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Space Rangers
Part 15 - Vega Part 10
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Vega - Part 10

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(Sigma Sector), 680.92.2353, year 4063


The Space Rangers have been captured aboard the secret space sex-liner – Bordello.

They have been paraded around and shown off to the ship’s company as the latest and greatest capture and the owners of the ship are expecting a huge increase in cash flow as these new cum cows are deployed into sexual service. The owners of the vessel are enjoying their catch before the three new erotic captives are deployed. Drake has Blaze in his private suite, Tarn has taken Aereon, and the vampire Tempest has taken Dixon. The three Rangers are being edged toward a huge milking orgasm.

Dixon’s pleasure build is being used by the vampire to choke and display an artery in the neck of Cosmos, another handsome and virile hero. Each pulse of pleasure is also setting off a release of pain inducing energy deep inside Cosmos’s rectum. Dixon so desperately needs his orgasmic release after hours of sexual torture and public display, but he is desperately trying to resist, fearing he will kill Cosmos or the Vampire will, by sucking Cosmos’s blood in a frenzy of feeding while Dixon’s orgasm rages.

The Bordello is unaware that the stealthy Intrepid3 is hot on their tail, avoiding detection. Onboard the mighty Vega has been released into his powers by a powerful initiation deep inside Intrepid3’s H-Drive, Vega’s magnificent orgasm was the catalyst used by the Hive, inside the H-Drive for Vega to emerge with his powers, ready for action. They have finally caught up with the colossus sex liner and Vega is readying himself for action.

Onboard Intrepid 3

He had enjoyed the turbo shower, only wishing that his three Rangers were there with him, Vega had scooped up, and tasted his anointed cum, his cocoon breaking, hero making semen, before entering the turbo-shower. He had tasted his juices, and he was satisfied. As the turbo-shower proceeded through its program and as his body was meticulously cleaned and stimulated, he thought of his duty, if he were to become known as the mighty Vega, hero, god even, he needed to prove himself. He desperately wanted his saviour, he had to save Blaze. Vega thought back to the moment that Blaze had erupted into the debaucherous scene on that stage back on planet Cronus in Sector G, how he saved Dixon and he, blasting the Sultan and his armies. Vega remembered seeing Dixon arriving to save Aereon, he remembered the way they had captured both Aereon and Dixon. The thought of the three Space Rangers, their beautiful bodies, their love, and strength gave him the incentive to rise above this dire situation and become their saviour, return the favour. He would become one of them, serving the Hive and serving the galaxy.

Vega emerged from the turbo-shower, his mind determined and set. His body tingled, his muscles tight and ready. He felt sexual, he felt powerful as he stepped toward the eroapplicator. Caressing his scrotum and enjoying the way his penis felt in the cool air of the ship, he looked down over his body, every muscle tight and rounded, he let his fingers run up through his abs and across his delightfully pert little nippples.

“This Kroy, er Vega is it; you are stepping onto the eroapplicator and into your destiny!”

The moment was not lost on him as he spoke the words, he was about to explode into the galaxy and make his mark. He had to save his boys, somehow, someway.

The footpads of the device recognised his genetic signature immediately.

“Welcome Vega!”

The words filled the room he was in. Soft and calm, yet powerful, the male voice communicated with impressive precision.

“Your selection, please?”

“Yellow please!” Vega responded. “I want to stand out, let them get a load of this hot hero!” He smiled responding to the eroapplicator.

“Erothong please! I want my pouch to hang showing my cum filled testicles, I want my penis displayed curling inside the fabric, I want my bulge to grab their attention before I dish out my retribution for what they have done to my Space Rangers!”

“As you desire, Vega!”

The skimpy yet power packed garment appeared on his body instantly causing Vega to gasp at his reflection. The ship had formed a reflective bubble around him. Vega could see his entire body refracted around him, everywhere he looked, he could examine his appearance.

“Oh, Hive you are good!” Vega gasped at how good he looked; he was instantly aroused.

“Wait till they get a load of this package when Vega starts to exact his revenge!”

