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Defeat and Domination
Part 25 - Bird in the Hand - Part Seven
By Scorpio

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Bird in the Hand - Part 7

Joker, Robin, Batman Superboy, Alfred and King Tut are the property of DC Comics and are referred to in this story on a fan basis only.


Three magnificent bodies, glistening in a rich sheen of sweat mixed with pre-cum, muscles straining with their legs forced apart, spreadeagled in erotic bondage. Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin the Boy Wonder, draped in skimpy drenched nylon, clinging to their genitals dutifully and pulled tightly and erotically between their taut muscly buttocks forming erotic nylon thongs. They had become containers of sexual pressure, their bodies cooking and simmering in the intensity of the pleasure being generated to fuel their erotic drugs. Their Jax+ drugs had been boosted to dangerous proportions and now The Elixir of Eros buzzing in their minds is spreading its evil tentacles inside their thoughts, unveiling, and extracting Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin’s erotic fantasies from the innermost vaults of their minds.

Orgasmo’s evil multi-coloured Orb floating above their pleasure wracked bodies connecting three beautiful euphorically erupting speedo bulges with their three Psychsexodronic minds; Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin lost consciousness in that erotic moment of sublime admittance to their magical orgasms. As the intense wave of sensation enveloped their bulges and flowed into their straining bodies, they spurted pre-cum simultaneously and their screams of utter delight were sucked into the bulbously throbbing evil Orb above their heads. Their pleasure being siphoned into the Orb’s processing apparatus; it was feeding on their pleasure, consuming, and drawing the orgasmic energy from their throbbing wet speedo bulges. As much as they begged and moaned, their ejaculations of semen were denied, they had a world of erotic fantasy to give up, and the process demanded orgasmic pleasure as part of the key ingredients for this recipe of delight to develop and produce such delectable outcomes.

Swimmerboy’s fantasy revealing his other secret crush, his crush on the luscious Superboy. In the previous chapter, Swimmerboy had already revealed his fantasy - to have the superpowers of Superboy, easily rescuing a packed commuter train deep inside Metropolis’s MetroMet sub-way system following a suspicious explosion. But after saving the commuter train, he started to follow the curious sounds of Prince’s Purple Rain, it was coming from deep in the sub-way, Swimmerboy, aka Superboy, in his fantasy, discovers a secret entrance and has found himself inside a cavernous room, he is floating inside the huge circular room made of concrete and lead. It is filling with theatrical smoke from below him and it is lit with an eerie purple hue.

Superboy suspects the evil work of Metropolis’ latest would-be, up and coming villain, Tricky Dickie.

Superboy span around quickly, as much as he turned, he realised that the walls of this chamber were circular, he used his super vision to try and peer through, but to no avail, the concrete and lead mixture of the curved walls of this room looked as though it had been constructed for a purpose, someone had gone to a lot of trouble constructing the elaborate set-up so deep inside the underworld of Metropolis.

This can’t be the work of MetroMet, or their engineers Superboy thought while he looked around his surroundings. The cavern was the width of a house, and it was as tall as a four-story building. Superboy was about halfway up inside the purple, dimly lit space and the theatrical smoke was rising quickly. Superboy could hear the smoke diffusers as they puffed increasing amounts of smoke into the room below him.

It felt cool, he could feel it, even through his red boots, the smoke quickly engulfing the young man of steel as it filled the room, engulfing him on its upward trajectory. It smelled sweet and left a thin residue on Superboy’s skin-tight suit. Superboy, felt the residue on his face and hands and then felt his body, he was covered in it, but thought nothing of it.

“What did you use, whoever you are? Did you buy the cheap smoke brand?” Superboy’s voice boomed through the silo like room, his tone was sarcastic and cocky. “Got any better music, I’m a bit over the same old track playing, you’ve got to swich off the replay track button!” Superboy said as he span around, he was circling the walls, surveying the extremities of the room, his flight path causing the eerie, almost slimy, misty smoke to follow him, causing it to swirl around the impressive space. Superboy watched as the lower reaches of the room began to glow purple.

“That’s tricky!” Tricky Dickie said to his henchman named Puzzle. Puzzle and Vex had worked with Tricky Dickie since he exploded onto the scene several years earlier. Tricky Dickie treated his loyal boys with respect; having risen through the underworld ranks himself as one of Joker’s many henchmen for years, Tricky Dickie understood what it was like working under someone with the personality the size of a small country, and the work he had to do to keep on the ‘good’ side of an evil mastermind! He expected loyalty and bravery and Puzzle and Vex were always at his side. The three of them loved chaos and disorder, they loved to create tricky dilemmas as much as crime.

Tricky Dickie spoke into his microphone. “Well, if it isn’t Superduds himself, Superboy!” The words boomed into the cavernous room causing Superboy to stop in his tracks and fly into the centre of the room.

“Don’t be alarmed Superboy, it’s not Kryptonite!” There was a slight pause while Tricky Dickie looked at Puzzle and Vex, Vex was always horny and he was rubbing his black speedo while watching the handsome Superboy investigate their elaborate trap. Tricky Dickie got back to work at the microphone.

“I just added the purple light for effect, it stands out and draws the eye, doesn’t it? But don’t be fooled by the sexy colour Superboy, there is danger lurking.” Tricky Dickie then snickered to Puzzle, who was busy enjoying Vex’s pretty speedo clad butt.

“We’re pretty horny here and well, one of the world’s most handsome heroes has popped in to say hi.” Tricky Dickie had to turn the microphone off while he giggled like a naughty little boy watching his two horny henchmen play.

“You boys,” he said emphasising the word boys, “…so frisky, like naughty little boys he, he.” Tricky Dickie had to work hard to keep his composure and get back to business, but before he could continue his welcome. Superboy had positioned himself in in the centre of the tall cylindrical room, and he was becoming agitated.

“Show yourself! What’s all this smoke and bravado? You could have killed nearly eight hundred people on that train, and you’ve put tens of thousands of commuters out while crews have to fix that bomb blast.” Superboy was turning to the left and right looking up and looking down, he was speaking loudly and authoritatively, he was getting annoyed at the antics of whoever was behind the morning’s pranks.

“Who the hell are you?” Superboy screamed.

Tricky Dickie had a huge smile on his face as he slapped Vex on the back of his head, “He, he, back to business sexy Vexy, ha, ha, ha.” Tricky Dickie was having a great time and his two henchmen snapped to attention while snickering between themselves.

“Keep your cute red speedos on supes!” Tricky Dickie looked upwards from the one-way mirror, he was looking up at his delicious prey floating up inside his super tall chamber which was now filled with his mist and illuminated in light purple.

