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Defeat and Domination
Part 21 - Bird in the Hand - Part Three
By Scorpio

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Bird in the Hand - Part 3

Joker, Robin, Batman, Luthor & Superboy are the property of DC Comics and are referred to in this story on a fan basis only.


Three heroes are taken to the tantalizer play pen and played with by Miles and his two sexy playmates Hunter and Kyle. Robin starts to feel his new implant’s influence and is becoming very horny, he is forced to admire the beauty of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad while they are all drugged with doses of the Elixir of Eros and a new aphrodisiac compound fashioned from the cum of Superboy and Orgasmo’s Aphrodisium. Jax+ is delivered in small but potent doses ensuring the three heroes are delivered to Scorpio’s latest playroom and makeshift sound stage, The Studio, in a state of hyper sexuality. The three heroes full of cum are ready for action.

They looked across at each other, their bodies a mass of sensation and desire, Robin could not believe the beauty and purity of the cravings that he was experiencing, he longed to touch Swimmerboy, he longed to taste Swimmerlad. His bonds made him horny, the feeling of the nylon speedo pulled tightly between his peachy buns was driving him wild with sexual intent. Swimmerboy looked so erotic, the way his body twisted, the perfect V of his speedo thong pouch, the roundness of his bulge in the green and white garment was one of the most erotic things that Robin had ever seen. Robin had a thing for dark hair, for the mysterious look. He looked across to Swimmerlad, he too with his model good looks and short blond hair was a vision of beauty, his matching speedo to Swimmerboy’s looked sumptuous, the tightness of the sides twisted across his hips was turning Robin on so much along with the sexy sounds of pleasure he produced with every breath and each round of delicious sensation delivered across his body by the reverberator systems.

Robin looked down over his almost naked body, Miles had played with him, but hardly touched him, it was Scorpio’s systems that were making him so agitated and full of desire. He looked at his heaving abs, Batman liked him tight and lean, and he had spent hours in the Bat Gym keeping Batman happy, keeping himself beautiful and fighting fit. He looked at his strong legs, he never felt sexier, seeing them stretched out to the restraints on the floor of the playpen. And then there was the speedo; they had dressed him in the ‘Robin’ speedos that Batman liked him to wear. The nylon felt sumptuous inside his bulge, the speedo sensitizer buzzing his cock and balls with every sexual movement of his body, he couldn’t stop himself, his entire torso was being bombarded with delicious sensation, erupting, and flowing across his skin tantalizing his body in flows as insistent as the waves on a beach. The sensitizer kept caressing his penis, he was filling with beautiful inviting sensation and his insides felt like they were about to explode, he needed sex, he needed to be wrapped around the heaving body of Swimmerboy or Swimmerlad or both right now. They were so close, so horny but oh, so far away. They sounded and looked like the two most beautiful creatures on Earth to him in his moment of sexual and extravagant need.

“Wow the look on your face Robin! It tells a beautiful story and communicates a deep-seated set of inner desires bubbling up inside, am I right?” Miles so wanted to have Robin’s bulge for supper, but he restrained himself. His finger tantalisingly close to Robin’s speedo pouch, but he kept it from touching the Boy Toy. “I don’t fancy myself as therapist or Psych, but I can just tell what’s going on in your cute head behind that cute mask Robin. Your eyes are a window they say, well Scorpio is going to look into your soul tonight, your sexy side, the erotic Robin vault of secret sexual desire, he’ll be using much more of you than your cute eyes to peer deep inside though!”

Miles then walked around to Swimmerlad.

“How are your drugs my beautiful sexy boy?” Miles wanted Swimmerlad there and then he needed to jump on him and devour his body and drain his cum. But he kept on restraining himself, he was learning from the best and he always admired Scorpio and the way he could look so calm and collected while he taunted his erotic toys. Miles could only imagine what Scorpio did with his captives when he took them into his private playrooms to himself. Miles kept his cool, this tantalisation was driving him almost as wild and needy as his three hero charges.

Swimmerlad looked at Miles, his eyes too were glistening and wild with frustration, he felt his body warming up, he felt the pull of the desire welling inside his body, beneath the fucking beautiful sensation erupting on his skin, the decadent pleasure flowering inside his speedo and the magic sensation pulling at and caressing his buns tantalisingly and the sensation of the virtual dildo slowly moving inside his arse pumping him perfectly. He needed Swimmerboy, he needed to taste his erotic boy. He felt his desire for Swimmerboy scream inside him and Scorpio’s denial of he and Swimmerboy connecting, and touching was the cruellest torture of them all especially now they had masterfully engineered their sexual tantalisation so expertly. He had every right to be aggrieved and he wanted his Swimmerboy in his arms so much, but Scorpio and his cruel cohort of captors enjoyed the denial of his needs so much, it was something deep, dark, and sinister in their punishing need for sexual gratification, it was as if the supervillain fed from their dominion and captivity as much as their physical and sexual bodies.

Miles interrupted Swimmerlad’s contemplation. “I can’t wait for tonight to really Rrrrrrrrramp up Swimmerlad, we’ll be peering deep inside you while we dine on your speedo.”

“Nghhhhhhh mmmmmphh!” Swimmerlad pulled on his bonds and glared at Miles, the drugs were firing inside him, and words were becoming difficult to form, he was entering a sexual abyss of sensation and it was corrupting his thoughts and abilities to respond, but his innate need to free himself and escape kept a tiny hold on reality. He suddenly longed for Miles’ arse, watching his beautiful tormentor walk across to Swimmerboy. Deep inside him, he could feel erotic tendrils lashing his mind, lashing inside his chest, he was falling deeper and deeper into desire.

“Those Piercing bule eyes Swimmerboy, they are just magical, they say a picture tells a thousand words, well the picture of your face tells me a fucking novel. Ooh I just cannot wait to see what your beautiful head has inside it.” Miles’s finger was enticing Swimmerboy, it was centimetres from the hero’s speedo bulge, and Swimmerboy pushed his body, arching forward yearning to feel the touch of his tormentor’s finger on his speedo bulge, but Miles was quick, pulling his hand back, denying the superhero the pleasure.

“Tsk, tsk Swimmerboy! Not now, you must wait like a good, gorgeous boy.” Miles smiled and enjoyed the look of desperation on Swimmerboy’s face.

The sensation inside his speedo was overpoweringly delicious, not intense but flowering with every evocative ripple of pleasure set off by the speedo sensitizer. Swimmerboy cried out to be touched, his frustration welling up inside his chest, his mind on bulge, on Robin’s bulge on Swimmerlad’s bulge, he was consumed by the sheer intensity of the erotic desire, his feelings were alarming, his speedo was singing and the sensation of the virtual dildo caressing his arse was fuelling the enlarging mass of erotic energy engulfing him. His nipples tingled, his muscles felt the reverberator’s evil seductive strokes of energy, it was all coalescing deep inside him, bubbling, enraging, and building his desire. He needed cock, he needed speedo bulge in his face, it was powerful and diabolical.

Miles stood and watched Swimmerboy’s sensual dance, his thrusting hips, his beautiful speedo bulge, and pouch were sirens screaming for his attention and the sounds of enjoyment emanating from this delicious creature were sexual and depraved. Miles admired his sex toy, his sexy handywork and he hoped Scorpio would reward him with a private session with Swimmerlad. That was his goal, he and the helpless Swimmerlad in a pleasure room! He kept his eye on the goal.

“Such beauty, such power, helpless and bound!” Miles span around admiring his work. He could cum right there and now, and although Kyle wanted to play, he had to keep himself ready, just the thought of Kyle’s mouth licking his speedo would make him orgasm there and then, Miles was nearly as horny as his three young sexual heroes.

The Screen on the far wall of the playroom came to life. The whole wall lit up and filled the playpen like a large TV lighting a darkened room. The wall of light came to life with pictures and video clips from their Milk Bar session and from Swimmerlad’s final massive orgasm in Scorpio’s pits. The sounds of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s screams of orgasmic defeat filled the room and then visions from the Mad Hatter’s pass the parcel game and Swimmerlad’s defeat on the Sun Altar in the Zenith Temple played. Scorpio’s face appeared on the huge wall sized screen next and with Hollywood MGM sounds playing Scorpio welcomed his guests.

“Welcome stars, welcome mighty heroes!” The music was becoming more intense “Studio Scorpio welcomes the stars of the next blockbuster sexual feature. Tonight, we make history and create a sexually evocative and thought-provoking masterpiece that will blow the critics in more ways than one, ha ha ha. Bring me my stars Miles.” The look on Scorpio’s face was electric and powerful, but Joker’s face pushed into the camera view, Joker just loved the limelight and couldn’t resist the opportunity.

“Yes, I have been waiting for this for a long time, light the lights…” he was shaking with happiness as he hummed and started to sing the Looney Tunes theme song, “…this is it, we'll hit the heights, and oh what heights we'll hit, on with the show this is it.”

The wall holding the screen began moving to the left and opened to Scorpio’s latest sexual extravagance. It was lit brightly, and Nylon, Lycra, Thunder and Biff emerged to unshackle the three horny heroes, the next stars of Scorpiovision’s hero blockbuster which Scorpio intended to have distributed to major news mastheads around the globe. He would enjoy the next phase of his evil defeat of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, public shame and outrage were his next agenda items.

The silhouette of Joker jumping up and down inside the studio was an eery and ominous sign of the debaucheries that awaited them and Swimmerboy began to pull on his bonds, struggling and crying out as the pleasure fired up inside his speedo.

“You fiends!” he struggled and pulled attracting Scorpio to watch his prize catch.

“Swimmerboy, such a lovely surprise to see you, so gorgeous, and so sexually primed I see, where is Miles?”

Miles arrived and put his arm around his mentor’s shoulder.

“Do you like? I’ve got them all hot-n-bothered like you requested boss!” Miles looked at Scorpio and then at Swimmerboy, he moved over to the straining hero and ran his fingers down Swimmerboy’s bumpy abs, purposely setting off the reverberator and resulting in Swimmerboy twisting and turning and literally crying.

