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Defeat and Domination
Part 17 - Milk Bar - Part Four
By Scorpio

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Milk Bar Part 4

Robin and Mad Hatter are the property of DC Comics and are referred to in this story on a fan basis only.

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad are taken from their Harvesters, their drained bodies are taken to be milked in a huge orgasmic defeat that becomes entwined with their erotic fantasies.

Scorpio had arrived at the milking play ring immediately before Swimmerlad, he was running his hand across the surface of Orgasmo’s latest device. The Orgasmadroid was made of a translucent material, its sides were rounded, and it contained four gold restraints on each corner. It was changing colour from red to blue and transitioning between each colour. The surface of the Altar containing special sensors and stimulators, they danced as tiny LED globes lit up providing an illusion of movement, glowing across the top surface of the device these stimulators were installed exactly to Swimmerlad’s body size, it would emit directly into Swimmerlad’s speedo thong pulled tightly between his buns. The mesmerising light show fanned out from the centre of the device in the shape of a spreadeagled captive toward each of the golden restraints. Another similar Orgasmadroid had been installed to the left of Swimmerlad’s Altar, they faced inwards slightly and at the foot of each Altar, a bondage Pleasure Frame had been installed, they too had gold restraints and they pulsed in similar light shows. Around the floor of the Orgasmadroid stage, vents and suction ducts had been installed to suck and collect the precious holy cum of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad as their offerings spurted and flowed.

“I hope you like what we’ve done with the space Swimmerlad, quite futuristic don’t you think? The orgasmatronics in this little baby are amazing, I like the gold restraints that will hold you securely to the Altar as we extract and record your intense pleasure, we will so enjoy your cum as is spurts through that fucking deliciously wet speedo pouch of yours!” Scorpio produced an evil and lusty smile as he caressed the top of the waiting Altar, he tapped the top of the ominous device a couple of times playfully.

“Now be a good boy and hop on up!” He stepped away with his righthand extended as if to direct Swimmerlad and welcome him.

“Tie him to his Orgasmadroid!” Scorpio ordered in an authoritative and forceful tone.

“Pleeeeeeease Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Swimmerlad had been severely weakened by the hours of his pleasure draining, serving the Milk Bar patrons and the intensity of the pleasure loop with Play Toy Tyler. He was also in a state of sexual frustration, his erotic desires, his fantasies still playing inside his head and the drugs were fuelling his sexual needs. He knew though that this next step in their pleasure drain could kill him, he fought the strong hands of Nylon and Lycra; he was trying to use his pre-cum soaked body in a vain attempt to slip free of their strong grip, it was his only strategy, but they were horny, they were determined to please their masters, they wanted to enjoy tying the beautiful hero to his Orgasmadroid. This was going to be an enjoyable and explosive finale to the debaucherously and carnal Milk Bar spectacular.

“No Noooooooooooooo!” Swimmerlad tried to pull free from Nylon and Lycra’s grip but it was useless. “Please Scorpio, so…ooo weak, I have little Speedo Strength left, you have drained me for fucking hours, please, please, No!” Swimmerlad’s pleading, his vain attempts to free himself were just so sexual and the patrons stood in awe as his beautiful red nylon speedo clad body was raised to the Altar and as Scorpio ensured that each of the restraints were locked and powered up.

Orgasmadroid welcomes Swimmerlad. Its evil low artificial voice was ominous.

He felt the power of the Orgasmadroid immediately, his speedo pouch, the entire garment, clinging so beautifully to his body radiated delicious energy, it felt tactile and delicious, he could feel it licking his body, his chest warmed up as the Aphrodisium started to come on in huge waves of sexual desire, his mind awash in fantasy and the feeling of the gold restraints as they pulled him helplessly and buzzed against his stretched wrists and ankles made his body shimmer in the pleasure energy.

“You look just beautiful my dear boy and look over here,” Scorpio pointed toward the Pleasure Altars and the idling Harvesters.

“…Here comes Swimmerboy!”

Swimmerboy was held up by Thunder and Biff. Thunder’s muscles flexing as he held the wriggling superhero tightly, his raging hardon was spectacular, their bodies looked to be in sensual dance as Swimmerboy squirmed and fought their grip. Swimmerboy looked up from the floor, his head had lolled downward as they dragged his weakened body from the Pleasure Altars over to the Orgasmadroid installation. His eyes widened when he noticed the glowing evil looking devices and Swimmerlad stretched out on one, Swimmerlad was moaning in a delicious tone, his body slowly twisting and his pelvis lifting up and down in a trance like state. Swimmerboy felt a pleasure spike shoot around his speedo as he watched Swimmerlad’s body writhe and ooze his pre-cum juices; it was the first he had seen of his boyfriend’s beautiful speedo bulge since earlier in the pleasure drain session.

“Mmmmmmm,” “Ngfffffffffffffffffff”

He pulled against the powerful grip of his horny wrestler handlers, but they lifted him up to face the scene. Biff took Swimmerboy’s hair in his right hand and lifted his head so that he had no choice but to look at the sexual stage assembled in front of him; his orgasmic demise, Swimmerlad’s orgasmic defeat in front of the Milk Bar patrons and the global audience. He noticed Scorpio approaching to welcome him, Scorpio had been enjoying Swimmerlad and his hands were dripping in Swimmerlad’s pre-cum. Scorpio, licked his fingers theatrically as he approached the helpless hero, forced to look upward toward his waiting orgasmic fate. Swimmerboy gritted his teeth, his speedo continually buzzing with the residual pleasure of the Harvester, the speedo sensitizer persistently evoking delicious sensations inside his drenched speedo thong. He stood in front of his captor, struggling, and drooling his milk in growing puddle between his trembling legs, he was defeated and oh so deliciously erotic!

“A lovely space don’t you think?” Scorpio’s smile was indulgent as he offered his right-hand palm toward Swimmerboy’s face.

“Go ahead, enjoy the fruit of Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge!” He covered Swimmerboy’s mouth with his soaked palm.

The drugs made him super horny, he tried resisting them, but he was so weak, they had drained him so expertly, he was held up, his body buzzing, his desires screaming, and his cock was singing in a sensual harmony of sensations. He lapped up the juices that Scorpio offered him and as he tasted the warmth, the sweet and salty delicious Swimmerlad milk, he felt his body tingle and purr. Swimmerboy writhed and moaned as the sensation rocketed through his body.


Scorpio withdrew his hand. “He does produce some delectable milk, doesn’t he Swimmerboy, you remember that taste don’t you, does it stimulate those erotic memories and your delicious fantasies? Oh, we have a real treat instore for you now. Swimmerlad is just loving the welcome program for his Orgasmadroid Altar, look at the way his body is slowly twisting, his speedo thong glistens with every secretion of his precum. Such a beautiful sight. I will so enjoy watching his orgasm germinate and grow, it will devour him, and yours will do the same with you. A duo of sensual and erotic proportions as we prepare to milk you both of your semen, such precious gold, such powerful offerings. I will personally drink as you spurt your milk through your delicious straining bulge!”

Scorpio was mingling Swimmerlad’s precum into Swimmerboy’s drooling bulge, he enjoyed feeling the mound of hero meat as it filled his hand, he could feel Swimmerboy’s buzzing bulge and enjoyed looking into the hero’s defiant and widening eyes as he fondled the hero’s wet offering. Scorpio was well aware of the sensation he was creating Swimmerboy’s weakened body. His smile communicated his sexual desires.

“Now I have some more to explain to you two beautiful speedo offerings, so why don’t we get you comfortable on your Orgasmadroid, I know, you’re so weak, and that puddle of milk between your legs on the floor is going to waste, and is becoming a hazard, we’ll need a little yellow sign warning of a slip hazard, hahahahahahahaha!” Then Scorpio’s look became determined and evil.

“Tie Swimmerboy to his Orgasmadroid.” Scorpio’s order was loud and captured on several floating drone cameras.

Swimmerboy’s beautiful body glistened in the lights as he fought the strong hands of Biff and Thunder, they were so enjoying their fun with Swimmerboy, Biff couldn’t resist ensuring he placed his hands of Swimmerboy’s tight buns as he lifted the struggling hero to his orgasmic fate. His installation, like that of Swimmerlad was highly charged with anticipation and the Milk Bar patrons stood in awe as the beautiful duo lay stretched and writhing on their respective Orgasmadroid Altars.

Swimmerboy looked across to his boyfriend, he looked so sexual and resplendent, Swimmerlad’s muscles flexed and pulled at the golden restraints, his moans and sighs were just pure heaven to Swimmerboy’s ears. Swimmerboy was still dealing with his erotic fantasies, and his mind was going in different directions like his head at the moment, he was looking around their predicament, they had been weakened and sapped of their Speedo Strength, slowly and deliberately and they were now tied once more to a diabolical machine that will launch them toward an orgasmic demise, he thought about stalling the proceedings, to allow them enough time to muster some extra Speedo Strength, he knew they couldn’t break Scorpio’s bondage systems, and unless they wanted a clean slate to play with Robin and The Pleasure Toys, he reasoned that Scorpio had future plans for he and Swimmerlad, he hoped that the plan was not to kill them.

“Time to milk you two!” Scorpio moved into the space between the two Orgasmadroids and surveyed the beautiful specimens.

“Mighty heroes defeated, so beautiful, your pleasure has been so delicious boys, we have lapped up your writhing bodies as your nectar flowed from your scrumptious speedo bulges. We have such amazing footage of your time with your personal Pleasure Toy, what delights did you experience? What deep sexual secrets did you share with your symbionts? We will know soon once we have processed your streams!” Scorpio ran his fingers down Swimmerboy’s heaving chest, it was cool and moist, his nipples erect, and his breathing was erratic as he fought his bonds. Scorpio enjoyed the sights and beauty of Swimmerboy’s wet bulge, his penis had been through hours of pleasure torment, his juices drawn from his body and his testicles had cooked in the power of his Pleasure Wrap.

Swimmerboy felt the delicious buzz in his bulge, his speedo felt alive, delicious, and the energy lapped at his body, his buttocks felt delightful, and he could feel energy lifting from the surface of the Altar as it caressed his body, delivering delicious sensations, he could feel his cock tingle and shimmer inside his bulge, the Orgasmadroid had definitely taken hold of his body in an ominously and devilish manner. He was captive and helpless to what his captors had in store for his demise!

“You my dear Swimmerboy are just pure speedo-sex-on-on-a-stick. Beautiful and erotic, stretched out and helpless, your precum so majestic as it continues to ooze. Don’t fret dear boy, you’re looking at me with those puppy eyes, where has all your defiance gone? Have we drained you too much, or is it you just could not ration your Speedo Strength long enough? Oh dear, look at you, look at your mighty boyfriend, he pulls on his bondage so nicely, his speedo thong is just fucking spectacular, so erotic as his cock throbs in delightful pleasure. Don’t fret dear boy!” Scorpio lifted a nice globule of juice from the tip of Swimmerboy’s lycra clad bulge and coated Swimmerboy’s lips, taste your sweet nectar hero boy, your juices are such a delicious offering that we have so enjoyed. So, I’m going to fill you and Swimmerlad with a boost of Speedo Strength!” Scorpio pretended to be thinking. “We could just milk you and get it over with, but we so love a great show, the ones with suspense and drama, and ACTION, so yes, we will replenish your Speedo Strength stores to accommodate a lovely long orgasmic display of our power and your defeat. Yes! that is just the ticket!” Scorpio smiled as he caressed Swimmerboy’s sensitive bulge, ripples of delicate pleasure vibrated through Swimmerboy’s speedo causing him to purr and turn his body as the sensation encased his manhood in sumptuous, but sensitive, energy.

“Enjoy that little gift Swimmerboy, it is like clearing your palate between courses, I’m just caressing your bulge in a little indulgence while you await your main course. I’ll just pop over to enjoy Swimmerlad for a moment before we get underway.” Scorpio cupped and fondled Swimmerboy with precision, scooping up another wad of his sweet pre-jism. He left Swimmerboy in a state of bliss as Swimmerboy’s body arched and turned in the delightful and sensitive pleasure licking his speedo.

Scorpio arrived at Swimmerlad’s Orgasmadroid Altar, he looked at the spectacular pleasure offering as he writhed and enjoyed the sensations enthralling his body. So beautiful, so sexual.

