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Space Rangers
Part 18 - Atrophy Part 1
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Atrophy Part 1

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(Sigma Sector), 680.92.2354, year 4063


The Space Rangers had been lured and captured aboard a nefarious and secret space liner, the Bordello. This evil ship was owned by four evil oligarchs from different regions of the Galaxy and captained by an evil man, Captain Parallax, it had scoured the Galaxy capturing heroes and enslaving them to the sexual service of the ship and its manifest of rich clientèle.

As part of their triumphant capture and preparations for service, the Rangers were each provided an organic worm-like stimulation device that was used to ensnare their penises and their erosuit bulges. The sentient creature emitted infestations of micro-pleasure particles designed to stimulate their host. These creatures were named by Parallax as a ‘Filip’. An ultimate enslaving device designed to ensure each of the beautiful Rangers were ready to serve the highest paying, horny client.

The Filip spent about 30 minutes claiming their respective bulges, pleasuring their host deliciously, before disappearing inside the bulge to enjoy the host’s penis and scrotum. Finally slithering inside the host’s penis to reside inside the urethra of their host. The Filip was loyal to Parallax and would obey Parallax’s commands, but mostly, they became excited by sexual touch, by the host’s own desires too.

The Filips had ensnared each of the Rangers, and over time, were not only using their emissions of pleasure particles to delight their host’s sexual organs but they were slowly creeping into the minds and desires of their hosts.

To cut a long story short, Kroy, who the Space Rangers had rescued from sexual enslavement, years earlier, and who had decided to study at the academy to serve on Intrepid3 alongside his Space Rangers, had been anointed by The Hive, to become a new Hero to complement the Space Rangers. Ironically, it was suddenly his Job, now as the mighty Vega, with the help of Dale and Intrepid3 their trusty ship, to track down the Bordello and rescue the Rangers.

After Vega achieved his goal and rescued the Rangers, it became clear that something was still wrong with his boys. All three; Blaze, Aereon and Dixon were behaving strangely, they had become so horny, so turned on, they were constantly wet, constantly wanting sexual attention and their minds were increasingly seeking sexual gratification.

It was as if they had become possessed by some strange force!

“Maximum Hive Drive!” The ship’s male voice announced inside the bridge.

Blaze was integrated with the ship but wasn’t alone on the bridge. Dale was there too, working on some algorithmic calculations. Dale was oblivious to Blaze’s light moaning; this particular integration was delighting Blaze immensely who was positioned on his integration seat with his head thrown back and drool running from his mouth.

Dale thought it was the Ship’s integration stimulators causing Blaze’s extraordinary enjoyment of his bridge integration. The Ship’s hyper-sexual control systems were designed to stimulate the Rangers during their piloting shifts but not to the extent that Blaze was at that moment. He was enraptured as if riding an Immersatron.

This needed addressing immediately.

Dale turned away from his calculations to check on Blaze.

He smiled when he recognised Three standing between him and bridge integrators. The Hive Elder had materialised moments earlier, curious about something that was affecting each of the Space Rangers.

“You did well finding the Bordello, Dale!”

Dale could tell from Three’s tone that the Hive Elder was preoccupied with other matters; he was only really making small talk.

“Your visits, Three, are not normally social!” Dale responded with one of those ‘I know, I know!’, looks on his face.

“Yes, I could have awaited Intrepid3’s arrival at Space Base 3, but we felt this most serious!”

Three was glancing toward Blaze as he spoke, and he had a wry smile on his face.

“Not life and death but enough to warrant a visit from The Hive Eldership!” Dale matched Three’s wry smile.

“Intrepid3 is at maximum Hive Drive, and she will arrive at the Space Base in several days! We have so many upgrades awaiting her arrival at the dock! Not only for the ship but for the boys. Their erosuit technology has been upgraded, cerebral interface re-design and stimulant interfaces completely overhauled! Not to mention the arrival of Vega to the team!”

Dale’s smile grew while listening to Three, but he tempered it, the non-verbal gesture prompting Three to continue.

“Blaze looks taken by his integration, he is surrounded by drool, look at his bulge pumping precum like a factory!”

Blaze was indeed drooling, and while the integration seats provided much-needed support for long shifts at the helm, he was rolling his head back and his eyes were wide and alive. His arms were on the integration rests, and he was tightly gripping the ends of the armrests. Blaze’s next series of delightful moans provided Three the opportunity to come to the point.

“The Hive is uniquely tuned to the Space Rangers. It was how you originally found their faint pleasure signatures during their capture and abduction! The Hive must familiarise ourselves with new pleasure frequencies we have detected in each of the Rangers.”

Dale could tell that Three was being careful, he was one of the three elders, three oracles of the omniscient and all-powerful galactic Hive, A powerful force for good and galactic order, but also vulnerable if it were to be infiltrated and compromised.

“Dale, I am the Rangers’ patron as you know,” Three continued.

“I love them each individually as sons and collectively, it gives me and the other two elders great pleasure to watch them grow, develop, and use their sexual energies for the greater good of the galaxy. Such sexual masterpieces, beautiful young men so full of goodness, power, and energy!”

Dale too was uniquely Hive! Having been created from the essence of the Hive, within the very Hive Drive which was propelling the ship, an integral interface between Intrepid3, The Hive, and each of the Rangers. His life force was initialised by the tri-pleasure signatures of the Rangers, and their genetic sexual signatures drawn from their spectacular erosuit bulges. Dale’s existence was therefore an intrinsic interface for Dixon, Aereon and Blaze; their very essence, yet uniquely Hive.

Dale was very aware of what was happening. He was the perfect consultant to advise Three.

“Blaze, Aereon and Dixon have not discussed many aspects of their bondage and experiences on Bordello yet, but I am deeply aware, as you know, they cannot hold secrets from me as I am uniquely interfaced with each of their minds.”

Three was listening intently.

“Early in their captivity, they were bound in a device designed for pleasure torture and enslavement. They were forced to endure a parasitical symbiont, a technology imported into the galaxy. They know of it as a Filip, but not as ‘A’ Filip, but as ‘THEIR’ Filip. The symbiont has taken possession of their penis, it has ownership of their bulges, it provides its host with billions of microscopic pleasure particles, sometimes subtle, other times…” Dale paused and then glanced to Blaze and then back to the elder.

“… It gets excited, and spews out these pleasure particles, it uses this process to carefully enslave its host, first physically, at a physical and sexual level, but each episode is designed to ensnare the host. It was providing the ensnarement to the Bordello and the Ship’s master, an evil space trawler known as Parallax. Parallax was using the Filip technology to capture their minds as well as their bodies. Erotic ensnarement! It was administered to ensure that they would be always ready to serve the horny clientèle of the Bordello.”

