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Defeat and Domination
Part 24 - Bird in the Hand - Part Six
By Scorpio

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Bird in the Hand - Part 6

Joker, Robin, Batman Superboy, Alfred and King Tut are the property of DC Comics and are referred to in this story on a fan basis only.

Psychosexodrone Noun: Describing the evil effects of a confluence of substances affecting the mind of a victim energised and triggered only by the presence of deep, rich orgasmic pleasure and causing fantastic sexual narratives.


Three magnificent bodies, glistening in a rich sheen of sweat mixed with pre-cum, muscles straining with their legs forced apart, spreadeagled in erotic bondage. Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin the Boy Wonder, draped in skimpy drenched nylon, clinging to their genitals dutifully and pulled tightly and erotically between their taught muscly buttocks forming erotic nylon thongs. They had become containers of sexual pressure, their bodies cooking and simmering in the intensity of the pleasure being generated to fuel their erotic drugs. Their Jax+ drugs had been boosted to dangerous proportions and now The Elixir of Eros buzzing in their minds is spreading its evil tentacles inside their thoughts, unveiling, and extracting Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin’s erotic fantasies from the innermost vaults of their minds.

Orgasmo’s evil multi-coloured Orb floating above their pleasure wracked bodies connecting three beautiful euphorically erupting speedo bulges with their three Psychsexodronic minds; Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin lost consciousness in that erotic moment of sublime admittance to their magical orgasms. As the intense wave of sensation enveloped their bulges and coursed into their straining bodies, they spurted pre-cum simultaneously and their screams of utter delight were sucked into the bulbously throbbing evil Orb above their heads. Their pleasure being siphoned into the Orb’s processing apparatus; it was feeding on their pleasure, consuming, and drawing the orgasmic energy from their throbbing wet speedo bulges. As much as they begged and moaned, their ejaculations of semen were denied, they had a world of erotic fantasy to give up and the process demanded orgasmic pleasure as part of the key ingredients for this recipe of delight to develop and produce such delectable outcomes.

The CGI was primed and waiting for the erotic data flow.

“Look at their faces, they are bathed in spectacular energy!” Joker was gobsmacked by the moment, he surveyed their faces, Swimmerboy’s eyes were wide open, his pupils dilated, and he looked as if the cloak of blue energy was suffocating him. Swimmerboy’s head looked to be hooded in the evil blue hue of energy. Joker could hear the muffled moans, the muffled screams as Swimmerboy struggled inside his hooded prison.

“It’s not going to kill them?” Joker asked Scorpio with a serious look. The moment was impregnated with such power and magnificence, it was a moment of humanity for the Joker that quickly disappeared before Joker, pretended to be making a joke, erupting in a fit of jubilation, slapping Scorpio on the back, and then skipping across to Orgasmo. Joker kissed Orgasmo with the flare of an Italian, “Fantasico!” Joker screamed as he pulled out of his kiss with Orgasmo. “Simply breath-taking!” Joker was spurting superlatives by the bucket load; he was having a total blast.

It was a green hue he was looking through; he felt the pull of the Generator’s restraints dragging his athletic and pleasure wracked sumptuous body in four directions, he was being enveloped in orgasmic waves cascading in his skimpy wet speedo pouch, the orgasm was flowering, stroking him, he could feel the pleasure as it siphoned up the green beam of energy blasting his bulge. He was food! He was sustenance for the evil sex-craved machine. Robin had become a wellspring of delicious sensation, it was exploding and devouring him, but his screams were being sucked up powerfully into the Orb. He could see Joker’s evil face peering through his hood of green energy sealing his head from the rest of the room and it sounded as if Joker’s all too familiar laughter and cackle was in slow motion, it was muffled. Robin’s head was tingling all over, he felt the evil brain implant running hot in the back of his brain, he was horny, he was fucking horny, and it was exploding inside his mind, he was unable to control his thoughts, something had awoken inside his beautiful head, it was unlocked and frightening; his sexual fantasies were becoming real!

Danger. Red always meant danger, Swimmerlad’s world was suddenly tainted red, the energy like a very hot red hood was sealing his head and as much as he screamed, he knew that this evil machine was sealing him in, into whichever evil plan Scorpio had in store. The orgasm was superb, rich in texture, yet tight and full of energy, it was precise, his bulge was exploding, and the pleasure radiated, beaming inside his penis like a raging inferno, he had felt this initial orgasmic welcome before, and he knew that the orgasmic decadence pounding his speedo bulge, engulfing his being, fuelling his sexual cravings was delighting his captors as much as it was delighting him, draining his speedo powers. He knew this was just the start of his torture.

Swimmerlad was horny as fuck, his craving for bulge, for Swimmerboy was overpowering him, the drugs, the orgasm, the evil machine that was enslaving his magnificent body was pushing the drugs, pushing him to such outrageous levels of sexual depravity, he could feel the machine sucking his thoughts, it was feeding on his bulge as if a mouth was attached to his bulge and sucking the pleasure through him. He could see the beam extending from the Orb down to his speedo, it was bright, and it sparkled, it was drawing his orgasmic pleasure from him, sucking it, like the hood was sucking his thoughts. His orgasm didn’t abate, it was just powering up, and flames of delight were fanning the orgasmic furnace, and as much as he thrust his hips, turning his body, he could not escape the hungry beam, his erotic thoughts fuelling the orgasm and his arousal.

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhh” Swimmerlad screamed, he was not ejaculating, the orgasm was beginning to torture him as it progressed, he was thrusting his pelvis desperately trying to shoot his juice, to make the orgasm beautiful, but he was denied that pleasure. He could see Swimmerboy and Robin, but only just; his vision was distorting, and their three energy fields were also distorting their vision of the outside world. Swimmerlad felt as if he was alone inside the red hood inside the orgasmic world, they were immersing him in.

Swimmerboy had that feeling, he felt the fantasy taking him, sweeping him upward, he tried with all his might, but his speedo strength was insufficient to escape the fantastical fantasy world taking him to new heights. He screamed as his orgasm fluctuated and throbbed up through his torso, he felt hyper-sexual, his penis had become tantamount to God in that insidious moment.

Orgasmo had taken it on himself to slide the ‘surge’ controller upward slightly on his control tablet. Joker had been looking over his shoulder, Orgasmo could feel the evil supervillain’s presence hovering. Joker was never the one to be left out and his eyes popped watching the ‘Orgasmic Pulse Control’ glow as Orgasmo pushed the slider upward, the slider went from green to orange as the digital control knob was slid upward, further toward the top of the tablet’s screen. They heard the muffled screams and moans from within the three energy fields and three magnificent heroes twisted and tensed inside their erotic bondage, spurting geishas precum.

“That my dear Joker will be enough orgasmic pressure, I have selected a high frequency ‘pleasure set’ for them to endure for the first hour, showing Joker the orgasmic mixer screen, it resembled an elaborate sound equaliser on his table’s screen. This will be just enough to trigger the fantasies I will examine Robin soon and run a diagnostic on his implant, we don’t want to overload the little marvel on its maiden voyage to fantasy land do we, ha ha ha!” Orgasmo was proud of the progress so far, he looked up from his tablet into Joker’s crazed eyes. This guy is in crazy land Orgasmo thought to himself, he was really impressed by Joker, by the way this evil creature portrayed extreme mental frailty and seem like a complete fruit loop, yet behind the façade of crazy town and the makeup, dwelled an evil mind so devious, and brilliant, an entrepreneur and an opportunity which Orgasmo intended to exploit.

