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Defeat and Domination
Part 18 - Milk Bar - Part Five
By Scorpio

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Milk Bar Part 5

Robin and Mad Hatter are the property of DC Comics and are referred to in this story on a fan basis only.

Deep in Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s erotic fantasies, the heroes and Play Toys experience spectacular realism via each hero’s pleasure stream speedotoothed directly from the Orgasmadroid Altar into the Play Toy’s brain probes. They experience the explosive and explicit screenplay that the Elixir of Eros had stirred inside the ravishingly spectacular Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s minds and bodies.

The fantasies draw Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad closer and closer to an orgasmic defeat stretched out on their Orgasmadroid Altar’s, their beautiful bodies entertain the Milk Bar Patrons.

The Boy Wonder finally touches down and awaits transfer to his fate.

In Swimmerboy’s Robin fantasy

Mad Hatter Stood clapping before he walked toward Robin’s struggling body, he was joined by Milliner and Porkpie, they each approached the Pleasure Frame and its straining captive. Robin looked just perfect, his body was stretched in unforgiving bondage, his athletic body, flexing and flinching as he struggled. Bright lights focused everyone’s attention on his delicious Blunder Boy bulge. His generous cock snaked inside the deliciously stretchy green lycra speedos. Mad Hatter was still clapping as he approached the raging young hero.

“Roll on up Robin! Excellent!” Mad Hatter was very pleased with the initial party game outcome.

Mad Hatter caressed the defiant hero’s face; Robin was in a fighting mood and he thrashed and fought his bonds, putting on a sensually exciting show that only turned his tormentors on more and more. Robin could hear Swimmerboy behind Mad Hatter, Swimmerboy’s moans were filling the play room.

“What are you doing to him Hatter?” The look on Robin’s face was explosive!

“My little pleasure devices are looking after his cock, they are focussing special energy into your speedo-fuck-buddy’s bulge, its reacting with my very special sumptuous potion that we sprayed all over his speedo, he feels just scrumptious right now! Listen to his sighs, his moans, just music aren’t they? Now beautiful boy, I need a big dose of your cum and you’re the winner of our first party game round! Your cum will set off a turbo-charge for Swimmerboy’s pleasure and after we harvest your load, we’ll let you watch as your hot jism coats his bulge and his cries of pleasure will burst and peel around my play room. Then we will play round two and so on. You and Swimmerlad will be milked until you cum dry! So we have hours of party fun ahead and by that time, Swimmerboy’s pleasure will have him on the brink of death. Death by Robin’s cum, Death by Swimmerlad’s cum. So, birdy brain, you came all this way to play with Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, so, let’s play!”

Mad Hatter spun around and pointed to a special plinth rising between Robin’s spread legs. It had a bowler hat positioned on it and the rounded top of the hat began to hinge open as if each half of the top of the hat was on a hinge, climbing out of the hat was a one large version of the three devices shooting their pleasure beams into Swimmerboy’s speedo.

Robin looked at the evil device emerging from the hat and he pulled in his bonds desperately trying to free himself from his impending milking. He looked in desperation, checking each of his restraints but he was helplessly stretched in Mad Hatter’s toy.

“You evil fiend!” Robin’s eyes were focused on the evil looking eye as it snaked out and latched its sights on Robin’s green Lycra speedo. It shot a thin red beam that found its mark on the underside of Robin’s generous penis head, which displayed so elegantly in the garment, his hero bulge sat perfectly, invitingly and the three captors watched intently as the beam began fan out, it took in Robin’s entire bulge and the masked delicious hero felt his mound fill with indescribably, inescapable, and sumptuous pleasure energy. All his training in the bat cave, was for nothing! Somehow Mad Hatter had bypassed his mind and control techniques that he had been taught. His cock was exploding, filling, and overflowing with exceptional sensation.

“May I boss?” Milliner smiled at Robin’s straining face and then toward Mad Hatter, he was gloating and savouring the beauty of Robin in a state of carnal defeat. “Oh yes, just a little squeeze!”

The smile on Milliner’s depraved facial expression was priceless. The very touch of Milliner’s fingers on Robin’s bulge sent Robin into a crazed flurry of moans and sighs. Robin’s cock was instantly rock-fucking-hard. So hard it was painful.

“That pleasure has been banked Robin. Your cock and balls, your delicious little green speedo are containers, oh look, your precum is oozing!” Robin was engrossed in the seething, pounding delicious pleasure, he had no defences, he was captive to Mad Hatter’s sexual toys.

Mad Hatter scooped up the clear boy juice as Robin threw his head around in abandon. He could feel a majestic orgasm stirring! Mad Hatter licked his fingers. “Mmmmm nice and sweet Blunder Boy, I bet the Bat just loved extracting that from you in your Bat Cave ‘training sessions’. But all that training has done you no good, I mean look at you, you’re in such an erotic state. Now I need your milk boy.

“Milliner will milk you!”

Milliner began his work diligently, his tongue licked Robin from the base of his bulge, he covered every millimetre of Boy Blunders’ pouch. Robin’s body trembled, his delicious moans filled the room and they mixed with Swimmerboy’s growing outbursts as his body writhed in the hat trick of pleasure beams.

Mad Hatter was pleased. “I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Milliner and Porkpie, Robin, I’ll see if you last 10 minutes before your juices explode into my golden fez! We’ll anoint Swimmerboy in your cum from the golden fez!”

Mad Hatter walked around Swimmerboy to Swimmerlad on the other side of the play room. Whisps of the theatrical smoke swirled around as he arrived to enjoy Swimmerlad.

On the other side, behind Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad thrashed inside his Pleasure Frame, it had started glowing minutes earlier and Swimmerlad could feel his body being caressed by an invisible force, he felt it as it molested him, fondled him.

“What in fuck’s name is going on? Leave them alone Mad Hatter, just have me! I’ll do whatever you like, just stop their torment?”

“Oh, nice try Swimmerlad!” Mad Hatter moved in to play with Swimmerlad’s heaving abs. Swimmerlad was breathing heavily, and his body twisted and turned in his tight bondage, his worn orange nylon speedos draped deliciously over his manhood, it created waves of sensual fabric that fanned out across his speedo pouch. He looked erotic, he sounded erotic, his handsome good looks, his awesome body flexing and writhing, and his beautiful speedo package was exquisite, needless to say, Mad Hatter enjoyed toying with him.

Enjoy my little personal pleasure assistant Swimmerlad. I can’t have you bored while we milk Robin, We’ll play pass the parcel again soon, and hopefully it will be your turn to be milked very soon, Mmmm I’ll look forward to those delicious nylon threads draped on you beautiful body becoming all wet and cummy!”

Swimmerlad thrashed in his bonds. “You fucking bastard! You’ll fucking pay!”

Mad Hatter ignored the defiant response from Swimmerlad.

“So while you wait your turn, I want to introduce you to the assistant!”

Swimmerlad’s Pleasure Frame was glowing orange and he looked around the device looking for an avenue of escape, but it was useless.

“Hey Jizzi” were Mad Hatter’s next words.

The Pleasure Frame pulsed as Jizzi came to life.

A very happy jovial male voice erupted from speakers built into the rounded device circling its captive. “Welcome to Jizzi, yes Mad Hatter, what may I do for you?”

Mad Hatter seemed to ignore Swimmerlad as he talked to the assistant.

“Are you enjoying fondling Swimmerlad?”

“Yes Mad Hatter, very much so! He has a very beautiful penis; his balls are generous, and his speedo feels erotic in my virtual hands!”

The invisible force was caressing Swimmerlad’s most private sexual regions, and it used powerful energy to caress and squeeze Swimmerlad.

Mad Hatter continued “Hey Jizzi!”

“Yes Mad Hatter” was the assistant’s response.

“Infuse Swimmerlad’s loins with whisps of pleasure as you fondle him, make him moan for me!”

Swimmerlad looked at Mad Hatter in a rage, he was helpless to escape the machine and then he felt the sumptuous energy embrace him and infuse his manhood, he felt the light nylon fabric of his delicious speedo come to life, its power was inescapable, and he let out a deep guttural moan.

“Fffffffffffffffffffffffffff uuuuuuuuuuuuuu ck me!”

Swimmerlad tried to raise the assistant.

“H H H Hey Jjj izzy!”

The assistant ignored him!

Mad Hatter stood laughing and watching the sumptuous hero writhe slowly and deliberately in pleasure, “Another nice try! Jizzi only responds to specific inflections in my voice or Milliner’s or Porkpie’s voice, did you think we were that stupid? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Mad Hatter raised the Assistant one more time before he left Swimmerlad he wanted to watch Robin’s first orgasm of the session. The room was filled with the sounds of deep, delicious sexual tones, each hero enthralled in their own little adventure of pleasure.

“Hey Jizzi!” Mad Hatter’s voice became evil and determined.

“Yes Mad Hatter!”

“Extend two of your virtual fingers into Swimmerlad’s arse, play with his prostrate, I want him thrilled into a frenzy, I think, it will be his turn to be milked next!”

The personal assistant complied without hesitation and Swimmerlad’s delicious moans joined with the discord of sounds filling pleasure room. His body wracked in beautiful sensation as he watched Mad Hatter walk toward Robin on the opposite side of his writhing boyfriend on the centre bondage table.

Robin was a mass of oozing precum, his face screwed up in delight, his raging hardon was stretching his lycra speedos, and Porkpie held the Golden Fez in anticipation. The hat was made from gold and it was a hefty piece of kit! it was an extravagant toy and Mad Hatter intended to use it for all it was worth. Robin’s and Swimmerlad’s juices would be collected as they spurted their cum in outrageous orgasmic delight and then the milked hero would be forced to watch as their hot sticky juices were applied to Swimmerboy’s bulge and as Swimmerboy’s body thrashed in the turbocharged pleasure brought on by their cum deposit, bringing Swimmerboy closer and closer to a majestic and almost deadly orgasm.




“Did the Bat teach you the delicious harmonies of sexual enjoyment Robin? You’re such a beautiful and virile young man and you do sound just as sumptuous as your cock fills with orgasmic pleasure!”

Mad Hatter ordered Porkpie to his position and he bent down, rubbing Milliner on his shoulders, Milliner looked across to see his boss’s beaming face, Milliner was coated in Robin’s juices and it was his que to move away from Robin’s heaving green hero pouch. Mad Hatter then looked up into wide eyes of Robin, the Boy Wonder was just entering his orgasm. Mad Hatter grasped the drenched fabric of Robin’s hero pouch, he felt the heat radiating out and Robin’s rock hard magnificent dick as it stretched the lycra erotically, Mad Hatter gripped hard and pushed his left index finder on the base of Robin’s penis head, it was protruding prominently and oozing pre-cum delightfully.

The squeeze sent him over the edge. Robin’ s body shuddered he thrust his hips forward toward Mad Hatter as he knelt before the pleasure racked Boy Blunder and then Robin screamed.



Mad Hatter had not let go and he gripped Robin’s hot throbbing tool pumping the Boy Wonder with vigour and laughter. “Woo there you go! Time to spurt like a fountain, woo boy, Blunder Boy, spurt your love juices for Swimmerboy, he’s been waiting so patiently, give into the Pleasure Frame as it pleasures you, this will be your first, Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Robin’s cum flow was strong and powerful, he had been saving himself for Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, the long flight was a killer, he was so horny the whole journey, he had visions of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad and loved to play with them as they enjoyed their speedo bondage sessions. Batman had somehow conditioned him to enjoy strong bondage fuelled orgasms, all under the guise of ‘training’ but now his training had failed him. He was in the throes of a huge orgasm; he felt the magnificent flows of his juices as they spurted through the filter of his tight green lycra Robin speedos, his juices collecting in the golden fez held by the horny Porkpie.

Robin took several minutes to recover from the burst of delicious defeat, and he hang in his bonds panting; that orgasm had been a carnival of sensation in his loins, he dripped into a golden goblet that had emerged from the base of his Pleasure Frame and as he began to come back to his normal senses, he felt the remorse and anger as he looked across to watch Mad Hatter and his goons stand around Swimmerboy’s central bondage table. Swimmerboy’s moans were mingling with those of Swimmerlad, behind him. Swimmerlad was in the throes of the Assistant as it virtually fondled and fucked him so effortlessly.

Robin felt his speedo pouch tingle as the afterglow of his orgasm dissipated, he then felt the presence of the Assistant, the invisible force beginning to fondle his manhood, he couldn’t believe it, Mad Hatter’s machines were insistent and gave him no respite from the erotic devotion, but his attention was drawn from his own predicament to Swimmerboy writhing and moaning in the powerful lights in the centre of the Hattery Play Room.

Swimmerboy felt the pleasure crawling all over his speedo, his whole pouch, from hip to hip, his speedo pouch V was electric, it buzzed with beautiful caressing shards of pleasure, he looked up, lifting his shoulders and his head to gape intently toward his majestic speedo bulge. It was on fire with spectacular sensation, the hat trick of beams flashed on and off insistently and each dose of pleasure ray made his body sing, his cock was purring, and it took Porkpie’s attention completely. Porkpie looked beautiful, he had perfectly formed muscles and his muscly frame showed off his delicious black speedos to perfection, he looked comical though in his boater hat and black chunky boots, he sported a huge throbbing hard-on, and his cock oozed his man juice.

“I’ll get him hard Mad Hatter!” He volunteered immediately, he had to watch Milliner and Mad Hatter milk Robin, and that made him fucking hot and horny, so horny he was humping the side of Swimmerboy’s bondage table as his eyes devoured the beautiful hero and the sounds of pleasure emanating from Swimmerboy’s erotic thrusting body.

“I think so too, before you explode dear boy!” Mad Hatter was caressing the side of Swimmerboy’s straining face with tender strokes. He looked up toward Porkpie with a satisfied grin appearing on his mouth.

“Get this delicious morsel hard as a fucking rod!”

Mad Hatter returned his gaze toward Swimmerboy’s head, he held it, taking in the soft dark locks of Swimmerboy’s hair, it was moist with sweat, but he gripped his head and forced Swimmerboy to look at him.

“Robin was such a good boy Swimmerboy, he wanted so much to be here, but he is tied up at the moment preparing to give some more of his cum, his love juice is hot and perfect and he wants to share it with you, we’ll milk Swimmerlad soon, but now Robin’s cum will turbocharge your pleasure, his juices will cause the pleasure potion to react in unbelievable ways and I’m just warning you, you might black out for second or two as Robin’s boy juices fucking explode on your bulge. But you’ll be fine, you’ll get used to the increased pleasure and then we’ll play pass the speedo parcel again and spin the Swimmerboy in a frenzy of fun and when the music stops, we’ll milk the next winner so we can pleasure you my sweet boy to the next level of your defeat.”

“Fu F F F Fuck y… ou” Swimmerboy’s mouth was trembling, his eyes wide and crazed as he looked into Mad Hatter’s gloating face.

“Get to work Porkpie!” Mad Hatter turned his gaze to the horny goon.

Porkpie felt the warmth of the hat trick of beams and his hungry fingers explored every piece of Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch, Porkpie let out a deep sexual sigh as his hand cupped and fondled the beauty of Swimmerboy’s sumptuously inviting bulge, he felt the snaking penis, its head, he enjoyed feeling the warmth of the hero’s balls and the way Swimmerboy, moved so erotically in response to his touch. Porkpie could no longer resist, his tongue was drawn to the bulge, he was mesmerised by the beauty of the mass of penis encased in the wet nylon, he worshiped the hero vigorously.

Swimmerboy moaned deeply, he could see Mad Hatter’s evil beaming face and as he looked toward his speedo, he could see the top of Porkpie’s head as his mouth worked his penis expertly. His cock filled with blood, spurred on by a recipe of Porkpie’s lashing tongue and a powerful blast from the evil hat trick of pleasure rays.

Porkpie stood up, his face beaming with satisfaction, he had just consumed one of the most sought-after hero bulges on the planet and he was triumphant. He oozed precum from his own speedo as he shook his body, coming to grips with powerful erotic sensations as he watched Swimmerboy writhing with a massive rock-hard cock encased in the wet nylon fabric.

“Magic, well done Porkpie!” Mad Hatter used one hand to stroke Swimmerboy’s raging meat, his other hand gripped Swimmerboy’s hair forcing him to look toward his speedo. Swimmerboy’s body was thrusting deliciously, his penis throbbed, and the pleasure felt as though his cock could rip apart. His speedo was singing and vibrating and as the Hat trick of beams fired their next incursion of pleasure sensation and all Swimmerboy could do was to scream out in abandon.


He watched as Porkpie then reached into the golden fez and produced Robin’s love juice, the cum was thick, warm, and milky. He watched as Porkpie smelled the semen as if he were undertaking a wine taste. Porkpie’s smile erupted.

“Nice vintage, you’re going to really enjoy Robin’s love Swimmerboy!”

Porkpie lashed the delicious jiz all over Swimmerboy’s raging bulge and then spread it across the entire speedo pouch.

In the Milk Bar…

Swimmerboy could feel his body tremble and Nathan could feel the sensation as well, back in the Milk Bar, their bodies were thrashing violently, their pre-cum splashing, especially Swimmerboy’s and their unintelligible babble frothed from their mouths.

Back in Swimmerboy’s fantasy…

Robin’s semen was warm and silky, it reacted perfectly to the potion and the hat trick of pleasure rays. Swimmerboy felt the explosion of spectacular sensation as it shot up and down, inside and outside his penis, it was fucking his rock hard cock with ferocious power and his mouth opened wide as he fought Mad Hatter’s strong grip on his hair, he couldn’t speak or utter any sound for seconds that felt like hours and then as he thrust his speedo bulge in abandon, spurting pre-cum his screams rebounding around the Hattery Play room like a sonic boom and his restraints dug into his wrists and ankles as his body pulled violently inside his bondage.

Back in the Milk Bar…

Patrons stood clapping as they watched the symbionts writhing and spraying juices in their erotic dance.

Their attention was also being wooed by Swimmerlad and Tyler, they had only recently re-entered their symbiotic fantasy and their remarkable bodies writhed in synch as jungle fantasy reformed.

In the Zenith Temple in Swimmerlad’s secret erotic jungle

His loincloth thong had absorbed much of the sweet Swimmerboy nectar, his body was covered in Swimmerboy’s juices, like a layer of lotion heating up on his body energising the Sharman’s magic concoction smeared on his body before, and just after he was tied to the Sun Altar, he felt his body crawling with delicious energy, he felt his penis buzzing in wonderful pleasure inside his thin leather thong bulge. The Zenith Temple priests had suspended Swimmerboy above him in an elaborate array of golden ropes facing the Sun Altar, his body also absorbing the powerful rays of the sun, his body filling with outrageous pleasure, Swimmerboy struggled and writhed in a show of erotic magnificence oozing his pre-cum onto Swimmerlad below him, stretched out on the Sun Altar, as he lay helpless.

Swimmerlad could feel his pleasure infest his wet soft leather thong, his bulge pulsed and buzzed as the sun’s rays penetrated and heated his manhood, the pleasure was consuming him as the evil potions infused with, ancient incantations were making his body radiate the pleasure grabbing and filling his entire loincloth thong, his writhing body, the sounds of incredible pleasure oozing from his mouth were becoming incessant.


Swimmerlad’s buttocks squished in the confluence of his own sweet pre-cum syrup and that of Swimmerboy’s juices oozing down on his helpless spread-eagled body bound to the Solar Altar, the entire Altar and its enormously erotic captive were saturated in sacred hero pleasure juice.

Swimmerlad looked up, he and Play Toy Tyler could see the beauty of Swimmerboy’s magnificent bulging thong as the cruel temple priests manipulated the array of golden ropes to bring Swimmerboy’s thrusting thong, his bulging beauty close to Swimmerlad’s face. Swimmerlad cried out in pleasure, somehow his own bulge began to throb incessantly, and he felt his entire body tingle as his eyes took in the beauty of Swimmerboy’s sex so close, he watched as the next clear globule of exquisite pre-cum form on the beautiful, rounded bulge, Swimmerboy shuddered in pleasure and thrust his hips as best he could to reach Swimmerlad’s stretched head. They tried in vain to connect, Swimmerboy’s meat was so close, and the globule of nectar slowly disengaged from the soft, thin leather thong clinging to Swimmerboy’s loins and dropped into Swimmerlad’s hungry mouth.

Swimmerlad and Play Toy Tyler back in the Milk Bar could taste the warmth and sweetness of Swimmerboy’s sexual juices, the flavour, the texture, the warmth was real, and they felt Swimmerlad’s body begin to thrill.

Swimmerlad’s moans deepened, and his body was buzzing, his thong felt the raging pleasure grow into a huge powerhouse that vibrated through his body and he pulled on the powerful golden ropes in a vain effort to free himself. His body, his muscles glistened in the potion, in Swimmerboy’s erotic pre-cum and he screamed out in a frenzy of pleasure that was romping outward from his thong bulge to the extremities of his body, reacting to the sun’s determined rays.


It was a huge sexual cry of submission and his voice reverberated around the walls of the Zenith Temple Solar Altar room. The sound waves had power and energy and they penetrated Swimmerboy’s body with such force, he felt his body tingle all over, he felt the spike of pleasure that wrapped his thong, his bulge pulsed with stunning pleasure, it entered his arse and exploded inside him and the temple priest manipulating his aerial bondage display ensured he was pulled and stretched tightly. Swimmerboy screamed out as his nectar spurted over Swimmerlad like a rain shower.

Their cries of submission continued for the hours of remaining sun and by the time of sunset they were writhing masses of pleasure, the potions and incantations of the Sharman had worked their magic and Swimmerlad lay spread-eagled, a helpless mass of pleasure, his loincloth bulge wet and covered in a sheen of his precum, his body covered in Swimmerboy’s juices and the Altar slippery and wet in hero syrup.

The four Altar priests dressed in the ceremonial red thongs had not moved, but their eyes had watched every lascivious moment of the two hero’s pleasure preparations, their ears had taken in the sounds of beautiful sexual conquest as the two heroes writhed and twisted their magnificently perfect bodies in pure pleasure before them and their god of pleasure, Pelatos, whose image overlooking the Solar Altar temple room was now glowing red.

The Sharman appeared at the doorway to the Altar sanctuary and he stopped to survey the scene. Yes, the image of Pelatos was aglow, that was a good sign, he was pleased. He listened to sounds of the two helpless, pleasure filled heroes, objects of exquisite beauty, as they writhed and struggled in their bonds. The Altar priests sported four perfect rods of power inside the ceremonial red thongs and the golden goblets situated between their stretched legs on each corner of the Solar Altar were full of their nectar. The Sharman was pleased, he had sufficient juice in each goblet to make the next batch of his magic infused pleasure potion! But his work and the work of the temple priesthood was just beginning.