Vega felt his chest, looking down to see the V imprinted on his chest and as he did, his harness appeared, it was yellow to match his new light erothong, the crystal remained green though, it sat in the cleft between his pecs, the harness was tight, exactly like the tightness now filling between his buttocks, pulling itself into the warmth of his body, caressing his boy pussy, caressing his taint and the underside of his balls.

Vega felt safe, supported, powerful, and eager.

His delicate hiss, almost a moan conveyed his satisfaction as he explored the erothong bulge. The soft velvety feeling nylon caressed his penis and balls exquisitely, he felt a line of discrete pleasure sparkle around his cock head, it gave him re-assurance that the garment was Hive, he remembered the words of the H-Drive, earlier, when it had taken the form of Dixon. It had told him that his bulge, his erosuit was Hive, the source of his power.

It felt sumptuous, it felt powerful, his penis was happy, his mind resolute! Vega felt the power against his skin, the harness to was alive, it buzzed tightly, clinging to his torso, the pulsing crystal feeding from the harness.

His loins felt powerful, his chest alight and ready.

Vega was ready to embrace his destiny.

“Bridge!” Vega commanded.

He was instantly on the bridge and his appearance immediately summoned Dale.

“Well look who we have here!” Dale announced as he approached Vega.

They were standing near the bridge integration seats and Dale could tell what was going through Vega’s mind.

“Yes, we have them on scanner array Vega! They will be back onboard and in their rightful seats soon! They are your Rangers, and they don’t know it yet, but you are now their Vega, their magnificent conduit to the Hive! You will make them stronger than they have ever been before!”

Dale looked at Vega gesturing him to turn around slowly so that Dale could get a good look at him and as Vega turned, Dale took in the magnificence of Vega’s body.

The harness was fashioned meticulously it and the crystal represented Vega’s heritage, his distant lineage to the sexual gods of Ord in millennia past. The crystal, pulsing from deep within, had been mined from the planet Ord’s very core, a gift to the Hive from the grateful inhabitants of Ord for the assistance of Ranger Force in defeating the evil Sultan and his plans to obliterate their planet. The crystal contained ultra-compacted energy, formed inside the immense planetary pressure of Ord’s constantly shifting mantle structures, it held the very essence of the planet, its spirit, a kernel of power compressed into a potent yet compact crystalline house. It was now a symbol of Vega’s power.

Dale admired Vega’s body, knowing how much he idolised his Rangers, and how many hours he spent working on his physique. He looked magnificent, every muscle radiating and glistening in the bridge illumination. Perfect legs, powerful trunks ready to propel this most beautiful of heroes. They were crowned with two majestic buttocks. Peachy and compact, rounded and toned.

Dale examined the erothong. Gasping at how beautiful the garment fitted Vega, clinging to his body, made, and fashioned to make Vega a sexual masterpiece. Vega was Hive through and through, beautiful and powerful. The light-yellow pouch round and delicious, Vega’s virile testicles showing, and the outline of Vega’s penis drew Dale’s eye. The whole package commanding attention and respect.

“Beautiful, if I don’t say so myself!” Dale announced.

“You are missing one last piece to your sexy outfit my boy!” He said with a loving smile and his hand running through Vega’s now short spiky hair.

The pale-yellow mask appeared on Vega’s face instantly making Vega gasp. The feeling of Dale’s hand on his head made Vega fill with pride. Here he was, standing before the one who had helped him and mentored him. Dale had arranged Vega’s training and had prosecuted Vega’s case with the Hival Eldership. He was Vega, a new hero, because of everything Dale had recognised in him and had done to bring him to this point.

“Thank you, Dale, I am eternally indebted to you for everything you have done!” Vega said, placing his hands on Dale’s shoulder.

“You are one with us now Vega! Our work has borne fruit. A perfect specimen and fine hero! But Vega you are also anointed godhead! Recognised by the Hive, you have immense potential and as you integrate with the ship and the Rangers, you will be the glue that binds, forever the powerhouse that Ranger Force need and must connect with; their conduit with such ineffable force!” Dale felt pride rising as he looked at his beautiful young protégé.

