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Defeat and Domination
Part 28 - Bird in the Hand - Part Ten (Robin’s Hypnotic Batatonic Fantasy Part 2)
By Scorpio

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Bird in the Hand - Part 10

Robin’s Hypnotic Batatonic Fantasy (Part 2)

Email: Discord: Scorpio#5862


Three magnificent bodies, glistening in a rich sheen of sweat mixed with pre-cum, muscles straining with their legs forced apart, spreadeagled in erotic bondage. Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin the Boy Wonder, draped in skimpy drenched nylon, their speedos clinging to their genitals dutifully and pulled tightly and erotically between their taut muscly buttocks forming erotic nylon thongs. They are part of Scorpio’s porn extravaganza! Their bodies stretched in exquisite bondage and their forced pleasure activates the mix of diabolical substances to release their innermost erotic fantasies for Scorpio to record and create his masterpiece porn flicks.

They had become containers of sexual pressure after hours of edging and build-up, their bodies cooking and simmering in the intensity of the pleasure being generated to fuel their erotic drugs. Their Jax+ drugs had been boosted to dangerous levels and now The Elixir of Eros buzzing in their minds is spreading its evil tentacles inside their thoughts, unveiling, and extracting Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin’s erotic fantasies from the innermost vaults of their minds.

Orgasmo’s evil multi-coloured Orb is floating above their writhing bodies connecting three beautiful euphorically erupting speedo bulges with their three Psychosexodronic minds; Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin lost consciousness in that erotic moment of sublime admittance to their magical orgasms. As the intense wave of sensation enveloped their bulges and flowed into their straining bodies, they spurted pre-cum simultaneously and their screams of utter delight were sucked into the throbbing evil Orb above their heads. Their pleasure being siphoned into the Orb’s processing apparatus; it was feeding on their pleasure, consuming, and drawing the orgasmic energy from their throbbing wet speedo bulges. As much as they begged and moaned, their ejaculations of semen were denied, they had a world of erotic fantasy to give up, and the process demanded orgasmic pleasure pressure as part of the key ingredients for this recipe of delight to develop and produce such delectable outcomes.

Swimmerboy is revealing his Superboy fantasy, Swimmerlad has re-entered the secret sexual jungle fantasy and Robin; his erotic batatonic fantasy begins to unfold as his brain implant takes the orgasmic input to process his secret fantasies.

Scorpio’s porn collection is progressing to plan.

Psychosexodronic, their minds alight, every region of their brains engaged, producing Scorpio’s superhero porn. Beautiful young men, straining inside their bondage, twisting their honed bodies, thrusting their bodies, while their competent restraints hold them tight and stretched to the extreme. Their mighty orgasms have finally arrived, yet they are denied the flow of semen. They must endure long orgasmic torture!

Scorpio, High Priest of Speedo pleasure is overseeing the erotic extraction watching his magnificent screens filled with Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Boy Wonder’s sexual fantasies. The magnificent screens encircling Scorpio’s ‘Studio’; light up the room. With him, his priests of pleasure and agony, Orgasmo and Electro were enjoying and overseeing the production line of erotic content.

Joker came skipping in and nestled himself between the two priests. Orgasmo and Electro were suddenly pushed aside as the dastardly villain wedged himself between them, planting his meticulously gloved hands on each of their shoulders, popcorn went flying as the manic villain came to a sudden halt between them.

“Mm Boys, I’m having a blast, but nothing compared to these three heroes!” He then feigned a concerned face, whilst looking directly toward Electro.

They will survive this, won’t they, I mean Robs over there looks like he is about to spontaneously combust, that tight body of his looks like it can’t contain his excitement, he looks so sexy oozing so much pre-jiz, I worry he might be overdoing it!”

Electro just smiled, enjoying the way Joker was having so much fun.

“Robin’s chip will be running hot, but we designed it to work under load like this, it will learn and keep sending its tentacles into Robin’s brain whilst syncing with our speedo systems. Boy Wonder’s body and his mind are completely in our control Jokes…” Electro paused there, hoping his use of the word Jokes had not gone too far.

