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Space Rangers
Part 13 - Vega Part 8
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Vega - Part 8

Email: Discord: Scorpio#5862

(Sigma Sector), 680.92.2324, year 4063


The Space Rangers are captured aboard the secret space sex-liner – Bordello. They are the newest erotic attractions for the rich and influential passengers to enjoy. They along with a host of other space heroes, they are being offered as sexual objects, bound and helpless for the delight and whim of their captors. Torture and pleasure sessions keeping the ship’s company of horny clientele entertained and aroused.

But Dr Dale has located them and Intrepid3, the Ranger’s trusty ship is on hot pursuit, and the mighty Vega, previously known as Kroy from the planet Ord, the newest space hero anointed by the Hive, but inexperienced and in need of superpowers is aboard Intrepid3 too. Vega is the Ranger’s only hope.

This chapter will tell the story of Vega’s emergence. He is charged with mighty power to propel his mighty destiny. He must emerge and explode as the mighty hero, Vega of Ranger Force.

Vega looked across to Dr Dale, Dale was busy working on a green coloured floating translucent screen that surrounded him. He was floating inside his cylindrical information array checking his calculations, his Hive powered mind was accessing some of Intrepid3’s might from the powerful H drive propelling the ship.

Vega had to help, he had to get to his Rangers, and he knew this, his first mission was pivotal and would form the foundation of his new career as the latest hero of the Hive. He instinctively left Dale and atomised to the lower deck. Vega felt his body shimmer, he was now able to understand the buzz the Rangers always felt as they atomised around the ship; that little pulse of Hival power, was more than a puff of pleasure, it was an injection of goodness and strength.

The Ship was being stretched to its limits, it was striving, pulling, using every resource at its disposal to follow that faint beacon, that trio of orgasmic energy it had picked up when the three Rangers had been admitted to Universal, that gigantic reservoir of orgasmic energy that the Bordello had accessed and pumped into Dixon, Blaze and Aereon. That mighty explosion of immense pleasure had left the beacon that had aroused Dale’s attention.

Vega accessed the H Drive, his very presence unlocked the door that disappeared into flickers of light, like the entrance to the Atlantis Suite when the Rangers accessed its delights. He was inside the mighty H Drive, and he could feel the beating vibrations and the humming throb of the engine. It was HIVE through and through, it was a massive concentration of potent energy contained inside the confines of its enclosure. Septillions and septillions of stored Hival energy contained in one square millimetre. Its capacity of 20 billion square millimetres was due for an upgrade at the Academy Space Station once the Rangers returned for their ‘secret’ graduation surprise. But that was all on hold! Vega had forgotten all about his graduation anyway!

Everything relied on Vega.

“Welcome to H Drive Vega” The words boomed over the thumping pulses of energy throbbing inside the room. “I am ‘H’, I am Hive, I am the goodness of Blaze, I am the bravery of Aereon, I am the power of Dixon, their pleasure signatures are the key to my strength and vast stores of Hival energy.”

“Wer, wow, err, hello H!” Vega replied, he was looking directly into the thick cylindrical throbbing orange and yellow mass of energy. H was an impressive sight for Vega, it was difficult for him fully comprehend the stores of throbbing power and energy at his disposal.

“The Hive is pleased with you Vega; it is now one with you and you will grow into your own power and identity yet remaining entwined with the Ranger Force. Your presence on this ship is now intrinsically bound to the ethos and mission of the ship, we the Hive and Ranger Force. Your body is the sexual conduit of Hival power to Ranger Force!” The voice boomed and throbbed.

“We must CONNECT Vega! An intersection of deep spiritual and sexual dynamic power!”

B o o m

T h r o b

The insistent pulses of energy were speaking to Vega, he could feel something deep inside him, he could feel something waiting to explode inside of him.

“Connect with me” The throb was inviting him somehow.

Energy, Enjoyment, Data, Pleasure interconnect! The words were now inside Vega’s head.

He was looking around, the atmosphere inside the H Drive enclosure was becoming hot, light was powerful and becoming one with the pulses and throbs. Vega felt his body tingle all over. His green erosuit had become tactile and silky. He had no choice but to push his hips forward and upward.

