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Defeat and Domination
Part 16 - Milk Bar - Part Three
By Scorpio

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Milk Bar Part 3.

The Milk Bar proceedings continue. Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad have been delivered to their first Patrons and they are being pleasured by their captors. Seed’s two Play Toys have been initiated into their first pleasure ceremony, having received their brain implants! They are beginning to fathom the depths of erotic excitement. Miles prepares to enjoy the majestic Swimmerlad and to fuck Swimmerlad’s bulge into a new dimension of pleasure before he a Scorpio dine on the mighty hero’s first pre-cum offerings of the Milk Bar. Erotic fantasies begin to emerge.

Miles made his way up to the first tier from the ground floor Pleasure Altars, He had left both of the handsome Play Toys marinating in their first cum offerings, there would be many more orgasms for the delicious young athletes as they become more and more integrated into the pleasure architecture of Scorpio’s speedo AI.

“At last!” Scorpio felt up Miles as he approached the central section of the Tier, He had passed Seed on his way and the sights of Swimmerboy thrashing in abandon and stretched magnificently in his Harvester was just too erotic. “Fuck me Miles, you are so hot and steamy!” Scorpio drew the handsome young acolyte to his body, he grabbed Miles buttocks pulling the beautiful and horny trainee into his body. He felt Miles’ semi-erect penis against his black lycra suit. Scorpio had come to  enjoy Miles so close to him, he was as sexual as the two heroes and his plans for the delicious trainee were grand, but he would bide his time. Scorpio spoke loudly, the sounds of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were filling the Milk Bar, “I want to taste that cum on your breath Miles! Did you make them cum?”

“Of Course! Kiss me boss!”

Their tongues entwined and Scorpio tasted the flavour of semen, Miles had definitely succeeded in his task! He was still holding Miles close to him, Scorpio’s desires erupted, he pulled tenderly at Miles’ speedos, his delicious little speedo thong was sexy on Miles and Scorpio pulled it tighter, he twisted the sides of the speedo to tighten the sacrificial and ceremonial speedo thong. Miles’ moans were exquisite, the delicious horny acolyte thrust his speedo into Scorpio’s hard bulge, he was super horny, and feeling of the nylon filling his buttocks even tighter was just too sensual and explosive.

“Fuck me Scorpio, you fuckin know how to push my buttons!” Miles looked downward, his bulge was flopping, his cock throbbing and oozing pre-cum.

Scorpio bent down, looking up into Miles’s face, Miles was using both hands to push his flowing locks of hair backward, he looked down as Scorpio adjusted his speedo pouch, it took a minute, but Scorpio arose oozing his precum. “You’re fucking beautiful Miles, I love your body, your sexual fantasies, your fucking awesome speedo. You are ready, so perfectly ready for Swimmerlad, we will take him and drink of his precum, you and me Miles!”

Scorpio summoned one of the cameras moving through the Milk Bar recording the ceremony for the global subscription base. He used its built-in Microphone.

“Gentlemen! We are off to a nice start, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad are adapting to their Harvesters nicely and their pleasure streams have already thrilled Play Toy Nathan and Play Toy Tyler,” He looked across to Seed, Seed was licking his lips, Swimmerboy was stretched out for his pleasure and Seed had ensured that the Tendrils of Achilles had whipped the mighty hero into a sexual frenzy. Scorpio smiled and looked back into the camera “Nathan and Tyler have both enjoyed their first orgasms on their Pleasure Altars and Miles here has sucked the first juices from their lovely bodies, they will cum several times, so feel free to visit them and enjoy their youthful cum filled bodies as their Altars deliver Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s pleasure streams to them!” Now talking about hero pleasure streams, I, High Priest, order the release of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s pre-jism juices. They will feed you their nectar as they writhe for you in magnificent abandon! Enjoy them, enjoy their juices forged in pain and agony, their sacred syrup will feed you, fulfill your lust and desires, they are bound helpless to fulfill your sexual fantasies. Their Harvesters will deliver them to your pleasure stations enjoy them before they are whisked away to the next diner. Their pre-cum is plentiful and sweet, enjoy my Milky Boys as they ooze their juices in divine, speedo-strength-draining, pleasure! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” Scorpio spun around like an excited child. “Refreshments are served gentlemen! The hottest, most juicy speedo pouches are served up for your dining pleasure!”

Pre-Cum inhibitors cancelled. The Speedo AI boomed its announcement around the Milk Bar.

Scorpio made one last announcement “Deliver me Swimmerlad. I desire his juices, his speedo offering, bring him to me!”

MantaRay was sorry to see Swimmerlad being removed from his pleasure station, he looked for Swimmerboy, his lustful greed for hero speedo was consuming him, but he sat back rubbing his raging wet hardon through his spandex suit.

Swimmerboy felt the air rush over his body, he was moving quickly through the air. His Harvester arrived at his next customer, as the machine slowed and returned him to the supine stretched position, he looked up over his heaving sweat covered body, his sacrificial speedo was being delivered to Nylon and Lycra, their faces were awash with happiness as the harvester docked to their pleasure station. It pulled and stretched his helpless body, the Pleasure Wrap enveloping his speedo buzzing and he heard Lycra’s impassioned order, Sensitise him 10 percent!

“Hello Swimmerboy!” Nylon was hard as a rock, his black speedo stretching as his cock pushed and throbbed inside his pouch. “At fucking last! No restrictions hero boy, you are ours to enjoy.”

Swimmerlad’s harvester glided the erotic hero into Scorpio and Miles’ pleasure station, the Harvester hissed as it locked into place.

“Stretch him!” Scorpio’s order was determined and powerful.

“We will enjoy you for a while Swimmerlad! Swimmerboy will feed the restaurant for the time being, you see Miles here really, really likes you Swimmerlad, and he is famished, as is I, so we will dine on your hero nectar delivered on your speedo thong, it is just the menu item we need right now! You are just too sexual to behold my divine young hero!”

Swimmerlad’s handsome face looked up at his tormentors, he felt the Pleasure Wrap as it buzzed and synched with the speedo sensitizer, his body tingled all over and his thrusting hips provided a mesmerizing flow of red as it moved upwards and downwards erotically, his Harvester buzzed and hummed, pulling his body in four directions, he was helpless his speedo thong exposed for their enjoyment, he felt the Wrap warm his testicles, his juices prepared and gurgling inside bulging speedo, his magnificent body was ripe for the picking and full of hero juice.

Scorpio caressed Swimmerlad’s pecs, massaging the sheen of sweat into Swimmerlad’s smooth tanned skin, Swimmerlad’s nipples were erect and sensitive, his body was singing as the pleasure swirled through his buttocks, Wrapping, and caressing his speedo bulge, it was insatiable, and hungry and his moans and purrs of delight only served to turn Scorpio and Miles into a raging sexual frenzy.

“We have the magnificent Swimmerlad, juiced up, warmed up and full of hero spunk. The mighty hero is delivered to us for our pleasure Miles.” Scorpio looked at Miles who was standing at the pleasure station, his mouth open he was taken by the majesty of the moment. Swimmerlad looked fucking beautiful, magical, stretched in the erotic Harvester, succumbing to its powerful sexual program, his consecrated speedo, that pouch of red nylon was just ideal. He felt his body tingle with excitement as Scorpio reached across to feel him up.

“Miles, Miles, hey Miles.” Scorpio’s voice was soft and intimate.

Miles came out of his Swimmerlad trance, the sight of the writhing superhero locking into place at the pleasure station had sent him into an erotic state. “Oh sorry, I, I ….. I was just overtaken with the beauty of this awesome sexual hero and the beauty of the moment.” A look of incredible lust overtook Miles as he walked over to the raging, heaving erotically writhing hero. Swimmerlad looked to see the lust and power in his new nemesis’s eyes, Miles was gloating and running his fingers sensually across his Lats and playing with the pit of his right stretched arm, his flesh tingled at every delicate stroke of Miles’ fingers.

Scorpio stood on his other side, he was stroking his left thoracic and with his other hand he caressed Swimmerlad’s head and soft short blonde hair. He spoke in a quiet controlled manner. “Thank you for coming Swimmerlad, are you comfy?” Swimmerlad turned his defiant face, he was gritting his teeth dealing with the delicious sensations swirling in his pouch and between his buttocks.

“Ngfffff you fffffffffffffurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkin fffffiend Scorpio!” Swimmerlad threw his head forward to stare intently at his bulge, his beautiful manhood undergoing one of the Harvester’s special speedo pleasure surges, it magnified whichever program was deployed in one, two or three bursts of power. 

“Mmmmmmmm fffffuck,” Swimmerlad pulled desperately on his bonds, but the Harvester responded, with each of the restraints glowing and shooting magnificent bolts dynamic energy through his four stretched limbs.

“Enjoy that my dear hero,” Scorpio responded, that surge of pleasure is the Harvester responding to the Speedo AI delivering you a special bonus round of delicious joy my lovely, feel free to writhe you sexy hero as the power of the Harvester overtakes your super body, let us drain you drip by drip, as your exquisite pleasure plays out inside and around your fucking beautiful body. Mmmmm red is definitely one of your colours Swimmerlad, Miles here does have simple, but good taste in Swimwear. Yours hugs every important bump of your loins with such erotic beauty it’s just not funny!”

Miles was admiring Swimmerlad’s handsome face, his beautiful blue eyes were piercing, his cute nose, fetching jaw line, was just a beautiful image to behold. He pulled Swimmerlad’s head toward him, he wanted to speak intimately with his hero infatuation.

“Now my beautiful Swimmerlad, I’m going to worship at the altar of your speedo, see if I can’t stir up a torrent of pleasure, you will enjoy that won’t you, you beautiful boy; now as I do, listen very carefully to your High Priest here, he will explain very clearly what we have in store for you at our pleasure station, we will dine on your speedo bulge, I hope you don’t mind,” the evil smile on Miles’ face grew large, “…your body will pump your nectar into our hungry mouths and your pleasure stream will thrill your symbiotic, Play Toy Tyler to the beautiful land of Orgasmus, he has already had one mind blowing orgasm and, oops I was fiddling with the controls of the Pleasure Altar he is tied to, and must have turned up your pleasure feed a few notches, so as your body fights our little pleasure fling, listen to Tyler’s screams, it’s all a bit new to him, but his little brain implant is training his body, his cock, his speedo bulge with every stroke of your pleasure! Shall we make a start, can’t hold up progress, can we?”

Swimmerlad thrashed in his bonds, Miles had evoked deep rage at the in-human pleasure torture being inflicted not only on he and Swimmerboy, but the two innocent athletes stretched out on the Pleasure Altars below them at the foot of the Milk Bar. “You, You, Muuuuust free myself, mus…st es ca…pe, this bon…dage too strong, so  e r o t I c!” When his writhing fit was over, Swimmerlad looked upward, Miles was standing at his speedo, between his spread legs, he was helpless and subject to Miles’ passions, fantasies, and lusts. He thrust his hips in abandon, his speedo sensitizer splashed a flurry of delicate pleasure whisps around his speedo pouch, his bulge felt erotic and sensual as the soft nylon fabric brushed against his ultra-sensitive cock.

Miles admired the splendour of Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge it lifted from his body, wrapped in the delicious light fabric, the highpoint of the bulge, rounded out showing the underside of Swimmerlad’s erotic cock head and the fabric sent delicate sensual folds downward and outward toward Swimmerlad’s hips, where the fabric twisted to form his ceremonial nylon thong.

“Scorpio is right, I have fucking amazing taste when it comes to swimwear Swimmerlad! Hey, do you like mine, I chose sensual soft nylon too, they feel so hot and sexy don’t they? I bet yours do with that speedo sensitizer licking at your cock and balls. Miles bent down and breathed in the musty air surrounding Swimmerlad’s loins, he took deep long breaths, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm the smell of speedo pleasure is just intoxicating Swimmerlad.” Miles then proceeded to worship Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch from hip to hip, the feeling of the red nylon under his palms, the tingling sensation coating his palms from the Pleasure Wrap engulfing Swimmerlad’s speedo, it felt awesome.

Swimmerlad arched his body as the Wrap and sensitizer erupted a deluge of rich sensation across his speedo, it shot through his buttocks and explored his anal cavity with precision.

His moans were erotic and emphasised by his body writhing in such erotic abandon, his head lifting and dropping as the sensations danced in his loins.

Miles withdrew his hands, they still tingled and buzzed, so he cupped his own delicious bulge for Swimmerlad to watch.

“Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels fucking amazing, you must feel awesome right now hero boy!” Miles looked up from his speedo and looked intently at his object of worship, it was beautiful to look at, he needed more, but before he was able to make a move, Scorpio piped in.

“You boys should get a room! But we need to proceed, others are waiting to dine on this morsel of speedo heaven too, don’t be greedy Miles.”

Miles threw Scorpio and Swimmerlad his spoiled brat face and then his lusty smile returned as he continued eyeing the beautiful speedo Swimmerlad was offering to his sexual lusts.

Scorpio continued, “Harvester release Swimmerlad’s precum, use the pleasure surge program to start him off.”

Swimmerlad felt the process commence and the mass of pleasure erupt through his cock like a slow-moving bullet, he screamed out in abandon as the sensitiser focused its devilish power directly on Swimmerlad’s penile frenulum and his body felt a raging wave of sexy tingles as the first globule of his sacred pre-cum emerged on the tip of his bulge. The globule of nectar left in it its wake a trail of super charged pleasure energy, his cock purred from inside with every increasing globule of his juice. Their evil pleasure drain had begun in earnest.

Miles was so horny, his cock was impatiently twitching inside his speedo, he was officially hard as a fucking rock! Miles felt the sexual frustration welling up in him. It was beautiful but he thanked Scorpio for encouraging him not to ejaculate since his beautiful orgasm all over Swimmerlad days ago in the Temple. Miles recounted in his mind the play time with Scorpio directly following the erotic romp in the Pits, then Swimmerlad’s torture, the boardroom tease, the lead up to the Milk Bar pleasure draining ceremony, not to mention the two sensual Play Toys down below, he was in a state of erotic bliss, all engineered by the master sculptor, his boss and mentor-in-evil, Scorpio.

Scorpio spoke as Miles licked the first of Swimmerlad’s nectar off his beautiful red bulge. He felt his tongue tingle from the sensitizers raping Swimmerlad’s cock head.

“Miles here is one cute-n-horny devil Swimmerlad, and to be honest, the only one we have here to blame is you. Miles has a thing for you, I noticed it at the Pits, he fucking worshiped you in front of your boyfriend, like a possessed demon. That’s why I granted him a personal torture session with you! He is now enjoying the first fruits of his labour, your juices and cum created in your agony and pain! So, he really needs to orgasm, he’s such a delicious horn bag, I mean I wanted to, really bad, I wanted to suck his gorgeous speedo dry, but I’m selfless and giving, a loving evil mentor, and I have left that little pleasure to you two love bugs!” Swimmerlad looked across to the High Priest, his face filled with emotion and sexual abandon, he found it difficult to form a word, his body was raging with pleasure.


“Try not to drool Swimmerlad, you will have fluid coming out both ends” Scorpio smiled and motioned toward the next crystal-clear sticky glob of nectar appearing on the top of Swimmerlad’s erotic bulge.

“Your nectar is your natural lubricant Swimmerlad, so once you have pumped sufficient pre-jis and Miles has smeared your drenched speedo pouch with it, you will just adore the sensations of the Pleasure Wrap as he does that, it will get you in the mood, my delicious hero, in the mood for love. When you are sufficiently ready, wet and all hot-n-bothered, sexually I mean. I will order the Harvester to release the Veriform! These erotic little virtual worms will infest your penis, they will slither around your member and deposit minute pleasure probes on your penis, around the head of your penis and through your nectar as it pumps up inside your cock, you will be enveloped inside and outside, your penis will become a sensual piece of unadulterated pleasure energy, the impregnated micro probes will respond to your speedo sensitizer and the Harvester will have complete control of your pleasure energy. Every erogenous pleasure point in your delicious speedo pouch will be engaged as the process builds. Your Speedo will be saturated in your pre-cum and I expect it will drool down below your stretched body to the floor of my pleasure parlour.   

Horn Bag Miles will mount you when you are good and ready and the harvester will deploy a special speedo bulge link so he can enjoy some of your delights, it won’t take long, I mean look at the horny devil,” Miles was standing drooling at his prey, he was rubbing his own wet bulge, sizing Swimmerlad up. Scorpio continued, “...but the harvester won’t allow the bulge link to disengage until he delivers his payload on your speedo. The Veriform will just love his hot cum as it soaks into your loins Swimmerlad, they will thrive and pleasure you into a new dimension of enjoyment.” Scorpio stopped and gave a look of feigned shock, “I hope Play Toy Tyler survives your little lovey-dovey moment with Miles, I’m sure your pleasure stream will almost fry his cock and his brain, your pleasure stream is conditioning his brain as we speak. Your every sexual desire and fantasy flowing to Tyler through your pleasure stream!” Scorpio’s evil smile was ominous and determined as he stroked Swimmerlad’s cheek.

Swimmerlad thrashed in his bondage, he knew this would be a huge Speedo Strength drain, each powerful burst of pre-cum was already taking its toll, the beads of his juice thick and sticky were making his cock tingle and fizz from the inside, it felt like tiny orgasms and it was coating his penis from inside with residual pleasure as they progressed through his member to his head of his cock and out to coat his speedo he was being raped and played with in their evil sexual dance.

Swimmerlad cried out as the next huge blob of precum erupted and soaked into his wet magnificent bulge. “Nghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Harvester release the Veriform!” Scorpio’s command was pure evil as he surveyed his delicious captive writhing in abandon.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” Swimmerlad cried out in desperation. But his cries just added to the intense sounds of sexual pleasure that were filling the Milk Bar, somewhere in the upper tier Swimmerboy’s cries and moans were intense, and below, the sounds of Seed’s Play Toys were magnificent as their Pleasure Altars delivered the enhanced pleasure streams to their captives.

Swimmerlad pulled and wrestled valiantly in his bondage, the Harvester on the other hand had become more determined, it was humming, his restraints pulsing and shooting barbs of pleasure tingles through his limbs as it dragged him helplessly in four directions. He was covered in a sheen of sweat and his mighty speedo thong was as beginning to glisten with every increasing pump of his pre-cum through his penis. He was already in a state of perfect pleasure subjugation when he felt the Veriform start to form and slide across the surface of his pleasure wracked cock, their presence was real, very real, and as it moved and found its way, it started to lengthen, he felt it start to circle his penis and come to life. Its slimy deposits implanting micro pleasure-probes into the flesh of his cock, at first it moved around the base of his penis deep inside his speedo bulge, but it soon ventured further up his magnificent penis shaft. The probes energised almost immediately in the wake of the Veriform as it explored and slithered across the surface of its victim.

Swimmerlad’s body trembled and he thrashed in his bondage violently, his hips thrusting, and his muscles twitched and flexed with every outrageous sensation rocking his cock. His speedo thong felt electric, the Pleasure Wrap made sure of that and the sensitiser shot shards of tingles across the surface of his delicious speedo pouch and between his buttocks with precision. Swimmerlad’s head was thrust upward as he strained his shoulders upward as best he could, within the tight bondage he was intensely surveying his magnificent body. He could feel his sexual desires, the deep-seated enjoyment of his bondage was being fired up inside him and his sexual fantasies filled his brain. His tantalising preparations on the tantalizer’s dildo, and the Elixir of Eros, the dildo had infested him with was taking a hold on his body, his mind, his emotions. He was being consumed by the erotic power of the Harvester and he was powerless to free himself form the hurricane of sensations enthralling his magnificent speedo. Swimmerlad looked at the red, bulging speedo thong clinging to his body, it was wet and a sheen of his pre-cum built like a rising tide with every pleasure filled pump from the Harvester, his bulge was seething and his penis, wrapped so erotically in the wet sticky nylon was fizzing with pleasure both inside and outside. The Veriform were now three! They slithered and consumed him, one concentrating on the sensitised head of his member, it was almost feeding on very new and regular flow of his juices, the others circled and deposited the pleasure probes on every part of the surface of his penis. Scorpio’s pleasure AI directing the Veriform and targeted his most vulnerable erogenous areas of this speedo pouch. Swimmerlad had become a hotbed of sexual depravity, his stretched body, his thrusting drenched speedo pouch pulled erotically up his arse was calling Miles to play.

Miles stood mesmerised by the beauty of Swimmerlad’s offering, the whole package of seething, moaning, juiced up, horny superhero was unbelievably erotic, and his body was tingling with anticipation, he was so attracted to Swimmerlad, almost infatuated and he was bound, pleasured, and delivered for him to enjoy! Miles glanced at Scorpio who had not moved from Swimmerlad’s right hand side, Scorpio was surveying the beauty of Swimmerlad’s defeat at the hand of his harvester device and noticed his delicious Acolyte’s growing need to enjoy the mighty piece-of-sex writhing in a spectacular display of carnal pleasures.

Scorpio gently pulled Swimmerlad’s sweaty face toward him. “You are so enjoying the delights of the Milk Bar, are you not mighty Swimmerlad?” He drew his other hand to mimic he was listening intently for something, “I hear Swimmerboy up on level two, he is keeping our loyal henchmen and some other paying guests enthralled in his own depraved display of sexual decadence. His Harvester is dripping, or should I say long stalactites of his pre-cum are starting to form, we have created a delicious Milk Bar for our diners, so divine and sexual! Don’t you think?”

