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Space Rangers
Part 12 - Vega Part 7
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Vega - Part 7

Email: Discord: Scorpio#5862

(Sigma Sector), 680.92.2324, year 4063


With Vega and Dr Dale in hot pursuit of the Bordello, Vega has little time to enjoy his new hero status, his new erosuit and harness. They are careful to sneak up on the Bordello and not allow the Bordello’s defences any suggestion that that they are in chase. Their catch is hours away and this provides Vega and Dale time to prepare for the intercept and infiltration of the Bordello.

The Rangers must be strong, they must trust that help is on the way, however having been assessed in every aspect of sexual servitude and admitted to their first ever sector of the multi-layered, poly-faceted universal orgasm, showering young virile and precious Ranger semen for their captors, they must endure the next level of their descent into sexual slavery.

Washed, fucked by the diabolical drilling wands and their personal pleasure stimulators, their Fillips enthused and showering waves of hungry pleasure particles, they had each been examined by the evil Council members, their newest fans. The Rangers must now be previewed to the Bordello’s company of horny business elite passengers.

Dixon, Blaze and Aereon have been prepared and tied to diabolical floating Bondage Bots for their grand reveal, in the Bordello’s Grand Dining Room.

“Dixon, Blaze!” Aereon was relieved to see his Rangers, he had appeared instantly and was no longer in Tarn’s suite.

But the blow was powerful, and knocked Aereon’s face sidewards, he felt the sting erupt across his face, but it was nothing compared to what he had just endured fuelling Tarn’s arousal.

His Hival power somehow helped him too, even with the Hival Dampeners engaged! “Ngg!” Aereon winced returning his glare to his assailant.

Tom was clearly enjoying himself, he was focussed on Aereon although he was surrounded by many of the galaxy’s most erotic and handsome heroes. Each prepared meticulously by members of Beau and Tom’s prep team. They were being prepped for their appearance at the captain’s grand dinner unveiling of the well anticipated Ranger Force.

Aereon was suddenly gagged, it had appeared in his mouth almost instantly just as the neck restraint tightened. Aereon was becoming used to their control systems. He was forced to breathe carefully.

“No speaking heroes!” Tom announced.

They had been assembled backstage; an elaborate facility used to finalise the preparations for their display. Each hero was worth trillions to the Bordello, and they would all be required to perform to stay alive.

At this appearance, the other heroes, were supporting the inaugural public appearance of Ranger Force. They would be perfect dishes of heroic beauty in their own rights, but they were well known attractions onboard Bordello, this appearance though was all about focussing attention on Ranger Dixon, Ranger Blaze, and Ranger Aereon. The three most expensive toys to be revealed in Bordelloean history! Almost perfect scores in every category, they had been assessed by Parallax himself and had drawn the attention of the Hedonic Council, the ship’s owners, and governors, who were all onboard in honour of their latest catch, the sexual delicacies known as Ranger Force; their maiden voyage on Bordello!

Blaze pulled on his bonds, his Fillip was actively pleasuring his erosuit bulge, his erosuit was alive and crawling with pleasure particles. His body seething with sexual energy, his arousal screaming, but he was able to work through the delicious sensations acting on his body, they were infiltrating his mind, his senses were buzzing and heightened, his body so sensitive, even the brush of air as Beau moved past him felt erotic on his skin. He looked at Dixon, Dixon’s body responding in similar ways to him, Dixon flicked his hair from his eyes, in that sexy manner only he could perform. Blaze wanted Dixon so bad, his penis zinging with sumptuous pleasure at the sight of Dixon’s bound beautiful struggling body.

Then Blaze gazed on Dixon’s blue bulge, their matching erosuits had been applied in accordance with Tom and Beau’s orders, their bulges full of penis, testicles and pleasure particles were the main attraction. He could cum just looking at Dixon’s erosuit, Blaze had to control himself, but it was increasingly difficult as the sexual energy coursing through his beautiful, bound body seemed to be continuing to develop, he was ready to explode. He was denied his ability to pre-cum, it was frustrating him, his juices backing up and he knew his first release would be orgasmic, just his pre-cum alone would drive him to distraction when his penis was released to discharge his juice.