Dale could tell that Three was both intrigued and horrified.

“I have not mentioned it to them Three! I have needed time to research this and study this. I have used all the Hival resources at my disposal and I have concluded that we must act decisively to eliminate and learn from this threat.”

“They have not uttered a word about their Filips. It seems to be controlling their minds somehow!” Dale added his observation.

“Understood Dale, good work.” Three responded.

“Bordello remains a threat too!”

Dale’s attention was suddenly piqued.


“Yes Dale! The Hive is aware of the obliteration of the Bordello; however, we are also keenly aware of the re-emergence of evil in thousands of destinations across the galaxy in a simultaneous genetic reformation event. We have sequenced the faint sub-space carriers, and The Hive is monitoring each ‘event-location’. They were careful, but they also escaped with the pleasure signatures of every hero they had captured, including our Rangers. We are certain that the masters of Bordello were not destroyed in the obliteration, but it was merely a camouflage to mask their escape. It is clear the threat has not been extinguished!”

“You need this technology!” Dale exclaimed.

“Indeed, we do!”

Three was very serious as he watched Dale’s magnificent psych-sexual-Hive mind process the information.

“I wanted to tell you personally Dale, you will forgive the Eldership and The Hive for embargoing this information. But we cannot risk allowing this into the Galaxy, even with every Hival encryption deployed. Only you, I and the other elders know this!”

“Then we must extract the Filip creatures before they damage the Rangers! Who knows how they could be compromised!” Dale exclaimed with alarm in his voice.


The pair looked at each other and then at Blaze.

Three gave the command, “Bring him out of his integration Dale!”

In another part of the ship.

Vega couldn’t sleep if he tried. Aereon and Dixon were just too frisky.

The trio were curled up in a ball, in the shared Ranger bed, they had dabbled in bondage games and turbo-showered together several times, but Aereon and Dixon could not restrain themselves, it was like their hyper-sexuality was starting to control them completely; their thoughts were being controlled by something or someone.

But Vega knew better than to challenge them, he had to figure a way to bring them out of their friskiness. Dixon was enamoured with Vega’s bulge, he kept whispering his ‘love’ for his ‘Vega bulge’ over and over into Vega’s ear. Aereon too was completely fascinated with Vega’s erothong. Constantly licking Vega, mumbling his devotion to his new ‘love god’.

Both were precumming profusely. So much so he was drenched, again! And it was only ten minutes since he had coaxed the two crazed rangers to the turbo-shower for the third time.

He managed to get them both onto their backs, he was going to have to play along with them, he was going to have to use some more bondage play to restrain them if he was going to get a moment to come up for air and to think.

Aereon was looking up toward him, his eyes were suddenly looking into Vega’s, as if he was fighting the predatory compulsions grabbing at him. Vega could tell that Aereon was fighting himself, he could tell by the change in Aereon’s demeanour, and the fact that it was the first time in several hours that the mighty Ranger had taken his eyes off his yellow erothong. Aereon had worshipped him and Dixon for hours.

Dixon was not as stoic as Aereon, he was still lost, lying on his back, lifting his pelvis presenting his erosuit to Vega and Aereon. His mighty arms flexed as he fondled himself, purring while allowing his fingers to drift across his bulging red erosuit before squeezing a shot of pre through the garment. Dixon’s eyes rolled in pleasure, and he licked his palms in delight.

“Come on boys, I know you can’t resist your shot of Dixijuice…”

Vega then felt the nano-vibrations, his Ordian crystal attached to his harness was changing colour. He was drawn to Dixon like a magnet, he had suckled on the plentiful Dixijuice fountain many times, but he was more inquisitive this time. Vega lifted himself onto his hands and knees, kissed Aereon and then approached his rightful place between Dixon’s spread legs. Dixon’s red bulbous bulge was pulsating, he could both see and feel the throb as Dixon slowly thrust his pelvis in a gesture of ‘welcome’. Vega answered bending down, caressing Dixon’s heaving abs, he left the erosuit alone for the moment, he loved teasing Rangers. But he fondled the sides of the drenched red skimpy erosuit garment, allowing his fingers to trace the cord inside the top of the erosuit, it was tied tightly across Dixon’s hips.

Vega smiled into Dixon’s pleading eyes.

Aereon had taken his chance, he had re-succumbed to his carnality, and the sexual force gripping him. Aereon embedded his face inside Vega’s buttock crack, his tongue expertly working the fabric of the thong clinging dutifully to Vega’s taint and love pucker. Aereon was a master, a teaser too, but he was ravenous again; he was more than horny, more than excited. Vega could not see it, but Aereon’s eyes were exploding, he was trembling, he had become pure lust as he worked Vega’s arse.

Vega loved the feeling of Aereon’s warm Ranger tongue. It was decadent, his arse had never felt so luxurious, and he longed for Aereon to finally use his mighty tongue, to bypass the tight yellow thong strap and suckle his love hole.

But he had to try and concentrate, he was in effect managing two hyper-sexed, hyper-horny Space Rangers. They were possessed, Vega had no doubt; it had been hours and these two were unstoppable.

Vega used his powers to concentrate on the task at hand he was drawn to the plentiful micro-vibrations, and as suspected the source was Dixon’s bulge, he had felt them earlier and he wanted to investigate further. There was also a second source, and he could tell from the way Aereon was ministering to his butt crack, that it was more than likely emanating from Aereon.

Dixon shuddered as Vega massaged Dixon’s belly button, causing Dixon’s bulge erupted in a voluptuous wave of micro-vibrations moments before warm Dixi-pre erupted on Dixon’s bulge. It was like a warm syrup that coated the bulge in clear sticky frosting.

Dixon’s moan reverberated through his body as the bulge eruption sent spasms of delight up through his torso.

“Tie me up Vega, fuck, tied me up! I want to experience that bound before you and Aer!” Dixon was so enamoured by the sensations; he could barely speak coherently.

“What is happening…?” Dixon mumbled before his eyes rolled from side to side.

Vega could see Dixon fighting the carnality, just like Aereon had tried moments earlier, but he soon re-succumbed to the powerful urges, he was capitulating once again to unknown erotic forces.

Both Dixon and Aereon are fighting something, these vibrations must be a clue. Vega had to think quickly.

Dixon begged Vega to lick his bulge.

But Vega allowed his hands to hover over the bulge, matching Dixon’s efforts to thrust his manhood into Vega’s cupped hands.

Pleasure particles shot across the synaptic space between the surface of the throbbing bulge and his hands.

Oh, how amazing!