Look at your sexual beauty Vega, your bulge, your suit, your body are much more than mere beauty, and sexuality, they are Hival, pleasure will and must power your superhuman strength, it connects you with the sexual essence of Blaze, feel the mighty Blaze…

Vega felt erotic sexual energy fill his bulge, his penis buzzing.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Blaze, my beautify boy, my saviour my hero!” Vega cried out, caressing his body sensually, feeling his erect nipples, he tweaked each nipple allowing the sensual energy to well up inside his chest.

Aereon is true, he is loyal he is sexual! H’s voice boomed into Vega’s head.

Vega instantly felt Aereon fill his body, it was like he had become one with the mighty Ranger, who he was forced to torture back in Sector G on that podium and in front of thousands of onlookers. His connection with Aereon was deep and idiosyncratic. The profoundness of their sexual connection suddenly overtook Vega.

“Brrrr! Love you Aereon!” Vega shook himself, he instinctively pulled the sides of his green erosuit and pulled them tightly between his buttocks, he felt the powerful garment pulling into his body and he tightened the sides making the thong hug his body, twisting the sides. He arranged his penis and testicles before caressing his new thong pouch.

“Mmmm, this is for you Aer!” Vega said out loud as he fondled his now erotic thong bulge. “I know how much you get off wearing one, Mmm, I know why!” Vega felt sexual and aroused as he felt his beautiful warm mound.

Yes Vega, your sexual connection with the Rangers is fruitful, feel them fill your body, fill your soul with goodness.

Vega caressed his bulge again, he caressed his exposed glutes, his body sexual and alive, he licked his hands, trying desperately to taste the sexual energy he felt infesting his body, lost in the moment, sexuality, memory, connection.

The throbbing and pulsing of the H drive were fuelling him, he was lifting into another plane a sensual pleasure dimension as he thought of Aereon and Blaze. Hot breath, warm hands a delicious soft tongue was licking his lips pushing its way between his lips, the hands were cupping the back of his head.

“Dixon!” Vega moaned, “But how?” He could say no more, Dixon was there with him the warmth of the beautiful Space Ranger’s body filled Vega with excitement and desire. The hands, his arms were pulling their bodies together. Vega could feel his bulge, alive with scintillating pleasure as Dixon rubbed his red bulging erothong bulge into his. Vega embraced Dixon, bewildered at what was happening, his mind suddenly running quickly through the scenario unfolding inside the H drive. Yet outwardly, he could only moan and enjoy the attention. He found himself laying backward onto the soft cushioned table like structure. Vega had no idea where it had come from in that sudden and sensual moment.

Dixon’s warm hands were caressing Vega’s chest, worshiping his torso, their bulges rubbing carefully and sensually, Dixon pushing his weight into Vega’s beautiful erosuit bulge and pushing Vega’s exposed buttocks onto the edge of the cushioned table. Dixon had disengaged his tongue; he was looking at Vega’s beautiful and heaving body. Dixon gently pushing Vega into a backward lounge onto the cushioned top of the table. Vega’s legs hanging, his torso laying back and his erosuit, thong pouch deliciously displayed on the edge of the table for Dixon to enjoy.

What is happening, this is so beautiful, but how? Vega was thinking fast, he didn’t want the attention to end, he craved it, he was craving each of his Space Rangers, but this was surreal and trance like. He felt Dixon’s hands expertly worshiping his bulge. Dixon, a bulge master wasted no time, his fingers examining every square millimetre of sexual goodness that Vega had to offer, the delicacy of Vega’s anatomy were in Dixon’s expert and sensual hands.

Vega looked up, he was holding onto the sides of the table, Dixon’s mighty body standing before him, the throbbing orange and red, pulsing H drive thumping behind Dixon’s body.

The voice boomed inside Vega’s head once more, shattering the dissonance, the intersection of fantasy and reality.

I must connect with you Vega, I have chosen Dixon’s form, his essence resides in me as does Aereon and Blaze, they are the very essence of this ship. We are Intrepid3, we are Hive and we must connect now with you Vega.

He attempted to lift his head and shoulders from the softness of the table, he was laying back on, but Dixon only smiled and leaned forward, laying the warmth and weight of his body on top of Vega’s body.

Together, they slid up the table and as they did, the table began to change form as their bodies slithered and slid upward. The table had formed into a small round comfortable bed and Dixon wasted no time worshiping Vega laying below his warm sensual body, Dixon slowly driving their two bulges into a sensual carnival of pleasure.

Vega moaned, he tasted Dixon’s mouth as they kissed and explored each other’s mouths, tongues dancing, their hands worshipping each other’s bodies. Vega’s hands were firmly caressing Dixon’s exposed muscly buttocks.