“Now go forth mighty Vega! Show us your power and your ability!” Dale said just as the giant screens surrounding the bridge flickered to life, presenting a highly magnified picture of the behemoth ship travelling at Astro-speed twenty million kilometers from their position.

“Our first look at the Bordello!” Vega said gasping his words.

He was beginning to wonder if he could attack and overpower such a monster singlehanded.

“Scanning hull and exterior fortifications!”

Dale used one of the side screens to project his mind as he worked methodically. The screen displaying a fast moving, unreadable array of formulars, pictures, symbols, and algorithms. Dale’s face was unfazed by the Bordello, his eyes though were fixed on the object. He stood motionless continuing his survey.

“Several protection systems are utilised.”

“Hull is impenetrable without specific atomisation keys, we can’t just atomise you there, the hull will deflect the energy transfer configuration co-ordinates!” Dale began saying, his face still showing a blank look as he continued his survey.

“But I can do it Dale!” Vega responded.

He knew deep inside him; he could feel the harness pulling tightly into his flesh. The crystal felt warm as well. His voice suddenly deepened, and looking toward Dale with a huge, satisfied smile on his face he responded.

“I am Vega, I am godhead, the brightest star – Vega!”

It snapped Dale from his computations.

“Mmm, I have completed my survey Vega!”

“Of course, you are! Your powers are yet to be revealed mighty Vega.” Dale smiled at Vega and his expression communicated that he was once again entering a determined and frantic ciphering mode.

“Yes!” Dale exploded out of his calculations with a sudden look of surprise mixed with awe.

“Channel your ancient divinity Vega, of course!” Dale said with excitement.

“Can you scan her interior Dale?” Vega asked. “I need to infiltrate her nerve centre, create chaos!”

“Exactly!” Dale responded, impressed with Vega’s sudden confidence and strength. Impressed at how much Vega had developed since his rescue from the Sultan’s harem of sex boys. How he was no longer a victim of his past but emerging as a sexy protagonist for good.

Vega was determined, the sight of the Bordello unlocking the hero inside him almost as much as the H-Drive’s orgasmic unleashing only hours earlier. It was all working in confluence allowing the mighty Vega to surface and project his vibrant inner strength.


Dale was once again staring at the magnified image of the huge behemoth on Intrepid3’s impressive screen arrays, his computations flashing on one of the screens again.

“Mmmmm, ahhhhhh, yes, not that, again, magnify…” Dale muttered as he worked, he was delving deeply, using Intrepid3’s H-Drive resources, drawing from the Hive. It took several minutes and 15 quadrillion computations.


The Bordello was replaced on the main viewing screens with a three-dimensional image of the Bordello’s bridge.

“This is the nerve centre of the vessel Vega! Her schematics are now stored in the H-Drive, they will become part of the Hive’s information stores soon. Bordello is no longer as secret as it masters’ think.” Dale said with a smirk on his face.

“Well done, Dale!” Vega replied walking closer to the screen and looking up toward the huge images.

“It has powerful technologies that are blurring my scan images; however, I am awaiting a relay Hival response to the data stream. Hive response imminent.”

Vega was becoming impatient, He turned looking back toward Dale.

“How long Dale?” he enquired.

“I must…”

Dale interrupted him.

“Received! Right, the ship is approximately two thousand times the size of Intrepid3. She is a liner, a sex liner, specialising in the capture and exploitation of powerful heroes. It maintains many venues where patrons can rent-a-hero, torture them or for a price, milk them for sexual gratification. This ship is built to serve sexual indulgence, it is built for bondage. She holds cum stores of some of the most powerful and virile heroes in the galaxy. The genetic code within these semen stores is used by the vessel to power some of its systems. Hmn, yes, they have developed a genetic control array.” Dale stood looking at the ship and back toward Vega, he had a concerned look on his face.

