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Defeat and Domination
Part 9 - Deep
By Scorpio

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Swimmerboy is pleasured by the three arch villains before being subject to an extended orgasm and milking.

Soon after his second torture session of the day…

Swimmerboy was motionless and exhausted on the torture Altar, Electro had performed his duties well, the torture session had drained him of his superpowers deliciously, sapping him, feeding on his power in that evil tight electronic cloak. The process had triggered more of his powerful jism to form, his juices, prized by Scorpio would be used to develop their understanding and power over the two magnificent heroes, they were also looking forward to draining Swimmerboy, slowly and deliciously, defeating him yet again. The torture device had powered down and Electro had since left the torture room to join Scorpio and Orgasmo, plotting Swimmerboy’s next erotic engagement.

Nylon was hot and horny after watching his magnificent young hero ravaged by Electro’s thirsty need to inflict pain. Nylon ensured the emitters were on standby as he disengaged the restraints holding the beautiful young man to the Altar. He then lifted Swimmerboy over to and secured him in the transport drone. Swimmerboy managed a muffled moan as the drone’s restraints secured him, his head lolled downward over his chest. This was the second time in the matter of hours, and he was being prepared for yet another defeat and draining in the hours to come. His Royal blue and crème nylon garment stuck dutifully tightly to his sumptuous body and although drenched in sweat, the ripples of fabric crossing his pouch from his bulge were alluring and inviting. Nylon, with his own precum soaked speedo led the drone out of the torture room, past several waiting horny young men, waiting like groupies would stalk a celebrity, all vying to witness Swimmerboy in his bondage, to see that famous speedo pouch as he passed by. They gasped when he emerged, having witnessed his torture on the facility’s screens. The cameras had covered his torture from different angles and zoom levels. They were impressed by the sight of him as he passed, restrained in the drone.

Scorpio watched from his control position, smiling at the possibility of more cash coming his way from the private rental sessions he was planning to launch later, after the next couple of sessions he and his speedo priests had planned.

Nylon stopped and ordered the drone to spin around, it presented the barely alive superhero to the group, who’s number had increased when others realised that Swimmerboy was released from the torture session. They approached Swimmerboy, and were permitted to touch and feel his beautiful sweat soaked skin, they felt his strong, yet limp legs and, of course fondled and worshiped the beauty of his pouch, enjoying the curves and nuances of his bulge in the wet nylon fabric.

“Yes boys, enjoy the merchandise, the captive is your offering.” Smiled Scorpio as he viewed the group worshiping the helpless and motionless mighty Swimmerboy. Scorpio turned to his priests with him at the controls, “I can’t wait to see what they do with him and Swimmerboy when they have them for themselves for an hour.” He clasped his hands together with happiness, “I’m sure each of them has erotic fantasies they want to unleash on Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, Mmmmmmmmmm, such delicious possibilities ahead gentlemen!” Orgasmo laughed and replied in his own erotically fuelled tone, “Oh yes Scorpio, we can’t keep hording their beauty to ourselves, I think the next sessions especially what he have planned for Swimmerlad later, will ignite those fantasies, they will bid hungrily for personal intimate time with the speedo, like slave traders they will clamour to be first and pay any price to have their prize. This is getting exciting!”

Swimmerboy stirred as his speedo strength trickled into his body while the crowd enjoyed him, he opened his eyes slowly, his life force was rebounding with the building speedo power returning to his body. His vision came into focus slowly and he moaned, feeling his almost lifeless body awakening from a daze, he ached all over and as the world started to come into focus, he realised that several hands were massaging his aching, tingling muscles.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmp, what is happening, fffffffuck you, gettttttttt off me!” he demanded quietly, his strength still extremely low. He writhed testing the drone’s restrain system, but he was helplessly displayed for their pleasure. He felt two hands caressing and worshiping his nylon pouch, they fondled his balls and enjoyed a handful of the wet fabric caressing his penis. The person enjoying his pouch was a young man named Hunter, he was star struck at being so close to Swimmerboy, his own handsome face was displaying his lust as he watched his hands caress and fondle Swimmerboy’s speedo offering. He looked up and spoke directly to the restrained hero. “Fuck, I never thought I would get to do this, I want you Swimmerboy, just you and me, I want to work you, toy with you, you will be mine to enjoy one of these days, I promise you.” Swimmerboy looked at him with defiance. Never, you sick fuck” Hunter smiled “We’ll see…. One day Swimmerboy”

Nylon addressed the group, “Sorry boys, duty calls, he will be back later, and you never know you, what Scorpio might allow!” With that the drone circled and dutifully followed Nylon out of the public forum space an into the private corridors of the compound. The screens in the public forum area came to life though and showed Swimmerlad being tied to the Hyper Gym for his first session with Draco and Lycra. They would be entertained and fed their next dose of hero bondage to ignite their lusts. Scorpio’s plan was unfolding with precision.

Swimmerboy was waking and energising as they approached the cell holding area. He noticed Swimmerlad’s cell was not indicating he was present in his recovery cell, both doors were shut and the indication boards outside had the word “VACANT” displayed.

“Whhhhhhere is mmmmmp Swimmerlad?” Was Swimmerboy’s first laboured question as they approached his own recovery cell. He tried his bonds, but he was secured in place. He had little power left, enough to keep him alive, he needed more speedo power, he needed it right away, if he was going to have a chance to subdue Nylon. But they had programmed the drone to inhibit the power build up for his journey back to his recovery cell. Scorpio’s control was comprehensive, he and his priesthood were over the whole situation.

“Swimmerlad is with your friend Draco!” smiled Nylon as he turned to address the hero. The doors to the recovery pod opened with the usual swoosh and soon Swimmerboy was transported in as the lights around the walls illuminated. A pair of powder blue Aussiebum nylon briefs were presented on a plinth in the corner of the room. Swimmerboy noticed them almost immediately. So that’s the pair they want to milk me in, fuck, they look so hot on me, I love that colour, Scorpio will be like a horny bull once he has me bound up wearing those. He thought to himself. I don’t have enough speedo power to overcome Nylon, I must bide my time and try to work out a way to free myself and Swimmerlad, fuck what are they doing with him right now? He fought the restraints, but he was still shaky, and his power was only trickling into him, just keeping him alive.

“What are they doing to Swimmerlad ohhhhhhhhhahhhh?” Swimmerboy could barely get his question out.

“Let’s see, shall we?” Was Nylon’s reply.

The entire left wall in the reception area of his cell came to life with a huge screen, it showed Swimmerlad thrashing in his bondage as Draco molested him. He was dressed in a pair of lime green Budgie Smugglers, the light Lycra fabric displayed his huge manly mound, and Drago was masterfully worshiping it as Swimmerlad fought the bonds heroically, Lycra stood in the background.

“Looks like they are underway Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad will look spectacular for his next public session, they are planning to display him on a public pleasure Altar, he will be pleasured in front of a select group of men all permitted one-on-one time with him, stimulating and toying with him as he writhes and presents his offering to them. Draco will go hard on his workout; he will torture him to edge of his life. Scorpio demands his cum, a lot of it, so Draco has been given some very generous incentives and will achieve that end competently!” Nylon laughed as he saw the horror on Swimmerboy’s face.

“You fucking sick fiends!” Spat Swimmerboy.

Nylon disengaged the screen and turned the emitters on low. Swimmerboy’s restraints opened and he soon found himself in the arms of Nylon. Nylon dragged his exhausted body to the cleaning chamber; a pair of wrist restraints were descending from the ceiling to welcome them.

Nylon sat Swimmerboy down as the restraints continued to lower. He clasped Swimmerboy’s wrists and the restraints reversed. They began to recede into the ceiling of the cleaning chamber, they lifted the helplessly tired young hero pulling him up until he was in the standing position. A couple of ankle restraints arose on the floor. Before safely restraining Swimmerboy’s ankles, Nylon removed the royal blue, sweat soaked garment from Swimmerboy’s delicious body. He moaned as the speedo strength trickle disengaged. He was naked, his magnificent cock was presented to Nylon, his head lolling from side to side, Swimmerboy moaned deeply, his life force was beginning to dissipate, he was minutes from death, without his legendary speedos and the inflow of his speedo strength. Nylon looked at Swimmerboy’s beautiful balls, they were full of cum from his torture session, his cock hung nicely to the side, its head was generous, and Nylon quickly moved to fondle his dying superhero quickly.

Nylon moved with stealth, he had 5 minutes at most before Swimmerboy’s death, he dressed his hero in the powder blue Aussiebum garment and adjusted Swimmerboy’s balls into the special gusset designed to enhance the hero’s already impressive junk. He positioned Swimmerboy’s cock so that is sat slightly to the left and raised upward toward the hero’s torso. The underside of his penis showed deliciously in this arrangement. It also ensured the sensitive glands of the beautiful young hero’s penis were positioned for maximum exposure to coming pleasure session ahead.

“That is pure perfection Swimmerboy!” he stated as he finished arranging Swimmerboy’s junk. He locked the ankle restraints shut and they moved in an outward direction pulling Swimmerboy’s legs apart as the writs restrains recoiled further into the ceiling cavity, Swimmerboy was now safely restrained. His new speedos shimmered in the LED lights illuminating the cleansing chamber. The nylon swim brief strained as his delicious junk filled and bulged the front of the garment, the speedos had a one-inch side and the hero’s pouch was almost completely used up with his bulge. The light blue nylon fabric creased across the pouch and formed beautiful ripples. Nylon shuddered at the beauty of the bound helpless hero.

Scorpio and Orgasmo watched to see how Nylon’s earlier conditioning had turned out. They zoomed their cameras onto Nylon’s wet speedo, he was aroused, but he obediently went about his duties tending to the beautifully bound superhero in a pair of speedos that looked so erotic and irresistible, turning him on. They decided Nylon needed a treat to reinforce the conditioning. Orgasmo had the perfect stimulant in mind once Nylon had completed the range of duties.

Swimmerboy moaned and lifted his head after 15 minutes, Nylon walked over to him, he was full of lust, he needed to toy with Swimmerboy he needed to release his lust, but something deep down, in his programming, halted him, he felt restraint, he had to obey!

Nylon approached the suspended Hero, “Welcome back Hero! Did you enjoy your little nod off? I kept good care of you, you didn’t die!” he laughed out loud and ran his fingers down Swimmerboy’s trunk, starting with Swimmerboy’s arm pits, Nylon traced his fingers down Swimmerboy’s sides, feeling his stretched lats, he moved his fingers slowly, sensually down toward Swimmerboy’s hips to the top of his new Aussiebum garment. Nylon looked down, his lustful moans breathed into Swimmerboy’s face as he traced his fingers around the top of Swimmerboy’s speedo, he caressed the hero’s tight buttocks and then bought his hungry hands around to Swimmerboy’s pouch, he caressed it slowly, his fingers tracing Swimmerboy’s soft clean bulge.

“Mmmmmmm that is heaven, and you will enter heaven tonight Swimmerboy!” Nylon’s lust purred as he spoke quietly into Swimmerboy’s face. “Pleasure, sweet long pleasure Swimmerboy, it awaits you, you will be milked completely, long and delicious, and I want some of your sweet juice. They will defeat you hero boy!”

Swimmerboy twisted in the bonds trying to evade Nylon’s breath and his hands fondling him, but he was helpless. “Never!” was his only defiant response.

Nylon stepped away, his cock was raging, he was so aroused by the beauty of Swimmerboy and his defiance.

Scorpio and Orgasmo laughed from their control room, to see their conditioning working so well on Nylon. Nylon was becoming not only sexually aroused, but ruthless! His building lust, a triumph of the conditioning processes.

“First, we will cleanse you Swimmerboy!” smirked Nylon “I’ll be pleased to massage every inch of your sumptuous body, the cleansing fluid will help your recovery and your speedo strength will continue to trickle into your body. Once dry, I’ll administer a gas with traces of Aphrodisium, and leave you on your recovery table to fill with your speedo strength, you will be nice and horny by the time you are scheduled for your pleasure ceremony!” He laughed loudly and looked into the one of the cameras, he knew Orgasmo would be watching.

Swimmerboy’s face said it all, he glared at Nylon with disdain, he remembered his gallant efforts to try and keep Nylon from experiencing the obedience sessions hours earlier, but Nylon seemed to know nothing of it. Swimmerboy knew Nylon’s memory of the session had probably been wiped or adjusted in some way or form. But his attention was not on Nylon’s wellbeing, he was now stretched and suspended in a large circular room, lit around the walls by red and orange LED lights which Nylon had dimmed slightly, they were shining down the walls. The room looked to be fashioned from stainless steel and below his suspended feet and body was a series of ducts and drainage grates; his legs stretched slightly wide. His wrists and arms felt the weight of his body, they were restrained above his head and he was therefore suspended helplessly and painfully between the floor and the ceiling of the room. He swayed his body but the restrains were pulling him, stretching his body, he was glad his speedo strength was slowly returning.

Speedo strength is only trickling into me, they must be inhibiting it somehow, fuck they are gaining more control over my powers as each day goes on. He thought to himself.

Nylon arrived and approached his sumptuous young superhero, suspended flawlessly. “Oh, such a beautiful sight to welcome me into the room, gloated Nylon, look at you, the mighty Swimmerboy suspended, bound and waiting for little old me. Yum! Your new Aussiebums are fucking awesome Swimmerboy, they fit you like a glove and you look so sexually charged in them. Scorpio will enjoy pulling them tightly up your arse, just before he begins to pleasure you. So much to look forward to. He ran his fingers over Swimmerboy’s pouch, the fabric was silky and light, he toyed with the curves of nylon protruding from Swimmerboy’s sexual man bulge and then lightly toyed with the underside of his bulge. Swimmerboy stifled a moan, between gritted teeth looking down as Nylon delicately molested him.

“Let’s clean you up.” Nylon’s lustful attention was now on Swimmerboy’s defiant face, he smiled and gave the order – “Sensitise 1%.”

Swimmerboy, gasped slightly, his speedos suddenly began to stimulate him delicately, he felt amazing in them already, but the new light sensations hugged his pouch and buttocks, everywhere the light nylon fabric touched his body was now tactile and tingling deliciously. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm!” he moaned and let out deep breath as his hips moved slightly as the sensations toyed with his pouch, his bulge, his sex, he felt amazing, he felt sexual. The fabric below his balls spiked and then his sensitive glands on his cock were targeted. Scorpio’s speedo AI was stimulating his pleasure points, just slightly, not enough to drain him or hinder his recovery. He was being tantalized for something far greater, this was a mere appetizer for coming onslaught.

Hot water released from ducts above him, it arrived on his head and shoulders suddenly and without warning, and within seconds his attention was suddenly diverted from the sensations in his loins, but the water was soon covering his speedo, now wet and clinging to his body. “My God, fucccck!” Swimmerboy spat water from his mouth, his speedos were feeling awesome with the water encouraging the sensations delighting him. He was suspended in a shower of hot water and he felt amazing as he tried twisting in his bonds, he needed desperately to caress his cock, it was such a beautiful light sensation dancing and playing his speedo pouch and bulge effortlessly, sensually.

