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Space Rangers
Part 16 - Vega Part 11
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Vega - Part 11

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(Sigma Sector), 680.92.2353, year 4063


The Space Rangers have been captured aboard the secret space sex liner – Bordello.

They have been paraded around and shown off to the ship’s company as the latest and greatest capture and the owners of the ship are expecting a huge increase in cash flow as these new cum cows are deployed into sexual service. The owners of the vessel are enjoying their catch before the three new erotic captives are deployed. Drake has Blaze in his private suite, Tarn has taken Aereon, and the vampire Tempest has taken Dixon. The three Rangers are being edged toward a huge milking orgasm.

Dixon’s pleasure build is being used by the vampire to choke and display an artery in the neck of Cosmos, another handsome and virile hero. Each pulse of pleasure is also setting off a release of pain-inducing energy deep inside Cosmos’s rectum. Dixon so desperately needs his orgasmic release after hours of sexual torture and public display, but he is desperately trying to resist, fearing he will kill Cosmos or the Vampire will, by sucking Cosmos’s blood in a frenzy of feeding while Dixon’s orgasm rages.

The Bordello is unaware that the stealthy Intrepid3 has been hot on their tail and avoiding detection. On-board the ship, and whilst in pursuit of the Bordello, the mighty Vega had been released into his powers by a powerful initiation deep inside Intrepid3’s H-Drive; Vega’s magnificent orgasm was the catalyst used by the Hive, inside the H-Drive for Vega to emerge with his powers and ready for action. They have finally caught up with the colossus sex liner and Vega has used his special godhead powers to arrive on board the Bordello without detection.

Vega is ready for action.

The ship was pumping, systems were operating at peak performance. Bordello was milking, it was extracting litres of hero essence by the minute, every outlet, every extraction machine, every pleasure generator running at capacity. The arrival of Ranger Force had set the ship into a sexual frenzy.

But the Bordello’s masters and crew had no idea the tables had been turned. The stalker and hunter had become the stalked and the hunted and Intrepid3 sat three thousand kilometres away off the Bordello’s starboard stern, keeping pace and utilising a modified cloak based on Dale’s extensive scan of Bordello’s systems. The new cloak modulator fooled Bordello’s defense scans and ocular sensory array, causing it to perceive a facsimile of space. It was as if the Ranger’s ship was not there, Intrepid3 was absorbing even the most sophisticated detection scans. Dale had rendered Intrepid3 invisible to Bordello.

Vega arrived on board Bordello, inside the bowels of the huge vessel, ready to exact as much damage as he could.

Materialising mid-ships, deep within Bordello’s service areas and propulsion precinct, this place was inhabited by drones and specialised space engineers, unseen and unknown to the cavorting licentious clientèle who enjoyed their regular titillating sex breaks on board the erotic liner. The Engine Room housed far more than Bordello’s engine and propulsion systems. Providing power, propulsion, air, gravity, and everything required to sustain luxurious life in the evil and exquisitely appointed hotel erotica. Food and wine from the galaxy's most extravagant and beautiful corners all support the ship’s main purpose of capturing and presenting the most erotic heroes the galaxy has on offer, in bondage to the wealthy elite. Torture and pleasure complement the deluxe lifestyle offered by Bordello to its horny patrons. Bordello was as much a cash cow as it was a cum cow for its deeply evil and secret owners.

He arrived in a passageway deep in Bordello’s bowels. Muscular but not bulky, Vega stood looking around, listening to Bordello’s thumping hum, it was throbbing. His handsome face and green eyes peered through his yellow mask. Slightly humped forward and ready for any surprise. The pale-yellow harness fitting tightly across his chest, he could feel the discreet vibrations from the green crystal that felt warm fitting into his delicious cleavage. Vega’s pectorals were crowned with pert little nipples, erect and ready for action. His abs were like perfect little hills gently rising and falling as Vega breathed. His training at the academy had taught him the power of breathing, the connection between mind and body.

Vega’s yellow erothong was deeply Hive. It caressed his hips, filled his buttocks, and wrapped his mighty sexual organ. Presenting his sexuality, his perfection, its fabric stimulating his penis, he could feel and sense the Hive. But as soon as he arrived on board the behemoth ship, he could feel the numbing effect of the hero dampeners.

Bastards he thought, I can feel the effects of the dampeners, that numbing is invasive, such power. I must disable these evil dampeners immediately.

Vega felt his muscles, running his hands across his body, he cupped his bulge and ran his hands down the sides of his upper legs feeling his muscles, knowing their power, yet somehow the dampener systems were already infiltrating his physicality and affecting his perception of their presence and power. It was like an anesthetic slowly creeping through his body.

He squeezed and massaged his body, trying to arrest the growing and creeping effects of the dampener systems sapping his power, numbing the Hive, and the delicious feeling of sexual power the Hive infused him with. This diabolical ship had become much more of a threat than he had first imagined, he could feel its menacing power. He knew immediately, its power was a threat that the Galaxy could not afford.

He had to work fast, or he too would be rendered powerless and captured to be part of Bordello’s inventory. But he knew that he had no reputation, no heroic status, and was unproven, he was the newest hero in the Galaxy, an unknown, and he knew that this virginal status could be used to his advantage!