Vega’s hands were engulfed inside a tiny fog, a swarm of pleasure particles. He was suddenly able to see them.


Dixon was writhing in a wave of delight as the pleasure force engulfed him in another wave.

Aereon’s moans reverberated deep into Vega’s anus, like Aereon’s powerful tongue, both Rangers were being possessed by something evil something sexual, and Vega could tell.

He ordered the bondage immediately; it was for their own good!

Vega pulled Dixon up and pushed him against one of the several restraint walls that their luxurious shared bedroom/playroom was appointed with. Tentacle-like restraints gripped each wrist and ankle pulling Dixon wide and tight against the wall.

“That will hold you Dixi” Vega said pleased with his efforts.

He then moved to take care of the other ultra-horny Ranger in the room.

Aereon was lying on his back, licking his lips, his eyes set on the magnificent view of Dixon writhing, spreadeagled against the restraint wall, Dixon slowly thrusting the long stream of precum oozing for the underside of his hot red bulge.

“I want it” Aereon’s voice was filled with pure lust. He was caressing his own light blue erothong bulge with both hands.

“I love my Filip!” Aereon said, catching Vega’s attention.

“Come on horny hero”, Vega said in a playful way.

“I want you tied up like Dixiboy here!”

Aereon’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he thought of how exciting it would be to be tied up by the mighty Vega.

“Do it!” Aereon demanded.

“Guards!” Vega commanded.

The ship’s automatic response was swift! Two Eldarian guards appeared dressed in gold collars, with golden skimpy loincloths and golden bands around their heads. Created from the ship’s extensive fantasy log, the Eldarian guards jumped onto Aereon immediately.

Aereon played along with the fantasy.

They jumped him and wrestled with Aereon, grasping him, fighting him.

Dixon could only watch the erotic play with increasing interest, and he was drooling from both his mouth and his erobulge. Vega positioned himself, kneeling in front of Dixon, licking Dixon’s red wet bulge, sucking in the pleasure particle swarm buzzing all over Dixon’s erosuit, Vega maneuvered his hands expertly, massaging Dixon’s straining thighs, while his lips and tongue worshipped Dixon’s drooling bulge.

“How’s the view Dixi, how’s the service?” Vega said self-satisfied at his handiwork.

Dixon was lost inside a wave of lusty pleasure, Vega’s tongue so luxuriously lapping his bulge, billions of tingles erupting across the surface of his erosuit from his Filip, his penis pulsing with pleasure, the tightness of his bondage and the view of Aereon wrestling the Eldarian guards was exquisite, all he needed to complete him, and this decadent scene was his Blaze to come and play too.

“The guards will enjoy Aereon’s capture!” Vega said with a mouthful of Dixon’s bulge, he had Dixon’s plentiful and sweet pre smeared all over his face. Vega had a smile on his face too, knowing the amazing capabilities of Intrepid3’s pleasure generation systems.

“You do know what their sole existence is on their home planet?” Vega asked Dixon licking his lips and nodding his head toward the two athletic guards wrestling with Aereon.

Dixon played along with his bondage role, thrusting his pelvis closer into Vega’s face. He grimaced his face enjoying how erotic it felt to struggle against his bondage.

“Do tell me, Vega!” Dixon said slurring his words and twisting his head in ecstasy, their role play feeding his enjoyment enthusing his Filip in the process.

Vega withdrew his face, but caressed the wet red, bulge, enjoying the feel of Dixon’s snaking penis inside the mighty red erosuit. The warm spongy feel was so erotic and decadent, he could feel the ridges of Dixon’s glans inside its delicious red wrapping. Dixon had gained some control back after the last wave of stimulation had receded, he was watching intently as Vega worshipped him.

He shuddered; Vega’s finger was caressing his sensitive penis head through the fabric of this wet erothong.

Vega looked up and spoke to his captive Ranger.

“They are masters of the penis, their temples on Eldaris ONE, Eldaris TWO and Eldaris THREE worship the penis in all its forms and their high priests milk only the worthiest of stock on each of their planetary system’s three equi-synchs, three planets in total alignment, their equinoxes aligned facing their majestic sun, heat, humidity fueling the eroticism of their annual trivate festival. Three planets, once a year, three High Priests, send forth their three armies of Eldarian guards to scour each of their planets to hunt the most worthy and exquisite three subjects. They each have an Eldarian month, to hunt, choose and capture the worthiest three Eldarian male cum cows, one from each planet.”

Dixon thrust into Vega’s hand, shuddering as a delectable emission of precum caused his Filip to excite.

Vega, felt the pleasure particles infest his hand, looking up toward Dixon’s vibrating face. Dixon could only drool and roll his eyes as the bout of decadent pleasure enfolded his erosuit bulge.

Dixon tried to speak coherently, but the story was feeding his fantasy, feeding his horniness and the way Vega was stroking his bulge was emphasising the erotic story building layers of pleasure in his penis, in his mind. He struggled against the restraints holding him to the restraining wall.

Vega smiled and continued

“Oh, my beautiful Dixi, you are so beautiful when you are horny like this.”

“Please Vega, t, tell me m, more of the Eldaris story…” Dixon pleaded.

Vega looked around listening to and watching the two Eldarian guards wrestling Aereon only feet from where he was ministering to Dixon.

“Do the Guards turn you on Dixi?”

Dixon replied with a warm glob of precum into Vega’s hand. Writhing inside his bondage, eyes wide and wild with desire.

“I’ll take that as a yes!” Vega said leaning in to lick the warm sweet Dixi juice. Dixon’s penis tasted sweet, it was alive with micro-vibrations, infested with pleasure particles. Vega could only shudder looking at Dixon’s delicious bulge. It was all his, Dixon was his to enjoy.

“The earlier the capture, the better! Eldarian guards must prepare their subject, display their subject, display their triumph, and all the while communicate to the inhabitants of their planets that the ceremonies are near. Without the trivate orgasmic pulses, the High Priests cannot guarantee the fortune and safety of their planetary system, and whether it is true or not, they each believe the notion of appeasing their gods.” Vega stopped and smiled, his own access to the ancient Ordian godhead was suddenly more real and even more deeply rooted inside his body, than ever; more intrinsically sexual to him.

Vega traced the outline of Dixon’s bulge. “I so need you, boys!” He said. “So, I need you free of whatever is taking hold of you!”

Dixon shuddered and demanded more of the story; he was becoming infatuated. Aereon too, was wrestling the two Eldarian guards with expressive and highly sexual holds and grapples, they all glistened in Aereon’s plentiful juices. It was as if he was lubricating his attackers in their erotic wrestle romp, rubbing his erothong onto their bodies, fondling their loincloths at his every opportunity.

