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Defeat and Domination
Part 2 - Presentation
By Scorpio

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Swimmerboy is Presented

A taste of what is to cum

Wake up!

Swimmerboy felt the punch and it jolted him into consciousness. He felt lightheaded and thankfully, the pain in his pouch had abated. His hands were now tied behind his back. He was in a different room and as Nylon picked him up, he felt strange and nautious. His strength was waning an Nylon began pushing him forward onward down a bright passageway, Swimmerboy stumbled forward, now fully awake, he fought his bonds binding his wrists behind is back, but they were stronger than him and his strength was depleted, the situation was bleak, he would just have to wait it out till his strength began to replenish to free himself from the bonds.

“Where are you taking me?” Swimmerboy asked.

Nylon smiled and pushed him toward the far door at the end of the corridor.

Swimmerboy, was now fully awake. He looked down at his red speedo bulge, wondering why his trusty speedo strength had reduced. His stunning package was beautiful and Nylon’s own green speedo’s were already showing signs of his precum, Nylon was aroused to have Swimmerboy as his captive, but had to succumb to Scorpio. Swimmerboy now belonged to Scorpio.

Nylon stopped Swimmerboy in the ante room and looked over his beautiful captive, he set about fixing Swimmerboy’s package adjusting his bulge to show off its magnificent manly beauty, the red nylon tented around his flacid cut cock and his generous balls filled below. The loose nylon fabric folded extending from his bulge across the front of speedo pouch. “Exquisite,” thought Nylon.

“Scorpio is waiting for you Swimmerboy, so we can’t disappoint our master.”

Scorpio’s voice boomed into the ante room. “Well done Nylon, bring him in.”

The door opened and Swimmerboy was thrust into the presentation room.

In the middle of the room was a large round frame and waiting by side of the frame was Scorpio’s other henchman, Lycra.

Lycra looked in glee at the helplessly bound young hero, “Scorpio will be pleased.” He said as Swimmerboy was thrust toward him and the waiting frame.

Emitters, 5%, was Nylon’s order, and Swimmerboy winced in pain as his speedo pouch erupted again, what strength he had left was turning against him again, he was rendered helpless.

Nylon and Lycra clasped hands as a sign of Job done well, and Nylon looked at his captive in delight, “lets tie him to the frame.”

The helpless hero was bound and disarmed, his arms and legs were fastened to the bondage clasps and Swimmerboy was spread-eagle. He fought the bonds and thrust his body attempting to free himself, but the device was too strong.

Scorpio entered the room and gasped at the beauty of his captured hero, spread-eagle and presented in front of him. “Wow, you were worth the wait my dear boy, struggle all you like, the bondage devices we use to contain you are far stronger than you, even at the peak of your strength”

“You remember me don’t you?”

Speedboy looked at his captor and immediately recognised him. “Of course, I do.” He replied through gritted teeth.

Scorpio walked up to Swimmerboy and ran his finger down his chest and over his abs. His finger stopped at the top of Swimmerboy’s red speedos, he tightened the cord around Swimmerboy’s waist and this resulted in further enhancing the virile young hero’s speedo bulge.

“Delicious” he exclaimed and then smiled at Swimmerboy, saying” I escaped prision, and I have been plotting my revenge and I will exact it on you Swimmerboy”, every day, you will pay!”

Swimmerboy thrashed in his bonds but he was helpless. “You fiend, I will find a way to escape and shut you down Scorpio”

Scorpio laughed and looked at Nylon and Lycra “Did you hear that?” and with that they laughed taking in the beauty of the spread-eagled helpless young hero.

“Escape!” “I think not. Those emitters are filled throughout this complex, and this facility will track your every movement dear boy, if you were to get free, you would be shut down immediately”, “Your punishment would be swift and painful, I wouldn’t recommend it.”

“Nylon here, will be responsible to me, to make sure you are prepared and ready for devotions.” “He will make sure you are fed and that you get just the right amount of exercise to keep you looking as ravishing as you do now, you must always be perfect and ready for whatever I want to share with you.

Swimmerboy, looked at Scorpio with utter desperation and hatred. “I will resist everything you throw at me, you bastard.”

Scorpio looked at Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch, and this time he caressed the package taking in its sexual beauty. He cupped the hero’s bulge, running his hand over Swimmerboy’s hips and along the contours of the bulging red nylon pouch and his bulge was soft and warm in his hand, he looked closely into Swimmerboys, eyes…

“We will expect nothing less Swimmerboy!”

