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Defeat and Domination
Part 22 - Bird in the Hand - Part Four
By Scorpio

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Bird in the Hand - Part 4

Joker, Robin, Batman, are the property of DC Comics and are referred to in this story on a fan basis only.


Three heroes are released from Miles’ tantalizer playpen, they have been tantalized, drugged and are hyper horny, every step they took after having their arms bound behind their backs and forced toward Scorpio’s latest pleasure room creation, The Studio was driving them wild with tantalizing explosions of delight in their speedo thong pouches. Nylon and Lycra were ruthless, they were getting off on their helpless bound heroes, cries of desperation and delight.

Robin’s attempts to use his mind control techniques which Batman had been ‘teaching’ him were useless to resist the combined evil reverberator and the Speedo Sensitizer. The Boy Wonder had never experienced such exquisite and delicious sensation, which combined with the Elixir of Eros drug and the new Jax+ compound exploding inside him and priming his diabolical brain implant. The hungry device is taking over his mind, and his dirty thoughts are increasing, Robin just cannot keep his eyes from Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. He wants them, he craves their bodies and those erotic speedos turned thongs; their bulges were driving him wild with desire.

Inside Scorpio’s Studio playroom, an expansive facility with curved walls, huge, curved view screens, the heroes have been tied to their Generator machines. Generators can move into different positions and Swimmerlad’s Generator has been configured to lay him supine and stretched helpless. Swimmerboy and Robin’s Generators have been positioned so that their heaving bulges are only feet from Swimmerlad’s head and Scorpio has spent some quality time enjoying himself perched at the altar of speedo enjoying Swimmerlad’s beautiful bulge, between the hero’s stretched legs and ensuring that the pleasure systems were driving Swimmerlad wild with erotic pleasure and fuelling his drugged state. Swimmerlad’s pleasure is being streamed to Swimmerboy and Robin and the three mighty heroes are writhing sumptuously.

Scorpio had promoted Miles, Kyle, and Hunter from acolytes to apprentices. They have each ingested a potent tablet of Jax+ and are now even hornier than before. They will be unleashed on the three heroes and given time to play and enjoy their sexual superhero before fucking their hero’s face with their wet speedo bulges, eventually feeding their cum to their captive. Their cum, laced with a special booster of Jax+ combined with a powerful surge of outrageously sumptuous pleasure will rocket each hero to the edge of an expanding and prolonged orgasm so powerful and expansive that their drug fucked minds and bodies will explode into fantasy land! Scorpio intends to engage his fantasy Generator systems to invade their inner-most sexual fantasies, their erotic visions will be displayed on the huge, screened walls surrounding the Studio and streamed to Speedoflix. Scorpio will make fantasy porn worth billions to his superhero domination cause.

Swimmerboy felt the sensation wrap him, his body tingled, and micro vibrations caressed his skin, the pleasure extension was a diabolical new dimension. It was inescapable and it worked in with the pleasure phase diffuser system working his bulge, infesting his balls and penis with sumptuous and delicious sensation. He was moaning uncontrollably and his body twisting and writhing with every wave of delicious stimulation erupting across his body. His pre-cum was fizzing and gurgling, it was slowly moving through his delicious cock inside his bulging nylon thong pouch. He was wet, really wet, he was unable to control it. Now and then he felt an incursion of beautiful energy fill between his buttocks. He knew Scorpio’s pleasure systems were just idling, but they had him in a state of hyper-sexual need, so deep and so expansive. The mere sight of Robin, just feet away, his rippling muscles twitching and trembling in his own world of pleasure, his green Robin speedo, so expertly fashioned into that sumptuous thong, bubbled with Robin juice, and the sounds of delight emanating from him were beyond sexual. Robin was entering a Shangri-La; an erotic world and his helplessly bound body was driving Swimmerboy to distraction.

And then there was Swimmerlad! Swimmerboy looked down toward Swimmerlad’s handsome face, his sexy blonde hair was wet with sweat, he was straining to try and reach Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch. Swimmerlad was horny as fuck and his facial expressions told a story of need and desire. His body was trembling, he was drooling and Swimmerboy could not believe the absolute beauty of his boyfriend stretched out and writhing, his speedo bulge being toyed with by Scorpio.

Swimmerboy let out a frustrated sigh so deep and so depraved, it earned the attention of Scorpio and his wicked crew of tormentors.

“Well, you’re sounding like you’re in the mood for some fun Swimmerboy!” Scorpio looked across from his position perched at Swimmerlad’s heaving wet nylon mound. Scorpio bent down and licked Swimmerlad from the base of his bulge, up over its peak and found the sweet spot below Swimmerlad’s cock head showing perfectly inside the clingy wet nylon of his speedo pouch. The nylon was becoming saturated in Swimmerlad’s precum juice so for added fun, Scorpio had a strong suck.

Swimmerlad arched his body, his head already straining to reach Swimmerboy’s heaving wet bulge, flung backward in pleasure, he screamed and thrashed; outrageous waves of sumptuous energy were radiating inside his bulge, Swimmerlad’s penis felt like it expanded in size when a pulse of pleasure energy built up inside it, instead of passing through his shaft, the pleasure stagnated almost for several seconds, then pulsing outward, through his body in a delicious explosion of delight, crawling across his skin. He screamed when the pleasure dissipated across the region of his thong pouch, it was immersive pleasure caressing him and causing Swimmerboy and Robin to arch their backs as well, as Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream hit their Generators and their speedos like a truck.

Their cries were demented and depraved, a discord of pleasure enveloped the three heroes with wild force and abandon.

Joker was standing back between Swimmerboy and Robin, watching the two hero’s beautiful butts clenching and trembling in the latest wave of sensation flowing from Swimmerlad’s Generator. He kept humming the Looney Tunes theme and making his way toward Swimmerlad’s straining face, he bent down and investigated Swimmerlad’s dreamy, handsome face. It was animated and a picture of sexual enjoyment and frustration all rolled into one.

“Hello my beautiful hero!” Joker’s evil painted smile could not hide the horny villain’s lust. “Is Scorpio treating you, ok? Joker had moved around to toy with Swimmerlad, he looked into Swimmerlad’s desperate eyes. “…Scorpio is standing at the pulpit of power, it seems your delicious speedo thong is a fine-tuned pleasure instrument and well, my delicious young horny hero, your pleasure is slapped all over your face Swimmerlad!” Joker moved closer, he had his hungry hands all over Swimmerlad’s face, overtaken with lust, Joker could not take his hands off the beautiful blonde erotic bombshell. His hands caressed the hero’s head, his hair, his face in a fit of lusty exuberance.

“I can see that devious pleasure here, here & here!” Joker was in a frenzy, pointing at different parts of Swimmerlad’s handsome face. “Mind if I have taste of your boyfriend? I know what Robin tastes like, I had hours of him leaking his Robin juices on the flight out here. Robin just loved the Joker Stroker and I had cocktail of Robin on tap. But Swimmerboy here,” He turned his head to gaze into the spectacular bulging pouch of nylon dripping in Swimmerboy juice, “…is looking like he is very excited to see your fucking beautiful body stretched out helpless like that, he is pumping his nectar, and we don’t want it to go to waste do we? Let’s sample it, shall we?”

