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Eclipse Portal
By Scorpio

Eclipse Portal


This is in some way a revisited rewrite of the Swimmerlad erotic jungle fantasy in the Defeat and Dominion story series. However, this will have two new heroes: medal-winning gymnastic stars, and soon-to-be recruits to the National Signals Directorate (NSD) with aspirations to become undercover operatives. Jonson and Tye had performed at Lava A Gogo, a gay nightclub as they progressed through Uni and their magnificent virile bodies were admired and lusted after by hundreds of clubbers each Saturday. The story commences on the eve of their departure to the secret NSD Academy. It is their final performance extravaganza, and Lava A Gogo is preparing to say goodbye to their favourite Go-Go Boy entertainers.


“C’mon Tye, we’ll be late for our last show!”

Jonson was getting excited, he had enjoyed his time at Lava A Gogo, it was one of the coolest gay venues he had ever set foot inside. He would also miss their apartment in the accommodation precinct at Federal University. He and Tye had met on campus and competed in the Uni’s male gymnastics team for the three years of their undergraduate studies and then the further two years of their postgrad.

He and Tye were two of the most striking male students on campus, they were popular and always had boys and girls wanting their attention. They had perfect gymnastic bodies, honed, and toned from hours of practice in the University’s state-of-the-art gymnastic facilities. They represented their community, and their university at state and national titles. But they had bigger plans, and tonight would be the start of a new life. A secret and shady world of espionage, well at least that was their dream. But Jonson and Tye were under no illusion, their hard work was only beginning.

“Did you get the red thong” Tye called down from the upstairs loft. From behind a set of boxes.

“Ever since we started packing, I can’t find anything!” He added bounding down the stairs in a dazzling display, before arriving at the base of the stairs and standing next to his gorgeous blond bombshell of a partner flicking his sexy dark hair to the side, before licking the side of Jonson’s face.

“Yeah, and the blue pair and sparkly rainbow pair, but tonight you wear the golden eye-poppers! Your fans can’t get enough of your sexy bod in any of those pairs, but I want to get you home and enjoy you in the golden thong. It will be your ultimate finale!” Jonson said with a naughty grin.

Jonson stood tall at 184 centimetres, his broad shoulders fighting to explode from his tight little lycra shirt. His scruffy blond hair fell across his forehead, it was cut shorter at the back, but he felt extra sexy with his crazy fringe. He knew everyone lusted after him, his handsome boy-like face and blue eyes made him very easy on the eye, but his only motivation was to keep Tye’s attention. He loved Tye so much; he was his life.

Tye stood slightly shorter than Jonson at 183 centimetres, he had the same build, his legs strong as trunks and his arms powerful and sexy. Jonson could not get enough of Tye’s arse, that bubble butt was just too perfect, and Jonson appreciated every piece of Tye. Everything about Tye made Jonson love him more. Tye’s piercing green eyes complimented his model-like face, he sported a chiselled jaw and his light brown hair settled in long sexy waves. Tye swooned sex appeal.

They were perfect for their side hustle jobs and were just on time for their final performance at Lava A Gogo, but everyone in town called it Lava. They jumped in the car and headed east toward the CBD, where everyone who was anyone went on Saturday night. The air was crisp and cool, winter wasn’t far around the corner, but these two model boys didn’t care. They were booked on flights offshore at a secret location, where their recruiter advised them was much warmer than their hometown. Life was becoming exciting all at once. Their house was packed up and ready, friends were taking the car off their hands and tonight was their last Lava Luscious Sex-bomb show. It was time for a new life away from Uni, the politics of the gymnastics world and the pressure of being perfect trophy boys. They were heading full speed to a new world of adventure.


Tzofira, but everyone he knew in town called him Zof, was already at the club. He had found himself a nice position toward the back of the performance space section of the club. He had a while before the show was due to commence, but he had determined this was the best spot for his purposes that night. The club was sad to see Tye and Jonson leave the lineup of regular weekend performances; the boys had managed to garner large crowds over their twelve-month tenure at Lava. Their eleven o’clock and one thirty shows ensured that the club was filled by ten-thirty on a Saturday, and the club had billed their final night performances for about a month, and it was already heaving; patronage was up.

Zof had his own set of admirers; he did not mind the attention; it helped him keep his cover. People knew him from Uni, he was that guy with the sexy accent, he was in class, and turned up to all sorts of events, he liked to hang out with the computer geeks now and then, learning skills and gleaning from them, but on the other hand he could be aloof, he kept his background to himself, but was always friendly, especially to the guys. Most people thought this sexy guy with short dark hair and tight, light blue jeans and sneakers batted for the same side, but nobody knew for sure. Zof always kept that side of his life to himself.