Swimmerlad looked at Scorpio, his mind a buzz with thoughts and fantasies evoked by the preparation tantalizer, but he recognized Scorpio’s gloating smile and hissed in Scorpio’s face as a powerful spike of delicious pleasure entered his arse and coated him in delightful sensation.

“Miles has been such a good boy, he is a fast learner, my delicious Swimmerlad, and to reward his efforts, I mean, he created lots of your sumptuous boy milk when he steamed your body earlier today, he’s played his part so well, let’s reward him, shall we?”

Swimmerlad thrashed in his bonds but he was unable to break free of Scorpio’s hold pulling his head over, forcing him to look at his tormentor. He hissed and seethed through gritted teeth.

“I’ll take that as a yes then!” Scorpio’s eyes were lusty, and his smile matched that lust. “Miles will mount you, his speedo bulge to your seething speedo bulge. Mmmmmmm, such an erotic moment as two gods, sexual beings connect in such beautiful ways! As your speedo connection initiates, the harvester will create what we call a bulge-bind! Your pleasure to Miles’ pleasure, its sounds a bit like science fiction, I know, but this dear boy is real! Your bodies will join, and your pleasure will bring beautiful horny Miles here to a shamefully majestic orgasm. He will thrust his body in sync with your body and his hot boy juices will mix with your pre-cum, you will both be pumping nectar for a magical moment of pure pleasure. His cum and your sexually glorious acts of love will only drive the sensitiser wild, it will make the Veriform very happy indeed, they will increase their activity on your penis Swimmerlad, and we will then dine on your Milky hero speedo as your pumping penis supplies us with a harvest of your fresh pre-cum. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

“Delicious!” He stroked Swimmerlad’s sweat covered straining face.

“Enjoy the pleasure Swimmerlad!” Scorpio pushed Swimmerlad’s head away from him and he stood back to watch as Swimmerlad pulled desperately, twisting his body, his speedo thong such a magnificent turn on to Scorpio, as his sexually charged captive prepared for the delicious ride into sexual oblivion. 

Miles was shaking with excitement, he used all his available will power, what little was left to try and keep his erection from forming too soon, once it formed, his cock would be poised for imminent explosion, he felt the attraction to the majestic superhero, his lust and fantasies coalescing into a moment of unadulterated sexual anticipation and happiness, he enjoyed the sounds of the mighty helpless hero as he pushed and thrust and writhed, the pleasure indissoluble, insistent and deadly as it drained him of his Speedo Strength with evil intent.

“Fu – c – K  YOU M – aghhhhhhh – Mmmmm– ngffffffffffffffffff!” Swimmerlad was a seething writhing temple of pleasure, and his Harvester held him securely in place, his sexual offering pure and holy and his words were difficult to form as the waves of sensation attacked deep into his very soul.

Miles smiled at his beautiful captive, rubbing his own nylon bulge, he twisted the sides of his speedo thong, puling the erotic fabric tighter between his buttocks. He was as beautiful as the mighty heroes, he was learning the ways of sexual domination, hero defeat 101, and he was about to dominate Swimmerlad in a powerful display of pleasure and supremacy under the careful and watchful eye of Scorpio, High Priest of speedo!

There were several steps at each pleasure station, and Miles began his ascent. He was standing above the seething writhing Swimmerlad, he admired the perfection of Swimmerlad’s beautiful wet red nylon pouch and bulge, it was exquisite to behold and he lowered himself to play with the insides of Swimmerlad’s stretched powerful legs. The harvester extended platforms for him lean on as he lowered his nylon speedo closer and closer to the spectacularly wet, heaving hero speedo waiting, thrusting beneath him.

Miles looked at Scorpio.

“Don’t be afraid Miles, your body will feel the power of the Harvester as it attracts your speedo, you will be connected to Swimmerlad’s pouch by the Harvester’s Wrap program and it will not release you, until your cum is detected and it senses your orgasm. Allow the Harvester to attract your bulge, go with it dear boy, delights beyond your every fantasy will immediately infest your speedo, you and Swimmerlad will join in your pre-cum first and as you fuck his speedo bulge, the friction of your nylon speedos will supercharge your divine sexual moment. Let your orgasm build, enjoy the fantasy as the mighty Swimmerlad screams and trembles beneath you and his magnificent, wet, and soft bulge caresses your hardon, he is in spectacular bondage for you, his pleasure raping and eating away at his super Speedo Strength, fuck him Miles, drain him, defeat Swimmerlad with your passion! 

Three cameras had arrived to record and broadcast the explosive defeat of Swimmerlad.

Joker will just cream his speedo as he watches this! Scorpio gloated to himself as he moved over to caress Mile’s exposed buttocks, the young handsome trainee was such a beautify boy to enjoy, he fondled Miles’ buttocks using his fingers to follow the speedo tightly stretched between his legs and gave him an encouraging look. “You’re spectacular Miles, fucking beautiful in that skimpy speedo thong, you will send the online audience in to fits of desire as they watch you subjugate Swimmerlad, go on boy, give them their thrills!” His smile was commanding.

Miles had no other choice; he obeyed the most sexual order he had ever been given!

Miles lowered his body and knelt between the Swimmerlad’s stretched legs, he lowered his hands onto Swimmerlad’s writhing, sweaty torso.

Swimmerlad looked up to his captor, Pleeee – ase Mmm mm Miles. Pleaaaaaasure is drrrrraaaaaining mmmmmm mmmmeeeee, No, Please?”

Miles took control of the moment.

“Your beauty, your red speedo thong is pulling me Swimmerlad, like your bondage, I can’t break free of this powerful attraction, my cock pines for your bulge and your High Priest has just decreed your erotic defeat, hero! Your juices will feed us as we dine, but before we do that, I need to ramp up your pleasure!”

The Harvester shuddered slightly and Swimmerlad’s heaving thong seemed to shimmer.

Speedo bulge attractor initiated – connection pending.

Miles was suddenly enveloped by an invisible force it was drawing his speedo closer and closer to Swimmerlad’s bulge. Miles tried the harvester on, but the forces pulled his body and especially his pelvis forward, he looked again toward Scorpio, who was standing next the Swimmerlad caressing his head, comforting the mighty hero almost.

“Go ahead Miles, the Harvester has accepted your speedo as its tool to pleasure Swimmerlad, let it play with you, you will lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve it. Fuck him boy! I will look after this end as he purrs and cries in abandon.”

He went with it, Miles had become a part of pleasure torture process, he smiled and leant forward, his hands resting on supports below Swimmerlad’s armpits, his hands straddled Swimmerlad’s torso, he knees were spread apart slightly but between Swimmerlad’s heaving stretched legs. As he lowered himself the Harvester spread Swimmerlad’s legs wider allowing Miles to comfortably lower onto the majestic red mass of erotic speedo thong pouch.

Swimmerlad’s writhing body, groaned as the stretch took its toll, he looked up into the eyes of Miles.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he was helpless, “Y y y you ffffffffffffffiend!”

“Enjoy your pleasure drain my delicious Swimmerlad! My bulge to yours, your pleasure to mine, for the next minutes while we will become one and I will personally be a part of your pleasure defeat, you’re getting closer and closer, but not yet hero boy, we will drain you slowly and carefully, intimately!”

Miles shuddered, his bulging manhood was now close enough to Swimmerlad’s and the Pleasure Wrap transfigured warping its hold on Swimmerlad’s speedo and accepted Miles’ speedo thong.

Miles gasped at the sheer beauty of the sensation, he felt his speedo sing, his body, his skin felt alive as the nylon caressing his body became enveloped in Wrap’s sensual hold.

He looked into Swimmerlad’s eyes. “We are becoming one in pleasure, my lovely hero! The Harvester is joining ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me into your Pleasure Wrap. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

The tingles rocketed though his buttocks, it caressed his balls and penis in sensual licks of pleasure. It compensated for the fact that Miles did not possess Swimmerlad’s Speedo Strength, but to Miles, it felt fucking awesome, like nothing he had ever experienced.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy, you must be just loving your pleasure!” Miles looked down at Swimmerlad’s heaving body as he fought his bonds, he cried out as the next pleasure pump delivered its cargo of hero pre-cum onto the surface of Swimmerlad’s majestically soaked bulge.

Pleasure synch complete

The Harvester guided Miles’ blue nylon speedo bulge gently onto the surface of Swimmerlad’s lubricated bulge.

“Ngfffffffffffffffffffffffffff Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Swimmerlad’s erotic cries peeled around the Milk Bar as the speedo connection took place.

Miles joined Swimmerlad, in so many levels, their sexual speedo bulges joined, their Pleasure Wrapped in the Harvester’s power, Miles felt the spirituality of the moment as he moaned and cried out in abandon, his body writhing in tune with Swimmerlad, his weight was now resting on Swimmerlad’s seething body, the connection driving the mighty hero into a frenzy of delicious thrusts and contortions beneath him.

Miles lifted his chest and started to hump and fuck Swimmerlad’s bulge, he felt his Nylon pouch glide over the delicious expanse of Swimmerlad’s wet and lubricated speedo. Miles felt the friction of the nylon, it was the most erotic moment of his life so far. The pleasure infested his penis as he felt the beauty of Swimmerlad’s penis beneath him. It was fucking amazing!

Swimmerlad’s head was jerking, the feeling of Miles on top of him, the feeling of another bulge touching his, bought back his fantasies of Swimmerboy and their love making before their capture, the Veriform were energising and their deposits of the micro pleasure probes were expanding, one slithered around his balls and the pleasure squeezed and hugged his balls in fantastic ways adding to the power already raping him.

Scorpio still held Swimmerlad’s head. “Let the pleasure rape you Swimmerlad, let Miles bulge enthral you into the land of ecstasy and oblivion, you’re doing so well Swimmerlad, it won’t be long, and I’ll be dining on your pre-cum and Miles’ cum, a milky treat so exotic a cocktail of pleasure. Your cock, your bulge is singing, exceptional isn’t it? It will feel spectacular when we suck your bulge and dine. Good boy keep it up let your sexual fantasies and your bondage feed your pleasure; levels Swimmerlad, levels of defeat, are just too sumptuous. Give us your juices boy!” Scorpio was worked up, and super horny.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh C  - a – n – ‘t fffffffree my-self from this bo-n-d-a-g-e, Pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleasure draining meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Scorpio looked up at Miles, he had risen off Swimmerlad’s chest, his head thrust upward looking at Swimmerboy’s Harvester on level two, it was oozing shards of pre-cum, he was feeding, what looked to be Kyle and Hunter up on the second tier. Miles fucked the slippery red speedo pouch with erotic precision, his cock was straining inside his speedo, thumping, and soaked in a slippery foamy cocktail of his and Swimmerlad’s pre-cum, he felt the Pleasure Wrap caress his penis and massage him, the sensation in this pre-orgasmic level of pleasure was exceptional. He Moaned in delicious abandon as the Harvester shot a pleasure pulse between his buttocks, it caressed his prostate and energised the first stirring of his orgasm. The next super warm jettison of Swimmerlad’s powerful pre-cum erupted between their speedo bulges and this set Miles’ orgasm into motion. The Harvester pulled his body tightly to Swimmerlad, the immense power of the diabolical pleasure machine was beautiful and sensual, his cock soaked in hero pre-cum felt sumptuous and epic. His orgasm exploded with force and he felt the globule of cum as it began to spurt into Swimmerlad’s seething speedo pouch.

Miles was crying, the sheer beauty of his sexual speedo pleasure connection with the mighty Swimmerlad was a spiritual moment to savour, his body tingled as he felt the pent-up sexual desires flow, his hot cum coating the mighty red speedo below him.

Swimmerlad’s pleasure erupted in an orgasmic manner as well, he arched his body as best he could in his bondage, the Harvester was pulling his legs mercilessly apart, his arms felt as if the machine were pulling him apart, and his loins were abuzz, the hot cum entering his speedo was feeding the Veriform and they had begun a sexual frenzy of activity on his penis and as the pleasure pump pushed his pre-cum through his penis, it massaged him from the inside. His penis was furiously on fire with divine pleasure and the Pleasure Wrap had drawn Miles’ orgasm into the mix.

“Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Swimmerlad’s eyes were open, his head back and he looked into the eyes of Scorpio who was beaming like a proud father at the birth of his child. “Divine sexual pleasure my dear young hero, I am draining you so nicely and Swimmerboy is also enjoying his pleasure drain as he serves my guests, I have some special plans for him soon, but this moment is so special, you and Miles making beautiful love is glorious. I am so horny Swimmerlad, I am ready to feed on your pleasure and your nectar, Miles and I will now dine and then send your off to your next diner, we cannot hogg you all night, but I think I will host you and Miles to my private pleasure suite soon. He will like that!” The evil smile exploded across Scorpio’s face as he watched the extravagant show unfolding.

“Ngfffffffffffffffffffffff!” Swimmerlad’s eyes closed as he attempted to break his bonds, he was sufficiently weakened by the orgasmic connection and Harvester held him secure. The pleasure drain continued to envelop his body as Miles peeled himself off Swimmerlad.

Miles felt the Wrap release him, but the afterglow of his outrageously spiritual orgasm remaining and buzzing in his juiced up nylon speedo pouch, it felt amazing, it still tingled, and his buttocks tingled with residual pleasure enthralling his body. He stepped away from the Harvester and its writhing captive. He stumbled at first but then stood tall, laughing. Scorpio bent down to taste his wet, cum soaked blend of cum and pre-cum. The scent of man juice intoxicating the master villain.

Scorpio smiled into a camera as he stood up and kissed Miles. He deposited a wad of heroic juice into Miles’ mouth with his tongue. He then turned to one of the floating cameras capturing the depraved scene. I hope you are watching Robin, these delights await your arrival, I have something very, very special for you instore. Now if you will excuse me and Miles,” Scorpio looked toward Swimmerlad’s majestic Pleasure Wrapped writhing body, focussing on the oozing and dripping speedo. “We need to feed on Swimmerlad’s consecrated speedo offering. But Robin, look down at your hero bulge if your bondage allows, and just imagine me dining on your pleasure, I will leave that little thought in your bird brain. Tat tah for now. Keep him juiced up Joker, we just love superhero juice here! Miss you already!”

Scorpio instructed the harvester to lift Swimmerlad slightly, tilting the beautiful captive upward twenty-five degrees, Swimmerlad was a raging hot bed of pleasure, his bulge was singing with the delicious sensations wrapping his penis as the Veriform fed on the mixture of pre-cum and Miles’ semen, Swimmerlad’s speedo thong clinging to his writhing body as the pleasure probes continued to infest his cock in the wake of the evil Verifom. One of the creatures Wrapped the top of Swimmerlad’s penis, its tail lightly brushing the sensitive underside of his penis head, the pleasure probes were exploding and enveloping Swimmerlad’s cock with a growing coating of supercharged erotic sensation, the Veriform feeding on every pulse of pre-cum.

“Nghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Swimmerlad’s head lolled forward , he looked down to his speedo, it looked beautiful as it glistened in the lights of the facility, he was on fire with every orgasmic secretion of his pre-cum, his lungs filled with air and he exhaled with deep sexual groans of unadulterated erotic joy, the Aphrodisium was gurgling deep inside his body and he could see the lust in Miles and Scorpio’s eyes as they approached his helplessly spread legs, they were both inches from his mound of heaving red nylon, his magnificent bulge wracked in the beauty of the pleasure torrent caressing his cock. He needed his hard-on so bad, but Scorpio’s inhibitors ensured his perfect sexy mound remained beautiful and alluring to his guests and patrons.

“Harvester, stimulate the Elixir of Eros in Swimmerlad, I want him perfect for our dining delight!”

Scorpio looked into Swimmerlad’s eyes, he had spoken with such evil intent and tone.

Before he could react, a huge pleasure spike created by the speedo sensitiser erupted across the entire speedo pouch and Swimmerlad’s cries of delight burst out of his lungs in a mighty ricochet around the Milk Bar. Its sheer ferocity of the surge triggered the Elixir of Eros and Swimmerlad felt it and the drugs well-up inside him. His fantasies his inner desire for bondage and sexual exploitation that he only ever expressed to Swimmerboy in their sensual speedo sex romps welled up inside of him. He was inside his sexual fantasy, he craved the pleasure attacking his cock, he revelled in the beauty of his speedo thong, wet with his juices and the warmth of Miles’ cum, his voice almost demonic as he begged for them to pleasure his speedo bulge.

“Pleasssssse lick my sex, give me the fucking pleasure, Oh fuck me, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrarrrrrr, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fffffffffffffffffffffffffff. His words were unintelligible, the powerful dose of Aphrodisium and the Elixir of Eros combined to fill the helpless, pleasure wracked hero with desires so deep, so erotic, he was unable to concentrate. But Swimmerlad looked down as Miles’ open mouth approached his bulge raging with powerful, sexual waves of pleasure, the Veriform maintained their evil trajectories of stimulation.

Miles felt his tongue fizz, the moment he contacted the sweet pre-jis covering the Hero’s red bulging speedo. He felt the sheer magnificent texture and contours of the Swimmerlad’s offering. He heard Swimmerlad’s primal groans as the pleasure intensified as he sucked and manoeuvred his tongue over the seething drenched nylon. Miles used his hands to caress the remainder of the speedo pouch, the sound of his cum mingled with Swimmerlad’s juices squished erotically as his tongue explored the beauty of Swimmerlad’s cock and balls encased in the drenched sweet nylon fabric.

Swimmerlad was thrashing, his bonds tightened, and the Harvester commenced injecting powerful pulses of energy through the Hero’s stretched limbs, Swimmerlad was being engulfed in a tirade of sensation and his twisting body moved erotically as Miles and Scorpio sucked the pre-jism through his bulge.

“Your pleasure is demanding dear boy, drain sweet hero, drain your power as the pleasure, as we rape your loins, you will move toward orgasm, but ever so slowly sweat hero, your pleasure is defeating you with every incremental step toward orgasmic oblivion. Writhe hero, your encroaching defeat is a worthy offering.” Scorpio was in a state of deep sexual dominion, the magnificence of Swimmerlad’s stretched, raging body, wrapped in the sodden red nylon speedo thong was exhilarating and he watched as Miles fed in a frenzy of delight and devotion to the sexual offering thrusting and writhing, moaning before him.

Orgasmo looked around the Milk Bar, he very much liked this configuration of the pleasure parlour, he watched as Swimmerlad writhed uncontrollably for Miles and Scorpio and then glanced down to the two Pleasure Altars with their own delicious captives, they looked spectacular in their matching nylon speedos, they too were in full ceremonial dress, their speedos made into delicious, tight body-hugging thongs. They were two extremely erotic young athletes, and he made a mental note to begin therapy in the very personal and private pleasure rooms attached to his private apartment, he would enjoy toying with them. But now was not the time, his next duty was the very enjoyable task of anointing Seed and his henchmen in the sweet pre-cum of Swimmerboy! Their consecration was a requirement of the compound and a demand of the speedo priesthood! This ceremony was a perfect venue and setting to undertake such a sexual sacrament.

Swimmerboy had serviced the top tier of the Milk Bar as Scorpio and Miles gorged themselves on lashings of Swimmerlad pre jism, it was Scorpio’s prerogative to enjoy his sexual offerings any way he wished, but he would soon release Swimmerlad from his pleasure station. Swimmerlad was next scheduled at the second-floor tier. He would continue the work of Swimmerboy once he was taken for some special attention.

Orgasmo noticed Hunter up on level 2 as he fed on Swimmerboy’s writhing body, Swimmerboy’s nectar was drooling and dripping to the floor below.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, He is ready for Seed’s sacrament! He thought to himself.

“Bring me Swimmerboy to my pleasure station!” Orgasmo’s order was forceful and determined.

Swimmerboy was in the throes of a sensational spike of energy erupting across the entire speedo pouch region, it fanned deliciously from his hips and invaded his glistening speedo bulge with ferocious force and then leeched between his buttocks, it enveloped his red lycra speedo with unforgiving power. He screamed out as a globule of pre-cum emerged on the tip of his bulge, it felt delicious as it started to seep into the fabric.

Kyle had retracted his tongue, he knew what was good for him, Swimmerboy had been summonsed, by the maestro of pleasure, the holy priest of speedo.

“Bye Swimmerboy, we’ll meet again soon, thanks for your pre-jiz, you’re so fucking sweet on the lips!” Kyle caressed his partner in torment and Hunter and Kyle continued enjoying each other as Swimmerboy’s Harvester, unlocked from their pleasure station and delivered the writhing hero to the first level tier.

Orgasmo looked across the tier to Seed, please make your way to my pleasure station and bring your henchmen too. Biff and Thunder still tasted the sweet hero nectar in their mouths, Swimmerboy had serviced the entire upper tier. Their speedos were wet, the sexual magnificence of the ceremony was a powerful aphrodisiac, and they enjoyed the sumptuous and carnal atmosphere.

“Gentlemen kneel here. You will be anointed in hero juice tonight.” Orgasmo directed the new arrivals to kneel and the three men knelt on one knee and as they looked up, the Harvester arrived with its precious erotic cargo stretched and heaving sexually, the Harvester hissed as it locked itself into the Pleasure Station.