The water tingled on his skin as it crashed down on him, slightly oily and it fizzed, cleansing him, it was filled with another compound produced by Orgasmo, that soaked into his skin, nourishing his rippling muscles, that stretched in his bondage. His body was now completely engulfed in the torrent of cleansing fluids, automatically turning into cleansing suds, and fizzing all over his beautiful stretched body.

Swimmerboy looked down, his abs were contracting and releasing as he succumbed to the cleansing process scorching his body, he looked at his Speedo, his bulge protruding in his pouch, his cock displayed in the drenched fabric and he needed desperately to caress and squeeze it, to deal with the sensations Nylon was inflicting on him so sensually. The fizzing fluids created an extra special sensation in his loins, and he gasped at the beauty of feelings buzzing in his pouch.

“Are you enjoying the shower Swimmerboy? I wanted you to enjoy the delights of the sensitizer coupled with the cleanser action! By the look of the way you are ever so sexually and slowly thrusting your delightful speedo at me, I’d say you approve!” He smiled as Swimmerboy looked down at him with gritted teeth.

“Increase speedo power flow 10%” Was the next instruction.

“That will help you build your strength dear boy; Scorpio wants you soon.”

Swimmerboy felt something deep in his cock and it energised across his speedo pouch, he felt the flow of strength. He moaned as his faithful friend began to flow more freely. He was getting stronger. He threw his head back into the flow of the hot revitalising water and cleanser and stifled another moan. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!”

Nylon bent down also engulfed in the cascading torrent of cleansing fluid and massaged each of Swimmerboy’s powerful legs, he enjoyed the rippling muscles flex as the massage squeezed and caressed the hero’s body. Turning attention on Swimmerboy’s deliciously socked loins, he massaged the soft wet fabric, caressing every curve and contour of Swimmerboy’s sacred offering, he massaged Swimmerboy’s tight buttocks, as he allowed his tongue to sensually explore the nylon fabric clinging to Swimmerboy’s cock and he caressed and licked every inch of Swimmerboys tight buttocks, enjoying every inch of the wet clinging nylon fabric. Swimmerboy moaned as Nylon attended to him erotically. Nylon let out a lustful groan as he ascended Swimmerboy’s helplessly pulsing body, massaging his abs and lower back, he ascended further massaging Swimmerboy’s pecs and pert small nipples.

Swimmerboy watched him intently, it felt so good, so sexual, he was being worshipped as the sensitizer continued to deliver restrained delights into his sex. Nylon massaged his shoulders and then used a small plinth to reach Swimmerboy’s face and upper arms, he cupped the Hero’s cheek bones forcing Swimmerboy to look him in the eye, he smiled sensually and an in a low authoritative tone, he spoke one word to the helpless hero amongst the continual torrent of water and cleansers bombarding them from above.

“Mmmmmmmm Pleasure!”

Swimmerboy could feel his lust, he knew they had planned his next draining and they were hungrily and expectantly biding their time before they would control his pleasure, his long powerful orgasm, before allowing him to ejaculate and submit to their evil desires as they milk him long and slow.

Swimmerboy tried his bonds, clinching his teeth, he was still in Nylon’s grip’

“Fuck you!” was his defiant response.

Nylon let go and continued massaging Swimmerboy’s arms diligently, his own body drenched and fizzing as the chemicals danced on him as well.

The cleansing slowed after twenty minutes and Swimmerboy and Nylon, both drenched, looked at each other, Swimmerboy’s teeth still clenched as he dealt with the ever-present sensitizer molesting his pouch. Nylon laughed, “Fuck you’re hot, fuck, fuck. I want you so bad!” Swimmerboy twisted in his suspended bondage, his hip thrusting slowly and delicately, he muffled another moan, stretching his body outward as best he could.

Nylon stepped back slightly from Swimmerboy’s delicious wet body, he surveyed his work and confident that every inch of Swimmerboy’s anatomy had been sufficiently massaged, he gave the order, “Drying diffusers 60%!”

Hot air jets shot upward between Swimmerboy’s stretched legs and from several positions around the circular room. The forceful air currents engulfed the two beautiful men and Nylon span around in glee to catch the hot air. The huge screen turned on and displayed a carousel of still pictures of Swimmerlad’s workout and torture session as Nylon smiled turning to the now dry Swimmerboy, “Just so you know, here are some happy snaps of your boyfriend, they tortured him, or should I say are torturing him between sets of exercises. He screams so well Swimmerboy, his torture is sacred, like yours. Your continual sacrifices are so fuckin hot, and he is writhing perfectly and sexually.”

Swimmerboy arched his body, he was now much stronger, his muscles were enriched, his power build was exhilarating, and his sensitized speedo ignited as his body twisted, fighting once more at the sight of Swimmerlad’s ongoing torment.

“Scorpio wants a huge load of super jism from you both smirked Nylon. “It’s such a fun a process to stimulate it, but your pleasure rewards are out of this world though, don’t you agree?”

Swimmerboy thrashed and moaned more and more, it was a vicious circle with his pouch being sensitized so sensually and constantly.

“Talking about pleasure,” smirked Nylon stepping away from Swimmerboy as four jets arose from the wet stainless-steel floor. They aimed at the helpless hero twisting and fighting his bondage.

“Please Nylon, for the love of god” Swimmerboy pleaded, he thought they might have been more torture devices.

They shot four streams of gas which engulfed Swimmerboy entirely for several minutes.

“Traces of Aphrodisium, that’s all Swimmerboy.” Nylon announced.

“Emitters stun level two.”

Swimmerboy, gave out a long hiss as the emitters used his growing strength against him, he was being lowered to the floor of the cleansing unit convulsing and moaning and Nylon detached the ankle restraints with a satisfying hiss and click, the wrist restraints continued to lower Swimmerboy to the floor. Nylon detached the wrist restraints and dragged Swimmerboy’s convulsing body to the outer room and to the recovery unit. Nylon laid Swimmerboy facing the ceiling and attached the ankle restraints and the wrist restraints slightly out from his side. Nylon finished securing the neck restraint and the emitters powered down.

“Good, your safe-n-sound Swimmerboy, the recovery process will commence now!” he typed several commands into a control panel and Swimmerboy could once again feel his powers begin to flow, his loins gurgled as the power began to fill him.

“Does that feel good, hero boy?” smirked Nylon, he ran his fingers over Swimmerboy’s chiselled cheeks, Swimmerboy tried to turn his head away from Nylon’s sensual touch, but the neck restraint tightened forcing him to keep his head looking straight at Nylon without chocking.

“You stay and enjoy some more speedoflix,” smirked Nylon, I have to leave you for a while but will return to escort you to the pleasure parlour. He left Swimmerboy restrained and alone.

The screen turned on, Swimmerboy could not escape the vision of Draco torturing Swimmerlad. Swimmerlad was tied to Hyper Gym, it looked as though the muscle workouts were finally over, but Draco was torturing him viscously, he could see his boyfriend’s speedos engulfed in some kind of electro field, Swimmerlad’s head was thrashing as his bulge was being meticulously tortured by the device and Draco was bending down getting a close view of Swimmerlad’s package, it was lit up and pulsated as some kind of field was passing through it. Swimmerlad’s mouth was open and he could see his chest rising and falling as he tried to take breaths, his sacred manhood was being subjected to immense pain.

The trace Aphrodisium kicked in and Swimmerboy, could feel the drug making him horny, he needed someone to caress him, the feeling was primal and it caused his hips to lift and fall with the ebbs and flows of the small dosage. His recovery pod fired up, and in an evil tone, it confirmed the re-engagement of the sensitisation of his beautiful speedo pouch.

Re-engage Swimmerboy, pouch sensitisation – 1%

The drug and the sensitisation made Swimmerboy groan in subdued delight, he thrust his hips allowing the light nylon fabric to brush his penis, he moaned deeply as the sensitiser infiltrated his pouch with tingling sensations, the drug demanded more and he soon found himself thrusting his hips slowly and sensually. It was a mind fuck; they were pairing vision of Swimmerlad’s torture and pain with the subdued pleasures of a sensitised speedo. Swimmerboy endured this for his entire pleasure filling sequence and 30 minutes later he was nearing 100 percent speedo power, his boyfriend on the other hand was being loaded onto a transport drone. Draco had drained him and was sending him back for nourishment and recovery, his lifeless body hang in the drone’s restraint system.

Nylon appeared into the cell, and Swimmerboy looked across as much as the restraints would allow him, he was glorious at full power, he was actively fighting the sensitisation program and fighting his bondage deliciously.

Scorpio looked on from his control room, “Swimmerboy is ready gentlemen,” he said pointing at his screen. “His pleasure session must be long and deep, our friend Swimmerboy, will be mined of his pleasure, drained of his strength, we will enjoy every minute of his subjugation as he moans and enjoys the delights of the PleasureGEN Altar.” Orgasmo smiled, “Oh yes you can count on that Scorpio. The PleasureGEN will mine him, it will provide relentless stimulants and layers of pleasure energy for Swimmerboy’s Speedo pouch. It is programmed to control his penis and his bulge with sensation no man should ever endure, hahahahahahahaha.” Scorpio replied smugly, “Then I look forward to toying with our ravishing Swimmerboy, his powder blue speedo’s ignite his beauty don’t you think, look at that huge mound of hero meat, full of juice, just waiting for the picking, hahahahahahaha!’ Let’s make our way to the pleasure parlour and fire up the Altar.

They left the control room and began preparing the pleasure parlour for the arrival of Swimmerboy.

Orgasmo found several young speedo prostyles outside in the public area and offered them some time with the magnificent Swimmerboy. They agreed with glee, all handsome, horny young men, they could not believe their luck. Swimmerboy would be displayed for 15 minutes before undergoing his next pleasure session in the adjacent pleasure parlour.

“So, boys,” Orgasmo announced, “Nylon will bring our magnificent Swimmerboy and suspend him on the viewing frame. He will be yours to enjoy for 15 minutes. Can you do that for me? We want to toy with him outside the pleasure parlour his next pleasure drain venue. Toy with him, enjoy his speedo offering. DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO CUM.” Was Orgasmo’s instructions to the excited group of young speedo devotees, he must be tantalised and left trembling in delicious sensations, before confronting his mouth-watering draining session. We love playing with his mind as much as we love playing with his body, you get the picture!”

They agreed with assurances that they would take good care of the Hero, under the watchful eye of Nylon.

Not long later, the emitters in the public forum space were all blinking. Orgasmo briefed the young proselytes of the process of speedo worship and the Hero’s sacred offering, they had a short time to worship and devote their hungry fingers and mouths, to enjoy Swimmerboy.

The main door to the public form opened with a swoosh, and the young men got their first glimpse of the mighty Swimmerboy being man-handled to their location. Nylon and Lycra were attending him, and until he was safely restrained, they had to be on high alert.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmph!” Swimmerboy arrived stumbling from Lycra’s forceful pushing. Swimmerboy’s arms were bound securely behind his back and the mere sight of his bound athletic body oiled and shimmering in the lights as he twisted in his bonds, his teeth showing as he fought the bonds. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmph” “Aghhhhhhhhhh” he was helpless under the power of the emitters, controlling his strength.

“Nice work Nylon, Swimmerboy looks ravishing in those powder blue speedos. Now take him to the presentation frame and spread his arms and legs for these lovely young men, so they can see and enjoy their sacred offering!”

“Welcome Swimmerboy, not quite pleasure-time yet, but you will be tied to this device facing your pleasure parlour, that is where the priesthood will oversee your sacred pleasure extraction and will milk you slowly and completely”

Swimmerboy fought his bonds as they pushed him to the presentation frame. “Fuck you’re all sick” he said turning his head as he was led to the frame. Lycra attached the ankle restraints, his legs spread deliciously, they untied his wrists placing them into the restraints, which closed securely, and the emitters powered down. He moaned as his speedo strength flooded his senses for several minutes.

“He is at full strength boys; you will enjoy his power as he is bound for your worship!” Orgasmo stated.

The wrist restraints pulled him tighter and tighter, causing him to moan as he took the stretch into account. The wrist restraints began to pull him backwards, but a presentation arm device with a small seat emerged from the floor and rose to his buttocks pushing out his hips stretching him further, at the same time the ankle restraints moved backwards pulling him. He was now straining pulled against the presentation arm, he was stretched with his speedo pouch and bulge facing the pleasure parlour, it was at perfect height for the excited proselytes to enjoy.

“I give you the mighty Swimmerboy gentlemen! He is presented for you for a short time. You know the rules, worship him, worship his offering, make him delight in pleasure. Tonight is purely pleasure, he has been tortured and endured immense pain recently, his powerful body is now presented to you as an entrée; his main course will be delivered to his helpless body in the pleasure parlour.”

Orgasmo looked at the straining Swimmerboy, he was pulling on the cables stretching him over the presentation arm pushing his pouch outward.

“Now my dear beautiful Swimmerboy,” Orgasmo addressed Swimmerboy, twisting and trying the bondage holding him. “These young men will worship your sacred offering, so deliciously presented to them!” “Fuck you” Swimmerboy hissed, looking at the group of horny young men playing with their erect cocks.

“Re-commence sensitisation sequence – 1 percent.”

Swimmerboy immediately twisted in his bonds, he couldn’t move his hips, they were stretched as the plinth push against his buttocks stretching him viciously. His pouch re-energised with tingles and subdued sensations, they were making him groan and lightly twist as he dealt with the sensations caressing his beautiful inviting speedo pouch.

Orgasmo then addressed the young horny proselytes, “His bulge is sensitised, his entire speedo pouch is sensitised, it fills him with sensations, delicious sensations. He will react to your touch, worship the nylon offering with your hands, tantalise him, make him sing, use your breath on the bulge, he will sing, use your tongue and thrill him.”

Swimmerboy, fought his bonds, No please Orgasmo!” “No,” he pleaded.

“He is helpless and yours to enjoy for a short while! Make the most of your time gentlemen.” He smiled as he looked at the young hero slowly turning in delight.

“Now Swimmerboy, we have disengaged all our control devices, your erection is not inhibited, you must resist with your strength, resist the sensitisation, the pleasure, if you succumb to any of these boys, they will be ordered to torture you so viciously that your life will hang in the balance!

“Sensitisation increase 1 percent every minute on the minute. Disengage in 15 minutes.”

“Nooooooo” cried Swimmerboy.

“Enjoy your sacred offering boys!” Orgasmo motioned the first proselyte to explore Swimmerboy.

His hands cupped Swimmerboy’s entire pouch, he ran his fingers from the 1 inch sides of the light blue draping fabric, his mouth drooling as he followed the fabric folds across the front of the speedo pouch to the tip of Swimmerboy’s magnificent straining bulge, he moved his face closer and breathed in the smell of Swimmerboy’s loins, the movement of air caressed Swimmerboy’s sensitised bulge, making hero gasp in delight.