“You see, we have an array of sophisticated devices designed to manage your super speedo strength.”

“We know exactly how strong you are at any time. Right now, your strength has been depleted down to 20%” looking at the displays on the control panels. “But don’t worry we can recharge you easily.”

Scorpio smiled… “So, we can take you to the brink of death and then recharge your speedo batteries. It’s so cool, don’t you think?”

“Nylon, increase his strength to 50%.”

“Yes boss”, and he moved the controls to allow a flow of speedo power.

The bondage frame bagan to hum and Swimmerboy could feel his pouch tingle, his instant moans and thrusting of his hips, made Scorpio smile. “That inflow of strength, makes you feel horny, doesn’t it dear boy?!”

“So then, my writhing young hero, let me cut to the chase. You have been captured for the purpose of providing me with revenge and to fulfill my sexual desire to own and play with you.”

“Your job is to endure both torture and pleasure, and we are keenly aware that both of these deplete your speedo strength. We know because we have been watching and studying you and your boyfriend for some time.”

Swimmerboy thrashed in his bonds, “Leave Swimmerlad out of this, you fucking monster”

“Now, now, language Swimmerboy. Lets’ be adults here”, more on Swimmerlad later. Let’s concentrate on you for now” he said smirking at the young writhing hero.

Swimmerboy could feel the device pulling him, tightenning his bonds, me moaned as the stretching began to increase.

“Agggh, what are you doing?” Swimmerboy pulled fruitlessly against his bonds.

“Just getting you ready, you’re nearly at 50% and once you reach that I wanted to show you a sample of what is in store for you.”

“You fiend.” Swimmerboy thrashed his head from side to side as he dealt with the unfolding situation.

Swimmerboy was now helplessly stretched and there was little slack for him to move, although he was helpless, he felt strangely turned on by the forces on his speedo pouch and the bondage, pulling his legs and arms to extremes.

“Good 50%” Hold him there at that level Nylon.”

“Pain and Pleasure – how hot is that Swimmerboy? You helpless and beautiful, your speedo bulge turning us on as we watch you writhe, scream and moan… oh we have so much in store for you.”

“Fuck you!” spat Swimmerboy.

“Ok so let’s play with some static, to give you a taste of your future pain, you know how static is, it builds up and then BANG”… “you will need your speedo strength so get ready…hahahahah” Scorpio’s evil laugh communicated his authority.

“Begin the process Nylon” ordered Scorpio.

Nylon obeyed his master and enjoyed setting the controls to deliver Swimmerboy’s inaugral taste of torture. Powerful lights lit up Swimmerboy as he scanned the room from his torture frame.

“We want to catch your first taste on camera dear boy”

“The device is focused on your speedo pouch and you will feel the build-up take over your senses” Dancing blue flickers of charged light buzzed around Swimmerboy, eventually flowing into red bulging nylon tent.

Swimmerboy could barely move as the frame tightenned further, the pain in his pouch was excruciating and growing, his moans and pleading filled the room, “noo stoooop aghhhhh”

“Almost there, hold on.” Smirked Scorpio, in a seducing tone.

The charge was driving Swimmerboy into a frenzy, his screams filled the chamber and then the Static erupted, exploding in his bulging red speedos. B A N G and the crackling lit up the room.

Swimmerboy contorted trying to free himself from the torment and when his screams finally abated, and he hang in his bonds limp and covered in a film of sweat. His speedos still crackling as Scorpio approached.

“See that wasn’t too bad was it” he smiled and ran his finger down the trembling young captive. “That is a taste of what you can expect, and just a small token to make you understand we mean business.”

Scorpio then looked at Nylon and smiled, “Nylon has become one of my favourite slaves along with his mate, Lycra. They were the lifesavers we captured, brainwashed and used to lure you to this facility.” They are now totally devoted and attracted to you, and Swimmerlad, their conditioning was a huge success.

Lycra was wearing a pair of yellow lycra speedos. He looked at Swimmerboy and his sweat encased body and twitching red speedo pouch and walked over to get a better view of Swimmerboy’s bulge.

“Mmmmm” was all he said, and then walked back to the controls to be with Nylon.

“Lycra will have Swimmerlad soon enough” “Nylon will care for you.” explained Scorpio.

Swimmerlad lifted his head and pleaded “I said, leave Swimmerlad out of this you prick, he’s done nothing to you, it’s me you have and want and you have me now,” implored the gasping Swimmerboy.

