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Defeat and Domination
Part 6 - The Taming
By Scorpio

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The Taming

The heroes are taken to one of the larger public torture theatres for Swimmerlad’s sacrificial torture session. Swimmerboy is also included as a secondary target in the torture session.

Swimmerlad awoke in his cell, he had been half asleep for several hours trying to mentally prepare himself for the session ahead. Lycra had returned his exhausted body, most of his cum had been licked off his body and his red speedos, yet once back at his recovery cell, Lycra strapped him into a shallow recovery bathing unit and a washed his naked body, the red speedos were delivered to Scorpio as a reminder of his first full day as a defeated superhero. Scorpio enjoyed his trophies.

He awoke from his exhaustion, he was clean and restrained on a table, his legs were slightly spread and restrained at each ankle, he groggily looked down, as much as he could, a restraint was holding his neck down, his wrists were restrained at his sides and he could feel the familiar flow of sweet speedo strength energising his body. He was now wearing a pair of crisp new powder blue Aussiebum wonder jock speedos, the light nylon felt so nice as that garment hugged his beautiful athletic body. He tried his bonds but even with the refreshing strength build up, they held him down securely. He turned his head to survey his recovery cell but couldn't tell what was beyond the current restraining room he was being held. He noticed his name Swimmerlad on a flat screen installed in the wall on the opposite side of the room, it listed information about him:


Speedo Strength 98%

Lifeforce 100%

Pleasure 0%

That fucking speedo AI, has me tracked, Scorpio knows all about me and Swimmerboy, fuck, we need to work out how to escape this evil compound, shut it down and get all these perverts to justice, but how? He thought to himself. These restraints are too strong for me, cannot free myself. He wondered what evil they had instore for him. He had let down his strength at the very last moment of his amazing orgasm, tied in that milking pod earlier, letting down his last failing resistance to ejaculate, he wanted to take the punishment away from his beautiful boyfriend, Swimmerboy. He remembered the depths of his defeat and the joy on the faces of Scorpio and Orgasmo as he and Swimmerboy, facing each other, in an evil display of joint defeat, writhed for what felt like an eternity in the throes of the orgasmic pleasure stimulation, those five minutes felt like hours as the those villains and their henchmen, Lycra and Nylon looked on in awe and gloating with pleasure as he and Swimmerboy thrashed their hips, pre-cum and sweat flinging off their rock hard erections, straining in their nylon briefs. He remembered the complete look of abandonment on Swimmerboy’s head as he gritted his teeth holding on through that period of orgasmic cum denial, his breathing, his defeated beautiful body being pleasured, being milked of his sweet juices.

We must find a way to free ourselves from this evil place. He thought to himself as he tried one more time to wrestle free of the diabolical restraints.

Swoosh, and behind him as he looked up he saw both Lycra and Nylon enter the room, the doors closed quickly behind them.

“Nice work Lycra, he looks amazing in those Aussiebums, Electro chose well.” Commented Nylon. “I dressed Swimmerboy in one of his favourite pairs, his Black Eyelines, he looks pretty hot too.” Smirked Nylon.

They both wore their signature speedos as well, Nylon, in nylon wore a red pair of Eyleine speedos, to match Swimmerboy, he had his now signature ‘N’ printed on his backside. Lycra wore a yellow pair or Lycra speedos with a thick black drawstring, just protruding from the waistband, the tighter fabric clung to his manly package, hugging his assets tightly, he also wore his signature ‘L’ on his backside.

“You pricks, what are you doing with Swimmerboy? I took the punishment!” Pleaded Swimmerlad fighting his bondage.

“Ha, don’t worry about Swmmerboy, he is fine at the moment. You have a huge afternoon and night ahead of you today, I hope you have enjoyed your rest, by the look of it you’re at 100% strength level.” Commented Lycra, looking at the display screen which had just clicked up its latest update.

“The torture theatre is prepared Swimmerlad, and you will be drained today by Electro, he has ordered your powder blue pair today, he has a fetish for you in blue I think hahahahahaha.” Laughed Nylon. “They both bent down and caressed the young hero’s body massaging his thighs, and pectorials, Lycra lightly ran two fingers over Swimmerlad’s bulging blue mound, the wonder jock garment pushed his manhood upward and outward, enhancing the bulging effect rising from his powder blue pouch that were sitting perfectly and seductively on his body. “I washed your cock and your balls for 10 minutes Swimmerlad, they were so nice to enjoy; your cock felt so nice as it filled my mouth, you won’t remember that part of your recovery. I’m sure Scorpio was watching, so I’ll see later if I am punished for enjoying your junk to myself.” Smirked Lycra.