Orgasmo then pointed to the display menu on his control tablet and Joker took the cue.

“How very nice for you to offer, I accept!” Joker said in a comical yet polite manner, he selected the Panoramic 8K option on the screen of the tablet.

“Nice Choice! Our fantasy processors will be running hot very soon with that amount of imaginary imagery to process!” Orgasmo said looking between Joker’s wildly excited face and the humming Orb above Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin’s heads. The Orb was throbbing, and they could hear the CGI booting up, its hum becoming prominent like a jet engine’s starting sequence. Joker felt the excitement building, and to his delight, the screens surrounding the Studio lost their hazy distortion and the words ‘Swimmerboy’ ‘Swimmerlad’ ‘Boy Wonder’ appeared on three distinct portions of the expansive wrap-around screens which surrounded The Studio.

The CGI start up sequence quietened down after a minute, and the muffled sounds of delight could again be heard from within the coloured hoods, Orgasmo stroked his erection, he loved his penis, he had worked his life to give his penis happiness and this was a pinnacle moment, Orgasmo moaned looking down at his raging red speedo, the wet spot was pronounced, and Joker watched on, loving the way Orgasmo was getting himself off in such a controlled manner.

Central Generator Initiator (CGI) is working within parameters – 8K display confirmed. Piped the evil Artificial Intelligence.

His pleasure ricocheted inside his penis, it was indescribable, amazing richness and beauty, he felt his penis expand as he tried to deal with the orgasmic torrent, his speedo was buzzing, energy shooting into his boy pussy, filling his body as the orgasm ignited his festering mass of pent up sexual arousal, he was brimming with desire and Swimmerboy screamed at the top of his lungs, his body arched in that moment of conquest, his speedo diffusing each pump of pre-cum across his beautiful body, it sparkled and crackled as it hit the energy hood surrounding his head, and Swimmerboy’s lungs were expelling air by the litre in his final conscious scream. Swimmerboy’s eyes closed as the burst of pure unadulterated orgasmic pleasure exploded inside his bulge and he could feel his delicious warm pre-cum nectar hit his chest. He desperately needed to caress his speedo bulge.

As Swimmerboy opened his eyes he realised that his body felt amazingly powerful, he felt cool air on his face, he felt horny and different. Swimmerboy was suddenly dealing with the fact that he was eight hundred meters above the ground, he heard the flap of fabric behind him and a gust of air swirling around him. Swimmerboy realised that his muscles were tight and taught, he was wearing the tightest suit he had ever felt, the blue fabric made him feel horny, red boots and the tight red speedo like brief clinging to his cock and pressing tightly across his buttocks felt magical. He looked at the big red S on his chest.

Superboy! Kon-El was his Kryptonian name and humans knew him as Connor when he wasn’t on duty. Swimmerboy had entered the world of another of his erotic fantasies, he was living the life of Superboy in this erotic fantasy and vision of him floating above the earth was being displayed on the section of screens devoted to his fantasy stream. Swimmerboy had always masturbated to pictures of Superboy and Robin, he and Swimmerlad, before their capture, would talk about how sexy they thought Superboy was and how much they would love to enjoy Superboy, just once. So, it was an inevitable development for Swimmerboy to break into one of his secret erotic fantasies, he had become Superboy, and he looked and felt the part.

Swimmerboy’s fantasy was reality to him inside the confluence of his Psyhosexodronic state.

“Wow!” was all he said in a long and lingering burst of freedom and jubilation, it was second nature to him, he was flying through the air performing a loop enjoying the magic of the air as it rushed over his body, his arms outstretched, his legs together, feet pointing and his head looking forward, he was doing six hundred Kilometers an hour and heading for the ground before stopping, pointing upward and shooting straight upward into the stratosphere, he could feel the temperature drop as he ascended reaching speeds far exceeding the sound barrier and within minutes he found himself 400 kilometers above the earth, way above the Karman Line, on the edge of space, he was floating, his cape gently rising and curling behind him. He felt indestructible and the problems of earth seemed to be so small while he watched his earthly home slowly rotate below him.

Wow! I’ll never stop marvelling at how beautiful the earth looks from this height he thought to himself, and as he thought that, his powerful hearing picked the faint sound coming from the continent below him, he had no time waste, he headed down toward the earth, he could feel the air becoming thicker as he hurtled toward the earth, it was his city; the disturbance was coming from downtown Metropolis and the closer he came, the more insidious the crime was unfolding before him.

It had to be Tricky Dickie!

Tricky Dickie was a new villain, the new kid on the block, he had moved into Metropolis and had fashioned himself a nice slice of territory, namely the eastern half of the city, but he wasn’t satisfied with just half, and his goals were bigger than that, he wanted the country under his control. He had several other villains and their loyal bands of henchmen to deal with, but Dr Doom had been his mentor for years and Tricky Dickie was making his point! Marking out his territory.

Inside this erotic fantasy land, Tricky Dickie was Swimmerboy’s erotic evil nemesis, Swimmerboy’s fantasy of being Superboy was something he and Swimmerlad had discussed in real life, and both Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad agreed that Superboy was one of the sexiest guys in the world, his powers, and his ability to fly made him so desirable, they had often discussed how much fun a threesome would be with a hero like that. Superboy like Robin the Boy Wonder were some of the sexiest men alive in Swimmerboy’s eyes and he often let his mind wander sexually, contemplating the beauty of the youthful Kryptonian God that the handsome Superboy portrayed himself as. His tight blue suit and the red clinging briefs were so beautiful. But that was before their capture. Now he and Swimmerlad were the erotic play toys of Scorpio and Scorpio would exploit their erotic fantasies to no end, he would monetise them as Scorpio milked them of their seed.

Back in Swimmerboy’s fantasy.

Tricky Dickie had been preparing the trap for some time. Superboy would be the trophy he needed to deploy the next wave of expansion to his lucrative villainous activities. He needed to cement his authority not only on the city but make his expansion cover the whole eastern seaboard of the country. From there he would go national. Superboy’s capture would be the perfect ingredient to the mix. Not only would he gain a powerhouse of super energy for he to draw on, but he would also have access to the mightiest young man on earth. Superboy was sexual gold for Tricky Dickie because Tricky Dickie liked cock as much as every gay man, but his evil appetite and power structure created by his Mentor, Dr Doom, not only boosted Tricky Dickie’s strength physically, he craved heroes sexually, he couldn’t get enough of sexy, cocky heroes and he intended to collect his trophies as sexual conquests, edging them at his will, he wanted Superboy with a sexual passion and desire so strong, his craving for the young titan was growing with every hour that passed. He wanted his prize, and he didn’t care who died, or how many until he had the young man of steel in his clutches.