Vega still had no idea about the Filips infesting Dixon and Aereon’s penises, he knew something was infesting them; he had tasted the pleasure particles, and he had enjoyed the way they tingled on his fingers. But Vega had no idea about the insidious way they were beginning to not only infest their hosts, but the way they were slowly and intently infecting their host’s minds. But he kept his story alive, he had Dixon safely restrained and preoccupied and soon the Eldarian guards would have Aereon tied up too. He continued with his story, his plan was to keep Dixon and Aereon occupied so he could atomize to confer with Dale. Little did Vega know that Three had already arrived onboard the ship and that Dale and Three were onto the case. Vega continued his story, knowing the guards would soon overpower Aereon in the unfolding erotic play.

“Once captured, the subject became known as the Fertile! One Fertile for each planet. The Fertile had lost his freedom and his future was bound in service as a slave, in service of the grand temple, he would become a cum cow, he would be worshipped, but he would never be free until the day of his termination. His arrival as the new Fertile would signal the sacrifice of one of the temple’s long-serving cum cows. The Fertile would become the High Priest’s toy until the next equi-synch of their planetary system.

The guards are required to remain in their ceremonial golden loincloths, headbands, and collars; they represent the authority of their High Priest! The Fertile is prepared in several spectacular ceremonies, in public, in a central position bound and displayed to the village and its surrounding villages and communities. The people must come and worship, they must come and witness the preparation of the Fertile. The first ceremony is about his bondage, his past; he is led through the streets, his arms bound behind his back, he is attached to black yoke via a black collar, the yoke is held by two Eldarian Guards, their skimpy loincloths barely covering their golden inner thongs. They are usually hyper-excited and moist as they walk slowly, leading the Fertile, whose feet can barely touch the ground. The Fertile is dressed in tight form-fitting short pants. The Black elastic garment hugging the Fertile’s loins, his buttocks, the garment represents the Fertile’s past, and his struggles and gasps for breath as he is paraded represent the struggles of the past, his bondage too, black ropes represent his past and the depravity of his prior life compared to the future he now represents!”

Dixon felt the Filip realign itself inside his penis, the pleasure so intoxicating, fed by Vega’s erotic story, he shuddered and whimpered as his bulge became infested with a fresh wave of pleasure particles. He drooled and twisted his magnificent body, his only way of acknowledging how enjoyable Vega’s story was becoming.

“The Fertile must survive the parade of submission! If he succumbs and dies, the guards will discard his body and search for a new Fertile. But they will not allow his death, they are responsible for him! Once the Parade of Submission has concluded he is released from the collar and thrown onto a black altar gasping for breath and writhing with his arms still bound by the black rope. Thousands of devotees will vie for a glimpse of the Fertile as he gasps for breath and struggles for his freedom, but most onlookers are crowding around the pit, fighting for a seat, this will be the last opportunity for them to see the Fertile up close before he is taken to the High Temple to fulfil his role. Several guards will take him to the pit of submission.”

Vega licked his lips and then licked the rounded surface of Dixon’s bulge. He then looked over his shoulder toward Aereon and the gilded guards. They struggled with each other, hissing and grunting, grabbing, pulling. Like Dixon, Aereon was hyper-horny, but his competitive spirit had also engaged. He was enjoying his fight, and Vega could tell.

Vega looked back toward Dixon’s face; Dixon was grimacing and pulling on the tentacles restraining his arms, and Vega could tell that Dixon too was enjoying the erotic match playing out in front of them. So, Vega continued, enjoying Dixon’s responses to the story.

“The Fertile is taken to the pit where ten of the Temple’s high-ranking guards await him. He is paraded to the Pit still bound, pushed, and jostled while temple guards open a way between the throng of onlookers, all seeking that glimpse of the Fertile. Once inside the pit, he is taken down the stairs, struggling to free his arms, while the crowd screams for his submission as he is forced to descend to the floor of the pit.”

Aereon had one of his two assailants in a hold, the Guard was held tightly in Aereon’s arms; Aereon was lying behind the guard, using his arms to pull both guard’s arms and shoulders backward. Aereon had one of his legs wrapped around the guard’s left-hand thigh and Aereon was pulling with his might stretching the guard. But he hadn’t noticed the second guard taking position above them. Dropping to his knees on either side of Aereon’s backward-tilting head. The second guard closed each of his powerful legs onto each of Aereon’s temples, squeezing Aereon’s head and using his arms to pry open Aereon’s grip on the other guard.

Vega smiled, listening to the erotic rumble unfolding, and continued his story.

“The Fertile is forced to the centre circle of the pit, onto a smooth black disk with golden footplates, once his feet touch the footplate, the restraint mechanism holds his foot in place, and when both feet are secured, the guards retreat to the edges of the sunken pit to join the other guards assembled around the edges.

The Fertile is bathed in bright lights, as the centre dais begins to slowly rise and turn, upward toward the first level of onlookers seated around the very top of the pit. He struggles but he cannot free his feet and the black ropes remain tightly binding his wrists, he is being presented. It is this moment, when he reaches the top of the pit, with the Temple priests sitting on the first row, observing, and assessing his beautiful body, all confiding amongst themselves, that his service is beginning. These priests are known to be cruel and demanding, they will ensure his semen, his seed is prepared and perfected each day. He will be tortured each day, with his screams captured, his agony recorded in the temple’s systems this daily process refining his body, the daily routine of torture refining of his pure jism. His bulge will be worshipped as the source of the Fertile offering.”

The ropes suddenly vanish, and his arms are free, but his feet remain firmly stuck! He is on show to his captors and slowly his floating dais returns to the floor of the pit where two guards await him. Once the dais has locked back in position and his feet are released, the first of his erotic wrestling matches begin, he is pitted against two guards each time, just as Aereon is fighting these two now!”

Aereon hissed and fought hard against his assailants, he was lying face down on the base of their expansive bed, his legs locked into one of the guard’s legs and his shoulders were being forced downward under the pressure of the other guard’s weight. The guard was using his knees to pin Aereon’s shoulders to the bed and using his hands to lift Aereon’s head upward and backward. Aereon was being beaten and slowly being forced into submission.

But Vega was not distracted, he continued his account of the Fertile.

“The wrestling matches seem endless, but in the process of the spectacle, the Fertile is stripped and is forced to fight naked, his sexual organs must be displayed to the priests, his buttocks opened and presented and to the fortunate thousand other onlookers, this spectacle will become part of the Eldarian folklore and stories for many centuries. The Fertile is presented in many different holds and positions, and the priests order the dais to rise when they seek a closer inspection of the Fertile’s anatomy. They must evaluate the penis, and the scrotum, they must be shown the Fertile’s testicles as he grunts and writhes inside the various holds perfected over centuries by the Temple guard. The priests must inspect the Fertile’s buttocks, they must be spread to display the Fertile’s anus, his chad. The Fertile cannot be touched by the priests during the presentation, he may only be observed.”

