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Defeat and Domination
Part 26 - Bird in the Hand - Part Eight (Swimmerlad's Jungle Fantasy)
By Scorpio

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Bird in the Hand - Part 8

Swimmerlad’s Jungle Fantasy

Email: Discord: Scorpio#5862


Three magnificent bodies, glistening in a rich sheen of sweat mixed with pre-cum, muscles straining with their legs forced apart, spreadeagled in erotic bondage. Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin the Boy Wonder, draped in skimpy drenched nylon, their speedos clinging to their genitals dutifully and pulled tightly and erotically between their taut muscly buttocks forming erotic nylon thongs. They were a part of Scorpio’s porn extravaganza! Their bodies tied in exquisite bondage and their forced pleasure activating the mix of diabolical substances which is releasing their innermost erotic fantasies for Scorpio to record and create his masterpiece porn flicks.

They had become containers of sexual pressure, their bodies cooking and simmering in the intensity of the pleasure being generated to fuel their erotic drugs. Their Jax+ drugs had been boosted to dangerous levels and now The Elixir of Eros buzzing in their minds is spreading its evil tentacles inside their thoughts, unveiling, and extracting Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin’s erotic fantasies from the innermost vaults of their minds.

Orgasmo’s evil multi-coloured Orb floating above their pleasure wracked bodies connecting three beautiful euphorically erupting speedo bulges with their three Psychosexodronic minds; Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin lost consciousness in that erotic moment of sublime admittance to their magical orgasms. As the intense wave of sensation enveloped their bulges and flowed into their straining bodies, they spurted pre-cum simultaneously and their screams of utter delight were sucked into the bulbously throbbing evil Orb above their heads. Their pleasure being siphoned into the Orb’s processing apparatus; it was feeding on their pleasure, consuming, and drawing the orgasmic energy from their throbbing wet speedo bulges. As much as they begged and moaned, their ejaculations of semen were denied, they had a world of erotic fantasy to give up, and the process demanded orgasmic pleasure as part of the key ingredients for this recipe of delight to develop and produce such delectable outcomes.

Miles was in love with Swimmerlad! His infatuation was overtaking him, just the sight of the majestic hero twisting, squirming, moaning, thrusting, and spurting in a confluence of decadent sexual expression, controlled by Scorpio’s evil Generator was too much. Miles had fed Swimmerlad, his blonde bombshell of hero magnificence, Miles had fed Swimmerlad wads of his own Jax+ laced semen earlier in the session, he remembered Swimmerlad’s hungry drug fuelled body craving his bulge, sucking desperately for every last drop of his juices. To feel the beautiful Swimmerlad feeding on his speedo bulge was the most erotic memory Miles would always hold dear.

Miles scooped up as much Swimmerlad precum as his shaking hands could accommodate. He dare not disturb the red beam of energy siphoning and sucking the orgasmic pleasure from Swimmerlad’s fucking awesome throbbing erection filling the saturated nylon speedo thong pouch, lurking inside its beautiful nylon home. Miles wanted desperately to lick it, suckle on it. He wanted desperately to access Swimmerlad’s tight buns, to feel the tight nylon filling the valley of Swimmerlad’s tight erotic glutes. Miles was so sexually charged, his own erect penis was throbbing enthusiastically inside his speedo. He wanted to rub the precum across his bulge and offer it to Scorpio, Orgasmo and Joker; they were sitting in front of the expansive screens watching Swimmerlad’s unfolding jungle erotic fantasy. But Miles decided that it was safer not to disturb those three evil minds, he offered his precum soaked fingers to the ‘axis of evil’ attentively watching the jungle porn unfolding.

“Miles, how thoughtful of you!” Orgasmo spoke above the din and confluence of erotic sound filling the Scorpio’s ‘Studio’. Orgasmo was also a fan of Miles, the handsome apprentice villain may have been Scorpio’s little erotic apprentice villain, but Orgasmo could not resist the handsome young villain either. Quickly spinning Miles, Orgasmo tightened the red garment, making Miles’ red speedo thong feel even more erotic, tightening it and adjusting the bulge. Miles could feel his pre-cum, or a remnant of his Jax+ jism emerge onto his delicious red speedo thong bulge. He moaned and then span around wiping some of Swimmerlad’s nectar on Orgasmo’s face.

“Enjoy the show gentlemen!” Miles said in his most naughty of voices, He knew Orgasmo would have him tied inside his labs soon. Miles always enjoyed Orgasmo’s little pleasure therapy session with him, he enjoyed the magical way Orgasmo combined pleasure, speedo, and bondage into a fantastical expression of sexuality. He was so horny, but Miles settled in to watch the Swimmerlad Jungle extravaganza, licking his lips, stroking his bulge, and taking in the atmosphere. It was supercharged with erotic fusion, and Miles was hornier than ever, excited to see Swimmerlad’s fantasy of bondage in the jungle unfold further.

Swimmerlad and Kai had been bought to their knees on hot jewel encrusted path, they had been compelled by the Sharman’s magic, his erotic ju ju forcing them to lean backwards, presenting their bulging, saturated thin leather thongs for Sharman and his cruel priests to enjoy. Pleasure still buzzing in their bodies, their bulges alive and crawling with dynamic and ever evolving delicious sensation. Swimmerlad could feel his cum and the cum of Swimmerboy, who was milked in the temple, in that sacred frame directly above him. Swimmerlad remembered the moment, he was helplessly stretched on the sacred milking stone, stretched to his limits and his body effervescent with outrageous pleasure, ready to pop. He remembered the heat in Swimmerboy’s huge wads of raining cum jettisoning from his screaming writhing body above him. He felt the sexual need, his love for Swimmerboy in that moment. He could feel both their cum drying on his body as the heat of the morning increased. His straining muscles causing the drying fluids to crack and split as he struggled, fighting the Sharman’s magic. Swimmerlad could hear the beautiful Kai fighting the magic next to him. He could also hear Arkool’s muffled moans as he lay face down on the hot pathway, prostrated on his stomach, his mighty legs spread his perfect buttocks and the erotic thong emerging from the crescents of his buns. His arms spread and his head firmly under the feet of one of the cruel priests. Arkool had defied the Sharman and spat toward the sacred evil man, he had just been sentenced to torture and was awaiting his fate.

The three were each awaiting their fate, and it was to unfold inside the erotic sanctuary, the place of worship and devotion, the Priest’s personal place of decadent sexual devotion. They could hear Karvan and Swimmerboy inside. Both vocal and erotic, the sounds releasing through that doorway seeping from the sanctuary were reaching outward, Swimmerlad could feel them drawing him inside, inviting them inside, goading them to the next erotic layer of their sexual subjugation.

Take Arkool to the refractory the Sharman ordered. There was nothing Swimmerlad or Kai could do, their bodies straining in the rising heat, their faces grimacing in their vain attempts to free their bodies from the constricting magic holding them securely on the hot pathway. They could only watch as Arkool was kicked in the side, one priest violently peeling Arkool’s handsome face from the glistening pathway, he was being dragged upward by his flowing locks of light brown hair. Two priests joining the first, flanking Arkool’s body and forcing him upward. They stood back from the warrior, once Arkool was on his feet, and as he regained his footing and senses, he realised that he was standing free, his face grimacing and displaying his displeasure with his treatment, he made his first attempt to approach the Sharman. It was desperation, hate, determination, and defiance that motivated Arkool. He pushed one of the priests away and took his first angry step toward the Sharman who was standing directly in front of Kai and Swimmerlad.

“Release them!” Arkool found strength from deep inside him. He had spent weeks of evil sexual preparation, he had been milked violently throughout the previous night in the Pelatosian Milking Chamber, thrown to the ground in the searing heat and kicked and beaten, but he dug deep, desperate to break free from the bondage and control of these evil sexual masters.

Arkool’s outburst was cut short by the loud and piercing crack of the whip. It struck him in the middle of the back causing Arkool to arch his body in a reverse crescent, bending backward and his face engrossed in a blanket of instantaneous pain. Arkool was screaming at the blue sky, his body bending backward in that fast and furious hit on his spectacular body.