“Worship me, allow our sexual essence to flow Vega” Dixon moaned into Vega’s mouth before licking every millimetre of Vega’s handsome face. Vega’s hands were entrenched, fascinated by the beauty of Dixon’s glutes.

Dixon licked his lips surveying the beauty of Vega’s heaving body below him, they were instinctively pushing and rubbing their erosuit and erothong bulges together the friction of the fabric transferring into their penises, satisfying them delighting them.

“Does red turn you on Vega, I chose this red erothong to excite you.” Dixon said.

“How do you know my name as Vega?” Vega asked before realising he was cavorting inside the H Drive with a very real apparition of Dixon.

His form, his essence are part of me, the words boomed inside Vega’s head again. I am using Dixon’s form to bond with you, we must become one Vega, I am using his form to allow your brain and body a physical manifestation of my essence, without it, you would not be able to connect physically, let alone within the realm of sexual dynamics which we must now embrace. Let Dixon’s facsimile worship you, we will connect on many levels as you allow my manifestation of Dixon to love and worship you. Your powers will emerge mighty Vega as you embrace the power of the Hive.

It was all coming to him now as he looked into the loving eyes of Dixon, feeling their hot, beautiful bodies pushing together in a growing sexual embrace, and even though he suddenly realised that the vision, the apparition was a construct created by the Hive as a sexual interface, he let himself go, trusting the ship, trusting the H Drive and its incessant throbbing, he was becoming one with the pulses and throbs of the H Drive, it was filling him with pleasure.

Dixon moved his erothong, the rich round red bulge of beauty was suddenly in Vega’s face. Vega was rubbing himself with one hand maintaining the pleasure in his own green bulge, his other hand worshipped Dixon’s glutes, he allowed his thumb to explore the warmth of Dixon’s body, following the line of red nylon clinging between Dixon’s buttocks. Vega moaned deeply, as his tongue began to worship the bulge. Red, soft, delicious, his tongue was hungry. He allowed himself to be overtaken with lust, desire, and hunger. He craved the bulge, he craved Dixon’s magnificence.

The Hive was enveloping him, developing the sexual bonds, this was the next phase of his new identity, it was a revelation to him, deep inside Intrepid3, inside the H Drive powering them, propelling the ship, he was being created, as if the wrappings of a gift were being ripped off to reveal the surprise within. It was sexual and powerful; Vega was understanding!

He could taste Dixon, the scent of the bulge, the penis and testicles held deliciously inside the fabric was speaking to him, he felt power entering him.

“Tie me up!” he blurted in fit of sexual rage and desire, “Dixon tie me up, I beg you!” Vega’s face was enamoured by the magnificence of the red bulge thrusting into his face, both hands were on Dixon’s glutes, he was squeezing them worshiping them.

Dixon complied with his request, and while continuing to thrust his erothong into Vega’s hungry mouth and face, he grabbed Vega’s arms and directed them above Vega’s head, the bindings appeared wrapping Vega’s wrists together.

“How’s that beautiful boy?” Dixon said. “Tight enough? Struggle Vega, you are bound!”

Vega felt the straps holding his ankle to the sides of the round bed they were laying on. Another binding ensured Vega could not lift his wrists from the bed above his head. Dixon had Vega bound below him.

“Welcome Vega!” Dixon said with a self-satisfied smirk. I will enjoy your body, and we will milk you. You my dear boy will suck my nectar; I know you crave it! The very essence of the Hive, the essence of Dixon, Blaze and Aereon. We will become one in pleasure!” Dixon said smiling down at Vega’s hungry face.

Dixon moved down Vega’s heaving body, kissing Vega’s shoulders, licking every inch of the young emerging hero’s soft, warm, and tanned skin. Dixon paid special attention to Vega’s arm pits.

Vega found himself writhing, pulling on his bonds, he was Dixon’s sexual prize, his sumptuous meal of beautiful male form. “Aghhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t s, sssssssssstop!” he moaned while Dixon worshiped him. He looked up from his sexual daze, his mind alive and craving every part of Dixon.

Dixon’s glutes were rubbing slowly on Vega’s bulge, grinding Vega into a sexual nirvana of desire. Dixon was looking down on Vega’s beautiful face, his hands caressing Vega face, tender loving strokes contributing to Vega’s enjoyment.