The two heroes were ripe for milking! Their semen was holy and precious and it, along with the mighty hero’s pleasure would be offered to Pelatos in the Pelatosian Milking Chamber.

The Sharman walked down the ‘path to pleasure’ and approached the Altar, the sun was now casting shadows, and this signalled the end of the pleasure build ceremony. The sounds of Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy’s initiation into their pleasure offering had not only reverberated throughout the Zenith Temple Solar Altar sanctuary but the acoustics of the sacred temple ensured the hero’s cries were broadcast throughout the surrounding lands. The people were all aware that the Zenith Temple would soon become a sexual siren as the milking ceremony progressed. The city was on alert and excitement filled the people.

The Sharman bent down in front of each of the priests and licked their raging straining red thongs, they each muffled a moan of delight as the Sharman performed his incantations linking their wet bulges to the golden goblet holding the fruit of their devoted afternoon’s service. He dismissed each of them one by one. Their goblets were taken by another priest to the Sharman’s lair and each of the Altar priests made their way, backwards down ‘the path to pleasure’ and then out of the Altar Room Sanctum.

Back in the Milk Bar…

Scorpio marvelled as he stood surrounded by the sheer eroticism of the moment, in front of him, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad stretched and writhing in the Orgasmadroid’s pleasure wrap, their bodies drenched, their red speedo thongs glistening and their bulges rhythmically thrusting upward and downward in determined sexually infused manners. Their eyes locked onto the equally delicious Play Toy Symbiont. They were four men immersed in erotic fantasy. Their bodies being consumed by hungry Milk Bar patrons. It was one of the most carnally lascivious scenes he had ever had the pleasure to create, and he stood proud and excited that the Milking would soon take place.

The fantasies will bring them to the brink of their orgasms in the coming hour, Scorpio thought to himself, he had no one to discuss his plans with, they were all engaged fervently as the heroes and the Play Toys inched closer and closer to climax, they were all playing their parts in his orgy of fun. So close boys, so close!” Scorpio rubbed his moist black bulging suit as he watched Kyle and Orgasmo worship Play Toy Nathan’s bulge, Seed had turned his attention to Play Toy Tyler, his face firmly implanted into Tyler’s beautifully tight buns.

Exquisite! Scorpio thought to himself. Once again Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, you are on the road to defeat and sexual oblivion and this time your orgasms will torture your precious little Play Toy buddies. Scorpio was very pleased with his Milk Bar extravaganza!

Back in the jungle fantasy…

Four new priests made their way down the ‘path to pleasure’, they too wore the temple’s ceremonial red thong, they stopped, stood, and gasped at the rich and beautiful sights of Solar Altar their eyes drawn to the magnificent offerings, both writhing in powerful magically induced pleasure, every cell in their body infiltrated by Sharman’s incantations, the sun had produced the erotically charged sumptuous offerings. Swimmerlad lay on the Altar helplessly bound his hips thrusting and gyrating and his magnificent skimpy leather thong stretched magnificently to cover his manhood it was a raging hotbed of pleasure that was like a powerful battery, it fed his body with the magical pleasure, flowing and pumping through his veins. His body drenched in his own sexual juices and that of Swimmerboy’s, their cocktail of hero nectar feeding the Sharman’s erotic magical potions.

Swimmerboy was restrained in the golden rope array, his body trembled and shuddered as his pleasure radiated throughout his body, his bugling man thong was the epicentre of the sensation, his anal walls tingled, his entire body subject to waves of erotic tingles as the magic engulfed him, it was inescapable, the sun had produced such a delicious array of sensation, pleasure, and desire. He was horny, so fucking horny.

The lead priest spoke after he finished his survey of the temple pleasure offerings.

“Lower and tie Swimmerboy!”

The golden ropes were relaxed, and Swimmerboy was lowered, great care was taken by priesthood to ensure neither Swimmerboy or Swimmerlad were to touch, their bodies were sacred and could not touch, their desires, and raging sexual appetites powered by sun and potion were holy offerings to Pelatos, sacred and majestic.

Every movement of his body was exhilarating and Swimmerboy’s erotic sighs and moans filled the temple as the priests untied his Solar Temple bonds and went about tying his arms behind his back, he was taken to one of two thick poles almost his height situated near the entrance to the Solar Altar sanctum at the end of the ‘path to pleasure’, the ropes holding his arms attached to a golden hook and clasp to hold him. They spread his legs and clasped them to the floor restraints. He stood, legs stretched, dripping his juices, writhing in pleasure as he watched the priesthood approach his magnificent partner, the central sacrifice on the Solar Altar. Swimmerboy’s juices oozing between his stretched legs into a golden vessel.

In the Milk Bar…

Swimmerlad and Play Toy Tyler both shuddered and spurted in an erotic eruption, their words were babble and their eyes were fixed in a trance like stare, Hero to Play Toy, their Milk Bar tormentors lapping up the hot, buzzing speedo thong bulges, devouring every flexing muscle, devouring the spray of juice as Swimmerlad’s regular spasms of pleasure rocked his body immediately preceding the next fountain of spray from his speedo thong.

In the jungle fantasy…

Swimmerlad and Tyler could see the looks in the eyes of each of the priests assigned to the Solar Altar and assigned to deliver Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy from the holy Solar Altar Sanctum firstly to the Temple display theatre a viewing facility to preview the offerings to Pelatos.

Swimmerlad could see Swimmerboy, his spectacular boy looked fucking awesome and horny as he fought and writhed in his bondage, Swimmerlad was so in love with his partner, his raging cock inside his loincloth bulge stirred at the very sight of Swimmerboy’s bondage, but his attention was quickly diverted and his sexual thoughts and desires interrupted as the priests arrived up the ‘path to pleasure’ and took to their positions on each corner of the resplendent Solar Altar. They chanted and harmonised once more and before untying the helpless Swimmerlad, they each placed the tip of their right-hand index finger on the tight ropes binding Swimmerlad’s wrists and ankles. Swimmerlad cried out, in a fit of overpowering pleasure, the touch of the priest’s fingers on the magical ropes sent shards of delicious energy shooting through his limbs into the leather bulge causing his body to tremble as he spurted his holy juices through the thong. It was an explosive moment but followed immediately by more chanting in weird harmonies and they began drawing their fingers slowly and lasciviously upward and downward from Swimmerlad’s extremities toward his raging wet pleasure epicentre, Swimmerlad (and Tyler) could feel the sexual tension, the bondage, the slippery Altar beneath him, the outrageous body tingles as the priests chanted and slowly, erotically moved their fingers across his raging magic infused flesh toward his thong. Swimmerlad’s powerful sexual moaning filled the temple.

Swimmerboy’s body began to shake and tingle in the magical essence filling his body too, his cries filled the Solar Altar Sanctum as well, and his body shook as a huge load of pre-cum erupted on his spectacular thong, it covered his bulging mass of meat, his wet thong resplendent in the dying afternoon golden sun’s rays, oozed a huge glistening flow of his hero juices into the golden vessel between his stretched legs.

The temple priests reached Swimmerlad’s magnificent bulge, the central holy offering to Pelatos, Swimmerlad was in a sexual mind-trap, his body, his desires, his raging sex was on fire, the expectation of them touching his pleasure wracked loincloth thong was overpowering, his body trembled in anticipation as the four fingers explored his bulging thong caressing the tactile wet, thin leather as it formed into the mass of sexual man bulge and he felt his loins vibrate and shimmer as they kept surrounding the base of his bulge, working up the sides, the magic swirling, the pleasure excruciating, he lifted his head off the Altar to watch their devotions, only to feel his body shudder again and to see the fountain of clear thick nectar form and bubble all over his seething bulge. The priests expertly gathered the juices with their fingers, chanting and harmonising. They then disengaged, the sexual tease was over and Swimmerlad dropped his head back to the Altar in relief as the priests then untied the magic golden ropes. They slid Swimmerlad’s exhausted body from the Altar and he moaned in pleasure, every touch, every movement set off the magical pleasure in his body. The head priest tied his arms behind his back, and they led him down the ‘path to pleasure’, holding him up, his body covered and glistened in the cocktail of hero nectar, they needed to ensure his holy and prepared body did not slip on the precious stones which made up the holy path. He too was attached to the waiting pole, his legs spread and shackled to the floor mounted bondage shackles.

The sun was casting long shadows and the two restraining poles, each holding their holy pleasure offering were bathed in the orange-pink afternoon glow of the setting sun. The four priests flanked the two offerings, two on each side as the Sharman arrived at the Solar Altar Sanctum. He and the head temple priest were the only persons permitted to speak in the holy place, he acknowledged and bowed to the image of Pelatos, a mighty deity in the form of a man with long hair, the statue was forged from precious metals and its golden thong glowed. The glowing golden thong was a sign that the offerings had been prepared and were satisfactory for the ceremony.

They each writhed and fought their bondage, their bodies raging infernos of pleasure, their muscles flexed and twitched, and their outrageously erotic bulging thongs shimmered in the dying light dripping holy hero juices into the vessels between their stretched legs.

“Yes the Solar Altar has prepared our pleasure offerings well, Pelatos is pleased, and the Pelatosian Milking Chamber has been prepared.” The Sharman enjoyed the sight of the two helpless once powerful mighty heroes in their land, now sexually exquisite sacrifices to Pelatos, their bodies prepared, tanned, covered in a sheen of sweat and pre-cum, their magnificent erotic and erogenous bulges so beautiful and luring, adorning perfect bodies, were magnificent offerings for their lusty hungry god.

“You both fill your vessels easily, such virile sexual pleasure offerings!” The Sharman had approached Swimmerlad, and Swimmerlad and Tyler could see the lusty hungry eyes in the witchdoctor’s eyes as he surveyed his raging body filled with the magical pleasure tingles, they watched as the Sharman extended his tattooed hands to touch and caress his loincloth bulging thong. Swimmerlad threw his head upward toward the darkening sky as the pleasure shot through his body like a rocket, the Sharman’s hold on his voluptuous bulging thong communicated the deep-seated sexual longing the evil man had pent up.

He let go and moved to Swimmerboy, running his fingers through the mighty hero’s tight buns, he enjoyed the feeling of the stretchy thin leather that filled the cavity between the hero’s perfectly formed buttocks. The Sharman purred as he licked his fingers, standing back once more the survey the sexual offerings.

“Yes perfect!”

Back in the Milk Bar…

Swimmerboy and Play Toy Nathan were in synch, their bodies in a dance of extravagance, their speedo’s hot with the power of Scorpio’s pleasure systems working, drilling, mining pleasure so consuming, their body’s wracked in bombardments of outrageous sensation as their worshippers lapped up lashings of juice and enjoying their perfect and helpless bodies so magnificently displayed bound bodies.

In Swimmerboy’s fantasy…

The music stopped and the lasers retreated back into the machines behind the spinning circle of Pleasure Frames. Swimmerboy was in a sexual frenzy, his speedo was now a cocktail of his spurting pre-cum and lashings of Robin and Swimmerlad’s cum. They had each orgasmed no less than four times as the Mad Hatter’s party continued on its hero defeating trajectory and Swimmerboy’s body was now a cornucopia of raging pleasure as it crept through his body from his speedo bulge to the extremities of his body. Mad Hatter’s special potion activated incrementally by every application of Robin and Swimmerlad’s cum deposits.

Jizzi was working his sexual mastery on Robin and Swimmerlad as they whizzed past the blur of the central bondage table holding its beautiful and spectacular Swimmerboy captive turning in the opposite direction. The sound of Mad Hatter as he held onto Swimmerlad’s Pleasure Frame was evil and ominous.

“Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hahahahaha weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

“Here we go, we’re slowing down, who shall it be, who shall it be?” Mad Hatter’s voice was full of vigour and excitement as the ride slowly came to a halt.

“Swimmerlad, roll on up, time to cum, time to show Swimmerboy how much you love him!”

Mad Hatter was hanging off the side of Swimmerlad’s circular Pleasure Frame like a delirious kid in the playground full of joy and happiness.

“Hey Jizzi!” Mad Hatter didn’t wait for the assistant to respond, “Sensitise Swimmerlad’s bulge, I want him extra hot and horny as he performs in front of his boyfriend.

Swimmerlad felt his wet, cum soaked bulge crackle and fizz, every movement of his writhing body responding to the Assistant already fondling him with invisible hands, injecting little exploding pods of pleasure and filling his arse and buttocks in a sheen of sensation, his every movement, caused his now sensitised bulge to explode in magnificent pleasure, he could not escape the sheer magnificence of the sensations being inflicted by the device and the evil personal assistant. He writhed and thrust his bulging manhood in desperate and sexual thrusts, his head lolling upward and downward as the powerful bondage pulled his helpless body in four directions.

“Yes that is just delicious to watch, don’t you think Swimmerboy? Your god like boyfriend, your beautiful blonde bombshell of a superhero looks so ravishing, so helpless, so sexual as his Pleasure Frame fills him with such beautiful expressions of love and desire. I can’t wait to milk him some more, I intend to drain him and Robin of their cum, I want you dear boy, to experience the unbelievable delights of pleasure that their cum activates on your speedo, your penis will explode with their love and when they are dry and you have enjoyed your majestic Hattery induced cum charged orgasmic climax you will watch as I fry them in mind-bending torture ready to be taken away to their purchasers and away from you forever, my little sex god! You will remain here to fulfill my sexual needs and to be tortured. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Swimmerboy was in a frenzy, his speedo bulge exploding constantly in divine outburst of sexual delights, his bondage tight and unforgiving. Mad Hatter’s potion bubbling and powering the pleasure, he could feel and smell the delicious juices of Robin and Swimmerlad bubbling around his penis, enveloping his balls, his hormones, his sexual desires screaming! He looked up to see his massive wet mass of pleasure filled bulge, it oozed his next globule of precum, behind him he could hear Robin in the evil hold of Jizzi, he could hear his sounds of sexual abandon as the Pleasure Frame caressed and pleasured the beautiful young crime fighter.

But in front of him, his eyes were fixed on the beauty of Swimmerlad’s sex charged writhing body, his speedo pouch bulging in pure magnificence, Swimmerboy’s mind controlled by his bulge, he could not keep his eyes off the magnificence of Swimmerlad’s mass of nylon encased meat, the beauty of his heroic boyfriend took his breath away and he watched as Porkpie, stroked each side of Swimmerlad’s bulge, he caressed it and the erotic show, sent Swimmerboy into a frenzy of writhing and thrusting, his bondage felt exquisite, the pleasure so unrelenting, thumping inside his penis, inside his entire speedo pouch. He watched as Swimmerlad cried out “Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Please Porkpie, Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Swimmerboy could see Swimmerlad’s entire growing penis inside the wet thin nylon, he could see his boyfriend’s meat throb and pulsate as Porkpie’s fingers caressed and worked their way up and down the length of Swimmerlad’s engorged cock, he could see the spurt of pre-cum and hear Swimmerlad’s moans of delight. Porkpie was edging Swimmerlad over and over, edging him denying him, edging him toward an orgasmic oblivion and toward the next increment to his own pleasure subjugation.

He felt his head tingle, but his attention was fixed on the beauty of Swimmerlad’s sexual performance at his feet, over his oozing bulge and writhing body, he was in a trance, and Mad Hatters hot breath and voice echoed in his head, his body tingling, his hair sensitive to the touch…

“So erotic dear Swimmerboy, your two boyfriends, your sexual sirens perform for you so well, watch Swimmerlad’s private show, so erotic, so sensual and hotbed of sexual desire to fill your every lust. Watch as he spurts his cum into the golden fez. He can’t have lots left, he has given so much so far, but I think we have several shows left in him and Blunder Boy. I don’t think you would have had half the fun we’re having if you heroes didn’t fall into my delicious trap.”

Swimmerlad screamed his body tensed and then he shot his head around in abandon.

Porkpie felt the huge throb as it reverberated through Swimmerlad’s rock-hard penis and he pushed hard between Swimmerlad’s spread legs, it slowed the flow of cum and extended the orgasm to a mind shattering explosion and as Porkpie released his strong pressure, Swimmerlad’s straining speedo shot filtered cum in a blast of epic proportion. Swimmerlad’s screams pieced everyone in the room and Mad Hatter clapped and clapped.

“Your next pleasure upgrade is coming up Swimmerboy!” Mad Hatter caressed the side of Swimmerboy’ straining face, Swimmerboy was still lifting his shoulders as best he could off the top of the bondage table he was tied down to, he was still staring intently at the beauty of Swimmerlad whose beautiful body convulsed and twisted in the throes of his orgasm, his cum shooting powerfully upward and away from his body. Porkpie laughing as he laboured with the Golden Fez constantly manoeuvring the heavy golden hat to catch and collect as much of Swimmerlad’s shards of jettisoning juices flowing from his display of erotic submission.

Swimmerlad hang his head, his orgasm was an emotional as well as physical strain, his body shuddered from the orgasm’s outrageous power, he had shot another impressive load from his virile body and he knew that Mad Hatter would waste little time to massage his love juice into Swimmerboy’s raging mound of erotic flowering pleasure, it was consuming him, slowly working its way, worming its way into Swimmerboy’s psyche, Swimmerboy was being devoured by the encroaching pleasure raptures and Swimmerlad knew he had just deposited Swimmerboy’s next explosive increment of defeat.

“N n n no, p l e a s e, s t o p!” Swimmerlad writhed and pulled in his tight bondage, his bulge still felt the huge orgasmic afterglow and his body, so sexual, so magnificent shimmered in the lights and the whisps of smoke from the theatrical smoke machines. He could not get his words out coherently, but he tried valiantly to plead with Mad Hatter to stop the mind-bending pleasure overthrow of Swimmerboy.

“Your boyfriend has just given you your next sensual and sumptuous upgrade Swimmerboy,” Mad Hatter joined Swimmerboy, his face close to Swimmerboy’s and they both gazed upon the beauty of Swimmerlad. Mad Hatter grabbed Swimmerboy by his drenched hair and made him look into his eyes and his growing evil grin.

Swimmerboy’s deep breathing was all he could muster, his body and mind consumed in the power of Mad Hatter’s evil pleasure potion and the hat trick of evil beams shooting their power into his speedo bulge, he glared into Mad Hatter’s face, he wanted to spit his defiance, but he still had some senses, and he thought the better of it!

Mad Hatter enjoyed the moment as he stroked Swimmerboy’s face, “Swimmerlad came like hurricane, he is a powerhouse of spunk, no wonder you love him so much, I bet he fucks you stupid Swimmerboy, hahahahahaha.”

“F fffff uuu ck y y you.” Was all Swimmerboy could mouth in his current state.

Mad Hatter hadn’t let go of Swimmerboy’s hair, he was in complete control and he smiled looking toward the hero’s raging pre-cum spurting bulge. I think your pleasure mound needs some more fertiliser, I so want to see you bud and flower hero boy.” He scooped up some of Swimmerlad’s fresh warm semen and offered it to Swimmerboy, Mad Hatter forced the warm juice into Swimmerboy’s mouth. The flavour of sex erupted inside his head, it consumed his every sense, and Swimmerboy cried out in desperation, he felt his speedo, his bulge yearning for the cum deposit, he was perspiring profusely, pulling on the restraints dragging him helplessly down onto the central table and then Mad Hatter scooped up the warm fluid from the Golden Fez, while Porkpie held it like an assistant. Mad Hatter caressed and felt the texture of Swimmerlad’s cum and he deposited it onto mass of Swimmerboy’s man bulge oozing pre-cum.

Swimmerboy and Nathan cried out in the Milk Bar, they were in deep, their babble and writhing bodies gave away the erotic nature of their fantasy visions, Swimmerboy spurted a mighty globule of his hero pre-cum. Inside the fantasy, they could feel every powerful pleasure pump, every delicate nuance of the pleasure torture, they felt the warmth and tingles as Swimmerlad’s cum soaked into Swimmerboy’s speedo in the sensual fantasy, the jism was warm and corporeal, and Mad Hatter worked the juices into Swimmerboy’s nylon bulge, making sure he could hear the juices squishing and soaking into the hero’s penis. Swimmerboy’s penis erupted in reverberating magical pulses, it built and built until he thew his head backward, he could see Robin behind him, as if he was upside down as Swimmerboy strained his head backward in abandon, but his vision began to blur as his body convulsed, electrical charges began to emerge on his speedo, blue sparks forming and dancing across his glistening nylon precum-soaked bulge, the whisps of blue energy crackled and zapped until an explosion erupted sending Swimmerboy into convulsions. His moans filled the Hattery Play Room just as the lights began to dim and the music resumed.

It was time to play pass the parcel again.

In Swimmerlad’s Jungle fantasy…

Swimmerlad’s body was a seething mass of energy, every cell in his body, the very blood pumping though his veins carried the magical solar activated pleasure, his thin wet leather thong felt amazing and erotic and the bonds stretching his legs and binding his arms fed his sexual exhilaration, but his mind knew he had to escape and resist. He looked to Swimmerboy; he was moaning with every struggle.

“I am seething with pleasure, my skin is crawling, my cock feels every movement of my body and radiates the pleasure through my aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The Sharman’s backhand shot through Swimmerlad like a freight train and it caused his head to shoot across his right shoulder. The initial pain of the huge hit caused Swimmerlad to hiss and try and regain his dignity, he stared back turning his head slowly toward the Sharman who was smiling with evil and lustful intent.

“You are not permitted to speak in this holy place!” The Sharman hissed.

Then he felt the ripples of pleasure that surged though his loincloth thong, Swimmerlad immediately turned his defiant gaze from the evil Sharman to his thong, it felt majestic and beautiful, the pleasure caressed him tenderly his loincloth felt like the tender lips of Swimmerboy as he caressed and made love to him with his mouth and tongue, but the pleasure was more determined and exquisite. He moaned and pulled on his bondage.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” “So Beautiful!” Swimmerlad looked away from the Sharman and to the darkening sky as he enjoyed the delicious feast of sensation caress his body.

“You are the Pelatosian pleasure offering tonight; your pleasure and that of Swimmerboy will be made as an offering to Pelatos! Look,” The Sharman pointed out the majestic deity overlooking the Solar Altar, the magnificent man, with perfect muscles was fashioned from precious metals and he sported a majestic thong bulging with male virility. The thong glowed magically, and the Sharman approached Swimmerlad, he cupped Swimmerlad’s bulging thong causing Swimmerlad to shudder and moan intently while one of the temple priests, grabbed Swimmerlad’s hair pulling his head up to look into the Sharman’s face. “Pelatos will not be fully satisfied until he has consumed your pleasure hero boy, he will enjoy every drop of your pleasure and that of Swimmerboy draining you slowly as he enjoys your writhing bodies!”

