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Defeat and Domination
Part 20 - Bird in the Hand - Part Two
By Scorpio

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Bird in the Hand - Part 2

Joker, Robin, Batman, Luthor & Superboy are the property of DC Comics and are referred to in this story on a fan basis only.


Robin was delivered to Scorpio after a long journey from Gotham, he had been strapped in in the rear of a drug infested meat delivery van for the long journey from MantaRay’s secret outback landing strip to Scorpio’s lair. Robin was introduced to Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad in a transit lounge where he received a special multi-channel brain implant designed to facilitate his incorporation to the Speedo Control features of Scorpio’s compound. Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad receive an upgrade to their speedo bulge mapping and Robin also experiences the agony of having his Robin bulge mapped into Scorpio’s diabolical Speedo AI. They had been transferred to MantaRay’s torture theatre for an afternoon of agony.

The stage was set, the audience aroused and horny, three heroes were poised for pain. Joker licking his lips walked over to gaze upon the beautiful Swimmerlad, he pretended to be like a kid looking into the window of a candy store.

“Oh, look at that mummy, can I have that lolly-pop” he joked to himself, he then stood a foot to his right pretending to be a mother, “Oh not right now darling, but you can have one a little later!” Joker then jumped back over into his child persona, he had his hands on the glass door and jumped up and down as if having a tantrum, “…but I want it now!” He stamped his feet in a petulant display and licked the glass watching the beautiful sexy blonde hero twist and writhe in his bonds.

Swimmerlad’s unforgiving bondage stretched his body to its limit, his arms pulling his body up off the floor of the torture tank and his feet were pulled out to the side, they were not touching the floor of the diabolical death-trap, he was painfully lifted off the Base of the container, allowing the rising water to swirl under his feet, it had several inches to go before it started to envelope Swimmerlad’s feet. Swimmerlad was slowly turning too; the bondage system was designed to slowly turn his body on a vertical rotisserie so that viewers could enjoy his beautiful body as he turned, writhed and thrashed during his torture. MantaRay wanted to show off his prime captive and Joker gasped at the beauty of the restrained hero as he fought his bonds.

Swimmerlad looked down over his body, the stretch of the restraint system was diabolical, he was suspended, he was helpless, he felt his balls gurgling, knowing that Scorpio’s special bulge-mapping exercise was producing new stores of his cum, he was helpless. He did his best to look down at his speedo, the worn orange pair was one of Swimmerboy’s favourites! He had worn these countless times, he remembered all the good he had performed wearing them over the past years, the train crash evacuation, foiling of countless evil plots, including one of MantaRay’s drug hauls offshore. He remembered the look on Swimmerboy’s face when he would arrive home from his day of crimefighting, when he wore this pair, Swimmerboy could not control his lust. They played bondage games and Swimmerboy always ended up ensuring he came in Swimmerlad’s face. Swimmerlad loved the way Swimmerboy would tie him up and edge him; he always said it was for his own good and he wanted to make sure the speedo power was safely drained from his lover. Swimmerboy would revel when he made his boyfriend scream in abandon, tied up, and creaming his speedo. Swimmerboy just loved the orange pair!

The crash on the glass shocked him out of his little memory trip and his attention was drawn away from his orange speedo thong they had created. He looked up and could see Joker’s tongue and his two hands on the glass, outside his diabolical reservoir. Joker had both hands on the glass too, he looked to be playing the child. Swimmerlad just glared at the crazed villain, Joker had a way of drawing attention, his narcissistic tendencies were becoming irritating, but he had much more to worry about. Swimmerlad could see Swimmerboy stretched out on the Seat of Pain device, he could see the back of his head, he was presented to the audience and his body slowly twisted, convulsing now and then. Swimmerlad new his boy, he knew that Swimmerboy would do his best to resist their torture of his body, but their speedo strength was not going to hold, they had already drained them so much and he knew pain was not far away. The hiss of the water and the pumps was a dire warning of the pain awaiting him. He could hear the buzz of electricity fill the theatre and his anger shot up as he watched Swimmerboy contort in agony centre stage; his cries loud enough for him to hear in his glass chamber. He pulled on his bonds violently, but the electricity shot into his restraints filling his arms and legs in a blanket of pain. He screamed out and during the first onslaught he noticed the blue diffuser on the floor of the container directly below and between his legs, it shot one quick beam of power right into the Base of his magnificent nylon bulge. The electricity exploded in his speedo thong, it used the garment as a conductor causing him to thrust his hips violently as the pain and its evil charge caressed his loins and filled the cavity between his buttocks. He felt his buns twitch as the electricity coursed between them using the tight nylon as its conductor. His penis was on fire for that split second. He screamed violently as his thrashed in the restraints.

“Ngff, Aghhhhhhhh!”

Joker stood clapping and peering in through the glass. He gave a quick pert wave and Swimmerlad could see him run to the other side of the stage toward Robin. He could see that Robin’s head had flung backward and his pelvis stretching into the air. They had also electrocuted him.

Of fuck, fuckin fuck, fuck Swimmerlad thought to himself. The torture play was just beginning.

Joker skipped, still portraying the happy child in a candy store and arrived at the side of Robin who was still seething from the huge bolt of electricity that had just coursed through his body.

“What have we here? A birdy fricassee? A hot cock? Oh, I think next time Robin, I would like to see you on a rotisserie as you fry, yes, what a super idea, I will cook something up with Scorps and see what we can come up with. You look and sound delicious as you warm up to your torture and hopefully your wonder bulge is starting to manufacture your special jizz! Are you nice and comfy?” Joker ran his fingers through Robin’s hair as he played with his delicious toy. Joker looked at the helpless crimefighter, Robin was only just getting over the first jolt of pain as he opened his eyes, looking up he saw Joker’s evil grinning face, he realised that Joker was standing at his head, The villain was caressing his hair, playing with his helpless prey, perving on his magnificent body stretched in the diabolical system above the swirling water below him.

“Fuck off Joker!” Robin did his best to turn his head to glare at his tormentor, he vainly pulled on the restraints pulling his body powerfully in four directions. He did his best to survey his body, he was in one piece, but his balls were buzzing, he felt the power surging in his green lycra suit, and his body suit was still affected by the Aphrodisium drug, he felt pain, he also felt turned on by the pain somehow as the drugs twisted his mind and his new brain implant continued to distribute its devious roots and tendrils of pleasure into his brain. Robin was becoming horny in a new and diabolical way, and as he surveyed his helpless body, his beautiful man bulge, his twitching muscles, he could feel deep seated sexual urges slapping his body, pulsing in his chest. He wanted pleasure, the pain was somehow tantalising him, urging him and his penis was tingling.

“That’s an interesting look on your face Robin!” Joker was now playing the tender motherly role while he played and toyed with his prey. “You look like that little jolt has produced something nice and erotic!” Joker ran his hands over Robin’s chest, he was leaning his body, over Robin’s face, leaning forward to caress Robin’s nipples. “That special outfit was designed by Batman so he could pleasure you, Robin! He has such great taste and I think Scorpio’s systems have enhanced and built on Batman’s original design. You remember now, don’t you Robin? The bondage, the way Batman made your body sing, the way he made your penis purr. Batman was very much in love with you my dear boy and you were too fuckin stupid to work it out. Batman’s drugs were good, but ours are so much better! Whatever glimpses and memories you have of Batman’s special Robin pleasure room in the Batcave will pale into history as we begin to unleash your deep sexual needs. Scorpio and I have so much instore for you and your pretty penis. So just enjoy the agony Blunder Boy, you deserve it as does Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad! We have lots of fun toys for you heroes to enjoy!”

Robin pulled violently in his bonds, he thrust his pelvis and tried to headbutt Joker as he leaned over his helpless body. It was useless, Joker’s hands were caressing his abs, and the sensation was electric and sensual, he had no choice but to moan as his suit pleasured his body with every sensual touch of Joker’s hands. But Robin could feel the heat rising from the water below his stretched body. Eddies and swirls were forming as the glowing element switched on and off at the bottom of the reservoir. Robin knew the steam would begin to cook him and the electricity would only continue and intensify, his torture was going to be a diabolical turn on, they were preparing him. He knew they had plans to milk his cum.

Joker continued to play with his toy, his magnificent, his insolent, delicious Boy Wonder was just too sexy and erotic, but he suddenly turned his attention to Swimmerboy.

“So sorry Blunder Boy, I need to go and stir up Swimmerboy, he is the key to your demise and the demise of the beautiful Swimmerlad. I will just go and help MantaRay torture him and as Swimmerboy’s precious speedo power starts to deplete, your torture will ramp up! How fun! I suppose you just need to decide whether you will cry in pain or if your pleasure starts to flower inside the pain. Enjoy the ride and I look forward to my little birdy singing in pain.”

Robin thrashed and spat toward Joker who was sauntering across to centre stage to the beautiful Swimmerboy. Robin knew that once Swimmerboy began to scream, he too would feel the punishment.

Swimmerboy was stretched in the seat of power and Joker stood motionless for a minute in awe of the beautiful piece of male sexuality; Swimmerboy’s struggling body, his powerful legs stretched erotically and the V shape of the speedo garment, the delicious blue and white nylon draped across the hero’s body was a sumptuous sight.

Joker held his hands clasped under is neck and he rested his jaw on his clenched hands. “Now THAT is a spectacular sight to behold. No wonder people worship your speedo! Of fuck, you are pretty, you are erotic, you are spectacular! I will so enjoy your torture Swimmerboy!”

Swimmerboy was twisting slowly, it was an erotic display of super hero defeat, Swimmerboy’s body a sexual magnet of sight and sound as he moaned and cried out.

Joker took the bait; he could not resist the sumptuous beauty stretched out before them. He knelt in front of Swimmerboy fondling each of Swimmerboy’s legs, feeling the muscles twitching in tune and in syncopation with the pulses of energy coursing through his body. Swimmerboy’s face was screwing up; he had to deal with the with the subtle pain, trying not to use up his speedo strength, he knew that as he depleted his power store, MantaRay’s diabolical systems utilised in the torture theatre would increase the power to Swimmerlad and the Boy Wonder. He therefore had to ration his speedo strength and that meant enduring the pain.

“You look like a very determined hero!” Joker was stroking Swimmerboy’s inner thighs, Joker loved the sounds of the torture device as it buzzed incessantly and Swimmerboy’s constant aghhhhhhhing and ohhhhhhhhhhing were just magnificent to listen to.

Joker looked up to MantaRay, who was standing next to Swimmerboy, his hands caressing the superhero’s head, he had been waiting years for his revenge and he was determined to make Swimmerboy pay.

“Lower the mirror!” MantaRay ordered.