“So beautiful, so sexual, you are about to realise your power mighty Vega!” Dixon said continuing to rub his muscly glutes over the expanse of Vega’s bulge. Dixon was rocking his pelvis displaying his now wet red erothong bulge to Vega with every slow and deliberate thrust of his body. He looked at his bulge and then to Vega.

“I am wet!” Dixon said licking his lips looking at Vega.

“Sweet pre-cum Vega!”

“You excite us, you excite me!” Dixon’s tone was saturated with sensual tone.

“My penis enjoys the sight of your beautiful bound and heaving body” Dixon moaned flicking his hair and as he looked down on Vega’s writhing bound body beneath him, Dixon caressed his own bulge allowing the pre-cum to saturate his fingers.

Vega watched with growing anticipation as Dixon fondled himself, it was a deliberate and sexual show, designed to supercharge Vega’s desire.

“You enjoy your bondage mighty Vega!” Dixon moaned looking down over Vega’s writing body. Dixon then let his pre-cum coated index finger caress Vega’s top lip, he coated the underside of Vega’s nose.

“Lick it, smell it!” Dixon demanded his beautiful heaving captive.

Vega tasted the sweetness, his tongue lapped up the sensual juice, this vision had become a reality! Vega just went with the flow, he pushed his green erosuit bulge into Dixon’s glutes, every rub of the erotic fabric pushing into Dixon’s glutes was fuelling delicious explosions of controlled pleasure inside his lime green bulge.

“Dixi, Aghhhhhh!” Vega’s moan erupted from deep inside his heart, he felt love, overpowering LOVE filling his body, empowering his penis, impregnating his cum, Vega began to tremble, pulling on the bonds, he had an urge to wrap Dixon in his arms, hold him as tight as he could.

“The Hive is pleased with your expression of love!” Dixon announced, his hands caressing Vega’s chest running across Vega’s body, hungry to embrace every millimetre of the delicious young space hero.

Dixon moved off Vega’s body, repositioning himself between Vegas’s stretched legs, he let his fingers begin to caress the erosuit fashioned into a thong, first running across the top of the skimpy garment tightening the twisted sides that Vega had created earlier, Dixon knew it would tighten the fabric caressing Vega’s body between his buttocks.

Vega trembled, writhing in ecstasy, the tightening of the thong was wrenching even more arousal from the young hero, Vega licked his lips, hissing in delight and thrusting his bulging manhood upward off the bed, begging Dixon to worship it.

Dixon complied; his hands had become hot, he cupped the beautiful sexual pouch feeling the beauty of Vega’s body, the way the nylon caressed the penis, was surreal and magical, Dixon used his thumbs to explore the lower portions of Vega’s bulge, locating the young hero’s testicles, the scrotum packed with Vega goodness wrapped in soft sensual nylon.

Dixon licked his lips, he was thrusting his pelvis in slow sensual movements, his body responding to the beauty of this bound young god laid out and helplessly writhing before him.

“Vega, I am worshiping your bulge. Accept my worship!” Dixon said drooling and staring at the green prize, he squeezed gently causing Vega to cry out in ecstasy, his body pulling on his bonds.

Dixon spoke as his hands and fingers explored and worshiped Vega’s bulge.

“The Hive has honoured your heritage Vega, your ancestry, the sexual Gods of Ord. You experienced the vision on your last Immersatron vision, before being anointed Vega and sent on your first assignment. You experienced world of the Ordinate Godhead, supreme beings, Gods of sensuality and pleasure. This is your heritage, your lineage, your future! The Hive has recognized such royalty!”

Vega was shaking and fighting his bondage, his body filling with energy as Dixon’s facsimile worshiped his bulge. Dixon’s hot hands were using the bulge as an interface to deposit immense energy, as if drawing it from the throbbing H Drive behind Dixon’s body, to Vega, Dixon’s body was glowing orange and red every throb of the mighty H Drive seemingly throbbing through Dixon’s hands into his bulge.

Dixon continued.

“Immense power Vega, you are receiving your power through me!” Dixon said glancing up from his handiwork to Vega’s animated face.

“Your eyes tell me that you enjoy the sensation the Hive has chosen to anoint you in. Your body will fill with power, you will become a larva inside the throbbing power, let the energy infest every cell in your body mighty Vega, you’re becoming a god, a space hero of dynamic proportions, you will be power behind Ranger Force. Empowering them as the conduit of Hival energy. You will become one with them, with Ranger Dixon, Ranger Blaze, and Ranger Aereon! Your lineage tapped and energised into a powerful force!”