“Oh, you boys!” Screeched Joker loudly.

He squeezed the two villains tightly, looking at each of them from side to side, “Call me what you like, if you have engineered all this marvellous extravaganza, then you can call me what you like!”

Joker let go and danced off toward Scorpio standing by the screen section displaying the Boy Wonder’s erotic fantasy. The story was undergoing a change of scene, it was showing the Batcave, and Robin was suddenly mumbling from inside the bubble surrounding his head. Tears were as plentiful as his pre-cum.

Scorpio gripped Joker by the hand.

They moved from the screen to survey the Boy Wonder and enjoy his beautiful body.

“His bondage is exquisite, is it not Joker!”

“Perfection, now enhanced by my Speedo systems, his pleasure, his torture are mine, er ours to direct! Just like the magic of movies, but in real life!”

The evil smirk on Scorpio’s face told Joker that he meant business.

“Thank you for bringing me the Boy Wonder, your trust in our work here is flattering Joker. Robin complements Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad so well. I think the three of them may have some uncovered lusts for each other, secret morsels, we can uncover that would be worth millions!”

Joker’s eyes lit up behind his gaudy eye makeup at the thought of it. He composed himself, adjusting his little director’s beret, perched in that mop of green hair.

“Yes, indeed Scorps!” Joker replied in a business-like tone, the look on his face communicating to Scorpio that he was number-crunching inside his head.

“Yes!” Joker replied.

“We need to exploit these beautiful heroes completely, perfect bodies, sexual dynamos and yes, now that their very secrets, the veiled world behind their public face of justice and good can be mined like this! Let’s expose them and reap the rewards, let’s destroy them on so many levels.”

“Can I touch Boy Wonder, he won’t like, you know, explode or anything, don’t want to disturb the merchandise in the state he is in!”

Scorpio returned the Joker’s smile, drawing him closer to their prized spurting Wonder Boy. Directing Joker between Robin’s stretched legs.

Scorpio looked toward Orgasmo, who was watching them talk from his position across the way, Scorpio pointed to Robin’s Speedo thong pouch. His hand gesture advising Orgasmo to pause the pleasure drain beam to the Orb floating above the young hero.

“It is safe now Joker! The drugs and our systems will pause the erotic fantasy production for now. Please…” Motioning Joker closer to the erupting red bulge thong.”

“Taste his pre-cum Joker!”

“Feel the majesty of Boy Wonder’s bulge. Its delights are yours, billions of dollars are here for us to take, you know, he will become a star, more than a hero, a mega-star. He will be the desire of millions worldwide and only the richest will have enough money to pay for their access to his majestic body.”

Scorpio then licked his fingers, after scooping a wad of Boy Wonder’s plentiful pre-cum before looking at Joker.

“Try it!”

They could hear the muffled cries and moans from inside the bubble surrounding Robin’s head, Robin thrust his bulge upward, his body trembling in delight.

Joker couldn’t resist, Robin was a seething mess of sexual energy, his straining body pulling and twisting inside his tight bondage.

“Don’t mind if I do!”

The plentiful pre-cum, oozed through his naked fingers, Joker had removed one of his white gloves which he had allowed Scorpio to hold.

Robin’s body was trembling all the while, Joker was quickly adjusting the rhythm of Robin’s reaction to the generator’s powerful pleasure energy, Joker was enjoying the way this exquisite young athlete was performing. The bulge hot, and slippery, full of potent sexual energy. The feeling of the wet nylon clinging to the rock-hard cylindrical sides of Robin’s engorged penis made Joker shudder. He felt the underside of the penis head, listening to Robin’s seething and hisses, watching Boy Wonder strain. He knew his touch on this holiest place was sending Robin into spasms inside the pleasure-ravaged, drugged-up world that the Boy Wonder was experiencing.

