The Telemachus Story Archive

Space Rangers
Part 1 - Homohive
By Scorpio

Space Rangers


Mates, confidants, selected by The Hive and joined as one.

In 4060 humans had become galactic citizens, moved on from Earth and the human heritage, Earth was part of hundreds of Class A solar systems in the sector, and like their ancestors, the need to explore and develop remained an archetypical characteristic of the species. Human sexuality had evolved and developed, homosexuality was revered, and honoured, human pleasure had progressed beyond the confines of procreation it was embraced and celebrated! Throughout the forth millennia following the earth year known as 3022, at the birth of the hive, mankind had developed technology which exploited the sexual and hormonal properties locked and hidden in special homosexual DNA which, when exploited correctly could produce super human qualities so deeply entrenched and connected in the honeycomb known as The Hive. Only special chosen vessels were given the opportunity to join The Hive and only following years of development and competitive selection.

The Hive ascended beyond artificial intelligence confines in 3022. Its creation as a majestic artificial intelligence in 2400 was hailed at the time as the biggest step forward in inter-planetary relations in the history of the Galactic Alliance. It was housed in millions of BIO-synaptic nodes scattered around the know galaxy, maintained, and nurtured by an army of Space Cadet Bio-Techs. The hive evolved firstly with specific upgrades using technology from the smartest minds in the countless worlds in the Galactic Alliance, however each upgrade, each new developmental step in the super-computing magnificence allowed the slow transition beyond the confines of ultra-computing infrastructure and the Galactic Alliance historical files identify 3022 as the space date that The Homohive transcended the confines of artificial intelligence and became an entity with its own sentient life force. In 4060, after more than 1030 space dates, The Hive had formed into a galactic lifeforce empowering a force of galactic Space Cadets, whose heritage stretched back to the army of bio-techs that used to service the millions of bio-nodes scattered throughout the galaxy. Homohive secrets are shared exclusively with the Homohive’s chosen heroic force of Space Cadets. They alone along with the council of The Five Hive protectors are the keepers and custodians of not only the galaxy but the lifeforce known as The Hive.

Space Cadets, galactic champions chosen at birth by The Homohive are special young boys, nurtured by their families, carefully watched by The Five; they are schooled, and cultivated by The Hive as they develop into young adults. Their cognitive and physical development through childhood and their teens are carefully developed and nurtured, and finally after years of growth, as budding young men at age 18, they enter the Homohive Academy to be instructed in the ways of cadetship. Only special cadets continue to complete the complex and demanding development process. They learn and they develop physically, emotionally, and cognitively, they are conditioned in the ways of The Hive and as their development progresses. Cognitive development is paramount in the first years of the Academy; success in the wide range of content and personal development determines each student’s stratification in the thousands of hopeful cadets. Physical, cognitive, and emotional intelligence are paramount in the first two years of the Hive Academy.

At the age of twenty, two years after entering the Academy and passing with exceptional outcomes and achieving elevated positions within the stratification of the cohort, these magnificent young future cadets, full of life, energy, and enthusiasm to serve their kind in their chosen Space Cadet roles are permitted to commence the initial Hivination process. Hivination sorts the cohort of budding cadets. Their sexual, emotional, and cognitive intelligence is assessed by the conditioning process after sexual intelligence is added to the program.

It was almost time for Astrophysics to finish up for the period. He had had enough of fractal chemistry and Exobiology for the week, Dixon was looking forward to one of the lighter subjects to finish off his day at the academy. Graduation was less than six months away and he was nearing the end of the teaching period, cramming information, keeping his mind full of information, but it seemed an impossible task, he was nearing the end of his theory period and he had all sorts of equations, theories and algorithms blasting around in his mind. They dominated his thinking; he was chalking up trigonometry and space warping technologies in his mind as he lifted weights and pounded out the parsecs on the running machine in one of the academy’s vast gym networks. Budding Space Cadets needed to look the part as much as know and understand the workings of the galaxy and how to deal with vast numbers of alien cultures and customs. Diplomacy and communication were two of the most revered subjects at The Hive Academy, but Dixon felt way more comfortable with the subjects that required him to know and understand the math, those other psych based subjects were hard work for his calculating mind. He just loved getting to that final result, that elusive number.

Dixon had just turned twenty, and his birthday had just passed several days earlier, he had to settle for a video chat with his proud parents and little sister. His family were so proud of his achievements so far and the thought of their son becoming a mighty Space Cadet, and to don the suit was amazing. He would patrol a huge patch of space on behalf of The Hive, and they could not be happier with their son’s flourishing manhood. Dixon’s little sister was already boasting to her friends at Magellan Junior how her brother would soon become a mighty Space Cadet.

His parents remembered the day a Hive council member contacted them via Magellan Junior, identifying their inquisitive eight-year-old son, at the time as showing promise and acknowledged by The Hive. All the schools in the sector maintained a close Hival relationship, usually one or two school Board members were Hival reps. His parents remembered the conversation and the hope they felt that day after their special meeting at the school. They followed the advice and used all the materials available to them, especially the special Hival link passcodes. Dixon loved those hours on that Hivalink and as he grew the program dominated his day, he looked forward to the program and participated in all the activities, producing outstanding work each quarter. His final project involved a robotic control code, which when up loaded to one of his school’s gym bots, allowed the little device to develop a personality of its own, astounding his gym mates as it entertained them during the long boring sets of weights. The Hive members assigned to Magellan reported back to The Hive regularly, however the entity was well aware of Dixon’s development and it followed his progress carefully, they had found one of their space year 4058, future special cadet trainees!

Space year 4060 rolled around all too quickly and it was going to be a huge year, a coming of age for Cadet trainees. Only the best would be selected and his cohort of ten thousand had some amazing young men to choose from. Perfect examples of the human male form. Physical and mental dexterity displayed in so many levels, budding young hopefuls contesting for the coveted two hundred or so Space Cadetship places available to serve The Homohive in the vast expanses of space.

There were always the stories of bravery, the stories of mighty space heroes and although Dixon often liked to think about that facet of his future, he knew that only hard work would get him there. So, he applied himself diligently, he was determined and organised, he studied specific sets of knowledge each day, he worked out intensely, honing his body, perfecting his knowledge. He mounted onto his Homohive layback Immersatron each night before hitting the sack. The Immersatron submersed his every sense for just under an hour. The exercise horse like device was provided in each of the third-year trainee’s private Hive-habitats, the place Dixon used to study, sleep and Hive.

The Immersatron habitats were assigned to third year trainees, the device replaced information-screen based Hive programming that trainees were used to, it was like an upgrade for each of the developing young men. They had new and exciting needs, young trainees departing their late teens were developing needs and urges and as they developed, The Hive began to divest its sexual essence, encouraging the chosen young men to explore their sexuality in diverse manners.

When Dixon arrived at the third year’s domain at the Academy and assigned his habitat, he walked into the comfortable cell-like two room habitat with inquisitive instincts kicking in. At first he noticed all the normal inclusions; where he could find water and food, his study area and the magnificent array of screens and augmented reality devices were impressive. His rest bed was firm and comfortable a large bed designed to massage and caress his body to sleep.

Hmm not much in the way of food he thought to himself. He knew those extended gym session hours always left him famished, but the third-year mess hall was only one corridor block away and it was stocked with all manner of good food. He checked out his facilities. Perfect he thought, he was provided with a turbo shower, a powerful cleaning device programmed with an array of systems that would leave him feeling refreshed and invigorated. Us future Space Cadets need a little pampering Dixon mused to himself. He ran his hands over his body, feeling his tight buns, he enjoyed his sexuality, his arousal in the gym when other guys worked out and strived toward physical perfection and whenever he was timetabled with certain other trainee cadets in his stratification; he hadn’t shared his secret sexual attraction to Blaze and Aereon but hoped one day to get the opportunity to gather enough confidence to share his attraction. He was getting horny just contemplating them, and with a smile on his face he anticipated his first turbo wash, imagining Blaze and Aereon sharing the luxurious shower with him.

He continued his exploration of his habitat.

The door buzzed and flickered as he waved his hand across the sensor, suddenly with a quick flash and high-pitched whine, the doorway was clear. Cool he smiled enthusiastically; I love those door suppressions, but the Immersatron inhabiting his Hive Habitat sensory room soon took his entire attention. Like a luxurious workout incline bench, it was made of a red and white composite material and a body shaped special fabric, also red with white stripes running from the head to the pair of foot stirrups which made it look exciting and inviting. A blue holographic screen hovering above the device and facing the open doorway where Dixon stood surveying his new found toy proudly displayed the words ‘Welcome Dixon’ the subtext read ‘Personal Hive Immersatron.’

His mind exploded, he had heard of these devices, they were renowned, and rumours infiltrated his stratification as they prepared to enter third year. There were so many rumours and stories that circulated amongst the third years. He erred on the side of caution, these devices were like sirens and could provide the occupant with vistas of magnificent information, beauty beyond imagination drawn from exotic planetary systems and the kicker; The Hive had evolved to utilise human pleasure and these devices could supply torrents of it, or so he was told.

