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Space Rangers
Part 11 - Vega Part 6
By Scorpio

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Space Rangers

Vega - Part 6

Email: Discord: Scorpio#5862

(Sigma Sector), 680.92.2324, year 4063


Vega had become the next hero of the Hive. The Hive had recognised Kroy, formerly of Planet Ord, for not only his lineage to the sexual gods of Ord, but for his bravery and tenacity and his devotion to serving Ranger Force. Kroy, now Vega had become the personal mission of Dr Dale and the Hival eldership honoured Dale’s work by allowing Dale’s holographical image to be present in the initial and very private anointing of the newest hero of the Hive.

Vega had been inaugurated early, and only out of dire necessity! Ranger Force had been abducted by a little know secret ship, a sexual and lecherous vessel that the Hive, with all its sentient and powerful omniscience, knew little about. But the Hive was learning more and more as the hours went by. Dale of course was spearheading the investigation into the abduction of Ranger Force.

Vega was launched into space, inside his personal Vega Pod, no fanfare or celebration, nobody in the galaxy or the universe knew about him. Vega, the latest beautiful hero of The Hive had the cover of anonymity, and he was now determined to find his Rangers, he couldn’t lose them now! After all his study and efforts. All he wanted to do was to serve them, he loved each of them and it was the Rangers that had saved him from a fate of sexual servitude to the evil Sultan of Sector G.

It was now Vega’s duty to return the favour! But he needed to locate them first, re-join Intrepid3 on her intercept course with the vessel that had captured his beautiful boys and mount his daring rescue.

On the Bordello, the Rangers had been taken from Toy’s clutches, following their first foray into the celestial orgasm known as ‘Universal’ They had been milked in long deep vistas of pleasure. Following their milking, they had been taken to Tom and Beau’s playroom called the Sacristy to be prepared for service. There they met Interstellar, one of the many other captured space heroes and sexual toys in the employ of Parallax and his debaucherously evil sex vessel. They had been cleaned in a diabolical and torturous machine and their bodies bent forward to receive their first drilling wands inserted into their rectums, the sleek metal like devices had sucked pleasure particles from their penises just prior to entering their bodies. After insertion and a period of slow deliberate fucking, the wands dissolved, leaving Dixon, Blaze and Aereon in a state of sexual decadence ready to serve their new masters as the seemingly unending erotic waves of energy mercilessly bombarded their bodies from within. Ranger Force had been meticulously prepared to serve their new masters.

The Vega Pod had that new smell and feel, it was warm and protected inside the sub-space chute of energy on its first journey at blistering speeds to dock with Intrepid3.

Vega had time to ponder and work through the last several hours of his new and eventful life. He could feel the power of the Hive inside his chest, his green crystal set inside his sexy green harness felt powerful, yet Vega was yet to discover the power the Hive had installed in it. Then there was his very own erosuit. He felt luxurious inside it, the light fabric was soft, it felt so perfect fitting his genitals so exactly, yet soft and luxuriously, he admired the soft rounded corners of his bulge, he felt the way the garment clung so dutifully to his balls. Vega had always been so mightily aroused by Dixon and Blaze and Aereon, he always loved worshiping their bodies, he lapped up their erosuits, he craved them. He suddenly realised that he was now on their level, he suddenly felt the responsibility and the honour that the Hive had bestowed on him.

He felt the urgency to rescue his Rangers. Vega could not bear a galaxy devoid of Dixy, Blazey, or Aer!

“One hour Vega!”

The familiar voice boomed inside his head, and it put a delightful smile on Vega’s handsome face. Vega felt the integration with his pod light up his erosuit bulge. The familiar voice of course was Dr Dale.

“You’ll be back on board in an hour! I’m so very proud of you Vega!” Dale continued.

“Any news Dale?” Vega responded, speaking the words out loud inside his pod, yet Dale could hear him clearly millions of kilometers away, as if they were in the same room. Vega felt a distinct authority in his voice, it was the first words he had really spoken since the private inauguration ceremony back on the Academy Station.

“Their joint orgasm has concluded, Vega, but I was able to glean traces of the subspace residual energy that Universal emits after it unleashes its fury of pleasure. The traces were divided evenly, and my latest analysis reveals the faint but indisputable pleasure signatures of Dixon, Aereon and I have just isolated Blaze’s pleasure signature. I wanted to contact you with the good news. Thank the Hive, my analysis shows that the vessel sucked huge amounts of Hival energy, more than they have drawn in the past. But they are alive Vega!” Dale’s voice was reassuring Vega and encouraging him.

“I can’t, I mean we can’t lose them Dale!” Vega responded.

“I know Vega, I know how much you love them! We will track them and help you develop your powers before you mount your rescue mission!” Dale responded reassuringly.

“Vega Pod is being drawn pneumatically toward Intrepid3, I can’t slow the ship without widening the differential between the vessel holding the rangers and Intrepid3. You will need to wait a little longer Vega; I will brief you on your arrival!” Dale announced.

It was true! Intrepid3 was in Hive Drive, she was traveling at superluminal velocity in pursuit whilst also creating the sub-space vehicular chute that was drawing the Vega Pod. Vega was inside a temporal field and using his mini-H drive on his own intercept course with Intrepid3, traveling inside the moving chute. It was Vega’s first taste of life as a mighty space hero, a new life serving the galaxy with his Rangers. But this mission was pivotal, he had to succeed, he had to save them, make his mark, and honour the confidence that the Hive and Dale had placed in him.

“Understood!” Vega responded.

“Intercept in twenty minutes Dale!” Vega announced excitedly.

He lay back, reclining his integration seat, Vega had some time to ponder and reflect on his life, on where he had come in his short twenty-two years of life. How much he had learned since his rescue. The revelation of his lineage and the secret sexual power he possessed had not fully dawned on him though. The Hive had decided to reveal his power over time, allow him time to a adjust, learn, and develop his powers. Vega was much more than a portal of Hival power, although the Hive intended him to develop that with each Ranger. But the Hive intended for him to come into his own, Vega would become a mighty space hero alongside Ranger Force a team forged together bound together by sexual bonds, intimate and unbreakable bonds of friendship, devotion, and service.

Vega contemplated his Immersatron vision whilst on approach to Intrepid3. In it, he was a deity, he demanded devotion, he, and his brothers, reined as mighty gods, sexual beings demanding sexual devotion. Vega took his time to work through the implications of this revelation, he laid back allowing the integration seat to pleasure him, he ran his right hand over the sumptuously soft nylon fabric of his impressive bulge enjoying the way his genitals, so beautifully wrapped in the nylon filled his palm with his warm erotic maleness. His touch warming the pleasure inside his erosuit, it was delicious and the way the crystal in his harness seemed to integrate with the pleasure was a delightful sensation, pleasure, and power were radiating through his body.

“Mmmm, Man, that feels so beautiful!” Vega purred, he was lightly running his finger across his testicles, feeling the nylon suit, enjoying the way the suit seemed to amplify his delicate touch, feeling himself up, he found himself pushing his pelvis, thrusting his bulge up into his hand. Vega moaned to himself, this sensual energy felt so amazing as if the Hive had tuned his sexuality, his experience of pleasure and how it was somehow powering the crystal held inside his green harness fitting tightly against his impressive chest. He was making himself horny and he continued to worship his bulge, as if in a trance, feeding on its beauty, feeding on his arousal, feeling power surging through his chest.

“Approach sequence initiated!” The words rocked Vega back to reality, his green bulge was tingling, his chest felt as if it had expanded, he was feeling pumped and excited, especially when the vision of Intrepid3 illuminated above his integration seat on his personal vision screen…

She was a majestic sight and he suddenly filled with emotion; pride, joy, blended with a dose of consternation.

“I have you on visual.” Vega responded to Dale.

Vega checked his bulge, pleased his little explorative session hadn’t created a wet spot on his brand spanking new suit. He wouldn’t be embarrassed with Dale, Dale was like his mentor in every sense of his life, Dale was after all created by the Hive and partly from each of the Ranger’s pleasure signatures. Dale was family! Vega just wanted to arrive looking amazing, sexual, and professional; he didn’t want Dale to think that he had been enjoying himself while his Rangers were still captive.

But Dale understood. He had a deep connection with Vega, something very special and he understood the young man better than Vega knew himself.

Intrepid3 increased in size as the Vega Pod approached and the Pod’s hull became like glass as it approached the ship. Dale could see the glinting of light as the pod approached the landing bay of the ship. Vega looked out of the Pod as if he wasn’t in an environmentally controlled Vega Pod, it was as if he was just floating in space. He was so impressed with the ship, its sleek hull the booming hum from its Hive Drive, he suddenly realised they were traveling at impressive speeds, in pursuit of the evil vessel holding his beloved Rangers.