Dixon was drooling at the thought of such erotic barbarism, he was so horny, so sexually charged, that he was holding onto every word of Vega’s story, watching on as the guards wrestled Aereon, becoming more and more sexual as they grappled and held his beloved Aereon, forcing Aereon into sexual positions and Aereon was becoming hornier by each passing moment, he and both of the guards were wet, Aereon’s precum mixing with that of the guard’s juices; the sexual dance progressing ever onward, their voices tainted with erotic tone and their bodies squishing as they contorted and grappled with each other’s slippery bodies.

Vega just smiled, knowing how his story and the wrestling match were distracting Dixon and Aereon’s minds from himself; it would buy him some time soon, time to confer with Dale on their hyper-sexualized conditions. So, he proceeded with his story while licking the insides of Dixon’s spread legs, enjoying the way Dixon trembled with anticipation, teasing the beautiful Ranger into a frenzy of desire, he could feel spurts of pleasure particles tingling on his forehead as Dixon writhed and twisted and his Filip continued to respond to the stimulation, pleasuring him, drawing him closer into its evil submission. Warm Dixijuice bubbling from the tip of the wet red bulge.

“The guards take their turn in wrestling the Fertile! Until the Priest Prime, the closest serving priest to the High Priest stands and orders that the Fertile’s milking cloth be prepared; the milking cloth is only worn by the serving milk providers, this is the moment the Fertile has been accepted to his fate, to his service to the Temple and the Eldarian system, and his ultimate service at equi-synchs of the three planets. Milking cloths are also worn by those who have been Fertiles in the past, who remain in service to the temple; you see, once primed in the Temple’s Parlours of Pain, a Fertile will continue producing the prized Fertilian semen for the remainder of his life until he dies or is sacrificed to allow the ascension of the newest Fertile, as he, this new Fertile is destined to become.”

Aereon’s grunts interrupted Vega’s story momentarily. The two guards had positioned Aereon so that his body was arching backward, his feet and legs locked by one of the guards, and his neck and arms also locked by the other guard.

Vega knew the hold immediately.

He looked up toward Dixon’s straining face, his fingers were caressing the underside of Dixon’s bulge, gently squeezing Dixon’s testicles, knowing how much Dixon enjoyed testicle play. Vega kept up his squeezing action, intensifying as he continued his story. Dixon could only thrash his head in delight and listen intently to the story as Vega toyed with his balls.

“The Position that Aereon has found himself in is known as the Fertilian Assent. Once the Fertile has been placed into the Assent hold, this signals the Priest Prime’s decision, if he favours the Fertile, he will order the Milking Cloth to be awarded to the Fertile, if he does not, the Fertile will be executed, and the search must recommence only if time permits before the next equi-synch of the planets. The Fertile is released and forced onto the foot pads once more, his legs stretched and his arms rebound, but this time in golden rope. He will ascend on the floating dais struggling and naked, his penis and scrotum, his buttocks on display to the excited and screaming crowd and the assembled priesthood. Once floated in front of the Priest Prime, fighting, and struggling, the Priest Prime will lift the ancient and sacred milking laver above his head. As the Fertile’s milking cloth materialises in front of the Fertile, who is forced to look at the garment, his sacred clothes for the remainder of his existence, cream fabric sourced from the Temple’s finest devisers; purified and sanctified; devised to stimulate the Fertile constantly and controlled by the High Priest and his Priest Prime.”

“Adorn the Fertile!” Vega said, continuing his story and squeezing Dixon’s testicles further.

“The garment attaches itself to the Fertile’s face, he is forced to smell the newness of the fabric, feel how his face tingles at the touch of the fabric to his facial skin. He is commanded to lick the sacred cloth, the new home for his penis and scrotum. Its under-thong will cling between his buttocks, and fit his scrotum and penis, forming his sacred bulge. The outer cloth designed to rub gently, to display his bulge with every flap of the wind so that the people can see glimpses of the sacred bulge and fantasize about him when he is displayed to the public or tortured in a public ceremony. So that the High Priest can toy with him, before lifting his only piece of modesty to reveal the majestic bulging under thong which he will be milked in and through.”

“Install the Cloth on the Fertile! will be the Priest’s next command.” Vega said letting go of Dixon’s lower bulge, causing Dixon the writhe and moan in delicious delight.

“It will disappear and suddenly appear on the Fertile’s loins, this sacred loincloth will become a part of the Fertile for his remaining life. He will feel the tightness clinging to his body electrifying the entrance to his anus, he will feel its hold on his balls and the delicious way it clings and caresses to his penis; its micro-vibrations instantly invading his cock. He will take days to get used to it. Within moments he is moist, his wetness spreading to the thin skimpy outer cloth, his moans fill the pit, causing the assembled witnesses to quieten. All eyes are on the new Fertile, bound in front of the Priest Prime, thrusting his hips involuntarily as he becomes used to the stimulation. Fighting his bonds, trying to release his feet and escape. Only now can the Priest Prime approach and touch the Fertile. The Priest Prime will step onto the floating dais and hold the Fertile by each shoulder, smiling and enjoying the beauty of their favoured specimen. He will speak softly ordering his submission. Toying with every part of the Fertile’s face and upper body. Before lowering himself to enjoy the loincloth. Cupping the Fertile, allowing the outer cloth to rub gently over the under-thong’s bulge, The Fertile’s sacred bulge. He will toy with the Fertile for as long as it takes, until his hands are full of the Fertile’s initial lubricant. When he is ready, the Priest Prime will lift the outer cloth to display the under-thong bulge, and the Fertile’s bare buttocks to the crowd as the floating dais slowly turns to present the latest Fertile to the crowd.”

Vega licked his hands, feeling the pleasure particles, tasting the sweetness of Dixon’s precum, he looked toward Aereon still fighting the Fertilian Assent hold, and he continued with his story, knowing how erotic Dixon was finding the account.