Swimmerlad was overcome with sensation, tingles radiated up his arse, his bulge, so tender and sumptuous radiated ripples of pleasure through his abs and down his legs.

“Gugggggggggggggggggggggggggh!” Swimmerlad fought his bonds in vain.

Swimmerboy writhed next to him as he began to fathom the night ahead, they weren’t just going to milk him and Swimmerlad, they were intent on ensuring the pleasure generated in the Solar Altar Sanctum would be used somehow, drained somehow. He knew they would have no milk left when the evil priests had finished with them.

The Sharman looked at the temple priests flanking the holy pleasure consumed offerings.

“Take them to the viewing theatre they will be displayed and presented along with the other mighty warriors captured and chosen for the milking ceremony in the Pelatosian Pleasure Chamber later tonight; there is so much interest in these two new holy sacrificial cum cows, I want them displayed as a show of the power of Pelatos!”

Two priests approached Swimmerlad and the other two attended to Swimmerboy. They unlatched the ankle restraints and unhitched the wrist bindings from the presentation bondage poles. The cruel priests did not speak inside the holy sanctum, but their intentions were clear to the holy pleasure sacrificial heroes!

Swimmerlad’s body radiated the pleasure with his every step as they began their temple procession, he heard the moans of pleasure behind him as Swimmerboy was manhandled in the procession. They passed several bondage rooms and as the party reached each room the occupant was announced and presented to Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad before joining the erotic procession.

The lead processional priest announced the captives.

“Arkool from the lands of Rahania!”

Arkool was strapped up on a presentation horse, his arms pulled tightly backward, and his legs spread backward too, he wore a royal blue thong that caressed his strong body, his virility bulging majestically inside the skimpy thong gathering around his balls and displaying his penis sumptuously. His blonde hair caressed his forehead, he looked stunning, another beautiful expression of male beauty and sexuality. Arkool was a prince, but now, following his capture, he had become a pleasure pawn of the Zenith Temple a mere servant to the needs of the priesthood. His two priestly attendants gagged his mouth and released him from the presentation horse, his arms were also tied with the golden temple ropes and he was forced to join the procession.

The procession arrived at the next temple pleasure cell.

“Karvan from the land of Rashinda!”

The doors to Karvan’s pleasure chamber swung open as Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy’s procession arrived. Inside Karvan was spreadeagled between the roof and the floor, an attendant was caressing his loincloth, they had left the outer loincloth on this specimen, and the small, light brown warn leather of the outer loincloth gave exquisite glimpses of the bulging leather thong lurking behind it. The Sharman liked to play with the outer loincloth before enjoying his captive’s thong, he would tease Karvan to edge of a pleasure oblivion using the outer loincloth. Karvan was well aware of the fate that awaited them. He gazed up toward Swimmerlad and gasped at the hero’s beauty. He nodded in acknowledgement to Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy, as the attendants lifted his outer Loincloth to present his wet exquisitely erotic thin leather thong to the procession. Karvan pulled on his bonds as they caressed his bulging manhood and his attendants released his bonds, roping his arms in the golden temple bindings and they also gagged him like they had done with Arkool. The mighty Karvan, his long sandy hair and his skimpy loincloth were an admirable addition to the procession of the prime captives.

“Kai from the lands of Libidia” was the third to be introduced to the procession of male cum cow pleasure offerings.

His body was trembling when the procession arrived for the final ‘pick-up’. Kai another spectacular male specimen, his chiselled and beautiful flowing dark hair flowed across his forehead, his hair was wet, and his musculature was vibrating, his muscles twitched and flexed in his unforgiving bondage. Kai was a warrior from the other side of the secret jungle gate, he was well known as being the most beautiful warrior in all his lands, he definitely was as stunning as Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy.

He was bound spread eagled, his arms and legs stretched to their limits, and the attending brutal priests had placed a stretching pole behind his powerful buttocks pushing his body outward in a reverse arc. The priesthood had paid special attention to Kai, he wore a leopard skin fine leather thong, it was drenched from days of special edging; the priests had bought him to the brink hundreds of times with special potions and the cum from other temple captives. His juices oozed and his raging hard throbbing cock strained inside the clingy thin leather thong pouch, it pulled the thong upward and outward and his juices ran down the length of his staining penis over the beautifully textured round bulges of his balls encased in the wet leather into a special vessel. The Sharman’s delight!

“Bring him, his pleasure has been perfected!” The Sharman looked into the piercing green eyes of the defeated warrior, “Pelatos will demand his cum tonight!”

Kai was cut loose from the stretching bondage and he fell forward, his tight buns displayed magnificently as he lay face down breathing deeply on the floor of his temple pleasure cell, his buttocks were sexual and erotic and the leather caressing his body between his buttocks was making Swimmerlad delirious with desire, Swimmerlad felt the pleasure in his system stir as he watched the exhausted, but proud and handsome Kai begin to lift his head from the floor, looking intently at the procession of the prime, waiting for his inclusion. The two cruel priests lifted the defeated hero from the floor and stretched his legs, the floor wet from where his thong oozed his juices, he was to be submissive and erotic at all times in the confines of the Zenith Temple, he had learned his place in the debaucherously cruel temple and the ways of the ruthless priesthood! They bound his arms behind his back in the golden temple ropes and gagged him before the procession made its way to the presentation theatre.

They arrived at the presentation amphitheatre, a special annex to the temple, situated on the outer edges of the northern perimeters of the temple, it was lit dimly and as the procession arrived they could hear the excited chatter dissipate. The Sharman left the procession and entered the main floor of the theatre, like the Solar Altar, the theatre had no roof, it was a still and humid night, the moon was rising and well into its waning gibbous phase, it cast dazzling light into the theatre as it continued to rise into the night sky and the audience of one hundred hand-picked voyeurs packed into the two levels of seating. Two frames adorned the centre of the presentation floor, they were situated close enough to provide a perfect view for the rich and elite in the city, but every invited man had a spectacular view of the central presentation frames and their soon to be magnificent captives. The frames faced slightly outward. Between the frames, a statue of Pelatos overlooked the display, its bulging man thong glowed as did the one in the Solar Temple. The image of Pelatos was lit by torches, as were the four corners of each frame.

In front of the frames, and between the front rows of the theatre three golden bondage poles were erected. The scene was set for the Sharman to announce the arrival of Pelatos’ pleasure offerings and the prime captive. He so looked forward to presenting the two mighty heroes to the excited crowd. The capture of Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy had caught the attention of the city, rumour and stories were already circulating, and everyone knew that they had underwent their first Solar Altar offering.

Expectations were running high.

As he walked toward the front central section of the theatre, The Sharman wore his long ceremonial loincloth, and the menagerie of bones and artifacts adorning his neck jangled and draped over his muscular body. He raised his hands to the crowd as if to welcome them then walked backward intently between the two presentation frames, he ascended several steps and reached the bulging glowing thong adorning the huge image of Pelatos. He grasped the statue and kissed the huge bulge of the deity. He turned throwing his hands in the air and torches all around the theatre erupted in magical ways, their flames shooting into the humid warm air, the theatre was lit up like a raging inferno and the Sharman smiled looking around the theatre.

“The mighty Pelatos is triumphant, but he is hungry, he demands his pleasure, he demands perfection! We worship you Pelatos and have combed the lands to find and seize the most beautiful, the most renowned, the most erotic warriors and heroes in the lands, your sexual desires and insatiable appetites will enjoy our offerings, we offer you magnificence, you have blessed us with strength and cunning, with magic and we repay you, we offer your delectable pleasure offerings tonight.”

The Sharman continued his opening address, “The mighty Swimmerlad and the mighty Swimmerboy stolen from the lands of King Sonosta, the most erotic morsels for your desires, they have endured your Solar Altar marinating in pre-cum, the pleasure potions and incantations, they will satisfy your lust for their pleasure, their hero juices, we will milk them slowly and deliberately to please you mighty Pelatos.”

“I have chosen three virile, magnificent warriors from the Temple’s captive roll, they have been prepared diligently by your priests, handsome bodies, will be displayed for your enjoyment, they wear erotic sacrificial garments, that display their virility and power, they will writhe in exquisite pleasure, in bondage, their pleasure controlled by magic, will thrill you, will fill the Pelatosian Milking Chamber in sounds of defeat as we pleasure Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy, their cum will be used to torture Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy in long orgasmic displays of submission before you accept their spurting cum as the sun begins its rise.

“Tomorrow we will repeat the Solar Altar ceremony and each day they will undergo your sexual demands. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, we have seized your sexual offerings to appease you and on the days that rain falls, their torture will ring through the lands until he sun returns to appease your lust.”

“Bring forth the warriors, bring forth Arkool of Rahania!”

The Sharman’s arms lifted and the doors to the theatre opened as the two Temple Priests pushed the beautiful blonde hero forward into the viewing arena raging with the huge flames shooting into the sultry warm night sky, they bought him to the middle of the viewing arena as the audience stood clapping and crying out demanding to witness his bondage. The Sharman approached the warrior as he stood fighting his bonds.

“A perfect specimen, regal beauty, this once magnificent royal ascent to the throne of Rahania and its ancient heroic founder, the infamous Rahan was lured and captured by the Pelatosian guard. He put up a mighty fight, before poison laced darts brought him to his knees. Arkool has been pleasured by the Temple priests for the ceremonial three-day holy mantra, bought to orgasmic peaks and denied his juice flows, his pleasure will be a holy offering to the pleasure prime, to satisfy Pelatos. He will be drained of all of his cum as Swimmerlad writhes on the Milking Stone of Pelatos.”

The Sharman motioned to the temple priests attending the regal and mighty Arkool, and they grabbed his head making him look up in his bondage, look at your tormentors mighty prince, Tie him to the furthest golden pole, but parade him for the elite boxes. They did just that, the elite grabbed and stretched, just to feel one of the pleasure offerings that would satisfy their lustful deity. The felt his muscles and the priests forced him to arch his pelvis and his magnificent sexual organs encased in the wet mounding erotic bulge. They clamoured and strained to glimpse and touch the spectacular warrior.

“Tie him!” The Sharman demanded! The temple priests dragged the perspiring hero to the bondage pole, stretching his legs and restraining his ankles, they used a special presentation pole which pushed his pelvis forward away from golden pole where his bound wrists were clasped to the pole. This addition to his bondage allowed the temple priests to display his male magnificence to the crowd of sexual and horny men who would soon be renting temple parlour rooms throughout the expansive temple sanctuary to join in the sexual offerings to their deity. The Sharman was pleased as he caressed Arkool’s face, brushing his blonde hair cascading on the hero’s forehead and looking into the mighty hero’s eyes. “Such a magnificent sexual man, your pleasure offering will be sumptuous, I will supervise your milking personally!” Arkool glared and spat in the Sharman’s face. The Sharman did little to respond or retaliate, he would enjoy his time with this majestic sexual offering once he was tied to his milking stone in the pleasure sanctum, he planned to spend the next day torturing this prince into further submission, the Sharman bided his time, smiling he walked toward the centre of the presentation ring.

“Bring Karvan of Rashinda!”

The doors opened and Karvan was thrust forward, he had known this crowd from previous ceremonial shows, he was a prime captive, and the Sharman had often summoned him to his private parlour. Karvan knew the cruelty and power of the Sharman’s magic and even more, the depth and devotion he had to his deity. He gritted his teeth as the temple priests manhandled him toward the hungry crowd and the grove of golden presentation bondage poles; one had his name on it, but he would suffer the indignity of the presentation first.

They groped at his struggling powerful body, his muscles shimmered in the glaze of sweat, the hot humid air caressed his almost naked body, and the hungry crowd enjoyed every delicious bump and fold of his muscles. Lustful hands tried to reach his loincloth, but the temple priests disallowed their crazed attempts. Karvan’s loincloth was the property of the Zenith Temple and the Sharman’s power in the expansive city tribe ensured that his sexual organs were sacred.

“Tie him and present him!” The Sharman walked along the throng of arms and hands all straining against the barrier in desperate attempts to touch the powerful and popular Karvan.

Most have not witnessed the beauty of the prime or that of Swimmerboy, they will pay homage and worship the beauty of these two sexual prizes when I present them! The Sharman smiled to himself, he was satisfied, the city was horny, and they will have their sexual invigorated soon!

The Sharman approached Karvan, he was fighting valiantly but his bondage was secure, his legs spread in the shackles his pelvis extended and the moist delicious loincloth, one of the Sharman’s favourite pieces of sexual attire for his erotic offerings draped over the mighty hero’s bulging thong, it dangled over the apex of his rounded bulge, the hero’s cock was a favourite of the Sharman who enjoyed toying with this beautiful erotic man. “Ah Karvan of Rashinda, as usual my priests have delivered your magnificent body to Pelatos. You will make a worthy sacrifice and I will ensure your pleasure is long and sumptuous as I enjoy your helpless body on your Milking Stone.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Karvan tried to avert his gaze from the Sharman and the crowd, but the Sharman struck the side of Karvan’s head with such force, blood and sweat shot over his left shoulder and the two priests man-handled him, one pulling his head by his sandy blond locks of tight flowing curls, forcing him to look at the Sharman. A trickle of blood running out of the side of his mouth, his blue eyes defiant and hateful, his breathing erratic. The other priest rubbed the outer loincloth over Karvan’s beautiful leather thong, it felt sexual and arousing, and Karvan felt the priest carefully lift the loincloth to present Karvan’s bulging thong caressing his penis and testicles erotically. The Sharman fondled him slowly and deliberately, all the while the audience only meters away, were in a rush of erotic passion. While caressing the hero’s under thong, the Sharman looked toward the crowd “Karvan produces sufficient jism, he will be milked tonight, his cries along with the pleasure sacrifices will fill the Milking Chamber of Pelatos.”

He moved away and Karvan’s Loincloth was left to drape salaciously tempting the hungry crowd.

“Bring in the final cum bull.”

The doors opened and Kai was thrust into the presentation arena. He fought his bonds as best he could, but he had endured the three holy pleasure edging days in unforgiving bondage, his body was wracked in pain, his bulging thin leopard skin thong now encased his soft cock, but the beauty of his manhood sat proudly, the garment ran across each of his powerful hips with precision, the leather thin and erotic as it clung to his beautiful body and stretched tightly between his perfectly formed buttocks. His dark wavy hair and his chiselled beautiful face made him another crowd pleaser.

“Not long captured, Kai of Libidia has served Pelatos in my private chambers, but tonight is his first appearance before Pelatos, his pleasure is powerful, I have enjoyed the past three days of his preparation for the mighty Swimmerlad, the prime selected by Pelatos! The powerful Kai is a formidable warrior but after his capture, he has proven to be no match for my potions and incantations, his penis has performed admirably, and he has strong clear precum stores. He is ready to be milked, but Pelatos will demand his pleasure beforehand!” Behold Kai!” The Sharman motioned his arms, presenting the magnificent and sexual warrior sacrifice to the hungry throng.

They pushed Kai as he defiantly fought his bonds, they pushed him toward the crowd who devoured his beautiful face, his rippling muscles, they were permitted to fondle Kai, he was to be initiated into his role of sexual servitude, not only to Pelatos and the priesthood but to the inhabitants of the city. The Sharman wanted the crowd to experience him, he intended Kai would be taken to the public square in the coming days. They would enjoy his helpless body and suck the juices from him until he was dry before his public torture.

The crowd enjoyed their first sample of the mighty Kai and he was taken to his presentation pole. His legs spread and his pelvis pushed forward, the Sharman approached as he had with the two other pleasure sacrificial cum cows. He fondled and adjusted Kai’s wet bulging thong, the crowd had been forceful, and his cock was hanging loose from the side. “My beautiful Kai!” The Sharman said, “…I have enjoyed you so much since your capture, you are learning to serve! But, you are still insolent, so I have delicious plans for you, such a perfect warrior, and beautiful sexual offering!”

Kai’s eyes flared and his teeth bared toward the Sharman who grabbed the hair above Kai’s forehead and ripping the powerful warrior’s head up and down. “Such beauty and defiance, you will be broken in slowly, just like the past three days, Pelatos is patient and desires you, he will have your sexual pleasure and you will serve him and his people. The Sharman smiled as he brushed his hands across Kai’s magnificent thong, his cock had been reinstated inside the garment and the Sharman enjoyed toying with Kai’s beautiful cock head that displayed erotically behind the thin wet leather. “So full and beautiful, wet, and silky, your pleasure will be a perfect accompaniment in the Milking Chamber!”

One of the priests took his hair and forced Kai to look at the crowd, the other heroes were also subjected to the same treatment, three bound gods were presented in the erotic display of sexual submission.

The Sharman then motioned toward the entrance. The fires flared even more so, and the theatre was bathed in powerful dancing rays of light; the crowd expectant and delirious with lust had quietened down.

“Pelatos has demanded perfection, he has demanded sexual devotion and a pleasure sacrifice worthy of his greatness and power. He demanded the capture of Swimmerlad of Sonosta! My men lured him and his magnificent equally sexual partner, the mighty Swimmerboy. BEHOLD the pleasure prime the Mighty Swimmerlad and his equal, the mighty Swimmerboy.

The crowd gasped as the doors opened, the crowd heard the moans and cries as the two magnificent heroes were paraded, bound in the golden sacred ropes, their bodies and muscles rippling as they fought their bonds binding their wrists behind their backs, their bodies wracked in delicious pleasure, every cell screaming, their hips thrusting as waves of magical pleasure wracked their bodies.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph!”

“Such beauty is unsurpassed in any land, in the Zenith Temple, we have the two most stunning male, beautiful heroes for your pleasure, demanded by deity, they must be worshipped! Their bodies will be prepared and pleasured regularly, they will be tortured for your enjoyment and every day when the sun is at its Zenith, their bodies will be tied in the Solar Sanctum for their pleasure build as they are prepared to serve the lust of Pelatos; as they will for the first time tonight. Swimmerlad has been tied to the Solar Altar during the hot afternoon, he has baked in the wonder of the sun, the first worthy offering in years and his sexual partner has also been prepared in the same potions and magic. Swimmerlad has been anointed all afternoon in the power of the sun as it activates Pelatos’ magical potions and oils, he has also been anointed in the juices of Swimmerboy . Pelatos will demand their pleasure and that of the three mighty warriors until the sun rises when they will be milked of all their jism in long magical orgasmic offerings to our god!”

“Tie them, stretch their perfect bodies for the crowd to enjoy!”

The crowd were not permitted to touch the new holy offerings, not whilst their bodies were filled with the holy pleasure from the Solar Sanctum. They were treated as precious holy sacrificial offerings and their writhing oozing bodies were to be enjoyed as a visual feast. The temple would be filled with coin after the night. The arrival of Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy had stirred so many in the city be a part of the first pleasure offering to their lusty and cruel deity. They would rent the many rooms and pay handsomely to enjoy the one or two magnificent bound sexual heroes in the Temple’s roll of worthy beautiful captive warriors in each room, a collection so magnificent and erotic.

Swimmerlad’s body radiated the pleasure, his wet expansive thong throbbed and purred with magic induced pleasure, the ropes binding his arms felt as though it was feeding the pleasure infesting his sexual organs, he looked down as they thrust him close to the throng of hungry sex crazed men, he watched and cried out in abandon as he oozed a sumptuous offering of his pre-cum. Behind him, he heard Swimmerboy as the priests manhandling him caressed his thong between his buttocks, Swimmerlad felt his own pleasure invade his consciousness and he could see Swimmerboy thrusting his heaving body so sexually, so invitingly. Swimmerlad could not escape the pleasure, his thong radiated the spells of the Sharman, his skin hot from the humidity and the afternoon exposure to the blasting unrelenting power of the sun on the Solar Altar. He and Swimmerboy were front and centre, close behind them, he heard the moaning and cries of sexual abandon of the chosen pleasure supporting heroes, Kai, Arkool and Karvan, bound behind them, powerful men, their legs spread, their bodies writhing and fighting the bondage poles holding them in place with their wrists bound behind their backs.

The crowd looked on the magnificence of the Temple’s chosen Pleasure offerings. They pleaded and begged to touch and enjoy the mighty men, five human-gods of men, helpless and waiting to please Pelatos.

Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy were taken to the presentation frames. Their legs spread unforgivingly in the ankle restraints on the floor of the presentation stage, their attending priests lowered the golden ropes infused with erotic magic and tied Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy’s wrists, the ropes hoisted in the frame and they became suspended with the arms dragged directly above their heads and their legs spread. The crowd gasped as they stared at the magnificence of the two beautiful heroes, their loincloth thongs wet and dripping in their intensely oozing pre-cum powered by their sun exposure mixed with the Sharman’s magic, their hips thrusting as they twisted and writhed.

In the Milk Bar…

Swimmerlad and Tyler could feel the magnificence of the pleasure; it was palpable, the fantasy had become a vivid and lascivious reality as the Elixir of Eros gripped the mighty hero on his Orgasmadroid. Swimmerlad was spurting pre-cum, his babble, his moans were deep and primal. Tyler looked across the small synapse between he and hero symbiont, his beautiful body trembling and twisting as his speedo bulge was sucked by Seed in fervent displays of sexual frenzy. Thunder was eating the sweat from between Tyler’s buns; his tongue caressed every inch of Tyler’s buttocks and his fingers explored every crevice and bump on the young athlete’s body, his devotion and determination were paying benefits as the beautiful young man writhed and moaned. They made sure that the symbiont’s pleasure was strong and spectacular, Play Toy Tyler was after all feeding the orgasmic demise of the mighty Swimmerlad. Tyler cried out, he thrust his body, but he was unable to escape the power of the pleasure current and the dedicated work of his sexual tormentors. He was being edged closer to his next orgasm and his impending and eventual electro torture, every increment of pleasure, was Swimmerlad’s royal road to his ultimate orgasmic defeat.

In Swimmerboy’s Robin fantasy

Swimmerboy was a raging frenzy, the pleasure was now radiating up and down throughout his magnificent body. His bondage stretched him unforgivingly, his head thrusting almost as powerfully as he was thrusting his pelvis. His juices oozed from his drenched nylon speedo that zapped with whisps of blue electrical arcs from Mad Hatter’s trio of pleasure rays, they had massaged his juices and the cum of his beautiful heroic buddies into his speedo and as Mad Hatter’s sex crazed game of pass the parcel progressed throughout the session. Robin’s sounds of submission had become high pitched, he writhed and fought his bonds valiantly, but he was exhausted, they had milked him to turbo charge Swimmerboy’s pleasure torture countless times, but his young virile and athletic body had held out. He looked across to see Swimmerboy on the central table. His moans and cries were outrageous, he watched helplessly as the pleasure rays continued to rape Swimmerboy. Mad Hatter’s little party had slowly drained Robin and Swimmerlad of their juices and they had therefore been somewhat responsible for Swimmerboy’s raging pleasure state.