Feel numb, these dampeners are invasive and dangerous, must stop them, and reverse their effects. They were not affecting his mind; his cognitive functions were as sharp and responsive as ever. Dale had taught him well to keep his mind alert and nimble and although he was finding it hard to move, he was able to assess and act.

Vega disappeared before the two drones appeared from the corridor junction several meters from where he had first appeared. He was still there, but his ability to access his godhead powers was not impaired by the dampeners. He let the drones pass through this multi-physical body, he felt their energy as they passed through his ethereal energy.

They passed right through him, unaware of his presence.

Cool! He thought.

The drones were headed to the central dampener enhancement chamber. The very torture room where Positron, Solar Boy, and Horizon Lad were being held and drained.

Vega somehow knew exactly where they were going, it was strange at first, but it only took seconds for him to accustom his mind to the flow of information he was extracting from the universe.

“The Extractor room will be busy!” One of the humanoid drones said to the other just as they passed through Vega’s presence, completely unaware that their enemy was with them, unseen and ready to pounce.

The drones employed around Bordello were naked from the waist up, they wore tight pale blue tights that form fitted their chiselled bodies. Created and fashioned into sculpted male bodies, these lifeforms were able to undertake tasks and duties of humans and other species, with their fully functioning bodies and sentient consciousness, almost indiscernible from other lifeforms. Drones were used widely throughout Bordello as workers, and attendants in many of the bondage torture and pleasure venues available onboard the ship. Drones were also used exclusively to serve the needs of the occupants of their assigned suites in the hotel section of the liner. These facsimile creatures were created to serve, created to obey, created to be enjoyed. But these pair were created with deep needs and inclinations to inflict pain, to enjoy the bondage of others while they tortured them. They were specially designed for the task entrusted to them by Captain Parallax.

Vega followed them, completely unaffected by the influence of the dampener systems, his ability to enter the ghostly world, the godhead plane was, both fantastic and illogical, but Vega went with it, he was exploring his powers, but had no time to experiment or test. He was suddenly on duty, the galaxy needed him more than ever and he needed to trust the Hive and the powers it had entrusted him with.

So, he followed the two attractive yet evil drones, he could move freely, and he could feel his body, but no one could detect him. Not even Bordello’s highly sensitive sensors. He was to all intents completely invisible to others whilst inside his godhead and best of all the dampener system did not affect him whilst he was in this state.

He was passing through multi-secure barriers, energy fields that could vaporise intruders immediately if they were not wearing the correct bio-key. The barriers had no effect on Vega as he passed through, but he felt slight magnetic disturbances vibrating on his fingers as he passed each layer; they made their way until finally arriving at the door to the chamber, it was glowing red, it had the letters CDEC glowing in yellow across the two locked doors. The Central Dampener Enhancement Chamber was one of the most secure torture facilities onboard Bordello. A section of the liner that not even the wealthiest guest could ever know existed. It was the second most secure facility on board, behind the propulsion facility, without the CDEC, the ship could not control the array of space heroes it had on offer. It could not do its licentiously erotic business. Inside three mighty heroes provided a combined enhancement to the genetic reservoir of hero cum which fuels the diabolical ship-wide dampener system.

They were tied in a circle surrounding a central siphon. Arms and legs stretched in tight unforgiving bondage pulling Positron, Solar Boy, and Horizon Lad into tight spread-eagle positions. The extractor’s gravitational forces dragging their virile bodies toward the central siphon. Their bodies writhing uncontrollably, their cries and screams were being absorbed into the massive translucent energy field that filled the central space that each hero was tied facing. Inside the energy field, the siphon device moved upward and downward pulsing in light as blobs of energy ballooned out from the main siphon body, absorbing the energy particles being extracted from each of the captives. The room was lit by faint ‘mood lighting’, an evil little touch that Parallax liked to employ, knowing that these three heroes would never be released from their torment, their bodies would undergo constant torture, the machine ripping their subatomic powerhouse energy from their bodies and feeding the dampener systems.

Parallax loved to visit the CDEC, usually, with one of his favourite heroes, who he liked to display to his, bound and helpless ‘guests’, he would let his drones tie the guest hero to the pleasure injection system, enjoying how his chosen succulent subject would ingest the pleasure flow, toying with his body, in front of Positron, Horizon Lad and Solar Boy. Parallax knew how horny his captives were, they craved to cum, even as their torture raged, they were taunted by Parallax, extracting sweet hero pre-cum from his guest, from the hero he had brought along for the session, allowing his trio of torture toys to savor the sweet nectar, their only relief in the torrent of agony they were assigned to endure. Parallax just loved the drama, he loved tormenting their minds and bodies, these were his little secret stash, a private place to enjoy exquisite torture. He liked to play with them and enjoy their quivering bodies.

Solar Boy provided the siphon with a steady stream of neutrino energy particles which His body manufactured. Solar Boy’s body was wrapped inside a form-fitting red suit melding to his body meticulously, he was covered in red except for the yellow bulge housing his genitals. The image of a sun spurting a corona of energy was continually animated on his chest. His tight buttocks were smooth to the touch and covered in the magical fabric of the suit. Solar Boy’s spiky dark hair seething hot was dripping in a hot sweat. His head thrashed left and right as he writhed in intolerable agony, his body straining against his bonds as the powerful gravitational pull of the siphon device sucked relentlessly at his body, drawing the neutrino energy from him.