Fuck that feels fucking magic, must resist with my strength, must fight pleasure, must fight an erection, fuck, his fingers are molesting my balls, ohhhhhhhhhhhh . He thought to himself as the next sensitisation increment took effect. He looked down at the worshiper, lightly tracing his fingers over his bulging penis, Nylon had ensured that Swimmerboy’s cock head lay facing upward and outward exposing his sensitive glands on the underside, the bulging fabric displayed it, it emphasised it and the worshiper was now caressing it with his tongue, delicately. It drove Swimmerboy wild with passion, as a spike of Aphrodisium erupted in his chest. Swimmerboy let out a huge moan of delight as his bulge exploded in a cacophony of tingles and pleasure sensations, his pouch was on fire! They worshiped him, they worked his beautiful speedo offering like pros, they enjoyed Swimmerboy as he twisted and hissed with each onslaught of devotion to his manhood. He had become a sexual toy to them, a plaything.

The 15 minutes was nearing completion and Swimmerboy thrashed as his sensitised pouch was erupting in magnificent tingling delights, the last young man simply licked Swimmerboy’s offering with such lustful attention, Swimmerboy trembled, his bondage held him secure and the titanium cords pulling his limbs backward, vibrated as the mighty hero shuddered in delight, and through the fog of the moment he could see the doors of the pleasure parlour sliding open, the speedo priests stood outside as a welcoming delegation and he could see a glimpse of an Altar of some description, he trembled as the last lustful tongue lashing ignited a huge explosion of energy in his pouch, he felt his pleasure igniting, he fought the hardon gallantly, but he knew his pleasure would be mined hungrily, his fate awaited behind the walls of the pleasure parlour, opening to receive him, to receive the sacred speedo pleasure offering demanded by the priesthood.

The sensitisation stopped immediately, and the presentation plinth retracted; he was now hanging in the bonds, thrusting his hips slowly and sensually, the pleasure remained in his speedo pouch, it was a container and it kept delighting him, the sensations swirled and tantalised him. He had avoided his hardon, but his strength had taken a small hit, the displays on the presentation frame displayed some of his stats, he had was glad he was still strong at 92 percent power, he had healthy stores of speedo strength to rely on.

Nylon and Lycra expertly and quickly released his restraints and re-tied his arms behind his back for his arrival at the pleasure parlour, Scorpio enjoyed the hero’s arrival, he required complete bondage especially for sacred pleasure offerings. The Hero must arrive struggling, he must be toyed with and played with before being tied helpless to give of his sacred offering on his Altar.

The young proselytes had pleasured themselves, their cum oozing from their cocks made the priesthood smile, the access to such speedo beauty was sublime for them, it was a complete surprise to be given such access to the magnificent Swimmerboy.

Scorpio, looked across the public square and focused on the struggling Swimmerboy, being thrust toward his fate, Nylon had forced him forward, the emitters were on low; Scorpio wanted his prey helpless, but not disabled, he cherished these moments with his helpless mighty heroes.

“Come in Swimmerboy, we have your pleasure parlour ready for you, bring him into the parlour boys.” He motioned his arm like a concierge at a hotel would welcome a guest, “Come in, welcome, come in” He addressed Swimmerboy as he was thrust toward the pleasure parlour open doors.

“Mmmmph” Swimmerboy pulled and twisted in the bonds holding his arms competently behind his back. He surveyed the room, carefully, there were several restraint devices around the room, the priesthood: Electro, Orgasmo and Scorpio stood at the entrance welcoming their offering. The room was lit by vertical columns of light emitters situated around the room, it was not a huge room, but had seating for up to 10 people. A centre Altar dominated the parlour and blinking lights above the Altar were an indication of devices ominously waiting to inflict powerful sensations. Control screens were placed at several places in the room. Vents and ducts in the floor indicated to Swimmerboy that they expected his juice offering later in the session.

Fuck, this is where they intend to pleasure me, bondage is too tight, too strong, emitters are weakening me just enough for them to enjoy my bondage, Scorpio looks determined, I must do my best to resist their nefarious machines. Fuck, they want to milk me, drain me, must not show fear! He tried to keep a poker face he kept fighting his bonds, but it only served to turn them on more.

Scorpio thanked the young proselytes for their service, Swimmerboy was prepared nicely, his sensitised speedo session was the perfect lead into the prime pleasure session he now planned for Swimmerboy.

The doors closed sealing the priests, Nylon, Lycra and Swimmerboy in the parlour.

Scorpio turned and addressed the struggling Swimmerboy. “Thank you for coming Swimmerboy, I hope you are enjoying those powder blue nylon speedos, they look so fucking hot on you and you will look awesome stretched on this magnificent Altar, helpless and deliciously tied to undergo pleasure, long deliberate pleasure, it will ebb and flow, it will tantalise you, with excruciating sensations, so feel free to groan, writhe as you experience our amazing, delicious sensations! The parlour is soundproof. Just so you know, you will be recorded; you will be broadcast on the black web. My friend, Seed will be watching with glee, he is preparing to move to our compound, he is a master of pleasure delivery, he will work with Orgasmo and Electro, to refine your bondage, your pleasure and your pain. Seed brings with him his own pleasure toys, two young men captured from a Water Polo team, needless to say, they are amazing specimens, like our beloved Nylon and Lycra, he pleasures them every night, their tight athletic bodies dressed in delicious speedos and G-strings. Their juices will be prized like yours. His power over them is astounding they exist to serve him and soon us. But we get ahead of ourselves, tonight we will focus on delivering you a pleasure experience, long and deliberate. You will writhe, you will moan, you will tremble as your body undergoes layers of exquisite sensations. You will be tied spread-eagle on this Altar.” He motioned to the device dominating the parlour, “meet the Pleasure Generator or the PleasureGEN for short. It will go deep, Swimmerboy,” he said smiling. “It will mine your pleasure as your writhe for us. Deep pleasure will drain you, but the Altar will top you up with more speedo strength if necessary, so keep your resistance working Swimmerboy, your pleasure relies on it. If you give in too early, the Altar will compensate, it will deliver mind bending torture to your bulge, so you must pace yourself!” He smiled at Swimmerboy, with an evil lustful look.

Scorpio continued, “Pleasure controls will be on, your erection must be approved, your pre-cum will be approved, your orgasm, will be approved, and your eventual jism flow will be approved by me, your High Priest.”

Swimmerboy fought his bonds, his head surveyed the room again, quickly, his breathing laboured as the came to grips with his fate for the session before him. His speedos, maintained the appetizer tingling sensations and he stood tied before the priesthood, determined to keep composed with the sensations dancing in his pouch.

“Please no Scorpio, why are you doing this?”

“Lust Swimmerboy, we are consumed by lust for you and your hot boyfriend, it is simple as that!”

“Tie him to the presentation dais.” Scorpio ordered.

Nylon thrust the magnificent young hero to a raised Dias toward the front of the parlour it was raised about a foot off the base of the facility. A thick pole extended to the ceiling.

They spread his legs to meet the ankle restraints and undid his bonds holding his arms, the wrist restraints descended down each side of the pole and once secure, the emitters went into standby and the wrist restraints lifted up stretching Swimmerboy facing the parlour.

“Delicious gentlemen” exclaimed Scorpio, he looked into one of the cameras and spoke to his waiting compound and the black web. Swimmerboy is prepared for his pleasure session, he looks spectacular in this shimmering nylon garment.” He motioned toward Swimmerboy’s powder blue swimmers. “He is already enjoying the remnants of his long sensitisation sessions for the last couple of hours. Look at his pouch, it is perfection, and his bulge engulfs his pouch, it dominates the nylon offering deliciously, this will be his pleasure centre, we will worship this offering with devotion and perfection. Swimmerboy will have a unique pleasure stream and this pleasure stream will be recorded and utilised in other tasty bondage situations, our speedo AI will process the stream and store it for the delicious erotic purposes we have in store for our two heroes.”

He looked longingly at Swimmerboy and continued: “Today, we make the sacrificial thong, he stepped up on the dais with the stretched writhing young hero, look at how he enjoys his bondage, his pouch is still energised from hours of light sensitisation.” Swimmerboy’s hips gently thrust involuntarily as he twisted in his bonds.

Scorpio bent down onto one knee, “I am your High Priest Swimmerboy, your pleasure is an offering - I demand it! I demand it, I demand your juices, you will give them at a time of my choosing.”

Swimmerboy thrashed in the bonds he looked down at Scorpio, toying with his speedo bulge.

“Mmmmmmph”, the sensitisation was still lingering, and Scorpio’s touch was electric. “Mmmmmmph, please no, please Scorpio?” He pleaded.

“The mighty Swimmerboy is pleading for mercy!” “No mercy hero - I promised you a long and delicious pleasure drain of your speedo strength and you will have it!” he licked the tip of Swimmerboy’s bulge.

“Mmmmmmmp.” Swimmerboy felt the tingling pangs from the sensitiser, erupt on his cock head, it made the nylon fabric encasing his bulge electric.

Scorpio then arose and created a strong thong, pulling the nylon tightly between Swimmerboy’s quivering buttocks, he twisted the fabric twice around each hip. The sensations delighted Swimmerboy’s arse and tight butt crack.

“Mmmmmmmmmmph!” Swimmerboy moaned as he dealt with the changes to the sensations quietly erupting and hugging his most private places, the tight nylon up his arse was caressing him seductively and his slowly thrusting hips were becoming sexually charged.

Orgasmo clasped his hands together, such a beautiful sight Swimmerboy, you are sublime, your pouch is enhanced by the thong, your sacrificial pouch and bulge must be pleasured soon. Hahahahahahahaha, we your priests demand it!

Swimmerboy’s bulge was enhanced by the tightening of the garment, its curves and protrusion from his pouch made the priesthood hot with lust, Nylon and Lycra stood obediently watching, Nylon’s speedo dripped with pre-cum already wetting his speedo pouch, the moment was electric.

“Scorpio clasped his strong hands onto Swimmerboy’s chin and forced him to look over at the diabolical Altar awaiting him. “look at it Swimmerboy, this is built for you and Swimmerlad, it will detect your speedo signature, it will unleash power and delights beyond your sexual dreams, it will play you and tune you like a fine instrument and we will enjoy your pouch, and bulge as your moans of delight reverberate through this parlour and around the world, hahahahahahaha, such a delicious prospect!” He alighted the dais leaving Swimmerboy helplessly presented seductively muffling moans, his head now looking away at the ceiling, his loins slowly inviting the priest’s complete attention.

“Clean him up, his bulge is wet from the proselyte’s saliva earlier. I want Swimmerboy pristine for his pleasure offering!” Scorpio demanded!

Nylon adjusted the controls and blue containment field energised and surrounded Swimmerboy.

“Fuck what is happening?” Swimmerboy demanded.

Swimmerboy was subjected to blasts of seriously hot cleansing water and cleaning agents.

He twisted in his bonds as his body was ravaged within the containment field. Steam billowed from the open top of the field.

Strong hot air circulated in the inside the blue field next, and Swimmerboy was cleaned up, his speedo pouch shone in the lights illuminating his assets, the nylon fabric hot from the intense drying process for the cameras as the containment field dissipated. Leaving him struggling in his bondage on the presentation dais.

Their sacrificial offering was now presented to them, prepared and ready!

Scorpio looked up at the helpless hero, “I think that is much better dear boy, nice and clean and dry. Your PleasureGEN awaits you.”

Swimmerboy thrashed and twisted, but the bonds held him safely in place, he moaned as the sensitised nylon, rubbed against his penis, with every erotic thrust and twist.

Scorpio stepped up on the dais and he ran his fingers down over Swimmerboy’s pert small nipples, he played and toyed with them and then caressed his heaving abdomen muscles, following the bumps and curves of his heaving abs, his fingers descended to the nylon garment, he felt the tingle stimulating Swimmerboy’s pouch, Swimmerboy flinched as he cupped his bulge, Scorpio’s hungry fingers caressed Swimmerboy’s soft curves of the succulent light blue fabric.

He spoke quietly and confidently to Swimmerboy, “Time to enter the world of pleasure, Swimmerboy…”

Scorpio, then looked toward the two henchmen, “Tie him to the PleasureGEN Altar, stretch him, he must be helpless, he must be stretched, his speedo pouch presented for his priests to enjoy.

“Noooooooo” Swimmerboy cried out, looking for some way of escape, but he was locked in the pleasure parlour, his fate sealed.

The PleasureGEN dominated the parlour, it was made of shiny alloy material, it was jet piano black. The lights surrounding it from the floor and those illuminating it from the ceiling made it almost glow as the lights in the parlour, surrounding the walls dimmed slightly. The change in lighting identified the prime attraction in the room magnificently. The Altar had rounded sides with slight lips lifting from the sides, they would be extended in the hero juice extraction process. The shiny black alloy material would collect and drain the sacred juices of Swimmerboy and direct them down to central draining shafts designed to open when Swimmerboy’s sacred cum flows were approved by Scorpio or the presiding priest. The Altar was large enough to house a large man and it easily accommodated a subject of Swimmerboy or Swimmerlad’s size, two sections of the Altar spread outward leaving space for tormentors to enter between the legs of the occupant. Blinking LED lights were illuminating where the occupant would be laid out, the extended from each ankle restraint on the leg extensions of the device, to where the captive’s buttocks would lie, here a number of LEDS shone fanning around a central line, one fan for each buttock and a central fan to accommodate the captive’s butt crack. This line then extended up toward the head section of the Altar and fanned outward and upward in two directions toward each wrist restraint. A round section indicated where Swimmerboy’s head would rest. The shiny black device, from above looked to have a stick figure stretched out on it. The LEDs pulsated slowly in unison, waiting patiently for Swimmerboy’s arrival. The Altar was linked to three control panels around the perimeter of the parlour and a large display screen on each wall was powered up with a single large flashing dot in the centre of the screen.

Cameras descended from the different viewing angles in the room and locked into place clicking as they reached their assigned place.

Swimmerboy, looked at the room, he looked at the shiny Altar, its pulsating small white lights were ominous, the screens around the room, were ominous. His speedo sense was on fire and competed for his attention with the sensitisation program which had been tempting him, preparing him for several hours, his body felt strong, his speedos felt amazing, the tenderness of the light pleasure tingles had caressed him and energised the Aphrodisium, filling his torso with warmth, and fuelling a primal, sexual need deep inside him. He surveyed the room, the bondage awaiting him and deep within his loins, he felt excitement a lust was tenderly stroking him from inside, as much as he resisted and would resist with his might and power, he could not suppress the sexual needs and excitement of the moment. A pleasure spike gently unfolded in his pouch and he looked down to speedo, as it caressed his loins delicately. He muttered a muffled moan, trying desperately to hide the pleasure from the gloating priesthood watching him with such lust and desire.

