind his cute Space Ranger mask, he could not hide the tear forming and starting to run down the side of his cheek. Aereon’s eyes darted between Blaze and Dixon’s eyes and his grip on the back of his two special mates tightened as his voice became serious and started to crack.

“I have really cherished our friendship boys, you’re more than sexy playmates and I think The Hive has been making sure of that, it has drawn us together from different space bases and prodded us through the Academy and we have a special bond and a shared pleasure, you are the best! And I will do anything for you!” Aereon looked at Dixon. He too was starting to well up and they both looked at Blaze who also overtaken with emotion. They joined arms and pulled each other in close and strong, three Space Rangers in a bond of love and duty embraced, they cried and laughed. They kissed for what felt like hours before their hands made their way to enjoy six exquisitely formed buns of steel wrapped in light nylon like fabric of their erosuits.

Dixon broke their embrace first, he stood back, his hands on his powerful hips and with his legs apart and a quick wipe of his cheek, his eyes held their attention.

“I love you boys! I will do anything for you, we have been established and blessed by The Hive - we are one and I am excited! Go Ranger Force!” He pumped his right hand into the air.

Blaze mirrored Dixon’s stance “Yes, I give you boy’s my love and devotion we will serve The Hive as one just as Dixi has said.

Aereon was still a mass of emotion but pulled himself together. “I love you boys so much; we are Space Rangers, we are one. I will give my life for either of you!”

They hugged and embraced before reigning in their emotions. Aereon looked at his two partners who stood behind him at the door suppression module, they adjusted their cocks inside their erosuits, making sure they looked the part, their bulging man-hoods sat proudly inside the sexy suits, their beautiful bodies shimmered inside the warmth of the almost invisible envirowrap systems powered by their erosuits, their handsome faces enhanced by their sexy masks. They initialised their formal collar array which would be used in formal and ceremonial duties and the simple yellow collar appeared around their necks, it looked regal and official and as the door suppression opened they stood out onto a small balcony. They each stood with their arms clinched behind their backs, their legs slightly apart, three Space Rangers presented themselves to the huge throng of people. They stood, Blaze to the left, Aereon in the centre and Dixon to the right. They felt the eyes of many take in their beauty and as the applause started to lower they made their way to the waiting crowd. Dixon’s parents were waiting for him. His father stood tall and proud, his sister was beside herself and his mother stood with open arms. Dixon kissed her and hugged his father and they stood staring at each other for what felt like eons, they had not seen their son for several years except on calls and he had grown and developed into a beautiful and stunning young man! A hero of The Hive.

Aereon and his mother stood talking and Aereon somehow was able to control his emotions. His proud mother looked at her son, she was fulfilled and overjoyed at his success and they stood talking and laughing.

Blaze was also talking wildly with his family, he playfully danced around his little brother pretending to spar and throw air punches. His father was the proudest man alive, and the thought of his son being chosen to serve The Hive as a Space Ranger was giving him celebrity status back on their Space Base, his communicator had not stopped since Blaze’s reveal was broadcast around the galaxy.

New friendships were forged that night following the graduation, their families were now joined in an extended bond, their sons were heroes of The Hive!

Space Cadets mingled and Dixon could not believe the number of people that suddenly wanted to talk with him. He spent a good part of the function trying to keep his eyes off the delicious tight buns of the new Space Cadets, they too looked super sexy in the tight red uniforms. One of The Hive Five Elders approached Dixon and asked him to accompany him to the loudly pounding Hival life-force pulsing in the centre of the huge open grand room. This huge heaving mass of fast-moving light acknowledge the Elder and Dixon as they approached it, it changed colour and the light bulged out for the Elder to touch it. Flashes of green sparked around the Elder’s hand as the Hival lifeforce and the Elder’s hand connected.

“Go ahead Dixon, The Hive wishes to greet you!” The Elder smiled as he withdrew his hand from the heaving mass of energy.

Dixon extended his hand, he was gloved and cloaked inside his envirowrap barrier, but he felt the beauty of the lifeforce as if his hand were naked, he felt the power of The Hive as it shot up his arm and inside his head, Dixon could hear the beautiful voice of The Hive as it addressed him.

You are pleasing Ranger Dixon. You have developed into a majestic young man worthy of our attention. Dixon, you Blaze and Aereon are more than friends, I have decreed your love, your connection and I will serve you as much as you three serve me. Your pleasure fills your body with Hival power, you will feel me as I energise you and your magnificent Ranger lovers. Serve me Dixon and your fame will fill the galaxy.

The Elder must oversee the diaspora of my faithful Space Cadets, please greet them, and send them off, you will act as my ambassador, do this with the Elder. Aereon and Blaze will also be part of the Space Cadet diaspora, your first duties as Hival Space Rangers will allow these Space cadets to disperse with energy and power as you shake their hands you will transmit mighty power to their bodies.

Dixon withdrew his hand and took a deep breath as he looked at the Hival Elder.

“It takes some getting used to, that voice booming in the depths of your brain!” The Hival Elder smiled.

Dixon noticed Aereon a little way off, he was looking at his hand inquisitively, Aereon had just withdrew his arm from The Hive Lifeforce too, and another Hival Elder was quietly instructing him about his first real connection into the lifeforce.

Blaze came around and embraced Dixon’s shoulders, “Wow I’ve…” Dixon finished his sentence for him, “…heard The Hive and embraced it?”

“Yeah!” Blaze’s smile was erupting on his face and infectious.

“Yeah me too!” Dixon kissed Blaze, “It spoke to me too, it has blessed our union and brought us together, it fills us with its power, it loves our special union.”

The Hival Lifeforce circumference was large and situated around it were special Space Cadet Foot pads, it was large enough to accommodate 200 Space Cadets around its circumference and as the post-graduation ceremony concluded and Space Cadets gave final farewells to family and friends and excitedly stood on their allotted pads around the lifeforce.

Three Hival Elders each accompanied by one of the Space Rangers were divided to send off their allotted Space Cadets. The Hival Elder hugged each Cadet and spoke of their bravery and honour and as they offered their parting words. After the Elder had finished, Blaze, Aereon or Dixon shook the Space Cadet’s hand releasing a rush of Hival energy that infested the Space Cadet’s beautiful bulging manhood, and with that The Hival Elder spoke the co-ordinates of space that the Space Cadet would patrol and then invoked the Hival Departure sequence. The Space Cadet disappeared in a flash of dazzling light and found themselves at the controls of their Cadetcraft. It was instantaneous and a spectacular exit into a career of adventure.

Cadetcrafts could be seen gliding away from the Academy Space Station, these brave young men were leaving the safety of the huge space station and entering the darkness of space to new adventures to patrol and to become an integral part of the sector for which they were assigned. Hundreds or worlds, billions of creatures of different species living in these sectors will soon be aware of their new Space Cadet presence; their link with the Hive.

It took about two hours to completely disperse the Space Cadets and as the horde of visitors dispersed, Aereon, Blaze and Dixon became more and more excited. They had at least another day before they too would be despatched as heroes of The Hive. They farewelled their families who were on special transport shuttles and the fab three stood in the departure hall speaking to The Hival Elders, all five of The Five were there to thank them for their service and to encourage them. Blaze, Aereon and Dixon were powerful new heroes and to many respects unaware of their capabilities, The Five were on hand to guide, encourage and help the three to adapt to their new roles, their erosuits and all the power these garments could provide them in their future adventures.

Although The Five were named as Hival Elders, they were tall men, and even though hundreds of space years old, they looked to be in their early thirties. They wore tight white suits that covered their tall slender bodies, and their bodies radiated a unique energy field. Their white, long hair made them difficult to tell them apart, as if they had been born quintuplets, however they had been summoned and nurtured by The Hive, just as Aereon, Blaze and Dixon had been, from different parts of the galaxy and had been specially chosen as vessels formed in and by The Hive. Their only form difference or individuality were their eye colours. Bright crimson, red, green, yellow, and blue. Their eyes conveyed their power and authority and conveyed a sexual mystique that represented the authority and power of The Hive.

Blaze felt their powerful presence as they walked the long hallway that led away from the departure halls and they were entering new territory, a part of the space station that trainees are not permitted. The Elders spoke in calm deliberate ways encouraging the new heroes to build their strong bond, giving them glimpses into their long lives in The Hive and how five individuals, had become a single living entity yet remained individual. Blaze’s mind was filling with information as they walked and spoke with these amazing creatures, he looked toward Dixon and enjoyed the look on Dixon’s face, he too was experiencing the flood of knowledge and energy filling his mind. Blaze looked across to Aereon, he was in another world too, his face alight and full of wonder.

They reached a juncture in the long hallway and stood alongside a huge suppression door, it buzzed and hummed with Hival energy. The colours of The Five’s eyes pulsed around the door suppression field and each of The Five stood in a semi-circle around the suppression door with Aereon, Blaze and Dixon standing between them and the door. The energy field projecting from The Five was like a field of humid air, it enveloped the three Space Rangers and although their bodies were enjoying the wonders of the envirowrap field, projecting from their new erosuits, they felt the warm and moist air, they felt it in their erosuits the most, it was almost fondling them and Blaze could feel his body warming, their energy was delicious and as he glanced down, he noticed the tip of his bulge sported a small but present wet spot. Dixon too, Aereon was squirming slightly, he too sported a moist spot and was battling to keep his penis in check. The excitement was palpable warm and moist!

“We have something to show you boys!” The Elder with the royal crimson eyes announced.