Zof had been watching Tye and Jonson for some time now. He slipped into the gymnastic competitions after they had commenced when Tye and Jonson were busy talking to the trainers or warming up for their various apparatus events. He was certain that Jonson and Tye were perfect for his mission.

Tzofira meant Scout of the Moonlight, where he came from. He was the keeper of the portal, and he served a wicked and lustful god from the Kingdom of Attica, a place of danger and satyrism, a dimension away from Earth, a realm of fantasy, but a reality of bondage and lust. The deity ruled the Kingdom, he was a lustful, and lascivious god named Danteros, served by a Warlock High Priest. Danteros demanded that his thirst for pleasure, and his love of bondage be served by perfect human offerings. Once anointed the offerings would serve his deep and carnal cravings. Their lives, their bondage, their bodies used for his pleasure.

Danteros used his high priest as his fleshly embodiment and provided him with great power; with skills in the art of agony and healing, skills in producing to most delectable pleasure for his deity to dine on. Zephir as he was known to the people, the anointed high priest of Danteros, was only as good as Danteros’ last satisfying meal of pleasure. Zephir’s existence depended on satiating the lustful hunger of Danteros and therefore his motivation was as lofty as his position in the realm.

It was time to replace the current vessels, the Boi Rahs, or Pleasure Primes. They had reached the age of twenty-seven and Danteros demanded a particular diet, he preferred his pleasure produced from male offerings between the virile age of twenty to twenty-five. Danteros was lusting for new blood, new taste, new semen, new flavours of pleasure. Zephir knew it, his life depended on providing it.

Zephir had depended on his scout; Tzofira always found the most beautiful Boi Rahs as they called them. He would find the most beautiful human, male offerings, as he did every five years or so. Tzofira was as loyal to Danteros and the temple as the High Priest, and he was always on time.


Zof sat patiently, surrounded by horny clubbers. He was popular amongst the boys and fucked his favourite every Saturday night. Zof was skilled in bondage and his Saturday night pick-of-the-bunch would be drawn into Zof’s private world, a secret dungeon. But not this night, he was travelling, the portal was opening, and he had some exceptional travel companions to take along for the ride.


“Look at that moon!” Jonson said leaning forward and looking through the windscreen.

Tye was driving, so he glanced up and noticed that not only was the moon starting to turn a pinkish hue, but it was huge.

“I read that tonight was a special astronomical event, the moon is closest to the earth, it’s at its perigee and this will mean that the Luna eclipse tonight will be one of the deepest blood moons on record!” Tye glanced at Jonson quickly before returning his eyes to the road.

“A fitting way to end our tenure at Lava A Gogo!” Jonson said with a smile before humming that old track - ‘Fly me to the moon’. They were only minutes away from the club.

After arriving, Tye and Jonson went about what had become their normal Saturday night routine, they chatted with the two resident guys preparing for their drag show. Tye loved to flirt with them and gave them insights and titbits of information the drag artists could use out on stage to rev up the crowd who were mostly there to see Tye and Jonson perform. It was always fun backstage, and it was one of the things Tye was going to miss.

Fifteen minutes before the show, Jonson was dressed in his skimpy red thong, and his skin sparkled with his spray-on sheen. He had adjusted his penis and balls using the gusset sewn into the garment’s pouch, and he was bulging in all the right places. Tye was having his spray sheen applied to his torso by one of the drag queens named Tina Ascreamer.

Jonson checked the security monitors, it was his thing, he usually did it while Tye was in ‘makeup’ with Tina. Several discrete cameras were built into the club; two were on the lighting rigs and several scattered around the roof. The feeds were accessible on a screen provided in the dressing room area. He noticed the guy sitting toward the back of the club.

“He is back Tye!” Jonson said turning around from the monitor.

“The same guy that has been here every Saturday for months, you know I have seen him at the Gymnastic Hall at Uni, and he was at Nationals last month too. This guy is more than a fan!”

“Well, we can’t do much about it now, and after tonight, he’ll lose the trail!” Tye responded, not wanting to let on to Tina Ascreamer or the other drag performer Carrie Cock-Or-Two that they were heading to a secret location to begin their operative training for the National Signals Division.

“Yeah, you’re right!” Jonson conceded. “But I still feel creepy about this guy, you don’t know these days!”