Swimmerlad nearly choked himself on the neck restraint as he thrashed in his bondage, “fuck you Lycra,” he said throwing Lycra a look of defiance, his hands clenched in anger.

“Oh get over it,” barked Nylon, “with boys as beautiful as you and Swimmerboy, tied up in front of us all day, what do you expect your horny attendants to do? Next time I might join in with Lycra and toy with you while you’re awake! Hahahahahahha, mmmm that is a very nice thought!” Laughed Nylon.

“Enough of that now boys” Boomed the voice of Scorpio into the recovery cell. “This is your ten-minute call, get him to Torture Theatre 2, the room is prepared, and our audience are in place - showtime!”

Fuck this thought Swimmerlad as he tried desperately to free himself and knock out these too (beautiful) goons. He noticed several red blinking lights high in the tall ceiling cavity, Nylon was obtaining a piece of rope from a hidden cavity and Lycra gave the command “Stun level one.”

The restraints released and Swimmerlad was free, but the emitters changed to blue the same instant and the mighty young hero’s screaming speedo strength became his new enemy, instantly. His bulge exploded with such force his body flinched and he was helpless, his next recollection was his arms being bound behind his back and four strong arms lifting him to his feet.

The door opened and he was thrust into the hallway, he was groggy, but able to walk or in his case, he was being pushed through corridors all with the emitters glowing blue in synch, through the deserted public courtyard and past the milking chamber’s entrance, they pushed him on through more corridors until he saw the red glowing sign “Torture Room 2” – Swimmerlad was listed as the main attraction for the session.

“Fuck you” Spat Swimmerlad as he turned his head standing outside the entrance, his strength was being held at bay somehow, he could not break the ropes binding his arms behind his back. Nylon held the helpless young hero securely as Lycra bent down to adjust Swimmerlad’s bulge, he wanted it perfect, he adjusted Swimmerlad’s flacid cock to sit slightly to the left, and the powder blue fabric creased from the tip of his bulge across to each side of Swimmerlad’s nylon pouch.

Swimmerlad winced in his bonds trying to free himself from Nylon’s capable grip on his shoulders. Lycra caressed the beautiful nylon pouch lightly fondling Swimmerlad delicately and looked the heaving young hero in the eye. “I think you’re ready hero boy.”

With that he swiped the door control mechanism and Nylon thrust the heaving young hero forward to sounds of applause, strong lights almost blinded him as they thrust him forward into the centre of the room.

Electro stood waiting his hands clasped together in glee as he turned to the audience, please be up standing for your wonderful superhero, the ravishing Swimmerlad!

Electro was wearing his signature tight white lycra suit with a yellow lightning bolt printed across the chest, he was in his 40’s but was well built and graced the stage, with his presence and evil aura.

Swimmerlad arrived at the centre of the room fighting the ropes binding his wrists, the roof was a sea of blue lights as the emitters kept the mighty hero at bay.

Nylon spread Swimmerlad’s feet apart and attached ankle restraints holding his powerful legs apart, Lycra held his shoulders as the delicious hero was presented to his tormentor.

Swimmerlad wriggled and writhed but he had to keep his balance.

“Thank you for coming Swimmerlad and thank you for choosing today’s session of pain.”

“I only chose to take this from Swimmerboy, Electro, that’s all!” Swimmerboy replied. He fought his bonds trying to break his shoulders free from Lycra’s strong grip.

“Gentlemen, you will remember the magnificent Swimmerlad, many of you enjoyed his preparation, the mapping of his speedo pouch was productive and sensual, we have a greater understanding of his speedo essence, that elusive power he and Swimmerboy enjoy when they don their signature swimwear briefs and become the magnificent hero’s that they are, striking awe and secret desire in millions of people. He is now your captured sacrifice and I present him to you this afternoon as he endures pain stimulation, I’m sure you will enjoy the spectacle.” He announced smiling at the young despondent hero glaring back at him.

“Lycra, you’re his attendant, will you do the honours!”