“There is silence and awe at the magnificent beauty of the new Fertile, but this will be interrupted by gasps from the assembly, you see Dixon, below the newly adorned Fertile, at the base of the pit, the sacrificial antecedent fertile, is installed spreadeagled on the Eldarian altar of Transcendence. He will be milked to death beneath the new Fertile He will be replaced in the Temple’s manifest of serving Fertiles by the new Fertile. A golden choker will tighten as he reaches his peak pleasure threshold, He has been milked for years as part of his service to the temple and his prized semen was used by the temple for the period of his Fertility and for the years of post-Fertile service. He will resist his pleasure peak, writhing and thrashing below the newly adorned Fertile but his orgasm will be induced by the altar, he cannot escape it, and in a final magnificent orgasmic explosion, he will be choked to death as he cums and his sacred semen will be collected by the Priest Prime’s personal Lector in the golden laver. The sacrifice will be removed from the altar and the new Fertile will be tied in his place, without the choker. The Priest Prime will toy with the new spreadeagled Fertile, playing with the loincloth, massaging pleasure, slowly constructing a pleasure structure, inside the Fertile’s bulge, layers of different frequencies of pleasure, building and manipulating the pleasure fabric until the Fertile is pleading for release, his massive wet bulge throbbing inside the Priest Prime’s hand all the while he is holding the freshly extracted semen from the sacrifice inside a special goblet. He lets the sacrifice’s cum pour down onto the Fertile’s pleasure-wracked bulge commanding the Fertile to assent to his new role. The Fertile’s first orgasm shoots through his milking cloth, his cum is plentiful and mixes with the sacrifice’s still-warm final semen offering. The new Fertile has now officially taken the place of the prior, sacrificial Fertile!”

Dixon was screaming in wild pleasure, the story fueling every erotic fantasy in his head. Aereon too was writhing on the bed, he had been bound by the two Eldarian guards in golden rope, just like the Fertile had been in Vega’s story. They were both bound and horny.

Vega knew he had limited time, both Aereon and Dixon were thrashing violently, and whatever was controlling them was becoming stronger.

Aereon was tied with arms behind his back, they had also tied his legs together the guards were attending to his body, feeling every muscle, worshipping Aereon, whose struggles were becoming increasingly sexual, he was enjoying his bondage immensely and was demanding the guards to worship his body, demanding them to worship his blue erothong. Aereon’s precum was all over their bed by this point, and his struggles were taking him across the expansive bed. The guards were manhandling their captive as they would a new Fertile.

Dixon too had a stream of sticky clear juice reaching down between his stretched legs; his writhing, and pelvic movements were dramatic and sexual, Dixon’s juices were adding to Aereon’s on their bed, the two Rangers, desperately seeking attention, fighting something which Vega could not explain.

Vega jumped across toward Aereon, he had to see if Aereon too had a similar hyper-pleasure packed bulge as he had just experienced with Dixon.

“Guards hold Aereon down on his back!” Vega commanded them.

Aereon believed it was part of the role, part of his fun, he was enjoying being worshipped and manhandled by two gold-adorned temple sex guards! He played along with the role.

“Gah get your hands off me!” He said with a playful grimace on his face.

“You don’t mind if I inspect your body mighty Ranger!” Vega responded, playing along.

“I have heard how delectable Space Rangers are, powerful heroes powered by the all-powerful Hive, I have heard their juices are prized across the galaxy!”

Aereon struggled but his ropes and the guards ensured his compliance.

Vega straddled Aereon, he was kneeling, with both knees on either side of Aereon’s hips. Aereon’s struggles were somewhat stifled by the power of Vega’s strong legs, pushing against Aereon’s hips. Vega needed Aereon to be stabilised for his inspection, Vega could feel his beautiful boy’s struggles, Aereon was super horny, and every push of his hips was creating a bubbler effect on the tip of the light blue sumptuous bulge.

“You are so Sexual Ranger!”

“Any idea why?” Vega thought he would ask.

“So beautiful!”

“So Sexual! Yes, Mmmm!”

Vega was leaning forward caressing Aereon’s golden tanned skin, playing with his heaving tight pecs, caressing and cupping, fingering, exploring Aereon, pushing his sexual lover-boy into a frenzy.

“Just touch my bulge damn it!” Aereon screamed in a flurry of struggle, twisting, fighting against his bonds and the two guards holding his arms and feet in place.

Vega just smiled.

“So demanding Aer!” He stated.

“So needy!”

“I fucking need it, do it!” Aereon screamed at Vega with widening eyes and a powerful lift of his pelvis off the sticky bed. The sound of squishing as his buttocks slid up and down and sideways in his struggles and making Vega hornier, but oh so more inquisitive.

“You are indeed possessed by something, aren’t you, beautiful boy! I don’t often hear any of you Rangers swear like that, but…” Vega performed a ‘Tut tut’ with his fingers above Aereon’s face before touching his fingers on Aereon’s hungry lips. The handsome face of the mighty Space Ranger showed a desperation and a longing that Vega had not seen before.

Vega glanced toward Dixon, who was also desperately fighting the restraining wall, his wet red erosuit clinging to every part of his gorgeous anatomy, his head thrashing up and down, Vega could see that Dixon was fighting something, Dixon was somewhere inside that tornado of sexual exuberance and frustration. He glanced back to Aereon.

Aereon was lost in play, he needed Vega to play him and make him cum, but not yet, he was enjoying the pleasure too much. He was lost in desire and as he looked up to see his beautiful Vega straddling him, the yellow harness clinging dutifully to Vega’s chest and the sight of Vega’s yellow erothong, bulging exquisitely, and knowing the power that Vega yielded, it was becoming excruciatingly explosive for Aereon. He began to thrash, he needed desperately to break free and grab Vega, he wanted to pull that Vega thong bulge into his face, let his fingers explore the tight warm Vega butt crack, explore Vega’s love pucker. He wanted to feel Vega tremble in delight.

But he couldn’t. They were not allowing it.

Vega let his fingers traverse Aereon’s heaving little hills of ab muscle slicked in warm precum, Aereon was breathing erratically, his struggles causing Vega to tighten his vice-like grip on Aereon’s hips, Aereon was trembling and moaning loudly, the sensations enveloping his wet erobulge.

Vega had reached the top of the erothong, he ran his fingers across the top of the erotic garment, feeling Aereon’s anticipation, it was palpable and electric.

“This?” Vega asked.

Aereon could not speak, he was overcome with sexual exuberance, his response was to lift his pelvis slowly and determinately, for Vega to enjoy.

“So wet, so beautiful Aer, I can see your penis through the fabric, so exquisite, so enthralling. In fact, I am using every ounce of my strength not to touch you, feel your sex, your special Ranger sexual toy, my toy!”

Vega’s words were too much for Aereon, he screamed out as a swarm of pleasure particle activity exploded from deep inside his penis, they were streaming from the lips of his penis, and they were also exploding through the flesh of his shaft into every millimeter of his wet and delicious bulging erothong, his Filip highly excited.