The music had just stopped again, Swimmerlad was so over hearing that song, the sound of Tony Bennet, meant that one of them was going to be milked in exquisite orgasms of defeat and Swimmerboy’s torrent of pleasure would increase as their cum was applied to his magnificent speedo bulge. Whisps of theatrical smoke swirled around the room and spotlights on the central bondage table made Swimmerboy’s slow erotic continuous torture look spectacular and full of drama.

“How’s your bodies feeling boys?” Mad Hatter walked around his little ring of fun. “We’ve almost unwrapped the party present down to the last gift, oh and the last one is a fuckin doozy boys! A present of majestic proportions, so explosive, it will, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…” Mad Hatter jumped up and down, his top tap shot open and little laser lights shot through the theatrical smoke effects filling the room from the top of his hat, “… Ha ha ha ha ha BLOW YOU AWAY!”

He stepped over to Swimmerboy, his body convulsing, his pleading to let him cum was insistent, his body twisted and writhed, and his speedo bulge glistened in the spotlights, his cock was semi-erect, his penis impressively growing inside the tactile wet nylon as the trio of pleasure beams continued to switch on and off, keeping his pleasure controlled, his speedo strength was almost depleted, he had no idea how much strength he had left. Mad Hatter’s little party of fun had drained him.

Mad Hatter ran his fingers across Swimmerboy’s speedo, he explored the entire sumptuous speedo pouch from hip to hip, caressing the garment and enjoying the visual feast of how the garment fitted the mighty, yet defeated, pleasure wracked superhero. Mad Hatter’s fingers glided over the speedo he so enjoyed the feeling of Swimmerboy’s young virile manhood, the snaking penis with its oozing head sitting regally inside his bulge, his hands explored every facet of Swimmerboy’s frantically buzzing balls and he enjoyed the delicious blue arks of energy as they encircled his hungry fingers traversing the majestic sexpot of bulging beauty, the entire speedo bulge was a sumptuous feast to behold and the crown jewel of the beautiful and helpless specimen laid out on his central bondage table.

“You are just too beautiful to behold my darling helpless Swimmerboy, your body is raging with the pleasure, powered by my little pleasure beams and your sexy crime fighting buddies, or should I say your sexual play toys? They have given their love to you, their precious semen, is almost – almost exhausted. We have one very special pleasure session that will bring your buddies to their knees, I will extract the last of their jism and it will make your body fucking POP. I expect Swimmerboy your cum will spurt like a fucking fire hose, cum my dear beautiful boy, your jism will cover you, drenching us as your body explodes, not just this delicious penis,” Mad Hatter squeezed on Swimmerboy’s engorging penis and Swimmerboy’s body convulsed and trembled as regal waves of delicious energy exploded inside his speedo bulge, his cock tingling, the pleasure shot through his body to the tips of his fingers and toes. He looked up at Mad Hatter.



“Pl eeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaa sssssssssssssssss eeeeeeeeeee”

“Let Meeeeeeeeeeee Cummmmmm!”

Swimmerboy’s face was contorting as the pleasure wracked his helpless body.

Mad Hatter continued his devious description of Swimmerboy’s impending defeat, “…yes my precious speedo superhero, your entire body will explode, and that pleasure will drain through your body and out through your penis, I hope it can take all that orgasmic pressure. Your cock will experience the power of my systems as I defeat you and your delicious crime fighting meddlers once and for all. Enjoy your last group play time, your orgasmic defeat will signal the finale, they will be taken away, tortured, and delivered to their respective buyers, and you my delicious toy will stay to serve me! Hahahahahahaha!”

Three heroes heard the announcement, they all writhed and fought their bondage, but their bodies had been weakened throughout the party game of defeat. Swimmerlad had drawn the final card, his Pleasure Frame locked into place at the foot of his boyfriend. Swimmerlad was slumped forward, he had been drained of both his cum and his strength as the game of defeat had progressed throughout the session. Mad Hatter’s personal Assistant, Jizzi, had been busy and continued to fondle him, pleasure him with its invisible hands and toys.

Milliner arrived to survey the beautiful yet defeated Swimmerlad, he grabbed Swimmerlad’s blonde hair and gripped Swimmerlad’s forehead forcing the hero to look upward toward his face. “Hey Jizzi!” Milliner said with a smile.

Swimmerlad moaned as he locked his faltering glazed gaze toward his tormentor.

The personal assistant came to life and the Pleasure Frame flashed lights and little party lasers as it responded to Milliner.

“Yes Milliner, how may I assist you?”

Milliner smiled, looking into Swimmerlad’s eyes, he smiled as he ordered the Pleasure Frame to stretch Swimmerlad.

“I want this little hero boy stretched, his final orgasm, will be spectacular and he must be nice and tight, snug-as-a-bug in his bondage, it will make his orgasm so much richer and delectable.”

The assistant’s lights gave a flash as strobe lights around the circumference of the Pleasure Frame erupted. “Yes of course Milliner, he will be stretched in preparation for his final pleasure drain sumptuous orgasm!”

Swimmerlad’s eyes widened as his restraints pulled his body powerfully in four directions, his head still forcefully held by Milliner, whose little beanie cap’s propellor slowly turned. Milliner was so enjoying playing with Swimmerlad.

“Fuck me Swimmerlad, I’ll be sorry to see you leave, I have so enjoyed milking your beautiful masculine body, you are such a handsome hero, and your speedo, that bulge of hero meat is fucking awesome, I suppose that is why your buyer, Orgasmo has paid a small fortune for you. I will enjoy watching as Mad Hatter tortures you in front of Orgasmo and his goons in a few hours.”

Swimmerlad spat in Milliner’s face! “You f u ck ing sick ba sta rd, Ughhhhh!”

“You will regret that Swimmerlad!” Milliner responded, wiping the spittle off his face.

“Hey Jizzi”

The lights flashed again “Yes Milliner?”

“Now that you have him nice-n-tight, I want you to pleasure his delightful wet bulge, he is dripping, and he looks like he needs one more shot of love!” Milliner squeezed Swimmerlad’s hair making the young, defeated hero moan as Milliner continued to toy with him. “fondle his speedo and infuse your special blend of little pleasure probes and cover his cock with a sheen of delicious energy, I want you to dredge every last drop of this hero’s cum from his throbbing body, defeat the fuck out him!”

Swimmerlad glared at Milliner and moaned as he felt the assistant comply, he felt the invisible fondling commence, he felt the pleasure infest his speedo his bulge began to heat and his penis, still wet from the evening games began to feel the energy as it encircled his member. He tried to throw his head backward to look away from his tormentor, but Milliner had him held tightly.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Swimmerlad’s deep moan, his sigh was intensely sexual.

“How’s that feeling Hero? By the look on your beautiful handsome face and the sounds of it, Jizzi is doing a fine job!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerlad was slowly thrusting his pelvis, his helpless body stretched to its limit, his bondage adding to the sexuality of the moment.

“Yes very, very nice. The mighty Swimmerlad in the grip of delicious pleasure is a fucking beautiful sight to enjoy and savour. Mind if I eat your speedo bulge for a moment, I promise you, Jizzi won’t mind, and I want to make you feel really nice and special as we milk you this last time. Mad Hatter will explain how the finale will play out.”

“Agggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerlad was immersed in a blanket of pleasure, his bulge, his balls, his penis were humming as the Pleasure Frame pulsed in rainbow colours around his beautifully stretched body. He was helpless and inviting, his bulge dripping as if the machine kept on wringing the juices from his body.

Milliner let go of Swimmerlad’s hair and Swimmerlad immediately threw his backward, looking upward as he dealt with the pleasure, he was wracked in guilt as he returned his gaze across to Swimmerboy, he knew that the machine would extract every last drop of his juices, he was helpless to resist it and it was a matter of time. His speedo strength was depleting fast, he was defeated, and his juices would be used destroy their bond. Swimmerboy would explode in geishas of jiz and possibly die. He didn’t fear his impending torture, he feared being taken from Swimmerboy, their separation would be devastating. He had to hold on, he had to try to stop the sexual torture.

But he couldn’t. Milliner was on his knees, he watched the faded orange bulging beauty of speedo as it buzzed and writhed in front of him, the rounds of the bulge filled him with lust and desire. One of the most sexual superheroes was his toy, and his wet nylon meal awaited his hungry hands, mouth, and tongue. Milliner was mesmerised by the sheer magnificence of the oozing mass of speedo and he wanted as much Swimmerlad nectar as he could, this was his final chance before the finale.

“Hey Jizzi”

Swimmerlad looked down at Milliner in horror What th e ffff fffuck is he up to he thought to himself, the pleasure was controlling him, wracking his body in delicious waves and ripples of tingles, he could see his bulge protruding from his speedo. He knew he looked beautiful and sexual for his tormentor. Helpless!

“Stimulate his prostrate, fuck him with that special probe Mad Hatter installed the other day!”

Mad Hatter’s pleasure rod initialising

Swimmerlad felt Jizzi insert the virtual dildo into his arse, it filled him delightfully and his body tensed and thrust as it filled him completely, as it ballooned filling his anal walls with pleasure, he felt the way it pushed his body in waves of delight as it began to slowly move out and then in, Swimmerlad moaned in depraved and primal outbursts of sexual submission as Jizzi fucked his captive.

He thrust his speedo toward Milliner. He sighed deeply and sexually.

“That’s so sexy! More like it Swimmerlad! You really do enjoy your pleasure, you depraved superhero, now what’s for breakfast, oh yeah Swimmerlad speedo bulge!”

Milliner’s fingers caressed the speedo tenderly, he could feel Jizzi’s virtual fondle as well, Swimmerlad moaned so deeply as his fingers caressed the raging wet nylon bulge. He felt Swimmerlad’s penis snaking inside the delicious nylon tent, he could feel the energy wrapping the hero’s cock, he felt the energy dance on his fingertips as they explored and gripped the delicious bulge. He then began to lick and worship the mass of pleasure, the bulge tasted erotic and sweet, and he lapped up each powerful ooze of Swimmerlad’s juices.

“Sumptuous Swimmerlad!” he began to say but was interrupted by Mad Hatter, touching him on the shoulder.

“You two look fantastic together, but don’t let me stop you enjoying this delectable morsel, but I must get things moving along!”

Mad Hatter then turned and walked past Swimmerboy, who was twisting and writhing in pleasure, his speedo flashing as the pleasure toys continued to control his growing pleasure base.

“Sumptuous! Swimmerboy is ready for the final game, the present will be unwrapped completely soon!” He so enjoyed the sight of Swimmerboy thrashing helplessly in his frenetic state.

“Swimmerlad is engaged in a little love with Milliner, they look so good together, Jizzi and Milliner are bringing Swimmerlad to his knees, he’ll be screaming soon, but before that kids, we’re going to get you two into position.” Mad Hatter had arrived at Robin’s Pleasure Frame, situated behind Swimmerboy on the opposite end to Swimmerlad. Normally this side of room enjoyed Jizzi while the other hero was milked, but this time Mad Hatter had other plans!

“Porkpie, do the honours will you please?” Porkpie had been caressing Robin’s little green speedos, he looked so sexy, they bulged perfectly with his beautiful cock displaying in the wet fabric drenched in Blunder Boy cum and pre-cum. He so enjoyed the trademark R on the left-hand hip of the speedo brief. Porkpie was in love! Robin was just jam packed with sexual spunk and his writhing body, his moans, his beautiful face and wavy hair looked handsome, but it was the little mask that topped of his sexual beauty. Robin was indeed one of the most beautiful heroes on the market. He was stretched helplessly in his Pleasure Frame writhing and oozing his boy nectar. He was ready!

“Oh fuck, just too many sexual boys in bondage, it’s just too much! Ha ha ha ha!” Mad Hatter was beside himself with joy. His game of pass the parcel had been such an explosive sexual display of heroic proportions and he was so excited to enjoy the finale.

Back inside the Milk Bar

Nathan was trembling; Thunder’s tongue had consumed every beautiful piece of the Play Toy’s arse, Thunder wanted so badly to get his mouth around Nathan’s speedo thong pouch, but Biff had been hogging that morsel of beauty for what felt like an age. Biff had always enjoyed playing with Nathan, but the Milk Bar extravaganza was setting new standards! He drank in every drop of Nathan’s juices, he sucked hard desperately trying to extract the beautiful boy juices. Nathan was in a sexual mind-bind with Swimmerboy. The mighty hero was just feet away and aerosol droplets of his spurting pre-cum filled the space between the Play Toy and Hero. Swimmerboy twisting and writhing his desperate moans filled the ring, his head stuck, drawn to the Orgasmadroid Altar as the pleasure systems inched him closer and closer to his orgasm.

The same scene was infolding between Swimmerlad and Play Toy Tyler, they too were locked in a dynamic sexual bind trance, Swimmerlad spurting his pre-cum and screaming with every pump of his juices, his orgasm was so close! Tyler was writhing in the safe hands of Kyle and Hunter! Kyle fed on the young athlete’s speedo thong and Hunter enjoyed harvesting Swimmerlad pre-cum as it spurted and gushed through his exquisite red nylon speedo thong. Hunter then rubbed it into Tyler’s raging hard tenting speedo bulge for Kyle to enjoy as he fed hungrily, bringing Tyler closer and closer to his next and final orgasmic eruption of the night. Hunter fed Tyler, his symbiont’s pre-cum, and it worked a treat! The flavour of Swimmerlad’s pre-cum set Tyler’s pleasure probe into overdrive and Tyler’s moans and writhing body trembled as the pleasure rippled and raged in his body.

Scorpio realised very clearly that whatever fantasy they were experiencing, the Orgasmadroid Altars were amazingly using them, they were bringing Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy closer and closer toward their orgasmic demise. He surveyed the two heroes, they were close to climax, close to the orgasmic cliff, that point of no return. He so loved that part of the pleasure milking process! He decided to allow them extra time to enjoy their erotic fantasy, Orgasmo’s Elixir of Eros was proving itself to be a potent sexual toy for him to develop, he hoped dearly they could modify it to work as effectively on Robin! His arrival was drawing closer and Scorpio pondered how he wanted to welcome the Boy Wonder.

In Swimmerboy’s Robin fantasy

“So much fun, I just love party games!” Mad Hatter clapped

Porkpie had programmed the Pleasure Frame holding Robin so helplessly.

“Hey Jizzi”

The Pleasure Frame surrounding the heaving Boy Wonder came to life with flashes of lights and lasers that shot green and red barbs of light through the theatrical smoke still infesting Mad Hatter’s part play ring.

“Yes Porkpie, can I be of assistance?”

This was ominous to Robin, he looked around in desperate attempts to find some way of escape, he pulled and twisted in his bonds, but he knew it was a helpless situation, he had to deal with whatever the evil Porkpie commanded of the assistant.

Porkpie took control! “Robin is going on a little ride! Stretch him to his breaking point Jizzi, I want to hear this little birdy sing for his supper, or should I say moan!”

Robin felt his body almost rip apart. His cries shot through Mad Hatter’s play room like a sonic boom.



Robin threw his head around desperately as his body took the stretch.

“Oh stop complaining Blunder Boy, hasn’t Batman stretched you and played with you before, all in the name of training you? You stupid boy, you’re so fuckin beautiful and stupid, Batman drugged you and played with you so he and Alfred could enjoy your cocktail of cum! You’ll get used to the stretch soon, muscles have a way of adapting!” Porkpie, was insistent and determined!

Robin glared through his sexy mask, his face screwing up as he felt his every muscle in his gorgeous body strain.

“Y o u F i e n d! ” Robin did his best to mouth his words, his lungs were too exhausted from his screaming fit.

“Hey Jizzi”

What now? Robin thought.

“Cover Robin’s cock with your pumper, slowly pump his penis in that delicious pleasure coating, up and down slowly, bring him through waves of pleasure and oh yeah finger his arse, he is so going to love where he is going, I want his speedo thrusting perfectly sexually. This little birdy will pop one more time in a very special place!”

Robin felt the simultaneous actions of the assistant immediately and moaned as he felt the virtual energy fingers rape and stimulate his man hole. He moaned even deeper as the masturbator grabbed his penis inside his Robin speedo and started caressing his cock, slowly slipping along the length of Robin’s superb wet penis, its grip so sensual and erotic, it played with the edges of his cock head causing delicious pulses of pleasure to caress his manhood. Robin moaned and started instinctively thrusting his sumptuous body in response to the waves of pleasure infesting his speedo.

“N o P l ea se!” he tried to plead but he had almost no voice left. He had to endure the next pleasure rape of his athletic young body.

Mad Hatter had moved in to enjoy the look of despair and enjoyment as they erupted and mingled on Robin’s face, he caressed Robin’s cheeks as he traced around the cute, sexy mask. “You look so sexy Boy Wonder; I mean really sexy. Batman must have enjoyed you so many times in that little special bat belfry of his. I wonder what sort of bondage toys he used on you? You wouldn’t remember, his bat drugs worked a treat on you. Anyway, that’s all history, now you’re here, and you will remember this little play time for the rest of your bird brain life! Now! Porkpie has just unlocked your Pleasure Frame and its going to transport your helplessly stretched, pleasurised and homogenised magnificent body directly above your raging sexual mate. Swimmerboy, in his hyper horny orgasmic state, he will so love your thrusting, oozing Robin speedo bulge as you fuck his face! You will enjoy his raging spurting speedo bulge as you suck him into oblivion, oh yes and in that position you will get a bird’s eye view Swimmerlad’s final explosive orgasm of the party! Ha ha ha ha! We’ll massage Swimmerlad’s cum into Swimmerboy’s bulge for the final time and he will just explode -B A N G- right in your face Blunder Boy, I hope he doesn’t drown you in his powerful flow of Jizz as his geisha of juices defeat him. He’ll be sucking your green speedo so hard; he’ll milk you of your last deposits of your cum as he sucks your juices in his orgasmic frenzy.

“POW! that’s how you defeat cocky young crime fighting meddlers!”

Mad Hatter opened his pants and started to masturbate.

“Ohh getting carried away hahahahahaha” he reluctantly zipped up his pants and threw his hands in the air, his Top Hat popped open and more poppers and streamers exploded.

“Let’s play boys!”

In Swimmerlad’s jungle fantasy…

The lusty throng of frenzied men in the presentation theatre had begun to chant, they were witness to the start of a new order of pleasure sacrifice. The capture of Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy had signalled the start of a new standard of sacrificial offering to Pelatos. They had witnessed the beauty and magnificence of the mighty heroes, their perfect bodies, handsome faces, and skimpy leather thongs, they were objects of beauty and fascination and the Sharman’s decision to include three of the temple’s heroic pleasure offerings was a stoke of erotic mastery that helped to whip up the lustful atmosphere.

They chanted “Hero thong, hero thong, beautiful hero thong.” Over and over.

Swimmerlad felt his thong caressing his manhood; the pleasure was inescapable, it radiated up through his torso, down his stretched legs, every movement of his pelvis generated a new explosion of delight infesting his penis, his head lolled upward and downward in abandon to the enjoyment caressing his body. He looked down to see his next load of pre-cum form and ooze around his beautiful and sensual man bulge and he watched it drip in a long oozing clear globule stretching as it found its way into the large vessel between his stretched legs. They collected his juices and Swimmerboy’s, they would be prime ingredients in the Sharman’s next batch of magic infused sexual potions for when he would once again be stretched on the Solar Altar in the holy sanctum.

The lusty crowd’s chanting was insistent, as they watched five sexual gods writhe in a display of erotic sexual depravity. Temple priests were caressing Kai’s wet leopard skin thong, and each of the other mighty warriors, Karvan and Arkool’s thongs, massaging the bound powerful warriors into frenzies of pleasure; the temple priests used special oils that soaked into the fine leather bulge and saturated their cocks, the sensual oil penetrated deep into their sanctified bulges to the penis and erupted in ripples of pleasure. Kai fought his bonds, but his majestic body looked so exquisite as the priests pleasured him, Kai’s body trembled as they delicately worshipped the mighty hero into a trembling mass of delight. He screamed as the pleasure raped him and the crowd chanted over and over. Each of the trio of heroes were subject to the pleasure oil anointing, they each writhed and cried out in a display of sexual depravity and servitude.

Above them Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy were left alone, they were marinating in a cocktail of pleasure from the Sharman’s diabolical potions and their time bound in the confines of the Solar Altar sanctum, their legs stretched outward and shacked to the podium floor, their arms lifted directly above their bodies in an unforgiving stretch, and magic infused ropes caused the leather bulging thongs to buzz, pushing waves of enjoyment around their bulges and through their buttocks, they were left to steep in the delicious pleasure, the holy sanctified Solar infused pleasure was pounding in their beautiful thongs, their bodies thrusting and moaning as it continued to rape them.

Swimmerlad looked up from his bulge gazing and looked into the Sharman’s eyes, he had climbed the stairs to their presentation podium. The Sharman’s eye were wide, and delirious they were infested with power and passion, he was the spokesman of the people’s sexual deity, he was now the master of Swimmerlad’s pleasure!

“Mmm, such beauty Swimmerlad, you look sexual and erotic, bondage suits you, get used to it! You, mighty hero are the chosen one, your destiny has led you to this temple, where you will serve for the rest of your life. Your body belongs to Pelatos, as does the mighty warriors writhing before you for the crowd, you my delicious one are special, you belong to me and I decree your pleasure. I will milk you mighty hero, and I will milk Swimmerboy! Your cum belongs to Pelatos, your pleasure belongs to Pelatos.

Swimmerlad fought the powerful ropes dragging his arms upward stretching his body, every movement of his body caused him to cry out in sumptuous yelps of delight. The Sharman moved over to Swimmerboy, he looked back toward Swimmerlad as he began to caress Swimmerboy’s spectacular oozing bulge, his evil smile erupted on his face as Swimmerboy’s body went into spasm of pleasure spurting his pre-cum, spraying the Sharman.

The Sharman lifted his voice and spoke to the crowd from the podium, he stood between the two mighty heroes as they writhed and moaned in the holy Pleasure of Pelatos. The Sharman lifted his arms and the fire torches lighting the theatre shot higher into the hot humid night, his voice boomed amplified by his magic as he addressed the chanting throng of horny men.

