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Defeat and Domination
Part 4 - Double Jeopardy
By Scorpio

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Double Jeopardy

Swimmerlad is captured and prepared for his new life of servitude to the worship of his speedo clad magnicent body. Swimmerboy begins to understand the sexual lust of Scorpio.

Electro addressed the packed Torture Theatre 1.

He introduced himself as a co- arch villain-along with Scorpio and Orgasmo. Electro described some of the magnificent torture devices he had developed and others he was currently working on. He formed the “Pain” arm of Scorpio’s grand plan for his Speedo heroes, and Orgasmo is in charge of the various pleasure devices that will be used and developed to deliver the “Pleasure” aspect of Scorpio’s plan.

“This secret compound and temple to our speedo heroes is expansive” he exclaimed “and at present we have 3 torture theatres and 2 private torture rooms, “for that more intimate session if you so desire”, “2 pleasure temples and soon, more intimate pleasure temples will be unveiled for you to rent”. “There is a public courtyard fitted with several bondage frames where Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad will be made available for a limited time, you will have free access to them for about 45 minutes to an hour a day – complementary”

“Scorpio, Orgasmo and myself each have private and intimate rooms for us get to know our two heroes personally and closely.” He advised the waiting audience assembled for Swimmerlad’s arrival.

The rules of the facility were reiterated:

  1. ‘Your devotion and worship of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch and bulge is mandatory.”
  2. “Care must be taken to ensure the hero’s swimwear is not removed. They are sacred in this facility and central to the control of the hero’s pleasure, pain and (remaining) strength levels”
  3. “You must not allow, in any session you conduct for either hero to cum, their orgasms are the sacred domain of Scorpio and must be authorised by him – he will become the high priest of this temple.”
  4. Both heroes will be consecrated in a public ceremony, where every member of the compound will be confirmed as devotees, Orgasmo and Electro will be consecrated Speedo Priests and Scorpio will be anointed as HighPpriest. Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s sacrifice will be sanctified at the ceremony and broadcast on the dark web.
  5. “Your torture sessions must allow sufficient recovery time for the hero’s next engagement.”
  6. “Speedo jism will be collected for analysis and any residue left on either hero, be it on their chest, face or speedos will be available for you to enjoy after their sacrifice has been given. Normally after a milking session. They are programmed to produce 30 litres of jism a day.
  7. “A large selection of nylon and lycra speedo/briefs swimwear has been obtained and can be selected by anyone choosing to pay for an hour with the hero/s” in any rented private space.” “For public torture and pleasure sessions, the speedo garment and style will be selected by the presiding arch villain priest”.
  8. “It is preferable that the speedo offering, be presented with the hero bound spread eagled. This provides access to the hero’s body and sacrificial pouch and bulge, it emphasises the hero’s powerless position, his dire circumstances and ultimate defeat. It also defines our place as their tormentors and lords”.

Electro then announced the wonderful news that Swimmerlad had been captured by the emitter array in the entrance trap. Lycra was enjoying his new catch and will deliver him to the theatre soon. His new life of captivity was dawning.

Swimmerlad’s struggles in his weakened state were no match for Lycra and he soon had the young hero tied with the special reinforced rope, able to withstand his mighty strength. He lay on the floor of the room convulsing as Lycra made short work expertly tying his hands behind his back. He was dazed, groggy, and was slowly coming to his senses and realising he was bound and wriggling on the floor.

“Mmmmmmmph, what happened, how am I tied like this, Mmmmmmmmph, can’t break free, feel weak.”

He thrashed his head to shake out the cobwebs and noticed Lycra crouching down next to him and gloating over his captured prey. “Hello Swimmerlad” he said tenderly and with a tone of sarcasm. “How is your beautiful head feeling?”

“Who are you?” asked Swimmerlad and then he realised immediately, he could remember the face from their search files for the missing lifesavers.

“My name is Lycra and I serve Dr Scorpio.” He exclaimed with a smile starting to appear in the corner of his mouth, Lycra stood up and Swimmerlad could tell that he was excited, his yellow lycra speedos were wet.

Lycra rolled Swimmerlad on his back, and his hands tied behind his back forced the beautiful young hero to arch his back, presenting his red nylon tenting pouch to Lycra, who ran his finger around the extremities of Swimmerlad’s bulging nylon manhood.

“What are you doing? Swimmerlad thrashed in his bonds, but he was still weakened by the emitter array.

“Just taking in your beauty Swimmerlad”, “you are one sexy hero, and I will be your devoted servant”, but we are getting ahead of ourselves…”

Swimmerlad thrashed attempting break the bonds but was helpless. “Where is Swimmerboy? What have you done to him?” he pleaded trying to sound like a confident superhero.

“He is a little tied up at the moment, and sorry for the bad joke”, “you will see him soon enough, but we have to get moving, I must deliver you to your first engagement.” He laughed and prodded the magnificent Swimmerlad… “Get up, we have to get going!”