Superboy looked around quickly, the voice was definitely that of Tricky Dickie and he knew at that point that the day was going to become even more interesting as the hours went by. Tricky Dickie had his own powers, he was the latest up and coming villain on the scene and Superboy suddenly understood that he was up against a youthful and determined villain, eager to make his mark. This was a confrontation that Superboy needed to win, so that he could rid the world of this ruthless upstart punk and to stop future pranks like the disaster he had just averted up in the MetroMet sub-way.

There was a loud buzzing noise below him, like the sound of a prison door unlocking and Superboy could see through the still swirling mist below him, someone was emerging and rising through the air. It was final confirmation that he was about to confront Tricky Dickie.

Tricky Dickie could fly too, he had his own powers after falling into a machine built by Mystic, one of the villains he worked for in his up-and-coming days. Tricky Dickie was thought to have died because the machine was built to catch and hold its prey in a neural field indefinitely, but its malfunction and Tricky Dickie’s unfortunate slip and fall into the machine caused a huge explosion, ruining Mystic’s plans at the time. But Tricky Dickie emerged from the explosion unharmed and unscathed, he emerged with powers of his own and that fateful day, in that fateful factory the world’s newest and very dangerous young villain had emerged. The vivacious and naughty youth disappeared for several years, and it was thought he may have succumbed to the effects of the of the neural field machine. But he had not. Tricky Dickie sought the assistance of Luthor Corp and secretly worked on his powers. Tricky Dickie and Luthor Corp departed ways only six months prior to the sub-way incident and Tricky Dickie was making his mark. He was armed with knowledge on Superboy, he was full of youth; his powers also enhanced his sexuality, when Tricky Dickie got horny, he was ravenous.

He could control it, but Tricky Dickie was horny, super horny and as he arose through the smoke toward his prey, he had to control his compulsion to lurch toward the delicious and handsome Kryptonian hybrid hero. He was wet with expectation, his mind racing a hundred miles an hour contemplating what he wanted to do to Superboy, how his trap would be so enjoyable. The capture of the Boy of Steel was going to be so erotic, and he couldn’t wait. He had a huge surprise for Superboy too and he couldn’t help but touch himself contemplating the next few hours.

Tricky Dickie was 25 years old, he finished school but went straight into service of the underworld, he figured there was way too much money and fun to be had stealing wealth rather than toiling for money. But he soon learned that greed breeds more greed, and if he wanted more of the spoils of crime, he needed to work for himself. The accident and fall into the neural field machine was his big break! They thought he was dead when he disappeared, he had in-fact, he had bided his time, he plotted and planned, he had learned to harness his powers and finally struck his deals with Luthor Corp emerging into the world again. Tricky Dickie fashioned himself from Joker, he had spent six months working for the master villain before his accident and always liked how Joker’s mind was always engaged, plugging away. Evil!

Tricky Dickie’s hair was purple lately, he changed it now and then to match his latest frame of mind, he could never settle, always working and plotting, the machine had tweaked something in his brain when the accident occurred, and it had also tweaked his sexuality, he was always horny but he had his special moments, explosions of sexual fantasy where he became ravenous and he fucking loved sexy young superheroes, the ones that paraded around with their ‘look-at-my-sexy-cock-in-my-sexy-speedo-brief’ looks. He found their cocky attitudes, their smug, ‘I’m-so-handsome’ attitudes to be so sexual and erotic. Tricky Dickie was wearing a colourful skin-tight suit and over the top, he had a pair of baggy multi-coloured pants and a pair of super white, high back converse sneakers. He also wore a bright multi-coloured coat with a high collar pulled up around his neck. Tricky Dickie had always kept his body nice and trim, he wasn’t a bodybuilder, but he maintained a sexy physique to match the sexy prey he always had on his mind. His penis was literally purring as the vision of Superboy began to take form inside the misty smoke. Tricky Dickie was rising slowly, his hands clasped together under his chin and a huge smug smile on his face.

“Hey Mr Handsome!” Tricky Dickie was smiling and staring at Superboy’s crotch ascending through the swirling misty space.

“My eyes are here freak; I knew you would show up sooner or later!” Superboy was pointing at his eyes, he could tell this weird new villain was checking him out. Tricky Dickie looked the picture of evil and Superboy was shocked to see that his new foe had special powers, he looked inquisitively at Tricky Dickie, wondering how strong this villain was. He knew that he didn’t care about innocent people, he had communicated that fact clearly by blowing up the path of a packed commuter train, and by the look of this creepy young upstart villain, he was clearly seeking lots of attention.

“So, you got my attention, Tricky Dickie, I assume?” Superboy enquired, glaring at the vivacious villain hovering close by, trying to ignore the look of fascination on the villain’s face.

“I love the bod, Boy-O-Steel!” Tricky Dickie ignored Superboy’s question.

“Yeah, like I said, my eyes are here!” Superboy was becoming annoyed, pointing to his eyes again.

Tricky Dickie circled Superboy, eyeing the Superboy’s body up and down, enamoured at how handsome this young hero was, he felt his penis tingle; since his ‘accident’, whenever he was aroused, Tricky Dickie always felt his penis communicating to him.

“You are the sexy man aren’t you my delicious Supes!” Tricky Dickie was almost drooling, coming to a halt, floating close to Superboy.

Superboy could feel the warmth of Tricky Dickie’s breath and he quickly reached out, grabbing the young villain’s throat, he wanted to throttle him, but thought better, he needed information, he needed to know if this crazed crackpot had other little bomb blasts planned.

“I asked you a question clown!” Superboy’s anger was festering deep inside him, but he controlled himself as much as he could.

“Yeah, you got the name right handsome!” Tricky Dickie squeaked and croaked his voice cracking inside Superboy’s grip. He smiled at Superboy when he finished his little show, looking Superboy in the eye with an intensity almost as powerful as Superboy’s.

Tricky Dickie raised his hands slowly, gripping onto Superboy’s wrists and to Connor’s surprise, he felt powerful force extracting his grip from Tricky Dickie’s neck.

Whoa! What the! How? Nobody on earth had that kind of ability Superboy thought. He was in mild state of shock, and he suddenly found himself plastered on the far wall of the chamber, Tricky Dickie had catapulted him across the space, and as he peeled himself from the wall, Superboy looked across to Tricky Dickie in a fit of rage.

“Don’t ever, EVER touch the merchandise cute boy!” Tricky Dickie’s demeanour had also converted momentarily into a fit of rage, but he soon returned to his smiling self.