The explosion downtown was underground, it was massive and pure evil. It was the perfect drawcard to get Superboy’s attention. A mere steppingstone to send Superboy a message. The east line serviced about a million people and commuters used the line daily to access the central business district of the city, it was 8.00am and the subway was approaching the morning peak. Tricky Dickie’s boys had set the bomb to explode between the 7.46am train and the following 8.03am train. It took out the bridge that traversed the many twists and turns of the city’s underground water supply tributary. The city was built on the beautiful Greythorne River and the underground railway engineers had to construct underground bridges for the line to reach into the main city stations. Tricky Dickie desperately wanted to attract Superboy’s attention.

The explosion had taken out the line and left an underground split in the line across one of the underground bridges. It was the perfect intensity to achieve its goal. The 8.03am train had already entered that section of the line and was unaware of the dangers the awaited it and its six hundred plus passengers. They had felt the rumble through the line, but the noise of the train had cancelled out much of the blast’s sound.

Superboy heard the explosion he also felt the explosion throughout his body, his suit enhanced the super sensitivity of his body even more, and he had felt the explosion too. Superboy followed the sound and the after-rumbles at blistering speed. Down into the subway of Metropolis’s MetroMet stopping briefly on platform 3. The looks of shock and amazement on the faces of the commuters also confirming his suspicions. His sudden appearance on the platform added to the moment for many commuters, they were looking around frantically and one of the station staff came running through the confusion. He was gasping and his excited voice confirmed the situation.

“Superboy -gasp- Thank God! -gasp-” He took a moment, looking around at the sudden panic and then looked back toward Superboy resolutely, “Down tunnel A2, there is a train due, Oh God!” His face suddenly sunk as the situation became clear in his mind.

“Thank you, sir!” Superboy responded in his official tone. “You keep the commuters calm, begin evacuation of the platform for me please!” Superboy placed his hands on the station attendant’s shoulders and looked reassuringly toward the middle-aged man. “I’ll handle this end,” Superboy stated looking over his shoulder toward the end of the platform, the first emissions of smoke were confirming the direction of the incident. “Direct these citizens to safety and brief the police when they arrive.”

The sudden breeze informed the station attendant that Superboy had departed the platform. He was left standing amidst the confusion and went about his commitment to Superboy’s request.

Superboy was at the scene in seconds, stopping in the middle of the hole created by the blast. The bomb had destroyed the track and while not as horrendous as he had thought, it had created crevasse slightly larger than the length of his body. Interesting, he thought to himself, such a strong explosion for such a small result. He surveyed the air and the chemical composition of the air in the tunnel. Hmn that was a decent explosion, maybe they want to derail the train, that explosion should have destroyed the entire tunnel. But there was no further time to investigate; Superboy could see the lights for the 8.03 rounding the corner and the rush of air hit him suddenly; the commuter train was on its way at 80 Kilometers per hour, it was not stopping, and the driver’s alarmed face was burning inside Superboy’s head.

It was a shock for driver to suddenly see Superboy standing in the way of her train, and she had very little time to react. She knew there was no chance to stop; the train had eight cars, it weighed over 400 tons and she had no time to apply the brakes and stop the train. She gasped when reaching for the brake handle, her instinct was to cover her eyes, but before she could do that Superboy had positioned himself face up, laying horizontal between the two open ends of the track. There was a thump beneath her leading car, she hoped for the best but expected the worst.

Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, it was insistent and fast, the sound ricocheted through the carriage as Superboy’s hands kept the carriage in line and onto the safety of the track heading toward the station. It was a miracle of speed and heroics, and the driver gasped as she heard the wheels re-connect on the track, hoping that all seven trailing carriages would be as lucky as hers. Superboy was below her train keeping the train aligned and on track.

The final thunderous carriage started to disappear into tunnel behind him, and Superboy returned to an upright position, floating in the hole that had promised to be the site of a disaster, he watched the train’s trailing red lights disappearing into the tunnel and the sound of the brakes confirmed to him that he had indeed averted that disaster. Superboy was left in the darkened tunnel alone to survey the damage left by what he had decided had been a timed and controlled explosion. He would of course provide his statement and reasonings to the investigators when they arrived on scene. Super hearing detected the sirens and their distance away from the scene gave Superboy the time to inspect the scene and search for evidence. He intended to provide the bomb squad his initial suspicions and his chemical analysis of the bomb residue just prior to the train’s arrival. He had it all stored in his super memory.

The tunnel had become eerie and the final sounds of the 8.03 train had disappeared into the tunnel, the train would be evacuated at the station and Superboy decided to leave that work to the authorities. His job was to search for whoever was behind such a heinous crime. The tunnels in Metropolis’ subways were dimly lit and the light from the tunnels leading to the bombed section and those leaving the section provided Superboy with sufficient light, but he was able to enhance his vision as he investigated the scene.

His super hearing picked up the sounds of Prince. Superboy paid no attention to it at first, it was a strange place and scene to pick up that sort of thing down below the streets of the city and in a subway!

“Purple Rain…” Yep it was Prince Superboy thought to himself, What the Fuck!

He could tell it was coming from below the bomb crater.

What the Fuck

“I only wanted to see you, bathing in the purple rain…” There it was again.

Nah it can’t be, but how, why, where? Superboy had become inquisitive, his need to investigate was ramping up incredibly so he did just that! Superboy investigated carefully, he didn’t want to disturb anything for the official detectives and the bomb squad, but he was like a cat which couldn’t help itself, he followed the sound.

“Purple Rain…”

“Purple Rain…”

His investigation took him to the edge of the tunnel which according to his super hearing was the direction of the sound. It was as if the sound was drawing him along and through the tunnel, along the path that the commuter train had approached the bomb site, he made his way well into Metropolis’ MetroMet subway tunnel system, following the sounds of Prince’s hit lament. He reached a spot in the darkness of a dimly lit section of the tunnel, the song was coming from this place in the tunnels. This is weird, what gives? His thoughts were inquisitive, and he wasn’t going to give in now, this deep into the MetroMet.

Superboy stopped for a short moment, the music had stopped, he could hear the confluence of trains and the city way above him and he had moved so far into the tunnel system, that he wasn’t sure if he was even in the same tunnel and on the same line that had been disrupted by the bomb. Superboy decided to make his way back, to the scene, he would need to provide his evidence and assist the authorities as best he could. As he turned to fly back through the tunnels, the line of Purple caught his eye, it was a long thin line on the tunnel wall and on closer inspection, he gripped the section of tunnel wall that the light was appearing through, attempting to move it, his fingers felt the rumble, as if the concrete wall was moving. It suddenly moved inward and then to the left. Superboy was presented with an entrance vestibule, it was bathed in a dim purple light, it resembled a secret entrance to an exclusive nightclub or something. He stepped inside the small room and made his way down the passageway, twisting and turning, deeper into this subterranean labyrinth but he reached a dead end, the passage halted abruptly. He looked around himself spinning quickly, his cape catching up with his body as he turned.