“Swimmerlad” exclaimed Electro ”Is 22 years of age, 5’8”, slightly taller than his partner, Swimmerboy”. “He is blonde, short cut hair, swimmer’s build with a defined muscle structure”. “He has a cut cock 6.5” flaccid and 7.5” hard and his generous ball sack more than handsomely fills his speedo pouch with an extensive bulging tent, especially when he chooses light nylon loose swimmers. He equally graces a lycra bikini pouch with his well defined cock providing a delicious tight mound in the lycra fabric.”

“He and Swimmerboy enjoyed their speedo sex so much, often taking turns exploring bondage, tying each other up as they drained their excess speedo strength each night with delicious orgasms. We so enjoyed our pre-capture research of these two stunning young men.” Exclaimed Electro. Providing images on the screens around the theatre. The audience gasped as the photos displayed for their viewing pleasure.

“We are so sure that they will enjoy their newly found bondage”, He smiled at the eager crowd of speedo devotees.

The torture theatre showed views of Swimmerlad being pushed forward trying to break his bondage and on his way to the theatre.

“As you can see Swimmerlad has chosen a pair of loose red nylon speedos for his Swimmerboy rescue attempt, so we will have an enjoyable time tonight exploring his lovely red nylon pouch and bulge.”

“Swimmerboy is being installed on one of Scorpio’s private pleasure alters as we speak, Scorpio wants to get a more intimate connection with his prize catch tonight, Swimmerboy will be able to view our torturous and devious mapping of Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch and bulge, while Scorpio and Nylon enjoy their first private Swimmerboy encounter”. “Hahahahahahahahahahaha, so delicious, and this is only the beginning.”

Lycra announced his arrival and the torture theatre went silent as the young virile hero was thrust into the room, he stumbled forward with Lycra prodding him, his arms tied behind his back. Electro approached him taking in the beauty of Swimmerlad tied before him.

“Welcome Swimmerlad!” “We’re so glad you could come and join us.” Swimmerlad scanned the room, his speedo sense was screaming and when he realised a large crowd of villains and other devious men were assembled, he was confused about what was happening.

“Lycra tie him down to our torture device…”

The emitters glowed and Swimmerlad bent over in pain, his speedo sense was screaming at him, but his situation was dire. Lycra guided him to the centre bondage altar and fastened Swimmerlad’s wrists and ankles he was tied spreadeagled and helpless. He fought his bonds but he was still weak. He arched his magnificent tanned body, attempting to break free, but this only served to elicit applause from the audience.

Welcome Swimmerlad you are tied to an alter of pain and we are here to welcome you to our little abode. You are tied to the same device that we used with your beautiful boyfriend, Swimmerboy to lure you.

Swimmerlad could feel his speedo strength building quickly after the emitters were powered down, his red nylon speedos hugging his magnificent body, his cock creating a glorious tenting effect on the red nylon pouch, the fabric creased across his pouch from the peak of bulge. “Where is Swimmerboy?” he asked, fighting his bonds.” How is my strength replenishing so fast, what the fuck is happening?”

The crowd of onlookers marvelled at the sight of the young helpless hero; his red speedos were driving the whole room wild with lust as he writhed trying his bondage…

The preparation was about to commence and Swimmerlad looked on horrified as the mapping device lowered between his legs to his exposed speedo pouch and bulge.

“I’ll explain as we go Swimmerlad” – “begin the procedure.”

The mapping device made several initial sweeps of Swimmerlad’s pouch, he could feel its probes invading his most private areas only available to Swimmerboy. The altar had clasped his hips to keep the young hero from moving during the procedure.

“Mmmmmmmph, fuck what is going on” demanded Swimmerlad looking down over his heaving chest and abdomen to his glorious red nylon swimsuit.

The device changed position 1 foot above the peak of the hero’s bulge and three blue beams began to slowly sweep his bulge, extending to each hip taking in his entire pouch. Swimmerlad’s screams filled the torture theatre almost drowning out Electro.

“One of my inventions Swimmerlad, I designed this device with a couple of other villain engineers, it is producing an anatomical map of your pouch and bulge, exploring and recording ever millimeter of your private speedo anatomy.”

“Agggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Screamed Swimmrlad, his head thrashing up and down, he was stretched tightly, like Swimmerboy had been, he was equally helpless and subject to the evil device.

“We are gaining an understanding of the essence between you and your nylon garment Swimmerlad, we need to understand it to torture and control you more precisely.” Your data is being learned and recorded for our AI to develop and evolve.” “Oh yes, and we are programming your speedo essence, your sex to create 30 litres of jism a day, which we will extract slowly and deliberately, draining you of your strength in the process.” He bent down and rubbed his palm over Swimmerlad’s forhead… “Settle in we have a ways to go, young superhero, hey your strength is still showing at 40% so keep resisting the device, it will drain further as we proveed, and we are all so enjoying the show! Hahahahahahahaha.”

