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Defeat and Domination
Part 8 - Training to be Tortured
By Scorpio

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Training to be Tortured

Swimmerboy is trained by an evil personal trainer and then summoned to torture session in preparation for a night of prolonged pleasure draining.

It had been many hours since the consecration ceremony and Swimmerboy found himself alone in his restoration cell, he was rejuvenated, and his power was gurgling in his system, he glanced up from his restraints and noticed that his strength level was in the high ninety percent range, and his life force was showing as strong. Nylon had once again restored him to full speedo strength power.

I am restrained again; they have such a strong control over me. Fuck, there is no way out of this hell they have created for me and Swimmerlad, he thought to himself. It would be a matter of less than hour and he would once again have reached the dangerous speedo strength level and he knew that his captors were very aware of his power level, and that meant that they had some more diabolical plans for him. He was separated from Swimmerlad and he knew that they were using their separation to fuck with their brains, it was all about the control.

Swimmerboy tried his restraints, if there was any chance, he could break them and even if he did, how could he get around the emitters that were always on always ready to unleash their destructive power on he and Swimmerlad?

What’s next ? He thought.

In another part of the compound…

Nylon had obediently followed the instructions from Orgasmo, once he had washed and prepared Swimmerboy, he had reported to Orgasmo, not in the usual parlour, prepared for he and Lycra in Orgasmo’s private quarters, but in the facility that would be used to keep Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad in peak physical condition and ready to thrill audiences with their beautiful, toned bodies restrained in their bondage.

The facility was designed by Electro and his engineers, it did not resemble a gym in any way shape or form, however it was designed to ensure the major muscle groups of its candidates were worked and maintained in perfect symmetry. Its central device held the captive, restrained to a bench like device which ensured the captive’s body although helplessly restrained, remained flexible enough to ensure the muscles of the body were worked efficiently. The machine had no mercy, it supplied a virtual force on the required muscle or muscle group and the captive was required to resist the forces on each worked muscle group. A visit to the compound training facility ensured that the captive hero experienced muscle exhaustion coupled with systematic torture sequences.

Nylon found himself in the training facility and he met with Orgasmo, his master and therapist. He was very familiar with the regular hypnotic sessions he had with Orgasmo; they felt good, they fed his mind with images of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, they kept his lusts fuelled. He knew that Scorpio was unhappy that during the consecration of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, he had broken protocol and pleasured himself in a fit of sexual frenzy and ejaculated on the dais in front of the two writhing sacrifices and the High Priest. He knew he was in trouble and he would need to be taught an obedience lesson.

He obeyed Orgasmo, something deep in his psyche demanded it, it required it. He walked up to the bondage device and freely spread his legs and raised his arms. Lycra was there too, he ensured Nylon’s bondage was secured tightly.

Nylon was soon secured, he was wearing a pair of orange and crème Aussiebum briefs, the garment was like Swimmerboy’s and Swimmerlad’s consecration speedos, the only difference was that he was not infused with superpowers like the two heroes. Nylon’s lifesaver body ensured that he looked beautiful and helpless in the bondage frame, he had locks of shoulder length blonde hair and his brown skin glistened with tanning oil which Lycra had been ordered to coat his skin with. Nylon’s cock was sitting in the nylon pouch perfectly, he was normally 6 inches soft and 8.0 inches erect, his member was as impressive as Swimmerboy or Swimmerlad’s sacred offerings.

“Nice work boys!” Exclaimed Orgasmo who then dismissed Lycra, his next duty was to collect Swimmerboy now that Nylon was securely restrained.

Orgasmo addressed Nylon, “You know Nylon, after today, your mind will be renewed, you will find a new calmness and happiness in your obedience. Just like normal, you will receive specific pleasure sensations during your hypno session, images of Swimmerboy’s bondage, his juice flows, his defeat will excite your mind and your lust will continue to grow!”

Nylon smiled across to his captor, his therapist.

Orgasmo continued, “But you do know that your orgasm on the dais at the consecration was out of line, your duty is to torment the hero bound in your care. Your inability to deal with the lustful, carnal urges must be kept in check. So, this session will ensure that your mind is obedient at every level. You must obey”

Nylon lowered his head in submission. “Yes Orgasmo, please punish me as you and Scorpio see fit.”

“Yes, we intend to Nylon, it will be for the best!” Orgasmo replied with a friendly smile on his face.

“Swimmerboy will be restrained on the magnificent Hyper Gym very soon, under the guidance of our Personal Trainer, Drago. Drago will put him through his paces, working his muscled body to keep him in perfect shape. But before we receive Swimmerboy, we will install you on your stimulator, I think you will enjoy this, but remember it has a bite!”

Orgasmo installed the anal probe beneath Nylon’s spread body and he manipulated the controls for the device to sit pushing against the nylon covering Nylon’s ass. The probe pushed just enough to let Nylon know that it meant business.

“This will enter your body Nylon and thrill you with delights, so much so, once the hypno session commences your cock will be staining inside your delicious nylon bulge. I expect you will drip precum for quite a while. The throbbing pulses delivered by the slowly pumping device, will be mouth-watering for you. They will be synched with the hypno session and the images of Swimmerboy, making you horny.”


“That will occur while Swimmerboy is capable of resisting the muscle workout deployed by the Hyper Gym, but when his resistance falls below 50% for a given muscle, your anal stimulator will deliver short intense electrical stimulation to your prostate and your anal walls. When this occurs your hypnotherapy device will revert to your obedience program. Your mind will eventually make the association and it will be conditioned to obey, it will control your sexual desires, until the release of your lust is approved.” He smiled thinking of the time when Nylon will be unleased on Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad.” Now, Swimmerboy is due in 15 minutes, so let’s get your probe into place and your hypno session activated.”

Nylon pulled on his bonds, but he was defenceless to Scorpio’s devices, if they can hold the likes of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, he knew he had no chance.

Orgasmo lubed the stimulator and positioned Nylon’s speedos around the probe as it made its way into Nylon’s arse. Nylon muffled a moan as the device slipped deftly into his body, its initial shock to his system was overtaken as his body accepted and sucked the device into his hole.

“Mmmmmmmm! that is amazing!” he announced, looking across to Orgasmo.

“I thought you would like it Nylon! Now, let’s pump it up a little.”

Orgasmo gave the order, “Expansion 15 percent!”

Nylon moaned as the device’s volume increased in accordance with Orgasmo’s command.