“What the Fuck” Superboy said out loud, his inquisitive mind was drawing blanks as to what this was, he had his suspicions it might have been a secret entrance to some crime gang’s headquarters, he was sure this was not a MetroMet facility. He tried the walls gently, they were concrete! Superboy turned once more, he decided to inspect the tunnel again, thinking he may have missed something along the way, however as he did, the floor rumbled and he was moving sideways, the whole section of the floor he was standing on moved and he was suddenly rotating with the floor.

Purple. The cavern was illuminated purple, and he was left standing on a ledge with the floor below his feet suddenly retracting into the wall. Superboy had no choice but to float, he was floating inside a big cavern, deep under Metropolis, he used his super Xray vision attempting to peer through the walls. Concrete! it was concrete mixed with lead, and it was distorting his vision, everywhere he looked, trying to peer through the walls was the same; blurry vague images, nothing definite. He flew into the centre of the cavernous chamber, floating amidst the purple light and noticing what looked like theatrical smoke starting to puff into the expanse below him and the sounds of Prince’s voice started to play again, but this time it was loud. The same song was playing as if on repeat.

“Purple Rain” The song was loud and as Prince’s voice filled the room, it was accompanied by the rising smoke. Superboy was being immersed in smoke and sound.

“Yeah, yeah, enough with the concert! Who are you? what’s going on? Superboy yelled above the rising din of sound and smoke.

“I only wanted to see you bathing in the purple rain” The lyrics were loud and clear and Superboy turned in different directions looking, seeking, striving to understand what was happening. He yelled into the purple lit expansive room, it was filling with the theatrical smoke. “Show yourself! What do you want? Was that your work in the tunnels? There were six hundred people on that train, you bastard! Show yourself or are you too timid?

Back in Scorpio’s Studio

Joker was beside himself, the three heroes had succumbed to their Generators, their erotic speedo clad bodies glistening in the sweet warmth of their sweat mixed with pre-cum. Joker breathed in deeply.

“Mmmm! This room smells of sex, steamy delicious boy juices are flowing,” Joker was enjoying himself immensely, he could feel their moans penetrating his body, the intensity of Swimmerboy’s moans were spectacular, Robin’s bulge was straining to accommodate his delectable erection, he could see the beauty of Robin’s penis being caressed by the drenched green nylon, the bulge was throbbing, the juices were plentiful, and the Boy Wonder was drooling delightfully inside the green energy hood sealing his head. His majestic youthful and lean body twisted and turned erotically. Joker then turned his attention to Swimmerlad.

The beautiful blonde

hero was arching his body superbly, the precum was forming rivers of nectar, his speedo emissions were sweet, and Joker watched as Swimmerlad’s beautiful penis head rubbed beneath the lime green and white nylon caressing his balls and penis. The white sections of the erotic speedo twisting over Swimmerlad’s hips, his erotic nylon thong was an artwork, oozing and spraying pre-cum as the Generator pulsed and pushed his orgasm at the entrance level.

It was the entrance to his fantasy and Swimmerlad was lost in his pleasure and the erupting fantasy. Joker licked the exploding, trembling nylon pouch as Swimmerlad screamed and the screens displaying his fantasy came to life in perfect 8K vision.

Inside Swimmerlad’s erotic jungle fantasy.

Swimmerlad was back in the erotic, secret sexual jungle he had entered days ago during his Milk Bar ordeal.

Swimmerlad was being dragged from the Pelatosian Milking Chamber, he had returned to the jungle, the evil sexual prison. He remembered the previous erotic fantasy; he had been milked in the Milking Chamber of Pelatos, tied to the Milking Stones after hours of pleasure build in the Zenith Temple tied to the Sun Altar, marinating in the sun and the rising sea of pleasure intoxicating his body. He remembered the beauty of Swimmerboy’s body tied in the golden rope array, and the sounds of pleasure he made. Swimmerlad remembered Swimmerboy’s bulging thong suspended above him and the way the priests tantalised them. The feeling of Swimmerboy’s pre-cum nectar oozing down onto Swimmerlad’s body, broadening the pleasure in his own erotic thin leather thong. He was stewing in pre-cum on the hot Sun Altar. He remembered the milking ceremony too. How he was tied spreadeagled, before the huge effigy of Pelatos. Behind him, three other majestic, warriors, had been milked of their pleasure and their semen oozed from their skimpy erotic thongs. The pleasure ceremony fuelled by the Sharman’s potions and from the juices milked from Swimmerboy, who had been tied at the front altar of the Milking Chamber watching how the Sharman’s potions, incorporated his warm nectar tortured the mighty warriors and Swimmerlad. Swimmerlad remembered the way Swimmerboy writhed and contorted in pleasure, how they suspended Swimmerboy’s delectable writhing body over his own pleasure wracked body, stretched on the Milking Stone as an offering to Pelatos. He could feel Swimmerboy’s hot cum raining down on his body as they milked him suspended above the milking stone, it was a fantastical erotic moment. Swimmerlad remembered the evil in the face of the Sharman as the evil man worshiped his orgasmic infused drenched straining thong bulge. The sun finally shining on his body as it arose over the sacred milking chamber lighting the crystalline lens in the roof of the sacred chamber, the light refracting down onto his pleasure wracked body with Swimmerboy’s cum already soaking his skin, the new morning light signalling his monumental ejaculation, they were Milking him as an offering to Pelatos. Swimmerlad remembered to spectacular moment his cum exploded, the rivers of his delectable nectar pleasing the Sharman, pleasing the erotic god, Pelatos, Swimmerlad’s screams of orgasmic decadence filling the milking chamber.

His return to that moment was vivid and rich in detail. He was being dragged from the Pelatosian Milking Chamber, he was still moaning, the pleasure alive inside his skimpy loincloth thong and as he looked up, he looked into the erotic pleasure crazed eyes of the sexy Kai, they were each dripping and oozing man juice, and they were being taken to a new venue. He was drooling, as was Kai, Swimmerlad’s body still tingling from the Milking Stone, his loincloth thong felt exquisite, it clung to his body tightly between his buttocks, it felt sexual and majestic. Swimmerlad turned his eyes to see Arkool’s writhing body, he too was being man-handled by strong priests. Arkool’s buttocks so tight, they were clenching as he thrust his majestic warrior hips, he too was still in the throes of delicious pleasure. Swimmerlad did not see Swimmerboy or Karvan, he tried as best he could, but the cruel priests ensured that for the most part, he was looking forward along a jewel encrusted pathway.

“Gah, pleasure, so exquisite, does not abate, endless pleasure” Swimmerlad voiced his experience, his body was in a magical suspension of erotic sensation and at that point, and as they dragged his helpless body and as they also dragged Arkool and Kai, Swimmerlad knew that the orgasmic milking was continuing, his ejaculation on the Milking Stone was a doorway into an erotic pleasure perpetuity, and they were being taken to another place. A place of bondage.

They were being forced to the private world of the Sharman, this was his holy place of devotions, Kai and Arkool knew it too well, they voiced their defiance when they realised their destination.

“No! No, please!” The mighty Kai screamed, he was drooling, his leopard skin thong was drenched and oozing his plentiful juices.

