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Defeat and Domination
Part 5 - Milking Chamber
By Scorpio

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Milking Chamber

Swimmerboy arrives in the Milking Chamber after a night subjected to Scorpios, private and intimate pleasure parlour’s altar, to join his boyfriend, Swimmerlad in their first milking session. The first to succumb in the milking chamber will be punished later in the day.

Scorpio’s evening enjoying and toying with his prize mouth-watering hero, Swimmerboy continued, Swimmerboy was perfectly controlled by Nylon’s expert hands at the pleasure altar’s controls, while Scorpio explored Swimmerboy’s stretched body, rhythmically and slowly humping to the waves of delicious synthetic pleasure current pulsating in his raging nylon green pouch, its stimulation was invasive and persistent, it was inescapable!

Scorpio sucked a globule of sweet warm precum from Swimmerboy’s beautiful bulge, Swimmerboy had to concentrate amongst the pleasure flow and the mind fuck of Swimmerlad’s torture being broadcast directly to him bound on Scorpio’s, private pleasure altar deep in the compound in the Arch Villain’s private parlour. Swimmerboy used his speedo strength to resist the synthetic pleasure invading his pouch to keep himself from getting hard, he new Scorpio would eventually get what he wanted, but he knew he had to hold on.

“Your sweet juices are delightful, my dear boy, and from the look of your heaving athletic body, I can tell you are going to like your little house calls with me,” smirked Scorpio. “In future I will control every aspect of your pleasure experiences, I will allow your pre-cum, your erection, your pleasure build and bring you to what I like to call the orgasmic cliff, you know Swimmerboy, the point that Swimmerlad gets you to orgasm, the point when it arrives and explodes all your senses, milliseconds before your jism starts to flow. The point of extreme climactic eruption, that’s the point I will leave you to enjoy for as long as I desire, you and Swimmerlad will experience magnificent places in the throws of your orgasms; periods of splendour as your magnificent drained bodies, writhe and try and hold on to the last moments of your strength when I finally choose to release your jism flow, your cocks will explode majestically, your cum, filtered by your straining pouches will wash you in your defeat, exquisite moments for us all to share.” The pleasure pressure at that point will be super explosive, smirked Scorpio bending between Swimmerboy’s heaving, stretched legs, licking Swimmerboy’s next pre-cum offering and cupping the base of his nylon bulge expertly in his hands. He felt Swimmerboy’s trembling warm erotic zone, it was soft, and moist with a mix of his sweat and precum, Scorpio looked over the tip of the green hero bulge toward Swimmerboy’s straining head, lifting up from his stretched predicament, their eye’s met, Scorpio’s eyes were full of lust and desire, Swimmerboy’s face was wet with perspiration, his eyes communicated defiance, his body twisting in tune with the pleasure current’s ebbs and peaks, driving the young helpless hero to long drawn out sequences of sensation.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” was emitting from deep in his soul, his body overtaken with the pleasure invading and invigorating pieces of his most intimate parts selectively, precisely as the pleasure altar hummed and continued with is sacred duty.

Swimmerboy’s pleasure level had incrementally grown to 70 percent, his strength level depleted to 15 percent.

“Maintain pleasure level for 5 minutes, then lower down to 25 percent” ordered Scorpio as he caressed Swimmerboy’s heaving pouch one more time. “I will leave you for a moment while we deliver you to your boyfriend.”

Swimmerboy made out the word S w I mm e r lad out between his heaving determined breathing, his moans were such a joy to Scorpio, who was enjoying his first intimate and delicate session with the beautifully bound young hero who continued to twist slowly and sexually in his bonds.

“Nylon, before you make the transfer, come and enjoy some sweat pre-cum, his offering tonight is delightful and generous, you have been so patient there, watching me enjoy our guest to all to myself these last hours.” “Mmmm, and it has been a pleasure Swimmerboy.” As he walked out of the parlour licking his lips, “I feel we have started a new intimate connection.” Commented Scorpio as he walked away triumphantly. Nylon left the controls, his own blue nylon speedos were wet, his erection pulsating with expectation. The altar powered down; it was programmed to maintain Swimmerboy’s pleasure level but deplete slowly.