“Thanks for coming Swimmerboy!” 

Swimmerboy pulled on his bondage, he fought with his remaining strength, but he was helpless, the Speedo Wrap was caressing his speedo with divine sensation and he was still thrusting his pelvis from the pleasure spike inflicted on him as a parting gift to Hunter and Kyle. His oozing juices constant and silky.

Orgasmo ordered the Harvester to place Swimmerboy in the presentation position. “Harvester, lift Swimmerboy, I want him vertical, presentation mode please! he will writhe for our newest occupants in a show of sexual perfection, before they eat his beautiful hero bulge and pouch in their first acts of consecrated worship!”

Swimmerboy was stretched directly in-front of the three villainous men, his body twisting and turning, his powerful muscles flexing and flickering in his tight bondage.

“Such a beautiful and sexual piece of delicious hero, boys. Take in the magnificence of that speedo, red becomes you Swimmerboy! His bulge is perfection and perfectly poised to feed you gentlemen. He oozes sweet nectar!”

Orgasmo moved closer to Swimmerboy, his fingers scooping up the mighty hero’s juice, he coated Swimmerboy’s lips in the sweet juice.

“We can’t have you becoming parched can we Swimmerboy!” Orgasmo gloated over the helpless heaving hero, his hand caressing Swimmerboy’s magnificent mountain of hero meat. “They say that marinating meat enhances the flavour! Well, Swimmerboy was immediately tantalised after he writhed for you in agony in the Board Room. My tantalizer primed him and explored his delicious body, didn’t it Swimmerboy?”

Swimmerboy twisted in his bonds, he looked so erotic and alluring as he fought valiantly his mighty speedo bulge oozing his juices.

“The tantalizer marinated he and Swimmerlad in whisks of divine pleasure and we raped his arse with my tantalizer dildo, it shot Aphrodisium deep into his body and we released a powerful sexual tool, I dubbed the Elixir of Eros. This stirred up his sexual desires, his deep sexual needs, and motivators as we tantalised him directly in front on his delicious Swimmerlad. Their deepest fantasies were tapped by my dildo’s probes and they are powerfully fuelling his experience now.”

Orgasmo caressed Swimmerboy’s handsome face, “He actually gets off on his bondage, so does Swimmerlad, that’s is the very reason I have decided to tap into this hot bed of sexual fantasy.”

Orgasmo ran his hands over Swimmerboy’s torso and his rippling abdominal muscles, it resulted in sweet tingles of delicious intensity that infested his beautiful body.

“Ngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Swimmerboy, thrust his head up and down as the sensation played with his body.

“So, in order to anoint you in his juices, I will have something very special for Swimmerboy. You see my delicious young hero, Swimmerlad is enjoying the pumping action of the pleasure pump and I want you to enjoy similar delights, so we will start that off now. You will feel pulse deep inside your cock Swimmerboy, it will germinate and form and as it travels the length of your penis, pushing your next globule of sweet nectar, it will build and thrill you with orgasmic force and leave in its wake a delicious pleasure residue, so divine. These will be regular and insistent.”

“Harvester invoke Swimmerboy’s pleasure pump sequence.” Orgasmo smiled and looked down to the magnificent thrusting speedo thong. “Enjoy that Swimmerboy!”

Pleasure Pump initiated!

He felt the powerful mass as it formed deep in his sex, it formed and moved with such force, he threw his head back in abandon, the inside of penis was coating in majestic pleasure sensation as the mass moved on its journey and as it reached his cock head, the explosion ripped across his speedo pouch in all directions in ripples of magnificent pleasure, so pure, so divine. He shot his pelvis upward and outward and the reverberations of the orgasmic-like explosion enveloped his pouch, the thick juice quickly absorbed into the drenched lycra fabric. And then the second mass of pleasure formed and commenced its journey through his penis. Swimmerboy desperately needed to get hard, he desperately needed his orgasm, but he was denied this ultimate release. Scorpio’s sexual inhibitors were an evil part of his pleasure toolkit.

“Ffffuck nooooooooooooooooooooo, pleasure so beautiful, enveloping my cock…” He looked down to his speedo, he looked erotic and beautiful, he looked up at the three men kneeling before his helplessly writhing body, their eyes watched every twist and thrust of his pelvis and lapped up the beauty of his spread-eagled body so perfectly displayed for their viewing enjoyment.

“These will develop over the next couple of minutes boys. I can see you are enjoying the beauty of this delightful young hero already, but I have more to come before your consecration and vows of worship can be accepted. That delightful speedo thong so erotic, so sensual and magnificent, you will dine very soon my hungry friends.”

Swimmerboy’s moans were deep and spiritual, he felt his inner desires, his sexual fantasies envelop him, he was in a state of erotic mastery and he was spread-eagled and helpless before one of the world’s master villains and his minions, he felt his body tingle and convulse as the next pulse envelop and engorge inside his cock, it  moved slowly and deliberately, leaving behind a wake of divine sensation inside his penis, it invigorated him, it fed the drugs and the Elixir of Eros burning deep inside him, he was getting off on his bondage, the Harvester was making sure of that, as his Pleasure Wrap tightened and gipped his balls in pulsating energy.

What is next? What else can Orgasmo inflict? Pleasure, desires, fantasies are joining into an erotic dance, cannot resist the power of the Harvester, it is draining me, my Speedo Strength dripping with every pulse of my cock and my juices. He fought his bonds in a vain attempt to escape the ravages of the Harvester, but the restraints tightened and pulled his body in an erotic display of power. He cried out as his limbs took the stretch.


“Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

He was helpless and Orgasmo was looking at him with his with those gloating eyes.

“The mighty Swimmerboy, gentlemen! Sensual and tactile, he is spread before you, a sexual offering of rich and virile heroic beauty.”

“I want to add to his enjoyment a little, I will release something to coat his sexual organs, he is being raped inside his penis, but to make his bondage so much more carnal, I have installed the Pothos array into the Harvesters. Pothos, the Greek god of sexual longing and yearning, Pothos was the son of Eros, he dwelt in a temple of pleasure and its perfectly fitting that my next delight for Swimmerboy to endure. The Pothos will cover his penis and balls in a field of supercharged pleasure, his cock will be coated in the energy, adding to the pulses of pleasure raping him from the inside of his penis. The pleasure will build and radiate outward completely enveloping his speedo pouch, it will synchronise with the Pleasure Wrap and his speedo sensitiser!” Orgasmo’s face was alight with expectation as he surveyed the helplessly writhing hero, dripping his voluptuous juices, his body trembling and flexing in his bondage.

“You fffff  iiii eeee  nnn ddd, please no?” Swimmerboy thrashed and twisted, but he was stretched competently, erotically, he was helpless.

Orgasmo continued his erotic description of Swimmerboy’s subjugation, “The Pothos will ignite the Elixir of Eros and the Aphrodisium drug, such powerful and sexual forces will make his body sing and radiate the pleasure with every pulse of the pre-cum pump.”

Swimmerboy looked down over his heaving body, he was moaning uncontrollably, his body covered in a sheen of sweat, his powerful leg muscles flickering as the harvester, pulled at each of his limbs. He was a sexual offering of majestic proportions!




His body radiated the pleasure and he looked into Orgasmo’s gloating eyes, pleading for mercy with his widening eyes.

Orgasmo, cupped Swimmerboy’s jaw, pulling his sweaty head toward him, he wanted Swimmerboy to see his evil grinning face. He spoke with an evil, sexual tone of authority, his voice singing with glee, “Now Pothos may feel somewhat special my sweet, hero…”

Swimmerboy interrupted the announcement in a fit of sexual frustration, his body pulled on the Harvester’s restraints, his teeth glaring at Orgasmo, his head safely in Orgasmo’s grip. He felt his sexual desires, the drugs were fuelling erotic desires and fantasies deep in his being and his speedo thong began to feel like an erotic masterpiece of sublime divinity.

Orgasmo continued, “…We created the Pothos program from a sequence of Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream. Your penis my dear boy will be coated in a fine layer supercharged pleasure energy, your boyfriend’s pleasure to be exact!” Orgasmo smiled and continued, “We made one from your pleasure stream too, just to excite Swimmerlad. I know how much you miss each other so! This will bring you boys closer than ever! I hope you enjoy the sexual frustration hero, you were so close to Swimmerlad in your tantalisation sequence, you fought gallantly trying to touch your gorgeous bulge to his, to re-connect, but that denial, was such a special treat for us to watch, I can imagine the frustration you both must have had. I hope this helps somewhat my beautiful boy. Hahahahahahahahaha enjoy the love of Swimmerlad as his pleasure rapes you.”

“Coat Swimmerboy’s penis in the Pothos!” Orgasmo let Swimmerboy’s head go, he wanted to watch the hero enjoy the coating process unfold. 

Pothos released! His harvester’s evil AI spoke with chilling perfection.

He felt the Pothos circle his penis head, it felt erotic, it felt delicious and its stimulations were superbly coating his cock as the thin layer of energy unfolded along the length of his penis. He felt his body, his being, his consciousness being invaded by the pleasure engulfing his member. It encompassed his cock completely in five minutes and then encroached over his testicles and ball sack. It integrated with the Pleasure Wrap making his lycra speedo fabric shimmer with licks of pleasure energy, he was engulfed inside and outside in inescapable, evil pleasure energy mined from the pleasure of Swimmerlad. He was helpless to resist, but try as he might, his Speedo Strength masked some of the sensation, but he knew if he kept up the resistance his Speedo Strength would be drained effortlessly by the evil Harvester and he may possibly be terminated in a tirade of torturous electricity by the evil bondage device. He chose to endure the pleasure engulfing his speedo pouch and bulge, his moans were insistent and primal, his body bending in erotic sensual displays of eroticism.

Swimmerboy, stretched his head forward in a vain attempt to view his raging speedo bulge, his moans were delicious and full of sexual depth and tone.

“Finally, gentlemen, one last adjustment!” Orgasmo stroked Swimmerboy’s face as his cheeks and mouth, screwed up in contortions as his Harvester raped him and held him in a state of sexual bliss. “The mighty hero will give you silky pre-cum once we begin to fry his balls!” Orgasmo was in a villainous stupor of power, “Pleasure Wrap, heat up his bulge, his testicles, I want his offering creamy and cooked to perfection. My dear Seed demands the luxe product of the Milk Bar!”

Swimmerboy’s juices heating!

Swimmerboy felt Pothos squeeze his cock in a blanket of magnificent pleasure and the next pleasure pulse raped his penis from within, he was captive to the beauty of the torture as it drained his Speedo Strength with every pound, every sensation, and every orgasmic secretion of his pre-cum. His balls were a hotbed of sensation, the Pothos enjoyed the way the Pleasure Wrap heated the hero’s testicles, Swimmerboy felt on fire, he felt the awesome sensation engulf his speedo as the next secretion of his juice exploded on the tip of his drenched speedo bulge.

“Seed, your sacrificial offering is ready. This mighty hero has been tortured, he had been tantalised and the Milk Bar is pleasuring him to my exact specifications. His sweet pre-cum is at that precise temperature! His body is yours to enjoy, my pleasure systems will maintain his state for as long as you desire!” Orgasmo, ran his finger across the extremities of Swimmerboy’s magnificent seething bulge and the mighty hero trembled Orgasmo presented the erotic offering to Seed.

“Kneel closer to your speedo offering Seed!” Orgasmo demanded!

Seed obeyed, he was mesmerised by the sumptuous beauty of Swimmerboy, thrusting his hips in time to the pleasure pulses pumping his juices with precision.

Orgasmo began the anointing, “Swimmerboy represents the duo of speedo! Both heroes captured and integrated into our bondage systems of domination and control. Do you consecrate yourself to worship at the altar of the speedo offering?” Orgasmo felt the beauty of the seething wet speedo mound as he cupped Swimmerboy’s dripping bulge from beneath, he literally held Swimmerboy in the palm of his hand.

“Nggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggffffffffffffffffffffffffffff” Swimmerboy twisted in his bonds, his sexual desires and fantasies enveloping his consciousness, his bondage was divine and erotic!

Seed responded, bowing his head, “Yes these heroes have my devotion and worship. I will abide by the Priesthood’s rules and sacraments.”

Orgasmo, scooped up a shard of Swimmerboy’s pre-cum, it was warm and viscous, he allowed Seed to lick the juice before rubbing it on Seed’s forehead.

The process was completed in similar fashion for Biff and Thunder, before they were dismissed to their pleasure station on the second tier, their faces covered in Swimmerboy’s juice.

Orgasmo looked at Seed, “Your hero awaits your pleasure.” He motioned his open hand toward the writhing young hero, like a hotel concierge would direct someone to their waiting limousine.

“Thank you, my dear Orgasmo, I have plans for this sexual boy!”

Seed surveyed the heaving, mass of erotic, sexual hero, twisting and thrusting in ecstasy.

“May I enjoy him now?” Seed’s look and tone made it clear that it was not a question!

“Of course, Swimmerboy is yours to pleasure Seed! The Milk Bar is at your service!” Orgasmo stepped away, his priestly duties complete; the ceremony had confirmed Seed into the speedo compound, and he brought the resources of the underworld with him.

Seed surveyed his prey, “My sweet, sweet helpless hero! Look at you, a mass of desire fighting deep inside to contain this sexual majesty infecting your body, draining your Speedo Strength with every pulse of your pre-cum, your cock is a majestic and beautiful piece of kit Swimmerboy, it sits proudly inside the tight wet lycra of your delicious speedo thong. You do realise I have a BIG desire for men in erotic swimwear. I think I made that completely clear in the Boardroom when I introduced my sexy henchmen and my Play Toys. I do enjoy play time Swimmerboy, and when I watched your pleasure session on the PleasureGEN, and the way your delicious speedo mound was mined deep and powerfully, well I decided there and then to jump on board. Here I am, and I have you to enjoy, all bound in a device with so many erotic possibilities!”

Swimmerboy was seething, his breathing long and hard, his moans of delight and his hissing through gritted teeth only made the package of his beautiful twisting body, his tight bulging red speedo thong, dripping in juice all the more, a sexual masterpiece.

“I could stand here all night and wank at the site of you like this, but I was thinking, Swimmerboy, since you are sexually charged, I bet your penis feels scrumptious right now!” He bent down and examined the sexual offering, the red fabric, saturated in glistening, opulent hero spunk, he enjoyed the way, his balls cupped in the tight fabric and the rounded bumps of tight lycra clinging to his snaking penis. He watched as the appendage throbbed and how the globule of sweet nectar appeared on the tip of the bulge.”

Seed stood up and watched as Swimmerboy threw his head around in abandon, that last pleasure pump engaged the Pleasure Wrap as the pleasure radiated around his tight Areena speedos, his entire pouch, from hip to hip engaged in the beauty and majesty of divine sensation.

“I can see how that thrills you my young hero, your Harvester, is just humming, a bit like your sexy speedo right now! I have got just the idea, your pleasure symbiote, my lovely Play Toy, Nathan is a little lonely, he has been writhing in subjugation to your pleasure stream Swimmerboy! I thought you might like a little catch up with each other, I mean your pleasure is driving my beautiful Play Toy wild and he looks so sexy stretched out on that Pleasure Altar. You will just love the sight of him tied so erotically, he is wearing a speedo thong and his purring penis has been pumped dry. He has come several times, but his body is conditioning to your pleasure, lets pay him a little visit, shall we? And you can look upon his beautiful helpless body, I bet your sexual fantasies will ignite when you watch his body writhe in submission to your pleasure!”

Seed looked at the Harvester, it was blinking green on each of Swimmerboy’s restraints, “Take this delicious hero to the Pleasure Altars, deliver Swimmerboy directly at the feet of Play Toy Nathan. I will join you down there, let’s say, it’s a date!”

The Harvester disengaged from Orgasmo’s pleasure station and it transported the mighty Swimmerboy out into the centre of the Milk Bar, Swimmerboy, looked around as best he could, his body a hotbed of sexual desire, emotion, pleasure, and fantasy. He looked down toward the two Pleasure Altars, they were each encircled by an array of pulsating LED lights and spread eagled on each of the Altars, the sexually charged, handsome athletes, writhed and moaned in an erotic display. He noticed Seed arrive between Nathan’s spread legs, Seed was licking some of Nathan’s cum and playing with Nathan’s delicious speedo, Seed looked up smiling as he, called up to the Harvester holding the writhing hero, come and visit Swimmerboy…”

The Harvester bought Swimmerboy effortlessly down to the Pleasure Altar boudoir, the sight of the two athletes and the sounds of their descent into the depths of pleasure was yet another layer in Scorpio’s evil plan. Swimmerboy felt his desires ignite, his fantasy bondage a realisation! His attraction to the beauty of the male form dressed in the erotic swimwear, in body hugging costumes was exploding inside him. He longed for someone to enjoy his bulge, his erotic speedo bulge, engulfed in the Pothos and the delicious pumps of sheer erotic delight engorging inside his penis were fucking with his mind, the drugs were fucking with him, the Elixir of Eros pounding inside his chest, filling his mind with images of sexual subjugation of heroes tied and bound to implements of torture, their bulging manhood’s displayed for the sexual gratification of their captors. He fantasised about Robin in bondage and pain. He felt like he needed to explode. He needed to cum so bad.

“Please caress my speedo, fuck need-to-cum, my body needs pleasure.” Swimmerboy never felt more sexually frustrated.

Swimmerboy’s words were demonic and possessed, he was writhing and twisting, his muscles flexing as the pleasure programs pounded his speedo. He looked up to see Seed caressing his Play Toy. Nathan was looking up over his stretched body and Seed caressing the squishy cum soaked garment. Seed looked over his shoulder toward the writhing hero, his hand continued caressing his Play Toy as he spoke.

“Doesn’t this little Play Toy look just delicious!” He is tied down, spread helplessly on an Altar connected to your delicious pleasure stream Swimmerboy! Look what you have done to him, he is exhausted. He is trembling. Nathan is so beautiful, and his little purrs of pleasure turn me on so. Biff loves playing with this one, Biff spends hours stroking Nathan’s speedo, I love to watch that little display of sexual dominance, I have a favourite restraining table in my pleasure room, and I usually enjoy them one by one. They do not have such sexual stamina like you and Swimmerlad, that’s why I am here, you are training him now Swimmerboy! Such an erotic demise for such a proud, cocky powerful hero! Hahahahaha!”

Seed looked at his Play Toy and looked into Nathan’s wide eyes, He looked at Swimmerboy, “He is just a hotbed of sexual beauty, that young man’s face, his dreamy hair, he is true model material and I thought he might turn you on hero boy. Does he? I hope so, he turns me on every time I look at his cherub like, handsome face. The media loved these boys, the Duke Water Polo team is full of hot sexual young men, I captured the two most sexually charged specimens for my, let’s say ‘needs’!” Seed then licked Nathan’s raging hardon. “He is throbbing Swimmerboy, just like your cock is throbbing, this symbiote pleasure system is one delicious piece of kit. Nathan is just loving it aren’t you sweet boy?”

Nathan twisted in his bondage, he could not escape the ravages of the Pleasure Altar, his moaning was high pitched, and the sound had become sweet and inviting. Seed licked the raging light blue speedo thong caressing Nathan’s body. Nathan has a simply divine penis Swimmerboy, would you like to try it? The nylon speedo, so erotic and wet with athletic boy cum. Young men have such sweet tasting juice, and Nathan here has proven to be a good supplier of twinky cum, aren’t you dear boy. Seed scooped up a glob of silky cum and walked over to the Swimmerboy. His writhing body, so sexual, inviting, and spectacular, Swimmerboy hissed and cried out in regular outbursts as each pleasure pulse synched with his Pleasure Wrap and the Pothos clinging to his balls and penis.

“Try it, Nathan’s jism is a beautiful gift and I never tire of it!”

Swimmerboy tasted the young athlete’s spunk as Seed forced it into his mouth. His pleasure wracked, drugged body tasted the young man’s juices, the sweet taste of sexual happiness ignited in his body as the Aphrodisium elicited sexual desires spawning deep inside his psyche. His body tingled his desires erupted and his speedo bulge pulsed in majestic ripples of pleasure as the Pleasure Wrap squeezed his speedo. Swimmerboy’s moans were erotically charged and he looked across to see his symbiote tremble and thrash in his bonds.

“Yes, I thought that might work a treat gentlemen! Nathan’s juices, his sexual body will drive you into a sexual frenzy Swimmerboy, that reaction was just the ticket! We will have a lovely time together tonight, a sumptuous introduction with Nathan’s implant deep in his brain anatomy, let’s get it fired up and he will enter into the world of sexual oblivion, he will become a sexual drone, driven by his erotic speedo connection! Fuck I could cum right here and now, but the show must go on my beautiful young horny men.”

We will be employing loads of conditioning for my two Play Toys, combining pleasure as the stimulant and reward. Like Pavlov’s dog, my Play Toys will be subject to various streams and intensities of pleasure, before we graduate them onto sources of pain and agony. I have special conditioning research labs waiting in my new facility, so over time, Swimmerboy, you will be responsible for Nathan’s, shall we say, development into my perfect sexual drone. He will become obsessed with you, craving your pleasure in any he can obtain it. He will become captive to your innermost desires and fantasies. Tonight, my delicious Swimmerboy, your secrets have begun to infest his brain, he will embrace your speedo essence in a new way and feel your sexual needs and desires infiltrate his brain. His implant will learn and flower and tonight Swimmerboy, the intensity of your fucking awesome pleasure will ignite the implant, power it, and establish your symbiotic roots.”