“Now we have started on a bad footing! Ha, ha, ha, footing” Tricky Dickie said calmly looking way down through the eerie purple mist below them.

“There were eight hundred souls on the train you could have killed and injured!” Superboy said flying toward his opponent carefully, he was still very unsure as to what this freak was capable of.

“I know!” The look was evil and lusty all at once, Tricky Dickie was looking at Superboy’s rippling abs and taking in the beauty of Superboy’s bulging red speedo like briefs.

“I needed to get your attention, I knew you wouldn’t respond to dating apps or anything crass like that, so I used my imagination and thought what the heck, if he doesn’t respond, I’ll try with an aircraft or something else.” The evil seemed to permeate Tricky Dickie’s words and it sent a chill through Superboy.

“Trains are more down to earth, and there’s usually lots more people on them this time of the day, anyway, all’s well that ends well, hey! Don’t you think so Superboy?”

“You’re as crazy as you look Tricky Dickie!” Superboy flew across toward his foe in a rage, he couldn’t believe how this guy had no care for the lives of others. He had his arms out in front of him, ready to throttle he adversary, but as soon as Superboy reached Tricky Dickie, the villain slipped downward like lightning, evading Superboy’s grip and leaving the young hero gripping at air and oily mist, looking around and then downward toward Tricky Dickie’s animated face looking upward toward him.

Tricky Dickie was once again slowly rising upward back toward his prey.

“Gotta be quicky to get the Dickie , Superboy!”

“Now, I was hoping to get to know you a little better Superboy!” Tricky Dickie said keeping his distance and looking up toward Superboy.

“What? You want to sit down, have a coffee, chew the fat? Don’t be stupid Tricky Dickie. You will pay for what you just tried to do!” Superboy felt disgust and anger building inside of him.

“I wasn’t thinking of a beverage, no!” Tricky Dickie said pretending to be in thought with his left-hand index finger under his chin and looking upward toward Superboy floating above him.

“We have established that I can fly, and I am as fast as you, maybe and,” Tricky Dickie paused, “…just as strong as you!”

“Impressive, but what do you want?” Superboy demanded.

“You!” was the response that resonated in Superboy’s head.

“Good try Tricky Dickie!” Superboy said starting to fly down toward Tricky Dickie.

“Tut, Tut Superboy!” Tricky Dickie smiled “Not so fast my delicious superhero!”

Before Superboy could dodge, a green laser light shot through the misty cavern, it collided with Superboy’s left bicep and to Superboy’s surprise he winced in pain. He felt the buzz on his arm, it was a sharp sting, but the curious thing was that he suddenly felt extremely horny, his suit started to feel sensual to his every movement.

“What was that?” Superboy glared downward toward Tricky Dickie, but the villain was not there! Superboy looked around quickly, soon realising that he was once again left alone inside the tall cylindrical room full of mist.

He flew upward turning and watching, he dodged the next green laser, realising that these were going to fire at him randomly.

The voice boomed up the huge room and enveloped Superboy, who was now checking around for stray shots of light.

“You can’t escape all those lasers Superboy, you probably guessed that we have infused the light beam with a very delicate blend of Kryptonite it conducts in the light and although it is only a small dose, the doses will add up Superboy! Slowly, slowly catchy monkey, they say Superboy!” Tricky Dickie’s voice communicated his enjoyment of the little game he had drawn Superboy into.

“I’m fast Tricky!” Superboy yelled back down through the mist.

“Impressive, I know Superboy! But you can’t dodge all of them. They will wear you down, slowly, slowly and I will catchy my sexy monkey!”

“You’re sick Tricky Dickie!” Superboy’s voice was loud and determined, he was dodging green laser beams as fast as he could.

“Now you might have felt a little sexy before? Those beams will also ignite on your super gorgeous suit Superboy, you should be nice and moist by now, that oily mist has a psychosexual compound that will stimulate your super body with every impact of my kryptonite delivery system. So, as you take the next blow, it will weaken you a little more and as you weaken, you will also slowly succumb becoming a mass of hormones, so agitated, so needy, so sexual, you won’t be able to resist the need to massage your sexy suit, play with the oh-so-yummy bulge in your red speedos. Ha, ha, ha, you’ll succumb and become a blithering mess, ha, ha, ha, such a delicious way to lose your superpower!

As Tricky Dickie said ‘blithering mess’, Superboy felt the laser suddenly attack his left thigh.

“Bah!” It sent him reeling, the snap of pain hitting first, shooting down his leg and then the sizzling sensual sensation inside his red briefs made him purr. “Oh God, yeeeeuuum!” Superboy was suddenly lost in a wave of sexual frustration.

Superboy had to regain his thoughts, he was suddenly dodging lasers from all directions. One in fifty connecting and transferring their little packets of Kryptonite, igniting the compound that was soaking through his suit.

Slowly, slowly Tricky Dickie was taking little chunks out of Superboy’s powers, and he was taking over Superboy’s mind and with his psychosexual detonations erupting on his sensitised suit. Superboy was weakening and he was succumbing at the same time to the influence of each erotic detonation.

They were coming from all directions and for the most part he was agile enough to dodge and weave through the purple misty trap, but he was being worn down and he knew that Tricky Dickie was enjoying himself immensely

“Gahhhh!” Superboy screamed, the last hit was intense, it had smacked into his abdomen and the pain filled his torso like an erupting soda inside of him, then he felt the tingles envelop his body, he felt the pain convert to sexual energy, and his body felt sensual, he could feel the suit caressing his muscles, he felt sexy and horny all at once, it was a delicious distraction from the increasing barrage of laser lights that were infesting the trap. He shook his head, he needed to clear his thoughts and concentrate, shooting left then right, ducking and weaving.

He flew into the next hit. It connected with the underside of his red brief and the pain enveloped him completely as if someone had kicked his testicles and the force of the pain sent him spinning and crashing into the concrete wall, he was balled up in exquisite pain, that crippled him momentarily and his scream reverberated around the cavern and Superboy retreated into a tucked, bent over position.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhh Eeeeeeeeeeeee!” He felt winded, he was weakening but he was able to straighten up, he needed to, he had to escape the next incursion. His superpowers helped his recovery, but his head, his hair was a mass of tingles and his vision suddenly blurred.

Opening his eyes, Superboy could see the next laser and like lightening he shot downward, left, up, up, left then Bang! He was hit by several lasers at the same time.

Tricky Dickie’s control room was filled with laughter and mayhem, it was infectious, and Tricky Dickie had his hands on the shoulders of Puzzle and Vex, they were having so much fun either side of Tricky Dickie, they had two joy sticks in their hands, and they were gaping up looking through the one-way glass up the cylindrical trap toward Superboy. Their prey was weakening nicely, and they were like two teenagers gaming themselves into a fit of fun and rage all at once!