“Aheeeeeeeeeeeee, ugh, ugh, ugh.” Swimmerboy twisted his head upward and to the left, screwing up his face.

“Yes, a vision of sexual speedo splendour, so heroic, so helpless my dear Miles. I do love what you have done with his speedo. We will play with that as soon as he is tied to his Generator.” Scorpio moved closer and looked longingly at Swimmerboy’s speedo thong pouch. He marvelled at the beauty of this mighty hero, the roundness of the bulge, the fullness of the testicles wrapped in the delicious shiny new nylon. The speedo V perfectly formed making its owner irresistible.

“Perfection Swimmerboy, just beautiful, I am so glad to have you with us, and I can’t wait to ensure your pleasure fulfils your every needy need tonight. Now you have had sufficient drugs and by the look of your beautiful body you look ready for fun.” Scorpio moved his finger tantalisingly close to Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch but denied Swimmerboy his touch.

“All in good time Swimmerboy.” Scorpio touched Swimmerboy on the tip of his nose.

“Gggahhhhhh!” Swimmerboy screwed his face again as the reverberator shot around his head and down his neck.

“Remove the virtual dildo’s” Scorpio ordered; he was walking toward Robin as he gave the order having left Swimmerboy to writhe helplessly.

“Boy Toy Wonder, it is going to be so much fun to welcome you to the session of fun, you shall have long hard pleasure to milk your body dry of all your cum!” Scorpio looked at Robin’s heaving green speedo thong, it bulged perfectly and deliciously. Scorpio pointed at the hero’s bulge, “now THAT Boy Wonder is a fucking work of art! I’m so glad we can have you over for a night of fun.”

Robin felt his body sing, his skin tingled with waves of energy, his speedo was erupting in delicious pleasure, and he was bound helpless. His implant was feeling warm in the back of his head, and he never felt hornier than what he was feeling at that moment. He cried out in frenetic frustration, he needed to be touched, he needed cock so badly.

The Dildo dissipated in his arse, and the sensation started to fizzle, Robin missed it, it was feeding his eroticism, his sexual desires. He could not escape them, they were Orgasmo’s little welcome gift. Robin looked up from his speedo, he could see the look of Swimmerlad’s face and then Swimmerboy; they were in a state of hyper sexuality too, they were twisting and turning, moaning, and hissing as the diabolical sensations continued reverberating around their lovely bodies.

Scorpio raised his hands; he was in the centre of the play ring.

“Thank you, Miles, my little tantalizing sex kitten, you, and your play mates have waved your tantalising wand and have created three of the world’s finest heroes, and finest sexual gods. Please be my guest you have earned your place on my private pleasure set, Studio Scorpio. You will dine on these three heroes and enjoy their descent into the depths of depravity.” He motioned his arm as if to direct them toward the Studio.

Joker jumped into the ring to join Scorpio. He was wearing a beret. The hat stood on top of his scraggly green hair.

“Hey what do you give a film director who has broken his arm?” Joker looked at Scorpio and then the three writhing heroes. He motioned to each of them walking up to them and surveying their beautiful helpless bodies.

“Any idea Swimmerboy?” He asked.

“Got a clue Swimmerlad?” He asked again and then looked at Robin. Joker loved the way Robin was always doing his best to solve villains’ riddles and jokes.

Robin looked up, he was almost trembling with desire, twisting, and seething with the powerful tantalizer devices rampaging his athletic body.

“A fucking cast!” Robin spat back at Joker before erupting in further moans, “Mmmmmmmp!”

“Oh well done Boy Blunder, I knew you wouldn’t disappoint!” Joker jumped up and down having to hold onto his director’s beret.

“And guess what we have here boys?” Joker looked around the playpen another time.

“A cast of three, I guess you’ve already worked out that you’ve passed your auditions, and YOU’VE GOT YOUR ROLES! Excellent!” Joker slapped Scorpio on the back.

Joker started singing looney tunes again, “On with the show this is it…”

Swimmerlad spat at the master villain’s, “Never! Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck!” he was cut off by a spike of pleasure that exploded inside his speedo pouch it caused him to thrust his pelvis forward energetically, his head shot sideways, and his screech of pleasure made Joker clap.

“Oh, this one is good and ready!” Joker stood in front of Swimmerlad admiring the beautiful, sexual vision. “I’m going to sip your cum through a straw when they serve my Swimmerlad cocktail!”

Swimmerlad glared at Joker.

Scorpio was in just as jovial a mood.

“They are all ready to enter another dimension of sumptuous pleasure topped off with lashings of heroic eroticism. Your juices will be tapped and pumped, there won’t be a dry bulge or a bored penis here tonight! Time to visit the set boys.”

“Emitters, stun one”

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad cried out in pain, their speedo power was at ninety eight percent and even the low dose of the evil emitter frequency was enough to cause them grief and pain.

Nylon released Swimmerboy and Lycra released Swimmerlad. Their arms tied strongly behind their backs for the short walk into Scorpio’s playroom. Thunder released Robin and although he had other henchmen to back him, he safely managed Robin, tying the Boy Wonder’s arms competently.

Robin was unsteady on his feet, his legs felt amazing, his body tingled, and his speedo thong was thumping his penis with divine sensation. The ropes made him all the hornier, and he looked at Thunder, his eyes pleading for the sensation to stop. He looked at Swimmerboy, the mighty hero was bent over in pain trying to deal with the emitters.

“You, ohh ffffuck meee, fiends! Deviates!” Robin tried to break his bonds, but it was fruitless, and Thunder was urging him forward.

“Don’t look at Swimmerboy, Robin; he can’t help you!” Thunder smiled, pushing Robin toward his pleasure fate, Robin moved, but reluctantly, he was pulling at the tight ropes binding him, looking over his shoulder at Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad and every step encouraged the buzzing and delicious pleasure caressing his cock even more. He was shaking and he was exploding inside with feelings so deep and so sexual. Every step reverberated delicious eruptions of pleasure caressing his bulge.

Swimmerboy recovered quickly as soon as the emitters calmed down and Nylon grabbed the hero by the hair, Scorpio wanted to address him. His body was tingling all over, he felt the remnants of the virtual dildo that had been fucking his butt with its evil power and his penis felt like royalty inside his sumptuous speedo thong pouch. He felt the fabric brush against his cock head, and he closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation caress his sex.

“Such a vision of beauty, my delicious Swimmerboy! Do you feel nice and erotic? Well, the way you are sounding and twisting like that, it certainly looks and sounds that way. Now, I hope you can walk ok, I know your body is feeling the effects of our reverberator and your speedo must feel so tempting and well your body will be awash with desire exploding in here.” Scorpio touched Swimmerboy’s chest and enjoyed the desperate look of sexual frustration that erupted on his prize captive’s face. Swimmerboy tried to look at his speedo, but Nylon ruthlessly pulled his head upward. “Tut, Tut dear hero, that little piece of sexual heaven is out of bounds for you. Remember you have been consecrated to serve my needs, not your own. You are my property; I will enjoy you to the full!” Scorpio traced his finger down Swimmerboy’s nose and looked into the depths of the hero’s glaring eyes.

“Yes, so beautiful, take him to the Studio and tie him to his Generator! Time for some sexual action Swimmerboy and after that you will feed us your jism!”

Swimmerboy’s words were difficult to form on his tongue, he was literally shaking and trembling, the drugs were powerful aphrodisiacs, and he was fucking horny, “F fer fer fiend!” It was all he could muster.

“Ha, so insolent, you will pleasure so well tonight!” Scorpio stood back to take a closer view of this erotic young hero, he was an exquisite package of muscle and that speedo thong wrapping his body made Scorpio tingle with desire.

He was unsure on his feet, but glad his legs were holding him up, they were shuddering, his whole body was trembling, and Nylon was being a prick, forcing him forward shaking him.

Inside the Studio he almost collided with Swimmerlad. Swimmerlad was standing pulling on his bonds, he was slowly thrusting his pelvis and Swimmerboy knew that look of ecstasy that Swimmerlad pulled on his face. It was exploding across Swimmerlad’s face and the way his partner turned and pulled, his head looking upward meant that Swimmerlad was entering his mind blowing, and speedo pleasuring world.

Swimmerlad noticed Swimmerboy being thrust inside the fiendish pleasure room.

“Sw Swimmerboy, I, I’m so horny, body wants sex, my sp, speedo feels amazing, f ffuck.” Swimmerboy could see the frustration on Swimmerlad’s face, he was feeling it too, it was so erotic, but it was also the frustration of losing control, not being able to think straight and of being totally ruled by carnal thoughts, and sexual needs.

The huge sliding door closed and locked them all inside Scorpio’s next crazed sexual adventure.

Scorpio had entered the Studio too; he clasped his hands together in glee. “Welcome boys, I’ve had my engineers feverously working on this Studio for days! So, you’re all full of cum, MantaRay made certain of that, and Joker tells me he had a great time, he thought it was shocking to be exact!” He burst out into evil and diabolical laughter.

“Reward time, time to drain your speedo power in another extravagant display of sexual extravagance!” Scorpio looked around the studio, making sure everything was in order and ready for action.

Making his way over to one of the three Generators, Scorpio began caressing one the Generators with his hand, the one he chose had a giant Robin “R” on its left-hand side. The circular device, was designed to hold its captive secure in powerful restraints and had the ability to change shape and move around the room, taking its captive with it, positioning them in any way Scorpio desired.

Scorpio looked at his three sexual dynamos.

“Miles has done a sterling job on you three, you see Orgasmo has been working on him, Miles has several visits with Orgasmo, who gives him first-hand treatment and teaches the delicious boy how to edge his captive to the brink of orgasmic delight and how to deny them. Miles begs well, if you know what I mean, oh yeah, he has a powerful cum spurt too, and he is learning to be ruthless. He treated you boys perfectly, so I can see that his preparation is going well. Miles will get to pleasure you heroes and feed his growing sexual needs; he is such beautiful boy to teach!”