The Elder with blue eye’s looked excited, “And we think you will love it, only the best for Space Rangers!” he continued the sentence as if he had been speaking all along.

“Space Ranger Blaze, Space Ranger Dixon, Space Ranger Aereon” The Elder with the yellow eyes continued the sentence seamlessly, “…we will leave you here.”

“Open” commended the Elder, “…only Three shall accompany you form here, there is much to show you, we will leave you three here and return to our Hival functions, Three shall undertake the orientation and initialisation procedure. We offer you our best wishes as you proceed forth to serve the galaxy, mighty heroes of The Hive.”

The suppression field had disappeared behind them, and the large doorway opened into a vast hanger space. Intrepid3 sat behind them as they bid their farewells to four of The Five Elders, only the Elder with the red eyes, ‘Three’ remained as the other four departed back the way the group had come, their white bodies disappearing into the brightness of the long corridor as they glided back floating down the passageway.

Aereon, Dixon and Blaze remained with their backs still toward the open suppression way and they felt the sexual energy swirling inside their bodies, the sensation was discrete but obvious, Dixon felt excitement, his body was alive and hot.

“Gentlemen,” Three smiled as he directed them “…please make your way to dock three please” He was kind and authoritative at the same time.

Aereon turned first, the sight was breathtaking, and he gasped as the splendour of his new ship gripped his eyes.

“Boys!” Aereon smiled at Blaze and Dixon as he forcefully pushed their shoulders to face the wide, open suppression way.

“Blaze was gobsmacked, and Dixon grabbed his two partners, he was in the middle of the three and pulled them into his body, although they were wearing their envirowraps, he could feel the warmth of their flesh, their shoulder muscles, their lats as the three suddenly embraced in a three-way hug.

Blaze had a tear in his eye as he looked at his two beautiful hero partners. “Oh, wow boys!” Their hold on each other was tight and powerful, their new strength pulsed inside their veins, their erosuits caressing their loins in delicious whisps of energy.

They broke their hug in a fit of excitement as they stood arms in the air and gazed at the hanger and its magnificent occupant.

“She is named Intrepid3!” Three announced proudly “…and has been under construction for several months. She is yours!”

Intrepid3 stood on three landing legs, each with a huge letter on the side, ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘D’ to represent each of the Space Rangers. Whisps of white gas exited from several vents on the underneath of the huge saucer.

“She is nebula class and the Hive’s only Ranger Craft other than one other, but smaller Rangercraft in service now, for 30 space years.” Three continued as he motioned for Blaze, Dixon and Aereon to move toward the saucer. “Three decks appointed with the latest control systems and facilities available to you and your guests. It can accommodate up to 30 individuals, depending on their size and form, should you need, whether you are escorting trade or diplomatic emissaries or undertaking a rescue operation, Intrepid3 will provide safety and comfort for your guests.”

Dixon looked up as he heard a rush of gas above his head way up on the underside of the saucer. They were below the Rangercraft and heading toward the landing strut with the letter ‘A’, Dixon looked up at the outer hull of the saucer and while it was shiny and dark grey like in colour he could tell that the construction was seamless.

“Nicely observed Dixon!” Three had understood Dixon’s thoughts with ease, “Intrepid3 is constructed from a single sheet of Galathiaan precious composite steel. It is protected and contained inside a control field and will guide you through space and planetary atmospheric entry and exit with ease. It is fully cloak-able and discrete. It can withstand interstellar radiation and could enter the radiation field of any sun in the universe. She is powered by her H Drive which not only propels her at interstellar speeds but maintains the hull and its control field. You will be protected by this beautiful craft for many years to come.”

“Shall we look inside gentlemen?” Three’s question was almost rhetorical as he looked at the wonder on the face of Blaze, Dixon and Aereon. “You can climb the stairs on each of the landing struts to the lower deck or utilise the atomiser array. As they approached the central underside glowing bulge on the Saucer Three announced “onboard four!”

They were immediately inside on Deck H; their feet were sinking into the cool plush floor covering; their envirowraps allowing them to feel the texture of the plush floor. They stood in the middle of a large ‘H’ in the large round carpeted floor.

“Deck H!” Three smiled as he enjoyed the wonder on the faces of the three beautiful heroes turning quickly and surveying their ship for the first time and somehow unfazed how they were instantly inside the craft.

“This is the lower deck!” Three maintained his tour-guide voice.

“You won’t need your envriowraps inside Intrepid3. Just cup your erosuit bulge with your right hand and think the word release. Your erosuit is attached to you and is now an integral part of your body.

Dixon felt his bulge, it was still moist, and he enjoyed the way his manhood filled his palm, whisps of pleasure buzzed at the base of his bulge and his hand caused the energy to caress his frenulum it was a pleasing sensation, and he noticed the look in Aereon’s eyes as he felt the dual sensation on his penis and the way his invisible enrvirowrap dissipated.

Blaze purred “Mmmm, I could get used to that!” as his eyes took in the beauty of Dixon and Aereon as they enjoyed the sensation too. “You boys look so cute with that look on your faces!”

They felt the cool air hit their muscles and the feeling of the envirowrap foot protectors was gone, they felt the plush flooring even more so, it was luxurious.

“Your erosuits are capable of many things Rangers,” Three smiled at the three heroes, “…They connect your bodies together and to The Hive. I will explain this further once we have commenced initiation sequence!” Three continued his smile and said “Bridge!”

Blaze looked around and noticed Dixon, Aereon and Three were in the same positions, with the same looks on their faces, their transport within the ship was instantaneous. He felt the coolness of the floor, they had arrived in the centre of the bridge and were facing a long, elongated viewing field which provided a huge panoramic view outside of the saucer and out the Academy Station’s hanger door to the vastness of space.

“Viewing mode is the default” Three looked at the heroes one by one, “Your commend centre gentlemen, you have been instructed in the dynamics of space flight and interstellar transport and Intrepid3 is fitted with the finest control systems!” Three was calm and collected as he looked at Blaze’s bewildered face. “You don’t need to fear Blaze, we will initiate the ship and you, Aereon and Dixon will be uploaded with all the information on the ship, once initiation has been completed you will be familiar with every control feature. The Hive will supply your body through your pleasure interface; your erosuit.

The look on Aereon’s face was priceless, he looked at his bulging manhood, the beauty of the erosuit caressing his body was beautiful, it was more than an erotic garment it was becoming a sexual interface with the ship.

“Yes look on your manly beauty gentlemen, it is your strength and power, you will learn and develop your understanding of the power of the erosuit as it interfaces with the Hival Power we have instilled in your bodies. I will explain soon when we have commenced the initiation ceremony.” Three looked at each of the new Rangers, their inquisitive and excited faces communicated their awe and amazement of being inside their sparkling new Space Ranger Saucer.

They looked at each other with amazement, they were beautiful heroes and Blaze looked at his buddies, Aereon was dashing in his beautiful light blue erosuit, its cut and fabric caressed his delicious body perfectly, it covered his buns of steel and the sexy mask made him look irresistible. Dixon was magnificent in his green sexy nylon-like suit, his bulge, his buns, the cute single white strip on his hip, the way his hair draped over his mask made him look spectacular. Blaze only hoped he looked as erotic as his two mates looked to him, and as he looked back toward the smiling Elder, he cupped his buttocks, enjoying the feeling of the amazing erosuit he had been appointed to wear.

“Yes gentlemen, we will explore your new erosuits soon, you find yourselves irresistible and a powerful attraction to each other on many levels!” His red eyes took in the beauty of the new heroes, “…enjoy the blessings of The Hive, Space Rangers.” Three’s smile was raging, his red eyes glowing.

“Let’s look at deck B!” Three was insistent.

Blaze nearly jumped out of his skin, “But we haven’t had any instruction on this amazing bridge!” His incredulous look was infectious with Aereon and Dixon reflecting the same look to Three.

“Yeah man, I wouldn’t know where to start, is there a manual we can read?” He could not resist the joke knowing that the whole craft was automated.

Three continued smiling. “Gentlemen, such devoted scholars and seekers of information, I would expect nothing less from any of your inquisitive minds, but as I mentioned earlier, The Hive will fill your minds in the initiation sequence, shall we say ceremony and I will update you on many things as our lesson progresses once we reach Deck H!”

Three composed his himself and looked at his three beautiful, excited heroes. “Deck B!”

It was instantaneous. They were on Deck B!

Dixon put his hands behind his head and smiled at Three and then looked at Aeron and Blaze “W O W!”

“Impressive!” Blaze jumped up and down, “Can’t wait to try that trick.”

Three ignored them and continued his tour. He showed them the living quarters, food and drink initialisers; the Ranger craft could reproduce millions of recipes from across the galaxy and would build its catalogue with every Star Base or Planet Base they visited on their adventures. The Automatic medical clinic could be activated on call and as required; Three explained to them that he did not expect complications given their Hival power, but if they were called to rescue life forms, the vast array of medical and physiological libraries and procedures on-board would be a lifesaving feature in future missions.

Accommodation for up to 30 lifeforms was customisable to each situation and they were provided priority docking at every Hival port should the need arise.

“Deck H!” Three commanded, once he had concluded his tour of Deck B.

Almost before he could finish the word Deck, they were on Deck H!

It was Aereon’s turn, “DAMN that’s fun!” Aereon was rubbing his hands over his chest and abs, making sure he was in one piece and looking up toward his laughing buddies.

“You’re just too cute!” Dixon pushed Aereon playfully and the two looked at each other with sex on their minds.