The second whip encircled Arkool’s neck tightly and with a second wave of stabbing acute pain engulfing his head, neck, and upper torso. Third and fourth cracks grabbing his arms, they acted as bindings.

Arkool was defeated, standing and swaying, fighting the leather surrounding his body, reeling in the aftershocks and pain as the cruel priests entwined his body, twisting the long leather straps of the whips around his flesh, pulling his arms to his sides. They were choking him.

“Gah, par, ehrrr!” Arkool was standing with his feet apart keeping his body upright, his upper muscular body wrapped by the leather binding his torso and neck. His face looking around desperately seeking an avenue of escape, it found nothing of the sort, except the scarred face of the Sharman.

He was gripping Arkool’s face tightly and with a force that surprised the mighty warrior, the Sharman had a wry smile on his face.

“Your agony will make me horny Arkool! Your pain will feed my need to control these beautiful bodies. I am the huuuuuuuuuuman…” The Sharman’s voice changed pitch and depth when he spoke the word ‘human’, “…expression of Pelatos! I feel what the deity feels, I speak his will, I feel his rage, his arousal and this sanctuary is my place of communion with Pelatos. I crave pleasure and pain; I commune with your suffering and bondage in this place of deep sexual enlightenment. Your bondage and agony will be used to the full. Your refractory awaits you my beautiful and mighty Arkool.” The look of determination in the Sharman’s eyes behind the white paint of his holy makeup made Arkool shudder.

Arkool spat at the Sharman in that moment of defiance, sealing his fate into a world of agony. The Sharman then looked away and down toward Kai and Swimmerlad, while one of the priests wiped Arkool’s spit from the Sharman’s face. The Sharman glanced back toward Arkool ensuring the mighty warrior witnessed his tongue licking the spittle from the Priest’s finger.

“Take him to my Sanctuary, tie him.” The Sharman said looking over his shoulder toward Arkool as they dragged his struggling body inside the Sanctuary.

The Sharman looked back toward Swimmerlad, the sight of such outrageous beautiful male specimen made the Sharman shiver, he could feel Pelatos flaring deep inside him, every part of Swimmerlad making the Sharman’s desires burn. He then turned to Kai, another spectacle of human beauty. The Sharman allowed Pelatos to infest his being, he could feel his body tremble, his skin clammy and hungry, his loins aroused and fiery; the Sharman hissed and rattled the length of bones strung around his neck.

“My Sanctuary awaits the mighty Swimmerlad and the beautiful Kai!” The Sharman’s words lingered in their ears. “…Your bodies will become one with Pelatos through your pleasure, deep soul scraping pleasure. It will be long, sacred, and demanding, mighty warriors! I will conquer you!”

As the Sharman spoke his words, Swimmerlad stifled a moan as if he was stifling a yawn, but he could not conceal his delight from the Sharman, the line of pleasure starting to move through his penis was discrete and satisfying, it was re-awakening the sensations he had experienced on the Sun Altar the previous day. It was a foreboding reminder of the sexual fate awaiting him. Swimmerlad could hear Kai muffling his pleasure too, their bodies struggling and stiving inside the magic constricting them.

Suddenly he was free.

The Sharman had thrown his right hand into the air, the gesture releasing the magic holding Swimmerlad and Kai.

Yet the co-ordinated blow from behind shocked them both and caused them to lurch sideways and forward. Searing pain in the back of his neck buzzed across his skull, spittle had shot from his mouth instantaneously, and he heard the words distorting above him, muffled inside the searing pain. He felt the heat burning his shoulders from the hot sacred pathway, he had been kicked forward in a violent outburst from several Priests, he was lying on his side on the pathway.

“Tie them!” The Sharman’s words were muffled and vague and he then felt hands on his body, hungry hands grabbing and forcing him. Pulling his arms with brute strength. He felt the sacred rope binding his wrists behind his back. They felt his body, the priests were hungry and aroused, their hands seeking his body, feeding on his sexual energy.

Swimmerlad was left on his back, his arms bound tightly behind his back, they had spread his legs, his pelvis raised as he struggled in his bonds. Kai too had suffered at the hands of the priests; he too was laying face up and facing the Sharman struggling, inside the bonds binding his arms.

“These will do well today, they shall provide the sacred nectar of Pelatos” The bones around the Sharman’s neck were rattling as he said the words, he could feel the sexual energy that had attracted the priests, they too were attuned to the cravings of Pelatos, and they were ready to offer the sacrificial pleasure to him. Five mighty men, warriors, erotic slaves were bound, their bondage, their sexual bodies, their defiance, their juices ready to be milked slowly for Pelatos’ pleasure.

“Aghhh, never!” Swimmerlad said through gritted teeth, his head turning from side to side as he fought the ropes binding his arms and then looking upward toward the Sharman, his body hot and sweaty in the now searing heat of the morning. He was glistening in sweat, and the remnants of his milk that they extracted from his pleasure wracked body only hours earlier.

“Bah, Mmmmph!” Kai was looking across to Swimmerlad, he could feel the heat of the sun roasting his skin, the potions and magic coursing through his veins made the hot sun on his body tingle and fester sensual sensation, his skin becoming sensitive, his bulge alive with delicious pleasure. His wet leopard skin skimpy thong was becoming charged with sexual energy and he could feel the Sharman feeding on him, the nourishment of their sexual energy was sealing their fates.

“Pelatos demands more!” The Sharman announced holding out his hands to the majestic bound sexual gods writhing and roasting before him in the heat of the day. His bones still rattling and shaking, his power enraged and angry.

“Take them to the Sanctuary!” The Sharman said as he turned to enter his temple of bondage.

The priests did not waste time, and as they had been escorted from the Milking Chamber, Swimmerlad and Kai were now lifted from the path by two ruthless priests and pushed toward the entrance of the Sanctuary. First Kai followed by Swimmerlad.

“Get your hands off me!” Swimmerlad protested, but the force of the push toward the entrance of the Sanctuary forced him to concentrate on staying upright, he could see them forcing Kai into the Sanctuary and he could hear Kai’s dissenting cries as they pushed his beautiful body over the precipice into his sexual fate.

Suddenly the heat of the sun departed his skin, hot moist and humid air suddenly enveloped his body, the scent of male sexuality gripping his senses as much as the clammy atmosphere.

He could hear Swimmerboy’s moans, he desperately needed to see his love, he looked around furiously looking. His investigations revealing the size of the Sanctuary. It shocked him, Swimmerlad knew he was under the influence of magic and sexual potions, but the illusion of volume was puzzling. The external dimensions of the Sanctuary in no way corresponded with the size of the temple’s interior. His senses were being bombarded, his mind was overwhelmed by this new and extravagantly amazing environment.

The priests had plans for he and Kai, they were directed forward by their two flanking temple priests, the rope was burning his wrist with every twist and turn of his body, he was fighting his bonds, fighting their gritty intentions, he had to free himself from this sexual fate awaiting him and the sounds of Swimmerboy and Karvan were becoming louder, the sounds fuelling his struggles, his desire to free himself and Swimmerboy.

“Stop here Swimmerlad!” The priests didn’t usually speak, but this one did! The priest dressed in the holy red thong, so typical of the temple, his body glistening in sacred oils. Swimmerlad noticed all the priests inside the Sanctuary were buff men, oiled and only wearing the sacred red thong. They also wore golden head adornments which fitted over their heads. Their hair was cut extremely short, manicured carefully to the exact specifications of the Sharman. The golden head adornments sat like thin crowns which fitted each priest’s head above the ear-line, a small golden ridge at the front of the golden crown pointed upward. They wore golden sandals, and a gold chain neck adornment fitted their necks like a choker. The priest was a holy attendant, whose purpose was to ensure the sacred captives were prepared and presented for the exclusive enjoyment of Pelatos.

“You will witness Arkool’s bondage, his installation into the Refractory, his agony is his sacred sacrifice, he has chosen his fate, his holy devotion to Pelatos. You must witness his bondage; he will become the sexual manifestation of Pelatos’ anger and rage as you will supply the pleasure cravings of Pelatos. Pelatos thrives on pleasure and pain; he demands it, craves it. He has chosen you and he demands your bondage, your beautiful body tied before him, your helplessness!”