Likewise, Arkool did his best to wrestle his arms free of the strong arms of the priests forcing him forward, he understood why they had been preparing his bulge, pleasuring him, edging him, torturing him for a week in the Zenith Temple. His milking in the Pelatosian Milking Chamber pleased Pelatos, and Pelatos was demanding more; the insatiable lust of this god had no bounds or limits and the Sharman had initiated something majestic and powerful. Arkool knew they would be pleasured for days as the Sharman extracted their power, their seed. He felt for Swimmerlad, he knew what was in store for this most beautiful young blonde god and his delicious partner Swimmerboy.

The pavement, known as Sanctuary Way, was glimmering in the hot steamy morning light, the very light that had refracted through Crystalline lens of Pelatosian Milking Chamber, that had signalled the commencement of his ejaculation and the fulfilment of his long journey of pleasure from the Sun Altar; his offering of his sacred nectar for Pelatos’ lust, the offering of his decadently rich orgasmic pleasure coursing inside his straining thin leather thong, helplessly bound before the ravenous god. The light glimmered off the precious stones, rubies, diamonds, emeralds, amethysts, and other precious stones along Sanctuary Way. All arranged in the pathway, like the one in the Sun Altar at the Zenith Temple.

Swimmerlad did his best to struggle, his body warping and buzzing as pleasure filled his urethra, radiating into every cell of his penis and up into his boy pussy. In that moment of tantalisation, he heard Swimmerboy’s sensual moaning.

“Your erotic boyfriend calls you Swimmerlad!” One of the priests closed his grip on Swimmerlad’s arm and with his other hand forced Swimmerlad, gripping Swimmerlad’s hair violently, forcing Swimmerlad to look at the priest. “Pelatos has only begun, he demands more or your offerings!”

“Gah!” was all Swimmerlad could say before coughing into the air gasping for breath as the energy in his rectum exploded, he felt sexual decadence invading his body as he looked as best, he could, forward toward his fate.

The Sharman’s own sanctuary awaited, it was his place of worship, the place he worked his magic and developed his powers, he intended to drink of the pleasure force of Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy, bolstering his power and magic, pleasing his master – The insatiable Pelatos.

He could hear Arkool moan close behind him, and Swimmerlad did his best to turn is head to Arkool, but Swimmerlad’s attending priests forced him to look forward toward the Sharman’s holy sanctuary.

“Gah! You bastards!” Swimmerlad was not tied up, but he had two massive Priests of Pelatos gripping his arms, forcing his pleasure wracked body forward, he tried to wrestle his body free of the priest’s grip as he struggled his way up Sanctuary Way to his fate. The feeling of his loincloth thong was unbelievably erotic, it was as if the orgasm and the light form the Crystalline Lens in the Milking Chamber had ignited something, he could feel the eroticism of every step, the feeling of the tight and sensual wet leather against his taint, between his buttocks was delicious and arousing to Swimmerlad, the magic controlling his pleasure as he struggled toward the gate of the sanctuary. He could hear his beautiful Swimmerboy and Karvan, their cries of delight welcoming him and the other captive warriors to the Sanctuary.

The sanctuary was within the confines of the Zenith Temple, it was a revered place of devotions amongst the priest hood, a secret place within the evil temple. The sanctuary’s translucent walls were glowing; it was filled with light. The translucent panels were set between huge phallic golden pillars oozing juices from the heads of the thick golden penises, these juices ran down the sides of the golden shafts. It’s round roof drawing the strong morning sun, the translucent roof panels slanting upward toward the centre allowing the rays of the sun to absorb and diffuse into the holy sanctuary inside. Although smaller than the ceremonial milking chamber, it was an ominous sight at the end of the of pathway and Swimmerlad gasped trying to break free from his priestly handlers.

Crack! The Priests forced Swimmerlad to the path, they struck the back of his head and simultaneously the back of his knees. He was kneeling and he heard the forceful blows to Arkool and Kai, they too forced to kneel on the jewel encrusted pathway, they were in a row facing the doorway to the sanctuary.

“Kneel mighty warriors, kneel before the sanctuary. This is a holy place of divine sanctification!” One of the leading priests demanded, walking around the three beautiful pleasure filled kneeling warriors.

Arkool spat at the priest, “Your ways are vile, you low life…” Before he could complete his sentence, Arkool was kicked from behind, forcing his body to fall forward violently prostrating him on the pathway. He lay moaning in pain, slowly attempting to lift his head from the already hot pathway. His attending priest was unforgiving, standing on the back of Arkool’s head forcing it into the hard pathway.

“Mmmmph” Arkool lay with his legs spread and his arms forced above his head on the path facing the sanctuary. His beautiful body glistening in the warm humid air, his beautiful buttocks flinching and twitching pointing dutifully to the hot rising sun and his loincloth emerging from the top of his buttocks and clinging around his hips was fuelling Swimmerlad’s arousal.

“Worship hero, warrior!” the Priest said, spitting on Arkool’s buttocks as he spoke. “Your arse will need some help once the Sharman is through with you!” The priest then stood erect toward the sanctuary; he had not removed his right foot from the back of Arkool’s head.

“Sharman!” the priest and the other five priests said in unison as the Sharman appeared at the entrance to the sanctuary. They bowed their heads in reverence.

Swimmerlad looked forward expressionless as did Kai. They felt the Sharman’s magic flowing through their bodies, the potions and elixirs still working. Pleasure radiating in their sexy wet thongs.

He smiled walking toward the three sexual objects on the path before him. He smiled at Kai and then toward Swimmerlad, ignoring Arkool, he was holding out his right hand. Swimmerlad could see the hot morning sun glistening on the juices dripping from the Sharman’s outstretched evil fingers. He knew it had to be the nectar of Swimmerboy and Karvan! They could hear the demented moans of pleasure reverberating inside the sanctuary. The Sharman pointed at Kai, gesturing with his long evil finger.

Kai groaned reacting to the magical forces, he was being pushed backward, extending his kneeling position. Kai groaned again fighting the power, but his resistance was overpowered. As the Sharman hissed in delight.

‘Mighty Kai!” the words hissed and seemed to be amplified from deep inside the Sharman. “Beautiful man, precious sexual magnificence!” The Sharman’s eyes were fixed on the wet leopard skin thong pouch oozing with Kai’s man juices. Kai tried to resist the compulsion and the look of defiance on his face spoke volumes. “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh stay right there mighty warrior!” The Sharman continued his hissing.

“Gah! Aghhhhhh!” Kai fought the compulsion unsuccessfully. His body sweating and his delicious bulging thong oozed his pre-cum.

The Sharman’s attention diverted toward Swimmerlad. Leaving Kai to fight the compulsion, leaning backward presenting his sexual organs wrapped in his thong to the Sharman.