Nylon twisted in pleasure, “Thank you Orgasmo!” It felt amazing, filling his cavity with delight. His cock twitched inside his speedo’s his bulge hang nicely in the nylon fabric and creased across to his hips from the apex of his bulge. Orgasmo looked at the magnificent site of the impaled henchman, his delicious body was inviting.

“Enjoy that for a few minutes while we wait for Swimmerboy, after he arrives and is bound to the Hyper Gym, we will commence your session. I’m sure the very sight of him tied before you will stimulate your erection, but I’m happy to encourage it too.” Orgasmo smirked at the defenceless henchman.

Orgasmo, walked around the bound and impaled henchman and fondled Nylon’s delicious bulge and speedo pouch. He decided that Nylon would be milked later in the day at their usual personal session, he would make Nylon tremble as the pleasure device worked him to his orgasm. Nylon would feed him his juices, compliant and obediently.

“You will do well Nylon; your training today will be a great addition to your conditioning. And we will reward you well.”

Swimmerboy was reaching 100 percent speedo power level, the Lycra dark green speedos, clung to his manhood tightly, they felt amazing! The tight fabric clung to his cock and his balls dutifully, his pouch and bulge clung to his magnificent body and formed a delicious mound that showed off his penis exquisitely, the soft, spongy fabric displayed his cock head with ease. He looked spectacular, he felt strong, his speedos felt amazing, but he also knew he needed to deal with the ever-encroaching volume of speedo strength building dangerously in his body. He was bound, helpless and unable to stop the power building.

Swimmerboy was almost glad to hear the swoosh of his cell door open. He turned his head as much as the bondage restraints allowed, to notice Lycra enter the room, he was accompanied by one of the tormentors, he recognised from the consecration ceremony. Drago, a personal trainer had signed to the compound a year ago and developed devices which work on the hero’s muscle groups, he was now on Scorpio’s ‘payroll’ and in charge of the Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s training schedules. Swimmerboy remembered the look in Drago’s eyes, as he looked up from worshiping his speedo offering during the ceremony, his powerful hands toyed with his pleasure wracked bulge so powerfully, his exert tongue made Swimmerboy tremble and scream in pleasure, he was ruthless, this guy’s lust was dangerous.

“You!” Swimmerboy stated as he thrashed in the bonds holding him. “You fucking prick, you enjoyed every moment tormenting me last night!”

Drago had short brown hair, his defined muscles flexed and shimmered in the bright lights trained on Swimmerboy, helpless in his bondage. Drago wore a pair of yellow Lycra speedos and looked he looked at Lycra, “Swimmerboy, looks amazing!” as he fondled the outline of Swimmerboy’s penis protruding invitingly from his green Lycra speedos.

Swimmerboy fought his bonds defiantly, he tested the ankle restraints and those holding his wrists. It was useless, he was securely restrained for Lycra and Drago’s pleasure.

“Time to go Swimmerboy, we have a big day ahead for you!” Drago smirked as his hands clasped Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch, “Mmmm, yes this was a magnificent wet mound of heaven Swimmerboy, and I remember the way your cock was shimmering beneath your nylon pouch, you were so sexual so alluring, my cock twitches, just at the memory of that sublime moment during your consecration.” Swimmerboy felt the squeeze as Drago’s lust ignited. “Mmmmmm, very nice, hero boy! My job is to keep your muscles worked; nice and taught, Scorpio depends on the income you and Swimmerlad bring from the black web, so you boys need to look spectacular, for our discerning and growing deviant audience. Hopefully I will be given some one-on-one time with you one of these days, just you and me and a pleasure device would be exquisite!”

“Lycra get those emitters fired up!” He ordered, while adjusting his own cock in his speedos.

“NO!” screamed Swimmerboy, his speedo strength was now peaking, and the emitters were therefore powerfully turning that super strength against the mighty bound superhero with diabolical power. He was disabled quickly and Lycra and Drago, transferred the helpless Swimmerboy to a transport drone.

The drone followed Lycra and Drago, through corridors, hidden from the general compound population, Swimmerboy was disoriented by the twists and turns of the corridors, blinking lights high in the ceiling reminded Swimmerboy of the ever present danger of the emitters designed to control and disable he and Swimmerlad.

Swimmerboy was securely restrained in the drone, its emitter device was on low, it was keeping him groggy and almost disoriented. Where the fuck are we? Where are they taking me? He thought to himself. My power is attacking me, it is disabling me, can’t move , Swimmerboy tried to keep a clear mind but the emitter was fogging his mind, his muscles screamed with intense spikes of pain as the device continued to hold him in a transverse power state. Their control of his superpower was commanding and efficient, diabolical!

Doors at the end of the corridor seemed to recognise them, they opened slowly as Drago, Lycra and their captive, Swimmerboy arrived, the doors closed with a quick swooshing sound as the group arrived into the facility.

Lights began to fire up, as the delegation moved into the facility. Lights around the edges of the room, illuminated the stainless-steel form work, the room was large enough to hold a group of people, but it seemed to be empty as Swimmerboy surveyed the facility. It wasn’t completely illuminated at first, there were sections still in dark.

To the front of the facility, several stage lights fired up. Swimmerboy’s attention was immediately drawn to the light source. It illuminated Nylon, restrained spread-eagle in some form of device, he moaned quietly as the anal device pumped his body deliciously, his face was blank and lit by a strange device, colours swirled across his face, his face was blank, he was mesmerised by the images being delivered to him. It was hypnotic.

“Ugggggghhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerboy moaned as the emitter spiked, he was sure that he was seeing Nylon bound in that contraption, but the emitters were making him groggy, his world was distorted while he was bound in that drone.

Bright lights not far from Nylon diverted his attention.

The Hyper Gym came into focus as he looked over to his right. It was a tall machine surrounded by four pillars, each having devious devices aimed inwards, Swimmerboy couldn’t see the device clearly in his groggy state, but he knew it was meant for him.

At the centre of the device was something similar to an incline bench used in fitness facilities, this one was not padded, it was made of stainless steel, similar to the general structure of the lavish room, it also included restraints on the floor on either side of the forward base of the unit and on each of the sides of the bench. The bench also widened from the top as the stainless steel curved wider, before becoming one with the stainless-steel floor surrounding the device. Several LED lights shone from the floor highlighting the wrist restraints, each ankle restraint was illuminated by a circular bank of blue LEDs and powerful red LEDs shone from the apex of each of the four pillars surrounding the machine down onto the bench.