The Vega Pod entered Intrepid3’s main dock and set down hovering above the floor. The pod was still in transparent mode and Vega watched as Dale suddenly appeared. Vega atomised out into the dock instantaneously, he couldn’t get to Dale fast enough and even the ship’s atomiser systems were not fast enough for him.

“It’s been several months, and we have so missed you Kroy, err Vega!” Dale said, Vega’s strong arms were wrapping Dale’s body tightly. Dale loved Vega, he had invested so much energy and effort into his development and was so proud of young apprentice hero.

“Honoured by the Hive, anointed by the Hive as Vega! I’m so proud of you!” Dale said squeezing the beautiful young man and pushing their bodies apart, pushing Vega to arm’s length.

“I want to get a good look at you, mighty Vega!” Dale said oozing with happiness and pride. He watched as Vega stood in front of him, his arms on his hips, a huge smile beaming across his face.

“Ta Da!” Vega said smiling, twisting his body showing off his erosuit from different angles. “My very own erosuit!” he announced proudly to Dale. “It feels so amazing, so…”

“Sexual!” Dale replied.

“Yes, and…” Vega presented his bulge to his mentor

“Powerful!” Dale said finishing Vega’s words for him.

“It is a part of you, it is Hive!” Dale announced. “But enough of that for now, we have work to do my beautiful new hero!” Dale exclaimed.

They were both suddenly on the bridge, the three Ranger integration seats were eerily empty and the huge viewing screens were open and at full visual clarity, it was as if they were standing on a huge balcony looking into the depths of space.

“We have a lock on the vessel and the Hive has been able to direct its analysis of the huge siphon of Hive energy hours ago. It seems that it was drawn into the vessel for hours but at a much-reduced rate before accelerating immensely. Therefore, we think they were pleasured for hours before being admitted to the Universal Orgasmic co-ordinates. They only experienced a fraction of Universal, a snippet of what Universal has to offer its riders.” Dale said looking across to Vega.

Vega was peering out to space, desperately longing for Intrepid3 to reach the secret vessel holding his Rangers. He could feel the determination and fire erupting from deep inside him as he gazed intently, urging the ship forward to reach his Rangers.

Dale could feel Vega’s urgency, he could literally feel Vega willing them forward, faster, faster. Dale approached Vega from behind placing his hands on Vega’s shoulders and speaking in a reassuring tone.

“I can feel your resolve Vega!” Dale said squeezing Vega’s tight muscles. “I am as much of Intrepid3 as the physical ship you see around you. You’re a part of us now Vega, I can tap your mind and your soul, I can feel your urgency, determination, and most of all your love for your Rangers. Our Rangers!” Dale continued.

Vega looked back to Dale, their eyes connecting, communicating! He didn’t need to say a word, but a tear escaped his eye and Dale quickly moved to face Vega.

“I know Vega, I know!” Dale said.

They both smiled and turned to face the openness of space.

“We have the ship on a distant lock Vega, we will be within pursuit range in a few hours. The Hive won’t let them escape with Dixi, Aer, and Blaze! We won’t let them escape! And they cannot know that we are tracking them. This is a nefarious vessel; it has exemplary cloaking and anti-tracking technology. We believe that it was so close to Intrepid3 at the point of the abduction, yet I was unaware of its presence. They stole the Rangers right in front of me!”

Vega then looked deep into Dale’s eyes “So, it was the orgasmic siphon of energy that alerted the Hive?” Vega asked.

“Yes! Three contacted me immediately. It was a huge spike! And the elders detected it immediately! We have a lot to learn, and now, so little to go on!”

“But they are OK, at the moment?” Vega enquired.

“Yes, as far as we can determine Vega.” Dale replied directing the young hero to his own bridge integration seat.

“This is yours!” Dale said directing the young Hero.

The Integration seat had been constructed next to the Ranger’s trio of seats and Vega looked at the beautiful device, it’s central red lounge-like seat surrounded by a circular metal perimeter glowing with soft green lighting.

“We matched the lighting to honour your green native loincloth you chose when the Rangers rescued you and which you wore when you first connected with them in pleasure-meld. This integration seat is your personal physical interface with the Hive. We want you to integrate deeply and profoundly when you are ready. The Hive will share everything it knows about the Rangers and the Universal Orgasm they have just encountered. We need you to interface; only you have the sexual bonds with Blaze, Aereon and Dixon and we need you to glean whatever you can.” Dale said, squeezing Vega’s shoulder.

“Of course, Dale! I will do anything, I’m sure you already know that!” Vega said with a knowing smile on his face. “my sexual bond with my Rangers is so tight and so enthralling, for me it is indescribable!” Vega said.

“Yes Vega!” Dale replied, his hand rubbing the back of Vega’s head, his fingers brushing through Vega’s short spiky hair.

“You may have cut those long locks of hair, but they did not define you Vega, it was like they represented your life before the revelation of your lineage, and your now unbreakable sexual bond to the Hive and the Rangers!” Dale mused, looking at Vega.

“Yes, as I said, it is indescribable, ineffable, I just know, I just feel, the bond is overwhelming!” Vega replied with a look of longing in his eyes.

Dale then hugged Vega, he knew what the beautiful young hero was trying to describe, Dale held the young hero in a long embrace, feeling Vega’s body tremble, knowing the deep power and emotions coursing through the young man’s body.

“It’s time Dale!” Vega said, still grabbing onto Dale, their embrace strong and loving.

“I love them, I can’t go on without them!” Vega said, his voice filled with emotion, yet conveying his deep determination.

“I know!” Dale responded, loosening his grip on Vega’s athletic and muscly torso.

“It’s time for your first integration Vega, I’m so proud of you, you’ve come so far from being a galactic refugee to the latest hero of the Hive in record time, and now it is your time to shine as bright as Vega shines in the constellation of Lyra!” Dale announced triumphantly as they broke their embrace.

“I will, and I will make you proud Dale!” Vega replied turning to his integration seat. Vega could feel the excitement looming deep inside him.

“Once integrated Vega, let the pleasure settle into your bulge, your mind will open, allow information, emotion, intelligence to interface, your body will become one with the Hive and with the ship, with me. We will share our understanding and give you an appreciation of Universal, hopefully you will uncover further information, let your sexual bond with Dixon, with Aereon and with Blaze unlock any piece of information you can discover, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem!” Dale’s look gave Vega the reassurance and direction he needed.

Vega stood in front of the glowing integration seat, he spread his legs and placed his hands on his narrow hips, he looked the part, a beautiful, sexual and handsome hero, and he knew he now needed to live his role, he was Vega! Hero of the Hive and it was his job to rescue Ranger Force.

Vega took his first steps toward his destiny and as he did, he started to float, making his way to the integration seat, he could feel the crystal in his harness buzzing, he felt pride, he felt excited and expectant, and more importantly, he felt the responsibility. His short flight full of determination and as he manoeuvred his beautiful body lowering into the seat for the first time, he looked up trying to hide his excitement, he looked into Dale’s proud eyes.

“I won’t let you down, I can’t let them down!” He exclaimed settling into his seat.

“Integrate!” Vega knew innately what to do and what commands he needed to give.

First, he felt the seat sucking his body into it, the ship was caressing his body and welcoming him into its embrace, he felt warm and protected and his arms and hands felt perfectly at home in the wrist rests. He gripped the control sticks intuitively in his palms, but the ship was in control of his integration and Vega needed only to settle in.

Next, his seat began to reconfigure, moving Vega into a forward sitting position, looking over the gentle rising and falling of his muscly abs, Vega enjoyed the way his crystal pulsed slowly inside his green harness, he also had a perfect view of his erosuit bulge and the watched his seat begin to spread his legs slightly. He wished it was Dixon or Aereon or Blaze spreading his legs, he wished for their arms to circle his body, holding him tightly to theirs. But his inaugural integration was just as intensive. Vega could feel the ship caressing his body. He felt one with the Hive in that preview moment of what he was about to experience.

“Don’t be afraid Vega, I’m right here.” Dale said bending down and enjoying the look of satisfaction on Vega’s face. “Welcome to the Hive, welcome to Intrepid3 mighty Vega!” Dale continued. “I have been planning and waiting for this moment since I took you under my wing and the elders confirmed your sexual lineage to divinity. The Rangers will be proud of you too!” Dale ran his fingers lovingly through Vega’s short hair and waited for the second stage of Vega’s integration to commence.

He moaned his words and his eyes darted between his erosuit and Dale as stage two commenced.

“Oh My!” The words lingered on Vega’s lips before his tongue began to lick his top lip.

