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Defeat and Domination
Part 23 - Bird in the Hand - Part Five
By Scorpio

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Bird in the Hand - Part 5

Joker, Robin, Batman and Superboy, are the property of DC Comics and are referred to in this story on a fan basis only.


Teased to trepidation, tied to brutal machines whipping their beautiful bodies into frenzies of sensation. Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin the Boy Wonder are being played with by their infatuated fans. Miles just adores Swimmerlad, Hunter is drooling over Swimmerboy, and Kyle is creaming himself (almost) over Robin. Their job is twofold, first to bring their assigned hero to the edge of a delicious orgasm and while Scorpio’s pleasure systems hold each hero at the edge, the doorway into their cascading climax, then Miles, Hunter, and Kyle, who have taken a tablet of Jax+ earlier in the pleasure session, will mount each hero’s face in a frenzied sexual eruption, fucking their hungry hero’s lust filled needs and feeding them their Jax+ laced jiz.

Once the booster Jax+ has been deployed to, and ingested by each hero, and they are aroused to erotic heights while entering their orgasmic pathway, Scorpio will activate his CGI, a machine which stimulates each hero’s brain and providing admittance to the erotic fantasies coerced by the Elixir of Eros and driven by their powerful orgasmic pleasure pressure. This studio binding system will record the live footage of each hero’s sexual fantasy. They will have no choice in the matter, the Elixir of Eros stimulating their dopaminergic and serotonergic systems, and the CGI reaching into the deep and primitive subcortical systems of the brain stimulating their already heightened sexual function to a superhuman, and dynamic state of hyper-erotic consciousness. It will be inescapable, and Scorpio will use his access rights to record the flow of erotic fantasy output. For Robin, he will experience powerful and fantastic energy once his brain implant begins to output its diabolical synaptic stimulation.

Joker fixed his beret; it had become dislodged in his enjoyment of Nylon. The henchman was easy game for Joker and Scorpio turned a blind eye to Nylon’s cavorting with Joker. But Joker pushed Nylon aside once he had a mouthful of Nylon’s cum. The moment was super charged with so much fuel, the sounds, and sights of the sexual conquest of three magnificent heroes, the sight of their writhing, straining bodies was all the aphrodisiac Joker needed.

He approached Scorpio who was busy licking Lycra’s bulge. Joker still fixing his comical beret, “yum your henchmen are almost as delicious as your heroes Scorps, by the way, I’m so impressed with Kyle over there, he is treating Robin perfectly, look at how he has Boy Wonder screaming and moaning, fuck me Scorpio, what a show!” Joker wiped Nylon’s cum from the side of his mouth. “Don’t punish Nylon, I had to devour him, this whole thing is making me horny, and it’s so charged, so on edge, Ha, ha, ha, just like our delicious heroes, I mean for god’s sake, don’t light a match in here, B O O M!” Joker’s evil cackle was loud, competing with delicious cries and moans from the pleasure production circle unfolding in the centre of the Studio.

Scorpio dismissed Lycra with a flick of his finger, he was enraged with his own importance and satisfaction, his triumph was only beginning, and he was poised to create the world’s most sought-after erotic content, a porn director’s wet dream! He was already making thousands of dollars by the second with his Speedoflix streams, and once he released his fantasy content, he would enjoy the spoils of becoming one of the most powerful villains in the world, he would be untouchable!

Joker wiped a wad of Nylon’s cum on Scorpio’s face to bring Scorpio back to earth, he was lost in his evil contemplations and Joker’s smiling face dancing around him made Scorpio smile.

“Mmmm, that tastes like Nylon!” Scorpio said with smile on his face. “I love to visit Orgasmo when he has his little obedience sessions with Nylon and Lycra, they cum like trucks every time!” Scorpio said licking his lips. “Orgasmo is a master of sexual obedience training, his work is second to none, you should talk to him about Kyle! Maybe you and Orgasmo can shape Kyle to meet your erotic specifications, maybe!” Scorpio’s smile was evil, as was Joker’s response. Joker always got what he wanted, and he had set his sights on Kyle.

“Thank you, Scorpio, Kyle will do nicely!” Joker had stopped his jester like cackling while he contemplated Kyle’s submission. But he snapped out of his erotic contemplations of Kyle. “But back to business!” He said, walking across the studio and stood looking down toward the centre section of the pleasure ring, he was looking directly into the straining faces of Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin, their heads close to each other, Joker glanced across their bodies, fanning out from the centre of the ring. Three beautiful heroes writhing in harmonious and powerful eruptions of delight, their bodies stretched and helpless in the Generator machines and at their speedo thong bulges, between their powerfully stretched legs, Miles, Hunter, and Kyle, juiced up on Joker’s Jax+, and outrageously horny, like the heroes they were enjoying, were preparing to feed. Swimmerboy was drooling pre-cum from his nylon mound as was Swimmerlad and Robin.

“Dine my darling boys, dine on the nectar of your hero!” Scorpio said, he had joined Joker to watch the beautiful moment of defeat. “They are bound helpless for you, and our little stroker machine has their penises in a turmoil of joy, they cannot free themselves and they cannot escape the intensity of the pleasure caressing their cocks!”

Scorpio looked down toward Swimmerboy, he loved the way his beautiful Swimmerboy was straining, to lift his shoulders, fighting against his stretch of his bondage, trying to control the sensation caressing his speedo thong pouch, the way Swimmerboy’s deep breathing and the sounds of enjoyment escaping his lungs in the torrent of beautiful pleasure was scintillatingly erotic. Scorpio moved in closer to touch his prize, Swimmerboy was in no state to resist, his body a sea of tingling pleasure and when Scorpio caressed the sides of his head, Swimmerboy looked across to his tormentor’s evil face. He tried his best to form his words, but his breathing, his erotic desires were so strong he had to fight through the emotions and desires, his physical body under the stress of such sensational pleasure.

“Y o u Aghhh, Ohh, mummy, f, f, fiend!”

“Cat got your tongue boy?” Scorpio asked, his hands cupping the sides of Swimmerboy’s handsome jawline. “Such a sexy hero, your body is in a world of pleasure and it’s oh so lovely, quite the reward for your torture earlier. Fuck I love it when you scream and even more so when you moan! My sweet, sweet, sex pot toy!”

Swimmerboy thrust his head in a powerful outburst causing Scorpio to back away, and clap, Scorpio glanced toward Joker, his cackling adding to the drowning sounds filling The Studio.

“Ah, ha, hah, ha, ha, ha, hah, ha…” Joker’s evil outburst filled Scorpio with joy.

“Feed Hunter, Feed Miles, Feed Kyle! I want them to the edge of their orgasms, then you can come around here, mount your hero while they eat your speedo bulges and suck your Jax+ laced cum. Feed my little sexpots, feed!” Joker and Scorpio stood clapping as the three apprentices obeyed and their three charged heroes screamed in a mix of delight and apprehension.

Hunter just adored the look of abandon in Swimmerboy’s eyes, he was straining in his bondage, lifting his head to survey what Hunter was up to. Hunter was standing tall, his arms outstretched over Swimmerboy’s stretched body, Hunter was appreciating the pure eroticism of the moment, Swimmerboy’s body twisting, his breathing erratic and his hips moving in syncopation with the Scorpio’s Stroker device. Hunter looked Swimmerboy in the eye, Swimmerboy was gasping at air, looking over his body toward Hunter, and Hunter could almost read the sexual deviance rushing through Swimmerboy’s mind. Hunter then looked down and watched as Swimmerboy’s pre-cum emerged from his trembling wet speedo thong pouch. He admired the beauty of the bulge that Swimmerboy was offering him and to which he had sworn a sacred oath to worship.

And worship was all that was on Hunter’s mind, Hunter’s cock was hard as a rock, just the sight of Swimmerboy’s thong clad body, the drenched garment was supercharging the erotic desires that the Jax+ was stirring inside him.

“Noooooooooo! Yes, oh God!” Swimmerboy’s cries of expectation were scattered amongst his heavy, deep breathing, Swimmerboy was licking his lips and biting his bottom lip, straining, and gazing toward his tormentor.

Hunter cupped the sacred bulge of Swimmerboy in the palms of his hands. Swimmerboy’s most holy place was warm and moist, it was wet, and Hunter enjoyed the feeling of the nylon brushing inside his palms as Swimmerboy lifted his hips, Swimmerboy was screaming in delight and Hunter could feel why; he felt the speedo sensitizer erupt in his palms, he felt the zapping of the energy, pricking into his skin. Hunter could not let go, he was holding Swimmerboy’s magnificent manhood bulge in his hands, he could feel the firmness of Swimmerboy’s genitals fill his hands, it was if he was connecting with the mighty hero in magnificent sexual ways. His hands slid down the sides of the bulge, they glided across the expanse of Swimmerboy’s pouch, he let the pre-jiz lubricate his palms and he felt the pleasure energy follow his hands as the surveyed Swimmerboy’s beauty. The nylon was the most erotic fascination in that moment, he felt the fabric and enjoyed the way Swimmerboy responded to the movement of his palms and fingers while he worshiped his mighty and helpless hero.

“Mmmm, it feels beautiful Swimmerboy, feel the sensual touch of my hands as I worship your beauty my delicious toy, my erotic wet dream, but you’re not a dream, you’re fucking beautiful, you’re fucking sexual and powerless and your mine!” Hunter felt his drugs coursing through his body, he could see the beauty in his captive hero with such clarity. “Writhe for me Swimmerboy!” Hunter was purring.