Puzzle screamed “Bam direct hit 20 points, Ha, ha, ha!”

Vex replied “Watch this!” he pushed his controller forward and slammed the red button. “Wham BAM, thank you Ma’am!” he laughed and jumped, looking toward Puzzle with hilarious excitement.

“Having fun kids?” Tricky Dickie asked, slapping, and squeezing Puzzle and Vex’s shoulders.

“Yeah boss, yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh got him!” Puzzle spat, in fit of excitement, “Bonus points!”

“Hundred points to the first to get his delicious butt!” Tricky Dickie screamed into their ears over the din of enjoyment and frivolity inside his control centre.

Superboy felt the shot of pain caress his tight buns, somehow a laser had reached his butt and he felt himself exploding with pain, his scream was magnified when the pain shot into his rectum it was grabbing him from the inside and twisting his organs, wringing out as much delicious pain as it was able. Superboy’s body trembled and for the first time he felt he was losing control, he suddenly fell five meters before he could regain control and before he felt the wave of sexual energy replacing the pain, he desperately needed a hot penis up his rectum, a dildo anything, he was suddenly ravenous and desperately touching himself in that moment of sexual bliss.

But it was short-lived and replaced by the next bout of pain, it sapped him even more, he felt his left arm reverberating in the shock created by the laser that had just hit him, then his right ear and right foot. He was suddenly reeling in excruciating pain and somehow, through the blurry, foggy vision he could see he was falling again, losing control, suddenly horny and sexual then filled with pain, the bipolar attacks were overtaking him, and he had slowed right down, relying on the last vestiges of his powers to try and reflect the lasers, but it was impossible to overcome. Tricky Dickie was winning, the mighty Superboy was weakening and becoming a mass of sexual frustration and need and he knew Tricky Dickie was having a blast.

He was! Tricky Dickie was laughing even louder than Puzzle and Vex!

“That’s enough boys, he is barely able to float and he’s almost ready to drop to the floor! Good Job, you will have your piece of sexy Superboy crumpet soon!” Tricky Dickie then hit the big green button on his control panel and the three of them watched as Superboy started to writhe and thrust his pelvis slowly, his mouth was open, and his tongue was slowly and evocatively licking his lips. Superboy was clutching his hips and then sensually running his hands over his torso, over the sides of his head, he was in a world of sensual erotic sensation, it was overpowering him, and he was falling toward Tricky Dickie’s control room window that surrounded the base of the cylindrical room, Superboy was falling toward them and gaining speed, he was in world of erotic sensation!

he didn’t care he was oblivious to the fact that he his powers were weakened by what was an inescapable barrage of laser delivery incursions, even for him, he had succumbed and the last blast of energy that filled the room had saturated him in the ultra-high frequency energy causing his suit to contract on his body, the psychosexual drug saturating his suit erupting across every pore in his skin.

His fall was broken by something soft and moist.

Superboy fell into the clutches of Tricky Dickie’s pet, its large glob-like, soft, moist body broke his fall and its tentacles immediately started to extend, like growing erections from all over the green creature’s body, but they weren’t erect, they were hungry, and started to surround Superboy’s slowly twisting body. Superboy felt them envelop his legs, his chest, his arms, but he was way too weak to resist. He was so horny, so sexually aroused, his body almost welcomed the lascivious tentacles which continued to grip and encircle his body. he felt his body tingle at their touch and before he could realise what was occurring, he was in sea of sensation, tantalising him, his penis warm and full of discrete sensual pleasure inside his suit, he wanted to touch his speedo brief, he looked longingly toward his bulge he was turning himself on in an explosion of sensual enjoyment.

But Superboy’s erotic body movements and his sensitive moist body only served to deliver the creature everything it wanted, it was hungry, and the warm tentacles surrounded Superboy’s body, ensuring the boy of steel was securely within its clutches.

Superboy felt the pleasure consume his bulge, the creature was gently caressing his red bulging briefs with the tip of one of its appendages, it was releasing a substance that soaked into Superboy’s red brief causing him to moan so loud the creature started to vibrate, tightening its grip on its prey.

Through the fog of delicious sensation, he tried to turn his head, but the creature had surrounded his neck, constricting his breathing, tightening and then loosening, playing with Superboy, his body buzzing with delicious sensation his penis tingling. He looked up past the evil looking, writhing tentacles and into Tricky Dickie’s eyes.

Tricky Dickie was on his hunches leaning over his pet looking down toward his sexualised, horny, writhing captive.

“Superboy meet Horace!” Tricky Dickie felt Superboy’s moist chest, Superboy’s superb body turning erotically inside the constraints of Horace’s lusty tentacles.

“Mmmmph!” was all Superboy could respond with while the creature continued to work on his bulge, he could also feel a tentacle slither along the crevice of his butt, pushing the red fabric of his suit as it slithered, tightening its grip on his loins. Superboy looked up through his tentacle prison desperately toward his captor.

“He’s a horny Horace!” Tricky Dickie said running his index finger down the length of Superboy’s handsome nose only to feel Superboy’ body tremble, his moan making Tricky Dickie laugh.

“Horace is enjoying your body Superboy, he loves, I mean he just ADORES pre-cum, he keeps me on my toes, he keeps Puzzle and Vex on their toes too. Horace is very demanding, but the three of us,” he said looking to Puzzle and Vex who were both flanking him, standing up beside Tricky Dickie looking down at the squelching body of Superboy entwined in the hungry mass of Horace’s Tentacles. “… Keep Horace fed. We like it when he sucks our juices from us.”

Tricky Dickie’s voice was full of enjoyment, he was gloating in the moment, enjoying his catch-of-the-day, his outrageously sexy Superboy, watching the mighty young hero grimacing in pleasure inside Horace’s unrelenting grip.

“Aghhh, Mmmmmm!” Superboy twisted and thrust his pelvis into the mouth of the tentacle suckling on the apex of his wet red lycra bulge, he was a prisoner to the pleasure that Horace was providing.

“It’s feeding on your pre-cum Superboy! As I said, Horace A D O R E S pre-cum and we have starved him for over a week now. I can’t blame him, he has your rather sexual, hot erotic body writing in his hungry tentacles. He will start squeezing soon, he gets really inspired and the more your penis, your delicious bulge gives up, the more demanding he becomes. Ha, ha, ha!” Tricky Dickie said with an evil smile on his face.