Positron thrashed his supple young body directly opposite Solar boy, they could see each other through the translucent field surrounding the siphon every time the siphon lowered into the base of its central holding armature. The gravitational pull of the machine constantly clawing at his beautiful body, he too was spreadeagled like Solar Boy, his body in a reverse arc fighting the horrific forces of the siphon. His short brown hair was also wet with sweat. This young 20-year-old hero had barely emerged into the galaxy before his exotic power source quickly drew the attention of Parallax. Positron was captured several years into his hero tenure. His yellow boots matched his yellow mask, he wore form-fitting white tights with a slim yellow belt and buckle and was bare-chested except for a small tattoo of a bolt of energy emblazoned on each of his pert sweat-soaked bulging pectorals. Positron’s energy disengaged from his body after forming on each of his bolt tattoos, torturing him as they ripped from his body toward the central siphon with blue-zapping erratic bolts of energy. Like a massive space storm, the energy danced around, lighting up the space in time with Positron’s screams. His agony was palpable, erotic, and entertaining. Antimatter was exactly what Parallax needed inside the fermentation chamber of the dampener enhancement system. The power of billions of explosions mixing with Positron’s exotic power source providing that secret ingredient made Positron one of Parallax’s key captives, sealing his fate.

The final ingredient for Parallax’s dampener enhancement system was provided by Horizon Lad. This beautiful virile hero with messy long blond hair was, like his fellow ‘torture buddies’, spread-eagled and helplessly being dragged by the diabolical gravitational forces toward the siphon. His tanned body straining, his hair pulling around his chiselled face in the violent gravitational forces dragging his muscular form ever inward toward the vicious vacuum suction’s source. Horizon Lad had been very active in the galaxy, especially in the Esperance sector, where Bordello had captured him. Deeply sexual, his power source derived from a unique Tetra-quark combination, something his body manufactured, his power so freakish and unique, it made Horizon Lad ultra-horny. His costume reflected his deep-seated erotic nature, Horizon Lad wore a red thong, and his bulge displayed his penis exquisitely, the garment tight between his buttocks resembled that of a Space Ranger’s erothong, his narrow red mask matching his tight red and yellow form-fitting crop top tunic, the tunic fitting under his armpits and tightly wrapping the top half of his pecs and the top of his back. A yellow line across Horizon Lad’s tunic provides the illusion of a horizon. Even out of bondage, Horizon Lad was always horny, it was a by-product of his exceptional power generation. But he secretly enjoyed bondage sessions, it was a facet of his sexual identity, so the immense pressure of the siphon and the violent extraction created by this torture scenario only served to feed his pre-cum production, his mind feverishly screaming for both release, and yet, also wanting, craving more. His thong, his bulge always wet, always displaying his powerful virility. Horizon Lad’s beautiful body and his erotic allure had attracted Bordello’s attention, but Parallax needed his unique power to fertilise the output of his dampener enhancement inside the collision chamber, supercharging the output with the pressure of a Class B black hole. Parallax needed the Horizon and only Horizon Lad could provide him with the reliable virility, the immense pressure needed to supercharge the Bordello’s inventory of hero cum that made the ship’s dampeners so effective.

Vega followed the drones into the Central Dampener Enhancement Chamber and the wall sealed behind the drones as they passed through into the secret chamber. His first impressions shocked him, the mighty sound of the Siphon’s gravitational forces, the piercing sound of three mighty heroes struggling to retain their energy, failing though; their very essence was being ripped from their helpless bodies, their bondage holding them secure, keeping them from being sucked into the Siphon’s vacuum and certain annihilation, the thumping sound of the Dampener tanks full of semen, supercharging in a constant enhancement process. His heightened senses picked up the scent of power discharge, subatomic collisions releasing scents that affected Vega to his core. He could taste and smell the agony of Solar Boy, Positron and Horizon Lad, he didn’t need to hear the screams of agony, but the sudden rush, the confluence bombarding his senses was outrageous.

Vega had to stop this diabolical scene of torture, it was something innate, he instinctively needed to save them, and it was time to reveal himself.

Vega let the drones begin their ritual tuning of the Siphon, they kept away from the trio of writhing heroes being raped and raided, their very power being ripped from them so violently. It would be certain death to enter the confines of the Siphon’s extractor source ring, especially while the Bordello was demanding full power. They went immediately to the control console, speaking into a microphone, knowing their voices would be reproduced inside the minds of Solar Boy, Positron and Horizon Lad. They loved taunting the captives, these drones were programmed with an evil attitude, and they enjoyed inflicting pain, it was how they were made, exactly to Parallax’s specifications.