Ten minutes passed and the Club’s MC for the night was on the stage, he always went through a short comedy sketch before introducing the night’s entertainment. Jonson and Tye’s poles were waiting for them along with a set of rings, they were preparing to give their final performance a gymnastics feel, and the audience had been given large scorecards for them to lift above their heads to show their appreciation for Jonson and Tye on their last night at the club.

“And now without further ado, our very own Lava A Gogo boys, the delicious treats we have all been waiting for are here for your viewing pleasure…”

The curtains were drawn revealing Jonson centre stage performing a handstand with his buttocks facing the audience, Tye arrived on stage bouncing off one of the vault springs installed around the stage for their performances, somersaulting across the stage to his pole.

The crowd were screaming in delight. The music was pumping and soon the crowd were bopping to the latest heavy house dance beat tracks while Tye and Jonson went through their well-rehearsed routine. They performed a quieter number mid-show, a tender love scene, full of slow, sexy moves, where they would feel each other up on stage, licking each other carefully. If the crowd weren’t horny enough, their final mid-show erotica number sent shivers into the crowd.

Zof knew he had made the right choice. He stood next to his stool, ignoring the sexy guy vying for his attention. Zof’s eyes were on his prey. He had fulfilled his obligation to Danteros, and the High Priest Warlock would have his two vessels, his Boi-Rahs very soon. He watched as the show transitioned back into the next three erotic dance tracks.

They had reached the final five minutes, this was it for them, it was their last hurrah on the Lava Stage. The crowd was pumped, and Jonson had a smile on his face from ear to ear. It was more than a stage smile this time though, he was thinking that he was at a pivotal point in his life, and he and Tye were moving on to something they both dreamed about. They were moving into a life of secret service to their country and the thought was so satisfying.

But his performance proceeded like clockwork. They both did, Tye was exactly where he was supposed to be. He would perform on the still rings while Jonson performed his final erotic piece high up on his pole, spinning and performing feats of strength. They would end with Tye in a handstand position in the rings and Jonson performing a strength move parallel with the floor, high up on his pole, slowly descending.

Outside, the moon had turned a deep red. It was hanging in the sky like a huge floating basketball. It was like you could just reach out and touch it. Dogs barked around the city as the eerie ball hung persistently over the city.

It was twenty seconds to midnight, and all was in place. Zof had seen Tye and Jonson perform many times at Lava and nearly every gymnastics meet they competed in. He had kept a low profile but was sure they knew he had been stalking them for several months. It didn’t matter what they thought, their fate had been decided.

The earth and moon were in the final stages of their celestial dance. The sublime moment that would open the portal; the moment when light and dark intersect, where the water molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere scatter out blue light, two massive entities aligning causing the moon to turn red. Along with the scattering of light, Tzofira would also align the Ju Ju, the ancient magic invested in him by Danteros the Great, to open a one-way portal to their kingdom.

It was that moment. The show was at its climax, everyone was in the performance room at Lava, even Tina Ascreamer and Carie Cock-Or-Two were standing at the back of the room clapping, in awe of the strength and prowess of the two performers flawlessly completing their final show at the club. The crowd were also lifting their scorecards above their heads in adoration; 10-10-10-10. Tye looked so powerful in the rings, he was in his final handstand as if floating in mid-air, every muscle shimmering in the lights, his body sublime like Jonson’s. Jonson was now perfectly parallel to the floor, his body defying gravity, and his arm muscles flexing to keep him in that position for the final applause. This was it; this was the moment their lives would change. It was the end of an era for them, a new world of adventure was opening up in their lives.

But not as they had planned!

Tzofira couldn’t be heard above the booming music crescendo filling the room mixed with screams and applause. Lava A Gogo would never see the likes of these two beautiful gods perform again. Tzofira lifted his hands above his head and spread his legs, one of his admirers attempted to grab him around the waist in that moment of ecstasy, to try and claim him for the rest of the night, but Zof was not having it. He could not fail Danteros, he could not fail Zephir, the Warlock High Priest. He was no longer the guy named Zof, he was Tzofira, the forward Scout of Danteros, fulfilling his sacred role to the realm. Tzofira, brushed the guy off him like a fly, sending him careering into another group of revellers, all clapping and screaming in that frantic moment. Outside the moon was big, bright, and shimmering with a deep red glow. Tzofira’s hands, extended above his head, reaching upward, his eyes glowed red to match the moon.