“Swimmerlad, you look like you desperately need a drink, my sweet young hero, You look fucking erotic all spread out like that, such a majestic but helpless hero in need of a refreshment, here take a sip.” Scorpio extended his hand and his fingers to Swimmerlad’s mouth, Swimmerlad had no choice, but he tasted Swimmerboy immediately and his erotic fantasies still vivid, he lapped at the sweet juices of his boyfriend straining in his bondage trying to lift his head to Scorpio’s fingers as he teased him.

“Please Scorpio, I’m fucking horny as fuck, my bulge is tingling and pulsing, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmphhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm pleasure spikes inside my cock, what are you going to do to us? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph.” Swimmerlad spoke as he pulled on his arm restraints, he could taste Swimmerboy’s juices, and his mouth erupted with the mere taste of his boyfriend and the texture of the exquisite nectar.

“You’re so beautiful when you strain like that Swimmerlad, does he taste nice? Does that stir up your memories and your fantasies? You’re about to embark on an orgasmic journey, so thrilling, so powerful, so draining of your powers. So Evil!” He bent down and licked around Swimmerlad’s right hand nipple, he could feel the nipple erect and proud, Scorpio’s tongue explored it and made its way down to Swimmerlad’s abdominals, their bumps and lines saturated in Swimmerlad’s precum were just divine. Scorpio looked up from his devotions and the beauty of Swimmerlad’s red nylon bulge came into view, it towered upward, and from Scorpio’s position close to Swimmerlad’s abs, the bulge was calling his worship, a siren. Scorpio watched as the next globule of silky pre-cum bubbled out of the red nylon. Swimmerlad had provided his offering on cue, his body trembled as Scorpio enjoyed his view.

“Now boys, this will be very interactive, a bit like your little love connections with your symbionts earlier, that was such a fun time and we’d all like to play!” Scorpio looked around at the Milk Bar patrons, they were in the assigned pleasure stations, each with a personal pleasure pad to tap into to orgasmic pleasure stream, Miles, Kyle and Hunter were frisky as fuck, they were champing at the bit, they played in the corner but were keeping a close eye on the proceedings, the other villains and henchmen were assembled, exploring their pleasure stations. Scorpio’s shows were dramatic and erotic, and Milk Bar was setting the gold standard!

“Talking about play time, Bring me Seed’s Play Toys, these beautiful young athletes will play a central role. Bring them and tie them in the restraint frames directly in-front of their delicious hero. Your special connections are just starting my delicious Heroes!”

Nathan was dragged across to the Orgasmadroid play ring, he didn’t put up a huge fight, but when he saw the bondage frame waiting for him and Swimmerboy stretched out on the Orgasmadroid Altar, he cried out, twisting in the strong grip of Biff and Thunder.

“Noooooooooooooo Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeassssssssssssssssse No more?” Nathan wriggled and vainly tried to break free of their grip as they stretched him facing Swimmerboy, he could see directly between Swimmerboy’s stretched heaving legs and the sight of the speedo thong caressing Swimmerboy’s loins fired up his pleasure implant, he looked at Swimmerboy with deep lust growing in his head. He writhed testing the bonds, but the beautiful athlete was held securely, the bondage showed off his delicious light blue and white speedo thong, his bulge sat pertly and proudly. Nathan was as sexual as Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, his model looks grabbed the attention each patron and the bondage device allowed unlimited access to his buns and his bulge, he was a picture of erotic beauty as he twisted his body in Scorpio’s next pleasure triumph, his bondage perfect and beautiful adding to the sensuous proceedings, the moment pregnant with expectation.

Tyler was the next to arrive, carried to the Orgasmadroid play ring in the competent hands of Nylon and Lycra. He was installed next to Nathan, he started to struggle when he saw Nathan twisting in his bonds, his fate was yet to be revealed but it could not be good! As they bound his wrists and ankles, he had his first good lusty look at Swimmerlad, he was looking right between Swimmerlad’s stretched legs and like Nathan, the view of Swimmerlad’s speedo offering, his drenched writhing body on whatever Altar they had him tied to was excruciatingly beautiful, his pleasure probe was hot and very active, Tyler felt the deep eroticism of Swimmerlad’s fantasies, they erupted at the sight of his Symbiont, he wanted to enter the jungle again, he wanted it so fucking bad and the restraints pulling him helplessly fed into the shared fantasy.

Tyler looked spectacular stretched in is presentation frame, his youthful tight body twisted in the bonds as he tried his restraints, he was wet, covered in Swimmerlad juice, his short blonde hair and handsome features were as beautiful to behold as his erotic speedo thong. Miles had created Tyler’s ceremonial thong earlier in the Milk Bar proceedings and before his delicious pleasure loop with Swimmerlad with precision, and Tyler’s bulge was now soft, and his penis sat perfectly above his balls, held by the wet nylon in an erotic package to rival the very best the speedo compound had on offer. He was a delicious menu item indeed and he and Nathan had the attention of the Milk Bar patrons especially Kyle, who was eyeing off the delicious morsel twisting and writhing in his bondage.

Scorpio, Orgasmo and Electro moved to the centre of the play ring and they span around surveying the two heroes so beautiful, so sexual as they lay pulling on the golden restrains, weakened, their bodies craving the pleasure as Orgasmo’s drugs continued to influence and infiltrate their bodies, yet they used their remaining Speedo Strength to focus and resist the urges, desires, and fantasies. Swimmerboy looked up over his stretched body, past his oozing magnificent red bulge to see Nathan stretched out at his feet, he looked fucking beautiful, and he felt the Elixir of Eros gurgled deep inside him, he felt the attraction to his sexual symbiont fire up, his cock twitched as he watched the beautiful athlete, his spectacular speedo thong and his handsome features struggling right in-front of him.



Swimmerboy felt the urges deep inside him flower.

“What are you up to Scorpio? Leave the Play Toys out of this, you want us, you get off on our defeat and you have us in your grip, you’re going to fucking milk us, isn’t that enough?” Swimmerboy looked across to Swimmerlad, he too was writhing, his beautiful body, so sexual as he pulled and struggled. His Pleasure Toy symbiont moaning and writhing, stretched at Swimmerlad’s feet was a stroke of genius, Scorpio had engineered the sexual relationship with the Play Toys and now he was cementing it. He was playing with Swimmerboy’s and Swimmerlad’s love for each other, creating new lasciviously powerful sexual connections right before their eyes. Scorpio was now working to create new forms of turmoil, psychological and subtle, but Swimmerboy was determined, he was not going to break his love for Swimmerlad, but this was not the time for he and Swimmerlad to have a deep and meaningful talk about their love. He was weak, he was drained of his power, they had pleasured his body for hours and fed on his pre-cum, he was facing an immense orgasmic defeat! He thrashed in his bondage; his thoughts had somehow cleared his mind briefly.

“You fucking fiends, I hate you, fffffffffffffffffffuck!” Swimmerboy thrashed in a vain attempt to break the bonds but he soon calmed down as the three villains approached his helpless stretched body.

“Now now, sweet boy, let’s not get too worked up here.” Scorpio was tender, but firm.

Several drone cameras were hovering the scene as Scorpio and his priests surveyed their beautiful prey.

“Swimmerboy is correct!” Scorpio had moved to the foot of Swimmerlad’s Orgasmadroid Altar, he ran his finders across the smooth rounded edges of the device and looked around at his patrons.

“We will milk Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad!” His look of depravity struck a chord with every diner in the Milk Bar.

“It will be very interactive, let me explain.” Scorpio looked back toward the patrons as he stepped toward the delicious Nathan, he was moving around the play ring, excited that his four speedo-clad young men were about to enter into a session of sexual servitude so evil, so regal in its proportions and it will be a welcoming show for the Joker and his sumptuous Boy Toy Wonder.

Scorpio ran his finger along Nathan’s bottom lip, Nathan tried to pull his head away, but Thunder moved in behind the young Play Toy and pushed his head forward.

“Look at Scorpio when he’s talking Play Toy Boy!” Thunder’s hard-on in his speedo was throbbing.

“Thank you Thunder!” Scorpio politely thanked the henchman.

Scorpio continued to trace his finger down Nathan’s body, it slid across his flesh as his finger glided across the remnants of Swimmerboy’s juices covering the Play Toy.

“These sumptuous feasts of male beauty are now enjoying their first forays into the speedo pleasure systems of this compound. We will of course upgrade their little implants with magnificent new code from time to time, delivered by the pleasure streams of their new heroic sexual synergetic superhero. Beautiful new relationships are germinating before your eyes gentlemen.” He looked toward his friend Seed, he had risen from his assigned pleasure station, rubbing his suit, and holding out his hand to Scorpio as if to say – be my guest.

Scorpio continued “Tonight we milk the magnificent cum cows, the powerful and beautiful Swimmerboy and his gorgeous partner Swimmerlad. Their nectar will flow in a final draining; litres of their most private offerings filtered through lycra and nylon fabric. Sumptuous milk for you to enjoy, wholesome hero cum will be offered by my two delicious offerings. Their cum, forged in mind-bending agony will flow for your enjoyment tonight. Enjoy their writhing bodies, gentlemen, that is what tonight’s pleasure ceremony is for, their defeat is an erotic and powerful expression of our power!”

Scorpio bent down and surveyed Nathan’s rounded bulge, he licked the tip of Nathan’s cock head as it protruded through the wet nylon caressing his youthful package.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm, these Play Toys are just spectacular Seed, I’m glad you have shared them with us, just sumptuous!” He looked up into Nathan’s eyes, Nathan returned his stare, he was looking down, fantasies and erotic desires were filling his head as the probe purred deep in his anatomy. “Your cummy speedo bulge, is a delicious morsel dear boy.” Scorpio’s smile was pregnant with lust.

He looked into the camera.

“We’re going to reverse the pleasure stream boys!”

“These are no mere bondage frames,” He said surveying the two Play Toy’s struggling in their bondage, “…they are surrounded by Orgasmo’s and Electro’s little toys, special tech that will stimulate our two young beauties here delightfully. BUT they will need your assistance gentlemen, they are stretched out and you have full access to their sexually charged erotic bodies, a buffet of sexual expression awaits you to enjoy these two. My pleasure systems and your…” he motioned toward his excited patrons,”…devotions will bring these two lovely young men to orgasm, unfortunately, they have been shooting blanks, their juices have been milked, but none the less, they will shudder as we caress them to climax. Now their pleasure will be amplified and directed to the Orgasmadroids and, I’ll explain how the Altars will thrill our delicious heroes soon, but back to the Play Toys, each orgasm will bring their symbiont a step higher to their orgasmic precipice. One, two, maybe three orgasms should bring our heroes to the edge of their orgasms? Scorpio looked at Nathan as he squirmed in his bondage.

“We can’t leave you two out of the fun, can we? You will bring your beautiful superhero to his orgasmic defeat.”

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad will scream in expressions of pleasure so pronounced, their bodies will strain and writhe in exquisite sensation as we enjoy them, their orgasm will rage for as long as I decree, their ejaculations denied, while they traverse the orgasmic universe, a celebration of pleasure divine and galactic in its powerful dimensions. We will dine on their raging bulges, as they scream in abandon, their cocks straining and exploding.”

“Now, this is important, boys, pay attention. Once our heroes are at orgasmic level pleasure pressure and the Orgamadroids deliver the goods, the pleasure stream will become reciprocal, the intensity of the orgasm will drive sexual fantasy wild, I expect sexual visions, vistas of orgasmic proportions will fire within your implants, you will access the hero’s most delicious eroticism as you writhe, and your implants condition your brain with every pulse of orgasmic delight that Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad have to offer.” Scorpio’s right hand fondled Nathan’s delicious bulge and Nathan could only squirm in Thunder’s strong grip forcing him to watch Scorpio’s sexual attention of his speedo. His tone was evil and sinister.

Scorpio smiled into Nathan’s eyes and then over his shoulder to the squirming Swimmerboy, deliciously writhing and glistening in his pre-cum offering, his buttocks squished his juices with every thrust of his pelvis. “…To add to the spectacle, Nathan and Tyler, you will be jolted from the erotic vistas as soon as your symbiont’s orgasm buds and flowers, I will electrocute you back to reality and your screams will reverberate while our delicious heroes are milked of every drop of their spectacular cum. Your beautiful superhero will torture you, nothing like the level we would submit Swimmerboy or Swimmerlad to, but enough to make your screams a powerful backdrop to their ultimate pleasure defeat!” Scorpio enjoyed the look of despair on the two Play Toy’s faces as they realised their fate. “…As we increase their orgasmic pleasure pressure progressively through their milking, your delightful bulges will fry. Electro will supervise your pain; he is so very good at that!”