“The Hyper Gym Swimmerboy!” announced Drago, my design and built by Electro’s engineers! Isn’t she a beauty?” The drone followed Lycra as he made his way toward the device. Swimmerboy could see the device come into view as they approached, he twisted in the strong bonds holding him in the drone, the single emitter pulsed orange between his slightly spread legs.

To his right, and lit up by two angled lights, was Nylon, his face awash with colours as the hypnotic program swirled. His hips were slowly thrusting, and his nylon speedo pouch was dripping. His muffled moans were quietly emanating forward toward the Hyper 2000, which was set directly in front of the device.

“Stun level three!”

Swimmerboy had no time to protest, the drone lit up as the emitter shot waves of energy upward directly into the waiting mound of his green speedo. Swimmerboy arched his back outward from the drone, his shoulders twisting and contorting in the sudden shocking pain spikes shooting through his muscles, his head lolled from side to side as the device deployed obediently. Swimmerboy blacked out momentarily as the drone released the restraints and pushed Swimmerboy’s deliciously limp body out into the waiting arms of Lycra and Drago.

“Onto the bench, spread his legs!” ordered Drago, “I want him helpless; he is mine!” The ankle restraints locked into place with a satisfying buzz and click.

“Lay him back onto the incline and ensure the wrist restraints are secure!” They spread his arms outward on the stainless-steel which moulded out from the top laying surface, the restraints opened and moved forward to accept Swimmerboy’s arms, Drago and Lycra turned his palms facing upward and the restraints closed over clicking tighter and tighter as they squeezed Swimmerboy’s wrists snugly against the steel.

Swimmerboy lay motionless on the incline bench, his arms stretched out, but slightly facing downward forward toward the floor, his legs were spread slightly to either side of the incline. He was facing directly in front of Nylon’s stretched body.

The emitters powered down to standby.

“Wakey wakey, pretty boy, I’d say hands off snaky, but you can’t touch snaky!” Drago laughed in a smug self-satisfied tone as he surveyed his work. The delectable Swimmerboy was now finally installed on his baby. He had worked on every little detail of the machine with the engineers, nearly 12 months in the making, this little puppy was designed for results. He would ensure Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad would be in prime fitness for their engagements in the facility.

Swimmerboy stirred and slowly opened his eyes, the red LEDs were strong, but his speedo strength had returned and his vision was back to normal, he felt his power as it infiltrated his body, his fingers tingled as the power rushed through his veins. “Where the fuck am I?” His head lifted off the incline, he looked over his right shoulder, his wrists were tied securely outwards from his body, he looked down over his heaving speedo mound, his legs spread and restrained. He pulled and contorted his body as much as he could, but it was once again hopeless, he was helpless. Looking up he saw Nylon’s spread-eagled body. First, he thought it was Swimmerlad, but he knew the tone of the sounds emanating from the captive, it was Nylon!

“What the Fuck?” He asked as he motioned with his head pointing at Nylon.

“Welcome Swimmerboy!” Draco approached him looking across Swimmerboy’s helplessly bound body to Lycra on the other side. “Yes, that is Nylon!” “Orgasmo is undertaking a conditioning session with him today, he is being fed a hypnotherapy program, and part of that are images of your and Swimmerlad, your hot bulges your magnificent bodies in bondage. Orgasmo is feeding his lust!”

Draco then gave the command “Retract the Hypno viewer” and with that the viewing screen surrounding Nylon’s head retracted back to its resting position. Nylon looked forward to the view of Swimmerboy, restrained, directly in front of him, his legs spread revealing his magnificent green Lycra bulge and his speedo pouch which caressed his body from hip to hip. The speedos were tight and the view of the fabric clinging to Swimmerboy’s generous cock and balls ignited Nylon’s inbuilt lusts. The anal probe hummed in Nylon’s arse and soon his erection filed his nylon pouch pushing deliciously in the nylon pouch. Several minutes later, his nylon speedos were wet and dripping, like Pavlov’s dog foaming mouth, his cock was engorged and dripping pre-cum, the view of the helplessly writhing hero bound before him was sublime.

“Re-engage hypno screen”, Nylon returned to the pre-programmed stimulation sequence, his moans were sexual and regular.

“That device is delivering a hypnotic conditioning sequence, which Nylon and Lycra here, undertake regularly with Orgasmo. But Nylon broke protocol recently, after using your pre-cum offering at the consecration, as his personal lube, he gave into his lust, in disobedience, lashing your juices on his own, may I say, delightful bulge, before cumming in front of Scoprio, it did not go un-noticed, and today as part of his conditioning, he will also undergo an obedience program.”

Swimmerboy, tested his bondage, but he was secured tightly to the device. “And what does that entail?” Swimmerboy asked defiantly. Although Nylon was his original captor and one of his tormentors, Swimmerboy’s hero instincts, wanted to break the bonds and free Nylon from his bondage.

“Glad you asked!”

“The device you are tied so deliciously to is designed to keep you and Swimmerlad in peak physical condition! We have a second device in case we want you both together, but today we are in solo mode. The Hyper Gym is more than a single gym unit with weights and pullies. It has been devised to work muscles and muscle groups with precision and force. Your muscles will respond to their “workouts” with accuracy and efficiency.”

Swimmerboy replied, “Yeah but what has that to do with Nylon?”

“Let me continue dear boy!” was Drago’s sly response.

“Your workout will be combined with bursts of laser torture directed surgically into your speedo pouch. At first the stimulation will be light but as your muscles fatigue and your resistance to the muscle stimulators becomes weaker, the torture will increase in your speedo pouch. This will also trigger a change in Nylon’s conditioning program; at the moment his prostrate is being delivered mouth-watering or should I say, pre-cum producing sensations.” Drago looked up at Nylon, “See how his cock is engorged, his pre-cum dripping into the container between his legs.” “He is enjoying the images of your consecration right now; his cock is almost twitching as the program conditions him.”

Drago continued, “So as the torture laser focused on your speedo intensifies, it will trigger the obedience program for our delightful Nylon. If you allow your muscles to fatigue, Nylon’s anal stimulator will issue jolts of painful electricity into his body. He will cry out for mercy, but it is for the best, he must learn obedience and he and Lycra here, are instructed NOT to enjoy your bodies, they are not permitted an orgasm without Orgasmo’s permission! Nylon must learn to control the lust.”

Swimmerboy, thrashed in his bonds, “You fucking devious pricks, first you condition them to lust after us, then you deny their desires, fuck you are all sick puppies!”