In another part of the facility

Swimmerboy awoke, he was secured in a special set of rooms designated especially to him. These were his quarters and accessible only by senior villainous staff and Nylon and Lycra. He was secured in some sort of device and was wearing a pair of lime green Aussiebum swimmers, the garment pushed his manhood up and outward, impressive he thought looking down over his body. The restraints were strong and even with his growing strength, he was unable to budge them. His Ankles were secured and his wrists were secured at his side. He tried several times, but it was useless. The room had stark walls and a couple of rooms off to the side, he couldn’t see in them from where he was located. He could see the bondage table, in the corner of the room, it looked ominous; “Probably the place they are going to keep me while I await their next fucking playtime ” he thought.

Several blue lights flashed in ceiling, he thought he knew what they were, “Damn fucking emitters, Scorpio has thought of everything ” he thought to himself.

There was a swooshing noise behind him and Nylon entered the Swimmerlad’s quarters.

“Good you’re awake, I gave you a strong stun earlier, I wanted to clean you up quickly, we don’t have lots of time, you have an appointment tonight.”

Swimmerboy looked at him from his point in the room with contempt. He gave a quick thrash in his bonds; but was helpless.

“Oh try it on, you’re so sexual when you writhe like that, keep that up and you’ll be worth squillions to Scorpio.”

Nylon walked over to the helpless Swimmerboy and caressed the lime green bulge so exquisitely displayed on Swimmerboy’s body. “Nice work if I do say so myself” he laughed. “I have the most amazing job in the world, I have been charged to look after you and keep you at your peak. After each session, I’ll work on your recovery here, you will be rested and charged up here and I will ensure you look spectacular for each session on your calendar. I’ll ensure you are nourished, you have had enough exercise.”

He continued, “Scorpio wants you soon, he ordered that pair of swimwear especially, it is one of his favourites, he watched every news reel of you and Swimmerlad drooling whenever either of you wore green nylon. I think you look fuckin hot too!”

Swimmerboy turned to see Nylon open a hidden control panel accessible only with his DNA transfer and watched as he advised Scorpio of their departure…

“Good bring me him now, all is prepared.” Was the voice of Scorpio…

The transportation device was a drone. Nylon, opened the Swimmerboy’s main cell door and moved to the exit. The drone followed Nylon several feet behind him, the door closed with another swoosh behind them as they made their way down the corridors.

Nylon looked over his shoulder to make sure Swimmerboy was close behind, he was, and he was scanning the private hallways trying to remember points along the way, desperately trying to find a way of escape. Emitters were every 10 feet along the corridor’s tall ceiling.

Those blasted things are everywhere” He thought to himself.

Nylon walked confidently in front of the transport drone, he too was wearing a loose pair of royal blue speedos and Swimmerboy noticed the huge N on Nylon’s speedo clad ass, Nylon looked beautiful in those swimmers, he thought to himself.

“Where are you taking me” Swimmerboy asked.

“Scorpio might enjoy his job here as the head Villain, but he likes his privacy too. He has some special places designed in his quarters especially for you and Swimmerlad.” Nylon exclaimed, “You’ll get to know his place a lot.” “He can play with you privately and discreetly there!”

Swimmerboy shuddered at the thought of what Scorpio had in mind, he was clearly driven by his lust and revenge, and as they drew closer, Swimmerboy’s speedo sense was alerting him to danger. Swimmerboy, writhed trying to relieve the tension in his beautiful green pouch. He was helpless.

The hallway dimmed, it was clearly a private entry, no sign of other people, it was a maze of corridors that led to Scorpio’s private lair. Nylon’s handprint was accepted, and the door slide open with a similar swoosh noise of his own cell quarter’s door.

But that was the only similarity.

The transport drone came to a stop in a special receptacle, Swimmerboy was presented and he was dazed by the intensity of the presentation lights. Nylon stood to Swimmerboy’s side he was almost as beautiful as the young bound hero.

Scorpio walked into the room, he was tall and had long white hair that fell over his shoulders, well-built and wearing a tight black lycra body suit. He shuddered in excitement to see Swimmerboy finally presented to him in his private quarters.

“Fuck, you are beautiful Swimmerboy” I have dreamt of owning you for years and here you are.” He smiled and waved his hand around, “Welcome to my place”… “You and Nylon are so hot there together, both captives, both toys, but different roles to play in our new special place”…

“Well done Nylon, you have prepared him perfectly.”

Nylon smiled and nodded acknowledging his master.

“These are my quarters, I hope you like what I have done with the place… hahahahaha, I built it for you and for Swimmerlad.” “So, I hope you enjoy all it has to offer you, no expense was spared.”

He continued, staring at Swimmerboy’s beautiful young muscles flexing as he attempted in vain to break the bonds, his body thrashed as he once again tried to break free. “I’d show you around, but we have a tight schedule, well you have anyway.”

We’ll go straight through to the prepared parlour Nylon, “Tie Swimmerboy to the device, it has warmed up, and has downloaded the latest data on Swimmerboy’s bulge and pouch vulnerabilities. We will get started soon.” He smiled at Nylon and then commanded “Stun level three.”

The emitters fired up instantly.