His excitement was tempered by reasoning, too much of a good thing and all that, he would need all of his mind power to ration his exposure to the Immersatron. Something deep inside him called him to listen to his inner voice. The device was used by The Hive to sort the trainee cadets in the sexual dimension of the trainee’s overall development. Sexual temptations in many reaches of the galaxy were deadly, a Space Cadet must be skilled in understanding the power of pleasure as his ‘Hive-link’ as much as he is the master of astrophysics and interdimensional diplomacy. The Immersatron would sift the stratification within weeks. The Hive would choose its most worthy candidates to enter The Hive.

Third year was turning out to be a year of deep understanding and bonding and as Dixon contemplated his Immersatron, he had no idea of what The Hive had planned.

Dixon really took to his third-year studies, he excelled in most subjects and struggled in others, but on the most he applied himself and did not succumb to the temptation of the Immersatron, he was determined to make the grade, pass his Academy training with flying colours and as his year progressed, his sexual orientation and needs began to flourish, he used his Immersatron to help him deal with his urges, always careful to limit his time. But his mind was increasingly drawn to two other trainees in his stratification. Both similar age to him, stunning young men and as diligent as he, toward their studies. He loved being timetabled with one or both of these guys. Blaze was turning 21 soon, he loved the Psych related subjects as much as the hard math related subjects. His light brown hair draped across his forehead and he looked sexy in his academy sweats. Dixon kept a keen eye on Blaze at the gym, he looked so fuckable every set of squats or bent over rows he performed. Dixon always kept a covert eye on Blaze, as he did with Aereon. Aereon was taller than Blaze by an inch or two, his short dark hair made him look mysterious and sexy at the same time. He too worked out energetically and his body rippled and flexed as he worked out, usually by himself and with personal sensory ear pieces snapped onto his cute ears Aereon also loved the pool and spent hours trawling the lanes. Dixon always wondered what he listened to or watched, the device was capable of conveying sound and vision inside the wearer’s brain. Aereon was probably preparing for a lecture or revising info through his mind while he worked out.

Half way through his third year, one eventful night Dixon was preparing for his next Hival Immersatron experience, he thought back to his first experience. He had decided to use the device after his work-out, he was still sweaty and he remembered the sexy small pants he was wearing, they were wet with perspiration and he felt invigorated by his exercise. He used the turbo shower first to blast his body with hot air, he remembered how horny he was during his upper body session in the gym. His hormones were on fire and he could not resist. He allowed himself the indulgence as he had spent most of his day in Biometrics carefully distinguishing chemical sequences extracted from humanoid creatures from sector 6152-34. He was well on the way to memorizing most of his day’s studies for a quiz the next day.

The Immersatron lit up as Dixon entered the small room which housed the device in his habitat. You can do this Dickie Boy he remembered thinking at the time. His body dry and still hot from the turbo shower drying sequence. He left the small dark blue shorts on and lifted his exquisitely honed young body onto the main seat of the device. He placed his feet into the foot stirrups and grasped the sensor coated hand joy sticks situated near his hips. The top of each joystick glowed blue, and he felt a force clasping onto his body.

Welcome to Hive Immersatron Dixon

The sexy male voice filled the small room and Dixon smiled hesitantly as he surveyed his beautiful body, looking down over his reclined body. He flicked the cute whisps of his straight sandy brown hair from his brow and left eye. Dixon loved his hair, he felt super sexy with the way it graced his head and handsome face. He knew other trainees liked it too, he could feel it when they looked at him, he could sense the sexual desire when they spoke together or joked around after class or in the mess hall. He looked at his tight little shorts and enjoyed looking at his bulging manhood kept nicely inside the front of his shorts. He was super horny, alone with his Immersatron.

Place your head back Dixon and stare at the holographic screen approaching you from above, do not let go of the joysticks, they will sense your every need. The instructions were clear and inviting.

Dixon followed its lead. He gripped, he lay back, relaxed and he stared at the blue screen.

His body felt the slight taps of energy caressing his skin, his nipples were immediately erect, they buzzed, and his brain exploded with colour and immensely beautiful images. Images of men, the naked male form. He felt warm he felt his body relax. Amazing vistas and images of hundreds, probably thousands of planets and solar systems. Ran through his mind and then information flashed across his mind, algorithms, equations, vast amounts of theory and then through a barrage of colour and beauty he felt his bulging manhood being caressed, he felt as though his penis was being pleasured by a beautiful mouth. His erection was powerful and full, he felt pleasure and from the outburst of colour and beautiful images, the words ‘Blaze’ and ‘Aereon’ appeared in his mind’s eye, over and over as his penis enjoyed the moist mouth as it carefully caressed him. He remembered the orgasm, so intense, the sucking on his penis was beautiful and insistent. He felt himself cum in the majestically warm mouth and his body squirmed as he cried out in abandon. His feet pushing on the stirrups and his hands grasping the joysticks as his body rocked and thrust in a display of delicious sexuality.

‘Blaze’ ‘Aereon’ flashed in his mind a final time as the Immersatron finalised its process. Exactly an hour had transpired, he had cum all through his tight gym shorts, and he was alone, tingling and revelling in beautiful sensation.

He had experienced his first brief foray into the wonders of The Homohive and slept in his cummy shorts, his mind on Blaze and Aereon.

He remembered the next morning and his powerful turbo shower, he masturbated and shot a huge load from his substantial penis as the water caressed his body, his mind awash with information; perfect, flowing, and organised sets of knowledge ready for his class test!

Since that first experience, Dixon began to understand and learn to be less passive in his Immersatron experiences, he learned to ‘drive’ the machine. He experimented with different types of clothing, or experiencing the device naked, it was after all, his private and personal bio-sexual pampering, and the next level of his Hivination preparations.

His favourite Immersatron attire was the skin tight sleeping suit, the suit consisted of a special micro fibre that his habitat dresser applied to his body. He stood on the dressing node and the garment would almost stick to his smooth brown skin, he loved the way the ‘system’ applied the fabric to his body and the silkiness of the dressing applicator as it applied the special fabric to his cock and balls, he would smile and purr as the tight garment caressed his balls, he loved the gentle squeeze as the finished garment clung to his body, and his sexual organs so diligently, and he loved the way it felt as he stepped away from the dressing applicator after it gave him the green light to step away and approached his reflector array. He could see himself from any angle and he loved the way he looked in the garment, especially the light yellow one. He would always caress his tight buns and feel himself up, thinking to himself that he probably spent too much time studying and not enough time playing, like lots of his class mates liked to do. But he enjoyed being a sexy, mysterious, and aloof type to his peers. His goal was to become a Space Cadet, his mind goal was big, he wanted to wear the suit, he wanted to patrol the universe as a Space Cadet of The Hive.

He was the image of cuteness and male beauty when his sleeping suit applied. His body bulged in all sorts of sexy places and the suit clung to his chest and his ass so diligently, but it felt soft and light, it felt sensual and a perfect way to enter his Immersatron sensory program. He especially enjoyed the way the fabric caressed and formed around his hard penis, it was like it had a sexual purpose to feed his every private erotic need, it was like it understood him and enjoyed his pleasure.

This particular night, the night after his mid-year exams, the night after he watched Aereon in the pool doing laps in his swimming thong, Dixon felt exhilarated, he was once again super horny, he had spoken with Aereon after his laps and had to keep his hard-on at bay. Aereon’s swimming thong clung to his sexy body and displayed his cock with ease, the water shimmered off his body, and cascaded down his face as he exited the pool along with Dixon. Dixon was wearing tight workout shorts that he like to wear in the pool too and he could tell Aereon’s smile as they greeted each other was almost an invite. They both felt an attraction.

“Hey Man, how’s doin?” Aereon asked with that cute smile. He was brushing water off his chest and caressed his delicious thong quickly, brushing the water off his body.

“Yeah pretty great!” Dixon replied, wiping his face, and smiling, he let the little shorts cling to his cock and buns, he wanted to show his assets to this god-like creature smiling back at him.

“So glad Mids are over!” Dixon drove the conversation back to his work; he was confidant talking about all kinds of Academy stuff.

“Yeah, me too man, Astro was tough, but I’m pretty confident!”

Dixon was walking back to the changing station with Aereon, his eyes so enjoyed the sexy thong as Aereon’s body gracefully moved. Dixon was so aroused and almost shy that Aereon was paying him attention.

When they reached their towels, Dixon wiped his body as invitingly as possible, he wanted Aereon so bad, he was so attracted to every part of this boy, this sexual piece of perfection. Dixon’s mind was all over the place, it was unlike him, but he enjoyed the moment as they talked and flirted.

“I’m heading off man!” Aereon’s smile was so sexy as he touched Dixon on the shoulder.

“I’m so looking forward to my Hive time, hey how good are those Immersatrons? My mind just seems to expand with every session.” Aereon smiled again and looked into Dixon’s eyes, “Not only my mind expands!” With that Aereon caressed the back of Dixon’s head, looked him up and down and walked off confidently toward the third’s living habitat domain. Aereon could just feel Dixon staring at his butt and his tight little green thong as he walked off.

Dixon was immediately hard as his Habitat door locked behind him.

“F, fuck he’s hot!” He voiced out load as he approached his viewing array. He was elated and as he looked at his own beautiful body, he was glad that he put the effort into his musculature as well as his mind, “I think he liked what he saw!” Dixon spoke to himself as he ran his hand over his pecs.

