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Defeat and Domination
Part 27 - Bird in the Hand - Part Nine (Robin’s Hypnotic Batatonic Fantasy)
By Scorpio

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Bird in the Hand - Part 9

Robin’s Hypnotic Batatonic Fantasy

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Three magnificent bodies, glistening in a rich sheen of sweat mixed with pre-cum, muscles straining with their legs forced apart, spreadeagled in erotic bondage. Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin the Boy Wonder, draped in skimpy drenched nylon, their speedos clinging to their genitals dutifully and pulled tightly and erotically between their taut muscly buttocks forming erotic nylon thongs. They are part of Scorpio’s porn extravaganza! Their bodies tied in exquisite bondage and their forced pleasure activating the mix of diabolical substances which is releasing their innermost erotic fantasies for Scorpio to record and create his masterpiece porn flicks.

They had become containers of sexual pressure, their bodies cooking and simmering in the intensity of the pleasure being generated to fuel their erotic drugs. Their Jax+ drugs had been boosted to dangerous levels and now The Elixir of Eros buzzing in their minds is spreading its evil tentacles inside their thoughts, unveiling, and extracting Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin’s erotic fantasies from the innermost vaults of their minds.

Orgasmo’s evil multi-coloured Orb floating above their pleasure wracked bodies connecting three beautiful euphorically erupting speedo bulges with their three Psychosexodronic minds; Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin lost consciousness in that erotic moment of sublime admittance to their magical orgasms. As the intense wave of sensation enveloped their bulges and flowed into their straining bodies, they spurted pre-cum simultaneously and their screams of utter delight were sucked into the bulbously throbbing evil Orb above their heads. Their pleasure being siphoned into the Orb’s processing apparatus; it was feeding on their pleasure, consuming, and drawing the orgasmic energy from their throbbing wet speedo bulges. As much as they begged and moaned, their ejaculations of semen were denied, they had a world of erotic fantasy to give up, and the process demanded orgasmic pleasure pressure as part of the key ingredients for this recipe of delight to develop and produce such delectable outcomes.

Swimmerboy is revealing his Superboy fantasy, Swimmerlad has re-entered the secret sexual jungle fantasy and Robin; his erotic batatonic fantasy begins to unfold as his brain implant takes the orgasmic input to process his secret fantasies.

Scorpio’s porn collection is progressing to plan.

Scorpio was torn, there was so much happening all at once. Three massive heroic orgasmic eruptions were unfolding, his studio filled with the cries, moans, and screams of Swimmerlad, Swimmerboy and Robin, the heroes lost in their own fantasies, drugged to the hilt, their speedo thongs bubbling pre-cum and the rock-hard erect penises vibrating in cataclysmically delicious orgasmic power!

But as much as Robin cried out, begging inside his glowing hood of energy, inside his drug fuelled explosion of vivid fantasy, he was begging not to cum, he was indeed cumming violently and progressively, Robin was begging to ejaculate his creamy Boy Wonder jism. The three mighty virile young titans were each begging to give their semen. They were of course, denied that aspect of their pleasure. There orgasms would be long and perilous.

Scorpio and his band of devious villains were not having it! The orgasm each hero was locked into, was fuelling the Elixir of Eros mixed with Joker’s Jax+ drug, and Orgasmo’s latest and greatest milking devices were running at capacity. Swimmerlad, and Swimmerboy had ascended into the fantasy realm and now Robin the Boy Wonder too, along with his diabolical brain implant was responding to Orgasmo’s pleasure implements, Robin’s sexual organs, his mind were under Scorpio’s control as well. Robin was revealing, in high definition, the Batcave, he was revealing his own deeply entrenched and secret erotic fantasies for Scorpio to steal. Just as he was stealing Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s fantasies.

“Pop Corn, get your hot crispy salty popcorn!”

Scorpio suddenly realised that Joker was once again up and about jumping like a crazed, excited puppy. Joker looked the part, he had donned an apron, fixed his comical little director’s beret in his scraggly red hair and was brandishing a big carton of popcorn.

“Get your chock tops, Pop Corn!” Joker suddenly realised he didn’t have the ice creams and then let a comical quizzical look erupt on his badly painted face. “Oops, sorry all out of chock tops!” He then burst out in fits of laughter, spinning around with popcorn flinging left and right. Joker was so excited, he could see, taste, and smell the outrageously diabolical plans unfolding inside The Studio. Joker came to rest in the seats facing the screens displaying Robin’s fantasy.

“Gentlemen, time to watch this little birdy’s hot fantasy land flick!” Joker said beckoning Scorpio, Orgasmo and Miles’ band of horny apprentices over to watch the show.

Robin had no idea that they were assembled and watching his emerging fantasy, Robin was lost in orgasmic power devouring his penis, consuming his bulging speedo thong, it was ripping his body in enraged waves of pleasure, his head was a mass of hot energy, his brain on fire, and alive with visions; his erotic visions, his private desires, he couldn’t stop the orgasm, he couldn’t ejaculate, and he was lost in fantasy inside the diabolical orgasm.

Robin’s fantasy was vivid and enthralling.

Destination locked in Boy Wonder the Batcycle announced inside Robin’s helmet, he was outside the Batcave and the bike’s quad turbo engine was humming nicely.

Destination thirty-five miles, arrival at zero one hundred hours!

Robin felt the bike glide over the road, the bike’s sounds building as it sped onward, the pitch of the engine lifting higher as each second passed. Robin realised that the Batcycle was navigating itself, anticipating the road, its built in AI driving him forward, he was doing 80 miles an hour, the bike felt like it was on a joy ride, enjoying itself, like a rev-head would hoon the streets late at night. The upcoming tight corner alarmed him though, he would never approach a tight bend in the road like this if he were in control of the vehicle.

Fuck me-eeeeeeeeeeeee! Were his thoughts as the bike hit the corner. It was exhilarating, the bike lurched, tilting quickly to compensate for the weight and velocity, it engaged both engine power and braking ability precisely and before his initial thoughts had begun, Robin was suddenly no longer almost scraping the bitumen, he was back atop the bike and his helmet up-front-display read ninety-five miles per hour. The wind across his new suit felt as exhilarating with the bike’s speed and sheer grunt of the engine screaming between his legs.

“Wooooooo!” Robin cried out, loudly and excitedly, one arm lifted into the air, he needed to use his strength to keep his arm lifted as he cried out, exhilarated by the emotions and adrenaline he was feeling.

Fuck me Batman, you sure know how to engineer a nasty ryke of a bike! Robin thought but before he could think any further he cried out “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuurck” as the Batcycle suddenly leaned into the next bend, and as quickly as he entered the corner, it was over, the engine screaming to compensate, Robin was exhilarated and soon learned to feel the bike as if it was an extension of his body and his mind, he was becoming accustomed to and with the machine hurtling at speeds way beyond the limits of his appetite for danger.

The bike slowed down to a stop on the rise and bend of the road that overlooked the old Runny Honey factory and Robin let the bike idle and walking to the edge of the road he took off his helmet, he left the Batcycle purring away while he surveyed the site below him.

Hm, I thought this was up for demolishment months ago! Robin thought, suddenly realising his body was feeling sensitive and funky, his suit felt alive and sensual on his body, and he put it down to his recent adrenaline rush, that ride from the Batcave had been exhilarating to say the least!