Three people disappeared leaving Lava A Gogo in shock. Hundreds of people witnessed the phenomenon and were unable to believe what they had witnessed. At first, they thought it was just a party trick and part of the show, but astonishment soon turned into panic and pandemonium.


They never felt the portal, their transport was instantaneous and uneventful. The lights and sounds were different, there were no crowds, no screaming fans, and no lights. It was hot and steamy.

He opened his eyes, Jonson had no idea where he was, he felt the soft mossy-like ground cover under his body, he was lying on his side still wearing the red G-string thong he had performed in. His ankles were tied tightly, and his wrists were also bound behind his back. Jonson struggled, twisting his arms and legs, but the ropes remained defiant to his attempts at freedom.

“Ugh” He twisted with all his strength. Noticing Tye was lying behind him, he was also waking up, with the realisation that he had been tied hand and foot.

Jonson was able to roll over to face Tye.

“Fuck, what happened?” He said looking at Tye.

Tye looked delectable all tied up like that, his golden performance G-String still on his body. He started to thrash trying to break the bonds binding his wrists and ankles.

“F, Fuck, what’s, Ugh, going on?” He said looking across to Jonson.

They both struggled for several minutes.

“It’s no use Tye! Can’t budge these ropes!” Jonson said screwing up his beautiful face as he squirmed helplessly.

He looked up, they were under a huge tree, between two of its protruding roots, it was like they were in a soft green bed prepared for them at the tree’s base.

“We’re under some kind of massive tree!” Jonson said still struggling, but looking upward into the canopy of branches and leaves above them.

“We’re wearing our performance gear, we were fucking performing, how the hell did we get here? Who tied us up? What the fuck, ugh.” Tye wasn’t handling the situation well. His mind though, was racing and the questions kept exploding from his mouth.

“Where are we?” was his final question before he noticed the dagger lying on the mossy floor cover between them.

“Look!” He said pointing his head toward the weapon.

Jonson noticed it too after taking Tye’s lead.

“What?” He exclaimed.

Their freedom was close at hand, they only needed to maneuver their bodies and carefully slice through the coarse ropes. It took them fifteen minutes or so to complete their mission and slice their bonds. Jonson had to cut through Tye’s wrist ropes, cautiously trying to feel his way, so as to not slice into Tye’s wrists. He worked on the outer layer of the ropes. Whoever had bound them had wrapped several layers of the thick rope.


“Good work Tzofira!” The Warlock High Priest said as Tzofira walked into the Temple. Zephir, the Warlock High Priest of the realm had met him at the entrance. The humid, moist air of the jungle realm was heavy with water, and it was always hot and humid.

“My journey was long and fruitful my High Priest!” Tzofira said bowing his head in adoration and acknowledgement to the High Priest.

They embraced in the Temple manner, pressing the backs of their right hands together. Only the highest-ranking priests and servants of Danteros were permitted to partake of the holy greeting.

“Come, tell me about our new pleasure vessels.” Zephir motioned for Tzofira to follow him into his private chambers.

“Please excuse the semen, I was feeding on one of the stock, he was delicious and plentiful.”

It was warm and musty inside the High Priest’s chambers. Tzofira drew a deep breath, the smell of human sweat and semen was intoxicating, he’d missed all this while he had been away. The main pleasure room was lit softly, and a simple bondage horse was still dripping semen. The priests had removed the pleasure vessel, a captured warrior from another region, back to his cell before Zephir and Tzofira had arrived. They had obeyed the High Priest’s demands to leave the fresh juices on the bondage horse.

The Solar Temple was part of an expansive complex. It, along with the more public Luna Parlor meant that the temple amenity was busy and heaving with activity each day. Male offering vessels were kept in prime condition and were utilised in many of the sacred rites of Danteros as well as the more mundane service of the people who paid handsomely at the Luna Parlor’s many fine fantasy rooms. The demand was high, so the temple stock needed to be plentiful and virile. The inventory of captured warriors and other male virility was extensive, so the High Priest always had his pick for the early morning extraction before he made his way to the cell facilities to inspect his stock. Attica relied on its jungles, full of devious traps and dangerous wildlife to capture the brave warriors, usually sent from their home regions to rescue their compatriots captured and held by Danteros. The Temple Priests welcomed the various incursions into their jungle, it meant that new, semen was arriving, and new fun was to be had as they located and captured their prey ready to break the new cum cows in, ready for service.

Tzofira had portaled in early to the Attican jungles, he had left the new potential Primes bound beneath the portal tree and made his way directly to the Temple.

