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Defeat and Domination
Part 7 - Consecration
By Scorpio

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The heroes are taken to the Speedo Temple, their bodies and speedo pouches will be consecrated as an offering. Villains and pledges will consecrate their willingness to worship the two sacrificial heroes and their offerings.

Nylon and Lycra summoned the transport drones to transfer their hero charges to their respective recovery cells, they had 4 hours to restore, prepare and recharge their heroes for the evening’s all-important consecration ceremony. They had received strict instructions on how to prepare Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad for the ceremony. They were so aroused by the beautiful unconscious heroes, and their growing desires were becoming insatiable, yet they also obeyed something deep down which restrained their growing attraction to Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad.

Orgasmo was tasked with the regular hypno-pleasure sessions of Nylon and Lycra, they were regularly returned to Orgasmo’s private parlour to undergo sessions of pleasure and suggestive hypnotic visual ques of their respective hero, Nylon was fed images of Swimmerboy’s beautiful body and speedo bulge, his bondage and likewise Lycra, Swimmerlad. The two henchmen were an ongoing project of Scorpio and Orgasmo, they were creations and their obedience and pent up desires will be unleashed on the two heroes in a select public session sometime in the future, a time that Scorpio and Orgasmo felt they were ready for.

Scorpio and Orgasmo watched intently from Orgasmo’s viewing lab as the two henchmen returned their respective heroes for rejuvenation, they checked their level of obedience and sexual restraint, especially in the private moments as they washed and revived Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad.

Nylon gently placed the limp Swimmerboy on the rejuvenation space, “Let’s get you sorted Swimmerboy.” Were his first words as he went about his duties. The room was lit by stark LED lights, there were no shadows or intimate lighting in this section of the recovery cell, the hero had to be checked and prepared thoroughly. He stretched Swimmerboy’s limp arms above his head and ensured the restraints were secure, also securing Swimmerboy’s chest to the waiting device. He checked emitters were on standby (just in case), but he knew that Swimmerboy’s strength was low and his life force needed to be restored soon. Nylon removed the black and orange Eyeline nylon speedos from Swimmerboy’s body, they would be sent to Scorpio as a trophy. Swimmerboy was half restrained and naked. Nylon’s cock shot hard to see the mighty hero in such a state. He worked quickly; without the new pair of swimwear, and the inflow of speedo strength, Swimmerboy would surely die quickly, given the punishment he had just endured. Swimmerlad even more so, needed intense attention which Lycra was undertaking in the adjacent recovery cell.

Nylon found the ceremonial pair of light nylon Aussiebum briefs, they matched the pair provided for Swimmerlad. They were presented on a plinth in the recovery chamber. They were made of light fabric, so they would drape beautifully across the hero’s body and present his pouch and superb and generous speedo bulge. They were red, with one-inch sides at each hip, the red fabric on the front pouch, had a separate smaller orange section with a smaller crème section sown into the sides of the garment near the hero’s hips. The gusset inside the base of the pouch pushed Swimmerboy’s testicles and penis forward in the speedo, enhancing his bulge. “Spectacular” announced Nylon to Swimmerboy as he finished dressing the hero in his consecration outfit. Swimmerboy did not stir and Nylon checked Swimmerboy’s stats on the screen provided in the recovery pod room. His Life force was still low and his speedo strength was slowly rising, heading for 13%.

Nylon continued his work diligently, he then restrained Swimmerboy’s ankles in their restraints. The hero was secure and he then set the program into begin the cleansing process, glass sides rose around Swimmerboy and a section rose to lift his head, the vessel filled with hot liquid designed to cleanse the young hero, it also included life rejuvenating nourishment which would absorb into the hero’s beautiful tanned body. The fluid heated up and was agitated by strong hot streams of hot air causing the liquid to fizzle and foam around Swimmerboy’s restrained body. Nylon followed his instructions to massage Swimmerboy’s body, slowly and sexually, he massaged every piece of his lifeless body. The vessel then drained, and the glass sides receded, leaving Swimmerboy’s drenched body stretched out in front of Nylon. The wet nylon fabric clung to Swimmerboy’s penis and balls; his cock head was pertly outlined as the wet Aussiebum garment stuck to Swimmerboy’s delicious body. Nylon wanted him so bad, his own yellow speedo pouch and bulge was throbbing but something somewhere deep inside him caused restraint. He wanted to suck Swimmerboy’s cock so bad, he wanted him in his mouth NOW!

The section raising the hero’s head receded and a section under Swimmerboy’s buttocks began to lift his hips slowly, stretching the young hero’s body deliciously in the restraints so that his speedo encased hips were stretched, presenting his bulge to Nylon as a private offering, Nylon caressed it quickly, he couldn’t resist and he squeezed the fluid from Swimmerboy’s magnificent bulging offering.

Swimmerboy’s body was dried quickly and expertly by the recovery pod as powerful hot air diffusers sent supercharged air around his body, the nylon speedos were dry in several minutes, the cleansing process also served to soften the nylon fabric of the consecration Aussiebum nylon speedo, it felt tactile and soft in Nylon’s expert hands as he adjusted Swimmerboy’s pouch. Swimmerboy started to moan and stir, his stats had increased nicely. Nylon removed the restraints with the emitters on standby and diligently carried Swimmerboy’s still limp body to the recharge table, his arms restrained at his side, his ankles and his neck were then restrained. The recharge table had a bank of lights pulsating it was indicating a positive speedo strength recharge.

Scorpio had ordered a slow deep-cycle speedo flow, Swimmerboy stirred as he felt the inflow start to energise him, his pouch was lightly heating as the slow charge assimilated with his speedo essence and energised his body with sweet waves of energy.

Swimmerboy came to within ten minutes, he was now alone; Nylon had disappeared.

Swimmerlad also found himself in the same state in his own cell, he had no memory of his rejuvenation, and he looked down over his body as best he could, the neck restraint held his head down, but he knew those new red and orange speedo’s felt amazing. Scorpio is playing me like an instrument! he thought to himself as he tried his bonds. I hope Swimmerboy is ok, fuck that was intense, they drained us like sexual toys, we must get out of this place. They enjoyed our screams, they revelled in our pain. He thought. Swimmerlad had time to think, he had another hour and he could see his vital statistics on the screens above him, he had 42% speedo strength left, he felt energised, he needed to escape and he needed to contact Swimmerboy. But how?

The hour passed slowly and both hero’s recharged deeply, they were now at full speedo strength, they were energised, their power felt exhilarating but the restraints were designed for their maximum power level and even more, they were helpless again and waiting to find out what the next hours had instore for them. They knew something big was planned because any continued speedo strength build up could overwhelm them or even kill them, but maybe that was their plan, maybe they had had their fill and they were being left to die of their own strength build-up.

That was never further from the truth, Scorpio had big plans for his two magnificent heroes.

The door opened behind Swimmerboy and Nylon appeared in a white pair of nylon speedos, “What do you think about the white?” he asked Swimmerboy, “Scorpio wants us looking our part for the ceremony.” Swimmerboy tried his bonds and told Nylon “to go fuck himself!” He wasn’t in the mood to play; he knew another big session was ahead of him.

“What is going on?” He demanded twisting in his bonds. “If my strength is not used, you know it will become overwhelming, I assume Swimmerlad is in the same state as me, he better be, ok!” Nylon laughed, “You’re in no place to make threats, gorgeous hero boy, and haven’t you worked that out yet? Of course, they know! That’s why they built systems to track you, measure you, study you, toy with you and as you now know drain you.” “You’re helpless and reliant on them, they have won hero boy, they have you and Swimmerlad in their clutches!”

Swimmerboy made a final attempt to break his bonds but it was useless. “Where is Swimmerlad, is he ok, the last thing I remember is his final cries of pain on that torture device, you bastards!”

“He’s fine and we’ll be joining him soon as we head to the Temple” smirked Nylon, the red N on his Ass was prominent as he turned to shut down the charging device.

“Stun 2”

Swimmerboy’s restraints released and his beautiful body arched as the emitters unleashed on him with explosive force. In the emitter fog and force on his body Swimmerboy didn’t even notice Nylon’s fast action, throwing him over on the table and tying his arms tightly behind his back.

“Stun 1”

The pain receded, but his strength was numbed by the lower stun level. Nylon Picked Swimmerboy up forcefully and then rendezvoused with Lycra and Swimmerlad, who was also helplessly tied waiting outside with Lycra, he was struggling in the expert bonds holding his arms behind his back, Lycra had a strong grip on his hero charge, he took his job seriously!

“Wow, Swimmerboy, you look ravishing” was Lycra’s first comment, his white Lycra briefs clung to his muscly body, the red L on his ass was as prominent as Nylon’s N.

The hero’s tried to speak to each other, but the emitters increased power enough to disable them. “Silence” was Nylon’s command and with that the two heroes were prodded forward for several minutes, there were emitters fitted at every turn in the long corridors, they kept the superheroes’ strength at bay. They came to a fork in the corridor where Swimmerlad and Lycra went in one direction and Nylon pushed Swimmerboy down the other corridor.

The Temple had enough room to accommodate the compound’s population. It was a full house tonight. The temple was constructed in the shape of a speedo pouch, when viewed looking down on it, the centre stage had a bulging ceiling and the temple fanned out to the sides forming a huge pouch like shape.

Scorpio was dressed in his usual black lycra spandex outfit and he addressed the awaiting audience.

“This is a very special part of the compound, it will be utilised for regular sacred offerings, but tonight we consecrate our devotion to Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, to their magnificent strength and their beautiful speedo pouches. You must state your devotion, or you cannot remain be here! Tonight, we consecrate our heroes to service and their sacred offerings to us, to the gods of lust and desire. Lap it up, make it part of you, it will be powerful, life changing.”

They were previewed their sacred words and it was explained to them that they would make this pledge at a suitable moment in the consecration ceremony, but no hint of when or how they would make it:

“We consecrate ourselves to worship our speedo clad captives, their magnificent speedo bulges”

“We consecrate their speedo pouches and their bulges to our service”

Scorpio announced, “I will ascend to the High Priesthood and Electro and Orgasmo will become priests of speedo as the ceremony progresses.