“Pelatos demands his pleasure offerings, his lust is insatiable and only the pleasure of the chosen one will satisfy him completely. He has waited patiently for his next worthy pleasure prime and we have selected three of the most virile handsome warriors from the Temple roll, they have been edged to orgasm and denied their ultimate pleasure for three days, they will be milked dry in the Milking Chamber of Pelatos, their pleasure will be an offering, their sacred cum will be combined with the final potion infested with my incantations, it will be applied to the chosen one, the Mighty Swimmerlad will be tied before Pelatos, his holy offering, his pleasure will be spectacular and as the sun rises, his partner will be milked over his body, The cum of Swimmerboy as he sprays his juices to combine with the cum of the mighty Kai of Libidia, the mighty Arkool of Rahania and Karvan of Rashinda will initiate the powerful orgasmic explosion of the magnificent Swimmerlad. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Swimmerlad’s screams and that of each mighty hero will reverberate throughout the land as their pleasure is harvested!”

“Take them to the Milking Chamber of Pelatos!” The Sharman’s voice boomed throughout the theatre and through the land. Everyone knew that Pelatos would be offered exquisite hero pleasure and holy juice in the coming hours until the sunrise, they would wait expectantly to sunrise to hear the mighty Swimmerlad’s powerful orgasmic screams. The crowd hoped that his exhausted cum soaked body would be displayed in the public arena in the early hours of the morning before he and Swimmerboy were taken to the Solar Altar again.

The cruel temple priests unshackled their legs and manhandled them, tying their arms behind their backs in the golden temple ropes once again, The priests gasped at the beauty of their bodies, their wet thongs clinging to their bulging manhood, dripping, oozing in clear sexual juices, they were excited to witness the upcoming spectacle but they each hoped to Pelatos that they would be selected to worship and pleasure any of the five beautiful young warrior gods, powerful helpless heroes during the ceremony. The Sharman demanded cum and lots of it and the mere thought of having one of these mighty heroes stretched helplessly on a Milking Stone, trembling in pleasure was an erotic contemplation for each of the temple priests.

They were soon on their way, Swimmerlad was the last in the procession of warrior heroes, Swimmerboy went before him flanked by his two temple priests, The Sharman followed Swimmerlad and the three heroes, were each bound and went before Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy. At the front of the procession, the outer loincloth of Swimmerlad and that of Swimmerboy were lifted up and displayed as a signal of their capture sexual submission, they were trophies displayed proudly as the procession made its way past lines of lust filled men, they lined the path to the Milking Chamber, chanting “Hero thong, hero bulge, pleasure of Pelatos!”

Swimmerlad was horny as all fuck, his body resonated the delicious sensations with every step and the sight of Swimmerboy’s buns of steel wrapping his sexy wet thong as the pushed him forward was driving Swimmerlad’s sexual desires into a frenzy. He looked at the golden ropes binding Swimmerboy and he felt his sexual urges trumpet through his magnificent bulging wet thong. Before he knew it the procession was well away from the presentation theatre, they were being taken to the sacred milking rooms, they were destined for the holy of holies at the Zenith Temple.

The Milking Chamber of Pelatos sat within the confines of the Temple, the proud building stood tall, and a special passage led to the huge heavy wooden doors with huge golden handles. The path wound downward turning and twisting and as the procession came closer, the passage became luxurious with ornate cloths and curtains hanging across beams hanging from the passage room. Sounds became stronger as the procession neared the Milking Chamber.

Lining the walls of the path, twenty or so captured warriors, beautiful men, temple pleasure pawns from the temple rolls and toys of the elite priesthood were tied against the wall, most in exquisite leather thongs, their writhing moaning bodies were assembled to welcome and usher the procession party into the glorious Milking Chamber. Several priests caressed and edged the beautiful and sensualy twisting men, all tied on presentation frames or spreadeagled against the wall. Choking devices constricted their throats, their bodies twisting and writhing at the hands of the priests, keeping their magnificent bulges oozing and dripping in heroic warrior juice. They watched as the procession of sexual captives passed them, fully knowing they would be returned to their temple cells for another round processing! Tomorrow they could be chosen to be milked in the chamber, their bondage was powerful and enchanted by the Sharman’s incantations, their bulges will be soaked in the pleasure potions driving them wild with desire, yet the chaunts and chanting harmonies of the priests as they worked on their beautiful bulging thongs and bodies somehow bewitched them, they were somehow deprived of their ejaculation. The Sharman decreed that they would only cum in the Milking Chamber of Pelatos or in his private restraining parlour.

The procession stopped!

Next to Swimmerlad stood his two temple priests, next to him on one side, Lzar of the lands of Rahania, a warrior brother of Arkool, strained in his bonds, his oozing thong made Swimmerlad tingle all over with sexual delight, the Sharman’ potions and the Sun Altar had filled his body with outrageous pleasure, his delicious thin and wet leather thong was seething hurricane of sensation, but Swimmerlad used all his might trying to hide the effects of his pleasure preparation, but the sight of Lzar was overwhelming, he looked forward but the sight of Swimmerboy’s slowly thrusting magnificent body and his wet leather thong emerging between Swimmerboy’s perfect buns was also overwhelming, he was bursting with desire, erotic needs licking his mind, licking his thong, his bulge, he was immersed in the moment, in the pleasure in so many levels.

B O O M it rang up the passageway, then again, B O O M. The Chief Temple Priest leading the procession was pounding the door to the Milking Chamber with a staff in the shape of a Phallus. The doors opened inward, and the procession was moving again into the chamber, into the holy parlour of pleasure.

Upon entry, two extra priests arrived to welcome each of the sacrificial offerings, these were sanctified chamber attendants, they wore golden thongs, fine gold harnesses clung to their chests and a golden scull hood clung to their heads. They were ruthless, they demanded complete submission to Pelatos and as they greeted the powerful yet bound sacrificial hero, they grabbed them directing them along with the two assigned temple priests, four in all, to their assigned holy Milking Stone awaiting them. They stretched the hero’s legs in submission behind the Milking Stone forcing them to look down toward the waiting sacred place where they would be milked before Pelatos.

The sumptuous parlour was lit by powerful torches and red and white drapes surrounded the walls and draped across beams reaching to a zenith in the centre of the parlour’s tall architecture roof line. A huge image of Pelatos adorned the front of the chamber, the holy altar stood in front of the golden deity, the altar held the Shaman’s sacred vessels, the deity looked over the entire expansive room. Three sacred Milking Stones fanned around a central Milking Stone. Each facing the image of Pelatos and its glowing red bulging thong; the Deity was surrounded by phallic candles. Each of the Milking Stones glowed red in the same eerie colour to the Deity’s erotic bulge. Each rock was large and convex with delicate curves designed to stretch the helpless captive. There were four Milking Stones but five mighty heroes were to be drained in exquisite pleasure before Pelatos. Facing the Deity, the warrior heroes were assigned their Milking Stone. To the left and behind Swimmerlad Arkool of Rahania, he fought his bonds, but the priests grabbed his blonde hair pulling his head forcefully to survey the Stone. In the Centre Karvan of Rashinda would be milked directly behind Swimmerlad’s front central glowing Milking Stone. Karvan too, realised his fate and the fate of Swimmerlad and valiantly fought his bonds, he was struck once in the stomach and as he bent over in pain, one of the temple priests kicked his head then lifted his head upward to face his Milking Stone, his majestic body still twisting in his bonds. To the right and behind Swimmerlad, Kai of Labidia, stood legs apart in submission but fighting his bonds, his four cruel temple priests grabbed him, one thrusting a finger between his buttocks, past the wet lubricated leopard skin, sexual thong and thrust it inside his moist arse while another slapped his handsome chiselled face with a huge back hand. One of the temple attendants wearing the golden thong and harness, grabbed Kai’s stinging cheeks. He was forceful as he spat out his words. “ I will personally bring you to pleasure mighty Kai, you will tremble as I suck your juices, you beautiful man! Your cum will pleasure Swimmerlad the chosen vessel of Pelatos.

Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy were forced to the central Milking Stone. Swimmerboy was forced to the front of the large ominous stone, his back to the Deity, so it could behold his powerful and spectacular buttocks, he faced the rock, his legs spread by the attendants, his head forced upward by one of golden thong attendants. Swimmerlad was forced to the opposite side of the Milking Stone, He looked across the ominous bondage setup to view Swimmerboy. They were both filled with pleasure, it radiated from their now sacred bulging thongs that glistened in the torch lights illuminating the sumptuous temple milking parlour. The pleasure was insistent, delicious, and consuming as it rippled through their bodies, waves of delicate tingles followed the pleasure waves. They moaned and their pelvic thrusts were slow and determined as their faces screwed up with each swell effect consuming their thongs.

Swimmerlad looked around the chamber, the three heroes, were spectacular, they were covered in sweat, their thongs and Karvan’s wet loincloth, which caressed his under-thong delicately and dangled between his spread legs was erotic to the extreme. He felt his sexual desires bubbling at the sumptuous scene.

The Sharman was pleased and addressed his sumptuous offerings “Face your destiny gentlemen,” the Sharman moved through the chamber toward the central milking stone, “…your hero juices, your sacred milk. The nectar of Pelatos will be drained from your powerful sacrificial bodies. Pelatos demands your pleasure, he will revel in your pleasure; he demands your cries of submission as your bodies are drained before him.”

He continued, “You will be tied to your milking stone, facing your captor, stretched in sacrifice before Pelatos. The Stones are forged in the mines, in the region of the raging rivers of Erotica our neighbouring allies. They contain metals and ores infused with the magic of Erotica’s Lord Sangral. Your body will not escape their powerful force on your magnificent bulging thongs as your magnificent body is stretched across the surface of pure pleasure generating properties of the Milking Stone. Pelatos will feed on your pleasure, he will demand your body’s complete submission to the power of your sexual defeat.

Swimmerlad will witness each of you as you are tied to your Milking Stone, he is full of the sacred pleasure of Pelatos, his body a vessel and container of a raging ocean of holy power! He will be tied to his Milking Stone last after he has witnessed the beauty of three mighty heroes, renowned and magnificent virile men, tied before him to serve his holy pleasure sacrament. Your cum will feed his ultimate pleasure build until the sun rises and shines through the optic crystalline lens of the Milking Chamber roof onto his body signalling his holy exquisite orgasm before Pelatos. He will be milked dry as will you all!”

The Sharman looked at Swimmerboy. “What of this delectable morsel?” He walked around Swimmerlad’s waiting, glowing Milking Stone to the mighty hero, twisting in his bonds, his body contorting in pleasure as the raging sensations reverberated through his perfect shimmering body. The Sharman bent down to survey the bumps and protrusions of Swimmerboy’s dripping leather thong. He ran his fingers around the base of the heaving erotic masterpiece and around the edges of the pleasure pouch, following the thin leather sides as they stretched around Swimmerboy’s slowly thrusting hips, his fingers traced the strap between Swimmerboy’s tight buttocks. Swimmerboy cried out as his entire thong shimmered and vibrated in some kind of rection to the Sharman’s touch.


“Pelatos is so pleased with your offering!” The Sharman stood up and offered his finger to Swimmerboy.

“Taste your pleasure juices and your sweet, sweat, mighty hero, your juices will activate the potions that thrill these mighty heroes tonight and just before sunrise you will be tied before Swimmerlad as he writhes in the power of Pelatos’ pleasure, as he reaches his long-awaited orgasm, his body will be sprayed in your cum as your majestic orgasm spurts your nectar covering his spectacular body. His bulge will explode as the light of the sun bathes his body and your cum showers him from above and before Pelatos; his screams of defeat and submission will peel throughout the land as far as the lands of Erotica. Sangral will know that the Milking Stones have served their master well!”

“Take Swimmerboy to the juicing frame behind the Altar and set the first vessel between his stretched legs, Pelatos will tower above him and his power will pleasure the mighty hero all night squeezing his juices into the sacred vessels.

Swimmerboy was forced away from the Milking stone and taken the Altar where the regal frame, awaited him, it was made of precious metals and precious jewels were set into the beautiful bondage device. They spread his legs and tied them expertly in the golden temple rope, they lifted his arms and tied his wrists outward to the edges of the frame. He was positioned below the Deity, but above the white marble Altar, he overlooked the Milking Chamber with perfect view of the four beautiful and erotic heroes that were to be stretched over the ominously glowing Milking Stones. He looked around the room to see the many priests surrounding the Chamber, they wore the temple red thongs, they dripped in anticipation of the sumptuous feast of pleasure and the atmosphere pregnant with anticipation.

The two temple attendants wearing the gold thong, skull hood and skimpy harness held Swimmerlad’s head upward, forcing the pleasure wracked hero to witness the installation of the mighty Arkool, Karvan and Kai to their respective Milking Stones. Behind Swimmerlad and raised above the Altar, Swimmerboy twisted and fought his bonds, he was helpless and spread-eagled above the holy vessels overlooking the sumptuous feast of heroic pleasure milking about to unfold, he knew his sacred sexual juices would power the powerful pleasure forces about to be unleashed and his ultimate orgasm would signal Swimmerlad’s climax to defeat. He was helpless. He was exquisitely beautiful, a perfect offering.

“Tie them to their Milking Stones!”

In Swimmerboy’s erotic Robin fantasy…

Swimmerboy’s erotic fantasy was also heading toward the powerful defeat of he, Swimmerlad and Robin at the hands of Mad Hatter. The final party game of pass the parcel and spin the mighty Swimmerboy had ended and Swimmerlad was the final winner, he would be juiced in a final frenzy of pleasure at the hand of Milliner and the powerful pleasure frame with its diabolical personal Assistant – Jizzi.

Mad Hatter had just announced the final play time.

Swimmerboy writhed and twisted his body in erotic abandon, the waves of sensation pummelling his speedo and reverberating through his body as the trio of pleasure rays continued to top up his raging battery of pleasure, it was slowly and deliberately growing inside his speedo and radiating through his body. He could feel the delicious energy caressing his penis, but then he noticed Porkpie’s beaming face, he was holding another special bottle of Mad Hatter’s store of potions. He caressed Swimmerboy carefully across his forehead as if to wipe the sweat from his brow.

“How you feeling pretty hero boy? I bet that beautiful bulge in your speedo is feeling delicious right now, so beautiful, the pleasure raping your body as the bonds hold you helplessly to your bondage table. Yum, fucking yum, Not sure if you heard or not, all that moaning and crying out can be distracting can’t it? Well, Robin is going to pay you a little visit for your orgasmic crescendo, his pleasure frame has been unlocked and it is preparing the precious transfer procedure as we speak. He has been pulled really tight, he can hardly move and his beautiful muscles are still adapting to the stretch, he looks so beautiful, so helpless, just like you!”

Swimmerboy glared at his tormentor, his body convulsing in the next wave of sensation rippling through his body.

“Ngffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!” “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!”

He was helpless to the power of Mad Hatter’s systems.

Porkpie continued. “This potion will add to your sexual desires, you will become hyper horny, I’m going to spray it on your beautiful bulge, it will mingle with your juices and enter your blood stream through your flesh, your cock will absorb it and so will your body, if you suddenly spurt your pre-cum, don’t be alarmed, hahahahahahaha. Now I’m giving Robin a squirt too, he will be so fucking horny as he is lifted over your helplessly stretched body, his mouth to your bulge and you will get to enjoy his lovely wet green Robin speedos, he looks so delicious in them, I have so enjoyed his milking and the cute sounds he makes as his orgasm infests his delicious body. I’m sure your mind will explode as the pleasure engulfs you and Robin’s bulge begins to caress your hungry face. It will be so sexual, so delicious,” his smug smile conveyed his evil sexual desire, “…your little planned threesome is just too erotic with Mad Hatter’s little enhancements, hahahahahahaha!”

Swimmerboy looked desperately pleading amongst his cries of delight, he lifted his head to watch Porkpie spray the substance on his speedo pouch, he closed his eyes as Porkpie massaged the potion into his loins.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerboy nearly broke his bonds, the eruption of pleasure was diabolical, and his body erupted twisting in majestical erotic throes. He pushed his head backward, he could see Robin’s head thrashing upward and downward, Robin was still dealing with the powerful stretch, his green Robin speedos glistened in the lights , his bulge was spectacular and Swimmerboy felt his erotic desires flood through his mind and body, the drugs were a powerful aphrodisiac, he was captive physically, mentally, and sexually, Mad Hatter had worked his body into a frenzy of sensation and desire.

Porkpie was beaming like a lighthouse, he had moments earlier set Swimmerboy into a sexual frenzy of desire, full of erotic desires, Swimmerboy was writhing, waiting for his playmate, the beautiful Boy Wonder. Robin was in a flurry of sensation too, his arms and legs spasmed in the unforgiving tight bondage, yet Jizzi was also relentless, fingering his man hole and caressing Robin’s cock slowly and deliberately in a pleasure sequence engrossing the length of his beautiful penis. No training by Batman could prepare him for the delights of Mad Hatter’s party play room.

Porkpie licked Robin’s lycra suit clinging to his chest, it was soaked in Boy Wonder sweat and clung to his rippling muscles dutifully, he licked the Boy Wonder’s face, his pert little nose, he lifted the delicious lock of Robin’s hair from his forehead and licked the hero’s brow, he placed both hands on Robin’s straining cheeks forcing the Boy Wonder to look him in the eye. “You are as fucking gorgeous as Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, I can understand your desire to escape Gotham for a dirty week with these two speedo bombs. I want you so fuckin bad Robin, you handsome devil, you helpless, handsome fucking devil! I am so jealous because Swimmerboy is going to enjoy you very soon, he will eat your bulging boy speedo, with erotic abandon, you will eat his gorgeous speedo as his orgasm erupts in your face. The cum will be filtered by the nylon speedo, but It will engulf your beautiful face as your playmate explodes in your cute little face!” Porkpie licked Robin’s right cheek, he was so close and menacing to the helpless hero.

Porkpie ran his fingers across Robin’s sexy mask. “This little mask won’t protect your cute little face once we bring Swimmerboy to orgasm. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, hope you can hold your breath for a while Boy Wonder, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Porkpie collected his bottle from the plinth holding Robin’s utility belt. He had placed it their while he toyed with the helpless hero. “Now, don’t know if you noticed, I sprayed Swimmerboy’s bulge with this little aphrodisiac, he is so hot and horny, listen to him hissing, his desires are eating him up so deliciously and we’re just teasing him before we lower you onto his ravenous face, he will eat you alive Robin. So you will have a squirt of love potion too, it will absorb into your penis and it won’t affect Jizzi. Hey Jizzi!”

The pleasure frame lit up again. “Yes Porkpie!”

Porkpie’s look was evil, I’m going to spray Robin with some of Mad Hatter’s No2 EAU DE TOILETTE! I want you to increase the pleasure pressure inside Robin’s pouch, this will be his final fling for the night and the last time he sees Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, let’s give him a send-off he won’t forget, the aphrodisiac drugs will work a treat with that!”

“Agreed Porkpie, infusing pleasure generators now!” Jizzi flashed all around Robin’s pleasure frame.

Robin felt his bulge explode, his penis, his balls were being infused by minute pleasure probes, they exploded across his manhood, reverberating through his Robin bulge and pouch. He screamed out as the first eruption fanned out to envelop his manhood.




“You ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff i e n d!”

Robin looked down to his thrusting pelvis as Porkpie sprayed the drugs.


Robin’s face screwed up as he felt the pleasure frame begin to lift him, he was spreadeagled, dripping his Robin juices as he began to move horizontally, a meter above and over Swimmerboy’s writhing hungry spreadeagled body on the central bondage table. He was directly above Swimmerboy’s bulging volcano of pleasure, he could see the throbbing action working its way through Swimmerboy’s cock inside the delicious wet light blue nylon speedo fabric causing him to tremble and spray his pre-cum. Robin felt the drugs immediately, the sight of Swimmerboy’s writhing helpless body below him and his erupting sexual siren of his speedo caused the drugs to explode in his mind, Robin filled with insatiable desire, a yearning need to eat Swimmerboy! His body held tight in the bondage did not stop him thrusting his pelvis as Jizzi continued to fuck his arse and pleasure his penis. Robin’s precum was oozing like a clear stalactite into Swimmerboy’s hungry mouth, but Robin’s sudden erotic explosion caused his pre-cum to fling around the play room. Swimmerboy gulped the sweet hero juice as best he could, but to his delight, Robin’s delectable mound of nylon was suddenly slowly descending to his face. Swimmerboy’s eyes widened as Robin’s delicious groin approached.

In the Milk Bar

Swimmerboy and Nathan were completely enthralled by the fantasy, it was real, it was a wet dream come true, the powerful Orgasmadroid Altar had enveloped Swimmerboy’s body at every level, the majestic hero writhed in his bondage, his speedo thong continuing to spurt in waves of outrageous pleasure energy, his body thrashing, but his head immoveable. He was now drooling, his eyes fixed in a symbiont-controlled attachment to Nathan’s stair. The speedotooth connection to Nathan’s brain implant was running hot and Nathan’s body was trembling as the pleasure current infesting his speedo thong, once again had taken control of his penis, his body too was captive to the diabolical machine’s intent on harvesting their man juices in long drawn out, exquisite displays of pleasure power. Nathan’s sexual attendants were also focused on extracting the young athlete’s spunk for the final time, they were so looking forward to the next climax. Everyone was well aware that the fantasy the two were experiencing had become a vivid powerful show, and as the Milk Bar pleasure ring continued to rage forward, every patron, every villainous horny man participant were being drawn into the sexual depravity of the moment – Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were beginning to enter the orgasmic flows of the river of defeat! Their bodies, their souls, their minds ensconced in the power of the diabolical Orgasmadroid.

In Swimmerboy’s erotic Robin fantasy

He glanced away from the slowly descending sexual morsel named Robin as he descended slowly toward him, he needed to survey his speedo, it was buzzing, vibrating, and crackling as the blue energy continued to form and explode across his bulge. The pleasure bolts were whipping his wet nylon mound of meat violently and the pleasure erupted into every part of his speedo, it was driving him wild with delight. He cried out in frustration as the sensations racked his body, his every cell shimmered and reacted to the sensations broadcasting from his speedo throughout his body. He could see Milliner as he caressed and worshipped Swimmerlad’s exhausted body. Swimmerlad’s head was thrashing up and down, they had stretched him to the extreme and Milliner was devouring him in a sexual frenzy. Their cries of pleasure mingled in a harmony of defeat, the duo of speedo were defeated by Mad Hatter; and their friend and fuck buddy, Robin too was a defeated and drained young titan.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s cries peeled around Mad Hatter’s Play Room, they were entering the final stages of the party, they had played the game and had lost! The parcel had been unravelled as the Mad Hatter’s game of hero defeat proceeded. The final prize was now insight.