There were a couple of perimeter lights, one of which he noticed was buzzing on and off. The factory had seen better days; it had been a major producer of artisan honey products for years before its owner passed away in suspicious circumstances. As far as Robin could tell, the property was empty and dark, maybe he had been wrong, maybe he had interpreted those messages from Candyman incorrectly, what if he was wrong? He thought about returning to the Batcave, Bruce would be back in several hours anyway and he could get back to his hacking surveillance. But Robin was impetuous, self-confident, and desperately in need of impressing Batman! Tim wanted to prove his worth and impress Bruce, yet he decided to get the Batcycle a little closer, maybe use some of its sensors and its Batrometer to perform some sneaky espionage and uncover any clues.

Robin thought about the elaborate message that Candyman had left for him, maybe Batman was right, Candyman was up to something, Hm, cum for me Robin, Robin mused the message, Candyman was very particular, he had left Batman out of the message and Robin could feel his new suit caressing his body, his penis was almost buzzing when he thought on the word ‘cum’.

“I’m cumming for you Candyman!” Robin said looking down on the old factory, he had both hands on his tight athletic gluteal, he was ready, he was feeling a wave of confidence knowing he could easily take on this nefarious criminal; he had the skills, he had the moves, and his muscles were tight and powerful!

The breeze brushed his body causing his yellow cape to flutter, his body shimmered in the cool air. “Fuck what did Alfred make this suit from, wow, it feels amazing, I feel horny, I feel invincible, let’s get this little mission done and dusted Boy Wonder!” His little self-pep talk did the trick, and he was soon on his way closing in on the perimeter of the factory.

Robin found a perfect grove to hide the Batcycle, which was the size of a small car, but two chunky tyres, it was conspicuous and dared not leave the bike out in the open although he knew that the vehicle could look after itself if someone without authorisation tried to tamper with it.

He checked his new sleek utility, double checking where Alfred had stowed all his favourite toys.

Satisfied, he armed the Batcycle and left the grove keeping as close as he could to the ground enjoying the ease of movement the new suit provided him, compared with the previous heavy model he used to wear. It was like freedom, yet he could feel it supporting his muscles and his confidence was soaring.

You got this Robs he thought to himself when he reached the front walls of the factory, it was extremely dark that night with the moon hidden behind thick clouds. Gotham was putting on its best dark show that night, and it suited Robin assisting the covertness of his solo operation.

The sound startled him, and the sudden light emerging out through the bushes of his little Batcycle hiding spot was more than alarming. Adrenaline shot through his body instantly and before he knew what was happening , he realised that he was bolting back toward the grove hiding spot.

Shit, He was thinking as he bolted back out into the darkness, toward the grove. Shit, Shit, Shit… Robin was still thinking as he burst into the grove, jumping, and landing on his outstretched feet, Robin looked around left and right, the Bike was buzzing, it was flashing vigorously.

“Disengage!” Robin commanded and the Batcycle obeyed.

“Fuck what set that off?” he said straitening himself up, but he was buzzing with adrenaline, he knew whatever cover he had was now compromised, but he set about examining the Batcycle and resetting its safety energy field.

Robin hadn’t looked upward in all the commotion though.

Robin wasn’t ready for the two henchmen to drop from the overhead branches either.

Twinkie and Skittles had set the Batcycle off, they did so from up in the tree by throwing a couple of seed pods from the tree onto the exposed seat, they knew the Batcycle’s energy field protection systems would knock them out if they laid a hand on the machine, so they had both taken aim hitting the front chunky tyre and Skittle’s aim landed his little seed pod onto the Bike’s seat. They got the effect they wanted.

OOOOOF! the blow came from behind him, Robin lurched forward from the force of Skittle’s hefty body crashing into the back of his head, Skittle’s kick pushing Robin forward and, in the commotion, Robin hadn’t seen Twinkie’s arrival to Robin’s left, and Twinkie’s quick roll in front of the Boy Wonder, the blow from behind causing Robin to career forward and over Twinkie, falling onto his face.

Robin was a professional though, his new crime fighting suit immediately clinging to his musculature like a super exoskeleton and without thinking he had twisted his body allowing himself to roll sideways into some of the bushes surrounding the grove.

It’s a fucking trap, you stupid boy! Robin thought to himself, jumping to his feet, he turned his body quickly, he was agile and strong, and his confidence screamed out for some more.

“You shouldn’t jump people like that!” Robin laughed in mid-flight his left fist found its mark in Skittle’s solar plexus. “Hope that’s not too personal, mate!” Robin smiled watching Skittle bend forward. He wasted no time spinning around and performing hook kick, one of his favourite moves, as Twinkie was standing up. Twinkie taking the kick with ease and startling Robin with his slow reaction.

“What the!” Robin had bounced of Twinkie like rubber ball and into Skittle’s waiting arms, he was being grabbed from behind and Skittle had him held tightly with both arms hooked underneath Robin’s armpits, effectively grappling Robin into a strong rear hold and Robin thrashed valiantly feeling his shoulders being pressed and constricted, his face screwing up in concentration.

“Gah” Robin blurted out just before Twinkie appeared inside his field of vision.

“Nice little birdy!” Twinkie said in sarcastic tone just before his huge fist cracked across Robin’s left cheek.

Skittles let go of Robin allowing the Boy Wonder to lurch to the right, he sprawled his body across the Batcycle which took much of his weight. Robin, knowing these goons were playing hard ball, allowed his momentum to build and pushed himself of the shiny duco of the bike, his body propelling upward into a tucked spin, He landed behind the bike on both feet, shaking his head and looking at Twinkie and then to Skittles.

“You boys shouldn’t have touched the bike, now I’m going to have to polish it!” Robin said with determination in his voice. He launched himself over the bike in a display of athleticism and strength, his tight body on display as he soared through the air over the bike toward his two assailants. Mid-flight Robin turned his body allowing his right foot to connect with Twinkie’s nose, causing Twinkie’s head to reel backward and his body to bend backward as well.

Robin landed in a crunched position, and he had his sights set on Skittles.

Skittles too, knew it was his turn to engage the Boy Wonder, while Twinkie shook his head and regained his fighting stance. Skittles just smiled and ran toward the Boy Wonder in that moment just after Robin landed and before he could stand up fully.

It was fast, Skittle’s big black boot cracked under Robin’s chin.

Stars shattered into Robin’s vision.

“OOOOOOF!” Robin cried out as he careered backward onto his back.

“Get up bird brain!” Twinkie was pissed off, and he was nursing his jaw with one hand while reaching toward Robin’s neck with the other hand. Skittles was walking around behind him. Robin had to act fast, yet his mind was still foggy from that huge kick. Like lightning, Robin accessed his utility belt, it responded to his finger’s bio key and within moments he had his pepper spray deployed. Robin knew he had a single intense deployment of this device and he thrust his fist upward to meet Twinkie’s angry face, twisting in that moment to avoid Twinkie’s hand aiming for his neck.

The device exploded inches from Twinkie’s face, he felt the force of it in his palm and Twinkie’s face was suddenly ensnared in the angry volatile contents of the device. Its contents under extreme pressure ensured the contents explosive outburst had maximum impact.

Twinkie reeled sidewards twisting backwards, his hands drastically rubbing his face as he careered into the brush surrounding the grove with the force of the controlled explosion.

Robin though, had no time to enjoy the moment.

Skittles was angry and he gathered Robin’s cape with lightning speed, twisting it and wrapping it around Robin’s neck.