“Our Heroes will be brought before me, and you” he gestured to the assembled lustful crowd of villains and henchmen, and other nasty proselytes who had signed on to be a part of the domination of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad.

“Soon Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad will be tied spread-eagle to their awaiting Pleasuretrons, one of Orgasmo’s many creations, and they will be pleasured over 4 hours, slowly and deliciously. You will take your vows before their helpless writhing bodies.”

The audience were silent and attentive, the anticipation of the two hero’s arrival was palpable.

On the centre stage were three golden chairs one for Scorpio and one for his co-villains, Electro and Orgasmo, the designers and engineers of the many devices used in the compound to fulfill the sensual bondage of the speedo clad superheroes and to drain them of their magical and mystical speedo strength.

Flanking the Villains were the two pleasure devices, the Pleasuretrons would be activated once their victims were securely tied to the device, these were complex pleasure altars, they employed technology that would be used thrill their victim, slowly deliciously, intensely and deeply.

Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy would be played expertly, their pleasure will be used to manipulate and reveal their lust, their deep personal needs, it will bring them to the brink of super orgasmic pinnacles and lead them through a world, an environment governed by the depths and extremes of delight.

To the edge of each side of the stage was a pole and a set of ankle restraints which would be employed to present the hero sensually for the audience to enjoy and for them and then for the hero to preview his awaiting Pleasuretron and his evening of helpless bondage as their sacred offerings of pleasure, and their delicious juices which will be extracted for every man to enjoy and partake.

The lights dimmed and the audience quietened down.

The three Arch Villains took their place centre stage, they were lit by stage lights and each bondage pole was also lit by stage lights, the rest of the main dais was dark, including the two awaiting Pleasuretron devices.

Swimmerlad was almost groggy outside the ceremonial temple access point, the emitters were now so attuned to nuances of his speedo strength, it could be used in different ways to control his strength, they were diabolical creations, as evil as the devices engineered to drain them of their power! Lycra adjusted himself and quickly adjusted Swimmerlad’s pouch, he overlooked his work and looked Swimmerlad in the eye, “you look fucking unreal, so sexual, I will have you one day, but tonight, you will enjoy the consecration of your pleasure and I will enjoy watching your body strain and writhe in exquisite bondage.” Swimmerlad struggled against the ropes biding his finely tuned athletic arms. “You are all sick perverts he replied through gritted teeth.” He felt his strength slightly revitalise him, the emitters had changed colour. He heard the voice of Scorpio beam throughout the whole complex, it was authoritative, it was triumphant!

Blinking blue lights in the ceiling of the temple announced the arrival of the heroes in a subtle manner.

Scorpio beamed triumphantly “Bring us the sacrificial offerings; Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad”

Lycra swiped the door with his palm and smirked at his magnificent, wriggling Swimmerlad, he then pushed him forcibly into the darkened temple. A single spotlight erupted and shone on the writhing, stumbling hero as he was directed closer to the edge of the stage, another muscly henchman, approached and forced the grunting, writhing hero up to the illuminated pole, stage left. They attached his bound arms securely to the pole and spread his feet to attach the ankle restraints. Swimmerlad fought in his bonds as the emitters powered down to standby.

There was restrained applause, the audience were spell-bound.

Swimmerlad checked out the ankle restraints spreading his powerful athletic legs, he quickly checked his Aussiebums, they were perfectly showing off his man assets and the waistband was secured tightly around his waist. They buzzed with speedo sense, but he was helplessly displayed, and the lights on him were powerful and hot. He calmed down, with the odd attempt to break his wrists free, but this seemed to encourage the audience somewhere out in that darkness beyond the powerful lights. He looked up, with contempt as he tried to scan the audience, that was when he noticed the other bright object at the other end of the dais. It was Swimmerboy.

The lights dimmed somewhat, still illuminating the writhing powerful young superheroes each side of the dais, and Scorpio addressed the temple, he was illuminated and spoke into several cameras for the benefit of the registered guests on the black webinar.

“Welcome all!” He began. “Welcome Swimmerlad!” turning to Swimmerlad fighting his bonds once more. “Keep that up dear boy, you’ll go far in your new career with us.” “Welcome Swimmerboy!” He turned to his right facing the bound hero, also testing and fighting the expert ropework attaching him to the presentation pole.

They both glared toward the centre stage and to their triumphant captor.

“We have captured and delivered these two delightful heroes to fulfill our deep sexual needs, they belong to me and this compound, tonight we honour them with our consecrated devotion. Tonight we, consecrate them to the service of our desires and our lusts.” With that he clasped his hands and then opened his arms presenting toward each of the bound writhing heroes. “They are dressed in their sacrificial offerings to deliver their sacrificial offerings, our devotion is to their magnificent bodies, an offering, their delicious speedo pouches, their bulging manhood, an offering, their pleasure, an offering and their nectar, an offering!”

Swimmerboy cried out defiantly “Never, you sick bastards!” He was energised, he was strong, and his speedo essence was on fire, his speedo senses were screaming.

Scorpio smiled at Swimmerboy, and then at the audience and the cameras, he then responded in a smug low tone, “I’ve told him before, never say never!”

Scorpio introduced Orgasmo and thanked him for his creations.

Scorpio introduced Electro and also thanked him for his evil creations.

The presentation poles rotated inward, providing the audience with an eye full of the magnificent tight buttocks of each speedo clad superhero, more importantly, the lights on the two central Pleasuretrons energised, revealing the two devices to their intended victims.

“Tonight, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, you will be tied helpless to our Pleasuretron device, this is an altar of pleasure and it will take you places and juice you slowly and with ease, your bodies secured and writhing lusciously will experience depths and heights of sensation no human can ever survive, but you my delicious young heroes, can and will!”

He continued, “And as you fight the power of pleasure, you will ignite our lusts, feed us in so many ways as you travel through your journey of defeat to an orgasmic climax beyond your wildest dreams, I promise you it will be long, it will drain your power, with intense perfection and you will feed us your sacred and consecrated juices.

Swimmerboy looked over in horror “Fucking no way, no, please no!”

Swimmerlad spat over his shoulder at the audience still fighting his bondage furiously, he didn’t speak. He noticed Orgasmo moving across the dais to him.

Electro made his way to Swimmerboy.

Electro was dressed in his normal mad scientist outfit with a creepy overcoat, over his tight lycra bodysuit, his wild red hair was frizzed up for the ceremony, he looked the part.

Electro was illuminated and Nylon and the extra henchman held Swimmerboy securely by his shoulders, Swimmerboy tried to resist their grip, but it was fruitless. They lifted his torso up and Electro ran his finger expertly over Swimmerboy’s heaving abdominal muscles, he caressed his beautiful face, as Swimmerboy tried to turn his head, it was forced back into Electro’s evil glare. Electro smiled at the defiant young offering before him and bent down slightly to undertake the ritual creation of the speedo thong, he pulled the stunning red fabric between Swimmerboy’s tight athletic buttocks with authoritative force, twisting the sides tightly and the fabric tightened across the top of his buttocks, he then enjoyed running his index finger over the beautiful curves of Swimmerboy’s magnificent tenting bulge which was enhanced by the thong rearrangement. “Yes, that will do just fine dear boy, you are looking perfectly sexual!” Electro looked across the dais and Orgasmo took over.

Orgasmo toyed with the stunning chiselled features of Swimmerlad’s face, he ran his fingers through the hero’s short blonde hair. “You are the perfect offering Swimmerlad,” he said it loud enough for the audience to hear. Swimmerlad dutifully fought his bonds, but it was fruitless. Orgasmo bent down to be eye level with the hero’s heaving pouch, his bulge took up most of the pouch, the nylon fabric was filled with his magnificent hero offerings. Orgasmo ran his hand over Swimmerlad’s warm bulge and looking over his shoulder toward the audience and with lustful intent he announced “The fabric is soft, and the hero’s bulge is warm, you will all enjoy this piece of heaven tonight.” He turned back to face Swimmerlad in the eyes, “Proceed Lycra” and Lycra then proceed to create Swimmerlad’s nylon thong, Orgasmo looked down to Swimmerlad’s bulge, and back into his eyes. “Yes, very nice Swimmerlad, your offerings are accepted.”

The heroes writhed for several minutes, driving the audience wild with delight, the sight of the light red nylon protruding tightly from their magnificent buttocks, across their hips as it began to form the pouch was unbelievably tantalising, they were held in anticipation and awe at the beautiful spectacle of the ceremony and its offerings.

Scorpio moved to the centre dais.

“Tie them to the Pleasuretrons!”

Emitters fired diligently and the ankle restraints opened. Each hero was released from the presentation pole and forced forward trying to resist the strong arms of the henchmen forcing them forward to view their awaiting Pleasuretron altar.

“Such a delicious device gentlemen, don’t you think?” Asked Orgasmo smiling lustfully at the two weekend heroes, the emitters were deploying nicely and the four henchmen held the heroes securely as Orgasmo ran his finger over the devices sensually, their bodies would be helplessly spread-eagled, and access to their restrained bodies would be available between their legs and at different points around their helpless bodies. “Synthetic pleasure activators will get us moving but there is much more instore for you.”

“Tie them now!” He ordered in a low authoritative voice.

“No!” Screamed Swimmerboy in a vain revolt.

Swimmerlad shot looks of defiance at his tormentors as they lifted him struggling onto the device, the restraints were fast to lock, they were tight. The Pleasuretron lit up and announced in an evil smug tone:

Occupant Swimmerlad, Strength 10% - restoring to full, Pleasure Zero.

It had recognised his speedo strength signature.

He looked over to see Swimmeboy’s vain attempts to escape the evil clutches, but his wriggling weakened body was quickly restrained spread-eagle and helpless. They both tried their restraints, but it was no use, again they were securely bound for the evil intent of their captors.

Swimmerboy’s Pleasuretron announced his installation:

Occupant Swimmerboy, Strength 12% - restoring to full, Pleasure Zero.

They felt their nylon bulges tingle as their speedo strength resumed its normal flow topping up their energy, there was no chance of it overwhelming them whilst they lay tied to these devices.