Aereon’s precum spurted this time through the erothong bulge into Vega’s hands and as he lifted his hands, he could feel the warm erotic juices stretching and muculent. Warm and plentiful but he got what he came for too! Yes just as he had experienced with Dixon’s delectable bulge, Aereon too seemed to be infected by some delightfully decadent pleasure inducing something ; his hands tingled and as much as he examined the sticky precum on his palms, he could suddenly see the culprits in the form of a small energetic cloud, Vega’s power could suddenly tune into the pleasure particle’s frequency for him to witness the diaspora form, just like he had witnessed on Dixon’s bulge. Vega observed that not long after emission, the cloud started to dissipate.

“Mmm, interesting!” Vega said, looking back toward his beautiful Dixi, writhing, and flinging his precum in arcs from his erotic hip flexions.

“They both have the same, I don’t know, would you call it infestations?”

Aereon was in a fit, a frenzy of delight and begged Vega to touch his bulge.”

Vega did just that, his attention drawn back to Aereon’s wet blue bulge. He looked down and the beauty of the bulge, the shape of the pouch, the shape of Aereon’s penis lurking inside, and the shape of his testicles bulging through the erotic wet garment was electrifying. Vega had one of the galaxy’s most delicious hero bulges all his to experience. Its owner was so erotic, so desirous, and so needy.

He touched it, carefully allowing a torrent of the pleasure particles to swarm his hand, glancing, up momentarily to see Aereon’s body twist and hump, his mouth drooling. Vega returned his attention to Aereon’s bulge.

“So exquisite, so delectable!” Vega was enamoured by the sheer majesty of Aereon’s sex.

He felt the warmness of Aereon’s sexual architecture, Aereon was one with his erothong he felt exquisite, his hand cupping, his fingers manipulating the underside of Aereon’s glans, Aereon, like the other Rangers were cut, his penis head super sensitive and responsive, Vega knew every cell, he was extremely familiar with each of his Rangers, their sexual organs were his to enjoy and manipulate, and he knew every millimetre of Aereon’s penis. He knew Aereon would scream when he let the tip of his finger push the sensually wet nylon-like fabric into the nub of the base of Aereon’s penis head.

He did not scream, the guard had placed a gauze into Aereon’s mouth, The guard was well-versed in the manipulation of sexual pleasure, and how to handle a captive. So, he gagged Aereon.

Aereon moaned violently trying to spit the gag out, but the guard held Aereon’s head firmly, he was using his knees to hold down Aereon’s bound wrists, one hand to control Aereon’s head and the other to keep the gag in Aereon’s mouth.

It was all excessively stimulating and as Aereon twisted he also thrust his bulge into Vega’s hand.

Vega could only smile, he could feel the monster growing, the head of Aereon’s penis was pushing upward through the drenched fabric of the erothong, spewing precum, lubing its trajectory as his penis engorged with blood.

Aereon’s moans were excruciatingly erotic.

“That’s a good boy!” the Guard said. “Give your master your erection, the fullness of your majestic glory, it is the gateway to your service!”

Dixon couldn’t take it anymore, he cried out, as his very own erection started to form. He desperately needed it to be attended to…

“Oh god, fuck, I’m so horny!” he screamed trembling and fighting his bonds, the mere sight of Aereon’s bondage, his body writhing and twisting, his precum oozing through Vega’s fingers as Vega caressed Aereon’s angry hardon inside the erothong was so outrageously sexual, he could barely contain himself and even worse, the Filip inside his penis was enraged. It was spewing pleasure particles by the millions.

It was sexual torture!

At this point in the proceedings, Dale and Three appeared inside the love-nest bedroom.

“Now what do we have here!” Three said smiling from ear to ear. But this was no real jovial matter, just the sight of what was unfolding made him smile.

They stood next to the big round bed, at its far end, the plush carpet surrounding the joint ‘sleeping’ apparatus had not yet become wet, but Dale bent down to feel the surface of the bed, he had heard the erotic squishing as Aereon struggled, and as two Eldarian guards and Vega held the Space Ranger down.

“Precum!” He said looking at Three.

“Excessive, sweet and warm!”

Three then pointed to Dixon who was twisting and thrusting, spreadeagled against one of the room’s restraining walls, he pointed to the elastic-like cord of rope-like precum slinging across the bed, slapping on the back of one of the guards.

“Exactly as we thought Dale!”

Dale and Three had earlier consulted the Hive for over an hour inside the ship’s Hive Drive after examining an excessively horny Space Ranger Blaze, who was safely bound in the Atlantis suite. Their scans had been examined by the Hive entity and shared with each of the Elders, Three being one of them and with Dale. It was agreed that a symbiotic sexual pique organic device had definitely been administered to each of the Space Rangers.

“Excessive precum production, Hmn!” Dale said.

“Just like Blazey Boy!”

Three spoke to Vega.

“I see you have the situation in hand!” Three said with a smile.

Vega atomised directly across the expansive room to confer with Dale and Elder Three, leaving Aereon in the capable hands of the Eldarian temple guards.

“Their bulges are on fire!” Vega said. His palms were still buzzing.

“Feel my palms!” Vega said offering his open palms, still oozing with Aereon’s plentiful juices.

Dale examined them and then looked at Three

“Confirmed, these are the same diaspora of micro-particles as we examined with Blaze!” Dale said looking to Three.

Dale then tilted his head slightly as he communicated directly with The Hive.

“I have conferred with The Hive.” He tilted his head back. “A confirmed match, Hive is still working on their origin, but these particles are the same synthetic hydrophased genus we harvested from Blaze’s bulge!”

Three thanked Vega.

“You have done well once more Vega, The Hive is pleased with your growth into hero-hood, you have earned your place amongst the Rangers on this ship! But if we don’t act soon, whatever it is infesting our boys, er…” He smiled and placed his hands on Vega’s impressive shoulders, “…your boys, we may not be able to save them, from being taken over, mind and body. It seems this entity is infesting more than their erosuits, it is spreading into their minds slowly, with each emission of these micro-particles…”

Vega looked worried, if Three, one of the Hive elders was worried, and Dale too, then the situation could be bleak, he couldn’t imagine a galaxy without his Aer, Dixi, or Blazey boy!

“We must act!” Vega pleaded with Three and Dale.

It was Three who responded to Vega’s petition.

“That we will do, Vega! I notice you have used Intrepid3’s database to create the Eldarian Temple guards to deal with our hyper-frisky Aereon. An extremely good choice, we will use this scenario in the Atlantis suite, I hope you don’t mind us taking your lead on this, but the Hive is impressed with your abilities and insights, not to mention your abilities to access your Ordian Godhead: You will play the role of the High Priest; are you happy to take on that responsibility? Aereon, Blaze and Dixon’s lives are literally in your hands young man! Dale and I will be present, but we cannot role-play, we must be outside the simulated environment conferring with the Hive. The Hive will use the Ship’s Hive-Drive to generate the temple!”