Breathing was now an effort, his face still stinging from the kick and his right-hand tingling from the explosion, Robin was vulnerable, it was now one on one with Skittles, he had momentarily deflected Twinkie, and he knew that he only had minutes before Twinkie could see again. But Skittles was only warming up, he was twisting the cape and Robin was gasping to breathe.

His arms were flying around, lashing at the air, his feet still on the ground, but Skittles was both twisting his cape and pulling him backwards, his athletic body bending backwards, Robin had to step backwards to accommodate the pull on his neck. He used both hands reaching between the cape and his neck, Robin was desperately seeking to alleviate the cape’s grip on his windpipe. Another step backwards, then another. Where was Skittles going?

Suddenly Robin found himself airborne, he was twisting and spinning as the cape unfurled from his neck, but Skittles had used Robin’s body weight to create a centrifuge like effect and the Boy Wonder found himself heading for a tree trunk flying through the air, he could hear the cackle from Skittles at that moment of launch, and Robin was almost unconscious from the tight constriction of his neck, he was still gasping for breath as he hit the tree trunk.

More stars danced and the nausea set in before the lights went out.

There were lights. Robin opened his eyes and was glad that he was alive, his breathing hurt, but he could inhale and exhale. He was on his side, his arms tied behind his back, his feet were free though, that was a bonus.

“Glad you’re awake, Wonder Boy, I knew you’d come, I know your type; cocky, self-confident heroes, ha, I love the chase, I love the lure, and I must say, I do love the sweet, sweet taste of success!”

Robin twisted his head toward the sound. “Candyman! What’s the meaning of this?” Robin said twisting his body, pulling, and testing the ropes binding his wrists.

“Aghhh! Can’t free my arms!” He exclaimed peering through his mask, Robin’s face full of determination. He went to straighten up and move from the crunched side position he was laying in. He was looking up toward Candyman.

“I’d be careful Boy Wonder, tut, tut!” Candyman said walking around the perimeter of the square pen that housed his delectable bound catch.

“I hear you and Skittles got acquainted earlier and as for Twinkie, he had to shower and scrub his cute little face, he’s back to his normal self and, well let’s just say that he is a little pissed off. He’s out in the other room preparing your little welcome we have planned for you!”

Robin continued to struggle defying Candyman’s warning.

“Ag, huh, bah!” Robin’s face was screwed up, he tried wriggling his wrists up and down, no use. He attempted pulling the ropes, trying to pry them loose, but his attempts could not elicit any kind of slack, whoever had tied him up had done a good job. He struggled for several minutes ending up on his back, his legs splaying outward. He hadn’t realised in his testosterone fuelled fit and break for freedom that his body had disturbed the contents of the pit he suddenly realised his was sharing with.

He was lying face up, his arms still tightly bound behind his back meant that his beautifully athletic young body was displaying his pelvis, his bulging suit, the red speedo like brief displaying proudly, his rippling abdomen expanding and contracting to accommodate the increase in his breathing, he was learning fast, he needed to remain still. Robin looked up at Candyman who had positioned himself on the edge of the pen, directly between Robin’s spread legs. Skittles and Twinkie stood on each side of square pen to Robin’s left and his right.

“I warned you Wonder Boy! Now look at the predicament you’ve gotten yourself into. Yep…” Candyman paused, looking up from his beautiful catch-of-the-day toward Skittles and then toward Twinkie. He returned his gaze down toward Robin. “…I told you to stay still, didn’t I, bird brain, but you had to the gall to defy me, like a petulant child, and you will now suffer the consequences! It is such a shame that something so delightful as you, so sexual, so virile, and full of life and pep must be sacrificed.

Robin tried to stay still, he could feel Candyman’s eyes caressing his body, Candyman’s eyes were devouring him from the edge of his pen, his struggles had left him in a vulnerable position, he was presenting his speedo for inspection, and he dared not move.

“Fucking freak!” Robin scowled at Candyman, spitting as best he could at his captor.

Candyman evaded the spittle missile by turning his head and letting it shoot past his head.

“Nice shot Robin!” Candyman said returning his gaze down toward Robin.

“But misguided, unlike my delicious and sweet magic mushrooms you are laying amongst, they are just releasing their mycelium spawn now that you have disturbed them, ohh once one ‘pops’ the others take the lead and well they go pop too. My Magic Mushies release sherbet mycelium spawn and your play pen has a special field that contains the spawn from leaving your confines, your body is the only place for it to inhabit!”

“No! “ Robin had a look of desperation in his eyes as he looked up toward his captor.

“I see you are getting the picture Robin. Your beautiful young body will accommodate enough sherbet mycelium, you should start to feel your body stinging soon, it’s only natural as the mycelium start to attach themselves. You’ll start to struggle some more soon, the pain will take over your body, but you know the drill, try not to disturb the mushrooms.”

There was a shimmering sound as the field of brightly coloured, shiny candy mushrooms began to vibrate.

“Oh look, they are sensing your body Robin, they are going to have a ball, they are getting ready to pop and release their sherbet spawn into your pit!”

“You bastard, Gah!” Robin felt the pain suddenly engulf his left quadricep muscles, it shot over his body and his new suit seemed to provide no protection, the sherbet spawn was infiltrating his protection. He cried out in pain his teeth clenched and a look of desperation started to erupt across his face, he looked toward Skittles, his eyes pleading for a glimmer of humanity in the henchman’s eyes. Robin found none.

“Such a sweet, sweet sight!” Skittles said watching Robin struggle and come to terms with his predicament. He looked toward Twinkie.

Twinkie looked down toward Robin.

“I have prepared the activation machine Robin, but you will need to endure spawning first. Pain before pleasure!” Twinkie said.

“Ooooh! You’ve let the bat out of the bag Twinkie!” Candyman said feigning disappointment and putting on a sad face looking down at Robin who was starting to wince in pain.

Robin looked up in desperation hissing as shards of acute pain began to erupt on indiscriminate parts of his body.

He felt the knife-like lines of pain extending down his calf muscles, then across his abdomen, he threw his head backward his eyes wide opened, he could see the multi-coloured candy mushrooms vibrating all around him and a billow of sherbet dust puffed over his face. He was desperately trying to break the tight bonds wrapping his wrists arching his body involuntarily in response to the growing insidious lines of pain being inflicted on his body.

Fuck, why did I sneak out, this is not how I intended on dying, Batman, Batman, fuck where is Bruce? Robin was becoming worried, he knew he had a chance because they said they had another ‘activation machine’ waiting for him, so he figured that he would not die inside a pen filled with crazy sherbet spawning candy mushrooms with three crazy evil villainous vermin watching his body writhe in pain.

But he was writhing! He was splaying out his legs, twisting left and right, his head thumping up and down, he hadn’t realised that in his frantic and determined attempts at freedom had crushed many of the candy mushrooms surrounding his body, he was in a cloud of sherbet mycelium, his fate was sealed, and his body was nearly fully encased in stinging lines of pain.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!” Robin’s screams made Candyman happy, Candyman was rubbing himself looking at Twinkie and Skittles licking his lips.

“Mmmm so sweet, what a delicious appetiser we have, dessert anyone?” Candyman said thrusting his pelvis into his hands that were rubbing his crotch.

“Boy Wonder is just so appetising, so delectable, sugar coated shall we say? Don’t you think so boys!”

The sound was becoming loud, Boy Wonder thrashing inside his pit of deadly candy mushrooms, his cries becoming insistent and furious, but Skittles cupped his hands pretending to create a megaphone with his hands.