Seed looked at Nathan, he was looking up from his bondage, the fear in his eyes was screaming, Seed’s words were chilling, and he was helplessly tied to the diabolical device which would begin the infestation deep inside his brain, his fate was becoming the fate of Swimmerboy, his speedo pleasure becoming a slave to Swimmerboy’s raging and powerful pleasure. His speedo was filling and swirling with the next raging onslaught, the rising tide of magnificent sensation was developing and throbbing deep inside his penis, he felt his testicles being caressed by an invisible force, they were being fondled by sensual energy, warming his balls, caressing him. He felt the velvety touch of the pleasure as it enveloped his penis and radiated from his bulge across the surface of his speedo pouch, it was caressing him delightfully and carefully. He had already cum himself dry, but this new pleasure was a new development, it was not attacking him in shards and spikes of power, shocking his juices out of his body, the pleasure had evolved, he felt desires and needs, they were synching with this new and delicious pleasure crawling over his speedo pouch, it licked his buttocks as the energy flowed around his speedo thong buzzing and fizzing. He was becoming horny and his sexual needs were starting to emerge.

“How is that feeling Play Toy Nathan?” Seed ran his finger across the top of Nathan’s speedo, he tightened the drawstring of the garment, playing with the knot, he tucked the bow into the top of the speedo. “Mmmmmmm, you are so fucking sexy Nathan, just delicious! Is your speedo feeling nice? These Pleasure Altars are just amazing pieces of kit, I’m so glad we could upgrade you and Tyles over there,” he looked over to Tyler, his moaning and writhing body was insistent. “We must get him acquainted with Swimmerlad soon, he sounds so sexy on his Altar. He’ll get some love soon, Swimmerlad is a tad busy serving the second Tier with his sweet milk right now.” Seed’s evil smile returned to focus on Nathan. “Now, my sweet sexy boy, so handsome and beautiful,” Seed ran his fingers across Nathan’s abs, “Your journey into pleasure is just beginning, but this beautiful superhero bound in front of you here,” Seed moved his hands to Nathan’s speedo, his fingers caressed the tight erotic wet fabric forming Nathans’s speedo bulge, and motioned his head toward Swimmerboy, suspended helplessly in the harvester device, writhing, and twisting as the delicious pleasure continued to infest his speedo. “…Is your passport to new vistas of pleasure, way beyond your wildest dreams, you are going to feed on Swimmerboy’s milk Nathan and as you do, your sucking and feeding will set off the pleasure devices thrilling Swimmerboy, draining him of his Speedo Strength so carefully and completely. He will so enjoy your sweet face as you worship that majestic speedo, his red pouch of lycra, his delicious balls cupped in the erotic garment and his spectacular pleasure infused penis will so enjoy your devotions.” His smile was chilling, and he continued his evil, sexual commentary. “The increased pleasure will flow to your Altar Nathan, you will enjoy the pent-up beauty of the pleasure as it infiltrates your own speedo, magical, amazing sensation will fill you and your sexual desires and fantasies will begin to merge with Swimmerboy, his pleasure stream will invigorate you, feed your innermost desires as your implant begins to feed on the powerful information flooding it from the very intimate transference process!”

Nathan writhed and tested his bondage, the restraints were powerful, he was helpless, he felt the beautiful sensation as it filled his speedo pouch, somehow, Seeds fingers were drawing the energy into his bulge, he felt the sensual velvety pleasure overtake him and his penis felt exquisite, sumptuous! He enjoyed the way Seed’s hungry fingers caressed his junk and he felt his cock twitch and throb, he was becoming hard again, his speedo was somehow becoming a beautiful mass of delicious tender pleasure.

Seed looked into Nathan’s widening eyes, he looked beautiful and handsome, his boyish good looks were a complete turn on to Seed and his face radiated the delicious sensations caressing his loins and his sensitive penis. “So sweet, so delicious, my lovely Nathan, this will be your first dip in the ocean of pleasure available to you, we’ll let you enjoy the waters as they nourish your soul and thrill you. I’ll be right here, once we get started, I will worship your speedo, while you worship Swimmerboy, my tongue will ensure your needs are met, because you are going to make Swimmerboy sing!” Look at him Nathan, let me describe what he is experiencing and what you will be enhancing as your mouth explores that erotic mass of hero bulge, that seething hotbed of milk pumping from his bulge.

Seed reluctantly withdrew his fingers from Nathan’s delicious wet speedo, Nathan twisted his athletic body, and his moans of delight were intoxicating to Seed, but Seed was focusing his attention on the pleasure prime, the server, the spectacular simmering sexual superhero, waiting for the next level of his subjugation.

“How are you enjoying the harvester my dear boy?” Seed ran his fingers across Swimmerboy’s chest, he caressed the hero’s pert small nipples, so sensitive and inviting, “Your body is just tingling and engulfed in sexual power, isn’t it my dear Swimmerboy? Your desires your fantasies, your bondage is working their way through your delicious writhing body, expressing themselves in every wave of the divine pleasure erupting inside your magnificent speedo. You are a mass of beautiful and erotic expression Swimmerboy! I am correct?”

Swimmerboy twisted in his bonds, the Harvester had him in its clutches and his Speedo Strength was draining slowly, he had plenty left though, but he needed to ration it. “Y    o    u  F ie  n  d!” Swimmerboy’s words were difficult to express, his body was engulfed in mind bending sexual tornadoes of desire and fantasy, his stretched body felt beautiful, the drugs and the Elixir of Eros were ensuring that! He looked down to his raging red speedo and moaned as the next pump delivered a globule of pre-cum to the surface, the pleasure radiating across his speedo pouch and through his buttocks, “Nghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Don’t speak, Swimmerboy, you will need your strength, the pleasure will not relent, your body will adapt to the pleasure systems and your milk, well it’s just divine; so silky and warm! Orgasmo’s little adjustments earlier for my anointing have you delivering such beautiful silky hero nectar. I trust my Play Toy, turns you on, your sexual desires and fantasies are raging in you Swimmerboy, Nathan looks so inviting, doesn’t he? I mean model good looks, athletic, tight body, a speedo thong of beauty and this whole package tied spread-eagled to one of your favourite devices, a Pleasure Altar. Sexual mastery don’t you think?”

Swimmerboy was totally drawn to the sexual beauty of Nathan’s helpless writhing body, Seed was more than correct and Swimmerboy tried looking away from the erotic show set before him, he felt the Pothos energise and pulse and this set off the speedo sensitiser, Swimmerlad’s pleasure crawled all over his penis, the Pothos was invigorating and his body thrust and writhed involuntarily, the Speedo AI had fired up and set off the pleasure pulse to enhance Swimmerboy’s sexual attraction to the beautiful Play Toy and to ensure his fantasies kept engulfing his mind, he was horny as all fuck!

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Swimmerboy’s head rolled around as he felt the increase in the pleasure shoot through his speedo bulge, his body raged with erotic desires and the feelings of attraction.

“Nathan looks just ravishing, erotic, wouldn’t you agree Swimmerboy?”

Seed turned to Nathan, he was looking up from his bonds, trying his best to lift his head to survey his delicious body and his speedo, swirling with the next pleasure transference instalment, he could feel his desires flaring up and feelings of erotic bondage were suddenly filling his mind, he was starting to experience the result of not merely the portion of Swimmerboy’s magnificent pleasure stream, but the meta-erotic data being fed into the tiny implant as the pleasure flowed into his speedo, the conditioning had commenced and Seed could see it in Nathan’s widening eyes.

“You’re feeling needy and sensual aren’t you my lovely Play Toy, your eyes and your face tell a magical erotic story and you should not resist it Nathan, it cannot be stopped. You see Swimmerboy’s every sexual fantasy, his every erotic desire, has been accessed by Orgasmo’s pleasure systems, they are being fed by his exquisite pleasure. This is your first swim in this pool of lust, but we will have many sessions of your conditioning, Swimmerboy will be pleasured regularly to feed your micro-chip, you will come to crave his pleasure and we will make you into a sexual dynamo, gaging with desire to service my every sexual and sensual need. You and Tyler will become giants of the speedo compound, my devoted hungry toys.” His smile was evil and menacing as he looked into the wide eyes of Nathan, his speedo was being pummelled with sensation, far greater than before, he looked at his bulge, he felt the stir of the powerful erection.

Seed continued, “Let me explain what Swimmerboy is enjoying so you have a good idea of what your tongue will inflict on him as he feeds your erotic little implant, conditioning your carnal little mind with deep sexual and insatiable desire.”

Nathan cried out, he looked toward Tyler, but Tyler was in the middle of a sensual orgasm, his attention was on his raging cock as his Pleasure Altar fed him Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream. “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, ple aaaaase no!”

“Oh, don’t worry your lovely, pretty head Nathy boy, You’re going to so enjoy this.” Seed caressed Swimmerboy’s bulge, it sent the sensitiser off and Swimmerboy’s screams pieced Nathan as he cried out.”

Nathan felt the spike envelop his speedo. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” was his delicious response. His face screwed as the pleasure diffused across his speedo.

“Now our delicious writhing, sexual Swimmerboy, is enjoying the delights of his Harvester, he looks fucking gorgeous, doesn’t he? That superb red speedo pouch, the bulging erotic mass of his is just sumptuous, Nathan. You see his speedo is wrapped in a pleasure program delivering his speedo a constant delicious experience, the Wrap feels like velvet to him as it caresses his body, the speedo sensitiser adds a further delicious dimension with every movement of his body, his penis rubs deliciously inside the garment and this inflicts sensations so diabolical, so inescapable. Your tongue will drive him wild as the sensitiser fires up and enhances the other erotic systems working him, pleasuring him, draining his Speedo Strength. That pleasure is feeding your conditioning my dear boy, and as you worship his pouch, his pleasure will rise and rise and your speedo will SING, ooh how exciting!” Seed was getting off on his description of their looming pleasure connection. “He is being pumped, every millilitre of pre cum is being pushed through his sexy penis, by a super force that leaves the inside of his cock with a coating of sumptuous sensation. To top off his experience, Orgasmo has unleased the Pothos, a powerful pleasure system that has coated his penis and balls, it is fashioned from the Pleasure Stream of Swimmerlad, so he is being pleasured in part by his gorgeous partner! His cock is coated in Swimmerlad’s pleasure, his balls are gurgling as the Pothos heats his juices to a sublime temperature, you’ll get to enjoy those delicious juices soon.”

Swimmerboy, twisted and pulled violently in his bonds, he tried with all his might to break free, he could not imagine what Nathan was thinking, but he was determined to fight, the delicious conditioning process.

“Yo            u ffffffffffucking ffffffffffffffffiend, must freeeeeeeeeeeeeee my-self, mu….st not pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeasuuuuuuuuuuuuuure condition Na...thhhhhhhhh…an!” He was desperate, he never felt more erotic than this moment, his cock, his balls, his arse were containers of fizzing pleasure, his lusts and deep desires consumed him and the mere sight of the writhing Play Toy, his skimpy wet nylon speedo pouch and his athletic body was driving him wild and hot with lust.

Seed stood back to survey the two delicious men as they both writhed in Symbiotic harmony, “You two are just fucking awesome, I need to cum, but I will control myself!” Seed erupted in a fit of sexual mastery.

“Now we will begin! Just so you know I am engaging Tyler’s neck choker, so if you choose not to worship Swimmerboy’s hot red, pre-cum oozing speedo bulge, but honestly, who wouldn’t be able to resist such an erotic offering? Tyler’s last breath will occur on his Pleasure Altar, his choker will tighten slowly, and you will both watch his body thrash in his desperate attempts to free himself from his pain, fail! I’ll leave that decision to you Nathan and when I bring Swimmerlad down to start Tyler’s conditioning, your neck choker will engage.”

Your conditioning will be rewarded by deep pleasure Nathan, I can assure you of that!

“Time to taste Swimmerboy’s milk Nathan! His pleasure will pound your cock as you develop Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream with your mouth and tongue, the stream will flood your implant, so you may have moments of inescapable feelings and desires, don’t worry I will be right between your athletic legs, worshiping your nylon thong, a bit of emotional support, a three way! How exciting!” Seed’s evil smile was full of lust as he gloated over his two sexual captives.

Swimmerboy’s body flexed and twisted, he was helpless, and the Harvester stretched his body, he was suspended, oozing clear juices onto the Milk Bar floor as he writhed erotically.

“Lift Nathan’s Pleasure Altar, 70 degrees” Seed smiled at Nathan.

“I’ll be with you all the way; my tongue will give you a lovely boost my sweet, beautiful toy!”

Tyler screamed out as the Choker, locked on his windpipe.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, breathing too difficult, pleasure raping me, ffffffffffffffffffffuck” he pulled on his bonds, but the beautiful Play Toy was helpless.

“Remember Nathan, Tyler’s life is in your hands, or should I say mouth!” Seed chuckled at his little attempt at light comedy.

Nathan’s Pleasure Altar locked in place with a hiss and he looked around, he had a better view of the first Tier and most eyes were on he and Swimmerboy.

“Raise Swimmerboy, deliver his speedo one inch from Nathan’s face!” Seed stood back to watch the Harvester deliver the erotic payload to Nathan’s face with precision.

The Harvester delivered a powerful spike of pleasure to Swimmerboy’s bulge and his body trembled as it took hold, the pleasure pump delivered a mighty erotic secretion, the juice spurted from the wet nylon into Nathan’s face.

Nathan was helpless, Swimmerboy’s heaving magnificent lycra bulge, his speedo pouch was so close and raging, he could feel the heat of the pleasure systems engulfing the mighty hero radiating into his face and he felt the tingles jump across the gulf between Swimmerboy’s bulge and his face. The desires and needs raging in his brain from the chip overpowered him, he was helpless, and his face was drawn into the drenched cornucopia of speedo beauty, sublime, perfect and sexual. The sounds of Swimmerboy’s breathing and hissing as the Pothos raped him were fucking beautiful, his newfound lust flowing through the pleasure transference was conditioning the carnal, primal regions of his brain. He just had to have that bulge! Swimmerboy’s cock in his mouth. Swimmerboy’s pleasure demanded he worship the speedo offering!

Seed was jumping in delight, his sexual dance had begun, and his Play Toys were being transformed! He composed himself and bent down beneath the leg extensions of Swimmerboy’s harvester and positioned himself at the apex of Nathan’s speedo bulge, Nathan was almost hard, but his penis was still pliable and soft enough to enjoy and caress, he knew that inside Nathan’s Speedo, divine pleasure licked at the young athlete’s cock and balls. Seed looked up, he could see Swimmerboy’s raging, oozing wet speedo, his pre-cum dripping down onto Nathan’s abs as the nylon thong pulled between the hero’s powerful legs and buttocks, he could see the underside of Swimmerboy’s bulge. The sight of the thrusting and moaning was a sexual highlight, it was powerful and sublime. He started to mingle Swimmerboy’s juices onto Nathan’s heaving speedo, he would dine on the combined juices of the raging hero and his horny symbiote!

Seed was in a state of erotic bliss as he ordered the Harvester to position Swimmerboy’s bulge into Nathan’s hungry mouth.

Pleasure loop initiated.

Swimmerboy’s cries echoed through each of the tiers, he felt the Pothos ignite and his cock was existing in a sea of warm continuous pleasure energy, Swimmerboy felt his bulge and his pouch explode and moments later Nathan’s trembling body shuddered as the pleasure entered into his speedo with such power, it fizzed onto Seed’s hungry hands as they caressed the Play Toy’s drenched body and speedo pouch. Swimmerboy’s juices were flowing and the sound of Swimmerboy’s body pumping into Nathan’s face was exhilarating.

Swimmerboy’s fantasy began to flower in his mind, it became a vivid and real experience. Nathan experienced it too as the symbiont connection flared in the erotic pleasure loop.

Swimmerboy’s fantasy took form, its realism was breathtaking for both hero and his symbiont.

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad had been figuring out the little clues to whoever had captured Robin. Swimmerboy’s secret desire for Robin, the Boy Wonder had become vivid and real as his fantasy began to unfold, he a Swimmerlad in a sexual threesome with batman’s protégé, great friends and sexual buddies that enjoyed a secret and loving relationship with Dick Grayson whenever he was in town! But right now, he and Swimmerlad were following secret messages delivered to their encrypted phones and from a weird old man near the city’s main railway station, the reference to ‘all that glitters’ in the words of the old homeless man in the bus shelter sent them to the diamond exchange building down town, it fitted with the reference to “giving and taking” that Swimmerlad received to his phone. It was late at night when they arrived. The cc tv was turned off, “Hmmmmn, inquisitive Swimmerlad, that’s been knocked out, it’s been smashed!” Swimmerboy observed. They decided to scout around the building looking for anything suspicious or for anything that directed them wherever the “bird in hand” was being held. Swimmerboy had received a message to come and rescue the precious ‘bird in the hand’ and to ‘listen to the man by the tracks’ for their next clue.

Whoever had begun this game, was well aware of their little ménage à trois with the Boy Wonder and wanted to play a little game of hide-n-seek. They were going out of their way to string them along.

Swimmerboy was leaning against the wall in the lane behind the building, it was dark and a black cat brushed past his feet, its tail swished up and across his legs This back lane has a door across the way he thought to himself and he stealthily crossed the lane, his speedo sense was tingling and the top of his cock tingled as it sat pushing his speedo bulge out, Swimmerboy caressed his bulge to try and alleviate the tingling sensation, he loved feeling his bulge, he loved it more when Swimmerlad did and when Robin played with him, when he was in town. Robin was in town, but the messages told him that he was definitely held against his will.

Swimmerboy knew that they had located the place, and the eerie quiet of the late night ensured that nobody was in the city at this time, except for a few stray cats it seemed. Swimmerboy was not sure where Swimmerlad had gone, he may have climbed up to the roof, He was good at using his Speedo Strength to climb and scale walls.

Swimmerlad was indeed on the roof, Swimmerboy heard the secret hoot signal that indicated where his partner was, so he decided to try the doorway, maybe they had left it unlocked or there was some way to open it. He remembered the clue about the ‘treasure behind the red brick’ Ah fuck, that is what that was all about , he noticed that the wall surrounding the back lane entrance to the diamond exchange was made of different coloured bricks in a kind of artwork, something quite common the city precincts of down-town. He took several steps looking upward and behind himself, keeping a keen eye on his surroundings, his Speedo Sense never lied! He knew he was in dangerous territory and he was certain that Swimmerlad would be experiencing the same special notifications in his beautiful little orange Eyeline branded nylon speedos. Swimmerboy had enjoyed fondling his boyfriend before they left their secret apartment on their mission to locate Robin. He was so looking forward to rescuing the Boy Wonder and getting his little sex kittens’ home for some speedo fun. Yum two loads of cum tonight he thought as he tried the first of the red bricks, there were two of them close by to the doorway.

The first red brick did not budge, so he quickly moved his hands across the wall feeling his way in the very dim light. He heard a door click from up on the roof and he figured that Swimmerlad had located a roof terrace entrance, maybe he would be able to get this door open from the inside? But he didn’t need that. The second red brick started to budge, and he was able to grip it and use his speedo strength to budge it out of its place in the arty wall surrounding the back entrance. Bingo! There was a little sign illuminated inside the cavity left by the removed brick, it said ‘welcome, hats off to you! Press here!’ Swimmerboy pressed the little button in the middle of the sign.


The lock disengaged and with a quick look around, Swimmerboy pushed the door inward and entered the rear of the diamond exchange building. The door was sprung and armed! Whoever had the Boy Wonder was now well aware that Swimmerboy had entered the building.

Back in the Milk Bar

Seed looked up from his worship of Nathan’s heaving bulge, Nathan’s cock was super hard, his body was flowing in Swimmerboy juices as they oozed down his athletic chest and abs toward his delicious speedo thong and Seed’s hungry hands massaging the Play Toy’s throbbing hard cock, the sounds of Nathan’s sucking and slurping and the sight of Swimmerboy’s tight buttocks clenching with every thrust of Swimmerboy’s pelvis; he pumped Nathan’s face with his drenched red lycra bulge forcefully, the sounds of the speedo sex were magical and carnal. Seed listened and smiled as he heard both pleasure-locked symbionts muttering unintelligible words as they proceeded with their erotic dance.

Whatever they are experiencing is fucking hot, listen to them muttering in synch, I bet Swimmerboy is experiencing a nice wet erotic fantasy! 

Seed hadn’t noticed but Orgasmo had left the second tier, he had paid a visit to the acolytes enjoying Swimmerlad. It was the huge moan that erupted from both Nathan and Swimmerboy that took his attention though.

Back in the fantasy…

Swimmerboy had noticed the line of lights, he called out to Swimmerlad, “Are you in? I think I have located something down here; Speedo Sense is off-the-fecking-charts!” There was no reply from Swimmerlad though. Nothing to indicate where he was, not a sound, except for a generator of some sort clicking on. He made his way through the corridor following a line of lights and noticed a small cap on a plinth; it had an arrow pointing to the left on the cap’s visor. Swimmerboy followed the passage, passing the cap and when he reached the fork, he took the left-hand passage. He stepped stealthily, using his speedo strength to try and enhance his vision and to listen out for any sign of Swimmerlad. His cock was a buzz and as he stepped on the secret pad below his feet, the floor opened and he was suddenly in the air, he felt the air rush over his body as he fell into whatever trap, whoever had set!