The finger pointed toward Swimmerlad while the Sharman continued his hissing, licking his lips. The compulsion, the magic was powerful, Swimmerlad felt his skin pulling backward, some force was sucking his torso backward, he was presenting his bulging cum soaked thong toward the Sharman, his arms being forced backward in the same overwhelming force. His pleasure was throbbing throughout his bulge, the wet thin leather felt alive, as if being stroked erotically. Swimmerlad tried resisting, but his attempts ended in a mighty sexual outburst. “Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So Strong, can’t resist, bahhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerlad tried with all his strength to resist the magic, but it was strong. He felt unseen hands grab his head, pulling his blonde hair, forcing his head to look up toward the Sharman who was almost straddling Swimmerlad’s body. He was being presented to the evil Sharman, he was the Sharman’s newest most prized sexual toy, and he knew that he would be plundered and drained for their enjoyment.

“Get off me!” Swimmerlad, fought the extensive pleasure captivating his bulging thong, he was desperately fighting the insidious ju ju magic holding he a Kai in their vulnerable positions, his face screwed up in desperation and defiance as he spoke the words. But those were the only words he was permitted!

The backhand was swift and decisive. Swimmerlad felt the pain envelope his cheek and jaw line, the force of the blow forcing him to look to the left where another priest had also stuck Kai, Kai’s spittle landing on Swimmerlad’s chest and they both gasped as their defiant gazes met in that moment of pain and submission to their captors.

The Sharman paid no notice to their cries, he used his spiny long finger to push Swimmerlad’s face back toward his own, he looked at Swimmerlad with a wry smile appearing on his face. “I want all your juices, every drop, you will feed me, your life force will become one with Pelatos as he takes you and begins to force his control over you. Swimmerboy is resisting, can you hear him?” Swimmerlad could hear the moans and sounds of sexual delight, he heard creaking of leather bindings, he knew his beloved Swimmerboy would prevail, they would prevail over this evil sexual power. Swimmerlad glared back toward the Sharman, he decided to keep his mouth shut.

But the Sharman stood up looking down at the prostrating Arkool, he motioned for the Priest to increase the pressure on the back of Arkool’s head. While he proceeded to walk around and position himself between Arkool’s stretched legs. The Sharman, bent to one knee, his hands following the glistening hamstring muscles on the backs of Arkool’s powerful and tanned legs. Arkool was sexual indulgence spread out, face down on the hot glistening pathway. The Sharman admired the beauty of Arkool’s buttocks, he ran his finger through Arkool’s butt crack feeling the delicious thong leather as it clung to Arkool’s beautiful body.

The Sharman’s body tingled all over, he could feel Arkool’s sexual presence, he was feeding on it; the warmth of his body, the wet leather clinging to such a beautiful decadent sexual toy was exhilarating to the Sharman.

“Torture Arkool!” Was the Sharman’s only words, and the two attending priests assigned to Arkool began to smile, their red thongs, wet with pre-cum and displaying their healthy, hard, angry penises inside the tight red pouches.

The Sharman stood up and motioned his right arm, pointing with his evil right index finger toward the entrance to the Sanctuary.

“Take them to Peltos!”

Back in the Studio.

Orgasmo had made his way toward the Boy Wonder. Robin’s body convulsing, his saturated green nylon thong pouch straining, stretching to accommodate Robin’s beautiful penis. Orgasmo walked around the Boy Wonder, he was so beautiful, so helpless and erotic, this masterpiece of young hero was bound in Orgasmo’s diabolical Generator. He was nothing short of exquisite his beautiful speedo thong on display spurting his pre-cum so deliciously.

“Oh, you are the beautiful boy aren’t you, Robin!” Orgasmo purred running his fingers across the tops of Robin’s straining legs. Orgasmo could feel the tremble, he could feel Boy Wonder’s body giving into the massive orgasm that was only just emerging. Orgasmo, worshiped the majesty of the warm saturated bulge Robin was thrusting, he captured a shot of pre-cum bursting through the nylon of Robin’s speedo, listening to the accompanying primal moan from deep inside The Boy Wonder. A synchronous pulse of energy, orgasmic energy powering Robin’s mind deep inside the green hood surrounding his handsome head and buzzing his bulge, feeding the Orb with his mind and his pleasure.

“Take us to your erotic fantasy Robin, the place deep inside your sexuality, give us your erotic offering as we milk your body, your bulge Boy Wonder. Ha ha ha!” Orgasmo felt his body tingle as the vision erupted on the studio’s wrap around screens devoted to Robin’s fantasy.

Robin was not able to resist any longer, his body a sea of sensation, an orgasm, the likes of which he had never felt in his young 20 or so years was budding and developing inside his majestic bulge. His chest felt the power, pushing his hormones into a frenzy of sexual need, his mind vivid and productive, he felt the warmth in the back of his head, he was in a tornado of sensation and the tempest was not abating, his desire to cum, to feel his hot Boy Wonder juice completing his orgasmic delight was rich and strong. But that delicious outcome was denied, his brain implant working with Scorpio’s Speedo AI, denying his that ability to manage that sexual function of his youthful body.

Robin’s orgasm raged, his body trembling, straining, his hips arched almost permanently within the confines of his restraints. Robin’s mind began to feed the CGI systems, his green hood throbbing and the Orb feeding on his pleasure, he gave up his erotic fantasy.

Robin provided a panoramic view of the Batcave, it wasn’t new to Joker though, who had already seen the so-called secret facility, Joker had already sent his goons in there while King Tut had distracted the Dynamic Duo, Joker already knew what Batman and Alfred were up to, feeding Batman’s sexual urges to enjoy his super Sidekick.

Joker watched Robin’s portion of the panoramic screens with delight. “This is going to be an insight!” he said, “Popcorn anyone?” He handed his next prop, a cardboard container brimming with popcorn around the room as he stood before the huge screens.

Inside Robin’s erotic fantasy.

Robin was sitting at his console on the Bat Computer, he had been following some leads and the screen was feeding his inquisitive mind, Robin knew something was up, something was always up in Gotham, but today was something different. He had been trawling the databases, using his hacking skills to sift through the police databases, triangulating data for the city’s CC tv network and other law enforcement databases. He accessed the data feeds from all the major internet providers, working on a hunch that Candy Man was around. He had recognised a few covert remarks on dark web channels across the country and an interesting remark made offshore in a so-called safe haven web. Very little escaped the Boy Wonder and the Bat had become increasingly aware of Robin’s savvy masterful gathering of evidence from across all forms of the web. No encryption was beyond the young titan’s skill.

He felt the strong grip on his shoulder, that grip was Batman’s of course, it could only be Bruce or Alfred’s hand and Tim knew that powerful grip. He turned his face away from his array of screens to look toward his mentor.

“Hey Bruce!” He was sporting that inquisitive, ‘I think I have something,’ look!

“Sorry I’m late” Bruce was smiling and sporting his own, ‘I have something for you too,’ look.

“What have you got Robin?” Bruce asked.

“Well, I have been doing some digging Bruce, err Batman!” Robin paused “I think we have sweet problem on our hands – Candy Man!”

Tim proceeded to outline his methodology and before he could finish Bruce interrupted the cogent flow of information that Tim was presenting.