Swimmerlad looked at the priest with defiance and gritty rage, he was twisting his upper body, pulling his arms trying to break the sacred ropes binding his wrists. He spat at the priest, it was his only response, and it conveyed his mix of rage and consternation.

The priest did not flinch, he merely turned his head for another lower temple attendant to wipe the spittle from his face. He looked back toward Swimmerlad, kicking Swimmerlad’s legs apart. Attendants then tied lengths of the sacred rope around Swimmerlad’s ankles, pulling them outwards, stretching his legs and fastening the tight ropes to clasps scattered around the temple’s floor. Swimmerlad had to fight to stay upward trying to maintain his balance with the force of the ropes pulling his arms. He felt hands behind him and the loosening of the ropes binding his writs. He formed fists in his determination, and he prepared to lash out and defend himself a soon as his wrists were totally free. Gritting his teeth, Swimmerlad looked around desperately for a passage out of the Sanctuary, he looked desperately looking for Swimmerboy, he had to free Swimmerboy.

“You can’t leave us now!” The voice was the Sharman’s, and it came from behind him. “The show is just about to start Swimmerlad” The Sharman hissed Swimmerlad’s name stepping away from the beautiful young warrior to allow his temple priest to quicky grab Swimmerlad from behind, thick muscly arms surrounding Swimmerlad’s neck like a vice, the priest whispering to Swimmerlad “My holy cock wants to split you apart, but I serve only Pelatos and he wants you and your partner Swimmerboy, but I will enjoy the beauty of your bound body, your sacrificial holy body. Pelatos takes what he wants, and he will enjoy you!” The priest’s oiled body, rubbing across Swimmerlad’s back, his hefty arms tightening across Swimmerlad’s neck.

Swimmerlad was trying to free his head from the hot breath of the lusty priest when he felt more sacred rope ensnare his wrists, they worked in unison, three priests efficiently preparing Swimmerlad to witness Arkool’s installation. The ropes pulling his arms, upward, Swimmerlad squirmed inside the grip of the priest, gasping for breath, his body thrusting in his attempt to free himself from the tight grip, nonetheless his arms were above his head, he was being tightly hoisted he could feel his ankles straining as they pulled him upward, his joints straining. His bondage secure and tight, before the priest let go of his neck. Swimmerlad gasped for breath, his head looking around urgently, looking upward at his arms above him, to his right he could see his right ankle and the golden rope pulling him to floor clasp, his muscles straining. The tension of the unforgiving bondage system holding him upright.

Oily fingers explored his butt, they were oiling his buns, and delving between his buttocks exploring his sexual magnificence, it was the Sharman. Swimmerlad twisted his body, trying to look over his shoulder to see what the Sharman was diligently doing to his body, he could hear the bones rattling, the discrete hissing and satisfaction as the Sharman inspected his body. He felt the Sharman’s fingers exploring his butt, it was a huge turn on, he was being tantalised, pleasurised in a display of erotic submission.

Another priest followed the Sharman with the large vial of holy oil, and the Sharman regularly dipped his finger into the warm oily fluid. The Sharman massaging the sacred oil into Swimmerlad’s body. Every straining muscle was massaged and when he had finished, Swimmerlad’s body glistened in the bright torch lights flickering around the expansive Sanctuary. The Sharman did not disturb Swimmerlad’s bulge, he had strangely avoided the erotic bulging leather pouch.

The Sharman stood back to view his beautiful captive and Swimmerlad could see the raging lustful desire in the Sharman’s eyes. He watched as the Sharman approached him, he was helpless to break free of the tight sacred bondage holding him upright and stretched.

“Gah! Mmmmph!” Swimmerlad was straining and twisting, his bulge continued to feel the aftereffects of his magnificently mind-bending explosive orgasm they had forced him to endure tied to the milking stone in the Pelatosian Milking chamber. He figured that he had survived his milking, he could survive what they had instore for his fate and that of Swimmerboy. He could hear the moans of Karvan and the distinctive cries of delight that only his beloved Swimmerboy could emit, but he could not locate them.

The Sharman’s grip on his cheek bone arrested his attention.

“G e t Y o u r H a n d s O f f Me!” His words were determined and slow, Swimmerlad delved deep to find his defiant tone and he glared back into the lustful eyes of the Sharman. “Tah, Eherrr!” Swimmerlad’s face was grimacing, he was using all his might to fight the strong and resolute hands of the evil diviner who capitulated and let his tight and angry grip loosen on Swimmerlad’s cheeks, but he wasn’t finished. The Sharman’s facial expression changed to one of almost tenderness, his fingers running through Swimmerlad’s short blonde hair. The Sharman was infatuated with the colour of the hair, it added to the beauty of his prized sexual object, the allure and mystery of this blonde god-like captive attracted not only the Sharman, but every inhabitant of the secret jungle nation. Swimmerlad was more than an erotic treat, his presence was captivating and alluring.

The Sharman finally spoke after several minutes of worshiping his helpless play toy.

He had removed his hands after massaging Swimmerlad’s body a second and more attentive time, the Sharman had been muttering throughout the worshipful massage session, the therapy releasing strange sensations across Swimmerlad’s skin. He was standing back observing the majesty of his struggling sexual offering, hissing and as if in a trance, he swayed from left to right before starting to vibrate and thrust his hips. The bones were rattling as the deep and demonic voice erupted from deep within the diviner, the Sharman was turning his head in long evil arcs as the demonic words reverberated.

“S w i m m e r l a d, my offering! I will dine on your P L E A S U R E. But first you will witness pain and agony, I crave both aspects of human experience. I crave your semen mighty warrior; your nectar is precious! Your body will become a divine pleasure conduit as my Sharman is. My helpless toy, a sexual offering in perpetuity, an erotic vessel for my L U S T.”

Swimmerlad could feel the sacred rope pulling him helplessly spread, he was struggling with all his might, his body felt the strange sensations that seemed to flare with the demonic words the Sharman was emitting while turning his head slowly in evil arcs. Swimmerlad felt the sensation like a soothing balm he felt his body warming up and cleansing, it was delicious and sensual, he felt it move across his body, he felt unseen hands worshiping his glutes caressing his skin. He looked at the Sharman desperately, he looked around himself he was alone in that moment, but he could feel the presence of something powerful and lustful caressing him.

The Sharman cracked his neck with a distinctive movement of his head in a sideways gesture, he exited his trance and smiled watching Swimmerlad twisting and turning in slow erotic movements. He was satisfied and the look of content oozed from his evil painted face.

“Good my dear Swimmerlad, Erotica’s oil will subdue your body over the next hours, you cannot escape the divine ju ju worshiping your body, the ju ju hands will massage you and stimulate your body, scintillating your skin and reaching into the deep sexual stores of your soul. Allow your bondage, my beautiful warrior, to fuel your innermost sexual need. It will invade and conquer you with every session of your sexual conquest. You will become closer to Pelatos with every pulse of pleasure energy, with every secretion of the holy syrup your body offers up. My power will feed and grow on your pleasure.” The Sharman turned away from Swimmerlad concluding his lusty outburst, the Sharman could now focus on other aspects of the ceremony preparations now that he had commenced Swimmerlad’s sensual processing.

He turned to supervise the priests erecting the walls of the refractory. Several large priests carried the frame and fastened the diabolical looking restraint device facing Swimmerlad. The Sharman walked to the empty metal frame and ran his fingers over the steel-like construction speaking in a low and demonic tone.

“Affliction, torment and castigation, his agony, a sexual offering of pain, I must delight in the torture of Arkool! Pelatos demands the warrior’s body, his sweat, his sexuality. He demands the suffering of the mighty warrior!”

Swimmerlad could see them bringing Arkool. He had four assigned priests, he was bound with his arms tied in sacred rope and he was struggling and screaming as they marched him to his fate. They were ruthless, and cruel, yet Arkool remained rebellious and resolute fighting his bonds as they pushed him onward. Like Swimmerlad his hair was light, it was a source of infatuation for his captors ever since his capture months earlier. Arkool was strong in every sense too, his will and determination were plastered on his face, but to his demise, his defiance was exactly what his captors wanted. He oozed sexuality, at twenty-five years of age, his tight muscular body, narrow hips, and tight buttocks made him one of the favourite sexual toys in the Sharman’s collection.