Three could tell the boys were excited, but chose to begin his tour of Deck H. “Of course, H is for Hive, I’m sure your superfast minds are all over that!” Three smiled at his tour group. He showed them the H Drive and explained its perpetual and multi-capacity to propel the Saucer at blistering sub-space and hyperspace-speeds as well as space bridging and other warping technologies. Three also explained the H Drive’s ability to protect the hull with a perpetual containment shield to withstand the stress of interstellar propulsion and its most important ability, to maintain life support and comfort within the Rangercraft.

The tour of the Deck H looked to be ending after Three had introduced them to their personal Ranger pods docked into the hull of the saucer and accessed only with their erosuit pleasure signatures. They could choose to use their Pods or the atomiser array transport delivery service they had experienced internally during their tour of the three decks, should they wish to visit planetary masses or other celestial objects. Their erosuits would protect their bodies with the envirosuit technology and even provide extra exoskeleton support should they be required. The Hive had produced the goods, no space suits needed, their erosuit was their powerbase access to the power of The Hive.

“You are the only beings in the universe except for me or the other Four Elders to access Deck H, the ship will terminate any life form if it attempts to access this deck without your approval!” Three looked serious. “The H drive is perpetual! It will not require service or the need of a Bio-Tech.

“Are you ready for the initiation ceremony gentlemen?” Three enquired.

Blaze had heard Three use that term several times, and he looked at his buddies wondering what Three was alluding to. Hey, we are appointed Space Rangers! Blaze thought to himself, Let’s initialise this baby!

“I think so!” Blaze blurted out.

Aereon pushed Dixon playfully again, “Yeah let’s get this party started boys!” they play-punched each other frivolously and playfully.

“This way!” Three walked over to a long white wall with the letter H painted on the outside and he waved his right hand causing the wall to dissipate into a million particles that disappeared into a whisps of smoke, Three then kept walking as if nothing had happened, he led Blaze followed by Dixon and then finally Aereon into the darkness of the room.

Suddenly they were surrounded by drones, in the form of beautiful golden men dressed only in silver thongs. Powerful and determined men.

“Seize them!” Three’s voice had become loud and boomed throughout the room that was suddenly transforming into a special bondage facility.

Before Blaze, Aereon or Dixon could react they were overpowered by five powerful drone men each and their wrists were expertly clasped inside special restraints.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Blaze wriggled and twisted in the strong grip of his captors; he could feel the cold metal alloy surrounding his wrists. He looked at Aereon and Dixon, their playful smiles had been wiped off their faces, they too struggled looking up at Three with shock and nervousness exploding across their faces.

“Let me explain!” Three walked around the three captives, their captor drones ensured that their delicious Space Ranger was presented to their master.

Three put on his best villainous demeanour as he paraded in front of his three writhing captives. He stopped at Dixon, who was forced to look forward toward his captor. Three ran his fingers down Dixon’s writhing and struggling body.

“Mmmm yes! Very nice, a beautiful Space Ranger for my dinner!” Three ran his finger across Dixon’s erosuit bulge and Dixon hissed and seethed as his captor fondled him.

“Leave him alone Three!” Aereon was immediately on the offensive, he needed to protect his prized Dixon, but they were helpless.

“Let them go, take me!” Blaze erupted in a barrage of anger and emotion as he thrashed in the strong grips of his captors.

“No! I want and need all three of these delicious Rangers!” Three ran his fingers around Aereon’s mask as he surveyed his beautiful captive.

Three ignored their frustrated attempts to reason with him.

“Tie them to the holding devices I want to view their beautiful bodies, stretch their limbs, but leave me the Ranger named Aereon, take him to the erosuit applicator.”

Aereon resisted as they wrestled his struggling body toward the applicator.

The drones obeyed their master and more appeared out of thin air to hold each of the struggling heroes in place while others expertly connected Dixon and Blaze’s ankles and wrists to the restraints, soon enough later, Blaze and Dixon were facing each other in a circle of three restraint devices, their bodies stretched unforgivingly as they struggled in their bondage. The remaining restraining device patiently waited for its captive.

“Thank you drones” Three smiled standing in the centre of a circle with two of his three helpless Space Rangers struggling in their restraints, he looked at their beautiful bodies and took in the delicious sights of Dixon and Blaze’s erotic erosuits thrusting in front of him, green and orange, their bulges so inviting and their beautiful muscles straining for his viewing pleasure. The remaining restraint device which would complete the circle awaited its captive.

Aereon was forced struggling onto the applicator dais, the drones spread his legs and pulled his arms outward from his body, his beautiful tall, muscled body struggling in the powerful grip of the semi-naked drones. Aereon’s dark hair shone in the lights illuminating his beautiful body.

Three walked over to his struggling erotic hero as Aereon bared his teeth in defiance. He was gobsmacked that a member of The Five was behaving this way and restraining them in their own magnificent Rangercraft.

“This Ranger is known for his love of swimming thongs; his sexual desires are enflamed when he wears the erotic garment, and he enjoys the way his sexual equals wear the thong. Applicate him in a red erothong.”

Aereon felt the change of garment immediately, he felt the delicious fabric fill the space between his buttocks, it pushed against his flesh dutifully and the red, light fabric. cupped his balls and delicious penis perfectly. He looked spectacular and sexual as he struggled.

“Now, how does that feel Space Ranger Aereon?” Three smiled as he bent down to brush his long fingers across Aereon’s red-hot pouch. “By the way your Ranger friends are staring, I’d say they like what they see!” Three looked away from Dixon and Blaze and smiled at the beautiful Aereon.

Aereon, kept struggling but the garment made his sexual desires power through his body, he had become super horny at the touch of Three’s fingers across his red bulging pouch.

“Ugh, Mmph, ohhhhhhhhhh” Aereon struggled to contain his sexual energy, his penis felt like a sensual stream of delicious energy.

“Tie this delicious morsel to the remaining holding restraint device!”

The drones obeyed and man-handled their captive to his awaiting restraint mechanism expertly restraining his body spread-eagled like Blaze and Dixon.

Thank you drones.

“What do you intend to do to us, Three?” Aereon’s fighting spirit exploded.

“Ugh!” Dixon pulled on his bonds.

Three could not contain himself any further. He clapped his hands as he looked on to his three erotic captives.

“The Hive is pleased with your enjoyment of bondage gentlemen!” Three announced to them.

The look of relief and annoyance shot across Blaze’s face immediately.

“Deck H is also home to Intrepid3’s Atlantis Suite, a place of fantasy and illusion.”

“Your pleasure is prized by The Hive, and we will feed you and power you through your sexual desires and the delivery of you pleasure. Your erosuits and erothongs are specially designed to interface with The Hive’s sub-space Erosphere, this Atlantis Suite will deliver you any scene or situation that your erotic desires crave. The Atlantis Suite is rich in Hival Erosphere and like the Deck H, only your individual erosuit pleasure signatures allow access to the wonders of this Suite.”

The three heroes continued to struggle and writhe as Three provided his commentary.

“I have selected a scene that we, The Hive have decided to reward you with, Aereon feels the beauty of our little gift of pleasure and Dixon and Blaze will feel it too very soon. Your sexual stimulation is paramount in your heroic roles, it is your intimate connection to The Hive and soon your pleasure will initialise intrepid3’s perpetual H Drive, the power plant of your future magnificent galactic roles and adventures.”

Three walked over to Dixon, he looked the helpless stunning hero up and down.

“Such a beautiful specimen, handsome and powerful, your sexual nectar, cute hero boy will be used to initialise and prime the H Drive systems!” Three caressed Dixon’s face, playing with the sexy strands of straight hair covering his right eye and his sexy black mask.” Three continued to play with Dixon. “You enjoy your erotic roleplay Dixon; you play the captive so sexually and enthusiastically for your beautiful partners, Aereon just loves your sexy body almost, or should I say equally as much as Ranger Blaze. You spark their sexual frenzy, so keep up your roleplay, in this your Special H Deck Atlantis Suite, your special play room.

Three’s fingers caressed Dixon’s small nipples, Dixon looked erotic and spectacular and as Three brushed his fingers across his beautiful, rounded lime green erosuit bulge, Dixon felt the beautiful licks of pleasure that tantalised his penis, he felt his body tingle and his juices filled his mind with deep desire. The sight of Blaze and Aereon struggling were making him hyper horny. He immediately became lost in the erotic roleplay as the powerful erotic spell washed through his body.

Aereon was wet, his penis was semi-erect, and he too was lost in the erotic play conjured by their new Atlantis Suite, he writhed as his pleasure tantalised his body.

Three left Dixon to marinate in delicious sensation, his green erosuit bulge wet with Dixi juice, and between each of their spread legs a round blue pulsing orb was rising from the magical floor. The room changed colour, around them, it was subdued lighting, and each of their erosuit bulges glowed as their pleasure augmented their bodies, filling their muscles with new power.

Three arrived at Blaze’s twisting body, this erotic young man so spectacular, his erosuit resplendent as the glowing light fabric showed off his penis head and his generous shaft. His pleasure organ was decreed by The Hive, like Aereon and Dixon’s, to be sacred conduits to the immense power of The Hive. Three caressed Blaze’s perfect buttocks, the nylon erosuit caressed his buns erotically and as three ran his right-hand index finger down the crevasse of Blaze’s buttocks pushing gently on the fabric so that Blaze could feel the touch, feel the beauty of the fabric as it caressed his skin. Blaze shot his head upward as delicious tingles entered his anus and tempted his body in magnificent pulses of sexual energy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh” Blaze’s mouth was watering as he slowly looked down to see his two beautiful boys, writhing in pleasure, it was a ring of male beauty managed and powered by Three, of The Hive. The Atlantis Suite was priming its three Space Ranger Heroes, it was preparing to initialise Intrepid3’s H Drive with their sacred Ranger pleasure and juices.