Swimmerboy lifted his head in an effort to view what was happening as Nylon turned on the sensitivity control to 10%. Swimmerboy reacted immediately, tensing and moaning deeply, he looked up to see Nylon’s mouth begin to suck the sticky tip of his green nylon bulge into Nylon’s mouth, he sucked Swimmerboy’s manhood into his mouth slowly and deliberately. Swimmerboy’s moans filled the parlour, they were syncopated bursts of delight and screams of defeat as his sensitised pouch erupted in delicious sensations.

Nylon concluded his devotion, licking Swimmerboy’s quivering pouch from Swimmerboy’s left hip accross his moist bulge and to his right hip. As Swimmerboy’s writing body arched up almost begging Nylon for more, his head thrashed from side to side as his sensitised pouch drove him wild with delight.

After several minutes of sensitised writhes and throes, Swimmerboy slumped back to the Altar exhausted, his Speedo Strength was depleted to 12 percent, his pleasure level was dropping from 70 percent to 25 percent as per the command of Scorpio - he was perfectly tuned and ready for delivery to his waiting milking pod. They had toyed with his body expertly tantalising and stimulating areas of his manhood that he had not felt before, it was a concert of stimulation that was now leaving him in a drained mess. He had to hold on, he had to find a way to escape the demonic bonds holding him.

The transport drone maintained Swimmerboy’s 25 percent pleasure level, this time Nylon led the drone with its precious writhing cargo, through more public areas of the compound. The sight of Swimmerboy being transported, his restrained powerful body, his slowly thrusting, wet green tent of pleasure, glistening with his pre-jis juices, was a majestic moment for those privileged to witness his inaugural delivery to the milking chamber.

“Fuck me” exclaimed one horny occupant, another began to immediately play with himself, the sight of Swimmerboy like this was spectacular, sexual and devious. It was why they signed up.

They arrived about 6.30 in the morning, Swimmerboy was still writhing in the residual pleasure and the drone was programmed to maintain Scorpio’s request for 25% pleasure level. A small emitter glowing above his head, kept him groggy and manageable, his speedo strength had increased to 15% since he was removed from Scorpio’s pleasure altar. His lime green Aussiebum speedos were still pulled tightly between his buttocks and his magnificent bulge graced his beautiful body. The residual pleasure remained in his pouch and his hips continued to writhe rhythmically with its flow still pulsating in his green nylon bulging pouch.

The doors to the chamber were shut and a glowing sign illuminated the words “Milking in Progress.” This was determined to be private session, between the villains and the two young heroes. The doors opened and they were met by the evil Orgasmo. There was the sound of light moaning emanating from the room, that Swimmerboy could hear, he was still groggy from the evil emitter activated in the drone, his own body reacting to the pleasure filling his moist green pouch.

“Right on time Nylon, you are a very punctual attendant.” Behind Orgasmo was a room lit by blue neon lights, it contained two milking pods and to Swimmerboy’s dismay, the moaning was coming from his magnificent boyfriend, Swimmerlad.

Swimmerlad was restrained spreadeagle in a pod. The pods being made of stainless steel, they were wide and tall, the hero being tied in a recessed part of the pod with sloping stainless-steel sides. There were drains at the base of the pods and the pods were angled at a thirty-degree slope. A recess on each side of the pod allowed the tormentor to access the tied hero to enjoy their writhing pleasure enhanced body.

Swimmerboy twisted in his bonds as he watched Swimmerlad also twist and writhe, he was moaning and his hips were slowly but deliberately thrusting.

Swimmerboy laboured to get the words out, “What are you doing to him?” he demanded from his groggy state and laboured breathing.

“He is enjoying his first taste of the Pleasure current – my invention actually, fully customisable now that we have both your speedo essences mapped.” Explained Orgasmo. “He is doing very well so far and we’re bringing him up to your pleasure level. Your speedos and that powerful force you experience with them on your bodies are magnificent containers for the artificial pleasure, and something you will enjoy much more of, I have so enjoyed my work developing ways to stimulate you both. Now that we have your initial mapping information and the continual recording of your pain and pleasure sequences, we can now fine tune our devices and develop new ones, just for you boys, I hope you feel loved and special.” He laughed with sexual and evil intent.