Swimmerboy contorted in pain and the bindings loosened, the device pushed his helpless, pain wracked body forward, expelling him from the transport drone and into Nylon’s waiting arms. He quickly tied Swimmerboy’s wrists behind his back and he was thrust forward into the large expanse of Scorpio’s apartment, one of the rooms in the circular hallway was lit with an orange glowing beacon, and Swimmerboy was pushed forward into the parlour. He was weakened and dazed but was able to stand to view the bondage alter. It had faint red LEDs pulsating on each end and a control panel. The device hummed ominously.

Nylon picked the young dazed hero up, he placed him expertly, spreading each arm into the bondage clasps and spreading Swimmerboy’s legs, fastening him spreadeagle and once again helpless.

The emitters powered down, and the returning speedo strength was intoxicating Swimmerboy as his strength returned flooding him. He was powerful, but helplessly trying to twist his powerful body out of the device’s clutches.

The alter was warm under his body, it’s glowing edges began dancing as it registered its occupant. The word “SWIMMERBOY” was displayed on the side control panel and in the ceiling above Swimmerboy.

Back in the torture theatre, Swimmerlad was undergoing his own preparation, his magnificent red nylon pouch and bulge were being mapped by an evil invasive device and the young hero’s body was held tightly not only by the restraining clasps on his ankles an wrist, but for the procedure, his hips were held securely. The torture altar ensured that that his beautiful speedo pouch remained in place for the mapping device to maintain its diabolical process. To Swimmerlad, it felt as though his most private anatomy was being carved by a knife, it was relentless, excruciating pain. He was helpless to escape the diabolical device and his screams filled the theatre. His audience enthralled at the display of the torture being endured by the young hero.

Electro stood close to Swimmerlad, enjoying the torment and screams of the hero.

It powered down and Swimmerlad, grateful for the release, slowly quietened down, his screams lowered and he was slowly gaining the ability to speak again, and his breathing was starting to normalise.

Through gritted teeth, he growled at Electro, who stood by his pain wracked helpless body…”You fuking sick son-of-a-bitch, you fucking enjoyed that!”

“Oh yes” retorted the evil villain. “Very much so”

“Seat 23 please come to the torture alter” was his next words. “Lucky 23”

Sean, a 30 year old new Speedo hero devotee couldn’t believe his luck. He had just arrived at the compound and hoped to get to see the two captured heroes in person, couldn’t believe he was being called to view the spectacularly helpless Swimmerlad so soon…

Sean was wearing a pair of yellow lycra swimmers, he was wet with pecum after witnessing Swimmerlad’s torment so far…

“Congratulations, Sean” smirked Elecrtro.

“Thank you, sir,” was his reply.

Electro introduced Sean to Swimmerlad

“Swimmerlad, meet Sean”

“Fuck you both” spat Swimerlad, his body was still wracked in pain as his strength worked hard trying to restore itself.

“Swimmerlad is at 25%” strength level Sean, he is spectacular don’t you think”

Sean wanted so bad to touch the helplessly bound hero, he was so excited, in awe at being so close.

“I need you to bring him down to 20% level before he starts recharging too much,” Smiled Electro.

“Take this wand and torture our beautiful young hero,” “Can you do that for me?”

Sean was drooling, taken aback with delight.

He took the device, it had a sturdy handle and hummed, a small button allowed the two nodes on the end of the wand to charge up with a bright elctro field that buzzed.

“Anywhere on his body is allowable Sean, except his sacred speedo bulge or his pouch. We have further work to undertake on that part of his body tonight, let’s not damage anything at this early stage…hahahahahahahaha.”

Swimmerlad’s head was all that was not stretched and helpless, he cried “No, please No” as Sean approached with the device buzzing in his hand.

Sean laughed and looked at Scorpio for a final ok.


He aimed the first hit at Swimmerlad’s underarm.

Swimmerlad’s screams returned…


The next hit was longer and Sean getting the hang of it, dragged the torturous device over Swimmerlad’s convulsing abs.

The vision of Swimmerlads writhing and screaming made their way to Scorpio’s private rooms and to Swimmerboy.

Scorpio walked into his parlour to find his prize securely spreadeagled on the device, SWIMMERBOY displayed on the side of the device:


Strength 97%

Life force 100%

“Good work Nylon”

Swimmerboy looked around the room as best he could, the warm device was humming ominously under him, the restraints were tight. He knew he was at the mercy of Scorpio. The room was lit intimately, and the lights on Swimmerboy were designed to show off is magnificent, helpless body. There were mirrored walls and ceiling, so Swimmerboy was able to view his body from different angles at once. Small blinking lights in the ceiling and walls were signs that the room was full of diabolical tech.

Scorpio approached the young hero and ran his finger along the top of the green nylon Aussiebum swimmers…

“Very nice, exquisite, magnifico” he exclaimed as he surveyed the young hero.

Swimmerboy pulled on his bonds in a vain attempt to free himself, it was a useless endeavour.

“I am just going to make one or two adjustments; I hope you don’t mind dear boy” he smirked.