Swimmerlad strained his head, he was still dealing with the latest incursion of sensation wracking his body, he was pulling vainly on his restraints, writhing in desperation, but he couldn’t stop this evil clown from molesting his Swimmerboy and denying him, his beautiful boy. His sexual frustration was exquisite torture, and Scorpio and Joker were Masters of It!

Swimmerboy looked down, he could see the crazy green hair, the comical and evil little director’s beret perched on top of the green mop, and he felt the warmness of the evil supervillain’s mouth try and take his bulge in his mouth. His penis pulsed with beautiful sensation causing Swimmerboy to emit a high-pitched moan and he could feel the Speedo Sensitizer going crazy, his pelvis was rocking uncontrollably, his pleasure radiating inside his penis like a warm radiator heating up to full power, it was like a building explosion, a mini climax and then Joker’s tongue lashed the length of his flaccid, but pleasure wracked, nylon wrapped penis. Joker’s words were evil and forceful. “Feed me your fucking pre-cum mighty Swimmerboy!” Joker sucked harder and Swimmerboy’s body twisted in a fit of divine pleasure, his cock, his sumptuous wet bulge feeding Joker’s face.

The relief was overwhelming when Joker pulled away, Swimmerboy’s muscles twitched and flexed, his moans were full of erotic rage and his skin crawled with delicious energy.

“Ffffffffffffffuck me!” Swimmerboy was screaming it over and over.

Joker was licking his lips and wiping some of the drooling Swimmerboy juice from the edges of his mouth with his finger. He was on his hands and knees, and back facing Swimmerlad again, looking into Swimmerlad’s horrified face. Swimmerlad had just been forced to watch the supervillain molest his beautiful Swimmerboy, and Joker had left Swimmerboy a writhing mess of sexual beauty. But Swimmerlad’s drugs were powerful, and he was horny beyond all measure, his eyes were on the glob of clear viscous Swimmerboy nectar forming off Joker’s right index finger.

“Now Swimmerlad, I don’t get down in this position for just anybody,” the glob was stretching down from Joker’s finger, mesmerising Swimmerlad, “…they must be cute, handsome, or should I say…” Joker’s voice became deep and throaty, “…Fucking spectacular and horny as fuck!” Joker instantly changed his demeanour though, to that of a doting parent offering their child a treat, “want some sweet juice, gorgeous boy?” He loved teasing the helpless superhero, he loved the way Swimmerlad’s dreamy eyes craved the prize, the fleeting taste of his beautiful Swimmerboy was all that mattered in that pleasure impregnated moment of sexual decadence, his mind fixated on the thick glob of nectar.

He found the ability to speak, though each word was laboured, Swimmerlad’s mind engulfed in a wave of carnal desire. “P, Please J, j Joker, o h g, go d” Swimmerlad was straining his face, he was desperate to have his prize!”

Joker had changed position, he was sitting on his ankles, his left-hand caressing Swimmerlad’s face. Joker reached to his right and scoped up another fresh glob of juice from Swimmerboy’s heaving wet mound and licked his fingers.

Swimmerlad was beside himself. “Fuck you!” Anger shot through Swimmerlad like a freight train.

Joker was having a ball and he watched intently as Swimmerboy’s oozing pre-cum started to drip and stretch again in a fresh oozing glob of goodness.

Swimmerlad was beyond frustration, his mind, his body craved the pleasure, he craved the taste of Swimmerboy with an alarming intensity, and his eyes were obsessed with the delicious juices that Joker was tempting him with. Swimmerlad screamed out, he could not escape the spike of pleasure that the Speedo Sensitizer shot across his speedo pouch, he could hear Scorpio’s happy voice screaming toward Miles, Kyle, and Hunter.

“Come here boys, quick!” Scorpio needed the trio to be at the peak of their Jax+ high! They were indeed ready, and he just had to call them over to watch Swimmerlad’s body tremble and to watch the load of pre-cum emerging from, and engulfing Swimmerlad’s drenched bulge.

“Time to sing for your supper kids! And, oh my, what sumptuous supper it is, get a load of this motherload!” Scorpio scooped up a wad of thick hero pre-jiz from Swimmerlad. He placed his finger on each of their lips.

Hunter felt his body tingle and the sweet warm nectar fill his mouth, as did Kyle! Miles was beside himself with joy.

Scorpio then spoke loud enough for each hero to hear, he had to jolt them from the sexual decadence filling their bodies and minds.

“Time to feed!” Scorpio dragged himself away from Swimmerlad’s speedo and walked around to Swimmerlad’s head, joining Joker, knowing his pleasure systems would keep Swimmerlad entertained, Scorpio just loved the way Robin was twisting his head from left to right and the way Swimmerboy’s oozing speedo pouch glistened in the lights of his studio.

“Now boys, gather around!” Scorpio motioned for Kyle and Hunter to join Miles by his side, it was becoming difficult to manage the three new apprentices, they were high on Jax+ and frisky. “You need to concentrate just a little, boys.” Scorpio ensured they were close by. He spoke to them and their helpless hero captives. Looking toward his three apprentices he provided his instructions. “Your job, gentlemen, is extremely important, Miles you shall have your prized Swimmerlad! Hunter shall devour Swimmerboy, and Kyle shall enjoy the delights that Robin the Boy Wonder has on offer!”

Miles had to use the moment to stroke his red speedo thong bulge. The Jax+ was already making him wet, not to mention the erotic scene that Scorpio and Joker were carefully orchestrating.

Hunter grabbed his bulge and looked at Swimmerboy, he looked at the sheer magnificence of such perfect human sacrifice, the elegance of that speedo was just so erotic, and he felt himself well up with unbelievable desire and pent-up sexual need. He was just purring on his dose of Jax+.

Kyle was standing closest to Robin. He had one hand on his own delicious bulge and the other hand flicking his left nipple. The sensations rocketing through his athletic body were outrageously smooth and he just loved feeling his moist bulge. He tasted his nectar looking toward Robin. Kyle’s face conveyed his secret crush on the Boy Wonder, his eyes fixated on the writhing young hero enjoying every delicious tantalizing moment.

“Lower Swimmerboy and Robin’s Generator devices to the supine position, I want them stretched a little more as their devices lower, they need to be nice-n-tight gorgeous helpless heroes. Make sure all their heads are close together when they have been lowered. They will get to watch each other as their pleasure devours them. Ha ha ha ha!” Scorpio gave his order; it signalled the next phase of his evil plan to mine their erotic fantasies another time. His desire for a blockbuster superhero porn extravaganza was unfolding nicely.

The machines began to stretch Swimmerboy and Robin. Nylon was at the controls, and he was in a frenetic and ruthless mood, he was becoming nasty, and he so enjoyed sliding the ‘stretch’ control, and he listened for cries from Swimmerboy and Robin. He didn’t need to wait too long, and their outburst of pain caused Nylon’s penis to tingle. So, just for fun he set the controls for an even tighter stretch.