“You introduced your beautiful partners to your sexually charged bondage desires Blaze.” Three recounted, “ shall bask in the beauty of your bondage and the bondage of Dixon, so beautiful, and Aereon, look at his beautiful body and his red erothong. Your desires are strong and erotic my beautiful Space Ranger!”

Three looked into Blaze’s widening eyes.

“You understand the beauty of your bondage, it represents the beauty of your union, three Rangers bound together as one for The Hive. The Hive blesses this union, this special binding!”

Three played with Blaze’s light orange nylon bulge, his fingers feeling the beauty of Blaze’s penis.

“The Hive also blesses the beauty of your erotic male form beautiful Blaze, your pleasure satisfies us, begin your pleasure journey lovely Blaze! Allow we, The Hive to power you through your eroticism.”

Blaze felt the sensation caress and squeeze his balls, his arse continued to tingle inside his body and his penis felt the divine strokes of energy caress him and engulf his erosuit bulge of male beauty.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhh” Blaze’s moans reverberated inside the Atlantis Suite, he entered his roleplay as enthusiastically as Dixon and Aereon as the Atlantis Suite bewitched him with its erotic sequence.

Three was now standing in the middle of the three writhing Space Rangers, he was pleased with how the Space Rangers reacted to his initial touches, he knew their pleasure would be controlled by the Atlantis Suite’s systems and he decided to let them steep in in their sensuous energy while explained some of the features of their new erosuits.

“I know you three spectacular heroes are a little occupied right now, but The Hive is pleased with your sexual intelligence, your brains and sexual organs are tuning even as we speak, to understand the sexual power of The Hive. Feel free to moan and express the delicious sensation we are rewarding you with, enjoy your delicious bondage boys. Let me explain, your Immersatrons provided you and other trainees with access to the Hive, and they provided you with intense glimpses into the power of The Hive; you boys were able to use the Immersatron to deliver you information as well as sexual stimulation, many trainees craved only the sensation of their penises being fondled, they craved orgasm. You three used the device and controlled it with your mind, you developed powers of learning, your minds expanded along with your beautiful penises. That is very rare among those that experience glimpses of the sensual and sexual Hival connection. This Deck H Atlantis Suite will be a conduit for you, to explore and learn, it will unlock any erotic desire or roleplay you desire. Your ultimate orgasms will allow the suite to finish the program, should you desire. Your minds and your erosuits will interface with the power of this Suite.”

Aereon, twisted and writhed his pleasure was sinking into his generous ball sack, he felt his testacies vibrate as the sensual energy filled his delicious red bulging thong. “Mmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he thrust his head downward and his gaze left Three’s face and Three’s glowing red eyes and he looked desperately to the beautiful erothong caressing his sexual organs and filling with discrete and delicious pleasure.

Three Continued “Aereon, so handsome, and sexual, your beautiful erothong is becoming one with your body a sexual union so perfect so delicious. Your erothong is becoming part of you, it is an intimate garment, a powerful device, full of nanoparticles that bond with your body. The eroapplicator will ensure whichever garment you choose; an erothong, or erosuit, or even an erocloth, it will bind to your body, your mind, and your sexual organs, it cannot be removed without your permission and requires your sexual signature to remove your chosen garment, that signature is buried deep inside your psyche and accessible only by The Hive and you. Your erogarment will provide you with energy to complement your new powers, driving and energising your musculature. It will provide your envirosuit, no need for space suites or other protective garments, your entire body will be protected and either heated or cooled, adapting to any type of hospitable or inhospitable environment you may find yourselves in. Your erogarments can also provide extra strength using exoskeleton power when required. You are beautiful heroes, in stunning erotic garments, beacons of good in the Universe powered by The Hive!”

Aereon looked at Dixon’s beautiful green erosuit, the way that it formed around his beautiful writhing body, he wanted to break his bonds and suck Dixon’s spectacular erotic bulge, he wanted to lick Dixon’s face, his arse. He then looked at Blaze. Blaze was just too erotic as well, Aereon wanted Blaze’s erosuit in his hands, he longed to touch and fondle his beautiful Blaze. Aereon released his sexual desires in a huge sigh of delight, his face screwing up in enjoyment as he looked upon his delicious ranger playmates.

Aereon acknowledges your beauty Space Ranger Blaze and Space Ranger Dixon, his desires are powerful and defined!” Three looked toward Dixon and then Blaze as he spoke. “Learn to control your sexual organs, gentlemen, allow your pleasure centres of your brains to tap into the beauty of your erosuits and erothong, as you did with your Immersatron, the depths of excitement of erotic power will thrill you. Control your penises, concentrate, feel the pleasure, and try to resist your erection, become the master of your sexual expression, you can control the length of your pleasure, rather than being at your pleasure’s mercy. Edge yourself, control your erection. I want you to concentrate on producing your precum juices, I want them to flow from your bulges, resist your erections for now, use your powerful sexual energy, mighty heroes!”

Three became more serious as his pleasure lesson unfolded. His three heroes buzzed in divine sensual expression, their moans and high-pitched sighing sound of delicious enjoyment filled the circle of pleasure as their heaving bodies surrounded Three.

Three continued “There is evil lurking in the galaxy Space Rangers! Powerful pockets of evil that seek to infiltrate The Hive. Some have succeeded taking Space Cadets and torturing them for information and to obtain their secrets and power. Evil will try to take your power, they will want your erosuits, they have persuasive and diabolical machines to try and destroy you. Your bodies draped in such beautiful garments will attract their attention and therefore you must fight their evil, destroy their power bases!”

Blaze was looking intently at Three and Three’s mesmerizing glowing red eyes, he tried his best to speak between the beautiful pulses of pleasure infesting his orange erosuit bulge. “Aghhhhhhhhhh, pleasure is beautiful, who hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh who, mmmpp, who is this eeeee….vil?” Blaze looked down to his erosuit bulge, his semi-erection was remaining just that, he was controlling his penis, he looked at Dixon. Dixon’s beautiful face attracted his desires, and Dixon flicked his hair, his sexually stretched body was just divinity as it thrust his beautiful green bulge, Blaze then felt a surge of pre-cum erupt on his bulge the sight of Dixon’s magnificent display of eroticism caused his body to secrete his juices. Blaze’s bulge was wet, he moaned in joy as he felt the sensation seep across the light fabric, coating his loins in warm juice.

Three smiled at Blaze’s beauty, the lavish sexual scene unfolding the Atlantis Suite was pleasing to the Elder. “You are learning fast my beautiful Ranger boy!” Three approached Blaze’s thrusting hips, “You shall enjoy a delicious upgrade!” Three then opened his right-hand palm, it glowed orange and waved it beneath Aereon’s face and then Dixon. “Look on your beautiful Blaze, look on his beauty, his sexual energy is powerful, like yours. He craves your sex, he craves pleasure in powerful and erotic ways, behold his beauty as he is powered by The Hive.”

Three approached Blaze, who was looking intently at his bulge, he was learning to control the beauty of the experience, he was controlling his penis! Three ensured Dixon and Aereon’s attention was on Blaze, “Behold the beauty of this sexual dynamo!” And with that his orange glowing palm cupped Blaze’s erosuit, he fondled and caressed Blaze’s wet mound of hero meat as orange shards of energy began to fester and cover his hand. Three removed his hand and the orange shards of pleasure energy continued to tantalise Blaze.

Blaze felt the energy surround his balls, it surrounded his penis, his entire erosuit was reacting to the power, its pleasure infiltrating his loins entirely and without restraint. He felt his mind, his chest, his muscles filling with such beautiful energy and the pleasure was indescribable.

The globule of his pre-cum was huge and it formed on his trembling bulge, his mouth was wide open, and his screams of delight filled the circle of pleasure. His pre-cum dripped and oozed onto the blue pulsing orb glowing between his stretched legs causing the colour to deepen with every new seepage of his Ranger syrup.

“His juices are priming the ship.” Three announced. His left hand glowed red and his right hand green, he turned to look at the erotic expectation in the eyes of Dixon and Aereon as he smiled at their lavish sexual expression. Behind him Blaze moaned and hissed as the pleasure caressed him, milking him of his pre-cum. “Control your penises boys, as Blaze is doing, your sexual power is developing perfectly, he approached Dixon, Dixon was writhing and thrusting his pelvis to greet Three’s glowing green palm, “Please, pleeeeease!” Dixon screwed up his face as he enjoyed his sexual submissive roleplay “Pleasure - need pleasure!” Dixon whispered loudly as his cute face screwed up behind the mask covering his handsome face.

Three caressed and cupped the green mass of Dixi beauty and Dixon felt the invigorating energy infest his balls, his penis, his loins radiated the energy as green pulses of electricity shot across his erosuit pouch, injecting shots of pleasure indiscriminately into his erosuit. Dixon threw his head upwards as his scream of joy peeled around the circle. His pre-cum oozed out of his bulge, it was thick and clear, his suit wet immediately as it formed clear stalactites of juice onto his assigned pulsing orb between his stretched legs. “Feed the ship your sexual nectar Space Ranger Dixon, your beautiful juice is priming your H Drive, Bio-control systems are coming online one by one! Enjoy your pleasure Dixon, roleplay your bondage role, it is just so erotic.”