Swimmerboy’s fall was arrested by the feeling of a strong net beneath his body and as his weight was taken by the net, it dropped him to the floor surrounding his writhing body, tightening its grip on him with his every struggle. He lay on the floor helplessly surrounded by the net, his body tingling, and it was not his Speedo Sense he was feeling; it was a mild electrical current of some form, he felt his body being engulfed by the current as he wriggled. In the midst of his coming to terms with the situation, he heard the sound of a chute, it was getting stronger and he looked up, through the netting surrounding his head, and Swimmerlad’s squirming body came rushing out, it catapulted his body across the expansive room into a second waiting net that encircled his body like a cocoon. He was soon hanging from the ceiling, entwined in the nefarious netting, it sparkled and flashed with every thrash of his body and as he lowered to the floor, Swimmerboy could hear the buzz of the current as it ensnared Swimmerlad in its evil cocoon.

Mad Hatter’s, English accent boomed around the room sometime later, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad lay helpless on the floor, they had learned to keep as still as possible, wriggling only resulted in punishment!

“Good show old boys! I can see that I wasn’t too cryptic in my messages and you found your way to my new lair, this unused basement has been vacant for years, nobody uses it, so I’ve taken possession and I’ve done it up a bit!”

Buzz, buzz.

Swimmerboy squirmed trying to use his Speedo Strength, to break the hold of the electrified netting, but it was too strong, it tightened with his every move.

“I wouldn’t struggle too much gentlemen, the netting is specially designed to constrict its captive and responds to your struggles. Your Speedo Strength is all that is keeping you alive, but if it constricts enough, your will eventually drain your powers and it will squeeze the life from your delicious bodies. So, don’t struggle my little pets, Mad Hatter has some delicious plans for you two!”

I followed Robin’s little tracks, he thought he was covering his tracks, but my little birdies had him well in their sights all the way. Dick Grayson travels first class these days, a far cry from the struggling circus life he once had. He was easy to track and just before arriving at your little secret abode, his rideshare car took a different turn and the aircon pumped whisps of cat nap that Catwoman sold me into the car’s cabin. My driver’s cap protected him with a special mask that he engaged after turning on the aircon. Robin had a little nap!

We found his little Robin suit and his utility belt, and a few other little kinky things in his belongings, and once we got sleeping beauty out of the car and safely inside. I had so much fun dressing his groggy tight body into his suit. It is just too boring playing with him in his civilian clothes. Wow I did enjoy cramming his meat into that little lycra speedo he had folded in his luggage, you know, the one with his little yellow “R” on his right-hand hip. Fuck what a nice package, I took my time dressing him. I want him to look ravishing for your you two. Your little secret sexual threesome is safe with me boys!” Mad Hatter held onto his top hat as he threw his head back in laughter.

Take them to the play room, they like their play time and I think they will so enjoy the bondage set up we have for them. They like a little kink to spice up their fun.

He could feel them lifting him, Nathan was experiencing it too, it was vivid and sexy. Swimmerboy was engrossed in his Robin fantasy, but he was the centre of the fantasy, the central figure in the delicious screen play filling his head and shared by Nathan.

“Where are you taking us?” Swimmerboy asked, “Aghhhhh!” He had struggled in the bondage, but the net only tightened on him and electrocuted him in whisps of energy surrounding his body.

“Shut up, every struggle will only constrict you more and torture you more hero boy!” Milner, one of Mad Hatter’s henchmen spat back at the struggling hero.

They will have to release me from this net trap soon, I’ll play weak and storm them by surprise, find Swimmerlad and Robin and get the fuck out of here, if I can find the way up and out Swimmerboy was making his plans, but had not reckoned on the Mad Hatter’s little toys.

Milner sported a little yellow beanie cap with a red propellor on the top, the other goon, called Porkpie holding Swimmerboy’s feet sported a boater hat, like a private school kid, he looked very formal in the hat. “Nearly there, Swimmerboy, Mad Hatter has a lovely surprise for you and Swimmerlad!” Porkpie looked down at the struggling hero, he was getting very horny.

“Here we are, welcome to ‘The Hattery Fun Room’ Swimmerboy, we’ll bring Swimmerlad soon, but before that, Mad Hatter wants you nice and secure!”

Here is my chance, I’m sure I remember the path back to Mad Hatter’s trap to find Swimmerlad, but where have they stashed Boy Wonder?

Swimmerboy laid as still as he could, he let them unravel the diabolical netting with a special tool, his head was free, and he thought to himself, At fucking last ! But then as he allowed Milner to start releasing his torso and arms he noticed the device emerging from the top of Porkpie’s private school boater hat. It swirled and mesmerised Swimmerboy. He felt the world go fuzzy and although he was aware of his surroundings, he was almost powerless to move, he was fully aware mentally, but his body had become soft and fluffy. Swimmerboy knew they had released him from the clutches of the net, and he felt them raise him from the floor, strong hands lifted him, and he felt something hard beneath him, although it felt soft to his touch in his mesmerised state, like he was laying on a soft mattress, he could feel them spread his legs and arms and the restraints felt like fluffy sex toys surrounding his wrists and ankles. He noticed Porkpie looking down at him and the same mesmerising device began to turn in the opposite direction. He was bound to a central bondage table in the middle of The Hattery Fun Room. He took a couple of minutes for his brain to return to his reality. It was no soft bed; he was bound spread eagled to a stainless-steel table and the restrains holding him squeezed his wrists and ankles without mercy. He struggled and pulled on his bonds, but he was helplessly bound to Mad Hatter’s diabolical machine. His Speedo Strength was struggling, his bondage was powerful, and he was stretched helplessly in the centre of the room.

Swimmerboy was wearing a soft nylon speedo branded garment, it was light blue with white sections sewn into the sides, he felt erotic and sexy and he looked fucking sexy stretched out in the Hattery. He was under strong lights and he surveyed his stretched body, he felt his pleasure gurgling in his bondage, his erotic bondage fantasy felt so real, so sexual and tantalising. He lifted his pelvis up as best he could and the feeling of the speedo brushing his cock was amazing.

Milner soon arrived back to the Hattery Play Room, he had Swimmerlad in a trance and as much as Swimmerboy tried to get Swimmerlad’s attention it was useless, Swimmerlad had become a drone. Milner directed Swimmerlad to a round presentation frame to Swimmerboy’s right and Swimmerboy watched as Milner directed the magnificent erotic hero to his restraints. Swimmerlad lifted his arms and the restraints lowered from the machine, which Milner attached to Swimmerlad’s wrists. The machine lifted Swimmerlad off the floor and Swimmerlad groaned as his body took his weight. Milner attached Swimmerlad’s ankles, stretching his powerful legs apart and the machine made its final adjustment. Swimmerlad was helplessly stretched next to Swimmerboy.

“You fiend!” Spat Swimmerboy, “He’s in some kind of a fucking stupor, you bastards!”

Milner looked across to the delicious Swimmerboy, “Not for long Swimmerboy!”

Milner adjusted his yellow beanie cap and the red propellor began to whir in Swimmerlad’s face. The anti-mesmeriser worked a treat! Swimmerlad began to groan and suddenly pull in his bondage. Swimmerboy’s beautiful boyfriend was bound right before him, they were both helpless in their bondage.

There was just one more frame in the Hattery Play Room remaining. It was vacant and waiting to Swimmerboy’s left on the opposite side to Swimmerlad.

“Are you ok Swimmerlad?”

“Yeah that fuckin net caught me mid-air and it started ensnaring me before I could register what was happening. One Second I was creeping down some stairs, then the next, the stairs turned into a slippery chute and I was flying through the air. I couldn’t move, my Speedo Strength felt weak and powerless.”

“Yeah me too!” Cannot break these bonds, I feel so fucking horny, I want you so much Swimmerlad, I was having visions of you me and Dick in bed playing by now! Your wet bulge in my face, Robin’s tight body tied to the bed, but I am stretched on this machine waiting whatever fate Mad Hatter has instore. So horny!”

The wait was short, in the shadows he could see a dancing light and Mad Hatter’s voice chuckling, the light and the chuckling were come closer and the next instant, Porkpie and Milner arrived with Robin ensnared in a glowing rope. It was encircling his writhing body and his wrists and ankles were bound tightly in the mysterious cord.

He had a gag in his mouth, it was muffling his protests, he wriggled inside the weird rope.

“Untie Blunder Boy! Just leave his wrists bound behind his back.”

They soon had Robin to his feet, Mad Hatter had dressed him perfectly.

“He’s just too sexy when he is bound and being a little insolent rich boy brat! You boys have great taste in sexual play mates and to think Dicky boy would come all this way to blow his cherry! But in looking at you two delicious specimens, I bet he dreamed of doing naughty things with you boys the entire journey being pampered up the front of the plane!”

Mad Hatter walked over to Robin, he had dressed Robin in his tight lycra speedo briefs, and he had chosen Robin’s tight sleeveless top, it clung to his athletic and muscular body. He had also dressed him in his pointy boots. Robin’s dark hair curled across his forehead and his handsome face behind his cute little mask twisted in his vain attempts to break the tight glowing ropes binding his wrists.

“Such a delightful little song bird boys, you do choose your men so well.” Mad Hatter, unclipped Robin’s utility belt and placed it on a small plinth next the vacant bondage frame.  He walked back to the Boy Wonder and ran his fingers across the front of the green lycra speedo, Robin’s meat filled the pouch delightfully and his bulge protruded powerfully, it was wet!

“Mmmm, nice and moist Blunder Boy, the Bat has trained you so well!” Mad Hatter looked away from Robin and walked across to Swimmerboy, he left Robin in the capable hands of Milner and Porkpie. Mad Hatter ran his fingers across Swimmerboy’s bulging nylon pouch, he enjoyed the warmth and fullness of the penis curled up inside the beautiful blue fabric. “Now this my dear Swimmerboy is utter heaven, so majestic and proud, such a beautiful speedo bulge.” Mad Hatter’s voice was low and sexy, “… you know my sexual young hero, Robin here has resisted hours of my naughty little pleasure drug, his cock was so fucking hard, and the drugs infested his generous cock with sub-orgasmic, but very intense pleasure. He has been dripping pre-cum and he sounds so erotic as he moans to himself. I employed a throbber program that pulsed his cock so delicately. The bat has taught him well, he can endure lots of sensation, and I am very impressed!” Mad Hatter purred, “But we’ll just see about that won’t we boys!”

“Tie Robin to his pleasure frame and when his is secure remove his gag. He and the delicious Swimmerlad will look just ravishing to Swimmerboy, all trussed up, spread-eagled next to him on either side.” He looked intently into Swimmerboy’s eyes. “I know they turn you on so much Swimmerboy, I mean two sexy young men all tied up and waiting to play! And, well we are in the play room after all.”

Robin squirmed and it too both of the powerful henchmen to truss the young crime fighter up in the pleasure frame device, but eventually, they had him spreadeagled and helpless, his athletic body and his muscles flexed as they took the strain of his weight, the bondage pulling him in four directions. Milner and Porkpie had removed Robin’s boots and his gloves and left his mask in place, he was also left with his skin tight vest and his deliciously moist green lycra speedo costume. He looked beautiful and sexual as he writhed and twisted but the powerful restraints held him safely.

“Those restraints can hold Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad Robin, so try as you might, but I think the boys here will totally agree, that you look so fetching and sexy as you twist and pull inside your pleasure frame like that!” Mad Hatter was walking around the three bondage devices surveying his delicious captives and stopped by Swimmerlad.

“Now here’s a blonde beauty if ever I saw one! Mmmmmmmm Mmmm! Look at those little nylons he is wearing, they give him so much power, and well,” Mad Hatter ran his fingers across the top and the drawstring of Swimmerlad’s Eyeline orange speedos before gently cupping his beautiful manhood, ”…such a spectacular piece of kit, you have Swimmerlad, we will have some fun and I will enjoy you so much soon dear boy! But before that, we have lots to do to get ourselves acquainted!” Before leaving Swimmerlad to twist and struggle in his bonds, he bent down and took a deep whiff of Swimmerlad’s orange nylon pouch. “Yes, very sexy Swimmerlad. Yes!”

Mad Hatter moved to the end of the stainless-steel table which held Swimmerboy’s writhing body, he surveyed the beautiful form of each of the young heroes as they pulled and struggled in their delicious bondage. He held out his hands, one facing Robin, the other to Swimmerlad. With Swimmerboy between the outstretched arms, Mad Hatter, lifted his head upward and then back, looking at each of the beautiful young men, “A perfect Hat-Trick! Three in one! A bird in the hand, well, hahahahahaha, looky here, I have,” he looked toward Robin,”…one in the hand here, and two delicious others, hahahahahahahaha!”

“Let’s play boys!”

Milner and Porkpie jumped up and down before removing their shirts and shorts, they left their dangerous hats in place, and the stood wearing black lycra speedos and like Robin, they had their initial ‘M’ and ‘P’ printed on the right hip of the garment, the letters were in smaller font and orange which matched Swimmerlad’s  orange nylon Eyelines.

Mad Hatter, thew out a raucous laugh, “Looking great boys, you know I think these three crimefighters and secret speedo-sex loving boys will enjoy the view as you service them tonight!” He looked around the room at the feast of spectacular men, bound and horny, their writhing bodies such a spectacular sight to behold.

“You three had some erotic plans for tonight, am I wrong?” Mad Hatter held his finger to his mouth as if to show he was posing a very important question. “Some fun and games in the ‘secret’ little speedo boudoir? I bet you have the ropes and toys waiting right now, I bet! But I decided to crash the party and you three sexy boys are now here to play at my place!”

Mad Hatter moved to Swimmerboy’s side and surveyed the beautiful form of the hero’s chest as it rose and fell with his deep breathing.

Swimmerboy could see his perfectly tuned body, his flexing muscles, his raging and horny speedo sitting proudly on his body and the mountain of his nylon bulge as he lifted his head off the table and surveyed the room. Milner was standing by Robin and Porkpie was standing next to Swimmerlad surveying his helpless prey. He also noticed Mad Hatter open a little drawer in his tall Top Hat and take a pinch of some kind of powder. He clenched his fist as he closed the little drawer and then moved his clenched fist over his heaving chest. Swimmerboy felt the powerful restraints clasping his wrists and ankles tightly as he pulled helplessly.

“What are you gughhhhh, up to Mad Hatter?” Swimmerboy looked up from his bondage again but was glaring into the crazed eyes of the master villain, “You’ll pay for this!”

“Tut tut Swimmerboy, this won’t hurt a bit, this special substance will make you feel amazing, it’s a perfect gift for a perfect speedo clad hunk like you, tied down in my pleasure play room.” Mad Hatter’s evil smile was infectious.

Swimmerboy pulled and thrashed and his crime fighting buddies mirrored his vain attempts to escape.

“Oh, such valiant, but erotic start to our little sexxxxxxxxxxxxxual play time boys!” Mad Hatter’s clenched fist was directly above Swimmerboy’s majestic nylon bulge.

“Milner, if you will please!”

Milner stepped across to the opposite side of Swimmerboy to Mad Hatter’s position and produced a small manual spray bottle from a hidden drawer in the bondage table device which Swimmerboy was stretched out on.

“Get his whole speedo pouch will you, hip to hip, spray his speedo and make sure you get every spectacular millimetre of Swimmerboy’s sexy bulge, don’t miss a spot!”

Swimmerboy could feel the cold minute spray as it fizzed into his nylon speedo, each spray was a beautiful and special feeling as the moisture, lased with concoction of powerful pleasure enhancing chemicals absorbed into his speedo and as Milner made special attention of his bulge, he began to hiss and moan as the chemicals began absorbing and becoming one with his bulge. It felt alive, it felt spectacular, the pleasure infested him as he looked downward over his heaving body only to see Mad Hatter’s face light up.

Mad Hatter opened his fist and sparkling particles dropped into Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch.

He felt his cock squirm, it was heating up it was filled, his whole speedo pouch filled with an array of pleasure that consumed him.

Mad Hatter stood back to survey his handy work, Swimmerboy’s struggling body, his head straining to look up over his straining body and down to his speedo, his muscles twitching and flexing as his body began to tingle and tremble. Swimmerlad and Robin screaming out for them to stop.

Mad Hatter stood satisfied taking in the erotic display flowering in front of him and then looked around at his two other heroes waiting and writhing, he looked up and threw his hands in the air and made his announcement.

The sound of Joe Cocker’s ‘You can leave you hat on’ began to drown out Robin and Swimmerlad’s protestations and Mad Hatter beamed:

“We’re going to play some games!” 

Back in the Milk bar reality and earlier on the second tier…

Kyle and Hunter played around with each other while they waited for their next milk delivery, they had enjoyed the delicious Swimmerboy, but he had been whisked away by Orgasmo to perform in the pleasure anointing ceremony of Seed and his two very interesting and horny henchmen. They eyed off Biff and Thunder, they looked like promising playmates, but they did not want to push their luck with them at this early stage of their new accommodation in the Seed wing of the compound. They would bide their time. They looked down to level 1 and could see Swimmerboy being enjoyed by Orgasmo, he was in presentation mode, almost 90 degrees, upright and Orgasmo was presenting the speedo merchandise to the new evil trio on their knees looking at Swimmerboy with intense lust and attention.

Kyle’s curly sandy hair, his blue eyes and his handsome face capped off a beautiful male specimen, his tanned muscles and strong rugby body made him a formidable and beautiful sight to behold, especially when he adorned his powder blue Speedo branded speedos. They set off his piercing eyes. He was hungry for Swimmerlad, he had an insatiable desire for the male form in speedo! When he was offered the chance to be admitted to the secret compound, his cock made the decision for him. He and Hunter hit it off on their first day, they had become inseparable and insatiable.

Hunter enjoyed the pool, his prime stroke was butterfly, he loved the fly and trained on a regular basis, he could remember pulling on his swimmers from a very young age, but as he grew, his interest in the other guys competing with him became stronger and stronger. He longed for each swim meet, he had his favourite competitors and he always had to fight his hardon in the change room. Unlike the other competitors, he never changed out of his competitive swimwear, they felt hot and sexy on his body and one of the trainers noticed this. He accepted an offer from the assistant coach and the two messed around in their speedos for hours, before the coach suggested he consider the compound. One of Orgasmo’s little minions, the assistant coach was on the prowl at the time for new compound members, and Hunter was a single and wealthy horn bag. He rocked a speedo with his tall build and sexy dark hair. Hunter accepted the offer, he had always wanked off to pictures and videos of Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy, so he jumped at the opportunity, his swimming career had to wait!

Kyle had enjoyed Hunter’s hot cock; he was so horny after Swimmerboy’s visit and he had thrown Hunter down onto the pleasure dock in a fit of sexual frenzy. Hunter’s penis felt smooth and fucking awesome in the light green nylon fabric of the garment which adorned his body, he was one sexy guy and he demanded attention! he had a raging hardon. Swimmerboy was just too erotic and he had been delivering milk and serving the second-tier pleasure docks for some time, the sound of his pleasure, the sight of his bondage and his powerful awesome body writhing and twisting in pure ecstasy for the patrons of their tier was absolutely mind blowing. Hunter was laying back on the empty pleasure dock and Kyle was slurping on his raging cock head, it was so deliciously prominent through the fine nylon casing of his speedo bulge, he looked up to see Kyle’s handsome face looking up from his feeding and smiling. They spent time together regularly and were well versed in each other’s special needs and little sexual quirks. Hunter loved his bulge to be licked like a lollypop and Kyle had become well practised at making his new friend hot and bothered, his hungry tongue was always up for a dose of Hunter’s sweet candy.

Kyle licked the inside of Hunter’s legs, that always made Hunter fucking horny and hot, Kyle loved the way Hunter arched his back and lifted his pelvis as Kyle licked him in that way. Kyle looked up to admire Hunter’s speedo bulge, he was about to pounce on that hotbed of erotic beauty, when he noticed blinking lights.

“Hunter, Hunter, get up!” Kyle squeezed Hunter’s balls playfully. “It’s Swimmerlad, his Harvester is making us a delivery!” The look of joy in his eyes made Hunter jump up, he felt his cock twitch and the delightful sensation of his pre-cum ooze and soak into his already moist nylon speedo. The whirring sound of the many joints and the powerful hydraulic systems were music to their ears. The harvester had Positioned Swimmerlad facing the centre of the Milk Bar, away from their pleasure dock, but as the robotic device approached their dock it started to twist and deliver its sumptuous captive.

They stood in awe as the device turned and the first glimpse of their magnificent sexual offering came into the view and they marvelled in the profile of Swimmerlad’s exquisite red bulging thong, their mouths began to water as they enjoyed the curves and lines of the majestic speedo offering as the mighty Swimmerlad began to slow down for the Harvester’s approach to their pleasure dock.

“Such a magnificent sight to behold, is it not?” Orgasmo had made his way up to their tier and he surprised the two speedo acolytes from behind.