Robin was thrashing his head, he could only move his pelvis, his arms were screaming, as were his legs, but he soon became accustomed to the stretch. He looked across to see Swimmerboy, he too was crying out, his beautiful head thrown upward, he was screaming toward the ceiling. Robin used all his might and athletic experience to deal with the bondage stretching pressure, and looking toward Swimmerboy he tried to comfort him, but Robin was also in pain, and he was overcome with the pleasure systems pounding his penis, his buttocks, and his speedo thong bulge, he had to concentrate to get his words out.

“S Swimm er boy, try a aand all ow th e stretch to s ettle. Agggggggggh ffuck, so ti ght!”

Kyle just loved how sexy Robin sounded as he fought his bonds, struggling in the pain and pleasure. “Fuck you’re just so fucking hot Robin!” Kyle spoke to Robin while the Generator continued to slowly turn and lower Robin down.

Swimmerboy too was turning and moving to the horizontal position and the high-pitched sound of the evil devices re-shaping made the situation even more enjoyable for Scorpio and his band of frisky hero tormentors.

“How is that stretch settling in Swimmerboy?” Scorpio asked with an evil grin.

“You’re looking so horny my dear Robin; it is plastered all over your face my dear erotic young man!”

“Fuck y y you!” Robin had to drop his head backward to look toward Scorpio.

Swimmerboy too was looking backward. “Fiend!” he spat toward Scorpio.

The three heroes were now spread out from a central spot in the Studio playroom, the centre would become an eye of a raging hurricane of hero pleasure. Their Generators changed shape to mimic the configuration set for Swimmerlad, allowing their tormentors to access their heads at one end, and their speedo thongs: their sumptuous altars of pleasure at the other end. They were oozing and bubbling pre-cum, and like Swimmerlad’s device, a special device lifted from the floor to catch Swimmerboy and Robin’s oozing juices; hero nectar was cherished, it could not be wasted!

Scorpio gave the order to cancel the pleasure transference from Swimmerlad to Swimmerboy and Robin, who both twisted their bodies, once again accustoming themselves to their own delicious waves of pleasure, and almost in concert, Swimmerboy and Robin let out a deep moan of delight.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” They twisted and writhed while their pleasure normalised, they were unable to resist the need to thrust their pelvises in slow and erotic gyrations. The sumptuous scene impregnated with anticipation and sexual decadence.

“Feeling yummy boys?” Scorpio was bending down caressing Swimmerlad’s beautiful blonde hair while Swimmerlad tried his best to evade Scorpio’s evil attention, Swimmerlad was a veritable tempest of sexual tension, his view of Swimmerboy’s bulging wet mass of heaven had now been taken away, and Robin too was now lowering to his horizontal position. The three handsome heroes were only able to view each other’s heads, they were diabolically fanning out from the eye of the developing hurricane of pleasure.

“So, Boys!” Scorpio sat down cross legged in the central position, he manoeuvred himself so he could see each of their straining handsome faces. He was sitting amid three of the horniest and most beautiful young men on the planet. “Time to ramp up your pleasure boys, you’ve each been primed perfectly, and we’ll be setting you off on your next orbit so soon!”

Robin was looking backward, his head lowered so he could see Scorpio, he also noticed the straining faces of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad.

“Do you think, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, we will, ngffffffffffffffff, just spurt our cum for mmmmmph you?” Robin’s face was screwed up, his head turning in the opposite direction to his twisting body and amidst the torrent of horny desires, he could still muster his insolence toward his tormentors.

“You’re so cute Robin, that cute little mask, your defiant attitude, YOUR FUCKING GORGEOUS BODY!” Scorpio yelled the last words of his response, and then calmed down.

“Of course, Blunder Boy. Just ask your fellow actors here! Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad are well aware of my power to milk their spectacular bodies, Milk Bar was so much fun! You see, a little perspective here Boy Wonder, you are tied helpless, and you’re tied in a magical milking machine, and your cock is oozing your sumptuous Robin pre-cum already. You see, I’ll have your milk Boy Wonder, I will have the full load of your cum!” Scorpio smiled, reaching across to Robin’s straining face. “…That’s why we programmed your speedo bulge in my mapping device, you will remember the intense pain that you felt, like your delicious penis being sliced and diced? Well! Your system has responded well Robin, and your body has created a delicious store of Robin cum, and I will milk it from you, every drop my beautiful young man, and I will serve Joker his milky cocktail, I’ll call the cocktail a ‘Bird in the Hand’, warm fresh Robin cum served in a martini glass with a splash of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad juice. Joker will just love it.” Scorpio squeezed both of Robin’s cheeks and then let go.

Scorpio stood up and looked down toward the three hero’s straining faces. “Let’s up your delicious sensation boys! It’s time to move on! Nylon, engage the Strokers!

Swimmerboy’s moans were deep and throaty as soon as the stroker began its work inside his bulge and the way his face lit up in intense concentration, made Scorpio lick his lips.

“You know Swimmerboy, your sexy face just looks the picture of erotic concentration. I can see you are using your Speedo Strength in your vain, but very erotic attempt to resist the delicious pleasure. Let me explain what the stroker is doing to you. The energy is generated deep inside your Generator pleasure device, it has tuned to your unique pleasure signature, fine tuning constantly to ensure it is delivering your spectacular bulge, and more specifically your luscious penis, a continuous flow of filtered pleasure. It will start at the mouth of your cock, pushing its tentacles of pleasure into your skin, covering your cock head, injecting its pleasure as it moves. It will move over the ridges of your penis head and pause for a moment to savour your most sensitive and receptive spot. It will feel fucking amazing as it toys with your frenulum and your exquisite and oh so sensitive glands. Your penis is soaked in your precum, so your nectar will fizz, adding to the sexual decadence. Fight the pleasure if you must, but your strength will drain! My Stroker is very, very insistent!” Scorpio caressed the sides of Swimmerboy’s face. “Enjoy the pleasure, you cannot escape it my delicious helpless hero. So, the Stroker will begin to move along your penis slowly and intently, pleasuring it as it moves, you will just love the way it caresses the length of your cock. As one energy stroke dissipates and begins to fan over your balls, stirring up your juice production, the next will be forming, a little more intense and delicious, the stroker will become so insistent, you will be thrusting your pelvis in time with the strokes infesting that magnificent Swimmerboy bulge of wet nylon. Each thrust of your hips will stimulate your speedo sensitizer, magnifying your pleasure oh so beautifully.

Swimmerboy’s moans joined with Swimmerlad and Robin. They were each experiencing a tailored Stroker pleasure experience, the first pleasure stroke erupting on their penis heads, they felt the power of the insidious energy, spiking into the sensitive skin of their penises, their wet cocks buzzing with the power surrounding their members, moving slowly and diabolically impregnating their cock heads in divine and delicious sensation.