Mad Hatter walked around the diabolical scene laughing and clapping, he was supervising the mount of Robin to Swimmerboy, enjoying how the two heroes writhed and their juices pumped, the anticipation of the two horny gods connecting in his erotic game was palpable, he loved the sounds of man juices squishing beneath Swimmerboy and the sounds of Swimmerboy in his horny daze of pleasure straining to reach the delicious green bulging Robin meat so tantalizingly close to his mouth and face. Robin was a mass of sensation, Jizzi was working a treat, it fucked Robin’s arse deliciously, Jizzi’s virtual fingers filling Boy Wonder with delight and the pleasure program working his penis was rocking his little green Robin speedos with spectacular sensation. Robin writhed his hips were humping at the air, and longing for Swimmerboy’s face to embrace them, Robin, spreadeagled in diabolical tight bondage could only move his hips and head. Below him the sight of the arcs of pleasure energy raping Swimmerboy were mesmerizing and if he looked up he was witness to the mighty Swimmerlad in the opening act of his final orgasmic defeat, so sexual, his beautiful body also stretched and straining. Milliner enjoying the beautiful superhero and Porkpie, now standing behind Swimmerlad, his hands caressing the hero’s speedo in erotic strokes, the scene was extravagant and charged with sexual energy!

Swimmerboy gulped as much Boy Wonder pre-cum as he could, Robin tasted as nice as Swimmerlad! The green speedo was inches away from his face, he could feel the heat radiating off Robin and he could feel the pleasure somehow mingling; his body was wracked in divine sensation and Robin too was captive to the powerful pleasure frame as it lowered onto his body. He felt the energy arcs as they started to lift off his speedo bulge to connect with Robin’s face as it descended, it was as if the pleasure energy was drawing speedo to face, he could feel his body drawing Robin’s face into the bosom of his speedo pouch and he could feel Robin’s erotic bulge drawing his head upward from the bondage table as they made their connection.

Robin screamed! The pleasure in his speedo erupted exponentially, he felt the diabolical energy powering Swimmerboy’s speedo bulge also grip his head forcefully, his head tingled as the energy gripped him, forcing him to worship Swimmerboy’s wet nylon tent of speedo. Swimmerboy was moaning deep primal, guttural utterances, but they were muffled by Robin’s heaving speedo. Swimmerboy’s mouth zapped and fizzed as his tongue lashed Robin’s drenched bulge, Jizzi’s pleasure program infesting Robin’s loins transferred into Swimmerboy’s hungry mouth. They were locked in a Hattery speedo 69 pleasure special!

Mad Hatter looked around his play room, it was filled with the sounds of the trio of heroes, the hat trick of sexual gods performing to his exact specifications, he had captured and defeated three of the world’s powerful crime fighting dynamos, sexual pawns in his power play of defeat.

On the Bondage Table, Swimmerboy writhed in his almost orgasmic pleasure defeat, he was almost drained of his speedo power, he was being face fucked and sucked by the insolent delicious Boy Wonder, Batman’s sexual dynamo was performing stretched inside his pleasure frame, he was fucking Swimmerboy’s face, he was sucking Swimmerboy’s beautiful speedo bulge toward his final orgasmic defeat as they awaited the final cum load from the spectacular Swimmerlad.

Mad Hatter masturbated! He was in such a state of delirious sexual power, he just had to stand there pull out his cock and wank at the debaucheries erupting in his Play Room. He had engineered the defeat of the speedo duo and the equally delicious Boy Wonder.

He didn’t cum! He packed his pleasure wracked cock into his pants, he was going to enjoy Milliner and Porkpie’s worship of Swimmerlad, he wanted to see this god of a man convulse in his final throes of pleasure and spurt his sumptuous nectar into the golden fez. Mad Hatter was looking forward to dragging Robin’s head from Swimmerboy’s heaving bulge, to make him watch as Swimmerlad came for the final time of the session, he would revel in the moment, holding the Boy Wonder’s head upward while Swimmerlad’s cum was applied to Swimmerboy’s raging speedo bulge of pleasure before plunging Robin’s face back into Swimmerboy’s speedo, forcing him to apply the cum with his tongue and in-turn setting Swimmerboy’s ultimate hattery play time orgasm to erupt.

In the Milk Bar

MantaRay had settled himself into the worship of Swimmerlad. The hero was thrashing, but the golden restraints held him effortlessly, Swimmerlad’s muscles twitching and shimmering in the Milk Bar lights, MantaRay could hear the cameras whirring, as they started to get into position to witness the final scene, the rise to the orgasmic defeat. MantaRay stood back to survey the beautiful helpless body of Swimmerlad, a sexual siren of such magnificent beauty, his red nylon speedo thong was a delectable erotic piece of art, he watched as the bulge towered and the curves and bumps of Swimmerlad’s cock producing the waves of wet nylon ripples extending from the apex of the bulge. Swimmerlad sprayed pre-cum upward and outward, he was stretched helplessly spread-eagled facing his symbiont, his body wracked in divine pleasure as the Orgasmadroid’s systems wrapped his body, but his head was forced immoveable to the Altar, his eyes glazed but staring directly into his symbiont’s eyes as their shared erotic fantasy seethed, Swimmerlad had no idea that MantaRay was deliriously worshiping his speedo thong, but he felt the pleasure inside the eroticism of his fantasy.

In Swimmerlad’s erotic jungle fantasy

They made him watch as each of the mighty heroes were overpowered by the temple priests and the holy attendants, Arkool was the first beautiful, sexual offering to be stretched on the Pelatosian Milking Stone, he fought them valiantly, but they easily overpowered him, the temple priests were strong athletic men in their own right, four on one was an easy task. Arkool cried out as they stretched his body, tying his arms first and then his ankles, they held his powerful legs while other priests tied his ankles. Once the powerful hero was secured to the milking stone, it began to make a loud grinding noise as it started to rise. Arkool’s body lifted with the stone, but the restraint locking mechanisms were fixed. Arkool took the stretch as his body strained by the slowly rising menacingly erotic Milking Stone. Arkool cried out and pulled helplessly on his bonds. Arkool’s royal blue thong was an indication of his royal connection to his ancestral heroic founder of his lands, Rahan! Arkool’s blue thong was drenched though, they had pleasured him, edged him for days, his thong clung to his magnificent manhood in spectacular ways, he like his ancestor was captured and bound, he was presented in the Milking Chamber as a pleasure offering to Pelatos! The Miking Stone reached its new level at least a foot above where Arkool was originally installed, his body laid out and stretched in a slight convex manner, his wrists, and ankles, spread wide to the extremities of the Milking Stone. Arkool grunted first, but then his demeanour began to change, his head thrashing as the Stone vibrated and lit up beneath his stretched magnificent body. He cried out as his thong began to fill with delicate pleasure.

The Sharman looked at his beautiful pleasure offering, and he lent over the Stone to caress Arkool’s royal wet thong.

“The Milking Stone has accepted you Arkool, do you feel its welcome sensation filling your holy thong? Pelatos will require your pleasure tonight mighty warrior!” He caressed Arkool’s manhood enjoying the thickness of the mighty hero’s cock beneath the wet blue fabric of the thong, it bulged invitingly, and the Sharman bent to suck the warrior’s regal juices from the sexual offering as Arkool pulled on his bonds moaning as the sensations of pleasure enveloped his manhood.

Satisfied, he walked from Arkool’s delicious writhing tight body, he couldn’t wait for them to tie Karvan of Rashinda, his loincloth clung to his wet leather thong, he was the leader of his father’s army, but he had been abducted and captured with stealth and power! The Sharman gave the order as he arrived at Karvan’s Milking Stone.

“Stretch him, tie him to the Milking Stone!”

Karvan fought them with all his might, but they overpowered him and soon he was stretched on the glowing stone, spread-eagled like Arkool. The Milking Stone began to rumble as had Arkool’s, and the diabolical pleasure Milking Stone began to rise.

Karvan cried out as he took the stretch, he was spread-eagled, his body strained over the rounded top of the Milking Stone as it slowly arose, stretching his body helplessly before Pelatos.


Karvan’s body twisted as best he could but the Miking Stone slowly lifted pulling him tighter and tighter, Karvan’s face contorted and screwed up as his body stretched before his captor and before Pelatos.

The Sharman was very pleased to watch Karvan writhe in his bonds, his loincloth left nothing to the imagination, but the Sharman lifted the loincloth slowly letting it brush against Karvan’s under-leather thong, this combined with the Milking Stone’s erotic welcome, made Karvan moan in delight Karvan felt the pleasure radiate inside his thong and the Sharman’s slowly deliberate peeling of the outer loincloth across the surface of his hero bulge was exquisitely erotic. Karvan lifted his head as best he could his mouth wide open as he drooled at the delicious pleasure being whipped up by the Sharman.

“Yes such a beautiful pleasure offering to Pelatos, your juices will flow tonight mighty warrior! Ha ha ha ha ha your loincloth is acceptable to your pleasure God!”

Swimmerlad could see the entire lascivious start to the milking session unfold, Tyler was completely enthralled at the sumptuous scene of hero bondage and sexual servitude, Tyler’s brain implant processed the pleasure data from Swimmerlad’s Orgasmadroid Altar effortlessly, Tyler was captive in so many ways, so many levels to the power of Swimmerlad’s erotic fantasy and the Orgasmadroid Altar’s enhancements.

They watched as the Sharman arrived to supervise the installation of Kai of Libidia. He was dripping in pre-cum, this warrior was not only powerful and dangerous on the battlefield, but he was also revered throughout his lands and like the exquisite Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy, he was a majestic gay man. The bondage and the erotic scenes were evidently agreeing with Kai’s sexual desires, but he valiantly fought his golden ropes and the powerful grip of the temple priests and the Milking Chamber attendants. They held his defiant body for the Sharman to enjoy.

“You Kai, are magnificent, the priests report that you have been denied your cum flow for over a week, they have edged you to extreme layers of delicious pleasure, they enjoy your moans and pleading attempts, but my denial potions have denied you the ability to cum. You have trembled in exquisite bondage as your orgasmic denials have raged in your body, look at your pre-cum. You are indeed a worthy pleasure offering to Pelatos!” The Sharman fondled the leopard skin, drenched morsel of leather clinging to Kai’s beautiful body.

“Tie him down to the Milking Stone of Pelatos!”

Kai’s face screwed up as he tried to resist and break the powerful temple ropes binding his wrists, but he was soon forced onto the surface of the Milking Stone, his limbs stretched erotically before his captors, before the raging Deity of Pelatos and Before the Captive Swimmerlad, fighting his bonds waiting to be installed on the prime Milking Stone.

The Milking Stone stretched the beautiful, sexual warrior unforgivingly as it arose, it stretched his body, his bulging thong glistened in the bright torch lights filling the sumptuous Milking Chamber. Kai was helpless and his deep moans erupted as the Milking Stone licked his thong with delicate whisps of tantalising excitement.

The Sharman lifted his arms in triumph, slowly turning to view the three mighty helpless warriors writhing in pleasure.

He turned his gaze to Swimmerlad and began to walk toward his prime captive.

As he arrived to greet Swimmerlad he stopped short to survey the beauty of his prime pleasure conduit and sacrifice. He looked on the beautiful man, Swimmerlad’s legs spread wide by the priests and the ruthless temple attendants, his arms tied behind his back, his blonde hair, and striking features, he was as handsome as he was sexual, he surveyed the leather thong caressing Swimmerlad’s loins sumptuously, he moaned and writhed so magnificently in the pleasure of Pelatos, his body tingling all over and his thong, so full of erotic sensation sent ripples of pleasure through his body as his penis revelled in the divine sensation.

“You are a beautiful creature, Swimmerlad, Pelatos has chosen well, he will enjoy his pleasure, he will enjoy your pleasure and that of the mighty warriors in his Milking Chamber. You cannot escape his grip, you will serve him, you and the mighty Swimmerboy.”

Swimmerlad fought his bonds screwing up his face, his actions sent a wave of sensation focussed directly on his bulging thong.

“You’re all sick, I will do my best to resist your magic!” he tried pulling on the ropes, but a temple attendant grabbed his head pulling it forcefully, to look up beyond the Altar, beyond Swimmerboy stretched in the ornate bondage frame, his juices oozing into a special vessel, beyond that sumptuous scene, the huge image of Pelatos glowed, its red thong pulsing and the Phallic candles raged illuminating Swimmerboy as he twisted and writhed in pleasure overlooking the whole debauchery arranged throughout the Milking Chamber.

“Yes Swimmerlad, look up to Pelatos, you have been captured to serve him as his pleasure offering, he demands your bondage before him, he demands that you be pleasured and stretched before him as his sacrifice. He demands that you will be drained of your precious nectar before him when the sun rises.”


Swimmerlad cried out, but he knew it was useless, they were intent on his sacrifice and the Milking Chamber was surrounded by temple priests and temple attendants. He had witnessed their ruthless acts and the ease in which they had overpowered Arkool, Karvan and Kai. Even if he could break free of his bonds, he would be overpowered and probably tortured in some cruel way before their pleasure God.

“This Milking Stone is named ‘Pelatos’ Delight’! Only his chosen vessel can be tied and milked on this sacred stone! Only you my delicious Swimmerlad!”

The Sharman ran his fingers over Swimmerlad’s heaving abs. Swimmerlad and Tyler could feel the pleasure as it raced toward the touch of the Sharman. They felt the pleasure follow his finger as he reached behind Swimmerlad’s body and caressed his tight buns. Swimmerlad’s body tingled and trembled as the Sharman fondled his buttocks and the tight wet fabric of the thong as it clung to his body between his buttocks.

The Sharman purred, “Yessssssssssssssssss, Pelatos has chosen well, you are a perfect sacrifice that he will enjoy!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph!” Swimmerlad could hardly speak as his body convulsed.

“Stretch this beautiful morsel on the Milking Stone, on Pelatos’ Delight. I want his body stretched and his sumptuous bulging thong presented to Pelatos as we begin his offering of pleasure!”

Swimmerboy, thrashed and writhed in his bonds, stretched up behind the Altar, “No Please Stop this madness please!” but his preparations in the Sun Altar Sanctum kicked in and his body pulsed in a wave of delicious sensation that rocked him to the core, he spurted pre-cum as his body dealt with the onslaught.

Swimmerlad and Tyler could feel the strong grip of the priests and attendants, they were powerful men, horny men, and determined. As much as he tried to struggle, it only served to add to the theatre and erotic atmosphere of the ceremony. He felt the pleasure attacking his penis, shooting between his buttocks as they man-handled him and tied his wrists and ankles, stretching his body on the Milking Stone. He was facing the Deity, facing the Altar, and facing Swimmerboy stretched out behind the Altar. He could feel the tightness of the ropes as they held his limbs, he could feel the helplessness, it felt erotic, it was his fantasy after all!

The Sharman looked down toward the spread-eagled offering. Swimmerlad looked sumptuous, his muscles flexing as he pulled helplessly on the ropes binding him to his fate, his bulge, his delicious thong wet and oozing juice already made him all the more sexually inviting to behold, he was piece of erotic beauty, stretched out before his captors, exactly where the Sharman wanted him.

Swimmerlad felt the Milking Stone come to life below his almost naked body, it was warm and he felt strange energy begin to envelop his thong, it melded with the pleasure from the Solar Altar creating a cocktail of sensation that made him purr. He lifted his head as best he could to gaze at his bulge, but his head was a little lower on the convex shaped Milking Stone, but he could see his thong and the huge clear globule of pre-cum emerging. He was engrossed in the delicious pleasure that was forming in his bulge, his loins felt sumptuous and bursting with new and delicious delight.

“Argh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” his utterances were possessed by the sudden beauty of the powerful sexual forces combining with the Sun Altar pleasure already infesting his beautiful body, it was beginning to overtake his consciousness.

But his delight was soon interrupted as he felt his body strain and he heard the rumble as the Milking Stone began to rise slowly, it served to stretch his body wider on the smooth polished surface of the stone and as it rose, his arms and legs stretched wider. He could feel the pain mingle with the pleasure, his body was a divine mix of pleasure and pain as he was stretched and presented before Pelatos. His vision blurred for several moments and his cries filled the Milking Chamber, his head turning from side to side as he accepted the agonising pain.

The Milking Chamber was filled with the sound of five magnificent helpless heroes and warriors stretched before the raging Deity their moans and sexual utterances possessed with the erotic pleasure erupting in each of their delicious wet leather thongs. They writhed in unison almost as their bodies slowly twisted in pleasure before Pelatos.

The Sharman could feel his penis throbbing, the sight of Swimmerlad and the other erotic morsels stretched and pleasured was a sumptuous and erotic scene, but he had work to do, and he turned toward his Altar.

The Sharman approached his Altar looking up toward Swimmerboy as he opened his arms and spoke unintelligible words that sounded like babble, but it was an ancient language of the gods of Erotica. His voice deepened and boomed as he turned around to take in the view of the four stretched pleasure offerings.

The Milking stones began to rumble in unison as they began to tilt forward slowly lifting rotating their captives toward the Altar and the huge image of Pelatos behind Swimmerboy’s stretched body.

He spoke to the offerings.

“Pelatos is pleased with his offerings, you will experience divine pleasure and we your masters and servants of Pelatos, will milk your bodies slowly and deliberately, your jism collected to feed the ongoing pleasure potions and work of this temple. You, my delicious heroes are feeding the power of Pelatos with your sacred nectar. Give me your milk!”

The Sharman turned to Swimmerboy, his back to the four heroes arranged facing the Altar.

His demonic voice boomed through Swimmerboy’s pleasure wracked body as the incantation began to fester a raging mass of pleasure deep inside Swimmerboy’s bulge.

Swimmerboy’s head thrusted backward, he was looking directly upward, and his vision was filled with the sight of the huge glowing bulge of the deity’s glowing thong. His mouth was wide open as the pleasure exploded inside his thong.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” cried Swimmerboy as his body pumped his precum nectar into the vessel. An Altar attendant moved behind Swimmerboy’s stretched body and began to lick and devour his arse, stretching Swimmerboy’s buttocks to allow his tongue to worship the beautiful hero and his sacred thong. The attendant was expertly pushing and sucking, pumping the juices from Swimmerboy’s trembling body. They were milking his Pre-cum before the mighty captives.

As the vessel filled, the Sharman added other ingredients and potions and then removed the vessel, replacing it with a large golden goblet for Swimmerboy to keep filling as they continued to milk his pre-cum.

Three Milking Chamber attendants dressed in the gold thongs, harnesses and skull hoods arrived at the Altar each holding a similar but smaller vessel. They bowed their heads and knelt before the Altar holding the vessels out to be filled. The Sharman chanted his incantations as he divided the concoction evenly among the three vessels, each attendant harmonised as the incantation took effect. The vessels almost came to life and potent brew bubbled inside.

The Sharman hissed and concluded his magic as the three Milking Chamber attendants stood holding their vessels up toward the writhing Swimmerboy stretched before them, behind the Altar, Swimmerboy’s his moans and beautiful body were a spectacular display of sight and sound. His juices would be used in the carnal pleasure ceremony, the three mighty heroes tied to the Milking Stones will drink of the elixir and it would be massaged into their bodies and especially their bulging thongs to supercharge a powerful explosion of divine pleasure. The Stones would accept the pleasure and the magic properties would engulf the captive in majestic flowing orgasms that would rise and fall, ebb and flow as the mighty hero ejaculated his cum for hours. Their cum would be collected and returned to the Altar and mixed with the fresh juices of Swimmerboy and used to bring the mighty Swimmerlad to vistas of orgasmic defeat, his body would spurt his pleasure juices before Pelatos, he would be drained of his strength and his seed.

In the Milk Bar

The Orgasmadroids were humming, they pulsed and were changing colours from yellow to orange to red, their captives, defeated heroes locked inside vistas of fantasy, they continued to writhe and babble in unintelligible words as the Elixir of Eros flared and controlled their consciousness powered by the Orgasmadroid Altars. Swimmerboy’s body strained and contorted as his pleasure wrap pulsed and controlled every cell in his body, waves of pre-orgasmic sensation continued to drain his body, his head stuck in the symbiotic stare with Nathan. Swimmerboy’s brow dripped his sweat and it began to form rivers running down his head mingling with the squishing and the sounds of his pre-cum spurts. Electro so enjoyed the speedo thong caressing Swimmerboy’s bulge, he caressed and massaged it to ensure the waves of pleasure catapulted through the mighty Swimmerboy’s body, he had no idea of what the erotic fantasy was, but he was well aware that it was reaching a climax.

“Such a beautiful speedo thong Swimmerboy, I am going to enjoy torturing you soon, you will be milked dry soon and your delicious penis will finally explode!” Electro opened his mouth, his face close to the spurting red wonder bulge and he licked the wet speedo with precision. “…I hope you survive your Orgasmadroid’s delicious orgasmic present it has waiting you; it won’t be long my delicious hero and you will be drained of your strength and your cum. But I will torture you back to full cum levels, Mmmm I can’t wait, the thought of you helplessly tied in agony before me is so inspiring. But let me keep worshipping you before we extract you from your fantasy!” He took Swimmerboy’s bulge into his mouth, he felt the pleasure as it jumped onto his tongue and filled his mouth.

Mmmm, I wonder where this is taking you? Electro thought to himself as he felt Swimmerboy’s pleasure infest his mouth and he could feel Swimmerboy’s body vibrate. Behind him he heard Nathan cry out in one of his babbling fits.

In Swimmerboy’s Mad Hatter fantasy

Robin’s body was now locked into place, he was eating Swimmerboy’s raging electrified pleasurised speedo bulge like a crazed man that had not eaten for days, the potion that his Robin speedo had been sprayed with had absorbed into his raging penis and Jizzi had incrementally increased his actions, the invisible force worked Robin’s cock into a oozing mass of pleasure, the assistant was also fucking Robin with its virtual fingers.

Swimmerboy felt the pleasure assimilate with Robin’s face and head, the Boy Wonder was helpless to escape the sexual desires and urges forcing him into a frenzy of delight, he viewed Swimmerboy’s pleasure bulge as his personal meal and as he licked and sucked on the beautiful manhood of Swimmerboy, he felt the pleasure energy grab his head pulling him, firing up the sexual drugs controlling his mind and body. Swimmerboy was also feeling the sexual frenzy of the new drugs, he needed to free his hands to grab Robin’s beautiful buns to pull his green lycra Robin speedo into his face. All he could do to satisfy the deep sexual and erotic longing in his body was to lift his head to take in as much of Robin’s hot electric oozing bulge into his mouth, he lifted his pelvis off the bondage table so he could satisfy Robin’s erotic lust filled, writhing body stretched out in his pleasure frame directly above him.