Dixon’s eyes behind his turquoise mask revealed his effervescent sexual delight, frustration, arousal, need and pleasure, they were all building. His cock was throbbing pleasure, it was inescapable, and he thrust his hips toward Aereon, his bulge seething, alive, his skin crawling with sensation. He let out a long deep moan.

“Need to release this pleasure, oh fuck, my bulge is alive, please let the pleasure flow, oh god!” Dixon looked up from Aereon and straight into Blaze’s hungry eyes as he moaned his words.

“Dixi, I, I, need you so bad, fuck!” Blaze felt the neck restraint tighten, taking his attention from drooling at Dixon’s beautiful bound helpless body. He could see Dixon’s eyes popping too, they were tightening Dixon’s collar restraint as well.

It was then he noticed Interstellar, and the other heroes assembled around them, they were each bound to golden poles, their legs spread, and their arms bound behind their backs. They were tethered to their respective poles. They too were exquisite and handsome, their bodies struggling, their hips gyrating in sexual movements, they had been engineered as sexual containers, beautiful heroic male specimens captured from across the galaxy ready to serve and arouse hundreds of the galaxy’s rich and elite; the lucky few that had scrambled for tables in the triple story Grand Dining Room.

Interstellar showed the strain, his pleasure particles were making his bulge buzz, he showed the signs of hyper, yet controlled arousal, Blaze could tell by the way Interstellar’s face contorted and the way Interstellar struggled; Interstellar had been fucked by the drilling wand too, it’s sexual energy was festering inside Interstellar’s delicious body, and the delightful moans of sexual power were also giving away his arousal.

The others had not received the drilling wand, they were to be tethered to the Space Ranger’s pleasure signatures, they were to be like drones, experiencing the flow of Ranger pleasure, they would react and gyrate in tune with their tethered Ranger, they were clearly the supporting act. Beau introduced the heroes.

“Welcome to the captain’s grand dinner gentlemen, you are the delicacies on display and on offer tonight. The guests have eaten and are ready to be enthralled and aroused by you!” Beau said walking toward Interstellar.

Beau grabbed Interstellar by the jaw, you my beautiful boy will be tied to the central Grand Altar, something for patrons to enjoy while they await their other main course. You will be helpless, denied any ability to orgasm, but you will become a pre-cum juice source, your bulge will be popular as they line up to lick, fondle and relish your magnificence.

Interstellar fought his bonds, but he only set off his Fillip causing his moan to discharge out of his body violently.

Aereon was able to eject his gag and he spat toward Beau in an act of defiance while Blaze fought his bonds aggressively, he too working himself into a frenzy of sexual sensation.

“Bastards!” Blaze tried to sound heroic, pushing through the tightness of his bondage, the delicious sensations, and the restriction of his neck. His eyes firmly glaring toward Beau.

Beau looked at Star Lad, then to Lunar, Nebular, G Force, Helios and Quasar and the other heroes all struggling, tied in similar ways to Interstellar.

Beau then returned his gaze toward the Rangers, you have a great cast, all assembled to support your arrival to Bordello, each of these heroes are highly prized, cum cows, powerful beings captured from across the galaxy to serve as sexual dishes for the discerning Bordello clientele.” Beau smirked.

“Beautiful creatures, erotic creatures Rangers, and once we launch the show, they will be tethered to one of you, you will feel their presence drawing on your pleasure Ranger Dixon, the more they siphon from you, the more your body will compensate.”

Beau then turned to Blaze.

“These beautiful heroes will feed from your pleasure Blaze, your body will compensate and delight you in so many ways, the Bondage Bot will integrate the pleasure transference and although you are denied from pre-cumming until later, you will experience the effects as your symbionts start to produce their nectar, it will be a frustratingly enjoyable experience for you boys and your struggling, writhing sexual bodies will lure in trillions!” Beau said, enjoying the majesty of Blaze’s stretched body.