Orgasmo smiled at their two shocked faces. “I was so glad to see you on the patron list boys, you just can’t get enough can you, hmmn, I must have you around to my place for some refreshments some time.”

It was all too much for the two young men, Swimmerlad was being docked for their enjoyment and Orgasmo had just invited them to his private apartment to play. This was becoming a night to remember!

“I have special job boys!” Orgasmo smiled as he felt up their buttocks. “MMMMM, nice fit, tight buns boys, we will have some fun soon, I promise! But tonight, Swimmerlad will play his new role in the pleasure conditioning of Play Toy Tyler. I need him worked up, I need his sexual desires, his erotic wet dreams bubbling inside him, the Elixir of Eros and my Aphrodisium will make short work of him, your job is to get him hot-n-bothered, fucking jolt him into pleasure heaven using whichever pleasure device on your menu screen you desire. Go hard, make him scream, I need his pre-jism hot and plentiful. You boys will just enjoy doing that for me won’t you?”

“Oh man, I am so horny Orgasmo, we are both raging, that won’t be problem!” Kyle watched as Orgasmo, bent down to lick his magnificent powder blue mound. Orgasmo had one of his hands placed on Hunter’s buttocks. Orgasmo made his mental note to invite these two for some debriefing.

He stood up licking his lips. “Excellent boys! I have just left Swimmerboy in the capable hands of Seed, he will be delivered to Play Toy Nathan soon to begin an initial intense pleasure transference therapy session and I need Swimmerlad here juicy and horny, ready to thrill Play Toy Tyler.

“I’ll leave you two delicious young men to play, let’s say fifteen, twenty minutes. Swimmerlad must be delivered in a sexual state of hyper pleasure, his bondage, his every fantasy alive within his body, screaming to be toyed with. You get my drift. I will reward you handsomely with privileges and your special place in my playrooms, I have some delicious plans for you two, if you wish to join me in some fun. Off you go now, you have a superhero to enjoy and defeat!”

Orgasmo walked away confidently, leaving the two horny young Acolytes in a state of disbelief and excitement, but their attention was jolted back to their erotic scene.



Swimmerlad was writhing uncontrollably as the pleasure dock hissed. The Harvester had locked into place and its delicious captive was presented to them almost upright. Swimmerlad was almost at their normal standing height in the presentation position. He was writhing and pulling on the bonds, but he was helpless.

“Fuck you are so sexy when you writhe in pleasure Swimmerlad. It is really evident that the pleasure pump is making you so hot. Your pre-cum, Mmmmm, that juice of yours, I remember that from the Pits, the sounds of your moaning will always be etched in my memories! But who needs memories? You are back, my dear Swimmerlad, do you think, we would not have jumped at the chance of being here tonight? It was a hefty admission fee, but just seeing you here, stretched and helpless, your magnificent red speedo thong, that awesome bulge of yours is such a kinky and luscious sight.”

Swimmerlad thrashed and cried out as a delicious pleasure spike shot between his buttocks and he instinctively thrust his pelvis toward his two horny tormentors. “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, ohhhh,” his voice was sensual and deep, his pleasure consuming him.

“Wh    a  t  Are y    o  u         p  to you fffffffi    e    n    ds?” Swimmerlad’s words were laboured and sexy as his body enjoyed the Pleasure Wrap, it had just begun to warm up his bulge, and he could feel the micro vibrations of the sensitizer licking his penis and energising the Veriform as they slithered around his penis, leaving their exquisite deposits of pleasure.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” The next ooze of his silky clear juice appeared on his bulge and Swimmerlad looked down stifling a delicious moan as he felt the resulting pleasure caress the inside of his penis and then ripple across the expanse of his sumptuous red speedo pouch.  He thrust his head from side to side and clinched his teeth in an effort to contain and deal with the dazzling sensation.

Kyle could not resist, he bent down and sucked Swimmerlad’s wet bulge, his tongue tingled as the energy fizzed and hissed, he felt Swimmerlad’s generous cock head beneath the drenched nylon and it felt sexy and luscious as it stretched the wet red fabric.

Kyle stood back and Kissed Hunter as Swimmerlad writhed and screamed out, his speedo sensitiser enveloping his pouch in outrageous sensation. Hunter tasted the sweet hero nectar in Kyle’s mouth, their tongues erupted in a delicious dance as Swimmerlad contorted in pleasure in front of them.

Hunter was just too horny, he approached Swimmerlad and lent his body against the heaving helpless hero, Hunter stretched his arms and legs to match Swimmerlad’s spread-eagled position and they were, for an erotic moment man to man, flesh to flesh, bulge to bulge.

Swimmerlad moaned deeply, the weight of Hunter’s heaving body, his hard cock thrashing into Swimmerlad’s slippery, wet speedo was exquisite and Hunter Wrapped his arms around Swimmerlad’s body, gripping the hero’s buttocks, pulling himself tighter to Swimmerlad. Hunter could feel the pleasure vibrations, the warmth of the Pleasure Wrap as it started to infest his own nylon bulge. And he felt Swimmerlad’s warm milk as it coated his speedo.

Hunter had to disengage, he was about to cum and he felt a massive orgasm germinating in his cock.

“Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!” He stood back laughing, he never felt so energised and alive, his cock still vibrating, and he reached down to feel Swimmerlad’s sexy juices, he scooped up a fistful of the hero’s sweet juice and smeared it across his across his speedo pouch before licking his fingers and lips.

Kyle stood back clapping. “Get a fucking room!” His voice jovial and expectant. “Hahahahahaha!”

Kyle then composed himself, he rubbed his semi-erect penis, it felt sumptuous in his nylon powder blue speedo and then surveyed his helpless speedo offering stretched for his pleasure, moaning, and writhing in delight.

“Cancel Veriform, cancel pleasure pump!”

The Harvester obeyed, leaving Swimmerlad to enjoy the Pleasure Wrap and the sensitiser.

“Increase sensitiser, every five minutes, five percent!”

Swimmerlad, thrashed in his bonds, “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, pleeeeeasssse, Kyle, nooooooooooooooooo!”

“But we must, we have limited time, Swimmerlad, and you must be delivered to Play Toy Tyler soon, so Hunter and I will enjoy you as much as we can in our time together, we have some very erotic plans for you, and you will, enjoy the ride!” Kyle was enjoying his time so much. He ran his fingers around the base of Swimmerlad’s bulge, his fingers began to trace the hero mound delicately, slowly, and deliberately and with precision. Kyle felt the sensitiser dance beneath his fingertips as it thrilled the mighty hero with awesome sensation.


Swimmerlad, gritted his teeth and hissed, looking down watching Kyle’s delicate loving worship of his seething red bulge. His muscles flexing and shimmering as they pulled, his body seeking release from his bonds.

“Hmm, Hunter what do you fancy?” Kyle bought up the menu on their pleasure dock screen.

“I dunno Kyley Boy, what do you feel like?” Hunter’s response was playful and fun.

But they had to move fast, they were on the clock.

“Hmmn, I’m a little parched, with all this sexual fun, I’m getting peckish!” Kyle had already chosen!

“Let’s go with the juice activator, I’ll set it for pre-cum activation!”

Hunter stepped over to Swimmerlad, he ran his fingers over Swimmerlad’s body, he enjoyed feeling the mighty hero’s sweaty sheen as he bent down and licked Swimmerlad’s pert little belly-button, he cupped the tight red speedo bulge in his right hand and Swimmerlad threw his head back in desperation.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” he enjoyed the pleasure as it fanned around his bulge.

“That menu option sounds just fine, Kyley Boy!” Hunter had stood up, admiring Swimmerlad’s erotic body, he caressed Swimmerlad’s moist sexy hair running his fingers down the side of Swimmerlad’s handsome face.

“Let’s kick it off, shall we?” he said, his face close to Swimmerlad’s, “…We will pleasure you hard Swimmerlad, intense pleasure will invoke those feelings and desires from that delicious dildo that filled you with the Elixir of Eros. Orgasmo needs your sexual, erotic fantasies pulsing through your body, your beautiful speedo, your sexy head. Mmmmmmmmm, I can’t wait!”

“Activate the Juice Activator” The smile on Hunter’s face was evil and lusty, he so enjoyed inflicting pleasure on Swimmerlad.

Swimmerlad cried out, it was intense from the start, absolute power energised at each of his hips and at the base of his bulge, where the nylon fabric bunched to enter between his legs and buttocks. There were three distinct frequencies of pleasure. At the base of his balls, he felt the thumping low frequency, it reverberated upward as it climbed the edges of his bulge. At each of his hips he felt different pleasure frequencies, on his right hip the tingling high frequency pleasure current was forming, he could feel it reaching and fanning across the right-hand side of his speedo pouch and a more normalised pleasure frequency invaded the left-hand side of his speedo. They were each sumptuous in their own right, they were thrilling the beautiful Swimmerlad with supercharged pleasure, all converging as they made their way toward his bulge, his sensitive penis, the sensitiser explored his arse and crackled, Swimmerlad looked down he could see his speedo almost shimmering. He was writhing uncontrollably, involuntarily as the trio of pleasures encroached to his bulge, he screamed and cried out, but below him, he could hear Swimmerboy’s cries as they were anointing Seed and his minions. 

The Milk Bar was awash in the sights and sounds of delicious speedo hero subjugation and Scorpio looked around at the wonderfully erotic adult pantomime playing out, he wondered how many millions of dollars were flowing as the underworld watched his Milk Bar feature broadcast. He looked forward to the comments and requests on the chat. 

Swimmerlad was almost blacking out, he felt his skin crawl and tingle, his toes and fingers were crawling with divine sensation.

“Oh fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck, pleasure is soooooooooooooo divine!’ he hurled his head from side to side, but he could not take his eyes off his raging speedo, the spectacular pleasure was converging, forming a hurricane at the foot of his bulge, the three frequencies were converging.

“Fffffffffffffffffffffuck wh  a  t is h…apenning!” His face contorted.

“Lower Swimmerlad to the offering position, we need to feed as the Juice Activator begins the next level” Kyle was fucking horny as he gave the order.

The Harvester obeyed, it lowered Swimmerlad into a supine position, he was twisting and writhing in ecstasy as he was lowered, he was helpless, his speedo bulge, his speedo thong was presented to them his offering swirling with outrageous sensation, his cries adding to the sensual and erotic process enveloping him were like beacons, his penis oozing his juices, he could feel the warmth and texture of his pre-cum as it coated his bulge, it soaked through the fabric and coated his penis, he was almost ready, but he looked up from his trembling body to see Kyle and Hunter poised to eat him, drink of his milk and activate his pleasure into a plane of sexual consciousness. He was overtaken by the enormity. He felt the Aphrodisium ignite and he looked up pleading that his tormentors eat and drink of his offering, begging them to make his body sing, give him his fantasies.

“Stretch him!” Hunter was very insistent, his control and dominance of the mighty Swimmerlad was becoming one of the leading fantasies that Hunter enjoyed, and this was his opportunity to play with his new infatuation. He was awe-struck, his sexual fantasy was tied and writhing for him, the object of his many teenage sexual arousals was his to direct, exquisitely spread-eagled before him in a bursting hot bed of sexual subjugation. The moment was perfect for him and to share it with his newfound playmate, Kyle was extraordinary.

Fucking beautiful, I need Swimmerlad tied up in my personal playroom, I need him, I want him, but get to work, so much is at stake on what you do now, Orgasmo is watching, I know he is. Hunter snapped out of his thoughts, with a playful slap on his pert buttocks. He looked across to see Kyle’s smiling face. He was in a sexy frenzy and his powder blue speedos displayed his growing wet spot. Kyle was so sexy when he was like this.

“Snap out of it Hunter, I’m fucking horny as fuck, LOOK at what we have to play with!”

Swimmerlad’s moans were demonic, and between the extra stretch of his bonds, the next five percent increase in the speedo sensitizer and the ever-encroaching hurricane of pleasure engulfing his magnificent speedo bulge, he was becoming a raging storm of sexual feelings and sensations. His cock was vibrating, and his balls thumped as the low frequency pleasure throbbed and pulsated, he could feel it starting to mingle with the other frequencies as they crawled across his speedo pouch intent on conquering his bulge, it was delicious, it was powerful and then he felt the two tongues on each of his hips, he looked up as best he could, his bondage was powerful and determined, his evil Harvester, pulled his body tightly, helplessly in its nefarious grip. Hunter and Kyle were licking his speedo and his hips, the fabric tightly twisting as it formed his ceremonial pleasure drain speedo thong was titillating and drawing their salacious attention, he felt their hands caressing his buttocks and their hot breath on the tops of his legs, they worshipped his tingling, heaving body with delicate but intensive care. He heard Kyle’s voice amidst the storm of sounds and sensations and his rising sexual desires and fantasies dancing in his mind, they were lifting and rising from deep inside his body, from the depths of his psyche.

“My lovely Swimmerlad, you are ours to enjoy, our tongues will draw your pleasure, our hands will caress you into a world of your most secret desires, the priesthood have decreed it and we must obey their demands” Kyle licked his side of Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch, his tongue traversed the garment between Swimmerlad’s hip, and he base of the heaving speedo bulge. Hunter then followed suit mirroring the worship on his side of Swimmerlad’s speedo offering.

Swimmerlad, could feel the pleasure expand and pulse, he felt it intensify as it started to encroach and devour his speedo bulge. He was writhing and trembling, his moans delicious and barbaric as his body shimmered and tingled, his bulge bubbling with pulses of pre-cum, he was drenched in his juices as they worshipped.


Kyle continued, “The Juice Activator can easily milk you in spectacular orgasms, but it is set to stimulate and suck out your pre-cum, hero! It will devour your speedo bulge now and envelop your cock and balls in an oven of intense pleasure, its swirling hurricane of pleasure will tighten on your bulge as it consumes your penis and then twist its head and enter your cock. Once inside it will expand and begin to suck your pre-cum, infusing your juices with fragments of condensed pleasure, manufactured from Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream, recorded from his time on the PleasureGEN Altar.” Hunter was ravaging Swimmerlad as he spoke, he was possessed with the demon of lust.

Kyle licked his side of Swimmerlad’s bulge, and the process was set in motion! It coincided with the next sensitizer upgrade and a huge spike of tingles engulfed and merged with the raging trio of pleasure frequencies.

“Fffffffffffffffffff…uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…cccccccccccc…kkkkkkkkkkkkk!” Swimmerlad’s cries peeled around the Milk Bar, his trembling body arching as best he could, but Hunter and Kyle held his hips confidently holding his body where they wanted him.

“That will ignite the Elixir of Eros Swimmerlad and your innermost fantasies will rule your mind and your fucking delicious Pleasure Wrapped body, now give me your pre-cum hero!” Kyle’s mouth sucked and opened wide to take as much of Swimmerlad’s awesome bulge as he could, he tasted the sweet nectar soaking the nylon, his tongue enjoying the tingles of pleasure that infested the mass of hero meat and he sucked more, pulling back, he then allowed Hunter his fill. Kyle enjoyed Hunter’s erotic sounds and the sounds of the hero’s juices slurping in his mouth as he worshipped and fed.

They pulled back, lifting from the speedo thong, their mouths dripping in Swimmerlad’s delicious fluids, they each continued their worship and caressed their respective halves of Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch with their devoted and skilled handywork, lifting their heads in triumph and their grips tightening, Hunter made the call, “Submit to the power of your pleasure Swimmerlad!” He squeezed triumphantly and called out “Devour him pleasure sequence activate his pre-cum!”

The Harvester hummed and pulsed with evil luminescent emissions.

Pre-Cum Activation Established

They felt the hero’s bulge heat up and cook, their hands were covered in nectar, warm and viscous, as it squished through their fingers, Swimmerlad’s head was thrashing violently as the pleasure merged in a hurricane of tingles and sensations. Hunter and Kyle rubbed and caressed the speedo pouch in intense worship and devotion, and they felt the explosive, culmination of the process engulf the speedo, the hero, and their hands.

Swimmerlad’s screams peeled around the Milk Bar!

Swimmerlad was enslaved by the torrent of majestic pleasure it consumed every cell of his body and his speedo felt like a magical enchanted enhancement to his body, then he felt the pleasure enter his penis, it snaked and corrupted every pleasurised cell in his cock, his cock head was vibrating, his penis shaft engulfed in the mass of power filling him, it pushed and expanded and as it drew his nectar, he could feel the layer of spectacular flashes of new, remarkable pleasure exploding and caressing him, layering him in coatings of sensation.

His screams were magical to Hunter and Kyle as they both came in their speedos together, their orgasms were majestic and they scooped up their hot spunk and mixed it into the heaving, vibrating speedo bulge of their captive. They had become masters of Swimmerlad’s pleasure, and they watched in joy as the first huge bubbler effect exploded on Swimmerlad’s bulge, his juices erupting and seething, filling their hands as they squished the cocktail of their cum and Swimmerlad’s pre-cum. They were triumphant!

Swimmerlad’s body was alive, it was screaming, his pleasure engulfing him ferociously, his head thrown backward in submission his cries filled the Milk Bar and mingled with the demonic sounds erupting from the floor of the facility.

At this point in the proceedings, Swimmerboy had been taken to the Pleasure Altars By Seed and he was now being eaten by Nathan, at least that is what Swimmerlad thought he saw as he thrust his head backward and gazed toward the Pleasure Altars. A furious hurricane of sensation was  raping his loins, sucking his juices, he could feel the very essence of Swimmerboy’s pleasure erupting deep in his penis as the juice activator injected the special pleasure fragments into Swimmerlad’s nectar, it felt magnificent and outrageously erotic as it radiated through his own speedo in waves and ripples. He could feel his need for bondage, his need for them to pleasure him, take him and own him, his need for speedo sex filled him and he desperately wanted them to continue worshipping his exposed helpless speedo, he craved the pleasure, their erotic attention, they looked so sexy and beautiful, he needed them to touch him and rape him.

“T    a    k    e mmmmmmmmmmmmmme pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…aaaaaaa…ssssssssssssssssse!” but his laboured pleading was ignored for the moment. He was left to marinate in the powerful sensations engulfing him and his bubbling font of activated pre-cum as it soaked his speedo pouch.

Orgasmo was the one to gently pull the two-sex craved, horny young demons from Swimmerlad, their hands slipped off the hero’s raging speedo bulge as their bodies retracted in a trance like state and it was Orgasmo’s words that helped break the trance.

“Majestic boys, you have done well! Swimmerlad has been activated nicely and you will be rewarded! He stood back and looked them over, “Oh my, you both had a delicious orgasm too, your speedos are looking so beautiful covered in your spunk and Swimmerlad’s nectar! So delicious. Now I have plans for Swimmerlad, thank you boys.” He turned to welcome Miles.

“Now Miles here, also came all over Swimmerlad, why don’t you three get to know each other a little more intimately, while I take Swimmerlad to the Pleasure Altars, he has work to do for Pleasure Toy Tyler.

“The three of you will report to my pleasure rooms soon, your invite will be issued to your rooms, I have plans for you three delicious young men, if you’re up to it?” His smile told a story of sexual depravity, it was Orgasmo’s specialty!

They smiled and panted, that experience was exhilarating and carnal, their hands trembled and felt the residual effects of the Juice Activator, they felt like kings and they smiled as the beautiful and sexy Miles, closed in, and drew them together, holding them tightly drawing them into him by their buttocks, “kiss me boys, let’s have some fun, we are all steamy and cummy, and it’s just too sexy.” Kyle and Hunter reciprocated his advances and the three fell on the floor in a tight mass of seething emotion and lust. 

Orgasmo left his three delicious horny acolytes to their sexy play time romp and turned to Swimmerlad. He surveyed the spectacular sight of the mighty hero, in the clutches of his delicious machines, his programs and his drugs, he had his two speedo clad heroes in a sexual suspension and this beautiful specimen was writhing magnificently for him. Hunter and Kyle had chosen their pleasure program well and the juice activator was the perfect program for his next delicious ordeal.

“Oh Fuck, my dear Swimmerlad, look at you, you’re in a state, aren’t you?” Orgasmo caressed Swimmerlad’s left cheek as Swimmerlad humped his body, his pelvis rocking and twisting, his breathing long and laboured, his mind awash with awesome fantasy, his body covered in a sheen of sweat, his speedo thong dripping and bubbling his precum as the next increment of the sensitizer exploded across his bulge, it radiated across his pouch rippling and attacking him in sensual rounds sensation, Hunter and Kyle had massaged their cum into Swimmerlad’s bulge and Orgasmo positioned himself between Swimmerlad’s spread legs, his hand explored the drenched nylon fanning to cover the base of his bulge, it was exquisite and warm, he felt the thumping low frequency pulses of the Juice Activator as they reverberated across the red nylon of his bulge. Whilst enjoying that, Orgasmo, spoke in an evil depraved tone, “This will be intense hero! Enjoy my tongue as it worships your beauty!” Orgasmo’s tongue felt the surging mixture of pleasure frequencies as they swirled around the mighty drenched bulge as he lowered his tongue and scooped the cummy boy juices saturating Swimmerlad’s loins.

The sensitizer attacked his arse, it shot across his pouch and exploded within the raging pleasure torrent and Swimmerlad’s trembling body, vibrated and reverberated, he felt the diabolical pleasure engulfing his penis, crafted from Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream pressurise inside his cock, they exploded and impregnated his penis with massively charged Swimmerboy pleasure fragments. Swimmerlad’s cries boomed from the depths of his soul as his body pulled in four directions in a flurry of intense energy.