Swimmerlad thrashed in his bonds, he was weak, he was wet and defeated laying on his Altar, his body glistened in the lights as his pre-cum continued to ooze, he was now laying in his juices and as he fought his bonds, he could hear the sensual sounds of his fluids squishing beneath his exposed tight buns against the surface of the Altar.

“You Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpfffffffffff Fucccccccccccccccccking fiends” Swimmerlad was desperately trying to break his golden bonds, but he was helpless, his Speedo Strength depleted so much he was almost mortal.

“Stop thrashing dear boy, you’re almost expired, you have no strength left we have drained nearly every ounce of your power and Swimmerboy’s power has almost expired too!”

“Don’t torture them Scoooooooooooorpio, pl ea se, No, No!” Swimmerlad pleaded, his head lifting from his bondage, his body twisting on the Orgasmadroid Altar.

Swimmerlad Continued his appeal, “You have us, you will get your precious milk and we will die in the process, but they have done nothing to you, they are innocent, no, please don’t torture them.” Swimmerlad pleaded.

But Swimmerlad’s pleading fell on deaf ears, Scorpio just spun around in glee, he ran his fingers up Swimmerlad’s left leg, playfully toying with the helpless hero.

“But as you know dear boy, you must endure your agony for you to appreciate your pleasure. We are giving these boys, something no other mere mortal can ever hope to enjoy, we are giving them access to your erotic fantasies, they are experiencing the pleasure stream from two superhero gods, they must pay the price, the price of your defeat. I will punish you and the Play Toys! You have meddled in the underworld too much; you MUST be punished!”

Both Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad thrashed and battled their restraints, their depleted bodies were no match for the powerful bondage, but they had to express their objection to Scorpio’s twisted evil plans for their Orgasmic demise. They would writhe in exquisite orgasms; long delicious pleasure and they would be torturing their symbiont in the process as their juices flowed and spurted from their beautiful bodies. It was diabolical and evil!

Scorpio’s tone was pert and authoritative, “Objections noted Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, but you’re in no position! You are tied to a powerful device that will milk the fuck out of you! You will be defeated! Your fate is sealed mighty heroes!”

Scorpio’s tone changed, he so enjoyed toying with his beautiful captives, his tone became tender and caring, “I am a fair man, we will fill your speedo strength up before we begin, I want to give you a fighting chance my delicious boys!” Scorpio’s hand lightly brushed Swimmerlad’s bulge as he launched into his next commentary. “Such beauty, such power, such pleasure! The question for you dear Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad is will you ration your Speedo Strength through your climax? Or will you risk death by orgasm, by giving into the power of the extreme orgasmic force of the Orgasmadroid Altar to save your Play Toy? Now if you choose the latter option, your symbiont will also suffer a delicious death, his electrocution will automatically rise to end his life in a powerful death. But if you ration your strength, you will survive, but your Play Toy Symbionts will endure agony at Electro’s capable hand - long electrocution, now don’t worry, we’ll lubricate their frying bulges in your juices, it will be like a stir-fry dish to conclude the night as you spurt your cum. Either way, I demand your cum, Its going to be so delicious!”

Scorpio then gave his order, it was powerful, it was authoritative, “Replenish their Speedo Strength to 30 percent!”

“That will give you a fighting chance gentlemen!”

Both heroes fought and pulled vainly trying to escape the fate they had been handed, they would enter a world of majestic pleasure, experience their erotic fantasies whilst their Play Toy Symbionts underwent a bulge barbeque in a direct anti-correlation with their pleasure experience and the two Play Toys had no powers to deal with the agonising electricity. It was diabolical and evil of the highest calibre.

Scorpio laughed with an evil tone; he was changing his demeanour with every twist of his evil plan. “You will make the right choice boys, I won’t kill them, I promise only if you make the wrong choice. Hahahahahahaha!”

Scorpio changed his demeanour yet again, he became the happy ringmaster, “Come one, come all!” His hands flung in the air, “…Its time to play boys, it’s time to MILK and time to barbeque and we have some very juicy meat on offer, Roll on up, roll on up!”

Miles, Kyle, and Hunter were up like a shot! They led the patrons to the pleasure ring, to the Altar’s with their erotic superheroes waiting to be jolted toward their orgasmic demise and their deliciously strung, hung Play Toys twisting in their delicious bondage.

Seed and MantaRay followed along with their henchmen, they all circled the bound offerings, toying with the meat, scooping up pre-cum and caressing the speedo heaven of each captive.

“Gather round gentlemen!” Scorpio was standing between Swimmerboy’s stretched legs, he had a hand on each thigh, he had Swimmerboy writhing behind him, Swimmerboy’s delightful purring and moaning was just delicious.

“So here is what we have on offer tonight,” Scorpio motioned to each of the bound heroes, “They are moaning in delight as their Speedo Strength flows into their bodies, it gives them delicious tingles and sensation, it is such a personal part of their lives, it refreshes them, stimulates them and powers them. It is such a beautiful thing, it is mixing with the Orgasmadroid erotic pleasure waves emitting from the surface of the altar and enveloping their bodies, so sexual so inescapable!”

“They are tied to an Orgasmadroid Altar, and as the final play time commences, the Orgasmadroids will engulf our heroes’ penis and balls in a coating of delicious and intense high frequency pleasure, sensually buzzing, vibrating, absorbing into every pleasure point in the speedo bulge, their pre-cum will fizz on the tips of their heavenly speedo bulges. You really must experience the sensations that will fill your mouth as you enjoy the sparkling pre-cum champagne! Our Speedo AI system has their speedo pouches mapped perfectly; they will writhe deliciously for your pleasure. Once the Orgasmadroids coating has taken control of the surface of their sexual organs, it will then propagate deep inside their sex and grow and fill their penises with an expanding mass of dynamic pleasure energy, pushing and throbbing outward, this powerful infiltration of their sexual organs, of their speedo bulge will become a seething mass of encroaching orgasmic power!”

Scorpio Smiled as Swimmerlad thrashed across on the other Altar.

“Fuck you Scorpio!” Swimmerlad pulled and twisted his body valiantly.

Scorpio smiled back to Swimmerlad, but ignored the insolent hero’s barbs, “Are you all with me so far?” He turned and purred at the sight of Swimmerboy’s mass of seething wet lycra caressing his penis and balls, his bulge was perfect! Superb! He fought his bonds gallantly the whole package was a sumptuous tantalizing and erotic sight to behold.

Scorpio then proceeded to outlay the plans for Orgasmic final scene. “Your job gentlemen is to play with our two Play Toys!, You see as I mentioned earlier, the pleasure stream will be reversed for this part of the ceremony! Play Toy Nathan and Play Toy Tyler will enjoy a base pleasure current applied to their speedo thongs, it will feed their little implants and encourage the implant to stimulate specific synapses in their brain that seek sexual gratification, but you my friends just need to bring them to their first orgasm, then their next, each orgasm they experience with the help of my systems and their little brain implants it will be a spectacular orgy of fun, and will unlock the Orgasmadroid Altars to the next increment on Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s journey to climax city. Our delicious heroes will be taken to the next pleasure level with each Play Toy orgasm. Now two or three Play Toy orgasms should do the trick! Incremental levels will bring Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad to their orgasmic precipice. I will release their erection inhibitors around stage two of their rise to defeat. I’m sure you will enjoy making their bodies tremble and purr as their rock-hard cocks throb in dangerously delicious explosive power engulfed inside and outside by the Orgasmadroids’ delicious cock coatings. Their cocks will pulsate and broadcast the pleasure through their bodies drawn by the Orgasmadroid’s golden restraints, the powerful orgasmic pleasure slowly filling their bodies with inescapable and potentially deadly supercharged and sumptuous energy! You will have full access rights to either hero or their gorgeous symbionts, so play with them, enjoy their sexual speedo offerings. Or you can enjoy the beauty of their pleasure stream at your pleasure station! Personally, I think a hands-on approach is much more enjoyable, sensual, but that my dear patrons is up to you. Your pleasure is what our little play time is all about!” Scorpio rubbed his growing hardon as he spun around in glee.

Who knows, they might enter into another symbiont fantasy as the pleasure attacks their spectacular bodies, if they do, you will hear unintelligible babble, their bodies will thrash and the pre-cum will almost spurt. Yum yum I need pre-cum in my Tum, hahahahahahahaha!”

“Noooooooooooooooooo” Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad cried out in unison, both wildly lifting their heads up off their Altars, their shoulders and arms pulling against the restraints.

“As soon as stage three is triggered and the Orgasmadroid Altars announce the start of our delicious heroes’ orgasm and I eventually release the ejaculation inhibitors, the pleasure current directed from our lovely Play Toys, will perform a polarising transformation from pleasure to pain, as soon as it reverses back to them, once again taking input from Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, it will coat,” Scorpio walked over to Tyler’s helpless body stretched out in his bondage frame and he bent down to enjoy the delicious moist nylon of Tyler’s bulge enjoying the folds of fabric fanning out around Tyler’s balls on the underside of his speedo pouch, he looked up from his devotions and continued his commentary, “…their speedo pouches and fondle them with agonising electrical power that will end Nathan and Tyler’s pleasure for the evening!” Scorpio put on a comical sad face, “…Electro will supervise. Electro just loves the sound his captives make in the depths of pain and agony, don’t you my dear friend?”

Electro laughed, “Yes they will be in good hands, far from safe, but in experienced hands, we don’t want to overload their little brain implants on the first night. hahahahahaha!”

“I will release the ejaculations of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad about 40 minutes into their orgasms, you can just imagine the look of desperation on all their faces at that point, hahahahahahahahahaha!”

Orgasmadroid Status Swimmerboy – Speedo Strength 30%

Orgasmodroid Status Swimmerlad – Speedo Strength 30%

Scorpio clapped his hands acknowledging the announcement, “shall we make a start then boys? We’re all very thirsty and our scrumptious heroes are ready to be juiced.”

Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy looked across to each other, they were restrained in powerful bonds, their predicament was looking dire, they prepared themselves for the final draining. “Fuck, Fuck Swimmerboy, this could be it, fuck my sexual fantasies are so fucking vivid and real, I am so fucking horny, I need my bulge squeezed, I need the pleasure, but I know it could easily kill me, and you. Nathan and Tyler are fucking helpless, they look fucking erotic. Can’t stop these sexual urges, so horny, I love you Swimmerboy, hold on my beautiful Swimmerboy! Swimmerlad fought back tears in his sexual frenzied state as he surveyed his beautiful helpless partner.

The sight of Swimmerlad and that red thong, his beautiful body so erotic as it stretched on the Altar made Swimmerboy tingle with sexual urges, pumping in his mind, in his chest, his cock was a-buzz and his juices bubbled through the lycra coating his speedo thong in his juice, he too was a hotbed of hormones, his young body, like Swimmerlad was in the sexual prime, his juices, his cock, his testicles all subjected to Scorpio’s pleasure enhancing systems were primed and the site of Swimmerlad, so helpless in his bondage made him fucking horny as fuck. “Hold on Swimmerlad, I need your body, I want you and when we escape the clutches of this place, I will take you and fuck you into oblivion, I fucking want you so bad, but for now hold on, they are going to punish us once more, don’t die on me.” Swimmerboy thrashed in his bonds, his sexual frustrations were eating him alive.

“Touching boys!” Orgasmo surveyed the delicious heroes as they vainly tested their golden restraints, “…your pleasure is inescapable, it will fry your tender meat so nicely, I love the meat juices, I know you do to.”

Orgasmo had taken the reins of the session. “One final fling my beautiful boys, you are all so sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxual and delicious, four speedo thongs to enjoy, such a carnal feast, I bet Joker’s cock is just itching to get here and I’m sure he is watching along with Robin, they will start their descent soon.” Orgasmo looked into one of the hovering cameras and his beaming face almost exploded as he made his announcement.

“Dinner is served!”

He threw his arms around as if to describe an explosion.

“B O O M!”

“Now, Orgasmadroids, lift Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, to seventy degrees, I want them to have a birds eye view of their pleasure symbiont, that will excite the Elixir of Eros to flare up and energise their sexual desires and fantasies, it will also prime the Play Toy’s implants as they each take time to enjoy their beautiful sexual views.”