Scorpio was dressed in his signature black body suit, his well-built frame and flowing white hair set him off. His black Lycra body suit had a white section showing off his own generous bulge. Electro wore a similar suit with a lightning bolt extending from his chin and ending on the tip of his tight bulge. Orgasmo was dressed in a white body suit with a white scientist lab coat, he wore a tight red speedo brief which clung to his manhood tightly, it highlighted his own athletic frame, he was the youngest of the villains in his mid-thirties, he was clearly enjoying the spectacle of the moment as he walked toward the dais and the helpless hero presented for several cameras which descended into place.

Scorpio announced, “Live in three, two, one.”

Orgasmo was in place to the left of Swimmerboy and he looked into camera one.

“Thank you for coming, one and all. We think tonight’s offering will be a delicious occasion for us to show off one of our dedicated pleasure parlours. The facility is growing and as you can see,” he motioned to the Swimmerboy, “our merchandise is second to none.” One camera focused on Swimmerboy while another slowly gave a close-up of his bound body, presented deliciously. “Your offering for this pleasure ceremony, is our magnificent Swimmerboy, look at his magnificent muscles, they shimmer in the lights, his tanned young body is draped in a garment, so beautiful, so sexual, so alluring. He and his speedo merchandise will be milked and juiced delicately and carefully for your pleasure, we have made every arrangement and are ready to deploy unimaginable delights on this beautiful sacrificial heroic offering. He has been prepared for over 24 hours, his muscles have been worked and prepared in our personal training facility built for our sumptuous superhero captives, Swimmerboy’s muscles will flex and shudder as he lies in his tight consuming bondage, he has recently undergone and survived torture and sessions of exacting pain bringing him close to death, but producing in him a juice production process that will be harvested in the hours to come. His pain will be rewarded with pleasure tonight, so, we thank you for coming, sit back and enjoy your dose of Speedoflix tonight. Try and not cum too early, we have an action-packed show ahead for you. I urge you wait until Swimmerboy’s orgasm is achieved, he will look and sound fucking awesome as he endures the sensations designed to explode and destroy his last traces of his magical speedo power.”

“Now take some time to view your sacrificial offering” He motioned his left arm backwards and upwards to the mighty hero, stretched and presented to the world’s lustful elite. The cameras whirred and focused on different parts of Swimmerboy’s flexing anatomy, his slow sensual hip thrusts ignited by the pouch sensitiser.

One camera focused directly on Swimmerboy’s handsome, chiselled face, he was clenching his teeth, with a look of defiance as he scanned the room from the behind the bright lights illuminating him.

Scorpio appeared next.

“The time has come Swimmerboy,” he was half facing a camera and half facing the bound hero. “Your offering of pleasure tonight will be triumphant; you cannot escape your fate and we will feed on your sacred juices as we extract them and milk your speedo offering.” He smiled in the camera, and spoke to his audience with sarcasm and jest in his tone of voice, “don’t be disturbed by what you will see now, we must disable Swimmerboy momentarily to safely tie him the PleasureGEN Altar. His strength will flow back restoring him once his delicious bondage is secured. We will stun him, enough to disable him safely, we want him to experience his installation and bondage”

Scorpio gave his instruction: “Stun level 1.”

Swimmerboy arched his back and twisted as his speedo strength swirled inside him, inside his head, he felt slightly disoriented his bonds held him securely and he heard the words of Nylon talk him through the fog, “You are fucking hot Swimmerboy, we’re releasing you now and transferring you to the PleasureGEN, they are going to fucking milk you dry, superhero!” He snickered as he and Lycra removed the wrist and ankle restraints holding him on the presentation dais. Swimmerboy was able to stand, and Lycra held his arms behind his back in a strong forceful grip, they brought him to the PleasureGEN and forced him to stand looking at his fate one final time, it shone, illuminated as the central focus of the parlour and its pulsating LEDs waited patiently for Swimmerboy’s arrival, he endured a final pleasure spike that erupted down the length of his penis. He was to groggy and weakened, unable to break the strong grip of the two henchmen. He moaned loudly as the pleasure fucked with his body preparing to be tied helplessly for their pleasure.

Scorpio gave his next order: “Tie him down!

They lifted the stunned young hero and laid him on the Altar, they lifted his arms above his head to the top sides of the Altar and Orgasmo was honoured to engage the wrist restraints binding Swimmerboy’s stretched arms. Nylon and Lycra then moved to the base of the Altar and positioned Swimmerboy’s legs to the two extremities of the device. Electro the other speedo priest was awaiting to engage Swimmerboy’s ankle restraints.

The coldness of the Altar was striking, but the centre pieces lined with the pulsating LEDs were warm and micro vibrated deliciously instantly filling him with some kind of energy, the tight nylon pulled between his buttocks accepted the energy field initially, it seemed to enhance the sensitisation program and as the emitters powered down, Swimmerboy could feel the power of the Altar already captivating his body, the sensations between his buttocks emerged between his legs as the tight field crept slowly across the base of his bulge as the light fabric clung dutifully to his anatomy. It felt amazing as it slowly crept fanning upward and outward licking at his bulge, slowly engulfing it as it continued across the nylon real estate of his speedo pouch and up to each of his hips to join the with the field emerging along the twisting fabric emerging upward from his buttocks and around his hips. It took ten minutes to infiltrate his entire magnificent speedo garment, his pleasure offering to the priesthood was engulfed in clutches of the devious energy field. He felt it pulse and then settle deliciously. It felt silky, it was subtle and tactile. He was captive to it as it fed him and diffused its beautiful energy. Swimmerboy moaned deeply and quietly as the energy engulfed his speedo.

The quiet moans reverberated from deep in Swimmerboy’s chest as his beautiful body accustomed itself to the field engulfing his offering.

‘Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” His utterances were personal and were produced deep from within. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp.” His body tried to twist, and his delicious hips rose slightly off the Altar almost like a welcome. He looked up from his bondage to see Scorpio near him.

Scorpio stood at his side checking on the Altar’s mini control panel.

PleasureGEN welcomes Swimmerboy , an evil male sounding AI voice announced Swimmerboy’s arrival.

Speedo Strength 94%

Pleasure level 2%

Lifeforce strong.

Swimmerboy’s name appeared of the head of the Altar, it appeared on several of the screens surrounding the parlour replacing the single flashing dot.

Scorpio’s attention was on his prize captive, the main course for the evening. Swimmerboy was stretched helpless on the device, he ran a finger over the bronzed oiled skin of Swimmerboy’s heaving abs, the bumps and ridges of his muscles were alluring, he toyed with Swimmerboy’s pert small nipples, so sensitive, they were calling Scorpio like a sexual siren, Scorpio was drawn to the majesty of the beautiful captured and tied hero laid out before him. He bent down and gloated over the young helpless captive, Swimmerboy was testing his bondage, it was fruitless as usual, the bonds were more than competently holding his magnificent power at bay.

Scorpio whispered into Swimmerboy’s ears, “I have you exactly where I want you Swimmerboy, are you enjoying our little welcome gift? It’s a particular delightful energy field created by the PleasureGEN, it seeks out your speedo signature, your very speedo essence, your power attracts it. It is a purrrrrrfect welcome gift for you and has formed to commence your pleasure delights, it will synchronise with the sensitisation program infusing your sensitive loins with a nice layer of pleasure, it will be with you for hours and will faithfully infuse you with a sensual backdrop to the layers and depths of energy pleasure, feel it caress your cock, your bulge, your entire speedo pouch, feel it delight you between your tight buttocks. As your sensitised junk is stimulated, it will add a delicious tone of pleasure, it will be subtle, but it can spike; and it will rape you slowly and delicately. Take some time to enjoy it my dear boy.”

Swimmerboy looked up over his writhing body, fighting the bondage, his focus was on his speedo, it was in the grip of a something devious and it felt amazing as it hugged his anatomy infusing it with exquisite sensations he breathed out a sumptuous sigh, a sign that the field was delighting his loins. His hips twisted and thrust slowly in tune to the purring moans emanating from deep in his chest, and the sight of his powder blue pouch and bulge moving so sensually only served to feed his captor’s growing sexual lusts.

Scorpio walked around Swimmerboy’s head, across the top of the Altar, surveying the captive sacrificial offering, his fingers caressed Swimmerboy’s flexing shoulder and arm muscles as he circled his prisoner like a lion circling its prey. His face gave away his lustful desires, his fingers continuing to traverse the bumps of Swimmerboy’s muscles as he continued to circle.

“You are such a sumptuous, divine offering my dear boy.” He spoke with such clarity, he had reached Swimmerboy’s hips and his finger caressed the tightly twisted nylon fabric, of the speedo as it started to form the pouch on Swimmerboy’s right hand hip, sensually rising and lowering. Scorpio stopped momentarily and drew a long lustful breath. He was extremely close to the piece of speedo heaven, lightly tilting upwards and then downwards as the mighty Swimmerboy accustomed himself to the sensitiser and pleasure field stimulating him; it was the centre of their universe for this ceremony, but he continued surveying his captive, holding back his anticipation, his deep sexual needs. His finger followed Swimmerboy’s upper leg, it was being stretched outward and away from his left leg, Swimmerboy was spread-eagle and Scorpio enjoyed the feeling of the muscles of his powerful legs as they flinched stretching straining against the restraints as Swimmerboy struggled and fought his bondage. He reached Swimmerboy’s right hand foot, after caressing his ankle restrained by the device, he bent down and kissed Swimmerboy’s foot and purred satisfied with the meal set before him and his priests.

The Altar, like most of Scorpio’s devices was built to access the hero’s speedo offering and the PleasureGEN fulfilled the specification perfectly. Scorpio stood between the two spread legs of his prized Swimmerboy and looked directly up over his captive’s struggling body, purring deeply, enjoying the sexually charged sight of his captive. Swimmerboy lifting his head over his chest, the look of defiance and concentration as he dealt with the early stimulants invading his pouch and bulge. Scorpio revelled in the sight of such mighty power so helplessly spread before him and subject to his every sexual need. Swimmerboy’s powder blue Aussiebum speedo formed the perfect V shape, the pouch shone in the illumination surrounding the captive Swimmerboy, the fabric cupping Swimmerboy’s testicles as it emerged from between his legs and rose to wrap the hero’s speedo bulge that protruded upward, the light nylon fabric caressed his penis, it curves and bumps so deliciously inviting Scorpio to approach and enjoy his special offering. It was as if Swimmerboy was calling him like a siren, to come and dine as the light blue nylon offering lifted and dropped in concert with the sensations it was receiving.

It was Swimmerboy’s light moan accepting the delicious sensations captivating his beautiful sensual speedo that invited Scorpio to move in closer to the delights awaiting him, he placed both hands on Swimmerboy, one on each leg as he traced along Swimmerboy’s inner leg muscles, closer and closer to the underside of the heaving beauty of his sacrificial offering. Swimmerboy’s breathing became more intense as Scorpio’s hungry fingers approached, the moment was charged with such sexual tension. Swimmerboy pleaded for his mercy and he pulled on all four of his restraints, lifting his head and shoulders as much as he could, he fought his bondage gallantly looking up at his captor’s lustful eyes, his smirking face, sizing up his loins and perched ready to make his move.

“Such magnificence, the mighty Swimmerboy, stretched and spread-eagle, helpless, fighting bondage strong enough to hold him three times over, his beautiful nylon speedos, bulging, tingling and captivating him with glimpses of the pleasure he is about to receive to drain him of his power, and to give up of his sacred offering. Your juice is the most prized commodity of this compound, your speedo beauty worthy of our worship, you are bound before your High Priest. I demand your pleasure Swimmerboy, writhe for me, struggle for us, fulfill our lust and our sexual desires. Feed us!”

“Spread his legs another inch and stretch him a little more!”

Swimmerboy groaned as his legs spread further, he fought the bondage as it tightened in four directions, hissing as he took in the extra stretch. He was completely at the mercy of Scorpio.

“Please, please!” he pleaded lifting his head, straining in the bondage, his pouch felt alive as the invisible field delivered a blanket of divine sensations, his pouch sensitised lightly meant that every movement of his body delivered delicious warm enjoyment not only to his bulge but the entire pouch, it also radiated between his buttocks, he was in a state of bliss that he knew would increase as Scorpio and the priests administered more pleasure devices, he knew the power of their control over his pleasure as flashes of his consecration danced in his head, he anticipated a long session as they drained him, and they pleasure tortured him through a long orgasmic build. He could only gallantly fight, resist and try to break his bondage. His breathing laboured as he looked to see Scorpio finally move his hungry fingers closer to the base of his bulge.

The fabric creased and fanned as it emerged between his legs, Scorpio’s fingers explored this region first, Scorpio looked to see his captive’s reaction as he made first contact onto the nylon fabric, the touch of his fingers attracted the energy field and it moved across the nylon toward Scorpio’s touch, like a magnet attracting metal, the movement of the energy was delicious, it synced with the sensitiser and Swimmerboy’s body tensed as the gentle pleasure swirled and intoxicated his loins magnificently. Swimmerboy looked up and moaned loudly, cameras zoomed in on the scene, so sexually charged.

“Fuck me!” “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” “My Goooooooooood” Swimmerboy’s head looked up intently at his speedo bulge as best he could as he cried out in pure enjoyment. Scorpio’s fingers were drawing pleasure energy between his buttocks, it swirled and pulsated in his speedo pouch and caressed his bulge as it moved toward Scorpio’s touch, it was intensely flowing around Scorpio’s touch. He was helplessly fighting his bonds, his stretched body alive and fighting the moment, his loins, his speedo engulfed in a hurricane of delicate pleasure. Deep down he was completely turned on by his predicament. He was tied spread-eagled, as the main attraction on an Altar, in a parlour built purposely for this specific purpose. His pleasure!

“How does that feel?” purred Scorpio.

Scorpio, moved his fingers to embrace base of Swimmerboy’s testicles, the nylon gathered and caressed his anatomy deliciously bulging, Swimmerboy’s hips twisted and thrusted with a sexual intensity as Scorpio continued to delight him with his slow moving fingers climbing his nylon bulge slowly and triumphantly, conquering Swimmerboy with every movement, his fingers triggering the sensitiser, attracting the pleasure field with such beautiful magnetism, his touch on Swimmerboy’s bulging offering was electric, it was deeply sexual as the bound hero, responded, lifting his hips, his breathing intensifying and starting to labour, his moans of delight beginning to lift and fill the parlour.

“That pleasure Swimmerboy is yours to enjoy, accept it!” Scorpio’s voice was full of pent up desire, “We built this for you, we will drain you erotically tonight and you will writhe and moan in the delights instore for you, waiting for you.” Scorpio smirked as he continued to caress Swimmerboy’s speedo offering.

Swimmerboy let out long “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” sigh as the stimulations caressing his bulging speedo spiked along the length of his encased penis.