Robin screamed the loudest, his penis had become very tender thanks to Batman, his tight Robin suits always felt sexual and horny when he dressed in them, but these Robin speedos were somehow energised by the evil Generator machine. The Bat had worked him over for months in some kind of sensitization machine back in the Batcave, during the times when Bruce liked to tie up Robin and work over his bulge, Batman worked on him for hours each session, all in the name of making his young chum stronger, Robin, for his part was always under some kind of bat ray during those sessions, the hypnotherapy that Bruce used on him kept him pliable, playable and ravenous for more and more. His new brain implant was coming to life, and it was unlocking a lot of these deep seated and seriously powerful control protocols that Batman had been programming deep into the young crime fighter’s subconscious. As a result of Batman’s Bat-tune-up of Robin’s cock, it had become even more sensitive and susceptible to stimulation, and would be for the rest of his life! The Stroker machine delivering its exquisitely intense sensation was working his penis into a frenzy. He cried out again, his eyes wide behind his sexy mask, his Stroker had traversed the edges of his cock head and the pleasure was outrageously intense. It was toying with his super sensitive glands. Robin thrust his hips involuntarily, he was so fucking horny, and the pleasure was the most amazing sensation he had ever experienced in his 22 years, and thanks to the Bat, it was controlling his body and his mind right now, his desires and fetishes were bubbling under the surface of his heroic exterior. He pulled on his restraints but couldn’t believe how horny the tight bondage was making him feel, the way it was feeding the drugs, feeding his bulge with pure excellence. Robin’s next moan was primal, a surge of pre-cum had ejected from his penis, it was coating the green nylon of his speedo thong bulge and the Stroker was using the viscous fluid, diabolically frying it gently on his penis, he felt the warm fluid as it lubricated the pleasure and encouraged it, feeding it, empowering it to spike its thousands of tiny pleasure needle like pleasure spikes into his cock. He threw his head from side to side and the as he did, he could see Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy’s faces, they too were dealing with their first strokes of intense pleasure.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Robin’s sigh was long, loud, and depraved.

“Ngffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!” Mphhh!” Swimmerboy concurred

“Ngffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!” Swimmerlad’s face was contorting, and his beautiful face was alight with delight.

He tried fighting the drugs, Swimmerlad used his Speedo Strength as best he could, he tried to find a way through the mists of desire and sexual longing firing inside his body and his head, he could not escape them, and they were becoming more powerful with every wave of pleasure filling his speedo bulge. His penis, his balls were alive, and they were ruling him, but he tried to fight.

“Y, yer, you f uc king, furk ing fie nds! M, mer, must fig ht the p, p, per, plea su, re! T oo st rong” Swimmerlad lifted his head and his shoulders as best he could, his arms were stretched tightly and powerfully, he could feel the power of the restraints around his wrists, and the way they were buzzing, this evil machine was alive and it was poised and ready to take him on its diabolical trip into the land of erotica, into a sexual nirvana and all to feed Scorpio’s evil sexual lust. He, Swimmerboy and Robin were mere toys, pawns in sexual conquest so powerful. His mind was screaming, he was entering a new realm and it was Joker that broke into Swimmerlad’s erotic thoughts.

“Why so serious Swimmerlad?” Joker was standing by him. “By the look of you, my ultra-gorgeous blonde bombshell, you look to be way too serious, go with the flow, my beautiful hero, you cannot escape, and we’ve spent so much time fine tuning the orgasmotronics on this very expensive machine so you can have your mind blown with torrents of exquisite pleasure. And! You have oh so much cum to give!”

“Ngfffff” Swimmerlad, pulled on his leg restraints and then his wrists, trying with all his might to break free, he wanted to pulverise this clown, but he was rewarded for his efforts by a spike of pleasure that shot into his boy pussy and radiated into his body. All he could do while looking at Joker was to moan!

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Swimmerlad’s handsome face radiated the pleasure that was moving through his body like a freight train.

Joker’s painted smile could not camouflage the lust in the evil villain’s face. Joker licked his lips. “You’re just too much fun Swimmerlad, I’m so glad I have been able to meet you and your delicious boyfriend in the flesh, your speedos are so much more erotic in real life, and you taste oh, so beautiful. Let the pleasure take you, my beautiful hero, take you into fantasy land, take you back to your erotic jungle perhaps?” Joker played with Swimmerlad’s left nipple, the small pert nipple was hypersensitive, every part of his body tingled; The Generator was designed by Orgasmo’s engineers to stimulate every delicious aspect of its captive, it was finely tuned to stimulate Swimmerlad’s body, tuned into his unique pleasure signature and updated with the latest pleasure data from Swimmerlad’s bulge mapping earlier in the day, just before he was tortured by MantaRay. Joker then looked at the mountain of nylon, he admired Swimmerlad’s bulge with lusty eyes.

“Oh, yes Swimmerlad, your sexy bulging speedo is so fucking hot, do you know how many people around the world clamour to get a Speedoflix stream? Just to get an eyeful of your hot body and your spectacular speedo show? Scorpio keeps the streams limited and they pay millions for a show, so tonight’s little show is going to go off with a bang! Your orgasms will go global my beautiful helpless hero, so buckle in boyo, you’re getting launched into erotica soon! Now Scorpio has some friends to play with you, they’re going to enjoy you, Swimmerboy and Robin so much, and you’re going to just love them too! Their speedos are dripping juices as we speak, they are going to feed your lust, Swimmerlad, they are going to feed your needs, they are going to make you scream and they will feed you your next taste of my very expensive Jax+. When they come in their speedos and into your faces, you will drink their nectar like ravenous wolves, it’s full of goodness and erotic stimulants, ha ha ha. I’m not a monster Swimmerlad, I’m a fucking horny monster! And only you three beautiful young men can fill the lust we harbour. Happy journeys, safe travels dear boy.” Joker was jumping up and down and spinning in evil glee and started to sing the Looney Tunes theme again.

“…On with the show this is it!” Joker pretended to be a showman dancer when he finished his song. His evil laugh had become high pitched and crazed, Joker was primed and frolicking around like a jack-in-the-box, he was hyped and ready for the debaucherously exciting fun that lay ahead, he was going global on Speedoflix, and he could just hear the cash registers clinging, his evil laugh filled The Studio, it was evil and infectious.

The next thing that took Swimmerlad’s attention was Miles.

“Oh, I’ve been patiently waiting Swimmerlad, it seems like eons ago that I got to taste you and eat your bulge, when was it, oh yes Milk Bar! I am so attracted to everything about you my delicious hero, your piercing eyes, that blonde hair, rippling muscles and that oh so fucking beautiful speedo makes you the most delicious creature on earth!”

“F-fuc k of f M Miles!” Swimmerlad was being overtaken by the expanding pleasure working its way down his penis, he was contorting his face in delicious ways, looking at Miles. The sight of Miles beautiful body and his bulging wet red speedo thong was driving Swimmerlad wild with lust, it was like a tornado, enveloping his chest and his mind as it traversed his delicious body, it was consuming him.