He felt the flicker deep inside his penis, generating sumptuously discreet pleasure, he felt his balls being caressed by sweet and delicious energy. It was like a dimmed light being illuminated more and more; the penile pleasure was increasing. Vega looked up from his green bulging mass of delightful pleasure, licking his lips, he looked longingly toward Dale. He just moaned, not saying a word, with a beautiful smile of satisfaction germinating on the sides of his mouth.

“Let the Hive embrace you Vega, we will engulf your senses soon, let us into your mind!” Dale said in a soft inviting tone.

He felt invisible hands stroking his soft nylon erosuit, the touch energising his pleasure.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Vega let go! His eyes rolled into the back of his head as the vision exploded into his mind. First Three’s face, then the other Hive elders, then Dale’s soft face appeared, Dale was speaking to him.

“This is your inaugural integration Vega, Hival energy is powering you and we encourage to integrate regularly.” Dale’s image said smiling into Vega’s mind.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Vega was in a trance, his sexuality had always been his grounding strength, but this was amazing beauty. His bulge was alive, he was drooling, and Vega’s head bobbed backward then forward as if nodding off to sleep, the intensity of his connection so deep and overwhelming.

The information downloaded into his mind.

The ship was estimated to be as large as a space station, its propulsion unknown to Hival databases, its cloaking ability also unknown. It’s cosmic sensor array highly developed and capable of detecting Hival energy along with many other sources of ionised and deionised sub-particles traveling through space in advection currents. The Array sucked immense amounts of Hival energy and peaked for 30 minutes during which a specific co-ordinate of Universal Orgasmic Energy (UOE) admitted three participants. Pleasure signatures confirm Ranger Dixon, Ranger Aereon and Ranger Blaze. This vessel has access to the most comprehensive collection of Universal Co-ordinates known to the Hive according to the Hive’s databases, they gleaned as much information from the UOE conduits as they could during the intense orgasm energy spike.

Vega came out of the trance suddenly, his bulge wet and glistening in the lights of the bridge. His moan was deep and sexual.

He said one word “Universal,” wiping his lips and floating up from his integration seat.


Aereon’s body radiated tendrils of delicious, horny energy reaching to his feet and hands, his bulge suddenly caressed by a thin layer of pleasure particles, his body straining inside his bondage, he was charged with outrageous sexual energy, and he could hear Dixon and Blaze moaning in luxurious pleasure too, Aereon had his head thrust backward as the sensational energy exploded deep within his body, his eyes were closed his body quivering and straining. The drilling wand’s detonation deep in his rectum had sent his body into sensory overload.

Aereon was ready to service Tarn in the hero suite.

“Beau is so good at that; he loves to energise your sexual energy and he is so skilled I must say!” Tom said running his finger across Aereon’s chin, grabbing Aereon and pulling his face down. Tom looked toward Interstellar.”

“Isn’t he Interstellar?” Tom said in a smug tone.

Interstellar had undergone the drilling wand procedure on many occasions, he could only watch and admire how the three most beautiful heroes in the Galaxy writhed and trembled inside their erotic bondage, three stunning and erotic, horny young men ready for sexual service!

Interstellar knew that they had something similar waiting for himself, he could feel every emission of his pre-cum, and his arousal was growing every second. Interstellar’s penis relished the constant flow of pleasure particles his Fillip was releasing into his bulge.

“Gah, you freaks!” Interstellar cried out and sprayed pre-cum from his helpless body. “No!” He cried out in frustration.

Tom returned is attention to Aereon, gripping Aereon’s face.

“You will need to pull your tongue in Ranger, Tarn has been waiting to meet you in the flesh for days, you have made quite the impression my beautiful young hero.” Tom was squeezing Aereon’s face with one hand and stroking Aereon’s locks of dark wavy hair with his other hand. Tom dared not touching Aereon’s sexually charged body, Aereon was now a sexually charged and prepared erotic play toy for one of the evilest men in the galaxy, and Tarn would know if Tom had even laid a finger on Aereon’s meticulously prepared erosuit bulge. Tom would be spaced immediately from an air lock if he used up any of Tarn’s delicious pre-dinner aperitive.

“Tarn is very partial to the dark sultry look, and he enjoys a tall toy, there is more flesh to enjoy, to stimulate!” Tom continued looking and admiring the way Aereon’s sensual body writhed so deliciously.

Aereon was engulfed in a torrent of sensation, his body gushing with sexual energy, he looked at Tom with eyes full of desire, his body slowly twisting inside the bondage.

Tom just smiled and squeezed Aereon’s face tighter. “Yes, Tarn will so enjoy you, Ranger!” Tom said releasing the restraints and allowing Aereon to lurch forward as his presenter device tilted forward launching Aereon out of its diabolical grip. His energy dampened by Bordello’s restraint system and his body engulfed in sexual power, Aereon was helpless to escape Beau and Tom’s expert handling.

Beau went to work quickly and efficiently; Tarn would not be pleased if his special delivery arrived late or damaged. Before Aereon could come to his senses his arms were restrained behind his back inside a devious energy wrap, his struggles were feeding the erotic feelings and sensations erupting all over his skin and the feeling of cold metal squeezing delicately around his neck made him tingle. They had locked a collar around his neck.

“The final touch as per Tarn’s requisition request!” Beau said in delirious excitement, Beau wanted Aereon, his cock was leaking with every delicious struggle of this beautiful Ranger’s physique. The erosuit was driving Beau wild with pent up desire, but Beau was a professional. He clasped a blue rope to the choker collar and gave the free end of the rope to Tom.

Tom and Aereon departed the Sacristy instantaneously.

“Welcome Aereon!” Tom said.

They were in a reception space as far as Aereon could tell, he and Tom were on raised podium and Tom was working quickly directing Aereon’s feet onto the glowing light blue foot restraints, Aereon could feel the powerful suction compelling his feet to ‘stick’ on either side of the podium, Tom then tied the blue rope attached to Aereon’s collar to a fastener which had lowered from the ceiling of the reception room. It retracted slowly and Aereon could feel the tug, pulling his head upward, the choker collar restricting his breathing just sufficiently enough, causing him to gasp for precious oxygen. Tom left Aereon’s arms bound behind Aereon’s back. Aereon was forced to maintain his posture, the balls of his feet stuck to the podium and his heels pulled upward by the tension of the upward pull on his collar; if Aereon allowed himself to lurch forward or backward, he would choke, he was literally strung up for Tarn to enjoy. Tom steadied Aereon by holding Aereon’s shoulders, he was standing behind Aereon, checking the tension on the rope pulling the front left of the collar upward toward the ceiling.

“This is the Hero Suite Aereon! You are in one of the most lavishly appointed spaces on-board Bordello. This is Tarn’s private space when he is in residence. I’m going to let go of you now, you’ll need to balance yourself, try not and choke to death!” Tom said releasing his grip on the rope and Aereon’s shoulder.

He felt his body sway slightly, but used his dexterity to quickly hold himself upright, Aereon was gasping for air, pulling on the restraints in a valiant attempt to escape his situation.

“Gah, mmmmpf!” Aereon’s body was coursing with sexual energy, he wanted to thrust his hips, he needed to grasp his bulge, the pleasure was delicate and beautiful, he was being presented with legs stretched to the sides of his podium, his arms bound behind him and his neck straining for breath. Tom stood at attention beside the podium as soon as he stepped off.

The reception room began to spin slowly, but it wasn’t the room, it was the podium. Aereon was strung up fighting for breath, struggling, waiting for his captor to arrive, and spinning slowly, so his new captor could enjoy the beauty his bound sexual toy.

Tarn walked through the wall, he wanted to make an entrance, he wanted to impress Aereon, and he appeared into the room with great flair. Tarn too, had dark hair, but he wore his cut much shorter than Aereon’s, he was wearing black; a perfectly tailored black suit, tight fitting pants and shirt with a silver chain draped around his neck glistening with precious gems. Black shiny shoes completed the outfit. Tarn was elegant and handsome; however, his elegance and poise emphasised his narcissism and evil nature. Tarn expected perfection in every aspect of his life. He was on Bordello again and he was there to satisfy his deep sexual needs. It had been too long since his last visit to Bordello and he was feeling exceptionally horny.

“Love your work, Tom!” Tarn said walking toward Tom, they shook hands.

“I can always know you and Beau can deliver the goods, you’re both so suited to this ship! Now you must make deliveries to Drake and Tempest! Aereon and I will be fine from here!”

Tarn waved his hand in a gesture which dismissed Tom from his duties in the Hero Suite and Tom disappeared instantly.

Tarn was left alone with his gasping and struggling captive.

“The mighty Ranger Force, heroes of the ‘The Hive’, ha, ha, ha!” Tarn said smugly, he had turned to face Aereon, who’s slowly turning podium was coming around so that Aereon could glance downward to see his captor for the first time.