Vega then recalled his extensive training and Immersatron sessions with Dale, onboard Intrepid3 before attending the Academy and his lessons there; he remembered the Eldarian system of harmonised pleasure and the equi-synch ceremonies of the trivate planetary system. He recalled the High Priest as the Fertile master, the top of a hierarchy of the Eladraian Planetary Priests, the sole responsible Priest for the Fertile’s pleasure, his bulge, his penis, his juice production and most importantly, the assurance of the highest quality, elite semen. Three Fertiles, one on each planet, perfected for the moment of climax, when the equi-synch occurs the perfect synchronization of the three planets, the three Fertiles in the throes of hours of pleasure build, their penises tuned by the High Priesthood. Their cum extraction would be broadcast across the three worlds, so much relies on the perfection of their semen, the volume of their cum, their long orgasmic milking must be exquisite, three Fertiles at their peak. An apogee of planetary alignment, and an apogee of semen flow to ensure the ongoing vitality of each planet until the next equi-synch.

He knew that only the most refined and richly endowed semen was demanded, the High Priest and his Priest Prime would personally oversee the torture sessions of each Fertile, but this would take months of agony, months of layering the pain, testing the purity of the Fertile’s semen, aligning the torture to meet the demands of priesthood and to meet the timing of the planetary equi-synch. The precision of the torture was the High Priest’s highest responsibility, milking the Fertile’s bulge after each torture, and tuning the pleasure flows to extract the most precise quality of Fertile juices were equally the responsibility of the High Priest. The planets relied on their skill and artisan craftsmanship.

Vega looked lost in thought and Three had to cup Vega’s handsome face, pulling Vega’s head to look up into his eyes.

“Oh sorry, I was recalling my understanding of the Eldarian system!” Vega said.

“So, you are aware of your responsibility to become High Priest! Of course, the Hive will vary the scenario for our ceremony as you will become the High Priest for three Fertiles; Aereon, Dixon and Blaze! Do you understand?”

“They won’t be your Dixon, Aereon or Blaze in their roles; they will be Fertiles, and as such, they will be fighters; Fertiles are defiant. They will be your toys, and their pain and pleasure will be your responsibility! You must extract the most refined and exquisite semen known in the galaxy. It will involve you mastering three majestic heroes, err Fertiles. Their bulges their cum and production are in your hands, you must inflict the strictest Eldarian sacred torture, you must refine their semen, we will need to tease these organisms inside their penises, so you must be strong and inflict the strictest of torture.”

Vega cut Three off.

“I understand sir!” Vega said.

Three smiled down toward Vega, “Remember if you get this right, you will save them, we must discover what is affecting them, if we fail…”

“I won’t entertain the thought of failure Three!” Vega said cutting the elder off again.

“Let’s do this!”

(Atrino Sector), 109.14.0069, year 4063

In another distant part of the Galaxy, at the edge of the dimensional gate, named the Fissure Way, Hero Singularity floated, he had been spanning interstellar space for what seemed like an endless journey, but something had attracted his attention way back in Delta 100.77.1243. It was something so strong, he had been feeling it in every fibre of his body.

The young twenty-two-year-old hero, loved to frolic in space, an environment so inhospitable to most beings, so cold and so dangerous, but space held a deep fascination for Singularity; it was his domain, ever since the accident, back several years ago, when the transporter ship taking him to Sagittarius One Seven, a moon in the Sagittarian system was hit by a stray spacial warp extending from GHT-109, a super black hole, two trillion light years away from his transporter’s position. Everyone was lost on that ship; it was a freak occurrence, and it was instantaneous!

Everyone was lost, except him!

He had woken up in space, floating, naked, his skin warm and alive, his penis erect, his senses alive and bursting with energy, and with the wreckage of the transporter ship he and the others were travelling in floating all around him.

But that was years ago, it seemed like eons had passed since then, he had developed his newly found powers not long after he realised his ability to live in the expanses of space, drawing his new-found energy and powers from the very fabric of the cosmos.

He had learned of the accident from his professor at the Sagittarian Academy of Propulsion, where he was studying to become StarCraft Ensign and had visions of service on board a StarCraft, of seeing the galaxy, he was never going to be stuck on some moon, somewhere doing a boring job.

After surviving the accident and using his strange new powers to find his way home, he had confided in his professor, who was, at the time, studying the very spacial warp that had caused the accident. They kept his story secret, and he had allowed his professor to run tests on his body, confirming his altered genetic coding. He was somehow made up of space matter, star stuff, his genetics defying every law of physiology. So, they started referring to him as the singularity.

But all that was years ago too, Sing was twenty-two now and kept in contact with his professor whenever he could, and his dream of seeing the Galaxy had been fulfilled, just not in the way he had dreamed of. He now lived and breathed, literally, space! He had a delicious life force, a power that craved cosmological energy, his newly energised body yearned for it. He was one with it, attraction, repulsion, dark matter, dark energy, atomic and sub-atomics, light, magnetism, and gravity. He was part of it, he seemed to attract it, as a black hole would feed, his majestic new body needed it and it felt great. It also made him horny and that was the hardest part of his transformation for him to realise and control.

He had become Singularity, he was never going to be an Ensign serving on a ship; the galaxy had bigger, brighter plans for him, he had become a hero, more powerful than he could imagine, his body absorbing cosmic energy, forming, and re-forming, fueling his young supple body, every muscle was constantly tuning. He loved his body, especially now that he had learned to control his energy consumption. Every trip into space fueled him, and he was determined to use his powers for good, but he was always aware of how horny it made him, how erotic his penis felt when he was alone with his thoughts. His orgasms were transformational now with his new genetically modified body. He had not considered it, but his semen also had become a powerhouse packed with cosmological code. He just loved the new texture of his jism, his orgasms were mind-blowing, and he so enjoyed ejaculating into his suit whenever his heroic duties allowed him a moment. Cumming, stretched out in space was his favourite, his body sucking in cosmological energy, allowing his pleasure and his orgasms to rage, each one so individual, so delightful! He loved stretching out his body and screaming into the expanse allowing his orgasm to somehow fuel his body, he felt as though his pleasure was connecting him to the galaxy. He was twenty-two, powerful, horny, and virile. He had become one with space on every level, or so he thought.

Until he came across the Fissure Way dimensional gate.

Space Rangers with special guest Singularity will return soon for your reading pleasure.