“Oh but he means so much to you dear Swimmerboy and we wouldn’t want him to miss out on all we have instore for you.” Swimmerboy attempted to struggle free, to escape the bondage devices vice-like grip, but he failed, slumping down in his bonds.

Lycra looked to Scorpio and advised Swimmerboy had depleted to 45% strength and adjusted the speedo computer controls to bring Swimmerboy back up to the 50% point.

Swimmerboy moaned as the strength began to ignite in his speedos, he could feel the strength reach from his bulge, up through his torso and down his legs. “Mmmmmm.” His hips slowly thrusted attuned to the tingling and exhilaration of the new flow of strength”

After ten minutes, Lycra announced “50%”.

“Good, Lycra stay at the controls, Nylon, you get to play with us” announced Scorpio in an evil tone.

“Horizontal please Lycra.”

Lycra was so happy, and he was extremely horny being at the controls of Swimmerboy’s torment. ” With pleasure boss!” he replied.

The frame holding Swimmerboy began to roll backwards and Swimmerboy found himself at a 45 degree angle facing Nylon and Scorpio. He struggled but the bonds were once again tightening. He knew something terrible was going to happen. “fuck, what now?” he asked glaring at Nylon whose green speedos were wet with precum.

Scorpio laughed, looking at Nylon, “You must try and control yourself Nylon” “you’re all wet!”

“Sorry Master, but the sight of our Swimmerboy here is driving me mad with desire.”

Swimmerboy struggled and this only made Nylon hornier.

Scorpio permitted Nylon to bend down and take his first taste of Swimmerboy’s salty bulge.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm’ “that’s heaven” he exclaimed.

Scorpio laughed, “hahahhahahhaha see Swimmerboy, Nylon and Lycra both alright, no need to worry about their safety anymore – just worry about yours for now”

“Now we mentioned pleasure, didn’t we?”

Swimmerboy looked down to his red bulging manhood, Nylon’s tongue had caressed his bulge perfectly and he wondered how much of that he could take, his circumcised cock was flacid now and he knew he could use his speedo strength to avoid an erection, but how long could he hold out? He was 7.5 inches when fully erect, he had to avoid that at all costs. He had to resist.

“Sensitize his entire pouch and specifically his bulge” was Scorpio’s order. “20% - just a little taste”

The bondage frame began to hum at a higher pitch and glow ominously with pulsating red lights.

“Now can you see the camera’s currently on, Swimmerboy? We have several operating now capturing your beautiful helpless body and transmitting that to your fellow Scoprpio Compound dwellers, they are all fans of you and Swimmerlad, and you can meet some of them soon, but in the meantime and before we proceed, I must reiterate the rules of their places in the compound:”

He made an announcement to one of red glowing cameras protruding from the ceiling, “Behold, I have delivered on my promise, I present the magnificent Swimmerboy to you. I hope you enjoy him as much as we will. Here are the rules provided to you at your registration:

  1. The front V of their speedos is to be referred to as the speedo pouch or pouch
  2. Their bulging manhood is to be referred to as the speedo bulge or bulge
  3. Their speedo pouches and bulges must be worshipped and seen as the sacred property of Scorpio. Worship them!
  4. The heroes may only be allowed to cum and give their speedo juices with my permission (punishable if contravened)”

With that Scorpio gloated over his delicious captive, waiting his next fate, Swimmerboy’s head had dropped back and his hips gyrated slowly and almost uncontrollably. Every movement tingled exquisitely in his bulge. He moaned and tried to twist in his bonds.

He was facing them, presented to them, almost horizontal, for their pleasure, yet this was going to be the first taste of his own augmented pleasure. Lights lit up his body and his pouch.

Scorpio gloated over his moaning helpless prize.

“Lights, camera!” and he opened his arms as a ringleader would present a prize animal at the circus.

Swimmerboy was totally focused on his sensitive speedo pouch every movement of his hips produced a delicious sensation, the feeling of the light nylon fabric caressing his cock and balls was tantalizing and driving him to disraction, he had to focus and resist the sensations, he gasped with delight. He knew he had to resist.

49.5% speedo strength was displayed on the monitor for all to see.

“Now Swimmerboy, after a long day of torture and pain - and once you have recovered, you will be permitted your, how do we say? – Reward.”

“We have a number of devices designed to provide you with delicious pleasure and you will be tied to one of these for your evening pleasure drain.”