The Orgasmadroids lifted Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad slowly and as their magnificent, spread-eagled bodies came into view, Play Toy Nathan and Play Toy Tyler, felt their chests tighten, their eyes widened as the view of the beautiful heroes’ bodies turned them on in powerful sexual ways; their implants made sure of that, the sexual connections established in their erotic pleasure loops earlier in the evening began to fire in their brains. They felt their cocks twitch and they looked down at their speedo thongs in desperation, they felt the pull, they felt the urges, their bodies buzzing with desire as their heroic symbiont, their spectacular speedo thong, so erotic, their bodies writhing and twisting directly in front of them.

“Enjoy the view boys, I’ll let your erotic desires marinate you for a short while, and we will enjoy your bodies, encouraging your beautiful cocks, giving them what you desire so bad. Your sexual defeat Swimmerboy, your erotic demise Swimmerlad is just starting, struggle superheroes, prepare for your orgasmic defeat!”

Orgasmo’s red speedo was wet, his white spandex suit was also wet, and his thick cock head pushed against the fabric, he was an extremely aroused super villain, in a moment of sublime ecstasy!

“Gentlemen, please enjoy the offerings for tonight’s main course!”

“Swimmerboy looked at Nathan, his sexual symbiont looked just beautiful, so delicious as he squirmed in his bondage, his fetching good looks, his tight athletic body looked ravishing, Swimmerboy’s pleasure programming was once again firing, the Aphrodisium drugs were powering his sexuality, they were driving his desires and needs, he felt exquisite in his bondage, his cock was enjoying the delicious sensations of pleasure. Then he noticed Kyle standing in front of him, he hadn’t noticed Kyle’s approach, Swimmerboy was somehow in the clutches of Orgasmo’s drugs, his attention was focused on Nathan, he felt the sexual demands of his body, of the drugs. But Kyle had no idea what was going on in Swimmerboy’s head, he was only interested in Swimmerboy’s oozing bulge. He was gently caressing the insides of Swimmerboy’s stretched legs.

“Fuck you are just too beautiful for words!” The look of lust dominated Kyle’s beautiful face, he stared at Swimmerboy’s bulge, the way the drenched red lycra clung to every erotic millimetre of Swimmerboy’s cock and balls. Kyle began to worship; his tongue lapping up Swimmerboy’s juices now oozing down the Altar and into a collection goblet, he licked every bump and fold of the erotic speedo pouch and bulge, his tender mouth exploring, enjoying the feeling of Swimmerboy’s cock head as he pushed it with his tongue and the sensations sent Swimmerboy into fits of erotic enjoyment.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels so beau t if ul.” Swimmerboy was engulfed in the sensation, his desires pumping inside his chest as he thrust his speedo into Kyle’s face, the drugs were driving him, driving his insatiable need for Kyle to worship his bulge. He fucked his red lycra bulge into Kyle’s waiting mouth, moaning, and sighing, he was captive physically, sexually, and cognitively, he could not escape the power of Scorpio’s systems and Orgasmo’s drugs.

Scorpio’s words bought him back to reality as Kyle retracted his mouth from his worship.

“Our heroes have been enjoying the effects of Orgasmo’s Elixir of Eros, their bodies are pumping Aphrodisium, they are horny as fuck, thank you Kyle for your worship of Swimmerboy and Miles, as usual you have worshipped Swimmerlad with your tender devotions. Hahahahahhaha, just listen to the mighty speedo heroes as they purr and moan, their bodies will be milked in extreme pleasure! Bring the pleasure transference systems online, Connect Play Toy Nathan directly into Swimmerboy’s speedo bulge. Connect Play Toy Tyler directly and intimately to Swimmerlad’s bulge!”

All four men tensed and cried out as their bodies accepted the pleasure transference initiation sequence and final lock, it cemented their new special connections which Orgasmo and Scorpio intended to exploit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Swimmerlad looked longingly into Play Toy Tyler’s eyes, their gaze met and they both understood the deep sexual connection they both were experiencing, it was though a direct conduit held their speedo bulges, their thongs together in some kind harmonious shared experience.

“Hold on Tyler, this will not go well, you can’t escape their pleasure systems, its ok, it’s me and Swimmerboy they want to milk slowly, we can’t hold our pleasure torture on you, it’s just them fucking with our minds and cocks. Ffffffffffffffffffuck!” Swimmerlad twisted violently and it interrupted his attempt at a pep talk! Scorpio had initiated the speedo sensitizer and it shot through Swimmerlad’s pouch with force.

“Did you enjoy the sensitiser Swimmerlad? I’ve added that extra dimension to your enjoyment, it will build and fuck with you and Swimmerboy jolting you into your sexual fantasies as your milking progresses.

Swimmerboy thrashed in a final vain attempt to escape his fate. “Nggffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff” his struggles rewarded him with divine sensations via his speedo sensitizer.

“Your struggles will only set off your cocks’ boys, you will need to conserve your speedo strength. Your delicious fates begin now!” Scorpio’s evil look was consuming.

“Orgasmadroids commence milking sequence!”

Deep inside the white translucent and glowing evil devices, the Orgasmadroids began to pulse green. Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad could feel their bodies tremble as the evil machines began to coat their bodies in a shimmering field of energy.

“That is a full body wrap, gentlemen, it will take several minutes to consume you. It will feed from your bulges as they scream in orgasmic rushes and torrents. It is powered from each of your golden restraints and pleasure diffusers built into the Orgasmadroid Altar as your orgasm’s build the field of delicious energy will consume and tighten on your sumptuous bodies in luxurious expressions of love. You will be consumed by your speedo pouch and your soon to be, titanium hard erections, but your body will also radiate the power of your flowering orgasm as it unfolds from the bosom of your speedo bulge. Your Altar is fitted with orgasmatronically controlled pleasure diffusers that reach the length of your bodies, they will slowly and competently allow the pleasure to flower from the tip of your magnificent bulges to the tips of your fingers and toes. Waves of delicious sensation will drain you expertly and eventually when your bodies are in concert and your juices begin to drench you, consume you, your lovely symbiont will scream as your deadly punishment electrocutes their bodies, frying their balls in the fury of your orgasmic defeat.” Orgasmo was beside himself and consumed with evil power as he watched his two heroes fight their bonds in anticipation of their impending defeat.

Swimmerboy looked around desperately, he could see Swimmerlad twisting his body, he was so in love with that beautiful boy, he could feel those tender erotic feelings flourish inside him, they were not Orgasmo’s drug infused desires, he could feel his love well up. But the Orgasmadroid took his attention back. He felt the powerful cock coating field begin the surround the head of his penis.

Ohh Plllllllllll….ee …a…….s………e Nooooooo! My C……….ck is b… dev…….oured! Y….u….m!”

It was eating his cock in sensual ways, he felt it ooze like Swimmerlad’s mouth used to feel as he sucked his cock, but this had delicious shards of pleasure pushing into the flesh of his penis and he felt it take him millimetre by millimetre as it consumed his member in a coating of sexual energy. Eating him, caressing, and pleasuring him as it encroached and devoured his member, he had to concentrate, he had his head looking upward toward the giant screen in the ceiling, now blank, he was in a state of ecstasy as it invaded him. Once his cock was consumed, it made its way around his testicles the coating buzzing and simmering his balls in a mass of delicate power.

Swimmerboy was also consumed by the encroaching body wrap and the pleasure coating his penis, his juices were gurgling inside him, he felt his testicles vibrating with a wave of micro-vibrations, he felt warm inside the delicious coating, it had consumed his penis and balls, delicious shots of pleasure shards piercing his flesh, he felt beautiful as it caressed him like a tender hand making love to his cock, he was becoming mesmerised by its tantalising presence inside his speedo. He looked down over his body, his flesh was fizzing and every movement of his body especially his pelvis set off the speedo sensitizer in delicious frenzies of pleasure cupping his bulge and shooting through his buttocks. His moans intensified as the energy mass inside his cock began to form.

“Ngffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!” His body twisted and he thrust his speedo bulge upward in vain attempts to deal with the new dimension of sumptuous pleasure forming and storming the inside of his penis. He looked intently at his glistening red man mound; his bulge, the roundness of his penis filling the delicious tight fabric, was a majestic sight, the fabric formed a delicious speedo thong pouch that was like a siren attracting worshippers to is beauty. He could see his bulge shimmer as the power of the Orgasmadroid Altar continued to tighten its grip on his body and he could feel his cock fill with a monumental and growing mass of pleasure energy. His fists were clenched, and his face contorted as he threw his head from side to side, his speedo bulge was a mass of superb energy and his body tingled all over as the same energy buzzed on each of the relentless gold restraints pushing up his legs toward his loins and down his arms toward his heaving drug infested chest. He was fucking horny, and his fantasies kept creeping into his consciousness as the drugs hummed inside him. The engine of his impending orgasm, his Orgasmadroid was pulsing beneath him, it was just idling waiting for the green light to turn and the accelerator to be pushed.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…nnnn’t breeee aaaaa kkkk thessssssssssssse b o n d s.” Swimmerboy’s struggles only set the pleasure probe in Nathan’s brain off.

Nathan looked upward toward the wrist restraints holding his arms, the frame in which his was held spread-eagled had a series of devious looking lights, sensors and deflectors, it was built to stimulate its captive in magnificent power. He felt the cold metal surrounding his wrists and ankles, his body felt amazing, and his cock was once again feeling the licks of pleasure, but it was different to Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream, he felt the artificial pleasure buzzing on the sensitive glands beneath his cock head, it was exquisite and erotic. His thoughts were dirty and sexual, he had never had such deeply erotic needs before and as he looked across at the beautiful Swimmerboy, twisting and writhing, his spectacular speedo thong was turning him on immensely, he felt the enormous urge to suck and eat on that bulge again. He remembered the pleasure loop, that taste of warm sweet hero juice pumping through the lycra fabric from Swimmerboy’s tasty bulging cock, the visions of bondage and the erotic needs of Swimmerboy as he shared the fantasies, his body wracked in pleasure and drenched in Swimmerboy pre-cum.

Nathan moaned uncontrollably as the memories and desires once again welled up inside him. He looked down to his cummy wet speedo bulge and into the eyes of his master. Seed was looking immensely pleased, and his mouth was watering, his fingers caressed Nathan tenderly and as he did, the pleasure began to engulf his penis. Seed then moved his hands away from his speedo worship, he caressed Nathan’s strong legs and licked the tops of each of his legs, his tongue slightly brushing the underside of Nathan’s bulge, the light blue nylon fabric caressing Nathan’s testicles was wet and tactile, it was full of sexual juice and the smell of the beautiful athlete’s loins filled Seed with a raging lust. He stood up and licked the side of Nathan’s face, lifting the cute locks of hair that swept across Nathan’s forehead.

“I just had to have you the moment I saw you exit that pool and take off your headgear. You looked spectacular and sexy then and Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffucking hell, you are one erotic little pot of sexual goodness! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! When we have finished with you Nathan, your sweet little body, your cock, will become my pleasure palace to enjoy. Tonight, is the beginning of an amazing transformation and just look at your delicious mentor, isn’t he just-sex-on-a-stick, that red bulge is still oozing his hero juices. You my darling stud will have the honour of pleasuring him, and each of your orgasms will push Swimmerboy up the orgasmic rise, up and up until he pops! You will be responsible for his defeat Nathan and then Scorpio will punish you. You and Tyler boy,” Seed glanced over his shoulder to Tyler and then back to Nathan’s straining face, “…will experience agony directly from your symbiont’s orgasm!” Seed licked his helpless Play Toy. “I think that is just a magical way to conclude the Milk Bar service, don’t you?” His smile was evil and erotic at the same time. “Now let me inspect your delicious little nylon thong, you look so fucking hot in it, I think I’m going to enjoy you boys in thongs more and more, your sexy fit bodies look so erotic when you’re restrained and right now, you are just perfect!”

Seed licked every inch of Nathan’s salty flesh as he descended to the nylon speedo. He licked between Nathan’s buttocks, his tongue exploring the bunched-up fabric pulled tightly between the Play Toy’s buns, his tongue explored Nathan’s body in sensual and erotic sweeps. Seed moved his attention to the pouch and bulge. Nathan felt the pleasure as it seethed through his bulge, it was licking his penis and he felt his cock responding, he had no super strength to resist and Seed’s hungry mouth sucked and slurped, making the pleasure dance and buzz. Nathan moaned as his hardon began to form, he felt the nylon fabric caress his cock as he filled the pouch with his growing Play Toy meat.