He ordered the dressing node to supply his favourite sensual sleeping suit. He felt so sexy in the orange one, he loved the cut of the short legs that just covered his buns and caressed the tops of his legs, he liked it to be fitted tight. Feeling his bulge and caressing himself as he walked to his Immersatron room, his mind was fixated on Aereon’s smile and that little thong he was flirting in at the pool. Dixon so looked forward to his pleasure, he had worked hard today and talking with Mr sex-on-a-stick at the pool had fired his hormones into a frenzy.

Welcome back Dixon! All of a sudden the male Immersatron voice felt sexy too!

Dixon hopped up and placed his feet in the stirrups, they were warm as was the recliner device as the machine whirred into life, the joysticks buzzed in his grip and his body felt the welcoming puffs of energy as the Hive caressed his body.

His body slipped in to his favourite place, somehow the Immersatron had accessed his mind, and he had learned the interface months ago as he explored all sorts of places, databanks, erotica, anything he wanted, his mind, his body was in the grip of the machine.

He instructed the machine to glove his bulge, he so enjoyed the tender whisps of energy that caressed him, he felt them pleasure him, he loved the way the sensation pulsed over his bulge, his balls felt power surrounding and infiltrating him, sensual, exquisite, and beautiful.

Dixon moaned as the machine carried him into the blissful pleasure arena and as he thought of Aereon’s smile, the glove pulsed and massaged his bulge with magnificent strokes of beautiful energy, he felt his body surrender to The Hive, he felt strength and power fill his every cell, he felt The Hive caressing him, his mind enveloped in the brightness of the yellow room, the Hive had taken him to. With his body pumping with energy, the Hive caressed his muscles, massaging him, the pleasure filling his man bulge and his mind, the Hive was beautiful, sexual, and magnificent on so many levels.

Aereon entered the yellow room, and Dixon could feel the pleasure expanse in his bulge magnify, and as Aereon approached him smiling, he ran his hands over his beautiful chest. He looked down and stared at his perfect green thong, and looking up to Dixon, Aereon smiled.

“Hey man, you want a piece of this?” One hand on his left bun and the other caressed his bulging thong.

Dixon was in a daze; Aereon’s body was sexual and exquisite. In the yellow room, Aereon had become a god, and as Aereon lowered his body onto small reclining bed, Aereon lifted his arms above his head, running his fingers through his hair, he spread his legs for Dixon to consume the beauty of his green thong as it caressed this creature’s erotic manhood.

Dixon lowered himself and he licked the green bulge. Aereon’s low moans of pleasure and his slow thrusts of his hips were beautiful and erotic expressions of desire and Dixon’s tongue caressed the thong, every delicious piece of the thong was beautiful, as Aereon’s body lapped up his pleasure. Dixon tasted the sweet nectar of Aereon’s precum as it bubbled onto the top of his magnificent bulge. The taste of this boy’s love juice filled his head with erotic desire.

Dixon’s orgasm was long and drawn out, his penis was being gripped by the suit and the Immersatron was working his shaft with precise strokes of amazing sensation, his abs were drenched in cum as The Hive released his mind. An hour had elapsed so quickly, and Dixon was laying on the Immersatron, his body still sweaty and alive from the sexual experience. He squeezed his soaked body suit; his semen was still smooth and warm. He thought of Aereon as he massaged his bulge, with his hands covered in cum he caressed his body, leaving trails of jiz as he touched himself. He was one satisfied trainee cadet!

That vision remained in his mind for days, the mere thought of Aereon or the yellow room made him hard.

Every foray into the world of the Hive presented Aereon and Blaze to Dixon, each experience becoming more erotic, Dixon was not complaining, maybe the Hive understood his sexual taste in men? Maybe it was confirming his choice? But he had hundreds of beautiful guys in his stratification of the trainees, why Blaze? Why Aereon?

Two months later, and in one of the final inter-species diplomacy classes of his Academy training, he found himself timetabled with Blaze and Aereon. He was so pleased that Blaze and Aereon were in the class, but he HATED these sorts of classes, diplomacy had no fast correct answers, he hated loose ends, but Blaze took to this subject like a Tarthinian serpent to water! The class of fifty were to be divided into small groups for a group assignment. Dr Sanchez divided the class and as he approached Dixon in the third row, he smiled and instructed him to break-out room B1. Dixon picked up his stuff and huffed off to the break-out room down the corridor.

“Hey Man!” Aereon stood up when Dixon arrived at the small room.

Dixon’s mood lifted immediately! Then when he was able to drag his eyes from Aereon’s handsome smiling face he noticed Blaze looking up from his Infotrac tab.

Blaze smiled and he stood up, his gaze fixed on Dixon, his right arm around Aereon, his left hand reached out to Dixon.

“At ‘F’ing last, we finally get to work on something together!”

“I hate these diplomacy psychy subjects to be honest!” Dixon darted his eyes between the two sexy boys as he responded.

Eyes on their faces Dicky boy He thought to himself.

“Full of what-ifs, no right or wrong answers!” Dixon tried to look intelligent but inside he was a mass of jelly and hormonal excitement.

Blaze burst out in hysterics. “I was right, you’re a sexy nerd!” He smiled at Aereon.

“Agreed!” Aereon responded, he was not following the ‘eyes to their faces’ rule! He was looking Dixon up and down.

“We’ll get you up to speed Dixi-Boy” Blaze ran his hand over Dixon’s bicep. “Piece of piss, it’s a role-play assessment. All you need to do is play the disgruntled ruler of the faction on Betus-9. Aereon will play one of your faction extremists and I will play the emissary negotiator! We can start on the script now, and what do you say, my Habitat tonight for a practice run?”

Dixon was relieved and excited at the same time. They sat around the communal table and diligently went through the assessment background texts and the Betus-9 culture registers. They studied the history of the faction and its role in the wider planetary conflicts of that sector.

It was a long hour-and-a-half, but they did it, and to Dixon’s surprise, he actually enjoyed the research. The information seemed to absorb into his mind, he had noticed changes in his ability to concentrate and compile information in the months that led to their little group assessment.

“Hey guys, this may be a strange question, but do you feel different these last couple of months?” Dixon asked. “Like Aereon, I feel much stronger in the pool, I can keep up with you no problems, I have had to increase my weights by several pins in the last month and, and information absorbs into my head so fast.” Dixon never felt more alive as the three of them lounged around discussing their development and just relaxing together.

Blaze was nodding! “Yes I noticed it too, I’ve noticed lots of things these last few months, I’m stronger and smarter in all sorts of ways!”

“Yeah Man, I noticed you keeping up with me in the pool!” Aereon was beaming at Dixon and glancing to Blaze. “I was wondering if the swimming thong might be attracting you?” He flashed his white teeth as he smiled at Dixon.

Dixon went red.

“Well, your butt cheeks are pretty sexy as they poke out of the water when you’re in mid stroke man!” Dixon could not believe he said that, but he also could not resist the huge smile that erupted across his face.

Aereon pushed Dixon playfully. “I knew it!” his smile was as big as Dixon’s and the ice had been broken.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooooo!” Blaze laughed as he jumped up and drew Aereon and Dixon to him. “I think we have a big future kiddo’s; I’ll explain at my place.”

With that they returned to Dr Sanchez’s lecture room and they took up their normal seats, three young hopefuls buzzing with adrenaline, sexually aroused! The rest of the class was a blur.

Dixon arrived at Blaze’s habitat three minutes late, his turbo shower had distracted him, and his hair was still a little wet. He was wearing his normal trainee cadet one-piece light blue uniform, he ensured he wore a tight under short, even though the trainee cadet uniform was loose fitting, he had to keep his penis at bay in his suit. He had already embarrassed himself once today in his little flirt and he needed confidence that they would not see his erection. They were the objects of his every sexual attraction, and he could not help but feel The Hive buzzing in his loins every time his Immersatron delivered images of them in his pleasure sessions.


The door slid open with the usual efficiency of doors at the Academy.

Blaze stood to welcome Dixon, Aereon was already there, he was eating a piece of fruit and he turned to welcome Dixon.

Always ahead of me, Aereon is just perfect, like Blaze. Were Dixon’s first thoughts as he stepped into Blaze’s habitat.

“Good you’re here!” Blaze grabbed Dixon by his shoulder and guided him into his habitat.

The sweet smell of Blaze’s body-fresh Turbo-shower cycle was lingering in the habitat and the sight of Blaze and Aereon, also in standard trainee cadet one-piece coveralls made Dixon’s pulse race.

Mmmm this will be an interesting practice run he thought to himself as he made his way over to Blaze’s study area to drop off his infotrac tab.

To his amazement, they got into their work immediately, they ran through the role-play engaging themselves into the characters and the rich history that influenced the conflict on Betus-9. After several false starts they were able to refine and develop their roles with ease. Dixon had amazed himself, his performance was pretty good, and the other guys thought so also. Their presentation was due soon and they were full of confidence after two hours and two run throughs of their script.

“Let’s not get too cocky, but I reckon that deserves a High Distinction!” Aereon smiled as he sat down on Blaze’s comfortable lounge. “I mean we have included three years of historical fact, incorporated the cultural norms of the faction and the ruling monarchy of that system of planets!” He had stretched his legs and was running his fingers through his through his sexy short dark hair.

Dixon’s mind went straight to the yellow room, the way Aereon was reclining like that was uncanny.