Scorpio checked Robin’s fantasy video feed, it was still crystal clear and vibrant; their little exploration of the Boy Wonder bulge, had not disrupted the feed and the porn production remained stable, but he didn’t want to impact production, motioning for Joker to retract, his lubricant filled hand from Robin’s bulge.

Joker gave Scorpio one of his comical, spoiled brat looks.

“Please daddy, I want more!” He said with puppy eyes, pleading.

“No, you have more than enough, drink up Jokes!” Scorpio tried his luck with the supervillain.

But Joker played along with the merriment, hunching forward, and storming out from between Robin’s legs recovering quickly into a skip step, licking his fingers while skipping around Robin’s stretched writhing body.

Scorpio looked across to Orgasmo at the control panel, gesturing for the system to recommence.

The beam resumed its suction and the muffled sounds of Robin’s cries of delight hummed from inside his bubble.

Scorpio then directed Joker to join him behind Robin. He pointed toward the back of Robin’s head.

“The Chip is wildly extending its tentacles into the deepest reaches of Boy Wonder’s brain, simultaneously working with the drugs, and allowing my speedo control systems to manage his pleasure functions. He is traversing the riches of orgasm, as are Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, riding their massive orgasms. The intensity of the orgasmic energy is driving their drugs to perform and yet I, err…” pausing momentarily, “…we control their entire orgasmic experience, pleasure, pre-cum, and ejaculation. Perfect control of sexual function. Perfect revenge for their meddling in my affairs!”

Joker could tell Scorpio was getting worked up.

“An angry villain is a dangerous one Scorps! I love your emotion!” Joker was able to calm Scorpio down from his outburst.

“And, you have made your point, perfect control will allow US to recoup all the funds, these three young titans have stolen from us!”

They looked at each other, their eyes wild with delight as they embraced.

“Now!” Joker screamed above the sounds of the three pleasure-wracked young heroes.

“Let’s get some action shots!”

Joker was interrupted by a splash of pre-cum. It had spurted over Robin’s upper body, onto the side of his head causing Joker to erupt in his own extravagant way. He pointed toward Orgasmo.

“Turn it up!” He demanded shaking with excitement.


Joker’s comical little director’s beret nearly flung from his hair as he spun around in fits of happiness.

Joker was suddenly drawn to the screens displaying Robin’s fantasy. It had returned him to the Batcave and Robin was revealing his enjoyment of bondage, his desire to be Batman’s good little boy.

“Where’s my popcorn?” Joker cackled, Boy Wonder is becoming juicier by the moment, on so many levels!”

Inside Robin’s erotic batatonic fantasy – Batman had returned to the Batcave with the delirious and mind fucked Boy Wonder after rescuing Robin from the clutches of Candyman and his horny henchmen.

“Your rope sir!” Alfred said handing the length to Batman with a serious look on his face.

“The Roost is ready?” Batman asked returning the same look toward Alfred.

Alfred knew that not even a crime wave across the entire city would permit him to disturb Batman. Bruce Wayne’s Bat complex was a deep psycho-sexual state of mind and while this normally manifested itself in what Gotham and the world knew and loved as the Dark Knight, the Batman, the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin, the complex was deeper and richer than the usual human conditions of the mind and body. It was more than the hero complex, more than the Don Juan complex, it had facets of the Electra complex and Alfred liked to think that Bruce had somehow developed his own uniquely repressed Homo complex into the rich bat mix.

Batman was allowing his deep sexual cravings to have their fill; they were manifesting tonight, and Alfred knew better than to disturb this manifestation of the Bat. Robin was the perfect indulgence and Alfred had seen it in Batman’s eyes over the past weeks. It was the very reason; Bruce had commissioned him to create their new suits. He had developed subtle erotic drugs, electrical stimulants that maintain muscle elasticity and development, that provide the wearer with discrete sexual enjoyment, creating a mindset that sex is power, and pleasure is strength.