Scorpio called Miles over and tightened Miles’ speedo thong, he cupped the red nylon bulge and ensured Miles’ penis displayed evocatively inside the red pouch. “Nice!” Scorpio purred, “He will just drive you wild with desire boys, your drugs will ensure that and these little puppies,” He said enjoying the smooth alloy metal of the machine, “…will impregnate you with so much pleasure, you will crave this red speedo thong with all your might, fuck, you’re already craving each other’s now! I can see it in those three sets of beautiful eyes.”

“Boy’s,” Scorpio looked at Biff and Thunder. “Be so kind and stretch Robin on his Generator, I so need to see his beautiful athletic body stretched out on this little dynamo. He’ll turn Swimmerboy into a ravaging sexual dynamo when he wraps his eyes on the helpless Boy Wonder in a sexy green speedo thong.”

Robin writhed and fought them, but his body was engulfed in sensations and delicious pleasure, so they had no trouble stretching his limbs to the restraints. They clicked and turned green and soon Robin was standing but stretched, his body twisting, his pelvis presenting his delicious speedo bulge for the occupants of the room to devour with their eyes.

Scorpio was right, Swimmerboy felt his body tingle, he felt a line of pleasure snake through his penis, his mind was awash with a burning desire to eat Robin’s thong, devour the Boy Wonder’s dynamic cock.

Swimmerlad felt the attraction too, he felt his body heating up, his mind was full of desire and the sight of Robin stretched like that and his magnificent bulging thong set off the speedo sensitizer, he felt the energy erupt on his hips and shoot inwards engulfing his bulge. Swimmerlad cried out in desperation. “Oh god, so delicious ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Scorpio laughed, running his fingers across Robin’s nipples. “You have another fan Robs!”

Robin pulled on all four of his bonds, his face screwing up, he was so horny, so hot for attention and the restraints were feeding his desire. He looked at Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad they looked like the two most sexual objects on earth at that time to him. His eyes lapped up the beauty of their speedo thongs bulging with erotic treats so perfectly formed inside the V shapes of their speedo pouches. He looked into their dreamy eyes, they were just the pinnacle of superhero sexual perfection and he longed to get a hardon, but somehow, Scorpio and his systems were barring him from the pleasure of a rock-hard cock. He was being manipulated and he felt the warmness in the back of his head, his brain probe was busy stimulating him, stroking his desires, and working with the drugs. His body tingled all over when Nylon dragged Swimmerboy over toward him.

“Look at him Swimmerboy!” Nylon forced Swimmerboy to look into Robin’s eyes behind his sexy mask. Swimmerboy felt the ropes tightly binding his arms, he felt his speedo thong caressing his body and the look of desire in Robin’s eyes was outrageous. He felt the sensation too, he felt his penis purr inside its nylon pouch.

“Ffffffffffffuck, I want you Robin!” Swimmerboy whispered, his face was so close the Boy Wonder’s.

“Me too sexy Swimmerboy and your fucking hot Swimmerlad too!” Robin’s whisper was full of need, deep and erotic.

Nylon then decided to force Swimmerboy to his knees, motioning Lycra to bring Swimmerlad. They positioned Swimmerlad’s struggling body close to Robin’s stretched helpless body they were only feet from each other and Swimmerboy was forced between the two bulging speedo pouches of Robin and Swimmerlad.

Swimmerlad was oozing in pleasure, his body buzzing, his speedo electric and his every move made his penis smile. They spread his legs, his beautiful bulging speedo so close to Robin’s, so close to Swimmerboy’s face. He felt his body screaming for attention, he needed lashings of pleasure, he needed Swimmerboy’s penis erupting in his mouth. But his reality was vastly different; tight ropes and ruthless henchmen and he knew that his milking would be long and draining.

He was speechless, Swimmerboy felt his cock tingle, his eyes lapping up the beauty of the bulges so close but so far, and his body was heating up, the sight of these two sensual pouches, two cockheads pushing against the fabric of the garments, the way their balls were cupped, and fabric caressed and folded from their bulges was driving Swimmerboy wild.

“Fuck!” He screamed out in desperation; Nylon forced Swimmerboy’s face to within inches of Swimmerlad’s bulge. Swimmerlad almost drooled looking down to see Swimmerboy’s face so close to his loins, it was the closest Swimmerboy had been to Swimmerlad in weeks, but the denial of contact to HIS Swimmerboy was driving him crazy, the sexual frustration welling inside of him.

Then Nylon dragged Swimmerboy by the hair forcing him to Robin’s sumptuous green bulge.

“Look at the beauty of Boy Wonder Swimmerboy, you fuckin want it don’t you!” Nylon was squeezing and pulling Swimmerboy’s hair tight, but the forcefulness of Nylon’s hold was turning Swimmerboy on. Swimmerboy opened his mouth and tried his best to reach to the tip of Robin’s stunning mound. Swimmerboy needed it in his mouth, he was desperate.

Nylon dragged Swimmerboy’s head backward, he was purposely being cruel, enjoying his power over such a sexual hero.

“You’ll get your fill in good time hero!” Nylon dragged Swimmerboy to his feet and Joker walked over to have his little taunt as well.

“Robin, my dear Swimmerboy is awfully expensive! You can’t just lick the merchandise like that! You see Swimmerboy, you will need to sing for your supper, spurt your cum, old chum.”

Joker dismissed Swimmerboy with a pert wave of his hand.

“Tie Swimmerboy to his Generator.” Joker gave the order he had been waiting to deliver.

Nylon and Thunder obeyed and after activating the personal emitter Swimmerboy, bent over in pain, he was twisting in agony while they removed his ropes, they stretched his body into the Generator’s restraint system and then toyed with their captive.

“There’s a good sexy Swimmerboy, you enjoy your bondage for a while, we just need to get your beautiful Swimmerlad sorted then Scorpio has a little present for you.” Nylon smirked, giving Swimmerboy a little tender slap to the side of his left cheek.

Swimmerboy looked at Nylon, his face screwing up, his penis exploding with a spike of pleasure radiating across the pouch of his speedo.

“Ngffffffffffffff!” Swimmerboy twisted his head from side to side, dealing with the sumptuous sensations as best he could. Nylon just smiled and licked Swimmerboy’s nipple. “Oh, there is so much more in store for you my beautiful boy. Stay put and enjoy your sensitizer, if you thrust your hips, your penis will reward you. Yum!”

“Mmmmpf!” Swimmerboy moaned deeply, he was in a world of sensation and the Generator buzzed his restraints, ominously adding to his sexual desperation.

Swimmerlad could almost scream, he never felt more on fire, he was finding it difficult to stand, the sensations were filling him with so much energy and the sight of Robin pulling desperately in his bonds, Swimmerboy too was looking intently at his speedo, his face alight with the look of ecstasy washing across his handsome face.

The pleasure gripped his balls suddenly, causing Swimmerlad to pull on the ropes restraining him, he closed his eyes momentarily moaning toward the ceiling.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh, so beautiful, oh, f fu fuck me!” He opened his eyes and Miles’ smiling face was gloating at him.

“Looky here, horny and on heat, the most beautiful hero of them all, bound up and ready for pleasure. Fuck you are so hot Swimmerlad.” Miles was already wet, but he had to control his lust, he was in the company of supervillains after all!

“Fucking touch me Miles! Fuckin please, Oh god!” Swimmerlad offered his speedo bulge in a desperate attempt pulling on the ropes binding his wrists behind his back, he needed his bulge touched and fondled, he needed it sucked, the passion inside him was consuming and ravenous.

Miles looked at his own speedo, he was wet and then decided to force Swimmerlad to his knees.

Lycra gripped Swimmerlad’s head, holding him centimetres from Miles’ red bulge. Miles was semi erect, the front of his nylon speedos wet with precum.

Swimmerlad was ravenous, and the sight of the mountain of wet red bulge fed into his desires. His eyes drank in the splendour of Miles, Swimmerlad was drunk with desire, craving it, yearning.

“Lick it Swimmerlad!” Miles was insistent.

Swimmerlad’s body tingled all over, he extended his tongue and connected with the moist nylon, he slurped and worshiped Miles tenderly, feeling the semi-erect penis, his tongue located the underside of Miles’ penis head, he felt the ridges of Miles’ cock head, he tasted the salty sweetness of Miles’ juice and Swimmerlad’s mind exploded with sexual desire.

Lycra put a stop to it. He threw Swimmerlad backwards on the floor, writhing in ecstasy, and deep sexual urges, fighting his bonds and moaning. Lycra pushed him onto his back and spread his legs, his arms clasped behind his back made his magnificent body arch upward and Miles stood between Swimmerlad’s spread legs looking down at his prey’s mass of green nylon bulging like a siren, drawing Miles’ eyes.

“Please Miles, please?” Swimmerlad pleaded, he needed to be toyed with, his mouth tasting the remnants of the pre-cum he was able to lick from Miles’ bulge before Lycra threw him on the floor. But before Swimmerlad knew what was happening, Miles invoked the personal Swimmerlad emitter and Swimmerlad began to contort on the floor in pain. Thunder was overcome at the sight happening on the floor, his inner wrestler exploded, and he was soon sliding across the floor and forcing Swimmerlad over, Thunder forced his knee into Swimmerlad’s upper back. Swimmerlad was writing in pain, screaming for the diabolical emitters to stop, but Thunder’s knee pushed violently in his back. Swimmerlad was still bound, he was helpless, and Thunder knew it! Thunder reached forward pulling Swimmerlad’s chin up, the chin lock was a favourite move of his, especially when he wanted to present his prey.

Swimmerlad screamed, the pain of the emitters, the tight bonds around his wrists and Thunder’s chin lock all combining to render the beautiful hero helpless.

“Oh, I didn’t think you could be any more sexual Swimmerlad, but Thunder has done a fantastic job on you tonight!” Miles bent down and caressed Swimmerlad’s straining face and he just loved the way the desperate hero shot pleading looks in his direction, Swimmerlad was defeated.