“With pleasure Electro.” Was Lycra’s response. He then proceeded to pull the edges of the delicious light blue nylon fabric covering Swimmerlad’s buttocks, he pulled it tightly between the athletic butt cheeks, causing Swimmerlad to rise slightly off the floor and moan seductively as the fabric was wound several times on each of Swimmerlad’s hips. This changed the shape of Swimmerlad’s pouch slightly, his bulging manhood already seductively protruding from his body, was cupped deliciously and it now became even more alluring with the curves of his bulge and the creasing nylon fabric being enhanced with the creation of his nylon thong, there was silence as the young bound hero was presented to the room again. He was a spectacular offering for all to behold.

“Beautiful, sexual Swimmerlad, you are a ravishing spectacle to just look at, but today tied before us, a sacrificial offering to our desires, our lust, our deep needs.” Electro approached the heaving young bound hero, he brushed his heaving six pack abs and toyed with Swimmerlad’s pouch, first pulling a segment of the drawstring out of the top of the bulging garment, it was tied tightly around Swimmerlad’s waist, keeping the wound sides on his hips tight, he then caressed the warmth of the hero’s bulge, his fingers expertly, lightly squeezing the base of his bulge, feeling the young hero’s manhood encased in the nylon fabric. Electro quivered at the pleasure of caressing Swimmerlad’s most private zone, his sacrificial speedo pouch and bulge were magnificent. “A perfect offering for us tonight,” smiling at the despondent young hero glaring back at him, “freely given by him, by the way.” Hahhahahahahaha his evil laugh filled the theatre.

“Behold Swimmerlad.”

To the left of them and centre stage, the floor began to open and round frame began to rise from the floor it became wider as the cylindrical device continued to rise. The base of the device reached its mark.

Swimmerlad’s speedo senses were tingling off the chart, he fought his bonds and the keen grip of the two henchmen holding him in place, a sea of blue lights in ceiling meant he was still helpless, any escape would be fruitless, they would cut him down in seconds.

Fuck he thought to himself, speedo sense is strong, how can I escape? He looked fruitlessly around the room in desperation and then back at his smiling tormentor.

“What is that thing?” he gasped at Electro and noticed Scorpio rising from his seat to take the stage too.

“I call this the Arc dear boy, for two reasons, firstly it will generate arching electrical beams and secondly, it will slowly sweep from side to side presenting your magnificent writing body to our waiting audience.”

Scorpio, was dressed in his signature black lycra tights covering his body, his muscular body was impressive and his long white hair flowed over his shoulders.

“What an impressive offering we have here.” “Well done Electro, love your work!” He declared, looking lustfully at the restrained, helpless hero.

Electro smiled at Scorpio and then to Swimmerlad moving to a control panel which had also emerged from the floor. Wrist and ankle restraints deployed from the device lowering to take its victim.

Swimmerlad, looked at his tormentors, “Fuck you all, you perverted bastards, Fuck you! I will use everything I have to resist your attempts at breaking me!”

“Oh we hope you will.” exclaimed Scorpio.

“Boys do the honours, please.”

Nylon released the holding ankle restraints and pushed the fighting young hero to the device.

“No, No Please, Fuck no!” he yelled as Lycra held him in place and Nylon attached the titanium ankle restraints, Nylon then untied his roped arms, and attached each wrist to their waiting restraint. Once all restraints were locked into position, they retracted back into their positions, stretching Swimmerlad deliciously in place, tightly at the centre of the large round device.

The emitters powered down as soon as Swimmerlad’s bondage was complete and locked into place.

His speedo sense was screaming, and he felt the rush of speedo strength replenish in his body. He thrust his hips as the rush continued for several minutes, moaning as the speedo strength rush tingled around the powder blue bulge. He looked around himself checking each restraint, trying it with all his massive power, but was unable to budge from his predicament.

“I think he likes this bondage.” Electro exclaimed looking at the audience, who were spell bound at the spectacle starting to unfold.

The Arc was vibrating slightly and his two tormentors approached the young helpless hero, they caressed and toyed with him as he kept trying his bonds in vain, looking around the device he could see blinking lights, deflectors protruded at set points all around him. Scorpio caressed Swimmerlad’s manhood, feeling the seductive light fabric as it gathered and ran majestically between his buttocks, forming a speedo thong. It was a huge turn on for the bound hero, but he couldn’t let them know that.