“Impressive balance Aereon! As impressive as you are stunningly beautiful in the flesh!” Tarn said watching the majesty of Aereon’s body fighting for life, fighting for balance yet so full of sexual energy.

“Mmmmph!” Aereon pulled on the energy bonds binding his wrists, coughing into the air, and gasping for breath as he twisted slowly, his pelvis rocking deliciously enjoying the sexual energy.

“Writhe for me beautiful boy, you’re making so horny Aereon!” Tarn said while enjoying the view of his helpless play toy.

Aereon had no choice but to comply with Tarn’s order. He continued to fight for breath, fight for freedom, his muscles twitching and flexing in the hero’s desperate attempts stay upright and deal with the sexual urges enveloping his body.

“You are sumptuous Aereon, I can’t wait to explore your body!” Tarn said smiling and rubbing his finger across the front of his tight and shiny black pants, Tarn’s hardon was impressive, and he let his hand follow the length and width of his member in an erotic display for his captive.

Aereon had to strain his eyes downward because his head was being pulled upward by Tarn’s cruel display systems, he could see Tarn’s face, and he could see that Tarn was playing with himself, Aereon knew that he was arousing his captor and he had no other choice but to struggle and allow his beautiful body to enjoy the erotic sensations captivating his flesh, scintillating his erosuit bulge. Aereon was Tarn’s toy, his playtime infatuation and he hadn’t the faintest idea of what Tarn was contemplating and planning to do to him.

“Those pleasure particles are pesky little lovelies aren’t they Aereon? I hope your penis is becoming used to your Fillip, those creatures just love living inside beautiful penises, they feel luxurious, don’t you agree?” Tarn’s voice was filled with lust as he watched Aereon slowly pointing his royal blue erosuit bulge forward and upward, engulfed in a blanket of discreet pleasure.

Aereon’s moan was stunted with desperate gasps for breath.

“I think you will agree that we treat our sexual toy boys well, and we have so much to share with you, Dixon, and Blaze! Now, let me examine you Aereon, I will enjoy your sexy body before I release you back into Tom’s care for the Captain’s grand dinner. You and Blaze and the delectable Dixon have the ship’s company on edge as it were, they can’t wait to catch a glimpse of the decadent Space Rangers!” Tarn said approaching Aereon.

“Bah, mmmmpf, Garr!” Aereon did his best to fight Tarn, struggling desperately to free himself, his determination deep inside him, fighting his bondage, fighting the exquisite sensations filling his beautiful body and fighting for breath, trying to stay upright, pulled upward onto the balls of his feet stretched out on the extremities of his presentation podium and not sway inside the cruel bondage constricting his breathing; a delectable sight which Tarn was clearly enjoying.

Tarn felt his pleasure ripping inside his tight pants, his own cock throbbing with every erotic movement of Aereon’s body, Tarn admired his delicious captive, he had not been this aroused in a long while and he approached Aereon with eyes full of desire, yet respectful of the beautiful specimen writhing before him.

“Bondage suits you, Ranger!” Tarn said in a sly tone bending forward and was removing his shiny shoes.

“I dressed for dinner too early Aereon and the sight of your delicious body striving like this is making me so hot and bothered, my cock can’t stand the tightness of my pants! I think I should release it, what do you think?” Tarn’s tone was carnal and determined. He did not wait for Aereon to respond, throwing his jacket and shirt out of the room, they disappeared through the wall of light. Tarn then removed his pants; he was left with a black G-string thong on his muscular body.

“I hope you like this pair Aer?” Tarn said enjoying his own attempt at alliteration.

“I know how you enjoy a thong, I bet you love Dixon and Blazey boy dressed in a delicious thong and well, you wear them so confidently too. I thought I would honour your sexual likes Aereon.” Tarn was tracing the length of his substantial hard on inside his black thong pouch.

“I get it, I really do Aereon! These thongs feel so erotic, so sexual, just like your erosuit is feeling right now on your body! We are going to make it feel so much more tactile for the dinner show later, they are all going to want to touch it, make you ooze your sumptuous nectar, they will want to hear you moan in delicious abandon and hey presto, your order book will fill up so quickly, they will all want your sweet erotic body for themselves, to explore the sexual grandeur that is Space Ranger Aereon. Your pleasure will fill the coffers of Bordello and my personal cut with trillions, ha, ha, ha. But right now, hero, you are all mine to enjoy!” Tarn said as he stepped up onto the private viewing podium to join Aereon.

“I get to inspect the goods first and see if Parallax and Toy have graded you correctly.” Tarn’s face was centimetres from Aereon’s upturned straining head, but Aereon could feel Tarn’s hot moist breath on his skin.

Aereon looked down as best he could, he was panting, desperately seeking oxygen, straining in his bondage, the collar pulling at his neck, the balls of his feet compelled to stay fixed at the sides of the podium, his legs stretched, he was vulnerable, and a hurricane of sensation was filling his body, his Fillip releasing pleasure into his magnificent soft nylon bulge of his erosuit.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” the moan was long and flavoursome it communicated the same rich pleasure caressing his erosuit bulge.

Tarn shivered with excitement; he was poised to enjoy one of the most sexually decadent heroes in the Galaxy and his eyes looked Aereon’s straining body up and down.

“You are fucking beautiful Aereon!” Tarn said gasping at how delectable Aereon was straining in front of him.

“I’m going to touch you now my beautiful young hero, and that delicious drilling wand’s insatiable pleasure generation filling your body will be so much more enjoyable and thrilling. I hope you don’t choke while I caress your body, my delicious sexual young man. The effects of the drilling wand will last throughout dinner and into the night. Your Fillip will also react giving your bulge ecstasy, long deep waves of pleasure!” Tarn said touching the sides of the collar, feeling its tightness on Aereon’s oesophagus, he purred feeling Aereon’s desperate gasps for breath.

“It’s nice and tight, I like it that way Aereon!” Tarn said, he was ruthless and horny.

“Fer fe *gasp* fiend!” Aereon struggled to get the word out, he was wading in a sea of pleasure sensation and Tarn’s fingers commencing at his shoulders sent Aereon into a fit of struggles, the sensation was intensifying wherever Tarn touched him.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *gasp*”Aereon cried out, he was choking, and Tarn only kept up his enjoyment of Aereon’s seething body.

“Learn to channel the sensation Aereon!” Tarn cautioned. “You will not survive my inspection if you do not master the pleasure! Ha, ha, ha! Use your superior mind mighty hero, it is your only option, your bondage is too strong, you cannot escape!” Tarn was squeezing Aereon’s tight upper arms and enjoying the way in which Aereon kept seething and hissing, trying to manage the sensation, attempting to mitigate its effects as best as he could.

Aereon twisted his body, gallantly fighting the sensation and the constricting diabolical collar, even Tarn’s breath was invigorating the sensations across his body and Tarn was literally drinking in Aereon’s sexual allure, his hands were hungry, and he worked carefully and meticulously appreciating every bump and curve of Aereon’s body. Tarn’s pre-dinner excitement evident in the way he worshiped his new, beautiful prize.

The sensation sizzled, he could feel it being drawn through his body, erotic, sexual layers of delicious energy, they seemed to take his mighty Hival power, twisting it and combining with it, it was pushing his sexuality to new heights, but Aereon had no time to consider what was happening to him, his only priority was to try and focus his energy, the energy he could access to keep from choking to death while his evil, and oh so horny captor ravaged his body.

Tarn worked up each leg, after completing Aereon’s trembling left leg, he then worked the right leg, he concluded at the tight nylon elasticised sides of the Aereon’s curvaceous and generous bulging erosuit. Tarn stood up. His fingers caressing and gripping Aereon’s narrow heaving waist, their faces close, but Aereon was forced to look downward toward Tarn’s lust filled face as much as the devilish collar restraint would allow him to. Aereon’s body had normalised somewhat to the extent that the sensations generating deep within his core from the drilling wand treatment, had not abated, but they were no longer being super energised on acute sections of his body. Tarn was very much controlling his body, Tarn was becoming Aereon’s master.

Tarn smiled at Aereon, enjoying the way Aereon’s handsome face looked, straining, and pained.

“You are a handsome devil aren’t you Aereon. Such a delicious morsel.” Tarn said licking the underside of Aereon’s chin, tasting the line of spittle that had been exiting the side of Aereon’s mouth.

“I hope you enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed it Aer, do you mind if I call you Aer?” Tarn said, taunting Aereon.

Aereon’s face, whilst forced upward, radiated his disapproval, his chest rising and falling and his defined abdominal muscles moving rhythmically, Aereon was fighting for oxygen, fighting the restraint system, he was a heaving sexual torrent, a sexual masterpiece and every aspect of this Ranger was turning Tarn on with tremendous force.