“Gah!” Swimmerboy cried out between deep breaths. The pleasure was filling his penis and he could not escape the next encroaching pass of the Stroker. It was tantalising his glands, his penis head was on fire and his balls were still buzzing with the last pass, his cock was poised for the next pass, and he felt the pleasure cascade over the ridges of his penis head.

“Gah, Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerboy was in an ocean of sensation. He turned and thrust his hips only fuelling the delight of his tormentor.

Hunter could not take his hands away from his prize, he was infatuated, he was compelled to worship, to devour this mound of pure sexual delight. He let his hands return, sliding over the drenched nylon and he bent down to take a closer look at his supper. His thumbs caressed each side of Swimmerboy’s raging bulge he could feel the buzzing inside the fabric, and he let his fingers caress every part of the mound, Swimmerboy’s genitals were just perfect, he became fascinated with the outline of Swimmerboy’s penis head, the wet fabric providing a delicious facsimile of the organ beneath it, Hunter used his two index fingers to trace the edges, the ridges of Swimmerboy’s cock head, all the time listening to Swimmerboy’s deep primal breathing. Hunter was lost in the hypnotic movement of Swimmerboy’s hips, his pelvis moving in erotic gyrations. Hunter could feel his own penis purring, he felt his pre-cum emerge from his penis and out onto the tight blue nylon fabric of his speedo thong. Hunter’s hardon was screaming, and now, his own lubricants were flowing. He reached down and lifted the globule of his juice from his bulge before it seeped into the fabric of his speedo, thinking to himself, Hmmm, this is just perfect, Scorpio wants to milk me, fuck I can’t wait. He tasted his pre-cum while his thoughts erupted and then he smeared it over the impression of the underside of Swimmerboy’s penis head, displaying so erotically, fascinating him, delighting him.

“Oh, Fuck Me!” Hunter screamed out, his body was tingling, Swimmerboy was writhing and thrusting and bubbling his juices. “Fuck Me!” he screamed again; Hunter was overcome by the majesty of the moment. “I’m going to suck your nectar Swimmerboy, I must feed on your bulge and your juices before I feed you my cum!” Hunter was experiencing a powerful wave of delight, he had Swimmerboy’s oozing spectacular speedo thong pouch at his fingertips, he was caught in an erotic dimension, fuelled by the drugs and his deep-seated lust for Swimmerboy, so perfectly offered to him for his personal enjoyment.

Hunter felt the tingles travel down the sides of his head, down his spine, he was engrossed in the sexual majesty of the moment. He was bending down, his tongue extending to connect with the left-hand side of Swimmerboy’s bubbling bulge. He felt the pleasure energy swarm to the insertion point of his tongue, he listened to Swimmerboy’s high pitched elated cries of satisfaction; the way his mighty bound hero was punctuating his utterances with elated breathing was the feedback that Hunter craved. Swimmerboy was performing perfectly. Hunter only needed to build the turmoil, he wanted to feel Swimmerboy’s penis rise, Hunter was determined to suck on the bulge as long and as hard as he need to encourage this most delectable of superheroes to succumb and give him his erection. Hunter loved the taste, he loved the majesty of the tactile stretch of the nylon, the way the energy zapped and fizzed on his tongue. He could feel the fullness of Swimmerboy’s flaccid penis and as his tongue explored the majestic mound, his hands followed the garment, feeling the way it clung to Swimmerboy’s muscular legs, he followed the edge of the garment to each of Swimmerboy’s hips, it was so erotic, so sensual and beautiful, he was worshiping the speedo, worshipping Swimmerboy, enjoying the beauty and the almost tenderness of the moment, even with Swimmerboy’s trembling writhing body, Hunter obeyed his sexual need, he opened his mouth and took as much mound as he was able, he sucked the scent, he tasted Swimmerboy’s pleasure and he let the energy infest his mouth with the taste of Swimmerboy’s pre-jiz, he was becoming one with Swimmerboy in the most erotic sense, he felt the power of the mighty helpless hero.

“Gah!” the room was filled with sounds of hero submission, he was crying out, but Swimmerboy’s cries of delight just absorbed into the discord, the confluence of sounds filling the pleasure ring, he Swimmerlad and Robin were succumbing to the power of the diabolical Generators feeding them ever increasing waves of decadent sensation, their cocks being stroked into states of erotic transcendence.

Swimmerboy felt the pleasure swirling around his cock, he felt the sucking, he felt Hunter’s enraged appetite, his hot breath, that hungry tongue was lapping him, lashing his bulge, his penis was so sensitive he could feel the stroker pleasuring him from his cock head down his member toward his balls and fanning out inside his balls and titillating his testicles into a state of harmonious sexual resonation, his penis head feeling the next stroke before the previous run had concluded, it was inescapable and constant, it was feeding his erotic thoughts and then there was the flow of his pre-cum, it travelled in the opposite direction, up through his penis toward his cock head, it fed the stroker’s effects complementing the sensation before erupting out and coating his penis in delicious effervescent delight. The two forces were delectable, he couldn’t resist thrusting his hips and the speedo sensitizer erupted with every movement of his body. He was feeding Hunter he was feeding the erotic desires; the fantasies dredged up by the drugs, and his speedo strength could not resist much longer. Scorpio was defeating him; Hunter was devouring him. He was fucking horny beyond all measure and all he could do was scream, scream along with Swimmerlad and Robin.

Scorpio and Joker had them ready to explode.

Swimmerboy felt his penis begin the growth spurt, he could feel Hunter sucking him, goading him, he felt the beauty of the saturated nylon gliding over his growing cock clinging to his beautiful growing member. He could hear Hunter’s slurps, and he could feel Hunter’s hot moist breath welcoming his hardon as it glided, making its way through a sea of sensual slippery light green and white nylon. The pleasure infiltrated every delicious cell in his cock, he could not escape the divinity of the sensation they were directing into his speedo, and his mind was awash in thoughts. Every stroke, every movement of energy down his penis and his juices flowing forward provided a moving nexus of exquisite pleasure the invaded and stimulated his pleasure rod, his cock broadcasting the dynamic power throughout his speedo thong pouch, his body too was a mass of delicious sensation.

Hunter could not suck hard enough, his hungry hands pushing along the extremities of Swimmerboy’s pouch, pushing the sweet nectar toward Swimmerboy’s heaving erection bulge, Hunter had to obtain and drink as much of the sweet hero nectar as he possibly could, he was lost in his worship and he just loved the way his mighty defeated hero was pushing his hips forward pushing his raging bulge of sumptuous pleasure toward his mouth, he sucked and licked, his worship was in a frenzy.

Hunter decided to move his hands around Swimmerboy’s flexing hips, he just loved the rhythm, he and Swimmerboy had developed, well it was the Stroker, the incessant flow of diabolical pleasure that pushed and prodded Swimmerboy, but the hero was seeking the divinity of Hunter’s hungry mouth and when Hunter’s hands caressed the sides of Swimmerboy’s buttocks, when he capped and gently squeezed, as he enjoyed the perfect symmetry of male sexual beauty, caressing both hemispheres of Swimmerboy’s buns, allowing his thumbs to explore the crevasse containing the tight nylon pulled erotically between Swimmerboy’s buns. Hunter could feel the energy raging through the tight stretched fabric of the speedo in response to his thumbs enjoying erotic garment, pulling against Swimmerboy’s taint, the flow of pleasure felt amazing as it shot into his hands and the sounds emanating from Swimmerboy had traversed into delicious cries of such outrageous delight, high pitched, the hero was almost crying, his head throwing upward and downward in fits of abandonment.

Swimmerboy could not escape the beauty of this moment, he didn’t want to escape the beauty of this moment of abandonment to the torrent of sensation his body was experiencing, his speedo magnifying the pleasure thousands of times, he was lost in the different aspects, layers, and nuances of the pleasure, always fluctuating, and his penis the epicentre! He wanted Hunter to eat him, he wanted to cum so badly and the pre-cum flows were filling him with divine and erotic fascination, he was captivated by the way his body was pumping such divine nectar and how Hunter lapped his juice offering up, he could not escape the pleasure pressure lassoing his penis head, it was outrageous and Hunter was fixed to it, suckling from it, drawing his juices though his penis with such deft and skill, energising his pleasure as he fed.

Deep inside him, the drugs were on fire, he was hyper-horny and his mind awash in fantasy, but he had to try and supress it. His Speedo Strength was going to be insufficient; he could feel the pleasure eating away at his power stores, chunk by chunk, slurp by slurp, Hunter was feeding not only on his plentiful juices, but every pound of magnificent pleasure, he was conjuring, Hunter was slowly eating away his Speedo Strength.

Once again Scorpio was draining him in such delicious and diabolical ways and as he felt the first flickers of orgasmic delight begin to emerge into his cock, Swimmerboy knew Scorpio was well on the way to defeating him again. The Orgasm would be long, he knew it! It was Scorpio’s favourite way of torturing him. He knew his ejaculation would be denied, and Scorpio would use his diabolical speedo AI to build and construct the orgasmic pressure over time, he wondered if Scorpio would be able to control Robin’s orgasm as completely and diabolically as he had proven to be able to control, he and Swimmerlad’s climaxes so comprehensively in the past.