“Fuck you are as beautiful as Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad whispered Scorpio, I can’t wait to welcome you to my private parlour soon, we will enjoy getting to know each other intimately.”

Swimmerlad thrashed trying to show his defiance to these perverted captors, but the torture device was secure, he was helpless. Draped spread-eagle in its clutches, an offering to his captors.

“See you on the other side.” Exclaimed Scorpio as he brushed a finger over Swimmerlad’s left pert nipple. Swimmerlad was left alone and restrained in an evil device designed to drain his speedo strength, deliciously with unrelenting pain. He looked down at his powerful legs restrained skilfully, spread apart, his blue nylon Aussiebums tented perfectly and his protruding bulge was impressively displayed for the waiting audience.

He was suddenly rising as the device lifted several feet higher.

“Swimmerlad is presented as your afternoon offering, announced Electro, he is helpless and will soon endure pain, its intensity may shock you, but he will be strong and will resist. Keep your eye on the life signs.” And he pointed to the large screen on either side of the device showing information about the occupant:


Speedo Strength 100%

Life force 100%

Intensity 0%

Pleasure level 0 %

With that a new device emerged and rose to the level of Swimmerlad’s restrained ankles.

“This device I have just installed in front of the Arc will discharge arching electrical currents not unlike lightning and direct the currents to deflecting modulators around the frame surrounding Swimmerlad’s helpless body. The modulating deflectors will direct the beams into different areas of Swimmerlad’s body where they will discharge in painful outbursts. The charge will dance around his body for a second before dying out. The Prime Charge Distributer will deliver bursts which will increase as Swimmerlad’s strength begins to wane and deplete. The current will become denser as the torture session progresses. The Ark will detect Swimmerlad’s pain levels and diabolically deliver stronger and intense bolts of arcing electricity.

“You fucking devious bastards” yelled Swimmerlad. He looked down at the Prime Charge Distributor and the many deflectors that surrounded his helpless body. He looked down at his speedo pouch taking in his own beauty as he checked each of his bonds looking for a release, he had to find a way out of this.

The Arc created a containment field and Swimmerlad could feel its devious presence engulf his body, it was invisible he felt its creep over his entire body, this was not good…

“I have installed a containment field for Swimmerlad, this will ensure the Charge distributor’s discharges are contained within the Arc, we don’t want one of them escaping and bouncing around the theatre do we.

“Before we begin this afternoon’s show, I wanted to offer a surprise to you all.” Announced Electro, looking at the audience.

With that little announcement, and in the middle of the audience, doors began to open and lifting into the middle of the audience was another bondage frame, with Swimmerboy spread-eagled, wearing his black Eyeline nylon swimmers, his bulging manhood was lit up by two spot lights as he arose into place, he had perfect front place view of Swimmerlad, displayed deliciously for the audience. Swimmerboy was gagged and fought his bondage as the device locked into place.

“To add to your enjoyment, we have delivered Swimmerboy for you to enjoy as well, I’m sure he will be an enjoyable addition to the show. Announced Electro. “Take your turns at enjoying Swimmerboy, he is gagged and his black nylon speedo bulge is yours to enjoy while his boyfriend writhes in pain before us. You will find a handheld electro current taser in your seat pocket. Use these as you will on Swimmerboy so he doesn’t feel left out of the pain.”

“A photon beam has now been initiated between Swimmerboy’s stretched legs, this will deliver delicious stimulating torture to him, his speedo pouch will continually charge full of devious photons that will make him feel that his Speedo pouch is on fire, the sensation will continue throughout the session. The photon beam will not harm you; it responds to Swimmerboy’s speedo essence and it targets his cock and balls, exploding with delicious unabating intensity right in his speedo pouch. Enjoy him as he struggles in the intensity of his own painful experience, his muffled screams, won’t distract from the delicious screams emanating from deep in Swimmerlad’s soul.” He and Scorpio laughed with evil intensity as the evil show commenced.

Swimmerboy couldn’t speak in the gag, the beam latched onto his nylon bulge and his writhing body tried desperately to escape the torment, but the beam dutifully followed his speedo pouch as he vainly tried to escape the torturous beam focused on his black nylon pouch, it was impossible to escape.

“What the fuck!” demanded Swimmerlad, you have to leave Swimmerboy out of this.” He pleaded with Scorpio.