Vega emerged from the veil of his godhead, his cosmic ethereal world, his powers, and strength revived and unaffected by the ship’s dampeners, but he had minutes to act before needing to re-enter his cosmic godhead to re-charge, the dampeners would start to take effect quickly, so Vega wasted no time. He planned to appear and create havoc, then re-enter the godhead state to recharge. The ship was too large for him to overcome singlehandedly, but a host of angry, horny heroes could! His first job was to destroy the dampeners, free Solar Boy, Horizon Lad, and Positron. The CDEC had to be destroyed and the tanks of supercharged cum distinguished. Every hero on board Bordello would be re-energised to free themselves, he would do his rounds freeing as many as possible, but he intended to start with his Rangers, so they could make a combined effort to apprehend the evil masters of the ship.

“Surprise Boys!”

Vega had appeared just behind the two busy drones, he had a perfect view of the beautiful butts, but he wasn’t being distracted, he intended to have his piece of pie later, but he did allow himself the pleasure of admiring Parallax’s handiwork.

They turned with surprised looks on their faces.

“Who, what...?” They were cut off by Vega.

“You can call me Vega!”

He didn’t wait for a response, but he did enjoy the look of surprise and fear emblazoned on their faces. Vega stepped forward and with lightning speed gripped the sides of the drone’s faces crashing their heads together with extreme force, he gripped them tightly, pulling them apart momentarily before repeating the cymbal-like clash.

He smiled watching their eyes rolling, and changing colour, his voice cheery as he worked.

“Crash, bash – repeat!”

Vega ensured their drone minds were completely scrambled and their utterances incoherent.

“You came here to tune the Siphon didn’t you, so there’s nothing like throwing yourselves into your work, it is so rewarding, don’t you think?”

They looked back toward Vega’s illuminated face, yet their scrambling minds were unable to respond.

So, Vega continued his taunts momentarily, he knew time was of the essence.

“Not sure, if you ‘boys’ are thinking straight, let me help you get on with your work, I’ll throw you in myself!”

He threw them into the center of the Siphon allowing the energy field to absorb their energy. The CDEC was suddenly bathed in bright piercing light. Vega had arrested the gravitational forces, and the explosion of energy permeated everything in the chamber. Brightness filled the chamber with a clap of sound energy, producing the energy of a collapsing star yet confined within the Central Dampener Enhancement Chamber. It lasted less than a moment. But that was all which was needed.

Three heroes released in that instant, flinging toward the extremities of the chamber yet quickly recovering, holding their hands across their eyes as shields, it all occurred in an instant, the explosion loud and erratic, but contained within the confines of the chamber.

Horizon Lad felt the blow, it was hard and intense, the diabolical Siphon had been sucking his power for days and he was carefully trying to modulate his power source, it was a true mind fuck that Parallax had engineered, Parallax knew Horizon Lad’s sexual appetite, the very by-product of his immense power generation made him horny, so did his bondage and Parallax knew about that too. He knew Horizon Lad would secretly get off on his bondage, so Parallax had ensured Horizon Lad was stretched tightly, his red thong subject to a pleasure generation system designed to maintain him at a sub-orgasm level of pleasure, but deliciously aroused, his bulge enduring pulses of pleasure, and his wet thong giving up a stream of pre-cum into the violent gravitational suction.

But the explosion threw him into the roof of the CDEC and then violently to the floor, somewhere in that instant of violent upheaval he heard the sound of Solar Boy screaming past him and the sudden expletive cries of Positron. But what he noticed next as he opened his eyes was the intensity of Vega. Vega presented to him, glowing, his tanned muscular body dripping with sexuality, his handsome face looking down at Horizon Lad, a strong hand gripping him and lifting him from the floor. Horizon Lad stood there amazed at the beauty of this young hero. He took in the majesty of Vega’s upper torso, admiring the yellow harness and the glowing green stone nestled comfortably between Vega’s heaving chest. He looked through the sexy sleek yellow mask and into Vega’s inviting eyes. Vega was smiling at him with his whole face, not just his naughty smile. His eyes were bright giving away his excitement.

“Her, er, who are you, er, thank you!” Horizon Lad said, trying not to look besotted with Vega’s beauty.

“That was fun! But we don’t have a lot of time before this place is crawling with drones.” Vega responded.

“I’m Vega, I’m with the Space Rangers, I’m here to release you all and bring down this behemoth!”

Positron was suddenly up and Hugging Horizon Lad, they both embraced Solar Boy, the embrace lasted long enough for Vega to realise the shared horror they had each, and as a trio had endured.

But there was no time for reunions, they each understood their task instantly, they would become, along with this amazing new Vega, the powerhouse to break the ship’s, diabolical control of hundreds of bound heroes, they would ensure that the galaxy would have its heroes back and on duty.

Vega excused himself momentarily.

“Boys, I will be back instantly!” Vega said.

But they looked puzzled, so Vega looked them each in the eye, he needed to let them know that he would seem distant and ethereal for several seconds.

“ I must enter the domain of the gods momentarily; I need to speak to my Rangers. Ranger Force will take control of this ship.

Vega’s glow began to shimmer and the green Ordian Crystal vibrated, causing Vega to lift off the floor and take on a shimmering form.

Vega spoke directly to his Rangers, it was his divine ability, anointed by the Hive.

They heard his voice clearly, it was no longer distant and vague, and with the ship’s dampeners suddenly powerless and defunct, Vega knew they would be able to hear him clearly inside their minds.

“Surprise boys, this is Vega, you know me as Kroy, but we will discuss that later!” Vega couldn’t help but beam a smile.