Upon his arrival, the Sharman approached the magnificent young warrior. They had halted his approach to the Refractor, and he was placed standing in front of the torture implement, he was hissing and striving against his bonds, the Sharman approached him, circling his beautiful offering admiring Arkool’s muscular frame, and his tight under thong. They had removed his sexy outer loincloth as they had Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and the other sexual slaves in the employ of the Zenith Temple. The Sharman kept each garment as his trophies and offerings to Pelatos. The Sharman gaged at the tight thin leather thong, still moist from the sacred milking stone the previous night, he so enjoyed the way Arkool’s pleasure unfolded during the pleasure offering the in the Milking Chamber, Arkool’s cries of enjoyment and his long thrusting movements as his cum exploded over his writhing body. But now his agony and cries of agony would appease the deep-seated sexual needs of Pelatos they would be a consummate compliment to the deep sexual moans of Swimmerlad. An exquisite symphony of pleasure and agony elicited from two magnificent sexual gods.

“Ca ca ca ga ha ga Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” The Sharman’s voice shrilled as he hopped and danced around Arkool, he was using two sacred sceptres handed to him by an attending priest, the ceremony had officially commenced. The Sharman approached Swimmerlad first, brandishing the sceptre in his right hand, the Sharman placing the sceptre’s tip on Swimmerlad’s bulge momentarily and then moving around him, the Sharman ensured the sceptre was drawn from the base of Swimmerlad’s buttocks, up through the mighty hero’s crack, he was hissing as he performed the sacred ritual. Swimmerlad trembled and shivered, sensation gently gripping his skin from head to toe.

One of the priests grabbed Arkool’s light wavy locks of hair, forcing the despondent and hissing warrior to look forward and to review the Refractor. He looked at the metal device they had erected to accommodate him, he could see the restraints waiting to secure his body. His arms would be raised above his head, the restraints were hanging from the top of the device, behind where his body would be placed, his body would be arched forward, and his legs spread pulled backward and outward from his body. He knew they would have easy access to toy with his bulge and his helpless body, but somehow, looking at the periphery of the refractor, he realised that they would not be approaching him. The mirror like walls behind where he would be bound and fire pit at the base of the walls and surrounding him were ominous. But it was the huge crystal above the Refractor that was the most sinister ingredient in his foreboding torture.

The Sharman had finished the ritual with Swimmerlad, he returned to focus on Arkool.

“The Refractor will torture your body; it will eat away at your insolence my beautiful young warrior. Pelatos is eager for your pain. Your cries for mercy will fire his lust, he will demand much from you this day Arkool!” The Sharman said using the sceptre in his other hand, this time he ran the sceptre through Arkool’s majestic buttocks first and then he used the sceptre to trace around Arkool’s deliriously sexual, moist bulge. He enjoyed the thong, feasting on how erotic it looked clinging to the beautiful warrior’s body. He could feel the desire of Pelatos raging inside him. The Sharman smiled and looked up at Arkool’s determined and rebellious straining face.

“Tie him! Pelatos is eager to begin his suffering!”

“No!” Swimmerlad screamed loud and long. He was witnessing the brutality of Pelatos’ insatiable lust for pleasure and pain. His body fighting the tight restraints pulling his limbs in all four directions, throwing his head up and down in desperate but feeble attempts to free himself. He was forced to watch as the priests installed Arkool on the torture device, as they used their might pulling each of the restraints as tight as they could. Swimmerlad watched as they used an extending device to push Arkool’s buttocks pushing his pelvis forward and making his arms and legs strain even further, pulling his limbs backward. Arkool was presented as a decadent sexual offering to Pelatos. Swimmerlad could not believe how aroused he was, admiring the majestic warrior displayed so well. He felt the sensation caressing his muscles as if powered by his arousal from witnessing Arkool’s bondage.

Arkool threw his head around in desperation, pulling on his bonds, feeling the pressure on his shoulders, legs, and hips, he looked up at the crystal and felt the heat immediately, it was approaching late morning and it would be lot long before the sun would be at its zenith again, the sacred time that enthralled the Sharman so much. The restraints were tight, made of metal, he could not break them if he tried. Arkool awaited his fate his body heating up from his core, rivulets of sweat forming across his body.

The Sharman directed the Refractor’s sacred master, one of his ardent priests, solely responsible for the administration of sacred torture. He arrived at his station to the side of Arkool’s struggling body, he could adjust the restraints, the height of the convex lens-like sacred crystal. He would take the sun’s unforgiving rays and magnifying the light and heat, widely at first, diffusing some of its fury to the refracting mirror-like panels forming the walls behind Arkool’s helpless body, Arkool would be bathed in heat and light throughout his sacred torture. They were cooking his body slowly in the magnified rays of the hot midday sun. The priest, a master at his trade and a tyrant, thriving on inflicting agony, would increase the height of the crystal, focusing the heat and light into more intense temperatures as the torture oven progressed. The Priest nodded to the Sharman, sharing a self-satisfied lust-filled look as the Sharman crossed the tips of his two sceptres over each other and over the arranged kindling and wood. The Sharman’s ju ju magic igniting the sacred perpetual flames that would serve to heat Arkool’s refractory in confluence with the magnified heat of the midday hours.

Swimmerlad felt his sensation growing, it was the sacred oil, his skin feeling fluid and sensitive, his every movement and struggle, every pull he attempted on the ropes binding him sent waves of enjoyment across his body. He watched them preparing Arkool, he was powerfully aroused by the sexuality and beauty of Arkool, his bondage fuelling his arousal. His eyes drawn to the beauty of Arkool’s spectacular bulging thong. Swimmerlad suddenly urgently wanted to lick it, to hold Arkool and enjoy the mighty warrior’s body. But at that moment deep sexual longing, Swimmerlad suddenly heard Swimmerboy and Karvan’s erotic cries, it was a moment of lust, bondage and delicious sensation invading his muscles, he wanted sex and his cravings were fuelling his struggles.

“Ngahhhhhhhh!” Swimmerlad cried out in frustration, were meticulously prepared and helpless inside the evil Sharman’s libidinous sanctuary, offerings for the lustful god. Helpless!

“Show them, you bastards, where is Swimmerboy? Karvan? Mpff!” Swimmerlad was agitated and desperate, his body displaying his muscles with every struggle and strive against his bonds. But Arkool’s first outburst refocused Swimmerlad’s attention.

Arkool’s sexy deep throaty voice, reflected the long weeks of sexual torment he had been forced to endure and his long erotic milking on the Milking Stone the previous night. His voice was throaty and sensual, and his voice was as big and handsome as his beautiful bound body. They had opened the lens and the refractor, Arkool was bathed in light, it was being reflected around his helpless body and the oven effect of the torture device was swift. Flames surrounded Arkool and condensed heat and light from the final stages of the sun’s rise, torrenting through the lens into the refractor served to intensify the heat the diabolical oven. Arkool was fighting his bondage valiantly, looking at his cruel and determined torturer, but he found no solace in the priest’s face, just fascination, lust and evil.

“Your defiance is a powerful offering Arkool!” The Sharman was standing between Swimmerlad and Arkool, his voice was demonic, one sceptre pointing to Arkool, the other toward Swimmerlad struggling in his tight bondage.

“Pain and pleasure! Pelatos will feast on two mighty warriors! Ka, ka, ka!” He started to vibrate as the ju ju coursed through his body, the power of these two bound gods fuelling the Sharman’s intent and expectations, he would boost his power this scared day, he would drink the cum of Swimmerlad and the sweat of Arkool! Their cries of pleasure and pain, ingredients for his incantations!

“Your Perspiration Arkool, your nectar Swimmerlad, will boost my power, ka, ka, ka” the Sharman hissed as he spoke the words, his eyes rolling in the back of his head.

“Bring Swimmerboy, Karvan and Kai show them to us! My ritual must be performed at the peak of the sun’s power, in the power of Arkool’s screams! In the deep lust filled cries of Swimmerlad! Ka, ka, ka!” His body vibrating, the bones around his neck clanging and resonating while the Sharman stood stamping his feet between his two erotic captives.