“I think he is good and ready!” Miles said with an evil smile on his face and while he turned his attention, one hand on Swimmerlad’s chin forcing Swimmerlad to look upward and across to where his other hand was pointing.

Miles checked with his Mentor, glancing across to Scorpio, who nodded acknowledging Miles’ progression, Miles was learning to deal with defeated heroes perfectly and Scorpio felt like a proud father.

Miles got the message and returned his attention to Swimmerlad’s pain racked face.

“Tie Swimmerlad to his Generator!”

Thunder let go allowing Swimmerlad to gasp, but the hero was still under the control of the painful personal emitter and Lycra stepped in to lift Swimmerlad’s convulsing, reeling body from the floor, they dragged him to his assigned Generator, untied his bonds and stretched his body into the restraints.

He moaned deeply as soon as the emitters powered down and the pleasure and sexual frustration enveloped him again. He looked down over his heaving body, his abs rising and falling with his breathing, he twisted his wrists and ankles, in a futile attempt to break the bonds, but once again Scorpio had him helplessly stretched. He looked at his speedo thong, he looked fucking awesome, so sexual, and erotic and he couldn’t resist those erotic desires and thoughts bombarding his mind. He desperately need to wank, he needed pleasure, but not on his captor’s terms.

Three Generators, arranged in a semi-circle, each holding one of the planet’s most sexual and handsome heroes, each writhing and thrusting their drug fuelled bodies, tantalised, and sexually frustrated and reservoirs of massive amounts of hero cum.

Scorpio walked into the space directly in front of the three diabolical pleasure devices. He held out his arms.

“Hello boys, are we feeling erotic and frisky tonight? You all look the part, I must say, and an incredibly special welcome to the Boy Toy Wonder Boy, welcome Robin!”

Scorpio walked over to Robin and looked his prey up and down.

“You will pleasure well my dear boy!”

Robin screwed his face and tried to look defiant, but the buzzing infesting his speedo bulge was outrageously beautiful, and he was intensely horny.

“What are y you, aghhhhhhh, oh my, yuuuuuuuum, up to?” Robin’s head was lolling up and down, the pleasure raped his bulge deliciously and incessantly.

“We, birdy boy, are going to take you on a journey, up and down a rollercoaster of delicious pleasure, lead you to the most amazing orgasm your pretty penis has ever indulged in. In-fact Boy Wonder, by the time your Generator has finished with you and your delicious Swimmer sex bomb mates here,” Scorpio was running his fingers across the edges of the round device that Robin was stretched in, he looked across to Swimmerboy on the far end and Swimmerlad between Robin and Swimmerboy. “…Your entire bodies will be engulfed in your orgasms, it will be like you’re spurting cum out of your nose and mouth, but it will rocket from your cock with such intensity and power, your mind will flip, and your special brain implant will get to fucking rape your mind!” Scorpio’s laugh was disturbing and powerful. He needed it to be, he had millions of coin flooding in by the hour from his devoted Speedoflix subscribers. Scorpio was going global and going live!

Taking his time, he surveyed each helpless hero feeling the beauty of their stretched bodies, taking in the eye candy of three bulging masses of hero meat encased in their nylon pouches, the beauty and artwork of the V shave garments were spectacular. He saw them as a gateway, an erotic adventure that was percolating in a cocktail of drugs and that would begin to flower as soon he allowed their pleasure intensity to increase and trip the drugs that were now coursing through their veins. Scorpio listened and watched as the erotic ride began its perilous journey. His heroes looked and sounded sumptuous, they were so full of cum.

“Yes, such a sight, such wonderful sounds of horny young superheroes, the best in the biz!” Scorpio looked around at the three Generator machines set in the semi-circle configuration.

“Ngggggf,” Swimmerlad was entering a world of enjoyment, he could not stop the delicious sensitizer as it tantalized his penis, he was so horny, moving his hips trying desperately for his penis to rub against the inside of his speedo bulge, it made his member purr.

“Mpppff!” Swimmerboy too, was in a similar situation, his penis radiated crisp delicious pleasure enjoying its nylon abode too, gently brushing against the speedo thong pouch. Swimmerboy tried to think straight, through the fog of desire, his drugs were powerful and all consuming. “Whhhh a t, are you do - ing to us, Mmmmmmm?” Swimmerboy’s face was pleading but it was difficult at this juncture whether it was an attempt to overcome the bondage and the peril he was in or if it was for Scorpio to worship his speedo and his body. Swimmerboy felt the magnificence of the tight nylon filling the cavity between his buttocks, pulling tightly across his hips, and massaging his taint, but the beauty of the pouch as it formed his bulge was his favourite. He was being consumed in a world of desire and it was dragging him in, like evil tentacles pulling him deeper into the pleasure abyss.

“Speedo strength is strong boys!” Scorpio took Joker on a tour, he showed the master villain the control systems on each of the Generators, impressing Joker with what Scorpio and Orgasmo liked to call the orgasmotronics of his toys. He showed Joker the monitoring devices on Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s Generators.

“Good they are back at 100 percent speedo strength levels now, their tantalisation process has not really been invasive enough for them to drain any real amounts of their power, they are also very aware of how amazing my pleasure systems can invade their pretty, pretty speedo bulges. They know it is wise to enter a pleasure session on full power!” Scorpio’s evil smirk was enough to make even the renowned Joker to tingle.

Scorpio continued his crash course in speedo hero bondage protocols, “But you see, if fucking gorgeous Swimmerlad here,” Scorpio bent down and licked the tops of Swimmerlad’s legs, he was so enticingly close to Swimmerlad’s bulge, it made Swimmerlad writhe in his bonds and moan quietly, “…does not use his power up soon, the speedo strength will consume him and he will end up dying a slow powerful death, so they are reliant on us to regulate their speedo power, like we are doing tonight.”

Joker’s face showed both his inquisitiveness and awe. “That is just too evil Scorps! I must say, you are running an impressively tight ship here, I’m so glad I bought Robin here to play too! He’ll just have to hold out as best a beautiful athletic dunderhead can do!” Joker erupted in a fit of laughter. “He is such a sexual dynamo and the price on his head, or should I say, cock in Gotham is skyrocketing as we speak while your Speedoflix broadcasts their little play time. You know what I’ve always said Scorps, if you’re good at something, never do it for free!”

“Exactly!” Scorpio hugged Joker and then spun around to address the three helplessly writhing heroes.

“So boys or should I say stars, we are going to make a film that’s going to top the AVN awards and the Golden Dickies and get a clean sweep at the Gay Erotic Video Awards, you’re going to be superstars, and when we reach up through the torrent of pleasure your beautiful erotic bodies are going to enjoy! oops endure and we edge you closer and closer to your exquisitely sumptuous orgasmic feasts, I’m going to barge into the major news houses around the world with a live feed of the mighty Swimmerboy and the Mighty Swimmerlad and sumptuous Boy Wonder writhing in pleasure, oozing their pre-cum like bubblers and begging for their ejaculations. The world will see that you are all very much alive and spurting. Ha ha ha!”

Robin trashed in his bonds and through his desperate moans and drug fuelled horny fog, he did his best to glare at his tormentors, “You bast - Mmmm - ards!” his head thrashing from side to side and then toward his speedo bulge, his speedo sensitiser delivering him a spike of pleasure so intense and delicious, Robin almost frothed at the mouth. He twisted his body so erotically that Joker felt compelled to fuck him right there and then.

“That Sensitiser will do that Robin, you better be careful!’ Laughed Scorpio.

“But he looks so sexxxxual as he does that twisting thrusting action of his hips, he should have a burst of lovely pleasure like that more often!” Joker pulled the tight fabric up through the Boy Wonder’s arse tighter, he twisted the sides adjusting Robin’s speedo thong only causing Robin to writhe even more, looking at his tormentor with glaring, pleading eyes through his mask.

Huge screens around the room began to come online, they took up whole sections of huge circular room’s walls. The whole studio was surrounded by circular screens, they showed pictures of Swimmerboy’s Mad Hatter fantasy from Milk Bar with Swimmerboy coming in Robin’s face, the geishas of jism and Robin’s cum flowing in torrents of hero defeat at the hands of Mad Hatter and his goons.

“Remember that Swimmerboy, ooh wow, your sexual fantasies are amazing, I’m going to cut that into film. That’s right, in your Mad Hatter fantasy, they used Robin’s cum and Swimmerlad’s cum on your speedo bulge to turbocharge your pleasure torturous defeat, you must really love your boys’ nectar. You know what Swimmerboy, you can protest all you like, but that fantasy tells me you love cum, you can’t get enough of jiz! Oh, we’re going to have so much fun tonight!” Scorpio’s plan was unfolding nicely, and he had his three horny heroes poised and tantalised, ready to take their starring roles in his next erotic romp into the world of fantasy porn.

The screens then moved to Swimmerlad’s fantasy, they were in the Zenith Temple, they showed Swimmerlad stretched on the golden altar, writhing is ecstasy, with Swimmerboy suspended above him in the web of golden ropes, oozing his pre-cum down onto Swimmerlad’s body. The view showed Swimmerlad’s bulging thong, bubbling with pre-cum that oozed over his sumptuous wet bulge and onto the golden altar, the sounds of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s pleasure wracked bodies writing in the hot searing heat causing the potions of the Sharman to build their erotic pleasure. The sound of the ropes creaking, holding Swimmerboy suspended, the sounds of Swimmerlad’s body squishing the plentiful sexual juices below him on the altar was magical.

Joker stood amazed at the sound and vision filling the Studio. He was impressed at the reality of the sexual fantasies playing out on the screens.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, boys, you have very sexual minds, such powerful and mighty heroes and such dirty, sexy and erotic desires! Wow! Let’s take you boys to fantasy land again!” Joker clapped his hands and then walked over to Robin.