“Scorpio does enjoy his control! He is a bit of a control freak, as you and Swimmerlad are keenly aware!” He bent down and ran his strong fingers over Swimmerboy’s restrained body, he cupped Swimmerboy’s chin, enjoying the chiselled features of Swimmerboy’s face. He then caressed Swimmerboy’s biceps, his pectoral muscles, flinching as Drago’s expert hands massaged the virile young hero’s body. Drago then ran his hands over Swimmerboy’s powerful quads, feeling the muscles as they flexed, he then bent down; his face so close to Swimmerboy’s bulge, so tightly held in the Lycra speedos, his eyes fixated on the outline of Swimmerboy’s delicious soft penis, that sat pushing upward under the fabric. Drago’s mouth watered as he ran his fingertips over the outline of Swimmerboy’s cock head, displayed as the tight fabric caressed and clung to Swimmerboy’s body. He ran his fingers over the speedo pouch presented to him as Swimmerboy looked down watching Drago as he leaned into the nylon pouch, his tongue gently caressing the soft bulging contours, his senses heightened as he breathed in the scent of Swimmerboy’s most private region.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, Delicious!” was Drago’s first words, he was intoxicated by the, close up encounter; the sight, smell and tactile features of Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch. “I promised to worship that, and worship I will!”

“Let’s begin,” he said rising from his speedo devotions and coming to his senses.

The first device rose from the stainless-steel bench. It rose between Swimmerboy’s legs, it was only small, but it rose 20 centimetres and turned its small evil lens head downward focusing a narrow red beam of light directly onto Swimmerboy’s Lycra pouch, its first target was the middle of his curvaceous balls. Thankfully for Swimmerboy the laser had no strength.

“That is a laser array device Swimmerboy, once the process begins the beam will discharge lightly, it can and will move around your pouch and your bulge with pinpoint accuracy, the pain will stimulate you nicely. Soon enough we’ll have started your next cum production so Scorpio can milk you.” His evil laugh was an indication of what he had planned for the helpless Swimmerboy.

“Fuck, you want me to watch my own torture, you are fucking sick! But I will use my speedo strength, it won’t be that easy!” was Swimmerboy’s defiant response as he looked up at Nylon, whose nylon speedo caressed Nylon’s raging engorged cock, it was wet and drooling with precum drops.

“We’ll start with your legs, they need to be powerful, your muscles flexing in your bondage turns us all on, it keeps the coin flowing as people tune in to watch your torture and pleasure sessions. Swimmerboy helpless and spread-eagle is a delicious sight, and very profitable!”

“Commence upper leg program!”

The Hyper Gym hummed, coming to life, the four pillars surrounding the device deployed an array of sensors and stimulator devices and soon Swimmerboy’s upper legs were lit up. A similar array of devices opened upon the bench device he was expertly restrained to. Soon his forward and rear leg muscle groups were being targeted by the machine.

Swimmerboy pulled in his bonds, but the ankle restraints were secure, his legs were captive to the device and it was intent on replicating the sensation of exercise, but unlike a normal gym piece, his entire upper leg muscles, from the pectineus through the abductors to the rectus femoris muscles. On the rear, his glutes were being stimulated, the gracilise and the abductors were all being stimulated at the same time.

“How do you like the workout Swimmerboy? It’s quite the experience don’t you think?” Drago asked smiling as Swimmerboy’s face contorted and his wrists clenched; he tried to accommodate the immense strains on his upper legs, he concentrated his mind, his super energy as his legs lit up, the stimulators were targeting specific muscles, which twitched and stretched as the workout progressed. Soon his whole upper legs were on fire and he was moaning attempting to counter the forces the machine was supplying his muscles.

He had forgotten the laser device aiming directly into his wonderful speedo bulge. The energy in the laser shot a single pulse into his bulge, so fast, it shocked him from his concentration process. “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he cried out powerfully, lifting his hips off the bench, but the machine countered, pulling his restraints tighter, stretching his body tighter. He needed to grab his manhood desperately, to try and relieve the sudden explosion of pain but was denied by the bondage restraints holding him securely.

His head had instinctively pushed backward and to the left of his body, his eyes squinting, and his breathing intensified.

“Aghhhh, you forgot about that part of the workout Swimmerboy?” Drago bent lower looking into Swimmerboy’s eyes as they opened, “That will occur throughout the workout, quite the distraction for your speedo strength stores, don’t you think?”

“Fuck, that was immense, you prick, fuck you! I thought you said it was not going to be strong at first!” Was Swimmerboy’s defiant response.

“Your torture is not up for discussion Swimmerboy, but there will be different power bursts, now and then, some will be strong, others will be long but less shocking, hahahahahahaha, but still completely distracting.”

Swimmerboy’s legs were burning, his glutes twitched inside the fabric of the speedo, Drago had not made a thong of this pair, that was deemed only for the occasions presided over by the speedo priesthood.

The machine worked each of his upper legs, targeting the muscle groups, it expertly and accurately employed a stressor to each muscle, mirroring the operations of isotonic exercise movements, of extension and flexion. Swimmerboy needed to exert his speedo strength, the power of the machine’s actions was immense, it wasn’t isolating one muscle, it focused on each of the muscles individually, but at all at once. The workout was intense, it was demanding his energy and concentration to try and resist its evil invasion of his body.

The laser shot three dense bursts into the same section of Swimmerboy’s bulge, his screams filled the room as his body adjusted to not only the ever increasing fatigued muscle pains wracking his legs, but the torture of the pinpoint accurate laser torture. He was fighting his bonds, looking intently at the device between his legs, it adjusted it’s orientation, and the laser head was now hovering over his shaking, quivering body, it had focused on the magnificent protrusion of his penis displayed deliciously beneath the green Lycra fabric.

“Nooooooo, pleassssssse no!” he pleaded as the device was clearly moving and focusing on his manhood, he was unable to stop its evil intent as he leant forward as best he could trying to resist what was inevitably about to unleash on his speedo.

It shot six laser beams directly into his speedo pain points, they targeted spots along his penis, and they provided a long intense battery of pain which lasted 5 seconds. Swimmerboy’s body was trembling as he thrashed in his bondage, the pain was immense and weakened his speedo power resistance on his leg muscles.

“Pow!” beamed Drag with a huge smile, watching the magnificent Swimmerboy helplessly writhing in layers of pain.

Nylon’s conditioning program changed from pleasure sensations and he was now adding to the sound of the screams bouncing around the room.

