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Defeat and Domination
Part 19 - Bird in the Hand - Part One
By Scorpio

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Bird in the Hand

Joker, Robin, Batman, Riddler & Madhatter are the property of DC Comics and are referred to in this story on a fan basis only.

Robin arrives to warm welcome after along flight and a bumpy ride in the back of a meat delivery truck.

Robin thrashed in his bonds, he had been fastened to the transport gurney in that plane for hours and Joker had so much fun playing trolly-dolly for the strapped and choking young crime fighter during their flight. The Joker Stroker had been unforgiving and his green Robin briefs were juicy and wet. Hours of using his mind, aided him from losing his mind and Batman’s mind control techniques had paid off on the long flight of fancy, but at one point in the long flight, he had yielded his powers of resistance to the stroking device. It had created one of the hardest erections the young crime fighter had ever experienced. Joker and Baz had the Milk Bar live cross on the audio-visual system and were laughing as they watched Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad being manipulated as sexual toys in such an extravagant scene of milking ecstasy, and, they had forced Robin to watch as each debaucherously evil scene of sexual conquest played out on the Speedoflix channel. Robin appreciated their beauty, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad had looked so sexual stretched out in their red speedo thongs, their manhood on display was extravagant and beautiful. He had watched the hours of milking of their pre-cum and the final outrageously long orgasmic eruptions were diabolical. He remembered wondering how these two erotic heroes could produce so much of their nectar.

Robin’s mind had also been triggered to the bondage sessions deep in the bat cave. Batman must have thought his specially designed synthetic mind-numbing drug would have supressed Robin’s mind sufficiently, that he would either forget about the erotic milking sessions Batman put him through or that his memories would have been so twisted that he would only recount the sessions as a special on-the-job resistance training.

The long flight and the insistence of the Joker Stroker coupled with the forced viewing of the Milk Bar play session had somehow unlocked a vault of memories in the Boy Wonder’s mind. Memories of helplessness, of Batman’s sexual attention, he recalled the smiling face of Alfred as this ‘faithful’ butler tied Robin’s body onto the different restraint devices, so he and Batman could molest and play with their helplessly, sumptuous Boy Toy Wonder in the safety and security of the Bat Cave’s secret raunchy Robin containment room. They had extracted litres of his cum and his mind was only just coming to terms with the memories of the regular play dates that The Bat enjoyed so often. He had always known deep down that for all those years, Bruce Wayne didn’t just help him off the street and through his dark days after losing his parents, sure Bruce had showed him compassion and a lifestyle which others could only dream of. Bruce had also taught him fighting skills, but he knew in the back of his mind that Bruce, with so many secrets, had an even greater secret, that he kept from him using mind bending drugs. Robin felt the betrayal and enormity of the situation even more deeply now, he knew that Joker had strong sexual intentions to destroy him, toy with him, but somehow, the realisation that Bruce, The Bat had used and molested him for he and Alfred’s sexual gratification was a greater defeat than anything Joker or Scorpio could impose on him.

Thank god, my utility belt is still here Robin noticed it hanging on one of the hooks in the onboard cupboard that Baz had opened. Joker liked his little trophies. Robin would do his best to make sure he kept a keen eye on the utility belt, its secret bio-locks on each of the compartments would require they torture him to reveal how to break into those compartments. He knew the final deadly batty nerve gas would ensure the safety of the belt’s contents should Scorpio or any of his goons or engineers try to infiltrate it. He would bide his time and try and reclaim the belt to mount an escape and get Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad out to safety and somehow work out how to recover from their ordeal. Robin had succumbed to the realisation that he would join Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad in a shared ordeal of pain and pleasure for the sexual desires of these diabolical men, but he was determined not to be broken. Bruce had already achieved that end, and Robin was becoming consumed and intent on revenge. But he had more pressing things on his mind at present.

“Delicious!” Joker was stroking Robin’s green man bulge, the moist fabric felt beautiful in his hand and he enjoyed the way Boy Wonder’s penis snaked and filled his palm. “You’re going to be hit boy!” Joker smiled as he invited Baz over to view the helpless Boy Wonder.

“Yeah, he looks so beautiful boss, especially when he squirms in pleasure, I can just see his mind running a thousand miles an hour behind his cute little sexy mask, working feverishly trying to counter the Joker Stroker.” Baz ran his fingers down the skintight Robin vest that clung to Robin’s torso, he liked to feel every bump of Robin’s abdomens, he played with Robin’s erect nipples as they pointed out through the sexy tight costume and he ran his finger around the trademark Robin “R” just below the Boy Wonder’s left shoulder. “Fuck you’re sex-on-a-sick Robin!” Baz was overtaken with how sexy and sultry the bound crime fighter looked.

“I could play all day, Wonder Boy, but we must get your transfer underway and conceal the Joker Jet into MantaRay’s underground bunker.” Joker pulled out a small spray can and aimed it at the helpless Boy Wonder.

The smell of the special chemical caused Robin’s vision to blur he felt his muscles succumb to the numbing power of the drug and as his vision returned, he realised that he had been paralysed. Joker was releasing his bonds and Baz was readying the transfer trolly. But he was helpless to struggle or move in any way.

‘Sam’s Quality Meat’ was splashed across the sides and rear doors of the mini truck. It was the perfect transfer vehicle, and although it would look a little strange hurtling through the Queensland outback toward the city, no one would notice or care as they transported the prized cargo to Scorpio’s secret sexual-domination speedo facility.

The Tail of the Citation disappeared into the ground and several local goons, MantaRay’s little helpers re-applied a coating of red dusty soil and tufts of grass, no one, not even the military could infiltrate the secret bunker. MantaRay used it for his special international deliveries and flights into and out from this secret airstrip were made in the darkness of night, precious illegal cargo moved up and down Australia’s east coast from this location in slick operations, but never had they taken the delivery of such erotic and heroic cargo such as Robin.

They hoisted his arms and pulled his legs into the restraints on either side of the refrigerated cargo hold of the truck. Robin could see clearly as they hoisted and stretched his body, securing him deftly, he was facing the rear doors and two long lines of white LEDs were installed along the left- and right-hand sides of the refrigerated room, they extended all the way in the very corner of the roof and the sides of the truck, illuminating the room. Robin noticed mirrors on each side of the inside of his containment room, even the floor, and although he was not able to turn his head in his drugged state, he could use his eyes to look around as best he could, the mirrors covered the ceiling and the back wall as well. They were also installed on the inside of the rear doors he was facing. He was being surrounded by his reflection; he would be able to see his beautiful body from any position once they were underway.

Joker, climbed up into the back of the delivery truck to review Robin’s bondage.

“Mmmm, yes this caged little birdy is just too delicious for words!” Robin could only watch with his eyes; the rest of his body was feeling numb. Joker ran his hands from each of Robin’s armpits feeling every delicious bump of his muscles as they flexed inside the tight bondage. The skin-tight Robin suit was dutifully clinging to his body like a second skin. The red composite material was so thin, yet stronger than Kevlar it protected Robin from all kinds of attacks, yet it was also able to convey the sensual touch, Alfred and Bruce had designed the material especially for Robin; providing unrivalled protection from evil attacks, yet once under their synthetic bat therapy drugs, the material could convey every erotic and sensual touch on his body. Batman liked to tease Robin’s pre-cum from his body over hours of pleasuring the beautiful dynamo.

Joker bent down, his hands encased the Boy Wonder’s right thigh, Robin’s upper legs were super powerful, he used them springing across buildings and landing on his feet with stealth and accuracy. The sexy red fabric caressed Robin’s legs as diligently it did his upper body and torso.

“Such powerful sexy legs Robin, they feel so sexual in my hands!” Joker was becoming horny as he caressed Robin’s leg, his hands followed the beautiful and sensual fabric down to Robin’s special little boots. Joker enjoyed feeling the cold steel of the ankle restraint holding Robin’s leg outward against the side of the truck.

Joker looked up, his face close to Robin’s manhood. Joker breathed in the scent of Robin’s pleasure juice; Joker had been extracting it for over twelve hours. Joker looked intently at the absolute beauty of Robin’s green bulging little suit covering his loins. The mountainous bulge was a delectable delicacy and Joker smiled as he looked up into Robin’s glaring eyes. Joker stroked his finger tracing the extremities of the rounded tip of the Boy Wonder’s green bulge, “Batman has tuned your love instrument to perfection, just perfect, my delicious boy!”

Joker cupped Robin’s balls, they were proudly showing inside the green lycra brief. “So full of Robin juice, so virile, so beautiful. You’re lost on Batman blunder boy; we will show you how to make the most of your pleasure rod!” Joker cupped the base of Robin’s buttocks, after reaching between the helpless crimefighters stretched legs. He pulled Robin’s red-hot body toward his face and commenced licking and sucking the juices from Robin’s bulge.

“Oh bugger, you’ve mucked up my beautiful make up Blunder boy!” Joker licked his lips.

“How do they measure the speed of Olympic swimmers, Robin?” Joker asked still molesting Robin’s hefty hero mound.

Robin was helpless to respond.

“With a speedometer” Joker threw his head back in a fit of laughter.

“Ha ha ha ha, can’t wait to lay that one on Scorps when we get to his little speedo compound!” Joker worshiped Robin’s bulge some more before licking what looked like a special purple handkerchief, he pulled from one of the pockets in his purple pants. Joker then stuck his tongue out and continued licking Robin’s erotic green lycra brief.

“That’s the antidote to the paralysing drugs your cock will absorb it into your system Robin!”

Robin started coming around, his head starting to loll upward and downward and then around in a circle as he started to regain control of his muscles.

“Ughhhh!” Robin was still groggy for several minutes, but has he started regaining consciousness, he began to thrash in his bonds.”

“Where am I?” “Ugh! Nnnnpph” “Joker, you deviate!”

The metal restraints clinked and chimed as Robin thrashed about in a fit of energy.

“Tighten him up a bit Baz!” Joker was so enjoying the show of Robin’s vain struggles as his stretched body graced the mirrored inside of the meat delivery van.

“He has a long journey ahead, he needs to be nice-n-tight, snug-as-a-bug!” Joker stroked Robin’s left quadricep muscle caressing the young crime fighter sensually.

Baz was standing outside the truck and by the controls.

The winch systems whirred into action pulling Batman’s sidekick into a tight delicious stretch, so sexual, so devious, so ready for his next ordeal.

Robin looked down toward the Joker, he noticed his makeup was worse than it normally is, he noticed traces of the makeup on his bulge.

“You fucking deviate Joker!” Robin looked so delectable in his state of rage, he had realised that Joker had been molesting him.

Robin flicked his wavy hair of from his little mask as he glared at Joker.

They all want a piece of my penis, my sexy Robin suit Robin thought to himself as he writhed in the tighter bondage, he could barely move, and he felt his muscles straining as the last ‘Click’ of the powerful winch locked into place. Fucking Batman, Alfred and this freak.

“I know what you’re thinking bird brain!” Joker wiped his lips.

“Yeah, just had to taste your sweet Robin syrup, I just had to give it a try, I mean you spent hours writhing and moaning on that flight, god it was so hard to get any sleep, and you made me horny with all those ‘mmm’s’ and ‘ohhhh’s’ going on as my Joker Stroker cared for your cock. Look at you! You are just too fucking sexy, all stretched and helpless, and it is such a trip we have ahead of ourselves, I needed to have a little try of the merchandise. I mean once I hand you to Scorpio, he will drive you toward insanity, so I needed to get a piece of the pie for myself. Yum such a beautiful self-saucing pudding it is too!”

Joker went off in a fit of laughter.

“Baz is driving us the 500 kilometres to civilisation! It should be a bit of a rough ride; in fact, we’re counting on it!”

Robin looked at Joker and then at Baz disbelievingly, his journey was not over yet. He glared at his captors.

“Keep up that sexy sultry look Robs!” Joker jumped down to stand next to Baz, he was now looking up toward the helpless hero.

“Once the rear doors shut Robin, you will be surrounded by a series of mirrors. Wherever you look, you will get a bird’s eye view of your delicious, tight sexy body. You won’t be able to escape it, the inside of your containment space will be soundproof and bathed in light!” Joker was jumping up and down with excitement.

“You with me so far?” Joker clasped his hands and then rubbed the front of his purple pants.

“Phew it’s getting warm in this tropical sun, no wonder Aussies,” Joker put on his best Aussie accent, “…like to wear speedos!”

Joker then looked intently at his sexy captive.

“Your bondage space will be nice and cool though, once the doors lock, and you get an eyeful of your fucking sexy body, we will pump just the right dose of Scorpio’s Aphrodisium into the room for you to enjoy. It’s got a special additive to make your sexy costume feel sensual to your body. Every bump along the way will be a delicious reminder of the wonderful place we are taking you to. You will really need to control your cock though! If you cum even once, I’ll have to jump in the back with you and use my special charged electric prods until you beg for forgiveness!” Joker opened his pants to show off his purple speedo.

“I wore these for Scorpio, I know how he just loves a speedo boy.” Hahahahahaha his laughter fit was infectious as he began to masturbate in front of Robin and Baz.

“Mmmmm, you’re going to feel just scrumptious Robin, just like my cock is starting to feel, ha ha ha. You will be a horny writhing mass of wet hero by the time we arrive at Scorpio’s secret speedo compound! I expect the floor to be covered in sidekick syrup. Enjoy the trip Blunder Boy.” Joker took one of the two rear doors and locked it into place. Baz closed and locked the other door.

