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Defeat and Domination
Part 3 - Preparation
By Scorpio

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Swimmerboy’s Preparation


“Time to go Swimmerboy, we have big things in store for you today” gloated Nylon. He had enjoyed cleaning up the young hero and arranging him for the next instalment of his new captivity.

Swimmerboy’s strength was down to 20% and Nylon and Lycra bound Swimmerboy to a travel device after the emitter in his preparation cell disabled him, they would use the travel device from time to time to transport their captives to and from different venues in the facility.

Swimmerboy’s legs and arms were secured to the device, They had cleaned him up and chose a pair of powder blue nylon speedos for his next session.

They arrived at the torture theatre on time and Lycra adjusted Swimmerboy’s package to show off his magnificent pouch and bulge. His beautiful cut cock caused the light fabric to tent exquisitely and folds of nylon fabric extended from the peak of his tenting package. “Perfect” Nylon exclaimed and with that Swimmerboy was transported into the torture theatre fighting in the bonds holding him secure. Scorpio welcomed his magnificent hero and surveyed him, he was beautiful, helpless and twisting in his bonds.

Swimmerboy saw the emitters glow red and his bonds were released, he started to fall out of the transporter as the emitters began to jam his strength and weaken him, but Lycra caught his fall. He was weakened sufficiently, and the emitters disarmed.

“Perfect’ exclaimed Scorpio as Swimmerboy regained his footing. They tied his hands with reinforced, strengthened rope and Scorpio moved to the centre table device in the room. “Here we are my dear boy, this is a torture altar, I’ll explain once you are installed and made ready.” He laughed loudly and ordered Lycra to lower the screens.

Swimmerboy was horrified to see a hundred villains and other devious men seated in a theatre style set up once the screens had lowered around the edges of the room. They stood to their feet and applauded.

Scorpio Smiled at Swimmerboy who was helplessly trying to escape his bindings and looked around the room.

“I give you the magnificent Swimmerboy gentlemen” the applause was momentous. “He is 21 years old, he is the partner of the equally famous Swimmerlad and a magnificent specimen, captured for our pleasure.”

“Nylon, Lycra – Tie Swimmerboy down to the altar.”

They thrust their weakened captive to the altar and untied his arms, they fastened him facing the ceiling and his arms and legs were placed in the restraints, once again he found himself spread eagle and vulnerable.

Swimmerboy writhed in his bonds testing them, they were way stronger than he could imagine. He was helpless and spreadeagled and the centre-piece of the room!

Scoprio ordered that Swimmerboy be bought to 70% strength level.

The Altar obeyed and soon Swimmerboy could feel the strength invade and grow in his pouch, the warmth of the strength energising him and he once again tried to test the bonds.

“He struggles nicely don’t you agree gentlemen?”

The crowd gasped at the beauty of the captive speedo clad hero. They had paid handsomely to be a part of his compound and to see him helpless for the first time was overwhelming.

Cameras from every angle focused mainly on the magnificent tenting shiny light blue speedos, they were deliciously caressing his body as he moved and twisted in the bonds.

“So you’re probably wondering why we refer to the bondage tables as altars Swimmerboy?”

“Not really, but I’m sure I will find out” spat Swimmerboy, he was coming to accept his bondage, his attempts at breaking free calmed down and he thought if he kept Scorpio talking he could buy some time to work out how to escape. His situation was dire, and his mind was racing taking in the whole scene - Of him at the centre of the torture theatre.

“We have made a vow to worship your speedo beauty Swimmerboy. When we obtain your boyfriend he too will become sacred. The altars are designed for your sacrifice, your defeat, and we will worship your speedos to the end”, Scorpio’s demeaner changed and he glared at Swimmerboy, “You see you thought you defeated me all those years ago, testifying against me in court, to put me away, but now the tables have turned and you will pay, you will be defeated every day, several times a day. Hahahahahahha”

Swimmerboy writhed and launched into a new frenzy, trying to break his bonds…”Leave Swimmerlad out of this you fiend” he pleaded, but Scorpio only looked at the assembled audience and the room broke out in laughter.