“Swimmerboy, you are torturing Nylon, you are teaching him obedience!” laughed Drago, your strength is not enough to keep him safe, hero boy! You’ve dropped to the danger zone”

Swimmerboy looked up through the fog of the pain wracking his cock, his speedo pouch and his upper legs, he saw Nylon’s head behind the hypnotic device, and his body, impaled on the anal stimulator, twisting in pain as the electricity flowed into his anal wall and prostrate.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, stop this you bastarrrrrrrd!” pleaded Swimmerboy, you want me for fuck sakes, leave him out of this, Please?”

The laser shot another random bust of power targeting Swimmerboy’s cock head, and this time his speedos cackled as the energy absorbed.

Swimmerboy screamed again, his head pushing on the bench behind his neck, his head lolling to the right.

“End upper leg workout”

Swimmerboy was trembling, his legs twitched as the muscle pain contracted slowly, he was glad that that was over.

“Let’s do arms, then chest” Drago smiled as he bent down to wiped the sweat off Swimmerboy’s forehead. He squeezed Swimmerboy’s bulge tenderly, but the pain shot through the young hero like a freight train, he responded, pleading with tears running down his face, “please stop this.”

Nylon’s conditioning reverted to pleasure mode and his cock became engorged again, he dripped pre cum as the program reinforced his lust for Swimmerboy.

Orgasmo and Scorpio watched the action from their facility control room. It was all turning out well and they were pleased with the performance of the Hyper Gym, it was not only working Swimmerboy’s muscles superbly but calculating the results of each workout. They wanted Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad in top condition, toned, but not looking like gym junkies, they wanted their powerful muscles to flex and strain during the torture and pleasure sessions and for this they needed the perfect balance of exercise and fuel. Nothing would be overlooked in the captivity of these two magnificent heroes.

Drago ran his fingers over Swimmerboy’s extended arms, he felt Swimmerboy’s biceps and triceps, his fingers caressed Swimmerboy’s pectoralis major, he bent down and licked the sweat off Swimmerboy’s pert small round nipples, he was so sexual in his bondage, his body beautifully proportioned, bound and helpless. It was in this moment of awe that he decided to put his name down to spend personal time with this beautifully handsome, hero, he wanted time to toy with the beauty of the bound, helpless Swimmerboy, he wanted more of Swimmerboy’s juice. He was overtaken with lust before he composed himself to address the helpless Swimmerboy.

“Time for some upper body, hero boy!” I’ve let you rest ten minutes, so some speedo strength has re-built in that time, but will it be enough to keep Nylon in his happy place or will you drain enough speedo strength so that you allow his torture?” He smiled as he ran his hand over Swimmerboy’s heaving wet nylon pouch, the fabric was clinging with more intensity now as his sweat filled the fabric, the outline of Swimmerboy’s balls and the his cock displayed deliciously as the young virile hero tested his bondage in a vain attempt to escape the ravages ahead of him as the workout session continued.

Two more laser devices emerged from each side of the bench Swimmerboy was tied to, they lifted up, flanking each of Swimmerboy’s hips.

“Oh Fuck!” complained Swimmerboy, “Fuck, fuck, fuck”

He fought his bonds, but he was secure, and he was forced to watch as the small evil heads surveyed his speedo pouch and bulge, the high pitch robotic sounds were spine tingling. There were now three dedicated laser heads sizing up their target.

Swimmerboy thrashed his head from side to side, his wrists clenched as he once again fought the capable restraints holding him to the device.

He tried demanding, he tried pleading, he tried to reach Drago’s sense of fairness, his humanity.

Drago laughed, he bent down tracing Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch, his fingers traversed the hero’s bulge, it squished with sweaty hero moisture as he caressed Swimmerboy’s offering.

“You have a beautiful gift Swimmerboy, your speedo presence is intoxicating, I want to cum over and over just looking at you! But to see you writhe in pain at my command, makes me hot with lust, I want you, as much as Scorpio wants you. So you can plead all you like, you must be worked hard, you must be tortured – No mercy!”

“Chest and arms program, commence!”

The machine focused its sensors on Swimmerboy’s chest, arms and shoulders. Extra sensor heads emerged from the device with arrays targeting Swimmerboy’s muscles from specific angles. He fought the bonds holding his arms and pulling is body tightly to the upper section of the incline bench, but he was helpless, his head turning from side to side trying to survey the machine’s activities as it discharged it duties working his upper body. Swimmerboy clenched his teeth as he concentrated on resisting the stress being placed on each of the muscle groups, his pecs twitched, but at the same time his lower and upper arm muscle groups were screaming it was a concert of muscle strain and he was experiencing chest press, chest flies, bicep curls and tricep dips all at once, it was almost impossible to direct his speedo strength to each screaming muscle on either side of his body.

The lasers waited until the machine sensed Swimmerboy’s use of his speedo strength and each evil, little robotic head unit, surveying his speedo pouch began to pulse blue and red, the laser array targeted base of Swimmerboy’s bulging mound with a constant energy beam directed in 9 points circling his bulge. The beams were warm at first, and they served their purpose by distracting Swimmerboy from the flexion actions taking place in the muscles of the upper body. Swimmerboy looked down in disbelief as he watched is bulge light up from points around it, he focused as best he could on the speedo mound, his penis was a sitting duck, it was clearly visible as it sat beneath the wet Lycra fabric, they had arranged his junk in the speedo’s before he was taken to the facility and made sure it was arranged perfectly for the torture. He tried to move his hips to escape the warm energy directing to his bulge, but the lasers persisted on their assigned targets.

Draco bent down to survey his prize speedo offering, he ran his fingers over the drawstring, tied tightly around Swimmerboy’s waist, and along the top of the garment across to each of Swimmerboy’s hips, the moist fabric felt gorgeous and tactile as he caressed the sides of the speedo pouch, careful not to get in the way of any of the targeted beams. He then ran his index finger from the drawstring tie at the top front of the pouch and moved it sensually toward Swimmerboy’s balls, he reached the start of Swimmerboy’s bulge as the fabric began to rise over his penis head, he needed to be careful not to disturb the nine beams, starting their diabolical onslaught of pain. He avoided the beam targeted on the tip of the bulge and moved his finger to the apex of Swimmerboy’s penis, he played with outline of Swimmerboy’s cock head, his finger swirling and then began to gently push as he ran his finger intently down the body of the penis toward Swimmerboy’s Lycra encased testicles.