Mad Hatter was beside himself with glee as he approached the helpless Swimmerlad.

He was singing ‘I don’t want your money honey, I want your love’ as he approached Swimmerlad’s stretched body, “Catchy tune, wouldn’t you agree Swimmerlad?” Mad Hatter was beside himself, gloating and enjoying the sights and sounds of the three delicious young superheroes as they moaned and cried out in fits of sumptuous sexual depravity, their powerful athletic bodies captive to his Hattery Play Room toys.

Swimmerlad was in raptures, Jizzi was relentlessly pleasuring him and Milliner and Porkpie were equally intent on ensuring Swimmerlad’s body performed to its peak abilities, the magnificent hero was helpless, they had easily facilitated his erection and Milliner leant back to view the magnificence of the Beautiful erect cock displayed inside the wet nylon speedo.

Mad Hatter also admired the hero’s magnificent beauty as he thrust his raging body pumping the air as the pleasure radiated inside his penis, Swimmerlad could hardly move, he was stretched to the extreme in the diabolical pleasure machine and Jizzi had encased his bulbous penis head in a delicious energy coating, its energy fed deep into the hero’s hard cock, every pump of precum brought Swimmerlad closer, closer to his flowering orgasm as the pleasure infested every cell of his penis. Mad Hatter marvelled at the eroticism of the display and decided one last adjustment as he bent down and stroked the vibrating tight tent of Swimmerlad’s speedo, it was straining by the sheer forces of his explosive erect cock.

Swimmerlad trembled and hissed uncontrollably, Mad Hatter’s stroking of his tight bulge was outrageous and sent ripples energy though Swimmerlad’s straining body he felt his cock exploding and possessed by the extreme pleasure.

“You do like your hard cock being stroked, are you enjoying the lovely effects of your personal assistant, Jizzi is very good indeed! By the look on your face Swimmerlad, I’d say Jizzi is really hitting the special spot for you!”

Swimmerlad’s head lolled downward to catch Mad Hatter’s eyes, and Swimmerlad’s eyes displayed his helplessness, his eyes pleading for release from the pleasure, for the torture to stop.

Mad Hatter was so enjoying the moment, he gave his second last order, “Hey Jizzi!”

“Yes Mad Hatter, how may I assist?”

“Jizzi, heat Swimmerlad’s balls, I want his bulge to radiate heat and we want his cum to be smooth, sweet, and warm, it will be so much more enjoyable for Swimmerboy as we coat his raging bulge in the final nectar of Swimmerlad and let the Boy Wonder massage the orgasmic juices into Swimmerboy’s bulge with his hungry drug fucked tongue, it will spark Swimmerboy’s orgasm before he spurts all over Robin’s face and helpless body!”

“Heating commenced!” Jizzi replied in its pert happy voice.

Swimmerlad was helpless to resist in any way, he had been pleasured for hours and made to cum countless times as Mad Hatter’s party games unfolded throughout the carnal session of hero defeat. He cried out as he felt his bulge warm and heat up, his pleasure screaming as his orgasm had flowered.

Mad Hatter gave his final order. “Milk the powerful Swimmerlad, Get all his juices in the Golden Fez, do NOT waste a drop of his precious last jism his final defeat will defeat the mighty Swimmerboy.”

Not long later Swimmerlad thrust his head backward, his pelvis trembled and rocked forward, his raging cock shot his final load of cum into the Golden Fez as Mad Hatter stroked the raging nylon fountain. Swimmerlad’s orgasm took several minutes to completely drain his body, his screams rocketed throughout the Hattery Play Room and his tears caressed his cheeks as he realised what he had been forced to do, his thoughts were frantic and remorseful as Porkpie yelped in joy catching every last drop of the precious hero nectar.

They left Swimmerlad’s convulsing oozing body to hang inside the sinister bondage, his head had lolled backward, and his spent throbbing body twitched as Jizzi slowly withdrew its attention. Swimmerlad had been milked for the final time of the play time, but he had also signed Swimmerboy’s ultimate defeat, his juices were warm and sweet, they would fire up Mad Hatter’s potions and make Swimmerboy explode in geishas of cum and defeat.

Swimmerboy was filled with erotic desire, Robin’s sumptuously drenched lycra bulge was just too delicious, he tasted sweet, he felt Robin’s cock harden and his hungry mouth lapped up Robin’s meat in a sexual frenzy. Swimmerboy could only imagine what sort of pleasure the Boy Wonder was in, Robin, was equally eating him in flurry of erotic worship. Robin was fixated on the pleasure wracked bulge of Swimmerboy, Mad Hatter’s trio of pleasure beams were buzzing they felt warm and the blue arks of energy crackling over Swimmerboy’s speedo were diving Dick Greyson wild with desire as the delicious energy caressed his head while he fed on the Swimmerboy’s deliciously erotic wet straining nylon bulge .

Swimmerboy felt the orgasmic level pleasure unleash on his now super hard, erect penis and the string tying his speedos tight to his waist was straining as his cock filled the nylon pouch stretching it to its extremes. Robin was licking the length of Swimmerboy’s hard penis and the pleasure systems were infesting it in sumptuous energy which Robin’s mouth and hungry tongue were serving to draw and suck the pleasure though Swimmerboy’s penis, it was radiating and throbbing, his body in raptures.

He was almost ready to shoot, but Mad Hatter’s little play toys were somehow controlling his orgasm response to the spectacular sensation infesting his cock, his speedo his body. Their deep primal moans were impressive and erotic.


“ P P Ple ase P P!”


They were both nearing an orgasmic explosion of powerful and excruciatingly delicious proportions, Robin’s erect penis throbbed, and Robin was fucking Swimmerboy’s face sensually and with sexual abandon, his pre-cum juices lubricating Swimmerboy’s face as he oozed his nectar on each thrust and rubbing motion. Swimmerboy lapped it up, the drugs were powerful aphrodisiacs that corrupted his mind and his body, he was being driven by powerful drugs Mad Hatter’s special potions and the cum of Robin and Swimmerlad!

Mad Hatter and his two brutally horny henchmen approached the central bondage table where Swimmerboy and Robin writhed in feverish responses to the pleasure systems and Mad Hatter’s drugs. Porkpie was in charge of the Golden Fez, they had little time to waste; Swimmerlad’s cum, his nectar was fresh and heated to perfection, it needed to be applied to Swimmerboy’s raging speedo bulge without hesitation, and Robin was hitting the peak of his drugged state, Mad Hatter had the climax of his Party all worked out.

“Hey Jizzi!” Mad Hatter summoned the personal assistant one final time for the session.

“Yes Mad Hatter!” was the response over the sounds of sexual abandon buzzing through the Hattery Play Room, lasers were shooting through the air as the theatrical smoke machines shot smoke into the room. Robin’s pleasure frame was pulsating, it had Robin very close to an explosive orgasm!

“Bring Robin to his orgasm as soon as Swimmerboy shoots the opening shards of his cum into Robin’s face, I want them both to climax simultaneously as Swimmerboy is defeated and drained, he will give and take of cum as his orgasm rages, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Mad Hatter laughed and laughed as he motioned for Porkpie to move into position. With his other hand, he motioned for Milliner to take up his place as the orgasmic final play began to unfold.

“Hey Swimmerlad wake up, are you watching the defeat of Swimmerboy?” Mad Hatter laughed again and spun around in total glee!

“Do it boys!”

Milliner was almost ready to cum himself, he grabbed Robin’s head and a handful of his wavy drenched hair, he lifted Robin’s head forcefully off Swimmerboy’s raging electrified pleasurised bulge, the Boy Wonder was in a sexual trance, his body was trembling and hips thrusting wildly into Swimmerboy’s straining face. Swimmerboy’s pre-cum oozed down Robin’s face as Milliner forced the Boy Wonder to watch Porkpie pour Swimmerlad’s hot silky load of cum onto Swimmerboy’s speedo bulge. The juices soaked in deliciously and with ease, they were warm and soupy, the heating process had created a delicious sweet light cum.

Milliner bent down and spoke into Robin’s ear, in an evil depraved manner, “Eat that Boy Wonder, lash it all over Swimmerboy’s bulge with your Boy Wonder tongue, defeat your fuck buddy, hero-boy!”

With that he thrust Robin’s hungry mouth into the bosom of Swimmerboy’s raging orgasmic bulge once again.

Jizzi piped up immediately. “Robin has been forced into his orgasm – all systems are executing pleasure climax!”

Robin screamed as his orgasm wracked his body, his hot boy juices shot into Swimmerboy’s mouth and Swimmerboy’s scream of defeat peeled around the Play Room, he shot his cum in powerful shards, it was hot, viscous, and plentiful and it drowned Robin in its ferocious and unrelenting eruption. Cum spurted around the room as the lasers roared and Mad Hatter’s hat exploded once more with streamers and poppers shooting into the smoke-filled room.

“The Mighty Swimmerboy is defeated!” Mad Hatter exploded in a rage of excitement.

In the Jungle Fantasy

The three attendants walked backward away from the Altar and Swimmerboy’s heaving raging helpless body, five steps back and then the turned and followed the lead attendant holding his vessel of bubbling sexual potion, the walked past Swimmerlad’s ravishing, thrusting body, he was held tightly on the Milking Stone, Pelatos’ Delight. The lead attendant headed toward the Milking Stone directly behind Swimmerlad’s raging body, He stopped at the feet of Karvan of Rashinda, the Attendant following the lead peeled left and stood at the Feet of Arkool of Rahania. The third attendant headed right to stand at the feet of Kai of Libidia.

They stood at the feet of the stretched hero, their powerful arms holding the sacred potion in the vessel high above their head as they locked their stare with their assigned helpless pleasure wracked hero. They did not lower the vessel until the Sharman arrived to view his sexual offering.

“Yes Arkool of Rahania, you are a regal and beautiful specimen, your juices are highly valued, your body, your sexual organs displayed so erotically in that tight regal thong are spectacular, are you enjoying the stretch of the Milking Stone? They are designed to render their captives helpless, in straining, restrictive bondage. You are beautiful and a magnificent example of what your ancestor Rahan, endured in his life. Bound, exposed and pleasure will drain your helpless body for hours!”

Arkool was looking up from his bondage, he exerted all his strength in the restrictive pull of the Milking Stone, his eyes were defiant, his body trembled his bulging thong oozed his pre-cum.

He moaned as the Milking Stone caressed his bulge in pulses of divine pleasure, he was helpless to escape its dominance of his beautiful body. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph” Arkool’s flowing blond hair, his rippling muscles and stretched body radiated the waves of pleasure.

The Sharman cried out in the ancient language of Erotica, the incantation made the stone shine and vibrate. The Potions in the Milking Chamber attendant’s vessel bubbled the several attendants arrived, bowed their heads as they dipped the sacred outer loincloths of Swimmerlad, Swimmerboy and Arkool’s own regal loincloth into the vessel. They applied the juicy hot liquid across Arkool’s body with the soaked loincloths, and the Sharman forced the mighty warrior to drink of the serum. Arkool’s Milking Chamber attendant poured the remainder of the juices on his bulging wet royal blue thong, he massaged the juices to mingle with Arkool’s own pre-cum. His body, his bulging thong, his penis saturated in the magical potion. His body glistened in the torch lights illuminating the erotic ceremony.

Arkool felt the pleasure stirring deep in his penis but was forced to wait while the same ceremonial process was undertaken with the mighty Karvan of Rashinda, the Sharman enjoyed cutting Karvan’s outer loincloth from his helpless body, he so enjoyed the majesty of Karvan’s magnificent leather thong, it was wet and clung to the hero’s anatomy in erotic, sumptuous ways. They applied most of the potion with Karvan’s loincloth.

They coated Kai’s body in sumptuous strokes using Swimmerlad’s and Swimmerboy’s loincloths, he too, fought the tight bondage pulling his body apart, his dark hair dripping in sweat, his leopard skin skimpy thong displaying his manhood as his juices oozed and drenched the thin wet leather, his bulbous cock head sat proudly seeking attention and they enjoyed preparing his body and spectacular thong in the magical potion.

Behind the Altar, the Altar Attendant coated Swimmerboy’s bulge in the same potion, they left Swimmerlad alone to marinate in the delicious energy, of Pelatos’ delight.

The Sharman stood at the feet of Karvan his arms outstretched as he spoke.

“Mighty warriors, heroic beautiful captives, writhe in pleasure before Pelatos, your bodies will be milked on the sacred stones mined in the region of the raging rivers of Erotica and infused with the power of Sangral. Your pleasure is inescapable and Pelatos demands your juices!

He spoke a powerful incantation and the three milking stones erupted in light. Arkool, Karvan and Kai screamed as the pleasure erupted in their erotic bulging pleasure wracked thongs, it pulsed and radiated through their thrusting, straining bodies, their cries of delight peeled around the miking chamber as their Milking Chamber Attendants, knelt on the Stone surface between their stretched legs chanting the magic pleasure spells of Pelatos. They caressed the powerful erotic bulging thongs assigned to them, their role was to germinate the pleasure, develop it and bring the mighty hero to the edges of orgasmic rage. They were skilled artisans and the three mighty heroes endured hours of the raging pleasure and at the front of the Milking Chamber, the Altar Attendant worshiped and ensured Swimmerboy was also bought to orgasm in waves over and over, the magic denying the ability to ejaculate, but his thong spurted pre-cum as his body raged and raged.

Arkool, Karvan and Kai endured the powerful magic, for several hours, they too spurted pre-cum across their milking stones as the Attendants caressed and manipulated their erotic pleasure wracked bulges into frenzies of sensation.

Each attendant stood away from their erotic captives a specific moment in the ceremony, they could tell the sun was preparing to dawn and the light of the sun would soon rise and shine through the optic Crystalline lens onto Swimmerlad’s body. They needed to ensure Swimmerlad’s pleasure was full and complete, they required the cum of the three heroes and for Swimmerlad to be pleasured before Pelatos, his body writhing before Pelatos enjoying his feast of Swimmerlad’s pleasure offering.

The Milking Chamber Attendants raised their arms and harmonised the climactic chant.

Arkool felt his penis finally explode, Karvan’s screams rocked the Milking Chamber and Kai’s body arched in the tight bondage, he had lost his voice almost, they all trembled and shot shards of jism high into the air as other temple attendants skilfully caught fountains of hero jism, days of edging preparations and hours of exquisite pleasure manipulation shot through their raging thongs like torrents, they each ejaculated for extended periods before they slumped exhausted, their heads thrust backward in complete defeat and sexual submission to the evil Milking Chamber demands. Their roles had been completed. Their sacred juices taken to the Altar.

Swimmerboy was screaming, his precum had filled the sacred prime pleasure vessel to the required measurements, his body had been taken to orgasm so many times and the magic denied his ejaculation as the cruel pleasure ripped into his body, he begged for release, he begged them to permit his cum, but they caressed and sucked his bulging thong, toying with his beautiful, twitching body. His penis was a raging mass of delicious energy, it felt erotically charged as the magic infested his thong bulge. His moans radiated up to the huge image of Pelatos above him as he struggled and writhed directly in front of the deity illuminated by the phallic candles.

The Sharman stood at the Altar mixing the potion using the collected cum of the exhausted defeated Arkool, Karvan and Kai. His chanting and invocations were driving Swimmerboy’s pleasure into raging typhoons of sensation and he writhed and twisted in delight as the Sharman produced his potions to anoint Swimmerlad as the prime pleasure offering to Pelatos.

Below them they were preparing a special golden rope bondage frame at the feet of Swimmerlad. It would hold Swimmerboy in suspension above Swimmerlad, they were both magnificent heroes worthy offerings to Pelatos and Swimmerboy would be stretched leaning slightly over his sexual equal, Swimmerlad, they would be pleasured in tandem, together, their bulges joined in pleasure, joined in magic and as the sun reached its morning position, and the rays refracted through the Crystalline lens and begin to bathe Swimmerlad in light, Swimmerboy would be forced to orgasm and shoot his sacred cum all over Swimmerlad as his Milking Stone milked him, the delight of Pelatos will harvest the mighty hero. His screams, his juices spurting as an offering to Pelatos as his body writhed in divine bondage! The mighty hero defeated in erotic powers. The perfect sacrifice.

The Altar Attendant attended to Swimmerboy along with four other temple priests, they lowered his body, still raging in the superb pleasure his breathing was erratic, his body squirming as they released his bonds and lowered his body.

“Please, please, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph, please, please, n – e – e – d to cum, p – l – e – a – s – u – r – eeeeeeeee.

It was excruciating for Swimmerboy, they had ensured his body was raging and he was oozing his juices, he would writhe over Swimmerlad as the milking session reached its zenith.

Swimmerlad too was writhing in the pleasure of Pelatos pleasure infested every cell in his beautiful body, it had been brewing since the Solar Altar, his body was tingling all over, his every hair on his head felt alive, enchanted by the Sharman’s powerful hold. The Milking Stone glowed beneath him and he could feel its power taking the pleasure inside his exposed swollen loincloth thong and amplifying it. He and Tyler were in raptures of delicious sensations as they experienced the ceremony and its amazing reality.

His balls were hot, he could feel his juices they had left to build and multiply he was ready to explode, he knew they would be extracting a mighty load of jism as he writhed in delight on the evil stone, its grip on his loins was powerful and inescapable, he felt it caress every millimetre of his thong, magical pleasure filled his loins, filled his balls, caressed his prostrate and man hole and massaged his bulge with exacting precision, it was maintaining his almost orgasmic pleasure, making love to his helpless body with unrelenting persistence!

Swimmerlad recounted his capture, that first sting of the darts on the edges of their lands, his capture, the ruthless Sharman and his priests, the Sun Altar and the exquisite mounting of pleasure as Swimmerboy’s pre-cum leached all over him in the elaborate Sun Altar bondage system, the way the pleasure potions fizzed and filled his body with the mounting sensation as the hot sun bathed him in its rays. Swimmerlad recounted how every drop of Swimmerboy’s pre-cum oozing from his magnificent bulging thong above him rocketed the pleasure through his body making him writhe in abandon and desire on the Solar Altar. Their captors knew the way of desire, and of male human pleasure, they exploited every erotic moment to bring him to this point of his prolonged orgasmic build. He felt the milking Stone’s restraint system tighten its grip on his wrists and ankles, it had stretched him and tilted him slightly to face the huge image of Pelatos, and as he diverted his gaze from his enchanted gleaming bulge and raging body, infested with the divine pleasure of Pelatos, he noticed them as the four strong priests lifted and transported Swimmerboy.

He watched as Swimmerboy was delivered to his central Milking Stone, Swimmerboy was facing downward, hoisted on the shoulders of the two leading priests his legs spread apart and held strongly by the two trailing priests. They had erected the new milking frame; it was forged from metals from the same regions of Erotica and inset with precious jewels already glowing and twinkling as the Sharman’s magic powered it. Golden ropes awaited Swimmerboy’s limbs.

As they approached the mighty Swimmerlad, they marvelled in the beauty of his body, his face covered in sweat, the look of pleasure infesting his beautiful face, his muscles twitching in the dancing torchlight and his wet bulging manhood ensconced inside his erotic bulging loincloth leather thong wet with his delectable juices bubbling and cascading down over the delicious bulging leather thong thrusting erotically before their deity. They had taken Swimmerboy and lifted his majestic pleasure consumed body up, facing downward, Swimmerboy left a trail of pre-cum and hero juices as they progressed toward Swimmerlad and chanted in their strange harmonies. Swimmerboy’s perfect buttocks facing the deity as they approached Swimmerlad.

Swimmerlad watched as they forced Swimmerboy’s arms to the corners of the frame and as they bound his wristed expertly in the enchanted golden rope. They stretched his mighty legs and bound his ankles similarly and within minutes the mighty Swimmerboy was presented to Swimmerlad helpless and defeated.

Their bodies writhed and twisted as the divine pleasure magically bound together, in a single sensation of diabolical proportions, they both cried out as the synchronous pleasure gripped their bulges, their bodies in awesome power. They both looked into each other’s eyes, Swimmerboy could feel his beloved Swimmerlad and vice versa, their eyes locked together, their cries and moans filled the Milking Chamber and their spectacular bulging thongs spurted pre-cum in perfect syncopation.

“The most beautiful heroes in all the lands, erotic masterpieces of male anatomy dressed in erotic garments of pure sexuality and desire!” The Sharman walked behind Swimmerlad’s Milking Stone surveying the erotic captives as they enjoyed double delight pre-orgasmic pleasure pumping through their bodies. “You Swimmerlad present your loins your thong of power to Pelatos in an offering of divine pleasure and your beloved partner presents his perfect buns of beauty to Pelatos. The sun has arisen, such a powerful sexual ball of fire that powers us and its rays will soon bathe you Swimmerlad!”

The Sharman looked upward to crystalline lens it was already glinting and sparkling high above the pleasure offerings stretched below in their beautiful bondage, helplessly waiting.

Swimmerlad felt every delicious nuance and level of Swimmerboy’s pleasure, he felt it envelop his bulge, it was the most delicious and precious sensation he had ever felt. The love of Swimmerboy was caressing his penis, he felt it fuck him, he was in a world of ecstasy and enchantment and as he watched his beloved Swimmerboy, stretched in front of him he felt his body tingle in exquisite pleasure as the sensations rippled across his skin.

The Sharman produced his potion vessel and used Swimmerboy’s outer loincloth, handed to him by one of the Milking Chamber Attendants to soaked in the powerful aphrodisiac love potion vessel. He smeared the potion forged from the wild herbs of Erotica, Swimmerboy’s precum and the cum of Arkool, Karvan and Kai and forged in the magic of Pelatos. He held it up over Swimmerlad’s helpless body, it dripped tantalizingly on his bulge, causing ripples of pleasure to infest Swimmerlad’s body.

Swimmerlad tensed and pulled desperately on his bonds, as his body reeled in the beautiful sensations, his moans were deep and primal, his voice purring as he cried out in long, deep resonating sexual booms.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The Sharman smiled as he approached the mighty Swimmerboy, “This will make your enjoyment, my beautiful hero boy so much more refined and spectacular, don’t fret, you will be feeding your pleasure directly into the delicious bulging thong of Swimmerlad as the pleasure infests your body!”

The Sharman ordered Swimmerboy’s milking frame to lean forward over Swimmerlad.

“That’s better boys, only the best viewing angle for the love toys of Pelatos!”