It was translucent and allowed the audience members to look through it, but from Swimmerboy’s perspective, he could see perfectly his own magnificently helpless sexual body and he could see Swimmerlad behind him to the right and Robin to the left. They were making him watch their torture, also included in the fantastical display was his percentage of Speedo Strength remaining. He was at 37 percent. Swimmerboy knew he needed to ration, but these evil fiends were going to let him feel the power increase as his strength drained, it was diabolical.

“How’s the view Swimmerboy? You look fucking beautiful, look at the speedo bulge you’re sporting, it’s going to get really hot inside your pouch hero!”

Swimmerboy thrashed and twisted his body, he could not escape the vision of his torture and that of his lover and his crush, the Boy Wonder.

“Fuck you!” Swimmerboy spat his words toward MantaRay.


Swimmerboy screamed out as he felt outrageous sensations worked their way up his spine, he could feel the muscles in his back spasm as the electricity poured through his trunk.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” His thrusting almost forcing Joker off balance, Joker was still kneeling between Swimmerboy’s legs, he was in awe of the mass of speedo beauty stretched out a foot from his face. Joker deferred to MantaRay; he was just happy to savour the magnificence of his view of Swimmerboy’s pouch.

MantaRay continued, “The Seat of Power” was designed by one of Electro’s engineers Swimmerboy! It is a diabolical machine, and I chose it for today because it provides deep inner agony that will continue to grow deep inside your body. It targets your spine from your coccyx and right up through the cervical region to your brain stem. Your body will feel the power, the seat of power as the electricity fucks with your body with such intensity such ferocity and without mercy. Your body will be making loads of delicious Swimmerboy cum in the process.”

“No! Please Nooooooo!” Swimmerboy pleaded, but it was in vain.

“I can’t withstand that, my Speedo Strength will…” Swimmerboy was cut off by the Joker.

“Oh yes my delicious hero, your Speedo Strength will take a huge hit, but I’m so looking forward to watching you writhe, and we’ll get to enjoy the show as Swimmerlad thrashes in the pool of pain and Robin will be fried like a charcoal chicken as well as steamed by the raging reservoir of boiling water. You will be responsible, you meddling hero, if you cannot hold onto your Speedo Power, your delicious sexy friends will scream in agony! Ha ha ha ha!”

“It will be like the time they took a baby on the plane, it was plane torture… Ha ha ha, so don’t scream too loud, you might disturb others in the torture theatre!”

Swimmerboy thrashed and fought his bonds, but the sexy display of muscle and nylon thrusting only added to the atmosphere.

Swimmerlad felt the electricity shoot down his arms. He screamed, but his cries reverberated inside and around the clear reservoir, the water was loud as it coursed into the cage of death and to his despair, MantaRay had turned on the shower, the water cascaded over his struggling body, and it caused his speedo to cling to his balls and his penis. Two of MantaRay’s guests were standing watching and as Swimmerlad turned inside the shower on the rotisserie, they stood rubbing themselves, the sight of the magnificent Swimmerlad writing in the shower was erotic. They pressed the ‘turbo’ button and blue arcs of electricity shot through the reservoir. Swimmerlad screamed as the cascading water electrified his entire body and they could see him thrash his head violently trying to escape the shower of pain.

“As you can see Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad is already enjoying a shower of anguish, his beautiful body, his sexy nylon thong are drenched, his bulge is pure artistic magnificence don’t you think? The electrified water is just lapping at his feet, he looks so erotic, so helpless, I can’t wait to see him cum later!” MantaRay was enjoying his revenge. “He will be enveloped in pure electricity soon, and we might need to turn up the volume on the microphone array in his little play pen so we can hear him scream, so sexy don’t you think?” MantaRay did not give Swimmerboy a chance to respond; he used a small electrical condenser on Swimmerboy’s right hand nipple. The device used two conducting heads to allow a concentrated electrical beam to bridge the gap between the heads.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh” Swimmerboy twisted as the powerful jolt shot through his nipple and into his chest cavity. He pulled vainly on the restraints but that caused them to react, pulsing powerful jolts of supercharged energy through his limbs. MantaRay was just having the most fun. “You took that nicely Swimmerboy, your speedo strength is remaining at 37 percent. “Let’s have a little spinal tap, shall we?” MantaRay kept caressing Swimmerboy’s face, but with his other hand he pressed the stimulator button and held it in for a 20 percent jolt, he selected 10 seconds.

Swimmerboy looked horrified and terrified at that moment. “Here we go hero boy!”


The machine delivered the torturous eruption exploding throughout Swimmerboy’s body, his muscles spasmed, his screams were loud and full and his body twisted in the magnificence of the torture. In the fog of pain, he could see Swimmerlad thrashing, and Robin was arching his back, Robin was ensnared in the diabolical steam as well, his powerful screams filled the theatre so nicely and they harmonised with Swimmerboy’s cries of despair.

Joker jumped up, he was having so much fun, he surveyed the theatre and the three heaving heroes, “Ha ha ha ha, hey boys, I hear they are having a sale on medieval torture devices!” MantaRay looked amused as Joker jumped up spinning into the air, “Only while stocks last!” he rolled on the floor in laughter before running over to Swimmerboy. He had one of the hand-held shockers in his hand as he approached the screaming hero. This will jolt you into space hero! Joker adjusted the two heads of the device, “Nice and wide, so we get all your balls in!”

Swimmerboy screamed out “Noooooo, please Joker, no!”

The blue spark shot into Swimmerboy’s lower bulge like lightning hitting a landmark and the sharp sound of the mini explosion filled the theatre.

C R A C K – the power flowed through Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch and up caressing his taint and reaching into his boy hole.

Swimmerboy was sweating, his body filling with diabolical pain, he could not escape it and it flowed into his body in waves and ebbs. He looked at the screen, he was down to 19 percent speedo power and Swimmerlad’s thrashing body filled his vision, his tears began to flow, he knew he could not resist the power of the device much longer, it was draining him with ease.

Swimmerlad could not escape the rising water, it was lapping at the Base of his bulging thong, it was charged and flowed with diabolical power as was the shower of water cascading the pain, distributing the agony exquisitely. He thrashed and water splashed around the reservoir as his sex crazed voyeurs watched on, one masturbating as he watched Swimmerlad thrash in the pool of pain. He looked up and down into the water, his legs were aching, the electrified water kept creeping up his body, his arm restraints were pulling his body upward and he had little movement available for him to struggle. MantaRay had waited several years to finish this torture off, and he just loved standing and watching as the beautiful speedo thong clad hero struggled in the rising water of pain.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” water splashed on the inside of the glass making MantaRay smile, the water had reached Swimmerlad’s balls, his bulge was wet, and the fabric displayed Swimmerlad’s majestic penis so clearly as the worn nylon clung to his manhood dutifully. Swimmerlad thrust his pelvis again violently and his head tried in vain to escape the shower of electrified water, his body trembling and his muscles flexing involuntarily while his torture unfolded.

“10 Percent!” Joker called out to MantaRay who was standing and enjoying Swimmerlad’s torture. He pressed the turbo button just for fun and a muffled scream could be heard and water splashed on the walls.

MantaRay pressed the microphone, “How’s your little electric shower and bath going Swimmerlad? You’re like a battery node thrashing around in there, but just think you will be delivered to Scorpio and Orgasmo squeaky clean ready to get your penis tantalised and your juices squeezed for a breakfast of hero cum, ha ha ha.”

Swimmerlad’s face was contorting in pain, but his look of death pierced through the glass walls of his torture tank right into MantaRay’s eyes. MantaRay’s look of contrived fear only made Swimmerlad more determined to use his remaining speedo strength to endure the torture. “No one can save you now hero!” MantaRay spoke into the microphone.

Inside the tank, the sound of buzzing, the cascading shower hitting the rising water level, the splashing and the sound of his screams changing as the pitch moved with the rising water, he heard MantaRay’s gloating, his voice booming through the agony – “It will only intensify hero boy, oh look,” MantaRay was looking over his shoulder, “…Swimmerboy is at 8 percent speedo strength, he has been screaming valiantly, trying to save you and Robin, but he is failing so erotically this time. This time, I will defeat the mighty Swimmerlad and the mighty Swimmerboy and the delicious Boy Toy Wonder gets cooked as well.”


Swimmerlad contorted in pain, the electricity was surrounding his body, the envelope of pain was excruciating, and he could feel his speedo strength draining with every rise of the water as it filled his tank.

MantaRay clapped and headed over to Robin.

The buzzing was insistent, and Robin was enveloped in a cloud of hot steam, the water beneath him bubbled and spat droplets of boiling water into the synapse between the surface of his bubbling pool and his body, the boiling water and the steam were searingly hot. Robin was stretched and vibrating as the electricity coursed over his body, sparks erupted on each of is restraints and he could feel his nipples zapping and burning, so much power enveloped his body, the steam was not only hot, but it was also charged with the electricity and no matter how the beautiful crime fighter tried to escape the torture, he had come to realise that he was unable to escape.

“Lower him please!” MantaRay looked at Joker, they were both on either side of the struggling Boy Wonder. “He cooks up nice, this one!” Joker yelled across to MantaRay over the screams and moans of the Boy Wonder. “Yes!” Joker looked to Sucker, he was standing at the control panel overlooking Robin’s spread legs, “You have a nice view of the Wonder bulge Mr Sucker, do the honours will you, lower the Boy Wonder toward the boiling water, be a good boy will you!”

Sucker obeyed the command of the master villain with pleasure and a loud whirring sound accompanied the four restraining pillars as they lowered the Boy Wonder.

“An Inch will do! The recipe says to hold him there for twenty minutes or till his meat is pink and he screams when prodded” Joker clapped as he leaned into get a better view of Robin’s straining face. He gloated, his hands safely behind his back and he stood far enough from the charged steam so as not to be shocked by an escaping vent of electro charged steam. “My villain’s handbook of hero recipes has a whole chapter on cooking little birdies!”

Robin was engrossed in his torture, his wrists and ankles were aching, as the entry points to his body, his restraints ensured his body was stretched and tight, he could not escape the diabolical pulling on his body or the continual electrical flow and he thrust his head upward and downward as he tried his best to lift his beautiful body up as high as he could to escape the rising steam and the bubbling boiling water, but the water splatter was becoming fierce, Swimmerboy had descended below 5 percent Speedo Power and this meant the flow of power to the heating coil had increased and the flow of electricity buzzing over his body was excruciatingly powerful. He no longer felt the pleasure of the Aphrodisium, MantaRay’s little torture toy was infesting his Robin bulge with waves of electricity, Robin could feel his penis screaming, his balls cooking as they manufactured his wonder milk by the litre.