Huge TV screens around the theatre showed Swimmerboy’s helpless body and speedo pouch from every angle, the audience was mesmerised at the sheer beauty of this - the first session of many to come.

“70% showed on the Speedo strength monitors and Scorpio gave the order to keep his captive at that level of strength. “Perfect, we have the speedo level we want, this may take some time”

Swimmerboy’s speedo sense was tingling, he knew something was in the works, something diabolical. He writhed in his bonds and this only turned the atmosphere in the room electric with lust and awe. The sight of the mighty beautiful hero was sublime. Stage lights and cameras gave everyone perfect view of the entertainment to come.

“Let’s begin, shall we?” smirked Scorpio and the audience fell silent in awe of what they were about to watch.

Two arms began to rise from either side of altar and the bonds began to stretch Swimmerboy in all four directions…

“mmmmmmmpppppfhhhhh agggghhhhhhh” he moaned as he strained exquisitely on the altar.

“Your Sacrifice is made today Swimmerboy and we are the beneficiaries, we thank you for your sacrifice!”

“Fuck you”, spat Swimmerboy.

He was now helpless, his magnificent strength, no match for the bonds but he would need it to resist whatever was in store for him.

The arms clasped either side of the hero’s speedo pouch, they held his hips in place. They became fixed to the altar and Swimmerboy’s speedo sense began to scream, he could barely move, and the sensation was exhilarating and frightening at the same time. His head tried to look around the room but the tension on his bonds made movement difficult.

“What are you doing Scorpio?” “mmmmmppphhhhhhh” he moaned.

“Today we are going to map your speedo pouch and your Speedo bulge my dear boy.”

Swimmerboy’s nylon speedos were lit up by strong theatre lights, shadows of his tenting mandood cast diagonally across his pouch. The slight contours of his cut cock could be seen highlighted in the light blue nylon fabric. The scene was superb.

The Audience were so horny, some were already stroking their cocks, they had enough supplies provided to allow for several orgasms, if they so desired.

“Swimmerboy lifted his head enough to see his bulge lifting in the blue fabric, he too was strangely turned on by the predicament, his pouch felt hot with the lights and tingling speedo sense maintained its warning message, yet he was completely helpless to take action.

Scorpio explained “We need to understand the wonder of your speedo strength, Swimmerboy. How does it only affect you and Swimmerlad? Why? How can we control it better and how can we use it?”

“This is science” Scorpio exclaimed to the room, which erupted in applause.

Swimmerboy looked at him blankly, almost resigned to his fate.

“What do you intend to do?” Swimmerboy gasped.

“I, I can’t move” “what are you doing?”

“let me explain” smiled Scorpio

“lycra, deploy our invasive mapping device”

The ceiling lit up and a device began to slowly descend to hover between Swimmerboy’s stretched legs, it was eying off his mounding blue speedos.

“Normally we will prefer you to writhe in your bonds when you are tortured, it’s so sexy and you do it so well dear boy. But today, your sacred speedo pouch and bulge will be mapped for our speedo computers. We will constantly evolve and develop our implements to stimulate you to the edge of oblivion. To do this, the computers will map every contour of your speedo. It’s not going to be pleasant for you and you will need to expend your speedo strength to resist its invasive process. But once it is done we will access the data and tune your experiences perfectly.” “We will know and understand every precise millimetre of your speedo pouch and your cock intimately!” his evil smirk made Swimmerboy shudder.

Scorpio laughed, “So try to be as still as you can, the more you writhe the longer this will take!”

“Swimmerboy looked in horror at the device hovering between his legs. “You fucking mad fiend!” He screamed, thrashing his head as he contemplated the evil device about to be unleased on his most private parts.

Scorpio laughed, the audience were spellbound… ”and once we get started we will be broadcasting the session to Swimmerlad along with a nice invite with the co-ordinates we sent you. The boys can’t wait to capture that blonde-haired beauty of a boyfriend of yours. Hahahahahahahaha”

Swimmerboy thrashed his head from side to side trying to take in the whole situation when the machine ignited with wide yellow light taking in Swimmerboy’s outer pouch, he could feel the intense heat of the machine as it began its first sweep of his pouch.