Dixon then disengaged his hands from Vega’s throbbing bulge.

“No please don’t stop!” Vega begged Dixon. But Dixon’s attention was on the green harness strapped to Vega’s heaving chest, his fingers caressing Vega’s pecs, tantalising Vega’s nipples. Dixon felt the tightness of the erotic harness and then focussed his attention on the emerald like crystal mounted on the centre of the harness tightly caressing Vega’s chest cleavage.

Dixon then smiled; he was intently staring into Vega’s eyes.

“This crystal is mined from the depths of Ord, the violent core of the planet, its ferocious and spiritual heart! The Hive have infused it with condensed energy, and endless supply of power Vega!” Dixon announced. “The key to your power! It is your portal to The Hive!”

Vega continued to fill with energy while Dixon’s expert hands methodically massaged and worshipped Vega’s body. Dixon spending several minutes worshiping each of Vega’s feet, knowing that his hands were investing anointed power into the trembling young fledging hero.

It took a while but Vega was bursting with energy, he could feel and see the green glow from his chest, the straps of his harness felt erotic and sensual as his heaving chest and torso expanded and contacted with his gasping breaths, he was in a fit of energy, buzzing, powerful energy filled his every muscle and like a sheen of sweat, he was like that larvae inside his cocoon waiting for the shell to crack and his emergence as the powerful and mighty, the sumptuous Vega. His bondage fuelling him too, he was horny and juiced up, his bonds made him desire pleasure. He begged Dixon to worship him, he could feel his penis tingling inside the pouch of green nylon, the erosuit conducting streams of pleasure that penetrated between his buttocks, inside his rectum, it was like a sensual glove allowing his scrotum to marinate and then captivating his penis in a sheath like envelope of energy.

Vega looked up to see Dixon circling the bed he was tied down on. Dixon’s red erothong was drooling juice and Dixon’s hands were scooping up his juices, massaging the sweet nectar into his own bulge, but his eyes were firmly enjoying the beauty of the mighty Vega, bound, and writhing before him, a manifestation of pleasure energy, buzzing and vibrating, the muscles that would serve the Hive, serve Ranger Force, the exquisite bulge of sexual perfection and decadence, ready, waiting for the explosion that would crack the shell and allow the mighty hero to emerge.

Dixon raised his hands from his bulge, he was standing at the end of the small round bed looking at the Vega bulge, the beauty and roundness, the expectation of brilliance, it was a jewel as beautiful as the throbbing crystal on Vega’s chest. He enjoyed the way the fabric emerged from between Vega’s struggling legs, out from his buttocks, caressing the testicles filled with Vega’s godspunk, the pouch stood firm and proud it was packed with Vega meat and it was making Dixon drool.

“Please, please, fuck please!” Vega was twisting his straining body, he was bursting with power, it was consuming him. He looked up over the crystal, his bulge was proud and majestic, he could see Dixon was fixated on it, sanding between the throbbing H Drive and he; legs stretched, his arms lifted above his head, he could see the glowing light of the engine glistening in the line of spunk oozing between Dixon’s spread legs.

“You will emerge soon Mighty Vega, first you must drink of the Hive, and I will pleasure your bulge, enthral your body with divinity, we will record your pleasure signature into the fabric of the ship and this H Drive. You are bound, your sacrifice is your pleasure, you will become part of this ship, part of Ranger Force and your majestic orgasm shall release you and your superpower!”

Green bolts of electrical energy emerged from Dixon’s hands, the dancing arcs of energy, surrounding the bed, joined by arcs emitting from the crystal. Vega was straining and striving as his juices began to saturate his bulge.

“Vega Juices, so pure, so exquisite and sublime, your body will, from this day forward produce your anointed nectar. Sustenance for Ranger Force, sustenance for this ship. Give of your juice Vega!”

Dixon was positioning himself next to the bed, reaching across to touch the erupting bulge of lime green sexual power. He mingled a wad of the juices oozing from his own red erothong, massaging the fluids together, massaging the bulge ensuing Vega’s nylon wrapped anatomy was saturated.

“Your juices complementing the stored juice of Rangers’ Dixon, Aereon and Blaze, mingling becoming one in your bondage Vega.” Dixon said, focusing his attention on the bulge, massaging it, worshiping the bulge with gentle strokes and caresses, squeezing the pure erotic goodness that Vega was oozing in that triumphant moment.