Superboy tried his best to access his super strength, but he soon realised that even his back-up stores had been depleted by the barrage of lasers and their kryptonite payloads, Tricky Dickie had been able to drain his body of his powers so completely and so competently that even his vain attempts at fighting the creature’s grip were failing. It was feeding from his bulge, it was crazed and unstoppable, the tentacles were feeding from his body too, the deposits from the mist attracting the creature, Superboy’s body was a mass of sensation. He felt the constant slithering across the edges of his buttocks he felt how the creature was tightening its grip, it was also tightly gripping the edges of his erotically charged red speedo, encircling the tops of his legs, squeezing his sexuality tighter and tighter as if trying to squeeze his youthful juices from his body. Superboy felt his body tingle and surge in distinct waves of delight, his tongue licking his lips responding to the sexual stimulation that Horace was enthusiastically providing him.

“Del i c, ah, Delic, mmmm, Delicious, oh my god!” Superboy writhed and thrust his body into the hungry tentacles, his bulge alive with delight. His super eyes, glowing blue in waves of intensity, he was being eaten by this hungry green monster and Tricky Dickie was standing over him, he was playing with himself, looking lustfully toward his sexual prey.

“H, help, mer, …help me please?” Superboy tried his best to plead with his captor looking at Tricky Dickie with beseeching eyes, his body twisting to the right, inside a world of sexual expression, encircled by tightening tentacles, it was squeezing his life from him in his declining state and that moment of panic had dawned on him, the mighty Superboy was being defeated, he was being eaten alive by this thing, and although every sexual cell in his body was alive and buzzing him, Superboy knew the sexuality of the moment was literally eating him, the creature was asphyxiating him and he needed time for the flicker of super power to return.

“Horace! Horace! Sweetheart! Now, now, time to let your lunch breathe, I think you have had more than your fill, I know you were hungry, but you can’t have Superboy all to yourself, you’ll get fat!” Tricky Dickie exclaimed, he wiped the front of his vivid pants, he was extremely wet and so aroused that Horace could smell the pre-cum on him and a stray tentacle extended up toward Tricky Dickie, who opened the front of his baggy pants, directing the tentacle to suckle on his wet lycra bulging speedo lurking beneath.

“Good boy, have a drink and let Superboy go, you’ve had more than your fill!” Tricky Dickie’s eyes began to roll backward into his skull as the creature latched on to Tricky Dickie’s wet bulge and began to suck and enjoy the villain’s moist suit.

“Man, he’s good! I bet you had a blast Superboy! Ha, ha, ha!” Tricky Dickie laughed, his laugh infested with lusty evil as Superboy began to slide out of the creature, pulling himself out with his arms, pushing with his legs, he could feel the tentacles releasing him, loosening, and slithering back inside the bulbous body of the creature. He was gasping for breath, breathing in air, sweet, delicious air into his lungs, his neck released from the creature’s vice-like grip. He followed his instinct to fly from danger, shoot upward at lightning speeds and then destroy it with his laser vision, but that was all he had, instinct! Superboy could only retreat across the floor, sliding as best he could. He collapsed panting, stretched out and helpless. Superboy was defeated or at least he thought he was and as he closed his eyes, he could feel the buzz in his speedo still delighting his semi-erect penis, he knew his bulge was delighting his captor, because he could see the way Tricky Dickie was gazing at him, wanting him, but his eyes were closing, and he could feel strong hands gripping his shoulders and grabbing inside his arm pits. He was being dragged and lifted at once.

“He’s making me horny Tricky Dickie!” Puzzle said, lifting the Boy of Steel, Puzzle was not a small man by any means, he worked out a lot, and he just loved working with his boss and with Vex. Puzzle was also strong, almost as strong as Tricky Dickie, but his strength was brute muscle, unlike Tricky Dickie who obtained a raft of powers when he emerged from Mystic’s exploding neural-field machine. Tricky Dickie had chosen Puzzle because he was strong, he was gorgeous, and he was always horny. Tricky Dickie dressed his henchmen in black speedos, they wore black boots and black harnesses, they were almost always half erect inside their sexy speedos and the black nylon was almost always wet. Tricky Dickie and his two henchmen were insatiable, horny villains! They loved chaos, they loved mischief almost as much as penis! Almost as much as Superboy.

Unlike Puzzle with his locks of wavy dark hair, Vex sported long sandy blonde hair, and like Puzzle, Vex looked after his body carefully with a boss as horny as Tricky Dickie, it was very important that his two henchmen were fucking beautiful! Vex loved the way Puzzle played with his arse and he loved the way Puzzle could become extremely tender when he worshiped at the pulpit of his speedo. Vex produced loads of sweet pre-cum and like Puzzle, Horace the creature, was always very excited when it was Vex’s turn to feed it. Horace loved to suck and feed from Vex’s body and Vex loved it that way!

Vex was so horny watching Puzzle lifting Superboy from the floor, like the Boy of Steel was a rag doll. Still drained from his time in the laser assault and from the psychosexual drugs which the laser delivery system had activated on his body, Superboy was unable to resist with any force. He had been food for Horace and the creature had instigated a suit-wide explosion of delicious sexual sensation, Superboy was feeling every muscle delight in the way his tight wet suit clung to him and his every movement seemed to fucus the sensation on which ever part of his body was flexing or moving, just the action of being lifted from the floor was erotically charged for Superboy!

He was standing! Thank god he thought to himself, he could feel his superpowers starting to generate at the tips of his of his fingers, and in his feet. Aghhh yum he thought, the sensation was just as delicious as the substance still infesting his suit. Superboy began to smile, he had to bide his time and not let on he could feel his powers returning. His first job was to overcome these two cute thugs and their boss. He would then destroy that creature, whatever it was, before smashing his way out of the secret facility and back to Metropolis.

Vex noticed the glimmer of hope in Superboy’s eye and approached the Boy of Steel with a glaring gaze screaming wildly with lust and pent-up desire. It was also filled with deep violent energy. Superboy was perfectly placed, his legs slightly apart while he was regaining his composure and dignity, his shoulders pulled apart, with both of Puzzle’s strong arms extending under Superboy’s armpits from behind, Superboy was firmly in Puzzle’s grip and Puzzle enjoyed the sensation of the mighty hero leaning back and into his body as he stood behind the dazed superhero.

This was their chance to play. Puzzle positioned Superboy for Vex, he turned the Boy of Steel directly into the path of the raged, and horny henchman and Vex’s right fist found Superboy’s solar plexus with ease, the sound, and the power of the of the punch made Puzzle smile and adjust his footing slightly. The left-hand blow came almost as fast as the right hand, and the intensity was just as violent. It connected with Superboy’s body and pain smashed though him like a train, causing Superboy to almost headbutt Puzzle as he shot his head backward, spitting upward while his body took the blow after blow.