Batman had wanted Robin to feel the effects of the new suit and this growth and development over a period of months, slowly making Robin into a sexual dynamo, but Candyman had pounced way too early and way too swiftly and it had triggered something inside Batman’s head. Alfred knew that Batman would need to take charge of Robin now! He needed to hasten the sexual dominance of his Boy Wonder.

So, Alfred had prepared the Robin Roost as soon as Batman had returned from the dinner, changed into his new Bat Suit, and departed swiftly into the night to rescue Robin from the clutches of Candyman. Alfred had carefully prepared the secret playroom that Batman designed to enjoy his Boy Wonder in privacy. Alfred understood that Bat Complex, he knew that Batman needed to work through the deep psycho-sexual nuances of it and tonight was it. Batman and Robin were not to be disturbed. The dynamic duo were bat-bonding.

That look in Bruce’s eye as he handed over the length of rope spoke volumes to Alfred.

“Call if you need anything, Batman!” Alfred said, turning to head toward the Batmobile to assist Robin.

Batman stopped him.

“I’ll take care of Robin!”

Alfred was summarily dismissed and walked away leaving Batman with the dangling rope.

He watched Alfred disappear into the lift to head up into the wing of the mansion that Bruce had given Alfred. Batman felt the excitement welling up inside his chest, he had wanted Robin for quite some time. He recalled how erotic Robin looked in Candyman’s milker. He had allowed his suit to stimulate him at that moment. He wanted to taste Boy Wonder’s pre-cum but knew Candyman would have had that playroom wired with all kinds of surveillance; he would have been recording Robin’s defeat. So, Batman kept his behaviour completely business during the rescue.

The trip home to the Batcave had primed him, just watching Robin’s response to the mind control process had made Batman wet with expectation. He wanted Robin so bad!

Robin was his now, his beautiful birdy boy, the curves of his buttocks, the curves of his pecs, Robin’s athletic and powerful legs. Robin’s bulge. It was time to tie him up, Robin deserved his bondage, it was Batman’s gift to him!

“Batman!” Robin said looking up from his lounged position in the Batmobile. His eyes were distant behind his mask, Robin had slight lines of white spittle on the corners of his mouth. He was looking up into Batman’s eyes, completely besotted with his mentor, his mind still reeling from his initial batatonic processing.

“Thank you, Batman!” Robin was running his fingers across his nipples; they were erect beneath the magical skin of his new suit.

“Get up Robin!” Batman demanded.

Batman used his strong grip, lifting Robin out of the vehicle, his hands sliding into Robin’s armpits. He lifted the Boy Wonder out with ease, turning Robin to face the Batmobile.

“Give me your arms Tim, er Robin!”

Robin obeyed, flicking his cape, and extending his hands backward.

“Bondage Robin!”

Robin looked over his shoulder, to watch Batman tie his wrists. Batman’s force was sexual and stimulating. Robin could feel his skin tingling, all over his body, especially inside his green briefs. The rope felt so good as Batman tightened it. He couldn’t resist the urge to struggle.

Batman purred as Catwoman would, or one of her feline hench-boys.

He kicked Robin’s feet apart, spreading Robin’s legs. Batman enjoyed looking at Boy Wonder, knowing the strength and agility his prize possessed. The Boy Wonder’s keen mind matches his beautiful body. Batman pulled Robin’s cape aside, he wanted a view of Robin’s ass.

“Mm, yes!”

Batman surveyed the beautiful cheeks, perfect little peaches, muscular, flavoursome, he knew the suit had an inner thong, clinging tightly between Robin’s buns, delicate electrical stimulants feeding the Boy Wonder’s anus, and scrotum.

“Struggle Boy! Show me how you fight the rope. But do not move from that spot.”

“Ugh, err!”

Robin twisted his shoulders, his feet firmly on their spots, Robin obeyed Batman to the letter!

Suddenly the sound of Robin’s cycle filled the Batcave. It had returned using its Bat AI, return-to-base technology and parked itself inside its charging dock.

Batman grabbed Robin’s hair forcing him to look toward the bike powering down.

“Millions of dollars Robin!”

“That bike is my little toy, just like you are!”