“I hope you’re enjoying the pleasure current Nathan; this Pleasure Frame will can deliver sensation beyond your dreams, it is made for Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, but they have modified them to accommodate you and Tyler, I hope you feel special!” Seed smiled as he continued to enjoy Nathan’s bulging speedo.

Scorpio was enjoying the show, his two heroes, spread on the Orgasmadroids were purring as their bodies enjoyed the delicious tantalising first whiffs of their orgasms, their cocks engulfed in and filled with orgasmic pleasure pulsing, idling, waiting to be energised in explosive waves and directly in front of them, the two blossoming Play Toys, were being primed in their Pleasure Frames.

“Such a lovely scene gentlemen, so tender and erotic, such amazing bondage and defeat being beamed globally! Hahahahahahahaha!” Scorpio looked into one of the cameras, “Time to begin the Pleasure transference! First we will kick off Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy’s Orgasmadroid power throb, you will feel your cocks as they are pummelled from inside and outside, boys, the orgasmic pleasure will radiate through your cocks and be absorbed in the pleasure coating your cocks and it will caress you and pleasure you in erotic grips, it will also radiate the pleasure throughout your delicious speedo pouches and every ooze of your precum will be impregnated with the Orgasmadroid’s energy, so enjoy every sensual blob of juice as it emerges into the growing orgasmic pleasure field infesting your speedo pouches!”

Swimmerlad’s face was screwed up as he dealt with the growing sensation, he was looking intently at his beautiful speedo pouch, his every energy focused on the growing delicious sensation, he looked up to see Scorpio gloating.

Scorpio continued, “Your sexual Play Toys, so erotic and delicious are now being pleasured and I will initiate the pleasure stream boys, it will charge your experience with a turbo jolt and as your symbiont reaches his orgasm, you will feel your body as it moves up a gear toward your own deliciously ominous flowering orgasms, enjoy the show boys, I hope your cocks and bodies are ready for the sumptuous feast of pleasure as you are drained and defeated.” His evil laugh was ominous as he surveyed his handywork.

“Begin the pleasure transference Play Toy symbiont to Superhero symbiont!”

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooo Pleeeeeeeee aaaaaaaa sssssssssssss eeeeeeeeeeeee, no!” Swimmerlad begged and writhed, his moans were deep and powerful as the pleasure began to thrill him into the Orgasmadroid’s pleasure wrap. He felt his cock being consumed from inside and out, and the high frequency buzzing was overtaking every sensation in his speedo pouch, he was in a state of ecstasy a state of sexual bliss as he pulled inside his bondage, twisting and writhing, his moans and sighs were erotic and sensual, he felt his speedo pulling between his buttocks and somehow the Orgasmadroid was enhancing that experience, he had never felt more sexually alive and horny, he needed to be fondled so badly. He looked across to see Miles beginning to enjoy Play Toy Tyler. Miles still had his own blue nylon speedo pulled up his arse in a ceremonial speedo thong too, his buttocks proudly displayed , he looked like a sexual god and his insatiable lust was about to be unleashed on Play Toy Tyler and the fruits of his lascivious attention would be transmuted to Swimmerlad in the evil pleasure transference process.

“Hello Tyler, you remember me don’t you, I’m Miles and I am horny as fuck!” Miles looked Tyler up and down, the young athlete looked so magical, trussed up in his specially designed Pleasure Frame. “Are you enjoying the delights of Orgasmo’s little toys Tyler? You fucking look like you are! Your speedo thong is just so delicious and your handsome face and your tight athletic body, looks just magnificent. Look I know that you’ve been through a lot tonight, it’s a bit of learning curve, but you and Nathan…” Miles looked across to Nathan, he was being enjoyed by Seed and Orgasmo. Seed was licking Nathan’s arse while Orgasmo had lowered himself to enjoy Nathan’s delicious speedo pouch, Orgasmo was a bulge master!

Miles continued to Taunt Tyler, “…Nathan are in good hands, some of the most powerful villains are enjoying his body, they are intent on making him cum, and I am intent on sucking your juices Tyler. Do you have any sweet nectar left or has Swimmerlad drained your stores?”

Tyler looked at Miles, he was struck with how handsome Miles looked, the pleasure probe was stimulating his sexual desires in powerful ways, he remembered Swimmerlad’s vivid sexual fantasies and somehow he was now experiencing the strong erotic urges bought on by his bondage, the way Miles was taunting him was just too erotic and he felt the pleasure current as it caressed his balls and infested his penis. He was buzzing, and the light nylon caressed his penis like velvet He felt sexual urges so deep and so strong, and he cried out in abandon as soon as Miles bent down to cup and caress his sensitive and spectacular man bulge. He felt his entire speedo reverberate as Miles began to fondle him.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Soooooooooooo exquisssssssssssssssssite!”

Tyler was in an erotic trance as Miles kissed his nipples and worked his way down his athletic body.

“Please Miles, pleasure is outrageous, they are pleasuring Swimmerlad with my pleasure stream, they will kill him, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it feels so beautiful.” Tyler twisting his beautiful young body, but he was helpless.

Miles looked up, his tongue licking the moist bulging fabric of Tyler’s nylon speedo, he was sending Tyler into a spin! Tyler pulled himself forward in his bondage, he was trembling as he bent forward to look intently down to his bulge, about to be consumed and molested by the beautiful Miles.

Miles licked his treasure delicately before speaking, “Fffffffffffffuck you smell of sex Tyler, your cum is erotic and your speedo is impregnated and saturated in cum and Pre-cum. Fuck your little special relationship with Swimmerlad is fucking - Wow! I’m so jealous! I want to see inside his fantasies too, I bet they were just too fucking erotic. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you taste so fucking beautiful. So, my dear Play Toy, my delicious treat, yes that is the point! I play with you, your pleasure becomes orgasmic and Swimmerlad is catapulted into the next level of his pleasure game, as you orgasm Tyler, and believe me, I WILL make you climax into a sumptuous all engrossing speedo orgasm that will blow your mind; this Pleasure Frame is designed to do that to you. Hahahhahahah, you will be defeating the mighty Swimmerlad! It’s just so” Miles emphasised the ‘so’ “…fucking hot and erotic, and you have a line of diners waiting to enjoy you too!” Miles looked across to Swimmerlad, “Oh look Play Toy, Hunter as enjoying Swimmerlad’s bulge, right now, listen to them purring like pussy cats, Hunter, like me has a huge crush on Swimmerlad, they enjoy a very sexual bond, and I like Hunter, he is so cute and he is an insatiable sexual demon - I want to give him a thrill, so, what do you say, let’s get you juiced up my dear Play Toy. Shall we make you cum?”

Tyler was lost in the effects of the pleasure current; it was infiltrating his entire speedo bulge, his generous cock felt exquisite and the feeling of Miles’s hot breath, his tongue as it explored every millimetre of his bulging speedo thong pouch felt outrageously beautiful. He then felt warm breath caress his buttocks, it was Kyle, crouching behind Tyler, Kyle began licking the athlete’s buttocks and the tight bunched up nylon filling his delicious buns, it was a sexual turn on to the young athlete and something went off in his brain. Tyler began to moan, his muscles flexed as he pulled against his bondage, he was slowly thrusting his pelvis upward into Miles’s hungry mouth and then back toward Kyle’s strong tongue exploring his buns. Kyle held Tyler’s hips and pulled his face deep into Tyler’s crack and at the same time Miles grabbed Kyle’s strong arms and pulled his face deep into Tyler’s pouch, Miles was consumed with the cummy, juicy soft magnificence of Tyler’s speedo mound and Kyle’s hungry mouth devoured the young athlete’s backside in loving but frenzied sexual fervour. Tyler was being consumed.

Electro was immediately turned on by the lavish display of Tyler being devoured by two new and looming sexual demons, he looked at the exquisite beauty of the Play Toy being devoured completely by Miles and Kyle. He immediately opened a small panel toward the left-hand base of the Pleasure Frame and powered up a small control panel screen.

“Let’s liven this up a bit shall we Tyler?” Electro looked across and upward to Tyler’s screwed up face, he had thrown his head back in sexual abandon as his lovers continued to enjoy his every sexual delight.

Electro continued his little commentary. “I’ve just initiated a special penis bonus for you Tyler, I think you’ve earned this. The Pleasure Frame will reward your penis as it grows, the harder you get a special power bead deep in your cock will grow and feed on your pleasure, it will fill your growing member like a solid rock and powerful spectacular and all-consuming pleasure, you may feel like your penis will explode, but don’t worry it won’t burst into pieces, but your penis will become a spectacular beacon pulsing with growing orgasmic force as Miles and Kyle consume you. Your orgasm will be sumptuous! I hope you have your vocal cords warmed up, you irresistible little piece of sexual heaven, you will punch beautiful and powerful pleasure right into Miles’ hungry mouth as your orgasm shatters your soul!” Electro looked at his raging hardon and then back to Tyler’s thrashing head… “Look at me, I have a raging hardon and the sight of you humping these two delicious speedo acolytes is so erotic Tyles, now don’t forget to listen for Swimmerlad as he trembles in his pleasure upgrade, I’ll be just here with him enjoying his pumping bulge as your pleasure transference rocks him into phase two of his powerful orgasm and that step closer to your electrocution. I just can’t wait for your electro torture! I think I might try and save my orgasm till I see you writhe in agony. Hahahahahahahahaha! With that Electro made his way, one step, to Swimmerlad.

Swimmerlad’s legs pulled, his powerful muscles flexing and shimmering as the heaving hero writhed in his growing pleasure drain, his body wrap had tightened and his red nylon bulge, resplendent and proud in the pleasure ring’s spotlights bubbled with a new secretion of his pre-cum nectar. Swimmerlad’s moans were impressive, and his heaving body squished and slid on the surface of the now slippery altar.

Hunter stood surveying the beautiful sight, his favourite, his erotic wet dream was spread-out on a glowing magnificent device held by golden restraints, his pleasured body humping and twisting, his speedo thong clinging to his gorgeous manhood wet with his juices, his moans and deep breathing were excellent and the sound of his juices squishing beneath his exposed buttocks as his body squirmed and turned in the bondage was a lascivious and carnal sight to behold. Hunter caressed his own light nylon speedo bulge, he could just stand there, watch the show and probably cum without any assistance he was just so horny. He chose not to; he chose to enjoy Swimmerlad as he underwent his elevation to orgasm.

“Such a spectacular sight Swimmerlad! You are just too erotic and especially stretched out on an Orgasmadroid. A Helpless hero being drained to zero!” Hunter smiled at Swimmerlad, but Swimmerlad was intently watching Electro who was also standing between his stretched legs at the holy of holies, his magnificent, wet, pleasure wracked speedo bulge. Electro was stroking the mound, caressing its curves and bumps, studying the beauty of the sexual object of his desires. His gentle devotion was sending the speedo sensitizer into a frenzy of activity as it synched with the Orgasmadroid’s pleasure wrap, it was coating his sexual organs in a pre-orgasmic coating of delicious energy and every secretion of his precum seemed to explode across his nylon bulge and speedo pouch with waves of radiating enjoyment, high frequency micro-vibrations made his bulge shimmer in the spotlights and two camera drones buzzed around his body capturing and recording every second of his sexual subjugation and delivery to orgasm.

Swimmerlad felt the spikes of powerful pleasure rape his speedo pouch, the sensitizer was absorbing the immense pleasure pressure forming in his cock and broadcasting it to the extremities of his speedo pouch, his vision was blurring, his body purring as Electro continued to caress and worship his manhood with perfect and insistent devotion. Directly behind Electro and through the blur of the sexual frenzy being engineered by the super villain’s worship, he could see Play Toy Tyler, he heard his cries clearly, they were so close to each other, his Pleasure Frame was situated almost directly at his tingling feet. He could see Tyler’s head thrust upward, his mouth open and he was drooling. Kyle was now situated on his knees; he was licking the length of Tyler’s huge raging erection inside his light blue speedo thong pouch. Miles was standing behind the Play Toy, his hands running through Tyler’s hair, he could feel the tingles as the pleasure energy from the glowing diffusers around the special frame delivered its payload into Tyler’s body. Every brush of Miles’ fingers felt electric and delicious to Tyler and every lick of Kyle’s hungry tongue made Tyler’s growing orgasmic eruption radiate throughout his penis like a freight train, he could feel his engorged cock expand and pulse with powerful sexual and erotic sensation, this orgasm was almost alive and Kyle’s tongue stroked it and built it, he could feel his cock buzzing with orgasmic energy, he was on the brink, his body trembled and his speedo felt spectacular, he remembered the erotic Swimmerlad fantasy, he remembered being strapped to the Solar Altar, he remembered Swimmerboy’s writhing body oozing his warm nectar all over him in Swimmerlad’s erotic fantasy, Tyler longed to be back in the Altar room surrounded by the gorgeous priests dripping pre-cum into special goblets; his pleasure probe was running hot and delivered the constant stream of visions and erotic desires.