Three turned his attention to Aereon.

Aereon’s mouth was almost watering as he watched Three approach him, he thrust his red pleasure pouch toward Three and he trembled watching Three slowly connecting the glowing red energy in his palm to his already exploding erothong bulge.

“Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Aereon’s moaning was deeply erotic and crazed, his beautiful face hurled backward and then forward again as he strained to see the shards of red energy infesting his loins, he felt them injecting his penis with exquisite sensation, he cried out as his generous flow of Aerjuice erupted on the soft red nylon fabric.

Three enjoyed the warm and sticky juice. “Very nice my delicious Ranger, learn to control the pleasure, feel it, accept it, and let it caress your penis, your juices will add to your pleasure as you start controlling your juice pump. Pump your juices mighty hero! Three smiled as he stood to the centre of the ring of pleasure to view the beauty of their first Atlantis Suite experience.

“Pleasure is a perfect delivery stream conduit gentleman, as you know, your Immersatrons worked your minds as well as your cocks! Atlantis Suite can do much more!”

“Brain interfaces” Three commanded the Atlantis Suite to apply two red glowing beads to each of their temples.

“Intrepid3 will deliver your ship wide working manuals through your pleasure flows gentlemen!”

Blaze was in a fit of sexual frenzy, his penis never felt intense pleasure like this, his body twisted and suddenly, he could see in the back of his mind a flood of information, it overpowered his senses for several minutes, he was almost motionless as the information flow to his brain torrented, his body kept oozing his juices as the process unfolded for ten minutes. His face almost blank as the erotic upload progressed.

Aereon and Dixon were in the same info-hold as Blaze, The Hive filling their brains with star charts, ship schematics, planetary systems information, the whole ship directions were suddenly imbedded in their minds and as they came out of the info-upload, they each exhaled mighty breaths of air before they reconnected with the pleasure role-play and their attention returned to the intensity of their first Atlantis Suite experience.

Aereon was drooling! His wet erothong crackled as the shards of red energy maintained their incursions on his beautiful body.

“Please Three, p ppp pleasure is beautiful, neeeeeed to cuu uuum!” Aereon’s face was screwing up in delight as he pulled on his bonds.

Three smiled and let them enjoy the next several minutes, “Control your pleasure gentlemen, your lives may depend on your ability to resist an evil attempt to access the Hive through your pleasure! Use the power of the hive to control your penis!” Three’s eyes were locked on the beauty of Blaze’s erosuit bulge, he used his mind to tune into Blaze’s almost orgasmic pleasure, he, as were The Hive, were pleased with the initialisation ceremony and the Ranger’s ability to upload such volumes of information, and not to mention, their abilities to endure such exquisite and extended pleasure. The Hive would enjoy a harmonious conduit with these exceptional young heroes.

Aereon thrashed in his bonds, shards of his nectar shot across the circle as was Dixon’s and Blaze’s, filling up the centre of the pleasure ring, they were deep into a spectacular orgasmic incursion, helpless to break their bonds, prisoners to the delicious pleasure, but safe in the arms of The Hive.

“Drones!” Three summonsed six drones, they were perfect male forms wearing the same skimpy silver thongs. Sexual beings conjured by the Atlantis Suite. They obeyed Three’s commands to the letter.

Caress them, pleasure their bulges, their buttocks, enjoy their beautiful bodies and bring them to orgasm slowly, ensure they do not ejaculate their semen.

Dixon was deep into the roleplay, he felt them fondle him, massaging his pleasurised penis with deft hands, caressing his buttocks, smearing his juices across his body, massaging the juices deep into his bulge.

Dixon cried out as his erection formed.

Aereon too was tenting with a huge throbbing erection and Blaze cried out as his hot juices filled the hungry hands of his pleasure drones, his cock head proudly displaying though the lubrication of his juices on the fabric of his straining erosuit.

“Ff ff u  c k!” he was ready to spurt as he madly tried controlling the raging flood of orgasmic energy. Blaze was in a world of beautiful delight as he looked on his delicious partners, his cock exploding inside his erosuit.

The drones disappeared into thin air.

“Your orgasms are flowering, blooming and primed to explode! Control your pleasure Rangers, use your Hival energy, feel the power erupt in your chests. Your orgasm will not fade, fear not!” Three smiled at their straining faces, their trembling bodies.”

Three continued, “…your precum has primed the H Drive, it is alive! it is waiting! First I must transmute each of your pleasure signatures before your orgasmic jism flows can fuel the Perpetual Bio Intake!”

As Three made his announcement, the three blue orbs collecting their pre-cum descended back into the floor disappearing magically, and in the centre of the pleasure ring a thick phallus like device lifted, it was glowing orange, red and green to match the Ranger’s erosuits and erothong.

“Status?” Three’s command was authoritative, and it summoned the sensual voice of Intrepid3.

Life support online.

Propulsion online.

Weaponry on standby.

Hull containment primed.

H Drive primed.

Ranger Pleasure Signatures required to initialise H Drive.

Ranger Cum required for Bio-Mass fuel infusion.

“Thank you Intrepid3” Three smiled at his three delicious straining Rangers.

“Intrepid3 will become a part of you very soon Rangers, as you have heard, your pleasure signatures will unlock the H Drive and your cum, your hero nectar will feed the Bio Mass fuel systems! You my spectacular heroes will feed your ship the fuel it needs. You are one as you are three, and your juices will bind you to your faithful ship and extension of The Hive. Bound as one, bound to Intrepid3 bound to Us The Hive!”

Blaze was trembling as he responded, his body thrashing, in his tightening bondage. “We, we Mmmmmmm, so beautiful!” He had never experienced such beauty and power fill his penis, it infected his entire being, “…W   e, we must ffffffeeeed Intre   pid3, take….”

But Dixon continued the sentence for him “Ou   r C u m wi ll fee   d th e Shhhhip.”

Aereon cried out, “Accept our juuuu ic esss mmmmmmmmph!”

Three smiled as the heroes writhed in the full knowledge of their shared connection and their flowering connection to the Ship, their pre-cum flinging from their bodies as they learned to pump their pleasure juices and yet control the raging orgasm devouring their penises.

Pleasure Signatures required to progress initialisation. Intrepid3 spoke up without being called; it was becoming almost conscious.

Three checked the centre glowing phallus as its head began to open in three equal sections unfolding in front of each hero and glowing in unison to each of the hero’s erosuits. Three caressed the phallus carefully fondling it with loving strokes, Aereon’s section glowed red, Dixon’s pulsed green and Blaze’s section glowed orange. The floor of the ring was now wet and viscous, it was saturated in Ranger pre-cum juice and Three hovered above the saturated floor as he supervised their initial milking.

He approached Aereon first. Aereon was trembling in an erotic frenzy, his orgasm was amazingly in his control, he could maintain his pleasure, the feeling was exhilarating as he thrashed in his delicious bondage.

“You will be permitted to spurt your hot juices soon my delicious thong boy!” Three placed his right hand on Aereon’s oozing bulge. “Embrace your magnificent erection mighty hero!”

Aereon screamed out in a fit of enjoyment as his erection massed and throbbed with blasts of orgasmic pressure inside Three’s hot buzzing palm, his orgasmic pleasure signature transferring into Three’s palm. Three looked into Aereon’s widening eyes, enjoying the look on his face as Aereon’s pleasure was being transferred, Aereon looked immensely sexual behind the sexy mask as he cried out. “Take the pleasure – Take my pleasure!”

“Hold and maintain the orgasm, my delicious hero!” Three turned to central phallic orb as he spoke the words.

Three then let go of Aereon’s mass of oozing red power and placed his hand on the red glowing section of the Phallus that corresponded to Aereon’s writhing body.

The section flashed a huge white and red explosion of light.

Pleasure signature of Space Ranger Aereon accepted! Intrepid3 announced the next increment of the initialisation process.

Three then performed the same ritual with Blaze, he looked deeply into Blaze’s eyes, past his sexy mask, he looked on the handsome beauty of this sexual hero, writhing in rounds of orgasmic waves, his orange erosuit straining to contain his engorged member, Three admired the erotic beauty of Blaze momentarily and then his right hand extended.

“Pppp l  ee a sss e take mmmy pl ea   su  re!” Blaze was concentrating on his orgasm holding his ejaculate, straining inside the bondage.

“You so enjoy your bondage hero boy!” Three’s palm connected with the oozing mass of male splendour that was Blaze’s drenched and sticky erosuit bulge. His palm accepting the orgasmic pleasure signature.

Three so enjoyed Blaze, he held his palm longer than needed, he enjoyed the feeling of such a magnificent penis, performing to its peak, pleasuring Blaze into a frenzy.

“Your erosuits are made of amazing fabric designed to provide stimulation gentlemen, they will sense your emotion, your body’s unique sexual nuances and it will ensure your balls, your penis not only look divinely mouth wateringly beautiful, but they will ensure you feel the presence of The Hive caress your most private regions.”

Blaze was screaming his pre-cum jettisoned from his body as Three turned and applied his palm to the central phallic orb.

Pleasure signature of Space Ranger Blaze accepted! Intrepid3 announced the next increment of the initialisation process.

Another volley of intense light erupted from the central phallic orb.

Three hovered toward Dixon.

Dixon’s hair was wet, it stuck to his forehead and as Three approached his final delicious struggling morsel of hero meat, he looked on Dixon’s beautiful face, he caressed his cheeks and lovingly moved the cute whisps of Dixon’s hair from covering his right eye.