As the heroes were given time to take in all that was happening, they could tell as they looked up at the roof, that the temple was in the shape of a huge speedo pouch, the sides of the pouch toward the side entrances and they were situated directly beneath the bulging peak of the temple, it was as though they were encased in a huge speedo, even the ceiling was covered in a lycra like fabric.

“it’s a nice touch boys, we designed this as a temple to honour your speedo, so it was just fitting to make the temple in this shape, everyone has a great view and we can all access your sacrificial bodies and enjoy all that you have to offer as you writhe deliciously for us.”Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad twisted in their bonds but the altars were strong they looked at each other, supine, helpless & spread-eagled for their captors’ delight.

Swimmerboy looked at his handsome athletic boyfriend, helplessly bound, he could see Swimmerlad’s cock head pushing upward in his heaving nylon clad bulge. Swimmerlad also surveyed his boyfriend, he looked so sexual as he fought the bonds holding him down, he needed to hold his boyfriend and that denial was worse than anything the villains could subject him to.

“Two heroes, two offerings, for you to enjoy.” Announced Scorpio!

“Here’s how it works boys,” he smiled as the two heroes looked up over their heaving bodies to see Scorpio address them, “You are familiar with the synthetic pleasure, well this has evolved some more and the Pleasuretron will deliver this to your sacrificial speedo pouches very soon, it targets your raging speedo essence and unleashes itself in its own delicious time, the Pleasuretron will wait until your own pleasure is detected, so your roles for a while will be to resist the synthetic pleasure! Concentrate and don’t let down your guard, once the altar detects the first flicker of your own pleasure, it’s process will begin. It cannot be stopped until your eventual offering of your cum, it will kill you instantly if its pleasure process is interrupted. So here’s the deal, you have an hour to resist the pleasure current and if you succeed, you will be released to my custody and await your next milking session or you can succumb to the power of the current and partake of the altar’s delights which await you, either way you will be drained, you will be pleasured!”

The heroes fought gallantly against their bonds, and the altars began to vibrate with subtle shudders, under their bodies.

“Fuck me!” Swimmerboy looked at Swimmerlad, “Hold on, stay calm, stay focused, we can do this.” He smiled at his helpless boyfriend and Swimmerlad looked back and mouthed “I-love-you,” Swimmerlad looked back and over his own stretched body to find Orgasmo running his evil fingers over his heaving chest and abs, Electro was also enjoying Swimmerboy’s helpless body, he watched as electro caressed Swimmerboy’s magnificent nylon bulge. Orgasmo’s his fingers caressed the base of Swimmerlad’s red bulge and his fingers explored the warm pouch, the orange and crème nylon sections and then back to his bulge, he traced the outline of his penis, encased below the fabric and he traced the folds of the fabric forming from the tip of his magnificent bulge across his spectacular nylon pouch, Orgasmo then followed the contours of the fabric as it gathered below his balls and proceed up between his athletic buttocks.

Swimmerlad moaned lightly, and Swimmerboy thrashed in his bonds, “You fucking perverts!” he spat as he watched Orgasmo molest Swimmerlad.

Scorpio then approached and toyed with Swimmerboy’s speedo offering, he lightly squeezed his bulge and gently grazed is fingers over Swimmerboy’s bulge, exploring its curvature taking in the beauty of the nylon offering presented to him, “This is a beautiful offering Swimmerboy, you were worth the wait, you know how pleasure works now so just go with it, its flows, and peaks and ebbs, it will entice you and your gorgeous boyfriend. We will help you, all of us, will be taken up in the pleasure moments to cum” (he smiled) and Swimmerboy tried his bonds one more time. “We will explore your body and join your journeys as the Pleasuretrons fulfill their purpose.

“Shall we begin – The Consecration?” He smiled and addressed Swimmerlad, while now caressing Swimmerboy’s bulge. Scorpio then turned and motioned for the audience to stand.

“Fuck you Scorpio!” was Swimmerlad’s response, his pouch was screaming with speedo sense, his strength was 100%, he knew he needed to release his strength soon or he would be overcome by his own speedo strength, he had no choice.

Orgasmo caressed Swimmerlad’s bulge one more time sensually.

Swimmerlad looked toward Scorpio, he was helpless, he only had one answer.

“We will resist your best efforts, you bastard, you fiend!”

Swimmerboy threw Swimmerlad a loving but desperate look.

And then Scorpio gave the word, “Pleasuretrons, begin process Alpha Sirroco Scorpio six nine.”

Swimmerboy’s bulge was freed from Scorpio’s grip and he felt the first invading current begin to enter his pouch, it energised the entire pouch and bulge, he looked over at Swimmerlad, who had received the same initial pleasure probe.

“How’s that for you boys?” was Orgasmos’s first triumphant question. He answered his own question, “yep its subtle, it will not recede, the synthetic pleasure is programmed to your pleasure points, the altars are recording and learning as we proceed, we will seek out and exploit your pleasure receptors, it will invade you slowly, it will have its way!”

Swimmerboy’s hips moved in a slow arc, the synthetic current was still settling into the nylon fabric, it was stimulating his skin, his cock head felt its slowly creeping tendrils, and Swimmerboy could feel the pleasure slowly enter his penis it began to pump him slowly and sensually, and then he felt it surround his balls it swirled and invaded his cum filled testicles, the micro pleasure vibrations filled his entire pouch and he let out his first quiet muffled moan as his head rolled to see Swimmerlad.

Swimmerlad’s head was also in a trance, he was concentrating, resisting the diabolical flow of the current, pumping sensually around and in his penis, it tantalised his skin from hip to hip, wherever the sacred speedo’s fabric touched his beautiful young body. His first muffled moan was delicious for Scorpio to hear.

“Scorpio addressed the audience; it won’t be long gentlemen and soon the Pleasuretron will detect the hero’s first glimmer of his own pleasure and the process will be confirmed.

The sensual synthetic pleasure had definitely evolved, Swimmerboy’s pouch was now fully engaged with the devious sensations swirling through it, he writhed, fighting the bonds holding his ankles and wrists he lifted his speedo thong and his hips desperately trying to reduce the effects, but it had been 15 minutes and he was doing his best to concentrate, his strength was holding out well, sill 99 percent speedo strength remained. He looked over to Swimmerlad, his beautiful boyfriend was sexually writhing his hips, he could see the nylon offering of Swimmerlad; his bulge rising and dropping sensually, twisting, Swimmerlad was in full concentration, his Pleasuretron reported 99 percent strength level remaining as well. Oh my god, fuck this is unrelenting, fuck it is tightening around my cock, fuck that is amazing, it is flowing around my speedos, following the nylon up my ass, feels spectacular mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp, must resist, concentrate on resisting the flow, Swimmerlad thought to himself.

Swimmerlad looked up from his bondage, he noticed Scorpio standing between his spread legs, he tried pulling on his bonds, but it was a useless, fruitless attempt, it would only serve to use up some of his powerful energy. What is he up to he thought, the pleasure had increased incrementally and it flowed around his Aussiebum garment, between his trembling buttocks and down over his magnificent bulging nylon tent.

Scorpio adjusted a setting on the Pleasuretron and Swimmerlad’s eyes opened wide as his gaze met Scorpios. Scorpio smiled with such deviant intent, “Just a little sensitivity uptick Swimmerlad.” Swimmerlad’s pouch was now lightly sensitised. “This will make the nylon feel extra sensual as your delicious body writhes with the pleasure ebbs and flows dear boy, Swimmerboy enjoyed this the other night, but you haven’t had the pleasure yet.” He smiled at his little joke and then Scorpio bent down and looked over Swimmerlad’s sensual bulge just high enough to see Swimmerlad’s face looking up as best he could in his predicament, his face was a mix of delight and shock. Scorpio slowly and sensually ran his fingers around the base of Swimmerlad’s balls, his fingers traced the red nylon protruding from the base of his butt, he lightly traced around the sides of the young hero’s bulge on either side around to the drawstring of the nylon garment, then he used several fingers to lightly and sensually trace up and around Swimmerlad’s trembling nylon pouch, his fingers traced the outline of the his pouch, slowly up to each of his hips, he then followed the drawstring along the top of the garment, his hands caressed Swimmerlad’s entire hot nylon pouch and then he lifted that light grip to tantalise the trembling hero’s bulge, tracing the outline of Swimmerlad’s cock, then he toyed with the very tip of his bulge. Swimmerlad shuddered with delight, his face showing he was overcome with the amazing sensations Scorpio was conjuring as he toyed with Swimmerlad’s sensitised junk. His breathing turned into a sensual hiss, as the sensations shot through his most private regions.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp” was his first outburst. Scorpio had energised his pleasure, and it was excruciating and beautiful as Scorpio’s every touch tantalised and pleasured Swimmerlad delicately. Scorpio then reversed the setting and Swimmerlad lay still fighting the pleasure current, but also the residual effects of the sensitisation.

“That was just amazing, wasn’t it dear boy?” Scorpio asked standing back up between Swimmerlad’s legs, looking down on the young hero’s heaving nylon encased offering, gently and sensually twisting in concert with the pleasure current. “That was a light sensitisation a little glimpse of what your consecration has waiting for you and your delicious boyfriend. The vision of Swimmerlad’s sensitised pouch had been broadcast around the temple and the world, the audience were in awe, they were wet with anticipation. Swimmerlad dropped his head back and closed his eyes as the pleasure current increased its intensity, the next incremental increase was delicious and dangerously distracting, he had to concentrate, he couldn’t let down his guard and allow himself to feel his own pleasure, he had to keep supressing it.

Swimmerboy was also feeling the greater intensity of pleasure flowing in his speedo pouch, his concentration was strong and he used his mighty strength to resist the increasing pleasure pumping him, he pulled and writhed in his bonds sensually and in flow with the waves caressing his bulge. He opened his eyes and Orgasmo stood between his heaving legs. He has full access to my speedo pouch, my bulge is completely exposed to his sick desires, fuck! He thought as he glared at the Arch Villain, determined to break him.

“Let’s dial you up a little now, shall we!” was his devious comment to Swimmerboy, who tried to lift his head and shoulders in defiance and he shot a defiant pose straining to lift his head and shoulders off the Pleasuretron.