Robin’s screams powerful screams competed with Swimmerboy’s and the pair of them totally drowned out the muffled sounds emanating from the thrashing Swimmerlad inside his tank of agony. The tank was surrounded by several men, they masturbated, one rubbing his penis on the outer glass of the tank to taunt Swimmerlad, but that was the least of Swimmerlad’s problems, the water was lapping at his nose, his body thrashing and warping inside the waves of electricity coursing through the tank and his body, he was on his last legs, his speedo strength nearly expired. He had to fight for his last breaths of electric smelling oxygen.

MantaRay walked over to the tank and slapped the blue button, and the water began to swirl around his body, it was moving faster as the drain opened more, the centrifuge felt powerful and the relief was palpable, but he was exhausted, his muscles twitching, and he hang in the bonds moaning.

Swimmerboy was stretched and saturated with sweat, they had released the build-up of power through his speedo pouch and his penis sat inside his nylon pouch buzzing and tingling; his speedo strength monitor read CRITICAL and like Swimmerlad, he was helplessly twitching, sweat ran down his face from his forehead and he carefully lifted his head from his chest and tried to survey his exhausted body, he was thankfully in one piece, but every muscle hurt, his cock was on fire and he could feel his balls murmuring, he was full of cum, they had succeeded in making his milk and he was helpless to stop them.

Robin’s sighed and hissed behind Swimmerboy, the cauldron of bubbling water beneath him had calmed down and the electricity was no longer infesting his body.

“You ff f f ucking cunts!” Robin was too tight to be able to move his body in any way, his muscles were screaming, and the restraints pulled into his flesh in unforgiving ways.

“Mmmm nicely done!” Joker walked over and caressed Robin’s head, he ran his fingers around the mask, “You’re just so sexy in that little mask Wonder Bird Brain, now how do your balls feel?” He was pretending to sound like a worried friend, “Are they ok?”

“Fuck you Joker ughhhh!” Robin used whatever strength he had left to try and pull on his bonds but had to thrash his head, throwing looks of disdain at Joker’s evil smiling face. Robin could feel his bulge tingle, his balls felt full and bloated, he knew that Scorpio’s adjustments to his anatomy had responded to the torture, just as Scorpio had prophesied, he was full of cum, Wonder Boy milk and he knew that they would enjoy extracting his juices, but he was in desperate need for water and rest, his torture though was thankfully over.

MantaRay bent down and caressed Swimmerboy’s tender bulge, it was wet and felt amazing in his hand, he enjoyed feeling the hero’s penis and the way the wet nylon squished as he squeezed.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerboy tried his best to squirm his speedo from MantaRay’s grip, but the master villain was determined.

“Yes, my dear hero, you are nicely done, you will spurt geishas of spunk for Scorpio, I hope you produce enough for me to enjoy some too. I mean I have laboured all afternoon making cum; Swimmerboy cum, Swimmerlad cum and Robin cum. It has been a busy day! Ha ha ha ha!”

“Fuck you MantaRay!” Swimmerboy tried looking around him, he could hear the door on Swimmerlad’s tank open and the sounds of Swimmerlad moaning, although outrageous, they were a happy sound to Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad was alive; MantaRay had not killed his precious boy, but as much as he had tried, to protect the others, he had succumbed to his torture and had let his speedo strength drain, he felt the guilt of their agony wrack his mind.

“I’m sorry, I tried to take the pain, but it was killing me, I’m sorry, I had to use my speedo power, I’m so sorry, I couldn’t save you!” he had tears in his eyes.

“Is Robin, ok?” Swimmerboy tried to turn his head but winced in pain as his spine and neck reacted to his movement. “Ughhhhhhh!”

Joker jumped into Swimmerboy’s view, it was like he was a kid on a sugar high, “The little birdy tortures well, I’m used to it, and guess what, I felt his bulge, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh - so hot, so full. I think he will spurt cum all over the place!” He started singing softly “A milking we will go, a milking we will go…”

Swimmerboy screwed up his face and bared his teeth at Joker, “fuck you!” He was full of emotion and remorse, and MantaRay had successfully beaten him.

Swimmerlad saw MantaRay approach.

“I finally got to complete your torture my delicious young hero, you were so beautiful as you screamed and splashed, but you’re squeaky clean, I should have thrown in some detergent and my dirty washing, you would have done a great job agitating all the dirt and grime. Ha ha ha ha!” MantaRay ran his finger over Swimmerlad’s sensitive skin causing Swimmerlad to flinch and attempt to retract from his touch. “Still a little sensitive, and no speedo power left in your tank either!” He bent down between Swimmerlad’s stretched legs and surveyed the majestic nylon thong bulge. He capped the mountain of male beauty in his palm as Swimmerlad hissed with his head shooting backward and upward.


“Scrumptious, so delectable your wet bulge is just so magnificent, it will milk nicely Swimmerlad!”

“Get your hands off me!” Swimmerlad tried his best to sound defiant, but his attempt at forceful language just came out like a strained whimper. “F fffucker!”

“You rock a thong Swimmerlad!” MantaRay looked up and then caressed Swimmerlad’s exposed buttocks. “Yum squared! I recon Scorpio might have a nice dose of the Elixir of Eros waiting to be diffused up your delicious arse hero boy.” He smiled, “He is setting up a special viewing theatre, he wants to view the next chapter of your fantasy, and Swimmerboy’s fantasy, and maybe we will get to see what Robin masturbates to when he is alone with his erotic fantasies!”

“So, here’s what is going to happen!” MantaRay left Swimmerlad and moved to the front of the theatre, he faced the three exhausted and twitching superheroes. “You will be returned to your cells and infused with speedo power Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, Robin will be revitalized with Joker’s little pep-me-up drug and a special restoration chamber, and when you’re all nice and ready, washed and clean, oh yeah and dressed appropriately, Scorpio has decided to tantalize you first, before your horny bodies are delivered to his private milking rooms, with his special guests. You will be pleasured there my delicious heroes; long strokes of pleasure will make you sing!”

They pulled on their bonds.

“Robin screamed out, NEVER, I won’t give you my cum, never!” he struggled and pulled vainly trying to escape their grip. But it was useless.

“Take them away!” MantaRay dismissed them with a wave of his hand but walked over to Swimmerlad’s open chamber. He watched as Lycra released the bonds on Swimmerlad’s ankles and then released the wrist restraints. He so enjoyed watching the mighty Swimmerlad collapse into Lycra’s arms, he had been totally drained of all his speedo power, his body shuddering and slumping. Lycra manoeuvred Swimmerlad to face his torturer, he held the delectable hero in front of him, his arms underneath Swimmerlad’s arm pits. Swimmerlad had his head slumped forward, but MantaRay grabbed the exhausted hero’s drenched hair, Swimmerlad smelled of electricity, his face still dripping in water, his speedo thong clinging to his genitals so devotedly.

MantaRay smiled as he looked Swimmerlad in the eye, “Now that’s what I have been waiting for hero. Swimmerboy was not able to save your gorgeous ass this time! You will spurt cum like a geisha soon, wow double the fun!”

” Ughhhh, y you fu ck e r,” He was amazed he could talk, but his head slumped once more as Lycra tied his body to a transport drone.

“Get him ready for his milking!” MantaRay walked away to talk with his guests, he would enjoy gloating over his successful torture session, and he had business to attend to as usual, now that these meddling heroes were being punished, he would make hay and all that.

Remora and Sucker waited till the pool of boiling water disappeared into the floor and the safety doors locked closed before releasing all four of Robin’s bonds. They let the young titan crash onto the floor. Robin was exhausted, he too smelled of electricity and his young drenched and beautiful body curled up on the floor to protect himself; his punishment had been a powerful display of what Scorpio’s compound had in store for him. He knew his utility belt held his only hope of escape, but he had not seen it since Joker stowed it on the Joker Jet.

They kicked him so he lay supine, dripping onto the floor, his head rolled to the left. “He punishes well, the mighty Robin, Batman’s little sidekick toy. He is Scorpio’s toy now, ha ha ha.” Remora bent down and squeezed out water from Robin’s hair lifting the exhausted crime fighter to his feet by his hair.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh, Fffffffffffffuck!” Robin was too exhausted to fight back, he used all his available strength to stand and stay upright. But Remora held him tight as the strange transport device arrived. Robin noticed that Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were already restrained in their devices, he could hear them moaning, Swimmerboy sounded as though life was staring to trickle back into his body, he was turning slowly inside his bondage.

They forced Robin to the drone and soon he was fastened, his feet slightly apart his arms were restrained at his sides. Robin’s head slumped again, and he opened his eyes. His Robin mound was buzzing, his penis felt amazing, his balls were not much larger than usual, but he felt his juices filling his balls and the mere sight of his Robin suit fired something sexual in his mind. Then he remembered the implant, his heart sank, knowing that evil device was inside his head, infesting his mind, but amazingly, it had not caused any him any issues, his sight his senses, his thoughts were all unaffected, but he felt sexual, he felt horny, and his bulge was making him hornier as he gazed on himself. What the fuck? He thought to himself, feel so sexy, Mmmm.

He was suddenly moving, and the drone seemed to be following Baz. Robin could hear Joker, but he did not see the pained look on Joker’s face, Joker was faking an emotional departure scene and pretending to wipe away a tear, “Adieu sweet Robin, adieu my gorgeous heroes!” He kept up the act until the stage door closed.


Nylon had cleaned him meticulously, his skin shimmered in the lights of his cell. He had been dressed in a pair of lime green nylon speedos; they had a one-inch hip a white section of nylon was sewn across his hips. Swimmerboy felt amazing in them, his penis relished in the brand-new soft fabric, and he wished to God that he could feel his cock, it had been weeks and weeks since his capture. He had been denied the pleasure of his penis, it belonged to Scorpio and his band of devious villains, and they were determined to enjoy it. He had survived hours of torture and he knew that the upgrade to his bulge mapping would result in more cum and a long diabolical pleasure torture and speedo drain awaited him. He was helpless and restrained against the wall of his cell. He could feel his speedo strength being restored; his cock was buzzing deep inside his speedo bulge, Scorpio’s systems were invigorating his body to generate his speedo power. He pulled on his bonds, struggling and Nylon entered his restraint room to witness the beauty of this speedo clad hero twist and strain in his bonds.

“Looking fucking hot Swimmerboy!” Nylon made a B-Line to him, his hands outstretched, one grasped Swimmerboy’s jaw, the other caressed Swimmerboy’s bulging balls. “Time to milk this puppy. You have lots of creamy boy juice and Scorpio wants to impress his new guest, so they will pleasure your lovely body into oblivion. Fuck, your body will ooze for hours as you writhe for your master.”

Swimmerboy pulled on his bonds and glared in Nylon’s face. He spat into Nylon’s eyes. “Fuck off, I will resist your fucking fun machines as long as I have speedo power left in me!” He threw his head trying to escape Nylon’s grip and he watched as Nylon rubbed his face.

“I’m sure, they expect nothing less Swimmerboy!” Nylon bent down.