Inside the roof lit up with powerful LEDs. Robin could see his reflection no matter what direction he looked, Joker had ensnared him inside a sensuously mirrored sarcophagus and as he felt the engine of the meat truck roar to life, he felt the motion of the vehicle being amplified somehow by the bondage apparatus holding him securely in place, stretched helplessly in a tomb filling with the pleasure drugs. His body vibrated as the suspension bonds reacted to every bump and crevasse on the road.

Joker was in a fit of laughter as they approached the first speed bump of the trip.

“Oh yeah Baz, give blunder boy a big jolt!

Baz laughed, “yeah sure thing boss!”

Joker shot up from his seat like a crazed kid on a rollercoaster as they hit the speed bump at 20klms per hour. The rear wheels bounced the back of the truck.

“Wooooo, that was fun!” Joker clapped as he checked one of the camera’s installed in Robin’s compartment.

Robin was feeling the effects of the drug, he was becoming super horny, he felt his chest heating up, he felt sexual energy, deep desires infesting his mind. His costume felt like an erotic extension to his body. Every pore of his body felt the sensual grip of the tight fabric caressing him. He needed sex badly, he needed someone, anyone to pleasure him. But he was denied that pleasure and the bondage system was reacting with the motion of the truck, vibrating him tightly, causing his body to feel the pleasure build.

Robin stared at his green briefs, he cried out in desperation, he needed to relieve the delicious pleasure vibrating across the fabric, tickling his penis, tantalising him. He needed to concentrate as best he could to avoid an erection. His cock had been fine-tuned by Batman; he was able to experience spectacular vistas of enjoyment following Batman’s experiments and his deeply narcissistic need to make his ward and sidekick into his sexual play toy. Robin was a finely tuned fighter as well as specially tuned erotic toy. Robin new that he had to hold on, control the sumptuous pleasure beginning to overtake his helpless body as the truck went on its merry meat delivery way.

Every bump drove him wild; he was hyper horny and visions of Swimmerboy’s red speedo bulge and Swimmerlad’s bulge began to overtake his thoughts. He looked at his own erotic form, stretched in such superb bondage, he was making himself horny, his body felt the sensation overpowering his consciousness. His deep sexual moans filled the mirrored tomb, he was alone in a drug infested room set up to feed his every sexual need. He needed Swimmerlad’s delicious bulge in his mouth, he craved Batman, remembering how Bruce stripped down to a skimpy black thong when he pleasured Robin. He remembered how Bruce made him lick his huge bat bulge as he mounted him lying on the pleasure table or device he had been restrained to. The memories, the sexual and erotic suggestions were overtaking his mind.

He was oozing his Robin juices, he could not control his thoughts, his desires. He thrust his pelvis in desperation, trying to develop the pleasure, but knowing he would be tortured if he succumbed to an orgasm, but the drugs pushed him, they coaxed him and soon his green bulge was glistening in clear Robin Pre-Jiz and the sight of his beautiful semi-erect bulge made him recall the look on Batman’s face as he savoured the same beautiful sight of Robin’s helpless body writhing in glorious sensation for Batman’s viewing and sexual pleasure. He remembered the texture and taste of the hot Bat cum shooting onto his Robin bulge or into his mouth, whatever Batman wanted in his crazed sexual frenzy, he took! Robin’s erotic memories kept flowing as the drugs continued to puff out of the fan diffusers into his erotic transport room.

And the trip took hours, hours of tantalising sexual torture as Baz got used to driving on the wrong side of the road. There were a couple of near misses in some of the bigger town centres along the way, it was such fun for Joker to look at the crazed looks on other driver’s faces as they careered the van, sometimes turning into oncoming traffic. Baz finally got the hang of the right-hand drive truck and they trundled along listening to the ever-increasing groans and moans from the cargo hold behind them. Several cameras with sensitive microphones kept Joker and Baz amused along the way. Robin was slowly becoming a drenched and horny little birdie.

He was so horny, Robin felt the deep desires overpowering his mind, he loved the way his arse looked in the mirror systems, his powerful legs made him feel sexy and needy, every time he looked at his green speedo briefs, he felt the urge, the need for attention, he longed for someone to touch his bulge. The fabric of his costume was feeding his erotic state of mind, it felt sensual and sexual as his body vibrated and compensated for the twists and turns, bumps and undulations of the long journey and his growing need for pleasure was fuelled as he thought of Swimmerlad, the close ups of his massive wet mound of hero meat stretched out in the Harvester was saturating his mind, his erotic desires were dancing and his own boy bulge was feeling delicious as his pre-cum flung around his mirrored tomb.

Robin was drenched when they came to the final stop. His head was tossed back and his eyes wide looking at the reflection of his horny stretched body from above. He moaned deeply listening to the beeping of the reverse horns. The truck was suddenly stationary, it had been a long five- or six-hour trip and Robin was a quivering mass of sexual energy.

“Delivery for Scorpio” Joker stood with a huge grin on his face and could not resist the joke, he had a pretend clipboard in his hand and a pen in the other hand.

“Sign here!”

A fit of laughter erupted on Joker’s face as he greeted Scorpio.

“Like the make-up? I got it all messed up sampling the goods before we left the airstrip then trying to re-do it while driving was a killer! I hope I look ok!” The smile on Joker’s face was infectious and Scorpio could not help but join in the laughter.

“How’s the goods?” Scorpio presented his most villainous smile as he, Joker and Baz greeted each other. Behind Scorpio, Electro stood in his signature black one-piece lycra suit with the lightning bolt and Orgasmo stood in his signature white suit and red speedos.

“These two sumptuous boys must be Electro and Orgasmo?” Joker walked over surveying the two master villains as he put a hand on each of their shoulders.

“Just love your work boys, so sexy, so diabolical!”

They smiled expectantly both looking at Joker and doing their best not to look star-struck being in the presence of villainous royalty.

“Sign here!” Joker re-used his joke on them before erupting in a fit of his trademark merriment.

Joker looked around at the three expectant villains, he could tell the joke had gone down a treat, but sensed the expectancy in their manners, he could tell they were being polite but were ready to erupt if they didn’t get an eyeful of the Boy Toy Wonder.

“I’ve used a nice quantity of the Aphrodisium Orgasmo! That’s great stuff!”

Joker looked Orgasmo up and down, “You’re a sexual master-artist, I so love your work, I’m just glued to the screen when your little pleasure devices make your hero boys purr and sing.”

He then looked at Electro, “And as for this diabolical king of pain, wow I just cream my pants when I watch the way you torture your victims.”

Orgasmo and Electro looked across to Scorpio as if to say, “Get the fucking doors open will you!” They were becoming impatient, and Joker knew it too. Joker just loved the suspense!

“So do you wanna see the meat?”

Scorpio took control before Electro or Orgasmo went into meltdown.

“That would be wonderful” Scorpio replied with his most gracious smile motioning toward the locked doors.

“Baz, give the birdy some air would you please, he probably needs a breath of fresh air!”

Baz dropped to the floor of the loading dock and unclicked the secure locking devices flinging the handles up and outward before grabbing both doors and flinging them open at once. He turned and motioned his arms in a theatrical manner.

“Ta dahhhhhhhhhhhh” Joker jumped for joy as the Boy Wonder was presented to the three master villains.

Pre cum drooled from his green briefs and the floor was slippery with the boy’s nectar.

“Oh, it must have been quite the trip Robin, you’ve flung precum all over the place.

Robin thrashed in his bonds, it was a magnificent show for Scorpio and his priesthood.

“I am the high priest of pleasure Robin!” Scorpio looked at the horny young crimefighter. He motioned to Electro, “My priest of pain, Electro!” and then to Orgasmo, “My pleasure priest.” We will use your body as a sacrifice my delicious boy, we have been preparing for you.

Robin lifted his head to look at the welcoming party, his body tingled, and his hips thrust slowly as the drugs pushed his body in erotic ways.

“I trust our drugs have agreed with your sumptuous body, they work the treat on Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad and you my delicious toy boy will be a hit, we have so many people waiting to enjoy you and we have a special playroom waiting to accommodate you!”

Robin felt a bolt of pleasure infest his bulge, and as his body trembled in the divine sensation, he moaned in delight, while screwing up his face in defiance.

“Mmmmmmm, you sick bastard, mmmmmmm!” Robin tried to break the leg restraints pulling him unforgivingly toward the sides of the mirrored room.

“He is simply perfect Joker, a delightful play mate for Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, we’ll have them singing in harmonies soon. But first, take him to the lounge, every traveller loves to visit the lounge, so many wonderful things to enjoy and Robin is going to love the one we have set up for him, it’s a great place to meet fellow travellers on long journeys.” Scorpio looked toward Joker.

“You don’t mind if we get him set up in the lounge, we’ve picked a lovely spot for him.” Scorpio smiled at his new toy.

“Nylon, Lycra!” Scorpio called his two favourite henchmen.

“Take Robin to the lounge, he is a bit moist from his long journey, do NOT clean him up, I want him tied to the welcome Play Set! Be careful, the floor of the truck is slippery, Robin has been enjoying the exciting trip, obviously, but he’s going to just love what the lounge has to offer his weary body.”

“Joker, we’re planning to torture Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad this afternoon, I think Robin will benefit from some delicious pain too, would you like to join us?”

Joker looked serious, he put on his best concerned parent voice “But he’ll be OK, won’t he?” Joker gave an exaggerated look of concern toward Boy Wonder who writhed in his bonds.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Joker jumped up and down and then dropped his pants to show off his purple speedos. “I’m so moist just contemplating it, I can’t wait to savour your two heroes, I think I have a big hot spot for Swimmerlad!”

“Take him away!” Joker pointed to Robin.

“I have lots to discuss with Scorps, I hope I can access the lounge too? Do I need to show my boarding pass to get in? Ha ha ha ha!”

“I just have two bags!” Joker laughed, “… and one of them is filled with Robin’s costumes and lots of his special nylon Robin speedos!” He looked at Scorpio and then to the other two Villains…

“Such a precious luggage Joker” Scorpio smiled at the master villain.

“You know Scorps,” Joker put on a serious face, “Someone told me the other day that they thought I was in denial about baggage, I told them that was not the case!” Joker threw his purple pants in the air in a fit of laughter as Scorpio looked on with a polite smile, he would need to get used to this evil clown, he thought to himself.

“Actually, after the Bat was captured by riddle-me-this, Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrridler” We sneaked into the Batcave, silenced Alfred and took a stack of Robin’s little play speedos from the Bat’s playroom. Batman loved dressing his drugged up little birdy in sexy speedo’s, so I thought you, of all people would appreciate the Boy Toy Wonder in his sexy, specially tailored green or red little numbers. The R on his hip looks super sexy, I nearly decided to deliver him to you in a pair but thought his sexy Robin costume would really work with your special drugs. I mean look at him.” Joker motioned toward the sexy captive, still hoisted in the back of his meat delivery van. “…He fuckin moaned for the last 300 kilometres, and he is so moist and ready to please!”

Scorpio picked up Joker’s pants and returned them to his owner.

“Pants are optional in my compound, we like lots of lycra or other juicy materials Joker, your purple speedos will be sufficient!” It was Scorpio’s turn to erupt in a fit of merriment and as he calmed down, he looked at Nylon and Lycra.

“Bring the stunner!”

Nylon treaded carefully, the floor of Sam’s Quality Meats truck was slippery, it was saturated in Robin’s meat juices.

“Hello birdy” Nylon ran his fingers across the base of Robin’s mask.

“Just a little jolt!” Robin felt the cold steel at the base of his neck.

The jolt was far from little and the buzzing sound reverberated around the mirrored interior of the truck still illuminated in the purple light from the arrays of LED’s.

Robin slumped into the arms of Nylon as Baz released the restraints and the winch lock pulling Robin’s body up in the truck. Nylon used his strength to hold the Boy Wonder’s weight, he was groggy and shaking his head as they dragged him from the truck. Lycra tied Robin’s arms behind his back and Nylon and Lycra stood either side of Robin as he started to come about.

“Good boy” Joker walked over to Robin, now held in the strong arms of Nylon and Lycra.

“These boys will take you to the transit lounge, there’s always goodies in the lounge Robin, and I’m sure they will find a lovely spot for you to perch.”

“We’ll be right behind you, perving on your delicious arse ha ha ha ha! Now run along, scoot!”

Scorpio looked at Nylon, “The Play Set has been arranged, there is spot right in the middle, tie Boy Wonder there, nice and tight, stretch his lovely legs, I want to enjoy his birdy bulge, Batman’s delight when we arrive.

Robin was now fully cognizant of what was happening, the electro jolt had worn off, but he was weak and aching from his long journey, he didn’t, nor was he able to put up any real resistance to the strong capable hands of Nylon and Lycra.

They pushed his bound body away from the delivery dock and into the labyrinth of passageways.

Robin turned his head as he reached the first corner. “You’ll pay Joker, you’ll pay Scorpio, you sick bastards” But Lycra thrust him forward causing Robin to stumble forward in a fit of defiance.

“Shut up Boy Toy!” Lycra’s voice was excited, he was so excited to be manhandling the famous sidekick of Batman, he could not wait to reach the Play Set and get Robin settled into his morning of pain to be followed by a delicious torture session later in the day. The day was shaping up to be a fun filled orgy of agony.

They had converted one of the larger private torture rooms into The Lounge which opened out onto one of the open courtyards in the huge underground complex. Biff stood at the door, muscles bulging and his red wrestling speedos, showed off his manhood, he was so looking forward to welcoming Robin and Joker. He wore a cute and comical red miniature air hostess hat on his head and a red scarf wrapped around his neck to match the speedo ensemble finished off the air hostess look. He stood at a counter under a big neon sign “The Lounge” and the subtext read, “Welcome Travellers”.