Swimmerboy’s head lifted up and he glared at Scorpio, but his tingling sensitized pouch was filling with such a interference, he was trembling. Nylon approached him once more and looked to Scorpio for permission…

“Off you go, but one lick only”

Swimmerboy looked in horror as Nylon approached and licked delicately around the border of the red nylon bulge.

Swimmerboy’s head was convulsing up and down, the sensation was unbelievably strong and it only forced him to uncontrollably thrust forward his hips, setting off the next wave of tingles as his cock rubbed against the light nylon fabric encasing his manhood. “fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” OhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM”

“Please stop” he begged.

“Must concentrate to resist” he mumbled

Scorpio gloated at his writhing captive.

“That’s just to demonstrate what 20% sensitivity can feel like. “keep him at that level”

“Now, we will apply a pleasure stream to you your pouch and use this as a base for your enjoyment, it will provide a stream of pleasure for as long as we wish. You of course will understandably use your speedo strength to resist the stream and avoid your erection. We are counting on it, of course, you must do the hero thing and resist, as you will do exquisitely.” Scorpio’s gloating glare was ominous.

“You perverted fiend” moaned Swimmerboy.

“So you have a sensitized speedo pouch and a pleasure current invading your pouch and bulge, delicious, don’t you think? And all the time we will monitor your pleasure level and speedo strength and your pouch’s sensitivity.”

“Pleasure takes on a new dimension when you are tied helplessly spread-eagle Swimmerboy, but hey, you and Swimmerlad enjoy your bondage sessions, we thought we would enhance that for you, like a bit of an upgrade!”

“Anyway, as I mentioned this is just a base, hahahahahah, we can add deliciously, exquisite bursts of high and low frequency pleasure pulses or add a pleasure ray aimed and focused on your writhing body or down to the tip of your bulge.”

Swimmerboy moaned trying to take it all in, his sensitized pouch was driving him wild with desire. ”Fuuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, pleeeeeease mercy?”

“but we haven’t started yet” complained Nylon with a smirk on his face”

48% showed on the screen.

“Scorpio authorised a low frequency pleasure current” “10% -begin”

Swimmerboy’s restraints pulled him further to each extreme and his body tried to twist, he was completely held. His sensitized pouch screaming at his every movement and the current commenced its diabolical invasion of his pouch, he could feel it commence deep in the sensitive glands under his cock head his speedo pouch began to fill as the current increased commanding his penis and balls filling his bulge, it was relentlessly slow moving and diabolical.

Swimmerboy was in a new dimension of existence, his pouch screaming as the pleasure crept further and further in his speedo bulge. Swimmerboy’s moans on pleasure were guttural and the room was filled with the sounds of him fighting to keep his cock from growing, his bulge glistened as sweat and precum began to form, globules glistening in the light as his hips thrust rythmically, his sensitized pouch continued to add to the pure enjoyment with every rhythmic move of his nylon draped hips.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck pleeeease make it stop, it feels amazing – must not give in to thisssssssssssssss”

40% speedo strength left announced Lycra.

The Pleasure current had completely engulfed the Swimmerboy’s pouch and bulge after 10 minutes. And Swimmerboy was now writhing uncontrolably as he fought to keep control.

“Off!” commanded Scorpio.

It all stopped and Swimmerboy thrust his head backward, his entire speedo pouch buzzed with the afterglow of the session.

“That was a taster my dear boy, I hope it was good for you, but remember it is a glimpse of what we have to offer you. Now that took 10% of your speedo strength and I’m sure, with some training you will be able to better resist more over time! You will have lots of training.”

Swimmerboy could not lift his head, he was still in the after throws of the pleasure current. He began to moan as Nylon licked the sweaty precum globules from his soft, wet speedo bulge.

“Yes a taster Swimmerboy,” “later you will meet some friends of mine and we will take this to a new level. We must first map your speedo pouch and bulge. Our computer needs to understand your speedo anatomy more fully, we will work tirelessly to understand the mystic power you obtain from your speedos, and then, we can deliver more accurate pain and pleasure experiences to enhance your captivity.” His evil laugh was menacing.

“Take him away Nylon and clean him up. He is yours to enjoy for an hour, I expect you to deliver him to torture theatre 1 for his preparation and our bait to lure Swimmerlad - in one hour in crisp new delicious powder blue nylon Aussiebums.

To be continued.

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