Nylon was eye level with Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch. Nylon’s eyes made love to it, they drank in the sheer eroticism of the mighty hero, so helplessly stretched, the curves of his penis inside the garment were extraordinary and his desires were screaming, but he knew his masters would be watching, he was not about enjoy that meal just yet, not before his masters had their feed on its delights. Nylon stood up. “So fucking beautiful, so tempting, if I am a good boy, I might get to try some of your pleasure pie Swimmerboy!”

“Never!” Swimmerboy thrashed attempting to break the bonds.

“Keep that up hero, that will just make us all the hornier. You have about five minutes until you are full of speedo strength and Swimmerlad is at full tilt now. Lycra is preparing your delicious boyfriend to be milked and you’ll be taken soon to prepare for your pleasure drain, stay put my beautiful boy!” With that Nylon departed and went to check on Lycra in the adjoining cell.

Swimmerlad was spread wide on a central table. He too was wearing a matching lime green and white nylon speedo. Lycra was caressing the beautiful mountain of Swimmerlad meat.

“That fabric is just so erotic!” Nylon announced as he entered the cell.

Swimmerlad looked up, and pulled violently on his bonds, his magnificent body twisting as he lifted himself.

“Get off me you fucker!” Swimmerlad demanded.

“But you are so beautiful, so helpless. You’re such a special toy Swimmerlad, now that is just such an unreasonable demand, I’m sorry, request denied!” Lycra ran his finger over Swimmerlad’s bulge. The fabric was warm, the softness of Swimmerlad’s majestic penis snaking inside the garment was full and wholesome. Lycra enjoyed feeling the underside of Swimmerlad’s penis head, he also loved the way the hero’s nylon wrapped balls felt as the filled his palm. “Mmmm this reservoir of Swimmerlad juice will please his cum hungry tormentors tonight!”

Swimmerlad’s look of disdain tempered with despair shot around the room as he struggled in his bonds. “Fuck you! Never, fucking never!” Twisting his beautiful body in vain attempts to escape the restraints.

“You can’t resist forever Swimmerlad and the drugs they have waiting for you will be so nice when they mingle with your pleasure systems with the Boy Wonder and Swimmerboy, you will writhe in an ocean of sumptuous enjoyment, in erotic vistas, just like Milk Bar, and your new mapping,” Lycra spent a good minute tracing his fingers over every millimetre of Swimmerlad’s beautiful speedo bulge, “…will enhance your sensation and deliver creamy and smooth Swimmerlad nectar. You will flow, don’t you worry your gorgeous little head about that.”

“They will create your speedo thong after they have started to tantalise you, just as you start to get horny, you won’t believe how sexual that feels until you sample Orgasmo’s speedo teaser, your penis is in for a treat!” Lycra looked across to Nylon. Nylon was sporting his first wet spot for the session on the tip of his orange speedo. Lycra lent over and licked the tip of Swimmerlad’s bulge and then smiled into Swimmerlad’s defiant and desperate eyes, “You’ve made Nylon all wet, and he is supposed to have a thing for Swimmerboy! You’re a sexy devil Swimmerlad!” Lycra chuckled, “Robin’s new brain implant will go bananas the moment he sets his eyes on this piece of meat!” Lycra swished his hand a final time around Swimmerlad’s voluptuous bulge.

“Swimmerlad stun 2”

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerlad contorted in pain as the restraints released.

Baz attended to Robin.

He had been released from the restore chamber which he had been restrained in earlier, its special circuitry had been developed by Scorpio’s sexual engineers and the chamber was able to revitalise Robin within a short period of time.

Robin recalled the way his stretched body buzzed and vibrated inside the chamber and the sweet smell of Joker’s revitalize drug that filled the chamber in a diluted dose. His muscles were now strong, but not strong enough to break his bonds. Baz had stunned him and tied him to a presentation pole, and on Joker’s order, his cute mask had been returned to his face. At Scorpio’s order, Baz had stripped Robin of his special suit and dressed him in a pair of Batman’s favourite play speedos. The green nylon showed off Robin’s bulge like a beacon, it was unmissable, his penis felt luxurious as the soft delicious fabric caressed him, his balls tingled inside his green mounding tent of erotic beauty and the big R on the left-hand hip, finished off the beautiful Robin erotic play garment.

“The Bat loved to toy with you in these speedos” Baz gloated while Robin struggled, he was so erotic normally, but Baz could understand how Batman craved this sexual dynamo in his very private Robin containment room restrained for his private fun. “I can’t wait to see you writhe like the erotic toy you are, Scorpio will pleasure you like Batman never could, you will moan like a good hero as he slowly and deliberately tantalises you, pleasures you and then milks your wonder syrup from your green mound of pleasure. Scorpio likes to filter his hero juices through the hero’s nylon mound, Scorpio believes a filtered product is more wholesome and he will likely keep your cum filled speedo as a trophy of your erotic defeat.”

Robin’s angry face was shooting around the room in desperate attempts to locate an avenue of escape, he was almost naked except for the speedo and his mask, his mind was flooding with memories, erotic memories of how Batman drugged him, dressed him in the play garment and then tied him to his various devices to enjoy his sidekick in magnificent displays of eroticism. Batman was a ruthless fighter, he was also a ruthless sexual master, and Robin’s memories filled him with dread, the speedo was an ominous omen of his impending erotic fate. But it felt so delicious with the nylon brushing against his penis, he felt so horny and secretly wanted Baz to touch him; his implant was only starting to boot up and it would soon connect his penis and his pleasure to his erotic desires in new and powerful connections of sexual mastery. They had him poised and bound to become a sumptuous puppet, a font of cum, a vessel of pleasure.

“No! Fuck you all, please no!” Boy Wonder struggled so evocatively, he was helplessly restrained to the presentation pole, his legs pulled apart, his arms also pulled backward. His penis head tipped off the beauty of his bulge, it stood inches above his body causing folds of green nylon to fan across the front of the erotic pouch and as he struggled, he could feel the nylon caressing his genitals. He wanted Baz to touch him, he was so intolerably horny.

“Time to get you in the mood Boy Wonder, delicious fun awaits you tonight!” Baz looked at his captive in a deep sexual manner, “I so want you Robin, but I have my orders! You must be delivered on time, full of spunk and horny. They will allure you, and toy with you, they will make you so fucking hot, your cock will scream for attention and maybe you might just beg Scorpio, Joker and Orgasmo to pleasure you!” Baz so enjoyed working the Boy Wonder up.

Robin thrashed, but his bonds were tight, he was held securely, and he glared at Baz, “Fuck I’m going to pulverise you when I get free!”

Baz just laughed as he placed the cold steel of the shocker to Robin’s neck. BUZZ!

The lights went out and before he knew it, Baz was lifting his body off the ground, his arms were secured behind his back and Baz was thrusting him out of the door of his cell, out into the corridor.

“Right on time!” Lycra pushed Swimmerlad out of his cell almost at the same time, Lycra was checking out the beauty of the two heroes and his attention was diverted to the arrival of Swimmerboy. “Sorry we’re late, I just wanted to adjust Swimmerboy’s cock! A boy’s got-ta-do what a boy’s got-ta-do!” Wow green and white on these two gods, they match Robin’s special green speedo…” Nylon was beside himself! “We’re going to eat all our greens tonight, like good boys! ha ha ha.” Nylon thought the joke was good, but Baz just smirked, and Lycra pushed Swimmerlad to the front of the hero procession. “This way superheroes!” Lycra pushed Swimmerlad in the direction they needed to go, the emitters keeping Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy in-check, Baz had stunned Robin enough to make him unsteady and lightheaded and he pushed Robin using the head of his shocker device, Robin new better than to resist. He followed Swimmerboy and Nylon, pushed along by Baz.

They headed for Scorpio’s private Pleasure studio. They would become his sexual objects, his erotic toys!

Robin’s vision was fuzzy, he could feel the cold steel in his neck, so he complied with Baz’s urging, he was slightly unsteady on his feet, the shocker device had affected his orientation, he followed the green and white vision of Swimmerboy’s buttocks encased in his speedo. He also followed the sound of their moans; the emitters were keeping them compliant and restrained. Nylon and Lycra were ruthless, pushing them urging them forward through the twists and turns, to the secret entrance to Scorpio’s most private lair.

Lycra smashed Swimmerlad against the wall outside the dimly lit doorway, the sign on the door announced: ‘Special Speedo Pampering Department’, Lycra pressed the intercom.

It was Miles’ voice that came across the intercom. “Scorpio’s special pampering department, how may I help?” Miles had put on his best forced customer service, hospitality voice to play up the moment.

Lycra announced their arrival. “Three for admission!”

“Excellent!” Miles’ voice was excited.

“Enter if you’re gorgeous and good looking!”

The door buzzed and swung open to a room full of theatrical lights and smoke.

Miles was fucking gorgeous in his little red speedo. He was Scorpio’s chosen one, and he had been directed by Scorpio to oversee the hero’s pleasure excitement, his job was to deliver Scorpio three heroes in a state of hyper-sexual decadence.

“Hi boys, welcome heroes, I see that you have recovered from the theatre of agony and looking at your delicious bodies, you are ready for a night of sexual pampering and extravagance!”

Swimmerboy pulled on his bonds, “Fuck off Miles, you deviate!”

“Sticks and Bones Swimmerboy!” Miles brushed off the barb.

Swimmerlad was thrust in first followed by Swimmerboy and finally Robin. They stood inside the room struggling against their bonds; Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were ensnared in the emitter array, they were helplessly fighting and twisting, trying to desperately break free. Robin was still feeling dazed, but his sight was coming back into focus.

Three restraint devices sat in a circle facing each other. Wrist restraints hung from the roof and special box like devices sat in the front and to the rear of the restraint display. A series of LED lights surrounded the spot directly below where the intended captive was to be tied.

Miles walked around touching each of his prized captives on the shoulder.

“Thanks for coming cum cows!” Miles smiled looking at his prize Swimmerlad.

“You’re all looking ravishing tonight!”

“Scorpio will pleasure you heroes to dizzying heights, your drugged bodies will sing, they will spurt your juices but that is a while a way yet, we have some fun to have first as we make you the horniest and sexiest young heroes on the face of the planet.” He looked toward the three sets of restraints and then walked over to Robin.

“Oh, you are the beautiful boy aren’t you! I hope Swimmerlad doesn’t get jealous if I spend some time sucking your speedo bulge, I have been told that the Bat has had hundreds of these ‘Robinised’ speedos created for his little ‘secret’ Robin play sessions. Well, I will give him that, he has fucking fantastic taste. You look so sexy in them and look at your athletic bod, you are going to pleasure well. I’ll get to boot up your little brain probe too, how exciting!”