Mind off that green thong Dixon tried to hide as the first glimpses of a smile erupting on the corners of his mouth and he could feel his penis stirring inside the tight safety of his undershorts.

Blaze couldn’t hold himself anymore, he was bursting inside with a volcano of emotion, attraction and hormones.

Blaze watched as Dixon perched himself down next to Aereon, Dixon looked so sexy as the blue one-piece draped over his body, the cute little yellow neck collar on Dixon’s suit was screaming to be undone and Blaze enjoyed how Dixon’s suit tightened across Dixon’s ass as he bent and dropped onto the lounge. The sight of those two beautiful young men suddenly relaxing after two hours of work was just too beautiful to behold.

Blaze prepared to sit in the seat opposite the lounge, he looked at the two sets of legs sprayed out across his lounge area, his eyes soaking the beauty of these two gods of men in his habitat. He discretely undid the top fastening line from the yellow collar of his red one-piece suit.

Both Aereon and Dixon had noticed but didn’t let on, they took it in their stride. Little did any of the trio know that The Hive had been nurturing them toward this moment, it had chosen them, cultivating their inner sexual attraction and needs and feeding their minds and pleasure development. It had taken fifteen space years to bring these three together and The Hive had achieved its goal.

Blaze stretched out too.

“I think we’ll do well in the assessment boys! I can’t believe that we have waited almost to the end of our time at the Academy till we were able to work on a shared assignment.” Blaze started the conversation on a shared topic, but he desperately wanted to pivot to his increasingly erotic adventures in his Immersatron sessions, he had been experiencing sessions where Dixon and Aereon had featured in his mind’s eye, their names flashing through his mind as the machine filled his cock with amazing but restrained sensation, and more frequently, The Hive had been playing on his sexual attraction to the two delicious men sitting on his lounge, they had appeared in erotic visions, sexual visions and wet dreams and as he screamed in abandon he would call one or both their names as his violent orgasms filled his senses. After each session he could feel power infest his cock, his bulging manhood, he felt his muscles accept the power as it flowed through his body. He hadn’t known it, but The Hive had commenced his transition to hero power.

Dixon broke the ice on the Immersatron subject.

“I have to confess boys!”

Aereon’s face flushed as he squirmed in his spot on the lounge. He could feel his cock almost twitch as Dixon began to speak.

“Tell us man, what’s on your mind, cute nerdy boy?” Aereon smiled.

“Ha, takes one to know one!” Dixon pushed Aereon’s knee playfully.

“Yeah I’m all ears Dixon!” Blaze was sitting forward, he hoped to The Hive that Dixon had the same experiences as he.

Dixon spat it out, this was his chance!

“That Immersatron is nothing short of amazing! I think I am getting stronger with every session and every session becomes more sensual and erotic!”

Aereon had sat up and was looking at Dixon with wide eyes.

“So, it’s not just me!” Aereon’s look was serious and concerned but playful.

Blaze could not believe it; the conversation was beginning to shed light on his growing excitement and inquisitiveness. “Go on Dixi boy.” Blaze was looking directly into Dixon’s eyes and glancing at Aereon from time to time. Dixon was beginning to describe something he had been experiencing too.

“After each session I am elated, and I mean not just the delicious pleasure...” Dixon blushed, “…but the aftermath of the experience makes my loins radiate power to my muscles. I am lifting more weights, more reps, I swim longer and can even keep up with this amazing thong wearing beautiful boy in the pool!” He was looking at Aereon with a smile. There he had said it!

Aereon took Dixon’s hand playfully and made Dixon caress his right thigh.

Dixon continued, he had started, and he wanted to let them both know his sexual attraction to the both of them and describe his Immersatron pleasure sessions which involved either both or one of the other guys.

“Blaze, I have perved on you for two years in the gym, you wear that sexy loose bottom pant tied around your waist, your butt makes my head spin with desire especially when you’re bent over or doing lunges. You appear in my Immersatron sessions, sometimes it is just your name but other times I find myself worshiping your body and pleasuring your cock!” I mean I have never seen your penis man, but I almost know it intimately!” Dixon was blushing, his head on fire as he felt the embarrassment, but he needed to get it out, it was driving him wild with passion.

Aereon put his arm round Dixon’s head, he squeezed Dixon’s neck and short hair on the back of his head invitingly, pulling him gently to look at him.

Blaze was immediately wet inside his one-piece uniform.

“Do you see me in your erotic outbursts?” Aereon had his other hand directing Dixon’s hand higher toward his loins.

Dixon smiled, he was feeling so relieved that he was there with the two most attractive boys in his stratification, the two he was most attracted to, he felt excitement as Aereon slowly directed his hand closer and closer to his groin.

“Yeah man, you too!” Dixon looked at Aereon then to Blaze.

“You usually appear in a fuzzy room filled with yellow light, you turn up in your sexy swim thong and offer me your bulge and pre-cum as I suck them off your hot bulging little wet thong. Then when it is over, I come to, tingling all over and I have creamed my tight sleep wrap. I love that garment on the Immersatron, it hugs my erection and adds to the pleasure!”

Dixon continued, “I always sleep with my cum, especially if it came from a vision of you two!” Dixon was feeling much better having got his erotic attractions off his chest.

Blaze was inquisitive “Do you see others?”

“No, it’s just you two!” Dixon was emphatic!

“Wow I’m the same!” Blaze was opening the top of his one-piece uniform more overtly now.

“I see you guys in various settings!”

“Settings?” Aereon was now the inquisitive one.

It was Blaze’s turn to blush! “The Immersatron visions of you two are almost always…”

Dixon felt his cock twitch, Aereon had reached his groin with Dixon’s hand and Dixon could feel the warmth of the Aereon’s crotch. He was not naked beneath his one-piece uniform, but he was moist.

“You are almost always tied up or helpless, I think the Immersatron has accessed my mind somehow. Bondage is so sexy I think and my Immersatron makes sure you are tied helplessly for me to pleasure you!” “OMG, yep I did say that!” Blaze was hard as a rock and waited for their response.

Aereon was first to respond.

“Yum!” a smile erupted on Aereon’s face.

Dixon was overwhelmed with erotic thoughts. “So, you would like to tie us, tie me up?”

Blaze wasn’t sure what Dixon’s response represented but he jumped at the chance.

“Shit yeah man! I would like nothing more as long as you trusted me!” Blaze was hard as a rock. “In my visions, you are both wearing Aereon’s sexy swim thong and I have you tied up in different ways I love the way you twist and writhe as your pleasure takes you over.

Blaze looked at Aereon, and Dixon sat up and pulled away from Aereon, looking at him and smiling, Dixon had to ask.

“What do you see Thong boy? Do you see us too?” Dixon’s smile conveyed his growing sexual inquisitiveness and he and Blaze each rubbed the sexy swimmer’s shoulders they were both playful and cautious at the same time. They were each sharing deep personal things and caution was paramount.

“Only you two!, I mean apart from all the knowledge and new strength we have each been describing, my Immersatron visions always end with one or the other or both of you. You’re nearly always wearing sexy thongs.”

“Phew that’s hot!” Blaze’s eyes were alive and darting between his two new found sexy confidants.

Aereon continued “I always suck your cum from your bodies and I come to after each session having filled my thong with my cum. The Immersatron feeds my mind and then I feel the power caress my muscles. I am definitely becoming stronger and powerful.

Three spectacularly beautiful trainee cadets were exposed and hard as rocks. It was getting late, but Blaze had an idea, he was horny and inquisitive, wanting to get to know these two special guys more, but he knew they had morning classes as their stratification started to prepare for their final Hivals.

Blaze stood up and was standing directly in front of Dixon and Aereon. His trainee one-piece uniform was half off, he was half naked and his muscles bulged and flexed perfectly.

I hope I look half as good as that Dixon thought; his body was alive, and he could feel the excitement raging inside him. He looked at Aereon who was rubbing his crotch slowly with the hand that Dixon had stupidly unattached from earlier in their conversation.

Blaze took his chance and hoped for the best. “I hope you boys like it!” he said.

“I’m liking the view man!” Aereon was glancing back to Dixon as he replied to Blaze.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” Dixon was awash with excitement. “Beautiful!” was his only other word.

“Not that, I meant this…” Blaze tried his best to look sexy, it wasn’t hard, he was one of the most beautifully formed and chiselled young men in the Stratification, his hours in the gym had paid off. He proceeded to remove the rest of the cover-all.

Aereon sat forward when his first glimpse of Blaze’s yellow nylon swimming thong and as Blaze removed the feet covers and hurled the cover-all garment to his chair, Aereon stood up.

Blaze turned slowly to show off his buns to his new found confidants. I thought you might like this Aereon, seems our Immersatrons have both been showing us pictures of you in your swimming thong, and I was really relieved when you said you wore your sexy swimming thong when you rode your Immersatron.

Aereon and Dixon’s eyes were fixed on the majesty of this beautiful young man parading his body and his sumptuous little thong to them. His bulging manhood was round and full, the fabric caressed his loins exquisitely.

“Tie me up!” Dixon blurted, he suddenly felt playful, “Sorry, sign me up” he continued, smiling, but the slip had come out so clearly.