“Yeah, he is ready boss, I can’t wait for his next level of fun, I want to see his new suit up close, he looks so sexy in it, so delectable and we need to enjoy him before he dies!”

Candyman understood their urgency, they had about an hour minutes before the sherbet mycelium would infiltrate Robin’s internal organs, effectively liquifying them, consuming him internally.

“Good idea boys!” Candyman said.

“Neutralise the remaining Mushrooms Boys.” Candyman ordered heading across the floor toward the next stage of Robin’s fate.

“You’re not dead yet Boy Wonder, but I bet you wished you were! But over here we have something prepared that we think you will enjoy! So, Twinkie and Skittles will help you over… Ha, ha, ha.” Candyman happily nodded his head gesturing a ‘come over here’ motion.

They neutralised the mushrooms spraying with comical looking cans and laughing as they worked, Robin then heard the crunching of hard candy mushrooms under Twinkie and Skittle’s boots. Their gloved hands and personal protection aprons protecting their bodies from the sherbet mycelium covering Robin’s thrashing body.

“Get up Wonder Boy!” Skittles said.

Robin cried out, he was twisting his delicious, supple body left and right. “Bah – can’t – control – my – body!” He said through gritted teeth trying to focus on their faces, his body wracked in in constant searing acute pain, he was breathing hard and his laboured breaths exhaling in loud rasps.

So, they dragged him.

They dragged Robin’s convulsing body out of the pit, they moved him fast and Robin tried to get footing, but his struggles only encouraged the diabolical mycelium to cut deeper and deeper, contorting his agony, twisting the pain so violently, his cries and moans insistent as they left one room and entered the reformatory.

“Tie him boys!”

Robin felt so much of the agony when they dragged his twisting body up onto the device, every movement felt agonizing, he felt the mycelium coating his body, the sweet coating eating into his skin reaching into his muscles. Every struggle every attempt to break their strong grip on his youthful body was agonizing and draining for him.

The Milker accommodated Robin easily, the machine, in the middle of the clinically clean room held its struggling captive in a reverse U shape, Robin’s wrists were attached by metal locking devices which pulled his arms directly above his head, his legs were spread slightly and fastened to the sides of the machine with similar locking devices. The Milker tilted backward slightly presenting Robin’s helplessly backward stretched body to Candyman and his two goons.

“Mmmm, now THAT is one sweet treat boys!” Candyman said, he was toying with the base of Robin’s bulging skin-tight red speedo brief.

“Batman’s boy toy is now Candyman’s sex toy!”

Robin could feel Candyman’s attentive finger, his new suit responding to the touch as if amplifying the feeling, yet the pain screaming around the rest of his body was persistent, it was ravaging him, his thoughts were becoming scattered as the agonising lines of pain continued to grow and slice into his flesh, but they left no blood, they were alive and intent on devouring him, torturing his beautiful body. Robin twisted in his bonds and his efforts rewarding him with a fresh round of deep slicing. He screamed clenching his gloved hands and pointing his feet, his head twisting upward and to the left.

“Ahhhhhh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

“F Fer Feindsssssssss!” He exclaimed once the latest incursion of pain seemed to subside momentarily. Robin looked at Candyman with hate and desperation brewing in his eyes, he was peering through his mask toward his tormentors.

“Fuck you are one hot piece of birdy ass!” Candyman said enjoying Robin’s defiant glare.

Candyman surveyed the Boy Wonder, enjoying Robin’s new suit watching the Boy Wonder’s muscles flexing and contracting with every struggle and attempt to break his bonds. He watched how Robin’s abdomen muscles wrapped and danced rhythmically with every desperate breath the Boy Wonder was taking, watching how Robin’s nipples poked, topping each delicious strong pectoral muscle. He watched Robin using his upper body and his arms attempting to pull open the bondage systems holding him helplessly to the machine. He watched the anguish of defeat, yet the continual defiance erupting across the Boy Wonder’s face.

“So sexual, so erotic, I see why the Batman loves his faithful sidekick so much, I bet he fantasises about your tight ass Robin, your athletic and tuned body, I bet he likes your cum!”

“Fer Fuck you!” Robin spat at Candyman with his legs pulling in different directions as he tried freeing his lower body.

Robin looked at Candyman, with a fresh bombardment of agony screaming across every region of his body, like acid, the mycelium were delving deeper into his skin, burrowing into his body, slicing indiscriminately.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Robin screamed; his attention drawn away from Candyman’s taunting in that moment of acute, all-encompassing distress attacking his body. He was vibrating, twisting, and spitting saliva, his head thrashing sideways, his eyes closed.

“Let the pain ravage you boy! It will not abate, well not yet!” Candyman said with a smile in his voice. He watched Robin twisting his beautiful body, he watched every vibration, every muscle flexing and contracting every pull on the bonds, listening to the wonderful sounds of anguish releasing from Robin’s lungs.

“Oh, I could watch you writhe for hours Robin, but time is ticking, forever onward, tick, tock, and the grand ballroom at the Gotham Belmond Plaza will be coming to the highlight of the evening, they are all there, for the Gotham Business Awards, politicians, board members, CEOs, the cream of the business world and even Bruce Wayne. Who will win the famous Gotham Ruby award tonight?”

Robin pulled on his bonds in a fit of energy.

“What about it Candyman?” he asked.

“Well, you see my delicious birdy boy, we have set farms of my delicious candy mushrooms in the Airconditioning filter rooms and well, they are safely sitting there dormant, but on our signal, they will release their spawn, billions of microscopic mycelian spawn will be dispersed into every corner of the hotel including the grand ball room.”

“POOF!” Candyman said looking at Robin and allowing his hands to mimic an explosion.

“You Fiend!” Robin spat toward Candyman straining against the bonds, his exertion filling his body with a fresh tirade of pain and distress. He screamed loudly causing Candyman to raise his voice.

“Pretty much, pretty boy!” Candyman said loudly above the din of Robin’s screams.

“But more on that soon Boy Wonder! You know, I bet you can feel the spawn absorbing through your skin-tight suit, through your skin, they are seeping inward Boy Wonder and they will eventually turn your internal organs into liquid! Your death will be full of agony as my little darlings dine on your body, your screams will be long and meaty, the process should take about an hour. Oh Goody, it’s going to be a fun show, and I’m going to broadcast your demise to the Batcave Wonder Boy!” Candyman said taunting Robin.

He twisted his body, lifting his pelvis from the device, Robin did his best to wriggle free, but his attempts were fruitless, his stretched body was turning Candyman on, he had Twinkie and Skittle’s attention too, he would die in an erotic defeat and thousands of people were in danger of a similar agonising death too. Then it hit him!

“You bastard! Innocent people will die tonight their bodies turning into mush!” Robin thrashed, he had forgotten his own agony in that moment of realisation, realising that Bruce would die too.

He attracted Candyman who approached him, running his fingers down Robin’s right arm, playing with the tight metal wrist restraint, and looking at Robin who was glaring up over his stretched shoulder to Candyman.

“So helpless Robin, so sexual, your death will be fun to watch, but I think we should play some more, before you die, you know I have just the thing to neutralise the spawn, to activate the antidote, render it innate and powerless. Would you like me to use it?

Robin looked at Candyman, he could see the evil in the villain’s eyes, Robin thrashed his head upward pulling his shoulders off the device and straining his arms. “An antidote?” He asked straining and wincing in agony.