Robin felt it developing, he was in a state of furious struggle, his bondage was so tight, it was pulling his beautiful athletic body apart and every wave of sumptuous tingles across his smooth, shiny skin was driving him to distraction, he was fucking helpless, but somehow, he felt erotically charged, he had this beautiful horny man worshiping him, this guy was working his bulge, enjoying his sexuality, his green speedo mound of Robin meat like a crazed vampire, he felt Kyle’s hot breath all over his bulge, it set off the sensational ripple effect of the Speedo Sensitizer and his penis was on fire, especially his cock head, it was divinity and beauty combined into exquisite pleasure beyond his wildest dreams and his mind, his mind was being powered by his growing need to expand into an erotic world, it was inescapable and indescribable it was as if his penis, his entire Robin bulge, the masses and layers of pleasure were integrating in his speedo, his chest and in his mind.

Robin threw his head in different directions trying to dislodge the thoughts, it was a vain effort to disconnect from the world that was somehow knocking on the door of his consciousness, he did his best, his body was a fury of sensational pleasure, traversing and stimulating every cell in his body. He had become ravenous, sexually, and physically, he tried but it was clearly impossible to control the drugs and the power of the implant that continued to warm the back of his head and the top of his brain stem, that ominous warmth combined with the tempest of desire and hunger was an ominous display of Scorpio’s diabolical power.

Strangely enough, in the mist, and mire surrounding him, amid a germinating orgasm and the feeling of his hardening penis at the mercy of Kyle’s incessant sucking and long strokes of his tongue across the pouch and bulge of his speedo thong, his raging sexual appetite and erotically charged thoughts, Robin could hear what seemed like the distant cackle of his arch enemy, Joker.

“…On with the show…” Joker was cackling and singing his latest favourite Looney Tunes song again.

But the sounds of his evil and sadistic enemy triggered something deep inside him, it was only a flicker at this stage amid his subjugation into the realms of erotic decadence, but it was there! He needed to devise his escape and the escape of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. But that was all, maybe it was a part of Batman’s deep training methods, Batman’s own secret sexual domination of Robin, that the Boy Wonder had despised up till now, but it was a flicker of a hope, deep inside the raging torrent of physical and sexual torture he, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were being inflicted with.

The spike of pleasure being drawn through his penis by a huge wad of pre-cum quickly realigned Robin’s mind to the sumptuous beauty infesting his bulge. He was desperately looking up from his tight bonds which were pulling his arms unforgivingly away from his body, he strained his shoulders, they were tingling and sexually charged and the flexing of his arms and shoulders in the desperate attempt to view his mound of pleasure was outrageously erotic, Kyle too was working his mouth, working his tongue up the ridge of Robin’s penis, he was somehow directing the flow of his Boy Wonder juice as it traversed the inside of his cock, using the Stroker’s diabolical pleasure infestation and delighting the inside of his cock with unbelievable beauty. And the look in Kyle’s eyes as their gaze met in that moment of erotic decadence was charged with emotion, charged with passion. Robin instinctively thrust his hips into the warm delight of Kyle’s mouth and the decadent pleasure being whipped up by his worshipper’s tongue. Robin felt Kyle’s hands frantically exploring his sexy tight, perfect buttocks, his arse crack such an erotic destination for hungry sex craved fingers and the sensations delighting his buttocks were almost as beautiful as the pleasure in his bulge. His penis was God in that moment, his testicles were part of the divine omnipotence of pleasure that he was experiencing. Their gaze in that moment felt like hours and Robin’s cries of delight harmonised with Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad.

The Studio was producing, it was creating the sexual depravity that drove Scorpio, inspiring him to new heights of evil, it was his sexual delight, and Joker could see it in Scorpio’s face, Joker was impressed. The entire Studio was on fire with creativity, and sexual power. Scorpio spinning around and screaming above the din and confluence of sights and sounds reverberating around his playroom.

“Welcome! Welcome boys, welcome to your cornucopia of copulation, your access rights to the erotic vista of heaven; an orgasmic ride into fantasy, your access all areas pass to nirvana!”

Scorpio held out his hand and pointed to one of the huge, curved screens that surrounded his diabolical studio, and the screen came to life with a shimmering test pattern, just like the ones used by television broadcasters and as he spun around slowly with his pointing arm and finger, each huge panel flickered to life, the room was being surrounded by the screens which would display the visions of sexual decadence in the next phase of his devious plan.

Joker was just beside himself!

“Fun, fun, fun boys!” Joker screeched running around the extremities of the trio of helpless heroes, licking their feet as he skipped along in his merry way. “Where are you going to take us?” he laughed skipping back to Scorpio and producing his next little prop in a theatrical exuberance.

“BAM! There you go Scorps!” Joker produced an ‘admit one’ ticket. “Sorry I didn’t bring any choc tops or popcorn, but there’s lots of creamy treats over there.” Joker laughed pointing toward the crazed trio of heaving writhing and moaning heroes.

Scorpio tolerated the antics of Joker, he though, was focussed on his prize, he wanted to see Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s demise once more, he could not satiate his craving to see them pay and pay every day for their crimes against him and his diabolical ventures. Robin was just more cream on top of his triumph, but he understood Joker’s delight watching Robin’s sexual conquest playing out inside his Generator. It was just a lifetime dream to have such heroic beauty in his clutches and to watch their erotic defeat.

Scorpio also focused on the business side of his little sexual sound stage venture. He motioned for Lycra to man the camera, he wanted to address his global audience, his horny band of cashed up subscribers on the Speedoflix live stream.

“You’re in for a treat my dear subscribers!” Scorpio looked intently at the camera and with a huge smile on his face, he played along with Joker’s little prank, producing his ‘admit one’ ticket and holding it in front of him.

Lycra focused the camera on the ticket and as he did Joker stepped into the frame, he could not resist the limelight for one second more. Lycra adjusted the camera and Scorpio took the lead as Lycra moved the camera backwards to capture both evil villains and the scene of three helplessly writhing heroes being eaten up in frenzies of sexual exuberance behind them. Scorpio pretended to be an on-the-spot reporter, taking a microphone from Lycra.

“We are here at the scene, tell me Joker, what have you witnessed here?” Scorpio held the microphone to his star witness.

“Well, I was just walking by and noticed three of the most erotic young heroes EVER, tied up!” Joker loved playing the witness and put on a shocked face.

“And… what happened next?” Scorpio returned the microphone to himself as the interviewer and then back to Joker.

“They were like so horny, they had been tantalized or something for hours, they were so beautiful, stretched and helpless, their hips were slowly thrusting, I think they had been forced to take special drugs. Fuck, I couldn’t get over it, how delicious and hot they looked.” Joker tried his best to suppress an evil outburst of merriment, but a short, sharp hoot escaped his lips. “Woo hoo, oh sorry!” His look was electric, and Scorpio took his lead, continuing the interview.

“So, they were drugged up, did you notice anything else?” Scorpio enquired.

“Their super speedos, oh god, fuck they were just delectable, some genius had turned their nylon speedos into thongs, it was like driving them wild with what looked like pleasure, and their bulging pouches were unbelievably beautiful, fuck man, you just couldn’t keep your eyes off such magnificent beauty. I wanted to feel them, touch them, taste them so bad!” Joker’s eyes were popping for the camera, he was really enjoying the interview knowing that the audience were paying dearly for the privilege of watching the show.

“Understandable Mr Joker, did you recognise these heroes?” Scorpio enquired.

“Oh yeah, it was none other than, oh, fuck me drunk, it was Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad, and get this, The Boy Wonder himself, fucking Robin, you know from the er, Dynamic Dunderheads!” Joker rubbed himself sexually for the camera. “A trio of sexual beauty helplessly writhing! Fuck me, it’s so gorgeous and decadent!”

“…And here you are in my, er Scorpio’s latest extravaganza - the Studio. Can you describe what has been happening here?” Scorpio waved his hand around the studio, motioning toward the three writhing heroes, and the massive screens surrounding the room. It was Lycra’s cue to pan his camera around the room for the viewers. He then returned the camera’s attention back toward Joker’s smiling face. Joker was motioning for Lycra to zoom in for a close-up of his excited face.

“Yes, thanks Scorps, ha, ha, ha!” Joker just had to throw in an evil outburst of laughter.

“Oops, got a bit carried away!” Joker was looking intently into the camera, his head bobbing around erratically like a crazed man.

“So, the Studio has been erected, ha, ha, ha, get it, erected, ha, ha, ha, so we can bring each of our gorgeous boys here to the edge and emergence of a massive orgasm of energy. You see, my lovely viewers, Scorpio’s systems can create and hold superheroes at any stage of pleasure he chooses. They can’t escape! It is just genius!” Joker’s head pivoted from side to side quickly in a controlled outburst of merriment, “…we have them tied into, restrained in devices called Generators, diabolical machines, filling their cocks, and their speedos with delicious sexual enjoyment, the pleasure is copious and bountiful, it is inescapable, and it is slowly draining Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad of their delicious Speedo Strength. Robin here,” Joker motioned toward the Boy Wonder, “…has a new brain implant that is controlling his sexual function too! He doesn’t get to drain any superpower, but he gets to use his athletic abilities to endure his pleasure onslaught. Ha, ha, ha!” Another evil smiled flashed for the camera.

“Go on…” Scorpio encourage Joker.