“Hmn, yes, confirmed, this masterful technology powers a multi-layered dampener system. It controls the various types of power that their captive heroes need. They are currently developing Hive technologies and have masted the ability to dampen Blaze, Aereon and Dixon’s powers. They have also developed Hival conduits which are capable vacuuming Hival energy from the fabric of space, which explains the spike of energy originally detected within The Hive and which led to our discovery of Ranger Force in their custody!”

“Right,” Vega responded! “Evil and debaucherous, her nefarious days are numbered!” Vega said pointing up to one of the screens.

“I have to destroy these dampening systems!” Vega said confidently.

“They will detect your Hival power as soon as you are aboard!” Dale said with a quizzical look on his face, he was continuing his calculations while simultaneously speaking with Vega.

“Dampeners draw the genetic code from the semen stores via a protected data stream, often enhanced in the dampener nerve centre, by torturing one or more heroes, it feeds on their power generated from the strength of several heroes, extracting their power, combining their sub-atomic particle energy: torturing them in the process. My scans show that several torture stations are in operation now! The dampener system is running at capacity, the ship is experiencing a sexual frenzy on all decks, in all venues!”

Dale’s eyes were wide as he contemplated the information that the Hive was conveying back to him via the H-Drive.

“It is massive Vega! They are milking every hero onboard, including Dixon, Blaze and Aereon. They are tuning their Hival antennae! Something big is emerging Vega!” Dale’s look of concern was plastered on his face.

“We’re just in time then!” Vega said shooting up off the floor, floating and looking down toward Dale, he was glowing, his powerful legs spread, he was pumping his left fist into his right hand while surveying the huge screen he had flown up to view.

He could feel the energy firing inside of him, his erothong clinging to his body warm and powerful, the V imprinted on his left pectoral felt the same warm sensation as he felt in his scrotum. Vega was shining brightly.

“Their dampeners have not encountered Vega! I will destroy them . Allowing every hero access to their powers, freeing them to escape their bonds and together we can take this ship, bring it down and deliver justice and retribution!”

“You are their only hope Vega, we are their only hope, we must restore the balance of good and evil in the galaxy, return these heroes back to their sectors of the galaxy!”

Dale kept scanning the Bordello, using his H-Drive access to The Hive.

“Three Space Cadets are captives on board the vessel, hundreds of other galactic heroes!” Dale calculated.

“The dampener nerve room is siphoning power from three heroes: Positron, Solar Boy, and Horizon Lad. These three heroes use different sub-particles as their inner strength, they each manifest their own powers but whoever has them captured has found a way to harness their powers, somehow extract their particle energy source in a violent fury, combine the power streams and direct this energy beam into the genetic magma of hero cum which is providing a powerhouse of energy. Solar Boy, Positron and Horizon Lad have become fused in this diabolical frenzy of power generation, and this is enhancing the hero dampener systems across the entirety of the Bordello. The energy is also fuelling their Hival antennae array.”

Dale suddenly looked shocked as he gazed up toward Vega.

“If they can use the Rangers in their diabolical experiments, they could uncover and hack the Hive and its galactic net, bringing down thousands of Space Cadets serving the Galaxy. They could destroy Ranger Force and with this capacity, and the fact that hundreds of heroes from across the galaxy are held on the ship, the havoc they could reap across the galaxy will be insurmountable.”

Vega flew down to be with Dale, he put his hands on Dale’s shoulders and looked his mentor in the eye.

“I can’t let that happen Dale, the stakes are too high! The ramifications would be felt across the galaxy and into neighbouring galaxies, their black evil power would become insurmountable if we were to fail!”

Dale began to undertake further calculations and as he did, he pointed toward Dixon’s bridge integration seat.

“Integrate Vega! I will compensate for your body, your pleasure stream once your erothong bulge has merged and integrated, you are most familiar with Dixon’s pleasure stream after your last encounter with ‘him’ in the H-Drive earlier today! I will be able to communicate and download everything I am learning from my scans. Your brain will be able to accommodate the info-pleasure flow now that you are anointed by the Hive. You must use this privilege to protect the Hive and the good that we stand for throughout the galaxy.”