Robin winced, trying to dislodge his head from Batman’s grip, twisting his body, and pulling against the ropes.

“Good boy Robin!”

“Do as Batman says, you are my toy, my bat boy!” Batman was close to Robin’s left ear; he had whispered the words into Robin’s ear.

He continued his sensual whispering as Robin struggled for him.

“Alfred knows me, he has prepared your bird cage, your safety room, the Robin Roost. A secret place in the Batcave and only he and I know its location.”

Robin hissed, “what?” before struggling.

“I like to play with my toys; tinker with them, tune them, you, know like I do with the Bat Cycle. The Robin Roost is where we will bond Boy Wonder! Where I will tune my most prized possession!”

Robin couldn’t resist, he was excited, the programming in the Batmobile, the sensations from his suit, the remnants of Candyman’s drugs; a confluence of stimulation making him desire Batman more and more second by second.

He was suddenly pushed from behind, hurtling forward to keep from planting face down into the polished concrete floor of the Batcave. He kept his wits about him though, his mind was foggy, but his vision was fine, Batman was pushing him deep into the Batcave, Robin tried to remember their direction. But Batman’s force was strong, and it was becoming dark.

“Where are we heading?” Robin blurted over his shoulder toward Batman.

“Shut up Robin! To a place designed just for you my beautiful wonder boy toy!”

Batman was suddenly close by him, standing in front of him, caressing his cheeks, fingering the lines of his mask. Speaking tenderly all of a sudden.

“Such a tender beautiful hero!”

Batman then turned Robin’s head to the left, facing away from them.

Robin noticed the red smoky puff, before the burning sensation wrapped his eyes, and constricted his throat.

“Gassssssssssssssss!” Whined Robin, his head still gripped in Batman’s gloves.

“Yes, Boy Wonder! Gas!”

Robin was slurring, “batgasssssss!” as Batman released his grip on Robin’s face.

Robin shook his head desperately trying to shake off the remnants of the gas, knowing he had ingested enough of the chemical. He felt his shoulders lower, he felt Batman’s strong grip under his right arm, goading him forward into the darkness.

They had been through several doors and traveled several ally ways, he had no idea where he was, and the effects of the gas were wearing off. It had only been five minutes, but it had seemed like hours to Robin.

**R O O S T**

Was printed on the two doors that slipped open quickly with a satisfying hiss.

“That formula of Batgas is fast acting, but the effects are designed to wear off quickly, I just wanted you stunned, you can never know this Roost exists, it is our little secret room designed just for Robin the Boy Wonder. My delicious sexual toy. Welcome Robin!”

“Bondage” Batman said as he led Robin into the Roost.

“Your existence in this room boy, is to serve me. You will be bound for my pleasure!” Batman said feeling the bumps in Robin’s core musculature.

Robin could hear the words from his ride back to the Batcave in the Batmobile inside his head.





He shook his head, struggling against the ropes binding his wrists. Batman was talking to him, but the words inside his head were persistent and strong.

“Conditioning Robin!” Batman said watching Robin struggle.

“It is the basis of behaviour, humans can be conditioned in many ways and you’re going to be conditioned regularly, to serve my every desire. You will become my bondage birdy boy.”

Batman was smiling as he lowered his hands removing his gloves.

Robin looked down, watching Batman start to fondle the edges of his green speedo-like brief. Playing with the edges of the V along the tops of Robin’s legs.

“Your suit has been developed to stimulate you, Robin.”

His bulge was wrapped in a sudden explosion of delicate tingles and Robin moaned turning his face to the left as the sensation came and dissipated.

“If you are a good boy, I can offer you more of that delicious stim Robin!”

Batman was smiling.

“But first let’s get you ready!”

Batman turned Robin to face the rising apparatus twisting as it rose from the floor. I’ve named this the perch. You are going to look so tasty displayed on your little perch.