“Yes, you Dixon, are as beautiful as you are intelligent. WE will take your pleasure as you serve The Hive. Three then glanced down to Dixon’s massive erection filling his drenched lime green erosuit.

“I trust you are enjoying the delicious orgasm and your pleasure build in your erosuit signature. Three’s palm hovered in front of Dixon’s straining green tent; his palm was being covered in Dixi juices flinging from his erotic suit as Dixon cried out as the next powerful pump of pre-cum forcefully flung from the tip of his straining green erosuit.

“Yes warm and full of your life-force Dixon!” Three was enamoured by the utter beauty of Dixon’s stretched delicious body.

“T t t t ake It, p l e  a s   e?” Dixon pleaded with Three, he was struggling to contain his orgasm and by the sounds of Aereon and Blaze, they too would be at the point of ejaculation any time.

Three’s hand connected.

“Nghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Dixon threw his head around in erotic abandon, the touch of this divine being’s hand on his raging green bulge was beautiful, outrageously beautiful, Dixon felt every muscle in his body react, his skin radiated energy so pure, so divine.

“Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!” Dixon’s pleasure transfer filled Three’s palm as the hero hissed and moaned violently.

“Rich and deep pleasure Dixon, your penis is the conduit of divine power, beautiful and bold! Your orgasm pleases us!” Three removed his palm and transferred Dixon’s unique pleasure signature to the central phallic orb.

Pleasure signature of Space Ranger Dixon accepted! Intrepid3 announced the next increment of the initialisation process.

The Atlantis Suite lit up instantaneously as the white light and green light flashed from the head of the phallic orb. Once the light dissipated the three open sections of the orb closed.

Pleasure signatures processed into ship’s biocontrol.

Ranger Ejaculate please! Intrepid3 was requesting its biofuel, demanding their Ranger cum!

“Orgasmic flow positions please!” Three moved aside from Dixon slightly as their bondage devices began to re-arrange and change form, re-aligning their trembling bodies, their arms were being pulled back behind them, their pelvises forced forward to the central phallic orb and their straining legs pulled slightly back. The Atlantis Suite pleasure ring was presenting the trio of Ranger erosuits and erothong bulges to the central phallic orb as their bondage devices began to move their writhing, straining orange, red and green wet magnificent bulges to within an inch of the head of the phallic orb. The central orb began to turn slowly as several mouth-like receptacles began to open on its surface with a sucking motion forming on its many lips.

Intrepid3 demands your jism Space Rangers! The ship demanded their cum!

The central orb buzzed, it was covering itself in a haze of electrical power, bolts of red, orange, and green electricity, dazzling displays danced around the head of the orb emanating from the hungry mouths and it then broke free from the confines of the orb and shot onto the amazing orgasmic powered erections contained in the Ranger erosuits and erothong.

Their orgasmic eruptions occurred in unison and as the three heroes screamed out, their heads reaching backward, their straining muscles tingling in orgasmic delicious sensation, huge shards of Ranger Cum shot upward and splashed on the phallic orb, its hungry mouth like openings sucking and feeding on the torrent of cum shooting and spurting from Blaze, Dixon and Aereon and flowing over the orb, their cum was soft and warm, it was infested with the power of The Hive and it covered the phallic orb completely over several minutes of spurting magnificence.

Three was enjoying a close up of Aereon’s spurting red erothong bulge, he ran his long fingers up and down Aereon’s massive straining bulge, allowing the erothong to infuse Aereon’s pouch in divine energy.

Aereon strained and struggled, his mind engrossed in the beauty of The Hive, he pictured Dixon and Blaze in his mind, he could see them naked , he could see them dressed in beautiful erosuits, he fantasised about then in swimming thongs, their bulges in his mouth and in his hands. The visions and mind-play fantasies complemented the raging torrent of pleasure filling his loins.

“Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Aereon’s moans were unintelligible  as his orgasmic experience began to fade.

He looked to See Dixon finalising his cum shoot and then to Blaze, his body trembling and dripping, this god-like man was just too sexy for words, as was Dixon, Aereon felt his love for his two partners take over his consciousness, these two exquisite men were his to hold and enjoy, they had relished a majestic sexual experience and he felt his deep-seated need to share his love.

H Drive is now online, thank you Rangers!” Intrepid3 was now alive and throbbing  as the H Drive hummed!

All systems are functioning within normal parameters. We are now space ready! Intrepid3 announced.

Three hovered to the central orb and mixed the hot jism around on the surface, feeding globules of sweet Ranger cum into the hungry mouth receptacles. “Feed my beautiful ship, feed!” Three then motioned for the orb to return back into the centre of the pleasure ring, the floor of the pleasure ring now covered in pre-cum and cum, the beautiful nectar of three newly appointed spectacular interstellar heroes.

“I must leave you now, gentlemen, this ship is yours, you have easily assimilated the knowledge of the ship and vast expanses of the universe, you have given of your pleasure signatures and fed the bio-systems of your H Drive. You are Rangers of The Hive! We are pleased – Go forth Space Ranger Force!”

Three disappeared.

The ring remained, but their bondage devices released their wrists and ankles, they too disappeared into thin air, and Dixon, Blaze and Aereon fell forward into the mass of warm sexual juices, they fell inwards their bodies colliding and covering in their juices as they landed spreading out on the floor.

Aereon opened his eyes, he felt the warm nectar covering his body, he was laying spread out in the centre of the pleasure ring, Aereon looked at his red erothong, he felt amazing, it caressed his loins with beautiful round bumps and folds of fabric, he just loved the two white lines on his hip. His body buzzed in beautiful energy and he looked to see Blaze stirring, he was on his side, one leg tucked up toward his chest, it showed off his perfectly formed buttocks in his wet erosuit. Dixon was lying face up to Aereon’s other side, his semi-erect penis inside his drenched green erosuit caused the wet fabric to form folds of nylon from the tip of his penis head. Dixon’s body stirred as he came to, he looked up immediately to look at his loins, he was buzzing with spectacular power.

These two are just too perfect, I love everything about Blaze, I love my Dixi-boy so much! Aereon’s emotions consumed him as he looked at his two Space Ranger lovers. He reached for Blaze and pulled his body toward him through the slippery love juices that they had each been spurting only minutes earlier, Blaze looked and smiled as Aereon slid him through their slippery warm ejaculate toward him. Dixon was stirring too and held out his hand. Blaze grabbed him and soon the three Space Rangers were entwined, their saturated bodies twisting and tangling, arms caressing and enjoying the beauty of their powerful buzzing bodies.

Aereon, wrapped his arms around his two boys, he was full of emotion and love.

“Blaze, Dixon, I am in heaven in your arms, I need to say this as we bask in the afterglow of such divine pleasure and initialising our spectacular ship. You are more than beautiful boys to enjoy, The Hive has brought us together as one. I love you!” He looked into Dixon’s eyes then to Blaze, then back to Dixon, Dixon had a huge tear forming in his eyes, Blaze was emotional too, they held each other tightly, their legs entwined, their mouths and tongues exploring their faces, long erotic kisses made the moment so tender as their erosuit bulges rubbed together, sharing the delicious licks of pleasure bolting between their nylon clad loins.

“You Aereon, and you Dixi are my life, Blaze was crying as he spoke, he lifted the wet sticky hair from Dixon’s eye and basked in the beauty of his two boys he was entangled with, their bodies slipping and thrusting in unison as their cum covered them like gobs of moisturiser.

Dixon looked at the smiling Aereon, Aereon’s blue eyes looked sexy, and Dixon could feel the love emanating from Aereon. “I love you man; I’ll do anything for you! My spectacular Space Ranger Aereon.” Dixon licked Aereon’s face and his sexy mask and then turned his attention to Blaze. “And as for you Blaze, I love you so much, first you were a sexual attraction, but now I see your beautiful soul more so than your beautiful body. Remember our first sexual experience and you asked if I would trust you to bind me when you told us about your bondage fantasies. Well, I could never trust anyone more than you or Aereon.” Dixon had tears streaming down his face.

They embraced and writhed in the middle of the pleasure ring for another hour, their bonding was powerful, sexual, and final! They were three, as one, They had become Ranger Force! But in that moment of love and devotion nothing felt more important more pressing.

Erhhhh Hum! Intrepid3 aroused their attention from their expressions of love.

Remember Me?

Blaze exploded with a huge smile in his face, his hands were engaged exploring Aereon and Dixon’s perfect bubble butts, Aereon was sucking Blaze’s neck tenderly and Dixon held his boys as tightly as he was able.

“Give us a little more time Ship, we’re making Ranger Force history here!” Blaze called out playfully.

Dixon caressed Blaze’s head, his deft hands caressing the back of Blaze’s neck, he loved the warmth and security of being in the arms of his Ranger Boys.

I do not want to let them go, I can’t Dixon thought to himself.

Aereon was moaning, his sounds were full of satisfaction and happiness. “I love you boys, I fucking love you so much! But I guess we have a galaxy, a universe to protect.

Turbo Shower is… Intrepid3 was insistent but had a playful tone to its voice too.

Dixon finished the sentence, “… in our living quarters Deck B, rear of the Bridge Deck A and adjacent to Atlantis Suite Deck H!” Dixon knew immediately, he had uploaded the entire schematics of Intrepid3, not to mention millions of star charts and information about their galaxy courtesy of The Hive as part of the initiation ceremony.