Robin was back to normal; his vision had returned and he was much more stable on his feet; he was well aware of what was taking place. He surveyed the room and the ominous area where he and his hero colleagues would be tied, the shocker had worn off, but he was still slightly groggy, he looked Miles in the eyes and trying to twist his shoulders and arms in Baz’s grip, and he glared at Miles. “You’re not getting anything from me! You fucking deviate!”

Miles ran his finger through Robin’s hair before slapping him hard across the face, “Well see about that birdy boy, tie him up first!

Baz pushed Robin toward the tantalizer array and Miles walked alongside, he motioned for Thunder to come and join and then watched while the two goons strung Robin’s arms above his head and then pulled his feet to the ankle restraints.

“Now comfy birdy boy? We’ll see about that soon, I just need to get my two speedo heroes, my wet dreams tied up in place, oh we are going to enjoy ourselves tonight, I’ll do my best to pamper you my sweet hero!” He ran his fingers over Robin’s erect nipples and down the sides of Robin’s lats to the top of Robin’s speedo. “Yer, yer, yuuuuum, and you’re brimming with cum, I’ll be back soon, so stay put my delicious hero!”

Robin thrashed his head and his body as he rattled the chains hanging from the ceiling pulling his arms above his stretched body. “Fuck you, cunt!”

Miles was halfway across to Swimmerboy when he turned his head back toward Robin. “I do my best Robin.” He almost jumped arriving between Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad; they were both fighting their bonds but in the competent hands of Nylon and Lycra.

“We have some delicious erotic indulgence for you before Scorpio begins your pleasure torture and draining. He will milk all three of you, he will milk you dry! My job dear heroes,” Miles enjoyed the insolence on Swimmerboy’s face as he continued. “…Is to caress your cocks and bodies into horny masses of sexual energy! Now, I am on the clock, so we will get down to business. Three Speedo Teasers will titillate your speedo bulges, your penises and your arses! You will leave here trembling, sexual vessels, ready to experience exquisite pleasure at the hands of Scorpio!” Miles played with his magnificent red speedo mound. He ordered Nylon and Lycra to restrain their captives.

“Orgasmo, as usual is orgazmanizing your enjoyment tonight gentlemen and he had this little play pen developed to honour Swimmerboy’s fantasy, he added the smoke and theatrical lights,” he looked around he playroom, “…adds to the ambience of the playroom, well I think so anyway!”

“Fuck you!” Swimmerboy spat back.

“Fuck off whatever your name is!” Robin thrashed over in his Speedo Teaser, in his bonds, looking at Miles with barbs of hatred.

“I’m Miles, Boy Wonder, and when I’m finished with you, you will remember my name! Your cock, is no longer the property of The Bat, your cock will remember my name! ha ha ha!”

“Fuck you!” Robin thrashed violently.

Baz pulled out the shocker from his pocket and looked toward Miles, he held the shocker toward Robin, helplessly pulling on all four of his restraints.

Miles waved his hand though, as if to dismiss Baz, “Not right now Bazzy boy, I want Robin recovered completely so he can enjoy the tease, I’m sure you will get to enjoy your little shocker sometime soon!” He smiled as he played with Swimmerboy’s face, you should get a cute mask too, you would look fucking sexier than ever hero, ha ha. Tie them to their Speedo Teasers.”

Nylon pushed Swimmerboy and Lycra threw Swimmerlad toward the central play ring while Robin continued struggling, watching on as they spread Swimmerboy first and then finally Swimmerlad.

Miles had his three gorgeous speedo heroes in place, he was horny as all fuck, he stood in the middle of the play pen, toughing himself, rubbing his own red speedo bulge, “Mmmmm these red numbers feel fucking awesome, I’m getting a tad wet, looking at you three gorgeous boys. He created his own speedo thong in front of his captives and Robin watched on as Miles continued his little erotic show. Miles’ speedo thong was nice and tight, his body was as beautiful as his captives, and he cupped his bulge and then caressed his pert exposed buns.

“Do you like boys?” He said with a smile as he turned, showing off his catwalk skills. “Scorpio just loves it when I do that. I love it when he ties me up too. It’s just so fucking sexual don’t you agree?”

Robin felt his body tense, his chest was firing up, the feeling was full of intensity, desire and amazement. The sight of his beautiful tormentor prancing around with his red bulbous bulge of red was suddenly filling him with erotic desire, he craved it, he wanted to feel it, touch Miles’ buttocks, taste him. His cock suddenly felt a delicious shimmer effect inside his speedo.

Robin could not stop his emotions, “Ohhhhhhhhh boy, you are just beautiful!” he could not believe he was saying that. He looked at Swimmerboy and then Swimmerlad as they fought their bondage, he wanted to have them more, he was so fucking horny.

“Wer Wer what is happening, so h h horny?” Robin looked at his own speedo; the way his penis head pushed the fabric out from his body, the folds of green nylon, he felt fucking erotic, sexy, he needed to caress his bulge, squeeze his genitalia, he needed cock in his mouth!

Miles spun around his attention drawn to Robin’s erotic outburst.

“Your little brain implant, feels nice and needy I see!” Miles walked over and ran two fingers around the base of Robin’s mighty green nylon bulge.

Robin threw his head backward moaning.

“And I haven’t started yet or even turned on the teaser device. Your implant will make you more than horny my sweet little birdy, wait till you get to sample Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream. Ha ha ha.”

Robin was now looking desperately toward Miles.

“Please, please so strong, desires so strong. Please, please…” the look on Robin’s face was pleading with Miles to worship his penis.

Miles just brushed his finger across the top of Robin’s speedo as he moved across the play ring toward Swimmerlad and looking over his shoulder, he looked at Robin, “All in good time my horny Wonder Boy!”

The door buzzed and that took Miles’ attention.

“Who can it be knocking on my door?” Miles spun around as he sang the Men at Work song and running to the intercom.

“Hello? are you, are you horny?”

“Kyle and Hunter, yeah fucking horny, just watched the footage of the torture session, can we play too?”

Miles jumped up and down, “Ooo Yay, playmates!” He turned toward the circle of writhing heroes.

He turned back to the intercom and he hit the door release button.

Hunter looked fabulous, he looked at Miles and then bent down immediately to lick Miles’ butt crack.

He stood up and kissed Miles. Hunter was wearing a soft royal blue and white pair of Aussiebum speedos with one-inch sides. He looked beautiful and Miles wanted to fuck him there and then.

“Beautiful! Come in Hunks!”

Kyle’s muscly body was standing behind Hunter, his sultry blue eyes and curly sandy blond hair made him look ravishing, and Miles grabbed him by the hair and playfully dragged his beautiful face toward his own. They kissed in long passionate waves and Miles felt up Kyle’s arse. He stood back to get a good look.

Kyle was looking sexual and horny; he was wearing orange nylon speedo branded briefs with white stripes on the sides. He looked down, caressing his own abs as he looked to Miles.

“Do you like?”

“Fuck yeah!” Miles could not keep his hungry hands from Hunter and Kyle’s bulges, he was extremely horny, but he pulled back, he had to control himself and focus his sexual appetite on the job at hand.

“Come over and meet our delicious captives, you boys are just in time for me to give a run-down of our session!” Miles grabbed each of his play mates’ hands and pulled them toward the Speedo Teaser devices and their writhing occupants.

Robin was still dealing with the powerful emotions and desires; he was hissing, trying to control his body and he looked up to see two more sexy guys being pulled enthusiastically by Miles across to their play pen.

“Look who it is!” Miles just loved Hunter and Kyle, they had connected so many times since the Milk Bar and they often watched replays of the erotic scenes as they played together milking each other. He was so glad that they too were on the private guest list for the evening’s play time and eventual hero milk extraction.

Swimmerboy looked up to see them coming.

“Oh fuck!” he said out loud, he knew they were ruthless when horny and Hunter was looking super horny with an evil look in his eye, one hand being drawn by Miles in his excited state and the other hand rubbing himself up. Hunter had his eyes on Swimmerlad.

Kyle looked at Swimmerboy and broke Miles’ grip, he made it B-line toward Swimmerboy.

“Oh yeah, hello Swimmerboy, I want you so bad. Can I have some cum later?” Kyle felt the warmth of Swimmerboy’s lower bulge. “I can tell you are nice and full of juice!” Kyle’s tongue was hanging out.

“Fuck off Kyle!” Swimmerboy tried diverting his gaze, However Kyle grabbed Swimmerboy’s chin with enough vigour to force Swimmerboy to look him in the eye. “I’ll have my Swimmerboy juice, is that fucking clear? You will spurt in my mouth hero boy!” Kyle pushed Swimmerboy’s face away from him and then stood back to survey the helpless hero.

“Yummy scrummy, I want your cum in my tummy!” Kyle moved to the centre of the play ring and noticed Robin’s seething, writhing body.

Swimmerlad felt the warm touch of Hunter’s reverent hand on his loins. Hunter was caressing his speedo bulge with devotion and purring and staring at the mound of green and white nylon clinging dutifully to Swimmerlad’s balls and penis. “I will never ever stop worshipping your speedo offering Swimmerlad! You beautiful boy, I will have you trembling in desire before you leave this playroom!”

Swimmerlad tried his best to escape Hunter’s devotion to his speedo, “Ah, fuck off Hunter!” his defiance was evident but that only turned Hunter on even more! Hunter walked behind Swimmerlad and felt he majesty of Swimmerlad’s strong back muscles, he licked his favourite hero reverently and then moaned overtly as he surveyed Swimmerlad’s tight nylon wrapped buns. “Oh Yeah, you are the sexiest hero of them all Swimmerlad, I can’t wait to have your body convulse as I pleasure you and when you start to spurt your spunk, I will be the first to suck your creaming and throbbing wet bulge!”

Swimmerlad pulled on his bonds as he tried to look over his shoulder at Hunter who was running his finger and pushing the delicious light nylon between Swimmerlad’s buttocks.

Hunter called across to Miles, “I think it’s time, I can’t hold myself any longer, I just have to have my Swimmerlad, my thong loving hero converted into his thong. Can we, can we, please?” Hunter put on his naughty boy look as he disengaged his ravenous hands from Swimmerlad’s butt and walked into the centre of the play ring.

Miles just loved his play mates deviate minds, and he looked Hunter in the eye as they met in the centre of the play ring, “Good idea!” He turned and led Hunter over to Robin. “Look at this divine specimen Hunter! Just perfection, Batman’s little helper and Batman’s little play toy!”

Hunter rubbed himself as he looked at the Boy Wonder. “Phew, just too cute! I want to play with this hero as much as I want Swimmerlad.

Robin thrashed and pulled on his bonds, his vain attempts to free himself turning Hunter on more. They kissed in front of Robin and then looked across to the virile, young crime fighter. Miles just licked his lips and then ran his fingers across the expanse of nylon covering the Robin’s penis and balls.