“You by then will have been fondled and toyed with by your new fans into a seething cauldron of desire and sensation, you will beg to release your nectar. It will turn every guest into a mass of desire and arousal, they will clamour to book you three; two-hour slots of torture or pleasure will be the introductory period a guest can book you for. Mmm yes you Rangers will fetch trillions in your first public moments onboard Bordello.”

Dixon felt the rage festering, he used his mighty Hival power, simmering beneath the ship’s dampener systems, his struggles and strains causing him to choke in his outburst. “Monsters!” he screamed in his fit. His muscles straining and his outburst causing his Bondage Bot to respond sending a bolt of seething energy across Dixon’s chest.

He twisted his torso, crying out with the suddenness and ferocity of the Bondage Bot’s response, but he cushioned the agony with the limited Hival power they were allowing him to access. Flicking his hair from his eyes, Dixon glared at Beau.

“Don’t look at me Ranger Dixon! Your Bondage Bot is a powerful machine programmed to be ruthless; it does not care whether you are the main attraction or just fodder, it will torture you as much as it will pleasure you. You will learn to integrate with its systems as it siphons your pleasure!”

Beau then looked back toward the other struggling heroes and then to Blaze, and finally to Aereon.

“Now where were we? Yes, that’s right, your dinner floor show!”

“Don’t fret Rangers, your delicious and soon to be ultra horny symbionts will be milked in the Milky Way Cum facility later on, that show is booked out, funny that, they will give litres of cum, like good boys, and one will be chosen from each dining room level tonight to accompany each of you to your respective council member’s suite where you will both be milked till you are dry!” It’s a big night ahead of us. Tomorrow, we will torture you in public shows so that our clients can determine their chosen treatments when they finally get their precious two-hour slots with you! Ha, ha, ha, Best you make a good impression gentlemen! Interstellar has an appointment with Parallax after the show, he will milk by the hands of the captain!”

Beau touched his ear before returning his gaze to Blaze.

“Operations tell me that the dining room is prepared, they want Interstellar first!” Beau said turning to look at Interstellar’s straining face, Beau had a devious smile appearing on his face.

“I will enjoy this!”

Interstellar and Beau suddenly disappeared from the backstage facility.

They appeared in the middle of the ground floor of the three-story facility. Every table gasped, every eye in the dining room was focused on Interstellar, he was standing legs spread, his arms tied behind his back with a red glowing collar with a red glowing cord attached that Beau was holding.

The captain’s table stood at the end of the ground floor; six wide steps encircled the podium that housed the table. It was surrounded by a gigantic depiction of a blazing star and lit up orange and red to typify a raging sun, jewels mined from across the galaxy were inset into the huge artistic backdrop to the Captain’s table, they sparkled constantly adding to the entire grand installation which spanned the entire three levels of the grand dining room. Parallax’s table was immensely imposing and impressive. Parallax stood to welcome Interstellar. The lights on the table dimmed except one spotlight on Parallax.

The Bordello Grand Altar was bathed in light too, it was placed in the centre of the ground floor amongst several other impressive round tables.

Interstellar was positioned on a podium near the Grand Altar, he was lit up by several stage lights, his beautiful handsome face conveyed his growing blanket of pleasure, he appeared fighting his bonds, his legs stuck on either side of his podium, his black sparkling suit catching the lights and reflections of light shot around the dining room every time Interstellar thrashed trying to escape his bonds. His red thong catching as much attention as his beautiful body and handsome features. Interstellar looked left and right, and then upward toward the different levels of the immense dining facility. His face wincing as he fought the growing sensations filling his body.

Parallax spoke.

“Welcome Interstellar! So glad you could make it to witness the maiden showing of Ranger Force!” Parallax said looking at Interstellar from the edge of the raised Captain’s table podium. Parallax then motioned his right hand toward the central altar installation.

“We have a prepared a special spot for you my beautiful handsome hero!”

Interstellar fought his bonds twisting his body.

“Fuck you!” Was his response looking at Parallax and then to the gawking crowd, their eyes were all on him he could see their desires reaching forward clamouring to access his body.