“Way cool!” Aereon was sitting up now watching Dixon laying on his back slowly twisting in their juices and as Blaze mounted Dixon, his hands caressing Dixon’s buttocks.

“My sexy nerdy boy has the ship covered, hahahaha. I love you man; I would expect nothing less from you.” Blaze had love in his eyes as he enjoyed the warmth of Dixon’s body beneath him. Aereon joined them and as Dixon lay in their juices, Aereon and Blaze worshiped his body. Dixon was in heaven as they poured their love on him.

Turbo Shower is ready gentlemen!

Blaze, Dixon and Aereon carefully stood up laughing. “This ship has lots to get used to, least of which is its patience!” laughed Aereon. “Come on guys better not keep Intrepid3 waiting!” Aereon said happily.

“I can’t wait to shower with you anyway!” Blaze slapped Aereon’s exposed buttocks and Dixon’s green nylon covered buttocks.

The pleasure ring along with their ejaculate juices disappeared immediately and the Atlantis Suite was suddenly bathed in bright white light! It was empty and Dixon recalled his yellow room visions from his Immersatron sessions. Wow Atlantis Suite is an upgrade from that Immersatron Dixon thought to himself. He was elated, happiness beyond measure filled his mind, he felt alive and strong, he felt strong love for his partners he was exactly where The Hive wanted him.

“OMG, look Blaze!” Aereon was gobsmacked.

Dixon was floating.

Blaze was amazed too and as he looked at Dixon and Aereon, he too was able to lift his body above the floor as Three had also done, manoeuvring himself in the middle of their orgasmic bondage session! Aereon then followed suit.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Cool!” he was in awe, “Tell me gravitational systems are functioning!”

All ship-wide systems are available and operating within specified parameters Intrepid3 responded to Aereon’s statement and question.

“We can float, we can fly!” Aereon moved his suspended body through the air, circling Dixon, and Blaze as they floated in an embrace, kissing enthusiastically. Aereon nudged in to his floating Ranger partners, embracing them mid-flight.

“Can I have some of that?” Aereon held Dixon and Blaze tightly.

Dixon’s tongue did not hesitate, he cupped Aereon’s and Blaze’s heads, holding them to his face. “I so love you boys!”

Dixon kissed Aereon and then Blaze as they floated in the whiteness of the empty Atlantis Suite.

“Intrepid3 will need to wait!” Aereon whispered in the ear of Blaze as he nibbled Blaze’s Ear. “I can’t let you two go!” Aereon was so happy and before he could whisper another word Dixon pulled his head closer as kissed him passionately while massaging Blaze’s head playfully.

Blaze gave the order. “Turbo Shower Deck H”

They were still floating but in a huge torrent of sudsy hot water, inside the Turbo Shower and outside of the Atlantis Suite instantaneously.

Through suds and shards of hot water, Dixon flung his head desperately trying to escape the strong buffeting water, he was still holding Blaze and Aereon. “Way Cool!” Dixon laughed as the three of them descended to the floor of the cleaning facility.

Dixon removed his erosuit first, he playfully placed it over Aereon’s face and Aereon sucked as much of Dixon’s scent into his lungs as the billowing jets of hot soapy water would allow. Soon enough Blaze was wearing Aereon’s erothong and Dixon was wearing Blaze’s orange erosuit on their heads.

Three naked beautifully exquisite men frolicked in the erotic shower. Dixon lowered himself on his haunches holding Blaze’s left buttock and Aereon’s right buttock one in each hand, pulling their naked bodies toward his hungry face. Dixon chose Blaze first, he felt the beauty of Blaze’s penis fill his mouth, Dixon’s tongue caressed Blaze’s cock head tenderly as Aereon‘s tongue explored Blaze’s mouth. Aereon caressed Dixon’s head as Dixon manoeuvred up and down Blaze’s shaft. Blaze moaned inside Aereon’s mouth as Dixon’s index fingers explored Blaze and Aereon’s man holes together. Dixon enjoyed their delightful moans as he pleasured them.

Aereon’s moan was full and rich as Dixon’s mouth took his penis into his mouth, Dixon sucked pre-cum from Aereon’s throbbing rod, Dixon sucked enthusiastically as more and more Aer Juice filled his mouth. Dixon had two fingers in each of Blaze and Aereon’s man holes now, he used the suds to glide his fingers in and out of his delicious boys. Aereon and Blaze kissed in frenzied happiness as Dixon kept pleasuring them, edging them closer to orgasm then directing the attention to the other, he had his boys trembling in joy and then decided to extract his hungry hands from their buttocks and began to caress their throbbing members in unison, he wanted them to cum in together onto his face.

“Cum boys, I want your fucking cum to choke me!” Dixon was in a fantasy world as he pleasured them deliberately, listening to them kiss and moan over and over through the torrent of delicious hot sudsy water embracing their writing bodies.

Aereon’s words were muffled as were Blaze’s “F fff uuuu ck I’   m    Cum mmmmmm mmmming!”

They shot hot loads of jism into Dixon’s waiting open mouth, his face, his eyes, his hair was drenched in the hot juices flowing from Blaze and Aereon’s throbbing cocks. Dixon squeezed them and they fucked his strong grip, their beautiful penis heads emerging from the bubbles and suds, their juices shooting and spurting for Dixon’s delight and when they were spent, Dixon lifted his beautiful happy body for them to lick his face, they kissed and then washed each other before the powerful hot air blowers dried their bodies intricately.

“We will pleasure you tonight Dixon! That my beautiful boy, was sumptuous!” Blaze and Aereon held their Dixi boy tightly. Nerdy cute boy is such a beautiful lover!” Aereon smiled, but later he will need to be captured and tied up for us to extract his Dixi juice!” Blaze erupted in a flurry of happiness as he started to rise and float from the floor again.

Dixon looked at his two special hero boys, “I can’t wait to play! I want you to capture me in an erothong! Aereon looked so sexy in the Atlantis suite, I was so turned on by that beautiful red pouch of his!”

“You’re getting me all wet again!” Blaze could not wait to play again, but they needed to suit up and glide their beautiful ship out into space, out of the safety of the Academy Station’s dock and into the adventure of Space Ranger Force.

Aereon gave the order, “Living quarters, erosuit dresser!”

And there they were! Three hot young heroes, naked and still feeling the effects of the hurricane of hot air that dried every crevasse and bump of their perfectly formed bodies. The atomiser transport system ensured they were standing on their dresser pads and Aereon, once again had huge smile on his face.

“Man, I love that! Can’t wait to do it onto a planet, woo hoo!” This time Aereon was reaching for Dixon and Blaze’s buttocks as he had arrived on the centre set of dresser pads - just checking they all arrived in one piece! Blaze had a huge smile on his face, his penis in one hand and he looked across to his two buddies.

“Yeah all the important bits are back together!” Blaze smiled and they all laughed.

Three new heroes then stood feet apart on their dressers, hands clasped behind their backs, face forward with clean beautiful naked bodies ready to be dressed in their ‘sail-away’ departure official erosuits.

“Departure erosuits please!” It was Dixon who gave the order as he flicked his straight hair from his eyes.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yummmmmmmmmmmmmm” Aereon’s face lit up as Blaze stepped forward from his dresser pad to face his buddies.

“That feels spectacular” Dixon ran his fingers across his beautiful little erosuit, the powder blue garment was made of a special soft nylon that draped from his delicious penis, his balls were cupped up inside the garment and presented as a perfectly formed round mound that presented his penis and most importantly the head of his cock perfectly inside the garment. The soft fabric encased his manhood so delicately and formed ripples of fabric to each of his hips. Dixon traced the front v of the erosuit, the whole pouch made him feel sexual and alive and he enjoyed the way the small sides just covered his hips. He ran his index finger over the cute “D” printed on his left hip and then felt the tactile fabric as it covered and caressed his buttocks. Dixon had a look of wonder on his face as he looked up.

Aereon was in front of him, he and Blaze were wearing the same hyper-sexy garment.

“You look as sexual as I feel Dixi!” Aereon, placed his hand on Dixon’s face and traced the cute light blue matching mask, the dresser had applied to Dixon’s face.

Aereon looked spectacular, and as Dixon took in the sheer beauty of his mate, he felt the strong arms of Blaze, and Blaze’s hot breath on the back of his neck. The warmth of Blaze’s body, the feeling of his awesome powder blue encased penis pushing into his own erosuit from behind was beautiful and Dixon reached to draw Aereon into him. The three stood clasping at each other holding their bodies together in a super powerful squeeze and starting to lift from their floor of their dresser.

“We have a saucer to launch boys! Probably billions of viewers, not to mention all our Space Cadet buddies out in space waiting to witness the launch of Space Ranger Force on their viewing channels.” Aereon said as he kissed Dixon while the three were floating in their embrace.

“Yeah, you will be piloting Dixon, your mum will be watching, our families will be watching from Space Base Icon, so don’t fuck it up cute nerdy boy!”

“Ha too funny!” Dixon broke up the little floating love embrace and playfully air punched his buddies, grabbing Blaze by the erosuit bulge, he dragged Blaze through the air, pulling their bodies close, “fuck it up, yeah sure!” Dixon kissed Blaze, his hand still firmly gripping Blaze’s erosuit. “I just love that part of your body boy, its mine and Aereon’s, you’re ours mate!”

Aereon was already on the floor laughing as Blaze and Dixon floated downward to join him.

“Come on boys we have a galaxy to impress!” He walked to the door looking back to his buddies who were looking at him incredulously.