He dialed 10 on the control pad and the Pleasuretron responded

Sensitisation Confirmed 10%

Swimmerboy’s head shot backward as he dealt with the explosion in his speedos, the nylon fabric sensually stimulated his junk with the devious exciting pleasure current flowing as a base, his heaving hips, continued to heave and gyrate. Orgasmo smiled and brushed his hand cupping Swimmerboy’s bulge in both hands, and he moved his hands delicately brushing the Hero’s trembling nylon offering. Swimmerboy’s cries of delight were amplified to the audience and the temple reverberated in the hero’s moans and gasps for breath which were sensually amplified for the audience to experience. Orgasmo ran his fingers over the nylon stretching over Swimmerboy’s hips and then down over Swimmerboy’s strong buttocks, his fingers caressed the light nylon as it entered Swimmerboy’s buttocks and Swimmerboy arched his hips forward in delight, his bonds held him down. That movement of his hips served to stimulate him even further as his pouch and bulge tightened over his junk. Orgasmo shuddered in delight as he surveyed the young hero’s sensual response to his work.

“Swimmerboy enjoys that I see!” He addressed Swimmerlad who was looking over horrified to see his boyfriend being molested so sensually.

The audience gasped in anticipation. But Orgasmo, belayed the sensitisation order and the Pleasuretron continued its diabolical infusions of exquisite artificial pleasure and Swimmerboy returned to fight the current’s impending advance.

“Wonderful work everyone, I think we have demonstrated the power of the Pleasuretron and given we have less than thirty minutes remaining of my challenge, we want to lock our two delicious heroes into the deal. We must proceed with the ceremony.” Scorpio announced. “So much for you to enjoy Swimmerlad, Swimmerboy; delights beyond your wildest dreams.” He said smiling at the two gorgeous young heroes writhing sensually and erotically tied down and restrained on their devious Pleasuretron altars of pleasure.

“Pleasuretrons, blend the pleasure signatures, intensity 20%!” Scorpio ordered.

The Pleasuretron’s responded, splicing pleasure flows, intensity 20%

The devices extended the restraints and stretched the two heroes sightly and as they both looked up from their helpless positions, surveying their heaving, helpless bodies and their nylon pouches; the current suddenly transformed and its tentacles squeezed their bulges with such intensity they screamed , their hips wildly thrusting, their penis and balls were under intense pleasure pressure, it pumped intently squeezing their manhood and their trembling bodies writhed powerfully.

“Enjoy that gentlemen, I never said I would play fairly, hahahahahahahahahaha, you are both experiencing not only your own pleasure current but also, that being sent to your boyfriend, the Pleasuretrons are merging your pleasure flows and unique pleasure signatures nicely, wouldn’t you say? Your helpless bodies are taking a considerable synthetic pleasure load.” He announced confidently.

The audience let out a combined gasp.

Swimmerboys’s breathing was labouring and he hissed as he fought the intense flow, and his cries of delight, filled the temple, he looked up to see Nylon’s tongue descend down to his bulge, on to his side, Lycra, likewise was preparing to enjoy Swimmerlad’s’s heaving pouch, their tongues expertly caressed their respective hero’s bulges; Nylon gripped the base of Swimmeboy’s bulge and thrust the mound of delicious nylon into his mouth and sucked intently. Swimmerboy screamed and contorted in his bondage as his pleasure transformed and spiked viciously, and with this his Pleasuretron began to light up with white LED lights around its edge:

Occupant Swimmerboy, Pleasure Detected, Sequence Commencing in Three, Two, One.

Swimmerlad’s thrashing head slowed to watch as Lycra, fondled his screaming nylon mound, Lycra squeezed the hero’s offering taking in his whole pouch, tracing the fabric and worshiping the heaving hero’s nylon offering as it formed deliciously across his beautiful body forming his speedo pouch, he took in Swimmerlad’s hot heaving moist bulge, into his waiting mouth allowing his tongue to explore and then sucked carefully and intently. Swimmerlad arched his back and futilely twisted trying to escape the intensity of the pleasure thrashing in his pouch and Lycra’s hungry mouth, the pure magnificent sensations delighted his junk and it was too late.

Occupant Swimmerlad, Pleasure Detected, Sequence Commencing in Three, Two, One.

“Noooooooooooooooooooo” he moaned and gasped at the same time. He had failed, he had let the Pleasuretron detect his pleasure, he was not able to supress his pleasure anymore, it had detected it and it was now hungrily feeding.

What next ? He thought.

Orgasmo looked at his helpless heroes’ spreadeagle before him. He moved to the centre stage.

“We have lift off – The Pleasuretron devices are now into their pleasure sequence. They cannot stop until the sequence is complete and the restrained hero provides his Jism. Look at them writhe, slowly at first, but it is relentless always changing and to make things more interesting, it is their own pleasure flow which is now draining them deliciously and slowly.”

“Such delightful machinery,” Scorpio complemented Orgasmo and his team of engineers.

Swimmerboy’s moans were exquisite, his head rolling from side to side and looking up to view his magnificent bulge, the red, crème and orange nylon covering his pouch from hip to hip was a magnificent picture and he revelled in his own beauty and that of his writhing partner next to him. They were both slowly humping their hips to the rhythm of the pleasure flow tantilising them by the Pleasuretrons, their bondage seemed to amplify the pleasure in a sensual way.

“Mmmmmmmmmmn” “ohhhhhhh myyyy godddddd” “pleasure is exquisite, cannot break my bonds” “must resist” moaned Swimmerboy, “diabolical,” moaned Swimmerlad.

Yet the Synthetic pleasure current began to abate slowly, its intensity began to diffuse, but what remained was Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s own pleasure, their moans abated as the pleasure intensity abated for the time being, but they knew that the Pleasuretron devices had not begun to unfold their diabolical forces, they knew they had a long ways to go, they knew they had to resist, they had to try and block the pleasure flows now bubbling up deep in their bulges, it was cleaner, it was crisp sexual energy, and it was starting to delight them exquisitely, diabolically!

Delight, it did! The synthetic pleasure remained as a base flow, it was subtle it was not going away anytime soon, it was being overlaid with the new tight, clean layer of pleasure, the heroes arched their hips almost in unison as the pleasure layers erupted deep in their balls, it energised their junk in a crisp, magnificently hungry energy, within minutes the pleasure began to creep through the base of their penis, it proceeded deliciously and slowly through their penises. Swimmerboy’s moans of delight were now forcing out of his body, his soul; he hissed and breathed intensely, his head straining backwards as he attempted to use his speedo strength to resist the encroaching pleasure. Swimmerlad’s head faced the audience, his eyes pleading for release from the new exquisite sensations ravaging him, taking over control of his sex, his magnificent hips twisted and his bulge, his pouch was electrified with this new power, he fought his bonds, the instinctive need to grab his bulge was denied as he writhed, helplessly stretched spread-eagle. Scorpio had his two, hero offerings exactly where he wanted them, helpless. Their slowly twisting bodies, their humping speedos were broadcast to screens around the temple and to the black web, which was lighting up with activity.

The pleasure continued up each of their penises, slowly capturing their prey, energising it with pulses as pleasure spikes shot outward from deep in their pleasure zones. The pleasure then emerged from their cock heads and began to peal backwards, sheathing, wrapping, covering their flaccid penises, it reached their sensitive glands at the base of their cock heads after about 20 minutes.

Swimmerlad was trembling, his pouch was an intense ball of energised sexual power and his constant strain on his bonds caused the Pleasuretron to react and loosen his stretch, allowing him a little space to thrust and writhe deliciously.

Swimmerboy, lifted his shoulders, looking down over his heaving abs, rising and dropping, his red nylon pouch was intensely throbbing, it was so close, but his bondage denied him access to it to grab it to try and do something to alleviate it, he concentrated his speedo strength but it was being overrun by this intensity invading and taking control.

Scorpio, moved to the centre stage between the two Pleasuretrons and their helplessly writhing heroes. “Such a beautiful offering gentlemen!” he asked the audience to make their way to their assigned positions.

“The Pleasuretrons are delighting our young heroes in readiness for your consecration, they are feeding on Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s pleasure and transmuting their pleasure flows, twisting and developing it and finally amplifying it, before feeding that back into their nylon offerings as a magnificent stream of intense, tight pleasure energy. The Pleasuretron feeds deeply into their sex, their balls, energising their percolating juices and it is working up through the hero’s penis, pulsating and exploding stems and tentrils of energy, it has now emerged from inside their penis and has engulfed their cock heads and has reached their sensitive glands. It will eventually coat their penis inside and out, the pleasure tendrils will invade inward and push outward, completely enveloping their bulge in intense and persistent pleasure. The flow will increase every ten minutes as the Pleasuretron continually feeds on the delicious hero’s evolving experience.” He declared in a devious tone.

He continued, “They are in effect draining themselves as their pleasure now feeds the Pleasuretron, but dutifully and gallantly trying to fight the onslaught as it encroaches and envelopes their every sense.” “A delicious predicament for our two magnificent offerings who await your devotion.”

The two heroes writhed rhythmically and moaned and hissed, with deep intermittent breathing as they tried in vain to deal with their situation.

“I have the release codes to allow their juice flow, their erections and their orgasm cliff, The Pleasuretrons will maintain control of their speedo pouches dutifully until such time as the ceremony demands their sacred juice offerings, which is a while away, they will present and offer to us their magnificent perfect bulges for our pleasure, before I allow their erection, we will make the mighty hero’s beg for that later!” He announced triumphantly.

“This is the moment for you to enjoy my dear friends,” he motioned toward the audience now forming two lines at the base of the dais. “Soon the Pleasuretrons will present the writing hero to us to worship and to consecrate ourselves, approach the Pleasuretron one, by one. Kneel down as you approach and make your consecration, then approach the hero presented to you, kneel down on the red velvet pedestal and you will have one minute to worship the nylon pouch and the hero’s bulge. Be sensual, be sexual, enjoy his trembling offering, explore his nylon offering, before moving back to your assigned seat, to do what you need, there are aromas, lube and towels for you to use in your seat.” The pleasure will slow down as it continues to sheath their penises, their bulges will be vibrating with micro pulses as the pleasure continually explores and shoots through their cocks in slow delicious ways especially after we sensitise their nylon speedo pouch offerings, your tongue, your fingers will enhance the pleasure flowing inside their magnificent bulges, they will writhe for you and present to you their trembling offerings.”