Aereon was in a competitive and playful mood, he had been getting so horny with Dixon’s hand on his inner thigh and finally later in their little chat, on his moist loins. He stood up too and slowly revealed his swimmer’s build body, his muscles flexed, and his curves were sexy and perfect as he twisted his beautiful body as he commenced to slowly remove his cover-all.

“I was waiting to get back to my Immersatron, so I was already dressed and ready for it, looking forward to seeing you two in my mind as The Hive filled my mind and body, but now that I’m getting a delicious eyeful of the real thing early…”

He removed his cover-all completely and tossed his garment playfully over Dixon’s head.

Dixon sniffed Aereon’s scent, he was in raptures, hormones were dancing in his system and has he extracted Aereon’s one-piece from his face, his eyes took in the double extravagance, his two sexual attractions were standing in front of him in unbelievably sexy swim thongs. Bulging masses of beauty were his to feast his eyes on.

Aereon was wearing his signature thong, the red and orange pair drew his eyes, the garment was red and had two orange pieces sewn into the sides of each of his hips before the red continued around his gorgeously masculine body and tightly disappearing, filling his between his buns.

Aereon adjusted himself, he wanted Blaze and Dixon to see him at his best. Like Blaze, the front pouch of his thong rounded and dutifully cupped his male splendour, the moistness Dixon had felt earlier was Aereon’s wet patch. Dixon wanted to taste the sumptuous juices of Aereon but was satisfied just looking at the two erotic men parading for his enjoyment.

“Wow Boys, your Immersatrons must just love playing with your delicious bods!”

Aereon was enjoying Blaze in all his glory, his hands caressing the bubble butt and feeling the tightness of Blaze’s skimpy thong. He purred and emitted deep sexual sounds as he ran his fingers across Blaze’s body.

Aereon then turned his attention on to Dixon. He lifted Dixon up and began to undress him while Blaze quickly ducked to his dresser array. By the time he returned Dixon was down to his tight undershorts and Aereon was bending down running his hungry hands across Dixon’s swollen penis bulge while Dixon ran his fingers through Aereon’s sexy short dark hair.

Dixon looked magnificent, his straight sandy blonde hair, careered over his forehead slightly covering his right eye. He was a beautiful creature to behold and irresistible to Aereon and Blaze.

“I wore tight undershorts as I didn’t want to let on if I got me a hard-on while we studied!” Dixon mused as Blaze returned. Blaze was enjoying what he saw, the sight of the sexy Aereon dressed in that beautiful red thong caressing Dixon’s delicious body was outrageously sexual and erotic. Months of Immersatronic programming were exploding in his mind and his body, he felt powerful, his body tingled, and he placed the green thong he had chosen over his nose and smelled the fabric before rubbing the skimpy garment over his own sensitive bulge.

Aereon looked up and saw Blaze pleasuring himself as he slowly rubbed the two thongs.

“I like how you think Blaze!” With that, Aereon and Blaze began to remove Dixon’s tight under short.

Dixon thought he had died and was in some kind of after-life. These two gods of male beauty, dressed in beautiful, skimpy swim thongs were undressing him.

His cock almost pounced as it was released from the tight short, Aereon’s delicious ministry of rubbing had stirred up his member, he felt like he had been released from a prison after years; the freedom of allowing another guy to explore his private regions was invigorating and after hungry fingers explored his generous balls and caressed the fulness of his gorgeously perfect cut penis, he felt Blaze’s tongue wrap around his penis head.

Blaze licked Dixon’s pre-cum and stood up.

“Mmmm, I can see you are enjoying that my cute, sorry fucking beautiful, nerdy new friend.”

Blaze kissed Dixon and Dixon tasted his own pre-cum as Blaze delivered his tongue into his mouth playfully.

Blaze pulled back from Dixon, his head lifted upward as he had to control himself, his mind was awash with erotic desires and Aereon was now giving his bulging yellow thong some of his special attention, his tongue licking Blaze’s bulbous bulging wet patch as he smiled with his eyes looking back toward the naked Dixon.

Blaze cupped Aereon’s head and caressed his short dark hair as Aereon continued to pleasure Blaze’s penis, it felt so luxe inside the stretchy but light fabric, he enjoyed how Aereon’s hot breath infiltrated the nylon fabric and caressed his penis. He felt every cell in his body react, power, immense Hival power was pulsing in his body with every lick of Aereon’s tongue on his yellow bulge.

“Put these on Dixon, please do it fast, I need to see you in them!” Blaze was awash with passion and power, both of which were running through his veins.

Aereon felt it too!

“Wow, I mean wow, where did that come from?” Aereon fell backward and caught himself with his strong arms, he was looking intently at his growing wet patch on his bulge, his body pumping with powerful ebbs and flows of delicious energy and power.

They watched as Dixon quickly obeyed Blaze’s order. He pulled the green swimming thong up over his body and adjusted his penis so that the underside of his cock head rubbed deliciously on the fabric. He felt the elasticised piece fill the cavity between his tight perfectly formed buns and as he rubbed his body with his hands, he stretched his legs to show off his magnificent bulge to his new buddies, he felt exquisitely sexual and erotic and enjoyed the way his two new mates pleasured themselves as they took in his beauty. The lime green sexy thong made him feel amazing and as he pleasured himself slowly and evocatively in front of Aereon and Blaze. Aereon had now positioned himself, laying on the floor underneath Blaze, Aereon was lying on the floor, he was leaning on his elbows and his powerful legs stretched for Dixon’s visual enjoyment, Blaze had stretched his legs to accommodate Aereon beneath him, who looked up directly into Blaze’s bulging yellow pouch quickly but they each watched Dixon’s little sexy show with lusty eyes.

Dixon then realised that he was experiencing powerful explosions inside his muscles, he remembered the similar but less invasive experiences recently after his Immersatron sessions, but he felt the surges more and more now, he felt the whisps and sensual sensations envelop his bulge as he pleasured himself.

“Oh boys, oh my, oh boys!” Aereon’s face was alight and exploding with excitement. “I feel amazing, I can’t explain it, the mere sight of you both, you are just too sexy for words, I feel so much power in my body, it is indescribable, beautiful, and sensual.

“Yeah, me too, and by the look on Dixi’s face and his delicious wet patch, he’s got it going on too!” Blaze’s face was alight, and he rubbed the fabric of his thong. “Mmmmm, how nice does that feel!”

“Let’s hit the pool boys, I need to feel this wonderful energy in my body.” Blaze lifted Aereon off the floor and the three embraced each other, hands, hungry hands exploring each other’s bodies, they each felt their power levels increase, it was remarkable and sexual all at once.

Unbeknownst to them, The Hive had made an important choice and they were each beginning their transitions. Transitions to hero-hood, it was a level above Space Cadet level, Heroes were chosen every now and then, never on a regular basis and this space year, Blaze, Aereon and Dixon were to become the latest Heroes of the Hive.

They made it to the pool 30 minutes or so later, thy wore towels through the public areas of the third year’s common halls on their way to the pool. They each had raging erections trying to escape from their swimming thongs and although they wanted sex, they needed to feel their newly found energy, they needed to use their muscles urgently!

“Great, it’s getting late, there’s no one here!” Aereon liked to swim when there were less people around, he was an accomplished swimmer, and his collection of Swimming briefs and thongs was extensive, he was known for the different types of swimming thongs he would wear to the pool. Aereon knew the codes to the lighting system, and he engaged the lights at minimal levels, he wanted to share this time with his new special buddies and did not want to attract others to the pool.

They dropped their towels.

Three magnificent, sexual young men pranced to the edge of the pool. Naked except for skimpy well filled thongs; red, yellow and lime green. Sexual gods filling with exquisite energy, their bulging pouches felt electric as their cocks moved inside the sensual garments as they walked the edge of the pool around to the starting blocks.

Blaze was so excited as he reached his block, he looked at Dixon and Aereon with longing and lusty eyes and he touched his yellow bulge evocatively.

“10 laps, last to the touch gets tied up!” Blaze caressed his yellow bulge erotically, the mere thought of Aereon or Dixon tied up sent his hormones into overdrive!

They swam like demons! Their splits were amazingly short, super-fast, and their bodies felt like they were effortlessly shooting through the water like a Waterworld Turbo Eel from sector 2534.6. But Dixon remembered Blaze’s playful threat, he wanted to feel bondage, he had experimented in private, but the thought of those two beautiful creatures controlling his helpless body gave him an instant erection as the water screamed past his body at his blistering pace. They all kept up to each other, and the energy seemed to be relentless as they knocked out each lap in record time. Dixon purposely slowed on the last lap, he hoped Blaze would come through with his sexy threat.

Their bodies felt almost no fatigue, the water cascaded down their torsos and buttocks as they left the pool and headed to their towels.

One tiny red light had been glowing in the corner of the pool facility well camouflaged as a status light, The Hive and The Hive council members had been watching the special show of the super strength amassing in their newly chosen trio of galactic hero.

Blaze was beside himself. “How is that possible?” “What just happened?”

Aereon was also spellbound at the amazing feat. “I don’t know man. But it felt amazing and effortless all at once! I have never swum so fast!”

Dixon stood wiping the water off his body, he caressed his bulging green thong, “Mmmm, yep that was exceptional I feel so alive, its indescribable.”

“Come back to my Habitat boys, let’s try and work this out.” Blaze just had to keep them around for as long as he could.