Miles could tell. Scorpio had taught him the art of hero torture, whether it be pain or pleasure, Scorpio had taught his number one apprentice to look into the eyes of the helpless hero. The eyes will tell you a story! Miles could see Swimmerlad’s lust welling up in his face. Miles ran his fingers over his bulge, tracing the outline of his cock and tracing around his delicious red bulge, he licked his finger evocatively for Swimmerlad’s benefit.

“Delicious stuff Swimmerlad!” My body is brimming with Joker’s sexy Jax+, want some nice juice to boost you up a little bit more, top up the level of sexual desire flooding your mind!” Miles caressed very inch of Swimmerlad’s beautiful face, he ran his fingers through the blonde hair cropping Swimmerlad’s delicious head. Swimmerlad felt the tornado of sumptuous pleasure change course; his head was awash in beautiful sensation, and to his horror he could hear the voice of the evil shaman deep inside his head. His lust, his eroticism was bubbling and coming back.

“No NO, No!” Swimmerlad called out. He couldn’t re-enter that world of sexual cruelty. But the lust was overtaking him, his speedo was engulfed in such magnificently immersive pleasure and the touch of Miles’ hands on his head, caressing and stroking him was outrageously engaging, he could feel his body going deep into the pit of desire, and his Generator hummed around him delivering its diabolical pleasure, entertaining every cell in his beautiful and helpless body. The machine was driving the drugs, stroking his cock, filling his drenched bulging nylon thong with such captivating, and enticing pleasure. His bondage pulling him tight, he was helplessly falling into Scorpio’s erotic pit of depravity.

Miles moved his hands, determined not to lift them off his prize. Miles too was hungry and bursting with desire; he too had been played by Scorpio, much more willingly though, to act in this erotic scene of majestic proportions. The entire studio was filled with the sounds of six horny speedo clad men engaging in the next demise of Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and now the famous and delicious Boy Wonder. But Miles was oblivious to the depraved sounds of delight bouncing around the pleasure room, and although The Studio was ramping up, and three Generator pleasure devices were humming their evil tunes of defeat and sexual torture, he was focused! His crush on Swimmerlad was no secret and every acolyte, every paying guest of the secret speedo compound world new of Miles’ devotion to Swimmerlad. Miles was also known as the chosen one amongst the compound cohort and Scorpio and Orgasmo ensured that they kept this beautiful young man trained, pleasured and hyper horny and their perseverance with Miles was paying dividends. Miles humped the side of Swimmerlad’s Generator, he wanted to pleasure himself, but he was now in charge of Swimmerlad’s body, he was driving the mighty hero into the depths of the land of erotica. His desire for the hero was exploding inside him and he was determined not to lift a finger from the delicious morsel, the helplessly writhing, moaning superhero known to the world as Swimmerlad, his hero!

Miles loved the smoothness of Swimmerlad’s brown skin, the sheen of sweat was creating a sensual light lubricant for his exploring hands, he loved the way Swimmerlad’s pecs twitched in-tune with the pleasure sequences flowing over the superhero’s body. He enjoyed the way Swimmerlad’s pert tight nipples, the little round teats pushed against his hands as he caressed them. Miles bent over Swimmerlad, he worshipped his bound god with such intensity, such devotion, listening to the sounds of pleasure releasing through Swimmerlad’s mouth, they were deep and primitive, they gave him assurance that his worship was making his Swimmerlad so beautifully sexual.

Miles licked the perfectly formed valley between Swimmerlad’s pecs, his hands caressing the hero’s lats, he looked up and licked Swimmerlad’s chin. Miles was drooling, knowing in a matter of minutes, he would soon be feeding this gorgeous creature his hot, pleasure filled bulge and he would pump Swimmerlad with his shot of hot cum, feeding his wet dream his juices laced with Jax+, the very booster of drugs that will allow Swimmerlad to finally succumb to The Generator and share his fucking horny erotic fantasy once again to the world to be recorded and monetised. He didn’t think of the pressure, the millions of dollars riding on his successful domination of the mighty Swimmerlad, he just did what was natural, he worshiped his bound hero.

“Oh my, my sweet hero, you are all mine!” Miles whispered into Swimmerlad’s ear after licking his crush’s face. “I’ll find my way down to your spectacular speedo thong, that bulge bursting with every erotic fantasy of mine combined into one” Miles was caressing Swimmerlad’s straining face. Swimmerlad’s deep moans and look of abandon on his face were feeding the lust brewing deep inside Miles, it was as if Miles was feeding on the torrent of desire coursing through Swimmerlad’s veins, through his mind. Miles could see it exploding in Swimmerlad’s desperate eyes. “That Stroker device is built from Joker’s stroker concept, let’s just say Orgasmo’s engineers have been working hard on incorporating The Stroker into these Generator devices. How is it feeling my beautiful boy? I bet your cock can’t wait for my mouth to devour you! It’s going to make your pleasure sky-rocket, woo hoo, that’s going to make me so fucking horny and you too will feel the power infiltrate your delicious body!”

“Mppppppppppppppf!” Swimmerlad struggled in his bonds “N-no!” was all he could muster, but the word was impregnated with a novel’s worth of words of despair, defiance but mostly it was filled with deep, erotic, sinister power, and Miles could feel his victim’s needs deep inside him. Miles new what he needed to do.

Swimmerlad’s eyes widened, powerful lust exploded inside him, it was flooding through his body, it was consuming him, and it felt as if it was being generated deep inside his speedo bulge, born inside the cauldron of pleasure attacking his speedo. The Stroker was commencing it’s second incursion, the pleasure spikes were driving deeper into his penis and tiny explosions were invigorating the pleasure consuming him, the stroker was devouring his penis head for the second time, and the remnants of the original pass were caressing his balls, he could tell his juices were plentiful and waiting to be sapped and mined. He felt the pre-cum bubble and fizz like soda through the sexy nylon fabric caressing his penis and onto his speedo, and the sensation set the Speedo Sensitizer into a delicious cascade of sensation across his speedo pouch V.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” his moan communicated the intense beauty of the pleasure. But his eyes were fixated on Miles, his tormentor was standing tall, Miles wanted to keep his hands on Swimmerlad, the hero was like a magnet, he wanted to fuel the desire, pump up the erotic pressure on his beautiful Swimmerlad. Miles stood so close to Swimmerlad, he could see Kyle and Hunter, they were worshiping Swimmerboy and Robin, savouring the delectable moments with their heroes, but Mile’s was somehow focused, he was directing the flood of eroticism in his system to Swimmerlad, his beautiful bound god.