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad looked up, their faces straining as the pleasure continued to encroach and engulf them, the thought that they will be molested by hundreds of horny men was overwhelming and on top of the raging pleasure exploding in their pouches, their writing hips tantalising the waiting proselytes. Swimmerboy looked up to see a device lowering from the roof, there was another similar one descending above his exquisitely moaning and writhing boyfriend. The devices halted two feet above their heaving nylon offerings, their bodies glistened, encased in sweat by this point made them even more desirable, sensual, sexual!

Orgasmo, took over from Scorpio to explain, “I have worked on this part quite a lot, we have synthesised a particle within a containment device exposed to some of their Speedo essence, we have been extracting these last several days of their captivity. I am pleased to offer our delicious helpless heroes a dose of my new synthetic drug, Aphrodisium. This will be delivered by a particle beam directly into their bulges, it will assimilate with the Pleasuretron’s pleasure dynamics and absorb into their blood stream efficiently for about an hour or so. It will excite their sexual needs, and they will become hyper horny, they will be trembling with desire, hungry for you to enhance their pleasure, so remember to treat their magnificent offerings with the devotion and sensual tenderness they deserve, your purpose will be to tantalise the offering they present to you.

“Let the consecration begin” Scorpio then announced.

The first proselyte waited as the particle beam focusing head emerged.

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad looked up watching the focusing head emerge and a glowing red ring formed around the focusing head, it then aimed and shot a 1-inch diameter heat beam into their waiting pouches. They felt the particles absorb as the pleasure field gripping their penis and balls attracted and captured the particles. They screamed in delight as the pleasure fizzed and pulsated with the newly added heat flow.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” moaned Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad twisted and trembled as his hips instinctively rose toward the diffuser head to accept the flow, he was mesmerised by this new dimension of sensation invading him as the Pleasuretron worked diabolically transforming the sensations engulfing his junk.

The beam stopped after a one-minute dosage of the drug.

Both heroes, were humping, thrusting as the drug began to explode deep in their chest and fire their desires, the pleasure in their nylon bulges was excruciatingly delicious they were overcome by the need for their bulges to be caressed, to be fondled to be toyed with and tantalised.

Swimmerlad cried out, “Pleeeeeeeeeeease I beg you, Pleeeeeeease take my bulge Pleeeeeeeease”

Swimmerboy moaned sensually “Take my pleeeeeeeeeeasure please” his hips thrusting slowly and sensually. “Help meeeee, take my bulge!”

Orgasmo ordered “Pleasuretrons, presentation mode please”

The Pleasuretrons began to lift their hero offering, their heads lifting and their feet dropping as the device tilted them forward, the altar stopped almost upright, but left the hero slightly facing the back walls of the temple. A velvet plinth rose from the floor between the spread legs of the two heroes.

“Excellent” exclaimed Orgasmo, he stood by Swimmerlad’s sensually writing body, he looked up at Swimmerlad’s straining face, “Such a delight Swimmerlad, the ad are hungry for your offering, now give them their fill of your magnificent pouch, they will give you what you desire.” He smiled as the first proselyte approached and knelt on one knee to make his pledge.

Electro stood by Swimmerboy and watched as his speedo pouch thrust slowly, twisting sensually, Swimmerboy looked down at his heaving bulge, his eyes pleading for it to be enjoyed and caressed.

Scorpio stood between the two heroes, as the lights in the temple dimmed, each hero had their own dedicated spotlight and two stage mounted lights lit the magnificent sacrificial offering up sensually as they writhed sensually, sexually in their exquisite bondage.

“Come my devotees,” he announced, his arms open and pointing enthusiastically to his two offerings, “Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad are enjoying some of the delights of the Pleasuretrons, the devices are feeding and consuming their speedo pleasure, tuning it, enhancing it and feeding it back into their speedo bulges, the pleasure is pure and crisp and adds to the delicious pleasure current still flowing to them, layers of pleasure are building in their sacred offerings, as you kneel before their speedo beauty, caress their magnificence, smell their sweat soaked bodies, look into their wide eyes as the Aphrodisium powers their desire. Feel their strong powerful legs, spread for your desires and then taste their pleasure, lick the hero’s bulge, feel his cock move beneath the nylon, your tongue will energise his sensitised pouch, you will feel the flow cracking on your tongue as it delights your hero’s offering, his bulging nylon manhood is yours for the moment, so make him shudder in delight, in his sacred bondage, as his body and speedo delights are offered to you. Consecrate!

“Make your sacred consecration!”

Swimmerboy looked at the first proselyte kneel before his writing body, his hips thrusted sensually, twisting, to his right, he saw Swimmerlad’s first devotee kneel between his spread powerful legs. Swimmerlad arched his body as the pleasure underwent its next incremental surge, Swimmerboy felt the his own bulge move slowly and sensually as the pleasure sheath encased his penis and balls fully, it’s tendrils shot inward and outward from deep in his sex, Swimmerboy moaned loudly as his body underwent the increasing sensations with the next diabolical incremental pleasure increase from his pulsating Pleasuretron. He looked down at his beautiful red and orange nylon pouch, he needed desperately for it to be touched, squeezed, his insatiable need to be toyed with was diabolical, as deep down below the drugs, below the exquisite pleasure, he tried in vain the resist the process, he had to use his speedo strength, but the pleasure was increasing, it was strong, it was insistent, it was beautiful.

“I consecrate myself to worship this speedo offering, I give myself to its devotion and control” was the words from Swimmerboy’s first devotee. The Aphrodisium began to shoot and his nylon pouch sensitised.

Occupant Swimmerboy, sensitisation 3%.

His bulge was screaming, he tried in vain to resist the onslaught, but the young man knelt, his trembling fingers held Swimmerboy’s hips, he ran his fingers tracing Swimmerboy’s sensually thrusting nylon pouch. Swimmerboy’s voice was laboured, between deep breaths, he looked down into the eyes of the kneeling proselyte.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease lick my bulge, neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the pleasuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.

The proselyte looked up smiling, his mouth watering as he looked at the heaving Swimmerboy, bound, helplessly trembling, his nylon bulging offering thrusting. He ran his fingers over Swimmerboy’s bulge delicately, his hands then cupped the hero’s offering.

Swimmerboy’s head threw backward, his body trembled, and he looked down again to see the proselyte’s mouth open and his hungry tongue explore Swimmerboy’s heaving mound. Swimmerboy screamed and twisted in his bondage as his pleasure transformed and energised with every delicate movement of the proselyte’s tongue over the curvatures of his nylon bulging offering, he heard the cracks as the energy reacted to the proselyte’s hungry tongue.

The proselyte stood up, he smiled and ran his trembling fingers over Swimmerboy’s heaving abdomen muscles, as he heaved dealing with the intense sensations engulfing his magnificent soft cock and balls.

The next Proselyte was approaching.

Swimmerlad shuddered, his cock was completely sheathed by this point, and this had refined his pleasure signature, the Pleasuretron was completely tuned with his speedo strength, the machine was feeding, drawing his delicious energy, it was deviously processing and enhancing it, injecting it back to him, improved and energised, he felt his balls percolating as the pleasure cooked and squeezed his manhood like a pressure cooker, he looked down as the next proselyte knelt before his thrusting heaving speedo mound, the Aphrodisiam flared up deep in his soul, he was helplessly at its mercy, at their mercy, the dark haired young guy, was ready to cum, the sight of Swimmerlad, bound spread-eagle, writhing, pleasured and begging for him to suck his sacred offering was sublime, he grabbed Swimmerlad’s buttocks, his fingers exploring Swimmerlad’s speedo’s tightly pulling between his ass, the energy tingled through his fingers as he caressed the nylon, Swimmerlad shot his head backward as he thrust his nylon pouch into the waiting mouth of his tormentor. Swimmerlad moaned long and deeply as the proselyte caressed his buttocks and thong and pushing his face and tongue into Swimmerlad’s bulge, Swimmerlad twisted sensually before the quivering young proselyte. Swimmerlad’s sensitised pouch was now wet, it was a mixture of his own sweat trickling down his pleasure wracked body and the hungry mouths of the proselytes worshiping his irresistible and insatiable writhing offering.

Swimmerboy looked up and surveyed the restraints stretching his arms above his head, he was in a sexual trance, the bonds became sensual, and sexual, every tongue exploring his sensitised nylon mound amplified the pleasure layers infiltrating and thrilling his bulge, his cock would not harden, it was a diabolical tease his captors were revelling in, his twisting body moved sensually and his deep moans of pleasure, his breathing, his gasps for breath were synched with the Pleasuretron’s deft delivery of his next wave of pleasure. His cock was being squeezed by the sheath of sensual energy, he felt his balls almost gurgle as his cum, his jism was being prepared by the Pleasuretron’s evil processes, his bulge was on fire and he felt the next mouth engulf his junk, as he looked down, the Aphrodisium filled him with desire again, as the proselyte’s mouth opened wide and sucked on his offering. His bulge crackled intensely and Swimmerboy’s head thrusted backwards and his moans deepened as the Pleasuretron adjusted the pleasure frequency and intensity, it was hungry and insatiable in its devotion to Swimmerboy’s pleasure drain.


Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad finished the consecration within 90 minutes, every proselyte had made their consecration, they had all now returned to their seats, the temple smelled of sweet cum, but none of it belonged to Swimmerlad or his helpless boyfriend Swimmerboy, it was an explosive and sensual moment.

The Pleasuretrons continued to tantalise and excite the mighty heroes, who writhed and thrusted their ravaged speedo offerings.

Swimmerlad’s sensual moans and laboured breathing were elegant and inviting, his head rolled from side to side, he looked to Swimmerboy, his head was intently focused on his raging bulge, the extreme bondage denied him access to his own pleasured junk, he looked at his wet bulge, his sex, he was horny, his thrusting hips could not be satiated, his bondage was secure, it was devious, it drove him wild with desire, then he noticed Swimmerlad’s heaving beautiful body, he was in a sexual funk, the Pleasuretron was working its diabolical way with him and Swimmerlad, who must have been experiencing the same spell conjured by the his Altar of pleasure.