“And now my delicious Ranger, it is time for me take in your sexuality, your sumptuous erosuit, your buttocks, gorgeous glutes and your bulge, the fabric, so erotic, so sumptuous, dutifully clinging to your testicles, your reservoirs of cum and your penis. Now! Who likes all this more? Is it Blaze or is it Dixon? Which one pleasures you more? Whose cock satisfies your innermost sexual cravings more? How does your beloved Hive power your pleasure? So many questions my dear Aereon? You don’t need to answer them all here and now. I have my ways of revealing these titbits of information, and all will be revealed in time. But answer me this my beautiful human hero, Does your bulge feel loved and delightfully satisfied with enough pleasure?” Tarn released Aereon’s hips, he was rubbing his own throbbing black thong pouch.

“Mmm, my cock tells me it wants you Aereon! Now, do tell me, is your penis satisfied?”

Tarn stood back slightly, he wanted to see Aereon’s reaction, he wanted to see the majestic struggling musculature of Aereon’s perfectly displayed body struggle, he was turned on by the sight, the sound and the scent of sexuality oozing from his captive. Tarn enjoyed the moment of delirious power watching Aereon perform for him.

“Nagh, *gasp* bah, fiend! Mmmmph, w- an t *gasp* t, t to kill you!” Aereon struggled with every word, gasping for air twisting his shoulders yet still capable of remaining upright, he had to concentrate through all the sensations attacking him internally, the pleasure seeping from his penis, he had to delve deep into himself to find the words and express himself.”

“Ha, ha, ha! So valiant, you are the courageous fighter aren’t you Aereon!” Tarn retorted watching Aereon’s sensual bondage dance. The mighty Space Ranger fighting for his life on one hand yet performing a sexual dance for his captor on the other, hm, deliciously poetic!”

“Mind if I enjoy your manhood Aereon? It’s nearly dinner time, your ‘BIG reveal’ and I haven’t had the pleasure yet, or should I say, I haven’t had a taste of your pleasure yet!” Tarn said holding onto the side of Aereon’s righthand cheek, he could feel the rage inside Aereon rising, deep erotic rage and it made Tarn tingle with excitement.

“I’ll take that as a definite NO, but hey you don’t get a vote Ranger. I am your master, and I will take my prize when and how I wish! I will control your sexual function, and you will serve my needs! I hope that is abundantly clear!”

He spat toward the ceiling, if he was able, he would have taken Tarn’s eye out with the force of his fury, his sexuality was screaming, his body a torrent of sensation, yet he could still access his emotions and Aereon’s rage had ascended in that moment of defiance.

Aereon was choking, his neck had expanded in that furious outburst of anger and defiance, he could feel the energy restraints binding his wrists buzzing energy up his arms, he knew he had to calm down, he had to normalise his breathing as best he could, his survival depended on it. Aereon knew that he had to please Tarn if he was to continue to live and find a way to escape this sexual prison and his new masters. Aereon focused his emotions, it was difficult to calm down, his body was a sea of tingling delight, the drilling wand had fucked him so enjoyably in the Sacristy and when it exploded deep inside him, it had released an engine of pleasure generation which continued to reach into his body, delighting his senses, tantalising him to the extremes. His erosuit too, his bulge radiating energy from within his penis and testicles, and the Fillip creature residing inside his urethra was also broadcasting pleasure energy, delectably intense energy across the nylon expanse of his erosuit, clinging to his anatomy. Aereon was in a state of intense sexual tantalisation, his bondage restricting him and threatening his life. He knew Tarn could easily lift the collar higher or worse, tighten the device, slowly constricting him to death. He could also feel the Hival power in his muscles, yet his captors had dampened his ability to access it. He was aroused and frustrated and angry all at once. He was enslaved and subject to Tarn’s needs and desires.

Tarn lowered himself slowly, he did not speak, he was intently enjoying the sight of Aereon’s delightfully erotic body striving for life yet deliciously moving in a response to the pleasure energy tantalising him. Tarn was enjoying his dominance over his bound sexual powerhouse, enjoying watching and listening, smelling the very scent oozing from his most prized erotic toy. He enjoyed watching Aereon’s abdominal musculature, rhythmically pulsating and flowing, yet spasming and convulsing with every gasp for life.

Tarn reached the erosuit. He took in the majesty of the pouch first, the way it clung to the tops of Aereon’s heaving and straining legs, sealing his most precious anatomy inside the nylon garment, he enjoyed the way the bulge emerged as if exploding from Aereon’s body, its fullness, its curvaceous sides displaying to Tarn the majesty that is a Space Ranger. He resisted touching it. He just drooled, he just let his eyes follow the curves and appreciate the volume of sexual magnificence that Aereon offered him. The lines shimmered too, as Aereon slowly gyrated and thrust his pelvis, the folds of fabric caught the light and Tarn could feel his arousal like a festering volcano; Aereon’s sexuality, his nylon encased anatomy was feeding Tarn’s innermost carnal desires. Tarn’s eyes followed the lines to the tip of the erosuit, he could see Aereon’s penis head, the shape of it, the immense beauty of the Ranger’s dynamic pleasure implement, it was his to enjoy! His to stimulate! His to suckle on! His to milk! It was outrageously beautiful, and he knew that the erosuit was filled with pleasure particles stimulating Aereon. The Fillip was doing its job perfectly, Tarn could tell from the sounds emitting from Aereon’s lungs between Aereon’s gasps for breath the sights, sounds and scent of sexual conquest intoxicating Tarn into a determined mass of pent-up craving.

Tarn then looked up from his eyeful of royal blue bulge, he gripped Aereon’s body on each hip, his fingers toying with the turquoise patch of nylon sewen onto each side of the suit, letting his fingers enjoy the single inch sides of the erosuit, feeling the tight drawstring and the elastic sides clinging to the tanned flesh of his captive play toy. Tarn knew Aereon could not see him, he had engineered the bondage so that Aereon’s head was forced upward, but Tarn knew that Aereon was able to hear him clearly and feel his tantalising touch.

“You are the most divine sexual object in the galaxy Aereon! Your body is mine, your sexual organs are mine to enjoy. I ordered the drilling wand, I wanted your body tuned to the sensual frequencies of my home planet, I, well, my people, mine the precious ores which when combined correctly inside the kilns of my boutique artisans produce, in my view some of the galaxy’s most delightful erotic toys. I add my latest technology to the finished wand and sell them at astronomical prices. Bordello gets its fair share of the production and I like to share my technology with beautiful heroes like yourself. I like to share my wealth, so enjoy the boundless waves of sexual energy bombarding you from inside your rectum Aereon, you’re getting a free sample! Ha, ha, ha.”

Tarn watched as Aereon twisted his hips rhythmically, slowly, erotically.

“You want to pre-cum don’t you Aereon?” Tarn said caressing Aereon’s hips.

“Bah” Aereon said before his next gasp for breath. He pulled on his wrist restraints, twisting his shoulders, before gasping again.

“I know, it must be frustrating that a young hero like you, so virile and sexually charged, not being allowed to give up his nectar!” Tarn taunted Aereon.

“But you see, I want you to crave it Aereon, I want you the beg for your release. Your Fillip is calmly filling your erosuit with just enough pleasure particles to stimulate your pleasure slowly and determinately and by the time you and Dixon and Blaze are revealed in the grand dining room, you will each be seething cauldrons of dynamic and effervescent erotic and pleasure energy. They will all want to touch you, feel your perfect bodies, enjoy the shapes of your erosuit bulges. You boys are such a big event, your capture and conquest represent the next level of Bordello’s service to the Galaxy!”

Aereon could hear the words, he knew that Tarn was gloating, he knew that he was a mere sexual object for this evil man, but his life was tipping on the edge of consciousness. His body was a mass of sensation, waves of tingles, waves of delicious power surging from his inner core outwards through his body, erupting on his skin and the sumptuous pleasure, his erosuit was driving him wild with enjoyment, it was sumptuous, and his bondage while severe, was feeding into the whole process. He thought of Dixon and Blaze, he wondered what their captors were doing to them, but he knew from what Parallax had said earlier, and from what Tarn was saying was that they would be together again during their unveiling at the captain’s grand dinner event. They were not about to be killed anytime soon. He knew he had to hold on, he knew that Dale had found them. Aereon remembered the gateway into Universal, how he felt in that beautiful expanse of orgasmic pleasure, every push of semen through his penis delving him deeper into the beauty of the pleasure expanse. He remembered Dale’s voice reaching to him in those glorious minutes, hours of that orgasmic experience. Dale used the pleasure conduit to find them and Aereon, knew that Dale would find them.