“You’re not in a position to make demands Swimmerlad.” Responded Scorpio, “We wanted to Swimmerboy to have the best seat in the house.” In a sad baby voice, smiling intently into Swimmerlad’s eyes.

Swimmerlad eyed the discharger and its controls went green, the process had began and the first devious blue electrical discharge was sucked into the containment field, the blue light danced around him deflected by the array of reflectors, it discharged on his heaving abs, he looked down to see its hit into his abs and his body contorted backwards, the restraints kept him tightly stretched though, he easily resisted most of the pain but he felt its blow, hit his body with such force.

“That all you got, prick” he said glaring down at his tormentor.

Electro smiled and turned up the intensity.

The Charge Distributor obeyed with a bright yellow discharge that hit the containment field with shocking intensity, it circled Swimmerlad’s torso and finally made its hit on the underside of Swimmerlad’s jaw, throwing his head back with its force, his body instinctively arched forward this time displaying his speedo pouch as it thrust forward in the hit, the huge vision screens displayed Swimmerlad’s heaving body perfectly, several focussing on the sacred nylon pouch and the his delectable protruding bulge.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” hissed Swimmerlad, “that’s more like it Elecro.” Was Swimmerlad’s defiant response to the display of force.

“Enjoy dear boy.” Was Electro’s response as a similar discharge hit the containment field, followed closely by another one and then another. The three evil electro discharges bounced around and toyed with Swimmerlad and within seconds of each other they made their hits, in the hero’s left nipple, his right thigh and his left exposed buttock.

Swimmerlad contorted in pain as the shockingly painful discharges started depleting his strength, his body contorted and he murmured in defiance trying to right himself, the bonds tightened to keep his body taught.

Three more discharged.

Fuck, he thought to himself.

The spectacle before Swimmerboy’s eyes was overwhelming, he moaned in his gag looking down at his own spectacular speedo pouch being invaded by the photon particle beam, his nylon speedos were hot and the heat was building in his bulging speedo offering to his captors. He could feel the explosions of pain and heat erupt the in the reaches of his pouch, the pain was unrelenting! He tried to take into account his own situation while looking up to see his boyfriend deliciously displayed and defiantly resisting the discharges, hitting his body indiscriminately and with increasing regularity. The screen to his right, showed a close up of Swimmerlad’s powder blue nylon pouch displayed sensually as his body writhed and contorted. He gasped at the beauty of Swmmerlad’s bulge, we wanted it so bad, but was denied, he was wonderfully sexually turned on these last hours, the bondage was exquisite and overwhelming, but he couldn’t let his captors know this.

But the pain was starting to engulf his senses, he couldn’t evade that fucking beam, but he had his strength to rely on, but with his strength depleting each minute, the question was for how long?

He felt the two discharge hits of the portable shocking devices one on each of his perfect buttocks, their owners discharged the current and Swimmerboy shot his hips forward in response to the dual blast. The beam followed!

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” he muffled from his gag as two young men, with hard-ons, each in a pair of lycra Rival brand speedos faced him, they toyed with the writing Swimmerboy, caressing his helpless body, sexually, they taunted him and teased his perfectly bound body with evil and lustful intent.

Back on the Dias, Electo approached the Ark as the device was presenting Swimmerlad’s body, under fire to the right hand section of the audience, Swimmerlad was becoming less defiant and helplessly trying to follow each of the discharge beams, trying to prepare himself for the hit, if he could work out where it would hit, he could better deploy his speedo strength more effectively and hopefully conserving some strength. Electro obtained his attention and then announced to the audience and with Swimmerboy’s growing muffled moans in the background, that the Charge Distributor would deploy one highly charged discharge directly into Swimmerlad’s Nylon pouch and that the electricity will form a current engulfing his nylon speedo, from hip to hip and up through his buttocks. The discharge will be strong and powerful, designed to knock out increasing amounts of Swimmerlad’s strength.

“It will deploy every 15 minutes,” he announced as he looked up at the helpless Swimmerlad deliciously displayed, thrashing in his bonds deliciously.

“Oooooooo about now!” He smiled at the young hero, still being bombarded by the regular charge outbursts from the devious Charge Distributor.

Swimmerboy’s muffled screams made out the word “Nooooooooooooo”, he writhed taking another taser blast to his buttocks. His attention though was on Swimmerlad and the torture he was about to endure, he battled his bonds, but his helpless situation meant he could only thrash in a vain attempt to free himself and disable that fucking torture device inflicting its cunning power on Swimmerlad.