Tyler screamed out and to his left, and in the midst of his own magnificent orgasmic eruption, Nathan also screamed out; it was if their pleasure probes were delivering a synchronised assault on the spectacular Play Toys.

Tyler shook and thrashed as best he could with the two strong acolytes holding his ravaged body tightly, he thrust his speedo bulge toward Swimmerlad. Electro had stepped away from Swimmerlad to observe the powerful pleasure bind erupt. Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were also synchronised, their formidable symbiotic relationships with their respective Play Toys dragging them, pulling the Orgasmadroid pleasure wrap and squeezing their bodies in a cloak of spectacular erotic energy, they both spurted their next activated pre-cum loads like sprinklers as the pleasure transference dutifully delivered their Play Toy’s orgasmic eruptions.

The patrons of the Milk Bar stood around watching the majestic spectacle unfold, Biff screamed as a huge orgasm engulfed his body, he was standing at his pleasure station and had applied his special pleasure pad to his speedo bulge. His body rocked by the huge explosive moment. Cameras flew from hero to hero, Play Toy to Play Toy capturing the first of the orgasmic upgrades to Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. The sounds erupting from the occasion were magnificent and deafening.

Tyler’s eruption somehow dredged up a decent amount of cum, his body shook and vibrated as his orgasm began to subside, he had a tear in his eyes, as he looked across the small gap between he and Swimmerlad. Swimmerlad was engulfed in a torrent of pleasure, his ordeal had not subsided, he had been jolted into to new and powerful pleasure elevation almost at orgasm, but he was not there yet! Scorpio alone would allow him and Swimmerboy access to the exquisite orgasms he had in store for them. He wanted to drain them decisively and build their sub-orgasmic pleasure in a frenzy of sexual expression. Swimmerlad’s body strained uncontrollably and to his right Swimmerboy was in a similar grave situation, their cries continued after the orgasmic moment, their torture was unrelenting. Swimmerlad caught the moment as he looked toward his ravaged partner and as Swimmerboy twisted and lifted his pelvis off his Altar, he watched a fine spray like an aerosol of supercharged pre-cum erupt from the tip of his erotic bulge.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerboy’s deep moan spoke volumes it communicated the depths of his pleasure experience. His body, his entire Altar drenched as the sheen of Swimmerboy juices deposited around him. Scorpio’s devious systems were building, developing, crafting a world of sexual decadence impregnated with the seed of their ultimate defeat!

The vision of Swimmerboy’s sprinkler and spray set the drugs in Swimmerlad to overdrive, he felt the extreme pleasure, his cock was being consumed by the ever-tightening wrap being inflicted by the Orgasmadroid Altar, his balls felt the energy pierce him and inject the thousands of microscopic orgasmic shards into his testicles, his juices gurgling in the divinity of the erotic mass consuming him. His cock began to feel as if it was expanding, the blob of juice felt massive and its movement through his ultra-pleasure-wracked penis was making his body vibrate and tremble, the drugs made him scream out in a hyped-up, horny frenzy and he too felt his penis vibrate, his bulge, his red thong shimmied as he too sprayed over his body. Minute droplets of his own supercharged pre-cum covered his body and as he opened his eyes, he could see Electro’s face and tongue approach, he was intent to lick the beautiful pre-cum sheen off Swimmerlad’s handsome face. And he did! He hummed as his hungry tongue ravished the helpless hero, but Swimmerlad was pushed and controlled by the Aphrodisium, his body tingled as Electro licked and caressed his helpless body. Electro’s worship was thorough and inspired!

“Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck me!” Swimmerlad’s voice was broken, but his body craved pleasure, it demanded it, his Orgasmadroid Altar demanded it!

Electro smiled, his face so close to Swimmerlad’s, his tongue licked Swimmerlad’s lips, his pert sexy nose, Electro was completely enthralled by the beauty of this mighty superhero so helplessly bound in the midst of his epic orgasmic build.

His words were filled with lust and desire and he almost kissed Swimmerlad as he uttered “Welcome to level two!”

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Swimmerlad’s response was deep and sexual!

“Your pre-cum sprays are pure beauty, did you like the way the pleasure ravaged your cock as it fed through your anatomy like a blob snaking its way through you, devouring you and consuming your penis in its ferocity and the I bet the feeling of the warm spray on your sensitive body is just magnificent.

He licked his way to Swimmerlad’s nipples, and he gripped the erect left hero nipple in his teeth, Electro could smell the pre-cum, taste it, it covered the hero completely. He used his right hand to twist the other nipple as he gazed down toward Swimmerlad’s bulging red geyser. He felt the trembles and heard the moans develop deep in Swimmerlad’s chest. Swimmerlad’s bulge lifted upward as if he was presenting his captor with his offering, his body trembled and shimmered again.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” the sexual moan was electric and then Electro felt the next wave of pre-cum droplets cover his face as he gazed intently at the red bulging thong, his personal fountain of juice. Swimmerlad had delivered again!

Tyler watched as Kyle bent down and scooped up a glob of his cum off the front of his raging speedo bulge, Tyler’s cock was still rock hard but oh so sensitive, he shook as Kyle squeezed the remaining cum from his wet speedo. Kyle began to rise, and as he did he devoured the milky white globule of Play Toy cum. “Mmmm, Seed is correct, even after so many orgasms tonight Tylee boy, you still deliver the goods. Miles took Tyler’s head and forced him to kiss, he forcefully fed Tyler his own cum as Miles’ tongue explored the exhausted Play Toy’s mouth. “Taste your fruit Play Toy! Mmmm creamy Tyler cum, I can see why Seed covets you and Nathy boy. Your little pleasure probe is definitely agreeing with your cock. You know, behind Swimmerlad, I think I might be getting a crush on you. I wonder if Seed will allow us a little private pleasure time together, you know a little get-to-know- you-better time? I would really like that, would you?

Tyler disengaged from the kiss, the taste of his spunk filled his mouth, it triggered the pleasure probe and he suddenly moaned and sighed, it was starting to build again, his mind awash with desire, his bondage felt spectacular and so sensual, holding his body in an almost suspension and the sounds of the Pleasure Frame surrounding his beautiful, stretched body were making him feel excitement and a deep longing as the probe commanded his mind to crave the growing pleasure. Then he saw Thunder arrive to have his enjoyment.

Swimmerboy was not alone, his powerful erotic upgrade was now buzzing down his legs and up though his heaving abs, his speedo, his mass of bulging pleasure was so intense it was as if electricity was flowing through his penis, but it was intense supercharged sub-orgasmic pleasure and his speedo felt as if it had taken on a lifeforce of its own, the Orgasmadroid’s systems had created this almost sentient speedo experience, it was as if the garment was part of his body, and it was starting to radiate the pleasure into the rest of his body, each spray of his pre-cum was becoming more intense to previous sprays, and the slowly building, encroaching orgasm was taking over his consciousness. He looked up and through the fog of his drug induced horny state he noticed Biff arrive to worship. Even through the fog of his drugged, erotic state, he remembered the moment hours ago when Biff knelt at his body stretched out on the Harvester, minutes after Orgasmo had unleased the trio of pleasure devices to encourage his pre-cum ooze, he remembered when Orgasmo anointed Biff after his solemn oath to worship he and Swimmerlad’s bodies and their speedo offerings. Swimmerboy remembered as he thrust his raging red hotbed geyser into Biff’s mouth while he started to gorge himself on Swimmerboy’s juices after Orgasmo anointed him.

Biff was back and his face was beaming with expectation and excitement. He had each hand on Swimmerboy’s quads. Biff, a wrestler by trade, a henchman in Seed’s employ, was used to getting what he liked. He loved toying with helpless young sexual men, and Seed had taught him the ways of sensual pleasure, wrestling was in itself such an erotic play time, but Biff had also come to enjoy the powerful sexual enjoyment of toying with a beautiful helpless man. His speedo fetish was huge and consuming and as he stood tall between Swimmerboy’s raging legs watching as the hero’s lycra encased loins writhing and shimmering in delicious outrageous pleasure, he felt his pre-cum fill his speedo. Biff moaned and exhaled at the same time. His blue speedo was already wet he had come twice throughout the extravagant Milk Bar spectacle and he lifted his hands away from Swimmerboy, but his eyes did not leave his helpless prey and he ran his fingers through his dark hair, pulling the locks of wet hair backwards as if combing his hair with his fingers.

“Fuck me, wow! You are just fucking awesome Swimmerboy, so helpless, once powerful and mighty, an extravagant sexual object now!”

“Pleeeeeeeeease Biff, pleasure me, pleasure me, please, speedo bulge is yours, my thong is wet and yours, my juices are yours!” Swimmerboy writhed as sexually and sensually as he could, somehow the drugs had taken control of his every erotic desire, he was a mass of horny hormones and the Orgasmadroid had taken control of him entirely.

“With pleasure Swimmerboy! If you insist!”

Biff followed the tight elastic fabric along the tops of Swimmerboy’s legs, the speedo had been pulled in as part of the ceremonial thong. Swimmerboy was a ravishing sexual mass of hormone and drugs, his speedo was vibrating as the Orgasmadroid’s control of his pleasure tightened its grip, it was bringing his beautiful body closer and closer to an orgasmic precipice, the hero was helpless, his body a wash as the exquisite pleasure continued to radiate from his wet red pouch, his majestic shimmery bulge buzzed and radiated pumps of his pre-cum in aerosol like spurts. Swimmerboy was perfect and Biff almost came in his speedo as he watched Swimmerboy’s red bulge dance and writhe for him. Biff new all the wrestle holds, he was well experienced playing with powerful men in delicious speedos, but Swimmerboy was fucking awesome, he took hold of each hip, his hungry hands rounding behind the hero’s buttocks, his fingers explored Swimmerboy’s arse, two fingers eased their way past the tight wet red fabric and began to explore Swimmerboy’s warm man hole, Biff felt the micro-pleasure-vibrations infesting Swimmerboy’s man hole, the hero was purring and Biff used his strength to lift the mighty hero, his fingers still planted inside and pushed Swimmerboy’s seething spurting bulge into his face. Biff immediately felt the intensity as the spray diffused inside his hungry mouth, Swimmerboy’s precum nectar spray-painted his mouth and throat. Biff’s tongue explored every millimetre of Swimmerboy’s speedo offering in a moment of sexual frenzy all the time he heard the drug fucked hero pleading for him to pleasure him, Swimmerboy’s body was craving the beautiful draining pleasure, he was a mass of seething and erotic needs.

Scorpio walked through his little milking ring, he was very pleased at the proceedings were progressing, he could hear the whir of cameras as they buzzed filming the extravagant scenes live to his Speedoflix channels. He was making a fortune and his coffers were filling. Robin was only hours away and he felt like an oligarch, his power and his influence in villainous circles was fast becoming something of legend status. But his prime motivation was always revenge. He had been thwarted by Swimmerboy once too often and his two captured heroes were indeed paying the price of their cocky insolence. They thought they were untouchable and now they lay helpless on two spectacular Orgasmadroid Altars. They were being touched! Touched by horny sexually craved zealots that had pledged an oath to worship their speedo clad bodies in displays of agony and orgasmic decadence! Scorpio was indeed winning, his dominance of defeat of his heroic captives continued to unfold.

Scorpio moved between the two Play Toy’s, he faced their sexual symbionts, the two heroes in the throes of a drug induced sexual frenzy, writhing uncontrollably in fits of sub-orgasmic building pleasure, their spectacular speedo bulges spurting their pre-cum as the Orgasmadroid Altars mine and suck each globule of juice.