Robin tried to pull his body away from Miles, but Hunter had positioned himself behind Robin, Hunter pushed Robin’s pelvis forward standing close behind Robin, he spoke in the Hero’s left ear, “Now, now Boy Wonder, don’t be rude when someone is enjoying your bulge as much as Miles is right now. It’s going to get lots of attention, but your insolence is noted!” Hunter licked Robin’s ear before resuming his gloating talk, “I’ll be licking your bulge soon, so get used to it Boy Beautiful!”

Robin’s face screwed up trying to fight their attention, “Fuck off both of you, get off me!”

Miles just loved the warmth of Robin’s penis, it felt luxurious inside the erotic garment. “So exquisite, Robin, it will be a powerful addition to Scorpio’s demands for hero cum!”

“Aghhh no!” Robin pulled as hard as he could, but the bonds were tight.

“So!” Miles looked into Robin’s defiant eyes behind the mask, “Scorpio demands his boys are pleasured in speedo thongs. You might have noticed how fucking beautiful Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad looked in their red thongs in the Milk Bar. Miles stood back from Robin, he looked down to his speedo bulge and then back to Robin as he touched himself erotically. “Hey Hunter, will you do the honour for me, can you tighten my thong before making Robin even sexier than he is now!”

“You’re all fucking deviates!” Robin was spread before their little show in the centre of the play ring. Hunter adjusted Miles’ red speedo thong tighter, he arranged Mile’s pouch so that it bulged in a spectacular mountain or red, and Miles just purred as Hunter adjusted the remarkable red bulging pouch. Delicious folds of fabric spanned out from the tip of Miles’ penis to the tops of his hips.

“Mmmm, It feels so beautiful, Robin, my cock feels so heavenly in its little red pouch, do you like it. When I get some pre-cum, I’ll let you taste ha ha ha ha ha!”

Robin’s implant fired at the sight of the beautiful Miles’ speedo thong, something rocketed inside Robin’s brain, and he twisted his hips erotically as he moaned. Robin then shook his head as if trying to shake the thoughts from his brain.

“You like it Robin, do I turn you on, I bet your craving the tase of my red bulge in your mouth hero!”

“Mmmm, what is happening to me?” Robin looked confused and then began twisting his hips erotically, offering his bulge to his captors almost, he threw his head backward trying to deal with the desires washing over him.

“You’re getting horny, my little birdy, a very good start, but I’m going to make your thong soon and your penis will rule your mind, your pleasure and your brain will be intrinsically joined, you’re going to get much hornier before I am through and before you progress to your pleasure fate!”

Robin’s head was rolling around and his body twisted, he could feel Miles’ breath on his face as he spoke to his erotic toy.

“Now your cock is going to love this and your buttocks too when they fill with the tight nylon!”

Miles reached around Robin and grabbed the speedo pulling it tightly through Robin’s buns of steel. He twisted the side of the speedo tightly and then adjust Robin’s penis inside his newly created pouch of green Nylon. The trademark R was half engulfed in the new erotic variation of the garment.

Robin Moaned deeply. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” and he looked down to view his new erotic pouch. He was become hot and steamy, he wanted to play with the mound, he was turning himself into a horn bag just looking at himself, then he noticed Miles playing with his own red mound of pleasure meat. Robin felt his penis cry out in sexual frustration, he thrust his hips and then felt the warmth of Hunter’s tongue licking the edges of his tight buttocks.

“Fuck, so f f fucking horny!” Robin pushed his buttocks into Hunter’s waiting mouth. “Lick it please!” Robin couldn’t believe the words were coming from his lips.

Kyle called across from the other side of the play ring, “Hey Boy Wonder, what do you think?” He motioned toward Swimmerboy who was now sporting a beautiful sexual speedo thong too. Swimmerboy was writhing and puling on his bonds while Kyle played with his delicious and sexual toy.

Robin felt his body tingle at the sight of the spectacle.

Kyle then skipped across to Swimmerlad and proceeded to fashion a similar majestically erotic thong on the hero. Swimmerlad moaned as he felt his penis settle into the newness of his thong bulge. The folds of fabric rippled caressing his balls. Swimmerlad new that pleasure was not far away, they would be draining him of his speedo power erotically like they had done before.

Kyle then laughed as he approached Hunter. “We’re the odd ones out Hunts!” They kissed and while playing, the two horny chosen acolytes performed the thong ritual on themselves. They moaned in each other’s arms, their hands exploring their bodies in acts of frivolity and exhibitionism before their three sexy captive heroes.

“Those boys! They are so much fun to play with!” Miles addressed each of the heroes, “…We have lots of speedo sex and we love to play with videos of your pleasure sessions running, sometimes I don’t know if its Kyle or Hunter moaning or if it’s your porn video playing on the screen while we play, ha ha ha ha!” Miles played with his nipples as he approached Robin. “Now, how’s your penis feeling bird brain, or should we amend that to horny brain?”

“It’s time to start feeling special!” Miles motioned for Hunter to head across to Swimmerlad and Kyle to stand by Swimmerboy.

Miles was so loving his new role of chief tormentor; he knew Scorpio was watching so he played up the fun! Looking at Robin, he caressed the crimefighter’s six pack and licked Robin’s nipples. Looking up he whispered into Robin’s face. “I know your implant is making you feel funky right now and the sight of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad struggling in their sexy thongs is making your penis feely scrummy Boy Wonder!”

Robin’s eyes were widening, the sensation of Miles’ hot breath on his nipples made him feel sensational, he looked across at Swimmerlad and felt the penetrating desire infest his mind. He shook his head desperately, hoping to shake to sudden intensity of feeling, but he was helpless, it was useless, but he had to try.

“What is happening?” Robin looked directly into Miles’s lustful eyes. Miles was touching him, caressing his penis bulging inside his green Boy Wonder speedo.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!” Robin threw his head in abandon and twisted his arms in a vain attempt to escape his erotic torment.

“Just let the feelings fill you, Robin!” Miles’s was expertly brushing his fingers across the top of his bulge. Robin moaned!

Miles just smiled and squeezed. “Concentrate Robin! Ha ha ha.” Miles turned his head, his hand was glued to Robin’s nylon mound, and looking over his shoulder, he gave the order.

“Initiate Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad erotic touch reverberator systems!”

Swimmerboy looked down over his stretched helpless body, he could see the formation of an almost invisible film that surrounded his body, it was as if his own energy were powering the diabolical field, he was completely enveloped within a minute, and he could feel the delicious sensation brush against his skin every time he moved his body. He looked across to the spectacular view of Swimmerlad, so resplendent and sexually stretched wearing his speedo thong, Swimmerboy could see the same cloak of energy surrounding Swimmerlad as well. He knew from the look on his partner’s face, that the field was caressing his body in fine strokes of energy that would be used to torment him.

Miles looked back toward Robin. “You will get one of those too, but you’ll have to be a good birdy boy and wait in line. All good things come to those that wait Robin!” Miles caressed the underside of Robin’s erotic nylon thong bulging pouch. Robin hissed as he felt Miles squeeze his balls.

“Now sensitize Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad speedo pouches, 10 percent.”

Both Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad cried out in almost unison.


Their bodies began to twist as their bulges marinated in the delicious sensation.



They slowly twisted and then Kyle ran his fingers down each of Swimmerboy’s lats. The sensation of the erotic touch set off a reverberation that flowed across Swimmerboy’s body, it was insistent and kept regenerating across Swimmerboy’s torso and abs.

Swimmerboy’s moans were deep and delicious, the sensation causing his body to twist and turn in his bondage, it set off his speedo sensitizer, filling his pouch, engulfing his penis in waves of spectacular, but subdued pleasure. He twisted his body and thrust his hips erotically as the body-wide sensation continued to tantalize him.

Hunter, played with Swimmerlad’s nipples causing the mighty hero to scream in delight, the sensation broadcasting from his nipples across his chest, down his abs and up through his neck. Swimmerlad threw his head backward as the sensation overtook his senses for the first time. The speedo sensitizer was insistent and fiendish, his penis was crying out for attention as the discreet sensation enticed his pouch.

“Of fuck,” he screamed out as his body gyrated slowly. “You fucking fiend!” Swimmerlad’s eyes were popping as he writhed so erotically.

Miles then returned his gaze to Robin.

“Robin was in an erotic trance as his new carnal mind erupted in response to the lascivious picture of sexual beauty of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad writhing in their initial erotic response to the Erotic Touch Reverberator and Speedo Sensitizer.

“It’s going to get really hot for you Robin!” Miles ran his index fingers around Robin’s mask, Miles so enjoyed the deep sexual depravity of Robin’s moans as he watched his first speedo pleasure session starting to take shape. “I’m glad you’re wearing your sexy speedo thong too, Robin, you will pleasure so well, and when you start spurting your juices through your bulge, I will be first in line to suckle from your fountain of love juice.”

Robin’s moans were delicious and the look of abandon on his face only spurred Miles to order Robin’s Erotic Touch Reverberator to initiate.

Robin twisted! Miles caressed his armpits, the sensation of the fiendish energy field caressing his naked skin was outrageously erotic and Miles kissed Robin gently on the lips as he whispered, “Now your penis will just love this Wonder Boy!”

Miles stepped back from the Boy Wonder, he wanted to get a full view of the insolent crime fighter as he experienced the sensitiser for the first time.

“Sensitise Robin’s thong pouch 10 percent!”

It was a symphony of sensation that was causing him to twist in delight, but his body only set off the speedo bulge sensitization program. Robin cried out in abandon and joined the chorus of hero delight as the three mighty heroes twisted in divine and sumptuous tantalisation, their bodies engulfed in the inescapable devious fields of regenerating erotic sensation.

Robin felt his body singing, he could not escape the sensations and his looked longingly toward his bulging green mound, he felt the pleasure engulf his cock, it was somehow coalescing around the fringes of his cock helmet, it was delicious, fucking awesome and every movement if his body caused his penis to brush the fabric of his speedo was driving his horny desires into a frenzy and he could feel the back of his head pulse in warm energy. He was being overcome in sensual waves of spectacular beauty, and the sight of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s erotic gyrations were driving him to distraction.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” His struggles only turned the reverberator and the sensitizer into frenzies of excitement, he was in a spiral of sumptuous energy, his mind captive to the evil insatiable desires being evoked by the diabolical scene and his pleasure probe.

“Please Miles, please I beg you, touch my bulge, fuck I fuckin need it!” Robin was in a fever of desire.

But Miles just stood back and grabbed Hunter and Kyle. They kissed and played while their three hero captives cavorted and cried out in sexual abandon.

“Increase sensitization programs to 20 percent!” Hunter gave the order whilest Miles worshipped his bulge. Kyle though, decided to walk the play circle, touching each of his sexual captives, setting off new layers of reverberating sensations. Their moans and insistent cries filling the playroom, but he made certain that he did not touch their speedo thongs, Scorpio wanted his three pleasure toys to be delivered in a frenzy of sexual frustration.