Vega obeyed immediately and using his powers he instantly atomised into Dixon’s seat. The buttock pads warmed him, and he felt the Hive caress his bulge, energy caressed the fabric of the erothong, buzzing and pulsing through the garment. He felt his penis tingle and integrate with the two blue masses of energy which formed on each of his temples. His head was buzzing and pulsing along with his bulge. He felt his body glue to the seat and the hyper-tight vibrations of pleasure that coated his penis and scrotum. Vega had integrated with the ship, drawing, and giving power he was connected to Intrepid3 connected to Dale, one with the H-Drive and with the Hive. His harness lighting up on his skin, it was hot, his crystal glowing from within began to shoot shards of green light into his chest cavity, filling him with surging energy.

“Agh!” He moaned deeply, he felt safe he felt the information flow like he was bobbing in a tank of warm liquid, his body enveloped by it. He was suddenly sub-merged in the vast sea of information. Yet he was one with it, he was supplying it in a handshake of indescribable energy.

Vega had integrated with the Hive, yet he had also accessed his own innate divinity and the power differential this suddenly created was something new and wildly outrageous, he didn’t try to understand it, he accepted it and went with the torrent.

It boomed in his head. His body felt alive, he could somehow see himself in the seat below him. His mind exploded as if he was part of the fabric of the universe.

“V E G A”

The word was beautiful, sexual, unspeakably majestic.

“H I V E”

Again, the same voice boomed in his head filling every piece of him.

He focused.

He was somehow inside the Bordello. His mind, his body a part of the fabric of space. He could go anywhere he wanted, but he was instantaneously inside the Bordello and undetectable!

He viewed the decks, he viewed the evil, every hero, every act of torture, every pulse of pleasure, he knew their bridge, how many staff, officers, bondage attendants, security systems, pleasure generation systems, most importantly hero dampening systems. He was everywhere at once, yet he was in each part of the vessel separately as if just in that space. It was surreal and invigorating.

He was with Dixon and Cosmos, they were in a dance of pleasure and pain Dixon screaming for the vampire to stop, begging fighting the pleasure and his mounting orgasm, trying to save Cosmos from choking, knowing that every increase in his pleasure load was tightening Cosmo’s diabolical choker and transmitting torturous energy into Cosmos’ body from the rectal implant causing Cosmoss blood to carbonate and sparkle. The vampire was ready to cum enjoying the show unfold expectantly waiting to feed on Cosmos’ sparking blood . Yet Vega was also with Aereon, strapped down inside Tarn’s pleasure suite he was feeding Tarn’s sexual appetite on a device siphoning his orgasm, Aereon was glistening in pre-cum, Tarn was allowing him spurt his lubricant and had massaged the juices into Aereon’s writhing and desperate body, such intense pleasure such prolonged sexual torture, Tarn was slowly raping Aereon and readying himself to enjoy the rich hero milk waiting to spurt through Aereon’s drenched erosuit. He was also inside Drake’s little playroom aswell, Blaze too was strapped down, spreadeagled. Drake relishing Blaze’s writhing body, Drake was using his pleasure condenser, filling Blaze with supercharged energy to complement the ravaging effects of the Drilling Wand exploding inside his body, filling every cell with sumptuous pleasure energy, the machine now slowly condensing the energy building in power; it was draining the energy through his body moving ever inward as if condensing the pleasure, up Blaze’s legs, down his torso, growing in potency as it moved toward Blaze’s erosuit bulge. It was driving Blaze wild as the sexual torture moved through his body and Vega could see the anguish on Blaze’s face as he thrashed his head up and down, begging for the torture to stop, knowing that when the condenser reached his bulge his explosion would be cataclysmic.

Vega somehow was also in every suite, every bondage venue on the Ship. Bordello was hosting an orgy of bondage, an orgy of orgasmic proportions, it was filling its cum tanks with hero juice.