He manipulated the control functions of the pleasure altar, and soon a section of the altar, between Swimerboy’s spread legs, began to descend into the floor. Scorpio walked around the altar and toying with Swimmerboy’s nipples, running his fingers along the length of the bound hero’s body as he approached the space between the Hero’s legs.

He stood at the apex of Swimmerboy’s lime green bulging pouch, between Swimmerboy’s powerful legs, spread and helpless.

“This has been a long time coming, but here we are! I stand between your legs as the master of your pain and pleasure, mighty Swimmerboy, you are my prize capture and I will become your master.

“Fuck you” thrashed Swimmerboy, insolent and defiant.

“One more adjustment though.” Smiled Scorpio “and then we can proceed.”

Nylon approached and lifted Swimmerboy’s hips off the alter, assisting Scorpio, who collected the nylon fabric, covering Swimmerboy’s strong buttocks and pulled the fabric tightly between the buttocks of the hero. He twisted the fabric around the Swimmerboy’s hips creating a solid speedo thong. This enhanced Swimmerboy’s bulge. Nylon returned to his place and left Scorpio to his prize plaything.

Swimmerboy moaned aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmppppppphhhhhhh, it felt amazing, to have the speedos tightened up his ass. But he couldn’t let Scorpio know it was strangely turning him on.

“That is now perfect dear boy” drooled Scorpio as he cupped Swimmerboy’s exposed bulging manhood in his two hands, he bent down and breathed in Swimmerboy’s sexual essence through the nylon fabric.”

Nylon was wet with anticipation as he watched Scorpio toying and playing with Swimmerboy’s speedo essence.

“Now, sorry one more thing Swimmerboy” smirked Scorpio, Swimmerboy was writhing helpless, trying to free himself from the situation. He was completely unprotected and exposed, and his speedos were the source of Scorpio’s complete attention and devotion.

Scorpio made further adjustments on the control panel and three blinking lights appeared in the mirrored surfaces surrounding the parlour, viewing screens were unveiled and the live pictures of Swimmerlad, writhing in pain at the hands of Electro, were displayed without sound, everywhere he looked in the parlour was a reflection of his own bondage or a live stream of Swimmerlad being tortured.

“You won’t get that on any old TV service” laughed Scorpio, but I wanted you to see that Swimmwrlad is fine, he is just undergoing his preparation and a little extra torture. You will see him later in the night, so don’t fret too much, just concentrate on getting through tonight. I hope this isn’t too distracting if I leave it on with the sound turned down…”

Swimmerboy thrashed violently, but he was helpless.

“Let’s tighten you a little” and the evil altar obeyed the commands to stretch the hero a little further and tighter. Swimmerboy groaned as he felt his ability to move and the possibility to free himself diminish even further, his situation was dire. “Aghhh Noooooo.” He pleaded lightly, looking at his tormentor.

Scorpio made a further adjustment on the control panel and Swimmerboy thrust up his head in a vain attempt to see what was happening, every movement of his body, every brush of his cock inside the nylon speedo was driving him wild, the sexual tingling was mainly focused in his pouch, but it radiated out down his legs and through his abdomen.

“Fuck, what is that, what are you doing” cried Swimmerboy. He was so turned on, he had to concentrate, to ensure he didn’t get a hard on, Scorpio would just love that he thought.

“Just adding a little sensitivity to your nylon pouch dear boy, you remember this earlier, but we have learned and developed our speedo control systems based on your preparation mapping; our systems know exactly where your pleasure and pain points are in that delicious nylon offering of yours. I think by the look of your mouthwatering writhing body and the delicious slow thrust of your hips, that you approve…” “hahahahahhahhaha…”

Scorpio pulled out a pair of faded pair of purple nylon speedos from under the alter, and Swimmerboy immediately recognised them as one of Swimmerlad’s favourite pairs, His memory of their hot speedo sex sessions of his boyfriend wearing those were vivid in his mind.

“I can tell you recognise these Swimmerboy, yes we raided your place and have commandeered all your pairs of speedos and all of Swimmerlad’s” and we have hundreds and hundreds of new pairs waiting for your service, hahahahahahaha.

He smiled as he rubbed the soft nylon front pouch in Swimmerboy’s face. Swimmerboy breathed in the smell of Swimmerlad’s sex from the tactile soft fabric.

Scorpio then dropped them softly on Swimmerboy’s heaving pouch, the weight of the fabric was causing his sensitised pouch to stimulate him and soon he was moaning as Scorpio rubbed the light nylon across Swimmerboy’s own nylon encased bulge. Swimmerboy has in a moment of pure enjoyment, he was being tantilised by Swimmerlad’s private speedos and their friction with his own bulging speedo essence. At the same time, watching the torture of his boyfriend take place wherever he turned his head was the mind fuck that Scorpio and Nylon were clearly enjoying.

It was a devious predicament.

Swimmerboy contorted in his bonds lifting his buttocks off the alter, trying to free himself from the amazing sensations being delivered to his young beautiful body, he moaned to himself as he tried with all his speedo strength to resist the sensations.