“Universal will take you again my delicious Aereon!” Tarn said. His words bought Aereon back to his dire situation, Aereon’s mind had wandered, and his reality flooded back into his consciousness. He was gasping again, struggling again, fighting to gain enough oxygen into his body, fighting to keep from swaying and constricting his airways. He was tingling all over, he was bound and helpless.

“Bah, Never! *gasp*!” Aereon did his best to look downward toward Tarn and when his eyes did find their mark, he was shocked to see Tarn on his knees, his face inches from his bulge. His mound of pleasure seething with sensation, Tarn was about to worship his bulge!

The spike of pleasure emerged from his penis, it was oozing and penetrating his very core, Aereon’s head buzzed, and his body convulsed, the Fillip was welcoming Tarn.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Aereon’s deep cry of delight encouraged Tarn.

The blue bulge was all he could see, it took over Tarn’s senses, it captivated him, it filled him with emotion, Tarn was suddenly captive himself, captive to Aereon’s magnificence, he was filled with powerful pride and desire all mingled into one. He looked at Aereon’s penis, the soft nylon displayed Aereon’s sexual organs emphasising their beauty. The bulge was his, it beckoned him. Tarn touched the sides of the bulge with the tips of his fingers, the fabric soft and tactile, the warmth of this male god reaching into his fingers, feeding Tarn’s lust. He squeezed gently, feeling Aereon’s anatomy resisting his gentle prods. Tarn then traced around the bulge and suddenly gripped Aereon, he wanted the substantial royal blue bulge within his grip. He savoured it all, the testicles, the snaking soft penis shaft, his fingers enjoying the sumptuous curves of the penis head.

Tarn was in his happy place.

Aereon’s body convulsed and throbbed, and his cries of delight were loud, intense and meaty, Tarn’s worship was fuelling as surge of sensation, the pleasure engulfing his enthusiastically throbbing erosuit bulge. It was sumptuous and rich, it was feeding Aereon’s innermost sexual soul.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Aereon screamed from within the depths of his being, it was throaty and bulky, it filled Tarn’s reception room and caused Tarn to stand up and away from his convulsing sexual toy. Tarn laughed so loudly his evil outburst joining with Aereon’s cries of delight in a chorus of sound.

Suddenly oxygen filled Aereon’s lungs, it was feeding his body, feeding his soul, but it did not alleviate the carnival of erotic and sensual sensation bombarding his body, consuming his genitals, filling his erosuit bulge. But he could breathe! The inhale was sweet and the exhale just as satisfying. His neck no longer being dragged upward by the bondage system, but he was still firmly stuck, still helplessly displayed for Tarn’s pleasure.

“Gah, you bastard, had your fun?” Aereon spat toward Tarn, his voice raspy, and his tone sexual.

Tarn was licking his lips, rubbing his thick erect and prominent cock inside his black thong. He stood back to take in the view of his beautiful young hero, his sexual toy was full of spunk, and he just adored that in a helpless hero. He admired Aereon’s heaving abs, and the way his body was taking in oxygen, the gulps causing Aereon’s beautiful musculature to dance rhythmically with each inhale and exhale motion of his body. Tarn watched as Aereon pulled on the bonds, the way his muscles responded to his urgent attempts to escape. He then looked intently into Aereon’s widening eyes, the urgency was being replaced by horror.

“Bah, wha, wha, what are you doing?” Aereon demanded, twisting his torso, yet his head remained fixed on Tarn’s excited face.

“Your collar will be your master in the hero suite Aereon Zelder, Mighty Space Ranger, hero, ha, ha, ha!” Tarn retorted staring intently back toward his bound sexual play toy.

“You will do well to learn it’s ways, it can be a bitch, if you rub it up the wrong way!” Tarn continued.

Aereon’s face was changing colour in response to the collar’s stimulus, it was constricting Aereon’s throat in a new and powerful manner.

“The collar will control the effects of the drilling wand, using the energy releasing into your body in so many varied and masterful ways Aereon!” Tarn said smiling.

“Listen carefully lad, if you wish to stay alive!” Tarn then said in an authoritative tone, his eyes now glaring.

Aereon felt his oesophagus expand, it was being filled with something and it felt as if it was being filled with glue, it was inescapable and before he could determine what was occurring to his windpipe, he felt and inescapable need to exhale and moan. Tarn was cupping his erosuit, caressing his testicles, the pleasure was radiating into his anatomy, toying with his prostate, it was sexual and beautiful, yet he was unable to respond with vigour, unable to express his deep pleasure. He was desperately trying simultaneously to keep alive; he was forbidden oxygen.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Aereon moaned while he twisted his body, his hips thrusting in synch with the pleasure Tran was generating by squeezing his scrotum, enjoying the beauty of Aereon’s bulge. He was smiling at Aereon.

“Submit boy! Submit mighty Ranger!” Tarn squeezed further allowing his fingers to caress the rounded sides of the bulge, Tarn enjoyed the feeling of the delicious soft fabric, the firmness of Aereon’s male anatomy was pleasing him, arousing Tarn so much that he could not resist! He had his sexual god exactly where he wanted him, Aereon was in state of sexual bondage, close to the edge of his life and Tarn had never felt such powerful arousal.

Aereon spat as his collar released his throat, the pent-up carbon-dioxide in his body exhumed from him violently, but before he could gasp, he looked down toward Tarn’s hand molesting his bulging erosuit.

“You are mine Ranger Aereon!” Tarn was saying slowly, keeping his right hand firmly gripping Aereon’s bulge and using his left hand to grip Aereon’s chin, gripping Aereon’s face with a sexual fervour, yet allowing the hand holding the bulge to caress and worship delicately.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Aereon could breathe, he could communicate the pleasure experience, but his frustration and defiance were raging inside him.

“Bastard!” Aereon said pushing the word through Tarn’s clamp like grip on his face.

Aereon thrust his pelvis forward and upward into Tarn’s sensual grip, it allowed Tarn’s fondling hand to slide across the surface of the nylon fabric of the erosuit and Aereon immediately understood the lust in Tarn’s eyes and simultaneously felt the explosion of pleasure inside his penis.

Tarn didn’t say a word, he enjoyed the moment of sexual fantasy, yet it was a moment of sexual reality; he had one of the most revered and virile young heroes in the palms of his hands, he controlled this youthful god!

“I am your master, Aereon!” Tarn finally spoke watching the look of desperation in Aereon’s face.

“N, Ner, N, Never!” Aereon replied as best he could, his eyes were rolling back into his head as the pleasure particles continued to harangue his bulge. Yet he was rhythmically and slowly pushing his body into the Tarn’s right hand allowing Tarn to enjoy his sexual erosuit, allowing the flow of pleasure to caress and control his senses.

Aereon was in Tarn’s grip in more ways than one, but he was resolutely focussing his mind to defy Tarn’s mind games, but he knew that his defiance only aroused his captor further into a sexual tornado.

“What do you want from me?” Aereon demanded.

“Want? Whatever do you mean my dear boy” Tarn said smiling.

“I will take everything you have, your beautiful body, your erosuit, your penis, your boy pussy, your mind! I will take you piece by piece, I will suck the semen from your body Ranger, milk you slowly carefully and with a determination so intense that your body and your will, your super sexual defiant mind will give into the sensation your body so deserves and craves!”

“Bah!” Aereon retorted, madly throwing his head around and struggling to free his wrists from the bondage.

“Your body enjoys the Fillip; you are fucking my hand with your bulge Aereon, you are rubbing your sex into my palm!” Tarn laughed looking down to watch the royal blue substantial bulge pushing into his grip.

“I don’t have to move my hand Aereon, you’re thrusting your manhood into me. My grip will master you; you’ll see!” He looked back up toward Aereon’s defiant face.

“I like that sexual glaze your eyes get when the Fillip delivers the pulses of pleasure into your hungry bulge!” Tarn’s lust was oozing, and his eyes were firmly fixed on the beauty of Aereon’s bulge, his mind enjoying the feeling of the nylon wrapped genitalia filling his palm and pushing rhythmically and powerfully.

“Now! I’ll show you some of the Hero Suite Aereon, it is aptly named, I have conquered many heroes here, and so, you will be joining the array of conquests! I will enjoy breaking you down, sexual piece by sexual piece. Orgasm, after orgasm, long delicious pleasure is going to drive you, yet sessions of pain will plunge your mind to depths of despair. Up and down, you will go on the merry-go-round, moving closer and closer into my control. Oh Aereon, I have delicious plans for you!” Tarn said.

Aereon’s look of desperation made Tarn tighten his grip on Aereon’s face. Aereon fought the energy binding his arms, desperately trying to release his feet from the suction pads compelling his legs to either side of the presentation podium, he was looking around the featureless bright room desperately seeking and avenue of escape. His struggles only fuelling the erotic sensations shooting through his body.