Electro had accompanied them from the dock and as the party arrived at the venue, he was pleased to see the crowd of men and acolytes jockeying for position behind several barriers, attempting to get a good view of the Boy Wonder. News of his impending arrival circulated around the compound during the broadcast of the Milk Bar service. The excitement in the compound was high and as the work on the torture room finalised with neon Lounge sign being illuminated, it had struck a chord of expectation in the compound.

The sight of Robin being forced into the huge public courtyard outside the torture and milking rooms did not disappoint. His magnificent body showed off his handsome features as he struggled in his bonds. Robin was still under the illicit influence of the drugs used to stimulate him on the long journey. They marvelled at how his suit clung to his body showing off his perfectly tuned muscles, his man bulge grabbed their attention very quickly. Robin was wet, the drugs had stimulated him perfectly, he was hyper horny, yet he had been able to control the pleasure effectively, he had been successful in warding off his orgasm on several occasions during the long journey ensnared in the pleasure stimulation suspension system of the meat delivery van. Robin had evaded Joker’s threatened torture, but his accomplishments were small with what Scorpio had planned for him for the rest of his day.

“Robin has a drawn a nice crowd!” Electro looked at Lycra who had Robin firmly in his strong grip.

“Bring me the presentation horse!” Electro had Kyle in his view when he requested the presentation device Kyle was front and centre in the group, we had always had a crush on the Boy Wonder and was awe struck to see the beautiful crime fighter in the flesh. Kyle quickly obtained the bondage device from one of the play areas set up in the huge public display arena. Kyle secured it to the floor with powerful suction devices.

“Thank you, dear boy, stay with us Kyle, I’m sure you would like to enjoy what the Bat’s gorgeous sidekick has to offer! I think Robin is a tad horny, he has been enjoying his drugs for hours and his body is very sensitive, very receptive to touch, if you know what I mean?”

Robin writhed in the strong arms of Nylon and Lycra, his moans and cries of delight were beautiful songs of defeat.

“He sings so well!” Electro walked over to the barriers, such a horny young man is just craving the attention of guys like you, I think you would like, a little sample of the Boy Wonder…”

Their response was swift and loud, their cheering and cat calls toward Robin expressed the sexual eagerness of the group of men all seeking better views of the new toy boy.

Electro turned to Robin, who looked up in fit of desperation and fighting the strong ropes binding his wrists behind his back.

“Fuck you Electro!” Robin was insolent in his fighting barbs.

Electro turned from the hungry crowd and walked over to Robin, he caressed the side of Robin’s head and played with the wavy locks of hair breaking like waves on the Boy Wonder’s forehead.

“You’re a handsome devil my dear boy, you will become a spectacular addition to the compound. How does your suit feel? I bet it feels delicious as it caresses your muscles so perfectly and dutifully. The Aphrodisium will ensure the suit becomes an erotic extension of your body. These boys are your new extra special fans, and they want to touch your special suit, they like boys like you all helpless and ready for attention. Shall we let them? Yes let’s!”

“Ughhhh” Robin did his best to shake the strong grip of Lycra and Nylon but he had become a mass of sensual tactile desire, he was so horny, the thought of them touching his bulge was driving his mind wild with anticipation, yet he remained defiant, doing his best to resist the drug’s influence, but it was a losing battle! He was exhausted from the long hours suspended in the erotic mirrored environment, his mind was tired, his muscles exhausted. He had little energy.

“Tie Robin to the presenter!” Electro smiled and purred as he ran his fingers across Robin’s erect nipples, they were like beacons, delicious beacons inviting the admirer to touch and enjoy his merchandise.

Nylon and Lycra pulled the wriggling Boy Wonder to the device, they stretched his legs and clasped the restraints around his ankles. His pelvis was pushed forward on the device, presenting his green briefs, pushing his pelvis forward. Robin’s arms were pulled backward and outward, as the device adjusted to ensure Robin was secured tightly within its vice grip.

Electro surveyed the beauty of his bound and presented captive. “Your life will revolve around bondage Robin. Your freedom is hereby cancelled! Your existence in this compound is to provide sexual stimulation to your captors, your displays of torture and displays of pleasure will be your life from now!” Electro ran his fingers across Robin’s green mound, the drugs embellished the sensation and Robin felt the beautiful delights infest his green lycra briefs and his body twisted as the delicious sensation massaged deep into his penis.

“Ughh” Robin threw his head around in desperation.

“You are a quick learner, no wonder they call you the Boy Wonder!” Electro felt the softness of Robin’s generous testicles, the fabric was light and clingy, it was almost so fine that Electro could feel the warmth and moistness of Robin’s bulging loins with exquisite detail.

“Mmmmm, no,” Electro smiled into Robin’s widening eyes as he squeezed Robin’s manhood, “…that’s why they call you Boy Wonder! Mmmmm” I can’t wait to torture you! Yes, you will look and sound so beautiful as you dance in agony for me!”

“Ffffff uuu ck you!” Robin’s voice was tinged in desperation and yet in enjoyment of the beauty of the sensation, Electro has teasing him with.

They all took turns after Kyle had licked and caressed Robin, they devoured the helpless Boy Wonder, every sensual touch, each lick of his bulge, his inner thighs were a popular destination as were his abs and nipples! His fans worshipped his body for the next hour as Robin writhed in the grip of the powerful drugs his beautiful body tantalized in fits and rages of delicious sensation.

It was Joker that bought him back to reality. Joker had arrived at the public space and as he approached the helpless Boy Wonder he enjoyed the way that Robin was trembling in desire, Dick Greyson was wet, yet he had resisted the orgasm on several occasions using his mind control techniques. Joker ran his finger across the green expanse of Robin’s tight bulge, Robin’s penis was far from hard, but it was hot; the drugs had made him hyper-sensitive, and Robin’s utterances of submission were sexual and profound.

“Wow, you look just ravishing and by the sounds of it, you feel just ravishing too!” Joker so enjoyed the tease and the way Robin trembled at his touch. “Your cock is a happy chappy then, wow we could do this all day hey? But we have some work to do, well not we, you!”

“Ughhh” Robin writhed as Joker squeezed. Robin oozed as Joker squeezed.

The crowd were in awe to have both the Boy Wonder and Joker with them, and Joker turned to look at their hungry faces, their erections dripping in pre-cum, and straining speedos erupting and dripping boy juices.

“Mmmm, I’m so enjoying you boys, you’re all so enthusiastic! B A NG!” Joker Erupted in a fit of joy and then noticed Biff dressed in his comical air hostess red hat, scarf and speedos standing at his little comical counter by the entrance to the torture room and under The Lounge neon sign.

“I like you already…mmm!” Joker’s inquisitive gesture was his way of asking for Biff’s name as he approached the huge wrestler.

“Biff!” Biff replied.

“Yes of course, Biff!” Joker laughed.

“You’re here to admit Blunder Kid to the Lounge?”

“Of course!” Biff replied with a wry smile.

“Perfect! Do you need my boarding pass or anything, to get in?” Joker’s smile was full of enthusiasm.

“Now I’m always smiling, does that get me in kiddo?” Joker squeezed Biff’s reg bulge.

“You’re in!” Biff blurted loudly.

“It’s been such a long trip and we’re,” he motioned toward Baz and to the trembling Boy Wonder, “…a bit parched!”

Joker looked at Baz, bring me Blunder Boy, they have had their fun with him, it’s time for business!”

They released Robin and re-tied his arms, pushing him toward the door of The Lounge as Biff pressed a comical buzzer intercom system and announced, “Three to come in!”

He opened the doors outward to welcome the party, “Welcome Robin!” Electro beckoned the defiant crimefighter into his lair while smiling at Joker and Baz.

Scorpio and Orgasmo had entered the Lounge from another private entrance, they had ensured the facility was ready for their new special guests.

“Thank you, Nylon, and thank you Lycra” Scorpio dismissed his two henchmen. “You know what to do!” It was a mere hand gesture that signalled them to their next task of the day.

Thunder and Biff were on hand to assist the travellers into their lounge experiences.

Biff stood at the door, his huge arms opened, beckoning Robin inside the torture facility. He grabbed the Boy Wonder and dragged him inside the room. Robin did his best to break the bonds binding his arms, but the ropes were powerful instruments able to hold the likes of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad at full speedo strength. Robin’s vain attempts to free himself, were just too erotic for Electro as he motioned for them to bring their captive to the Play Set.

“Tie him here!” Electro smiled and feasted on the beauty of the Boy Wonder as Robin stood struggling and coming to grips with the device waiting to hold his body. He was still feeling the effects of the drugs and his body felt sumptuous as his flurry of struggles erupted across his body in delicious sensation.

The Play Set was set up especially for Robin, however it was also intended to accommodate Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. Set on a central control panel, the three ominous devices fanned out, each illuminated from below and Electro was standing by the device with a large R printed on the base of the device. It like the Harvesters in the Milk Bar, but on a smaller scale could be positioned in different configurations. It was configured to Robin’s measurements and designed to ensure his bondage was tight and powerful.

Electro stood by the device. “Robin, we’ve kept this place for you, it has great views and it’s probably the prime spot in the whole lounge, don’t worry your cute head about Joker or Baz, we have refreshments for them, but your spot is very special!”

“Tie the Wonder Blunder Boy here!” Electro was looking at Thunder and Biff and had changed his demeanour, as he turned his view to the struggling your captive.

They manhandled Robin toward the device who was followed by Joker, Baz and Scorpio. Orgasmo remained on the sofa sipping his drink and enjoying refreshments.

“Struggling won’t help you boy, but fuck you’re so sexy when you do!” Electro’s growing smile erupted on the sides of his mouth. He considered using a stun gun on Robin, but knew Biff and Thunder had the struggling young hero under control.

Electro spoke while the henchmen and Baz untied Robin and lifted his struggling body onto the device.

Pain and agony Robin, they are such expressive processes the human body can endure, and heroes like yourself are so expressive and accommodating when we apply the forces of evil to manipulate and inflict punishment. Punishment well deserved, by your likes!” Electro glanced at Joker who was so enjoying watching Robin struggle in his vain attempts to escape.

“Oh of course!” Joker erupted but his demeanour was no longer frivolous, he was seriously not joking.

“You have thwarted so many operations in Gotham, you meddle where you’re not welcome, you fraternise with the police and the authorities!” Electro then raised his voice. “Not any more Boy Wonder! You will experience punishment and on behalf of those in prison, those you have killed in your do-goody rampages dressed in your sexy suit, we have decreed your punishment!”

Scorpio put his hand on Electro’s shoulder and smiled at Robin as the final whirring of the last ankle restraint closed and locked into place. “Electro has a point, Robin; he can get a little carried away, but he is passionate about his work. Your capture is just a small token in the wider fight between our forces of evil and your ‘justice’, well we have a little ‘justice’ for you. I call it pay-back! You will join the pay-back crew and enjoy real justice from this point in your life onward boy!”

Robin pulled on the bonds, his arms and legs were spread and held in powerful restraint devices, he felt the ominous buzzing on his wrists and through the special fabric of his tight suit. Robin wriggled his body in vain attempts to escape, hoping that one of the restraints would give, but they were secure, he screwed his face as he struggled, the sensation was electric as his body felt the effects of the drugs once more, firing up and caressing his loins with swirls of delightful sensation. He was so horny and moist; the crowd of groupies had sent him into a frenzy of sensation outside the lounge and his penis still buzzed from the attention each of the hungry mouths had given it. Robin was helpless, he was at a sixty-degree angle to the floor and had a commanding view of the lounge and bar in the other corner of the room. Opposite him two other restraining devices made up the play set. He knew who they were for and as the drugs fired inside him, he felt excitement that he would soon be feasting his eyes on the other (Aussie) dynamic duo, the duo of speedo, Swimmerboy and his delicious bombshell of a partner Swimmerlad.

“Wh, wh what are you going to do to me!” Robin’s question was delivered through gritted teeth as he struggled, but his efforts were only rewarded with further sensation delivered through his tight suit.

“Ngfffff” Robin’s frustrations were staring to show.

Swoosh, the door to Swimmerboy’s preparation cell opened and the familiar sight of Nylon arrived to collect his precious cargo. Swimmerboy had recovered from the Milk Bar and had since been to visit Drago and had undergone an unforgiving session in Drago’s play gym, he and Swimmerlad had been worked over in diabolical muscle invigorating systems and his muscles flexed and quivered perfectly in his unforgiving bondage. He had been force fed the special nutrients before and after the diabolical workout and Nylon had left him stretched between the floor and the ceiling, his feet hoisted from the floor and his legs stretched, he was still inside the cleaning room where Nylon had left him earlier to welcome Robin. Nylon had dressed him while he was unconscious, and he was now squeaky clean and stretched helplessly waiting to find out his fate.

“You passed out hero boy, all that milking had drained you, fuck your cum is just so sweet.” Nylon approached the helpless Swimmerboy and walked around him, surveying the beauty of the hero suspended in his delicious bondage.

“Fuck off Nylon!” Swimmerboy’s speedo strength was back, even after the milking, the long pleasure drain of the Milk Bar and then Drago’s play time! They had ensured that the speedo systems delivered a potent dose of speedo strength. Swimmerboy pulled on his bonds.

“I can’t accept any more Speedo strength, it will kill me Nylon, must use it or it will overpower me” Swimmerboy pulled on the wrist restraints above his head and thrashed his spread legs.