Swimmerboy looked down watching himself being fondled by Drago, who seemed to be in a trance as he toyed and played him. He looked up, across Swimmerboy’s heaving abs, his chest rising and falling as he took in deep breaths and gasps of air as the workout program continued to burn his upper body so intensely. “So beautiful, so sexual, Swimmerboy, you are a magnificent specimen and a perfect offering, your cock looks so inviting, so irresistible in that speedo, pity it will soon experience excruciating pain as these nine little babies heat you up. They will soon energise and slowly surround that delicious speedo bulge you offer; they will move around your bulge and fill you with superb pain. They will converge on the top of your penis, bulging so intently through the wet fabric and you will have the pleasure as they then line up the length of your bulge and pulse it with energy so sweet, so delicious. You won’t know where to direct your speedo strength by that time, you will have drained progressively and Nylon up there will once again, if you let him” (his evil smirk spoke volumes to Swimmerboy),”be taught his obedience lesson as the anal probe he is impaled upon delivers its own series of torture bursts. Do you think you can hold out Swimmerboy?” he turned his attention from Swimmerboy’s trembling speedo pouch and bent over to grab Swimmerboy’s jaw and forced him to look him in the eye.

Swimmerboy clenched his teeth, his eyes defiant, his body trembling…

Drago smiled, “Intensify now!”

Swimmerboy’s cries were piercing, his head thrashed trying to loosen from Drago’s tight grip. The beams had turned deep red and hummed as the energy flowed into Swimmerboy’s bulge from the entry points. It felt like needles and blowtorches all at once, it surrounded his junk and they were now on the move. His body trembled as his upper body flexed and fought the intensifying workout, his speedo was a blaze of pain surrounding his bulge, it was inescapable.

Draco stood back to get a view of the young hero’s workout torture, it was a fantastic sight to see his brainchild come to life and fulfil its diabolical purposes. Electro’s evil engineers had created a machine so devilish, with so many options, he listened to Swimmerboy’s cries of despair as he dealt with the intensity of the workout program and the growing intensity of the laser torture being delivered to his wet Lycra bulge.

Swimmerboy was in a fog, his arms and chest were screaming under the pressure of the muscle stimulators his concentration was fatigued like his muscles, the pain was like a concert thrashing his body mercilessly. He looked down to see the evil laser heads glowing with red LEDs surrounding his Lycra bulge, they were pulsing now, but the laser attack was constant, it was like they were slicing him up. They started to rotate the beams dancing from one head unit to the other, he felt the pain move, it was excruciating, his cries for mercy and screams reverberated around the facility. He felt the reverberation through his speedo strength, he could feel the strength being sapped as he desperately tried to hold on though the torturous procedure.

He had failed! Nylon screamed out as the obedience program triggered. Swimmerboy’s strength levels were dropping, and he had no hope of resisting much longer. Nylon screamed the words “Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust Obeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, obedience” as he twisted in the bondage holding his body in place.

The lasers moved over the curves of Swimmerboy’s bulge, it was on fire, it was a world of pure pain being delivered to him, he thrashed his head then tried to focus as the nine evil beams lined up from the base of his bulge, caressing his testicles, to the tip of the head of his penis. The end beam shot through the tip of his bulge and the evil energy exploded inside his cock, it used Swimmerboy’s magnificent penis like an antenna, diffusing the energy throughout his Lycra pouch.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” was all Swimemrboy could articulate as the crescendo of pain exploded in throughout his magnificent speedo pouch, he thrashed in the bonds, desperately trying to free himself but he was helpless.

Swimmerboy’s speedo strength had been drained. He had 10% left in his tank as the torture workout session drew to a close, 15 minutes later. His body still restrained and stretched over the incline bench was drenched in sweat, his legs and his upper body, were worked to their limits, his muscles cried out and twitched as he trembled and lolled his beautiful head down onto his chest. The magnificent Swimmerboy was defeated, drained and a mess. He had endured nearly an hour of intense muscle stimulation sequences combined with excruciating torture.

Drago was satisfied! He had fulfilled his task and he now had plans for Swimmerlad’s visit to his facility. He had earned some private hero time and he looked forward to toying with Swimmerboy in the future in a private intimate session, he wanted to enjoy the mighty hero tremble in pleasure, as he stimulated his speedo pouch, he had fantasies that demanded fulfilment and his fantasy was laid out before him, exhausted.

Swimmerboy’s torture for the day was not done though!

Electro was just starting to prepare Swimmerboy’s next session. Scorpio demanded more cum, so they planned another torture session, he would be tortured one more time before enduring a long pleasure session, his juices would be milked slowly and deliciously.

Draco called for Lycra who arrived with a transport drone.

“He is done here for today, take him and prepare him for Electro. He must be cleaned up and charged up in the next two hours. Take him away!”

Swimmerboy was resting in his cell-suite. It had been over 12 hours since he was consecrated in the Speedo temple and since that time he had been worked by the evil trainer Draco, he found himself cleaned and restored to full speedo strength again, he felt the remnants of muscle fatigue but his speedo strength allowed him to recover from workouts quickly. He had been tied to the trainer’s own invention; a device that exercises the Hero’s muscle groups.

After the training ordeal, he was nourished and given water and then taken to his cell-suite to be cleaned, re-charged and rested. He was restrained laying on his back with his arms restrained at his sides, his ankles restrained and his neck. He and Swimmerlad were restricted to resting on their backs, and they were always required to remain restrained.

The emitters were now wired to the restraints of both heroes, once the restraints were released the emitters automatically fired to bring the hero to his knees and rob him of his strength until he could be safely restrained again.

Nylon and Lycra appeared, Nylon had no memory of his recent therapy and they were both wearing Lycra speedos, black with a small orange printed N on the front of Nylon’s bulge and an L Lycra’s bulge. “Electro wants you Swimmerboy”, Swimmerboy was laying helpless on the restraining table, the restraints released as the diabolical emitters fired to weaken him, his vision blurred; he put up no defence for Lycra who tied his arms securely with speedo-strengthened rope. The emitters were keeping him groggy and compliant. Swimmerboy was raised to his feet, his beauty struck Nylon who approached him and lifted his stunning face to enjoy the beauty of the helpless hero tied up in front of them. “stunning” “you are so magnificent Swimmerboy.” I can’t wait to see what Electro has in store for you.”

Swimmerboy struggled testing the ropes, but he was weakened by the glowing emitters and Lycra pushed him out of his cell down the labyrinth of the compound’s halls, past the public square to one of the torture precincts. He was to be tortured privately today, and many of the villains watched in delight as he was led past them to his destination.