Vega was in a state of flux too, he could feel the cocoon of energy tightening on his body, constricting him, his skin could feel this unseen powerful force, the bindings around his wrists above his head, were sensual, erotic and dazzling, his ankles too, were being pulled, his body stretched out, helpless, he was undergoing a metamorphosis of erotic proportions, he could feel it, the cocoon of energy, his chest was on fire too; the crystal inside is harness pulsing as the green arcs of energy leapt upward from it to meet and dance with the arcs emerging from Dixon’s hands.

All the while the mighty H Drive, hummed and throbbed, the rare physical manifestation of the Hive was busy propelling the ship and at the same time overseeing the emergence of the Mighty Vega, the newest hero of the Hive.

“It is time to emerge Mighty Vega!” Dixon said, he was standing at the end of the rounded bed looking down over the beautiful body of Vega bound, writhing, and stretched. His eyes fixed on the sumptuous mound of Vega bulge; the beauty of this new hero rivalled that of the Space Rangers themselves. The sexuality of Vega oozing as his body writhed and thrusted.

Dixon moved and knelt between Vega’s spread legs, he was positioned at the bulge, positioned to worship it, enjoy the plentiful sweet nectar Vega was offering. Dixon ran his fingers around the base of the bulge, following the fabric as it emerged from between Vega’s gluteal muscles, he felt the folds of fabric and the way the mighty Vega bulge exploded into the erotic masterpiece.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhh! Such beauty Vega, magnificence, your beautiful body, like the Rangers will be renown throughout this galaxy and beyond!” Dixon said allowing the green arcs of energy to flow into the bulge.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Vega screamed and pulled on his bonds, he was inside an erotic world that was consuming him, the cocoon of energy surrounding his body throbbing him, thrilling him and now the energy from Dixon was filling his bulge.

Dixon, looked into Vega’s eyes, but his fingers maintained their expert and devoted worship of the bulge.

“First you will drink of the juices I offer you Vega! They are the essence of Ranger Force, the goodness that powers them, the goodness that fuels this ship. You will become one, bound forever to them, to us!” Dixon said carefully, explaining the proceedings.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm such beauty filling, consuming my bulge!” Vega said trembling.

“Cocoon so t, tight!” He said stammering, drool dripping from the side of his mouth, Vega licked at it with his tongue before licking his lips.

“Shhh!” Dixon said moving forward. Drink mighty Vega, become one with us, join Ranger Force, Intrepid3 on our mission to serve the galaxy. He positioned himself straddling Vega’s heaving torso, tall and majestic, he was looking down admiring the beauty of Vega’s handsome face, his heaving chest and tight green harness admiring the green pulsating crystal.

Dixon then scooped up some of his plentiful pre-cum from his red bulging erothong and drew a small V on Vega’s chest, on the Vega’s left pectoral, leaving behind a permanent tattoo of the V.

“Vega!” Dixon said.

“Now partake of my juices!”

Vega was mesmerised by the beauty and majesty of Dixon’s red bulging mound; he was fixated on the pulse of clear fluid bubbling from inside the mound. He instinctively opened his mouth, licking his lips, his eyes now enjoying the shape of Dixon’s penis wrapped in wet red nylon. He was about to the partake pure Hival goodness, erotic majesty, he was becoming one with his heroes. He sipped, and licked, the bulge was warm and slippery, the pre-cum plentiful and sweet. Before he knew it his face was engrossed in the bulge, covered in sweet Dixi juice, Dixon was rubbing and thrusting the bulge into his face the juices pumping into his mouth, pure sexual nectar. Vega’s tongue hungry and busy, his mouth open, he licked and sucked with every ounce of energy he could muster, like a ravenous creature, he entered a pre-cum lust, sucking as much juice as the regal red bulge could offer him.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Vega took a deep breath after several minutes of feeding, Dixon was still straddling him, but had withdrawn the bulge. Vega breathed, looking at the still oozing mound of sexual delight as Dixon thrust his pelvis. Dixon was looking upward, arching his beautiful body backwards, his hands pointing upward, and the green arcs of energy shot around their two heaving bodies. Vega desperately wanted to break his bonds, he wanted to touch and feel the red bubbling bulge, enjoy the penis, squeeze as much juice as he could.