As it closed in on Swimmerboy’s bulge, Swimmerboy began to thrash his head as the heat began to intensify…”Nooooo” “No” he begged.

“Agggggggggghhhhh” he moaned, “must resist, must use my speedo strength to resist”

His fingers and feet stretched, and he clenched his hands in a vain attempt to distract himself from the intense heat invading his bulge. His speedo was on fire and he began to moan uncontrollably, thrashing his head in all directions. His hips held firmly in place by the altar’s clasps.

Scorpio laughed and invited Swimmerlad to view the new footage of Speedopboy’s suffering. “Your boyfriend is mine Swimmerlad, and only you can save him. Come alone to the co-ordinates provided, come in your best speedos, he will need all your strength to rescue him.”

Swimmerboy was barely able to lift his head but he screamed out to the microphone, “ Ignore it mate, it’s a trap” and with that Scorpio gave the order to launch the next laser.

This device deployed thousands of quick, high energy bursts around Swimmerboy’s bulge. It was probing every aspect of his bulge, the fabric, his cock, his balls and it moved relentlessly and slowly around every contour of the delicious swelling manhood.

Swimmerboy was now in a dimension of pain he had never felt before his entire speedo pouch was ravaged by the evil machine, his pain was immense and his screams reverberated around the theatre; his head thrashed and the Altar hummed as its prey was invaded and raped by the diabolical machine working his speedo pouch and bulge.”

“Speedo strength 42%” announced Nylon at the control panel.

Swimmerboy’s screams began to deepen, his whole soul felt like it was being raped, he was helpless, his speedos now wet with his sweat, and the fabric began to stick to his throbbing cock. The electronic probing was now entering his cock head and working its way through his shaft while at the same also wrapping his manhood in its diabolical exploration, it surrounded and engulfed his manhood and balls. Swimmerboy’s screams filled the theatre and his feet and arms could only twitch in their bonds.

“Fucccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccck” was all he could vocalise.

Scorpio looked down at his delicious prey, Swimmerboy’s eyes were glazing over and he spoke ever so gently into the hero’s ears…

“Swimmerlad is on his way, we are tracking him now, I think he was turned on by your bondage hahahahahahah. He’s alone. Perfect!”

Amongst the theatre of Swimmerboy’s pain wracked writing helpless body, Scorpio announced to the audience that the mapping device is also programming Swimmerboy’s sex system to produce 25-30 litres of his Jizz a day - we will need a lot!” He exclaimed!

“We’re almost done here”

Swimmerboy was exhausted, he couldn’t speak or raise his head, his strength had reduced to 10%.

He was defeated and his torment ended abruptly.

The bonds loosened him slightly and allowed him a little movement, Nylon approached and caressed Swimmerboy’s pouch from hip to hip. He sucked the sweet sweat from Swimmerboy’s bulge. Swimmerboy moaned in pure exhaustion and defeat. His sacrifice was over for now, his pleasure and pain points exposed to Scorpio’s diabolical systems, his fate was being sealed and he had no known way of escape. He could only hope Swimmerlad could find a way to penetrate the compound and free him, but that was unlikely with thousands of emitters placed around the compound to track and disable their speedo strength so effectively. Scorpio had planned well.

The audience were spellbound by the spectacle and finally dismissed, to wait for Swimmerlad’s capture and preparation, once that was completed, Scorpio planned for the enjoyment to ramp up.

“Lycra, your turn to capture and bring in Swimmerlad, he should be here within the hour.” With that Lycra left the room to prepare for the new arrival.

He then turned to Nylon, “Nylon, take Swimmerboy and clean him up again. Put him in a pair of nylon lime green speedos, bring him to my private quarters and we will tie him to my private pleasure altar. I want him fully charged, I want him to view Swimmerlad’s capture and preparation while serving and sacrificing to me his pleasure, as my private toy, his pleasure will flow as he is forced to view Swimmerlad’s preparation, a kind of reverse conditioning”, he smiled at the defeated young hero . It will be a wonderful introduction to the power of my pleasure devices for him and once Swimmerlad is prepared and he is also producing a high cum load, we will milk them together in the morning before assigning them their daily devotions.

It’s a big night ahead boys.

We have an hour.







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