Torture Room 2 glowed above the room’s entrance. Another sign advised occupants of the compound facility to tune to channel 2 on the compound closed circuit vision to view the session. Most villains and compound residents had retired to watch the session.

The door opened and Swimmerboy was manhandled into the room by Lycra and Nylon. “Swimmerboy, as requested Electro” Lycra announced.

“Thank you, gentlemen,” smirked Electro as he turned around from his control panel to see the three of them in the entrance of the room.

“Come in, come in, welcome gentlemen, welcome Swimmerboy” I see you had a productive work out earlier.”

Swimmerboy was thrusting against his bonds, writhing helplessly, his arms tied behind his back. He was helplessly weakened. The door closed behind him and the four men were in the confines of the private torture chamber. The room was brightly lit by white, red and yellow LED lights. The walls had status screens and other nefarious devices installed. In the centre of the room was a cross shaped torture altar device, custom made for Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. It was connected to the central Speedo computers and had full access to the information held about each hero.

“This is one of our private torture rooms Swimmerboy, and I hope you like how we decorated, some would say minimalist, with just this one piece of furniture, but that’s because the room is private and intimate. We love intimate here, don’t you?”

Swimmerboy wriggled in his bonds but three emitters were making short work of his full speedo strength. “You are sick fucks” Swimmerboy hissed. “I will resist your torture, you’ll see”

“Hahahahahahaha, thems fighting words dear Swimmerboy” smirked Electro. “Just like you did at your consecration and with Draco earlier? We expect nothing less dear boy!”

“So, talking about intimate, Boys I think it’s time Swimmerboy enjoyed his bondage this afternoon, tie him down to the device, spread his arms and legs wide. Swimmerboy was helpless as they both manhandled him to the torture device, Lycra undid Swimmerboy’s bound hands and pushed him up onto the centre of the X framed supine device. Nylon ensured the ankle restraints were locked and tight and soon Lycra had secured Swimmerboy’s wrists. He was laying spread-eagled looking directly up at the ceiling of the torture room.

The emitters immediately powered down to standby and Swimmerboy was helplessly spread prostrate, his speedo strength rushing back, enlivening him, his unsteadiness had dissipated, he was alert, on-edge, straining in his bonds, he was helplessly installed into the torture room!

Nylon and Lycra stepped back and stood at attention, they looked gorgeous in their black lycra speedo’s mounding perfectly. “Thank you, boys,” declared Electro, you will get to enjoy Swimmerboy soon.

Electro scanned the room, Swimmerboy spreadeagled was a magnificent sight and several cameras were trained on every aspect of Swimmerboy’s, beautiful muscled body. He was wearing a pair of new Royal Blue Aussiebum nylon speedos. His balls and cock producing a massive textured speedo bulge, that the bright lit room captured spectacularly, his speedo pouch was full and textured, the top of his cock tenting the fabric gloriously. His bulge filled the entire middle of his speedo pouch and it stood inches high, and his generous testicles filled beautifully. The speedos had a white section at each of his hips that almost immediately starting to rise across his pouch to his tenting bulge crown and the light nylon fabric creased and folded as it stained against Swimmerboy’s delicious penis encased in the speedo pouch’s light nylon fabric.

“A spectacular sight” announced Electro, Swimmerboy tested the restraints he was secured and helpless. Electro moved between Swimmerboy’s spread strong legs, the muscles flickered and twitched as he fought and tested his bondage, Electro bent down to lick Swimmerboy’s manly mound. He was madly pulling his bondage, trying to escape the clutches of Electro, his hips rising and falling as he twisted his body. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Exquisite, Sexual!” he exclaimed. Lycra already had pre-cum appearing on his black speedo’s, orange N. “We truly worship your beauty Swimmerboy, so deliciously bound and helpless.”

Electro cupped Swimmerboy’s bulge in both hands carefully fondling the beauty of the heaving hero’s speedo offering extending his hands across the magnificent speedo pouch out to each of Swimmerboy’s hips. “Oh my god, you are so sexual Swimmerboy” “I am going to inflict delicious pain on you, you will be the perfect sacrifice, Mmmmmmmmmm, creating your jism will be a pleasure, hahahahahahahahahahaha. It is my priestly duty to worship your body, to make your jism.”

Swimmerboy looked up over his heaving torso to his Bulge, it was magnificent, his hips and body attempting to twist in his bonds “Never you bastard, you forget I am at full strength, your torture will be resisted”.

Electro, massaged the hero some more, smiling as his captive thrashed in his bonds. His fingers pushed sensually around Swimmerboy’s heaving bulge, he felt the nylon caress Swimmerboy’s penis and testicles, he allowed the fabric to slide and stimulate the young hero’s offering deliciously.

“So captivating, so sexual”, don’t you think Lycra?”

Lycra was waiting for his chance to access Swimmerboy.

“Lycra take my place while I make preparations.”

Lycra complied with restrained excitement, and bent down to worship Swimmerboy’s helpless speedo offering, his tongue was thorough, and he enjoyed Swimmerboy’s heaving warm mound. He breathed in the scent of the bound hero’s sexual presence, the bulge was warm, its curves were tactile and alluring.

Electro turned from the control panel and faced the writhing hero, “Scorpio was impressed by your jism flows at your consecration and we have been examining both your and Swimmerlad’s semen offerings we have found some interesting insights into your speedo strength, but our results have not been conclusive. We need to undertake further research, so to that end we have decided you will give 10 extra litres tonight at your next pleasuring event. So we need to make some more delicious Swimmerboy juices today! He smirked sexually toward the helplessly bound hero.

“Look, before I go on, let’s make a start”

Swimmerboy’s face contorted as he made a final attempt to free himself, he was helpless and the thought of them milking him later was both exciting and frightening. They were learning more and more about his secrets and how to use that to torture him and drain him of his power so much more effectively.

“You are restrained on my cloaking device dear Swimmerboy” announced Electro as he commenced the torture procedure, the device lit up under Swimmerboy’s supine stretched body.

Occupant: Swimmerboy

Speedo Strength: 100%

Cloaking status: Ready

“The device has recognised you Swimmerboy, it will feed off your speedo strength, using your power to create an electric field around your body.

“No” begged Swimmerboy, “Please no?” He pleaded.

Electro ignored the hero, just smirked and enjoyed the pre-torture moments with his helplessly captive superhero spreadeagled before him and at his mercy.