Scorpio looked at Swimmerboy’s face, his mouth open as his let out a deep sigh, “Yes dear boy, now and then the generalised pleasure blanketing your speedo pouch will be directed by my speedo computers to your precise pleasure points, the Altar is connected to our AI and has all your data to access. It will give you moments of extra special thrills.”

Scorpio continued to move his fingers upward to the apex of Swimmerboy’s speedo bulge, the fabric was silky and the bulge was warm and soft, he surveyed the alluring folds of fabric as it creased from Swimmerboy’s bulge across his magnificent light blue nylon pouch to his hips.

“Mmmmmm, you are so exquisite; such a tasty delicious offering, Swimmerboy!”

Scorpio felt his own pre-cum, ooze in his body suit, he looked down at himself and then back to Swimmerboy’s slowly thrusting speedo offering.

“Look what you have done Swimmerboy, I’m getting wet! Bad boy!

Scorpio’s fingers fanned out and he used both hands feeling up Swimmerboy’s bulge, the fabric felt smooth and silky as Swimmerboy’s body convulsed, pushing and pulling on his bondage, trying to escape the ravages the High Priest’s fingers caressing him so expertly. Swimmerboy’s head was turned left, he could see Orgasmo and Electro watching intently, he could see several cameras focusing on his molestation, on the beginning of his pleasure journey, the gentle pleasure in his speedo was delicious, he was being caressed and stroked by it, by Scorpio playing him so expertly, so sensually.

Scorpio moved each hand and caressed Swimmerboy’s entire speedo pouch, his thumbs remained caressing the curves of the bulge, his palms and fingers explored the rest of the pouch, he had Swimmerboy literally in the palms of his hands.

The sensitiser and pleasure field intensified as Scorpio brushed and caressed the offering in his hands and Swimmerboy responded, with deep moans, as he felt the pouch stimulate him completely and sensually. A pleasure spike shot from each hip, across his pouch and exploded on the sensitive glands of his penis.


Swimmerboy’s moan was intensely delightful, as he accepted the dual spike of stimulant caressing his pouch and erupt below his penis head. It had a purity and a beauty that enthralled him. He moaned a second time as he strained in his bondage, his powerful legs quivering.


“That’s right Swimmerboy, feel if engulf you, take you, your helpless body is mine tonight, it will submit, I demand it.”

Swimmerboy looked up at his wrist restraints, seeking relief, seeking freedom, but a deep sexual need was stirring deep in his soul, he lay, writhing, fighting, resisting the onslaught, but somehow in the whole mindfuck of the pleasure drain, he was somehow accepting his fate, his role in the this erotic dance. His power was being dominated and manipulated. It was exquisite.

He looked down over his heaving chest and abs, to feel Scorpio’s hot breath blow across the bumps and folds of his speedo offering, the moving air invigorating his sensitised junk. Scorpio nodded across the parlour to Lycra, standing ready at the Altar’s control systems. He dialled up the sensitiser, from the sensual 1% level and the Altar acknowledged.

Sensitisation 5% acknowledged.

Swimmerboy pulled in his bonds as the sensations increased sumptuously, he breathed quickly and shallowly as he adjusted to the next level of sensations, the tingles were slightly longer, they played and toyed with him. Then Scorpio’s tongue began to explore the fabric below his testicles at the point where the nylon gathered between his legs and pulled through his buttocks. Scorpio’s tongue could feel the sensitiser lightly cracking and clicking on Swimmerboy’s encased balls, the pleasure energy field pulsed across Swimmerboy’s pouch flowing toward Scorpio’s hungry tongue and Swimmerboy’s body tensed and stretched, his rippling leg muscles fighting, longing for escape, so diabolically denied. He moaned and pleaded for mercy, fighting the sensations as they raped him, his balls, his buttocks, his pouch were engulfed in sweet divine sensations.

The cameras followed Orgasmo as he approached Swimmerboy’s left hand side, Scorpio’s head and face were still planted in Swimmerboy’s lower bulge, tantalising the magnificent young struggling hero.

Scorpio, slowly stood to see Swimmerboy lifting his head off the Altar, fighting the pleasure drain. His face displayed the sheer determination of the young hero fighting the sensations draining him of his power.

“Mmmmm” Scorpio purred, I hope you enjoyed that Swimmerboy. “I have lots more passionate lust to unleash on you, but for now, I leave you in the very capable licentious hands of Orgasmo. He has a new surprise for you.

Orgasmo looked into the camera and addressed the audience. “Look at the majesty and triumph of this parlour, the mighty Swimmerboy, stretched and bound, a centre piece of ‘superhero proportions’, he is writhing in pleasure as we enjoy his sexual offering. Everything here is built around his magnificent body, around his sublime speedo offering. Listen to his breathing, watch his body struggle in bondage so devious and complete. Witness his helpless situation. Come, join us, be a part of this majestic scene. Swimmerlad is being prepared for yet another starring role, so we invite you come and enjoy what we have on offer, and there is still time to book your place.”

He turned to face Swimmerboy. Running his hands over Swimmerboy’s abs and pecs, he bent down and sucked intently on Swimmerboy’s left nipple. Swimmerboy looked up from his bonds, lifting his shoulders lightly off the shiny black Altar, he looked at Orgasmo, enjoying his body. Orgasmo looked up and caught Swimmerboy’s gaze. “Oh, you are so divine stretched here Swimmerboy, sublime, this perfect moment is fucking amazing.” Orgasmo’s lust was clearly evident and conveyed confidently to Swimmerboy, who’s face contorted as, yet another spike of pleasure energy erupted in his speedo pouch.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph” Swimmerboy twisted his hips slowly as he absorbed and did his best to resist the lingering remnants of the spike. His penis felt amazing as the sensitiser targeted his shaft, the AI was working his pleasure points, tantalising him, toying with him. He watched as Orgasmo moved his right hand toward his face, his left hand embraced the tight bow of the drawstring of his Aussiebum swimmers, he was ready to enjoy Swimmerboy’s nylon offering for the first time in the ceremony.

Swimmerboy started to plead, his tone so sexual, so sensual, and low, “Please Orgasmo, pleeeeeeeeeease” he breathed deeply, preparing himself for Orgasmo’s touch on his pouch, he knew the sensitiser, the pleasure field would erupt with new delights over and above the sensations already constantly delighting him. His bulge was taking the extra force of the sensitiser, the light dry fabric was soft and clung to his penis yet loose enough to rub gently as he involuntarily moved his hips with the pulses and spikes of energy delighting him. Orgasmo placed one finger on Swimmerboy’s mouth, it was a gesture, he looked at the Swimmerboy’s straining face, “Shoosh sweet boy, shoosh now.” he motioned in a tone like a mother would calm a child. He gently pushed Swimmerboy’s head back down on the shiny black Altar. His left hand still poised.

“PleasureGEN status please?”

Swimmerboy pleasure level 29%, Speedo Strength 81% Life force strong.

“Good!” Orgasmo announced into one of the cameras recording the scene.

“Increase energy field 10%”

Orgasmo still had his right index finger on Swimmerboy’s lips, pushing his head down onto the Altar.

Swimmerboy stifled a moan as he felt the pleasure grip his junk, it tantalised his skin and ignited between his buttocks. He lifted his delicious powder blue nylon speedo offering off the Altar, twisting to the left and then the right as the energy co mingled with the increased sensitisation. It was an incremental adjustment and he used his powerful might to adjust to the range of sensations attacking him, tantalising him.

“I designed this Swimmerboy, just for you and your handsome boyfriend. I know exactly what the Altar is doing to you, and it is purity it is perfection. I have more for you though, much more, before your orgasm arrives, before we drain you completely. Your levels are healthy, and the Altar will compensate if necessary, if we need to extend your pleasure time beyond your heroic abilities.” He smiled intently looking now at Swimmerboy’s heaving light blue pouch.

“Let’s explore your offering, so worthy of worship!”

“Swimmerboy gasped as Orgasmo toyed with the tip of his bulge, the Altar flashing its white LEDs underneath Swimmerboy’s buttocks, it was directing energy to the Swimmerboy’s speedo, responding to Orgasmo’s touch. The pleasure, the sensitisation drove Swimmerboy wild with anticipation, Orgasmo’s fingers traced around the perimeter of the bulge, exploring the fabric, pushing gently and directing the energy to circle and swarm around the mountainous bulge.

Swimmerboy cried out, he felt the tug on his speedo strength as he concentrated his heroic resistance to the diabolical energy raping him at the hands of Orgasmo.

Orgasmo looked at the Scorpio and Electro, both circling the scene, surveying their majestic work and the heaving young virile speedo clad offering writhing at the centre of the room.

Orgasmo then looked toward his camera, “Swimmerboy is ready for another layer of pleasure!”

Swimmerboy was still engaged with the swarming energy circling his bulge, and he noticed a descending device, then a second one. Each had a robotic head emerging as the device lowered and hovered several feet above each of his thighs, the robotic heads surveyed the powder blue speedo offering, it’s delicious curves and bumps and Swimmerboy looked in horror as he watched the evil devices size him up.

“Please, no!” he pleaded helplessly.

Orgasmo caressed him a final time and drew his hands across the pouch to each of Swimmerboy’s hips, the pleasure energy field normalised across Swimmerboy’s pouch after several spikes erupted across his loins causing him to writhe deliciously and hiss as his breathing intensified.

“Good Swimmerboy! You’re doing just fine!” Orgasmo stood over the heaving struggling hero.

“This laser array will target your speedo at several points Swimmerboy, it will deliver a delicious particle, microscopic and in their thousands into your pouch, the vast majority will target the base of your testicles, the particles will deploy once they have arrived at their set destinations in your anatomy, in your speedo offering, they will radiate exquisite pleasure, unfolding like a flower over time, releasing their pleasure, it will build deep in your loins dear boy, it will grow and fill your pouch as the pleasure expands and explores your entire speedo pouch, it will follow the nylon fabric and delight your arse as it explores you. It is programmed to grip your junk, invade and hold your bulge in a control so tight and so hungry. This new dimension of pleasure will complement your sensitisation and pleasure fields, it will provide a dimension that you cannot escape from. Deep gripping pulsing exotic. It will thrill you hero!”

Scorpio and Electro could not resist the moment, both wet with precum, their erections were raging in their tight Lycra body suits.

Lycra stood at the controls at the perimeter of the room.

Scorpio allowed Nylon to approach, this would be his reward treat, his obedience training was to be rewarded. They all stood around Swimmerboy, stretched, heaving in his bondage, his speedo offering already engulfed in a delicious flow on pleasure, he looked up at four sets of lustful eyes, four hard-ons, oozing with precum. He looked over his heaving body, his exposed speedo offering waiting for the next level of his pleasure subjugation to commence.

“You fucking sick perverts!” he looked directly at Orgasmo, then Electro and Scorpio, finally at Nylon who’s look of pure delight was sexual and somehow beautiful. Swimmerboy’s attention was then focused on the devices aiming at his exposed speedo.

They flashed blue and delivered an array of lasers fanning out to the edges of Swimmerboy’s hips, targeting a specific point each, they encased Swimmerboy’s magnificent bulge in blue light with most of the beams directed to this region of his offering.

Scorpio purred, “Your offering Swimmerboy, is ours! Submit to the power of pleasure dear hero boy, you are being defeated today, your draining will continue with new force. Resist Swimmerboy, but it is useless!”

He twisted his right index finger in Swimmerboy’s heaving abs and pushed erotically into Swimmerboy’s belly button.

The beams took several minutes to deliver their cargo deep into Swimmerboy’s sex.

Swimmerboy was enthralled as the beams continued delivering their microscopic cargo, their energy attracted the pleasure field and it set off the sensitiser program all at once, his pouch, his bulge, his loins erupted in an explosion of energy that consumed and thrilled his speedo, he was powerless to avoid the beams targeting him, intent on their diabolical mission.

Swimmerboy screamed as a major pleasure spike erupted with a powerful force. He attempted to direct his speedo energy reserves to counter it but his body tensed, then warped and writhed, as he arched his back and let out a scream of such delight the Parlour was enveloped by the sound. “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

“Let it out Swimmerboy.” Orgasmo encouraged him, “but prepare yourself, a new dimension will take over, we have so much to share with you, so let it out dear boy, become one with your pleasure; embrace its delights.”

Nylon moaned as a huge globule of precum formed on his yellow Lycra speedo, the moment was sublime, sexual, erotic and no amount of obedience training could withhold his lust, he and the three members of the speedo priesthood massaged their own junk, the moment was too hot, too erotic not to.

Several minutes later the laser delivery beams ceased, the devices retracted to the ceiling

Swimmerboy writhed and adjusted to the pleasure currents swirling in his pouch, his mind trying to focus and anticipate the new force that would germinate in his fertile loins to rape him.

Orgasmo, looked at the Swimmerboy, his eyes followed his rippling muscles as they flexed and shimmered in the lights illuminating his helplessly dire predicament. Orgasmo, bent down to Swimmerboy’s face, he spoke quietly and confidently. “The particles have been delivered Swimmerboy, they are germinating and dividing, they will fill you with pleasure sensations deep in your body, it will be inexorable, it will take you into its control as it grows and claims your speedo, your anatomy. It will percolate and sync with the energy field caressing you now, another layer of pleasure to drain you deep, deep inside you.” He smiled looking at the hero’s writhing body, his moans were becoming regular and persistent. His hips lifted and dropped sexually, and the nylon fabric shimmered with every movement of Swimmerboy’s hips.

Electro could not hold any more, he made his way between Swimmerboy’s stretched legs, he caressed the nylon bulge, pushing it gently upward. Swimmerboy, thrashed his head from side to side as he accommodated the pleasure spiking across his pouch, Swimmerboy was engulfed in sensations so divine, so sexual, he lifted his hips to Electro’s waiting hungry open mouth, his tongue lashed Swimmerboy’s bulge with delicate precision and the young hero twisted as the pleasure flowed like a tide across the nylon to Electro’s tongue. It delighted him, ravaging his loins with superb sexual energy.

“FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFuck…….” Swimmerboy’s head thrust backward. His arms and legs straining against the powerful restraints and his muscles flexed and twitched as he fought the sensations driving his body wild.

He felt it deep within his sex, deep and primal sensations began to emerge within him. Similar sensations began to fill between his buttocks. Gentle and tender, he felt his balls murmur, his juices were being infiltrated, he felt his body, accept the warm and gentle pulses pushing outward.

Fuck me, Orgasmo has me, I can’t escape the pleasure unfolding, this is dangerous, how can I fight multiple levels of pleasure, fuck, can’t free myself, can’t escape. He looked around at the priesthood and Nylon enjoying themselves, watching his every move, watching his speedo thrusting sexually, he wasn’t able to escape it, his body captive to the sensitiser, thrilling him. Now deep below that surface torrent of sensation, this new evil powerful force was germinating. He pulled with all his speedo strength in a vain attempt to free himself, his face straining and contorting as he attempted to break the restraints, he felt the need to escape his bondage imperative. But he was thwarted, the bondage held him securely to the PleasureGEN and it was having its way with its captive offering.