Superboy was not familiar with the concept of pain like that, and although his superpowers were returning, he could not stave off the pain in each blow.

“Gah, mm, mph!” he spat toward Vex with a defiant look in his eye, he was still well and truly inside Puzzle’s grip, Superboy was still helpless, but he had enough power welling up in him to give him hope and he knew he had to smile and take the punishment until he could break free. But Puzzle and Vex had other ideas.

“How are you feeling Superboy?” Puzzle hissed in Superboy’s left ear, his face so close to the back of the beautiful young hero’s head. As he whispered the words in Superboy’s ears, he began to rush the Boy of Steel toward the concrete wall at the base of the cylindrical trap, he was spinning Superboy, hastily catapulting the young hero toward the wall.

Superboy could see the wall approaching fast, he caught a glimpse of Vex’s smile on the way round his collision course trajectory toward the wall. Superboy hit the wall fast, -CRACK- and the vision of brightness, stars and light flashed in his mind, suddenly he was on his knees, his head was cascading with pain and his vision blurred. Superboy’s cape was all bunched up and hanging across the right side of his back and down onto the floor. He felt fingers gripping his hair, lifting his dazed and painful head upward. It was pulling him upward and his face grimaced with the new shower of pain and humiliation engulfing his handsome face.

“Get up pretty boy!” The voice was that of Vex.

Puzzle was standing and watching as Vex took control of their captive. He was rubbing his speedo, the commotion had fuelled his arousal, Superboy looked so fucking hot standing up and gaining his composure, Puzzle surveyed the beauty of Superboy for the first time, up and close and he walked over to Vex and Superboy. Vex was holding Superboy’s head up in a tight grip on Superboy’s hair and the hero was standing, gaining his footing, and grimacing toward Puzzle as he approached.

To Puzzle, Superboy could not be any sexier!

“You’re fucking gorgeous Superboy!” He said as he approached, he took a length of rope from Tricky Dickie along the way, making his approach to Superboy dangling the rope in front of him for Superboy to see.

Oh, fuck no! Superboy thought, he could feel the effect of the strands of kryptonite woven into the rope even before Puzzle arrived. He tried to turn his body and his face away but Vex forced him otherwise. He was made to watch as Puzzle dangled the length of ominous rope in front of him. His body tensed up, he felt pain in his abdomen, his head felt like it was splitting, but the rest of his body felt the continual effects of the psychosexual drugs seeping into his skin through his tight suit. The feeling of the rope draped by Puzzle over his shoulder was both erotic and ominous, he felt the kryptonite buzzing him, it was faint, but it was just enough to impede his ability to recover his superpowers.

Superboy tried to use his eyes and direct a beam of energy, he tried with all his might to get a beam of energy to knock Puzzle over, but as he did, Puzzle pushed the rope across his body, rubbing it erotically between his pecs, pushing a coil of it into his already painful abdomen and then down, past his yellow belt to his red brief, he felt the rope rubbing over his bulge, it was dangerously explosive, on one hand he felt his penis tingle from the inside, the sensation making its way through his penis up and out the tip of his penis head, Superboy shuddered and moaned as the enjoyment filled his red pouch packed full of penis and testicles, but on the other hand, he felt his superpowers being numbed and blocked. Superboy looked up from surveying what Puzzle was doing with his bulge and into Puzzle’s lusty eyes. He could smell Puzzle’s desire as much as he could see it in his crazed eyes, their faces close and Puzzle’s hands busy rubbing the rope across Superboy’s bulging speedo bulge. All the while Vex gripping his hair tightly forcing the beautiful superhero to look at Puzzle. Superboy was in a world of pleasure and pain.

“F, fuck you’re sexy Superboy! I’m going to make you even sexier! This rope will keep you nice and compliant tied around your wrists, the mighty Superboy will be our prisoner, tied up and ready to be milked of his super Boy of Steel cum!” Puzzle whispered toward Superboy’s defiant face.

“Gah, no, never!” He struggled in Vex and Puzzle’s competent grip, but he could feel his powers fleeting away, his bulge filling with delicious pleasure, feeling the sensual rope against his bulge.

“Enough fun boys, tie him up!” Tricky Dickie was super horny watching his sexy henchmen play as they liked to do like kittens with a ball of twine.

“You’ll need to forgive my boys Superboy, I can’t control them sometimes, especially when they dress in those black speedos, Horace loves them too, so full of pre-cum, just how Horace likes it! I’ll introduce you three once we have you nice and secure in my Sickie Tricky Dickie Playroom, the rhyme rolls off the tongue doesn’t it! But as you can guess, it’s where we like to dress down and have some fun!”

Superboy felt Puzzle’s hefty arms dragging his own arms behind his back, Puzzle’s eyes smiling lustfully toward Superboy enjoying the way his captive was reacting to the sensual effects of the drugs slowly absorbing into Superboy’s skin from his moist suit. Superboy’s defiant eyes, returning the stare to Puzzle conveyed his fear and desperation, knowing they had won, they were binding him, and their licentious manner was a foreboding hint of what these villains had in store for him. The ropes were tight, and Puzzle’s face was so close to his, Puzzle was a master rope man, he was working without looking at what he was doing, licking Superboy’s cheek while his hands worked hard behind Superboy. Superboy could also hear Vex purring behind him, holding him tightly so that Puzzle could complete his work.

His arms were bound tight behind his back and he pulled on the ropes with all his might, he had little superpower remaining in his body and the strands of kryptonite woven into the ropes were numbing his limited stores, frustrating the Boy of Steel who found himself in the centre of the three desperately horny Villains; Tricky Dickie, Puzzle and Vex surrounded Superboy watching and drooling as he struggled against the bonds, desperately fighting against the growing delicious sensations erupting across every region of his body, like a skin condition. He could not escape the sensations erupting in the pores of his skin and every movement of his body, causing his suit to stretch and flex with his movements, encouraging the sensuality of his body. He could tell that his captors were enjoying the show, the more he struggled, the more he needed to be touched, it was a devious preparation for his yet to be revealed fate.

Tricky Dickie touched him. He had chosen Superboy’s red speedo briefs, he had chosen to feel Superboy’s tightly packed muscular buttocks and Tricky Dickie enjoyed the way Superboy turned his head trying to peer around his body, to see what Tricky Dickie was doing to elicit such beautiful sensation across the sexy fabric caressing his body.