Soon after the door locked behind Blaze, he looked around his habitat, Aereon was bent over laughing, Dixon sat himself down on the comfy lounge again, he too had a huge smile on his face, the three of them had just experienced something outstanding, remarkable! Blaze playfully whipped Aereon’s towel from his body and he looked back to see Dixon who was slowly undoing his towel, Dixon had spread his powerful legs and his green bulging thong screamed out for attention. He was playing with himself, playing with the roundness of the fabric caressing his loins as he watched Aereon explore Blaze’s magnificent body. Blaze’s eyes summoned Dixon to rise from the lounge and join the sexy exploration of each other’s body.

Dixon did not need any coaxing. His hands and fingers trembled with excitement as he caressed Blaze’s beautifully formed buttocks, they were perfectly rounded and tight, Aereon’s right hand cupped Dixon’s bulge and Dixon lifted his head in abandon, Aereon’s hand felt amazing as he fondled his bulge. Blaze took the opportunity and soon he was tenderly caressing the inside of Dixon’s mouth with his tongue. Dixon tasted the beauty of Blaze’s mouth, he felt amazing, two of his sexual fantasies were caressing him, kissing him, he could not stop his hands from exploring Aereon and Blaze if he tried.

Blaze smiled as he headed for Dixon’s ear, he nibbled carefully, playfully as Aereon moved behind Dixon and pushed his growing bulging red thong into Dixon’s bubble butt, Dixon could feel Blaze’s hardening bulge rubbing against his thong, he was in heaven, he was sandwiched between two sexual gods and he felt his new power filling his muscles, he was stronger, powerful and mighty and erotic, his senses were awash with happiness and excitement as Blaze and Aereon manoeuvred their heaving bodies toward Blaze’s bed. Dixon was pulling Blaze toward him with one hand, and he did his best to reach behind himself to pull Aereon closer and tighter into his buttocks.

Three spectacular young men writhed together in a sensual dance and Blaze finally reached the length of rope he had positioned next to his bed in a hidden drawer; the three cavorting men manoeuvred and played. Blaze passed the length to Aereon carefully and playfully while he distracted Dixon with his tongue in his ear; they had Dixon where they wanted him, and they hatched their little plan.

Blaze just loved Dixon’s cute little ears, they were so sexy and Dixon’s handsome face and piercing green eyes filled Blaze with desire. Blaze had a huge smile in his voice as he began to whisper sensually in Dixon’s ear, but loud enough for Aereon to follow.

“You’re so cute Dixi boy, beautiful, I’ve wanted you since our first classes, always looking for you in class. So cute, so sexy, but alas, last to touch the wall in the pool tonight, cute boy!”

“Dixon smiled, “You noticed, aghhhhhhhhh.” He returned the sensual whisper back to his new found lovers.

Aereon grabbed Dixon’s arms and slowly dragged them behind his back. “Last one to the wall gets tied up! That was the deal wasn’t it Blazy boy?” Aereon’s tone was hot and sexy.

“Yeah that was the deal!” Blaze was hard as a rock. His Immersatron pleasure sessions were being fulfilled.

Blaze licked Dixon’s mouth as he used enough force to assist Aereon as he pulled Dixon’s arms behind Dixon’s back.

The rope felt so amazing as he felt Aereon’s deft hands skilfully and quickly bind his wrists.

Dixon was left standing tied up and smiling, his green thong was stretching to contain his hard penis and the fabric caressed his cock with beautiful precision.

“Nice work Aereon.”

Dixon spread his legs for his two captors and pretended to fight his bonds for them. Blaze almost came at the sight of Dixon fighting his bonds, his beautiful man looked so erotic in the green thong as he twisted for their enjoyment.

“You like it don’t you Dixi?” It was, but really wasn’t a question from Blaze.

Aereon sucked the pre-cum off Blaze’s straining yellow thong.

He then looked Dixon up and down, “Hey I think your right Blaze!”

Aereon caressed Dixon’s green thong with light tantalising strokes, he enjoyed feeling how hard and fierce Dixon’s penis felt. He knew every stroke made Dixon purr and soon a globule of Dixi juice appeared on Dixon’s bulge.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm, you’re not on your Immersatron now Dixi!”

Dixon enjoyed this role play much more than the one they were scheduled to present as the group and played along with sexy game. He pretended to fight the bonds for his captors and thrusted his thong in slow sensual movements in a sexual dance for his two captors to enjoy.

“What do you intend to do with me, ahhhhhhhhhhh?” Dixon had always liked the entertainment shows that depicted bondage, and he played the part as best he could.

Blaze was a mass of erotic excitement as he watched the show. His hard bulge twitched as he watched Dixon get into the sexy role play.

Aereon played a great villain.

Aereon kept stroking his delicious captive, running his fingers over the underside of Dixon’s beautiful green bulging thong.

“I want to see how long he takes to cum, that would be nice, don’t you think Blazy Boy?”

Blaze was unleashing a set of restraints on his bed as Aereon continued to tease Dixon.

Blaze spoke up, “I want to tie him to the bed, we will pleasure the captive there.”

Dixon pretended to fight his bonds, “No please, no!”

Aereon then forced Dixon against the wall as he caressed Dixon’s face, shoulders, chest, and abs. He licked Dixon’s thrusting green bulge and then caressed Dixon’s legs, massaging every muscle.

Blaze untied his captive and they both forced Dixon to the bed. They tied Dixon’s arms above his head and stretched his legs to the corners of the bed. Blaze had more sets of rope hidden under the covers, having prepared earlier.

Dixon twisted and turned sensually for them ‘I won’t give you my cum!” as he continued to fight his bonds squirming face up on the bed and his captors stood to survey their prey.

“Now, how nice is that little piece of sexy goodness Aereon?” Blaze was almost drooling.

Aereon was really wet, he squeezed his raging red thong and approached Blaze who was standing rubbing his own yellow thong as Aereon playfully rubbed his moist palm into Blaze’s face. They played in front of Dixon, who continued in his captive role squirming on the bed.

Blaze and Aereon were kissing and teasing Dixon with their writhing bodies as Blaze lowered himself and began to lick between Aereon’s buttocks. Blaze was really enjoying the sensation of his own tight swimming thong and the sight and taste of the wet stretchy fabric caressing Aereon’s body was a powerful turn on. His hand reached through Aereon’s legs and cupped the underside of Aereon’s bulging red thong. Aereon moaned in a high pitch, ecstatic utterance.

“Ahhhhhh, you know what I think Blaze, maybe we should make nerdy boy here come. I’d like to cum on his face and you can make him cum while the captive services my cock!” Aereon’s face was contorting with pleasure as Blaze continued to use his fingers and tongue to touch Aereon’s delicious body in sensual ways.

“I mean look at that beautiful boy, so handsome, so intelligent and so sexy as he writhes on your bed!” Aereon wanted Dixon, he looked the part, he sounded the part as he pretended to fight his bonds for his two spectacular captors.

Aereon lifted Blaze from his devotions and span around to kiss the beautiful boy, his hands ensured they explored Blazes buttocks, running his fingers between Blaze’s buns, and pulling their heaving bodies together as they kissed enthusiastically.

“Yeahhhh” Blaze’s words were punctuated by Aereon’s tongue exploring Blaze’s mouth, “You have such…. Mmmmmmm…. Gre…at… Ideas…I… think our… cute captive…needs ta… Mmmmm… CUM.” Blaze enjoyed the way Aereon pressured his man hole, pulling his bulge tightly onto Aereon’s heaving wet bulge. He felt the pleasure caress his penis as their two rods collided.

“He’s get…ting lone…ly!” Aereon responded as he pulled away from Blaze, his hands now caressing Blaze’s wet pouch.

“Mmmm Yum, Blaze, lets continue that thought.” Aereon Squeezed Blaze’s loins, he was so turned on by the whole explosion of passion and the three of them having sexy swimwear thong sex, he so loved his swimwear and could see that his new mates were happily enjoying it too.

Aereon playfully moved Blaze into position between Dixon’s legs. “Worship his bulge Blaze, I think you will just love what nerdy boy has on offer. You have him tied up for your sexual needs, eat his lovely bulge, make the boy cum! Oh yeah,” Aereon put on his sensual erotic face and tone as best he could, “...make sure you look up now and then, my arse will be waiting for you, I will be feeding my bulge into the captive’s face so he can worship my bulge with his cute mouth.

Blaze looked at his heaving piece of erotic man bulge meal slowly thrusting erotically, he would make a meal of Dixon’s bulge and he grasped Dixon’s inner thighs massaging his captive into quivering mass of thrusting beauty. Blaze’s tongue licked between Dixon’s legs and he used his hands to cup Dixon’s green mass of nylon bulge. He loved the purring sounds of his captive as he began to pleasure him.

Aereon was standing back watching the erotic display, he loved seeing the two, thong clad beautiful young men play, Ffffffffuck, this is just so sexy, I love the ropes, Blaze knows what he likes, he can tie me up too, whenever he likes. Mmmmm my bulge is buzzing !! He had forgotten the power levels he was feeling in his muscles and the buzzing in his bulge reminded him, it was insistent, and it pleasured him immensely. He purred and listened as Blaze and Dixon writhed in an orgy of fun, Blaze was so enjoying pleasuring Dixon and he now had one hand on his own Bulge, his moans were increasing as were Dixon’s.