“Dale awaits your return, Intrepid3 is prepared and ready to receive guests. Evacuate your sections of the Ship, I am transferring schematics to you now; Blaze you are midships, Dixon, you are in the forward section of the ship and Aereon, you are astern!”

Vega instantly transferred the data directly into their minds. Blaze, Dixon and Aereon knew the location of every private and public iniquitous and wicked den on board the ship instantly.

Vega then returned to the tangible dimension. He could see the enjoyment in Horizon Lad, Positron and Solar Boy’s faces, he could hear the roar as an army of drones and Ships officers pounded their way into the compromised Central Dampener Enhancement Chamber. There was no time to confer with Vega, it was battle stations in the CDEC.

Twenty minutes before the destruction of the Dampeners, inside Drake ’s Eroticon Chamber

Deep and sensual, his voice filled with crazed erotic passion, the beautiful and erotic Space Ranger Blaze, twisted his body one more time, his bondage was delicious, the drilling wand had reached its peak, and it was continuing to explode deep inside his rectum, pushing erotic waves of rippling energy into his body. It had infiltrated his mind and Blaze was inundated with constant visions of his sexual fantasies, it was like his experiences on the Immersatron, way back in the academy. His mind was filled with visions of Dixon and Aereon tied up for him, his two sexual dynamos. Yet it wasn’t just his mind and anus, the Fillip was screaming inside his penis, billions of pleasure particles infesting the nylon clinging to his penis, he needed an erection, but Drake was not done with him. Drake was still worshipping his stretched body, worshipping his erosuit bulge, devouring his pre-cum fountain.

The machine was feeding from the sexual energy flowing through his body, feeding from the immense levels of pleasure raping his bulge, his erosuit buzzing with sensual energy all returning and feeding the Fillip, which released pulses of pleasure particles, each exploding and driving deeper into the sexual furnace.

Blaze’s body was trembling, he was covered in sheens of sweat and pre-cum, his body oozing sexual fluids. He lifted his head trying to control it, but he was involuntarily throwing it around in fits of pleasure. He was tied and spreadeagled in the center of the Eroticon Chamber, this was Drake’s private and deviously wicked sexual commixtion chamber. He had broken many heroes here, and the condenser was ready to bring Blaze to the brink of death to the brink of an orgasm that threatened to blow his mind to the solar winds.

Blaze’s eyes almost popped watching his beautiful body writhe, he did his best to concentrate between the waves and pulses of pleasure. Drake was standing between his stretched legs, Blaze was spread, and helpless, and he could feel his torso lifting. Drake was adjusting his body, his fingers working sides of his bulging erosuit, it had been turned into a thong by Drake hours earlier, the process so arousing, so deeply accessing his sexual psyche, it took Blaze’s mental sanity to the brink, he had been discharging pre-cum since the thong was fashioned. He looked down at his magnificent bulge, he was turning himself on, engineered by Drake’s pleasure control enhancers. He looked at the tip of his bulge, resplendent and glistening, his penis head showing through the saturated fabric his bulge was full and substantial and Drake’s eyes, like his own, were firmly fixated on it. Drake’s fingers were working him, working the smooth warm and slippery bulge, kneading it lightly and carefully, working him into a world of delicious sensation, he could feel the Fillip responding.

Blaze’s moan was deep, primal, and erotic. His body straining and vibrating, his head thrown backward. Drake was tuning his pleasure like he was a fine instrument, producing chords of richness and meaning that wrapped Blaze in a blanket so delicious, so outrageous.

“Gah!” It was long and expressive, Blaze moaned for his new maestro. Lifting his bulge, his offering to the concertmaster.

Drake was a professional, he accepted the bulge, the thong, and he worked his sexual toy slowly and with determination. They hadn’t spoken in over an hour, the sexual activity the worship of bulge, the worship of thong was all that was needed. Drake was somehow communicating directly into Blaze’s psych controlling him, goading him.

Blaze spoke first, beseeching Drake through spits of saliva and thrashes of his body.

“Let meeeeeeeeeee reach orgasmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” His eyes behind his sexy blue mask pleading as strenuously as his vocal cords.

“You have been a good boy all these hours since accepting your drilling wand and, well your Fillip is also demanding me to give it your orgasm to feast upon!” Drake gloated, carefully tracing his two index fingers across the slippery mound of wet nylon, enjoying the feeling of pleasure particles exploding on the tips of his fingers. Enjoying the majesty of Blaze’s penis, sexual heat, it was vibrating to such an extent it was creating a timbre of pleasure, music to Drake’s ears as he feasted on Blaze’s magnificent body twisting helplessly before him, spread out for his exclusive enjoyment.

Blaze’s orgasm was Drake’s prerogative to allow, to enjoy.

Drake had Blaze on the brink, right at the moment of subjugation.

“You are MINE Space Ranger, the mighty Ranger Blaze, my favourite of the trio, I have seen you cum, but that was from afar, but here we are Braze, my sexual god!”

Pre-cum gushed into Drake’s palm. Warm and smooth.

“Very good Blaze, your body is learning to submit to its new master!”