Robin looked at the device as it finally locked into place, he then looked at the Bat, the effects of Candyman’s drugs were wearing off, and the conditioning in the Batmobile was also fading. Robin was starting to return to his normal defiant youthful sassiness. But something deep inside him was making him excited. Robin knew better than to disobey Batman, and Batman was in one of his moods. Robin could feel excitement deep inside him. His suit responded to his every move, stimulating his body with every twist and turn.

“What are you going to do to me, Batman?” Robin asked pulling on the rope binding his wrists.

“Lock the room!” Batman commanded the Bat Computer.

“Respond only to my voice commands!” came the next order from Batman.

The room obeyed and the mechanical sounds of locks engaging preceded the single word, “Acknowledged!”

They were alone in the roost. Batman and his prize.

Robin struggled once more, he was coming out of the mind fog more and more each minute, and he looked at Batman, again, he was feeling a mix of emotions, excitement, wonderment, and playfulness. Batman did look hot in the new suit, Robin felt sexual, he felt horny. What was Batman up to?

“Step up!” Batman said authoritatively, motioning toward the single step, which had raised and locked in front of the presentation device on its podium.

Three lights illuminated the perch.

Batman helped Robin up forcefully, his alpha-bat role was unfolding by the second. He pulled Robin up effortlessly, turning the Boy Wonder around, he was examining Robin’s tight youthful body. Every muscle was enhanced by the new suit, pecs, buttocks, bulge, nipples, face, and mask. Batmen felt his own suit caressing his body, his penis shimmered inside his suit, every piece of the Boy Wonder so erotic and inviting. Pre-cum was already discharging through his cock. Batman stifled a soft satisfied moan he was coating the inside of his batbulge with his lubricant. It felt delicious, his suit responding with delicate whisps of pleasure caressing his penis. Batman was pleased, very pleased.

When he had Robin in place, he cupped the Boy Wonder’s cheek, you are one handsome young man Robin, I’m glad you have joined our crime fighting team. It’s time we bonded properly. Time, we got to know each other in deep batatonic ways.”

Robin looked at his mentor and spoke softly.


“Don’t try and think it through Robin! Now it is time for you to perch.”

Robin felt his suit react to Batman’s words; it was as if the suit was somehow integrating with his emotions. He pulled on the ropes once more, pulling a somewhat annoyed face, his mind was clearing, but he was super excited to be with Batman, Bruce did look fucking sexual in his new tight suit, his muscles, his tight ass, his bulge inside the grey pouch looked magnificent, Batman was pure masculine sex.

But Robin’s normal defiant and sassy self was re-emerging.

“Are, are these necessary Batman?” Robin said twisting his shoulders causing his yellow cape to flap behind him.

Batman smiled on the inside, his excitement building, his boy toy was ready to be manipulated and moulded like a piece of clay, he had let Dick Grayson loose, lost into his own world of hero-hood, Batman was not going to make the same mistakes with his latest beautiful bird.

“Computer, integrate with Robin’s suit, it is time for this little birdy to perch!”

Robin was too busy working the ropes to pay attention to what Batman had just said but he felt heat immediately through his gloved wrists.

“I wouldn’t struggle too much Robin, the Bat Computer is slicing those ropes with an ultra-laser.”

Batman stood back from Robin to watch the show unfold.

Robin then smelled the smoky stench, as his arms suddenly flung apart, suddenly free from the rope’s tightness. He instinctively brought his hands to the front of his body, rubbing the green gloves.

“Was that necessary Batman?”

Batman smiled.

“Welcome back chum!”

Robin then turned to look around the Roost, before glaring at the waiting perch simultaneously scanning the room’s subtle ambience, the banks of lights on the walls and the array of equipment stowed up in the upper reaches of the room. It was the three spotlights illuminating the perch and another spot that suddenly illuminated Batman that next took Robin’s attention.

The spotlight illuminated every muscle bump and crevice on Batman’s body. Batman became larger than life the centre of Robin’s world in that moment.


“Shhhh Robin!” Batman responded.