They abated and his breathing became more consistent and normal after several minutes of rest.

Scorpio just smiled at his beautiful play toy, spread-eagled before him.

Back in the torture theatre, Swimmerlad was now burning with pain, his tormentors had enjoyed inflicting the voltage into his spectacular sweat covered young tight body, his muscles were quivering involuntary as he writhed on the altar for their nefarious pleasure. His strength now depleted further and showing at 18% meant that the torture was becoming more painful with every minute he tried to use his strength to deflect and resist the pain being inflicted. His red Aussiebum briefs were wet with his sweat, and a showed off his magnificent soft cock encased in the beautiful nylon package.

Electro, was so turned on by the display, but he had to keep his composure.

“Thank you, Sean. You may return to your seat.”

Sean walked over to Swimmerlad and touched him on his left cheek, “So beautiful, so powerful and gallant. Thank you.” He wanted to kiss the young hero, he wanted to play with that fucking awesome nylon package, but he walked back to his place, he needed desperately to play with himself, he was so turned on.

Swimmerlad helplessly writhed, still attempting to free himself from the despicable bonds holding him down.

Electro turned to the expectant audience.

“That dear friends is an example of what your money and devotion to this cause will reward you with, please continue to enjoy all the facilities as we now proceed to program our dear helpless Swimmerlad’s speedo system, his sex to manufacture litres and litres of his hot smooth jism.

“What the fuck.” Pleaded Swimmerlad, “No, you can’t do that, pleasssssssse”

“Don’t fret dear boy.” Smirked Electro… “Orgasmo, my friend and colleague has lots of fine ways of extracting your cum, slowly and full of enjoyment for you…hahahahahahhahahahaha” his wicked laugh was evil and sarcastic and the audience were completely struck with the moment as Swimmerlad began to grasp his predicament.

Electro continued, “Each time we deliver pain and drain you Swimmerlad, you can rest assured (so to speak) that your speedo essence, your source of strength is programmed to stimulate your jism production, so you will eventually beg for your release, your continued draining. Hahahahahahahahah”

Swimmerlad’s look of Horror was remarkable as he writhed helplessly.

“Scorpio will defeat you over and over, and you and your boyfriend, Swimmerboy will live a life of devotion and servitude to our desires, lusts and insatiable worship of the beauty of your speedo clad helpless bodies. But more on that later….” He smiled and turned to the control panel.

“We will now commence your programming Session” Smirked electro

“You have limited strength left Swimmerlad, so you will need to conserve as much as possible, unfortunately, that could also become very painful, so we will leave that up to you…hahahahahahahahhaahahahah” Electro’s evil laugh was spinechilling.

Swimmerlad watched another device, descend and hover above his red nylon pouch, he looked up at it, preparing himself for the next stage of their diabolical torture. He knew they wouldn’t kill him (yet) but that gave him little comfort.

The device was glowed red, and made two passes of Swimmerlad’s red pouch, from hip to hip, across his magnificent bulge, it scanned and then paused. Finally it projected a red curtain of light in the perfect shape of Swimmerlad’s nylon pouch, every piece of his pouch was subjected to the curtain and Swimmerlad could feel his most private area begin to heat up.

It was relentlessly increasing in heat and within 10 minutes, Swimmerlad was thrashing his head up and down begging for the process to stop. His speedo strength was being consumed as he attempted to resist the heat of the moment…

“Swimmerlad is cooking” announced Electro. “His mapped pouch and bulge are now undergoing a programming sequence to ensure he produces litres of jism a day. Hahahahahahahahahah” “His cum will produce as he resists his torture, his gallant attempts to resist the pain you inflict on him will trigger the production. A day of pain and offering will prepare him for long period of prolonged pleasure so we can enjoy his writing body drain again in more ways than one… Delicious don’t you think Swimmerlad, hahahahhahahahah”

Swimmerlad, was horrified, he was in too much pain to even consider responding, his pouch now felt that it was being consumed by a hundreds of torches, he could feel his strength draining with each ongoing minute…

Swimmerboy was in an opposite position but equally dangerous to his own strength levels. He could see the evil red curtain raping his boyfriend’s speedo pouch and Swimmerlad’s head thrashing with the pain, Swimmerboy was helpless to resist.

Scorpio had spent time expertly caressing every fold of Swimmerboy’s own nylon mound, he enjoyed sensitising Swimmerboy’s speedo offering and driving the hero, to moments of pure exquisite sensation, he toyed with Swimerboy, who was now quivering with expectation of Scorpio’s expert touch.

Scorpio looked at his helpless, magnificent prey and announced he had a new dimension to add for Swimmerboy. Before turning on the process, he gave Swimmerboy a quick run down on how they created the pleasure stream.

He let Swimmerboy return to a level of normal function after turning off the sensitizing process.

“Fuck You…” spat Swimmerboy when he was able to speak coherently…

“Now, now, Swimmerboy,” Smiled Scorpio.