“Of, Gahhhhhh, course!” He pleaded with Candyman before erupting in a fit of agony, his distress screaming through his mask at Candyman.

“Happy to oblige bird brain, but you must know the catch!” Candyman said running his fingers back up Robin’s arm toward Robin’s shoulder.

“What is it fiend?” Robin demanded in mid struggle the pain reaching into his body, excruciating spasms of burning sensation eating into his body. He was desperate!

“It will make you horny! oh so very horny Robin, so horny you will need orgasm to release your anguish, it will be so intense, as intense as the pain you are feeling now.!” Candyman said, he had moved his fingers to caress Robins cheeks.

Robin tried to turn his head, but Candyman gripped him forcing him to look into his eyes.

Robin responded, “You sick bastard!”

“It gets sicker Robs!” Candyman laughed gazing back toward Robin’s intent glare.

“You see we can’t help ourselves, we will devour your body, and I’m sure you will lap up the erotic attention, like the horny sexual stud you are, I mean a horny virile hero, so young, so dumb, and so full of cum!”

Robin thrashed in agony, his night would be full of erotic attention, it was his only chance to stay alive.

“Bastard!” Robin screamed into Candyman’s face.

“We’ll edge you to the edge of your delicious orgasm, several times Robin, you will beg for it, your body will crave it, but you see…” Candyman said looking down at Robin’s beautiful meaty bulge in his tight red speedo like suit enjoying yellow ‘R’ on the side of the speedo.

Candyman paused for a minute to watch Robin writhe and struggle and then caressed the edges of Robin’s bulge.

“… Your orgasm, the flow of your jism through your speedo will be detected by my systems Robin and, you remember the Hotel don’t you, those business awards and all those important people? Your orgasm will signal my candy mushrooms to release their mycelia spawn into the air-conditioning systems at the Belmond. They will all die an agonizing death! Ha, ha, ha!”

“You fucking, Gahhhhhh, fiend!” Robin cried out in pain, his body shivering and starting to go into shock!

“No time to decide Robin, the mycelia are eating away at your organs now, you are starting to enter your final stage before death. Now what do you say? Tick, tock. Ha, Ha, Ha! The antidote is your only hope Boy Wonder!”

Robin had to choose. His life or the lives of thousands at the Belmond Hotel, Bruce’s life. He decided to play his cards, Batman had taught him how to control his body in case he was ever in a situation like this.

“Holy Fucking Neutraliser!” Robin spat toward Candyman, “I have to take my chances, you bastard, I can withstand what you’ve got, I can control my body.” Robin exclaimed through gritted teeth.

“Must stay alive, escape, and warn them of the danger!” He said out loud, his eyes closed and his face screwing up as the pain swirled through his body. Robin had to find a way to endure and then escape. He had to stop the evil that Candyman had planned.

“DO IT!” Robin then screamed in a distressing fit of desperation, his body being eaten, he knew this was his only chance.

Twinkie hit the red activation button with his fist.

Neutralisation in progress, please wait! a female voice said calmy.

Candyman was having a ball, he made a comical face and mouthed the words of the machine; ‘please wait’ as she spoke, he was so glad that Robin was not going to die so soon, he wanted to play with his delicious sexual toy some more, his eyes surveying Robin’s stretched body as the blue hazy mist suddenly evacuated from the sides of the milker machine.

“Ooooh great choice Robin!” Candyman said stepping back from the puffing haze. He made one of those ‘please keep behind the line’ gestures with his hands as he stepped backward ensuring Twinkie and Skittles were safely away from the hovering blue haze.

He felt the oily like residue coat his nostrils and his throat, Robin had no choice but to lay and absorb the antidote mist. He tried his bonds desperately looking for a weakness in the restraints, once his body was back to normal, he needed to get to his utility belt, he needed to escape and stop this evil plan, most importantly, he needed to escape before the pleasure hit. Robin liked the idea of being pleasured, but he would need to relieve himself later, once he escaped and had Candyman in custody.

He could see the exact little pocket on his utility belt, he needed the stun pellets, he also looked at the other pocket which housed one of his favourite hypersonic universal keys, if he could only get it resonating at the correct pitch to thwart the locking devices on his restraints. It was at that moment he wished he had telekinesis skills; some way to unlock his Robin tools from his belt so he could escape, stun his captors, and call Batman.

But Candyman had the upper hand! Robin was helpless and his utility belt was so frustratingly close at hand. Damn the bonds, his bondage was too good, his body stretched, helpless and transforming from masses of pain and agony, returning to normal, the mycelia were dying and letting go of his internal organs, those deep chronic pains surging inside him were abating along with the shards of acute searing agony. He could feel the refreshing and healing waves like surging water, quenching the hot sand as the tide came in.

He was energised and struggling with new vigour, his muscles were responding, his lungs filling with air, his chest rising and falling, Robin was breathing, the oxygen so sweet as it entered his body. He clenched his fists and pulled on each leg restraint with new excited vitality, and as the cloud dissipated, Robin was revealed to his captors, his body thrashing and head lifting to catch a glimpse of his captors.

“Holy power Up!” He exclaimed looking at Candyman and then to Twinkie and Skittles.

“Fuck what is in that gas?”

“Feel energised! Gah!” Robin’s face had a look of delight yet tempered with anguish, he looked at his speedo bulge and longingly toward his utility belt and then twisted his body thrashing violently.

“Consider this a health spa, a birdy relief treatment room.” Skittles said looking over his shoulder toward Candyman who was standing next to the milker enjoying the beautiful and athletic form of Robin’s helpless body, his eyes firmly placed on the Boy Wonders bulging manhood.

“Hey Robin, we’re going to milk you!” Candyman said trembling with happiness. He was circling the machine, listening to the sounds of his desperate, stretched, and erotic young hero.

“I must say you have upgraded your suit, Boy Wonder, the Bat is looking after his latest sidekick, giving you one sexy, dare I say fetching and erotic look. You do look so handsome and so impressive in that tight suit, such a beautiful gift to the people of Gotham to lust after!” Candyman’s eyes were eating up Robin’s body as he spoke.

“Fuck you!” Robin said twisting in his bonds, he looked around the room with new energy, his defiant tone only serving to arouse his captors more.

“But once I have milked the fuck out of you Robin, squeezed the last of your juices through your sexy Robin suit, we’ll use you to draw the Bat and then you will watch as I milk your Delicious mentor before dumping your spent, dead bodies right outside Gotham City hall! Ha, ha, ha! I will take what is mine and let Gotham know that their pretty boy heroes are no match for my sweet evil!”

Candyman’s plan was beginning to unfold, but Robin kept quiet regarding Batman, Robin knew Bruce was at the Gotham Belmond and Robin knew his impending orgasm would trigger the release of the mycelium, he could only hope that Bruce had taken precautions, as he usually did when attending public events as Bruce Wayne.

Smiling, Candyman touched is left hand index finger on the tip of Robin’s red bulge. “Excellent, this will milk nicely, do you enjoy pleasure Boy Wonder? I bet every horny gay boy, every horny straight girl in Gotham wonders what the Boy Wonder would be like inside their mouths inside their bodies, I bet they wonder what sounds the delicious superhero makes when pleasure takes over his body. I bet they dream about your penis spurting creamy Robin milk!”

Robin looked down over his heaving chest, his abs displayed overtly with every rhythmic breath he was suddenly enjoying.