Swimmerboy and Karvan’s moans became louder, Kai too could be heard, his delight filled moans adding to the increasing symphony of pleasure, Arkool could hear them too, but the searing heat was almost blinding him, his sweat stinging his eyes, but he heard the arrival of the other warriors.

Swimmerlad looked around in frustration, left and then right, turning his head in the direction of the sensual cries and moaning. Karvan and Swimmerboy along with Kai were being carried by six chanting temple priests. Tied in a golden boxlike frame and carried on two long golden beams held by the priests who walked slowly and carefully. They set the frame down close to the ceremonial area next to Swimmerlad and the refractor, the sounds of delight competing with the growing moans of pain coming from the Refractor and its twisting and writhing captive. The priest torturing Arkool adjusting the mirror-like walls of the device and increasing the height of the lens resulting in Arkool’s cries becoming louder and higher in pitch as the torturer adjusted the refractor’s crystalline lens.

Their bodies were stretched from the extremities of the golden box like frame, arms and legs pulled in four directions pulling their restraints backward behind their bodies, they were each in an unforgiving backward stretch, their bulges forced together by golden rods pushed into the smalls of their backs stretching them unforgivingly and the Sharman’s magic causing their bodies to writhe and screw in delicious pleasure, their thongs wet and slimy, their bulges rubbing up and down against each other in the warmth of their flowing precum, uncontrollably as their three bodies united in a single entity of magical pleasure. It was inescapable, controlling their magnificent bodies into a union of sensual and erotic expression. The priests humming in unison as they carried the trio to the Sharman’s place of worship. The priests arrived at their allotted place setting the golden frame and its erotically charged sexual captives down in full view of Swimmerlad and Arkool. The nexus of pleasure and pain was almost complete! A trailing priest followed the golden frame, he held out the sacred goblet. The large golden receptacle held toward the Sharman as the priest made his way around the golden frame toward Swimmerlad and the Sharman.

After accepting the goblet, the Sharman looked at Swimmerlad, having ceased his shaking and chanting; his magic clearly bewitching the refractory’s flames surrounding Arkool. The torturous device heating like an oven, cooking Arkool into a writhing mass of muscle and sweat behind him as he approached Swimmerlad. The Sharman looked at Swimmerlad striving and pulling inside his bondage, he watched as Swimmerlad’s muscles stained and flexed as he struggled to free himself, he was looking desperately toward the golden frame, with its captives writhing and thrusting their hips in a harmonious expression of delight, Swimmerlad could see the tight glutes of Swimmerboy, flexing with every rhythmic thrust of his beautiful and pleasure crazed body. He could see Karvan’s buttocks too, they had removed Karvan’s skimpy outer loincloth for the ceremony, he like Kai and Swimmerboy were being pleasured and milked of their pre-cum, dressed only in their erotic thongs. Swimmerlad then looked toward Arkool, he could see and hear the cruel torture of heat sapping his magnificent body, his straining muscles fighting the tight bondage holding him to the presentation device, he was bathed in the bright light of the sun in its apex position of the day, searing heat being condensed and focused on Arkool’s helpless and struggling body, cooking him.

We are almost ready to pleasure you mighty Swimmerlad, your pleasure, your bulging thong, your exquisite body, and handsome face are making Pelatos ravenously aroused. He is becoming insatiable. Look at them, they writhe in pain, they writhe in pleasure, giving me their juices! Their juices that will fuel your long orgasmic sacrifice for Pelatos to savour and enjoy, to boost MY power, MY mmmmmmagic!” He let the word ‘magic’ linger and handed the goblet to Arkool’s torture attendant. The attending temple priest bowing his head and taking the goblet with both outstretched hands.

“He will obtain the sweat from Arkool’s body after he covers the lens to enter the refractor. Sweat from Arkool’s panting face, he is so desirable thrashing in agony, ha, ha. Sweat from Arkool’s arm pits will be carefully collected, not a drop will be wasted, my torture priests are very careful to collect what is mine! Sacred sweat from Arkool’s buttocks, his anus will be collected, and the priest will extract the sweet diaphoresis from deep inside Arkool’s bulge, from his penis and his scrotum. Salty perspiration of my tortured sacrificial offering will form part of your pleasure torture Swimmerlad! Pelatos thrives on both pleasure and pain, he demands it!”

Swimmerlad strived and pulled in his bonds glaring at the Sharman, he could see the priest momentarily relieving Arkool of the oven’s diabolical condensed heat. Collecting the sweat from the sacred parts of Arkool’s body.

“You depraved bastard!” Swimmerlad screwed up his face, pushing his head toward the Sharman, who wasn’t really paying attention to Swimmerlad, he was overseeing the extraction of Arkool’s sacred sweat, but Swimmerlad’s defiant outburst recalled the Sharman’s attention back toward him.

Smiling, the Sharman looked at the six muscly priests who had delivered the golden frame with Swimmerboy, Karvan and Kai. The priests were dressed in erotic red temple thongs and red temple harnesses fitting to their tanned chests, their red thongs wet, several had striving hard penises filling their pouches, while others were semi-erect inside their red thongs, their bodies glistening in sacred oils for the ceremony. The Sharman only needed to look at them and point. But he enjoyed giving the order to tie the primary pleasure sacrificial offering.

“Prepare the cum cow, tie him to the Altar of Pelatos!”

Swimmerlad was taken back, they had strung him up in the elaborate bondage just so he could watch the others endure their sacrificial treatments. This sinister Sharman was ruthless along with his band of temple attendants. They had prepared his body in sacred Erotica’s Oil, but had curiously left his bulging magnificent thong alone up to this point in the proceedings. He tried his best to pull his arms free of the ropes, he could hear the ropes creaking and straining under the power of his mighty efforts to gain his freedom. It only served to stimulate the Sharman more.

“Struggle Swimmerlad, it will do you no good, you will be pleasured, slowly over the next long hours, watching and listening to these men…” The Sharman pointed toward Arkool, whose torture had resumed swiftly and with increased focus, and then he motioned toward the golden frame and the three unified seeping bulges of gooey pre-jism oozing from the trio of rubbing and sliding bulges, their deep throaty moans competing with Arkool’s screams. “…writhe in pleasure and pain which powers my magic and charges your pleasure. Pelatos will dine on your pleasure Swimmerlad, savour every nuance, of it, watching your beautiful body in expressions of pure sexual eroticism. Struggle warrior, Pelatos is aroused by your writhing body!”

“Bastard! No!” Swimmerlad was spitting and striving forward desperately trying to reach the Sharman, he would have easily killed the evil sorcerer if he could.

The Sharman only smiled and approached the enraged helpless hero. He wanted to slap Swimmerlad’s handsome face, punish the warrior just because of his beauty and sexual allure, but the Sharman controlled the raging sexual urge to strike Swimmerlad’s face, instead he extended two fingers and caressed the sides of Swimmerlad’s straining face.

“Such a sexual man, beautiful, and so full of cum!” He said with lust erupting on his countenance, the Sharman caressed Swimmerlad’s sweaty face and brow.

“Never, you monster!” Swimmerlad retorted baring his teeth in angry defiance twisting his shoulders. Swimmerlad could feel the magical oils, tingling across his body, his anger seemingly igniting the diabolical substances.

“Such beauty, and power, sexual perfection!” the Sharman stated, bating Swimmerlad further.

“Gah!” Swimmerlad screamed out in frustration, the ropes creaking and straining to hold his defiant sexual body.

It was demonic, the Sharman’s eyes rolling around, his face straining, the voice was deep and infernal, “I crave your pleasure Swimmerlad!”

He said it with such power and force, that Swimmerlad shuddered, he felt energy caress his rectum exploding up inside him, reaching into his body, his thong moist and delicious, suddenly tingled. Swimmerlad screwed up his face moaning discreetly into the face of the holy man.

“Mmmmm!” Swimmerlad could not stifle the moan and was looking directly into the crazed eyes of the Sharman.

The Sharman used that moment of erotic force to insert the two fingers he had been caressing Swimmerlad’s face with, inside Swimmerlad’s moist mouth, his fingers collecting Swimmerlad’s saliva. Once he had scooped sufficient, he removed his fingers and let Swimmerlad watch as his saliva oozed down off the Sharman’s fingers into the goblet to mingle with Arkool’s sacred perspiration.