“Our current Pleasure Primes, the Boi Rahs will be tortured tomorrow, they will be punished because they have reached the age! Danteros will not suffer a vessel beyond an earth age of twenty-seven, as you know his taste for human pleasure is very particular. They will serve on in the temple as decreed by Danteros, their bodies his vessels!” Zephir said, wiping up some warm warrior semen with his index finger and offering the delicacy to Tzofira.

“I look forward to my first encounter with our new Pleasure Primes! They will witness the torture ceremony as we transfer the Pleasure Prime mantle to them!”

Tzofira smiled, contemplating the impending spectacle. His new captures would fulfil Zephir’s requirements perfectly. He was interrupted from his thoughts by Zephir, who was holding Tzofira’s loincloth and thong. Zephir wiped the pouch of the thong along the semen-coated bondage horse, ensuring the thong pouch was wet with the warrior’s offering fluid. He wiped the remains of the juice with the loincloth flaps. His incantation over the garment was brief but effective.

“Remove the human clothing!” Zephir demanded.

Tzofira had been waiting for this moment for more than two years. His mission had taken that long because he was required to locate and abduct only the most erotic, the most perfect human male subjects. If Danteros rejected his choices, it would be he who was also to undergo long and agonising torture. But he had not failed Danteros! He knew his chosen vessels were worthy Boi Rahs, worthy Pleasure Primes.

Tzofira removed his earthly clothing, it would be incinerated in the Flames of Danteros on the next day, and when the outgoing Pleasure Primes were tortured in the transfer ceremony. His body glistened in sweat, he was still acclimatising to the heat and humidity of Attica, the sacred jungle of subjugation. His muscular form contrasted with Zephir’s skinnier, tall body. Zephir liked what he saw, Tzofira would look erotic in his rightful place seated next to the phallic-carved stones of Danteros.

Zephir carried the loincloth in one hand, holding it above his head for Tzofira to gaze upon. The tall skinny High Priest then used his other hand to caress Tzofira’s warm and moist skin. Zephir muttered and shook as he caressed Tzofira, ensuring that he had anointed every part of Tzofira’s body with his fingers, he paid special attention to Tzofira’s scrotum, penis, and buttocks before handing the loincloth to Tzofira.

“Adorn yourself in the holy garment Tzofira!”

Tzofira had no choice, but to obey the Warlock High Priest’s command. He did it willingly and tried to hide the excitement he was feeling. Tzofira was finally home again, home to enjoy the pleasures of the temple, his work and devotion to Danteros would be rewarded.

Tzofira’s eyes rolled in pleasure.

Zephir, moaned in delight watching Tzofira fit his delectable body into the loincloth thong.

The thong cupped his scrotum, the wet plentiful semen that the High Priest extracted earlier that morning and soaked into the thong covered his penis, and the wet thong strap was tight between his pert buttocks. He felt the warrior’s holy juices caressing his sexuality, it was exquisite and erotic, like he was absorbing some of the warrior’s virility. Tzofira, pulled on the hip straps, pulling the thong strap tightly between his buttocks, he adjusted his pouch, sliding his penis into his favourite position inside the front pouch of the thin leather garment. His body tingled, his cock soaking up the holy juices.

“Good!” Zephir said extending the word in a sensual tone before touching each of Tzofira’s hips and the thong strap. The thong tightened as the magic completed the fitting.

“That thong will serve your pleasure Tzofira, the warrior’s semen will infuse you with spirit, you will take your rightful place in the temple tomorrow with the sacred stones.”

“Now the loincloth flap!” Zephir demanded.

Tzofira felt his thong first before fitting the loincloth flaps, his bulge was luxurious, and it felt alive, as he squeezed, the pouch, before running his fingers along the hip straps of the garment. His hands were coated in the morning semen offering that Zephir had extracted from the warrior. The leather felt strong and tactile. He turned for the Warlock High Priest to worship his body. Zephir stood behind Tzofira licking the scout’s shoulders and leaning down to reach between Tzofira’s legs from behind. The High Priest muttered as he licked, as his fingers traced from the base of Tzofira’s erotic bulge, along the thong strap. He paid attention to Tzofira’s taint and then pushed firmly as his fingers traced the tight leather clinging between Tzofira’s buttocks.

Tzofira tingled all over, his loincloth thong was accepting his body. The High Priest had anointed him.

Zephir took the skimpy loincloth flaps and fitted the garment onto Tzofira. He intertwined the leather hip straps with the under-thong straps. The rear flimsy leather barely covered Tzofira’s buttocks, the front flap tapered revealing the lower portions of Tzofira’s thong bulge.