Swimmerboy’s erotic body writhed as the Sharman firstly smeared the potion, using Swimmerboy’s loincloth over his buttocks and through his perfect butt crack, the viscous warm fluid bubbled and heated up as it touched his skin. Swimmerlad watched as Swimmerboy thrust his head upward toward the roof, his moans were demonic and he could feel the pleasure infiltrate his thong, he moaned as he accepted the pleasure transferring magically into his helpless body. He then watched as the Sharman carefully coated Swimmerboy’s bulge from the base of his balls across his manhood, Swimmerboy’s bulge was dripping in potion.

They both reacted, thrashing in their tight bondage screaming as their bodies felt the high energy of the pleasure fill every cell in their bodies, their screams were excruciating and reverberated throughout the Chamber and outward through the lands.

The Sharman left Swimmerboy to tremble and writhe as the pleasure built and built in his body, in his erotic thong, his erection had finally formed; his huge mound strained to contain his deliciously enchanted erection buzzing and vibrating in divine pleasure.

Swimmerlad felt it too, he felt his penis immersed in the ocean of carnal delights, his body tingled, every hair on his head sensitive and alive. he was in a state of erotic, sensual bliss. He looked up to see Swimmerboy, madly thrusting his pelvis, he was in the grip of a growing and festering orgasm, he could tell the look on his face and he felt the orgasm as it welled deep in his loins. He could hardly speak as he strained in his bonds, his body exploding in sensations so divine so outrageous.

The Sharman’s intentions were clear, he didn’t need to speak, as he brushed his hands over Swimmerlad’s pre-cum spurting straining leather thong. “My beautiful Swimmerlad, are you basking in the orgasmic build, does the love of Swimmerboy’s super cock infest your penis so beautifully, you will spurt not only pre-cum, but your cum, so perfectly brewed inside your magnificent body. It is waiting for its release through your beautiful penis, Mmmm look at the way your thong is straining, stretching, coating your cock in in its erotic way, you are so beautiful, hero! So sexual and erotic! You are almost there; your orgasm will build so nicely as the sun begins shower you in light.”

Swimmerlad looked in desperation at the Sharman, at Swimmerboy thrashing engulfed in an orgasmic wrap of sensation, spurting pre-cum into the air coating Swimmerlad and the gloating Sharman.

The Sharman took Swimmerlad’s loincloth from the Milking Chamber Attendant, it was dripping in the potion. He squeezed some of the potion into Swimmerlad’s mouth.

“Drink mighty hero!”

Swimmerlad had no choice, his mouth was open as the orgasmic pleasure erupted inside his bulge, his body wracked in the divinity of the experience and the magic, his body vibrating and straining.

The sun glinted in Swimmerlad’s eyes from the crystalline lens, it covered his face in light and he felt the Sharman apply the hot bubbling potion to his raging straining thong. His orgasm was almost ready to explode as he watched Swimmerboy’s body strain forward, his demonic cries filled the temple and his cum exploded in a surge of epic proportions. Swimmerlad felt the simultaneous storm droplets of Swimmerboy’s cum as they exploded on his skin and the heat of the loincloth as the Sharman and caressed his orgasmic exploding thong in the magical potion.

He screamed long and deep with every huge droplet of Swimmerboy jizm hitting his body, the cum caused a localised flurry of pleasure to erupt where it landed, on his belly button, his left shoulder, his right leg, then Swimmerboy’s screams enveloped him in sound and in magic, his body exploded in an orgasm of sensation that racked every cell in his magnificent straining body, the milking stone radiated the extreme pleasure through his body as Swimmerboy’s cum smashed into his face. He could hear the Sharman’s cries and yelps of delight as he too was caught in the torrent of hero juice.

His screams and cries reverberated through the Milking Chamber and the temple, they resonated through the lands, the mighty Swimmerlad had reached the zenith of his pleasure offering to Pelatos.

The trio of heroes behind Swimmerlad were also screaming and thrashing in their powerful bondage, they were covered in their own cum and pleasure juices and their long days of edging did not end with their Milking Chamber orgasmic cum offerings, their Milking Stones throbbed beneath their beautiful helpless bodies as Swimmerlad’s orgasmic pleasure energy was magically reproduced in delicious waves of spunk producing, wads of orgasmic pleasure throbbing through their mighty bulging thongs, their next orgasms were both supporting and feeding from Swimmerlad’s central Milking Stone and they were helpless as their bodies writhed and spurted wads of juice into the hungry mouths and hands of their attending horny Temple Priests.

The sounds of the five magnificent warrior heroes harmonised and added to the pleasure of Pelatos.

He was deep in his soul shocking orgasmic eruption, he felt the Milking Stone drawing the orgasm powerful throbs from his body, it was sucking it from his limbs and concentrating it in his penis, his bulging thong was building in pleasure, he strained in his bonds looking deeply into the eyes of the Sharman as he yelped in pleasure, the Sharman was waving his staff over Swimmerlad’s straining orgasmic body, his incantations working with the stone, driven with the stone and making the pleasure throb and bubble through his body. Swimmerlad felt the orgasm filling his bulge, he was in a trance as he watched his bulge showering pre-cum and the first delicate outpourings of his magic infused semen. He tasted Swimmerboy’s cum it was infesting his senses, his body glistened in Swimmerboy cum and it dripped off the Sharman’s vibrating staff into the length of Swimmerlad’s seething, straining leather bulge.

He exploded.

A wall of cum enveloped his body, his face. His body exploded in sensations so divine, so enchanted and supernatural – he was defeated!

Pelatos was satisfied with his first taste of Swimmerlad’s pleasure, but he was hungry for more now that he had drank from the expanse of this mighty hero’s pleasure pool.

In the Milk Bar

“Bring them out of their fantasies, now!” Scorpio was beside himself with glee.

Nathan and Tyler had reached their orgasm, but the Orgasmadroid Altars had maintained the extreme pleasure intensity for Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, they were kept at the point of their entry into the orgasmic realm. The Play Toys were spurting into the hungry mouths of Seed , lapping up Tyler’s cum flow and Hunter had moved into enjoy the delights of Nathan’s final Milk Bar orgasm.

The four delicious men were extracted from the fantasies simultaneously, each fantasy had unfolded simultaneously mesmerizing each of the symbionts in their carnal and expansive sexual vistas of imagery and erotica. Orgasmo’s pleasure systems had proven themselves once again with extravagant results, Orgasmo was one proud master-villain revelling in the triumph of his evil sexual plans.

The Orgasmadroids responded to Scorpio’s instructions with a flurry of status results in a smug tone.

Erotic Fantasy Amplification disengaged.

Hero Orgasm imminent.

Erection inhibitors disengaged.

Ejaculation Inhibitors engaged.

Swimmerboy life force 20 percent

Swimmerlad life force 19 percent

Swimmerboy Speedo Strength 9.3 percent

Swimmerlad Speedo Strength 9.7 percent

“Wow exciting boys, your nearly expired, washed up, defeated sexual heroes! Ha ha ha ha ha’ Scorpio was so enjoying his Milk Bar, “…your cum will be harvested, you will give of your milk, litres of Jism will be your final defeat for the magnificent Milk Bar Extravaganza!” Scorpio shuddered in exhilaration, his latest defeat of his arch enemies, his raging need for revenge and his equally powerful compulsion for sexual dominance of the two beautiful heroes was outplaying as he spun around in fits of happiness.

They felt the Orgasmadroids release them from the fantasy broadcast. They thrust their heads forward and breathed and gasped as deeply and as they could as best they could from their spreadeagled bondage positions in a vain attempt to survey their raging hurricanes of pre-orgasmic superb energy captivating their speedo bulges, it was pulsing through their bodies to the restraints, their bodies wrapped in the Orgasmadroid pleasure cloak, it was inescapable and forceful to the extreme.

Swimmerboy’s next instinctive reaction was to check his symbiont, Nathan was being eaten by Hunter, Hunter was feverously feeding, licking, sucking drawing out the divine orgasm that Nathan was experiencing. Nathan was screaming, Tyler was also screaming, their pleasure frames flashing, and the Milk Bar Patrons fed upon the writhing bodies like vampires.

Orgasm imminent Swimmerboy

Orgasm imminent Swimmerlad

Scorpio caressed the side of Swimmerlad’s face and Orgasmo was also taunting Swimmerboy across from Swimmerlad on his Orgasmadroid. With his hand caressing the throbbing now erect cock of Swimmerlad, Scorpio felt the pre-cum pumping and squishing into his hand, “You know you two are just so fucking juicy Swimmerlad, spurt, spurt spurt, squish goes the hero, you have been producing your delicious and pure juices for hours, your cock is ready for its orgasm, no?” He smiled into the helplessly blank look in Swimmerlad’s eyes, “…and when your orgasm begins its destruction of your remaining super strength, the intensity of your climax will determine the screams of your delicious partner in fantasy, Tyler will be electrocuted so thoroughly, so perfectly as we lift your orgasm through levels of intensity, higher and higher, you will hear Tyler scream louder and louder. Your orgasm will devour you and your delicious fantasy sharing Play Toy pal! In two special but different ways ha ha ha ha ha!”

Swimmerlad was thrusting, he as pulling and twisting, he had to free himself from the orgasmic debaucherously evil defeat that Scorpio was enacting.

“…se n..nnnn no, you h…av…e us, s….paaaaaaaare the Play T…ooooys fr…om their torture p…l” Swimmerlad’s body was writhing uncontrollably he was on the edge of his majestic orgasm, they had drained he and Swimmerboy for hours in the diabolical Harvesters, they had pleasure looped them, they had sent them into erotic fantasies of grandiose proportions, he was helpless and defeated, tears ran down his eyes as he pleaded with his captor, but the endgame was too explosive to stop he was on a trajectory to his next near-death experience, and he was helpless to resist or stop it, his pleasure, his long orgasm would be used to torture his symbiont as it drained the last ebbs of his Speedo Strength from his body.

Swimmerlad Looked across to see Orgasmo caressing Swimmerboy’s straining red lycra thong, his erection was superb, it stretched the speedo fabric deliciously, and the wet beauty of his spurting loins looked erotic and sumptuous, but his senses were taken by surprise, the orgasm peeled up his penis like a freight train, it rocked his body in an explosion of power that probably sent seismic stations on the surface of the planet into a spin! He screamed while straining his body to the extreme, he almost blacked out as the pleasure engulfed him. He could hear Swimmerboy’s cries too, Swimmerboy had entered his orgasm as well!

The onset of the orgasmic flowering process turned Electro into a quivering mass of happiness.

“Move away from the Play Toys, Move away.” He cried out in happiness; he had been waiting to torture these two delicious quivering creatures for hours.

They evacuated away from the Play Toys quickly as Scorpio commanded his pleasure systems to disengage the pleasure transference and reverse the flow back from the Orgasmadroid Altars to the Pleasure Frames. Nathan and Tyler were ravaged, their beautiful bodies had never experienced the absolute magnificence of sensation in all their 20 years, what they had experience in the Milk Bar was spectacular. Although they had become accustomed to bondage and to the attention of Seed and his loyal henchmen, the Pleasure Altars and Pleasure Frames coupled with their new brain implants had delivered them experiences beyond their wildest dreams. They had been milked dry countless times; their penises were still buzzing when the pleasure stream from the Orgasmadroids hit their pleasure frames. They were already exhausted and weak from the long night and only meters away from them, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were screaming and writhing their bodies in artistic expression of their blooming orgasms. Pre cum surged through their erotic wet red speedo ceremonial thongs. Their beauty was unsurpassed, mighty heroes, stretched in spectacular bondage on evil orgasm generation pleasure devices designed to drain their Speedo Strength in fantastical ways. Nathan could see the strain in Swimmerboy’s eyes, he admired that beautiful superhero, even after all they had been put through, despite of the drugs and the pleasure forces inflicted on them, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad remained stoic, fighting through the drugs, through the bondage and pleasure forces. Swimmerboy had tears in his eyes though, he mouthed the words ‘I’m Sorry’ through the orgasmic flood torrenting through his straining bulge and ricocheting throughout his body.

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were still tilted forward, their mighty bodies still stretched in-front of their pleasure symbionts; they were in presentation mode so that while they enjoyed their spectacular orgasmic demise, they could witness the torture of their new Play Toy prodigy buddies. The evil intent of Scorpio was masterful. He would defeat them and make them watch as the Play Toys screamed out in agony.

Heroic pleasure turned into mind bending pain for the innocent sexual Play Toy athletes.

Swimmerlad felt his penis straining against the confines of the nylon speedo thong, he felt the orgasm as it ripped through his member like a long, never-ending freight train, he tasted his pre-cum as it spurt upward and outward, his body trembled, the pleasure was infiltrating every cell in his body, dominating very sense, his vision blurring as the sensation wracked his body, he was orgasming uncontrollably, and like previous orgasmic defeats, he was helpless to stop it. But this orgasm was consuming his mind and his body, he felt his skin vibrating and pleasuring every cell in his body. Scorpio had denied his ejaculation and he was extending the orgasmic flows. Swimmerlad had no voice left, but his deep breathing, his musculature was mining deep primal utterances from the depths of his soul. Tears welled up in his eyes, the orgasm was overpowering him in so many delicious ways. He noticed Tyler’s face change; Tyler’s eyes widened as he stared blankly toward him. Then Tyler screamed uncontrollably, and thrust his head down trying see and understand what was happening in his speedo thong. Swimmerlad could see the electricity forming all around the Play Toy.

Electro had engaged his contribution to the bondage frames holding the handsome Play Toys in an unforgiving torturous display of depravity! His active pleasure conversion actuators were feeding on the orgasmic pleasure flows from the Orgasmadroid Altars. They converted the pleasure to voltage and managed the amperage levels so as not to kill its victim, it produced a flow of diabolical electricity that energised the various electrolytic diffusers around the bondage devices. Electro was shaking with excitement, the moment was monumental, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were powering his diabolical torture devices perfectly. He set the level low from his handy remote device.

Blue arcs of energy formed around the circumference of the circular bondage frames they shot bolts of energy into the captive’s body and Nathan and Tyler were soon surrounded by the buzzing energy that made its painful path around their heaving, struggling bodies toward their prime bulge targets. Electro’s devices were designed to torture their bodies and infest the speedo thong with agonising energy that was frying their cocks and balls.


“How’s that boys, nice and cosy in your little electrical cloaks of pain?”

They were screaming, the heroes were crying out – extremes of pleasure and pain reverberated around the Milk Bar facility. Scorpio’s grand finale had struck the final chord.

At three thousand feet, on approach to a secret airfield

The cockpit call outs had commenced and Joker was strapped in next to the bound and helpless Boy Wonder. Robin was glad that the Joker Stroker had been paused for the bumpy descent, but his cock still buzzed from the hours of attention and stroking, he felt the wet fabric of his costume clinging to his now flaccid cock, the Joker Choker had also been released, he could breathe again without rasping and straining for oxygen.

Baz turned around from the Pilot’s seat to check his passengers were strapped in.

“Cabin crew prepare the cabin for landing!” laughed Baz as he made his final checks. “Bit of turbulence around, but nuthin to be worried about!” He announced with a confident smile. “Hope you have filled out your customs cards, ha ha ha!”

One thousand! The cockpit call out announced their height, the Joker Jet was well into its approach to MantaRay’s secret airstrip. He used this facility for his ‘Special’ deliveries and dispatches, but never would he have thought his airfield would covertly welcome the Joker Jet and its special cargo consignment.

Joker looked over the bound Boy Wonder. “You will be a hit Robin, a fucking hit in the Speedo Compound, I’ve got Scorpio preparing a very special place for you!” Joker ran his fingers over the wet pouch of Robin’s green speedo. He squeezed the delicious juices and then licked his fingers. “Mmmmmm, so sweet, so divine. I bet Scorpio has some exciting technology to make your delicious Robin bulge surge with pleasure, I bet he’s got some fun little pain management devices too!” He said devouring the beauty of his captive with his eyes. “Almost there Robin, almost there. I have arranged transfers and everything, it’s an all-inclusive deal, at the wonderful resort I’ve booked you into.”

Five Hundred! The cockpit call out announced.

Baz made his announcement, but this time he was fully engaged with flying the aircraft to the secret airstrip, “Hold on boys, almost on the ground, no trackers or radar locks detected, we’ve flown under the authority’s radar nicely.”

Back in the Milk Bar

Tyler’s body was shaking, he screamed from the depths of his being.

Swimmerlad felt the next surge, his body fighting the bonds and arching forward as Orgasmo bent down to lick the red mound of throbbing hero meat. Swimmerlad’s screams were demonic, his orgasm had been ramped up and he desperately looked downward to see Orgasmo’s tongue retracting into his mouth, he was covered in hero pre-cum, the juices of Swimmerlad were flowing. Orgasmo slowly lifted himself, surveying every nook and cranny of Swimmerlad’s beautiful muscle toned body as it writhed and twisted in the orgasmic eruptions enthralling the delicious young hero. He finally reached Swimmerlad’s face and he grabbed Swimmerlad’s face on each side forcing the kiss. Orgasmo transferred Swimmerlad’s pre-cum into Swimmerlad’s mouth in erotic strokes of his tongue.

Orgasmo pulled back slightly, smiling into the vacant eyes of the defeated orgasm spasming young hero as he gloatingly spoke. “Would you like to give me your milk my beautiful boy, I bet you and Swimmerboy really, R E A L L Y need to ejaculate right about now!

“Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhah” Swimmerlad’s moans were strong and primal as he returned Orgasmo’s gaze as best he could, given the sensations wracking his body to the core.

“How is your delicious straining speedo bulge feeling now, hero boy? No don’t even try to answer that!”

Orgasmo stood back from the Swimmerlad, he was drenched in hero juices, he stood between the four pleasure devices, two orgasmic eruptions exploding in front of him and behind him, the Play Toys were lit up in dazzling displays of light and sound, a menagerie of sexual abandon pleasure and agony in perfect harmony enthralled the Milk Bar Patrons and the dark web. The scene was oozing erotic and sensual excitement in luxe proportions.

All around the ring of pleasure, special vents had opened around each of the Orgasmadroids, the scene was explosive and monumental as cameras whirred taking in the debaucheries of the Milk Bar final climax and hero defeat. They closed in on faces of sexual abandon and others recorded the sights and sounds of the electrocutions erupting and torturing the two Play Toys.

“Release their cum flows!” Orgasmo screamed loudly above the deafening sounds.

Swimmerboy’s bulge was seething; the orgasm rocketing through his penis and its intensity exploded in a powerful surge, he expected to see blood, his penis was so engorged so rock hard, he thought it was exploding before his eyes, but it didn’t disintegrate like he expected, rather, hot white shards of cum shot from his speedo, it showered the patrons nearby, his body vibrated, his screams were outrageously deafening as he threw his cum socked head upwards. His Cum reached Nathan and fizzed as the electricity torturing the beautiful athlete buzzed across his body and whisps of smoke began to emerge on Nathan’s body as the cum began to cook.

Swimmerboy’s sweat soaked body lapped up the spurting cum as it jettisoned from his red bulging mass of hero meat, his penis was controlled by the Orgasmadroid, his body radiated the orgasmic flows from his straining speedo, up into the reaches of his body and through to his extremities. He was shaking uncontrollably, screaming as the pleasure engulfed and raped his body.

Swimmerlad felt the pleasure wrapping his body tighten as the Orgasmadroid’s power engulfed his every sense, he strained and twisted as the orgasmic sensation rippled around his body, it was unrelenting, it was devious, and its invasion was diabolical, he shot his pelvis up and down thrusting his body in sexual abandon. Then he saw the thick white cum build on the top of his extended bulging speedo, the wet nylon stretched to accommodate his throbbing penis, he felt the bulge exploding in sensations so enthralling and erotic, he was captive not only to the Orgasmadroid, but the orgasm, it was controlling him, he had relinquished all control of body and in the hysteria of the moment and through the showers of cum now spurting upward and outward he heard Play Toy Tyler’s screams of agony, he opened his eyes quickly and he could see Electro’s body jumping for joy, then his eyesight became blurred, his cum was viscous warm and plentiful, it covered his face as his spurting body obeyed the demands of the evil Altar.

Electro was enjoying a moment of absolute master villain exhilaration, his sexual fantasies and desires were dominated by bondage and pain, he so enjoyed toying with delicious men and hearing their cries; his penis throbbed as his pre-cum wet the front of his lycra suit. He watched Tyler twisting and begging as Swimmerlad powered his electro torture directly in front of him.

Swimmerboy’s cum shots were powerful and furious too; he shot his massive load over a thirty-minute period of erotic defeat, he covered Nathan in his juices and like Tyler, Nathan was enveloped in the fizzing and frying hero cum as he was sautéed for Electro’s sexual gratification.

Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy were defeated, drained and demolished! Thirty minutes of orgasmic ejaculation had taken its toll, their long orgasmic build manufactured by their Orgasmadroid Altar’s response to their erotic fantasies and the hours bound in the diabolical Harvesters had drained their Speedo Strength with delicious and erotic precision, the Milk Bar had taken their strength, power and their juices. They were drained completely - defeated!

Scorpio declared his satisfaction at the 40-minute mark. “Defeated heroes, you are drained and powerless, I have spared your lives and those of your Play Toy symbionts. I have delicious plans for each of you and the Boy Toy Wonder who will be delivered soon. Drip in your cum Swimmerboy, you have been drained Swimmerlad, and we will feed on your juices until you are taken away for your next engagement.” Scorpio motioned his arms inviting the Patrons to come and gorge themselves on the two delicious heroes stretched twitching and moaning in their post orgasmic defeat. Their juices were rich in protein, warm and plentiful, oozing from speedo bulges of such exquisite calibre, they had provided their final Milk Bar juice offerings, meals of hero bulge awaited the hungry horny patrons!

The Joker Jet on final approach

Fifty, Forty, Thirty!

Joker stroked Robin’s face, “nearly there my sweet!”

Twenty, Ten The cockpit callouts came loud and fast as the aircraft descended onto the secret air strip.

At 135 knots the Citation X aircraft bumped onto the tarmac nicely, it buffeted in a flurry of force as the engines erupted in a burst of power, in reverse mode, the roar was loud and forceful but necessary! The airstrip was only as large as it needed to be, it was a covert entry and exit point to the country, so Baz had to reverse powerfully to stop the Joker Jet in time. They had 30 meters left of airstrip when the aircraft was slow enough to taxi.

Baz turned around from his seat quickly once he had the aircraft heading back to the transfer vehicle, “Welcome to Queensland, Australia, the local time is 0620. Please remain in your seats (or your bondage) until the aircraft has come to a full stop.

Robin gulped!


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