“Perfect!” the Sharman hissed.

Holding the goblet before Swimmerlad, he spoke his incantation. The bones around his neck were vibrating and clinging as the evil power began to shake the Sharman.

“Sha, ra, tar, too, Cah, Rahtoosh!”

The Sharman repeated the incantation several times before whisps of pure white smoke began to rise like tendrils from the lip of the goblet.

Swimmerlad could only watch in desperate disbelief as the Sharman caressed the goblet, his eyes now focussed intently on Swimmerlad’s blue eyes, the Sharman had returned from his incantations and trance.

“The next ingredient Swimmerlad,” The Sharman said with a smile in his voice and erupting on the corners of his mouth, “…is the amalgamated juices extracted from the trio of warrior bulge. I will install the goblet personally as Pelatos’ emissary, I must perform the ritual!”

“Priests, undertake your sacred duty, tie the cum cow, my sumptuous pleasure offering to the Altar of Pelatos while I obtain my next ingredient to his potion!”

They released him, his legs first and then his arms, Swimmerlad tried to fight their ruthless hands as several priests grappled with him. Their hands exploring his oiled body, grasping his body, holding his arms locked behind him, while one of the master priests held Swimmerlad’s struggling body tightly from behind, entwining his arms over Swimmerlad’s shoulders. Swimmerlad had spread his legs trying to fight the grip of the priest, he could feel the warmth of the priest’s body radiating into his own, he could feel the priest’s erection fighting inside the priest’s sacred red thong, rubbing into the crevasse of his buttocks. The priest’s deep breathing and sexual sounds full of lust were loud in Swimmerlad’s ears as they fought and as Swimmerlad valiantly struggled attempting to escape.

“Look hero! Beautiful warrior!” The priest manoeuvred their entwined bodies, a second priest assisting the master priest, grabbing Swimmerlad’s hair forcing him to look directly ahead, so that Swimmerlad could see the four priests carrying the golden altar on two long wooden beams. He was looking at his fate.

“Gah, get your hands bah, mmmmpf, off me!” Swimmerlad’s face was screwing up, he was grimacing and forcing his words, struggling with all his available might. He could feel his body shimmering, the oils stimulating his flesh and the warmth of the master priest’s body behind him were igniting and flaming the sensations across his body, his struggles were magnifying the waves of sensation with every rub and wrestle of their entwined bodies. The feeling of his hair being wrenched upward by the ruthless assisting priest was drawing the tingle sensations up over his face and skull, he was becoming a sea of sensation, it was infiltrating every part of his body except his sex organs, his loincloth thong bulge remaining strangely unaffected by the diabolical ju ju infused oil.

It glistened in the dancing lights of sacred pleasure chamber, the sounds of Arkool’s flashes of hot bright light danced around the holy sanctuary, his agony, his disturbing hefty moans communicating his submission to the Sharman’s evil torture, but he was competing with three mighty heroes, three slippery pleasure infested leather thong bulges filled with mighty warrior enraged penises rubbing and sliding together in a waltz of pleasure, and their juices joining as one in a bubbling effect; three powerful bodies writhing, moaning and straining as their sacred juices emerged into the confluence of male bulge. It oozed in a thick clear stream to the base of the pleasure frame, into the golden goblet, forming adding to the Sharman’s fresh new potion. The Sharman bending on his hunches, chanting as the goblet filled with the combined pleasure output of Swimmerboy, Karvan and Kai. Behind him, the priests had installed and fastened the golden Altar of Pelatos. Swimmerlad was manoeuvred closer to the sacred piece.

It glinted he could see the rope restraints waiting to accommodate his wrists, the golden X shaped frame was hinged in the middle allowing the altar to be lifted or lowered at one end. Each extremity of the X shaped sacred altar pointing to four phallic like pillars, the Altar of Pelatos unbeknownst to Swimmerlad at this point in the ceremony was charged with magical sexual ju ju magic the corner Phallic extremities contained golden rings and the sacred golden bondage ropes dangled waiting for Swimmerlad’s wrists and ankles, they would be tied to and sealed by magic to his body, pulling him toward each penile post, four extremities of bondage representing the sacred rites that Pelatos demands. His body would be worshipped, pleasured as the rites of Pleasure, Bulge, Pain, and Passage are performed. His body, a temple, will become charged with power before a long and deliberate orgasm of fury grips his penis. Swimmerlad’s holy cum, his screams of delight mingling with Arkool’s screams of agony, his penis buzzing with each pump of his magically charged cum is extracted for Pelatos and his pleasure, powering the evil Sharman’s witchcraft.

He felt his bonds loosen but he was surrounded by four hefty ritual priests who ensured his arms were safely restrained in their strong grip; two of the priests were holding him, the other two removed his ankle restrains before they thrust him toward the Sharman, who with his goblet of pleasure and sacred warrior juice, was standing by the glinting Altar of Pelatos, the Sharman was enjoying the moment, pregnant with desire and lust. Swimmerlad fought them, struggling in their strong grip, spitting left and right as he thrust his head in his final efforts toward freedom. Swimmerlad could feel Erotica’s Oil heating on his muscles as he was forced closer to his waiting golden altar.

“Gah, let me go, you freaks, Aghhh, must free myself, free Swimmerboy, Kai, Arkool and Karvan.” He was struggling and fighting as he punched out his words. “No!” he screamed long and loud as he was bought to a stop before the altar and before the Sharman.

“Hold him tight priests!” The Sharman ordered.

Their grip on his shoulders and arms were turning him on, Swimmerlad could feel the sensual action of Erotica’s Oil, he could feel hands caressing his body, magic hands feeling his buttocks caressing the strap of leather between his buttocks, he could feel the magic worshiping him, processing him.

The Sharman approached him and Swimmerlad could literally smell the lust oozing from every pore of the evil witchdoctor, their eyes met and were locked in determination, Swimmerlad spat on the Sharman’s face, it was his ultimate act of defiance, the scene was erotic and raging, he could hear Swimmerboy, Kai and Karvan moaning in their shared pleasure flow, the huge bondage frame creaking as three magnificent bodies writhed in harmony, in unison. He could also hear Arkool’s desperate shrieks as they cooked his mighty body. The scene was arousing him! Swimmerlad was being enjoyed by the magic, the hands of Pelatos were feeling every part of his sexual body, he could feel the hands gliding across Erotica’s Oil.

The Sharman turned his face to one of the Priests of the Rites, they wiped Swimmerlad’s spittle from the Sharman’s face, but Swimmerlad could see how the priest was revering the spittle admiring it. He held out his hands bowing his head to the Sharman who was holding goblet of Swimmerlad’s pleasure, he accepted the spittle and watched as it oozed down the side of the goblet.

“Ka, ka, ka!” The Sharman’s incantation was pure evil, and he held the goblet out for Swimmerlad to watch as it continued to bubble and fizz, whisps of smoke lifting and dancing out from the lip of the goblet, the scent of pleasure was preeminent and sat in the moist humid air and Swimmerlad could feel the potion through his nostrils, like tendrils reaching into his body. Swimmerlad trembled and shivered as the potion’s evil and sensual power began to grip his mind.

“The final ingredient, thank you Swimmerlad was your latest spittle, fluid from your body will fuse the pleasure potion to you and you only! Your deep sexual connection with Pelatos is just emerging, my beautiful handsome sex toy!” The bones around the Sharman’s neck clanged and clicked, Swimmerlad could see fire in the Sharman’s eyes. High octane lust powering the evil man.

“He is ready, Pelatos demands the pleasure of Swimmerlad, Pelatos is hungry, he demands your sacrifice Swimmerlad, powered by agony and pleasure, Pelatos DEMANDS your body tied before him the Sacrifice of your body, your bulge, your cries, your juices will feed Pelatos!” The Sharman then placed the magical potion on a plinth next to the altar and began to examine Swimmerlad’s writhing body, his hands caressing each muscle, feeling the tightness of Swimmerlad’s glutes, but, as had been their practice during this session, the Sharman did not attend to Swimmerlad’s thong, or his bulge and this restriction was only serving to drive Swimmerlad into a hurricane of sexual desire, the winds were picking up and the magic Erotica’s Oil continued to fuel his body with delicious sensation.