“We know hero boy! You’ll get your chance.” Nylon caressed Swimmerboy’s twitching buttocks, they looked so inviting wrapped in the light blue nylon fabric of the brand new Aussiebum garment.

“How do the new cossies feel hero boy?” Nylon walked around Swimmerboy, his finger tracing the top of the garment as Nylon tightened the drawer string and then adjusted Swimmerboy’s pouch and bulge. He ensured the soft fabric bunched and formed delicious ripples emerging from Swimmerboy’s curvaceous bulge. The whole package was several inches wide and extended out from his body by several inches, it was the perfect sexual meal, divine erotic beauty!

“Mmmm, you get more beautiful every time I get to dress you Swimmerboy!” Nylon had stepped back to get a full view of Swimmerboy’s majesty.

“I have good news and bad news!” Nylon announced.

Swimmerboy erupted in a fit of struggles, flaying his body in vain attempts to deal with the waves of speedo strength whipping through his body, he was at full power level and dangerously close to his powers overcoming him.

“Make it qu-qu quick!” Swimmerboy was wincing inside the bonds and looking intently toward Nylon.

Nylon caressed Swimmerboy’s speedo, cupping and enjoying the fullness of the sexual mound of man meat and nylon fabric filling his palm so completely and erotically.

“Robin has arrived and will be mapped into Scorpio’s pleasure systems soon, and even better, you’ll get to meet him, and” Nylon’s face erupted as he concentrated his look on the beautiful handful of Swimmerboy’s mighty speedo bulge in his palm and glancing up to look into Swimmerboy’s glaring eyes, “…You and Swimmerlad will be getting an upgrade to your speedo bulge mapping. Yeah, its upgrade time! Then, and now for the BAD news…”

Swimmerboy was helpless to extricate his manhood from Nylon’s palm as Nylon kept caressing and gently fondling him.

“Hhhhhhh mmmphhhh” Swimmerboy’s face was looking down at Nylon, “Tell me!”

“Manta Ray will be torturing you in a small but select public session, you Swimmerlad and Robin will be punished today.”

Swimmerboy threw his head in fits of rage, but the bondage was strong, he was helpless.

Nylon then lifted his hands and caressed Swimmerboy’s abs and pecs, he toyed with Swimmerboy’s erect and pert small nipples, “But Scorpio has a very private pleasure session planned for you after we produce your next load of that delicious cum of yours.” Nylon had now grasped Swimmerboy’s cheeks, holding the hero’s head strongly within his grip. “He’ll milk it out of you! You’ll just love what he has in store hero boy!”

“Shall we go?”

Swimmerboy screamed as the emitters fired and the bonds released his falling, thrashing body into Nylon’s arms. Nylon had his special strengthened rope ready and bound the mighty hero’s arms as Swimmerboy writhed in pain, his speedo strength was strong and the emitters were turning his own power back onto him, disabling his body in the reverse power effects.

“level 1” Swimmerboy stood, he was groggy, and his vision came into focus, he felt the tight ropes binding his wrists behind his back as Nylon pushed him forward toward the exit of his cell.

Lycra was outside and he had Swimmerlad tied and waiting. Scorpio wanted the duo tied and delivered together, he wanted to give Joker a feast of speedo bondage beauty when his two prized captives arrived at the Play Set.

Swimmerboy tried to speak with Swimmerlad, but Lycra was having nothing of it, and he gave Swimmerboy a sharp punch in the abdomen, Swimmerboy was still greatly affected by the Emitters and he doubled over in pain slowly rising to glare at Lycra.

“No talking hero boy, you’re on display!” With that Nylon and Lycra marched the two speedo clad heroes toward the public arena which was still a buzz with excitement after the session they were provided with Robin. They rushed back toward the barriers, wanting to see the beautiful Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, hopeful to enjoy their deliciously bound bodies. But Lycra and Nylon were on the clock and proceeded directly toward the entrance next to the illuminated Lounge sign.

They buzzed the door.

Inside The Lounge, Scorpio and Joker stood admiring the handsome Boy Wonder, Robin struggled so delightfully, and his stretched body flexed and grimaced in his tight bondage. Scorpio’s plans were dancing inside his head, he didn’t want to share his plans until Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were in place and spreadeagled, their spectacular speedos and manhood on display for the horny Robin to enjoy. They knew that the sight of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad will cause the drugs flowing through Robin to come on stronger with the delicious visual stimulation.

Robin was suddenly looking at the flashing lights situated throughout the torture room, they were blinking red and Robin’s attention to the lights pricked Joker’s attention also. Joker looked toward Scorpio with a puzzled look, even behind the bad makeup.

“Ah!” Scorpio clasped his hands looking toward Joker and then to the helpless crimefighter trussed up in the Play Set. “Those my dear friends are the emitters, they control the speedo power of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, they are ubiquitously installed throughout the compound! They can cut our delicious heroes down in seconds, rendering their super speedo power against them, sort of like a reverse polarity for their super strength. We will demonstrate the power of our emitter array soon.

There was a comical buzz that peeled around the lounge and Biff adjusted his speedos and his little air hostess hat and made his way to the locking controls to open the doors to The Lounge. They swung open and first to be thrust through the door was the incomparably beautiful Swimmerlad!

“Ughhh” Swimmerlad stumbled into The Lounge past the bar and the soft bar lounge area. When he regained his footing and came to a halt, he looked up to see Boy Wonder stretched in the Play Set. Their eyes met but before Swimmerlad could realise what was occurring, he was hit from behind by Swimmerboy, who had also been thrust into the Lounge forcefully.

“Ughhh” Swimmerboy also took a couple of seconds to gain his footing and realise that Robin was struggling directly in front of him.

They both stood struggling in their bonds, their powers had been clipped by the emitters and their bound wrists were tied expertly.

“Welcome gentlemen!” Scorpio looked Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad up and down, he was pleased Nylon and Lycra had prepared them perfectly, they were wearing the perfect Aussiebum speedos that he had ordered, especially Swimmerboy. He had some wonderful footage to show his new guest and he was so enjoying the theatrical arrival and domination of the powerful heroes.

“What have you done with him you bastard? Swimmerlad was looking toward Robin and then back to the bevvy of villains, he didn’t care who responded, his question was full of rage.

“I wouldn’t worry your pretty head about Robin Swimmerlad!” Scorpio replied and approached Swimmerlad who was held tightly by the ruthless Lycra. Scorpio caressed the rippling muscles of Swimmerlad’s abs and the top of his thighs. “Mmmm, you’ve been working out haven’t you Swimmerlad!” He mused in a comical sort of manner.

“Fuck you Scorpio! What do you think Drago did with us?” Swimmerlad spat back.

“I know exactly what he inflicted on your bodies Swimmerlad, I ordered it!” Scorpio laughed.

Swimmerboy thrashed in his bonds, but the emitters were keeping him groggy.

Scorpio walked toward the Play Set and caressed the side of one of the waiting bondage devices facing Robin.

“Now then, eeny meeny miney moe” his righthand index finger pointed to Swimmerboy, then to Swimmerlad while he said his play words. “You’re here Swimmerboy!” he pointed to the device with the blue restraints and motioned for Lycra to take Swimmerlad to the remaining restraint device with the red restraints.

He smiled as he said the next words as he invoked the personal emitters.

“Swimmerboy stun two”

It did not affect Swimmerlad who looked on in horror and Nylon pushed Swimmerboy forward, he fell on the floor screaming in outrageous pain.

“Aghhhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” his body twisting and writhing.

Joker was jumping up and down with excitement and Robin’s eyes were wide with disgust and fear, he was helpless to stop the extravagant display of power.

Scorpio spoke up over the loud hubbub of Swimmerboy’s cries. “See” he yelled. “The emitters reverse their speedo power and reduce them down to blubbering, screaming helpless boys.

“Swimmerboy stun one!”

The screaming stopped but Swimmerboy remained on the floor moaning and trying to regain a normal breathing pattern.

“Tie Swimmerboy to the Play Set, blue restraints will match his speedos.”

“Swimmerlad Stun 2” Scorpio had taken control of the situation and was having so much fun.

Swimmerlad fell to floor as well, his body convulsing as he struggled inside the ropes binding his arms, his screams filling The Lounge.

Joker was so impressed, he stood by the Boy Wonder, his hand caressing the Boy Wonder’s green lycra briefs and looking up into the eyes of Robin. “Mmmm sexy Robin, such a show, this lounge is just jam packed full of goodies!”

Robin winced as the pleasure radiated through his pouch, Joker purposely played with his manhood; The drugs were making his desires dance around in his mind, he felt the eroticism of the domination of these two beautiful aussie heroes as they writhed and were stretched out before him in the Play Set.

The three young heroes were facing each other, and the emitters powered down once Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were safely installed. They each pulled and tried the restraints, struggling helplessly and coming to terms with the fact that they were secure.

“Phew, loving this lounge Scorps.” Joker walked to each of the three heroes helplessly fighting their bonds. “So beautiful, so sexy” Joker clasped his hands together in glee taking in the grandeur of these three bound helpless gods three meticulously beautiful hero bulges were just scrumptious.

“You’re right Scorpio, eeny meeny miney moe, which will I have first, I want them all!” Joker shook his head as if trying to clear his mind, he made weird blubbery sounds as he did, “Br brb r brb r br.”

“Fuck I’m just so happy!” He licked Swimmerlad’s bulging testicles.

“Mmmm warm and delicious!” Joker jumped toward Swimmerboy and fondled the perfectly rounded tip of Swimmerboy’s bulge.

“Fuck, that is hero heaven!” Joker looked away and behind him toward Robin.

“Lovely play mates Blunder Boy, you’re lucky day, hey!” Joker held out his hand toward Scorpio.

“Sorry, just got a bit carried away. He said smiling toward Scorpio.

Scorpio walked into the ring of hero heaven, the Play Set was set up so they three could get to know each other and for his colleagues to play and toy with the trio. He had plans for them too, but he decided to bide his time as he ordered the huge screens on the walls surround the brightly lit torture parlour to come to life. He joined Joker in the middle of the ring and spun around taking in the beauty of the three heroes, young virile superheroes, dressed in erotic hero-wear, he just loved the view and he walk toward Swimmerboy.

“This is just delicious wouldn’t you agree Joker?” Scorpio caressed Swimmerboy’s manhood, his fingers riding the roller-coaster effect of Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch and bulge, he cupped the edges of the hero bulge feeling the strong powerful penis and Swimmerboy’s hefty testicles. “This is a powerhouse of speedo power; it packs a punch! But we have ways to control the power of their speedo strength, we build it up and drain it out, don’t we Swimmerboy?”

Swimmerboy thrashed in his bonds gritting his teeth at the villains he thrust his hips trying to escape Scorpio’s evil fingers molesting his manhood.

“Speedo bulge is just pure heaven!” Scorpio then looked at the struggling Boy Wonder, he too pulled in his bonds, but the wet patch on his green lycra Robin briefs gave away the sexual desire that the drugs were fuelling his body with. “Robin looks like he is really enjoying his bondage!” Scorpio purred as he watched the helplessly spread-eagled hero writhe and moan, he could see how horny the young hero had become.

“Robin, this is Swimmerboy!” Scorpio began his introductions, “He is about your age, a gay superhero with secrets, more on that later.” Scorpio moved to Swimmerlad, “This delicious young man is Swimmerlad, Swimmerboy’s partner. Such a hot couple and were so loved by the people; beautiful heroes prancing around all cocky in their speedos, saving the world, ridding the world of crime and evil, the media just loved them. Cut a long story short Robin, I just had to have them, so I recruited some expert help, we developed systems and we caught them! They are mine, my erotic toys. Did you know, their superpowers can kill them! Ooooooooh, so, they must be kept within a certain range and right now, they are full to the brim, full of speedo power and they are ready to POP. Now, keep up, I know you’re horny and I hope the drugs are making you feel so good and yummy, but this is important! They use their power by exerting themselves, they also used to use up their extra stores, after a day of crime fighting by having hot steamy speedo sex in the privacy of their secret sexy speedo nest, well it wasn’t so secret, my guys broke in and installed secret cameras so much for privacy, ha ha ha ha!”

Scorpio was caressing Swimmerlad’s bulge from below his balls he fondled Swimmerlad and licked between Swimmerlad’s beautiful, stretched legs.

“I love spreadeagled bondage, especially how it gives me access to the beauty of my toy boy’s slice of speedo heaven. This boy,” Scorpio looked up into the angry eyes of Swimmerlad, “…has a few secrets too! He is just so sexy when he is helpless, as are you Robin, and handsome too!” he looked into Robin’s desperately horny eyes.

“Now let me finish, where was I? Ah yes, I got a bit distracted by Swimmerlad’s cock! So, we worked out systems and devices to torture them, make them use up their speedo power as they writhed for our sexual gratification and then we thought let’s also pleasure their speedo power too, drain them and bring them to the brink of death by long sessions of pleasure. So Orgasmo built fanciful devices to do just that and well this brings me to our afternoon’s play time!

They were all thrashing in their bonds, struggling and straining to escape and Scorpio was in his element.

“We had to map their speedo bulges on arrival, mapping allows my speedo AI computer systems to target special places in their speedo pouches, that taps into pain and pleasure!” Scorpio looked up into Swimmerlad’s angry eyes and then across to Robin. “Swimmerlad remembers his mapping so vividly, you see Robin, it’s a bit of an invasive process, but necessary for us to target their pleasure and pain points more directly, a very necessary evil!” He looked back toward Swimmerlad as he writhed helplessly. “Swimmerlad screamed so divinely as we mapped his speedo bulge, we recorded it, want a listen?”