“Tie him down to the Altar, this insolent space hero still does not understand his place!” Parallax said in a determined authoritative tone. And with that command several attendants appeared from the wings, they were dressed only in black thongs, black boots and tight vests which barely covered their torso and shoulders. They were strong and powerful beings from one of Drake’s many worlds, incredible strength, and ruthless; the attendants obeyed every command they were given without question. They existed to serve and obey their masters. They would be rewarded handsomely for their service.

Beau bowed to the main table and then stood on the podium with Interstellar, he grabbed Interstellar by the chin forcing the mighty hero to look up toward the main table.

“Acknowledge your masters!” He demanded Interstellar who clenched his mouth trying to push from Beau’s grip. Interstellar glared at the main table just before the drones took control, grasping his shoulders and forcing Interstellar toward the awaiting altar. His Fillip buzzed inside his penis at that moment, his red thong bulge was crawling with a fresh diaspora of pleasure particles causing him to twist his torso and thrust his bulging manhood outward and upward toward the main table. His eyes glazing over as the pleasure sensation enveloped his magnificent bulge.

“Quite the show Interstellar!” Parallax announced from his position perched up on his podium, he made his way down the steps toward the Grand Altar and toward the writhing young blonde hero, but he was speaking to his horny passengers.

“Although merely a sexual entrée for your hungry desires, Interstellar is made available for you throughout the proceedings, his body is being enticed by his Fillip, and he has been programmed with his own pleasure drilling wand! His body will be fed a layer of cosmic energy, his natural stimulant, the Grand Altar will manage his dosage and his pre-cum will flow once we are underway. Feel free to use the various implements designed to stimulate him, he will delight you no matter how you wish to toy with him, or just take your time enjoying his bondage, his helplessness and his pre-cum bubbles from his bulge. This beautiful hero, is yours to enjoy!”

He felt them pulling his legs to the restraints, two more powerful drones were pulling his arms out to the waiting wrist restraints, he was spreadeagled, and his restraints glowed red to match his thong and glowing red collar. He lifted his shoulders to try and survey his stretched and helpless body, and when Parallax arrived, he ran his fingers through Interstellar’s wavy blonde hair. Parallax then looked up toward the different levels of the dining room as he moved toward Interstellar’s heaving red thong, he was leaning over the impressive hero, his fingers toying with Interstellar’s rising and falling abs, his fingers wasting no further time, he stroked and embraced Interstellar’s bulge, it was full and rounded, he felt his fingers tingle as the pleasure particles started to embrace his fingers.

Interstellar lifted his bulge slowly twisting it, his pleasure screaming across his face. His moan was extraordinary, and his tongue hang from the side of his mouth.

“He will just love it when your toy with his bulge! Look at his reaction!” Parallax invited his guests to enjoy his magnificent offering.

“Interstellar is here for your enjoyment!”

Parallax looked into the hero’s desperate eyes. “Mmm, so inviting, enjoy this, he will perform for you, his thong will bubble his pre-cum, so make sure you take your fill, there is plenty to go around, and unlike his exceptional Jism Bar, his juices tonight are included in your admittance!”

Interstellar pulled on his bonds violently, his inviting sounds of delight were igniting sexual fantasies in every patron assembled at the dinner, his struggles making the entire dining room hum with anticipation. Parallax looked away from the helpless hero and up to the different levels of the grand dining room.

“But it is time to introduce your stars of the moment, Bordello is proud to introduce to you the magnificent heroes of The Hive, I present to you Ranger Force!”

The audience were captivated! First the spectacle of binding Interstellar to the Grand Altar and now the revealing of Ranger Force.

“Rangers Blaze, Dixon and Aereon are presented for your viewing pleasure and lusty desires, they are a perfect adornment to this Grand Dining Room.”

Three bondage bots appeared surrounding the Grand Altar, hovering, and facing outward to the tables surrounding the Grand Altar. Dixon was stretched to his limits, his restraints holding him tightly; his legs spread, his pelvis force outward and torso stretched backward slightly, and his arms pulled backwards. He could hear and see the audience standing to ovation, his Fillip releasing a blanket of pleasure on his erosuit bulge, he was engulfed in exquisite sensation and his body tingled all over, even his hair felt erotic. The Bondage Bot was presenting his bulging erosuit, pushing his pelvis forward and using its integration with his body and the effects of the drilling wand to fill Dixon’s body with exorbitant amounts of sexual energy.