Swimmerlad looked down in horror, his body covered in sweat, his powder blue speedos, were positioned waiting for the impact, he thrashed in his bonds and cried out in desperation, “Noooooooo, please, please Noooooooooooooooooo.” Electro smiled as the Charge Distributor began to hum and glow orange. It burst outward and made its entry point on Swimmerlad’s lower bulge. To his horror the pain was immediate and unrelenting, it lasted several minutes as the electical current energised every part of the Swimmerlad’s nylon swimmers, its torture was spectacular as the device directed large portions of the diabolical current to Swimmerlad’s exposed pain zones identified by his preparation speedo mapping experience several days earlier.

Swimmerlad’s screams were loud and forceful but in minutes the charge had begun to abate, unfortunately his bulge felt ripped open, it was a rage of pain, his buttocks and his anus took a huge current hit too, his body involuntarily twitched as he tried to deal with the onslaught.

“45% strength level Swimmerlad.” Announced Electro. “Well done so far, but we have a way to go -Continue.”

The Charge Distributer energised its discharges in bursts of four now and with greater intensity as the young hero, writhed and winced in pain with each blow it made, a spectacle the audience enjoyed, clapping and calling out taunts to the struggling young heroes displayed for their enjoyment. Swimmerlad’s body was now becoming a pain receptacle, his head thrashed from side to side, his hips twisting in vain attempts to escape the onslaught, all with the anticipation of at least another direct hit to his beautiful bulge.

His struggling sweat encased body was displayed graphically on huge screens around the theatre.

Swimmerboy, could only look up in horror to see and hear the increasing screams coming from the centre stage and his helpless, beautiful boyfriend being ravaged for their depraved pleasure, then while engrossed in a vain attempt to free himself to stop the onslaught on Swimmerlad, he took a direct taser hit on his right nipple, another vicious guy shot him under his chin, throwing his head backward with the ferocity of the blast, he saw stars and shook his head in a vain attempt to regain some control of his situation. “Fuck you” was his muffled response through the gag. Yet another horny guy, began to fondle him, this only served to enhance the heat torture he felt raping his nylon pouch from the evil photon beam, his tormentors exploring fingers, enjoying Swimmerboy’s nylon bulge which only intensified the torturous roasting of his junk. The photon beam was relentlessly invading his speedo pouch, he was suddenly aware again of the heat produced by the photons exploding in his pouch, it was as though the fabric tent was holding the devious explosions, it was containing the pain directly on his most beautiful assets and the lustful fondling of his nylon bulge was excruciating. He thrust his hips in vain attempted to evade the power of the beam and the trembling fingers of his tormentor, but it was no use, the beam was programmed and controlled by Scorpio’s AI, inflicting pain in confluence with his speedo strength levels, it was a diabolical reminder of Scorpio’s new evil control over he and Swimmerlad, the situation was dire, his thoughts were no longer on escape, they focussed on surviving the onslaught.

Swimmerlad was now encased in red, blue and green dancing devious discharges, all hitting him in every exposed piece of his body, his right big toe, his under arms, his hips and it soon changed its focus by targeting specific regions of his body in concert, it was a new devious development, twenty or so charges concentrated on his left hip, causing him to try and concentrate his resistance there, but that quickly changed to another part of his body in succession. His writhing and contorting body was contained tightly in the restraints, his head rolling back as the onslaught made its way around his body targeting his beautiful athletic body parts with precision. His screams and moans were deep and guttural, his breathing was labouring as the presiding villains checked his stats:


Speedo Strength 25%

Pleasure level 0%

Life Force 25%

The toll of the constant torturous bombardment was excruciating, Swimmerlad helplessly looked down at his sweaty twitching body, his powder blue Aussiebums were now wet and dripping, he was losing his control, losing his resistance.

He looked down, passed his spasming legs, his heaving hips thrusting his magnificent blue pouch outward and backward to see the Charge Distributor glowing orange again, he knew it would be a huge blow to his remaining strength and he pleaded with his tormentors, “No, please, please, I beg you, I can’t hold much longer.” His strained face dripping in sweat, his eyes barely open but begging for mercy.

Electro smiled, “Not so defiant now that your strength is depleting, It’s just getting delicious and anyway, all this pain is creating a huge load of cum that you and Swimmerboy will need soon in your consecration ceremony.”