Vega exited the integration, gasping for air, his fists clenched, his body still abuzz, he floated from the integration seat and as the moment passed, he had returned to the regular realm, but the crystal set within his tight harness was still glowing, his consciousness was restored, his power brimming, he felt as if he could explode through his chest.

“Bah!” “What a ride!” he exclaimed to Dale.

His experience firmly embedded in his mind, he understood the imposing behemoth of a ship, its labyrinth of corridors and places, he knew where every hero was, he knew the occupants, the evil the ship represented.

“Excellent work Vega!”

It was Dale speaking to him, he immediately felt his body, cupped his bulge, and fingering his harness and the crystal before running his fingers through his spiky short hair.

Dale smiled, “Yes you are real Vega!”

“That was a ride!” Vega responded, “I , I…”

“You were integrated on spacial-fabric plane with the Hive, you accessed your Ordian godhead, your innate divinity Vega!”

“I know the ship; I know where they are. Dixon, Aer, Blaze, they are being tortured and milked. I must take their captors down; I have to free Ranger Force!”

Vega’s words were desperate, he had witnessed the vile evil that ship was inflicting. He understood their mission, this secret debaucherous vessel was vacuuming the galaxy of every hero, on a mission to not only to exploit their power, milk their pleasure, drain their cum, but to use this genetic powerhouse to destroy the Hive and instil evil across the galaxy out into other galaxies.

“They MUST be stopped!” Vega demanded.

“So many heroes, exploited, in demanding bondage, controlled by evil systems restricting their natural powers!” Vega was becoming overwhelmed, but one glance at his mentor was all it took for him to calm down and focus. He knew he had to, his task was huge, he understood the implications of failure, he had to end this evil threatening to explode across the galaxy; if they were somehow able to get into the Hive for their wicked purposes there would be no limit to the evil they could inflict on the galaxy.

Dale had a plan, he had that ‘look’ on his face.

“Your ability to access spacial-fabric is quite unique Vega, we now have a much richer understanding of this ship named Bordello. We have insight into its current and ultimate mission! Well done!” Dale said floating up and across the bridge to meet Vega who was checking some of the information displays. Dale used both hands on Vega’s shoulders and pushed gently lowering them to the floor of the bridge. He smiled at his beautiful young hero, his eyes connecting with Vega’s.

“A good start Vega! My plan is as follows...”

Vega could feel Dale’s confidence through their shared eye contact. He could feel his chest humming, the harness warm against his skin, hugging him tightly, the crystal pulsing from within its core. His muscles felt alive, he felt the erothong pulling tightly against his body between his buttocks. His bulge warm and sensual.

“Let me at them Dale!” was all Vega said in a calm tone, the smile on his face communicating his confidence and eagerness.

“Good boy, you must approach this with calmness and confidence Vega!”

Dale kept his hands of Vega’s shoulders as he began his plan.

“You must re-enter the spacial-fabric Vega, it is the only way to get you past their defences, atomising you would be too dangerous, they could scatter you across the galaxy if we attempted a normal atomisation. They would also detect the sub-atomic separations and re-embodiments, blowing your cover instantly. Once aboard you must cancel the dampener process. The dampener systems and torture facility are deep inside Bordello. Its central location will work perfectly. You must free Solar Boy, Positron and Horizon Lad, they are being tortured, and the extraction of their power is feeding the dampener systems and including the Hival dampeners and their Hival antennae.”

“You must work carefully and quickly! From what you were able to uncover, we know that they have been pleasuring Dixon, Aereon and Blaze for hours, how and how long is still unknown, but they cannot continue to fill with Hival power, their pleasure is drawing Hival energy through the Bordello’s antennae, but they are being denied the ability to use the energy via the infernal dampener array. It could kill them if their energy is not released!”

Vega’s eyes widened when he understood what was happening.

“Yes Vega, they must be released. Once you have halted the torture of Solar Boy, Positron and Horizon Lad the dampeners will lose their effectiveness, and most likely fail. Beware though, guards and technicians will swarm the dampener array and torture facility within minutes maybe seconds. They will also deploy other defence systems to restore the dampeners ship-wide!”