Swimmerlad was still wearing the red speedo’s he was captured in, his body spread-eagled, and his name was displayed at the top of his milking pod. His face was behind a virtual reality device and was being fed the vision of Swimmerboy’s earlier pleasure session in Scorpio’s parlour. The device disengaged and split in two, both halves retracted into the sides of his milking pod. Control lights surrounded the edges of the device. The spotlights on his red nylon pouch illuminated the tenting magnificence of his cock and balls pushed deliciously up in the light nylon tenting fabric, still wet with sweat from his speedo pouch and bulge mapping experience.

“Swimmerlad is reaping the pleasure benefits from his mapping exercise,” Orgasmo stated “Look how he is enjoying the pleasure current, his hips and bulge are a wonderful picture Swimmerboy, you have great taste in boyfriends.

Swimmerlad looked up, he had been engrossed in the vision of Swimmerboy’s bondage paired with the invading pleasure current directed into his red pouch, he was still moaning when he finally realised that Swimmerboy was now in the milking chamber and tied in front of him.

“Mmmmmph, aghh, mmmmmmmmm” he forced out the words “Swimmerboy are you ok?”

Swimmerboy writhed in his bonds and Orgasmo ordered Nylon and Lycra to transfer him to the waiting milking pod, the emitters in the room glowed and both heroes felt their diabolical effects on the strength. Swimmerboy transferred and was tied spread eagled like Swimmerlad in the waiting pod, and as his body touched the cold stainless steel, the pod lit up, his name lit up above his head and the wrist and ankle restraints tightened. His strength returned when the emitters switched to standby. The Pod had identified his speedo signature and proceeded to re-commence the pleasure current at 25% flow. Swimmerboy arched his back as he felt the pod identify and accept its prey, He moaned in delight as the pleasure current began to take hold of his penis, it swirled around his cock head stimulating his glands, it spread down into his penis, it was inescapable, as he felt it begin to ravage his balls, it spread to the entire inner nylon fabric of his moist green speedos it was stimulating any part of him in contact with the pleasure charged nylon. Swimmerboy thrust his hips as he accepted its invasion of his most private regions, he was now at Orgasmo’s mercy. His breathing became intense and his moans of defeat were erotic and sensual. He could look to his left to see Swimmerlad’s pleasure wracked face and magnificent body stretched next to him. His thrusting hips showing off his magnificent red nylon bulge.

The pods rotated inward so both heroes could see and converse together. Swimmerboy’s pod displayed his speedo strength 20%, his speedo pouch pleasure level 25%. Orgasmo stood between the two pods viewing the magnificent picture of the two most beautiful speedo clad sexual toys spread-eagled before him. He shuddered in delight and both Nylon and Lycra stood at attention, their own speedos wet with their precum.

Orgasmo gave the order, “let’s get started boys, synchronise their speedo pleasure streams”

Nylon made the adjustment at the control panel.

Orgasmo, looked at Swimmerlad and approached the helpless hero, “Just a small adjustment my magnificent young, gallant hero, I think Swimmerboy looks so sexual with those green nylon swimmers pulled tightly between his ass cheeks, don’t you? His writhing body, so sexual, Swmmerlad could see the tantalising way the fabric folded at the base of Swimmerboy’s balls and disappeared as a thong between his buttocks. Orgasmo bent down and brushed Swimmerlad’s bulge to help him enjoy the moment, he then made Swimmerlad’s red speedos into a similar thong between Swimmerlad’s own athletic buttocks. He tightened and, twisted the sides twice to make them nice and secure on the hero’s writhing hips. Swimmerlad moaned and looked down to see Orgasmo’s hands caress and massage his red speedo pouch expertly, it felt amazing as the pleasure current continued to invade his heaving pouch, Orgasmo’s touch enhanced and transmuted the pleasure flow, the exact opposite to the torturous pain not many hours earlier, he felt the pleasure current invade his red nylon pouch and he could feel it engulfing his cock and balls moving slowly, penetrating him, yet it was draining him – sumptuously.

Orgasmo, looked across at the writing Swimmerboy, ‘Your boyfriend is fucking delicious Swimmerboy, you are both going to so enjoy your new roles serving our needs and desires.”