“So!” There was a pause, Joker loved the drama. “We’ve given our delectable desperado dunderheads a cocktail of charismatic chemicals!” First a lovely dose of Jax+, thanks to Orgasmo for letting us use his Aphrodisium as a base, we added the distilled nectar of Superboy, and created a compound so captivating and exhilarating, that makes them ravenous, sexually primed, and rapacious. We have three of the horniest, most beautiful young heroes on the face of the planet writhing toward the edge of their orgasms! I mean listen…” Joker put his fingers to his ears motioning toward the three screaming heroes.

“Yes, they sound to be having a great time Joker!” Scorpio pretended to be trying to shout over the cacophony of sounds filling the Studio.

Joker jumped up and down, motioning Lycra to return the camera to him.

“We have also dosed them up on Orgasmo’s Elixir of Eros! If you haven’t already seen Milk Bar, you really must!” Joker pretended to be a film critic! “…Anyway, this delicious compound stirs up their fantasies, there deepest sexual desires, and boosted by the Jax+ we intend to use their Generator machines to tap that stream of erotic fantasy and record it!” Joker’s screeching and cackling filled the Studio and clashed with the moans and erotic outbursts from the pleasure central.

Scorpio and Joker then moved closer to the three Generators, and Scorpio directed Lycra to return the camera to him.

“Thank you, Joker! As you can see behind us, our three delectable heroes are in the midst of their pleasuring, they cannot escape my restraint system, and we have deployed a pleasure system inspired by Joker. The Stroker is delicious program that energises their cock heads, it plays with every sensitive and delectable, delicate pleasure generating glands on their penis. It toys with the ridges of their penis heads and then once it has built up enough pleasure energy it slowly makes its way down their penis, pleasuring them exquisitely. Their speedo bulges are sensitized by my ever ready, very hungry speedo sensitizer system. It works to magnify the pleasure sensation without mercy, their cocks are literally containers of awesome, delicious energy. So, you can understand their motivations for such spectacular cries and moans of sheer delight!” It was Scorpio’s turn to jump up and down like a crazed man!

“Soon, my delicious subscribers, these heroes will reach the edge of their massive orgasm. I won’t let their orgasms develop for quite some time!” Scorpio was looking serious; he had stopped jumping around like crazed clown. “They will be the three horniest heroes on the planet, gasping for air, gasping for pleasure and deep inside their beautiful young heads, their sexual fantasies will be ripe and ready for recording, I’ll be acting as the best boy on set, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha and Joker, ha, ha, ha will be the dolly grip, ha, ha, ha, he is good at ‘gripping’!” Scorpio was having a blast.

Joker jumped into the camera.

“He he, I’m back, your favourite dolly grip, that’s me!” His outburst of laughing and screeching was evil, and he produced his prize vial of Jax+.

Joker had positioned himself, motioning Lycra to move around to get he and Scorpio in the shot and behind them and over their shoulders Miles could be seen feeding and slurping on Swimmerlad’s convulsing hot mound of oozing juices. Joker posed with his hand pointing backward to the delicious scene behind them, but he and Scorpio were looking directly into the camera.

“Now everyone out in Speedo land you might have noticed our three beautiful boys, our dynamic dunderheads, and spectacular speedo stars are being worshiped right now by equally beautiful and very sexy attendants; Miles here has a big crush (like, dare I say, many of you) on Swimmerlad, he’s already confessed to masturbating just thinking about Swimmerlad, can’t blame him, can we? Anyways, he has a mouthful of Swimmerlad speedo bulge right now, and he is about to change ends and fuck Swimmerlad’s face. You see dear subscribers, Miles here, and Kyle, and Hunter, I’d get them to smile for the camera, but they have their mouths full and its rude to speak with your mouth full!” Joker put his fingers in Scorpio’s mouth playfully. “…Well, they took a Jax+ pill a while back, and Scorpio has been denying their orgasms for some time, so they are full of jiz, lots of jiz and it is now laced with my Jax+, that’s right kiddos, Swimmerboy Swimmerlad and Robin are so majestically horny right now, they are literally demanding their loyal and devoted attendants to suck their bulges dry! They will get a feast of Miles’, Kyle’s, and Hunter’s Jax+ booster cum very soon. I don’t think it will take too long, I mean look at how horny Miles is, he cannot get enough of that pleasure torrenting through Swimmerlad’s penis, broadcasting through Swimmerlad’s beautiful bulge into Miles’ mouth, and the taste of the sweet pre-cum, irresistible.” Joker was looking serious and then looked to Scorpio, it was a cue for Lycra to turn the focus toward Scorpio.

Scorpio provided the next commentary on the delicious scene unfolding behind them.

“Orgasmo will oversee the next stage of our hero defeat, the scene is set, but unfortunately we won’t have silence on the set! It’s going to get tempestuous my delicious subscribers, you’re going to get your money’s worth.” Scorpio flashed his evil smile and glanced toward Joker who was producing another ‘Admit One’ ticket for the camera.

Scorpio continued.

“You all have front row seats to the next all action, all bondage sexual romp of fantasy. I hope you have your popcorn, er poppers and lube ready! Ha, ha, ha! Once our delicious production assistants have delivered their Jax+ laced cum boosters to their helpless heroes, Orgasmo will oversee the delivery of each orgasm, the Generators will control the orgasmic frequencies and depth, they will be denied ejaculation throughout the fantasy formation and recording process. Our delicious heroes will endure pleasure levels so exquisite, sumptuous pleasure will infest and radiate from their speedo thong bulges throughout their beautiful writhing bodies. You will witness their helpless bodies lost in an orgasmos so rich, so expansive, you will see them spurting, this will be primarily pre-cum, the organic orgasmic pressure pulverising their cocks will pump it, but their copulation and production of sumptuous and creamy ejaculate will be approved by me, once I am satisfied with the quality and volume of each fantastical erotic fantasy recorded on our cinematic vista vision of delight. Fantastic fantasy is what we are shooting tonight and once we have shot that, we’ll let our special speedo clad heroes shoot for the stars!” Joker took Scorpio by the shoulders and squeezed him hard as the pair of cackling evil villains erupted in an evil outburst of hilarity.

Once calmed down, Joker looked to the camera, he was still holding Scorpio by the shoulders.

“Time to harden up! Ha, Ha, Ha” Joker motioned for Orgasmo to join them.

“You’re a genius Orgasmo! These Generators are just too effective!” Joker started a new interview with Orgasmo.

“Thank you, Joker!” Orgasmo replied.

“Explain to our devoted cinephiles what delights you have instore for our helpless young heroes.”

Orgasmo’s smile was electric “I thought you’d never ask! Well, once we have Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin’s erections throbbing, we will broadcast the delicious penile growth spurts to everyone, you can choose from three views, one for each hero. Their erection is the gateway to their orgasm. Orgasms are very complex processes in the human male and these three virile young men are primed and ready!”

Joker looked toward the camera and then motioned to Swimmerlad’s beautiful straining body. “Mm, Swimmerlad is one sexual demon, I mean look at that body, his handsome face looks so beautiful all screwed up as he moans and screams!” Joker returned the focus back to Orgasmo.

Orgasmo took his cue, “I mean Swimmerlad here, is experiencing a major communication between his penis and his deep brain organs just above his spinal cord, his Hypothalamus is very busy right now and it is priming what we call the spinal ejaculation centre, Scorpio has this locked down right now, our heroes, will endure an extended orgasm, the muscles in their powerful penises are the most virile, strong muscles of any human being on this planet, save maybe Superboy, these muscles normally work to shoot a cocktail of semen shots, however we have shut down the delivery of the semen. Their bodies will keep trying, and their orgasms will develop over time, they will become filled with outrageous delights; their cocks, their speedo pouches will be singing choruses, divine hymns of delight will relegate them into a pleasure vortex, the very power needed by their Generators and their cocktail of erotic drugs to access their secret sexual fantasies. Now we need to ‘shoot’ lots of footage and believe me they will want to shoot too! Ha, ha, ha! But their denial of a cum flow will be so torturous and so evil! Their bodies will crave it, their bondage will become their masters as they writhe in orgasmic bliss. Then, once we have the enough fantasy footage, enough palatial porn, and tantalizing takes, we might allow them to ejaculate.”

Joker pretended to display an explosion for the camera, his little pantomime set him into a spin before turning back to the camera.

“Thanks, Orgasmo, we need to talk, I love your equipment, Ha, ha, ha! Now back to business kiddos, let’s take a closer look at Swimmerlad as we watch him man up, grow up and expand into a super orgasmic beautiful and oh so helpless hero, we’re going in, into his pleasure, into his mind, and into his ravenous erotic fantasies. FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS, cabin crew, prepare the cabin for TAKEOFF!”

Joker was in his element and started to sing his Looney Tunes theme song again “on with the show this it…”

Lycra moved closer to Swimmerlad, he panned the camera across Swimmerlad’s heaving body, he focused on different muscle groups all straining and flexing, Swimmerlad was twisting and striving in his bonds, his body stretched and glistening in the lights of the Studio, his head pushing upwards then backwards, his breathing erratic and loud hisses of air and saliva were jettisoning from his mouth. He could see the faces of Swimmerboy and Robin so close to him, but communication at this point of the pleasure process was impossible. They were each inconsolable, moaning and hissing, their cries were music to each of the triumphant villains overseeing the pleasure milking process.