Star Lad, Luna Lad and the other heroes appeared throughout the Grand Dining room to the gasps of delight from the diners.

Blaze felt a wave of sensation envelop his bulge, it was as if every eye staring, lusting at his youthful virility were igniting the pleasure particles to dance and move rhythmically throughout his erosuit bulge, thrilling his penis. He threw his head sideway and upwards only to see two more levels of hungry, lust filled patrons demanding their view of his beauty. His moan was deep and delicious and as he pulled his shoulders in a vain attempt at escape. The dining room became alive with yearning men, rich hungry men. Blaze heard Aereon’s cry, he knew that tone Aereon could get when his enjoyment of pleasure was thrilling him.

Aereon felt the wave of pleasure particles too, his bondage was sexually invigorating, the eyes of these gawking patrons were invigorating him somehow, he was fucking horny and as he twisted his pelvis in response to the pleasure, they were inflicting on the nylon fabric caressing his organs, he could feel their lust fuelling his situation.

They each heard Interstellar’s cry behind them followed by Parallax’s announcement, they couldn’t see Interstellar from their placement surrounding the Grand Altar, but his satisfied forceful moan confirmed Parallax’s announcement.

“Interstellar is open for business gentlemen, his pre-cum is flowing, the altar is integrating with his red bulge, his red thong is now controlled by the Grand Altar, on a pulse program. Each emission of nectar will be orgasmic almost, but feel free to use any of the pleasure implements provided on the port side of his altar or adjust the altar’s pleasure program! Controls are on the starboard side of his altar. We have special one-hour slots now available on your personal hero scheduler in the coming days, book this beautiful hero for some special ‘you time’! Interstellar is a favourite, so get your special hour scheduled quickly.”

Parallax then walked down the steps to the floor of the Grand Dining room away from the central Grand Altar, he was making his way to the hovering Bondage Bots and their latest precious cargo.

“But there is no introductory special on these sexual delicacies. He ran his finger around the edges of Blaze’s royal blue erosuit, he could feel Blaze shimmer and tremble, the pleasure particles had become enthused and were ravenous, he knew that the drilling wand sexual energy production was being managed by the bondage bot.

“Look how they enjoy your attention gentlemen! And look around you, Star Lad, Luna Lad, Helios, and many others are distributed amongst you for your enjoyment. They are tethered to one of these Rangers. Symbionts for this presentation, they will shoot nectar as their Ranger host is pleasured, so enjoy the show and don’t get yourselves too wet, ha, ha, ha.” Parallax said turning and laughing.

Blaze was drooling, he was straining against his bonds, straining to look up over his backward stretch, he needed to see his bulge, he needed to see his erosuit he was exploding with sexual energy, and he could feel the sudden pull of pleasure as his symbionts were bought online to his Bondage Bot, his muscles were flexing involuntarily, it was expressive and violent. He desperately needed to pre-cum, to discharge the build deep inside his body, his penis was crying out for it, his Fillip also demanding to feed on his juices. Blaze had become a seething mass of erotic energy and he was now feeding other beautiful virile heroes scattered throughout the dining room.

Parallax then continued.

“They are deprived their ability to discharge any of their juice, Ranger nectar will be highly prized on this ship!” Parallax said with a devious smile, he used both arms, starting from his hips, motioning with open palms and in slow upward motion of his arms, the hovering bondage bots began to rise, lifting their writing sexual Space Ranger cargo upward to the waiting first and second floors of the dining room to the horny, expectant hoard of hungry galactic deviants.

“Take a good look gentleman, these bondage bots will deliver their respective Rangers to your tables, view them, touch them, taste them control their sexual stimulation, you will not be disappointed. Fuel your erotic intentions and pass your instructions to our fantasy creation team to prepare your fantasy space to accommodate your special Ranger play mate. They may not be cheap, but you deserve the best!” Parallax announced.

Blaze heard Dixon’s sensual moan moving away from them, they were each starting to roam the room, hovering to special locations to allow guests to gather, hovering to positions near their Symbionts so they could watch the other heroes writhe and juice in response to the flow of pleasure being fed to them from the Bondage Bots.