“We are going to get acquainted!” Batman removed his cape, placing the dark garment onto a Bathook. Before turning to face Robin.

“Your suit form fits your body too Boy Wonder, Alfred has done a sterling job. He knows me so well.”

Robin diverted his eyes from Batman’s bubble butt, hoping Bruce had not noticed, he was suddenly aroused by Batman’s beautiful features. He responded to Bruce’s comments about his own suit, quickly glancing away from Batman to his own suit.

Batman then looked him the eye.

“Let’s get started, shall we?” pausing for a moment, “Computer…”

Robin felt the warmth of his own spotlights drenching his body in the warm light, he looked around quickly, almost startled by the brightness, he was trying to focus his eyes in the sudden brightness, but he suddenly felt the lights grip him, powerful forces acting on his body. He couldn’t move, the force of the energy dragging his arms to his side, slightly out from his body, his freedom taken away from him again.

“My feet are stuck!”



“Can’t mer, can’t move!”

Robin’s face was screwing up as he fought the energy forces on his body.

“I’m testing our latest energy conversion system I have been working on, it converts light photonic energy into tension, and it is acting on your suit, integrating with receptors inside the fabric!”

Robin pulled helplessly attempting to lift his arms, move his feet, anything to break the hold of the lights on his body.

He had been rendered helpless.

“What are you up to Bruce?” Robin asked, as wild and varied emotions filled his mind.

He felt the drag or was it a pull? He did not have the power in his body to fight it. He was being taken to the perch against his will. Step by step it was dragging him, forcing him and every attempt to fight it made his body tingle. Slowly and deliberately, Robin was brought to the Perch.

Batman pressed a couple of control panel screens, watching the magnificent Boy Wonder’s body moving closer to the Perch. Listening to Robin’s voice and grunts, Robin was concentrating on resisting the lights.

“Fuck you’re hot Robin!” Batman said turning, he had completed his settings and approached his beautiful struggling toy.

“You have lots to learn Boy Wonder, and one of your lessons today will be obedience!”


Robin’s voice straining. He was being turned; he was being backed up to the waiting Perch.

He tried with all his might, but his legs could not resist, he was struggling, stepping upward, stepping backward toward the device.

“Let me help you chum!” Batman said while assisting Robin’s backward step up to the Perch.

“The energy conversion system is ignoring my suit. I’ve tuned it, like everything in the Roost to your suit Robin. This room is totally devoted to you, to your body, your mind.”

“Gah!” Robin struggled, his fists clenched, his head free from the energy transfer. He watched as Batman attended first to his cape, unclipping it and carefully placing the garment onto the waiting Bathook, next to his own cape.

Batman returned to his Boy Wonder looking at the beauty of Robin’s athletic, straining body, knowing that the suit’s receptors were working to stimulate his muscles, Robin was straining, tingling all over and almost ready to be perched. He was less than a meter from the Perch and looking over his shoulder at the device.

Robin turned back to look at Batman.


Batman ignored the question. He was focused on examining Robin closely.

“Lift his arms!”

“Fuck!” Robin blurted as his arms began to rise, Robin’s face screwed up once more, fighting the invisible forces dominating him. His arms were rendered out from his body at right angles. Stuck in place.

Batman stopped once he was facing Robin.

Robin stood motionless, his mouth still screaming his defiance, his eyes narrowed behind his mask. He was breathing and seething through his tight clenched lips. The effects of Candyman’s drugs had completely worn off. Robin was like a new piece of clay ready to be placed on the potter’s wheel.

The sight of the Boy Wonder lit up inside the lighting system, the sounds of his young defiant attitude, made Batman horny. He touched his own impressive Bat mound, allowing the new suit to respond, delighting his penis. Batman stifled an excited moan, hiding his delight and excitement from Robin, slightly adjusting his hips to allow his penis to slide inside his bat-bulge.

“Just you and me at last!” Batman said stepping toward Robin.

He ran his finger under Robin’s nose before cupping the side of his sidekick’s face.

“Can you smell the bat-bulge on my finger Robin?”