“I’ve been speaking with several sources Robin, you don’t need to convince me bud, Candy Man has been leaving a trail of sherbet around town. Seriously, I mean sherbet, the samples have all been taken to forensic labs across town and I have obtained a sample as well from the latest dump of sherbet in vaults at the Vanderburg Bank. It is analysing now; we’ll need to wait for the chemical composition reports to determine what Candy Man is up to. He is a master of chemical engineering, I will wager a hefty sum, he has a message for us in his sweets.” Bruce advised before depositing four candy hearts, the ones with words written on them. These three candy hearts did not have words like ‘Love’ or ‘Best Friend’ printed on them, they had each contained a single word.

Bruce continued with his report, “They have been popping up in each deposit of sherbet, Robin. First police found one with the word ‘Cum’, the second was on the bonnet of the commissioner’s car, it reads ‘For’! They were bamboozled for a week before contacting me and before the third candy heart appeared, it has the word ‘Me’. They thought it to be some kind of message to goad the law enforcement departments, some kind of comical poker, but then the fourth appeared overnight Robin.” Bruce leant over Tim’s shoulder and typed his access codes into Robin’s computer console.

“Hit enter Robin!” Bruce said to Tim.

As instructed Tim pressed the key full of enthusiasm, he was right, it had to be Candy Man! The screen presented a large picture of the candy heart and it read ‘Robin’!

“Cum For Me Robin” Tim stated out loud, looking back toward Batman.

“He wants me to come after him?” Tim asked looking back to Bruce.

“You can read it that way Tim, but its double meaning is ominous!” Bruce replied.

Bruce then looked toward Tim with a stern face, “I want to be clear Tim, don’t do anything yet, let’s wait for something further before acting on this! We could look to be foolish if we act on what we have now, let’s wait and see what or, er whoever is up to, it may be Candy Man. Or some twisted work another fiend!” Bruce had his hand on Tim’s shoulder, and he could feel how tense Tim was becoming. Tim was smart, enthusiastic and Batman had taught him the skills to become an effective killer if crunch came to crunch. Bruce now needed to keep his young gorgeous new Robin in check, he enjoyed working with Tim, and he secretly craved his new Sidekick.

Batman, the master strategist always played his game carefully and precisely and he was about to make his next move.

“I want to take your mind off the investigation Robin! I have a surprise for you man!” Bruce said, his face becoming more welcoming and less directive in expression. “I have a surprise for you!” Bruce motioned for Tim to follow him through the Batcave to the wardrobe.

The eye scanner accepted Bruce’s retinal signature and the Batcave’s delightful female voice responded. Access granted Batman.

“Your turn Tim” Bruce’s smile was full of expectation.

Tim stood to the scanner and the green laser scanned his right eye.

Access granted Boy Wonder was the response.

They both stood back to watch the rotation of their suit presenters and as the presenters lit up with subtle lighting, Tim was fascinated by the magical suit being presented to him for the first time.

He looked at it his mouth slowly opening, it was like Christmas morning, the suit looked fucking beautiful on the display model, it showed every muscle and sinew on the life-like faceless mannequin in the display case. Tim felt amazing, this was his new suit, he was going to look amazing in it and he knew he would make that mannequin jealous once that suit covered his beautiful body. Tim looked at the new Batman suit too.

“Oh, Batman these are amazing, you will look stunning in that suit Bruce!” Tim was broadcasting his excitement out of every pore in his young body.

Gone were the thick reinforced rubber heavy suits, these were skin-tight, they were sexy and revealed everything the wearer’s body had to offer.

“Don’t be fooled Robin, yes they look super tight and sexy, but the material is a special compound I have tasked Alfred to manufacture. Twice as much protection, less bulk, and I think our finely tuned bodies need to be shown off somewhat. I think we will increase our fanbase and social media impact once these puppies are let loose to play in Gotham!” Bruce’s eyes were all over Tim momentarily.

and then he looked down over his own body, he was undoing his belt and shirt buttons.

“Well, what are you waiting for Tim?” Bruce was inviting his new sexy sidekick to strip.

Tim felt safe with Bruce, they had worked hard for months, building, and honing their bodies and now Tim realised why they had worked so hard. He knew he was going to look fucking awesome in the suit and he had no hesitation stripping in front of Batman, they were buddies and super pals, they worked together intimately, knowing each other’s ways and habits.

The machine extended out of the presentation device and Bruce had stepped into the garment placing his feet into it first. Tim watched on as the garment almost took on a life of its own, wrapping Bruce’s body it was becoming a second skin.

“Try it, Tim!” Bruce invited Tim.

He was naked by now and he noticed Bruce touching himself on his tight buttocks, he also noticed Bruce’s eyes quickly glancing at his resplendent body, Tim took no real notice though, he wanted that suit on his body as fast as he could manage.

“Once your feet are in, the suit will mould to your body Tim!” Batman said with an expectant look on his face., “It will even mould into your cock and balls, you will never feel so comfortable Tim, and wait till you feel it cup your butt my friend!”

It did as Batman had said. Tim felt the suit apply itself as a second skin, it was as though he were wearing next to nothing, he felt it apply to his legs, working its way up his body. It arranged his balls, and his penis, cupping his buttocks as Batman had said, he was now Robin, he felt the part as the suit formed on his body, he was no longer Tim!

The suit finished on his arms. Green tight short sleeves, red torso and delicious speedo like trunks and a sheer yellow utility belt. His legs were covered in sheer green magical fabric, it was living on his body, it was much more than a second skin. He donned the yellow cape, which fitted around his neck like a college hood. His sexy green mask formed across his face intimately allowing his piercing green eyes to almost pop out. His Dark hair fell across his brow. Robin had become a gorgeous crimefighting unit, he exuded confidence and sexual prowess.

Exactly as Batman and Alfred had planned.

Robin looked amazing, his body magnificent in the lights of the Batcave and as soon as he put his gloves and boots on, he jumped up, spinning in the air towards Batman, landing on the ground, gripping his fists in an offensive stance.

“Wow Batman, this feels amazing!” He said and then he realised Batman looked amazing too!

Batman was taller than Robin, bigger torso, his new super suit showed off Batman’s musculature perfectly, his black speedo like brief ensured that his genitals bulged nicely, it got Tim’s attention immediately and Tim quickly glanced at his own package realising in that revealing moment that his bulge was encrusted in the fabric, it was meticulously clinging to his junk as Batman’s suit was doing to Bruce. He wondered if Batman could feel his confidence and the discrete sexual feeling he was experiencing. Tim felt invincible in every respect as he run his hands across his body feeling his muscles. He admired the Bat showing off his magnificence to him in their private Batcave suit revealing.

“These suits Robin, are the next evolution in our crimefighting arsenal of weaponry!” Batman said pulling on his gloves. “You look the part, Robin! How do you feel?” Batman asked placing his gloved right hand on Robin’s shoulder.

“Amazing Bruce, er Batman!” Robin replied dutifully. “We will be kicking villainous butt in style dressed in these suits. Man, I feel…” Robin paused. “…amazing, confident…” there was another pause while Robin tried to express how aroused he was feeling in the suit.

Fucking gorgeous and sexy Batman thought to himself but stated “Stunning!” out loud with a big smile on his face.

Robin smiled, “Yeah, that sort of sums it up Batman!”