“I have a further delight for you tonight” he commenced as Swimmerboy tried valiantly to free himself from his bondage. He had managed to keep himself from becoming hard, but he needed his strength to keep resisting the evil sensitization…’

Scorpio continued. “Soon you will experience what we have named, the pleasure stream, it is an artificial pleasure current that we will use as a base for deeper and more invasive pleasure processes, but for tonight, I want to let you experience the feeling, get yourself accustomed to it.”

Scorpio pressed one of the blue online buttons on the display and set the intensity at 5%, he set incremental increases of 5% every 10 minutes.

Swimmerboy expelled a soft moan as he experienced the first light sensation of pleasure fire up inside his speedo pouch.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Fuck that is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so exquisite” moaned Swimmerboy as the pleasure sparked inside his nylon pouch, he could feel his cock’s micro-vibrations and the intense feeling of arousal. “Mmmmmmmmmph, muuuuuussssssst resist” he stated almost involuntarily, he knew he MUST resist this, he knew it was becoming a huge drain on his strength…

“I’m glad you like it my dear Swimmerboy” seeing your supine helpless body react to the pleasure stream is exquisite to say the least. Smiled Scorpio, who bent down and licked Swimmerboy’s bulge from the base of is balls to the tip of his bulge. Swimmerboy shuddered in anticipation. His strength was now depleting faster, he was at 49% remaining strength, and Scorpio was playing him like a perfectly tuned instrument.

“You know when we captured Nylon and Lycra, he subjected them as guineapigs to some of the pleasure devices you will be tied to in the coming weeks, we used much lower levels of stimulation of course, they do not have your special speedo strength. The process took hours, but we were able to combine, their pleasure experience, with the strong hypnotic drugs and flooded their minds with images of you and Swimmerlad. Nylon here and Lycra are a product of hours of suggestive hypnotic pleasure, they are totally devoted to you and Swimmerlad and under my control. The process is irreversible, so you won’t be able to talk them out of it…They are mine to control and they really want you and Swimmwrlad…hahahahahahahahahahahaha”

“Anyway” he continued, “We recorded their pleasure and after hours of manipulating the file and splicing each of the pleasure recordings together and transmuting the pleasure flows, our speedo AI has created the very pleasure stream you are enjoying now.

Swimmerboy, was now experiencing more intensity, his hips were moving and thrusting slowly as he took in the information Scorpio was divulging. Nylon stood observing the scene, his own blue nylon briefs were wet, the anticipation was charged and sexual.

“Ohhhhh fuck pleaded Swimmerboy, please Scorpio, this is raping me.” He moaned.

The pleasure had intensified, he could feel it reaching through his cock, stimulating him, it radiated out from his bulge across his green nylon pouch, it was inescapable. His moans intensified as its next incremental intensification erupted. The pleasure altar was humming and warm against Swimmerboy’s tight exposed buttocks.

“Your own pleasure is now being recorded Swimmerboy.” smirked Scorpio, deep down in that raging pouch of yours, your own personal pleasure is beginning to fire up and the alter is detecting that, it is the essence of your speedo strength and we are tapping into it.

“Please stop Scorpio, the pleasure is so intense, my speedo strength cannot withstand this onslaught much longer… pleeassee” begged Swimmerboy…

“Not on your life dear boy, your defeat is part of my dominance of you and this is a spiritual moment of intimacy that we will explore deeply as your captivity continues. Your pain and pleasure are mine to deal and tonight I will keep you at this level of pleasure for hours.” “We can bring you to the heights of orgasmic delight and hold that level of pleasure for as long as we desire.” You are at 60% pleasure level and your speedo strength is down to 30% you have been doing well so far.” He laughed and took in the glory of Swimmerboy’s raging speedo pouch heaving in front of him, beautiful beyond belief, Swimmerboy. You are special. Swimmerboy writhed and twisted in his bonds as Scorpio caressed the heaving nylon bulge being offered to him, his gentle squeezes and brushing of his tongue over Swimmerboy’s junk filled the young hero with spasms of delight that reached to the tips of his straining fingers and toes.

The onslaught continued…

Swimmerboy was now at 25% strength left.

His body trembling as he tried with his might to resist to evil pleasure draining process, he could not allow his hardon to take hold; he would be on the road to defeat, if Scorpio could start extracting his man juices. He had to hold on.

“Our AI is learning Swimmerboy, thank you for your offering, it is being used now to further enhance the pleasure stream. We can’t wait to introduce Swimmerlad’s personal pleasure stream as well. He laughed out loud as Swimmerboy desperately looked up to witness his heaving green nylon mound thrusting slowly with the pleasure. His moans were controlled has he concentrated his resistance to the onslaught in his pouch.

Scorpio adjusted the modulation effect and the pleasure became tighter and more focused, the altar was directing specific flows to Swimmerboy’s pleasure points identified when his speedo pouch was violently mapped the previous day. It was inescapable, deliciously vicious as it increased every 5 minutes.