“Bah!” was the response.

“You’ll get to enjoy it, don’t worry! All in good time Robin! We are alone and Alfred has strict instructions to leave us as we bat-bond.”

Batman felt Robin’s erect nipples, Robin was breathing fast, still fighting the photonic light system. Squinting through the brightness at Batman.

“I think you have deep needs young man, deep sexual cravings. I can use them, develop them, and hone them. Your nipples betray you Boy Wonder. You can struggle and fight me at first, but like a good therapist, I will be diligent. As long as it takes, I will mould you and work you into something better!”

“Bruce!” Robin tried appealing to his friend by name.

Batman ignored him again.

His hands were focused, Robin’s suit displayed his beautiful body to perfection, the red tunic top sporting Robin’s famous logo on the top left pectoral muscle attracted Batman’s attention. Batman leaned forward and licked the raised yellow letter and the elliptic circle behind the R.

“I designed that logo many years ago! You wear it with distinction Robin! Wear it with pride, it is the symbol of obedience, the symbol of sexual and physical perfection to me!”

Batman was looking Robin in the eye when he explained the logo’s significance.

“You have proven yourself to me and you are indeed worthy of the logo!”

Batman moved his hands to Robin’s hips.

“Your utility belt and its contents have been designed especially for you dear chum. My resources are one hundred per cent at your disposal, but the price is your total obedience!”

“You disobeyed me tonight, you went out on your own and Candyman had you poised and loaded, edged to orgasm, that orgasm weaponised to kill hundreds of people. One pop of your cock was all Candyman wanted to start his crime wave, he would have had his way, had it not been for Alfred and me!”

“I, I wanted to prove myself to you Batman!” Robin responded in his defiant tone looking downward the Batman’s attentive gloved hands. Batman’s touch on his suit seemed to enliven the sensations on his body.

Robin moaned delightfully.

“See you will come to enjoy my touch Robin, when we are done, it will trigger your obedience. But for now, focus on my touch, focus on your body’s reactions to my touch! Let your body delight in it. Learn!”

Batman smiled watching Robin’s eyes open, he was no longer squinting behind his mask; Batman’s fingers were caressing the top of his green nylon briefs. Fingering the top of the briefs along the sides of his hips.

“We returned to the original suit design for you Robin, but we wanted to show off your sexual majesty, the beauty of your young virile body. These do your body justice; they show the lines of your maleness perfectly. Hugging and worshipping your worthy anatomy to perfection!”

Batman licked his lips.

“Two layers of protection, the green thong beneath your green brief, feel it cling between your butt cheeks, hugging your body, does it feel good?”

Robin felt more sensations reverberate between his tight athletic glutes, energy stimulated the mouth of his anus.

“Bah!” Robin moaned looking upward as he dealt with the stimulant.

“The two layers forming your bulge can be manipulated to thrill your penis, to stimulate cum, to encourage Boy Wonder pre cum.”

Robin looked down toward his impressive green bulge. But Batman had moved behind him, he could feel Bruce’s breath on the back of his head, two hands were caressing his buns.

“The briefs on that under thong flatter your butt Boy Wonder, as much as they do your scrotum and penis! Alfred has made an amazing suit for you!”

Robin did his best to turn his head, Batman was molesting him, feeling him, worshipping him, he had forgotten about the Perch and his predicament, somehow Batman was exposing his need for Batman’s attention, it ran way deeper than a mere craving; approval, he secretly wanted Batman’s attention and approval, he was amazed that Batman had tapped him so easily.

He felt his buns tingle violently, batman was licking his butt, and fingers were exploring his abs from behind. Batman was indeed worshipping his body, moving to the tops of his legs, brushing against the fabric clinging to his body. Robin could feel the suit coming to life.

“Mmmmm” He screamed out in frustration and delight; his mind was racing.

But Batman stopped, he stood up and returned to face him.

“I think it’s time to get started, you’re driving me wild Robin!”

A very Batatonic fantasy will continue…