“Bah, what are you doing, oh fffffurk, please…” Superboy was licking the side of his slightly open mouth as he purred his words.

But Tricky Dickie had removed his hands from his butt and was now cupping both of Superboy’s cheeks he was holding Superboy’s face tightly, forcing the handsome young crime fighter to look at him.

“Please what? Superboy, did you enjoy what that did to you?” Tricky Dickie said slowly and determinately. “I think you want me to enjoy your sexy, tight body some more? Is that right?”

Superboy struggled against his bonds, he tried to tilt his head as sensation entered his penis and tickled him delightfully and softly, his eyes rolling into the back of his eye sockets. His moan was deep and sexual, “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Lingering for an erotic moment before his eyes returned to look back into Tricky Dickie’s gaze.

“Look at you Superboy, you are all bound, horny as all fuck, and it seems that beautiful suit which dutifully loves and clings to every millimetre of your lovely body is delighting you so, tantalising the beautiful Boy of Steel. I think you really like your bondage, I bet your body wants me to touch you again. Am I right? Superboy?

Superboy could smell Tricky Dickie’s breath, their faces so close, he desperately needed his arse toyed with. His penis, his bulge was demanding attention and the feeling of the ropes surrounding his wrists so tightly made his sexuality flourish with deep seated needs, he had never felt hornier in all his life, never more helpless.

Tricky Dickie let go, laughing, stepping back to get a better view of the writhing, horny young superhero. He watched as Vex and Puzzle grabbed Superboy stretching his legs and shackling them to the floor, pulling Superboy’s arms backward as a pole lifted from the floor between his arms, it rose above his head, Superboy struggling to keep his footing.

“Collar him!” Tricky Dickie ordered.

Superboy’s body was now a tempest of beautiful sensation, he was being presented, helplessly spread, and bound, his powers controlled and numbed. He struggled, twisting his legs, trying to dislodge the ankle restraints from the floor, they were pulling his legs apart, and the pole provided enough resistance, pulling his torso backward enough so that his majestically handsome and muscular young physique was on display. He had no option other than to grimace and push his pelvis sexually in response to the ever-increasing effects of the drugs and the beauty he felt infesting his bulging red speedo. He moaned deliciously and erotically looking desperately to his three captors.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm! must resist, Mmmm mmmmm!”

Then he noticed Puzzle approaching him with the sleek collar.

Made of smooth titanium with four emerald, green glowing jewels around its circumference, the collar was designed to emit discrete levels of kryptonite, measured doses to frustrate the Boy of Steel, it employed the services of four needles that were intended to lodge in the outer layers of Superboy’s skin on his neck. The needles were a diabolical control mechanism that served as an ever-ready threat to its victim. The kryptonite ensuring Superboy’s neck was able to feel and experience the pain of each wicked needle as it pierced his skin indiscriminately. Toying with Superboy’s mind and threatening his very life.

Superboy struggled violently, watching Puzzle’s evil grin approaching him, Puzzle had the collar opened and ready to fit around Superboy’s neck, he was fingering the cold titanium and was giving Superboy a look at the control device that which would be his tormentor. The ropes were unforgiving and tight, and he struggled desperately trying to escape the fate they had for him, Superboy felt his body erupt in sensation, the reward for his vain attempts at freedom.

“Bahhhhhhhhhhhh, oh god!” His testicles were tingling, the whole region of his delicious red bulge was alive with sensation, he was pre-cumming and wet, he was violently horny, aware though, that the collar was a harbinger of danger.

“No, don’t do it Puzzle, I beg you, no!” Superboy pleaded, slowly pointing, and retracting his pelvis to the delicious sensation raping his red speedo bulging pouch.

Puzzle paid no attention to the Boy of Steel’s pleading, he enjoyed looking at the beauty of their struggling, horny prey.

“I think this will be a perfect fit Superboy!” Puzzle said watching Superboy grimace and react to the sensations erupting across his delicious body. Puzzle enjoyed watching every muscle of Superboy’s body struggle and the look of determination and defiance on Superboy’s face.

He felt the slow-moving sensation moving along his curled up wet penis, Superboy could not escape such divine pleasure, it was overtaking his senses and as he felt the cold titanium encircle his neck, he let his long and erotic moan linger, looking directly into the crazed eyes of Puzzle. Puzzle’s breath warm and foreboding enveloping Superboy’s sense of smell. Superboy loudly moaned another time and then grimaced as he felt the four sharp needle points lock into place.

“Gah, what are you doing, fuck, no!” He had to keep his head still as best he could, Superboy had to control as best he could, but the slow-moving storm of sensation erupting across his body was driving him wild with pleasure.

“Bah, can’t escape, so delicious, such p, p, pl erhhhh, pleasure!” His body twisting and his pelvis slowly thrusting. Tricky Dickie, Vex and Puzzle had the Boy of Steel exactly how they wanted him, and Tricky Dickie looked at Puzzle and Vex smiling. “Do you think I’m over dressed for the occasion boys?” He said looking at Puzzle and then to Vex before turning his gaze to Superboy placing his index finger on the tip of Superboy’s cute nose. “You’re just so horny Superboy, your opinion doesn’t count, I know you’d love to see what I’ve got packed beneath my colourful pants.” He had removed his jacket and had thrown that to the side, he was rubbing his hands evocatively across his bright coloured baggy pants and rolling his eyes. “Seeing you all sexed up Supee Boy is making me Kind of, super, horny too!” He said twisting his finger slowly on tip of Superboy’s nose with a naughty smile erupting on the edges of his mouth. Tricky Dickie licked his lips, glancing at Puzzle and Vex, he then returned his gaze to Superboy, before quickly jumping backward. He ripped the colourful pants from his body, they had been designed to rip apart and Tricky Dickie span around throwing his shirt aside.

“Ta Da!” The spin was theatrical and executed perfectly; gone were the pants, the shirt, and the jacket, but not the fuzzy purple hair, his white sneakers, or the evil grin on his face. Tricky Dickie had one hand in the air and the other pointing out from his body toward the struggling Superboy, held struggling against the pole, his legs spread, and the look of ecstasy plastered on his face. He was staring back a Tricky Dickie, watching how the evil mastermind was tenderly touching his own body.

Tricky Dickie was wearing multi-coloured speedos, exactly like his discarded pants, but in tight lycra. He wore a matching harness, with tiny, coloured lights turning off and on, Tricky Dickie looked festive almost, but Superboy, in his hyper-sexualised state could not stop looking at Tricky Dickie’s growing bulge in the multi-coloured speedos.