But Dixon suddenly lifted his arms clasping his hands together above his head, he was still straddling Vega, but his body lifted and floated over Vega. He looked down knowing he had Vega’s attention. He looked down toward the beautiful young, fledgling, writing hero allowing his drooling pre-cum to ooze onto Vega’s face before slowly floating backward, allowing the line of sticky clear juices to seep onto Vega’s chest and then his heaving abs before stopping above the green pouch, the oozing juices drenching Vega’s erosuit bulging beauty, their pre-cum plentiful, it combined. Vega’s bulge was glistening and shimmering in the orange throbbing lights of the H Drive.

“You are truly a god, a sexual god, your destiny, your past, your lineage intersect here mighty Vega!”

Dixon’s words were profound and invigorating, Vega felt them reverberate through his body as Dixon pronounced every word and syllable. The words had replaced the green energy arcs, the only light was that throbbing orange from the H Drive, Vega was enthralled and his body heaving with sexual energy, he needed desperately to emerge from this cocoon of energy, he knew that as he did, he would be fulfilling his destiny, setting out on his true-life adventure, and connecting with his inner hero.

“Your bulge Vega, your bulge, your penis is the key!” Dixon’s words were pulsing energy inside Vega’s penis.

“Allow my words to pleasure your bulge, your penis Vega, your body shall emerge once your orgasm unlocks your destiny!” Dixon’s words tingled inside Vega’s anointed penis, every syllable, every voice inflection, all contributing to the rich confluence of pleasure thrilling the wet lime green pouch.

Vega thrust his hips, his penis growing and sliding inside its cocoon of slippery pre-cum lubricated nylon. He was moaning deeply, and his throaty cries of delight were mingling with the throbbing of the H drive, they were becoming one and synchronised. He felt every word that Dixon was saying, every expression, every phrase was working his bulge, thrilling his penis.

Dixon looked down, kneeling at the pulpit of Vega bulge, he admired the exquisite beauty of this heaving young sexual hero, he admired the beauty of the erosuit that Vega had twisted and fashioned into a thong, the way the curves of wet fabric and the delicate folds of nylon, the pouch was indeed a masterpiece, it was sexual perfection and only fitting for the emergence of this mighty and sexual hero! Dixon worshipped with both hands, allowing the pre-cum to lubricate them, he worshipped the sides of the thong, twisted erotically on Vega’s hips, then Dixon let Vega’s heaving and thrusting body to move, upward, outward sideward, slipping inside Dixon’s lubricated grip. Dixon moved his hands to cup Vega’s buttocks, holding the tight muscled glutes, both flexing and contracting inside his loving hands. Dixon lifted Vega’s body sensually, reverently off the now drenched bed, up, pulling the bulging sex pouch upward, he glanced into Vega’s eyes, they were erupting with magical, powerful, and sexual desire.

“Plllllllllllllllllease” Vega moaned and as he did, a huge bubble of pre-cum covered his bulge delighting Dixon.

“Thank you, Vega, I will eat your bulge and enjoy your nectar!” Dixon said with his eyes dancing between the thrusting, bubbling erotic mound and Vega’s handsome face.

Those words made Vega tremble.

“Oh God Dixiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” Vega’s words were impregnated with sexual delight.

Dixon watched knowing how his words were erupting inside Vega’s bulge, stimulating the beautiful and charged penis, infusing the cum ready for milking. Dixon watched as the penis head, so perfect, so juicy, pushed against the inside of Vega’s pouch enjoying the way the delicate and wet fabric allowed the underside of Vega’s penis to show, the emission of juices through the fabric, the way it was growing, pushing through the sea of tight wet erotic fabric, the majestic erection forming so perfectly, as only a true sexual god like Vega could perform, lubricating its trajectory with fresh pre-cum spurts.

“Let it grow, build your cock to its most potent size!” Dixon’s voice strong and powerful, filling Vega’s penis with immense, delicious sensation.

“Throb pleasure Vega!”

“Your bulge is your master; your penis is the master of your power!”

Dixon squeezed both buttocks intensely, he knew that his grip was sending powerful bolts of pleasure around Vega’s body, even as his words were speaking directly into the bulge. Dixon had Vega in a state of pre-orgasmic ecstasy watching Vega’s head thrashing upward, downward, sideward, his eyes darting and rolling in delirious delight.

“Come Vega!”