“Very, very nice Swimmerlad, you are more than ready; Play Toy Tyler awaits your audience! I’ll meet you downstairs Swimmerlad, and I will meet you for the next level of your pleasure fate, hold on tight sweet hero, I’ll meet you downstairs in a jiffy.”

“Harvester, deliver Swimmerlad to the Pleasure Altars - Pleasure Toy Tyler!”

Orgasmo, licked his lips as he stood back to watch the Harvester disengage from Hunter and Kyle’s pleasure dock, the boys remained on the floor in fits of sexual activity with Miles, their speedos wet and slimy as their bodies rolled and played. Orgasmo stepped over them, smiling, “See you soon horn bags, must go, got some priestly duties to perform.” With a quick pert wave, Orgasmo started to descend the stairs at the end of the second tier down to the Milk Bar floor and to make his way to Pleasure Altars.

He felt the cool air brush against his tingling, wet skin, he was elevated high above the Milk Bar floor and his Harvester maintained the Juice Activator program with insistent power, Swimmerlad was a mass of carnal, beautiful pleasure energy, his magnificent speedo thong, his bulge, so erotic and pure, was pumping his juices as the pleasure program infested his penis, sucking his juices, mixing his juices in a cocktail of Swimmerboy’s pleasure fragments, his desires and fantasies were flames being fanned by the winds of the pleasure programs His fantasies exposed by the Elixir of Eros and his delicious preparations for the Milk Bar. His pelvis thrusting, twisting involuntary, he felt exquisite and raunchy. 

Swimmerlad used his Speedo Strength to try and clear his mind, his fantasies had erupted inside him, and he did his best to focus amongst the torrents of pleasure fucking with his speedo thong and his mind. He noticed the Altars and to his Horror, he realised that they had positioned Swimmerboy into the face of Play Toy Nathan, Nathan’s Pleasure Altar had tilted him upward into an almost presentation configuration, he looked twice and confirmed that it was true! Swimmerboy was in raptures and Nathan was writhing and thrashing in his bonds but he was captive to the sensual Swimmerboy bulge thrusting violently in his face. He heard their cries, mingling and they were both muttering in unintelligible ways. Swimmerlad’s Harvester descended down toward the lascivious scene playing out below him. They looked fucking sexy and horny, and his desires exploded as he took in the sights and sounds of what was being inflicted on the two horny men engaged in the erotic pleasure transference loop, little did he know that Swimmerboy and Play Toy Nathan were deep inside Swimmerboy’s erotic Robin and Mad Hatter erotic fantasy!

Orgasmo was standing with open arms as the Harvester deposited its deliciously writhing payload between Play Toy Tyler’s stretched legs. Tyler could not look up; his head was held down by the choker restraint which Seed had engaged at the commencement of Swimmerboy and Nathan’s pleasure transference therapy session.

Orgasmo welcomed Swimmerlad as his Harvester delivered him to Tyler’s Pleasure Altar, It hissed as it arrived into position exactly where Orgasmo wanted him.

Hisssssssssssssssss, Hissssssssssssssssssssssssss!

“How was the trip down here Swimmerlad? No do not answer that, in your current state I don’t think you could verbalise anything constructive right now!” Orgasmo smiled at the writhing mass of delicious hero; Swimmerlad’s moans and cries were unrelenting, his penis was being sucked by the Pleasure Activator: Created by Orgasmo, this program was using a potent pleasure signature crafted from Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream. It was as if Swimmerboy was sucking and activating the pleasure as it drew Swimmerlad’s juices, activating them with potent pleasure which exploded from the head of his cock across his nylon speedo pouch reverberating into his body with divine tingles and ripples of sensation, the program drew his juice every minute, allowing it time to coat the inside of his penis with devious and insistent regularity.

Swimmerlad threw his head back, his Harvester, shot shards of sensual energy from his restraints through his arms and legs, it complemented the evil speedo sensitizer as it erupted in a massive explosion rocking his entire speedo.

Tyler almost choked, his head was held down tightly and that last surge from Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream almost killed him as his body thrashed and twisted, his coughing and vain attempts to breathe were delicious for Orgasmo, the young athlete was so sexy, his bondage was just divine, and the sounds of delight and his moans were beautiful and erotic.

“Release the choker!” Orgasmo let Tyler breathe. The young athlete shot his head up and sucked in as much air as he able. “How’s that Tyler? Better? Nathan is now caught in the pleasure loop, he is captive to Swimmerboy’s erotic pleasure stream now, he is feeding on Swimmerboy’s bulge, he is invigorating the mighty hero and in-turn his new pleasure probe is driving him to feed as much as he can get, it’s becoming insatiable and by the look on Swimmerboy’s face up there, I think he, no, they are experiencing one of his erotic fantasies. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I bet that is just sumptuous, for both of them!”

“We’ll get you two acquainted soon!” Orgasmo walked over to Tyler, he was trembling and twisting, his bondage was a powerful expression their erotic intentions, he ran his fingers between the insides of Tyler’s spread legs, purring as he felt the sweat and smelled the sweet scent of Tyler’s semen. Orgasmo caressed the underside of Tyler’s wet speedo bulge, his thong adorned his fit, tight body so beautifully and Orgasmo, enjoyed the damp fabric, and Tyler’s semi erect cock, he looked back toward Swimmerlad, his devious stare spoke volumes, I bet this little piece of captive speedo sex turns you on so much Swimmerlad especially in your hyper, drugged up erotic frenzy, look at him, he is such a beautiful young man, his speedo, his delicious cock, is almost hard again. You have drained him dry, Swimmerlad, your pleasure stream is thrilling him in waves, orgasmic waves break across his body every 10 or twenty minutes, he cannot resist them, he does not have your super abilities to resist the orgasm as it builds and rapes him. But give us time, you will help forge a sexual dynamo to rival you maybe!” He burst out in laughter.

Orgasmo’s laughter stirred Seed, he arose from Nathan’s speedo bulge, his face saturated in a mixture of cum, but mainly Swimmerboy’s pre-jism. Swimmerboy was pumping voluptuous amounts of his juices, and what Nathan could not lap up, oozed down his body to his speedo thong, saturating him in warm Swimmerboy juice, and Seed’s waiting, hungry mouth, Seed’s worship of Nathan, just amplified the pleasure transference experience, encouraging the Nathan’s brain implant to seek more input from Swimmerboy. Nathan and Swimmerboy were in an erotic symbiotic trance. Whatever scene was playing out in Swimmerboy’s sexed up body and mind was fantastic he and Nathan were sharing a magnificent and majestic erotic fantasy; the pleasure systems ensured the symbionts enjoyed the show. Nathan’s pleasure probe was working a treat, the sounds of their little trip into Swimmerboy’s erotica was spectacular, they mumbled unintelligible words and their sighs and moans were spectacular as the two delicious young men writhed and twisted in ecstasy. Nathan was insatiable, he was like a demon lapping up his speedo dinner and Swimmerboy’s body thrust and thrashed, it was powerful and sexual, the giving and taking of pleasure in harmony.

“Fuck me!” Seed stepped away from pleasure loop, he was uneasy on his feet at first, but soon returned to his senses, his face glistened with hero juice and he wiped his eyes and mouth to speak with Orgasmo, Tyler and Swimmerlad.

“Oh wow, welcome Swimmerlad, you’re in for a real treat boys!” Seed’s smile was infectious and Orgasmo joined him, gloating at the mighty Swimmerlad, seething, and hissing in his bondage dealing with the pleasures raping him. “Look at Swimmerboy Swimmerlad, his body is captive not only to his Harvester, but he is captive to the symbiont pleasure loop, this is why I stirred your fantasies, your inner desires,” Orgasmo ran his ringers down Swimmerlad’s lats, he was standing directly in front of the raging mass of superhero spectacle, “You look and sound fucking awesome, my dear boy and soon your pleasure will be amplified by Tyler, he is so beautiful too, look at the way his athletic body twists writhes in your pleasure stream, he is so enjoying his first ride on a Pleasure Altar.”

Seed was standing by his delicious Play Toy and Tyler had lifted his straining head from the Altar to survey his helpless body, his humping speedo thong so full of raging and erotic sensation, he looked at his master, Seed delicately, ran his fingers through Tyler’s sweaty short blond locks of hair and then down his handsome cheek bones. “Your little pleasure probe is starting to fire Tyler, my sweet, gorgeous toy, Scorpio and Orgasmo have some delicious ways to stimulate you and develop you, I told you and Nathen didn’t I, as we transported you to this world of fun. Look at Nathan!” Seed forced Tyler’s head to look across at the sexual pantomime playing next to him, they are locked in a loop of exquisite pleasure, they are locked in Swimmerboy’s fantasy world all thanks to Orgasmo’s amazing systems. You will enter Swimmerlad’s world soon, what delights will you encounter? What does this magnificent hero,” he quickly diverted his gaze to Swimmerlad, “…have secretly stored in his deepest erotic fantasies? You my delicious boy will soon find out. Don’t fret, I am here to help you, suck your seething hot speedo to enflame your little probe, your pleasure loop will be established soon!” Seed was just loving this segment of the Milk Bar; they were on the clock though and Scorpio would be eager to begin the climax sequences, so they had twenty to thirty minutes max for the boys to play, before the other diners became envious.

“He has cum himself dry Orgasmo! I’ve counted two orgasms since my arrival to the Altars!” Seed was looking toward Orgasmo, he had moved to Tyler’s humping speedo thong. “He is deliciously cummy, Tyler has always produced the goods, his generous penis, is a beautiful thing, so juicy and satisfying, it gives me such wonderful juice, I can’t wait to develop this Play Toy into a fountain of nectar, on tap to my every whim!” Seed was running his fingers caressing Tyler’s steamy bulge, Tyler’s face contorting as the sensations erupted, his face screwed up, although his cock was on fire, his hardon was difficult to maintain, his system was exhausted, but he knew his captors would demand he cum again and again, his Pleasure Altar would make it happen, that he was now certain of!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pllllllllll…eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…se this is aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mppppppppppppppppppph Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Tyler could not believe the beauty of the sensations filling his penis, caressing his speedo pouch, encroaching into his man hole, he was in raptures as he threw his head in different directions and pulled on the bondage pulling his delightful body apart in four directions.

Orgasmo smiled as he surveyed Tyler’s response, “I see you’re enjoying the delights of Swimmerlad, he is captive to my Juice Activator device, it is using special and powerful pleasure energy, coating his cock and balls, depositing pleasure in a hurricane of different pleasure frequencies overwhelming his speedo pouch and especially his fucking beautiful speedo bulge and it is twisting its head inside Swimmerlad’s cock, drawing out his juices and folding and mixing in special deposits of pleasure crafted from his delicious boyfriend’s pleasure stream. It rapes him with every activated millilitre of his juice that he gives and oozes from his speedo bulge. You are enjoying that too Tyler, as his symbiont you will share a unique and special bond together, becoming one in his powerful pleasure!

“Lets begin your special milk delivery shall we Tyler? Time to feed boy!” Orgasmo’s evil tone was magnificent, it made Seed tingle with excitement.

“Lucky, lucky boy!” Seed was caressing Tyler’s speedo as he spoke to his Play Toy, worshiping, his Play Toy, enjoying the charged moment, so sexual and erotic. Tyler’s screams of pleasure were becoming disturbing.

“Raise his Altar!” Orgasmo was determined and horny as fuck.

Tyler, looked around and fought his bonds, he could see his fate next to him in the form of the sexual symbiont connection of Nathan as he fed, lapping up Swimmerboy’s speedo, feeding on the hero’s juices and drawing as much pleasure as he could to feed his insatiable implant. Their sounds of enjoyment, the sound of juices squishing, and sucking was superb. Their bodies stretched in powerful bondage and Swimmerboy’s body literally rubbing and fucking Nathan’s face with his spunk filled lycra speedo bulge as they shared whatever erotic fantasy, the Elixir of Eros had stirred in Swimmerboy.

Swimmerlad was comprehending the situation, he was using his Speedo Strength trying to resist as much as he dared, he had to try and control the sensation, but the pleasure was exquisite, every siphon action of the Juice Activator made his cock purr, he felt the residue of each wave of pleasure and then the new wave erupt and fill him, the feeling of his juices as they exploded into his nylon speedo sent the speedo sensitizer into a flurry of activity delighting him in ripples of sensation, his Harvester delivered insistent shots of energy, sweet and delicious through his stretched limbs, feeding his secret erotic enjoyment of his bondage in unimaginable ways. Orgasmo had created the perfect pleasure draining triumph and he was helpless to escape its tendrils. He felt his arse pulse and warm up, the pleasure activator had shot a huge ripple of energy out from his cock head and it shot between his buttocks and squeezed his balls in beautiful abandon as he screamed and moaned.

“Ngfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!”

“Let your juices control your pleasure Swimmerlad! They are activated in Swimmerboy’s love, they will pleasure you, drain you in beautiful erotic ways.” Orgasmo was smiling as he gave the next order.

“Harvester, lift our delicious horny Swimmerlad to Tyler’s face, just enough to rub Tyler’s face lightly and activate Nathan’s choker!”

Tyler watched as Swimmerlad was lifted and he watched the approach of the hero’s drooling, mass of man bulge, red, nylon speedo, dripping in clear hero precum. He felt the next wave of pleasure erupting in his speedo, he had lost count of his orgasms, but each eruption was more taxing, more beautiful than the one that preceded it, his tiny brain tissue probe was learning, it was feeding on the delicious pleasure stream delivered from Swimmerlad.

Swimmerlad’s Bulge was huge, it was right before him, Tyler felt the heat, he smelt the delicious sexual scent of one of the world’s most delicious superheroes. He heard the sounds of Swimmerlad’s moans, and he watched as the next globule of his pre-cum bubble up in his face. Millions of men and women get off on pictures and videos of Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy, and the sheer fantastic beauty of the Swimmerlad’s mass of man meat encased in a drenched erotic red nylon thong bulge was heaving in front of him! Sexual desires were screaming from somewhere inside him, they were fucking with his brain, but he was hungry for the Swimmerlad, he needed to drink of that fountain and soon!

Swimmerlad used his Speedo Strength valiantly, he was desperately trying not to fuck Tyler’s face, but he was fighting a losing battle.

Orgasmo surveyed the beauty of Swimmerlad’s delicious buttocks, the red thong was fetching and alluring, he basked in the sexual beauty of the two bound sexual symbionts as their writhing bodies gyrated in their sensual dance.

“You boys are READY! So fucking ready!” Orgasmo’s statement and the evil laugh that followed immediately was toxic and evil, he was so enjoying the cocky superheroes submitting to his erotic draining devices and programs.  Swimmerlad looked beautiful, sexual as he writhed and twisted his face screwing up in cute little bunches as the waves of pleasure wracked his speedo and shot through his ankle and wrist restraints. “Now Tyler, you will feel your desires and needs beginning to germinate and grow, you want that mound of hero bulge in your mouth, don’t you dear boy, my pleasure probe is demanding it. If you resist it, Nathan will die in the bosom of Swimmerboy’s speedo bulge. I suggest you accept the powerful device’s influence on your mind and suck on that red nylon bulge hard and eat Swimmerlad’s offering forcefully! You will feel the mighty Swimmerlad as he trembles in your face, his pleasure wrap will engulf your pretty little face and add to your enjoyment, Hahahahaha Hahahahaha!” Orgasmo was beside himself with evil glee.

Orgasmo was running his fingers across Tyler’s speedo bulge, enhancing the Pleasure Altar’s transference current, it was driving Tyler wild with excitement, Tyler’s penis a throbbing hard mass of flesh pumping into Orgasmo’s tight fist. “It’s exquisite isn’t it Tyler? Go with your speedo bulge and go with the probe, my delicious Play Toy.” Orgasmo continued his worship of the athlete’s pulsating speedo bulge.

“Wrap them!”

The Harvester obeyed and Swimmerlad’s bulge was thrust into Tyler’s open mouth.

Tyler felt his head a buzz and every stroke of his tongue against the warm, sweet, drenched nylon speedo bulge was filling his mouth with delicious thick, warm fluid mixed with strange sensations of pleasure that tingled around his head. He was insatiable as the probe took control of his sexual desires.

“Swimmerlad’s head thrust backward and he screamed upward, it reverberated throughout the Milk Bar and ignited every diner’s attention. Swimmerlad thrust his powerful pelvis into Tyler’s hungry face and Tyler slurped the hero’s juices with wild abandon, the pre-cum was plentiful, warm, and sweet! Tyler was also overtaken by the images and desires flowing into his 21-year-old body, he had never felt such emotion, such need, but he had never felt Swimmerlad’s erotica before! It was overwhelming his mind.

The Juice Activator was sinister, and it tightened its grip on Swimmerlad exponentially as Tyler fed and drank from Swimmerlad’s oozing red bulge. The sounds of the feeding drove Orgasmo and Seed wild with desire and in the midst of the entire depraved scene, Swimmerlad felt light headed and almost like he was passing out under the incredible pleasure pressure produced in the pleasure wrap loop with his Play Toy Symbiont.   

Then the fantasy vision started.

Swimmerlad’s vision blurred slightly but suddenly cleared, he was in a steamy hot jungle.

Tyler could not believe the vision he was experiencing, he had entered another world, a sexual paradise, he had actually entered one of Swimmerlad’s erotic fantasies, he found himself in a hot steamy jungle. He was looking through the eyes of Swimmerlad.

The shared fantasy started to unfold.

It was steamy and hot, the sounds of the jungle were beautiful, he was lapping some water at a stream and over on the other bank, the water was rippling as Swimmerboy was finishing his drink, he had just emerged from the water, his body wet and beautiful as the sun glistened off the water covering his tanned muscled body, his gorgeous little loincloth was sticking to the bumps of his manhood and sticking to his tight buttocks.

“They said these things were occurring all across the norther border to our lands, our king Sonosta is expecting that we confirm the scout’s stories and engage these invaders.” Swimmerboy was stretching and looking around.

As he stood up and looked around, he (Swimmerlad in the fantasy) responded, “agreed! Let’s split up, you go North, and I’ll head south, let’s meet back here later to work out a strategy of protecting the kingdom.”

In this fantasy Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were mighty warriors and protectors of their kingdom, they were mighty captains and heroes of the land.

They did just that, they split up. Swimmerlad moved like stealth through the jungle he was on a keen look out, checking trees for activity in the canopy, checking burrows and caves, looking for signs of activity, broken vegetation, or any clue as to the reported division of soldiers’ activities. The scouts could have been mistaken he thought to himself, they can get a bit touchy, seeing danger in everything especially in this humidity and searing heat! But he and Swimmerboy were renowned warriors, they were held in high esteem by the king and most of the kingdom enjoyed watching them as they moved through land protecting and guarding, their magnificent bodies were sexual and attracted the lust of many.

It had attracted the lust and attention of a secret tribe, with evil intent.

He really needed to turn around and get back to the waterhole, he needed to cool down desperately and he was getting horny, really fucking horny for Swimmerboy, he loved lifting Swimmerboy’s loincloth to reveal his delicious clinging leather thong beneath, they both enjoyed romping and pleasuring each other and Swimmerboy’s bulging thong was just too delicious. Let’s get back Swimmerlad he thought to himself, I want to play with Swimmerboy before we report back!

He traced his steps, re-checking the landmarks and as he approached one of the cave burrows, he felt the sting in his calf muscle, then another in his shoulder.


He immediately and stealthily removed the weapons throwing them aside in a fit of rage, looking around desperately, but he was unsure of the direction from where they came, but from out of the greenery and canopy, stealthy camouflaged warriors appeared and surrounded. Swimmerlad was on his hunches, ready to pounce, but there were ten or more of them.

Looking around, he could see their camouflaged paint, it covered their bodies and the bulging thongs, they were not wearing loincloths, just skimpy thongs. He admired their bodies, but they had much stronger attraction to him, the look of lust in their eyes as they circled him was incredible.

He was suddenly looking upward, he was on his back, the poison had taken effect, it had not knocked him out, he was aware of his surroundings, their hands caressing his body, exploring him, as they bound him to a special transporting frame. He felt the ropes as they tightened around his wrists and ankles, he was soon twisting and trying to free himself from the ropes binding his limbs pulling him apart helplessly and soon the air was rushing across his sweaty body.

Outside in the Milk Bar

“Fuck look at them Seed,” Orgasmo was super horny, he was so pumped! Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad stretched in their Harvesters, their moans and mumbles were just too delicious as they thrust their respective pleasure wracked speedo thong pouches into the faces of Seed’s Play Toys. Both in an erotic sexual fantasy dance; their pleasure, their erotic fantasies being shared with their symbionts. The Play Toys were in a trance-like state as they fed, and the sounds of hero juice being slurped and sucked, the sounds of pleasure were being captured by a fleet of drone cameras, the sounds of the sexual speedo romp were broadcast throughout the Milk Bar and around the world to the global Milk Bar special broadcast.

Scorpio made his invitation. “Gentlemen, please make your way to Milk Bar floor, be careful of your footing, the floor is deliciously covered in hero juice down there, follow the directions of Nylon and Lycra as you make your way to your new pleasure stations surrounding the Orgasmatronic Altars, we will milk them there. Please cum at your leisure, our heroes are sharing some of their secrets and fantasies with Seed’s delicious Play Toys right now, they will be engaged for a short while as we prepare to milk Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad!”   