Swimmerlad watched as Miles adjusted his own wet red speedo. Miles was putting on a show for his helpless hero, and Swimmerlad was mesmerised, but the beauty and artistic way Miles’ bulge curved, his lust for the red nylon was outrageous! His mind caught up in the erotic fascination for speedo bulge, his thoughts somehow remembered finishing off his day of crimefighting and the anticipation of Swimmerboy’s awesome bulge waiting for him, he remembered way they would play, and he would love to tie Swimmerboy up and devour his speedo bulge, the way Swimmerboy would play his part in their erotic games, and he was feeling that sexual anticipation again, but a thousand times stronger! Miles adjusted himself, he was engineering his delicious package of wet red bulging nylon perfectly. Swimmerlad’s eyes drank in the handsome, model-like features of his tormentor, he lusted for Miles’ body. The way Miles’ speedo was twisted on his hips, the shape of the pouch, the look of his penis head through the wet fabric was driving Swimmerlad into a frenzy of desire, of erotic craving so deep and depraved. He tried shaking his head to snap him out of it, but the carnal desires kept raging, kept him craving.

“You like what your see Swimmerlad, I’m so pleased! You see this little package of red speedo delight will be all yours to devour soon, you’re going to crave it so hard soon, more than you are now!” Miles was running his fingers over the rounded exterior of his speedo thong pouch, tracing the roundness of his bulge, and playing with some of his pre-cum, smearing it evocatively across the top of his mountainous red bulge, playing with the outline of the underside of his penis. “You fucking crave my bulge hero boy, you need to taste it, feel it with your tongue, suckle on it and suck my juicy goodness into your delicious mouth!” Miles had both hands on his tight buns, he was pretending to push his pelvis forward, toward Swimmerlad’s face. “Mmmm this hot red speedo feels so sexy to touch Swimmerlad, my body craves you. I’m fascinated by you, even without the drugs, do you know how many times I have masturbated, watching you writhe on replays of our first encounter in the pleasure temple. Hundreds! Now, I’m going to devour you now and tune YOUR speedo. I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you!”

Miles moved closer to Swimmerlad, he tantalised Swimmerlad with his red bulge, inches from Swimmerlad’s face, thrusting his hips he let his bulge brush Swimmerlad’s face, and he felt Swimmerlad’s hot lusty breath envelop his speedo. “Mmmm! You do love it don’t you, beautiful boy!” Miles was dancing slowly and thrusting his speedo oh so slowly, he was mesmerising his bound hero into an erotic frenzy. He straddled Swimmerlad’s head and lowered his body down, forcing his lower bulge, his taint into Swimmerlad’s face, he was grinding Swimmerlad slowly and he could just feel the powerful lust and Swimmerlad’s hungry mouth trying to savour the delicacy Miles was offering. But Miles dismounted Swimmerlad quickly.

“That’s just a taste hero!” Miles put a finger to his mouth as if to say tsk tsk, “You’ll have to be good sexy boy if you want some more of that. Time for me to worship your bulge!”

Swimmerlad was gasping, his eyes pleading for more, he could not control his raging lust.

Swimmerlad lifted his shoulders and his head, the Generator was holding him tight, spreading his magnificent body effortlessly. He watched Miles’ evocative walk around his Generator, his eyes devoured the beauty of his pleasure attendant, the way the red fabric stretched and emerged from the top of Miles’ beautifully formed buttocks was driving Swimmerlad wild with desire, but the anticipation of what Miles had instore for his own raging mound of pleasure was equally sending waves of tingling sensation across his body, it was erupting on his skin, titillating him, feeding his raging desire. He was helpless, his bondage feeding his desires. He looked up and feeling sensual ripples shooting up his left leg. Miles had latched onto his big toe, his tongue caressing his foot, sucking his toes, and licking the undersides of his toes, the ripples of delight were immense and fed his craving.

Kyle’s crush was Robin! He always loved the crime fighter secretly, but seeing he was usually in Gotham and rarely fighting crime outside is ‘jurisdiction’, Kyle never thought he would ever see the Boy Blunder in the flesh, never. But once again Scorpio had delivered. Kyle knew he was just as gorgeous as Miles, as handsome as Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, he stood tall surveying his prey, unlike Miles, who went into the kill quickly, Kyle was allowing his lust to fester, but just for a short while. Robin was a fucking hotbed of sexual decadence, an indulgence that made the drugs inside him feel powerful, he was determined to get his sexual fix, and his prize was twisting and turning, moaning in delight and the way his green Robin speedo created the thong pouch, and the mountain of bulge, wet with his pre-cum, the delicate folds of nylon, were allowing Kyle’s devious mind to run rampant. He had one hand combing through his curly sandy blonde mop on his head, the other traversed his own rock-hard orange nylon bulge. Kyle had only had one visit to Orgasmo’s lab and while he had tried to control his hard-on, the sheer magnitude of the event, the three heroes, bound and writhing and the contemplation of his duties and the upcoming main features he was going to watch unfold on the screens was just too much, not to mention the Jax+ pumping through him. He felt the length of his penis inside the speedo, the way the fabric caressed his balls and the way the drugs made his body tingle and sensitive, added to the raging need to devour Robin. His penis felt sumptuous, he could feel the delicate pleasure brewing and every eyeful of that green hero bulge, that hot thong of Boy Wonder meat made his penis tingle. He was ready, he had taken in the view, it was now time to taste the sumptuous morsel of sexual beauty writhing at his fingertips, he was ready to taste the nectar of this bound crimefighting young god.

“What a-are you g-oing, aghhhhhhh, to, mmmmmm, do to mmmmme?” Robin’s head was lifted, surveying his writhing, helpless body, he knew he had no defences left, the mind control techniques that Batman had taught him were of little use, especially with that probe in his brain. He felt the stroker beginning its next wave of pleasure on his penis, the sensation was immensely powerful, his cock was alive and the way the energy cupped his balls, and was sauteing his juices felt sumptuous, he felt his bulge being devoured by the Speedo Sensitizer program with every movement of his hips, and when the Stroker had completely engulfed the helmet of his penis, it toyed with the sensitive edges, the ridges of his cock. He remembered the way Batman found out how sensitive the flanges of his penis head were and the way he would toy with him for hours in the secret Batcave Robin Room. But his mind was jolted out of that memoir when his next emission of pre-cum sparkled and fizzed, he felt the warm juice coat his cock head, it tingled and as he thrust his pelvis, the gentle pull of the wet nylon brushed his cock sending a wave of delicious pleasure though his speedo, it was shooting sensation down his legs. His moan almost made Kyle cum.


Kyle scooped up his own sticky sweet nectar and put his finger in Robin’s hungry mouth, he could feel the Boy Wonder’s hefty suck, this mighty crime fighter was truly horny as all fuck, but still insolent at the same time. He was fighting his bondage and his rippling muscles flexed and shimmered as he pulled and twisted. Kyle then bent over Robin, positioning his throbbing orange nylon bulge in Robin’s face. He bent forward, looking at the bubbling green mound of hero heaven, he was almost in a sixty-nine position, the green Robin thong bulge was the most delicious thing that Kyle could ever wish for. Kyle kept his eyes on his prize, and he ran his hungry hands across the Boy Wonder’s bulging biceps, he could feel the pleasure systems, its energy was overrunning Robin’s skin, his muscles flexing and tight. He knew Boy Wonder was enjoying his worship, Kyle could feel Robin’s hot breath, and even Robin’s tongue felt powerful, he could feel pleasure jumping from Robin’s mouth and enveloping his bulge. Kyle Moaned deeply and his body felt the power and pleasure of Scorpio’s systems.