“Don’t touch the merchandise!” His words spat, his eyes full of rage as he pulled violently on each of his wrist restraints, turning his shoulders.

“When I get free, fuck, you are going to see the little birdy rage like an eagle!” Robin was angry and in a fighting spirit. His struggles caused the new special fabric of his suit to brush against his skin, it felt so sensual and tactile, and the movements of his body were causing him to become aroused. Robin couldn’t let on to Candyman that he was aroused, he could control his urges, he had to control them. He controlled his urges, keeping his penis soft to the touch for his captors, but Twinkie was caressing the sides of his hips, his sensually moving hands worshipped Robin and Candyman was tracing his fingers around Robin’s bulge, appreciating the sexual and virile young crime fighter’s, most erotic and sensitive zones.

Candyman’s fingers kept up their worship, Twinkie’s hungry hands were also engaged in worship, they were working Robin into a frenzy of sexuality toward a youthful testosterone fuelled erotic state. Candyman though turned to get Skittle’s attention.

Smiling toward Robin’s desperate face and then toward Skittles who was standing to the side, watching, and enjoying his boss and Twinkie relishing the helpless Boy Wonder, Candyman ordered the next layer of Robin’s demise. “Bring me some of the Juicy Drop Pop - Syrup No2. The vial from the latest batch, will you Skittles, Wonder Boy here will really enjoy it!”

Robin thrashed and wriggled, desperately looking for a weakness in the restraints, he thrust his pelvis trying to sever his body from the molesting hands and fingers, desperately trying to withstand his penis’s urge to engorge with blood, he couldn’t let on how aroused he felt in the suit. Robin clenched his teeth and concentrated trying to put delicious sensations he was experiencing to the back of his mind.

“Get off me, you fuckin freaks!” He threw his head around, his jaw tightly clenched while he said the words.

“You will just love this Juicy Drop Pop Boy Wonder. I’ve increased the dosage per millilitre, and it’s got a tangy grape flavour, hmn not that you’ll be consuming it!” Candyman’s face displayed how he enjoyed the red bulge, Robin felt so virile, so potent and erotic, his penis felt full and perfect, Robin’s testicles and scrotum warm and supple to his touch.

‘Your magnificent red bulg will absorb the candy and your suit will begin to feel extra sensitive Boy Wonder, it is a very potent batch that will stimulate your body to produce extra cum!” Candyman pushed intently with his fingers before toying with one of Robin’s testicles, he squeezed gently. “These will demand attention Robin, gushing gonads going nuts! Ha, ha, ha! Filling with your semen, percolating and brewing. Oh yes and your pre-cum, your sweet plentiful pre-jiz will react with the Juicy Drop Pop too, making your bulge so sensitive, your penis will become master of your mind, pleasure will rule your every desire Robin and you will need to fight it, because think of all that agony and pain you will create if you reach your orgasm; billions of Mycelia spawn released into the Belmond with every delicious pent-up flow of your ejaculation. The dashing Boy Wonder will kill thousands in a long slow death, his pleasure, his orgasm will be my instrument of death! Ha, ha, ha!”

Robin threw his head back up and toward Candyman, he was in fit of rage, his bulge was feeling delicious and erotic, but his anger at being used as a trigger for evil was outrageous and offensive to his crime fighting mind! His pleasure would be the catalyst of such horror. He fell into a fit of rage, his body thrashing up and down.

“You fucking MONSTER!” Robin was desperate and he watched as Skittles arrived with the long bright lime green tube.

“Yes, that’s the one Skittles!” Candyman said removing his hands from molesting Robin, he took the tube and caressed it like he was worshiping a penis. He squeezed the tube to allow a small portion of the purple syrup to emerge from the tapered lip of the tube.

“It’s so full of sticky sweet goodness Robin!” Candyman said. “Just like your juicy penis, your erotic red speedos will ooze your syrup soon and driving you into a pleasure frenzy closer and closer to your climax, closer and closer to releasing the spawn of death, ha, ha, ha!”

“Stretch him, I want him nice and tight so when I milk the Boy Wonder and he tries to writhe in pleasure, he will enjoy how delicious his bondage feels. Orgasms are so much richer and meatier when your all helpless and stretched Robin, Hasn’t the Bat taught you that little sexual trick?” Candyman said, while still fondling the long fluorescent tube, holding it for Robin to watch as he squeezed another portion of its contents allowing it to ooze down the side of the container.

Robin felt the stretch immediately watching Skittles with his hand-held control device, he had a devilish look on his face watching Robin’s body adjust to the pressure.

“How’s that Robin, nice and tight, are we?”

“Fuck off Skittles, you tosser! – Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Robin felt the power of the machine pulling at his body, pushing his pelvis toward Candyman, he couldn’t complete his sentence and began bashing his head up and down as his athletic body stretched and pulled.

Skittles took it as a compliment and approached Robin, holding the Boy Wonder’s head in his hands, running his fingers through Robin’s hair.

“You’re so handsome Robin, I can’t wait to taste your pre-cum! Feel your beautiful boy bulge and squeeze your nectar while listening to your purring. So erotic Wonder Dud!” He kept caressing Robin’s head as if in a trance.

“I’ve wanted you for ages Robin and when Candyman shared his plan with Twinks and me, well I nearly creamed my pants! I think when you’re about to blow, I might make sure I’m good and ready too. You can enjoy my jiz while yours spurts for Gotham’s elite, he, he, he, that would be so hot!”

Robin had no choice, he was helpless, his head in Skittle’s horny hands, his body stretched to its limits and Candyman was rubbing his plastic lamp, masturbating the tube of evil nectar, his face pretending to display erotic satisfaction as his fingers rubbed the tube.

Robin pulled on his bonds, his muscles straining, he suddenly realised how aroused he was, his suit felt amazing, he suddenly felt it caressing his tight glutes, he felt his nipples almost buzzing and his speedo felt like velvet caressing his scrotum, and his penis felt erotic and sensitive.

“Wha, wh, what is happening, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, to me?” Robin’s voice had become raspy and sensual. “Mmmm must f, f, fight the sensation, no, please, mmmmm, so delicious!”

It made Candyman smile to see Robin enjoying the sensation.

“That’s the activation antidote kiddo, it will seep through your delicious body-hugging suit and absorb into your body Robin, oh it’s going to make you feel real sssssssssssss-exy!”

“Must fight it!” Robin was screwing his face, but he couldn’t stop the drool forming at the side of his mouth, it made Skittles even hornier watching Robin come to terms with the effects of the sensual drug.

Skittles wiped the initial discharge of drool across Robin’s lips with a tender stroke of his finger he looked at the helpless Boy Wonder with a devilish smirk on his face.

“Your cock will start drooling Wonder Boy! And you know how we love sweet nectar here, you won’t be able to stop, you’ll inch closer and closer, your pleasure building exquisitely, thrilling you toward the edge of orgasm, feeding us your sweet pre-cum nectar along the way, closer and closer, to the edge, that beautiful precipice into orgasm, B O O M!”

“No Noooooooooooooo, NEVER!” Robin spat the next drool toward Skittles before purring into a fit of delicious sensation, twisting his pelvis.

“…And I haven’t started the pleasure sequence yet Robin, oh boy you are in for a treat!” Skittles said wiping more of Robin’s drool.

“Yeah, boys, Twinkie be a dear will you” Candyman said with a happy tone.

It was Twinkie’s turn at the controls, he wanted to let Skittles enjoy Robin for a while. He adjusted the controls.