Swimmerboy’s muffled gagged moans were also filling the torture theatre and Swimmerlad could make out his boyfriend, writhing helplessly, thrashing in his own bondage, he noticed a blue flash as someone zapped Swimmerboy’s black nylon bulge.

The theatre was filled, with their tormented screams.

Swimmerlad lifted his head slightly from the horror of the Discharge Distributor’s power up sequence and looked Scorpio in eye, his defences were down, his eyes pleading.

Dancing orange charges made a direct hit on the tip of Swimmerlad’s bulge, the electricity was HOT and he felt it encase the nylon fabric covering his body from hip to hip, his bulge felt the invasive current which also shot between his buttocks. His body was numb, but his Aussiebum nylon briefs were diabolically undergoing the intense and instantaneous electrical charge build-up, his strength level instantaneously fell 20% and his pain wracked body contorted in the tight bondage. Sweat rained down on Electro and Scorpio from Swimmerlad’s thrashing body, as they clapped. Their clapping was drowned out by the noise of the hit and Swimmerlad’s speedo’s cracking with such force, his screams caused Swimmerboy to look up from his own situation, his tears began to flow as he writhed in his own, now intense pain.

The audience were spell bound by the moment.

Both torture devices powered down, leaving Swimmerlad with 5% strength level left, and a lifeforce barely registering 2%, that last charge hit on Swimmerlad was Electro’s message that these heroes were no longer invincible. Swimmerboy, was registering a strength level of 10 % and a lifeforce of barely 5%. The heroes slumped in their restraints, once again the mighty heroes were defeated, it was a statement by Scorpio, that he was clearly in control of these two magnificent young powerful young heroes.

Scorpio ordered the process to stop, his defeated men slumped in the bonds, their ravaged beautiful bodies twitched and shivered, their heads hang in exhaustion.

The lights went down in the theatre except for powerful stage lights on the two defeated heroes.

The Ark lowered Swimmerlad to the stage to the two waiting villains and Electo grabbed Swimmerlad’s forehead, lifting Swimmerlad’s limp head to face the audience. Swimmerlad’s body still hot, wet and twitching involuntarily.

Scorpio triumphantly announced “I now present to you the defeated Swimmerlad and his spunky boyfriend, Swimmerboy, once proud and powerful, beckons of hero power, turning millions of heads as they went about their hero duties in their beautiful speedos; they never considered the sexual impact they made on those millions, secretly desiring them, hahahaha, saving the world, delivering villains to justice, which I say was a travesty of justice!” He laughed and presented the two heroes now motionless and defeated.

Electo kept a hold of Swimmerlad’s head, “Thank you Swimmerlad, your defeat here today is magnificent, we will consecrate you and Swimmerboy soon, your speedo offerings will be sanctified soon.

With this he dismissed the audience, who now needed to prepare for the ceremony ahead.

People filed out of the theatre, they were in awe of the spectacle that they had been privileged to be a part of, they all clutched their portable taser devices, hopeful that there would be another chance to personally torture one of the magnificent defeated heroes, and to be up close to a writhing beautiful hero was exhilarating to them, they were all abuzz and talking about the impending consecration ceremony: They had heard that they would all have a chance to worship the heaving speedo bulges of each hero in the ceremony, they would declare their devotion to and also taste of each hero’s sacred offering, in some manner or form. The anticipation was tantalising, but Scorpio was keeping the ceremony details well to himself and to his close circle of villainous deviates; himself, Elecro and Orgasmo.

Electro dropped Swimmerlad’s sweaty head, he gently fondled the beautiful defeated hero, sucking sweat from his manificent powder blue pouch. “I do enjoy you in blue” he laughed and walked away.

“Great job boys, you’ve tantilised our audience and thousands on the dark web, tonight will be an explosive show, so we need you restored in 4 or so hours” smiled Scorpio. Both heroes were motionless.

“Take them Nylon and Lycra, wash them and recharge them,” he smiled at them, “No funny business tonight as you prepare them, they will be sanctified tonight, follow the instructions in their cells, you will have your enjoyment in due course!”

Nylon smirked and Lycra simply played with his own wet speedo bulge, looking at Scorpio he replied, “Thank you Boss, we will obey, we will discharge our duties as you have requested.”

“Take them away,” was Scorpio’s pert reply.

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