“Scorps tells me that the little brain implant of yours will just love the drugs you’ve be given, it will interface with his speedo computers, giving us a little peek into your fantasies too! I hope you’re looking forward to that, but we have a way to go to get you there Robin!”

Robin looked at Joker and then his raging speedo thong, the sight of it turned Robin on, he desperately needed his penis hard, he needed to cum, but he was denied! He looked up longingly into Joker’s evil eyes and that painted smile on Joker’s face. Robin’s eyes pleading with Joker.

“Oh, ok then.” Joker whispered in Robin’s ears

Robin cried out in anticipation, he was gyrating his hips, trying to rub his member on the soft sexual nylon encasing his cock. Joker touched his bulge, he felt the beauty of Robin’s mound fill his palm, the warmth and softness of the fabric, the feeling of the penis and the generous bulging Boy Wonder Balls made Joker shudder in delight.

Robin cried out, his depraved tone was exceptional, he felt the pleasure eating his cock, devouring him like a soft mouth sucking on his penis. The sensation was beautiful, it was surreal.

“Ag hhhhhh ngf ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“The Boy Wonder approves Scorpio!” Joker let go and moved back toward Scorpio to a more central viewing spot. The arch villain enjoying the sumptuous view, the three gods of human male form stretched and writhing in delicious sensation, the sounds of their seething, moaning and twisting bodies was outrageously sexual.

“Let’s begin the pleasure process!” Scorpio had his hands outstretched taking in Swimmerboy to his left, Swimmerlad in the centre and Robin to his right. Joker stood behind Scorpio, holding the villain tight from behind and looking over Scorpio’s shoulder, their faces close, Joker was having a ball.

“Oh, I do love a guy with a plan!” Joker spoke loud enough over the din of the three helpless, moaning heroes and the visions displaying around the room of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s Milk Bar fantasies. “I can’t wait to see what unfolds, ha ha ha ha!” He let go of Scorpio and walked around the front of the three Generator devices and their heaving captives, it was like he was inspecting the troops, he then returned to Scorpio’s side.

“Nylon, energise the Pleasure Phase Diffusers!” Scorpio looked over his shoulder and gave the order calmly and authoritatively.

Nylon could not wipe the smile from his face if he tried, he was as horny as the helpless heroes, almost.

“With pleasure Scorpio!” Nylon ran his finger across the control touch screen.

Swimmerlad was the first to respond. He was looking intently at his nylon encased bulge. The small blue worm like lights were forming and dancing and writhing across his bulge, they electrified the nylon with traces of energy that absorbed into the sensual fabric and caressed his body, it was inescapable, it circled his cock and pleasured him delicately.

“M – M - my g - g od” He could not keep his eyes off his bulge. The flowering pleasure was starting to build, and he could see the air surrounding his speedo distort slightly as the energy infested and deposited the minute bolts of electrified pleasure. Swimmerlad threw his head back in desperation, the pleasure was building, and his every movement set of the speedo sensitizer program. He then looked across to his right, toward Swimmerboy and he could see his beautiful boy in a state of sexual frustration. To his left Robin’s face was alight, he was staring at his Robin mound, he was moaning in high pitched waves, his bulge glowing with the same energy as his. Swimmerlad needed to break his bonds and suck Robin’s pouch, he needed to devour Swimmerboy and the sight of their spectacular bodies writhing in bondage like that was driving his thoughts into erotic vistas, disturbing thoughts were welling up from deep inside him. His penis, his speedo thong were becoming surreal and powerful in his mind bending drugged-up and twisted state. He pulled on his bonds, he pleaded to be touched to be pleasured and toyed with.

Robin was in a world of delight too, he could feel his brain implant heating up in the back of his head, he had never, ever felt such magnificent sexual power as what was erupting on his speedo thong bulge at that moment. He couldn’t stop himself from crying out, the sensation was devouring his mind and his cock all at once and as he thrust his hips involuntarily to the divine waves of energy infesting his bulge, toying, and playing with his penis, the diabolical sensitiser delivering its fiendish amplification of the pleasure phase diffusers and the agitated lengths of blue energy, crawling across his bulge.

“Areeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, w- w- what is happ-e-n-ing?” Robin’s utterances were high pitched and becoming insistent.

Swimmerboy felt the power caress him as well, his slow moving, determined response to the pleasure ravaging his body, was a more strategic response to the start of his pleasure drain, he was using his speedo strength to try and filter the sensation, stop the drugs from flooding his mind, but the pleasure coupled with the speedo sensitizer program were joining with such infernal precision that he could feel himself slipping into the erotic abyss. His penis felt alive, he felt the lasso of delicious pleasure engulf his cock head and a line of pleasure staring to extend along his shaft, it was moving up and down and felt like a fine line of pleasure tantalizingly beautiful as it moved up and down his member. He cried out as it started to intensify along his penis.

“Well, that is a beautiful sight to behold Scorpio!” Joker was in awe of the three beautiful men writhing in their first round of pleasure. “I hope Riddler is watching” Joker looked across to the Boy Wonder, “…I hope he is making his captive bat watch the broadcast, zoom in on Robin boys, get a nice close up of those special Robin speedos, turned Robin thong, I want his old chum Batman to see how his little sidekick is going.”

Joker then made his way to Robin, he just loved the way the Boy Wonder was twisting and struggling, the way his body delt with the sensation being inflicted on his sexual organs, on his delicious nylon pouch. It was outrageously beautiful and erotic.

Joker looked at one of the cameras, “Hi Bats, I’m sure Riddler has you watching the sexual domination of your beloved Robin. I have him in a secret facility that not even you can find! But knowing how determined Riddle-me-this, Riddler is, I’m pretty sure, he won’t be letting you out to play any time soon. Now that you and Robin are off the scene, we’ll have our villainous boys out rampaging Gotham, ha ha ha. Now! I’ve dressed Robin here…” Joker was running his finger along the top of Robin’s speedo; he was enjoying the bursts of energy on his fingers from the Pleasure Phase Diffuser attacking Robin’s pouch. “…in the special speedos you ordered for him, you know the ones you dressed him in and hypnotised him or drugged him, whatever, to be your little bound play toy. You remember Batman, don’t you? Well, I’ve got those speedos now and I’ve got Robin too. Just wait till you see what we have in store for your cute little toy boy.”

Joker grabbed Robin’s face. “Say hi to the camera Robin, say hi to your precious Bat!”

Robin felt the strength of Joker’s grip, but the power of the drugs; the pleasure erupting through his speedo pouch was dominating his thoughts and his body, his pleasure implant was making him so horny, and the drugs were awash in his system, he was enjoying the dirty thoughts, the erotic power erupting inside him. He obeyed Joker, looking up, but it was difficult to form words.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, s-o Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, h-or-n-y!” Robin’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as wave of soft pleasure erupted across the expanse of his bulge. “Ffffffff uck m – m – me!” Robin’s words were filled with erotic tones.

“He’s having a ball Bats! And, and in a little while, I’ll be having his balls for dinner, before we milk him slowly and intensely, Scorpio tells me, he can control Boy Wonder’s orgasm in so many ways, it will make what you did to him seem like child’s play!”

Swimmerlad looked down, his bulge was alive, he felt the pleasure settling in, taking control of his genitals, he too felt the thin line of pleasure extending the length of his flaccid penis, it was a highly focused line of power, and the sensation was moving up and down slowly caressing the underside of his cock so proficiently aligned with the buzzing forces erupting on the outside of his speedo when the line of power reached his frenulum Swimmerlad’s eyes would start to roll and the sensation gripped him so erotically. Then he noticed Miles approach with Scorpio, Swimmerlad had just experienced the jolt of pleasure beneath the head of his penis, the pleasure reverberated along the ridges of his penis head and as his body moved it caused his cock to rub against the sensitised speedo nylon of his speedo pouch. His mind was awash, his cock enjoying a wave of sensation so exotic, he moaned at them as they arrived.

“Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerlad’s eyes were pleading, his body twisting and thrusting.

“Swimmerlad approves of the Pleasure Phase Diffusers Miles!” Scorpio smiled into Swimmerlad’s screaming eyes and then toward Miles. Scorpio looked down and then bent down in front of Swimmerboy and Miles. He licked Miles semi-erect cock; it was pushing out from Miles’ red bulging thong. Miles was wet and bothered.

“Now Swimmerlad,” Scorpio looked up toward Swimmerlad from Miles’ bulge. Miles was playing with Swimmerlad’s erect nipples, he wanted to lick Swimmerlad’s body and devour that bulge so much, but Scorpio was orchestrating a sexual masterpiece and he was keeping Miles, Kyle, and Hunter back for the first part of his hero sound stage set, he had a special role for them in the hero’s ensnarement into the world of sexual fantasy. “…Miles did such a wonderful job tantalizing you titillating your beautiful, helpless body, I mean look at you, your face tells a story, a sexual story Swimmerlad and we’ll be able to use that very soon.”

Swimmerlad looked down, the sight of Scorpio licking Miles and devouring the wet mountain of red speedo was overwhelming him, he thrashed desperately in his bonds, the frustration palpable and electric, his own speedo engulfed in a confluence of delicious pleasure and sensation. “P-p lea se! S co rp io, M- miles, so horn n n y!”

Scorpio stood back up, licking his lips with Miles’ precum. “Mmmm tasting so sweet Miles.”

Miles had to grab his bulge, he was so ready, so sexually primed, he could feel his erection starting to form.

“Feels so nice Swimmerlad! Want some?” Miles taunted Swimmerlad. “You look so frustrated my beautiful hero, and I bet now that those Pleasure Phase Diffusers are warming up, you’re beginning to feel just delicious. I think I might like to play with you!” Miles looked at Scorpio, who was still enjoying his taste of Miles.

“I just have one more job for you, you and your playmates!” Scorpio called Hunter and Kyle across to centre stage, they had been keeping a low profile in awe of Joker and his prize toy Robin.

Scorpio produced three small red pills and presented them to Miles, Hunter and Kyle, “now take these boys! A little hyper vitamin for you three delicious deviates.” Scorpio gave each of them the small red pill. They popped the fun-packed little tab and with a quick wash of water, they were each smiling at Scorpio inquisitively.