Lycra focussed on Miles, well the top of Miles’ head, he was deep into a feeding frenzy, his face firmly planted in Swimmerlad’s speedo thong pouch, his mouth engaged in the worship of Swimmerlad’s nectar producing drenched, nylon clad bulge. Miles was unable to communicate either, he was inside his own drug fuelled erotic trance as Swimmerlad’s heaving bulk of beautiful muscle writhed in perfect harmony with Miles’ insatiable desire for Swimmerlad’s bulge. Swimmerlad so hyped on Jax+, couldn’t resist the power of the machine and the drugs, he thrust his hips into Miles’ face so erotically, with such pronounced evocable delight, Miles was unable to resist. Swimmerlad’s production of pre-cum in overdrive, and every deep stroke of the stroker driving him deeper into the pit of orgasmic decadence.

Orgasmo slowly and carefully put his arms around Miles, he needed to pry Miles from his prize, he was worshiping at the altar of sumptuous and sacred bulge, drinking the plentiful nectar of his hero, but he obeyed Orgasmo. He slowly lifted from his pulpit of pleasure and looked toward Orgasmo’s loving look, Miles was trembling, his mouth still open, he was covered in Swimmerlad’s juices, he was the happiest man on earth, save for Hunter and Kyle.

“You are enjoying your delicious meal of Swimmerlad?” Orgasmo ran his fingers through Miles’ mop of long wet fair, Miles’ beauty was not lost on Orgasmo, and Orgasmo had had several hypno-pleasure sessions with Scorpio’s favourite trainee villain, Miles.

Miles licked his lips and lifted his trembling hands for Orgasmo to inspect, they too were covered in pre-jiz, sweet Swimmerlad syrup. Below them Swimmerlad’s heaving speedo bulge was bubbling with every pump and flexion of his hips.

Orgasmo spoke calmy and lovingly to Miles, it was loud enough for the camera too, “He is truly beautiful, you shall feed more my dear Miles, but it is time for you to enjoy his penis even more! We have released Swimmerlad’s erection inhibitor for the camera; Swimmerlad may try to use his remaining Speedo Strength to resist, but you must be stoic, be patient in your worship of his penis beneath the sumptuous nylon; goad its growth, devour it as is grows, it will be a divine moment, Miles, you will triumph over the mighty, the exquisite Swimmerlad, guide his growing cock so that his bulge displays every millimetre of his hard rod to you, you are its master, you are the master of Swimmerlad’s penis, do you understand Miles?”

Somehow the words of Orgasmo triggered inside Miles’ head, those long hours in Orgasmo’s very private pleasure lab, the hours of pleasure programming burst inside Miles’ head, once Orgasmo spoke the trigger phrase; ‘you are the master of Swimmerlad’s penis’.

Miles knew what he had to do, it was automatic and oh so natural, Orgasmo’s conditioning only built on Miles’ own innate desire for hero bulge.

Miles looked at his beautiful writhing Swimmerlad, he had both hands on the inside of Swimmerlad’s straining upper legs, they were stretched unforgivingly, allowing Miles access to the speedo thong, the bulge of the gods, Miles stood tall surveying Swimmerlad, drinking in the beauty of his hero’s struggling body, the look of abandonment and deep defiance mixed into one delicious expression mortared over Swimmerlad’s beautiful, sexy face. He licked his lips and bit his bottom lip, looking directly into the dreamy eyes of Swimmerlad. He so enjoyed the way Swimmerlad trembled when his thumbs began to worship the extremities of the bulge.

He felt the soft and spongy response of Swimmerlad’s balls, the testicles were vibrating, and Miles could feel the Stroker’s powerful energy traversing along the length of Swimmerlad’s penis and then enveloping Swimmerlad’s balls so deliciously. Swimmerlad’s bulge radiated sexual power, divine pleasure and Miles was helplessly compelled to worship its beauty.

Swimmerlad’s moans filled Miles with tingles, their eyes had not unlocked from their erotic gaze. Miles knew every millimetre of his captive’s bulge, he was a Swimmerlad connoisseur a master of bulge and he was determined.

His fingers followed his thumbs, and he worshiped the mound of packed nylon exquisitely. Lycra’s camera capturing every movement of Miles’ deft handiwork. Miles could feel exactly where the Stroker was, the powerful blast of pleasure shot into his fingers as soon as they met the Stroker.

Miles purred. Swimmerlad screamed. They were locked in a lewd dance so erotic, so diabolical.

The Stroker acknowledged Miles’ fingers. It followed Miles’ lead as if locked to Swimmerlad’s penis and Miles’ fingers. Miles was in control of the bulge; he was in control of the burst of pleasure energy enthralling Swimmerlad.

“Noooooooooooooo!” Swimmerlad cried out, his head firmly erect, looking, pleading into Miles’ eyes as his moans and cries of delight reverberated through his restrained powerful body.

Miles smiled back to Swimmerlad with his eyes, he communicated his control of Swimmerlad, his tongue licking his lips. Miles moved his fingers along the snaking limp penis, he could feel the Stroker energy following his fingers, and the look on Swimmerlad’s face as the condensed pleasure energy invaded his penis was making Miles even more determined.

Miles spoke to Swimmerlad in a tone so evil, so controlling and erotic.

“I want your erection hero!” Miles bit his bottom lip and gave Swimmerlad that naughty look, urging his hero to submit.

Swimmerlad hissed “Nooooooo!”

“Give it to me Swimmerlad, I am the master of your bulge, I command your penis, I command your pleasure, hero. I’ll say it again - I want your erection!”

Swimmerlad’s trembles were becoming seismic, his hips quaked with every movement of Miles’ expert devotion to his bulge. He could not escape the divine beauty infesting his cock, the radiating pleasure filling his bulging pouch of nylon and the way the delicious sensation shot between his buttocks, he was in a world of beauty and his thoughts were becoming dirtier and dirtier by the moment.

Miles moved his fingers tracing Swimmerlad’s cock. The meat so tender, so juicy, his meal was the most beautiful thing on earth to Miles in that moment of drug fuelled exhilaration; the way the wet nylon caressed his fingers, and the beauty of the flaccid buzzing penis was unbelievably erotic, the way the pouch of green and white fabric clung to the hero’s spectacular body, rising, and falling with every sensual flexion of Swimmerlad’s hips. Miles admired the bumps of Swimmerlad’s abs, his deep breathing causing his body to heave inside his blanket of pleasure, Swimmerlad was a picture of bound heroic beauty, he was all Miles’ to play with.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerlad’s moan was deep and carnal, it matched the feeling of joy that flooded Miles’ body, Miles felt the first stirring of Swimmerlad’s penis rising, the mighty Swimmerlad, was succumbing to the arousal systems, the drugs, his mighty Speedo Strength depleting, his erection was forming.

“That’s it beautiful Swimmerlad, the larger your penis, the more pleasure I can give you my sumptuous helpless hero!” Miles was caressing the sides of the forming erection, and he gently squished the next bulb of clear pre-cum over the beautiful underside of Swimmerlad’s penis head, it was displaying erotically beneath the speedo, he could see the beauty of it shining through, drawing his attention. Miles had Swimmerlad’s attention as well as Lycra’s attention with his camera capturing every erotic moment.

The pleasure was unimaginably sumptuous for Swimmerlad, his body extending and arched, his muscles quivering and vibrating, his cries of delight cascading out of his mouth, and he was salivating while Miles massaged Swimmerlad’s hypersensitive penis head through the speedo. Lycra had zoomed in on the mass of speedo bulge pleasure, the camera lapping up the lustful scene for the Speedoflix audience and right on cue Swimmerlad screamed, the Speedo Sensitizer erupting across the surface of his speedo pouch, drawing a massive wad of pre-cum flooding his penis in new layer of condensed pleasure energy.

Miles was looking at the camera, his fingers buzzing, he could feel the massive explosion building, his fingers goading the wad of juice, drawing the pleasure, he ensured that he bought it to the top of Swimmerlad’s now erect cock.

“Explode my delicious hero, it will be your most beautiful yet and bring you to the brink of your orgasm. Explode Swimmerlad!” Miles’ fingers toyed with the ridges of Swimmerlad’s raging, mass of pleasure, the edges of Swimmerlad’s cock head were immersed in a field sumptuous energy.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeee, Ngahhhhhhhh!” Swimmerlad’s head shot upward to watch the explosion, he could see his seething mass of penis pleasure oozing through his straining speedo and then BAM! His face was covered in warm nectar. His hips were quivering, Miles was laughing with evil undertones and Lycra had caught the explosive jettison of pre-cum in slow motion.

The pleasure did not abate! Persisting, unrelenting sensation pumped his bulge, it invaded his boy pussy, toying with his prostate, he was in an inescapable world of sensation, the promise of an orgasm flickering deep inside his anatomy.

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhh, Noooooooooo!” he was crying in delight, throwing his head in different directions desperately trying to make sense of the erotic sensation, filling his bulge, radiating through his body and driving his thoughts, he heard the voice of the Shaman in the midst of his head, and at that point, he knew, he was destined to re-enter the jungle, the temple of pleasure was awaiting him, deep inside his fantasy; he could not escape. He cried out in desperation once more.


The Generator spoke: Swimmerlad has entered the orgasmic generation stage, fantasy extractors deployed, synchronising with the Elixir of Eros elements. Please initiate booster drugs for maximum performance. The Generator had come to life and Swimmerlad felt the bodily tingles intensify, he felt them creeping across his skull, pulsing into his brain.