“No, no!” Aereon was moaning and hissing his defiance as they moved forward to him, he had his head pointing left to witness the throng, he heard the now distinct sound of Interstellar’s deep moan from the Grand Altar below them, as the next pulse of pleasure pushed out his pre-cum, Interstellar’s constant moans meant that guests were devouring his helplessly stretched body lapping up his nectar.

They were touching Aereon’s skin too, all clamouring to feel and experience him, Aereon was a celebrity on this diabolical fantasy sex liner. His penis, his erosuit, his glutes, his abs, his body were screaming, he was screaming violently too, thrashing his head as much as the neck restraint would allow him, his Fillip demanding pre-cum. His frustration was exploding with ferocious intensity and Aereon’s scream filled his area of the Grand dining room.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Aereon heard Blaze’s cries and moans from his section of the Grand Dining room, the show was being coordinated synchronously by the three Bondage Bots, they were orchestrating a display of exquisite erotica, controlling the flow of pleasure to each Ranger, the pulses of deep-seated sexual energy pumping through their bodies provided diners with samples of what they could access.

The orders were flowing.

Parallax could feel the money streaming in with every sumptuous sound emanating from the different levels of his Grand Dining Room.

Exactly an hour after releasing the Bondage Bots and the other erotically connected heroes to his horny dinner guests Parallax clapped his hands and his voice was amplified throughout the Grand Dining Room.

“Enough!” Was the only word Parallax uttered!

It caused the Bondage Bots to disengage their flow of stimulation, they released the tension stretch on each Ranger slightly and returned their respective Ranger cargo back down to their original positions surrounding Interstellar’s soaked body stretched out on the Grand Altar.

The Ranger reveal had concluded, orders for astronomical amounts of money had been placed and a final figure on the revenue stream was communicated directly into Parallax’s mind by his operations team. Parallax smiled knowing that the Rangers were indeed a profitable capture.

“We have received an overwhelming response to our delightful Ranger reveal!” He said to the horny men assembled throughout the Dining Room. “You shall each enjoy what Ranger Force has to offer!”

Parallax then looked at each of the struggling Rangers and then to Interstellar still seething and producing yet another emission of pre-cum.

“Ranger Force will be milked by the Hedonic Council and Interstellar will be my play mate this evening, Interstellar’s semen will be made available in all the normal outlets in six hours’ time!” Parallax was scooping a wad of pre-cum from Interstellar’s trembling body as he made his announcement.

“Ranger Force will commence service once the Council have had their fill, ha, ha, ha!” He motioned to the Captain’s table identifying Tarn, Drake, and Tempest before returning his gave to the rest pf the Grand Dining room.

“Gentlemen, our range of other galactic heroes will serve your every sexual desire tonight. Star Lad, Lunar Lad, Nebular, G Force, Helios, and Quasar to name a few are ready to fulfil your needs, sweet rich juices, muscles, tight costumes are all yours to enjoy.” Parallax clicked his fingers causing the golden poles with their restrained heroes to appear on the main floor of the Dining room, they were wet and oozing long lines of clear, discharge pre-cum from their respective suits, their moans and writing bodies adding to the ambiance. The crowd erupted in applause before the heroes disappeared once more.

“Consider this a sexual adventure gentleman, G Force, Quasar, Star Lad, and many more exquisite and juicy heroes have been distributed to the public bars and torture theatres around the ship, happy hunting, and for those booked in the Milky Way Cum Theatre, please make your way. Enjoy Bordello’s gift to you celebrating the capture and subjugation of Ranger Force! Ha, ha, ha!”

The event was suddenly over, the crowd dispersed leaving Interstellar, Aereon, Blaze and Dixon in the room with Parallax and his Hedonic Council.

“Well, I think that went well!” Parallax said looking up into Blaze’s glazed and delirious eyes and then toward the three members of the Hedonic Council.

“Time to milk a Ranger!” Parallax said smiling toward Drake, Tempest and Tarn.

“I’m certain they will not disappoint!”

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