“That, kiddos is a concentrated tab of Jax+, your body will just love it and if you think you’re horny now, just wait for a little while!” Scorpio looked Kyle up and down, he just loved Kyle’s orange speedos and the way it had already been turned into a sexy thong. “Nice looking cock Kyles! You must cum and visit me sometime, I’m sure I could really make your speedo bulge sing!”

Kyle’s smile could have given Joker a run for his money!

Scorpio continued running his hands across Hunter’s exposed buttocks, “And as for you Hunter, I have special training plan for you too. I’ll need to milk you, hope that’s ok?”

Hunter looked at Scorpio and then at his blue nylon pouch. “My play pouch is yours to train and milk Scorpio!” Hunter traced his finger around the perimeter of his nylon bulge. “She is yours to enjoy! Kyle just loves it too!”

Scorpio laughed, “I bet he does! Now, focus gentlemen, we have three heroes to pleasure tonight and you’re each going to play your parts. Firstly, I need to top up their cocktail of drugs, and very soon, their pleasure will drive their bodies into sexual realms so powerful, not even the Speedo strength of Swimmerboy or Swimmerlad can resist and even the Boy Wonder’s trained mind will bend. They will experience penile pleasure caressing them, engulfing their beautiful bulges in exquisite waves. Their writhing horny bodies will be rotated into the feeding position, and you will each feed your designated hero your speedo bulge. They will feed like ravenous wolves, I need you play with them, fuck their faces with your bulge, let them, taste your pre-cum, it will power their drug fuelled frenzy and I want to you cum in their faces, make sure you feed all your milk into their hungry mouths. By that time, you will be hyper horny too, and your jism will be laced the booster of Jax+. The Jax+ in your cum will be concentrated and potent, pump all your cum into their face, they will drink and suck it from you!”

Miles, Kyle, and Hunter were beside themselves.

“Thank you, Scorpio, we won’t let you down!” Miles played with his nipples, he could feel the drug coming on in his system, he reached across to Kyle, grabbing, and dragging him, and Hunter too. Miles dragged them by their bulges, and they formed a circle. They kissed each other in mad fiery eruptions of eroticism, their hands on each other’s buttocks pulling their bodies closer together.

Scorpio admired the way these three acolytes were progressing, graduating to become sexual apprentices, so beautiful and ripe for the picking.

As were his heroes, they were twisting and moaning in delight, their penises ruling their minds, the Pleasure Phase Diffusers injecting measured waves of sensation that exploded along their cocks and across the nylon expanse of their bulges, energising their meat to feed on the speedo sensitizer, their faces awash in expressions of sexual abandon.

Scorpio made his way to Swimmerlad, he enjoyed the way Swimmerlad rolled his eyes, the sounds of delight escaping the hero were sexual and ravenous. Scorpio then decided to touch the tip of Swimmerlad’s bulge and that sent the sensitizer into majestic outburst. Swimmerlad cried out, he was overtaken by the pleasure systems he felt his body tingle, his bulging thong of nylon had a life of its own, it was mesmerised inside the pleasure systems feeding his genitals pulses of sumptuous pleasure.

Bring him to the centre, lower him to 180 degrees, we will dine on Swimmerlad first.

Swimmerlad’s Generator began to move forward toward a central locator lock, and as it progressed, it began to tilt Swimmerlad backward, it pulled his restraints tighter, stretching his magnificent writhing body, restricting his movement. The ends of the device began to retract, and the once round device had changed shape into an X shaped device, it allowed his tormentors unfettered access to his beautiful helpless body, to the divinity of his nylon encased speedo pouch. From the floor a device lifted to cup his buttocks, it was fashioned to gather Swimmerlad’s pleasure syrup for when Scorpio, as high priest of speedo decided to begin the milking process and to capture the oozing hero juice while they milked him.

“I hope you enjoyed the trip Swimmerlad.” Scorpio was standing to the side of the hero’s head; the machine was holding Swimmerlad at an easily accessible height from the floor of the studio.

Swimmerlad was looking to the ceiling, he lifted his head trying to survey his helplessly stretched body.

“Wh hh a t are y you doing Sc or pio?” His words were punctuated, his voice possessed by erotic demons, “Nghhhhh Mmmmmmm!”

“You sound like you are enjoying the Pleasure Phase Diffusers Swimmerlad, and might I say, the way you are struggling in your bonds is such a turn on, your drugs combined with the pleasure will be starting to make you so deliciously horny! Am I right hero boy?”

He pulled on the restraints, he felt his speedo pouch buzzing and as he looked up over his body desperately trying to see his pleasure infested mound. He then cried out as a line of sensation filled between his buttocks, it was following the tight fabric pulled between his buttocks, tantalising him further while exploratory electrical bolts of pleasure began to shoot into his boy hole.

“Oh my G g god, so b beau-tiful!” Swimmerlad thrust his hips, and his deep moans of pleasure, so primal, so depraved erupted from deep inside his chest.

“The Generator is such a delicious machine Swimmerlad, it has a catalogue of delights that will be inflicted on your beautiful body, I will pleasure you long and hard Hero, I need your erotic fantasies to rise again, and you see, your drugs require your bulge, your penis to be on the verge of orgasmic extravagance for that to happen, so lay back and enjoy your ride! Ha ha ha! Now I bet you would love to see something that will make you want to cream your bulge.”

Scorpio looked up to Nylon on the control panel to the side of the room.

“Bring Swimmerboy and Boy Wonder a little closer Nylon, be a good boy!”

Nylon obeyed and soon Swimmerboy’s Generator and Robin’s Generator were moving closer to the point that three heroes were only feet apart. Swimmerlad had the perfect view of two of the most sumptuous hero bulges thrusting and trembling as their pleasure systems infested their loins, and their sounds of decadent pleasure filled his head with outrageous desire.

Scorpio moved away and re positioned himself between Swimmerlad’s stretched legs, he was standing at the altar of Speedo. Swimmerlad’s beautiful bulge was his to devour and pleasure. Scorpio could hear the slight crackling sound as the little lengths of pleasure energy fondled and deposited their diabolical secretions of sensation into the nylon clinging to Swimmerlad’s bulge.

Scorpio then surveyed the expanse of Swimmerlad’s magnificent body, he felt very delicious bumps and folds of the hero’s abs, he caressed Swimmerlad’s pecs and enjoyed Swimmerlad’s erect nipples. He enjoyed the hero’s erratic breathing and the way his voice faltered with every breath and moan of delight.

“You are such the beauty Swimmerlad, erotic and sexual, your helpless body will feel the power of my systems and the chemicals forging through your body, infesting your bulging penis will provide you with sensation so divine!”

Swimmerlad looked up toward his tormentor, his eyes pleading, not for release from his bondage and the predicament he was in, but for Scorpio to devour his sex, he was desperate and the sight of Robin’s heaving speedo to one side and Swimmerboy to the other was yet a further titillating tease, it was drawing Swimmerlad deeper and deeper into the vortex of pleasure engulfing his mind and his body.

Scorpio was pleased and aroused at the same time, his plan was developing well, he had Swimmerboy and Robin in position, he had Swimmerlad at his fingertips. He looked over his shoulder, smiling at Miles, Hunter, and Kyle; Scorpio could see the look in their eyes, their speedos wet and their hands exploring each other like they had just met in a frenzy of sexual excitement. Joker could see the drugs starting to have a powerful effect on them too.

“Oooh Scorps, I just love how you have every beautiful young man in this playroom peaking, hi on your sexual juice of life ha ha ha.” Joker made his way behind Robin’s writhing seething body, he bent down to watch a close-up of Robin’s buttocks as they clenched and quivered in the pleasure invading his body. Joker licked the Boy Wonder’s crack tenderly, is hands following the bumps of muscles twitching and flexing as Robin’s body strained in is bondage. Joker then ran his fingers through Robin’s stretched legs, he played with the soft warm underside of Robin’s bulge. Joker just loved how the sensitiser and the pleasure diffusers began to crackle and the way Robin exerted his body, crying out in ecstasy. Robin was trembling, his ankles straining to free themselves from the restraints, he looked and sounded so sexual with Joker continuing to lick and worship his tight buttocks.

Scorpio was poised and Swimmerlad’s face was straining, his body straining to look up to watch Scorpio begin to worship his pleasure infested bulge, he was trembling, thrusting his speedo as high as he could.

“Pl ea se, Pp lease, n, nee, n, need pleasure!” His eyes and his face straining, pleading.

Scorpio looked down to Swimmerlad, he surveyed the beauty of his trembling heroic toy, and so close to his face Swimmerlad’s beautiful boyfriend writhing opposite Robin, their speedo pouches so close, their bodies and minds consumed with ravenous desire.

“Bring the pleasure stream transfer online Nylon!” Scorpio’s demand announced the next phase of his plan to bring these three powerful heroes into the realms of vivid sexual fantasy.

Scorpio ran his two index fingers from each of Swimmerlad’s nipples, he slowly traced the bumps and folds of Swimmerlad’s heaving abs he played with Swimmerlad’s belly button.

His fingers ran along the top of Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch, he was so tantalizingly close, to the hero’s pleasure filed bulge, he just loved the way the little energy worms diligently deposited their pleasure residue across the expanse of the bulge so close to his fingers.

“I know how bad you need your bulge fondled hero! I know the power of my devices and the strength of the drugs pulsing through your veins! Now your pleasure will be streamed to Swimmerboy and to Robin’s brain implant, which is just idling right now, it needs lots of stimulation, as does Swimmerboy’s awesome bulge, and you will provide it my delicious hero. I will begin to pleasure you slowly and deliberately and your pleasure build up will be transferred to your hot hero boyfriends, your pleasure will be overlaid with their own and we will complete the circuit after that, when all your pleasure streams will be flowing between your gorgeous, helpless bodies. It will be a single magnificent circle of pleasure energy boys.