The fitting was complete, and Zephir stood back to review his handy work.

“Yes, exquisite Tzofira, you will be rewarded tomorrow, I will plead with Danteros to share the pleasure offerings with you! You will dine on exquisite pleasure with your god!” He let the word pleasure linger in the steamy warmth.


Jonson had released Tye’s arms without incident, Tye’s wrists still showed the imprints of the tight rope fibres; Jonson had managed to keep the blade away from Tye’s flesh. Tye then used the dagger to free his ankles before carefully releasing Jonson from his bonds.

Jonson was thankful to be free at last, he had no idea how long they had been lying there like that. He was sitting up and rubbing his wrists, and ankles. They had tossed the ropes aside.

“I have no idea where we are! It’s fucking hot as hell here, so humid.” He said looking across to Tye who was on his feet surveying their position.

“We never left the stage! I was on the pole, and you were on the rings!” Jonson said.

Tye looked puzzled and then looked down to survey his body.

“All accounted for, but we’re not dressed for this place, not much protection!” He said pointing his head toward Jonson’s red bulge.

Jonson agreed, getting to his feet, and wiping off his pert buttocks. “But at least it is not cold…” he added, “…we won’t need anything to keep warm.”

Tye was looking around and nodding his head, agreeing with Jonson, he could feel his skin moistening in the humidity and warmth. They had no idea where they were; they were baffled and confused at their situation and their last memories were of a different place and setting.

“Where the fuck are we?” Tye asked again. “Is this some stupid initiation thing from the NSD? I mean did they drug us somehow and take us to some tropical island? Is this some kind of test? Or just a hazing exercise?”

Tye thought it was just a test, it had to be! He stepped up on one of the exposed roots of the enormous tree, put his hands to his mouth as if to make a megaphone and extend his voice.

“Alright very funny! You can come out! You’ve had your fun!” He screamed out.

But Jonson interrupted him.

“Look at this!”

Jonson was crouching down looking at a note pinned to the tree trunk with a huge rusty nail. It was covered in single-line sentences. Written in different languages, they recognised most of the languages as French, Italian, Japanese and Arabic. It was the English sentence that got their attention.


“What the fuck!” They both looked at each other and then looked around. Tye stood up and looked around carefully. Jonson followed his lead.

“We’re dressed in only our performance Gs, nothing on our feet and we still have that spray-on sheen, and who the fuck is Danteros?”

Jonson jumped up and held Tye from behind.

“We have each other!”

Trying to calm Tye down, Jonson then held his partner tightly.

In the next moment, a dart whistled past their heads, the whistling sound startling them and causing the two agile young gymnasts to part, jumping aside, and landing in a crouch.

Tye looked at Jonson motioning for them to duck down and somersault into the thick green vegetation toward their right. They needed the cover, and they needed it fast. He picked up the dagger which they used to cut the ropes with. He shot for the cover as fast as he could.

Tye Arrived first, still clenching the dagger. Jonson arrived soon after. The brisk undergrowth was not as forgiving as the soft mossy undergrowth beneath the massive tree. The leaves were bristly, and some had tiny stinging needles.

“Bah, what the!” Tye said as quietly as he could, he was desperately trying to rub the stinging nettles from his body. He and Jonson were writhing in the undergrowth as the stinging nettles pierced their skin. But the voices made them pick up the pace and scurry through the undergrowth.

They were at the tree. Three men, tall with golden sashes, and brief golden loincloths. They wore leather sandals strapped up their lower legs and a golden strap around their heads. They were well groomed with short dark hair and had several weapons amongst them. The leader had a small bow and a pouch full of slender arrows. Another had a blowpipe and the third had a long whip and net.

They were carefully looking around as Tye and Jonson slipped further and further into the deep undergrowth. Stealthily and carefully, they progressed, looking around with eyes peeled at everything surrounding them in the dense jungle.

“Are they the Priests?” Jonson whispered.

“I don’t think we want to find out!” Tye whispered back.

The voices became quieter, but Tye and Jonson kept moving, they had a lead on the trio, if this was a hazing joke from the Academy, it was totally out of line! But Tye and Jonson had no time to discuss what was happening. That dart was way too close for this to be some kind of a joke.

So, they pressed deeper and deeper into the jungle, hoping to find civilisation; anyone that wasn’t trying to hunt them.


The fantasy continues next time with “Capture”.