“Ugh” Blaze’s groan was long and erotic, he felt the warm fluid enliven the Fillip as he spurted through his bulge into his master’s palm again, acknowledging his submission to Drake’s evil.

“Let-me-cu…” Blaze’s words ended abruptly.

So did the lights.

Blaze suddenly felt the Hive filling his body, his power had been building for hours, but they had been diabolically dampened by Bordello’s systems.

“Surprise boys, this is Vega, you know me as Kroy, but we will discuss that later!” It was the voice of Kroy directly inside his head, it was so recognizable to Blaze.

Salvation was Blaze’s first thought.

“Dale awaits your return, Intrepid3 is prepared and ready to receive guests. Evacuate your sections of the Ship, I am transferring schematics to you now, Blaze you are midships, Dixon, you are in the forward section of the ship and Aereon, you are astern!”

Vega? Blaze thought, but dismissed quickly, this was his time to act, Kroy had said surprise boys, so he immediately knew that Aereon and Dixon had heard the voice inside their heads as well. Blaze’s next emotion was that of joy, freedom had somehow been bestowed upon him. He felt his muscles reacting, power running through his veins, carried by this blood.

Drake looked at his captive with horror. Blaze’s eyes were popping, he was accessing the Hive, but how? The Bordello was a fail-safe system, that is what engineering had promised him and the council. But his Space Ranger was powering up. The fail-safe was indeed failing!

Blaze clenched his fists; he smiled at Drake and instantly shattered the bondage clamps holding his wrists to the pleasure condenser. His ankle restraints tried to compensate for the escape, but Blaze was having none of it. He ripped them out of the device and used his Hival ocular energy beams to melt each of the restraints right in front of Drake.

“But what?” Drake shrieked “How?”

Blaze was instantly standing in front of his enemy, his hand suddenly gripping Drake by the throat.

“Looks like the Hive has destroyed your dampeners Drakey Boy, you did have me for a while and I still have waves of pleasure oozing through my body, but the Hive is stronger!”

Blaze squeezed tighter.

“You have been pleasuring me for hours, building my Hival power and now your evil is turning the tide, you despicable whore!” Blaze was trembling with anger, easily lifting his prior assailant from the floor by his neck.

“We are free, your systems are compromised, just like your windpipe, enjoy your last breaths, Drake!”

Drake looked down toward Blaze with an evil stare, he was gasping for breath, but smiling all the same, his demeanour still oozing confidence despite his laboured speech, Drake did not reflect the behaviour of someone about to have their life squeezed from them by an angry Space Ranger.

But Blaze couldn’t bring himself to extinguish this evil galactic oligarch’s life, his inner hero kicking in, so Blaze threw Drake from him, across the Eroticon Chamber, toward the extremity of the substantial room, however, a bright green energy field opened, sucking Drake out of the chamber before his body collided with one of the surrounding walls.

Drake had disappeared.

Blaze roared with pent-up emotion, spinning his body up off the chamber’s floor spinning his body to create a centrifugal force, destroying the chamber, and causing it to collapse inside the vortex he was maintaining.

Blaze then moved through the midships section of the ship after destroying Drake’s Eroticon chamber, having been given the schematics of the ship, downloaded into his mind by this being named Vega, he proceeded to find and release as many heroes as he could. Many had broken free of their restraints soon after the dampener systems had been compromised.

But Vega had mentioned Dale, Blaze knew that Vega was somehow Hival, he had to trust his gut, and he had to trust in Dale.

Blaze found thirty galactic heroes, they hadn’t needed saving, they too had regained their powers. They set about destroying the evil facilities used to milk and torture them on regular private and public appearances. This bondage vessel had held them captive, some for years, but this was suddenly concluding. Hundreds of horny heroes held exclusive information on each of their tormentors. Ready to exact justice on those that had tortured and pleasured them over the years.

Throughout the corridors and public areas, red and orange lights were pulsing, the low monotone voice of the ship’s artificial intelligence repeating the same words over and over.

Compromise, Compromise! Delta, Code: Grim, Five, Five, Delta!” It kept repeating the same code as passengers and crew hastened to escape devices emerging from the floor. Thousands of exit devices, thick pole-like objects with glowing lights circling their circumferences glowing to attract escapees, emerged amidst the pulsing red and orange lights filling every room, chamber and suite aboard Bordello, and as the crew and passengers alike approached the exit devices they were instantly atomised inside one of three escape spheres, held in three secret escape chutes, it took 6 minutes exactly, and the ship’s company of crew and passengers were each held inside one of the three evacuation spheres as an atomic code. Their very beings, held inside unique pattern buffers and maintained by Bordello’s life support cradles. The three spheres jettisoned from Bordello like bullets, three arks, holding hundreds of lives as unique sets of code. The spheres disappeared within nanoseconds of departing Bordello, untraceable, suddenly erased from existence, yet awaiting their arrival at secret evacuation parameters scattered somewhere within the galaxy.

There was suddenly no trace of the escapees, only thirty remained in custody held by many of their prior captives.

Blaze found Aereon, who had two of his tormentors in hand, Aereon bound them with a lariat of yellow energy, he would ensure they were taken to one of the Hive’s debriefing facilities. Galactic justice being a complex system would ensure they were tried within the sector in which they were apprehended. The Space Rangers and Space Cadets alike worked closely with jurisdictions across the galaxy.