“Fight Swimmerboy!” Nylon clapped as he watched the desperate hero try to escape the torrent of sensations being subjected to his nylon pouch.

“You are helpless Swimmerboy, accept your pleasure, we demand it!” Scorpio looked the young hero in the eye and forced Swimmerboy’s head up to look down to his heaving speedo pouch encased in hurricane of swirling pleasure.

“Please Scorpio,” Swimmerboy begged fully knowing the onslaught was not over anytime soon, he felt his power being sapped as the onslaught of pleasure continued to delight him, he needed his bulge squeezed, he need to attend to the pleasure engulfing him but he was helpless. He was fulfilling his sacrificial role, his pleasure, his writhing body, his gorgeous speedo and his moans and sighs of delight were feeding their lust in deep sexual ways, he was helpless and their sacrifice.

He looked down across his heaving chest and abs lifting and shaking as he dealt with the pleasure sensations, Scorpio demanded it, holding his head up, forcing him to witness the beauty of his bondage. He felt the warm new pleasure deep within him, the germination of something deep within his sex, deep between his legs and deep in his balls, it was like a gentle caress, a touch of silky froth, gently bubbling. He moaned and breathed out deeply.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” His sigh conveyed the germination had begun.

Scorpio bent down and used his right hand to remain holding the hero’s head upward and his left hand to toy and squeeze Swimmerboy’s nipples, he spoke softly but with intent and lustful authority,” The germination has begun Swimmerboy, those feelings deep inside will multiply as the particles transform and grow, tendrils of deep tissue pleasure will ravage you as they creep upwards through your anatomy and meld with the sensitiser and the energy field, you will be engulfed in layers of purrrrrrrrrfect energy as it ravages and thrills your helplessly bound body. I hope you don’t mind , but we would very much like to feed on you, especially when we allow some of your precious juices to begin flowing, all your torture earlier is being rewarded, with a pure pleasure drain, so delicious, so devious.” His eyes narrowed and he stared directly into Swimmerboy’s widening eyes, His tone authoritative - “I demand your sacrifice.”

Electro bent down and surveyed Swimmerboy’s heaving speedo, he took in the beauty of the sacrificial bulge as Swimmerboy’s body strained and writhed deliciously on the Altar.

Electro looked intently past the delicious sexual nylon bulge directly into Swimmerboy’s open eyes, Scorpio had left Swimmerboy’s side, Swimmerboy’s eyes screamed help me, help, begging for release, but Electro was to consumed in his own desires, “You will obey your priests Swimmerboy, you have no choice, feed me!” with that Swimmerboy cried out, Nnooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.” Electro’s tongue descended down to lash the apex of the sacrificial bulge, he targeted Swimmerboy’s penis head, Electro felt the generous curves of Swimmerboy’s anatomy, it was soft, he felt the tingle on his tongue as Swimmerboy’s body convulsed, powerful energy crackled as it flowed to point of Electro’s touch.

It made his pouch pulse, Swimmerboy’s pleasure started building deep inside his penis, it was amazing, transformative, yet at another level, the energy field was insatiable, he felt Electro’s hot breath and the lustful lashing of his tongue as it licked across his bulge, he moaned with a deep and soulful pulse that filled the priests with delight. “aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Keep it up hero.” Scorpio took his attention away from Electro, but the hurricane swirling his bulge was inescapable, he felt his stretched arms begin to tremble, his penis, his testicles were being pleasured with such magnificence, it was powerful and beautiful as he started to understand the pleasure and his role, his mind was a blaze, dealing with his dire situation, it was fucking with him, they were fucking with him, the pleasure was fucking with him, he somehow snapped out of the sexual funk, and applied his speedo strength, trying to resist the sensations attacking him.

But the germination process suddenly took his attention - it had altered.

He looked again to witness Electro’s tongue molest his bulge another time, he braced as the energy raped and attacked his pouch another time, he was now trembling all over.

The deep seated pleasure erupted as though it was escaping a shell he felt it gripping him deep within his anatomy, it caressed his testicles, his balls felt the pressure squeezing him hungrily, it was flowering and growing upward exploring the base of his penis and fanning across the skin directly beneath his speedo pouch, the nylon fabric felt delicious to the touch, it was building with an intensity, delicious tendrils lashed at him as the power of this new layer of pleasure gripped him.

Swimmerboy spoke as though possessed by demon of depravity, “What is this? Must endure, must hold, fucking amazing!” He snapped out of it, but it sapped him of his speedo strength, he was losing the battle.

The priesthood and Nylon stood back to survey the beautiful sacrifice spread, helplessly writhing, trembling, his body containing such energy, wracked with layers of pleasure attacking, squeezing, molesting his speedo offering.

He was nearly ready to begin feeding them.

Scorpio looked at the cameras, “Swimmerboy is ready gentlemen, he will feed us, come and join us, you too can be a part of this magnificence, your very own superhero, tied and pleasured for you to enjoy.” He turned and motioned toward the magnificent Swimmerboy, his oiled tanned body, shimmered in the parlour’s lighting system, his face wracked in concentration trying desperately to fight the PleasureGEN Altar as it ravaged his body. One of the cameras focussed on the nylon speedo offering, a thong of blue sexual beauty being ravaged by inhuman pleasure sensations, the microphones conveying the hero’s gasping breath and his moans of delight. Scorpio continued: “A new layer of pleasure has been sown into Swimmerboy’s speedo, it will consume him very soon, so much so, his speedo strength must be compensated by the Altar, if we don’t the pleasure pressure will kill him! He will soon be permitted to ooze pre-cum, a lot of it, each surge will be orgasmic, but he has not reached orgasm, not yet.” He smiled at the camera. “All in good time gentlemen, we must pleasure the sacrifice long and deep!”

Scorpio walked over to Swimmerboy and motioned toward the nylon pouch, rising and thrusting. “Deep in this sexual offering are layers of sensitised diabolical pleasures, so intense that you and I would perish, he is captive to it, to the draining of his power, but we will begin to mine that pleasure with a device that will suck it, feed on it and drive Swimmerboy wild with delight, as we feed and collect his pre-cum juices. Once the device has mined sufficient pleasure energy from our young, writhing beautiful hero here, we will inject it back into his bulge, condensed and compacted, and as it arrives it will explode filling his speedo, radiating outward through his limbs, the Altar will direct the energy though his body and his speedo pouch will reach a climax of pleasure so intense an orgasmic conclusion will ravage him for as long as we desire, managed by this beautiful PleasureGEN Altar.

He continued with a lustful smile into the camera “His ejaculation will be inhibited as he endures the ravages of his extended orgasm, by this time I will have allowed his hardon to form, his penis will throb beneath his precum saturated nylon pouch, it will throb and pulsate with an intensity, so in-human. We will feed on the oozing pumping pre-cum of the superhero as he begs for his ejaculation, the denial will make his orgasm control him, and his final geisha of cum will destroy him.”

Scorpio, looked intently into the camera as Swimmerboy screamed “Nooooooooooooooooooo!” Scorpio, laughed, “Take no notice of him, come and enjoy defeating our delightful heroes, they will not disappoint you!”

Deep inside him the unfolding sensations pushed upward, from the depths of his sex, they were growing, intensifying, and the intersection of their rising outward push to the surface of his speedo with the energy field toying with his sensitised pouch was creating a nexus of magnificent, outrageous sensation, it was driving him wild with delight.

From above, his Altar, a camera zoomed in on his helpless spectacular body, rippling as he fought the bondage, his thrusting hips, his speedo thong, a picture of pure beauty as it fought such diabolical sensation, he was ready, he was ripe, a piece of fruit ready to squeezed of its nectar. Swimmerboy’s moans melded with screams, with delight so exquisite and delicious.

Orgasmo, leaned over Swimmerboy’s heaving body, he looked and brushed his fingers around the blue fabric encasing his bulging, manhood. Swimmerboy trembled as the sensations erupted across his speedo pouch with such veracity, he tensed and lifted his head looking longingly and helplessly at his blue nylon offering, being ravaged and attacked. His screams were intense, sexual, erotic.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” They continued for several minutes; the sensations created by Orgasmo’s touch were extreme and diabolical.

Orgasmo still leaning over Swimmerboy’s helpless body, turned and looked at the young hero. “You’re ready to juiced dear boy, we will feed on your pre-cum first, and every delicious pump from your cock will explode in delights of erotic majesty, fit for a special offering such as you, but these are mere preludes, before we mine the pleasure tornados engulfing your speedo, drawing it out of you and then injecting it back into your speedo, so concentrated and compressed it will erupt in an orgasmic wave of pure intensity that will fill your body. The Altar will make sure of that! Hahahahahahahahahahha.”

“Delights beyond your imagination, will pillage your speedo strength and we will be forced to compensate, filling you with your strength, just to keep you alive.”

Swimmerboy’s eyes were wide with horror, they glared at Orgasmo with such defiance, he was determined not to give in, yet he knew his strength was being sapped with every passing second.

Orgasmo ordered the PleasureGEN to maintain Swimmerboy’s speedo strength at 20%. “We want you to have sufficient strength for your extended orgasm.” Orgasmo shot Swimmerboy a depraved look, as he lent across to lightly caress, Swimmerboy’s bulge, he squeezed lightly.

“PleasureGEN – Pre-cum offering is approved.”


Swimmerboy, shot his head up and down as the pleasure sensations, wracked his manhood incessantly, he pulled and shook in his bondage and then looked up over his heaving abs to see the first crystal clear globule of pre-cum form, it grew and then a pulse of pleasure energy, pushed it out of his cock deliciously. Swimmerboy’s first moan was so erotic, so sensual, so depraved, Scorpio and his priesthood shuddered with delight as they watched the manner in which the Altar had taken Swimmerboy and delivered such intense power. Swimmerboy, screamed as the next globule shot out of his bulge. His speedo was not completely wet, but it was quickly being engulfed in his Juice.

Scorpio moved between Swimmerboy’s legs, they were twisting and straining against the restraints, Scorpio looked at the majestic wet bugle, refracting the lights as Swimmerboy’s hips thrust in synch with the waves of pleasure. The camera above taking the footage of the High Priest standing before his sumptuous offering thrusting, filling with pre-cum, the garment now shimmering and Swimmerboy helplessly stretched fighting the Altar.

He spoke to the helpless young hero “Your Juices are an offering Swimmerboy, we will dine!”

He motioned to the descending device aiming its lens directly at Swimmerboy’s bulge, “one dosage will suffice.” With that a dose of Aphrodisium shot into his bulge, causing his screams to intensify.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”

It reacted with the layers of pleasure, and soon, consumed by the drug he was lifting his head, looking intently down at his wet sticky offering, pleading.

“Please eat it, pleasure me, caress me, make me tremble, molest my pouch, fondle my bulge, oh fuckin fuuuuuuuck, fucken do it!” He begged, pleaded and demanded as the drug exploded intoxicating him.

“With pleasure Swimmerboy!”

Scorpio moved forward, he listened to Swimmerboy’s laboured breathing, his breath departing his lungs, pushed through his gritted teeth, he watched the majesty of the wet blue nylon Aussiebum pouch as it lifted and twisted in the torrent of sensation, in the magnificence of the pleasure pillaging the young hero, the fabric gathering at the base of his bulge, pulled tightly between Swimmerboy’s buttocks, the apex of the bulge and folds of wet fabric across the pouch were sublime.

“Your High Priest is pleased!”

He approached and bent down, holding his hands on Swimmerboy’s inner leg muscles, he massaged some of the oil into the muscles and this only drove the hero wild with anticipation.

“Please, do it, DO IT!” Begged Swimmerboy, lifting his head up from the Altar.

Scorpio’s right hand felt the warmth of Swimmerboy’s gurgling balls, his juices were erupting, the pleasure processes unfolding in his speedo were making sure of that. Scorpio felt the softness of the fabric, it wasn’t wet down in the lower regions of Swimmerboy’s bulge at the early juicing stage, he caressed the fabric toying with the young hero, he let two fingers follow the extremity of the fabric as it climbed up Swimmerboy’s hip, he did the same with the left hand side of speedo, both hands were now hovering at both of Swimmerboy’s hips, Scorpio’s mouth, his breath, tantalised Swimmerboy’s sensitive bulge. He let his hands cup the top left and right of the wet pouch fabric and his hands moved deftly to base of Swimmerboy’s bulge. His hands glided as the hero’s thick pre-cum goo was now covering his entire upper pouch and bulge.

Swimmerboy’s moans changed to a high pitch as the sensations raped him, Scorpio, was playing him, tuning him, toying with him. His body was tense and trembling, his breathing powerful as the drugs ignited in his chest, fuelling a desire in him so primal so intense, he screamed in frustration, but then he felt Scorpio’s mouth and hot breath engulf his bulge, his arms, stretched and pulled as the sensations rocketed through his body, his toes at the other end of his body, curled and pulsed as the tingling sensations pillaged him, sapping him of his power.

Scorpio tasted the sweetness of the warm pre-jism, he felt the viscous fluid coat his tongue and the taste and smell of Swimmerboy’s juice offering intoxicated him. The moment was sublime, it was what his evil dreams were made of, he had Swimmerboy exactly where he wanted him. He felt the power of his triumph as he rose from his speedo devotion, sticky thick hero juice, lifted from Swimmerboy’s offering as it stretched to Scorpio’s rising lips. Scorpio looked down at the heaving, fighting hero and smiled “Your pleasure is accepted dear Swimmerboy, your juices are accepted.”

Swimmerboy’s moans of delight were his only reply to his captor standing directly above his speedo offering, he looked up and cried as the next pleasure spike shot through his soft penis, the pressure driving another globule of his warm juices to exit and become one with the juice already inhabiting his pouch.

He endured each of the priesthood’s devotions for another 20 minutes, the Pleasure Parlour was engulfed in sounds and scents of such sublime sexuality, the centrepiece helplessly stretched, begging for the next devotion, begging to have his sexual needs satisfied, his drugs were strong, they were diabolical. The Altar dutifully maintaining his speedo strength at the 20% power level, there was no chance of him blacking out, Scorpio needed him to be ready for the mining procedure and his ultimate rise to orgasm.

Nylon was the final one to partake of the entre offering, the others were basking in their memory of their personal devotion, they purposely left Nylon to the end, they wanted him so horny, so turned on, to feel the obedience hold him back, his speedos were wet with anticipation, Orgasmo had given him the permission to approach Swimmerboy’s writhing body, he approached the young hero, rubbing his own erect cock through the light Lycra fabric as he approached, overcome with powerful pent-up lust, the sight of that wet bule pouch oozing sexual juices fuelled his pent up desires. He stood at Swimmerboy’s offering, his hands caressed, the hero’s heaving legs as he massaged the muscles, moving his strong grip across Swimmerboy’s hips, halting briefly as his hands reached the twisting blue nylon, tightly holding the speedo thong in place on Swimmerboy’s body, he continued moving his hands across Swimmerboy’s laboured abs, the bumps of skin stretching over his muscles as they laboured and pushed working hard to keep Swimmerboy’s breathing in tune with the pleasure waves wracking his body. He lifted himself up dragging his hands heavily on the oily tanned skin as he made his way to the top of Swimmerboy’s speedo.