But he pulled away, Kyle bent down and licked his pre-cum off Robin’s nose. Robin was panting, he was in a frenzy of desire and his writhing body kept up its rhythmic dance in time with the diabolical Stroker. Kyle was mesmerised by the lifting and falling of Robin’s bulge, it was like a boat at sea bobbing up and down over the waves, but this was a picture much more erotic, more sumptuous! He was captivated, but he had a job to do, he needed to get the Boy Wonder to the edge of his orgasm, he had so much to work with and about thirty minutes to worship the green bulging speedo into a frenzy of exquisite pleasure.

“Time to worship you, Robin!” Kyle’s whisper in Robin’s ear set off the pleasure probe in the back of Robin’s head.

Nothing Batman was ever able to ‘teach’ him held a chance in this diabolical machine, all the mind control, cock control and bulge management techniques stacked up together could not overcome the insistent and unbelievable amount of pleasure energy he was being forced to experience. His brain probe was running hot, its tendrils tinkering with his mind, toying with him, causing his head to expand into erotic vistas; the sounds of delicious delight exiting the mouths and bodies of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were fanning the flames too, their heads so close to his. Robin had consumed what he could of Kyle’s orange mound, the taste of the nylon, wet with sweet nectar of Kyle made him even more ravenous, and the smell of Kyle’s beautiful body lingered in his mind only to be sucked up into the vortex of sexual thoughts encouraged and pumping from his implant. The feeling of Kyle’s touch on his shoulders was acutely enjoyable, his skin felt amazing, every movement of his body a sumptuous confluence of sensation.

Robin looked up to see Kyle, who had made his way and was standing between his stretched legs. Kyle was running his hands across his lower legs, Kyle was reaching to try and reach both of his ankles; his legs were spread tightly apart, the Generator was stretching his limbs in four directions and the feeling of helplessness was fuelling his sexual appetite along with all the other forces. He was indeed helpless, he felt so fucking sexual, his mind, his emotions were caught up in the hurricane of encroaching pleasure. Kyle’s hands were slowly working up his legs, Robin could feel them tingle, the erotic sensation made his cock yearn for even greater attention. Robin was doing his best to lift his shoulders to survey his body, he looked over his vivacious abs, over his bubbling mound of pleasure. Robin knew deep down this wasn’t real, the whole sexual torture was Scorpio and Joker’s doing, he was being milked of his pleasure in their evil sadistic ways and when they were through with him, they would probably kill him, but he couldn’t escape the diabolical horny desires, the drugs, the Generator machines were too strong even for the Mighty Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. He needed a hard on, how could Scorpio deliver such beautiful artistic pleasure to his bulge, to his penis and he not be hard as steel?

Kyle’s hands had reached Robin’s quads, Robin was catapulted out of his attempts to understand his dire situation and the sexual flood of desire crashed over him once again, he was caught up in a king tide of desire, he was ravenous, and Kyle was playing him like a skilled orchestral concertmaster.

Robin felt the Speedo Sensitizer come to life, it was the anticipation of Kyle’s touch on his bulge that was all that was needed, not to mention the next thrust his pelvis in tune with the Stoker. The Speedo Sensitiser engulfed his entire green bulge and his speed pouch V in a blanket of energy, he felt his pre-cum warming up and the pleasure energy seemed to buzz and throb before absorbing into his penis as a new layer of special pleasure that was in-turn feeding the Stroker.

“Ngfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!” Robin’s straining face was staring intently toward Kyle, the sexual decadence was glowing on his face. His expression of desire pleading with Kyle to continue his worship.

“Ga aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr! D, d, don’t sssssstop, oh f f fuck!” Robin’s pleading was deep and needy. His upper body shuddering and straining in his fight against the tight bondage.

Kyle new he had the Boy Wonder right where he needed him. The Jax+ coursing through Kyle’s veins was making him feel tremendous and ravenous desire to eat at Robin’s mound but he had to control himself. His tantalization of the world’s most famous and outrageously beautiful superhero was feeding his desires erotic calorie after calorie. Kyle had progressed his titillating worship to the top of Robin’s legs, he ran his hands along the top of Robin’s quads, his thumbs were lightly brushing the extremities of the hero’s green seething bulge. The fabric was drenched, it felt luxurious, and Kyle felt the pleasure energy immediately. He just loved the way Robin was slowly thrusting his bulge up and down, desperately dealing with the pleasure, desperately trying to connect with Kyle’s touch.

“Oh, you are the most beautiful boy, a true wonder to behold!” Kyle felt the exquisite energy coursing through his hands, flowing from Robin, feeding his Jax+, it was as if he was feeding from the pleasure too. His prize, so helpless, so handsome, so sexual was writhing and thrusting for him, his personal erotic hero offering was pleading his touch. He couldn’t resist any further. He stood tall looking down on Robin’s drenched spectacular body, it was twisting and turning, his victim was breathing deeply, his face straining. Kyle then looked down toward his prize, the green soaked bulge of Robin the Boy Wonder was thrusting for him. He used both hands and gently enveloped Robin into the palms of his hands.

Robin’s moan rang around the studio.

The sound of Robin’s depraved outburst was music to Joker’s ears, Joker was surveying the circle of heroes fanned out in the centre of the studio playroom. He watched Miles toying with Swimmerlad, he just loved the way Hunter was gently breathing on Swimmerboy’s magnificent bulge and the way Swimmerboy was being drawn into a pleasure vortex, a spiral that held no means of escape.

But Joker was most impressed with Kyle! Kyle was handling Robin with expert care and devotion, and Joker was beginning to form a distinct soft spot for this deliciously deviate apprentice villain, he made a mental note, he would request Scorpio to give him a little Kyle special time once their little Studio hero milking was finalised.

Kyle had no idea about Joker’s growing infatuation, he was juiced up and infatuated with his own enticing piece of hero meat, his supper was generous and juicy, a perfectly cooked supple dinner, and his hands held the majestic spongy bulge, the pleasure pumped into his palms, he could feel the penis in all its glory, sumptuously filling its green nylon home. He could feel The Stroker slowly moving, it was about halfway down the curled soft snaking appendage. Robin’s body was trembling, his legs either side of Kyle were pulling on the bonds, stretching them so exquisitely for his personal access to the Boy Wonder’s pulpit of pleasure. Kyle just loved the Speedo Sensitizer too; he loved the way it distributed the pleasure across the entirety of Robin’s nylon pouch. The hero had no escape from it and to Kyle it was a mastery of diabolical pleasure torture, and by the look of the Boy Wonder, it was not disappointing.