He was ravenous, his mind was a flood of pictures of guys in speedos, thongs, he craved the bondage, he needed cum, he needed it badly, he craved bulge, hot sexy, steamy moist bulge! He pulled on his wrist restraints in a mad effort to grab Miles, he wanted to devour his sexy tormentor, it was all he could think of. But during this sexual decadence, amid his chest almost exploding with excitement and his mind full of erotic thoughts and the creeping emergence of the Shaman returning to his thoughts, he heard Robin and Swimmerboy. They too were screaming, Hunter and Kyle had been working them too and as he glanced backwards, he caught Robin’s enraged look of sexual abandonment, then he felt the splash of pre-cum. It was Robin’s, he too was spurting, and the Boy Wonder’s eyes looked as if they were ready to poke out of his sexy red mask.

But Swimmerlad’s attention was distracted almost immediately, Miles had made his way to the central section of the pleasure array, he stood looking at the three straining faces of Swimmerlad, Swimmerboy and Robin, each in a world of desire and eroticism, sexual fires ablaze and fanned by their Generators and the drugs. The machines were beginning to glow and pulse, and Miles was so horny, he was shaking with excitement, his cock was rock hard inside his red speedo, he was wet, really wet and his body was instantly attracted to Swimmerlad’s head rocking up and down incessantly. Swimmerlad was begging Miles, his look so depraved, so needy, so taken by the power of the Generator and the drugs working in concert.

Miles coated his finger from his moist straining speedo thong bulge and then stepped over to Swimmerlad ensuring his wet speedo was right in Swimmerlad’s face and bent down to gloat over his prize, he brushed his finger beneath Swimmerlad’s nose, letting the crazed hero, inhale in his scent and then he brushed his finger on Swimmerlad’s bottom lip.

“Mmmm, so sweet Swimmerlad, my gorgeous sex-pot!” Miles said licking his lips slowly.

Swimmerlad could not stop thrusting his hips, the sensitizer was delivering the perfect level and volume of sexual stimulation to his bulge and up his rectum to keep Swimmerlad perfectly ravenous. Miles just loved the look of chained, restrained beauty and power, stretched out and writhing for his enjoyment. He didn’t let his moment of triumph go to waste, surveying and admiring his beautiful Swimmerlad.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhh, p, p pleaaaase M, Miles… Ner, need your bulge, I want your delicious cock in my mouth! Swimmerlad was so ravenous, he was almost demanding his tormentor to mount his face, he remembered how Miles had teased him earlier, before Miles started to worship his speedo, it was now his turn to worship Miles! Swimmerlad was hankering for Miles, his eyes firmly attached to every movement of Miles’ raging wet nylon mound, he had the scent in his mind, it was feeding the desires and the sight of Miles playing with his own bulge in an evocative show, the way he ran his finger along the length of his delicious erection straining inside the delicious red nylon, Miles then turned and flashed his buns, Miles was proud of his buttocks and used them to their full advantage ensuring Swimmerlad’s eyes did not falter. They were planted on every sexual asset that Miles was offering the voraciously hungry superhero.

“Want a piece of this sexy Swimmerlad?” Miles asked after he turned again to face and straddle Swimmerlad’s face, while tracing the extremities of his speedo thong pouch. “It is so moist and ready to pop! Want some nice warm sexy hot milk?” Miles was playing with the tip of his bulge. “Hot nylon bulge, just like Swimmerboy’s but with a twist of Miles! Mm, I know you want to lick it hero boy. I have a payload of delicious cum with your name on it Swimmerlad!”

Swimmerlad was salivating, trying to break his bonds desperately, but he wasn’t trying to escape, he wanted to grab Miles and devour him, he was so horny, horny for everything Miles was offering to him. “I w, want yer, y, y you!”

Miles deployed his sexiest look, grabbing his cascading hair, and pulling it back over his shoulders, flexing his muscles and slowly thrusting his pelvis. He licked his lips, looking directly at Swimmerlad. “I know you want it Swimmerlad!” he said, his voice delicious and sexual.

Swimmerlad, thrust his hips, he cried out straining in his bondage, the spray of pre-cum deliciously filling his cock with sumptuous pleasure as his Generator machine pulverised his bulge. “Fuck!” Swimmerlad cried out, his mouth open trying to catch his flying pre-cum spray, but most of it had coated Miles’ back.

Booster drugs required for maximum performance! The Generator too was becoming insistent.

“Well, that’s my cue Swimmerlad!” Miles stated.

Swimmerlad felt the tingles enveloping his skin, they were caressing his head in frantic frequencies of delight and his bulge was pounding with delicious energy. He could feel orgasmic pleasure preparing to fire, and the machine was allowing it to surge up and down the inside of his rock-hard cock like VU meter displaying a hypnotic beat. Swimmerlad was in sexual heaven, he was entering a new dimension of excitement. He could hear Swimmerboy and Robin too, they were only feet from him, but they could have been miles away, he was inside a tornado of sexual and erotic urges, and he was only focussed on the beauty of Miles’ bulge. It was all he could see, red, delicious nylon encased Miles’ beautiful balls and rock-hard cock, it was majestically sumptuous, the curves, the scent, the folds of fabric, the way it tightly clung to the tops of Miles’ legs and how it bunched below Miles’ balls before disappearing between Miles’ legs, it was beautiful, outrageously sexual.

Miles’ bent down and ran his fingers through Swimmerlad’s hair, and he could feel the mighty hero trembling with the erotic excitement. Miles too was trembling, his drugs were at a peak, he was horny beyond measure, but he enjoyed toying with Swimmerlad’s beautiful face, those handsome features and the expression of depraved carnal desire was overwhelmingly erotic to him. He gripped Swimmerlad’s head and pulled it toward his waiting heaving, red, pleasure filled bulge.

“Lick it Swimmerlad, lick it!”

His hero worshipped him, Miles threw his head into the air, his wet dream, blonde, spectacular superhero hunk was worshiping him, the moment was electric, his penis felt electric as well. As Swimmerlad sucked and licked and devoured his balls, and as Swimmerlad, drunk with sexual passion, fed, Miles could feel his germinating orgasm. He leaned forward slightly, ensuring Swimmerlad had access to the full length of his hard-as-steel cock, he pushed his raging bulge into Swimmerlad’s face so that Swimmerlad could enjoy the fullness of his erection, up and down, he rubbed it and pushed it slowly, he allowed his moans of delight synchronise with delicious moans exiting Swimmerlad’s busy mouth, the vibrations of Swimmerlad’s breathing and moaning helped the orgasm to become rich and meaty, filling his cock with beautiful enjoyment, the power of the pleasure was excruciating beautiful to Miles.

He hadn’t realised it, he was so lost in enjoying his deliciously horny hero, but Hunter and Kyle had also mounted Swimmerboy and Robin. Three majestically charged heroes, were eating, were literally devouring the three drugged up apprentices. Miles finally looked up and it was Hunter’s glistening and radiating face he saw first. Hunter’s eyes were popping, his mouth opening, he was starting to cum. Hunter grabbed Miles’ head and pulled their heads closer.

“Fuck, your beautiful, especially when you have a fucking beautiful and horny hero eating you, Miles!” Hunter’s voice was full of pent-up passion.

Miles was entering his orgasm too! He smiled at Hunter, and kissed him, Miles tasted sweet Swimmerboy nectar in Hunter’s mouth, he held Hunter’s head tightly, leaning into the kiss, so as not to disturb Swimmerlad’s frenzied feeding.

“Gahhhhhh!” Miles moaned into Hunter’s mouth as their orgasms exploded.

“Aghhh, Eeeeeeeeeeeee!” It was Kyle, Kyle was facing the opposite direction to Miles and Hunter, he too was cumming, he was facing Robin’s bulge, Kyle hadn’t taken his eyes off his prize, he was besotted with the Boy Wonder and was leaning into Robin’s heaving sex crazed body, Kyle was fucking Robin’s face with such power and devotion, the Boy Wonder’s moans of depravity were being distorted. Kyle was ejaculating into Robin’s mouth, he felt Robin’s mouth sucking powerfully and Kyle slowed his thrusting to allow Robin’s frenetic mouth to devour the eruption of juices.

Swimmerlad could hear the slurping, he heard the fervent sounds of Kyle, Hunter, and Miles cumming, he thought it was Robin, but he dared not move his head, he could not move his head for fear of missing out on the delectable speedo bulge being fed to him, he could feel Miles’ body vibrating, he could feel the eruption of sound as Miles came. His juices, warm and thick, the delicious nylon speedo put up little fight, Miles’ ejaculation fuelled by a week’s worth of saving up, a week’s worth of drought, a week’s worth of being tantalized, by Scorpio, but denied his ejaculation, a week’s worth of Orgasmo also playing with him, edging him, denying him his explosion. He was now, though, pumping cum like a truck! Swimmerlad almost choked, the juices spurting into his mouth, filtered by the drenched fabric of Miles’ delicious red speedo pouch, and as Miles thrusted his orgasmic bulge up and down, fucking Swimmerlad’s face, cum enveloped Swimmerlad, it shot into his nose, it coated his face and Swimmerlad was helplessly trying to get as much of the plentiful nectar into his mouth as he could, his tongue was all he could use, he was pushing his head into the rubbing wetness of the speedo as hard as he could, he sucked and used his mouth to goad Miles to spurt his juices for him.

The trio of orgasms were over in minutes. They had delivered their payload of Jax+ laced nectar into the hungry mouths of Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and the Boy Wonder.