Swimmerboy was only able to respond with a heaving “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph”, “fuccccccccccccccccccccccccck” their bodies were now thrusting slowly in sync with each other as the synchronised pleasure current worked on their pleasure points, with waves of intensity followed by less intense stimulants. Swimmerlad was synced at the 25% pleasure level and they were now at the same point in time and space and pleasure.

They both looked at each other gritting their teeth,

“I love you Swimmerlad” gasped Swimmerboy between laboured breathes and deep guttural moans.

“Like wise Swimmerboy,” “we have to resist this devious pleasure current, can’t give them our jism” Swimmerlad concentrating his remaining speedo strength trying to resist the onslaught.

Scorpio walked into the scene and clapped his hands

“Magnificent, sublime” – “Wonderful work Orgasmo,” he stated.

Scorpio gave the next order “Bring them to orgasm level pleasure increments of 10% every minute’

The co-ordinates were set and the pods began to pulsate with neon lights.

“Allow precum” was Scorpio’s order to Lycra, now at the control panel.

Both heroes writhed uncontrollably their moans deepening as the pleasure increased incrementally. Orgasmo attended to Swimmerlad’s heaving speedo bulge, his hands cupping and engulfing his magnificent soft tent, now sticky with his clear gooey pre-cum, he bent down and took the nylon bulge in his mouth and sucked the pre-cum from his oozing bulge. Swimmerlad cried in pleasure his head thrusting at Orgasmo’s deft ministry to his nylon speedo pouch, transformed the pleasure current stimulating him, encasing his bulge incredibly, it fluctuated delighting the beautiful hero with different dimensions of the increasing stimulation.

Swimmerboy likewise endured Scorpio’s devotion to his beautiful lime green nylon tent, which Scorpio had enjoyed for several hours during the preceding night, Scorpio scooped up some precum and placed it on Swimmerboy’s lips, “taste dear boy” “you are so sweat, so delicious and your moans of delight as you descended into your pleasure tonight were so sexxxxxxual dear galant defeated hero.” Swimmerboy rolled his head and was writhing, thrusting, his green beautiful bulge, oozing his precum, his pod showed he was at 90% pleasure, and the chamber was filled with their guttural moans. Scorpio smiled sexually at Swimmerboy, “I hope you enjoyed tonight, I wanted to play with you back at my place, toy with your newfound bondage and I really needed to acquaint myself with your magnificent bulging pouch. I have so longed for it, for two years, waiting to have you. I wanted you to be tantalised and left wanting more, hahahhaahahahaaha.” He laughed and the looked the heaving Swimmerboy in the eye, “And here you are, your first offering of your precious jism, it won’t be long now my dear beautiful defeated hero.”

Speedo strength 6% was displayed on their pods 95% pleasure level.

It was a magnificent scene to behold.

Orgasmo smirked and said “Well that took only 10 minutes, almost there boys. Now remember, once we give permission for your orgasm and then your ejaculation release, remember our little contest; the first of you to cum, will be delivered for the day’s public torture session.”

“This will be quick boys, this morning’s session is more about your cum offering, your morning milking will become a part of your life now. The evenings will be about your pleasure, long delicious pleasure, denial of ejaculation will be the order of your pleasure sessions. You will beg for your release”. You will provide 15 litres in the morning and 15 at the end of your pleasure sessions, 30 litres a day will suffice.

“Orgasmo authorised the orgasmic cliff”

Both heroes contorted as their orgasm quickly and forcibly formed in a powerful crescendo, their bodies stretching in their bondage, their soft bulges still oozing strong pulses of precum.

Swimmerboy could see he was not hard “hhhhhhow caaaaaaan this beeeee” he moaned “Oh my god’ He was experiencing his first managed orgasmic experience, he had no control of the sensations and pleasure defeating him…

Their bodies were held at orgasm level pleasure. “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmphhhhh’

Scorpio and Orgasmo hugged.

“Wonderful, everything working perfectly!” Exclaimed Scorpio.

Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy looked longingly up from the bonds, their pouches pulsating in orgasmic synch. Oozing pre cum in flows which pulsated as a normal man would cum. Their speedo’s were dripping in glistening goo as it secreted through the nylon tents.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssssssssssssssssssssse” they tried to get their words out, but they were in spectacular throws, the intensity of the pleasure tight and invasive. “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF……….uuck” moaned Swimmerlad, as his hips thrust forward flinging pre-cum outward from his red nylon thong.

Scorpio authorised their erections and soon with the help of Nylon and Lycra, the heroes cocks were fully erect, their speedos were tied tightly around their waists and their cock heads thrust against the extremities of their now tight nylon pouches, the underside of Swimmerboy’s cock head was showing through the his drenched fabric nylon straining mountain of majestic pleasure as was Swimmerlad’s.

“Good we are all set now for our first show.” Danced Scorpio as Orgasmo, played expertly with each hero as their straining bodies writhed in their pods. Their pods glowing and pulsating and the receptacles opened in anticipation, waiting to capture and collect the hero’s offerings of their jism.

“Swimmerlad’s tears of pleasure streamed down his cheeks, the orgasm was now 5 minutes old but he was denied his cum release… he writhed looking longingly at this red tenting speedo pouch, his fat throbbing cock straining in the speedo’s.. “you fucking bastard” he moaned, ‘let us cummmmmm” he demanded through his strained breathing, his body was completely engulfed in the pulsating, determined orgasmic pleasure as his head thrashed up and down and his teeth gritted in concentration trying to control the remnants of his draining speedo strength.

Swimmerboy’s green speedo was also straining with the extreme pleasure pressure levels, the nylon clinging to his hard member driving him mad with sexual desire and heat. “mussssssssssssssssssst cum.” He moaned, his head thrust backward in his bonds, his sweat drenching his beautiful twisting body.

Scorpio gave the permission to allow their ejaculation and their pods began to glow green.

Swimmerlad looked down at his straining body, his abs heaving, his speedo showing a huge glistening wet bulge at the top near his draw-string, his cut cock screaming in delight as his speedo pouch pulsated with exquisite orgasmic flows of tingling pleasure pressure consuming his every sense. His strength was now depleted, his resistance to the draining pleasure process was over! He came first! His screams filled the room as his Jism shot through, filtered by the nylon fabric which acted as a nylon sieve, his muscles twitching and straining in the bonds as his body contorted, his cock was trembling forcibly and the first globule landed on his face his hips thrusting madly and he glanced over at Swimmerboy, who’s eruption exploded with such force that he swallowed the first shot. The pods were soon collecting their jism as it spurted from their thrusting hips like sprinklers - it covered their bodies and the jism oozed and drained down the stainless steel sides to the collection recepticles at the base and sides of the pods. The pods collected the hero’s warm nectar for the full five-minute milking session, their hips thrusting wildly as the spurting juices erupted continuously, their last speedo strength exhausted, they were defeated.

“Magnificent boys!” Exclaimed Scorpio.

Both heroes delivered their jism as expected, their bodies and speedos drenched in hot cum. Scorpio and Orgasmo sucked the defeated hero’s pouches as their now limping cocks oozed the last of their sacrificial offerings. “Delightful Swimmerboy, just pure beauty to watch you cum.” “never say never” Smirked Scorpio, Swimmerboy’s head was thrust back, he was exhausted, his speedo strength now fully depleted.

Orgasmo licked Swimmerlad’s bulge as the restrained hero quivered in the glow of the post orgasm.

“Well that was perfect boys” he exclaimed, ‘we will see you tomorrow for your next milking, but before then, Swimmerlad has sacrificed himself so gallantly, he will be tortured publicly later today, so you boys will need some rest, a recharge and some food. Today is a big day with a torture session at 2.00pm and followed by your pleasure session. Tonight’s pleasure session will be sensational, Scorpio will be consecrated as the Speedo high priest in the Speedo Temple; a public ceremony, where myself and Electro will be become speedo priests and we will confirm every man who has come to be a part of this secret speedo compound. I can assure you that the ceremony will be spectacularly spiritual, sexual and our devotion to worship your speedo pouches will be codified at the ceremony. Needless to say, you two will be centre stage. It will be broadcast on the dark web to thousands of devotees paying handsomely to access the stream.