“I’m walking to the bridge!” He held out his hands inviting Blaze and Dixon to join him.

“Yeah you’re right, we can’t just keep popping in and out of rooms!” laughed Blaze and with that three sets of delicious erosuit covered buns of steel walked out of the dresser array toward the bridge.

The bridge suppression field buzzed open as Dixon walked toward it and he waited for his buddies to catch up so they could arrive together.

“Here we go boys, this is it!” Dixon looked at his two sexy colleagues and they each cupped their erosuit bulge’s as Three had instructed them earlier in the day; their invisible envirosuits energised immediately, the energy field attaching seamlessly with the pores of their skin, they felt the temperature-controlled environment encase their bodies and they then touched their personalised erosuit letters “A”, “B” and “D” on their left hips to engage the official yellow Ranger Force collar around their necks.

They looked the part, three spectacular, heroes walked into the bridge of Intrepid3 with confidence. Dixon had the control systems in his mind as he walked in to the brightly lit room. The walls were covered in bright blinking lights, screens waiting to deliver information all had the words ‘Welcome Rangers’ displayed on them.

The bridge was located on Deck A, forward. It had three huge viewing screens that occupied the entire front of the saucer and as they walked into the bridge the huge viewing screens covering the walls began to show static and from the centre the static began to clear as the view began to enlarge working its way to the edges, the screen had changed to become three huge windows, windows looking outward into space toward the large enviro-barriers maintaining the living atmosphere on the Academy Space Station dock.

They descended thee stairs from the upper mezzanine level of the bridge down to the three recliner pilot seats facing forward with commanding views out of the saucer. The pilot seats remined Blaze of his Immersatron, but these looked luxurious and comfortable. They were covered in the same beautiful fabric as their Immersatrons, and the three pilot seats were arranged in a semi-circle around a rising control sensor array. The array looked like a thick pole, but it projected three translucent, blue control screens above each of the pilot seats.

Welcome Space Ranger Force - your bridge awaits you. I am Intrepid3.

Dixon, Blaze and Aereon knew the bridge intimately, they had been uploaded with every feature and control system installed and they felt the powerful pull of the Hival Erosphere that inhabited the bridge as strong as they felt it in the Atlantis Suite down on Deck H.

I have prepared your pilot seats.

Dixon made his way to the centre pilot seat and reclined his body into the formfitting apparatus as it formed around his body, hugging him. Dixon grabbed the control sticks, which like his Immersatron, were covered in sensors. His seat caressed his legs and they moved apart slightly, as the back section arose, so he was seated looking forward toward the huge vista of space outside the huge viewing windows in front of the pilot array.

Aereon settled into the seat to Dixon’s left and Blaze to his right.

Dixon knew what was next in the departure sequence and he had been so looking forward to it since the ship-wide upload been installed in his brain. Aereon and Blaze too approached the departure with excitement and the three looked across at each other, smiling and then looking toward their erosuits.

Intrepid3 covered their erosuit man bulges in a control field, it was a conduit to the ship and it along with two neural nodes, similar to the ones used by Three in their initiation ceremony, hovered on their temples.

Dixon felt the pleasure infest his erosuit bulge and he, Blaze, and Aereon let out a satisfied moan as they connected with the ship and its control systems.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” “…She feels amazing, I’m loving Intrepid3 already!” Dixon’s words were full of amazement, the sensual sensation of the ship felt beautiful and surreal, but his mind was grasped by the hundreds of control systems suddenly engaging in his mind, it was effortless and seamless for his brain, he felt as though he had flown the ship for years, as if he were a crack pilot after years of experience. Intrepid3 felt like an old buddie and Dixon felt secure and capable in his inaugural ‘sail away’ sequence.

Their blue control screens descended in front of them, but they each used their minds as the systems danced in their heads, their loins felt the beauty of the Hive as it caressed them, its pulses of pleasure surrounded their penises as information and data transferred freely in and out of their bodies. Their hands were buzzing on the control sticks, they each felt the ship living and existing inside them.

“Ohhhhhhh yes!” Dixon felt his body enliven, his erosuit buzzing, his penis enthralled in the circles of energy pulsing and communicating with his member, his envirosuit transported the delicious energy to his body, his body and mind were one with the ship; he could feel Aereon and Blaze too as the ship came to life.

In the dock and at the edge of space The Five Elders of The Hive floated watching as the three landing struts of Intrepid3 began to slowly rise from the floor of the landing bay. The sharp sounds of the locking pins firing as they released from their docked positions rang through the huge landing bay. Intrepid3’s H Drive whirring and pitching immense sounds as she came to life at the control of Dixon.

Dixon held his control sticks, and he deftly made his dampener adjustments, the invisible force was used by the ship to hold it in place were being released, she was now floating in her own right, floating in the dock at the precipice of space.

Aereon was so excited, his body buzzing, and his penis was feeling sumptuous, but he dared not releasing his hands from his control sticks. Even though Dixon had the ship, he glanced at Blaze, he looked so sexy with his glowing erosuit and cute yellow collar, not to mention the blue mask on his face, he and Dixon were just perfect Aereon thought. Aereon looked at his beautiful nerdy Dixon, his face concentrating and determined as he sat in the central pilot seat of intrepid3. He loved the way Dixon’s spectacular bulging penis looked as his erosuit caressed his body, it looked so suck-able and erotic as the ship, cupped it in the blue powerfield. He glanced down at his own loins, enjoying the way the ship caressed his penis and interfaced with his body. Then he heard Blaze speak, both inside his head and out loud.

“Take us out Dixon!”

It felt surreal as they sat in the control seats, connected with the ship almost like they were experiencing a shared consciousness.

Aereon repeated the statement “Yeah man, take us out!” The look of excitement on Aereon’s face was beaming with excitement.

Dixon looked at his two special heroes on either side of him, he felt safe, powerful and secure between his buddies, “Aye Sir!”, “Aye Sir!”

And with that Intrepid3’s perpetual H Drive hummed loudly as the beautiful saucer began to inch forward past the Eldership guard who were moving to the edges of the space dock and Intrepid3 with her precious cargo moved out into the vast expanses of space.

The bridge lights dimmed and screens and control systems lining the walls filled with all kinds of ship-wide data, with star charts and astrometrical data. The bridge was bathed in a light blue hue of intimate light, it matched their erosuits and masks.

They slipped out into space, the ship humming as she passed The Hival Eldersip floating outside at the edge of the space dock to farewell the three intrepid new Space Rangers. Millions of worlds were watching, star bases, planet bases, research facilities, thousand of scattered Space Cadets were watching as the beautiful saucer cleared the Academy Space dock with ease.

“Thrusters 3” Dixon spoke his order out loud as the ship left the final docking rings of the station, she was now 20 kilometres from the Academy Station, her red beacons on the roof and underneath the saucer blinking as the new ship entered service, at that distance, that was all that the occupants of the Academy could make out as the ship cleared the safety of the docking rings. It would be many years before she would return, Aereon, Blaze and Dixon had a mammoth task ahead of them, adventures awaited them in hundreds of sectors around the galaxy.

Aereon looked a Dixon “crank it” He smiled, knowing that his words were booming into Dixon and Blaze’s heads as he spoke. The ship felt amazing, brand new, and tight, it hummed with low pulsing ebbs of energy until Dixon gave his first hyper flight order.

“Hyper Flight, Gamma Sector – 265.78” Dixon ordered the H Drive to come online; the coordinates would land them into a binary system on the edge of the Gamma sector in several days’ time, they would be meeting an ambassador and his team to discuss a formal alliance between the planets of that system, Dixon, Blaze and Aereon would need to use the time wisely to review the planetary system, their peoples, and inhabitants. They would use Deck B as a conference and meeting reception to accommodate the ambassador.

Hyper Flight allowed Intrepid3 to warm up her H Drive and initialise her space bending capabilities. The H Drive tightened its hull containment field, bolstering the saucer’s body as her propulsion systems exploded into life; space began to bend and flow around the extremities of the ship in blistering displays of light, yet inside the saucer, the three Space Rangers felt no real difference as they remained in their pilot seats enjoying the wonders of their new ship, connecting with her, and communicating with her as they embarked on their new adventures.

Gamma Sector is three trillion light years from our current co-ordinates gentlemen, H Drive is online and functioning within normal parameters. Disengaging erosuit data conduits now. Intrepid3 automatically engaged 4060’s version of auto-pilot!

“Wow that was easy!” Dixon ran his right hand over his erosuit pouch, gently squeezing his nylon encased manhood, enjoying the residual pleasure filling his suit, it filled the entire pouch of his erosuit, “Mmmmmm, and it is such a pleasure to drive.” He looked at Blaze, who was staring back toward him.

“Yeah I felt the ship communicating to me through that pleasure field, amazing!” Replied Blaze. “We have some work to do boys!” He looked at Aereon and Dixon, “This isn’t an academy roleplay!” trying to look serious.

He left his seat and moved over to the huge centre window to gaze out into space. It looked as if the ship were stationary and but every now and then a star would suddenly disappear with out trace. Intrepid3 was travelling several times the speed of light yet the vast distances of space gave the illusion that they were sitting still.

“We have three days to study up boys!” Blaze looked back toward his Ranger boys exiting their pilot seats.

“Plenty of time to prepare for our first official mission and we need to play with Dixi boy in the Atlantis Suit, he needs to be captured and milked!” Blaze and Aereon had a special program in mind for their playful Dixon.

“You expect me to be captured that easily and for me to give you my cum, just like that?” Dixon played along with their little game.


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