“The cloak will not be comfortable dear boy, it will provide continuous electrical discharges around your body, we have installed nodes along the entire device from the extremities of the device through to your buttocks, your restraints also have nodes so that the cloak is thorough, an electro current will flow around you intensifying.”

Swimmerboy struggled looking intently for any way to escape, he was helplessly writhing waiting for his torture. But Electro delighted in describing his torture in detail, Electro enjoyed the intense sexual intensity of the helpless, magnificent speedo hero writhing in his bonds.

“Above you is a trimming capacitor, it will lower to hover above your speedos Swimmerboy. It will draw energy up from your cloak and as it builds up and condenses the trimming capacitor will discharge a dense electron beam and shoot it directly into you bulge. You won’t be able to escape it and your screams will fill this chamber gloriously.”

“Your torture will proceed until your speedo strength is diminished, so in effect it’s up to you how long you resist, the longer you resist, the longer the torture. The torture will stimulate your cum production, all monitored by our speedo computers ready for your pleasuring and milking.”

Lycra stepped back from Swimmerboy’s stretched body, the cloak, dangerous to the normal human, only speedo strength could deal with the electrical torture flow.

‘No, No Please?” Begged Swimmerboy one more time.

But the onslaught began, he looked up at his right arm stretched outward, and he could see and feel the diabolical current surrounding his arms and moving down to his shoulders.

Swimmerboy twisted his arms but it was useless.

The pain was intense and then it began at his ankles, it creeped up his legs over his thighs and he could feel it intensify as it engulfed his speedos, his bulge and pouch and buttocks, he cried in pain as he tried to normalise the situation with his speedo strength, it then raced from his shoulders and speedos to engulf his whole body.

Swimmerboy’s body contorted up and down, he writhed as the current danced across his entire body infiltrating his skin, raping his speedo mound, he was consumed by the pain, his helpless magnificent body was raided by the all-consuming electric voltage as he twisted and turned in the bondage holding his body helpless.

“Fuck you” gasped Swimmerboy as his head thrashed up and down. “Fucccccccccccccck” “Electricity consuming my strength” “Muuuuust try and hold off the current!”

His hips thrusted up and down, left and right, he could not escape its ravaging onslaught on his young taught athletic body.

Nylon, Lycra enjoyed the moment, their precum dripping through their black tight lycra speedos. Electro fondled them as he could not approach the intensity of the cloak engulfing the writhing hero.

The lights lowered and so did the trimming capacitor. The room was lit by the buzzing, glowing cloak surrounding Swimmerboy, the device lowered just above the heaving hero’s bulge.

Electro announced that he was tightening the cloak.

Swimmerboy screamed as the cloak physically tightened around his body, the devilish pain squeezed his body as it intensified the diabolical electrocutions on him. “Aggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeee,” he cried out as Electro laughed out loud watching his invention ravage the young, virile beautiful hero.

The trimmer capacitor started to absorb energy from the glowing blue cloak, Swimmerboy could feel his power being sapped, the pain intensified in his speedo pouch as the device vacuumed up the energy from the cloak sapping him, feeding on him, it was dangerously buzzing as it fed and concentrated the energy. The device took 15 minutes to absorb enough energy from the torturous electro-cloak, as its victim writhed and cried out in the engulfing pain, it started glowing orange and Swimmerboy looked up to see its devious process unleash on his pouch. A fine blue electro current shot directly into his heaving manhood. And Swimmerboy’s screams intensified to disturbing levels, his speedo mound was encased in a huge electrical hurricane swirling and dancing on his speedo bulge, the pain was excruciating and consumed him. His screams were now guttural and intense. He was unable to focus his senses, but he could hear Electro’s voice as he talked him through his torture. This process continued for a further 30 minutes.

Electro surveyed his work and was taken by the sexual beauty of the helpless and ravaged superhero. “You are pure sex Swimmerboy, magnificence, helpless, so strong, so beautiful. Your sacrifice is perfect and soon your pleasure will be unleashed on your speedo bulge. Your next session will be your reward, long pleasure, long, long pleasure will be yours to enjoy, we are going to extend your orgasm tonight well beyond the ten minutes you endured at your consecration, such a tantalising thought, don’t you think?” He smiled wryly at the helplessly draining hero.

Swimmerboy was thrashing violently, frothing at the mouth in pure exquisite pain.

“Your pleasure will take 6 hours Swimmerboy and we will extend your orgasm for up to an hour” he laughed an evil sexual laugh “Muuuuhahhahahah” and we will extract your cum slowly and deliciously milking you completely, does that sound enjoyable?”

Swimmerboy “looked at his captor as best he could. His strength was now at 20% and the machine started to slow it its onslaught, the trimming capacitor, lifted back into the ceiling above Swimmerboy’s exhausted spreadeagled body, but the cloak remained tormenting his convulsing body. His speedo’s were drenched in sweat, the wet fabric showing off his soft delicious cock as the fabric clung to it, his head hang backwards as his exhausted body lay limp and lifeless, twitching as the cloak continued to sap his remaining strength reserves.

The cloak began to loosen its hold on him, but it still ravaged every part of his weakened body and speedo pouch, his torture was just as intense as his speedo strength waned to dangerously low levels.

The torture device made its announcement

Occupant Swimmerboy

Speedo strength critically low

Cloak level at 30%

Time to Swimmergboy’s death, 5 minutes

Electro ordered the machine the shutdown and Swimmerboy’s limp lifeless body lay motionless but jerking, his speedos soaked in his sweat and still crackling with the residual electric current.

Electro spoke directly to Scorpio via the communication system. “Swimmerboy is cooked Scorpio” laughed Electro, he is also full of cum according to the monitoring speedo system! Our little afternoon procedure has been a successful and fruitful process. Lycra and Nylon will take him to his cell suite and wash and prepare him for this evening’s pleasure session.”

Scorpio was pleased, “Nice work Electro, I hope you will join us to harvest his pleasure offering tonight, you have earned your place in the pleasure room.” Nylon, Lycra, I want him prepared and re-energised for tonight. Powder blue speedos please, I want his mound to be magnificent, the broadcast of his pleasure session will be going to some very wealthy influential villains and this will be a wonderful show for them. His bulge must be spectacular. Make it so!” with that Scorpio went offline, he and Orgasmo were planning the pleasure session for Swimmerboy’s offering.

The ordeal was over for the time being, but his next pleasure session was ahead, he would be drained again soon, but how? Where was Swimmerlad?

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