“Hmn, pleasure extraction is activated!” He looked for Candyman’s acknowledgement.

“Activating bulge sensitisation circuits!”

“Cum enhancers are live!”

“Pleasure lines primed, and five, four, three…”

Robin’s stretch was inhuman, his wrists and ankles were beginning to ache with every twist and struggle. He then felt the micro-vibrations across his bulge, it caused his mouth to tremble as he looked despairingly into Skittles eyes. Skittles just loved the bulge sensitizer, he often asked Candyman for a ride with that toy and he knew the Boy Wonder’s mind would be in turmoil at that moment of conquest. That moment of pleasure generation with a bulge so sensitive, so alive with pleasure, sentient almost.

“…Two, one!” Twinkie finished his countdown enjoying the way Robin fought with all his strength, he loved the way Skittles was playing with his Wonder Boy toy.

Robin’s moan was deep and throaty. It was sexual. He felt the inside of his penis warming and every movement of his body was setting the micro-vibrations of the bulge sensitizer into new flurries of activity, his penis lapping up the sensation from his suit and the warm pleasure energy inside his cock was drawing the delicious sensation through his anatomy, drawing the pleasure, and distributing it through his body, his rectum felt the energy too, it was seeping through his system invigorating him. He started to slowly thrust his hips, turning his head away from Skittle’s attentive fingers and gaze. Robin licked his top lip and his moan purred through his body.

He was super horny, the suit was alive and controlling his sexual functions and his bondage felt erotic, yet deep down he knew Batman’s life and thousands of innocent patrons and staff at the Belmond were about to die a slow agonising death if he couldn’t work through the pleasure being unleased on his body and fight his impending orgasm.

Candyman watched Robin’s delectable body twisting and writhing, he was mesmerised by the slow erotic pumping action of Robin’s pelvis, he watched the bulge, so delicious and sensitive, he could see the outline of Robin’s left testicle, this young hero was one of the most erotic heroes on the planet and Candyman was enjoying every aspect of sexual dominion of this young god.

“Time to add the next layer Robin, this will get you a ticket on the express train, the express to Climax Ville, that place of sexual nirvana where you arrive with a BANG!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, N, Noooooooooo!” Robin clenched his wrists and tried breaking the bonds, he lifted his head as much as the outrageously tight bondage would allow. He was looking intently toward Candyman who was standing poised at his vulnerable pleasure wracked bulge, Candyman was playing with his evil tube of Juicy Drop Pop.

“Let me help you Boy Wonder!” Skittles said, cupping his hand under the back of Robin’s head, pushing Robin’s stretch, and causing Robin to cry out.

“We don’t want you to miss the view Wonder Boy!” Skittles continued enjoying the way Robin was trembling in his grip.

He watched in horror as Candyman squeezed more of the evil pleasure inducing goo from the phallic tube like a doctor would test a needle. It oozed down the side of the tube.

“Just the right mix boys, this is our best batch yet!” Candyman said looking intently into Robin’s widening eyes.

“It’s got a good scent too; this batch is potent!” He said sniffing like a wine judge.

“No!” Robin was unsuccessful trying to resist Skittles’ attentive hands forcing his torso and head upward so he could watch Candyman apply the next layer of sexual demise to his boy bulge.

It was oily and hot when the first globule of goo connected with his bulge, he felt the tremors reverberate around his speedo brief and then up through his body. Powerful gusts of delicious sensation reverberating through is body; down his athletic, stretched legs and up through his torso. He felt the warm fluid coating his penis and his ball sack, his testicles were growing, as if filling with his milk, they were sensitive and reacting to the fabric holding them, clinging to them, his bulge felt electric, sensual, and alive.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Robin licked his lips crying out simultaneously as the sensational effects of the Juicy Pop Drop nectar seeped and absorbed into his sexual organs.

He lifted his pelvis so his bulge could meet Candyman’s hungry fingers, it was involuntary, it was his inner sexuality exploding and Robin was losing himself to the sensation, falling into the void of the growing pleasure edging closer toward a disastrous climax that would kill Bruce and thousands of others.

He then saw the controller device being flung across the room, there was a huge crack causing Twinkie to smash into the back of the Candyman. They careered forward, Candyman slumping over Robin’s crazed writhing body. Twinkie smashing his head on the side of the Milker before stumbling backward onto his back, shaking his head.

The dark shadow was fast and the sound of the Batstun warming up alerted Robin that Batman was somehow in the milking room.

Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvrp, it became louder as the device’s whirring sound reached higher pitches, Robin braced himself before the he felt muffs being applied to his ears in a fast-flowing movement.

Batman had tracked him down somehow!

“But…” was all Robin could say before the stun device erupted spine tingling ferocity, the soundwaves carrying a brain numbing, but short-acting neurotoxin.

He felt Candyman’s scream and then enjoyed the way the villain slid off his sexually charged and sensitive body, Robin felt the friction set off the drugs and a spasm of pleasure engulfed his impressive red bulge. He moaned loudly and as Candyman’s hands scaped across his body, Robin felt the delicious sensation erupt across his entire costume. Precum began to form on his bulge and his moan was deep and throaty.

Batman stopped in his tracks, he watched as Robin thrust his hips upward noticing the glistening globule of pre-cum.

The sonic Batstun had rendered Candyman, Twinkie and Skittles helpless, they lay on the floor of the milking room twitching and blabbering incoherently. Batman looked away from Robin to survey the outcome of his little interruption to the proceedings before kicking Candyman swiftly in the head.

“That will deal with them, and when they wake up, they will have little memory of what just occurred Robin and that Bat Brain Freeze will give them a good headache!” Batman said returning his gaze to his Boy Wonder, with a smile appearing on his mouth.

Robin pulled on his bonds, wincing in pleasure, his tongue licking his top lip, he was in a sensual world, and he was reeling from the delicious enjoyment that erupted when Candyman slid off his supine and stretched helpless body.

Batman removed the protective earmuffs from Robin’s ears and as he did the Boy Wonder shot Batman a crazed pleasure hungry look.

“Batman, I’m so fucking horny, Candyman…”

“Yes, I can see that…” smiled Batman

“…is milking you!” Batman continued Robin’s sentence.

Batman then went about freeing Robin from the bonds using the sonic key device from his utility belt.

“Hm, he had you nice and tight, exposed dare I say, Robin!” Batman said surveying his beautiful sex crazed Boy Wonder, watching the pre-cum globule forming on the tip of Robin’s red bulge.

Mmmm that suit Alfred prepared is working better than we anticipated Batman thought to himself while surveying Robin’s beautiful, helpless body.

“You mmmm, could bah, say that Bruce, err Batman!” Robin said pulling on his bonds, twisting his beautiful body in sensual and sexual ways, he was responding to the waves of delight that the milker was continuing to elicit and after several minutes, the sonic key had decrypted Candyman’s restraint systems.

Batman wasted no time, he scooped up Robin.

“Hold on cum, err chum, I can help you!” He said looking down at the squirming Boy Wonder.

“Fuck Batman, it feels so nice, I’m so horny, I’m bursting!” Robin said looking up toward Batman’s cowled face. The very touch of Batman’s gloved hands, the warmth of Batman’s body as Bruce lifted Robin effortless off the milking machine and holding him tight in his arms only served to make Robin fill with desire.