Kyle and Miles paused their sexual attention of Play Toy Tyler, the young helpless athlete twitching as the Pleasure Frame continued to impregnate his wet cummy speedo thong with amazing unrelenting sensation. Seed and Orgasmo also paused their Play Toy Nathan fun, Nathan’s body convulsing as pleasure spikes erupted inside his penis and arse, his moans were beautiful and erotic and caught Scorpio’s attention. Scorpio looked across to Nathan, he was exquisitely thrusting his athletic body, his smouldering face screwed up in an appreciation of the divine sensation his Pleasure Frame was delivering.

“Just delicious gentlemen, we have reached an important juncture in the milking process! My delicious Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad are almost ready to enter the orgasmic abyss but before they do this, I would like to offer them a final erotic chance to share their sexual fantasies with their Play Toy Symbionts, it is only fair as they will end up torturing their lovely symbionts as we climax our proceedings later, it’s only fair they that they share their wet dreams and erotic screenplays a final time!” Scorpio looked around slowly and intently, four beautiful young men writhing in vistas of pleasure, the sight of speedo thongs so exquisite, the sounds of sexual juices squishing and slurping, their moans of delight and bodies, muscles straining in spectacular bondage fuelled Scorpio’s lust.

“Gentlemen, these four beautiful men will enter their symbiont pleasure pantomimes for another scene another vista of heroic erotic fantasy. The Orgasmadroid Altars have tapped into Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s expanding pleasure streams, they are controlling every facet of their sexual bodies and their Orgasmatronics are processing the streams, such amazing amounts of pleasure data are being fed to my speedo AI, fantastic and devious!” he looked at Swimmerboy, he was lifting his glistening red thong off his Altar, trying to twist his body, his shoulders lifted as best he could manage and the look of erotic desire screamed out from his beautiful face, his body striving against the bondage, yet deep down, his bondage fuelled and infused his erotic desires as the drugs pulsed through his body, his penis was purring with every pump of his precum and he felt his balls as they began to heat. Remembering the last time Orgasmo ordered his balls to heat for Seed’s anointing earlier in the Milk Bar proceedings, he knew Scorpio had another devious plan up his sleeve. He cried out in erotic abandon as his penis began to fill with some kind of new energy, it was consuming him, and his cock felt like it was coated in a mini tornado of orgasmic energy. As he screamed he looked across to Swimmerlad. They both were experiencing the same erotic development and their cries harmonised around the pleasure ring.




“Ca..n..‘t es…, ppppppppppppplea..s.. u.. r..e.. oh g..o..d!”

“Look how they so enjoy my little orgasmic tornado as it consumes their penises, their balls are warming up nicely in preparation for what will be a sensational display of heroic defeat. We will milk their bodies soon gentlemen, but they have some final play time before we destroy them!” Scorpio could not take his eyes off the two red sirens of speedo thong dancing in front of him. His captives continuing to writhe, their moans and sexual sighs were pointers to the raging drugs, the Elixir of Eros and their ever-encroaching orgasmic demise.




“Orgasmadroids, initiate the symbiont fantasy link!” Scorpio smiled as he watched the two heroes begin to thrash their heads up and down and sideways. The top of their Altars began to glow blue, directly below their heads, a circle of fine blue LEDs erupting and began forcefully pulling their beautiful, sweaty heads onto the Altar it was an immense powerful force that neither Swimmerboy or Swimmerlad were able to resist let alone fight in their current state of sexual and physical submission. Scorpio walked over to Swimmerboy first, his body straining in the tight bondage, his moans continuing to communicate the exquisite raging pleasure infesting and encroaching through his body, his red thong spraying its next pre-cum load. He could only move his eyes and they followed Scorpio as he bent down to caress and gloat over his beautiful, handsome, sexual captive.

Swimmerboy could feel the hotness of Scorpio’s breath, he was so close to his face. His hands caressed Swimmerboy’s hair and his head tingled with ferocious power as Scorpio began to run his fingers through Swimmerboy’s dark spiky hair.

“So luxe, so exquisite my erotic toy, your milking is coming along so well, are you enjoying your Orgasmadroid my beautiful boy?” Scorpio’s teeth were white as his smile exploded across his face; Scorpio was so enjoying his power over the helplessly pleasure wracked hero.

Swimmerboy tried to move his head, but the Orgasmadroid held it securely and competently. Electro had arrived back to enjoy the moment as well. He gently brushed Swimmerboy’s drenched bulge and Swimmerboy began to scream in intense pleasure.

“Electro so loves your erotic thong Swimmerboy, he fucking loves it, and I see you enjoy his lovely worship of your offering!”

Swimmerboy’s moans were all he could articulate in his current state. ”Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Scorpio continued, “Now your Orgasmadroid has processed your pleasure stream, such a strong and healthy mass of energy filled with so much power and insights into your eroticism, my darling boy. Now Electro will worship your raging bulge and his tongue will lap up your juices and lash your manhood sending the orgasmic energy building in your speedo into a fucking frenzy,” Scorpio was lapping up the commentary, fully knowing that Swimmerboy was helpless, and his head was under the control of the Orgasmadroid and its evil and sinister programming.

Swimmerboy’s eyes widened, he could only really communicate through them, his power of speech, his body compromised and weakened by the power of the Orgasmadroid Altar and its restraints.

“Play Toy Nathan has been such wonderful new buddy for you, a sexual support, a very cute and handsome symbiont choice for a very sexual and handsome hero like yourself, I’m sure he would like another view of your fantasies, the look on his face when Orgasmo disengaged your little pleasure loop earlier in the night was one of disappointment, mind you, he had just been denied your fucking awesome speedo thong that he worshipped valiantly for more than 30 minutes, who wouldn’t be disappointed? His new implant will crave your sexual input Swimmerboy, and we are going to give him another taste of your erotic subconscious. I know you probably can’t see it right now; your handsome head is a little immobilised!” Scorpio ran his hands through Swimemrboy’s drenched hair again, his face still menacingly close Swimmerboy’s face.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp!” the tingles erupted across Swimmerboy’s skull.

“On either side of Play Toy Nathan’s Pleasure Frame, a special photo-chemical beam has just locked onto each side of Nathan’s skull, he can’t escape it, it’s designed to lock onto his little pleasure probe’s communication circuitry, Orgasmo’s engineers call it a speedotooth bind connection!” Scorpio screwed up his face in a comical, yet evil look of excitement. “Phew very technical don’t you think, don’t even try to answer that Swimmerboy, drool does not become a hero of your beauty! Hahahahahahahaha!”

Scorpio calmed down from his evil laughing fit and wiped his face, Swimmerboy’s moans were so enjoyable to Scorpio, Swimmerboy had spurted his next load of pre-cum from his magnificent body. “Mmmm, yum, I so love that sweet hero nectar Swimmerboy, you perform on que!” He licked his lips and then continued. “…You see, as Electro worships you, the immense pleasure explosion will ignite the Elixir of Eros in your delicious head, your chest will ignite with sexual desire and your fantasy will ignite and the scrumptious Pleasure Toy Nathan, in his deliciously cummy wet speedo thong will feel his pleasure explode, his Pleasure Frame will respond to your Orgasmadroid as it accesses and communicates your little erotic show directly by a secure speedotooth connection into lovely Nathan’s brain. His Pleasure Frame will deliver so many beautiful sensations as your little porn show erupts in his head. Both his head and his cockhead, hahahaha, will enjoy the show. Now Don’t worry, his master, Seed will be on hand to worship his bulging thong as his body thrusts and writhes in pleasure, he is in good hands Swimmerboy. Now I’m going to explain all this to Swimmerlad now, so I will leave you in the capable and horny hands or should I say, tongue of Electro. He will worship and pleasure you into a frenzy of delicious proportions as your fantasy erupts.

Swimmerboy’s wrists were clenched, his mouth portrayed his defiance, he glared as best he could at his captor, but he was helpless as he noticed Electro, bend toward his raging drenched, speedo bulge. Electro worshiped, his tongue lashed and lapped up the hero meat, the lashings of precum as Swimmerboy’s screams peeled to highest reaches of the Milk Bar.

The next words he heard were that of Mad Hatter. Swimmerboy was back in the fantasy!

Nathan’s high-pitched screams joined Swimmerboy’s cries, their voices intense and magnificent. Nathan’s eyes were closed, his head thrust upward away from his trembling body and his speedo filled with a spectacular hardon. Seed bent down to worship, he ran his fingers caressing the outline of Nathan’s rock-hard meat, his cock head straining and oozing, amazingly, a nice quantity of boy juice. Seed enjoyed the beautiful athlete as his body trembled and vibrated.

“Magic, dear boy,” Seed smiled and licked the young Play Toy’s vibrating bulge, “…enjoy the fantasy, enjoy the pleasure before your mighty hero tortures you in his orgasmic demise!” Seed felt Nathan’s clenched buttocks, this beautiful young man was such an erotic Play Toy, and Seed enjoyed every sensual moment as Nathan purred inside the fantasy.

Swimmerboy’ head was held unmoveable from its place on the Altar, it was stuck, his eyes were wide open and glazed, he looked directly upward to the ceiling screen of the Milk Bar, but the blank look on his face was stark and disturbing, his body writhed, his speedo continued to ooze and spurt his pre-cum nectar, but the Orgasmadroid had commandeered complete control over his cognitive functionality. Electro took that as his que to continue worshiping the mighty hero’s drenched thong, his mouth worshiped every millimetre of Swimmerboy’s bulge, Electro could feel the magnificent micro-vibrations, his tongue enjoyed the buzzing and zapping effect of the pleasure energy and his face remained planted in the loins of Swimmerboy for the duration of the erotic fantasy.

In the Fantasy

He was back in Mad Hatter’s play room, back where the fantasy had left off only hours ago; he was tied spread-eagled on the central bondage restraint table, he was wearing the Speedo branded light blue nylon swim briefs, they had the white sections sewn into each of the garment’s hips. His bulge, his speedo pouch were damp and tingling as he noticed the last of Mad Hatter’s sparkling particles touch his bulge, they absorbed into his speedo, he felt his penis almost squirm as if it had its own sentient lifeforce and Mad Hatter was looking intently at his beautiful speedo, it was filling with a spectacular pleasure sensation, he was helpless to stop it, he tried using his speedo strength, but somehow Mad Hatter’s systems were negating his powers, jamming his attempts to resist, he was helpless, completely helpless, but he used his concentration to fight the powerful forces growing inside his loins, he had to keep his hard-on at bay.

Then he remembered; he looked left and then right. They were there; his two sexy playmates were tied in diabolical looking devices, Robin to his left, he had been stripped of his gloves and boots, but Mad Hatter had ensured he kept his sexy green Robin speedos with his trademark ‘R’ on his left-side hip of his delicious lycra speedo. He was wearing a skin tight lycra Robin Vest and he also had his trademark, sexy mask left on his face. Mad Hatter knew who Dick Grayson was, he had followed Bruce Wayne’s ward around the world to capture him and lure Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad into a sexual threesome and hat trick of erotic and sinister proportions. His speedo displayed his beautiful cock in amazing detail, he had packed the special pair that Batman liked to tie him up in during their bondage ‘training sessions’ where the Bat enjoyed Robin under the guise of helping him to resist villainous torture and pleasure sequences. Robin had packed the sexy pair, he had wanted Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad to enjoy him in this special pair of Robin speedos, but his little erotic plans were thwarted by Mad Hatter. And here he was, stretched helpless in his sexy play speedos, his bulge was feeling exquisite. Mad Hatter had drugged him with a powerful toxin that controlled his sexual needs and his cock had been rock hard for hours while the drugs and Milliner had stroked copious amounts of Robin pre-jiz from his helplessly bound body. Mad Hatter and his goons were enjoying their sexual play time with Robin and now they had three of the sexiest heroes available for capture and they were all magnificently displayed in his Hattery Play Room.

To his right Swimmerboy looked lovingly and longingly toward his partner. He was more than just a crime fighting buddy, he was his sexual equal, his confidant and soulmate. Swimmerlad was lit up by strong lights, and his body twisted and writhed. He was spread inside a similar bondage frame to that of Robin, the round structure surrounded his helplessly bound, spread-eagled body and his handsome face and model good looks demanded attention. Swimmerlad was a god, but he was a bound exquisite sexual play thing. He wore one of Swimmerboy’s favourite speedo’s, Swimmerboy loved when Swimmerlad wore this worn and faded pair of orange Eyeline speedos. The TV cameras always gave him a lot of attention when he wore those speedos too, the light velvety nylon caressed his penis and displayed his balls and the Swimmerlad’s snaking cock so beautifully. Swimmerlad was moaning, he was slowly twisting in his bonds and his delicious bulging speedo stuck out from his body, it demanded attention as deliciously as Robin’s sexy play speedos did. Swimmerboy was flanked by two of the world’s most sexual and erotic heroes and Mad Hatter’s plan had hatched, they were three, they were helpless.