The Hive filled their bulges with energy, it was taking them, feeding their bodies and the energy caressed their loins impeccably.

Dixon begged Aereon, looking up from his position on Blaze’s bed, “Pleee…ase Aer, please give me your red bulge, pl…ease” He pulled on the ropes binding his wrists above his head, he was so horny, and he flicked his head to dislodge his cute straight hair from his eyes.”

Aereon went weak at the knees when he watched Dixon writhe in pleasure and when Dixon flicked his sexy hair from his eyes, Aereon could not resist the passion that surged from deep in his loins though his body. He didn’t know it, but The Hive caressed his body, his every muscle enjoyed the energy as he mounted Dixon’s heaving chest, his right leg straddling his beautiful new friend.

Aereon’s bulge was wet, his precum glistened as Dixon’s tongue emerged to meet the red mound of Aereon’s thong. Aereon reached behind him and found the back of Blaze’s head. “Ahhhhhhh” the feeling of pleasure shot through his thong as Dixon sucked and licked. “How you doing back there Blazy Boy?”

Blaze was in a trance, his face firmly entrenched, devouring Dixon and he muffled an unintelligible moan, he was madly eating Dixon and using one hand to pleasure himself. The Hive was filling his body with divine energy as his sexual desires bubbled through his body.

The feeling of Blaze’s tongue, his hot breath added to the raging torrent of pleasure filling Dixon’s bulge. He loved the bondage, it added an extra erotic level to their play, he liked the feeling of the ropes and he could easily free himself, but he couldn’t, wouldn’t bring himself to it.

All he could see was red, he felt Aereon’s rock hard penis behind the fabric of the thong, it was wet and sticky, Aereon tasted of nectar, sweet and delicious and powerful, Dixon’s tongue licked and wrapped the bulge with all its might, and he so loved feeling the underside of Aereon’s penis and the cute way Aereon purred when he was able to lash that sensitive spot with his tongue.

Their swimwear sex lasted twenty minutes until Dixon cried out, he came into Blaze’s mouth with a pent-up power, his orgasm was intense and mighty and Aereon’s cries mingled with Dixon as he pumped wads of hot sexy cum onto Dixon’s face and before Dixon’s brain could realise what was happening he realised the red had turned to yellow and Blaze was now pumping his rock-hard yellow mound of erotic meat and cum onto his face. His two beautiful new friends crying out as their juices and pleasure exploded over his face.

“Lick my face clean boys” Dixon’s playful request after they had returned to their senses was not unreasonable and Aereon and Blaze untied Dixon’s limbs, the fab three embraced. Blaze and Aereon complied, licking beautiful jism from Dixon’s beaming, happy face, and they each enjoyed their wet cummy extended kiss.

“Unbelievable boys, thank you, that was impressive, magical!” Dixon used his powerful arms to draw Aereon and Blaze to him. They were now naked, and their bodies wrapped and tangled in a mass of muscle and beauty.

They kissed and talked for a while, three new buddies, unbeknownst that The Hive had chosen them, pleasured them, and continued to playout its super strength transition into their tingling bodies as they lay in the aftermath of their trio of ecstasy.

It was seven in the morning when Blaze’s alarm shook them out of the spooning bliss. Three rock hard erections, three spectacular young men awoke from deep sleep.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhite!” Blaze jumped up, looking back at Dixon and Aereon, his erection felt luxe as he surveyed the beautiful pair still embracing and stirring on his bed. They looked so cute, and Dixon’s beautiful penis sprang upward as he turned and stretched his arms above his head.

Aereon, was half asleep still, but his hand grabbed Dixon’s cock.

“Yum,” he purred “Please sir can I have some more?” Aereon’s cheeky smile erupted on his face as he woke up. He was determined not to let go of Dixon’s cock and Dixon reciprocated by slowly moving his hips ensuring his penis pumped Aereon’s tight grip on his member.

Blaze’s look was urgent. “Gentlemen, we are presenting in an hour in class, and we have 30 minutes to get to class, it’s an early start, they have so many role-plays to work through today.”

Aereon was up like a shot, as was Dixon.

Dixon caressed his new buddies, their naked bodies smelled of sex and jism. He kissed them, collected his things, dressed in his one-piece coverall and was out of Blaze’s habitat in minutes.

Aereon was not far behind him.

They ran to their habitats in record time, they were on cloud nine, high on happiness and high on the new found power buzzing in their muscles.

They sat in their usual seats in the class, not wanting to draw attention to their new found friendship. The class was full, there were so many Space Cadet hopefuls, Aereon, Blaze and Dixon needed to be on their best game for their assessment.

Their turn came early and they each remembered their roles with precision, they presented flawlessly and returned to their seats to wait out the remainder of the class, they were early presenters and had to sit through so many presentations, some excellent others needed work. They felt confident though, they felt the excitement of their germinating relationship.

There were thousands in the stratifications at the Academy and hundreds in their strat. Aereon, Blaze and Dixon were in the highest-level strat and soon The Hive would decide as to who would graduate as a Space Cadet, and who would remain to undertake other duties in the vast array of positions available throughout their sector. They all craved the Space Cadetship; it came with prestige and honour to serve The Hive as its representatives throughout the sector and the galaxy.

Blaze, Aereon and Dixon applied themselves for the last three months of their training at the Academy, they worked hard, they worked-out harder and spent hours racing each other in the pool late at night away from watching eyes. They spent time on their Immersatrons as The Hive continued to fill their minds and the cocks with its attention. The Hive cultivated the three and they were clueless as to the advancing power filling their bodies. They played together once each week, but only after hours of study, their goals were clear and they would not let anything, even their growing attraction and possible love to distract them from the final goal.

When the three played, Dixon always ended tied up; he loved his fun sexual roleplay role and their weekly playtime became intense and more erotic, Blaze could not get enough of his cute nerdy boy captive and Aereon enjoyed the captive’s plight as much as Blaze and as the weeks counted down to their graduation, they contemplated their future. It was a looming and huge change that was about to unleash on the third year strats, they could easily be separated, Space Cadets in different sectors and god forbid, doing something other than a Space Cadet and again separated by light years of space. The Hive’s final decision was law at the Academy, so they approached graduation with excitement, expectation and to some extent, trepidation. Their futures would be decided and decreed at the academy graduation.

The weeks went fast and the three become closer and closer, they shared a strange power filled bond, their muscles brimming with super energy. His evening was drawing to a close, Dixon was in his habitat, he had his final Immersatron ride, and as usual he found himself with Blaze and Aereon and his orgasm must have been mighty, he came all over himself in a crescendo of power, his face dripped as his sweet juices dripped off his hair and into his eyes, he smiled as he thought of his two lovers and he wondered to himself, why! How he took so long to get to know these two sexy devils.

Thank god we are all in the same Strat Dixon thought to himself, but we have a huge chance of being separated into different sectors of the galaxy, I will just die if I cannot see Blaze or Aereon again, was his next thought, but he pushed those thoughts out of his mind, as Space Cadets, they would have access to rooms in every Homohive station in the sector and Space Cadets were treated as royalty throughout the galaxy, they would never be far away. Space Cadets were provided Immersatron access in their Cadetcrafts so hopefully they could connect virtually. The Hive would facilitate sub-space links with his two gorgeous boys. With those ideas flooding his mind he proceeded to get dressed.

His graduation suit was tight and fitted his body with precision, the black material shimmered in the light and as a nod to the graduation ceremonies of the early days of human civilisation, way back in the eighteenth, nineteenth, twenty through to twenty fifth centuries of human history when black gowns and coloured hoods represented years of academia and study, in 4060, the graduation attire was sexy and tight, the old-style caps and bonnets were long relegated to the history books. Graduates were impeccably groomed for the most important night of their lives. Dixon’s sexy, shiny black suit ensured his every muscle was celebrated, his manhood was also honoured, and his bulging loins were spectacular, he had a golden V on the back of the tight graduation suit that extended from each of his shoulders down to the top the dual crests of his perfectly formed buttocks. The Golden V was edged in silver and it represented the highest of the Stratifications at the Academy. All the guys in their strat wore the gold and silver V on their backs as a mark of honour. The rest of their outfits were designed to celebrate the physical achievements as much as their academia.

Several Cadets were chosen from the next strat below them, and the bulk of the Space Cadets were therefore going to arise from their strat!

Dixon Aereon and Blaze met in Aereon’s habitat, they were three extremely excited graduands, and in an hour or two they would be assigned their roles in the galaxy. They ran their hands across each other’s suits, the black material caressed their bodies with precision and Aereon was beside himself with passion.

“You two look amazing, these last few months have been so special getting to know you two so well, you both look just beautiful, I want to have sex right here and now, I want to rip these suits off your bodies and have each you for dinner, his hands cupped Dixon and Blaze’s magnificent male mounds enjoying every curve, every warm sensation filling his palms.

“I’ll die if we are separated, god, what if we’re assigned to some boring out station, of different Hive bases, what if…” Blaze stopped Aereon, “Hey man, stop stressing, my beautiful Swimmer boy, we’ll find each other no matter what!”