“Hold on Chum, let’s get you in Batmobile, I’ll explain on the way back to the Batcave.” Batman said, he was moving like a stealth fighter, he had the Batmobile parked outside the old Runny Honey factory’s dilapidated front entrance, and with his horny, wriggling bundle of hormones held carefully in his arms he made his way outside.

It was humming and the sound of its turbo injectors ticking over was a sound that Batman loved, he and Alfred had tuned the Batmobile impeccably and the hiss from the filtered exhaust let Batman know the vehicle was ready to whisk he and his horny sidekick back to the Batcave and to his specially prepared and secret Robin Roost facility.

The passenger side of the Batmobile opened effortlessly displaying Robin’s side of the vehicle, the red leather seat had reclined to the position that Batman ordered. He placed Robin in the seat and buckled the Boy Wonder into the seat.

“There you go Robin, nice and safe, where you belong my dear chum, sit tight!” Batman said stepping backward from the vehicle and allowing Robin’s door to lock closed.

Batman moved like lightning to his driver’s side and buckled himself in.

“Batcave!” He ordered the vehicle.

“Batcycle, link with the Batmobile, follow the Batmobile to your Batcycle dock” was his next order and after waiting for the Batcycle to emerge from the grove of trees that Robin had hidden it in, Batman made sure that it was dutifully following the Batmobile at a safe 20-meter distance. It was still early in the morning, well before dawn, so Batman made use of his remaining cover of darkness. Nevertheless, it was a twenty-minute drive through the suburbs of Gotham, so Batman engaged his autopilot ensuring that he and his precious cargo were returned to the Batcave quickly, covertly, and most importantly safely!

Satisfied that everything was working nicely, Batman left the driving to the Batmobile, he turned his attention to Robin.

“Whatever Candyman used on you, it’s still working Robin!” Batman said watching Robin squirming and moaning in his seat. Robin’s red bulge was wet with boy juice, he was hyper horny, and Batman could tell that the new suit’s properties were somehow synchronising with Robin’s sexual enjoyment.

Alfred you’re a fucking wiz Batman thought to himself enjoying the way Robin’s head turned, Robin was almost perspiring sexuality, he was moaning and pointing his hips up and outward then back again into his seat. It was one of the most sexually charged moments that Batman could ever wish to enjoy with his sidekick. Batman had no intention to use an antidote, he had dreamed and prepared to enjoy Robin for a while, and this was his chance.

Batman brought up some controls on the huge screen and ensured that Alfred had received his encrypted message – “Get the ropes and roost ready our sexy birdy toy boy is on his way” the message was sent with top priority encryption protocols direct to Alfred’s personal displays. The simple reply made Batman smile.


Batman then proceeded to enjoy his moment with his seething sexual sidekick, pondering his plans to pleasure Boy Wonder himself. But he kept up his front for the moment.

Looking toward Robin and gently turning Robin’s handsome face toward him, Batman took a minute to explain what had transpired.

“Alfred knew as soon as you fired up the Batcycle and so did I Boy Wonder! My watch buzzed immediately allowing me to politely excuse myself from the conversation at dinner. Alfred kept me informed. Your new suit has tracking capabilities and when we realised you were at the old Runny Honey factory, we engaged your utility belt microphone array. We got the whole plan direct from Candyman’s mouth! It’s all recorded and the police have a copy of the ‘confession’. Don’t worry Alfred has edited out the milking parts, the police won’t get that part!”

“Holy Mmmmm…” Robin looked at Batman with his eyes screaming out with desire, he surveyed his slowly writing body and then looked back toward Batman “…horny confessions Batman!” He said looking longingly toward Batman.

“Yes Robin, it was good work, but you disobeyed my directions!” Batman said feigning a stern look on his cowled face.

“You’re in a horny, so very horny state Robin, what am I to do with you?” Batman said adjusting the control panel on his side of the vehicle.

Robin’s seat reclined further.

“It’s Ok Boy Wonder! Batman will look after you, enjoy yourself, you’re not in trouble, to the contrary, You are to be rewarded for your valiant efforts to apprehend that villain and his goons!”

Robin felt his penis fill with a delicate waft of pleasure, he felt it enthral his senses, allowing it to feed his sexuality, the moment was charged with emotion, and he looked at Batman longingly, he felt his body softening and then looking upward he was suddenly lost inside a swirling spiral.

Batman had engaged the bat mind controlling systems. Originally designed to work on villains and thieves as a special defence system to wipe memories in case someone was able to infiltrate the Batmobile’s other security systems. The mind control program he was deploying on Robin had been carefully constructed to enhance Robin’s deepest sexual urges, to enhance his desire for bondage and to crave bulge, to crave pleasure, to need penis!

Robin’s drug fuelled body, his new suit designed to enhance pleasure and the spiral of desire would work in confluence to satisfy Batman’s erotic desires. He had his Robin Roost ready and now his sexual dish of pleasure would enter the spiral of desire.

Robin was enthralled, he was suddenly compelled to look upward, no! He was delving inward, travelling ever forward into the white light, the black spiral changing to red then green. He had lost any sense that he and Batman were travelling in the Batmobile. Pleasure seemed to merge with the spiral, his body was alive, his penis was master, he longed to rub the fabric, he felt his pre-cum enthral his cock with each discharge. It was somehow energising the spiral, his delight growing with every turn, every waft of pleasure.

Welcome Boy Wonder

The words filled his head, Robin had no idea that Batman was reclining next to him in the driver’s seat, lost in his own fantasy waiting for his Boy Wonder to emerge as his sexual Boy Toy Wonder. Batman was rubbing his own bulge as he contemplated his plans to milk Robin knowing that Alfred had also included the pleasure enhancers into his tight suit as well, Batman too was lost in fantasy and enjoying his own pleasure allowing the Batmobile to safely get him and Robin to the Batcave.

Welcome to your sexual development enhancer

You feel pleasure Boy Wonder!

Feel your suit caress your skin, Robin!

Do not speak, just moan!

Accept the delicious sensations!

They are yours to savour!

Feel the enjoyment!

Robin moaned quietly falling deeper into the programming designed by Batman and Alfred. The words and phrases punctuated between the insistent spiral program.

The spiral Robin.

Concentrate on the spiral, let your pleasure energise the spiral so it can take your mind to happiness and fulfilment.

Robin felt the warm pre-cum seep out from the mouth of his penis, his cock shimmered inside the red bulging speedo, tingles of sensation made his penis feel delirious with pleasure, it was alive, it was consuming him. His moan was deep and powerful, it filled the interior of the Batmobile and Batman had to supress his growing pouch, he had to stop caressing his own bulge or he would orgasm before getting Robin to the secret playroom roost.

“Fuck Robin! I want you so bad!” Batman said.

But Robin was incapable of hearing or responding he was lost in the spiral, his pleasure feeding it, consuming his mind.







The words replaced the coloured spirals intermittently, they too twisting toward the centre of the spiral, twisting Robin’s mind capturing his every cognition.







They morphed into new words.










Robin was lost, his body tingling, his red speedo alive, and wet with his plentiful juices and his face engulfed in white light, the Bat Spiral had consumed the Boy Wonder, he had become Batatonic! He had no idea at all that the Batmobile and the trailing Batcycle had arrived at the Batcave.

Alfred’s warm welcome was delivered with a playful smile.

“Welcome back Batman and Boy Wonder, the Robin Roost is prepared!” Alfred announced handing a set of ropes to Batman.

Robin’s erotic fantasy will continue soon.

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