“Shall we start?” Scorpio’s grin was almost as evil as Jokers!

Nylon commenced the flow from Swimmerlad’s generator to that of Swimmerboy and Robin’s Generators.

They both looked each other in the eyes, then to their raging bulges and finally to Swimmerlad, Swimmerboy and Robin felt the surge of tingles layer onto their speedo, waves of sensation surrounded their balls and filled their scrotums with energy. Swimmerboy’s body felt like it was going to explode and the sight of Swimmerlad laid out in front of him, writhing and moaning in beautiful waves of pleasure was driving him wild. Robin too looked at Swimmerboy, he had been moved so close to the other two heroes and his brain implant was heating up, it was as if his penis was connected, he was welling up with intense desire and his balls were being buzzed by the new and delicious sensation from Swimmerlad. Robin just wanted to break his bonds and jump on Swimmerlad, he needed to eat that speedo he needed to rub his speedo on Swimmerlad’s until they both came their juices forged them together as one, the sexual need was strong and drawing him further and further into the abyss of desire. He looked at this his speedo, the diabolical energy was still infesting his bulge, his penis enjoyed every deposit of the pleasure that the determined worm-like energy were leaving behind in their wake. One sat on the tip of his bulge, he watched it pulse and expand then shoot a line of blue energy that circled the rounded tip of his manhood, the energy absorbed into his speedo and began to coat his penis.

Robin’s moan was electric, his body trembled, and he thrust his speedo bulge as best he could toward Swimmerlad’s face. Swimmerlad was so close, but he may as well have been a kilometre away! They were engineering Robin’s sexual frustration with precision. He felt the warm tongue of Joker worship his tight buns, his buttocks tingling with every lick and lash of the villain’s hunger.

Joker decided to stand behind Robin and then wrapped the young crimefighter in his arms from behind, he toyed with Robin’s powerful pecs, and he ran his fingers down Robin’s lats, across his hips, he played with the tight speedo fabric twisting it tighter across Robin’s hips, pulling the speedo tighter between Robin’s buttocks before cupping and fondling he Boy Wonder’s exposed buns.

“How are you doing Robin?” Joker spoke over Robin’s shoulder, his fingers twisting Robin’s exposed nipples. “I told you that you would just love the way Scorpio was going to pamper you, you delicious meddling fool. He has you just where he wants, such an artisan of hero domination and sexual exploit! Enjoy the ride Robs, ha ha ha ha! I know you want me to play with your fucking beautiful pleasure filling bulge, but tut-tut naughty boy, you have to be a good boy and wait your turn!” Joker gave Robin a little pat on both buttocks, he left the young crime fighter to twist in the majesty of sensation that was now building inside his green speedo pouch.

Scorpio’s attention however was now on his delicious meal of pale green and white nylon clinging to Swimmerlad’s loins. He was standing at the altar of pleasure, his writhing, helpless hero stretched before him, covered in a sheen of sweat and begging to be touched. Scorpio began by licking the fabric that emerged from between Swimmerlad’s tight buns, he could feel Swimmerlad tremble and taste and smell the sexual divinity of this most erotic hero bulge, Swimmerlad was his to enjoy! His bulge was warm and electric, his tongue fizzed, feeling the tactile power of the Pleasure Phase Diffuser; it was drawing the energy and concentrating it wherever he decided to place his tongue. He was a master of erotic stimulation and felt Swimmerlad’s powerful leg muscles twitching as he moved his hands around Swimmerlad’s legs. His tongue was focused though, and he moved it slowly drawing the pleasure energy with it. Scorpio loved the sounds of defeat as Swimmerlad pulled on his restraints and tried to twist free. Scorpio worshipped the underside of Swimmerlad’s bulge, and his tongue ensured no part of the sumptuous nylon pouch had been missed, he was moving slowly and carefully devouring the mound of hero meat deliberately.

Swimmerlad could feel the reverberating tiny waves of pleasure lapping around his bulge, he felt the warmth of Scorpio’s tongue ministering to his speedo and the waves of pleasure lapped up and over his bulge tingling as they dissipated across the expanse of his pouch. The pleasure erupted on his penis, it was injecting his penis with thousands of tiny gifts of energy, and he felt his bulge filling with the inescapable sensation. Scorpio’s tongue also engaged the speedo sensitizer to pulse the pleasure even further and Swimmerlad lifted his head and his shoulders to try and gaze and gape at his speedo, his bulge alight and on fire with beautiful sensation. Yet his mind was awash with erotic thoughts, he couldn’t suppress them and as Scorpio went about his worship, it only fed the fire of desire and opened his mind to an erotic world of fantasy. To Swimmerlad’s right Swimmerboy was thrashing and crying out and Robin too was trembling and thrusting his magnificent bulging green mound toward him, they were so erotic in their bondage, they were so close to him but so far away.

He felt his testis almost expand, the energy was buzzing around them inside his scrotum, they felt the pleasure almost as much as his penis, the were becoming agitated and sensitive and he loved the way they radiated the warmth up into his bulge. Swimmerlad knew they were each being prepared, and his nectar would begin to be drawn through his pleasure infested penis for their enjoyment, but in his drugged state, he needed to feel the flow of his juice, he craved it; it was sexual, and it was all that mattered to him in this moment of erotic decadence.

But Scorpio had no intention on breaking his worship, he lifted his face from the nylon expanse of Swimmerlad’s mound and gently caressed the underside of Swimmerlad’s bulge with his fingers, he could still taste the beauty of the bulge in his mouth and his eyes were aghast at the sheer extravagant loveliness of Swimmerlad’s expansive offering. The nylon brushed against his fingers, and he squeezed ever so slightly, compressing the sides of the bulge, and causing Swimmerlad’s moans of delight to energise loudly.

“Good boy, my delicious hero! Accept your pleasure drain, I so want you to experience vistas of erotic beauty.” Scorpio smirked and he looked toward the staining face of Swimmerlad, who was lifting his head in wild delight and staring at his tormentor standing between his spread legs.

“P Please Ssc Scorpio, p please, Mmmm ore!” Swimmerlad begged, his mind, his body demanded it!

It was Biff who delivered Scorpio the pair of red and orange nylon speedos. Scorpio held them up for Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad to see.

“These were worn by Swimmerboy during his consecration Swimmerlad, you remember your consecration?” He gave the beautiful garment back to Biff.

“Give them a sniff Biff!” Scorpio’s evil smile had returned. “There is still a smell of dry cum on them, I never wash my speedo trophies boys, you never know when you might need them! Like now!”

Biff brought the garment around Swimmerlad’s helplessly stretched body and laid it on Swimmerlad’s face. Swimmerlad opened his mouth and worked his mouth and tongue desperately attempting to get the garment inside his mouth, he needed to taste the essence of Swimmerboy, he sniffed the garment attempting to get Swimmerboy’s scent and his drug induced mind went into an erotic spin, he thrust his bulge into Scorpio’s waiting hand and the threw his head around in wild abandon, his body gushing with erotic desires and needs. Biff confiscated the garment and made his way to Swimmerboy, leaving Swimmerlad to deal with the waves of sensation erupting inside his body.

Swimmerboy was still reeling from the pleasure stream from Swimmerlad’s outburst, he could feel every delicious lash of Scorpio’s tongue and his fingers working Swimmerlad’s bulge working through the pleasure stream, he could feel his penis buzzing, his testicles energetically gurgling, Scorpio’s worship of Swimmerlad was diabolical and as he worshiped his boyfriend, Scorpio’s systems were fiendishly broadcasting the outrageous pleasure to he and Robin.

Biff was taken back with the majesty of Swimmerboy’s helplessly thrusting and turning body! “Ohh Sexy sexual Swimmerboy, your delicious Swimmerlad just loves your scent, you saw how he reacted to your speedos on his face. Would you like to try too?” Swimmerboy’s eyes widened watching Biff rub the sexy garment on his own speedo. Biff Smiled and thrust his hips, “Oh love the feeling of nylon rubbing against my bulge!” Biff then walked over to Swimmerboy and thrust the garment in Swimmerboy’s face. Swimmerboy could taste Swimmerlad’s saliva, he smelled his own sexual scent, the garment had been saturated in his cum when he was consecrated, he had spurted torrents of cum through the garment and it was still full of his aroma, it set his brain into overdrive and his body thrashed in a sexual frenzy of activity, his powerful erotic thoughts controlling his mind, his cock on fire and buzzing with exquisite pleasure. He begged Biff to touch his pouch.

“Biffffffffffff, for fuck - s - sake, please B B iff, touch m m my c cer cock!”

But Biff retracted, he returned to Scorpio still rubbing his own speedo with the erotic red and orange garment.

“Yum that feels so nice” Biff handed the speedo back to Scorpio.

“Now there’s a good boy Biff, go and rev up Miles, Kyle and Hunter will you, they will be getting horny and frisky; their drugs will be infesting them now, just make sure none of them cum, I need their jism for the next stage of our fun tonight.

Scorpio took the speedo after despatching Biff; he took a long and delicious inhale of the garment.

“Mmmmmm mmmmm, mmmmM!” You boys smell good.

He dropped the garment, so it landed on Swimmerlad’s bulge.

Swimmerlad screamed, the tactile feeling of the nylon on his nylon encased sensitised bulge was sumptuous.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh G God!” Swimmerlad screamed.

It set Swimmerboy and Robin into a similar frenzy. Three heroes screaming in outrageous pleasure was giving Joker tingles.

“Oh My God Scorps, look at these boys!” Joker was in awe of the sexual decadence playing out for his enjoyment. “You know, I think it might be time, can I give the order, can I, can I, can I, please?” Joker was playing the spoiled brat child again, but he was so excited watching the three heroes being drawn into hysterical sexual depravity.

Scorpio let the red speedo rub over the expanse of Swimmerlad’s bulge.