Scorpio, looked toward Joker, don’t be too disturbed by what you are going to hear.

“Play it.”

The recorded screams were turned up loudly and Joker had to yell over the din.

“Impressive, ha ha ha, just love heroes in agony, such a sweet payback for all the efforts they put into fighting our plans.” He smiled as he yelled pretending to plug his ears.

The sounds of agony stopped.

“You fucking bastard!” Swimmerlad was so sexy when he was angry, he was so full of speedo power and he knew that Scorpio was cooking up another evil plan to drain he and Swimmerboy.

“Well boys,” Scorpio looked at Swimmerboy and then back toward Swimmerlad, still caressing the warmth of Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge, “…it’s time for an upgrade and Robin will go straight to the latest version of the bulge mapping, he goes straight to v2, just like you boys will get soon.”

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad cried out in desperation, “No, Please No Scorpio.”

“But it’s for the best! More pleasure, more pain, more cum, and I know how you enjoy your orgasms, boys, so much cum to give, Robin is going to enjoy the same.” Scorpio jumped up and down smiling.

“Robin also gets an upgraded brain implant!” He looked at Joker and then to the struggling Boy Wonder. “It is a very special piece of tech kids! It will nestle into Robin’s pleasure and pain centre of his brain, his Amygdala, it will send forth tendrils to enrich that part of his mind, his body, his penis, his Robin mound will be enriched beyond his imagination. Sexual and erotic vistas will be unlocked as we tune his sexy body into the world of speedo erotica. This chip has several channels and as we pleasure these two powerhouses…” Scorpio licked the perfectly rounded tip of Swimmerlad’s bulge, his fingers caressing the delicious light nylon folds of fabric as he enjoyed the hero’s sacrificial speedo offering.

“We’re very religious here, human sacrifice is paramount, and Robin will make a worthy offering, but all that is ahead of us, we will consecrate him in a very special pleasure session, but before we do that, we will need to work on our heroes a little.” Scorpio laughed and offered Joker a tase of Swimmerlad’s speedo offering.

Joker caressed the offering with glee. “Worth that long flight and then that intolerable trip in the van, but so glad we could access the lounge and all these tasty treats!” He licked Swimmerlad like he would an ice cream cone.

“Fuck you!” Swimmerlad squirmed and wriggled trying to evade the attention of the two sex crazed villains.

“But first, before we start the surgery on Robin and then map his hero bulge into our control systems, I would love to show you all some wonderful home movies, that would be fun, wouldn’t it?” Scorpio was standing the centre of the Play Set and Joker had moved across to play with Swimmerboy.

The huge screens began to flicker with static, the trio had front row seats and the resto of the occupants of The Lounge sat down for the viewing.

“We’re all comfy?” Scorpio laughed.

“Sorry Robin, I know you’re still a bit fucked up with those drugs, this is a sexy hero porn flick, so try and control your bat cock will you.” Scorpio sucked on the moist green Boy Wonder mound.

“Mmmm, you will pleasure nicely Boy Wonder!” he said tasting the sweetness of Robin’s nectar, “…but first, this is a little peek into what your brand spanking new brain probe will give you.” Scorpio licked his lips before throwing his arms toward the screens. “Role it kids, here are the little secrets I was talking about. By the way, Swimmerboy’s blue and white speedos, and Swimmerlad’s faded orange pair” he motioned for them to gaze upon Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad “…are the same speedos as the ones in the show!”

Swimmerboy clicked straight away, he had noticed the speedo colour selection for their next session of torment, they were wearing the same speedos, to what they were wearing in his erotic fantasy during the Milk Bar pleasure fantasy session, they had used it as part of his pleasure milking and now his secret would be splashed on the screen for all to enjoy.

“You fiend!” Swimmerboy struggled and twisted in his bondage, his secret was about to unfold in full colour before the occupants of The Lounge, in front of Swimmerlad and Robin.

“This is so much fun!” Scorpio caressed Swimmerboy’s nipples, “Erotic!”

The screens showed the capture, the electrified netting and the inside of Mad Hatter’s lair, the detail was in full 4k vision.

“Swimmerboy’s erotic fantasy gentlemen, in full speedo-vision colour and surround sound!” Scorpio was delighted, “We processed Swimmerboy’s Milk Bar pleasure stream to get a look into his erotic fantasy and to our delight, the footage is just explosive, it gets better!”

“No!” Swimmerboy’s struggles made him so inviting, so sexy as his body twisted, his beautiful speedo’s displaying his sexual organs so perfectly.

Robin wanted Swimmerboy desperately, his reality was being blurred by the drugs, but the sight of him struggling, helplessly stretched out and that delicious speedo pouch bulging with his delicious boy bits were driving him wild with desire. Robin’s face screwed up as he fought his bondage too, he felt his penis ooze more pre-cum, he couldn’t hide it, it glistened in the lights as his he thrust his pelvis in sexual abandon.

“Robin is having so much fun!” Joker smiled, “…he is dripping ha ha ha ha!”

The sight of Milliner and Porkpie was comical and Mad Hatter was having a blast of a time. Then they watched as Robin was bought into the Hatter’s play ring. Swimmerboy’s secret crush on Robin was displayed for all to watch as the footage unfolded and Swimmerboy was helplessly watching his erotic fantasy played out on the screens. They watched as the pass the parcel game played out and as the milking of Robin and Swimmerlad unfolded and the finale of the final frenzied scene unfolded with Swimmerboy’s ultimate defeat, spurting his juices into Robin’s mouth and face while Robin came in Swimmerboy’s face forcing the cum drained Swimmerlad to watch.

“Wow Bang! What a show!” Scorpio clapped.

Swimmerboy had tears on his face, he looked to Swimmerlad and then to Robin, “I’m sorry,” he cried, embarrassed that they had to watch his fantasy, it was bad enough that it was shared with his pleasure symbiont Nathan during their torture and milking session, but now they all knew his secret crush on the Boy Wonder and his enjoyment of bondage.

“He fantasises about being tied up and forced to cum in Robin’s face, it is a scene of outrageous sexy bondage, he fantasises about you Robin and you Swimmerlad! Scorpio was beside himself with joy!

“Play the footage from Swimmerlad’s Milk Bar pleasure stream. Now this is hot and steamy!”

Scorpio walked across to Swimmerlad, his hands running evocatively across the top of the hero’s powerful legs, he brushed Swimmerlad’s balls, with his fingers enjoying the softness of Swimmerlad’s delicious manhood.

The vision of the jungle, the poison darts and his capture and transport to the secret jungle gate and to a world of erotic bondage, the Zenith temple and the Sun Altar. The show was immersive and the final scene of Swimmerboy spurting his pent up cum all over Swimmerlad stretched on the milking stone just blew them away.

“Swimmerlad thrashed in his bonds, he was angry that Scorpio had been able to unlock his secret erotic fantasies, he looked at Swimmerboy and then to Robin, they each struggled while Scorpio, Electro and Joker played with their helpless bodies.

Scorpio smiled at his delicious captives, he was caressing Swimmerlad’s speedo, tracing his fingers around the hero’s generously rounder protrusion as Swimmerlad looked down over his stretched body.

“Ughh, get off me Scorpio…” He flashed his pearly white teeth as he struggled vulnerably in his bonds.

“This boy just loves a sexy, erotic, thongs gentlemen,” Scorpio surveyed the helpless hero as he struggled, “…I mean his whole porno was full of men in skimpy loincloths, covered in potions and cum; warriors helplessly tied up and edged for their high priest’s delight and the sexual gratification of their god. Wow Swimmerlad, we will need to access your fantasies more often, I so want to see your fate and what the Sharman does to you, I bet he wants you to spurt your juices into his mouth?” Scorpio looked at Swimmerlad, Swimmerlad’s anger was profound, and he did his best to break his wrist restraints as he motioned toward Scorpio molesting him so enthusiastically.

“He is just so sexy when he gets worked up!” Scorpio enjoyed toying with Swimmerlad, this cocky hero was one of his favourites, he just loved the way he writhed in pain and pleasure and he enjoyed the moment as he show-cased his prized captives to Joker and Robin.

“I think we should honour this sexy boy’s erotic fantasies, don’t you gentlemen?” with that Lycra approached and took hold of Swimmerlad’s hips as Nylon approached from the other side, he pulled the speedo tightly between Swimmerlad’s buttocks, he twisted the sides to tighten the garment and then enjoyed reconfiguring Swimmerlad’s penis inside the newly formed speedo thong pouch. The worn light nylon, caressed Swimmerlad’s genitals exquisitely and the fabric bunched up from between his legs, surrounding his balls and testicles erotically, Swimmerlad’s penis was displayed perfectly as the fabric caressed his body.

“How is that Swimmerlad, do you feel sexy? Because you look erotic!” Scorpio opened his mouth and devoured the young hero’s meat, his tongue exploring the beautiful young hero’s bulging extravagant hero mound.

Swimmerlad pulled on his bonds, but deep down he felt the sexual energy filling his body, his enjoyment of bondage and tight thongs was no longer a secret.

“You fiend!” Swimmerboy struggled evocatively as he watched Scorpio devour his partner, he glanced toward Robin.

Robin was well into the influence of the Aphrodisium, and the other drugs used to evoke his sexual desires, his eyes were peeled on the erotic pouch of Swimmerlad as he writhed before him, a large globule of Robin’s pre-cum formed on the tip of his green lycra Robin briefs.

“Robin sure likes his front-row view of his new speedo buddies!” Joker toyed with Robin’s clear stretchy oozing juices, “Mmmm Robin has been taught to be the sexual toy of Batman and Alfred!” Joker clapped his hands as he spun around in the centre of the play set, he was spoiled for choice, three sexy superheroes were bound and stretched for his visual pleasure. He licked his lips.

“Sweet, sweet Robin nectar, we are going to have some fun boys, but Scorpio has some important business to attend!” Joker motioned to Scorpio.

“Time to prepare Robin, he needs to access the pleasure systems of the compound and we will want to enter his sexual fantasy world and provide him access to the fantasies of my speedo heroes as well. It will be so much fun Boy Wonder!” Scorpio licked the clear film of pre-cum from Robin’s writhing body. He felt the power of Robin’s penis encased in the tight lycra fabric, this hero had a potent sexual presence, and the taste and feel of his manhood was delectable. Scorpio licked his lips and spun around in a fit of joy.

“Yum Boy Wonder, no wonder they call you that.”

Robin struggled as his bonds began to tighten, they were stretching his body in four directions and he looked frantically around for respite from the tension erupting across his body.

Two devices emerged from the Play Set to grip his hips. Robin looked down across his body in disbelief.

“Wer wer, what is happening to me?” Robin could feel his skin-tight suit caressing his body, he felt the eroticism of the moment, the drugs were strong, and his body felt the crazed sexual desires, his bulge felt sensual with every movement of his body, but now the bondage device was holding his pelvis tightly.

“You need to keep still Boy Wonder, this will be invasive, and it will hurt, it will be an experience of pleasure and pain, dear boy, but for you to access the world of porno panavision like these two sexual beasts,” Scorpio looked across the two writhing heroes. Your erotic hero pouch and hero bulge must be mapped in an invasive 3D process so that my systems can access your body! Be prepared to scream Boy Wonder, a penis and set of balls like yours will take some time to analyse, so you will need to be brave!”

Robin thrashed as best he could, but the bondage was powerful, he was helpless.

“Nylon, if you will?” Scorpio motioned for Nylon to produce a vial of liquid.

“This Boy Wonder is serum derived from the ejaculate of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, their Milk Bar offerings were plentiful, and you will enjoy the sexual power of their cum, it is mixed with special chemicals derived by my chemists and sexual engineers; it will interact with the mapping of your bulge. It is designed absorb into your penis and your testicles, your body will be susceptible to the programs of torture and pleasure so much more, it will also work to stimulate your own super stores of Boy Toy semen. You see dear boy, when we torture Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, we create massive stores of semen in their bodies, cum stores of epic proportions, which as you can imagine and witnessed from the Milk Bar vision, we just love to milk them of. They cum and cum for ages, their mighty bodies screaming in orgasmic abandon for extended periods of time as they spurt their hero juices for their fans to enjoy. It also drains their speedo strength. You can imagine how erotic it is to witness a hero of this beauty as they cum and cum and cum!” Scorpio was wet with anticipation but calmed down sufficiently to smile toward the Boy Wonder as Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad fought their bonds frantically.

“It gets messy!” Scorpio announced with a self-satisfied smirk on his face.

Scorpio erupted in a fit a of laughter that was comparable to Joker’s best outbursts.

“You, if this all goes to plan, you, my sweet Robin will cum in torrents of Robin juice, loads of it (get it? Loads!), you will spurt like a fire engine once we have programmed your spectacular body, Wonder Boy.”

Robin struggled, his head thrashing up and down as Nylon approached and poured the hot serum onto Robin’s green lycra pouch.

“No Nooooooo” cried the young crimefighter.

“Stop it Scorpio, please?” Swimmerboy thrashed in his bonds.

But Robin felt the hot serum seep into his briefs, it felt erotic as it fired up the Aphrodisium drugs, he felt his testicles throb and ebb and expand slightly.

Robin’s moans were delicious and made Joker look toward his prized captive with delight.

“Good boy, take your medicine! You’ll feel so much better!” Joker caressed the side of Robin’s face, but Robin noticed the device descending from the top of the Play Set, he noticed Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s eyes widen as they began to thrash and struggle.