Kyle lay panting on Robin’s heaving body, Robin, unlike Kyle was being held diabolically at the edge of his orgasm, his body was still on fire, unlike Kyle who lay face down, licking Robin’s abs, Robin still feeding and sucking as much of Kyle’s ejaculate through Kyle’s speedo, Kyle’s hands were still shaking, his body still trembling, but Robin remained crazed and horny beneath him.

Kyle felt Nylon’s hands gripping him, pulling him off the Boy Wonder. Kyle was laughing as Nylon pulled him to the floor, looking down at the spent apprentice.

“You did good Kyle!” Nylon scooped up a wad of ejaculate from Kyle’s oozing speedo, Kyle’s erection has calming down and Kyle lay breathing hard, laughing out loud.

“I’ve just spooged in Robin’s face, ha, ha, ha. Fuck me, he sucked me dry! Robin, Fucking Robin the Boy Wonder, half of the Dynamic Duo has just devoured my speedo bulge. Ha, ha, ha.” Kyle started processing what had just transpired between himself and the famous Boy Wonder.

Nylon licked his fingers, Kyle tasted magnificent, he stood up, looking down toward Kyle’s merriment, “I don’t blame the Boy Wonder, you taste amazing Kyle. Job well done!” Nylon said as he turned to return to his position.

Hunter and Miles stepped away from the torrent of sexual fervour unfolding from the pleasure central; they too had just delivered their laced payloads; they were still buzzing but very satisfied! Their respective heroes were far from that state though, their predicament was dire, and their orgasmic enjoyment was still only starting to germinate! The heroes remained in a state of sexual stasis, their bodles writhing, their breathing erratic and deep, their bulging speedo thongs straining to contain their massive erections, their penises filled with such exceptional pleasure that pulsed out into their bodies. And as the latest dose of Jax+ started to take effect; they began to scream in high pitched efforts to express the level of sexual frustration, and eroticism that was exploding deep inside their chests, deep inside their minds; sexuality, spirituality, there was no difference, in the state they were in. They were entering the deep, it was transcendental, bathed in delicious pleasure, their bulges had become God; their mind focused and worshipping the pleasure, worshipping the divinity of sensation controlling them, their all-encompassing delight had become their master!

But it was the Generators, the diabolical machines that had seized them, they were controlling them, and Scorpio and Joker were left standing amazed, watching Orgasmo working on his handheld control tablet, they were ready to open the floodgates of erotic fantasy, Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin, the Boy Wonder had arrived.

“Last drinks gentlemen!” Orgasmo smiled looking up from his tablet toward Joker and Scorpio. “Once I initiate the portal, I do not suggest you drink from their bubbling bulges, the Generators will collect their pre-cum and eventually their cum once we have enough footage!”

Scorpio laughed, motioning for Joker to have his final sip of hero syrup, but he declined, Joker was ready to watch the show, he was itching, to see what delicious fantasy his Robin had locked up in his head. He motioned for Orgasmo to proceed.

Orgasmo walked across to the trio, he wanted to review the three heroes and oversee the proceedings. He stood between Robin’s stretched legs, running his fingers across the sinewy muscles of the hero’s athletic body, but his eyes were on the green speedo thong, Robin’s bulge was as remarkable as Swimmerboy’s and Swimmerlad’s, this young virile man was beautiful. He watched how Robin thrust his hips, it was hypnotic to watch, Robin’s balls were thick and robust, his speedo thong caressed them deftly, he was a beautiful boy in every respect. Orgasmo ran his fingers along the length of the substantially hefty erect penis. He could feel the Stroker as it worked the Boy Wonder, and Orgasmo was especially attentive to the underside of Robin’s penis head, he wanted to feel the energy, sensitizing Robin’s glands. It buzzed, and the pre-cum shot from the tip of the straining green speedo. Robin was screaming, his body twisting, and this only energised Orgasmo on. He bent down and allowed the pleasure energy to jump onto his tongue. If felt luxurious, Robin felt luxe too beneath Orgasmo’s hungry hands, every muscle in the young hero’s agile, fit body was straining as Robin stretched inside his bondage. After taking his fill of Robin’s pre-jiz, Orgasmo was satisfied. He stood up, and with his right-hand caressing Robin’s throbbing pouch of pleasure, Orgasmo spoke.

“I’m so very glad you gentlemen are enjoying your Generators, we spend hours creating these delicious devices for your enjoyment, no, sorry, our enjoyment and your sexual defeat. I just wanted to congratulate you three, you have reached the edge of your orgasms. I can see, feel, and taste that Robin is enjoying his pleasure! You look so beautiful Boy Wonder, a fucking delicious sexpot. Oh, I have so much in store for you and your dick, Boy Wonder! I can see why Batman and those naughty villains back in Gotham clamour to get you tied up and helpless. Mmmm, you’re just too delicious for words.”

Robin tried to look upward, but his body was in a frenzy of pleasure, Orgasmo’s constant ministry to this green pleasure filled bulge was driving him wild, he was so horny, he could feel the orgasm propagating, it was going to be monumental, but even Orgasmo’s deft caress of his balls and penis was not enough to bring the orgasm to fruition. Robin’s frustration was screaming through his mask toward Orgasmo, as if pleading the villain, urging the villain to allow the release. Orgasmo read Robin’s despair clearly.

“Oh, you are so ready Wonder Dick! Look at your handsome face, so ready for his ejaculation that climax of pleasure so beautiful, that orgasmic decadence…” Orgasmo ran his hands over the entirety of Robin’s drenched green speedo pouch, he squeezed the bulging penis and Robin’s balls resulting in Robin twisting his body, his outburst of delight reverberating into Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy’s straining heads in the central nexus of the three Generators. Their speedo sensitizers erupting too, causing the trio to scream in magnificent delight. Orgasmo’s laugh was pure evil, he then continued his commentary.

“I’m just so glad you approve gentlemen! As much as you want to cum, you do so need your release, super orgasms for superheroes are going to take place, but we will control that, NOT you. Thrash your hips as much as you like, and please continue, its such beautiful footage to watch for our global audience, but the sensitizer, extravagant and delicious as it is,” Orgasmo played with the Robin’s pouch causing the drenched fabric to slide across the Boy Wonder’s penis head. Robin screamed and drool ran from his upturned face. “…I see you just love it Wonder Boy! The sensitizer cannot spark the orgasm which you can feel trying break free into your bodies. You have work to do before we allow that gentleman, lots of work to do, so lay back, you have no other choice, so I’d say buckle up, but hm, you are helplessly bound, so enjoy the ride, it’s time to shoot, we’re shooting footage, shit loads of erotic footage boys and when we’re done, we will allow you to shoot, I can’t wait to see your eyes light up when your ejaculations are released.” Orgasmo’s evil laugh was outrageous and drowned out the trio’s moans and Joker’s background cackling.

Orgasmo looked over his shoulder reluctantly, he was so enjoying the novelty of having Robin the fucking Boy Wonder, stretched out helplessly spurting pre-cum in a sexual frenzy. But he dragged his eyes away from his visual feast to Joker and Scorpio. “I’m going to edge them to the starting line, their orgasms will arrive, but will be restrained, like they are, Ha, ha, ha, just enough orgasmic energy coursing through those throbbing penile antennae will be sufficient to trigger the Elixir of Eros and that booster of Jax+ will drive them into horny delights, deep sexual needs, sexual appetites so voracious and hungry will take over their bodies once the orgasm ignites the drugs.

Swimmerlad pleaded, somehow, he was able to dig deep into his remaining Speedo Strength to muster his response and form words. “No, n, n, no per, pl, please, just let us cum, ohhhhh god. V, v villains.”

Drool then began to emerge from his mouth, Swimmerboy spurted a load of pre cum and twisted his straining body in futile attempts to free himself.

Orgasmo enjoyed the show and walked around to the central nexus and bent down to be level with their three handsome, but straining faces.

“Oh, no can do Swimmerboy! Orgasmo said with his evil and creepy smile, Nup, Swimmerlad, so cute you are, so handsome. Robin, sweet boy, I’m afraid I can’t stop your orgasm!”

The three heroes continued in their struggling and writhing, they were each hissing and breathing hard trying to focus, trying to deal with the shameful pleasure caressing every part of their bodies, trying to deal with the sumptuously beckoning explosion of delight threatening their raging speedo bulges.

Orgasmo continued.

“Here’s what we’re going to do to you, are you ready heroes? Ha, Ha, Ha. I’m going to increase your pleasure control one notch.” He showed them his tablet controller, it had a big red dial on the screen, not that they could really see the device in their current state, it was more for the theatrical effect. “…You’ll just love the way the orgasm, I’ve programmed will wash through your penises, it will be the most tantalizingly luscious experience for you three. Delicate but extensive, so ripe with nuances of delight exploding from time to time, but it will be just the start of your journey, my beautiful young men. Your cocks will be working overtime! And work they must! The delicious and never-ending orgasm will stimulate your drugs, so you’re going to get even more horny, so fucking horny, you’ll want to explode and explode you eventually will! You will be launched like an Atlas rocket and thrusted out of this terrestrial world into the expanse of erotic weightlessness, into the vastness of fantasy. You keeping up?”

Three heads straining and seething, glared at Orgasmo.

“Fiends!” Robin screamed before he and Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad began arching their beautiful bodies, they could feel the orgasm become richer, its energy was fantastically beautiful, and it built deep inside them.

“Aghhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerlad’s face was oozing delight and his raging hardon was pulsing and throbbing. He had experienced Orgasmo’s various orgasmic flavours, but this was superbly personal, it was flooding into his veins, energising the pleasure tingles already encompassing his beautiful muscled body, his bulge was a luxurious mound of orgasmic energy, his penis was becoming the repository of vast palatial orgasmic pleasure, but he knew, given Orgasmo’s declaration that this sumptuously beautiful power brewing inside his bulge was just a harbinger of the delicacies these evil villains had instore for he, Swimmerlad and Robin. Swimmerlad’s trembling head lifted and looked toward Orgasmo, Swimmerlad was drooling, and he was overcome with a mighty flood of sexual energy, desires so full, so robust, he was bursting.

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhh! I n, n, need, c, c, cer, cock! Oh god, p, plea-s-ur-e so, so, fantas, fantas, fantastical. Fur, furk…” Swimmerlad began to babble as were Robin and Swimmerboy, their words or attempts at speech between their gasping breaths were unintelligible! The greatest crimefighters, young detectives, the world’s most beautiful young heroes were reduced to an erotic babble. But it was a different story inside their heads. The extreme pleasure pressure invading and consuming their bodies was beginning to focus their minds. Every gush of pleasure, every surge of sumptuous orgasmic delight caressing their penises and rippling from their bulges into their beautiful writhing bodies was focussing the erotic lens, the aperture opening allowing them entry to the world of erotic fantasy. Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad new this well, they could recall their first visitations to this cruel sexual world, but for Robin, it was a new experience, he was peering through with a deep trepidation of what lay ahead of him. He was almost there, he was so horny, his body was screaming with delight, and the orgasm was the most delicious, smooth, and alluring pleasure he had ever felt. Robin was on a precipice in many ways, he was ready to pop, and they were making him wait. Robin was at the head of the cue to board his rollercoaster, he was waiting to for the green light to jump in, but they were holding him there! His body had become a beautiful mass of deliciousness and his every move fed the pleasure, but he was frustrated beyond measure. Orgasmo’s words began to boom inside his head, the words usurping the erotic cravings and visions forming in his mind.

“Nearly there boys, I hope that slight increase of the orgasmic pressure has made you feel a little more sexually frustrated, ha ha ha! It will become spectacular, but like all good boys, you can’t be greedy little fuckers, all good things comes to those who wait!” Orgasmo rubbed the red speedo of his signature outfit, he was decked out in his white lycra body suit and his red speedo was dripping. Orgasmo couldn’t help himself. He had spent many hours developing the Generators and all the hard work and anticipation was rewarding him! The visual feast of these three spectacularly erotic creatures helplessly stretched in his diabolical machines were arousing him to new heights. But Orgasmo was a professional, he, the specialist pleasure engineer, and the maestro of mind control, allowed him to control his own urges and needs, but the pre-cum drenching his suit, spoke volumes of his own sexual depravity and wickedness. He was enjoying the triumph of his latest creations with an evil delight, so deep and so limitless, he, like the helpless heroes at his mercy, was bursting inside. But always the professional, he continued.

“By now gentlemen, in your mind’s eye, in your erotic world that is exploding inside you, you are standing at the precipice, as if waiting for the doors to open, or for the attendant to let you in. You are almost there. Your bodies are experiencing a level of pleasure that can generate that beautiful world of erotic delights, that expanse waiting to suck your beautiful bodies and your delicious souls into.”

Orgasmo was correct. Like Robin waiting at the front of his que, waiting to be admitted, Swimmerboy was at the door, he could feel the tempest of horny hands reaching for him, about to grab him and drag him across the precipice. Swimmerlad too was on the edge of a cliff, he could feel hot winds surrounding him, he could feel the slight pull toward the edge, it was tangible, it was real. They each felt it in their own twisted way.

Orgasmo continued, and as he, did a slender device began to lift from the floor, it lifted, between their three heads at the centre of the three Generators. They could see the device rising between their heads, lifting above their faces, but in their state of mind, they could not comprehend its purpose.

“Three Generators fanning outward in a circle of delicious hero bondage!” Orgasmo licked his own precum from his finger, “…You have no idea how beautiful it is to see your three writhing sexual bodies, draped in skimpy drenched nylon and spurting your juices in uncontrolled bursts of orgasmic delight! Exquisite! But I need to take us to yet another level, so erotic, so spectacular, it’s going to tip you over the edge boys, you’ll be admitted, you’ll be dragged into world of erotic fantasy! Ha, ha, ha. Now you may have noticed the lean little device rising between your heads, that my dear heroes is the Central Generator Initialiser, I like to call it my very own CGI, Ha, ha, ha! It is key to unlocking your fantasies!”

By this point the faces on Robin, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were contorting and grimacing in waves of delight, they were drooling, and it was impossible for them to focus especially the way their bodies writhed and twisted so uncontrollably.

Orgasmo was delighted, “By those almost blank looks, boys, I can safely say that you are where we need you to be! Now if you can understand me, its ok and completely understandable if you cannot, but if you’re understanding any of this, look up!”

The CGI stem had reached its zenith approximately a foot above their straining bodies, it was like a short, central maypole and fanning out from it, the three Heroes writhed and contorted in delicious waves of orgasmic pleasure, their speedo bulges drenched and bubbling wads of pre-cum.

Three thin, laser like sparkling purple beams of light shot upward and at an eighty-degree angle, the beam of light reaching over each hero’s head and then halted. It looked spectacular in the dimming lights of the studio, three sparkling prongs of light extending into the dimness of the room above each writhing hero’s head, and once locked into position, the CGI then proceeded to hum and emit a low frequency pounding sound which, as the sound exploded and reverberated, filling the expansive, round room, a pulsating Orb of light appeared when the sound reached its crescendo. Once created, the Orb pulsed and began emitting its own evil low frequency pulses, the mass of purple light energy hovered, floating above Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin’s heads above the CGI stem.

“Welcome to Orb boys!” Orgasmo said with an evil jovial tone.

“Orb will be the gateway, the pleasure portal to each of your fantasy worlds, it is a bit of an upgrade from Milk Bar and will allow us to watch your little erotic pantomimes in real time as well as recording and streaming your pornographic content!” Orgasmo paused and gazed into the camera that Lycra was still dutifully operating, “Copywrite held by Scorpio, so no illegal copying all you Speedoflix subscribers!” Orgasmo began to laugh uncontrollably but composed himself a minute or two later. He continued his commentary, tapping on his tablet and looking up to the floating balloon of energy, it was changing into three distinct segments, each coloured differently, but held within the confines of the Orb. Green appeared over Robin’s head and red appeared over Swimmerlad, light blue appeared over Swimmerboy.

“Your colours will identify your erotic transmissions boys, and we just need to create your connections. First I will annex your minds, the Orb will drive your thoughts, sucking them into its erotic conversion creator, but in order to push you further and deeper, the Orb will access your pleasure, it will create a current as it were, between your pleasure wracked, orgasmic penises, your bulges will be connected to your minds by the Orb, your orgasmic pleasure pressure will need an outlet, since your ejaculations are denied, and it will push your erotic fantasies into the Orb for processing! We will be able to see your colour segment pulsing as it processes your pleasure data, and we will be able to watch your fantasy in full CGI HD on the screens surrounding the Studio!”

Orgasmo was beside himself. He was witnessing the fruition of his latest diabolical masterpiece unfolding before his eyes and he was becoming more aroused by the second!

Scorpio and Joker joined Orgasmo, they could not resist the majesty, the beauty of their sexual masterpiece, and the three malevolent villains began to hug and jump for joy. Orgasmo graciously gave the tablet to Scorpio.

“Select the rotating brain icon button first Scorpio!” Orgasmo said with an evil smile.

Scorpio complied, and the Orb began to suddenly expand and then contract, it was breathing and alive! A twinkling green laser like light extended from the Orb and began to cloak the Boy Wonder’s skull.

Robin felt the energy grip his head, it was unbelievably powerful and the initial tingles covering his skull began to envelop his head and his entire face. His head was held fast inside the green bubble of energy, sparkling around his head. His vision was tainted in green, not that he could really comprehend what was happening to, or around him; he was in a world of sexual decadence, he was horny as fuck, and he had erotic thoughts bombarding ever millimetre of his consciousness.

Swimmerboy too was ensconced inside a twinkling bubble of blue energy, his head held fast inside the prison of light.

Swimmerlad had succumbed to the cloak of dazzling red energy connected to the Orb by a fine line of incredibly bright sparkling light.

Scorpio handed the tablet to Joker.

Joker found the speedo icon easily and pointed to it, showing the tablet to Orgasmo, as if to confirm – this one?

Orgasmo’s evil smile gave Joker his answer and he pressed the rotating speedo icon on the screen.

The Orb repeated its earlier behaviour in another display of growth and then contraction. As it did the three beams of energy, the same dazzling laser-like emissions connected with each of the hero’s bulges.

The screams of orgasmic decadence blew them away! Outrageously primal and loud the moans almost triggered Orgasmo’s orgasm, he had to control his delight. All three heroes were straining, thrusting, enveloped in all consuming orgasmic pleasure, they were ripe for harvest.

Orgasmo, hugged Scorpio, screaming above the bellowing erotic cries of Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Robin, “We have lift off, or as the co-pilot said to the captain screaming down the runway at full take-off velocity; ROTATE!”

The moment was not lost on Joker either, he adjusted his comical little beret and continued his Looney Tunes repertoire singing to himself “…on with the show…… this is it!”

Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and Boy Wonder have left the building!

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