“Give me your anointed milk”

Dixon’s mouth open and hovering above the straining taught and throbbing green mound, bubbling pre-cum coating Dixon’s lips.

His tongue started on Vega’s bulging balls, lapping, and pushing each testicle, he could feel the power of Hive infesting and stimulating the eggs of power, the containers of precious Hival infused Vega juice. Dixon then used his tongue to worship the penile shaft as it slid as it slithered and slid inside the beautiful and drenched nylon pouch. Dixon let the energy invade the bulge and the throbbing penis, speaking into the bulge, licking, and worshiping the majesty of pleasure erupting before him.

“Cum Vega!” Dixon let the word Cum linger before saying Vega’s name.

“Cum mighty Vega, emerge from your sexual torment, a god, a hero, a sexual god of goodness. Destiny!”

“Cum!” The word lingering again as Vega trembled on the edge of his ejaculation.

Dixon heard the moan, the cry of orgasmic majesty filling the H Drive.

Dixon felt the energy exploding, enveloping his face, the first of the cum, oozing then the explosion of hot lava erupted coating Dixon’s face, spurting through the green filter of nylon.

The green energy shooting from the crystal as Vega strained his torso upward, straining in the bondage holding him to the drenched bed. The energy enveloping Vega’s head and body, encircling his straining body, forcing itself into the bulge, powering and boosting the massive orgasmic eruption and the torrent of cum gushing into Dixon’s face.

The flow of cum causing the orgasm to expand and intensify. With every torrent of his anointed cum, a vision appeared in Vega’s head, he was revisiting the Immersatron vision of his godhead ancestory, then the vision would morph into a vision of his future.

Vega was lost in the river of pleasure, scintillating orgasmic ecstasy his mind filled with sensual thoughts and images.

Vega’s cries were being sucked into the throbbing H Drive as he spurted into Dixon’s mouth.

Dixon’s words were loud, they bubbled out through the torrential cum flows and spurts, he forcefully screamed the words into Vega’s bulge, the fountain of cum torrenting, above Vega’s cries of abandon and delight.

“Emerge through this sumptuous orgasm, EMERGE MIGHTY VEGA!”

Vega’s bonds broke in that crescendo, Vega was floating, his legs spread, his arms spread, his body trembling as the cum jettisoned from his straining, thrusing green erosuit pouch. He screamed as the ultra-wave of pleasure consumed his penis, his entire body thrashing, floating.


The sound of cracking and splitting signalled the emergence of Vega from the cocoon of energy. His Orgasm the key to the release of his new powers, he floated down to the bed, it was warm, his juices still fresh and sweet, his buttocks sliding on the syrupy juice. Vega felt the last of the pleasure buzzing in his penis, the flow of jism abating, but he bubbled cum every couple of seconds. He was still horny, and he squeezed enjoyment into his bulge, he had been craving to touch his bulging thong, to feel his penis and his encased testicles.

“Mmmmm!” Vega’s satisfaction was intense, he loved his body in that moment of afterglow pleasure, he was covered in cum and pre-cum.

He looked around for Dixon, but he was no longer in the room with him, but Dr Dale was approaching him.

“I trust the Hive have released your special power Vega!” Dale said as he approached.

Vega was sitting up, he was drenched.

“Are you real?” He asked Dale

“I, like the image of Dixon you have just experienced are projections of the Hive, I am very real, I am an extension of The Hive and this H Drive specifically. Made from the essence of Dixon, Aereon, Blaze and now you Vega.”

Vega let Dale help him up from the bed which vaporised as soon as Vega stood up from its surface. They stood together and embraced.

Dale pushed Vega to arm’s length because he wanted to take a good look at the beautiful and now powerful hero.

“We have so much to discuss, yet so little time Vega!” Dale announced firmly.

“We are within 2 million kilometers of the Bordello, our long-range cloaking jammers have detected the ship we are now on intercept, two hours before we are close enough to atomise you aboard.”

Vega was suddenly alert. He didn’t feel any different, his body though was continuing to tingle and his cum had abated.

“Take yourself to the Ranger’s turbo shower, it’s now yours to share with the Rangers. Meet me on the bridge when you are prepared. The eroapplicator will apply the suit or thong you desire; it will also apply your harness and crystal. We then need to discuss your powers, and our plan to infiltrate the Bordello. You, my delicious young space hero are about to make a name for yourself in the galaxy!”

Vega shall explode into action very soon.

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