“No, you bastards, no!” Swimmerlad looked so erotic as he struggled in his new speedo thong.

“Stop it you bastards!” Swimmerboy thrust his pelvis outward as he tried his best to break free of the restraints.

“Time to map the Boy Wonder into the world of speedo erotica, welcome Boy Wonder!” Scorpio caressed Robin’s torso. “This will hurt a lot, but the benefits are so much more important.” He smiled.

Looking into Robin’s desperate eyes, Scorpio gave the order. “Engage the Mapping array!”

Three laser heads emerged from the diabolical device and began the initial scan of Robin’s sexy lycra pouch, it worked from each of his hips following the fabric of the garment, hugging his loins and he felt the intense heat start to fill in his sexy briefs, he felt the sexual energy from the drugs swirling in his body, the mapping devices invigorating the feelings pulsating through his body. He screamed and screamed as he cooked in the unrelenting pinpoint lasers infiltrating the most private regions of his body.

Initial scans underway ; Scorpio’s speedo AI provided an update.

The Scans continued for several minutes, Robin’s screams were disturbing, but the villains and henchmen enjoyed the atmosphere, relishing the sights and sound of the of Robin’s introduction to agony. It took ten minutes for the initial scan to complete and the devices to begin their torturous invasion of Robin’s sexy bulging briefs.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Robin was in a world of pain, he was isolated from the world, his entire reality was agony as the machine scanned and mapped his anatomy. He felt as though they were slicing his genitals slowly and deliberately as the evil mapping process unfolded.

Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy thrashed about screaming for the evil torture to end, knowing little of Scorpio’s plans to upgrade the mapping of their own speedo powerhouse bulges.

The scan continued along its torturous trajectory. Robin’s screams filled the lounge as his plan continued to unfold.

Scorpio then approached Swimmerboy, his fingers traversing the mountainous bulge of nylon. Swimmerboy was used to Scorpio and his fellow villains molesting him, but he was unprepared to see his personal mapping device descend from the upper sections of the Play Set.

“No, Nooooo!” he cried out as he struggled. His bondage stretched his body tightly and the Play Set gripped his hips, he knew exactly what Scorpio had in store.

“No! You fuckin bastard, no!” bit it was a fruitless attempt for mercy.

“Time to upgrade your speedo bulge mapping Swimmerboy” Scorpio could not contain his joy as he caressed the soft nylon bulge of the desperate young hero.

“It’s for the better, so much enjoyment Swimmerboy!” Scorpio caressed Swimmerboy’s cheeks.

“Map him!”

Swimmerboy’s screams peeled around The Lounge as the evil device went about its diabolical duties it uncovered every crevasse, every protrusion of Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch, it was insistent, and his screams matched those of Robin as the devices went about their painstaking diabolical duties.

Swimmerlad watched as Swimmerboy and Robin writhed in agony, he looked down toward his bulging speedo thong and he knew he was next. But Scorpio and Joker were standing either side of him, devouring the beauty of his bulging nylon mound, his rippling muscles and Joker caressed him erotically, he purred as he enjoyed every bump and protrusion on Swimmerlad’s body.

“So, this devicy thingy will make this hero purr like a pussy cat on heat hey?” Joker felt the beauty of Swimmerlad’s penis, he felt Swimmerlad’s balls and the delicious fabric bunching and clinging to the hero’s beautiful body.

Swimmerlad pulled and twisted trying to free himself from Joker’s firm sensual hold. His beautiful face screwed up in vain attempts to free himself.

“You know,” Joker caressed Swimmerlad’s nipples and pecs as he looked into the hero’s piercing defiant eyes, “I like you, and fuck I loved your little erotic jungle romp kiddo! I was thinking, once you are all upgraded and Boy Wonder is chipped up, maybe we could work on your little fantasy, I so want to see what the next episode holds!”

“Aghhhh!” Swimmerlad writhed on queue and twisted in his bondage. “Never!”

Joker smiled and licked Swimmerlad between his stretched powerful inner thighs. He looked up to Swimmerlad’s exploding face, Joker moved onto Swimmerlad’s mound, “…and this little pleasure puppy,” Joker’s finger caressed the curving majesty of Swimmerlad’s penis encased in the folds of nylon, “… will take us there!”

“Stretch him!” Joker’s smile was exploding too.

“Time to build a 3D picture of this sexy boy!” Joker stepped back to watch the mapping device lower between Swimmerlad’s legs, his body stretched, his pelvis thrusting violently and desperately to avoid the emerging locking devices that would hold his speedo pouch and pelvis still while his loins were mapped violently. “Noooooo, no!” but it was useless, the devices grabbed his hips and tightened locking and securing his body for the invasive procedure, there was no escape, the laser heads emerged and began their initial scans and the screams of Swimmerlad joined the discordance of yells and shrieks emanating from Swimmerboy and Robin, their cries filling the sound-proofed ‘Lounge’ torture theatre with the delicious sounds of hero submission.

The laser was burning his penis head, he screamed, his head flaying about, it was a diabolical torture and Swimmerlad knew that the machine had the rest of his penis to go and his balls, they paid special attention to his testicles last time, he remembered, they took special care to program his semen production and they would replay that procedure as his ‘upgrade’ progressed. In all the pain and commotion, he could see across the play set and the device mapping Robin had moved onto his balls, his green Lycra bulging boyhood was being meticulously scanned and Robin’s screams were becoming demonic as he threw his head around in abandon, his spit flung from his mouth as the torturous process continued its demonic way. He noticed Swimmerboy too, he was staring intently at his bulge, his mouth salivating, like Robin and his guttural screams escaped from his heaving chest. The bastards, look at him, they are ripping his cock apart Swimmerlad thought to himself as he noticed the device change colour, he felt it move slowly around and through his cock, it was meticulously scanning every millimetre of his sexual organs and the intensity of the pain was outrageous, he felt his restraints tightly pulling his limbs apart and although his speedo strength was shielding some of the pain, the intensity of the moment was diabolical.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Swimmerlad’s screams made Joker so happy.

Joker dared not go near Swimmerlad, Swimmerboy or Robin for fear of losing a finger, and he watched as the three heroes screamed and struggled as their hero mounds gave up their sexual secrets to Scorpio’s systems, Scorpio would know exactly how to stimulate them, edge them, and play their cocks into orgasmic and pleasure worlds and Joker was overjoyed, he loved the capture and torture of meddling heroes and this was so much fun to watch!

Joker screamed over the din and racket of three young heroes in agony “Impressive Scorps, love your dominance of these beautiful young men, do you think that Robin will succumb, he has quite the strong will and Batman has developed a sexual dynamo of a sidekick!”

Scorpio was confident, he yelled too! “Oh, I think so, Orgasmo and Electro’s systems are thorough, as you can see, we will squeeze it out of him and once his little pleasure probe has been planted into his brain, he will be a new man. Boy Wonder reacted to the Aphrodisium nicely, I would say the drugs might be similar to what Batman was using on him all that time. He will become a sexual dynamo to match Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad!”

The process started to conclude, and Robin was left dazed and slumped, his body covered in a sheen of sweat and his bulge twitched and oozed his juices. His wavy hair stuck to his forehead and his legs shuddered and convulsed, his body remained tightly stretched.

Swimmerboy was covered in sweat, his speedos drenched and clung to his snaking cock. He murmured and lolled his head from side to side. Joker touched Swimmerboy’s bulge, and the hero flinched in pain.

“Oh, still a bit sensitive Swimmerboy?” Joker jumped for joy, “looks like the operation was a success! I’ll order some flowers and have them sent to your room with a ‘get well’ soon card!” Joker toyed with Swimmerboy’s legs, pretending to give the beautiful young hero a massage.

Swimmerboy could only look up with his eyes, his body felt the drain, that had been a powerful sapping on his strength, and he could only imagine what the Boy Wonder must have endured. He glanced to see that his speedo pouch and bulge were in one piece, the nylon garment still cupped his cock delightfully, and the roundness of his male beauty was thankfully intact, he still sported a cracking beautiful package, satisfied, he glanced to see Robin trembling, his body exhausted, and to the opposite side of him, he could see Swimmerlad’s head resting on his chest, his speedo thong saturated and clinging to his penis and balls so beautifully. Scorpio had the sexy hero toys exactly where he wanted them, helpless and defeated, once more filling with cum, he was looking forward to milking them again and he planned a long and delicious pleasure session to inaugurate and consecrate Robin into his erotic world, but was undecided whether to hold a private milking for Joker to enjoy or whether to allow a more public display of Robin’s first externally controlled orgasm. He wanted three huge loads of cum and he just loved the way his heroes oozed their pre-cum for his hours of erotic indulgence, their torture was just beginning, and he planned to hand them to MantaRay and his goons, MantaRay had been kind enough to hide the Joker Jet and he had been waiting patiently, he was ready to enjoy his revenge on Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad.

But Robin’s ordeal was not complete.

Scorpio, let the Boy Wonder rest for a while, all three of the heroes had been stimulated sufficiently, he had enjoyed their cries of agony as the AI scanned their bulges, their files were being processed and Scorpio ran his fingers across Robin’s chest, the athletic hero was a perfectly formed young god and Scorpio was so pleased with his new god-like toy. Mmmm Boy Wonder will look just delicious in a pair of his green Robin Speedos that Joker stole from the Bat Cave, I will leave his mask on and he will look so sexual as he writhes in delicious sensation, he will feel the power of my systems as they molest his cock. Scorpio was having all sorts of sexy thoughts, he had some interesting plans, and they required the addition of a minute piece of tech that proved its investment during the Milk Bar extravaganza, Robin’s brain would receive the newly created, multi-channel pleasure probe, it would attach to his brain and its tendrils would access regions of his brain allowing him access to the pleasure control systems that Scorpio so loved to enjoy. Now that his mapping was complete and the files were processing, he needed to patch the Boy Wonder into the control system of the compound and he would experience, the richness and vast array of sensation that Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad could be exposed to, he could access the vistas of erotic fantasy that Orgasmo’s drugs could mine in the minds of Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy and if the new chip performed as planned, Robin’s own sexual fantasy could, would become accessible.

Robin looked down across his heaving body, he had been breathing deeply for fifteen minutes following the agonising laser array had retracted back into the roof, he surveyed his bulge, they had sliced and diced it, well it had felt like that, it had delved deep into the flesh of his penis and he felt the sensation buzzing in his balls, he looked at his lycra clad bulge, he was frustrated, he needed to grab it and squeeze it, he needed to deal with the sensations buzzing deep within his pouch, deep inside his testicles. He struggled as his strength started to return and he looked across to watch the two speedo clad heroes struggling too.

“How are you doing boys? Your files are processing, and your control systems are upgrading as we speak.” Scorpio looked smug as he surveyed the three young writhing heroes.

“One more step for Robin!”

Swimmerlad thrashed as best he could, he was still stretched tightly, but the hip clamps had retracted, and he was fee to twist and turn and thrust his body. “Fuck you Scorpio, we will always resist your torture and pleasure devices!”

“Yes, I expect so Swimmerlad!” Scorpio replied, he looked at Robin as he continued. “That little mapping session cost them forty percent of their Speedo power Robin, but it is creating litres of cum. You might feel a little strange in your balls, your system will be responding to the torture too, your little mapping array has invigorated the serum and your boy balls are responding! I intend to milk you Robin, but not right away and we will see how your delicious young athletic body responds. I expect you will spurt for quite a while, your jism will flow and gush.”

Robin thrashed violently!

“You bastard! Fuck you!” he spat toward Scorpio as he vainly struggled.

But the villain was un-phased.

Scorpio motioned toward Nylon who was standing ready at the controls of the Play Set.

“If you will please Nylon!”

Nylon enjoyed himself as he ran his finger across the touch control and Robin’s Play Set bondage device began to roll his body backward and soon Robin’s feet were facing the ceiling and his head was at the perfect level for the insertion.

Lycra gave the gun to Joker as Scorpio motioned for the master villain to come across and do the honours.

Scorpio held Robin’s handsome face and his head in his hands as he looked his writhing captive over.

Robin looked through his mask into Scorpio’s face, he was leaning over him.

“No Scorpio, I beg you, I won’t become your erotic toy!” Robin’s face screwed up as the anger rushed through his veins, he could hear Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad as they pulled violently trying to free themselves. But they were all futile.

Scorpio played with the locks of Robin’s wavy hair, “Your so fucking sexy Boy Wonder, you’re going to love what this little baby can do, your mind and body will twist and turn; your pleasure will be outrageous, much more refined than Batman’s efforts to enjoy you, in fact once this little puppy is firmly embedded in your brain, you will crave and desire like a horny bull, and Orgasmo will fill you with his delicious chemicals to take you to the world of erotica.

“Fuck you!” Robin spat at Scorpio!

“That will be paid for Robin!” said Scorpio, “Joker, would you like to do the honours, Robin is your catch, it’s only fair.”

With that Scorpio lifted Robin’s head by violently his hair and pointed to the spot that Joker had to rest the gun. Right at the top of Robin’s spine, the probe would work its way to the pleasure centre of Boy Wonder’s brain and its tendrils would extend to different regions ensuring the hero’s mind would be ensnared completely.

“Nooooooooooooo, please no!” Screamed Swimmerlad as he watched them play with the helpless Boy Wonder.

But the sound of the powerful implement screamed around The Lounge as Robin’s body twisted in agony; his cries filled the room. The probe had been successfully deployed and soon the Boy Wonder would be integrated into the speedo control systems, a new toy to enjoy and dominate.