Bordello was at full stop. The evacuation order triggered a series of events that were set on a time delay. The Artificial Intelligence having assumed control of the ship instantly allowed Parallax the freedom to escape the obligations of his captaincy. Only minutes remained before the Artificial Intelligence control initiated the ship’s obliteration procedures. Obliteration would ensure no trace of Bordello remained, only source code, partly held by each of the Hedonic Council Members; Drake, Tarn, and Tempest the vampire, would remain. Having escaped Bordello before the general evacuation, the Council members held their assigned portions of the ship’s source code, which when they reunite, could instigate the conjugation of the ship sometime in the future, at a time of their choosing.

Blaze and Aereon embraced, they were still oozing pre-cum, the ongoing effects of their drilling wands raging deep inside their bodies, it was inescapable and delicious, both Aereon and Blaze were expressively horny and in desperate need of an orgasm, they had endured hours of pleasure build, endured the lascivious attention of some of the most powerful evil in their galaxy. Their erosuits, their bulges still oozing exquisite Ranger juice.

“I need…”

“To cum!” Aereon finished Blaze’s sentence still licking Blaze’s neck, firmly held against Blaze’s body in their tight embrace.

Aereon felt Blaze’s juices fill his palm, he was ready to enjoy his Blaze in all his glory, Aereon craved bulge, craved Blaze, he felt the fillip inside his bulge enrage and release pleasure particles across the bulge. Aereon spurted pre-cum for Blaze, their bodies slipping with the sweet nectar coating their bellies and groins.

“Mmmm, I want you and…” Blaze was cut short once again.

Aereon licked his hands enjoying the sweet nectar that he had extracted from Blaze’s bulge.

“Dixi!” Both Aereon and Blaze said his name out loud.

At that moment Dixon suddenly materialised, he was holding Cosmos slumped inside his arms.

“We have moments boys!” Dixon screamed toward Blaze and Aereon.

“This ship will be destroyed in moments; we may be too late!” Dixon continued, suddenly looking at the bright yellow light appearing near them.

It filled the area they were in, a bubble of light expanding throughout the ship, before they heard the familiar sounds of Vega, they knew Kroy’s voice intimately, they did not know him as Vega, but they trusted the familiar tones.

“Gotcha!” It was that familiar voice.

Blaze, Aereon and Dixon along with 30 other heroes and an assortment of Bordello’s prior guests, who had been apprehended by angry heroes were immediately onboard Intrepid3.

The Atlantis suite had been transformed into a reception quarantine facility.

Dale had also prepared the brig for the captives.

Dixon was still holding Cosmos and once safely inside the reception facility, he found the nearest treatment device, gently placing Cosmos on the device.

Dixon felt responsible, even though the vampire had him tied to the Ejaculor, and although his pleasure was being controlled by the vampire and the Ejaculor, he had used all his might to try and resist the encroaching orgasmic precipice; his pleasure pumping Cosmos with the torturous rectal implant, causing the devious choker to squeeze his artery for Tempest to devour at the point of his explosion, his pleasure also causing Cosmos’s rectal torture implant to carbonate Cosmos’ blood, just so Tempest could enjoy his sparkling red fountain of blood alongside Dixon’s fountains of creamy Ranger cum. Dixon had the memory of his erotic torture firmly encased in his mind.

Cosmos lay moaning on the treatment device, Dixon carefully wiping Cosmo’s brow. Tempest was correct, Cosmos was an extremely beautiful hero, his body so resplendent inside his beautiful grey formfitting suit, his silver thong carefully loving every piece of Cosmos’ equipment, displaying it exquisitely. Yet Cosmos was beginning to tremble, his eyes flickering and his attempts at speaking only produced garbled outbursts.

Blaze and Aereon ran to Dixon, holding him tightly, loving him, and Blaze turned to locate Dr Dale, urging Dale to attend to Cosmos.

Dixon explained the torture sequence to Dale in detail while holding Aereon close to him, his body quivering from the waves of pleasure still coursing through his body, they were each still feeling the effects of their Fillip stimulant organisms, pleasure particles caressing their penises, causing them to hump and thrust their hips, slowly and sensually, it was inescapable, it was inevitable, they had not reached their orgasms, having been released before the culmination of their pleasure tortures. So, they were still feeling the eroticism of the Drilling Wand explosions deep inside their bodies, but they had to ignore it, they had to explain to Dale the horrors inflicted upon them, upon Cosmos, who was deteriorating fast, right in front of their eyes.

It took several minutes for Dixon to recount the encounter in Tempest’s playroom. He had tears forming beneath his mask, his guilt powerful and engrossing but he held it together, gently caressing Cosmos’ hair.

“Don’t let him die, Dale?”

Dale reassured Dixon with just a smile.

“He is withdrawing, Dixi, his blood underwent a transformation that has affected many of his organs, his detoxification will take several hours! Do you know how long tempest fed?” Dale asked.

“I was on the brink of my Orgasm, I, I couldn’t hold the torrent of pleasure…” Dixon fought hard to contain his emotion.