The pleasure exploded inside his cock it enveloped his cock, it ravaged his speedo bulge in an explosion of such beauty Swimmerlad thrust his body upward, it threw the red pair off his body, and he screamed out in abandon and power, it made Miles, Kyle and Hunter stop kissing and cavorting, the three sexy craved acolytes ran across to Swimmerlad drawn by the erotic outburst.

Scorpio patted the tip of Swimmerlad’s bulge, he was extremely happy with Swimmerlad’s response to the friction of the nylon fabric.

“Swimmerlad so enjoys his Swimmerboy’s speedos being rubbed on his bulge. I think we might have touched a nerve hahahahahahaha.” Scorpio looked down to his helplessly writhing and heavy breathing hero, laughing, he continued to taunt Swimmerlad.

“He enjoys the tactile touch, does he not? And look who we have here!”

Kyle was rubbing his speedo against the side of Swimmerlad’s Generator, the smooth surface was a perfect spot to enjoy rubbing his speedo on, he was becoming so horny and agitated, he bent over Swimmerlad while humping the machine, he loved the feeling of Swimmerlad’s stretched limbs, the way his muscles flexed as he struggled against his bonds. He wanted to mount the mighty hero, he wanted his bulging speedo mound in Swimmerlad’s face, or any place on Swimmerlad’s body. He was becoming hyper horny.

Kyle began caressing Swimmerlad’s face with his hands, every touch of Swimmerlad’s skin was velvety and delicious and his smile infectious.

“Fuck me hero, you are one of the most beautiful creatures and you’re all bound and being pleasured to new heights. Can I fuck you? I want to fuck the life out of you, I’m so horny, you see Scorpio gave be a pill a while ago and woooooooooooooooo, I’m so fucking horny and you’re so erotic laying there all helpless. Pity Scorpio won’t let me near your bulge, I think I’d gobble it up right here and now!” Kyle traced his finger across the bridge of Swimmerlad’s nose while Swimmerlad gritted his teeth, he was breathing erratically.

“Gather round boys!” Scorpio called Kyle, Hunter, and Miles over to where he was positioned at the apex of Swimmerlad’s bulge. He motioned his hands as though to present Swimmerlad, Swimmerboy and the Boy Wonder to them. “You boys did such a beautiful and competent job at tantalizing our trio of sexual gods, I’m going to promote you from Acolytes to Apprentices, that will be nice wont it?”

In their current hyper horny state, the promotion hadn’t really sunk into them, but they nodded, standing, and gaping at the majesty of the three erotically bound sexual titans. They felt themselves up taking in the beauty of moment. Hunter had both hands rubbing his speedo bulge up and down, worshiping himself like a demon, Miles stared at his Swimmerlad crush, he had felt the majesty of Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge in Scorpio’s Milk Bar extravaganza and earlier in the Pitts, his mind awash with the memory of feeling Swimmerlad’s loins connecting in that pleasure bind and how his orgasm rocked his beautiful body and the feeling of his juices mingling with Swimmerlad’s pre-cum. He remembered the way his speedo glided and embraced the bosom of Swimmerlad’s hot soft bulge and the feeling of Swimmerlad’s trembling body beneath him while he speedo fucked the dreamy helpless hero.

+Click+ Scorpio snapped his fingers, reaching across from his place between Swimmerlad’s stretched legs toward Miles.

Laughing, Scorpio playfully admonished his newly appointed apprentice, “You were in a sexy place weren’t you, Miles? Now pay attention!”

Scorpio addressed the six horny men, three heroes in the throes of sexual stimulation and three new apprentices, each hyper horny, each pumped up with the powerful Jax+ compound.

“Jax+ is playing with your bodies and minds boys, Imagine the power of Superboy’s semen, the power of a Kryptonian climax. Note to self, get me some Kryptonian boy bulge to play with and milk. We digress, but you can thank Superboy and Luthor for the Jax+ and of course our very own Orgasmo for the synthetic enjoyment coursing through your veins and soon to be your penises! So here is what we are going to do. Try and concentrate Robin.”

Scorpio looked directly at the Boy Wonder who was twisting in ecstasy, Joker was once again standing behind his prize catch running his fingers between Robin’s buttocks, Joker was just fascinated by Robin’s athletic and perfectly tuned crime fighting body.

“Swimmerboy stop staring at your speedo bulge, I know it’s feeling mighty delicious right now, you’ll get it worshipped very, very soon my darling boy!”

Scorpio looked at his newly appointed apprentices, “You will learn boys that when your pleasure your superhero to dizzying heights, it can be a job to keep their attention span! Ha ha ha ha! Especially when their minds and cocks are abuzz with all sorts of dizzying fun filled sensations and thoughts!”

He then looked at them all again, his arms outstretched. “Now that Swimmerlad here has shared his pleasure stream with Robin and Swimmerboy, we have managed to get them to such heights of sensation, with their drugs rampaging through their bodies, fuelled by their pleasure, It is time to give them a little booster shot that will kick them into high gear, it will be accompanied by burst of pleasure so diabolically powerful that it will broadcast from their erotic wet bulges throughout their bodies in spasms of unique pleasure, engulfing every cell of their bodies, their minds their libido will explode and open them up to majesty of their erotic fantasies. This time we can watch the fantasy unfold in real time.”

As Scorpio announced his deviate plan, the rounded walls that encircled the pleasure facility erupted, becoming a seamless expanse of colour and vision. The lights in the facility dimmed and special stage lights exploded illuminating each of the three helpless heroes.

“Their fantasies will explode on the big screen, they will surround us in erotic, superhero visions of erotica! Will we return to the secret sexy jungle Swimmerlad? You do rock a loincloth thong so well. Where will Swimmerboy take us? Will his secret Robin crush return to feature? And Boy Wonder? What will you bring for us to enjoy?”

Scorpio was in his element and continued to outline his diabolical and erotic plans, “And all while the three of the most beautiful heroes on earth are on the brink of their orgasms, they will undergo the length of their fantasy, enduring a state of hyper pleasure, orgasmic but frustratingly on the edge of that orgasm, their precum will flow and ooze for us to dine on while their magnificent bodies twist and writhe in ecstasy; prolonged, powerful and Speedo Strength draining frenzies of enjoyment while we enjoy the movie of their secret fantasies on our big screens!”

Scorpio smiled looking down and cupping Swimmerlad’s bulge as best he could, given the size and beauty of the hero’s package, Scorpio felt the majesty of the underside of Swimmerlad’s penis head, his most erotic and sensitive part of his body, it caused Swimmerlad, Swimmerboy and Robin to thrash in an explosion of pleasure. Swimmerlad screamed with his head thrown backward, he felt the power in his penis well up inside with fantastical sparkling pleasure and he felt the warmth of his juices explode into his bulge, his pre-cum was tingling and effervescing as it exploded through the mouth of his penis. He felt his cock shimmer and vibrate erratically, erotically. He could hear Swimmerboy’s cries too, Robin had tears in his eyes, the beauty and tenderness of the sensation exploding in his speedo was outrageous. He watched as his juices bubbled through the nylon encasing his pleasure wracked bulge.

“I have released our delicious heroes’ precum inhibitors gentlemen!” Scorpio loved the look on Mile’s face, the new apprentice was outrageously horny and the thought of devouring Swimmerlad’s pre-cum was driving Miles wild with anticipation.

Scorpio gathered the first major globule of sticky clear juice from Swimmerlad’s trembling body, Swimmerlad thrust his hips, he was begging for attention, he craved the way Scorpio’s fingers made his bulge explode in ecstasy and now the feeling of his pre-cum fizzing through his penis was outrageous and gorgeous. Swimmerlad looked up at Scorpio, his eye, his face pleading for pleasure.

Scorpio ignored Swimmerlad’s begging, and he went then began to reveal his plans to his helpless heroes and the waiting playmates.

“Now boys!” Scorpio moved around to Swimmerlad’s head, He was so close to Swimmerlad’s face and equally close to Swimmerboy and Robin’s thrusting speedo pouches. “So many delicacies in one place and although I can see you’re so enjoying your chemical enhancements, and believe me, I have given you each a good dose, but I am a reasonable man!”

Scorpio turned and cupped Robin’s face with one hand and his other hand explored Robin’s glistening wet green bulging speedo. Robin thrust his head, trying to release himself from Scorpio’s grip, his body trembling in delight.

“You are a delicious sexual boy wonder aren’t you, Robin?” Scorpio’s tone was evil and depraved. Scorpio licked his hand, it was wet with Robin’s pre-cum. “Yes, and sweet nectar too!”

Scorpio then returned to his job at hand, looking at Swimmerlad, then to Swimmerboy and finally to Robin, he provided an outline of the next stage to his porn movie extravaganza. “Swimmerboy and Robin will be lowered into the same horizontal position to Swimmerlad, your heads will be so close together and your bodies will fan out of the central nexus, right about where I am standing now! So, my beautiful heroes, Miles, and his playmates; Hunter and Kyle have taken a little Jax+ pill too, I mean look at them, they are horny as fuck! I will unleash them onto you, Miles will have his Swimmerlad prize, Hunter shall pleasure you my delicious Swimmerboy and Kyle shall devour Boy Wonder. They will pleasure each of you into a fucking frenzy of erotic magnificence and when your drugs begin to overtake your mind completely and your pleasure is screaming through your bodies, I will set each of you into the feeding position. Your assigned playmate will mount your ravenous heads and fuck your faces with their delicious speedo bulges. By then heroes, you will not be able to resist their thrusting hot boy bulges and you will of course return the favour, sucking their jism into your body. Their cum will be laced with your very own booster shot of Jax+ and we will then begin to access your super-hot, erotic fantasies once you have had your evening warm milk! You will be catapulted into the world of hero erotica! Won’t that be just amazing? The Studio will produce your sexual fantasies into a stream-able film and your defeat will help fund our growing operations both here and overseas. You’ll be a hit!

Joker couldn’t resist he joined Scorpio and started singing the Looney Tunes theme again.

“Light the lights... and oh what heights we’ll hit on with the show, this is it…”

Bird in the Hand starts shooting soon!

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