Swimmerlad threw his head around in desperation, the sensation caressing his every pore was mouth-watering, his body felt like a mass of sexual beauty, his penis singing as it rubbed the inside of fucking beautiful bulge of nylon, the delectable pleasure shooting around his bulge, but it was his penis that felt the tactile sensation the most, like Robin, he could feel his cock head being lassoed by the delicious energy, it was soft and velvety and his penis brushed the soft fabric insistently as he writhed with every twist was a new brush inside his speedo offering and a tightening of the energy tantalising his frenulum, buzzing his penis head delicately.

Swimmerlad looked toward Swimmerboy, and his lover was writhing for them so evocatively, he could see Swimmerboy looking intently to his bulge. Swimmerlad felt his passion and lust for Swimmerboy swell inside his chest, he knew they were playing his mind as much as his body, but through it all he remembered all the loving moments he and Swimmerboy enjoyed before their capture. Thoughts of escape were brewing, he could not bear much longer in this sexual prison, but the question was how!

It was Kyle that bought Swimmerlad back to the reality of the tantaliser machine. Kyle was horny and in a wicked mood, he had three of the world’s finest young sexual heroes tied up in nylon speedo thongs and they were his to play with and turn into sexual repositories of raped sensation. Kyle desperately wanted to have his speedo sensitised too, he had let Orgasmo play with him and now had regular visits to Orgasmo’s play laboratories. But he was on the job now. He bent down and was eye level with Swimmerlad’s magnificent mound of male heaven, he caressed Swimmerlad with his eyes. The roundness and fullness of the bulge, the way the fabric emerged between Swimmerlad’s legs and cupped the heroes spectacular ball sack and then rising to the peak of the bulge, he marvelled at the outline of Swimmerlad’s penis, the way the delicious head displayed through the fabric was one of the most erotic things, and he almost spurt as he noticed the penis move inside the pouch. Swimmerlad was moaning, his body reacting to the latest round of erotic sensation and Kyle had become mesmerised by the beauty of the nylon encased loins of this spectacular young hero. He wanted to, but resisted, allowing his hands to feel every bump and sinew of Swimmerlad’s upper leg muscles. Kyle loved the way they flexed and twitched and the sounds of Swimmerlad crying out with the latest erotic sensations erupting, enveloping his legs.

Kyle stood up and licked Swimmerlad’s straining face. “You are fucking beautiful my delicious boy. So much beauty packed into one man is frightening. Your cum will be spectacular! Did you know they are planning to use your juices to develop all kinds of devices and serums, they want to try and clone your power Swimmerlad, wow think of that, you and Swimmerboy won’t be so unique and powerful! The evil plans of Scorpio are just starting to bud and bloom, a bit like your cock will as your pleasure torment squeezes your juice!”

Swimmerlad was in a tornado of sensation, but he heard every word of Kyle’s taunt. He bared his teeth moaning and hissing his words as best he could.

“F F ssssssssh Fuc k you K Kyle!” Swimmerlad glared quickly before screwing his face up, his boy lost in the next sensational incursion on his body.

Miles was ready to cum and had to remove Hunter’s hand from his throbbing Speedo, he stood up laughing escaping Hunter’s hungry and attentive hands.

“Ha ha ha, Hunter’s a naughty horny boy, he almost made me cum boys. But I want to save that for you later! I just love it when a horny helpless superhero sucks my cum from my body, it feels so yummy! Ha ha ha!” Miles walked the play circle surveying each of his captives, their bodies so erotic dancing the tantalizer dance of sumptuous, delightful body massage.

“I’d love to watch and masturbate, but we have to sing for our supper, and Scorpio wants you delivered into his very private Pleasure studio soon and you boys are just not ready!” Miles had his hands on his speedo clad hips as he stood in the middle of the ring.

“You need more drugs!” Miles clapped and danced, “Yes that will do the trick, drugs will make you feel great, feel super-duper horny and open your minds and your fantasies again!” He walked over to Robin.

The young crimefighter twisted and turned, his body raging in the insistent delicious reverberating sensation. His eyes glaring through the sexy mask, throwing his head from side to side, pulling on his wrist and ankle restraints slowly and deliberately.

Miles just loved the way Robin thrust his hips, Robin was an exquisite sexual specimen, and the beautiful green thong was just beautiful.

“You know Boy Wonder, you are just perfect, a piece of art, and your sexy body is in for a fucking romp of epic proportions!”

“Fu-ck y- - o-u Mi - l - es!” Robin spat his words around the room, twisting his head in abandon to the invading reverberating waves of sensation pummelling his body. His penis captive to his sensitized pouch of delicious fabric, his sensational body a picture of beauty as he moaned and hissed and writhed.

“It’s going to get so much better Robin, shame we can’t drain any superpower from your fucking beautiful body, but!” Miles revelled in his opportunity to toy with Robin, “…your special tech implant will fucking hit your brain with such evil sexual power, your body, your sexy bulge, your penis will demand pleasure, insist on it, crave it and it will syphon it from Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. You know if it doesn’t get what it wants, it is programmed to turn your brain into mash potato! You will become a blithering waste-of-space and we will make sure you are dumped at the secret entrance to the Bat Cave, naked and blubbering incoherently. No more beautiful sexy Robin - ka put!”

“Y-ou f-f-fiends!” Robin pulled violently on his bonds; he was helpless.

“Anyway, let’s not go there, shall we! We need to get you all fired up and buzzing inside as well as outside hero boy.” Miles was so tempted to lick Robin’s delicious green bulging manhood, but he restrained himself, he wanted the hero to stew in the delicious tantalizing subtle pleasure, but he had more plans for his captive playmates.

Turning his attention to Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, Miles walked to the centre of the play ring, his hands clasped under his chin.

“If you are wondering what those devices are underneath you boys, they will deliver a special concoction, which Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy will remember well, the Elixir of Eros has been modified to work even better with your upgraded speedo bulge maps Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad! And, even more exciting, it will work in concert with Robin’s brain implant. We will get a chance to revisit your sexy sexual fantasies and with your new tech, hopefully we can integrate one, two or three heroes into one fantasy, like a multi-player game of erotic proportions, well that my dear heroes is the plan, so we need to get a wriggle on, ha ha ha ha!” Miles rubbed his now wet speedo bulge laughing at his own joke, “…get it? Get a wriggle on! Ha ha ha, talking about that, increase speedo sensitizers another 10 percent!”

“Nooooooooooooooooooo” they erupted in in a symphony of sound and movement their delicious moans and cries proving a new level and depth to their progress within the tantalizing torture.

“Can’t have you getting used to the pleasure effects can we boys?” Miles had walked over to Swimmerlad, his torso twisting, his pelvis gyrating in circular motions, his body responding to the sexual reverberating energy caressing every millimetre of his skin.

Miles pressed a button on the side of the evil device behind Swimmerlad and the machine lit up with a pulsing blue hue. He motioned toward Kyle and Hunter who were stationed at Swimmerboy and Robin’s sides. They initiated the devices behind their captives as well.

“Oh, those lights are so pretty, like a little disco, a laser light display, ha ha ha.” Miles was having a ball.

Robin looked down over his straining body and through the haze of erotic thoughts and needs captivating his mind, he could see the ominous device glowing and pulsing. “What are y—ou up to M, M Miles?” he demanded.

“Good question Robs!” Miles was bending down and caressing the device behind Swimmerlad and then looked up into Swimmerlad’s straining face and his look of despair.

“Yes, I thought you might remember Swimmerlad!” Miles gloated.

“These will produce a virtual dildo that will enter your anal cavity and fill your body not only with delicious sexual delight, oh, Robin, your prostate will just love this, and it will ensure your nectar is wonderfully nourished and smooth as silk.”

Robin thrashed in his bonds “Holy Fuck!” he screamed in despair.

“Oh, you will just love it Robin and it will disperse the Elixir of Eros into your blood stream!”

Miles stood up and walked to the centre of the play ring, spinning around to get a fabulous view of each of his desperate heroes as the writhed in abandon.

“Next level of tantalization shall begin now! Engage the virtual dildos!”

Swimmerboy had no escape, he tried moving his body, but the sensation appeared at the opening of his man-hole, he felt his anus warm up and the energy enter his cavity, he felt the penetration invade is anus as the powerful tentacle filled him, his prostate buzzed, and his eyes rolled into the back of his eye sockets while his body accepted this new layer of delicious sexual delight. He pulled on his restraints, but they were super strengthened to take his power and his squirming and twisting body.

Swimmerlad’s body accepted the dildo and he moaned with a depraved and sexual tone that made Hunter shiver with excitement. His body moving and gyrating while the energy caressed his insides with amazing sensation.

Robin had endured many of Batman’s black dildo collection, his memories of the Robin playroom were becoming more vivid and real, but the feeling of this energy dildo was outstanding, his body purred especially when the device began to fuck him, he could feel the energy titillate the walls of his rectum, his prostate purring with the energy caressing his body.

“Ooooooooh fuck me, its fuckin fucking me! So, aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nice, mmmmmph!” Robin was in a state of bliss, his penis felt velvety and delicious as the pleasure caressed his bulge delicately, the sensitizer however, was distributing the pleasure diabolically across his sumptuous pouch and he was now caught in a tornado of swirling sensation, his body alsotwisting and writhing in the reverberator’s diabolical ministry, the dildo caressing his rectum and the sensitizer tantalizing his loins.

Robin looked frantically at his body, at his green mound of nylon so expertly and deliciously formed into a green nylon thong, the folds of fabric not only looked spectacular to him and his sexually stimulated mind, but they were also repositories of magnificent pleasure that his penis continually soaked up and absorbed as it brushed inside the nylon fabric, his body and pelvis moving in the erotic tantalizing dance.

Miles looked at his trio of heroes, they were all desperately in need of attention, frustrated and aroused, their bodies under the control of Orgasmo’s toys and ready for their dose of drugs.

“Now gentlemen, I trust your dildos are feeling just scrummy, pity you cannot get an erection yet, I do not have the codes to disengage the erection inhibitors, or your juice inhibitors and we cannot have any premature ejaculators, can we? Ha ha ha!” He rubbed his speedo, taunting his tantalized titans.

Swimmerlad spat across the void at Miles, “F F Fuck off M Miles!”

“Ha ha ha, it looks like the inhibitors are working with Robin’s implant, not even a beautiful and virile young cum cow like he can evade their control, his bulge is still in place, not an erection in sight, good, Scorpio will be chuffed.”