“I was causing his screams, his body thrashing and my pre-cum was spurting onto his body, I, I couldn’t resist, and, I could see his artery bulging, throbbing with blood as Tempest’s choker tightened with every spurt of my pre-cum.”

Aereon held Dixon tight while Blaze attended to Cosmos from the opposite side of the treatment device.

“He was captured by Bordello on the request of Tarn!”

The voice was that of Interstellar, he had escaped inside the yellow field along with a host of other heroes, just before the Bordello disappeared in a blinding flash of intense white light and a cosmic boom.

“You made it!” Blaze cried out in joy before playfully grabbing Interstellar by his handsome face, running his hand through Interstellar’s wavy blond hair.

“Yeah it was that yellow energy field, scooped me up, like a cocoon forming around me, and suddenly I was here, but where am I?” Interstellar smiled, returning Blaze’s affection.

“You boys are a sight for sore eyes!” Interstellar said looking Aereon in the eye, then toward Dixon. He then looked toward Cosmos.

“He is a tough one, the old Cossy, that’s why Tarn ordered his capture and personally presided over his torture sessions. I hear Cosmos was milked twice a day just to keep up with Tarn’s appetite for his cum. Looks, like Tempest, did a real number on him.

“Yeah, he was brutal!” Dixon said, approaching Interstellar, his arms wide to accept Interstellar’s embrace.

They kissed affectionately, which lifted Dixon’s spirits considerably, Interstellar’s hands massaging both of Dixon’s exposed buttocks, but were interrupted by Dale.

“Cosmos gave up less than a pint of blood, my calculations and scans are complete, he will need rest, he will need to be sedated to allow the disentanglement of his protoplasm, it will be a difficult six hours, but as you say Interstellar, and if you are right, Cosmos is a tough one, he will make a full recovery. He was lucky!”

Dale continued, “I have removed the choking device and the rectal Glow Orb! Tempest likes his toys. The Glow Orb is a curious device that I shall study at length. It released potent chemicals into Cosmos’ blood causing it to become effervescent, deviously evil.

They stood around the recovery device, watching as Cosmos drifted into his sedation.

“Vega was just in time!”

Aereon, Blaze and Dixon looked toward Dale curiously.

“Vega?” Blaze asked inquisitively.

Dale laughed out loud while carefully caressing Blaze’s cheek, then Aereon’s cheek. He made his way toward Dixon, pulling Dixon’s sexy line of curved hair from Dixon’s face, his affection for the Space Rangers clearly showing.

“Space Rangers, may I introduce to you, the latest addition to the crew of Intrepid3.”

Vega appeared instantly, he was beaming with happiness, bursting with excitement.

“My Boys, my Rangers, Dixon, Aereon and Blaze!” Vega had tears in his eyes, the sight of his Rangers filled him with gratitude.

They hadn’t seen Vega in months, he had spent months away from them finalising his education and preparations at the same academy that the Rangers had studied, hoping to graduate and serve on board Intrepid3.

“You are…” Dixon started to scream.

“I am Vega!” Vega responded, beaming.

“You are beautiful…” Blaze gasped.

“I am yours!” … “Always!” Vega responded.

Aereon moved slowly, his smile beaming from ear to ear and with his arms surrounding Vega’s shoulders, Aereon kissed Vega with tenderness before lowering his arms and squeezing his beloved Kroy, now Vega with pent-up emotion.

“Oh, my beautiful boy, my Vega, our beautiful hero boy!”

Aereon was overtaken with joy, but he let Blaze and Dixon in on the fun. Vega just stood and accepted the love, three of the most beautiful heroes in the galaxy licking, squeezing, and kissing him.

But Aereon remembered, he interrupted the frivolity holding Vega firmly by the shoulders.

“Before all this, we were heading to your graduation. Have we…”

“Missed it?” Dale interjected.

“The short answer to that is no!” Dale said.

“Let me explain!” Dale continued his explanation, “Once I realised that you had been captured, and had figured out that something or someone had left your pleasure signatures on Intrepid3, to fool us that you were still on board, while you were being transported far away. I notified the Hive, and it was decided by the Eldership to hasten Kroy’s, er, Vega’s commission. The Hive has anointed Vega and given him his new name; he is now the newest hero of the Hive. His access to generations of Ordina godhead has been carefully accessed by the Hive. His harness carries an ancient Ordian emerald crystal, mined from deep within the planet’s magnetic and molten core, it is Vega’s connection to the cosmological and transcendent realm which has been your saviour! I have been able to assist but it was Vega who used his amazing, and may I say, emerging powers who contacted you, infiltrated the Bordello and destroyed its infernal dampener systems on the Bordello, allowing every hero on board to access their powers and escape their bondage. It was Vega that created the yellow spacial energy field that protected you all from Bordello’s obliteration collapse and transported you safely to Intrepid3.”

They stood there listening and gasping to Dale’s recounting of Vega’s compelling rise to herohood.

“And Rangers, The Hive has anointed Vega to be your conduit of power, his access to realms of the godhead power is yours to enjoy, his cum will be your nectar, delicious potency and nourishment for your powers, and his pleasure will fill you with immense power. As you pleasure him, he will reciprocate with divine Hival ecstasy.”

“Are you ready for that?”

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