In the Milk Bar

Swimmerboy and Nathan were immersed in the sexy fantasy, Nathan felt the pleasure that Swimmerboy felt in the fantasy, He could feel the light nylon fabric as it brushed against the smooth silky skin of Swimmerboy’s penis as he laid and struggled deliciously in the centre of the Mad Hatter’s play room, he felt the sinister growing sexual pleasure as it filled Swimmerboy’s amazing speedo pouch he looked through the eyes of his heroic symbiont as the Orgasmadroid Altar processed Swimmerboy’s actual pleasure stream and speedotoothed the delicious stream of sexual information directly through his Pleasure Frame into his implant. Nathan’s body was tense and rigid, but his rock-hard cock responded to every lick and brush of Seed’s hungry mouth as Seed sucked Nathan’s juices through the wet nylon tent clinging dutifully to Nathan’s loins. Nathan’s head remained looking upward, he was mumbling unintelligible words, syncopated by delicious sexual sighs and moans, his implant had delivered the young helpless Play Toy into the erotic world of one of Swimmerboy’s deepest sexual fantasies and his brain, his body was enjoying the ride.

Inside Swimmerboy’s fantasy

“And to think Swimmerboy, by now you had planned to have Robin or Swimmerlad or both tied up and ready for some speedo sex action, hahahahahaha, well look on the bright side, here you all are, helpless, bound beautiful sexual heroes in their sexual prime and your all tied up for little old me!” Mad Hatter walked to Swimmerboy’s side; he ran his index finger across the apex of Swimmerboy’s majestic bulge.

Nathan felt the touch, Swimmerboy felt the villains fondles, it was real, so very real for both of them!

“Milliner has a very special bottle of pleasure potion, my own recipe and he has sprayed your speedo, every fucking beautiful millimetre of your bulge, your speedo pouch, my dear boy and the potion is beginning to work, sensitising your penis, making your body feel every sensual touch, it is pleasuring you Swimmerboy, it is devouring you, your body, your special speedo powers are no match for the ferocity of my potion. You will soon be writhing in such pleasure, such ferocious power, your mind will melt, the pleasure will melt your brain. You will become a sexual pleasure container, my slave my sexy erotic drone. But this is such a long way off, I need to pleasure you for hours to get to that state, but we have your play mates here to help!”

Swimmerboy looked up from his bonds he glared at Mad Hatter, “You’ll never get away with this you fiend! Do you think my Speedo Strength will allow me to fall into your pleasure trance, We will find a way to defeat you, crush your evil plan to take us and break us!”

Mad Hatter Roared with laughter, “What do you mean us? I just want you Swimmerboy, once Robin and Swimmerlad have played their roles and I have milked them of all their cum, their pre-cum, I will torture the life out of them, and I have no less than three Villain Colleagues bidding to take them off my hands! I just want my delicious Swimmerboy as my eventual sexual toy! I’m so going to enjoy the defeat of you three delicious crimefighting meddlers, I’ll get rid of you three for good!”

Milliner and Porkpie stood rubbing their black speedos and Mad Hatter’s top hat shot open with streamers and poppers exploding and bursting with deafening sounds. All three helpless heroes screwed up the faces as the explosive sounds filled the Hattery Play room.

“It’s party time, we’re going to play a party game!”

There was a hissing sound and from the dark corners of the room, behind the two Pleasure Frames holding Robin and Swimmerlad, only the central ring in the large room was illuminated, darkness filled the extremities of the room, two smoke machines started to pump theatrical smoke into the room, just enough for effect.

“We’re going to play pass the parcel!”

“You’re fucking mad, Hatter!” Robin’s insolent cocky tone made Mad Hatter smile!”

“Oh, you betcha Blunder Boy mad as a fucking Hatter! That’s me!”

“You know how the game goes boys, but this is like a game of spin the bottle too. Two games for the price of one! It will be just mad-capped fun!”

“What are you up to Mad Hatter?” Swimmerlad pulled in his bonds, he was held tightly, his beautiful body so stunning, so erotic as he pulled and twisted.

“It’s not me that’s ‘up’, it’s going to be you three!” Mad Hatter pulled the streamers from his hat and walked over to Swimmerlad. He caressed Swimmerlad’s spectacularly erotic speedo bulge, squeezing the hero’s meat so tenderly. “…your majestic rock-hard superhero cocks will explode over and over and over; your cum, my beautiful Swimmerlad, and the cum of Robin will be extracted and massaged into Swimmerboy’s fucking awesome bulge, the pleasure potion Milliner coated his speedo bulge in, will slowly devour his cock and his body and his mind! It is powered and supercharged on special fuel, hero jis fuel, to be exact!”

“Your cum dear boy!” He smiled over his shoulder toward Swimmerlad’s shocked face as he walked around Swimmerboy to Robin’s helplessly stretched body “…and the cum of this little birdy, will fuel and turbo-charge the mind-bending pleasure of Swimmerboy’s slow demise!

“Hahahahahahahhahahahaha! How exciting don’t you think boys? Two erotic young heroes milked and milked, while their beloved Swimmerboy lover is pleasured into his new sexual drone abyss!”

“Hahahahahahahaha, It’s just too fucking exciting for words!”

“Let’s play pass the hero parcel and spin the Swimmerboy!”

Mad Hatter lent over Swimmerboy, running his fingers across Swimmerboy’s erect nipples, he played with his strong pecs and then caressed, Swimmerboy’s cheeks tenderly as he looked into the hero’s eyes, “Here’s how the little game will go. When Tony Bennett starts to sing, he’s going to sing ‘Top Hat, White Tie and Tails!’ It’s such an up-beat happy song about someone going to a special party, hahahahahahaha, just like us in our little sexual party. Now! My lovely hero boy, when the music starts your lovely body so deliciously tied to your little table of joy will begin to turn clockwise, the lights will dim, the lasers will light up the room like a fabulous dance party and your party mates, the scrumptious Swimmerlad and Boy Wonder,” Mad Hatter stood up and motioned to each of the beautiful men flanking Swimmerboy, he stretched out his arms toward the helpless heroes. “…will begin to move around your delicious body in the opposite direction, oh my, all the fun of the fair, its going to be so exciting!”

Swimmerboy thrashed in his bonds, his attempts to free himself only served to provoke the eroticism of the moment. “You fucking crazy monster!” he spat at his captor.

In the Milk Bar

Both Swimmerboy and Nathan could see and feel the whole scene, they could feel the way the delicious light nylon fabric caressed Swimmerboy’s penis and balls, they could feel the bonds, tightly holding Swimmerboy down to the centre table and sight of Robin and Swimmerlad made them both feel and understand depths of sexual desire and tension.

Swimmerboy and Nathan were locked into tense positions, their bodies writhed and thrashed, their pleasure pounding their bodies, their faces had become locked into an erotic stare, as if they were both looking into each other’s soul, their words were unintelligible, and drool formed at their mouths. Seed drank the beauty of Play Toy Nathan, he worked the young athlete’s speedo with such power and pent-up force, he was full of desire and erotic power and Thunder buried his face between the Play Toy’s buns, Nathan was being devoured front and back, his young body wracked in the Pleasure Frame’s powerful pleasure systems.

Electro was kneeling in front of Swimmerboy, his face glistened in hero nectar, Swimmerboy’s bulge remained soft and delicious, but he could feel the powerful Orgasmadroid’s pleasure systems envelop his head, it was as if Swimmerboy’s magnificent bulge, his oozing mass of delicious lycra power was grasping Electro’s head, pulling him to worship, Electro’s tongue was coated in Swimmerboy nectar, and he felt growing pleasure caress his tongue and fill his mouth as he worshiped like a crazed horny demon.

Back in the erotic fantasy…

Mad Hatter bent over and caressed Swimmerboy’s spiky dark hair, he ran his fingers through his hair in tender strokes. “Now, Now calm down, don’t get worked up too soon, plenty of time to get excited Swimmerboy, you’re going to love this, and Robin and Swimmerlad get to cum all over the place as you watch. Now, we’ll start your pleasure journey off now shall we?”

Swimmerboy’s head lifted off the bondage table as he tried to break his bonds and as he did, he noticed a trio of small top hats, emerge from the bondage table, one between his legs and one on each side near his hips. He looked at each one desperately and then back toward Mad Hatter. “What are you up to, you crazy cunt?”

Mad Hatter laughed jovially and as he calmed down he laughed out the first part of next sentence, but became more serious as he continued, “Hahahaha now, now language hero boy, you’re supposed to so righteous and good, and there’s a big difference between crazy and mad and I’m madly needing to see your body writhe in pleasure!”

The little hats popped open and evil looking tendril like laser heads emerged, they each looked like they had one big eye pointing directly at Swimmerboy’s Speedo bulge.

“Now these little devils have you in their sights Swimmerboy, they love looking at your speedo as much as I do, and they will deliver a hat trick of beams into your mmmmmmmmmmmmmmeaty, delicious speedo bulge! Their beams will activate the special formula we sprayed you with and exquisite pleasure will encase your body, your speedo will feel just scrumptious, buzzing, pulsating with every new wave of enjoyment as it consumes your cock!”

They fired up and three blue beams could be seen in the smoke effect still filling the play room.

Swimmerboy looked in horror but then threw his head and moaned deeply as the pleasure caressed and throttled his junk.

“Ffffffffffffffffffffff u c k, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh m y go d, fffffffffffff…” He couldn’t get his words out.

“Don’t try to speak dear boy, it’s only going to get better, just enjoy the ride.” Mad Hatter ran his fingers across the mountain of nylon caressing Swimmerboy’s loins, “Oh my god, you are a fucking god! So hot, so much joy in such an erotic package, so helpless to my Hatty little pleasure toys! Now, your two play mates, will start their anti-clockwise journey as their Pleasure Frames circle your central bondage table, they will look like they are whizzing past, in all the sounds of Tony Bennett singing away and the flashing party lasers and your central table turning in the opposite direction! Hahahahahaha, and when the music stops, my little control systems will stop one of your party mates directly between your stretched legs, so you can look up, past the pleasure beams and your oozing mass of man bulge and watch as they are bought to a massive orgasmic cum spurting frenzy of fun. Their cum, so precious and pure will be collected and we will massage it into your speedo. Their juicy offering will react with the pleasure potion and the hat trick of pleasure beams and erupt in your cock with explosive force, feel free to scream, the pleasure will almost kill you, hahahahahahahahahaha!

Mad Hatter Clapped his hands, “And then we get to play spin the Swimmerboy and pass the parcel again so we can get your next load of freshly baked hero cum hot out of the oven delivered to your delicious bulging pleasure factory of fun!”

In the Milk Bar…

Swimmerboy and Nathan felt the exquisite pleasure, the hat trick of beams was making their bulges, their own pleasure, back in the Milk Bar scream with majestic ferocity.

Back in the fantasy…

He felt his cock almost explode, what-ever was in Mad Hatter’s pleasure potion was outrageously devious and dangerous. Before he could open his mouth and try to talk, he felt the swing effect, the bondage table was turning and Mad Hatter stood, grabbing onto Swimmerboy’s chest, holding tight, he looked back toward Swimmerboy, “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I’m holding on tight, hahahahahahahaha.”

Tony Bennett’s song played loudly, and the Pleasure Frames began to move around the central bondage table in the opposite direction, quicker and quicker, the lights dimmed, and the red and green party lasers shot through the fantastical scene.

“Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Mad Hatter was screaming with glee, he held onto Swimmerboy’s writhing body, Swimmerboy was twisting his hips as the pleasure in his speedo became intense and delicious, his moans competed with Mad Hatter’s screeches of Joy.

And then the music halted. The party lasers stopped. Swimmerboy’s bondage table slowed and locked into place and the circling Pleasure Frames with their delicious captives, now writhing and moaning in sumptuous sounds so carnal, so unbelievably erotic. Mad Hatter stood up next to Swimmerboy and pretended to be giddy and he composed himself as he joyfully made his announcement. “And lucky winner of round (hahaha get it, round, Hahahahaha!) One issssssssssssssssss…”

Robin’s Pleasure Frame came into view and locked at Swimmerboy’s feet.



The Milk Bar Climax continues soon.

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