Miles continued as he walked toward the Boy Wonder and spoke to the Boy Wonder in a very sexual and expectant tone. “Scorpio will consecrate your speedo as an object of worship in your pleasure ceremony, he is known as the High Priest, and he will require your cum as the consecration juice Robin. It is going to be romp of biblical proportions, an epic holy anointing, it is not every day that we get to consecrate a superstar superhero, so I am sure Scorpio will have a delicious ceremony waiting for you. Of course, your subjugation into our speedo stardom will be broadcast on Speedoflix to a massive fan base. Ha ha ha, oh it’s just getting better and better!”

Robin screamed in frustration, he was helpless, but frustration was only part of his outburst, Robin felt his powerful dildo expand, it was stretching his rectum and his prostate felt fucking amazing before the warmth of something diabolical entered his body in a violent detonation deep inside him. His screams joined the chorus of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, they too were screaming in sexually depraved ways that made Miles turn around and skip into the middle of the ring.

“That sounds like your doses of the Elixir of Eros have been diffused into your bodies, excellent! It is such a powerful drug that will loosen your sexual fantasies, open your minds to the secret eroticism that lurks deep in your psyche. Almost there boys, you’re getting so ready for the final layer of your tantalisation sequences!” Mile’s face began to light up with happiness.

“F f uck off Miles! Swimmerboy’s face was screwing up in delicious delight, his body engulfed in spectacular erotic sensation inside and outside; his penis was in heaven, it felt beautiful, sumptuous and luxe as he gyrated his body, he could feel the throb of energy fucking him and preparing him and the spectacular explosion that had just rocked his insides was filling his body with heat and power, it was inescapable and it was building, like a long session of pleasure before an orgasm, he knew that the drugs were only just beginning and he was going to enter a world of fantasy. His penis pulsed and purred, he needed to touch it, to pleasure himself, he needed the pleasure so badly, Swimmerboy could see that Robin and Swimmerlad were in the same state. Miles was engineering their sexual frustrations with precision, he Hunter and Kyle were very careful to avoid the temptation to touch and suck such beautiful expressions of male majesty, three of the most delectable hero bulges were craving attention, but denied, it was diabolical and necessary for Scorpio and Orgasmo’s plans for them.

“Hmm, what do you recon boys?” Miles grabbed Hunter and Kyle and pulled them close by in a touching group hug, “…it’s time for some horny sexual action to top off their sensational groundwork preparations!”

“Yeah, I think so too!” Hunter was semi-erect in his speedo, and he rubbed his bulge evocatively.

“I want to see them squirm some more, beg for attention!” Kyle was bending down and licking Hunter, he grabbed Hunter’s tight buns pulling Hunter into his face, he loved his sexy lover’s cock and speedo bulge almost as much as his desire for his captives, he looked up and mumbled his words; Hunter’s bulge still entrenched in his face, “Y-mmbl-ea-mmmmhmdmd-let’s d-mmm-o it.”

Hunter smiled, looking up from Kyle’s attention to his bulge, “Yeah, Mmmm, yeah Miles it’s time to give them that final booster shot! Ohh yea Kyle, fucking lick my bulge” Hunter pulled Kyle’s head tighter into his loins.

Miles was so horny, he wanted to fuck Kyle, he would fuck anything, but like his tantalized heroes he had to hold the urges erupting inside him, he was excited and horny as he walked the circle running his finger across each of the heaving abs as he walked, he set off another wave of reverberations across their convulsing bodies. He had them playing in his palms and he walked over to kiss Hunter.

Miles and Hunter were locked face to face, their tongues entwined while Kyle worshipped; the tormentors were having as much fun as their captives and as Miles disengaged the kiss, licking his lips and rubbing his speedo bulge slowly and evocatively, he especially loved the depraved look in Robin’s eyes, the poor hero was madly trying to control his sexual appetites with his new implant and the sight of the beautiful Miles being so sexual in front of him was arousing him in violent and majestic ways.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck Miles, what are you up to Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, so sexy!” Robin still had some wits about him, but he was on the brink of a sexual explosion in his brain.

“Good question Boy Wonder, I have one last little pressie for you three, you remember the delicious Aphrodisium don’t you, your body felt so sexy and erotic as you made your way here in your delivery van, well, Joker has a little surprise for each of you, he wanted you all to share in the experience, so he saved it for now.” Miles produced a small eye dropper container which he had earlier retrieved from his little stash of toys outside the ring. He held it up for Robin to see. “It’s only small, but they say good things come from small packages, and this is a precious little vial. It contains Jax+ a unique compound that was extracted buy Luthor industries last year when he captured Superboy. Now, word has it that Luthor Labs distilled Superboy’s cum down to create an element so potent, so dense and then combined it with the synthetic compound of Orgasmo’s Aphrodisium to create a powerful sexual stimulant!”

Robin’s eyes widened behind his mask “You f-u-ohhhhhhhhhhhh-c-k!” as he struggled, but that only encouraged the reverberator and the sensitizer. “Ngfffffffffffff!”

“Keep up Robin and pay attention!” Miles gave Robin the tsk-tsk look as he extended his index finger pointing at the ravaged titan, he was holding the vial in his same hand. “…Joker obtained it from one of your Gotham villains, Jizter, I believe. He is already logged into Speedoflix and on the secure chat waiting for your delivery into Scorpio’s pleasure studio. Now, let me fire up your Jax+ applicator.”

Miles bent down in front of Robin’s heaving and thrusting body, he was so close to the Boy Wonder’s mound of delight, but he controlled himself. He ran his fingers over the black box in front the captive heaving hero and used the controls to initiate the machine. It was not long before the applicator head of the evil machine began to rise, it moved upward on a slender pipe that emerged from the main box on the floor and its applicator head used a series of sensors to ensure that it was at an optimal height. Its applicator lens pointing perfectly at Robin’s heaving green nylon thong pouch. Miles found the absorption plate on the top of the applicator head and looked up at Robin.

“This will work so nicely with your implant; your brain is in for an orgy of fun Boy Wonder; your penis and your implant will soon conspire in a concert of erotic magnificence!” One glistening drop splashed onto the applicator absorption plate. “We’ll let that integrate with your applicator while I juice up Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s applicators.

Hunter and Kyle had attended to Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, they too were writhing masses of sexual frustration and they watched in horror as Miles explained to the origins of the new drug and its powerful properties, and when he was finished with his little pep talks and with the three heroes thrashing and cavorting in anticipation and fear, he moved back into the centre of the ring.

“Oh, wow what a moment to savour boys!” Miles looked at Hunter and then to Kyle, they were all excited watching the final moments before the applicator heads would fire. They decided to lick each of the hero’s buttocks to inflict a final layer of sexy reverberation Miles chose Swimmerlad, positioning himself behind Swimmerlad, he grabbed the heaving hero by his hips.

“S T O P P p please Mm M iles?” Swimmerlad was doing his best to look away from the ominous applicator head with its potent sexual stimulant waiting to be deployed in his sumptuous pleasure filled bulge, his eyes pleading with Miles as he desperately looked over his shoulder.

Miles licked his buttocks, he licked the length of Swimmerlad’s erotic crack, he took in the beauty of this most special and erotic creature and his tongue could feel the reverberator as is started to stimulate the tight smooth buns.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerlad trembled, the reverberator caressing his entire body and the waves of sensation reached through his spread legs across his erotic taint and up over his bunched up, nylon encased balls. He thrusted his beautiful body in smooth motions so erotic, so sexually decadent, it made Miles shiver in appreciation of his majestic heartthrob hero.

The ring was erupting, and as planned each hero continued to cry out in delight while their bodies underwent the powerful erotic stimulators, they were frustrated, needy and had reached the point of explosion, but far from orgasm, it was more an explosion of frustration of needing to reach a new plane of pleasure, but that was not finish of the session, Miles checked each applicator and watched as the victim writhed, twisted and thrust erotically in front of the diabolical devices, their dildos were slowly fucking them and their mouths were watering in expectation. It was Robin’s applicator that binged first, like a microwave announcing the completion of a program, the head displayed a glowing green light, and the bell was loud enough to be heard in the din on sexy moans and cries.

Robin looked at the applicator in desperation, the anticipation was killing him.

B I N G, Swimmerboy’s applicator turned green.

B I N G, Swimmerlad’s applicator turned green.

Miles jumped up and down “All green! What fun!”

“No Miles don’t do this!” Somehow Swimmerboy could get his composure amidst the hurricane of erotic sensation engulfing his beautiful body. “P, P, Please Miles, Noooooooooo!”

His pleading only made his tormentors more determined.

“It’s not up to me, Swimmerboy, the applicators are controlled by Scorpio’s Speedo AI, I merely fed them their little fill of Jax+, they will fire up when they are good and ready!”

Kyle just smiled looking around the syncopation of sexual desire gripping each hero, and his anticipation of the upcoming final display of subjugation for their little preparation session was driving him wild almost as much as his delicious play toys, he was horny and couldn’t wait until he was admitted to the studio, he needed hero juice and he needed some fast. He was delighted when Miles succumbed approached him, the look of hunger on Miles’ face was astounding and intense, it was beautiful and Miles knelt down in front of Kyle and worshiped Kyle’s speedo like a crazed animal, his sexual needs and pent up desires needed an outlet, and the beauty of Kyle’s body, his speedo thong had become irresistible.

Kyle threw his head back in delight and Hunter kissed his neck, they were all primed and ready for the Studio. However, the applicators interrupted their cavorting.

It was loud, it needed to be loud, to pierce the symphony of desperation filling the playroom.

Firing in three, two

Robin screamed in a final desperate attempt. “Fuck Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!”


Swimmerlad felt his body tingle amongst all the other sensation going on, the anticipation was climaxing, it was an outrageous tease, and he knew Orgasmo’s deeply erotic and diabolical mind had planned this moment. His applicator erupted and thin beam of green energy, straight and with laser precision connected with the tip of his nylon bulge. He tried moving his hips, but the beam instinctively followed with pin-point precision. The effect on his bulge was sensational, the beam dispersed its energy, caressing every millimetre of his thong pouch. The energy used the nylon as a conductor, and it flowed up between his buttocks it coalesced with the energy dildo as well, allowing the drug to not only absorb into his penis and balls but to be distributed into his body via his anal walls. He felt extreme pleasure as the drug absorbed through his pouch, his penis tingling and almost burning as it set about its diabolical absorption process. He looked across the play ring in desperation. Swimmerboy’s applicator was shooting directly into his bulge too. Robin as well, he was madly looking at his speedo screaming in delight.

The machines stopped after several minutes of application.

The play ring was a mass of sound and defeat, they were all writhing in abandon, every movement setting off the sensitizer, encouraging the erotic reverberator and as the energy dildo slowly fucked them, they pulled and twisted, their speedo bulges buzzing and their chests were welling up with something so diabolical, so erotic, they were ready to burst with desire, their entire body, their consciousness , their minds were corrupted in a tempest of growing desire, their sexual frustration bursting.

Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad and the Boy Wonder were ready for the studio.

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