His hands moved carefully; Hunter was poised at Swimmerboy’s pulpit too. Hunter knew that Swimmerboy’s skin was sensitive to the touch, the Generator was building a pleasure structure, so deep and so powerful, it was screaming through Swimmerboy’s heaving thrusting bulging pale green and white nylon pouch, bubbles of effervescent pre-cum were forming regularly and Swimmerboy’s cries of delight were irresistibly impregnated with erotic tones. Swimmerboy’s handsome face was straining upward, he was staring, his eyes pleading for Hunter to touch him on his bulge! Hunter had traversed every other part of his body, titillating him, working the special pleasure energy into eddies of delight on each of his nipples, he had traced the pleasure around each of his abs meticulously, the insides of his legs were tingling deliciously, and Hunter was now working the sides of his buttocks. Swimmerboy was being fine-tuned by his biggest fan and Hunter was using his time to make sure he stimulated his hero to the extreme. He had special plans for Swimmerboy’s bulge, for that speedo pouch, and he wanted Swimmerboy to crave it like a thirsty soul in the middle of the driest desert on earth.

Swimmerboy was almost at that place.

The Stroker had sucked his juices over and over, it was increasing its tight grip, it traversed the edges of his penis head, but this time, it kept moving backward and forward over the edges on his glans penis, it was like the way Swimmerlad used to fondle him lightly and carefully, it was Swimmerlad’s favourite sensual joy, watching Swimmerboy purr while he used his light grip to pleasure the ridges of Swimmerboy’s penis head. The energy was diffusing its needles of pleasure into his cock with every traverse of the ridge of his penis, it was immense and he thrust his hips in desperate attempts to brush his cock head against the wet fabric of his speedo, he was flooded with the pulsating shards of sensation across his pouch, his every movement setting off the diabolical Speedo Sensitizer and the god like sensation of his activated pre-cum pushing through his penis was pleasuring him from inside, it was drawing the needles of pleasure from The Stroker deeper and deeper into his pleasure organ.

Swimmerboy felt the sensitizer become frenzied, Hunter was pulling on the sides of Swimmerboy’s speedo thong, he twisted the garment tighter, so it pulled against his taint, and caressed his boy pussy tighter. The pleasure energy was erratic and cruel, it filled his pouch and pulverised his body into a frenzy of pleasure, he thrust harder and harder, his wrists pulled on his restraints and his cry equalled that of Robin’s depraved outbursts at the hands of Kyle.

“Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerboy’s body, even under the extreme stretch of his Generator, arched, he had to deal with the pleasure, try and resist it, but his Speedo Strength was feeling the strain, he was draining ever so powerfully, and they had no intention to relax his pleasure torture, and Hunter was hungry!

To his horror, he watched Hunter’s hands and mouth begin to move toward his bubbling bulge, Hunter was drooling, his mouth opening.

Hunter tasted the sweet hero nectar first, then he felt the powerful pleasure energy of the Stroker bridge across into his mouth. He felt the pre-cum fizz on his tongue, Swimmerboy was tasting sweet and sumptuous and the feeling of Swimmerboy’s erotic bulge in his mouth was driving Hunter wild with desire, he sucked in as much nectar as he could, he felt the micro vibrations emanating from Swimmerboy’s penis snaking inside his nylon speedo bulge, Hunter worshiped, beguiled in the powerful connection he was experiencing with Swimmerboy. It was electric, he was forced to feed, forced to devour this most beautiful of heroes, he had to worship the bulge, it was all that mattered to him in that moment of time.

Swimmerboy pulled on all four of his restraints, he cried out, and his desperate attempts using his Speedo Power in quick bursts, vainly trying to release himself from the inescapable; his very speedo, his bulge was taking on a life of its own, it was controlling his thoughts, the evil machine working with Hunter in concert, every suck, every lick setting off the Speedo Sensitizer into diabolical rounds of pleasure and the Stroker was whipping his penis into its next wave of exquisite pleasure, his balls were hot, his juices cooking in the oven of energy. But his speedo strength was insufficient, his bondage was much more powerful, and the machine responded to his resistance, it buzzed his wrists in energy, it buzzed his ankles, and the energy began to draw the pleasure over his skin, his speedo, his bulge was the epicentre of a new wave of energy, invading his skin and trembling muscles as it made its way across his body toward his restraints.

“Ngfffffffffffffffffffffffff!” Swimmerboy’s body was pulling, twisting, and trembling, his head thrust backward, and he and Robin’s eyes met, in that instant of divine pleasure. Robin’s look of desperation and abandon was breathtaking, Swimmerboy’s crush on Robin was no longer a secret, and the look on the Boy Wonder’s face triggered Swimmerboy’s erotic desires. He cried out in desperation.

“Robin, R-R-Robin, I f f fuckin want you!” Swimmerboy was erupting, he spurted pre-cum like an orgasm, and his penis exploded in Hunter’s mouth, spurting his nectar, his speedo pouch, his bulge demanding more and more pleasure.

Robin was gazing through his sexy mask, his head lifting and falling in tune with Kyle’s hungry mouth slurping his pre-cum and sucking rhythmically on his green Robin speedo bulge. Robin screamed; the pleasure spike was his Speedo Sensitizer erupting across his pouch. His eyes catching both Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s desperate eyes.

“If, wer, we get free from this, I, I fucking want you b, both so bad, you are the two sexiest men on the face of this planet,” his words drifting into a long moan “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmn!”

Robin was drooling, it was falling down his upturned face, and the sight of Swimmerlad’s handsome, pleasure wracked face and Swimmerboy’s lusty looks made him all the more fucking horny, the drugs were rocketing through his system, the pleasure was filling every pore in his skin and his restraints, like Swimmerboy’s were sucking his pleasure from his seething wet bulge, encased in Kyle’s mouth, his pleasure was being sucked across his body, inescapable delights flowing over him. He loved the way Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were writhing, he wanted them so bad.

Joker fixed his little beret hat and he walked toward the Studio’s pleasure zone, he had been playing with Nylon and Lycra, Joker was horny too, how could anyone inside the Studio not be on the edge? Scorpio was surveying his handywork, he was pleased and bursting with excitement, he too was hard as a rock in his tight black lycra suit, his long white hair made him look ominous. Scorpio loved the way his penis felt when he had his heroes bound, helpless and being pleasured to the edge of their next mammoth orgasmic explosions, the keys to the secret erotic fantasy world of his trio of bound beauty. His Generators would tap the erotic footage, record it, and display it for his personal enjoyment. It would make him a new fortune once the file was published. He planned to send snippets of their struggling, their bubbling bulges and their erotic fantasies to the media, BBC, CNN, Fox, Sky, DW-TV, ABC and many more, he wanted to let the world know of his dominion of these heroes. Scorpio had grand plans, but Joker’s evil laugh knocked Scorpio out of his musings.

It was also the slap on Scorpio’s back that helped jolt him back as well. Joker had his hands on Scorpio’s ass, “Nice ass Mr Villain, I’m impressed with your little set-up here! I think we need to talk about capturing more of these delicious horny heroes, I just love this little nest of pleasure.

Scorpio turned and looked at Joker.

“We’re just getting started!”

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