“Your eyes are popping Superboy, ha, ha, ha. I like to dress to impress!” Tricky Dickie span around and pointed his butt toward the struggling Boy of Steel. “Does my butt look too big in these?”

Superboy’s struggles were turning Tricky Dickie on faster than an express train, he stood there watching the delicious display performing for him, besieged in a growing torrent of delicious sensation. He ran his hands over his own bulge and across his butt. Tricky Dickie was feeling himself over, he was so excited to have Superboy for his very own, he looked at Puzzle and Vex, they too were as frisky as he had ever seen them, and he knew it was time! Tricky Dickie walked over the Superboy, his hands behind his head, he maintained his composure and stood close to the Boy of Steel, listening, and watching the beautiful expression of youth and sexuality writhe and battle his bondage.

“Yes, this is a perfect catch, exquisite and he looks ready to pop already!” Tricky Dickie was fingering the sexy yellow belt around Superboy’s waist, his hands wandering behind Superboy and as he cupped and caressed the buns of steel his powerful captive was offering him, he looked into the widening eyes of his frisky prey.

“Time to visit the dairy, time to milk to sacred cow, I want your semen Superboy, it is such a powerhouse, full of creamy goodness, for me to utilise! I have big plans, but I’m not greedy, I’m going to make my mark on this town and this nation, I am going to show the world that the Trickster has arrived and I’m going to use you along the way! Such beauty, such sexual majesty, such untapped power!” Tricky Dickie said squeezing Superboy’s glutes and pulling their crazed pelvises together. Tricky Dickie purred, feeling his speedo sliding on the warmth of Superboy’s wet red speedo, their bulges joining, and Tricky Dickie could feel buzzing transference of sensation bridge the synapse between their bulges, the feeling of speedo on speedo was so rich in delicious pleasure. Tricky Dickie had to step backwards and looking Superboy in the eye, he ran his hands through his fantastical purple hair. “Mmmm, Fuck Superboy, I can feel your sexual energy infesting my speedo, it’s exquisitely good, a monumental feast of sensation and special enjoyment!” He was licking his lips, staring at his own multi-coloured speedo bulge, and looking up toward his writhing toy smiling and, at that moment, the floor began to descend, rumbling as they lowered further into the depths of Metropolis, into the facility that Tricky Dickie had named the Dairy, his ‘Sickie Tricky Dickie Fun House’. Puzzle and Vex joined their boss in a group hug and Superboy could only watch, struggle and writhe, and try to keep his head as still as he could, contemplating a diabolical fate, he had little or no way of escaping, he had to make sure that he didn’t give them his jism, the consequences could be catastrophic if Tricky Dickie were to weaponize his potent juices. He watched as the walls surrounding them began to change, the slight hum an ominous indication of the equipment waiting to milk him. The room taking on a blue-white hue, Superboy keeping his head as still as he could, looked around frantically as best he could with his eyes, trying to survey the unfolding facility. He could hear the roof closing above them, sealing them inside the secret facility.

Back inside Scorpio’s Studio

Orgasmo, Scorpio and Joker were standing in front the expansive curved screens displaying Swimmerboy’s fantasy, they were gobsmacked, horny and enthralled all at once, the detail of what Swimmerboy was producing impressing them with every unfolding scene and the Studio was surrounded and filled by light and filled with sound, three extravagant sexual fantasy scenes filled the large facility, the room was abuzz with activity, filled with light and sound, and at the centre of the display the multi-coloured Orb with its own dazzling show of light sucking the pleasure of Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin the Boy Wonder into is glowing, throbbing body. Below the Orb, their three majestic horny bodies, stretched out inside their respective Generator machines, filling their bodies with pleasure, their orgasms raging and their heads thrashing inside the hoods of energy sucking their drug fuelled erotic fantasies, robbing their most secret, well-kept sexuality from them. Robin was babbling uncontrollably, Swimmerlad’s eyes were wide open, but he wasn’t looking at anything, his face aghast in orgasmic expression, drool running out of his open mouth, and like Swimmerlad, Swimmerboy was arching his body, his pre-cum like a bubbler, it was coating his speedo thong bulge. He was being drained and mined; they all were, their sexual secrets being thieved and recorded, ready to generate huge amounts of money for Scorpio. Scorpio was having a blast!

Miles approached Swimmerlad, Miles had recovered from his own spectacular orgasm earlier, he had fed his hero, Swimmerlad, his laced semen and in Swimmerlad’s frenetic sexual state, he had guzzled Miles’ cum like a thirsty sponge, he had devoured Miles’ beautiful speedo bulge desperately sucking and devouring Miles’ juice, his mouth and tongue devouring Miles’ bulge. But the cum was full of Jax+ it was the extra dose needed to tip Swimmerlad over the edge, and as they generated his controlled orgasm, Swimmerlad’s fantasy was once again being accessed, recorded, and now displayed for his captor’s enjoyment.

But Miles was focussing on the spectacular body, Swimmerlad was orgasming off his nut, he was engrossed, and the pleasure was fuelling the drugs, accessing his fantasy. Miles watched as Swimmerlad tried desperately to shoot his semen, as much as the orgasmic power thrashed his beautiful body, Scorpio’s control systems were denying him that ultimate climax he needed. The orgasm was not the peak, it was just another level of sexual, erotic torment. Miles watched as the drenched nylon speedo thong bubbled and sprayed his pre-cum nectar. Swimmerlad’s body trembling and writhing. Muffled screams could be heard amongst the confluence of sounds filling Scorpio’s studio, they were coming from Swimmerlad inside the red hood of energy, he watched as the sparkling laser-like energy stream extending from Swimmerlad’s throbbing, pumping bulge, he watched as Swimmerlad’s penis seemed to throb and pulse inside the wet nylon pouch encasing it, the drenched sexy nylon clinging dutifully to his manhood. It looked like it was alive, it looked to pumping the orgasmic pleasure out and into the beam extending from the Orb above him. Miles watched as they raped Swimmerlad, he scooped up a handful of pre-cum, devouring Swimmerlad’s nectar enthusiastically, licking his lips he glanced toward the screens displaying the fantasy and then toward Swimmerlad. Miles knew that Swimmerlad couldn’t hear him, but he licked his lips and said it anyway.

“Let’s see where your fucking erotic fantasy takes us Swimmerlad, Scorpio and Electro are already watching your show, now enjoy your orgasm, my beautiful boy, there is lots of pleasure to enjoy. Ha ha, ha.”

They took up positions to see what Swimmerlad had to offer, ready to be enthralled and entertained as Swimmerlad took them to the hot steamy, sexual jungle.

Swimmerlad’s erotic fantasy will explode soon.

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