“Gah, bah, Aghhh, bastard! Gah!” Aereon responded. “Ner, NEVER!”

Tarn let go of both Aereon’s chin and bulge simultaneously.

“Mmmm, delicious! Everything about you enchants me Aereon, I haven’t felt this aroused in a long time!” Tarn said bending down. It was time for his eyes to bask in the beauty of Aereon’s erosuit once more. Tarn ran his fingers around the elasticised edges of the erosuit, feeling Aereon’s tight and clenched glutes, he stuck to the edges of the garment as if communicating to Aereon, he was completely in awe of the garment and Aereon’s sexuality. Tarn moaned triumphantly, all the while his eyes fixed on the beauty of what Aereon had to offer him. He circled Aereon several times, his eyes and fingers filled with lust and desire; he worshipped the young hero slowly and intently. Tarn then knelt before his writhing, sexual play toy, he reached and cupped the majesty of Aereon’s royal blue bulge once more, Tarn could not resist, the way it beckoned his attention and devotion.

His mouth watering, his hands tingling with pleasure particles that had migrated from Aereon’s bulge onto his hand, Tarn shivered with sexual power and lust, he glanced up to Aereon’s face watching the majesty of every muscle flexing and striving against the bondage and in response to the pleasure. Tarn was mesmerised by Aereon’s beauty and yet the magical sight of Aereon’s defiance seemed to fuel the lust too.

“It is a shame, my delicious Aereon, we will have to wait a little longer to begin your pleasuring, I will enjoy your nectar tonight, but you must be displayed to my guests, alas, I must share the majesty of this beautiful body!” Tarn gently squeezed Aereon’s testicles and gently moved his fingers around the base of the bulge, pushing between Aereon’s legs caressing Aereon’s nylon coated taint.

“AghhhhhhhhhhhhEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Aereon cried out, he was shivering and struggling with a new pulsation of sexual energy that ripped through his body and bulge.

“You’ve got to anticipate the sensations my beautiful hero!” Tarn said gloating upward.

“My fingers will stimulate your Fillip, and its excretions of pleasure will pump your bulge and your penis will set off the resident energy released from the drilling wand. You have hours before the drilling wand’s energy dissipates, it will rack your body with such divine sensation.” Tarn continued.

“You Ber, ber, ba, bastard!” Aereon’s head was no longer constricted upward by the collar bondage system, it was allowing him more freedom to move his head and Aereon was able to moan and look upward away from Tarn’s lusty glare.

Tarn then returned his attention to enjoy Aereon’s bulging erosuit, his eyes appreciating the curves, and fullness of Aereon’s erotic offering, he continued massaging Aereon’s balls, feeling the mass of Aereon’s scrotum, it felt warm and substantial Tarn’s eyes were mesmerised by the two folds of nylon fabric that formed from the crest of the bulge’s elevation. He could see the majestic shaft of the penis snaking inside its nylon home. Tarn’s body convulsed with lust as he surveyed the beauty of Aereon’s penis head, the sensitive underside of the penis head was inviting him, to suckle and lick, to worship, but Tarn held back his lust. He was also mesmerised by every movement of Aereon’s body, each hip flexion, each motion of delight in response to the lapping pleasure engulfing the bulge.

Tarn stood up, he was licking his fingers and palm.

“Mmm the pleasure particles on the tongue are so gentle and invigorating!” Tarn said taunting Aereon. “I can see how they are affecting your beautiful body; you are such a beautiful young human, a sexual masterpiece Ranger Aereon!” Tarn continued.

Tarn then motioned with his right arm in a slow arc-like wave.

“Let me share some of the hero suite with your Aereon.” As Tarn’s arm arced through the air, the wall of light which surrounded them began to disappear, Aereon’s attention was suddenly taken, looking at the blackness of space, the hero suite had huge window walls looking out to space, they covered the entire side of the suite. The suite was as expansive as its windows and luxuriously appointed, the air was cool and sweet.

“I have a reputation for enjoying the finer things Aereon! I rule vast secpars of space, millions of worlds, quintillions of beings, and species. I take from the cream, only the best will do for my tastes! When word reached us that the Hive had created and released three new heroes, Space Rangers, sexual, mighty heroes of the Hive, brimming with sweet nectar, powered by the Hive, well you can imagine, my interest was piqued. Then! Then vision of your magnificent exploits on different worlds, triumphant rescues, and valiant efforts to fulfil your sacred duties as heroes of The Hive began to arrive. I was taken-a-back, you can imagine, it takes a lot to impress me, but you, Dixon, and Blaze, erupted into the galaxy and I knew I just needed to capture you. You, Dixon, and Blaze are now mine, you will become one with this ship, synonymous with sexual majesty, you three will make Bordello the most sought-after erotic holiday destination in the Galaxy!” Tarn announced, his eyes continued to fixate on Aereon’s writhing and struggling body.

“We, will NEVER, give you, mmmmm, any, bah, mmmmm. Anything!” Aereon’s face was screwing up as he attempted to access his Hival powers, trying desperately to free himself form Tarn’s bondage.

Tarn laughed and smiled, his hand brushing the arc of Aereon’s left gluteal enjoying the supple blue nylon coating the buttock.

“Your Fillip, and your thrusting hip flexions contradict you, my sweet young man, you are in your sexual prime, I will take it from you drop by drop, I will enjoy milking your sweat and sweet nectar!” Tarn said continuing to worship Aereon’s divine helpless body.

Tarn continued to worship Aereon’s beautiful musculature, his eyes bathing in the beauty of his bound toy, he paused and stood back from Aereon, his delicate smile hiding the torrents of lust coursing through his mind, Tarn then continued to taunt Aereon.

“I am denying your glands the ability to produce your pre-cum nectar Aereon, I know you are craving it, me too actually, but we will need to wait. I have a special ceremony in-store for you, you will give me your nectar; it will be like a delicious orgasm, when I begin to take your sweet nectar, its first emission will fill you with enjoyment and will herald the beginning of your first milking at my hands. It will invigorate the Fillip inside your penis, just imagine the intensity of the pleasure as your warm thick pre-cum nectar flows up through your penis sending sensation across your erosuit bulge as it emerges onto your erosuit. The moment will be so sexual, so beautiful.”

“Never!” Aereon tried desperately to break free, his head thrusting up and down as he pulled violently on his bonds.

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhh, can’t, bah, breathe” Aereon felt the collar being lifted upward again, he could feel his feet pulling onto the balls of his feet again on the foot restraints on either side of his bondage podium. Tarn was stretching Aereon’s body once more, but with renewed vigour, and Aereon’s ability breathe was denied. He fought it for dear life, his body straining under the diabolical force.

“As I said, Aereon!” Tarn watched the desperation in Aereon’s upward looking face grow by each passing moment.

“I will take you piece by piece!” He could feel the glute muscles encased in blue erosuit nylon clench, he enjoyed the way Aereon trembled, just before he passed out.

Filled with immense sexual gratification Tarn laughed loudly as each of the restraints let go of Aereon’s limp body, he laughed watching Aereon collapse like a ragdoll on to the floor of the suite, down off his presentation podium. Tarn new that Aereon would recover quickly, and he reveled in his luscious power over this most delectable hero. He summoned Tom and Beau.

“Gentlemen, bring the Bondage Bot!”

They appeared immediately. Tom and Beau had re-dressed in their Bordello finest, not only were they wearing tight tailored black pants and shiny shoes which sparkled with the lights of space beaming into to expansive room. They each sported a small and tightfitting white waiter’s jacket, the cut of the tight-fitting garment extenuating their own physiques. Golden bow ties signified their high status amongst the company of Bordello staff. They would be serving Parallax and the Hedonic Council at the grand Space Ranger Welcome Dinner event, and they looked the part.

“Excellent gentlemen! You are looking resplendent and very sexy!” Tarn complemented them, they were standing apart, with their legs slightly separated, and their arms clasped behind their backs, presenting themselves to their superior and giving Tarn the respect, he demanded.

“At ease gentlemen!” Tarn said acknowledging their presence, he glanced at them and then down toward the moaning young hero splayed on the floor. Aereon was on his side and his head flung backwards. The collar was humming and pulsating in a soft blue glow.

“Do something with this, will you boys!” Tarn said pointing at Aereon. “He will come around soon, he was just so overcome by the majesty of the hero suite and the wonderful delights it will hold for him, that he fainted, oh my! Oops!” Tarn said the words with a comical twist in his voice.

“You might need to revive him; we can’t present him in this state! And, we don’t have long. I need to re-dress for dinner, somehow, I seemed to have lost my party gear when Aereon arrived for his little inspection time, funny that!” Tarn couldn’t hide the bulging erection in his black thong, so he brushed his erection theatrically for Tom and Beau and then Tarn instantly disappeared.