The lights rose slightly and the Pleasuretrons returned their delicious spreadeagled victims to the supine position, they were both still being deliciously pleasured, and the two heroes watched Scorpio arrive to their location, centre stage.


Swimmerboy’s Pleasuretron reported first.

Occupant Swimmerboy, Speedo strength 60 percent, Pleasure level 49 percent, Lifeforce strong. Sensitisation 2%

Swimmerlad’s Pleasuretron reported next.

Occupant Swimmerlad, Speedo strength 58 percent, pleasure level 50 percent, Lifeforce strong. Sensitisation 2%

Scorpio, surveyed the two heroes, their bodies still engaged in their indulgence cycles, the Pleasuretrons hummed slightly and sensually as their spread-eagled occupants slowly thrust their wet nylon speedo offerings in synched sensual displays.

“Well played my two dear heroes, your offerings are accepted by your devoted and now consecrated disciples, they have chosen to worship your bodies and your speedo offerings. They will enjoy everything you have to offer; they have dedicated themselves to your pleasure, your torture.” Scorpio ran his fingers over Swimmerlad’s writhing body, he was wet with sweat, his nylon offering was wet, it clung to his cock which Scorpio watched as it sensually throbbed within the pleasure sheath continuing to envelop it, squeeze it and thrill it with is tendrils wrapping themselves, and diving inward to stimulate his penis and balls exquisitely.

“You have both performed well, with more than enough Speedo strength to draw upon, but hey, if you start to run low, the Pleasuretron is programmed to maintain a minimum threshold, it will top you up, to ensure its process is complete and your jism is extracted slowly and deliciously, your sacred cum stream tonight will be extensive, your sacred precum as well, you have a lot of mouths to feed, I can’t imagine any of it will make it to the lab tonight, we all require our fill boys.” He laughed as he cupped Swimmerboy’s heaving mound, the wet fabric caressed Swimmerboy’s junk perfectly and Scorpio, bent down, looking intently at Swimmerboy who had raised his head and trembling shoulders as best he could manage, Scorpio’s eyes were filled with desire, and Swimmerboy’s eyes wide with desire still pumping as Scorpio’s tongue fondled the young hero’s cock head, so beautifully displayed as the wet nylon clung to it. Scorpio’s fingers teased the base of Swimmerboy’s bulge and then expertly followed the wet fabric across the hero’s heaving wet, red pouch. Scorpio’s tongue lashed and explored like an evil tendril and Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch was now responding sending dynamic pleasure sparks in all directions from Swimmerboy’s penis, it exploded in his pouch with force. Swimmerboy threw his head back in abandon as he dealt with Scorpio’s deft ministry.

Scorpio stood up, licking his lips.

“You two are too deliccccccccccioussssssssssssss.”

“It’s time to clean up a bit boys. I want you ready for Orgasmo and Electro’s consecration.

Scorpio took to the centre dais and looked over his two helplessly writhing heroes, they were fighting the Pleasuetron’s diabolical control it had taken from them, it was slowly draining them in waves of succulent stimulation.

“We will prepare for Electro and Orgasmo’s rise to the priesthood.”

The machines dropped their pleasure pressure considerably forcing Swimmerlad to look up from his bondage and survey his wet supine body, his pouch continued to pump delicate pulses of delectable pleasure and his cock remained enslaved to the Pleasuretron’s grip, on and through his peris and balls, it was as if it was on idle. He looked over to Swimmerboy, his moans had abated to low deep aghhhhhmmmmm each time his hips slowly moved with his Pleasuretron’s lower flows.

Swimmerlad’s pouch felt tasty, it was encased in a glow of delight and he enjoyed the break in the draining onslaught. He noticed the rising jets which surrounded his body and they began to shoot high pressure tingling film over his body, Swimmerboy was also undergoing this cleanse. Lycra appeared from behind his head and began to massage the cleanser into his body, Lycra buffed his muscles, his stretched legs and arms and allowed the pouch cleaning process to commence, it descended and shot pressures cleanser on his nylon pouch, his bulge tingled as the chemical absorbed, he then massaged the hero’s bulge methodically, washing the nylon clinging to his cock and forming his red speedo pouch, he cleansed the fabric pulled tightly up Swimmerlad’s ass and then tightened the thong. Swimmerlad moanded, his bulge was still being methodically stimulated and his pleasure levels remained at a moderate 30 percent. The washing diffusers then flipped their diffuser heads and covered Swimmerlad in hot drying air flows. Lycra polished the oil remaining on Swimmerlad’s muscles, he was cleaned, he was ready for the next part of the ceremony.

Swimmerboy, was equally prepared by Nylon and Scorpio moved to the centre dais again to oversee the transformation, both heroes remain securely spreadeagled, the muscles flickering and shining as coating absorbed into their skin. Their hips thrusting slowly, rhythmically as they tried their bonds. Their red nylon speedos were now dry and cleansed form their sweat and the saliva of hundreds of consecrated disciples. The nylon creased invitingly from the tip of their exquisite bulge across their pouches to twisting fabric clinging to their hips.

“Orgasmo, Electro rise please and take your place between the spread legs of your sacred offering. They are helpless, they are bound for your pleasure, they offer you a magnificent gift, so sexual, so inviting, they offer you their speedo bulge, a piece of heaven for you to own, control and toy with.”

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad looked up to see the villains standing between their helplessly stretched legs, their speedo pouches exposed to the evil desires of the perverted psycho’s surveying their prey, tied before them as sacrificial offerings to their desire.

Swimmerboy looked at Electro, his eyes pleading, his body moved in that same determined rhythm, his nylon bulge rising and descending as Swimmerboy’s low moans escaped his stretched body, Pleassssse Electro he whispered loudly, Pleeease stop this, the pleasure is draining me, Swimmerlad is helpless, I am helpless, please, please.”

Electro smiled at the mighty writhing exposed hero pleading in front of him. He waited until the Swimmerboy’s red bulge rose in its sensual travels and he cupped Swimmerboy’s offering in both hands, Swimmerboy trembled as the Pleasuretron used electro’s touch to transform the young Hero’s pleasure into different frequency, Swimmerboy looked at his tormentor, his teeth gripping, his hands clenching as the energy signature altered with subtlety. Swimmerboy’s breathing laboured as Electro worked the heaving bulge expertly.

Orgasmo was also toying with Swimmerlad’s supine spreadeagled predicament, his offering was writhing rhythmically, sexually, and his sacrificial offering vibrated quietly as the pleasure sheath surrounding Swimmerlad’s cock enthralled him with several spikes of energy directed simultaneously at some of Swimmerlad’s pleasure points.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFuck!” moaned the delicious young hero trembling with the sudden spikes of delight, as he presented his offering, lifting his hips as best he could off the Pleasuretron, he twisted his hips gently left and right, taking in the sensual energy as best he could.

Orgasmo, smiled and caressed to red bulge offering of Swimmerlad and stating in an evil sensual manner, demanding “Status please!”

The Pleasuretron responded

Occupant Swimmerlad , Speedo Strength 49%, pleasure pressure 30%

He also requested Swimmerboy’s status, Electro was to engrossed in Swimmerboy’s delectable bulge and pouch to care at that moment in time, he was almost mesmerised in a sexual stupor of anticipation of control and magnificent bondage displayed for him.

Occupant Swimmerboy, Speedo Strength 46% Pleasure pressure 30%

Orgasmo took control of the next stage of the ceremony, the two heroes were perfectly prepared they were juiced and ready.

“Lets ramp this up a bit” Purred Orgasmo as he bent down to lick Swimmerlad’s sacred offering, cameras descended on both Pleasuretrons, they would convey pictures to temple audience and to the black web.

Increase pleasure level to 65 percent, increase pleasure pressure, every 5 minutes, 5 percent.

Swimmerlad moaned a long deep hissing, “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”

The altars lit up and the writing heroes were stretched tighter, Swimmerboy could feel the pleasure intensify, his cock felt exquisite, his pouch filled as the pleasure sheath surrounding his cock began to swell, his pouch and speedo strength were becoming containers of his diabolical pleasure being fed by the machine. His gasps were spectacular as he thrust his hips faster, he had less slack as the altar had extended each of his restraints, his moans turned into cries as his head bobbed side to side, he noticed Swimmerlad’s trembling body stretch and moan, he wasn’t able to form words after ten minutes, he lay bound spread-eagle, an offering of pleasure for Orgasmo to delight in.

He looked down to see a flicker of blue light appear over each of his hips as the nylon fabric tightened creating the thong. It had appeared on both hips. His mind was abuzz, he tried gallantly to fight this fast encroaching pleasure the Pleasuretron was now summoning. He looked up valiantly looking for a way to break the titanium bonds, but it was useless.

Fifty Percent showed on his pleasure level stats, and the blue light had grown, it was forming a cloud of blue lights over his entire ravaged thrusting pouch, it was forming, attracted to the nylon pouch, and his speedo strength straining, screaming in the moment.

He looked to see Swimmerlad trying to lift his head to see what was forming over his own pouch, it grew slowly over both and carefully buffeted against the hero’s thrusting hips, it was becoming a spectacle and the cameras glowed taking in the moment to the waiting audience.

Swimmerboy strained, his body wracked, he was fighting the intensity of the moment, but the pleasure was too distracting, “Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaat is thhhhhhhhhhhhat?” He tried to say more but wasn’t able to control his speech.

Orgasmo finally spoke to Swimmerlad and to Swimmerboy, his hands open as if he was conjuring the phenomena occurring directly on Swimmerlad’s heaving offering. “This dear boys is your very first Pleasuretron Plesurenet. It will develop feeding from your pleasure as it draws it up from your pouch, it is feeding on and drawing out the increasing pleasure pressure in your bulging offerings it will continue to build and form like mini hurricane and become a dynamic pleasure energy field, before absorbing into your pouch to distribute its energy throughout your pouch with exquisite force delighting you with shocking power and force, your speedo strength will take a huge hit.”

“Oh and one more thing.” He smirked in such an erotic manner.

“Pleasuretrons, when the first Pleasurenet assimilation occurs, permit Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s precum flow. Pulses every minute indefinitely!”

Oh Fuckin, fuck, fuck thought Swimmerlad.