The worship took several minutes for the Sharman to complete, his murmuring becoming deeper and more intense as his hands caressed Swimmerlad’s skin, his magic igniting the oils and Swimmerlad’s body was becoming hot as he struggled in the priest’s strong grip. Finally, the Sharman arose, he had been worshiping Swimmerlad’s ankles, he stood erect in front of Swimmerlad, and his voice was deep and evil.

“He is ready for Pelatos to enjoy! Tie him in the sacred ropes of the Altar of Pelatos. Stretch his helpless body on the Altar before Pelatos!”

The four priests of Rites of Pelatos stood by their assigned golden phallic corners of the altar while several other priests arrived to manhandle Swimmerlad. He wasn’t going without a fight and his struggles and twisting oiled body were difficult for the priests to control, but their persistence overcoming Swimmerlad’s efforts, he struggled the entire journey to the altar and one of the priests grabbed Swimmerlad from behind, gripping Swimmerlad’s neck, he was holding Swimmerlad’s head upward with one hand and his strong arm locked beneath Swimmerlad’s chin. Swimmerlad could hear him moaning in delight, the priest was overcome, by the moment he was ejaculating inside his red, holy thong.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, Swimmerlad, my first spurt for Pelatos, I can’t help myself, I can’t wait to see you tied to this altar, your cum, your sacred pleasure for Pelatos to savour.” The priest was moaning as his lascivious words bombarded Swimmerlad’s mind in that final struggle.

His hair was on fire like his body, the priest’s grip from behind him pulling his hair sent waves of tingles across his skull, his body felt their hungry hands gripping him, lifting him as he squirmed, they were spreading his legs and he did his best to kick and pull, he was thrusting his hips, twisting his torso as best he could in the grip of priest behind him. He felt the cold golden metal against his exposed buttocks, his legs were spread pointing at the two penis like poles and he was forced to watch the priests of the Rites each take their sacred rope, they wrapped his ankles several times, each sacred knot tightened on his ankles one by one. The Sharman joining the sacred bondage process, placing his hands on the tight ropes and with the utterance of a single evil phrase “Ka”, the sound lingering, the ropes fusing and pulling his legs.

They laid him down, he could breathe again because the horny priest that had been holding him from behind had released his head and neck, the priest was now standing back from Swimmerlad’s head admiring the beauty of this blonde sacrificial pleasure offering, the horny priest’s thong bulge fragrant with his fresh ejaculate, he watched in awe as Swimmerlad, the future font of sacred cum struggled and fought, it was like an erotic masterpiece to behold.

Swimmerlad felt them pulling his arms away from his body, toward the penile posts which formed the other end of the Altar of Pelatos, he could feel his body shimmer, sensation starting to caress his now hot body, yet he was still heating up, as if the altar was alive and integrating with his body, he couldn’t fight them anymore and his struggles against their hungry determined hands was coming to an end. Swimmerlad could feel the sacred ropes encircling his wrists, the priests were masters at binding, and they went about their work with precision and detail, they tightened the ropes unforgivingly, tightly, he could fell the ropes tightening on each wrist and he looked desperately over each shoulder watching as the Sharman sealed the knots with his bondage incantation.

He was laying facing upward on the golden X shaped altar, he was between the frame holding Swimmerboy, Kai and Karvan, he could hear them moaning, they were begging to cum, their beautiful bodies contorting and moving inside detailed sexual delight, their bulges wet and fused together in the central subduction zone; a convergence of pleasure, gliding, rubbing, oozing their combined mixture of juice being collected by the Sharman. To his other side, Swimmerlad could see Arkool, his majestic body writhing and straining, the creaking of the bondage device presenting his pain wracked body, he could see the sweat, drenching his loincloth bulge, lit up by the powerful refraction of light and heat, his bulge dripping in sweat, yet another sacrificial offering to the sexual needs of Pelatos.

He knew he was the central figure, the one which Pelatos had chosen this day, to be his toy, he knew that his bondage was sacred, his body an offering to their lascivious god, his pleasure would fuel them, build their evil power and dominance, a sexual reinforcement of their evil.

“The Altar of Pelatos welcomes you Swimmerlad!” The Sharman said circling the Altar, he caressed each of the phallic poles as if he was delivering pleasure to the corners of the altar, Pelatos can feel his pleasure Swimmerlad, but he craves more, he craves the pleasure of the beautiful warrior, the sexual and erotic offering. You Swimmerlad!”

Swimmerlad thrust his hips and twisted his body, testing the sacred ropes, he could hear creaking, he could feel the tightness grabbing the skin of his wrists and ankles. His body glistening in the lights illuminating the golden altar, he was bathed in golden light looking upward into what was only darkness, with Arkool’s torture to one side and the pleasure frame to his other side, as much as he tried, seeking to understand his predicament, he could not fathom what lay in wait for him. His body stretched between the four poles, four thick golden penile points bounding the altar.

“The ropes bind your sacred body, Swimmerlad, the poles are sacred too, they represent the rites which will be performed as we pleasure your beautiful body!” The Sharman was standing by the pole connected to Swimmerlad’s left ankle. “This represents the rite of bulge!” the Sharman moved forward caressing Swimmerlad’s shin, then his calf muscle, the tight fused rope, feeling the tension pulling Swimmerlad’s powerful leg, and Swimmerlad’s sensitive left foot. He licked the inside of Swimmerlad’s foot arch making the warrior twist and moan.

He couldn’t believe the beauty of the sensation shooting up his left leg, reaching up into the base of his bulge, caressing his testicles. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Swimmerlad’s moan was delectable.

The Sharman then moved to the next phallic point, Swimmerlad’s right foot. He followed the same procedure, his eyes firmly on Swimmerlad’s restrained ankle and foot, this time he used both index fingers, the trace and tantalise the underside of Swimmerlad’s foot letting his fingers explore each toe, The Sharman was worshiping Swimmerlad’s body, one sensual piece at a time.

He felt the same delightful sensation reaching up through his right leg, his foot alive, it was an interface for the pleasure and the Sharman was tantalising him, he could feel it sensation finally reach his lower bulge, his loincloth thong alive, his bulge delicious as his body pushed upward sexually. He was moaning, lifting his head, his eyes darting from his bulging thong to the Sharman, he didn’t know where to look, he was in a state of delightful amazement. “Mmmmmmmmmmm!” was his only response.

“This point of the Altar represents the rite of pleasure Swimmerlad, let your body feel the beauty of pleasure as we take your body, your sacrifice, you cannot escape Swimmerlad!” He could see Swimmerlad’s eyes widen as the sensation erupted across his right foot. The Sharman finally licking Swimmerlad’s big toe and enjoying the shudders of delight engulfing Swimmerlad’s right leg. “Yes Swimmerlad, you are perfect!”

The Sharman then moved around Swimmerlad, tracing his left index finger along the oily tanned skin, feeling Swimmerlad’s straining leg tremble as the oil reacted to his magical touch, it was sensual and erotic, the Sharman did not touch Swimmerlad’s bulge, but he let his finger trace the thin soft wet leather of the thong clinging to the top of Swimmerlad’s hips and behind him toward the peak of his buttocks. “So erotic, Swimmerlad, your thong drives Pelatos’ desires, it is pure seductive beauty, so personal, so tactile, and carnal, so one with your sexuality, it will become drenched in your sweet pre cum, controlling your pleasure, so exquisite, my beautiful sex pot warrior!” The Sharman then followed Swimmerlad’s lats he could see Swimmerlad’s crazed eyes following the trajectory of his finger, knowing that his touch was sending tantalising pulses and tingles across Swimmerlad’s chest, energising his nipples like two beacons. Swimmerlad’s voice deep and throaty, his breath hot and steamy. The Sharman enjoyed every moment of his conquest of his beautiful writhing young warrior.