He then adjusted the controls to produce a wave effect, programming the pleasure stream modulation at each peak and trough of the flow…

Swimmerboy, was enthralled as the waves began to flow oner his green mound, the waves elicited deep guttural moans as the hero’s thrusting hips moved with every rhythm of the pleasure waves.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmphhh” “fuuuurrrrckkken hell” “Mmmmph” was all Swimmerboy was able to say, he was engrossed and enlivened to the ever increasing waves pounding his mound.

He was barely able to main control of his bulge, thankfully it was still soft, but to his horror, he looked up to witness Scorpio’s tongue reach down to gently lap up the first globule of his glistening pre-cum beginning to ooze through the light, nylon fabric.

“Normally, I will authorise your pre-cum release” but I just wanted to see how you would hold out on your own tonight, and you have performed gallantly Swimmerboy.”

Swimmerboy’s juice was warm, and sweet on Scorpio’s tongue, who invited Nylon over, to also taste the sweet Swimmerboy syrup.

Swimmerboy concentrated as best he could but the precum began oozing with every increase in the intensity and veracity of the pleasure stream invading his speedo. Nylon delicately licked Swimmerboy’s thrusting bulge, he worshiped the taste and the feel of the hero’s meat, the hero’s trembling body was intoxicating.

Swimmeboy’s view of Swimmerlad’s torture was now removed from the situation, Swimmerlad had been tortured and prepared and was recovering, they would be united soon.

Swimmerboy was now at 15% speedo strength level, he had been drained expertly for several hours when the onslaught subsided, his breathing and thrusting hips continued as the residual pleasure remained and continued to stimulate the young hero. He was glad that the stream had been removed, but he needed to ejaculate, it was primal, it was intense and the subsiding of the pleasure flow was diabolical, they bought him so far, yet denied him.

“I know what you need Swimmeboy, but you can’t have it yet.” Although I can tell you that you will give of your sacred jism, your speedo nectar very soon.

Swimmerboy, was still writhing, his green pouch was wet and sticky with pre-cum that was now oozing deliciously for Scorpio’s delight.

“Each day you will be milked Swimmerboy, it will become part of your routine along with your torture and pleasure offerings. Your milking will form part of your sacred offering and we will use your jism to further understand your secrets. Milking wont be long and drawn out like a pleasure offering, it will be a strong, intense orgasm, that will extract approximately 50% of your cum offering for the day” he smiled at the horrified, helplessly writhing young hero.

“We will be finished here in the next hour Swimmerboy, you will be taken to meet Swimmerlad in the milking chambers. Both your Jism loads will be delivered there.”

Swimmerboy wrtithed trying to speak, “never you fiend, we will not give our Jism to you”

“But look at the state you’re in here Swimmerboy” we will have your full load of Jism each day.

“This is just the beginning of your pleasure journey, we will bring you to orgasmic sensations you cannot dream of yet, we will hold your orgasm intensity for as long as we deem fit and you will beg me to release your cum, but we get ahead of ourselves here…as he squeezed the Swimmerboy’s heaving wet bulge.

Your pleasure will be held at this level for another 30 minutes and you will be tied to a milking pod for your first sacred offering, you and Swimmerlad will be milked in tandem, your pleasure will be short and intense, your orgasms will be approved after I approve your erections, you see I now have complete control, Nylon and lycra will assist in your erections, the mere touch on your speedo pouches at that point in the proceedings will bring you to the edge, begging for release. Your orgasm level will be held for as long as we see fit until your ejaculation is approved.

“By the way, we will have a little contest - the first to ejaculate in the milking session, will be publicly tortured later in the day, tomorrow.”

“Your residual pleasure from tonight’s pleasuring current will stay in your speedo pouch until the milking commences, you will need your speedo strength to resist, and although I have full confidence in your abilities Swimmerboy, I promise you that you will give of your cum, I promise you”.

The pleasure was relentless and Swimmerboy’s pouch was now wet with his pre-cum, Scorpio caressed and fondled Swimmerboy to extend the hero’s submission and to make him use his speedo strength up. The green pouch was now a pleasure receptacle, Swimmerboy was experiencing a plane of existence that was almost timeshifted, time meant nothing, only his speedo pleasure filled his mind. He could feel Scorpio’s hands exploring his nylon pouch, and he was helpless to stop Scorpio’s determined and invigorating enthusiasm.

The pleasure current stopped but Swimmerboy’s pouch held the pleasure like a vessel, the speedo computer indicated that his speedo strength had depleted to 8% he could barely resist the onslaught. One final guttural moan exited Swimmerboy’s chest as Scorpio took his sticky, still soft bulge in his mouth inhaling the sweet smell of Swimmerboy’s sex and sweat. He lifted his face slightly from Swimmerboy’s bulge and he looked up over Swimmerboy’s heaving torso with his tongue exploring Swimmerboy’s nylon bulge exquisitely. Swimmerboy could feel Scorpio’s lusting diabolical intent to completely control him. His quivering body writhed slowly as Nylon entered the room to begin Swimmerboy’s transfer to the miking chambers.

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