Swimmerboy’s anticipation was screaming, his high-pitched sighs said it all as he anticipated the punishment of pleasure about to be unleashed as Nylon’s hungry hands reached the pleasure epicentre of the parlour and of his body.

“Do IT Fuck you, You want it, just fucking do IT!” demanded Swimmerboy, the drugs had fired him up, his desires raged inside him, his wet speedo screaming in pleasure, screaming in anticipation, Swimmerboy thrust his speedo offering as high off the alter as he was able, inviting Nylon to take it, worship it. Pleasure shot through his buttocks as a spike erupted at the base of his bulge. Swimmerboy’s body reverberated and shook as the seismic pleasure wave wracked his body, his face clenched as his body accepted the sensation.

Nylon obeyed! His hungry hands moved deftly to Swimmerboy’s generous bulge, Nylon felt the majesty of the hero’s bulge immediately, the feel of the soft testicles, the body of Swimmerboy’s penis, his thumbs played with Swimmerboy’s cockhead, displayed below the wet fabric, clinging to it, he felt the pleasure field react and pulsate to his every touch of the divine mass of sexual beauty he felt in his hands, the moment sublime, he opened his hands slightly, not wanting to allow his grip to leave Swimmerboy’s bulge, and he lowered his face to meet the curves of Swimmerboy’s most private sexual place. The juices were sweet and thick, he sucked and fed like a baby feeding, and his own primitive groans of satisfaction were tuned to the sensual vibrations of the hero’s body as he thrashed in his bonds, as the pleasure spiked across Swimmerboy’s pouch and through his testicles several times in quick succession. Swimmerboy’s screams recorded by the several microphones in the pleasure parlour, his acceptance of Nylon’s powerful devotion caught on cameras surrounding the scene and his powerful body pulling and straining on the Altar were recorded broadcast across the black web.

Nylon finally arose slowly like a vampire, instead of blood dripping from his face though, his face glistened with Swimmerboy’s juices, the gooey pre-cum arching as Nylon arose, his face aglow and satisfied, he stepped back from Swimmerboy and his own henchman’s speedo dripped as his erect cock throbbed. He swayed, in a sexual trance.

Orgasmo, moved to drag Nylon back from the Altar, “Well done Nylon, he whispered.” But Nylon was in a sexual stupor, he hadn’t really heard the words. Orgasmo directed the dazed henchman back and passed Electro, on his way to the Altar where Swimmerboy lay convulsing as a huge globule of juice oozed forcibly from his bulge, the thick juices ran down the front of his bulge and fanned out across his pouch, now wet and glistening, Swimmerboy’s body tingled as the pleasure spiked reaching deep in his penis, it shot up his anus, it played and toyed with him. The other priests, Nylon and Lycra had moved into place around the Altar, they stood watching, their presence served to toy with Swimmerboy’s very busy mind, he was enduring inhuman sensation, trying to resist with his speedo strength, yet the drugs making him horny, he craved their touch, but they denied him, the denial was horrific, as he thrashed and twisted, his wet speedo, so inviting, so sublime.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Please, do something, this is killing me, pleeeeeease.” He pleaded looking around at his evil captors.

“No Swimmerboy, we will stand and enjoy watching your descent into the depths of your pleasure!” was Scorpio’s evil response.

The pleasure particles had created a deep enveloping expanse of pulsating energy, it delighted him as it sloshed and infiltrated deep into his anatomy, it mingled with the energy field inhabiting the top layer and the ties of the two energy fields created intense spikes of pleasure that the Altar directed to his sensitive pleasure receptors, they shot through his pouch with such force, each emission shocked and pillaged him. His body, pushing and filling with air with each of his laboured breaths drew in the air as his body tried to compensate.

He was spread-eagled, helpless and defeated.

They watched the erotic scene engulf Swimmerboy for ten minutes until Orgasmo moved to Swimmerboy’s exposed pouch, he addressed the camera directly above him, so the audience could see his face looking up, and the heaving pre-cum, writhing blue offering below him. The moment was gripping and the thousands of streams around the world were riveted to their screens.

The vision was also conveyed to Swimmerlad’s cell, he was being restored after a deep cleansing, he had earlier endured a long torture session with Draco the personal trainer. Draco was now forcing him to watch to defeat and pleasure draining of his beloved Swimmerboy.

Orgasmo introduced the mining process.

“Swimmerboy is now experiencing the depravity and depths of deep tissue pleasure, we restricted his experience to mild sensitiser, a field of pleasure energy inhabiting the surface layers and from deep within him a dose of pleasure particles has erupted and multiplied inhabiting deep within his sexual organs, his glands, they stretch across his pouch and toy with his bulge. They stimulate between his buttocks and invade his anal cavity. They create a sexual tension that creates spikes of energy, which the PleasureGEN Altar directs indiscriminately to his pleasure points, he has no way of anticipating where the next hit will attack, so he must try and resist as best he can. A delicious situation don’t you think?” His evil smile was captivating. Continuing, “He is engulfed in the purity of these pleasures, they inhabit his loins and continue to rape his sex, but it is time now to mine the pleasure, we will suck it from his pouch in such a delicious manner, the mining device will feed like a hungry infant and Swimmerboy will experience the pleasure explode and intensify as it is sucked from his body, from his penis, from his bulge. He will cry out in delight as it thrills him to his very core. The device will contain the pleasure energy and condense it like a celestial supernova would condense matter, creating a mass of energy, so intense and dense, so fucking erotic!” He smiled down from the camera and looked at Swimmerboy, whose eyes were wide, his laboured breathing, his handsome face, showing his shock and understanding of the next and final stages of his defeat, as the camera captured the scene. “We will order his erection and once his speedo is straining against the force of his throbbing hard cock, oozing and pumping more of his precum, we will return that magnificent condensed energy to his pouch, the device will target the length of his throbbing cock, specific points in his balls and points across the his nylon pouch real estate. He will be engulfed in an orgasmic rush of energy and his orgasm will flower.”

“You fucking sick bastards!” Swimmerboy used his concentration and power to form a sentence in the midst of his magnificent draining, he yelled his response into the camera, and then he continued fighting the hurricane of sensation and pleasure energy ravaging him, he spurted more pre-cum and it felt amazing as it ejected, pushed by pulses of energy, it was combining with the Aphrodisium and driving him wild with pent up desire.

Movement above his head caught his attention from the sexually charged pleasure ravaging his body and his mind, he could see the device, its blinking blue lights as it stopped directly above his head, it was on a pivot arm allowing it to move freely above his heaving body, it moved to his wrist restraints, several feet above Swimmerboy and projected a curtain of red light across Swimmerboy’s body, it was scanning him and moving slowly down his body, it moved passed his head and shoulders, scanning his chest next, his abs, it scanned his speedo pouch and proceeded to the ankle restraints so skilfully holding his powerful legs to the Altar. It returned and made several sweeps of his loins, the machine had no effect on his pleasure sensations, it was merely making a map of his anatomy.

Swimmerboy looked up from his bondage as the machine remained over his wet oozing speedo offering. Red and yellow lights blinked and after several minutes they changed to a pulsing green light.

Scorpio bent down and pulled Swimmerboy’s face toward him, “the mining device has completed its preliminary setup, it is ready. Are you dear boy?”

Swimmerboy’s hips writhed and thrust upward in tune with the layers of exquisite pleasure, he was forced to look Scorpio in the eye and he pleaded “Please Scorpio, you have had your fun, please, this could kill me, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph”, his head tried to free itself from Scorpio’s grip as a huge pleasure spike attacked him viciously. ’Mmmmpppphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” “Fuckkkkkkk!”

Scorpio smiled, “Not on your sweet life Swimmerboy! We won’t let you die, you’re worth squillions to me!”

“Begin pleasure mining!” His order was full of lust and power as he squeezed Swimmerboy’s cheeks.

The machine begun to hum, and the green lights turned red.

Swimmerboy looked over his helplessly heaving body as several beams formed an energy field that buzzed loudly, it was a perfect mirror image of Swimmerboy’s speedo offering. It was a red throbbing field connected to the machine now sitting several feet above Swimmerboy’s wet pouch of pleasure. His body being wracked and spiked constantly and regularly, thrilled with sensations so inhuman, his pleasure level was sitting at 75 percent, his power being maintained at 20%, they were basically using his body as a pleasure conduit and storage container.

Orgasmo bent down and caressed Swimmerboy’s handsome face, he ran his fingers through Swimmerboy’s short dark hair, it tingled to his touch, his body was alive, it was reacting to touch in sensual and sexual ways, such was the power of the PleasureGEN. Orgasmo talked him through the next phase of his pleasure subjugation. “As much as we delight in the pleasure build over these last hours, dear boy, your writhing body, the sight of your powder blue pouch filling with the delights of sexual energy and to witness your juicing so far, it is time bring you to a climax, the delights of the past hours will be sucked from your heaving pouch.”

Swimmerboy’s breathing laboured and his body tensed, his restraints pulled an extra couple of millimetres, and the stretch, made him moan and cry out in ecstasy, his bondage had always been a massive turn on to him, and this situation excited his deep sexual needs that were somehow being enhanced by the traces of the Aphrodisium drug. His hips, his bulge throbbing with magnificent delight, he pulled on his bonds, their power to hold him in such helpless beauty was feeding into his own sexual desire. He thrust his hips violently and breathed out through his gritted teeth, his head turned toward the Orgasmo’s smiling lustful look,” Ahhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck!” As his hips thrust upward, a globule of his precum was projected upward into the red throbbing field formed above his delicious speedo pouch. The field glowed a darker red and a beam of light flashed around the parlour enveloping the space like a flash of lightning. It signalled the start of the mining and the beginning of the final phase of Swimmerboy’s pleasure defeat.

Swimmerboy looked up in horror as best he could, away from Orgasmo and down to raging scene of his tenting speedos, he noticed his bulge first, shimmers of distorted light were rising from it directly into the red mass, he felt the pleasure in his bulge explode, with several spikes of energy build at the extremities of his pouch and shoot across the drenched nylon toward his delicious bulge, they erupted and covered the entirety of his heaving manhood with such magnitude, it overpowered him, he was mesmerised by the depravity engulfing him, his mouth open and salivating as the energy built and built, the spikes shot across him every couple of seconds he was captive to its force taking over his body, his soul.

Mining commencement initiated

The PleasureGEN finally spoke.

Orgasmo continued to talk him through. “Here we go Swimmerboy, we have you exactly in place, your sweet divine body cannot escape the ravages of you deep seated orgasm it will feed on the pleasure your body is now experiencing, I know you are using your power to try and survive, resistance is no longer an option for you, survive this Swimmerboy, as it eats you alive…”

His eyes widened even further, as he felt the field above his pouch pull and suck the pleasure upward, his hips and speedo vibrated as it was sucked upward, it lifted his buttocks off the Altar as it hungrily fed. Swimmerboy’s bulge, his penis, his cum filled testicles purred and pulsated as the layers of pleasure invaded every atom of his loins, the spikes attacked him and enveloped his bulge completely fuelling the intense fire of pleasure that he could see being drawn up into the energy field.

His body trembled as the process drew him upward, he felt the constant strain on each of the restraints.


He moaned in a voice almost demonic, the depravity, the sexual defeat of Swimmerboy was electric. His body, his sexuality, his pleasure was being mined by a device so hungry so evil, the mighty Swimmerboy was being devoured, his defeat, his helpless body a sacrificial offering to the gods of pleasure.

He felt the pleasure squeeze his bulge deliciously as though a grip had tightened, he shuddered as he felt the squeeze his loins existed in this moment for the single purpose of containing and feeding the PleasureGEN with pleasure so outrageous, so consuming. He continued screaming, moaning, his head thrashed from side to side and he could no longer lift it up, all his strength was directed to the raging hurricane of intensity consuming shooting across his pouch from his hips, attacking his loins, consuming his loins and rising from his manhood to the PleasureGEN’s hungry pulsating red field hovering above his speedo. His body strained and trembled, lifted off the surface of the Altar, his buttocks hovered centimetres off the shiny black surface, all his energy concentrated on the feeding machine as it raped and pillaged him to the depths of his being.

“Not long to go now Swimmerboy,” smirked Orgasmo, “are you enjoying the feeding process? Your pleasure is pure, it is gold, it is a precious commodity, we have so enjoyed watching your descent into its clutches, your delicious body, your speedo offering, a perfect offering. The pleasure has germinated and consumed you and soon that will all be a distant memory. It won’t be long dear- ” he smiled with complete depravity “-superhero, and your orgasm will arrive to thrill you into a higher dimension, a celestial plane of existence, you will experience this tonight and it will consume your being so completely, it will dominate you and hold you in its grip as its tendrils of pleasure whip you, radiating throughout your body from your throbbing erect cock. How does that sound?”

Swimmerboy was incapable of responding, his body writhed and trembled, staining on each of the restraints as the pleasure raped him, molested him with extreme force before being sucked out of his bulge into the hungry PleasureGEN’s mining device. His mouth was dry, he laboured to get breath into his lungs, his body tingled and shuddered, a perfect offering.

Scorpio and Electro joined Orgasmo at the Altar, Nylon was no longer permitted to attend the sacred milking, and he took his place next to Lycra, they obediently stood at one of the control panels. Only the High Priest and his priests would be permitted to witness the majesty of Swimmerboy’s arrival at orgasm, only they would be permitted to partake of the hero’s cum offering in this session of the pleasure parlour, but the world and the compound, connected to black web watched in ecstasy.

In Swimmerlad’s cell…

Swimmerlad lay in his own bondage, filling with sweet speedo strength, waiting for his own looming session, forced to watch Swimmerboy’s defeat, the sight of his beloved boyfriend being raped of his sexual pleasure was disturbing, he lay, held by the restraints, fighting the bonds, he had to find Swimmerboy, free him, save him, but he was helpless, he lay there with tears welling in his eyes. How can their cruelty be any worse he thought to himself? He then felt the sensitiser commence, and he looked down to his light green nylon Aussiebum speedo, Lycra had dressed him perfectly, his garment tented deliciously as his generous cock and balls strained in the beautifully soft sensual nylon fabric. Every movement of his hips caused a delicious tingle to erupt on the sensitive glands of his penis. It was becoming a mind fuck watching his boyfriend’s pleasure defeat as his own junk was being sensitised so deliciously. Scorpio has timed this perfectly, they have drained Swimmerboy and they will soon turn their attention on me, fuck, if this is anything to go by, they have fucking ramped up their evil devices.