They kissed and hugged as they readied themselves to make their final journey through the halls of the third’s domain to the great hall where The Hive shimmered as a powerful energy force filling the centre of the main podium, at least three of The Five Hive elders would preside over their graduation and the great hall was filled with thousands of family, friends and onlookers waiting to get a look at the latest batch of Space Cadets that would patrol the galaxy and maintain peace and prosperity for the trillions of worlds. It was a huge triumphant ceremony, and the highest stratification always came with the prestige it deserved.

Dixon found his parents and his sister, they were beaming with pride and expectation, they were in the third row of the audience and to the fab three’s disbelief, that out of the thousands attending this final graduation, Dixon’s family were getting along with and chatting to Aereon’s only brother and his single mum, she could not have been prouder of her oldest son, and next to them sat Blaze’s parents and his brother. They met and spoke excitedly about their sons and brothers, sharing stories and other memories, and this was now the moment that they would become active agents of The Hive in the galaxy.

Ushered to their seats, the three sat expectant and proud and as the ceremony progressed they were amazed to see the entire Five Hive elders present at this ceremony, maybe they were all present to honour the highest strat, Dixon mused to himself.

All the Hival Space base positions were filled in the first hour of the ceremony and they were moving onto the newest Space Cadets. Dixon had in mind all the guys he thought would get a cherished Space Cadetship position. They went up one by one as they called their names, Shaking hands with the Hival Eldership and stepping up on the Space Cadet transition dais. They each placed their feet on the special foot pads and the humming and buzzing sounds of The Hive lightshow intensified and pulsed as each graduand was lost behind a wall of Hival light. They would re-appear as the light evaporated and a new Space Cadet was left standing in a tight red suit that showed off their musculature, they carried a red helmet, so their faces could be easily seen by the audience. They looked spectacular and Dixon, Aereon and Blaze could not wait for their names to be called, their friends and class mates looked so sexy and erotic in the tight suits, they were given their Space Cadet formal sash that they would wear to official functions or on duty as peace emissaries. They were just spectacular, young men brimming with energy and enthusiasm waiting to serve.

All their friends were called, and they were down to three remaining Space Cadet positions. Dixon was beside himself, they just had to call his name or Aereon’s name or Blaze. This was it, the final moments of their dreams. All their hard work, their efforts in the gym and pool, physical, cognitive, aspirations for a future life as a Space Cadet were pivoting on this moment in space time. Dixon wanted the tight red sexy suit, and he felt his body go clammy and wet as he sat expectantly.

They did not call any of their names. In-fact the remaining three Space Cadet positions went to guys, that Dixon felt spent more time playing than studying or working out. Dixon was devastated and distraught. He looked at Aereon and then to Blaze. Blaze had his head bowed; he was coming to terms with the fact that his dream had not come about. Aereon looked across to Dixon, he was upset and the look on his face was that of despair. He was a broken young man.

Dixon’s mind was all over the place. What was to become of him? What was his parents thinking, their son had failed his main mission in life? What was he graduating as, what for now? He was distraught and as he looked up he saw an usher comforting Aereon, who was standing and making his way to toward the front of the stage. Blaze was also up and making his way forward.

“Dixon Archer, please make your way to the stage, follow Aereon Zelder and Blaze Duke. Other ushers directed him and soon they had the three ready to be called. They rubbed each other’s shoulders as they stood in the dark spot waiting to hear their futures in the Hive, futures they were coming to terms with that did not include a Space Cadetship. They would not get to wear the tight sexy red suit, that was more than certain. They could see the newest Space Cadets in their shiny new suits looking at them, they could feel the stares and thoughts their strat colleagues and mates were thinking. They had not made the grade!

They were not going to become Space Cadets.

The Hival life force had not stopped humming and pulsing and as it filled the centre of the graduation podium, it was changing colour from Red to orange, then yellow, followed by green, blue and then purple, it kept the pattern of transitioning colours as the most senior member of The Hive Five took to the podium. He talked about transitioning and how each of the Space Cadets were in the process of transitioning to special roles in the galaxy, the speech only made Aereon tremble more with despair, he thought that maybe the Hive had seen their love and had determined that it was a distraction and therefore they were not worthy to become Space Cadets. The speech went on for another twenty or so minutes and Blaze, Dixon and Aereon stood waiting in desperation. But the speech turned toward sacrifice and special powers of The Hive, powerful mighty heroes of the Hive and how transitioning to that way of life is to be seen as an honour and badge of respect.

But there hasn’t been a Hive Ranger announced in decades Dixon knew his history, Why is he talking about these mighty heroes? He thought to himself, but he and Aereon were now standing, holding each other, readying themselves for their future when The Hival Elder started walking toward them, he had open stretched hands inviting them to the podium.

The Elder directed them to stand on the three sets of foot pads, their legs slightly stretched apart, they were directed to hold their hands behind their backs, as if standing at ease at assembly.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” The elder addressed the throng of expectant faces. “…In the past fifty space years The Hive has not seen fit to bestow the honour of a Space Ranger, however in this space year, three young men have excelled in science, diplomacy, physical and mental prowess. Three young men have been under the watchful eye of The Hive and have been shown to be diligent and men of strength. The Hive has been bestowing power into each of the men standing before this assembly over the past months, they have become men of strength, both physically and ethically and their new powers will fill their beautiful bodies and minds…”

Oh my god, it has been The Hive all this time, it has used our Immersatrons, our pleasure. Oh my god! Dixon’s mind was starting to understand what was happening, The Hive had nourished them since children, manoeuvred them into place and drawn them together, this past three months, they had grown to love each other on many levels, their lives had changed, they had become fast, powerful young men. And here they were! He felt his muscles flexing and shimmering in his black suit, Dixon glanced and saw Blaze also flexing, the power was surging from the buzzing, pounding, and pulsing display of energy behind them. The Hive was powering them, and they felt exhilaration fill their chests, their man bulges pulsed in concert with The Hive light show behind them.

They were not Space Cadets; The Hive had chosen them as its newest Space Rangers.

The speech continued but as Dixon stood on his power mats, his mind was awash with ideas, thoughts, aspirations, excitement, exhilaration, and pride as he looked down to see his beaming little sister hugging his mother. He glanced at Aereon and Blaze; his beautiful, amazing buddies and he were becoming more than friends, more than lovers, they were becoming heroes of The Hive.

“Ladies and gentlemen please be upstanding to honour and acknowledge The Hive’s most cherished and honoured heroes, Space Rangers in their own rights, but in honour of their bond and careful attention to their work, The Hive has joined them as the three - Space Ranger Force.”

The applause was deafening, the new Space Cadet core was jumping and hooting.

Dixon felt the podium rise and he Aereon and Blaze began the ascent, their legs spread apart on the assigned dresser pads, Dixon was vibrating and trembling with excitement, he felt The Hive fill his man bulge, but he kept his hands behind his back as he Aereon and Blaze were surrounded by intense light.

Dixon felt his suit transition, but his expectations were dashed, his clothes did transition but as the light dissipated and he heard the crowd roar in excitement he realised that his body was glowing he was wearing an erosuit the beautiful skimpy garment covered his buttocks and caressed his loins, it fitted his body like an amazing glove, and he glanced down to see his man bulge glowing with Hival energy. He looked to be naked except for his skimpy erotic nylon brief, but he felt the warmth and energy of the erosuit as its invisible force surrounded his body. He felt his tiny black mask as it sat on his head, his hair flicked over it, making him look and feel sexy. Dixon could not believe how handsome Blaze and Aereon looked, they too were resplendent, their bodies shimmered in the lights and their erosuits looked fantastic, Dixon felt his body tingle with excitement and his hormones began to fill his body, his desire to enjoy his friends and explore their suits was overpowering. He was standing in-front of thousands of applauding new fans, he had to control his cock, he would get hard soon enough he thought to himself with a sly smile starting to form on his mouth as his body turned slowly on his presentation dais.

Their podiums descended back toward the stage and their podiums were turning slowly, as their beautiful bodies and their sexy erosuits were displayed to the raging applause.

“Ladies and gentlemen, The Homohive is pleased to present to you Space Ranger Blaze, Space Ranger Aereon and Space Ranger Dixon. Our newest heroes of the galaxy.

Dixon felt his erosuit heat up his balls, his penis felt amazing as he accustomed himself to his new dress. The erosuit had been developed over centuries, it was a nod to the superheroes of earth thousands of years ago, the light nylon feeling garment was filled with nanotech feeding and energised from the Hive. Producing a powerful and invisible envirosuit that is temperature controlled and providing supplies of oxygen, it can adapt to the depths of space or the most inhospitable planetary environment the Space Rangers could find themselves in. The erosuit is capable of providing an invisible exoskeleton of strength as and when required complementing the super strength of the Ranger.

Dixon looked at his beautiful erosuit, it caressed his penis and balls magnificently, he knew he looked amazing, he felt amazing. Aereon was wearing light blue, he had two stripes on his erosuit, on his left hip, he looked cute as a button in his little mask. Dixon was wearing lime green and he had a single stripe on his left hip, while Blaze was adorned in a dazzling sexy orange pair, he had three stripes on his left hip, so handsome and heroic, Dixon was beside himself with expectation and joy. Blaze’s bulge and Aereon’s bulge looked erotic and spectacular, his friends were sexual and powerful heroes. Dixon was sexual and powerful.

He had become a Space Ranger – Hero of The Hive!

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