Vega nodded to convey his understanding.

“They only need seconds Vega! Blaze, Aereon and Dixon will have so much Hival energy in their bodies, they will break free and overcome their captors.”

“Understood Dale!”

“There will be panic, every hero onboard will regain their powers, we don’t know how Bordello’s masters and crew will respond, you must prepare for battle! Be prepared for other autonomous systems or drones which could activate, I’m sure the masters of the Bordello have planned for a catastrophic event or a malicious attack!” Dale said looking Vega in the eye.

“Blaze is located midships, Dixon is forward and Aereon is astern; they are well placed to lead the revolt, together they, er we can take this evil behemoth and bring it to its knees, so to speak!” Vega said, he was looking forward to his first foray and had developed a naughty, somewhat excited smile on his face which Dale immediately picked-up on.

“Remember to approach this calmy Vega, I know you will!” Dale responded. “Is there anything else your spacial-fabric exploration revealed from the ship?”


The word burst from Vega’s mouth before Vega could recognise he had just uttered the word.

“He is the master, the captain of the ship, he is evil and must…”

“Be brought to justice!” Dale finished the sentence for Vega.

“Exactly!” Vega responded.

Dale smiled toward Vega, knowing exactly what they should do if this heinous criminal could be apprehended.

“I’ll prepare the brig; he shall face his fate at Space Base Omega. He will provide substantial intel on the operations of this ship, who and where it markets its sexual services to.

“But remember Vega, your main task is disabling the ship’s primary defence systems, get the dampeners offline as fast as you can! This is your primary task, your manumission; free the captives and they will exact their revenge!”

Vega took in Dale’s words, he was poised to pounce, ready for action, his crystal pulsing, his harness felt tight, it was buzzing in anticipation. He raised his hands above his head, pointing his fists upward as if stretching, and his head began to shimmer.

Vega was entering his spacial-fabric plane, his body motionless, yet his head shimmered into and out of sight, his body inside Intrepid3 standing before Dale, his mind and consciousness were scattering into the universe, his consciousness omnipresent.

Dale could only stand and watch as Vega used his divine powers, Vega’s body motionless whilst he performed his metaphysical connections.

Vega appeared in Blaze, Aereon, and Dixon’s heads, he was inside their minds, their consciousness in that instant. He could feel the pleasure, he could feel their anguish, the torture, their frustration. He spoke carefully into their minds.

I am Vega, sent by the Hive. Dale and I are with you.

He knew that this would be difficult for Ranger Force to comprehend inside their bondage and pleasure extraction, he kept his message short and to the point!

You must trust me, Rangers. Blaze, Aereon and Dixon! Prepare to access your powers, break your bonds and fight.

Lowering his hands, his head reverted to normal, Vega looked to Dale.

“I have messaged them Dale, I know them, I know they will fight!”

“Then fight they will!” Dale responded.

“Good luck Vega, go with the power of the Hive, access your divine attributes, release the captives!”

Dale then looked his protégé in the eye.

“Come back safe Vega, bring my boys back to me!”

Vega smiled and cupped his bulge, he fingered his erothong and looked toward Dale.

“Of course, Dale, I have lots of work to restore Blazey, Aer, and Dixi. I must get them back!”

Dale interpreted the mischievous smile on Vega’s face, knowing what was brewing in the back of Vega’s mind.

“Good boy, bring them home and you will have your reward! Now, get to work Vega, the Galaxy needs you!”

With that Vega’s entire body shimmered out of sight leaving Dale alone on the bridge of Intrepid3, looking at the three empty bridge integration seats.

“You will have your Rangers back in the saddle soon!” Dale said to three empty seats, then making his way to his control panels, he set about preparing Intrepid3 for their return and the possibility of guests and prisoners.

He watched the dark imposing ship on the huge view screens and with a smile on his face, he pointed at the image.

“Battle stations!”

Prepare yourself for the next exciting instalment of Space Rangers…

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