Back in the parlour

The room was filled with the incessant hum of the PleasureGEN’s mining apparatus as it fed on the superhero, tied, restrained and helplessly enduring a hurricane of pleasure, consuming his speedo pouch, thrilling him with intense, deep, soul bending pleasure, the Altar was attacking him, and feeding on its own Swimmerboy generated pleasure. Mixed into the sounds of the moment was a low frequency throbbing sound as the mining device and its generated feeding cloud sucked and fed without mercy on Swimmerboy’s pleasure offering. Swimmerboy’s deep moans his screams of delight, mixed with deep emotion as he felt his core, his speedo strength being consumed as well, the sounds of defeat and the sounds of exquisite, sublime pleasure were filling the parlour with such force and veracity, the inhabitants of the room were consumed and taken along Swimmerboy’s journey, his descent to a of place of decadence.

Scorpio stood between Swimmerboy’s heaving straining legs, he purred as he patted and caressed each of the ankle restraints on each side of where he was standing, Swimmerboy’s ankles straining in the bonds, trembling, his tanned skin moist with sweat. Scorpio could smell the pleasure occurring so close to him, he watched Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch shimmer beneath the hungry feeding red cloud. He held out both hands toward the violence before him, the High Priest was pleased.

Electro and Orgasmo, stood on either side of Swimmerboy, they watched and presided over the feeding session an surveyed the hero’s body, his glistening muscles flexing and contracting, fighting gallantly, the sight was pure perfection, their sacrifice, the perfection of that speedo offering was worthy of their worship, the pleasure was a triumph and the revelled in the feeding process, their evil depraved plans so deliciously playing out in front of them.

The machine fed for 20 more minutes, a total of nearly an hour. The hungry cloud pulsed and sent burst of light around the parlour, it was a scene of perfect hero subjugation and the room continued filling with the sounds and smells of Swimmerboy’s sexual defeat.

PleasureGEN containment satisfied

The PleasureGEN had reached a critical point, it was full and held within it enough of Swimmerboy’s beautiful pleasure.

Swimmerboy, felt the cloud’s grip loosen, the invisible tendrils unravelled from his wet sticky bulge and he felt one pull out of his penis, he cried out as it pleasured him and spiked a powerful blast of energy across his speedo pouch with such force, his entire body pulsed, he let forth a mighty scream and he felt the warmness of the Altar as his buttocks returned to rest on its evil surface. The pleasure field, his sensitised pouch and deep, deep pulsating pleasure from the particle infestation remained, molesting him, his head lolled slowly from side to side, but his hip thrust in the continued pleasure onslaught.

The cloud had disengaged, but descending now, as he glanced upward, to the evil device was a single laser head, similar to the torturous devices employed on Draco’s Hypergym torture device. It turned and surveyed Swimmerboy’s straining body, He cried out as an immense spike gripped his penis, it had such pressure, it pushed a globule of his pre-cum through his soft wet bulge that flowed and encased his speedo with warm sticky fluid. The device’s evil high-pitched robotic sounds as the laser head device twisted and turned, sizing up Swimmerboy’s body was ominous.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” he pleaded looking at each of the priests presiding over his offering.

“Yes Swimmerboy!” Orgasmo replied, “It is time, please do us the honour High Priest”

Swimmerboy looked up over his trembling body, his hips rising and thrusting, he looked through the blur of pleasure engulfing his very being, trying to concentrate his speedo power in a vain attempt to endure and survive the forces of evil eating away at him. His pouch, the object of their lust and desire, slippery with his juices. He looked finally at Scorpio.

Scorpio had to compose himself, his lust was screaming and his own black body suit was wet with his own pre-cum, the scene in front of him was too delicious, his sexual desires were screaming, his need for Swimmerboy’s cum was consuming him. But he composed himself to undertake the sacred duties of his office, the world was watching!

“Swimmerboy, you are an offering tonight, and the Priests of speedo demand your total subjugation, we demand your orgasm, we demand your JISM!”

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase” Cried Swimmerboy.

“PleasureGEN initiate Swimmerboy’s erection” “Electro, please preside!”

Electro moved to Swimmerboy’s heaving wet, pouch, he massaged the pre-cum juices sensually, his hands taking in the mighty soft bulge offering of his beautiful captive, Swimmerboy screaming at the top of his lungs, as Electro’s hands caressed and molested his junk, Swimmerboy’s tears welled as his erection engorged him, his penis was now throbbing a receptacle of pleasure as Electro’s hands engulfed his thick aching meat, he could feel the energy fill it and pound inside his penis with such beauty such majesty, his body straining and trembling, he looked down to see the roundness of his penis head straining in the wet blue fabric, every touch was ecstasy, he watched as a globule of precum oozed causing him to moan involuntarily, and shudder as the sensations shot through his powerful legs, his toes curled as the sensations wracked his body.

“Good work Electro!” smiled Scorpio.

Scorpio moved further inward to the apex of Swimmerboy’s heaving wet offering, he ran his finger sensually along the length of Swimmerboy’s hardened cock, the wet fabric tightly staining as its contents throbbed, he toyed with the penis head, and Swimmerboy’s moans of delight reverberated around the parlour with such force. His body vibrating and convulsing.

“The PleasureGEN will return your pleasure dear boy, in a compressed and energised form, it will powerfully explode from an insertion point just about here, he put his finger on a section of Swimmerboy’s straining bulge, at the intersect of the base of the penis and the top of the his testicle sack. “From there it will instantaneously engulf every piece of nylon touching your magnificent body, the purity of this pleasure will be exquisite, your orgasm will result within minutes! The PleasureGEN will hold your orgasmic pleasure levels for 30 minutes, maybe longer, it will rape you without mercy and consume you. Your speedo will be the epicentre as the orgasm creeps over your body, resist as much as you can mighty hero, but IT WILL consume you!”

“Your sacred cum will be denied throughout the first phase of your orgasm, you will crave it you will do anything for it, you will beg me for it.”

“Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck no, Noooooooooo” Swimmerboy gasped.

“Bring him to orgasm!”

Orgasm sequence initiated

The laser head turned red, Swimmerboy cried out. The beam of light exploded at the insertion point as Scorpio promised and Swimmerboy was helpless to stop it, he concentrated his strength as best he could to compensate, but a hot raging intensity of energy engulfed his speedo without mercy.

BANG, the noise of the releasing energy vibrated around the soundproof parlour.

His Body riveted as his orgasm overtook every sense in his beautiful, helpless body, unthinkable power engulfed him as precum spurted out, but it was not his ejaculation. As Scorpio promised, he was denied the ability to cum. He cried and cried as the energy; the orgasmic sensations wracked his sex with such magnificent beauty.

“I’m Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming, aaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” he cried.

Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck.

The natural expectation of his JISM flow was denied, he continued to cum, his entire body vibrating as the energy consumed his power, his senses, his throbbing penis twitched inside the wet blue fabric, and his moans of defeat drove the priesthood wild with delight. Orgasmo orgasmed on the spot and scooped his cum into his hands. He fed Swimmerboy’s open dry mouth with his silky cum laughing as he smeared the warm juice over Swimmerboy’s face.

“Enjoy gentlemen” Scorpio screamed above the cacophony of sounds filling the parlour.

The pleasure behaved exactly as Scorpio had said, Swimmerboy felt the pulses of orgasmic pressure through his body, pulsing like a sound meter would record levels of sound, his body was a dynamo of pumping energy. His moans did not stop, and within 30 minutes he was pleading, through a cloud of distracting powerful sensation engulfing his entire writhing body his every muscle, his every nerve was alive and on edge.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Oh God, Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase, Fuck Pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse, let me shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot”

Scorpio laughed “It’s a bit loud in here Swimmerboy, what did you say?”

“Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, I Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to shoot my load.

Scoorpio ordered another ten minutes

Swimmerboy was completely consumed by the orgasm, the 40-minute mark passed, his body was only alive because the Altar had kept his speedo strength up to him.

Scorpio looked down at the speedo bulge throbbing before him, he looked up into Swimmerboy’s pleading eyes which widened as he watched Scorpio’s finger linger, hovering above his raging cockhead.

“Do you want to shoot?”

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees” Swimmerboy hissed in an orgasmically possessed voice.

Scorpio’s finger descended and caressed the sensitised penis glands projecting through the fabric. He gripped the wet fabric engulfed in powerful energy and held tightly to Swimmerboy’s erection, his tight fingers caused the speedo pouch to wrap Swimmerboy’s raging penis, the pouch tightened across his body and pulled between his buttocks. The orgasm erupted with a wave of power that shook Swimmerboy deeper and deeper into the orgasmic energy gripping and pulsing through his body. His Cock felt as though it was being torn apart as the pleasure pulsed and squeezed, its throbs pushing heated pre-cum splashing out of the nylon sieve and flowing across his heaving abs. He was existing in a new plane of powerful dimensions and his head thrust backward, his vision blurred.

“Ok then, shoot, feed our lusts, hero!”

The PleasureGEN automatically deployed clear Perspex sides designed to catch and direct Swimmerboy’s hot jism offering and direct it to waiting receptacles.

The orgasm flowed backward into his raging penis as Scorpio’s powerful grip continued to squeeze him. His cock exploded with majestic pulses of energy he almost blacked out as he shot over his head, the torrent of cum, was erotic and satisfying, he screamed with such force and magnitude Scorpio shuddered and came just watching and feeling the power of the energy climbing up from his hand tightly squeezing Swimmerboy’s raging tool, he scooped up some his own jism with his other hand and massaged it into the throbbing beauty of Swimmerboy’s pouch, their juices mingled and Swimmerboy’s hips thrust upward violently as he cried out, tears of defeat as another orgasmic pulse shot out the next litre of his Jism, his whole body trembled in the bondage and became soaked as the Priests massaged his juices into every crevasse of his body , the scene was depraved and erotic, the black web was afire with comments, photos posted of people around the world showing off their own loads of cum as they watched Swimmerboy’s long delicious orgasm flower and develop.

Swimmerboy’s penis was on fire, it rubbed against the tight stretching nylon, torturing Swimmerboy with pleasure sensations that felt like it was splitting in pieces, the nylon filtered the cum as it violently shot spurting his body in showers on heated juice.

Orgasmo was beside himself with joy as he caressed Swimmerboy’s head running his fingers through his short hair, Swimmerboy was consumed by the orgasm as it exploded deep, deep within his loins, radiating outward, consuming his penis in delights of beauty and purity, his speedo filtered the geyser of his cum flow, his entire body was consumed in the orgasmic delights, the pleasure engulfed his speedo so erotically, he felt his buttocks heat up and accepted the energy flowing through the tight blue nylon pulled between his arse cheeks. That same energy spiked up his arse, it consumed and ravaged his sex pushing into him, exploding through his body with immense force.

The PleasureGEN became soaked as Swimmerboy’s extensive store of juice, pumped erotically from his pleasure wracked body, his cries of delight, of defeat filled the room. He was now totally captive to the extensive orgasm, his body had become the perfect sacrifice, giving of its precious stored nectar for Scorpio and his priests to enjoy. It progressed without mercy draining him, his life lay in the balance on the PleasureGEN keeping his speedo power topped up, if it stopped, he knew the orgasm had the power to extinguish his life quickly. It drained and fed on his pleasure for another 30 minutes before the process disengaged, leaving his trembling, convulsing body to writhe and strain as the last of his juice delivered into his wet speedo pouch.

The young hero lay saturated as the orgasm began to lift its tendrils he lay on his Altar completely spent, his drenched blue nylon thong oozed continually for at least 20 minutes after the PleasureGEN had disengaged its delicious program, Swimmerboy lay stretched helpless, moaning, light deep moans stemming from residual strokes of pleasure continued to lash his loins, each new secretion of his juice caused him to sigh and moan.

They have milked my Jism, am so weak, they have drained me, fuck, oh god, my cock survived, it still pumps juice it feels amazing. Speedo strength is critically low, oh fuck, this could be it. Must hold on! His thoughts were scattered as he tried to come to terms with the enormity of the hours of his pleasure drain and the intensity of his long ferocious orgasm. He looked up to see Orgasmo, caress his loins, he heard his cum squish as Orgasmo squeezed his drenched bulge. “Oh you are fucking amazing Swimmerboy, you taste so sweet so divine, your perfect pleasure sacrifice has been accepted and the PleasureGEN is now satisfied, you gave over 40 litres of your precious semen, we have collected the harvest, we thank you for your lovely juice.”

“Now, We used a couple of the pleasure processes in that session, but the Altar is capable of many delights and in the weeks to come, we will see you and your fucking beautiful boyfriend succumb over and over, this Altar has the capacity to milk you both in so many ways. Now lay back and enjoy the afterglow in your speedo pouch, your speedo strength will return slowly, rest up dear boy.”

Scorpio and Electro had left the parlour just prior, they needed to clean up and prepare for the next ceremony on the secret speedo compound’s agenda, they had another ceremony to preside over. Orgasmo caressed Swimmerboy a final time for the session, looking at the magnificent spent, oozing, helpless hero, “I will look forward to some one-on-one time Swimmerboy, I really need to get to know you in a more intimate way, I hope you will drop into my private facility sometime soon.” He looked lovingly at the captive hero and turned away allowing the Pleasure Parlour’s doors to swish open as he exited the parlour, they closed and re-locked as he departed.

Swimmerboy was left alone, helplessly spread-eagled in his bondage, his cum soaked body glistened in the lights, his speedos wet and sticky still aglow with orgasmic residue gripping him. He was left alone, denied the ability to grab his bulge and deal with the final delicious sensations lapping at his pouch, me moaned and sighed feeling his speedo strength re-energise him. The denial was as torturous as the draining session he had just survived.

Swimmerboy pulled on the tight bondage fighting valiantly to free himself, but they just left him there. What are they up to? He thought to himself, why hasn’t Nylon freed me and taken me back to the cell to play with my exhausted body, fuck what is going on? He laid stretched in his bondage for an hour until Nylon arrived to release his restraints.

In the control room

Once in their control room, laughing and enjoying the moment, Scorpio and Electro looked with exhilaration as the watched the footage of Swimmerboy’s display of cum spurting across his body, the intensity the force of the PleasureGEN was immense, it controlled the captive Swimmerboy’s power so perfectly and sensually. Their evil plan of dominion was unfolding perfectly.

Scorpio was ready to freshen up and change into another black Lycra suit, but he looked across his master control panel, he heard the notification sounds and he noticed a call coming in from the black web. He also had messages from his friend, the evil Seed, and he also noticed a special message from Gotham City… it was the Joker.

Swimmerboy’s deep pleasure session had borne fruit in more ways than one.

“Hmmm this will be interesting!” he stated to Electro, who quickly replied.

“Take it Scorpio, this sounds delicious!”

Scorpio clicked the Accept button…

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