Both villains left the chamber, satisfied that they had defeated their two captives deliciously, they were now in preparations for the next events on their evil calendar.

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were left to their pods, they had zero strength left and their stretched bodies were wet and sticky with the remnants of their jism. Nylon and Lycra arrived to transfer them to their recovery cells and they were amazed at the beauty of the two spent defeated heroes limp and still spread-eagled and moaning in their afterglows.

“How was that Swimmerboy?” asked Nylon sarcastically, he bent down and licked the defeated hero’s wet sticky bulge, Swimmerboy stirred waking to find Nylon dining on his spent jism, the pleasure had been withdrawn, he was exhausted and drained and he moaned and slowly lifted his head to check on Swimmerlad.

“Aaaarre you ok Swimmerlad?” Swimmerboy laboured as he tried to regain his consciousness.

Swimmerlad’s head was also stirring, but before he could realise what was happening, Lycra had crawled onto the slippery pod carefully, he was extremely horny to have Swimmerlad spread beneath him, helpless and defeated, Lycra was so excited he thrust his own manhood bulge into Swimmerlad’s face and lowered his own face into Swimmerlad’s still oozing wet red nylon bulge, Lycra shuddered as he came violently through his lycra speedos into Swimmerlad’s face. His cum was warm as he smeared the hero’s face in his own jism.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM” “I wanted to do that since your milking began!”

“Swimmerlad thrust his head back trying to breathe and escape Lycra’s manhood speedo junk suffocating him.

“Thanks heroes” He said smirking as he dismounted Swimmerlad triumphantly, his body now wet with spent Swimmerlad cum, “mmmmmmmmmm, he scooped some up and licked his finger lovingly…” “Very nice!”

The exhausted heroes and their cum saturated bodies were released from the milking devices and they were taken to the public courtyard and restrained for 15 minutes in bondage frames. A bowl with some of their cum was placed in front of each hero and their exhausted bodies were stretched helplessly.

Devotees, now residing in the secret compound formed ques to access each hero, most caressed their magnificent wet bulges, Swimmerboy’s lime green pair still tightly filling his buttocks was impressive and his dripping nylon bulge was popular. Many licked some of the cum off the restrained hero, others caressed and worshipped their bulges, their speedo strength was slowly returning and waking them up. They twisted in their bonds moaning as their lustful attendants enjoyed their helpless bodies.

Just before the 15 minute period was ending one devious man arrived and looked Swimmerlad in the eye, Swimmerlad could barely focus, but he noticed the portable shocker in his hands. “Please, Swimmerlad begged” but they just laughed. It was a portable electric shocking device with two nodes 2.5 inches apart. His evil look worried Swimmerlad, who was helpless, strung up before his tormentors, his arms and legs stretched as he hung motionless in the bondage. “You know what this is Swimmerlad?”

Swimmerlad looked at the device “I have a good idea,” “Uuggghhhhh,” he struggled as his tormentor placed the two nodes either side of Swimmerlad’s wet red bulge tip.

“Please no” begged Swimmerboy as he saw Swimmerlad’s body contorted as the electricity discharged through his boyfriend’s nylon bulge: Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” cried Swimmerlad “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” “you fucking bastard.”

The tormentor made his way to Swimmerboy who was now twisting in his bonds, the nodes were placed on Swimmerboy’s ball sack at the base of his bulge, with part of it between his heaving legs.

“Hahahahhahaahahahha,” “this will be fun”

The electricity shot around Swimmerboy’s bulge and pouch and up through his buttocks, his speedos were like conduits of the wicked energy and Swimmerboy screamed in pure exhausting pain, he and Swimmerlad were now depleted, their bodies exhausted and spent.

Nylon and Lycra appeared to reclaim their heroes, laughing, wow that was shocking, wasn’t it?” Was Lycra’s evil comment as he released Swimmerlad from the bondage frame.

Nylon announced that the torture of Swimmerlad would be presented at 2.00pm in the torture theatre 2. He knew they would all be in attendance; it was free and who wouldn’t miss such a spectacle?

They were taken away to rest and recharge. They will be washed and dressed in new speedos for Swimmerlad’s torture session. Scorpio demanded that they be returned to full speedo strength for the event.

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