The moan was long and meaty, it was punctuated by the hoarse raspy gulps for oxygen. His body was limp and motionless, and he felt the cold shoe pushing against his shoulder pushing him over onto the coldness of the shiny black floor. He was coming too, he had survived Tarn’s passive aggressive taunting, he had to be strong, survive whatever they threw at him. They had to escape this sexual prison ship and apprehend Parallax, his crew, and the whole operation. But foremost in his mind was survival. He opened his eyes, not fully aware of where he was, Aereon was dazed and scattered, then he felt the pleasure possessing his penis, Aereon tried to move and realised someone was running their fingers through his hair. His face grimacing the moment he realised that Beau was bending down and smiling at him.

“Don’t try to move Aereon, the collar is controlling you by a field of energy, constricting you, just concentrate on your breathing, you are in good hands.” The smile on Beau’s face was beaming.

“Where am I?” Aereon said softly, he grimaced and was clenching his fists. He couldn’t move them, and he remembered that same feeling just before they installed him into Toy. Aereon gulped and then looked at Beau with desperation, he could move his head, but that was all.

“So beautiful Aereon, I hear you were so amazed and taken back by the vast Hero Suite that you passed out!”

“Bullshit!” Aereon was quickly coming too, desperation was transforming into defiance once more. “He stretched my body, asphyxiating me before I passed out!” Aereon’s angry face aroused Beau with incredible force.

“There is so much I want to do to you Hero!” Beau said controlling the sexual force gripping him, he glanced down over Aereon’s constricted body lying face up on the floor. “But I’m not dressed for that and well you have a very important engagement to attend, you’re one of the guests of honour. Your job will be to arouse the wealthy guests that have paid handsomely for their first experience of the sexual majesty that is Ranger Force.

Aereon screwed up his face in anger and then attempted to lift his head off the floor toward Beau. “Get off me! Where are Dixon and Blaze, you bastards?” He said fighting with all his might against the compulsion of the energy field constricting him.

Aereon heard Tom answer, Beau continued to supervise Aereon, his eyes enjoying the beauty of Aereon’s body. Tom was leading an ominous device. The Bondage Bot was floating and following Tom’s left hand dutifully.

“They have survived their introductions with Drake and Tempest. They will be joining you soon, just as soon as we install you onto your Bondage Bot. Drake requested the Bots, he thought that an interactive Ranger would be much more lucrative to displaying you three in static bondage devices.”

“Are they ok?” Aereon demanded, seeking information about Dixon and Blaze.

“Of course! Both in one piece, Dixon has been healed!” Tom announced.

“WHAT? What do you mean healed?” Aereon said straining to break free.

“So very sexy Aereon, you’re so beautiful when you struggle, that defiant look in your eye makes me want you more!” Beau said taking Aereon’s attention momentarily before he shot his angry gaze back to Tom.

The Bondage Bot was humming above Aereon, it was next to Tom awaiting its next instruction.

“Tempest was so overtaken and aroused by your stunning Dixon, he had me stay and watch him devour Dixon’s body with his hands, Dixon’s body writhed and pulsated, as the pleasure from his drilling wand exploded with Tempest’s touch and massaging, but I can’t blame him, Tempest worked himself into a mighty lust filled rage before his fangs slowly emerged and bit into Dixon’s neck. Dixon passed out after Tempest’s final suck. Dixon was just so beautiful; his cries were outstanding!” Tom said allowing his smile to grow. “Let’s just say, Dixon went out like a light, his body quivering and thrashing, so sexual, so erotic.” Tom kept goading Aereon.

“Bastards!” Aereon cried out desperately.

Tom then turned his attention to the Bot. He ran his hands across the side of the floating machine. The Bot’s exterior looked like molten metal, it was constantly oozing, its surface giving the illusion of flowing molten metal, it however maintained its egg like shape. Tom’s fingers were interacting with it and his instructions were being coded, the Bot responding with evil fluid sounds.

“I’m just providing the same instructions we have given Dixon and Blaze’s Bondage Bots!” Tom said looking away from his work toward Aereon. “We’ll have you up off the floor soon Aereon, nice and snug in the Bot’s signature bondage capabilities, I think you will just love what this little beauty can do with your body. These little wonders are derived from the Pleasure Bots of Alturios Six, one of Drake’s little worlds in his corner of the Galaxy. These have many features that will entice your body, stimulate the sexual depths of your body, and deep into your mind! They specialise in male genital bulge and will be your ticket to ride at the dinner! Oh yes, we have programmed them to stimulate your cum production! Tarn will demand every drop of your creamy semen; he is quite demanding! Shall we get your beautiful and sexy body mounted?”

“Gah!” Aereon’s struggles seemed to be working, he could feel his body moving slightly as if he was emerging from a cocoon of energy.

“Good boy, struggle hero!” Tom replied.

Bring me the Ranger The floating Bot seemed to change its illusion of flowing metal, it pulsed when it spoke.

“They can become quite impatient Aereon!” Beau piped in. Beau released Aereon from the floor using his signature lifting gesture and as Aereon lifted from the floor, Beau allowed him wriggle room to struggle and fight. Beau just loved toying with his hero charges, he knew his limits, what the council members, Parallax or other senior Bordello officers would permit, and he worked within those limits. He loved letting his hero struggle, giving the captive a sense of hope but then denying that glimpse of freedom. Beau was enjoying himself immensely with Aereon!

“Face the Bot Aereon, face your bondage!” Beau said ensuring Aereon’s struggling body was upright and facing the floating Bondage Bot.”

“It’s a floating blob, of liquefied metal!” Aereon twisted his head toward Beau with a quizzical yet determined manner. “Gah, can’t free myself from this energy, Can’t access my Hival power!” Aereon said in his efforts to break free of the constricting energy.

“Looks can be deceiving Aereon!” Tom said while gripping Aereon’s chin.

“Let’s remove that collar, you can have it back when you return to the suite after dinner!” Tom said smiling and enjoying the defined audible click of the locking mechanism. He massaged Aereon’s neck feigning concern. “How’s that feel hero? Better?” Tom enquired.

The Bondage Bot suddenly began to change form and shape, it elongated, reforming its shape effortlessly, and ominously for Aereon to watch. It took Aereon’s attention away from Beau and Tom’s taunting. It emitted sounds like liquid filling a container, it was an evil threatening sound as the device formed itself into its new shape.

The Bondage Bot had morphed into a reverse ‘>’ shape, a smooth backward gentle curve would be employed to display Aereon’s helpless body, its wrist restraints pointing upward and outward from the top extremity of its newly formed shape, similarly ankle restraints emerged from either side of lower portion of the gentle boomerang shaped extended form.

I am ready to receive the Ranger. Aereon will be shaped and stretched to your specifications ! The Bondage Bot announced, which was Beau’s cue to raise Aereon slightly while spinning him around slowly for the device to move into place behind Aereon’s helpless body.

Captive docking and bondage systems initiated!

Aereon looked desperately down toward Beau and Tom, he then tried to twist his body to avoid the device, turning his head desperately from side to side, but it moved into place effortlessly behind his body.

“No, No, Nooooooo!” He was trying desperately to escape the evil liquid sounding device as it moved carefully into place behind his waiting body. A bulging nub formed and as the device contacted Aereon’s body, he could feel the nub push into the crevice between his buttocks, Aereon could feel the device through his erosuit, it was sucking his body, docking as it were, with his body. He tried to resist the compulsions, but it was just too strong, he felt the device forcing his body into the backward arch to meet its dimensions, the flowing liquefied mass felt cool and determined, he could hear the evil Bondage Bot forming itself to accommodate his body.

“No, No! Stop this madness!” Aereon said feeling the wrist restraints growing across his wrists, his arms being pulled tightly and competently, he felt the device’s evil flowing surface joining with his body, his ankles felt the cold molten restraints grabbing his body, it was pushing into his buttocks, pulling his wrists and ankles tightly against it, stretching his body. He felt the nub making itself, forming itself into the crack between his glutes, he could feel the nylon of his erosuit accommodating the device.

Aereon was helpless, bound to the Bondage Bot, he was looking around desperately, pulling on his leg and wrist restraints and then he felt the restraint encircle his neck. It was squeezing lightly, letting him become accustomed to its evil hold on his body.

Aereon’s bulging erosuit was displayed effortlessly by the Bondage Bot, his bulge pointing forward from the gentle backward arc of the Bot’s newly formed shape.

Welcome Ranger Aereon! Aereon felt the Bondage Bot shimmer and buzz behind his body.

He was instantly transported from the Hero Suite with Beau and Tom, taken to the next installment of his ordeal!

Space Rangers will be served-up soon! Don’t miss the next installment, it will soon be time to dish out the appetisers.

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