Swimmerboy’s body contorted, the glowing mass was throbbing and tantalising his pouch from outside as it sucked pleasure through his heaving pouch, his bulge was filled with micro vibrations as the pleasure raped him ferociously, inside and out, fiercely.

Swimmerlad watched as Swimmerboy took the first hit, the blue cloud absorbed into his boyfriend’s heaving pouch.

Swimmerboy, opened his mouth and produced a guttural outburst as the pleasure exploded energising the violent sensations in his nylon mound exponentially, he let out a scream of delight that filled the temple and he strained in his bondage looking at his pounding, offering as the first big globule of pre-cum formed on his beautiful bulge.

He was still soft, how could this machine deny his erection? It was diabolical, such sensations were inhuman, he thrust his hips forward toward Electo and felt the release of the second mighty secretion of his sweet precum. He was making yet another offering, he was being defeated, this time sensually, sexually!

Swimmerlad then noticed his own Pleasurenet quickly and efficiently absorb into his pleasured nylon mound, he muffled a scream, which transfigured into a moan of such delight, so rich, so forceful that the temple was filled with sound of climax as he and Swimmerboy cried out in delight, the audience had succumbed to their lust, most were either ejaculating or very near. It was a cornucopia of sounds and smells. Swimmerlad’s first secretion of pre-cum was so intense, he shuddered as it flowed out his still flaccid cock, his bulge was oozing, sweet and sticky with his juice, he looked over to see Swimmerboy in such abandon, looking intently, his face contorting as his juices oozed and flowed every minute on the minute.

Their speedo pouches were soon wet and glistening with pre-jism.

Scorpio ordered the Pleasuretrons to presentation mode and Orgasmo and Electro reluctantly took a step backward, to make their vows before the writhing heroes.

The altars began to collect the dripping pre-cum as it oozed slowly through their magnificent red offerings, now wet, now sparkling, waiting for the devotion of Orgasmo and Electro as they took the office of Speedo priests and made their sacred consecration.

Swimmerboy looked down over his heaving muscles, held tightly to the Pleasuretron altar, his powerful body being invaded by the diabolical machine slowly draining him with his own pleasure, directed into his own speedo pouch, the very source of his power, had become the centre of their devotion and lust it was a perfect storm of defeat; but for the devious villains kneeling before him and Swimmerlad, struggling, helplessly to his left, it was a moment of triumph, it was a moment of dedication, they viewed he and Swimmerlad as both sexual toys and gods of strength. But they were being toyed and tamed and their future was looking bleak.

Swimmerboy looked down and a second blue Pleasurenet was forming, he tried in vain to move his delicious, glistening nylon pouch out of its growing grip, but it was no use, it was committed to its target. Swimmerlad moaned loudly next to him, as a second Pleasurenet formed like a storm cloud over his magnificent speedo offering.

Scorpio walked over and ran his fingers seductively over Swimmerlad’s right hip, toying with the red nylon twisting tightly as it stretched around his back and formed the nylon thong. It was tight and secure, it was deeply beautiful and he then moved his fingers to the very top of his nylon pouch, so wet and sticky, it crackled as the Pleasurenet reacted to the interference of his fingers, he looked closely at Swimmerlad’s tasty huge mound of speedo offering. The next globule of precum forced its way through the nylon curving deliciously around his bulge, It heaved and vibrated slightly as the Pleasuretron fed it with the juicy pleasure flows. Swimmerlad’s moans, his laboured breathing, his powerful legs, restrained and stretched were a sublime sight.

He spoke finally, “These magnificent heroes are captured for our delight and lust. Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad, you are sublime, you are perfect, your pain, your pleasure is consecrated, your offerings are accepted, revered and cherished. Behold the power of pleasure tonight, it is draining you, feeding from you, your offerings are rich and many. Your next Pleasurenet will take a while to form, enjoy their delicious build up! He smiled so deviantly and continued, “You are presented to your priesthood, your writhing bodies displayed as the rituals are performed, when the pleasure build is complete and it absorbs into your pulsating bulging offerings, that intense pleasure you’re dealing with, will begin to creep into the rest of your magnificent bodies, up your trunk, through your abs, down your powerful thighs and hamstrings. Your pleasure will begin to consume you.”

Swimmerboy, turned in his bonds, he looked down to his heaving, dripping mound to see the blue Pleasurenet begin to pulse, each contraction transforming his pleasure into low frequency thumps, his breathing compensated as the pleasure reverberated now, his body trembled in anticipation of the impending absorption. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fffffffffffffffffffffffffff, noooooooooooooooo” he moaned as the pulses toyed and fondled him, the mass of pleasure draining him so efficiently and deliciously.

Scorpio turned to the two Villains now on bended knee in front of the Magnificent heroes being offered to them, so sexually. The moment was erotic.

“Make your vows”

Electro and Orgasmo made their solemn vow amidst the moans and sounds of defeat emanating from the two Pleasuretrons.

“We dedicate ourselves to worship the offerings presented before us. We revere and covet the magnificent speedo offerings; we consecrate ourselves to ensure our time and devotion are spent in their service. Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad your Pain, your Pleasure are our life’s work and devotion. We are your solemn priests.”

With this they stood, Scorpio motioned them forward toward the presentation pedestal which had risen between the spread legs of the two superheroes bound helplessly, presented to their captors, struggling.

Electro and Orgasmo knelt on the pedestals as the Pleasurenets absorbed into the pouches of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. They were at perfect bulge level of the writhing heroes sexually thrusting their hips sensually before them, they were eager to drink of the hero’s pre cum offering.

Swimmerboy’s Pleasurenet assimilated and absorbed into his sticky pouch, he thrust his head backwards, his screams of delight, his shuddering body and his glistening pouch were a mix of sublime sights and sounds, tastes and smells, this mighty hero was defeated and forced pleasured at this moment for Electro, who reached out to caress the red sticky mound of Swimmerboy heaven before him, he savoured the contours of the quivering wet nylon bulge, it crackled with the new influx of intensity as Swimmerboy let forth a mighty moan his breathing short and laboured as his bulge produced a bubbling flow of his pre-cum. Electro squeezed Swimmerboy’s offering and drank his sweet warm juices, it filled his mouth, his senses with delight. Standing up, Electro came face to face with Swimmerboy, one hand squeezed Swimmerboy’s heaving bulge of wet nylon the other smearing the juices on the face of the labouring hero. “Taste Swimmerboy, your nectar is divine, as is this moment of your defeat, I am your priest, and I will have my offering.”

Swimmerlad’s offering was worshipped by Orgasmo just as expertly, He waited for Swimmerlad’s next pre-cum flow as the Pleasurenet’s absorption assimilated with his speedo strength and the pleasure processes reverberated, raping his manhood. The flow of pre-cum flow suddenly pulsed and it resonated through his body with every pulse, it was so forceful and his nectar oozed and flowed over Orgasmo’s face buried in the wet red pouch of nylon, it was a moment of pure delight, as Orgasmo felt Swimmerlad’s body push out the juice flow. Swimmerlad was looking down at Orgasmo’s head exploring, licking sucking his bulge as he screamed in delight over and over, the pleasure level was becoming so strong and his strength would not hold with this level of the energy draining him. Orgasmo sucked his bulge intently and the flow of his nectar being drawn up from his super pleasured penis was excruciatingly delicious as it was sucked out of his cock through the nylon. Orgasmo, having had his fill of the sacred sweet Swimmerlad syrup, lifted his face from Swimmerlad’s speedo offering, the juices formed a sticky ark as he stood up to speak to his prize captive offering, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you have great precum dear Swimmerlad, I will enjoy extracting this regularly!” Swimmerlad could barely keep his head upright, he was in a trance to the currents of the pleasure sheath surrounding and pumping his penis so incessantly and hungrily, the pleasure drain was excruciating. Orgasmo squeezed more juice from Swimmerlad’s red nylon mound and smeared it up his heaving abdomen, he then stood back with Electro, they nodded in deference to the two delicious offerings writhing before them.

They were overcome with the moment, covered in hero pre jism, yet they undertook their duties seriously as they invited Scorpio to the centre dais. The sounds of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s screams and moans of pleasure almost drowned them out.

“We hand the offerings to you Scorpio! As you ascend to the High Priesthood.”

Scorpio had moved to the centre stage, he looked at the two Pleasuretrons performing their tasks so sensually on the two defeated heroes writhing in front of him. He ordered the devices to converge. The devices moved inward bringing he two helpless sacrificial offerings closer together, they twisted inwards with Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were now only feet apart, facing their captor, their new owner.

Scorpio approached the helpless young heroes.

“I promised you Swimmerboy, pleasures beyond your imagination and now I will demonstrate that capacity to you and your delicious Swimmerlad, such a spectacle, such a sensual moment to cherish. His look of triumph was evil and lustful.

“Thank you for your offering to this temple, to these devoted worshipers!”

He stood back to survey the two heroes and his handywork. Holding out his hands, he smiled and requested a status.

Swimmerboy’s Pleasuretron responded first.

Occupant Swimmerboy, Speedo Strength 32 percent, pleasure level 65 percent, lifeforce stable.


Occupant Swimmerlad, Speedo Strength 31 percent, pleasure level 64 percent, lifeforce stable.

“Good!” he announced.

“Bring them to Orgasm, hold them at the Orgasmic cliff, increase pleasure level 10 percent every ten minutes”


Swimmerboy was in a trance as the flows in his nylon pouch overwhelmed him; they ebbed and flowed, every minute his pre-cum almost exploded, the flow of his thick sweet juice energised the pleasure engulfing his bulge, he could not resist the thrust of his hips. He looked at Swimmerlad, his head thrust backward and his sticky pre-cum arcing off his magnificent bulge as he also thrust his hips with increasing force. His breathing was in laboured hisses and moans originating and radiating out from his diaphragm.

Ten minutes later the pleasure increment overtook them and their moans turned in screams of delight and two large golden goblets were deployed from the centre dais, they filled with the pre-cum juices of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. Shards of warm sticky juice arced from their heaving offerings and the goblets were full within minutes. The goblets were handed to each audience member to partake of the offering, a sacrament as they ascended the dais to witness the final consecration.