He looked toward his mentor, Batman was looking hot, his grey suit showing off the mighty chest, Batman sported a wider and narrower bat emblem across his pecs and his black shiny cape matched the shiny black brief he was wearing. Robin noticed the new sleeker utility belt and how his eyes kept looking at the shiny speedo like briefs Batman wore. Robin was drawn to Batman’s physique, his mascles looked amazing inside the new tight suit, he noticed Batman’s butt.

Fuck Robin thought, I better keep visiting the bat gym, Batman looks so perfect in that suit, man I am so aroused .

“That’s enough show and tell Robin” Batman looked through his sleek new cowl toward Robin, making sure to keep eye contact with his sexy Sidekick. “I’ve got that important dinner tonight, Robin, I’ll leave you here to keep up your surveillance on Candy Man, we’re pretty sure he’s our man, but let’s get as much evidence as possible, the police will need that. Keep up your hacking, er surveillance and we will re-assess after midnight when I get back. Alfred will be around if you need anything Robin!”

“Sure Batman!” Robin stated. “Mind if I keep the suit on, I want to get accustomed to it, it is so different, and well, I don’t know what that wizard, Alfred did, but it feels fucking awesome, I feel so confident in it, sexy even. I might visit the gym and test it out on the runner and the climber machines.” Robin was running his hands across his body as he spoke, it was an involuntary reaction to the suit and a little sign to Bruce that Alfred had definitely met his key design and functional objectives in the new suit designs. Batman’s plans for Robin were expansive, he was honing an effective fighting, and if need be, killing machine and his sexual plans for his new Boy Wonder would fulfil his carnal needs. Alfred had infused the suit with a new experimental element, and Robin’s reaction to the suit confirmed the formular was working. Robin’s hormones, his testosterone were being enhanced by the suit.

Batman left after removing his suit. Of course, he allowed Robin to keep accustoming himself to his new suit, he wanted a horny sidekick on his return to the Batcave after the dinner.

Robin kept up his work, the chemical alterations to the suit were also stimulating his mind, Robin searched databases, CC camera feeds from across Gotham, he cross-referenced, he triangulated data, but it was looking clear; the usual suspects and haunts of these nefarious villains were quiet, and after several hours of research Robin decided to try out the suit in the Bat Gym, he had resolved to wait for Batman before looking further. He wanted to look as sexy as Batman!

One of the screens flickered as he was closing down the myriad of surveillance tools and apps he was using. It caught his attention immediately.

“Hey BW, I know you’re carefully sifting through your evidence!”

Robin sat back and watched the words start typing across the screen.

Hmn here we go he thought to himself.

“Hey BW, got a question for ya!” The words appeared on the screen as the sender was typing.

Candy Man had Robin’s attention.

“Yeah shoot!” Robin said out loud. He was sitting back on his chair looking at the screen, but his right hand caressed the sexy red briefs of his new suit.

“What is both a term of endearment and a natural sweetener?”

Robin stopped rubbing himself, he sat forward, his chin resting on the palms of his hands as he examined his screens. Tim knew Dick Grayson loved riddles, and he knew he could do just a good job.

“Tim Drake is no push-over, I can do Riddles” Tim said out loud.

“Honey! Ha ha ha, see, I got this!” he said out loud again, proud of himself. He typed the response, HONEY into the chat.

The words started to type across the screen again.

“Very good BW, now…”

Robin waited with a smile on his face, he was enjoying this little game.

“What can be something you build in and something a farmer has to do in the autumn months?”

The words were playing with his mind, but Robin jumped up from his chair, he knew the answer and he spoke loudly to his computer console, punching the air…

“Plant!” that’s the answer, he said.

“A factory, that’s its synonym!” Robin said again.

And then it clicked in his mind.

“The old Runny Honey factory outside Gotham in the old industrial area! Ha ha ha, that’s it!” Robin was half sitting and half standing as he spoke the words while simultaneously typing his response. He hit enter and waited for the blinking cursor to convey the response back to him.

“Sweet!” was the only response, there was nothing further, just that blinking cursor.

He stood up straight, Robin the Boy Wonder felt amazing, he had found his villain and that last response all but confirmed Candy Man as his man. He was elated, and suddenly realised how aroused he was feeling, his hands running over his suit, he felt up his arse, he caressed his pecs, and played with his bulging manhood. He looked the part, he felt elated and ready, and his mind raced with ideas. He wanted to prove himself to Bruce, this was his chance, and he couldn’t wait to report to Bruce that he had single headedly found and apprehended Candy Man! It was an opportunity Robin couldn’t let pass.

Robin donned his gloves, he checked out his utility belt, the belt responded to his touch, Batman and Alfred had included all his favourite toys in this sleeked down yellow belt and he admired the amazing engineering in the new toy.

“I’ll prove myself Batman! Robin said as he secured the sleek yellow belt around his waist making his way to the bat vehicle despatch.

He fired up his personal Bat Bike, he dared not touch the Batmobile, his amazing bike was speced up and powerful, but out of all the toys and devices attached to the bike, it was the amazing trademark ‘R’ printed on either side of the red armour that Robin loved most, it matched the signature “R” on his left pec and the one on the side of his red speedo. The Bike’s huge tyres dominated the impressive motorcycle, but Robin wasted no time admiring his transport. He lifted the bike off its stand, and it motioned forward and dipped slightly allowing him to easily mount his seat. His penis felt amazing as he reached his leg across the majestic beast, and he loved the way the engine roared to life between his legs. It was almost sexual in his new suit!

Bat Bike is at your command Robin.

“Get out of here fast, before Alfred hears the engine!” Robin responded.

He was effortlessly whisked out of despatch and on the secret pathway out of the Batcave before Robin spoke again.

“Let’s head for the old Runny Honey factory! Stealth mode please” Robin responded.

Robin was on his way to confront and apprehend Candy Man.

Back in the Studio.

Joker was for once speechless, he stood looking at the screens, making his way around from Robin’s unfolding Bat Bike adventure to Swimmerboy’s Superboy fantasy, drooling at the beauty of the Superboy character that Swimmerboy’s fantasy was depicting. He dragged Scorpio with him on his journey around the studio, gaping at the extravagance that Scorpio had orchestrated.

“In the name of everything devious, I have never seen anything as elaborate as what you erected in this place, he, he, he, get it, erected ha, ha, ha.” Joker knew the joke was lame and he attempted to adjust his comical little director’s beret, but Scorpio was not really playing attention anymore, he was fixated on the huge display of Superboy inside the purple chamber. He was watching Swimmerboy’s fantasy with glee.

“Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad have lots of secrets Joker, I assure you we have just begun on this journey, but their orgasms need to fester more, they will drive the drugs to dig deep into their secret sexual psyche. Only my Psychosexodronic systems can unlock these secrets!” Scorpio smiled toward the Joker, and then grabbed the evil supervillain by the shoulders, looking Joker square in the eye.

“All jokes aside, I think we’re onto something exciting here, don’t you think?”

Three erotic fantasies will feature soon… same speedo place, same speedo time.

Prince. 1984. Prince, ., & Revolution (Musical group). (1984). Purple rain: Music from the motion picture. Burbank, CA: Warner Bros.

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