Joker blew the end of the surgical gun like he would an old western style pistol.

“Not enough blood for me!” Joker placed his index finger on Robin’s cheek, Robin was still screwing his face up in pain as the probe made its evil way toward his brain.

“Nghhhhhhhh, Aghhhhhhhhh, Nghhhhhhhh” Robin thrust his head from side to side, vainly trying to free himself from their diabolical play time. But his attempts were futile.

Nylon was wet with excitement, he was getting off on Swimmerboy’s bondage so much, Orgasmo had been working on Nylon’s sexual responses and he had been further conditioned to desire Swimmerboy. He loved the whole scene though, and he enjoyed himeself as he used the Play Set controls to return Robin back up to face the other two helpless heroes.

“Are you ok Robin?” Swimmerlad did his best to lean toward Robin, but his bondage was secure.

Swimmerboy struggled vainly, he looked at Robin, he was so turned on by the Boy Wonder, “We’re here Robin, talk to us!”

Robin stirred his head lolling around, “Wha, what just happened?” he was dazed and was showing signs of traumatic amnesia, he had somehow blocked out the probe’s insertion. “Fuck my head hurts!”

“That will pass my delicious hero!” Electro had arrived at the central ring of the Play Set.

“Scorpio as High Priest demands your cum gentlemen,” Electro did enjoy helpless heroes, “…he will have your juices extracted later tonight, and as he has decreed litres of your cum heroes, your torture must therefore continue, your cum production will enhance your pleasure later, so you will be taken to an intimate torture theatre, just ten men will enjoy your suffering today, Your speedo strength will be drained and Robin will be sufficiently tortured to the edge of his life. Your bodies will writhe for MantaRay and his chosen guests, gentlemen and your bodies will produce litres of jism especially after your recent upgrade to the Speedo AI; your High Priest demands it!” Electro laughed as he looked into each of their defiant eyes, they thrashed and pulled as MantaRay’s goons, Remora and Sucker arrived along with Biff and Thunder. They had their ropes ready for the transfer.

Electro engaged the personalised emitters disabling Swimmerboy first, Swimmerboy was ejected from the device and catapulted to the centre of the Play Set ring, and Biff and Thunder went about tying Swimmerboy’s arms behind his back. The emitters kept him groggy as he struggled inside Biff’s strong grip. Biff was wearing his signature wrestling speedos and Remora stood behind Biff and Swimmerboy, as MantaRay’s personal henchmen, he would supervise the transfer to the theatre.

Swimmerlad was ejected next immediately as his personal emitter array, blasted him with powerful bolts of reverse speedo power, it was Sucker’s turn to supervise Thunder, wearing his signature royal blue wrestling speedos.

Remora and Sucker were named by MantaRay, they represent the parasitical fish that service Manta Rays and other large marine creatures, they were MantaRay’s personal assistants, loyal and devoted. They were wearing their normal bright Haywain boardshorts and their tight T shirts. Remora wore white with a large R and Sucker wore a tight black shirt with a huge white S on the front.

Sucker supervised Thunder as he held Swimmerlad struggling and groggy, he looked spectacular and erotic in his speedo thong as he twisted trying to muster his speedo strength.

Robin catapulted next, he did not need any form of containment control, he was weak and exhausted as he writhed on the floor in a dazed state. Nylon dragged the Boy Wonder up and puffed a white mist from an atomiser under Robin’s nose as soon as he was safely secured like Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. Robin jumped to attention and started to struggle, but his bonds were secure, and Nylon had the young crime fighter held securely.

Joker laughed and looked to Nylon, “See I told you Nylon, a little of my revitalize drug always wakes them up and revitalizes them.” Joker turned his attention to the struggling Boy Wonder, “Right as rain aren’t you boy!” Joker grabbed Robin by the shoulders and shook him, he burst out laughing, “Hey Boy Wonder, I told my doctor I wanted to stop aging, he gave me a gun!” Ha ha ha ha, Joker was in a great mood! “Hey, I’d hate to be a giraffe with a sore throat, Ha ha ha.”

Robin looked at Joker suspiciously, he had seen him in this hyper state before on different occasions, the result was always pain!

“Fuck you Joker!” Robin spat as he struggled.

Time to go birdy boy, big MantaRay has some interesting toys and I think you might need some more of my revitalize once his session is complete, hopefully you will feel your new huge cum load form as the next hours unfold, Scorps has invited me to your torture today and tonight’s little milking session.

“Off you boys go now, chop, chop don’t keep the master waiting” Joker threw Robin around to face the exit and slapped his arse. Mr Fishy Rayeee thingee has booked your afternoons up.” Joker jumped up and down and looked at Scorpio. “I just love this joint Maaaaate!” Joker tried his aussie accent again as he danced toward Scorpio.

They pushed Swimmerboy first, followed by Robin and then Swimmerlad, the three heroes stumbled and jolted out of the lounge to the gasps of the waiting groupies outside, they looked delicious and erotic as they stumbled toward their afternoon’s fate. Three bound heroes flanked by big sexy henchmen; it was magnificent sight as they made their way to the intimate theatre of pain. Their upgrade mapping session in the play set had been broadcast throughout the compound and the bunch of hungry acolytes and horny villains with their henchmen were in awe.

Kyle had watched the upgrade while enjoying Hunter’s big, long erection, he had licked Hunter like a lollypop throughout the session while they watched from Hunter’s quarters. Hunter still had a huge Swimmerlad crush, even with the introduction of Robin so they were looking forward to the evening, proud to have been given a special invitation to the pleasure session. They hoped that Miles would be there, that would be so much fun.

The band of heroes arrived at the venue, Joker was a little way behind them, throwing jokes to his new set of fans and signing autographs as he made his way through the public area toward the next venue of pain.

Remora checked the party, he had three of the most beautiful and sexy heroes alive in a conga line ready for the entrance, MantaRay was a hard taskmaster, and he ran a tight ship, his two ‘attendants’ were always looking to please their boss and service his every need. “Looking good boys, Nylon and Lycra could you do the honours and arrange our boys, so they look their best. Nylon smiled, he was not happy being given a direction by Remora, but hey the job was so delicious, he could not resist.

Swimmerboy looked down, his body under the influence of the emitter array made him groggy and unsteady but he was well aware of Nylon’s attention to his speedo bulge. Nylon ensured Swimmerboy’s cock was perfectly positioned, his balls were fastened in the special gusset in the garment which pushed his junk upward and pronounced it. “Your cock head is just perfect” Nylon stated as he brushed his palm over Swimmerboy’s beautiful nylon bulge. Swimmerboy looked down, he did look beautiful my bulge is beautiful, he has made the light nylon fold to the sides and they will feast on me looking this hot Swimmerboy thought as he struggled and twisted trying to free his body.

Robin was feeling the effects of the Play Set as the Revitalize started to wear off, he was weakened and unable to break the strong bonds Biff and Thunder arranged Robin’s balls and penis inside Robin’s green bulging hero mound and Biff stole a quick lick of the delicious mound. “I’ve had a crush on you for ages Robin!” He said as he looked up into the struggling hero’s eyes. “You are going to drive me wild with lust this afternoon.”

“Fuck you!” Robin tried in vain to break the ropes, but it was useless.

Lycra had Swimmerlad in his grip by now, he had been programmed to desire the hero and attend to him. He pulled Swimmerlad’s thong tighter and ensured his packaged genitalia looked a sumptuous meal as the sexy thin nylon gathered to produce a mound so inviting and breathtaking that Lycra could not resist. He licked Swimmerlad, worshiping the underside of the hero’s bulge with devoted attention, his fingers exploring the warmth between Swimmerlad’s tight buttocks and the tight nylon fabric pulled against Swimmerlad’s body, it was an erotic turn on for Lycra. “Yum Swimmerlad!”

Swimmerlad did his best to release his bulge from Lycra’s devotion but was distracted by the door swooshing open and MantaRay standing there motioning for them to enter. Lycra stood up immediately and pushed Swimmerlad toward his waiting fate and MantaRay smiled as Lycra entered the theatre with Swimmerlad, “I don’t blame you Lycra!” MantaRay gushed as his play toys arrived.

They were immediately on the semi-circle stage and a single row of ten specially appointed seats were arranged around the curved stage. The chair in the middle was vacant, Joker would take the centre seat. The gentlemen stirred once the hero’s arrived, they sat to attention as three of the worlds sexiest superheroes were marched in for their viewing pleasure.

“Oh yeah” “Fuck me!” “Beautiful’ were just a few of the words being used from the nine super horny voyeurs in the selected audience as the dynamic trio were taken to their places on the stage.

Restraints appeared on the floor and Swimmerboy was taken to the centre set, they stretched his legs and clasped his ankles. Nylon stood holding Swimmerboy as Lycra led Swimmerlad to the set to Swimmerboy’s left, Swimmerlad was spread and clasped and like Swimmerboy, his arms were still tied behind his back as Lycra stood holding the hero, grabbing his hair and forcing him to look at the audience. Robin was pushed struggling to set of restraints to Swimmerboy’s right. Biff did the honours for Robin and ensured the Boy Wonder was secured in his grip and looking at his captors.

Joker danced in behind the display of hero.

“Hi Boys!” no one knew if he was addressing the audience or the displayed writhing heroes.

He walked around the front of the stage and motioned behind him toward the three captives.

“Now I don’t want to steal MantaRay’s show but just couldn’t resist the chance to say hi, everyone in Gotham sends their love, ha ha ha ha ha!” Joker was having a wow of a time. He walked over to Robin, cupped the Boy Wonder’s face but looked back toward the audience and MantaRay “Got a joke for yer-all! Robin walks into a bar, sorry, said that wrong, oopsie, CROWBAR – thirty- or forty-times ha ha ha ha ha.” Joker slapped Robin and gripped his cheeks… “Soooo beautiful this little birdy, but a little shit! Time to torture!” He pushed Robin’s head backward forcefully as he took a serious demeanour walking back toward his centre chair.

Joker motioned for MantaRay to continue.

Three collars descended from the above the stage and they were placed around each of the hero’s necks while a central pole ascended from the floor behind each of the heroes. Their bound arms were lifted painfully backward toward the clasp on their pole and the collars were pulled upward leaving the restrained hero struggling for breath, the emitters powered down when Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were safely rendered helpless. Three delicious bodies and their sexy garments made them irresistibly sexual as they fought to keep air into their lungs and as they vainly struggled in the imposing bondage, legs stretched and arms pully painfully backward.

The audience stood to clap and applaud the sumptuous display of helpless sexual beauty presented to them.

“You will have plenty of time to enjoy these wonderous heroes’ gentlemen!” MantaRay walked in front of them prancing in his tight shiny grey suit, he was a well-built thug that had made it big in the underworld and he had a score to set with the meddling Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy; they had infiltrated his east coast operations too many times and as he walked past Swimmerlad, he stopped and caressed the mighty hero’s straining chest.

“You might need to get that sore throat looked at Swimmerlad!”

Swimmerlad could not speak, the collar pulled his body tightly upward, the collars, like all the restraints used in the Speedo compound were speedo strengthened alloy and no match for either mighty hero, even at full speedo power.

“Such beauty gentlemen! Sexual, he is a blonde bombshell of a hero, and I bet thousands of people masturbate just thinking of him. He is yours to enjoy with me tonight! Now Scorpio’s systems tell me he has about fifty five percent speedo power remaining, they have had a little play time on the Play Set earlier today when they met their new playmate, Scorpio gave them all a lovely speedo bulge mapping that sapped Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, didn’t he Joker? Needless to say, we will torture the remaining power from them and give Scorpio three reservoirs of hero juice to milk!” MantaRay caressed Swimmerlad’s tight exposed buns as he walked behind the hero, bent down and licked the edges of Swimmerlad’s buttocks. “Yum perfect boy!” he composed himself as he licked his lips and walked around Swimmerlad, his hands caressing Swimmerlad’s lats and abs. “As I said, this boy is sexual!”

Swimmerlad tried his best to respond “Ughhh! Cu n tttt!” He pulled on each of his leg restraints, but his actions only served to make the divine bondage so much more erotic.

“I captured him once after he attempted to thwart my ‘special’ trade interests and proceeded to torture the life out of him.” You remember don’t you Swimmerlad?” MantaRay cupped Swimmerlad’s tender speedo thong bulge as he spoke, causing the hero to whine and struggle.

Swimmerlad’s struggles affected his ability to breathe so he had no choice but to keep as still as he could. His moan was all he could muster.

“Anyway, to cut a long story short Swimmerboy rescued his boyfriend from a shocking torture, and I have wanted revenge ever since. Now when I subscribed to Speedoflix, I knew I just had to join the merry band of hero worshippers and well, here we are!”

MantaRay moved across to Swimmerboy. He ran his hands over Swimmerboy’s buns and then moved to Swimmerboy’s bulge, he caressed the hero’s meaty offering as Swimmerboy did his best to breathe in the restrictive bondage. He couldn’t look down as the collar pulled his head upward, stretching his beautiful body.

MantaRay kept caressing Swimmerboy’s package as he addressed the hero and the crowd. “Here he is, Mr Saviour, the thief, he rescued and stole my prize possession, Swimmerlad was so sexy as he thrashed in the slowly rising pool of electrified water, it took Swimmerboy hours, but he worked the clues and rescued Swimmerlad just before he expired. Such a hero! Such a sexy fool!”