The Black web was a fire of activity and bitcoin flowed into Scorpio’s secret blockchain accounts, the remaining vacant places in the compound were now the hottest property on the Black web as the bidding process fired up to secure a place in the compound. Money was no object.

Scorpio surveyed Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s trembling, writhing magnificent bodies, he then spoke in a low authoritative tone.

“Two sweet heroes, two offerings of pleasure, of speedo nectar. The cocky, powerful superheroes are delivered in defeat, in abandon.”

“Plesuretrons, authorisation Scorpio Delta!” “Erections approved!”

Immediately the photon beam diffusers, descended and aimed a dosage of Aphrodisium directly into the red sticky bulges of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. They screamed as the beam served to invigorate the pleasure pressure pumping them so deliciously. The devices returned to their places high in the temple roof.

With that Nylon approached Swimmerboy and Lycra approached Swimmerlad, their strong arms grabbed the heaving hips of the two heroes, they held them securely, their tongue began to explore the red sticky bulges, their fingers exploring the raging pouches.

Swimmerlad screamed with such force as he looked down to see his erection form violently, it filled and stretched his pouch, he could see his cockhead pushing deliciously against the tight wet nylon holding it in, the force of the tight fabric driving him wild with delight as the Aphrodisium engulfed his sexual desires. He looked over his shoulder to Swimmerboy and Nylon’s satisfied grin, as Swimmerboy’s magnificent hard penis throbbed inside his pouch, his nylon was also straining with the pressure of his massive hard-on. Swimmerboy screamed as the next throb and flow of precum filled Nylon’s waiting cupped hands. Nylon rubbed the sticky Swimmerboy juice on his own wet white speedo. It was too much for him! He trembled and with a huge moan of delight, he ejaculated in front of Scorpio. Scorpio didn’t flinch, but he would need to punish Nylon at another time for the break in protocol.

Scorpio, ordered the Pleasuretrons to allow pleasure creep, the orgasm level was close and he wanted his hero offerings to enjoy the pleasure with a new dimension, it began to seep from their nylon offerings like tantalizing, hungry tendrils.

Swimmerlad was in total abandon, as the orgasm arrived, his body was tingling as the sensations radiated and secreted from the Nylon fabric clinging dutifully to his magnificent young body, he felt it encase his tight buttocks and flow up his back, down his legs, his body trembled and thrashed. He screamed begging for his mound to be fondled, he needed his bulge caressed, worshiped as the Aphrodisium demanded! His bonds tightened a last time, it drove him wild with sexual need, with desire so deep, so primal. In the background of the pleasure fogging his mind, he heard the voice of Swimmerboy’s pleading.

Their orgasms reached the ten-minute level, they were being drained exquisitely. The audience had moved into place on the dais surrounding the depraved devious scene of the two defeated hero’s pleading, begging, thrusting their beautiful bodies.

Scorpio made his consecration.

“I Scorpio, take the office of High Priest. I worship your magnificent bodies, your speedo pouches and bulges. I dedicate myself to your pleasure, your torture. I will ensure you are drained of your strength and your nectar!” He smiled looking at his victims, performing admirably.

“Ejaculation approved, Scorpio Beta, SEMEN 1”


Scorpio took told of the two magnificent wet, thick erections of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, he squeezed the gorgeous wet red nylon, forcefully around the heroes’ throbbing offerings. Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy’s bodies twisted and writhed so intently with what remaining slack left in their tight spread-eagle bondage. Their guttural moans amplified and reverberated around the Speedo Temple. The pleasure sheaths reacted to Scorpio’s grip, with such explosive energy, that shot through their trembling bodies, with exquisite force, right to the tips of the straining fingers and twisting toes.

They came in unison, the first jet of hot jism shot like a shotgun, Jism flowed upward as Scorpio squeezed and pumped the two defeated heroes’ swollen, throbbing members, the hot juices reached meters, filtered through the straining nylon fabric sieve encasing them. Their juices also fanned out, covering their struggling bodies within seconds, it was streaming down their faces, their shoulders.

Scorpio laughed with such evil intent as he too was covered in the showers, his two miked cows trembled and strained with force as the Aphrodisium ignited their desires.

6 Litres

Announced Swimmerboy’s Pleasuretron

6.5 litres

Announced Swimmerlad’s Pleasuretron.

Scorpio turned to face the audience and re-gripped the two spurting nylon bulges of his two victims, he supervised the raining jism watching the front rows of the encroaching audience become engulfed in the spurts hero cum, shooting like water cannons.

Amongst the raining juices, and the cries of delight, Scorpio spoke loudly and triumphantly, “Your offerings are accepted!”

It took another five minutes for the jism flows to begin to abate but the Aphprodisium was not over! They begged for more, they begged as they hung in their bondage. The Pleasuretrons kept their penile pleasure sheaths active for a good 20 minutes as newly consecrated novices attended and sipped the hot hero juices still bubbling from their erect, tenting nylon mounds. Their bodies, their speedo offerings were made available for that time, Scorpio wanted the compound to enjoy the delights and fruits of their ceremony. He had made millions, maybe tens of millions for 7 hours of ceremonial pleasuring and milking of his two sumptuous offerings. His mind was ablaze with possibilities for the magnificent future of his two young magnificent heroes.

After the final 20-minute presentation period, the Pleasuretrons retracted and returned their spent young heroes to the prone position. Their limp bodies in a daze, their spunk still bubbling up through their nylon bulges, once again soft, wet and tender.

Swimmerlad started to come to, he was now looking up to the temple’s mounding roofline, their Pleasuretrons had returned he and Swimmerboy to their supine positions. It was a quick reminder of where he was, his predicament and his magnificent bondage. His body was drained of strength, he was weak, and his body tingles continued to engulf him from the tips of his stretched fingers to his toes, he knew he had been milked and raped so expertly, with such lustful intent, it was powerful. He lifted his head gingerly and looked across his stretched body. A handsome young man looked up from his delicate feeding on Swimmerlad’s bulge, now soft, but still wet and sticky, the young man smiled, his face covered in Swimmerlad’s semen.

His red bulge oozed another secretion.

“Do you like that, mighty hero!” was the smug question posed to Swimmerlad. He nodded as the last effects of the Aphrodisium still lingered.

“It feels amazing, even though the pleasure in no longer pumping in my pouch, pleeeease lick it one more time, pleeeeease?” Swimmerlad barely got the words out, but the drug pushed him that last stretch. He felt the young man’s tongue explore him and then he felt the last remnants of his juice being sucked and squeezed, it drove him wild.

“Fuckin suck it, please?” he pleaded pulling on his bonds.

He then felt the fingers exploring the wet nylon protruding between his buttocks. Swimmerlad lifted his hips as best he could, the feeling of this stimulating his ass was a mindfuck, he had no power, no strength and he had become a toy, a play thing to be enjoyed, an instrument to be played.

The world went black and Swimmerlad finally succumbed to his draining.

Scorpio’s hair was now stringy, and its locks clumped with the volume of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s semen flows, his signature black bodysuit was wet and shiny. He rubbed some of the hero’s juices into his abs and pecs as if he was rubbing sun lotion on. He approached Swimmerboy as Swimmerlad’s last tormentor, stood up, his face covered with hero juice, and he moved toward the temple’s exit.

“Thank you, Scorpio,!” The handsome young man said as he turned from Swimmerlad’s now lifeless body. His own pink lycra speedo was wet and the look of satisfaction on his face made Scorpio smile.

Scorpio made a note to self, he liked what he saw he had ideas for a huge orgy, or special events with the growing numbers of attractive men attracted to life a life in speedo compound. Oh the possibilities thought Scorpio as the young man departed the dais, his feeding complete.

Scorpio returned his attention to his prize. Swimmerboy remained stretched and helpless. Scorpio arrived and his hungry hands massaged the insides of Swimmerboy’s powerful legs, spread helplessly, at the at their apex, Swimmerboy’s speedo offering, his bulge continued oozing the final remnants of his juice offering. Scorpio ran his fingers around and over the sticky red bulge, the nylon still creased invitingly across Swimmerboy’s pouch and Scorpio revelled in the sheer beauty of his helpless hero presented to him.

Swimmerboy stirred as Scorpio’s hungry fingers molesting his speedo had stirred the last of the Aphrodisium. He felt his fingers and feet tingle, the pleasure sheath had abated but the magnificent orgasm, now 30 minutes prior was still lingering, it was persistent and it made his body shimmer with subdued delight as Scorpio squeezed some of his oozing cum from the tip of his bulge. Swimmerboy’s stirring, turned into a low satisfied moan.

Scorpio then lent over helpless hero, one hand squeezing the wet garment, the other massaged, Swimmerboy’s cum over his face, Scorpio forced some into Swimmerboy’s trembling lips, as he moaned.

“Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck Scorpio!” he could barely voice the words, he wanted more, the Aphrodisium demanded it and he had no resistance left to fight. He used his last strength to lift his hips toward Scorpio’s leaning body in a vain attempt for more attention to his oozing bulge.

“Good boy! Smirked Scorpio as Swimmerboy opened his eyes, “You my dear magnificent hero have been consecrated, we have been consecrated to the service of your speedo offering,” he smiled as his hand squeezed more hero juices from the defeated Swimmerboy. “You my dear friend have been defeated! Your juice has fed hundreds, your pleasure has been accepted as an offering.”

“There is no escape from your fate, you and Swimmerlad have been sanctified for a life of servitude, you are our pawns and slaves. We will torture you, we will milk you slowly, tenderly, forcefully and violently, as we see fit.”

“Your offerings are accepted!” he laughed quietly and intently while his hand squeezed Swimmerboy’s junk a final time for the night’s proceedings.

Swimmerboy looked up with pleading in his eyes, he understood, his head dropped back and he passed out.

Scorpio lifted himself from Swimmerboy’s limp defeated body, calling Nylon and Lycra over.

“Take them away!”

“But before you go, I want both those pairs of consecration speedos hand delivered to me. Oh and both of you, please report to Orgasmo once you have secured our two heroes to recover. Let their speedo strength trickle back, I want them rested and revived. “Orgasmo will enjoy you two while our heroes recover.

The temple was now empty, it was now a holy place, a confirmed place of pleasure!

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