He reached Swimmerlad’s head, the Sharman’s loincloth brushing through Swimmerlad’s hair, he was looking down directly into Swimmerlad’s eyes, his legs straddling the writhing, struggling hero, enjoying the creaking of the sacred ropes straining to hold the beautiful sexual sacrificial pleasure offering. The Sharman reaching down, he took Swimmerlad’s head in his hands, his eyes firmly planted on the bulging mass of sensual bulge, lifting, and twisting as Swimmerlad pulled and strived for his freedom.

“Your offering mighty Pelatos! Accept this beautiful young warrior, his body is yours to enjoy, milk him of his nectar so we can triumph, fill me with your divine power as he and his friends scream for your delight ha, ha, ha!” The Sharman was caressing Swimmerlad’s head, his hungry fingers combing through the locks of blonde hair which were so erotic and appealing to them in the Zenith Temple.

Swimmerlad could see the Sharman’s loincloth flapping over his face, the Sharman was thrusting in long sexual motions. Swimmerlad could hear the sacred bones clanging around the Sharman’s neck, Arkool’s cries of agony and the sounds of three men in sexual ecstasy close by also, but he was lit up in strong lights, he was the centrepiece of this sexual ceremony, and his oiled and glistening body was coursing with divine ripples of sensation, he could feel it reacting into his body, his musculature was drinking and devouring the sensation, he felt like a mass of sexual energy, building and growing and the feel of his tight restraints, fused by the Sharman’s ju ju was feeding the growing sexual explosion waiting to be released. His bondage, the altar and its four phallic points bounding it glowing in the lights, he felt the eroticism building. Swimmerlad felt the tingles caress his head, his hair alive with this beautiful sensation as the Sharman continued his incantations over his beautiful sexual god-like young warrior tied before him.

“Struggle Swimmerlad!”

“Writhe for Pelatos.”

“He desires your perfect sexual body, he craves it, as you are craving your pleasure, your release of divine sexual energy that will explode providing my power with the enhancements only your consecrated pleasure can provide.”

Swimmerlad was suddenly aware of his loincloth bulge, the thong was suddenly prominent in his consciousness, he felt the tightness of the sensual wet leather strap between his buttocks, it was suddenly driving him wild with desire, with expectation, he felt the skimpy erotic garment caress his body, on his hips, clinging to his taint, caressing his scrotum, licking at his penis. Swimmerlad thrust his hips gently and felt the delightful sensation caress his sexual organs, it was interfacing with the tingles across his head and as the Sharman caressed his hair throughout the incantation. Swimmerlad could feel his bulge, his thong becoming an active responsive slave to the Sharman’s power and touch.

“Your offerings of pleasure and agony are yours to enjoy mighty Pelatos!” The Sharman’s voice lifted and filled the confines of Swimmerlad’s altar and out toward Arkool, Swimmerboy, Karvan and Kai. They all felt the surge of power erupting in their bodies, pre-cum spurting through Swimmerboy, Karvan and Kai’s pulsating bulge connection, their bodies coated in their sexual offerings to Pelatos. Arkool’s body twisting and straining as his torture attendant moved the crystal higher to symbolise the next stage of the ceremony, causing the heat focus to higher more excruciating levels on Arkool’s magnificent body, his sweat coating his body, he was literally steaming, struggling, and screaming out in agony.

“We have begun Swimmerlad! Only your final drop of cum can stop the torture of Arkool and the long un-relenting pleasure torture of Swimmerboy, Karvan and Kai. Only when Pelatos is satisfied with your pleasure offering will their bodies be relieved.” The Sharman said removing his infatuated fingers from Swimmerlad’s hair.

“Argh, Bah! No, let them go, you have me!” Swimmerlad pleaded fighting the magic, the sensation engulfing his every muscle, his skin, his hair and now most prominently, his erotic bulging thong. He was fighting the power with all his might, their evil ceremony of power generation, of potion production, of pleasure and pain! He pulled with all his strength, the ropes creaking under the pressure of his striving and struggles. Yet this only made the Sharman enraged with carnality and craving, the heads of each phallic pole bounding the Altar of Pelatos and Swimmerlad stretched out as the sacred offering we beginning to glow.

“Pelatos accepts your offering Swimmerlad!” The Sharman said looking across to Swimmerlad from the plinth where he had placed the sacred potion. He held it out from his body toward Swimmerlad’s stretched body, then toward Arkool inside the refractory torture device and then to the trio of fused pre-orgasmic pleasure. “Ka, ka, ha, ka, ka!” the incantation causing the sensual contents to bubble again inside the goblet, burbling with increased vigour.

The Altar attendant priests arrived and stood by each of the phallic poles bounding the altar, four hefty, muscled men, wearing only gold thongs, and their golden harnesses, their penises raging inside their garments, their golden skull caps glinting in the light as they bowed their heads for the arrival of the sacred dispenser.

Another priest erected the golden piece to the floor behind Swimmerlad’s head, he fastened the implement securely and extended the top upward, several feet above Swimmerlad’s head. Swimmerlad watching with his widening eyes and increasingly desperate look on his face. He was struggling, pulling on the ropes dragging his arms toward the phallic poles behind him, hissing and grunting as he tried in vain to escape his erotic fate they were erecting.

“What are you d, d, doing?”

“Let them go!” Swimmerlad was directing his face toward Arkool but then back at the golden device being installed above and over him.

The priest then extended the top portion of the device outward over Swimmerlad’s body, cantilevering it over Swimmerlad’s heaving chest. Once complete, the priest looked to the two Altar Priests standing by the poles pulling Swimmerlad’s arms and then to the Sharman who was approaching the altar. They bowed their heads in reverence to the Sharman and the sacred goblet.

“Lift him!” The Sharman ordered.

They obeyed immediately and the two Altar Priests simultaneously lifted the restraint shackles attaching the sacred ropes upward several inches, together with the other attending priest who grabbed the top of the altar lifting Swimmerlad’s torso at a slight angle so that Swimmerlad had a view of his struggling body, his delicious thong, wet and erotic, his bulge so sexual, beautiful, carnal! His new view suddenly driving his hormones into overdrive, his sexuality screaming inside him like a tornado, he was horny, amazingly, and diabolically horny watching his deliciously helpless and stretched oiled body writhe and squirm, contemplating the journey of pleasure they had mapped out for his fate.

“Arghhhh, so horny!” His voice deep and sexual, communicating his deep erotic needs. “Bondage, so powerful, sexual, so beautiful, can’t free myself, bah!” His body reacting, his bulge expectant, and tingling, his boy pussy felt alive and the touch of his thong clinging tightly and sensually to his body driving every sexual atom of his being into life, a sexual living aphrodisiac, exciting his sexuality.

They had prepared him and the Sharman’s look of lust and devotion to his craft was blaring, he lifted the goblet of bubbling potion onto the golden cantilevered shelf only feet above Swimmerlad’s heaving chest.

“Ka, ka, ka!” the ju ju magic fusing the vessel into place.

The potion will drip from above Swimmerlad, it will drip slowly onto your chest, the potion reacting with the sacred Erotica’s Oil, sending waves of pleasure energy across your body, invading your thoughts, sexual and potent, building you, drip by drip, toward your cravings. Your offering to Pelatos is seeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxuuuuuuuaaaaaallllll!” he hissed the word sexual for several long seconds and it lingered inside Swimmerlad’s mind.

“No! Noooooooooooooo!” Swimmerlad screwing his face in defiance, struggling with all his might.

“It will eventually form enough of a stream, and it will meander like a river down across your skin, between the valleys of your abdomen muscles, heaving beautiful muscles, desperate muscles, my delicious hero, until the stream of potion reaches your bulge, your thong will absorb the pleasure potion and your pleasure journey can start in earnest, it will be inescapable, sumptuous, driving your screams of delight, my magic will ensure your friends receive a boost of power, your pleasure will begin to drive their own sensations, how delicious!” The Sharman said touching the spot between Swimmerlad’s flexing pectoral muscles where the drips of potion would arrive to drive his sexual torture.

“Your priests shall perform the rites of Bulge, of Pleasure, of Pain and of Passage as you writhe and strive, arousing Pelatos!”

“Your offering to Pelatos dear Swimmerlad!”

Swimmerlad’s erotic jungle adventure has emerged like a growing penis and is set to explode! Swimmerlad’s erotic jungle fantasy adventure will continue soon

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