Swimmerboy tried his wrist restraints, but he was helpless and feeling the pain of the stretch, he tried to respond but the collar pulled his neck tightly, he managed a muffled “ughh!” MantaRay’s sting was clear, and he so enjoyed his revenge.

“So, this is how it will go hero boy! Swimmerlad is going to be tied in a similar device, the glass chamber will provide us all a perfect view of his torture. Yes, the water will slowly fill, and yes it will send jolts of electricity through the water to shock his body, it will fill fast enough, but slow enough for us to enjoy the show! Now Swimmerboy here will have Swimmerlad’s torture in hand or should I say in bulge.” MantaRay addressed the audience and Swimmerboy, “…Swimmerboy will be centre stage, electro-tortured for our viewing pleasure, his body will writhe in pain for our enjoyment, now, stay with me! As Swimmerboy’s speedo strength begins to drain, Swimmerlad’s electro torture in the rising water will increase in synch with the lowering levels of Swimmerboy’s speedo strength. So, you Swimmerboy will need to ration your strength as we torture your delicious body, but that will only extend your torture, oh what a dilemma! You will both be punished as the afternoon progresses. Imagine all the cum we’ll create for your milking tonight, ha ha ha ha!” MantaRay so enjoyed sharing his diabolical plans.

Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy did their best to muffle cries and break their bonds, but the collars tightened as they thrashed.

MantaRay then walked over to the Boy Wonder. Robin was gasping for breath, his body convulsed in the diabolical presentation bondage system and he was outraged by the diabolical show that MantaRay had planned for his guest’s enjoyment.

“And this little piggy...” MantaRay examined the Boy Wonder, “…is just too delicious to leave out from all the fun! So Blunder Boy you my delicious cum bucket, will be tied unforgivingly above a vat of heating water, it will get nice and steamy as the torture progresses, you will be electro tortured too, can’t leave you out of the fun and as Swimmerboy’s speedo strength depletes, your torture will ramp up a notch in line with Swimmerlad’s increase, but your body will also drop closer and closer to the heating water, by the end of the session, boiling bubbles of water will be licking your bat buns of steel. You will be screaming as your body is electrocuted and you will have to keep as still as possible when you get closer to the boiling water. You’ll see the huge heating element at the base of the water reservoir, it will be glowing orange, but I’m sure you’ll feel the heat of the steam as it cooks you and the deadly tendrils of bubbling water as they bubble below your descending beautiful body!”

Robin pulled on his bonds, but he was tightly restrained in the unforgiving bondage, he could feel MantaRay’s fingers caressed his lycra clad package. “Ughh!” Robin twisted his shoulders in a vain escape attempt, but that only caused the collar to dig deeper into his neck and his tight suit clung to his body displaying his ripping athletic muscles as they twitched and trembled in the strain. He also felt his balls reacting to his mapping ordeal, the serum was starting to work, and his testicles were buzzing as they transformed into the mighty jism production centre of his body.

MantaRay moved to centre stage in front of the struggling Swimmerboy, spun around and held out his arms toward his three struggling captives before turning to his horny audience, looking each person in the eye, one by one.

“Three delicious boys to torture! Remember you’re creating a bevy of hero cum as their bodies writhe in agony!” MantaRay produced several hand-held devices, personal and diabolical shocking devices and he looked at his selected horny audience. “These are yours to play with, gentlemen, Swimmerboy and Robin are fair game, the more you torture them, the more they scream and their loads of cum will continue to build and for Swimmerlad, select the big red ‘BOOST’ button to supercharge Swimmerlad’s restraints with delicious electricity. A win, win for all! Ha ha ha ha!”

“I shall have my revenge Swimmerboy, and you will feel my sting as you try and keep your gorgeous mates safe, it will be such a difficult choice. Scream heroes, scream.” His laugh was diabolical and hearty.

“Set up the devices! Fire up the emitters, can’t be too careful boys, can we?”

Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy twisted and turned as best they could in the restrictive bondage. Their bodies twisted in agony as the emitters sent reverse speedo strength through their limbs shooting from their speedo bulges, disabling them with their own power. It was a diabolical design and MantaRay was finally getting his revenge.

The rear of the stage opened, and the empty glass reservoir emerged, it had no water in it yet and the glass container locked into place. They dropped Swimmerlad’s collar allowing him to try and keep his composure as he gasped for delicious air, they released his ankle restraints and unclipped his arms, forcing him toward his waiting fate, the glass doors unlocked and opened like an entrance to a building foyer. Swimmerlad struggled and fought against Remora and Sucker’s strong arms, but in his weakened state his resistance was returned with powerful thrusts toward his glass torture chamber. He was thrust inside by Remora, who attached Swimmerlad’s restraints leaving the beautiful blonde hero striving to free himself from his spreadeagled position facing the audience. Remora cupped Swimmerlad’s bulge he felt the beauty of this god of a young man he ignored how Swimmerlad was writhing in pain, the emitters were unforgiving, and his cock was still reeling from his speedo mapping upgrade. Remora then left the container allowing the glass doors to slide shut and seal.

“No, no, please no, you have me torture me, but leave them, it’s me you want MantaRay!” Swimmerlad’s vain attempts to save Robin and Swimmerboy were ignored. He was once again tied helpless for their enjoyment and writhing and struggling as he kept testing his bonds.

To the left of the stage a shallow pool emerged, it too was made of glass so that patrons could see the heating element, there were four restraining poles each with a titanium locking device. The pool was full of water and the heating element glowed orange at its base, the water was starting to form little currents and eddies as the heating element continued to charge the water like a slow electric jug.

“A watched pot never boils Boy Wonder!” MantaRay was having a wow of a time.

“Let’s get this birdy ready to be cooked! Remora and Sucker we also having a fabulous time, they now had the chance to manhandle the famous Robin, half of the dynamic duo were theirs to play with and the afternoon was turning out simply fine!

The Collar lowered allowing the Boy Wonder his chance to breathe again. Robin spat out a huge wad of spit toward his captors as he gasped for breath and struggled. His body gave little resistance though, he had endured the long journey in the meat delivery van and tantalised sexually, he had been tortured on the Play Set, had his Robin bulge mapped and a diabolical pleasure probe was burying itself inside the pleasure regulation centres of his brain. He was now about to be electro tortured over a vat of death.

Nylon and Lycra arrived to help with Robin’s installation. While Biff and Thunder stood ready to ensure the restraints were expertly locked. Robin struggled and twisted, crying out as they positioned his beautiful body inside the torture array. Biff ensure that his wrists were secured and at the same time Thunder took care to the ankle restraints. The Boy Wonder’s installation took several minutes but he was safely stretched above the swirling vat of heating water.

“You fucking fiends!” Robin lifted his head and addressed the horny audience as he pulled on each of the restraints.

“Tighten him up boys!” MantaRay approached the helpless crime fighter as Robin began to scream, the bondage mercilessly pulling his limbs tighter, slowly tighter, slowly tighter.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh ughhhhh” Robin was helplessly stretched two feet above the swirling water as whisps of steam started to rise. The water looked orange with the heating element switching on and off at the base of the glass reservoir.

MantaRay looked at his delicious young captive.

“You’re going to manufacture a wad of cum boy, you better hope this gets results because if your system doesn’t respond to your little treatment earlier today, who knows what Scorpio and Joker will do to punish you, so you can thank me for helping you out today.” MantaRay toyed with Robin’s head, he was standing behind the delicious hero, surveying Robin’s body, deliciously stretched over the heating water.

“Fuck off MantaRay, fucking deviate!” Robin twisted and looked down over his shoulder to see the element glowing on and off as it slowly kept the water heating below his stretched body.

Centre stage became the centre of attention following Robin’s installation.

The stage floor opened behind Swimmerboy, he was still gasping for breath, his breathing had become laboured and strained, his body twitched and trembled as the unforgiving collar dragged him tightly inside his bondage. Behind Swimmerlad the X shaped device arose from the floor, it shone in the powerful lights and glimmered as the device slowly arose with a slight humming noise of the motors whirred bring the torture device to centre stage.

There was a loud locking sound as the device came to rest centre stage.

Swimmerboy’s bondage array turned slowly and although his head was being pulled diabolically upward, he was able to look downward with his eyes, he could also see Swimmerlad struggling inside his torture reservoir.

“This Swimmerboy is the Seat of Power! A delicious device that will send voltage through your restrained body, delicious speedo power draining energy will caress every pore on your beautiful body. Your torture will be inescapable, and you will scream, feel free to scream, my friends here will probably cream their pants over and over as they watch you torture your buddies!”

Swimmerboy muffled a scream, he was still being attacked by the emitters and his body trembled in the unforgiving bondage.

“I wonder how long you keep up your strength hero boy, because my friends here all share my rage, they share my fascination with pain, with sexy heroes writhing in pain. They will get to enjoy your sexy body while you endure your torture and as your strength depletes, you get to hear Robin scream louder and Swimmerlad will thrash in his pool of electrified water like washing machine agitator on steroids, you will also hear his screams as your body falters.

“Tie Swimmerboy to the Seat of Power!”

MantaRay was beside himself, his revenge was palpable and intense.

Swimmerboy’s collar lowered allowing him to gasp litres of air, delicious oxygen filled his straining lungs, yet his body remained convulsing in the diabolical emitter array. Remora unclasped his arms and the three bondage poles disappeared down into the stage. Swimmerboy was thrust toward the Seat of Power, he did his best to break his bonds and wrench himself free from Sucker’s tight grip as they dragged him and untied his arms from behind his back. Swimmerboy glared his teeth and begged for them to stop but his dire situation was just too erotic for MantaRay and his guests.

The audience stood to watch them throw Swimmerboy to his fate, he hit the machine with force, his head flinging around as they forcefully stretched his arms to the wrist restraints and his powerful legs into the ankle restraints, he was spreadeagled at a forty five degree angle facing the audience, his legs and body spread to display the beauty of his speedo clad loins to the horny audience, his bulge and pouch were presented to them as their sexual offering, his body stretched and displayed as the central erotic powerhouse that would be tortured mercilessly and used as a conduit and power regulator to the torture of Swimmerlad and the Boy Wonder.

Swimmerboy’s struggles, his twisting body created a sense of erotic majesty and as the emitter array powered down, he increased his vain attempts to free his body from the evil device.

“Nggf, aghhhh! Let them go MantRay” Swimmerboy glared at his gloating captor, “You have me where you want me, torture me as much as you like, but leave them, you bastard!” Swimmerboy twisted his body, thrusting his speedo beauty toward the audience.

One villain already has his cock out, stroking his member slowly as he took in the majesty of the torture show about to erupt on the stage. This was the place to be, the theatre of defeat, the theatre where three of the world’s finest young titans, sexual and erotic gods would be tortured for sexual gratification of their captors.

“Lights, cameras, action!” The Joker shot up from his seat, “Wait till they get a hold of this footage! I think my purple speedos are going to get a little stained today! Ha ha ha ha!”

Joker stood and made his way toward Swimmerboy who looked at his tormentor with disdain. Swimmerboy’s muscles flexed and shimmered in the bright lights as MantaRay approach as well. Swimmerboy looked up trying to twist his arms free of the tight restraints his Nylon speedos draped across his beautiful body, the tip of his penis sitting atop of the mountain of male beauty with pride, folds of delicious fabric fanned out from his delicious mound, it was centre stage and sitting perfectly, erotically for the cameras. Joker looked directly into the main camera, he had Swimmerboy writhing and struggling behind him and behind Swimmerboy on the left at the rear, Swimmerlad was stunning as he twisted and turned in his reservoir of pain, his speedo thong was one of the most erotic hero bulges on the planet and he had several camera’s trained on him. To Swimmerlad’s right, Robin, the Boy Tow Wonder writhed atop a heating reservoir of water.

Joker ensured the camera followed him as he turned and knelt in-front of Swimmerboy. He spoke to the camera, but his fingers were caressing the light blue nylon dutifully clinging to Swimmerboy’s cock and balls.

“I’ll be your guest presenter today, dear subscribers, welcome to MantaRay’s little soiree of pain! I just can’t keep my hands off Swimmerboy’s junk, oh he so much sexier in person, so beautiful, look at his mound of delicious meat, zoom in on his bulge boys. The camera zoomed in on Swimmerboy’s twisting body, he is so sexy when he struggles, believe me, I am wet in all the nice places. Anyway, Swimmerboy will be tortured along with his stunning partner, Swimmerlad, and Batman, if riddle me this Riddler is allowing you to stay up late and watch, behind this sexy captive, is Robin, he will be electro tortured soon. You’ll want to stay tuned for all the fun.”

Joker then let the camera pan back as he caressed Swimmerboy’s helplessly stretched body, he licked the speedo mound until Swimmerboy was wet with his Joker saliva. Joker looked to the camera. “You see Batman, we’ve programmed these heroes to create shit loads of cum, you know, Batty Boy, you just love Robin’s cum. After today’s little torture, Robin along with these two delicious speedo clad bombshells will be pleasured, milked slowly of their juices and we will extract litres of their cum. Your wet dream Batman, ha ha ha, we’ll be sure to patch you in Dunder head, when we milk your little birdy…

MantaRay gave the order and the reservoir surrounding Swimmerlad began to fill from two side pipes. It had several inches before it would start to touch Swimmerlad’s feet.

Swimmerboy could feel the Seat of Power begin to warm up beneath him, he thrashed his head desperately seeking an escape for the diabolical array to torture toys they were each set to endure.

Please MantaRay, Joker, please no, please, stop this madness for god’s sake?”

Swimmerboy was ignored as the electricity began to buzz along his spine.

Bird in the Hand… will continue.

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