Back in the jungle of Swimmerlad’s fantasy

He was starting come out of the drugged state, but he was suddenly in unfamiliar territory, he did not recognise the surrounding terrain as he looked around, he was hanging in a frame, tightly stretched, there were four warriors one on each corner of his bondage frame. He looked up, straining his shoulders fighting against his weight pulling him down, but he was able to survey, their handy work, he checked his bonds, they were expert rope men, he was unable to break the strong ropes, his loincloth draped across his beautiful body caressing his loins and it hang off his body exposing his tight buttocks and the delicious tactile leather thong that Swimmerboy enjoyed so much and in so many ways. But he was helpless and alone in his bondage.

It felt like hours, and he had been sedated again, as he came out of the fogginess of the drug, he realised that he was being taken through a secret jungle doorway, almost a portal into a new mysterious land. The jungle was unfamiliar,  and as they arrived near a large village, he could see their faces, they showed surprise and expectation as they watched his parade, some were naked, others dressed in ceremonial thongs, they were all staring at him, lusty eyes, some stroking their cocks, others pleasured their mates or partners, he was unsure what sort of relationships these men had, but they stood and became sexually charged as his bondage frame was paraded through the passage ways, leading to a central walled group of buildings.

As he entered a large room the Sharman stood preparing his potions and toys, he turned and motioned toward a special bondage device.

He felt the pain as the powerful back hander was delivered across his left cheek, it sent his head careering to the right and he gritted his teeth as the next one shot his head in the other direction. He was weakened from the hours hanging in the bondage frame and his body collapsed on the floor as they cut the ropes binding him to the transport frame.

“Tie him!” The Sharman demanded, still working away, busy with his implements.

They spread his arms and legs and he was securely stretched in the Shaman’s lair. He was trussed up in a strong frame, his legs and arms stretched.

“Welcome Swimmerlad, you are indeed a beautiful man, sexual and erotic, my men are all talking of your capture and what they want to do with you. We have big plans for you.

“What are you doing, why am I bound like this?” Swimmerlad was looking around the room and he could see the Sharman dressed in a loincloth and with a menagerie of bones and other sinister looking implements around his neck, he was holding a vial of some kind of syrup which he put down on one of his working tables.

He was stroking Swimmerlad and both Swimmerlad and Tyler could see and feel the bondage it was real, it was tactile, the way he was caressing Swimmerlad’s body, toying with his delicious little loincloth, running his fingers over it and under the outer cloth to toy with his bulging hero thong.

Swimmerlad was twisting and fighting his bondage, but he was secured and helpless!

“We will prepare you mighty hero and you will be taken to Zenith Temple and tied to the Solar Altar, your helpless body will absorb the mighty sun’s rays and the sun will make love to you, The Altar will follow the sun and my charmed potions smeared over your sumptuous body will engulf you in spectacular sensation. Your body will absorb the sun’s rays and it will build with exquisite pleasure as the sun makes its path across Zenith Temple, you will writhe as the pleasure builds, and your magnificent body will secrete your man juices, lubricating your delicious little thong, it feels and looks perfect, it is so beautiful and the Pelatos, our god of pleasure will be pleased with your offering. But he has insatiable appetites and will demand more of your pleasure of your juices.” The Sharman was caressing Swimmerlad’s thong and the enjoying the hero’s magnificent body, enjoying the smooth skin and his powerful muscles, rippling, and flexing as Swimmerlad fought the restraints binding him so competently.

You will be milked in the temple during each night hero, and your screams of delight will appease Pelatos and the next day we will repeat your pleasure preparations and tie you to the Solar Altar at midday when the sun is at its zenith to appease Pelatos for another day.

Swimmerlad thrashed in his bonds, he was helpless, and he soon found the viscous oily substance soaked into his skin with ease as the Sharman spoke his incantations and massaged the evil substance into his magnificent body.

The Sharman was pleased and ordered Swimmerlad to the Zenith Temple.

The fantasy was real and both Swimmerlad and Play Toy Tyler were locked in a loop of delicious pleasure, the Harvester and the Pleasure Altar were humming, Swimmerlad’s juices flowing and being lapped up by the hungry Play Toy; Tyler’s chip being fed by Swimmerlad’s magnificent pleasure stream and the pleasure loop was tightening as the fantasy continued in their minds as the screaming pleasure stream ignited Swimmerlad’s fantasies, in the hurricane of pleasure consuming them. Both Swimmerlad and Tyler’s bodies writhing and Tyler’s hungry mouth slurping in the speedo sex romp, their voices unintelligible as the powerful vision consumed them.

Back in Swimmerlad’s fantasy

He was bound, his arms in a large locking device encircling his neck and locked into place, his arms were stretched out from his body in the bondage frame, he was being pushed through streets, past men with lusty looks in their eyes, and then he saw the glowing temple, the sun’s rays were being drawn into the temple, it was bathed in bright light, and the people clapped as the mighty hero was pushed and prodded, urged forward to his fate.

Wow they are all men, they are all horny, they are looking at me with lusty eyes, sizing me up, their eyes are drawn to my loincloth. Swimmerlad was looking around at the crowd, he too was sizing them up as much as they were undressing his skimpy loincloth.

Inside the temple, he was pushed through the outer parlours, he heard the sounds of moaning and as he passed different rooms, cells, he realised the Zenith Temple was an expansive facility filled with amazing warriors and powerful men, each bound and being pleasured and being attended to by one or more men dressed in ceremonial red thongs, their priests ensured the bound warrior was in a constant state of pleasure, edged and teased. They were all restrained and writhed on different types of restraining devices, some naked, many in just their leather thongs. The temple was a pleasure farm, and he was to become the centre piece in their sexual frenzied devotion! He looked around is desperation as they pushed him further inward, past rooms of lascivious activity, magnificent men in states of erotic bliss, beautiful men, all helpless and bound.

The Solar Altar was waiting for him, it was in a special central position of the Zenith Temple, a holy lair, surrounded by whitewashed walls, no ceiling, the Altar was at the centre of the sanctum and only the Sharman or his captains were permitted to enter and attend the Altar.

The Altar was resplendent, it was surrounded by jewels at the base of it, they glistened as the sun refracted its rays through them, it was made of a precious metal of some kind, it shone and reflected the light. It had four restraints in each corner and golden rope was attached to each restraint. Swimmerlad noticed Swimmerboy immediately, He was suspended in golden ropes above the altar, he was wearing just his beautiful leather thong and a long line of his precum drooled down to lubricate the surface of the Altar.

They both noticed each other at the same time and Swimmerboy was jolted out of his trance and began to twist in his golden bonds. Shards of pre-cum flung around the holy sanctum and he Sharman was pleased as the mighty warrior, Swimmerboy writhed and shed his holy juices for Pelatos. The Pleasure Deity was being appeased.

He called down, “They captured me just after we split up, Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, ngphhhh, darts paralysed me and I was taken here, milked and I thought I had lost you Swimmerlad. They hoisted me here above the Solar Altar and I have been absorbing the sun’s rays, can’t escape the powerful pleasure building in my body, radiating from my leather bulge into my body, mmmmmmmmmmmmpf, aghhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Before he could respond, they gagged Swimmerlad.


The Sharman slapped Swimmerlad across the face, sending his head backward with the force. He took up his implements and began to smear Swimmerboy’s precum over the surface of the Altar.

“Swimmerboy’s juices will anoint your body throughout your pleasure preparations, he will be suspended above you and lowered so you can watch his beautiful body squirm and ooze his sanctified hero juices on your body, his nectar forms the final ingredient of your holy cum production Swimmerlad. I will perform the final incantation and coat you in a final layer of the serum and your body will marinate in the sun, infusing with the divine pleasure of Pelatos. Tonight, when the moon is tall and your body is a seething container of pleasure, you will beg to be milked of your cum and we shall extract your pleasure and Swimmerboy’s pleasure in the Parlour of Pelatos, your holy cum distributed to the priests of Pelatos as their payment for their service. Your cries will reverberate throughout the Zenith Temple and across the city.

Swimmerlad was still recovering from the powerful slap, but he began to fight his bonds as the Sharman chanted his incantations on the mystical Altar, catching some of Swimmerboy’s oozing juices and smearing them on the shiny surface.

Bring him and tie him to the Solar Altar. The Sharman looked at his sexual offering with devious eyes as they unlocked the restraint collar and four hefty priests dressed in the Temple’s red thongs quickly overpowered Swimmerlad, they moved his struggling body along the path made of smooth precious stones known as ‘the path to pleasure’ it led to the Solar Altar.

“No, No, Please No” He was pleading as they manhandled his struggling body.

They stretched his body on the slippery Altar and the Sharman expertly tied the golden ropes infused with his magic to each of Swimmerlad’s wrists and ancles. Swimmerlad immediately felt the powerful rays of the sun and the warmth of Swimmerboy’s juices that had been simmering on the surface of the Altar.

Your Offering mighty Pelatos, accept his pleasure, accept his offering.

The Sharman toyed with Swimmerlad’s struggling body and the four priests stood in their assigned places facing inward at each corner of the sparkling Altar toward the struggling pleasure sacrifice.

“This Altar will follow the sun, mighty hero, and you will fry in its resplendent rays as they stimulate the holy pleasure potion applied to your delicious body!” The Sharman was enjoying Swimmerlad’s abs as they rose and fell with his deep breathing, he continued to struggle and writhe his tight buttocks and loincloth soaked in Swimmerboy’s nectar underneath him, he was breathing deeply. The Sharman played with Swimmerlad’s loincloth with erotic precision, he enjoyed the thin leather, so sexual and beautiful as it draped across Swimmerlad’s loins. Purring and breathing deeply with every erotic touch. He rubbed the outer leather cloth against Swimmerlad’s sensual under, thin layered loin thong. Swimmerlad felt extreme delight as the sensations and friction began to stimulate his penis and his balls.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Swimmerlad lifted his head off the Altar to watch the Sharman’s erotic attention of his loincloth. The pleasure had ignited!

Swimmerlad felt the tight ropes eating into his flesh as he struggled in vain, he noticed the four priests flanking the Altar, each had raging hard-ons in the red thongs, they dripped juices into collection bowls, it would not go to waste; the Sharman needed their juice for the next day’s pleasure potions, for Swimmerlad’ and Swimmerboy’s holy sexual submission.

The Sharman licked him all over, he enjoyed every inch of the majestic Swimmerlad, and he followed his devotion with the next layer of potion. First he used a sharp small dagger, that he slowly dragged across Swimmerlad’s chest to tease the powerful helpless hero, he then traced it across Swimmerlad’s wet loincloth, he cut the thin cords holding the outer layer of the loincloth to Swimmerlad’s body, and slowly pulled the loincloth away from Swimmerlad’s body, exposing the under thong, its beautiful bulges and protrusions displaying the mighty hero’s snaking penis and his generous testicles as the divine thin leather thong caressed the hero’s anatomy with erotic precision. The Sharman and the four-pillar priests, gasped at the beauty of the sexual offering writhing on the Solar Altar, the erotic offering to Pelatos!

Next, the Sharman instructed Swimmerboy to be lowered and the golden ropes suspending him spread-eagled in the air above Swimmerlad’s heaving body, lowered the powerful hero down. He too was wearing just his thong, it was beautiful and delicious, it was wet and Swimmerboy was in an intense sexual pleasure build, his body twisting and his moans of pleasure purring around the holy sanctum. The Sharman took Swimmerlad’s outer loincloth which he had peeled from Swimmerlad’s loins, and he soaked it in his enchanted potion, he lifted it toward the sun and the image of Pelatos rising above the Zenith Temple Sun Altar Sanctum and reached up and over Swimmerlad’s stretched body on the Altar and wrapped the wet leather around Swimmerboy’s heaving moist leather thong, he captured wads of Swimmerboy’s oozing nectar and then caressed Swimmerboy’s loins in the drenched loincloth. Swimmerboy twisted and cried out in pleasure as the Sharman went about his sexualised devotions. With Swimmerboy struggling in divine pleasure a meter above Swimmerlad’s writhing spread-eagled body, he then coated Swimmerlad’s body in the pleasure serum, paying special attention to Swimmerlad’s bulging thong, all the while chanting as the pillar-priests chanted in different harmonies.

The mighty heroes had been prepared for their holy pleasure build and the Sharman retreated the Altar, backward down ‘the path to pleasure’ and out of the Solar Altar Sanctum, the four Pillar Priests remained, to watch the erotic pleasure preparations, their pre-cum oozing into their golden collection lavers. 

The pillar priests stood guard motionless facing the Solar Altar and Swimmerlad, its erotic captive as he struggled in his bonds, Swimmerboy suspended above him, oozing pre-cum in a sensual stream directly down onto the helpless body of Swimmerlad. Swimmerboy’s restraints controlled by a fifth temple attendant who ensured he manipulated the bondage system enough for Swimmerboy’s oozing pre-cum to coat and anoint Swimmerlad from his face down to his exposed beautiful leather thong. The temple had become the centre of the huge village and the sounds of the heroes moaning and crying out as delicious pleasure spiked through their bodies attracted crowds and infused the many sexual incantations and pleasure rituals being carried out in its various rooms and parlours, the Zenith Temple was a centre of sexual depravity and debauchery as the people appeased their god.

He could see the steamy and sexual bulge of Swimmerboy as he was suspended by the golden ropes in his elaborate bondage just above him, he was moaning and thrusting his delicious bulging leather thong in a dance of erotic proportions and the hot sun embraced their bodies activating the pleasure serum, he could feel the pleasure radiating in his thong and infiltrating his body. Swimmerboy’s warm juices felt moist and delicious as they coated his skin and as the juices began to meet his face, the sexual desires elicited by the sun and the serum made him horny, lifting his head in a vain attempt to reach the bulge, the beautiful, sexual wet thong and take Swimmerboy into his mouth, but the priests ensured that his beautiful body was denied his own raging lust. He felt his arms and legs tingling, his toes even felt erotic and his bulge was bubbling his own hero juices drenching his leather thong.

He cried out as majestic pleasure spike erupted inside his bulge and shot through his body, he could see Swimmerboy also twisting in an erotic pleasure rush above him, their cries peeling around the Solar Altar Sanctum.

Nathan and Swimmerlad gasped for air as the Harvester lifted Swimmerlad away from Pleasure Toy Tyler.

Swimmerlad was trembling his bulge awash in his juices and the harvester gently lowered Swimmerlad down across Tyler’s heaving chest and over his writhing body, Swimmerlad’s pre-cum had soaked the young Play Toy, he was glistening in juice, the Harvester left Swimmerlad’s face directly above the young athlete’s magnificent speedo thong, the light blue nylon fabric straining with Tyler’s raging twinky hard-on was one of the most erotic sights he had ever seen, Swimmerlad was back in his pleasure drain reality, he was hyper horny and he could feel the Juice Activator working, sucking his juices and depositing Swimmerboy’s pleasure particles inside his penis, he was writhing uncontrollably and the sight of Tyler’s beautiful sexual speedo was igniting his desires.

Tyler was throwing his head in different directions, he had just been inside one of Swimmerlad’s erotic wet dreams, inside the superhero’s erotic fantasy, and he was desperately dealing with the sensations and his need for more, he wanted to find out what happened in the fantasy, his cock demanded to know, he looked down over his raging tingling body and he could see Swimmerlad’s head inches from his junk, the Harvester had placed him there, teasing their sexual lusts and Tyler lifted his pelvis as best he could to Offer his Pleasure Symbiont his raging speedo bulge.

“That is enough you two, you have had sufficient! You are denied!” Orgasmo was insistent, not wanting to overload Tyler’s implant.

There were three priests surrounding them and the fourth person, the recently consecrated Seed stood attending on the fourth corner of Pleasure Altar as Tyler’s Altar returned him to the supine, offering position and Swimmerlad’s Harvester returned him almost to floor level in presentation mode. Both Symbionts twisting and pulling on the bondage, their pleasure continuing to rage.

Swimmerboy and Play Toy Nathan had also been disengaged, and the two continued to writhe and thrust their helplessly drenched bodies still wracked in divine pleasure and reeling from Swimmerboy’s erotic Mad Hatter and Robin fantasy.

“How was that little journey gentlemen? I bet that was just delicious!” Swimmerlad has such erotic desires and fantasies, my Speedo AI recorded that scene, with every thumping erotic detail, it also recorded Swimmerboy’s little sumptuous show, we cannot wait to watch the footage and then let you boys enjoy it again and again, developing your newly evolving pleasure connection. Your Symbiont relationships will be explored and developed over time and we will enjoy integrating Robin into your little erotic dramata shows as he is integrated into our pleasure systems.” Scorpio laughed and surveyed the erotic scene, Nathan and Tyler were well into their new Pleasure Symbiont roles, their beautiful bodies adorned in their skimpy nylon speedo thongs, writhing in their delicious pleasure transference, their sounds of submission were tender and sensual, with Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy’s defeated bodies thrusting shards of pre-cum into the air as they writhed in the Harvesters.

Scorpio was pleased! 

Just as Scorpio was about address the waiting patrons on the other side of the Milk Bar, the Harvesters automatically tilted Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad toward the huge ceiling screen, as the cross came into focus.

Joker was looking directly into the Milk Bar again.

“Hi boys!” he gave a pert little wave.

“Thought I’d check on in and see how your refreshments are coming along, Riddler, loves this one, but” Joker paused for effect, “…What can’t you have for lunch or breakfast?” Another pause, “…Dinner!” I just wanted to check in to see how you’re all going and looks like you have some special equipment set up for your Dinner service, time to feed boys…” The camera went wonky again as Joker knocked the camera throwing his arms round in a fit of laughter. “You shouldn’t laugh at your own jokes! BUT WHO CARES!!!” That set Joker off again.

After calming down, he moved the camera to Robin and turned up the microphone.

“We’re into your airspace now, just passed Fiji, Joker Jet is making a mad dash, as Blunder Boy is becoming vocal! I have tried, really, I have, but his moans are so loud, and this little Joker Jet is only so fucking big! Even the noise cancelling headphones are not working and this fuckin travel pillow is useless, Hahahahaha!” Joker threw the U-shaped purple velour pillow back toward the cockpit and it bounced off the back of the pilot’s seat.

“Take a look!”

Joker panned the camera over Robin’s body, he was twisting and writhing, his face screwed up in an attempt to focus his thoughts, one of Batman’s little tricks to help him resist torture and pleasure. The camera came down to Robin’s bulging costume. His long dong was rock hard.

“Impressive!” Joker’s huge smiling face appeared on the screen and then it quickly returned to Robin’s erotic green speedo.

“My Joker Stroker is set to ‘Edge’ setting!” it took an hour of stoking, but Baz sort of helped us along, he fed on blunder boy’s semi erect bulge for nearly an hour. He is such a patient man! He had to persist, sucking, and licking Boy Wonder for ages. Baz broke him! Hahahahahahahahaha! And now he is rock hard, I mean you can drill steel with Robin’s cock! He oozes Robin nectar and the Joker Stroker, keeps him on the edge of an orgasm! Every time I touch it, Robin goes off like a firecracker and more juices ooze, don’t they dear boy!” Joker came back onto the screen and smiled. The sounds of Robin’s deliciously sexual moans reverberated around the Milk Bar.

“GNg mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

“GNg mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

“GNg mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

It was insistent.

“So!” Joker focused the camera onto Robin’s costume pouch, he gently ran his finger along the length of Robin’s hard penis, the green fabric wet and the head of his penis throbbed.

“GNg mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

“GNg mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

“He sounds delicious, hey, and to add to his lovely torment and to keep down that fucking noise he makes as the Joker Stroker denies his orgasm, I’ve fitted the lovely Boy Wonder with my Joker Choker. Hahahahahahahahahaha, and as the Joker Stroker builds his pleasure, the Joker Choker, well let’s just say it tightens! It shuts him up a bit, but what can you do?”

Everyone in the Milk Bar were mesmerised by the erotic cross to the Joker Jet, they were having a feast of hero bondage, of pleasure and lust and the dramatic sounds of Robin being edged and tantalised to the edge of his life were a special addition to the sumptuous show of hero defeat.

“Looks like its dinner time, I hope you all have good appetites, and you haven’t filled up on the starters, we’ll be looking forward to the main course boys, we have so enjoyed the show so far. Cannot wait to taste you Swimmerboy, and you Swimmerlad, save some of your warm milk for Jokey Boy and Robin, he’s SO enjoying the show, I mean just have another look at his wet hero bulge, his penis is fucking hard as a rock, The bat has created the perfect sexual toy, his cock is throbbing as the Joker Stroker keeps him buzzed on the brink. Five hours to go Robin, can you hold?”

Joker erupted in a fit of laughter, “Enjoy your mains boys, gotta fly!” And with that, the screen went blank. 

Scorpio threw his hands in the air and spun around, looks like Joker is really getting into the swing, wow we will integrate Robin so nicely and share juice stories, Hahahahahahahahaha!”

“As Joker mentioned boys,” Scorpio had made his way to the Pleasure Altars and the Harvesters delivering their captives delicious pleasure, the scene was erotic and sensual, he ran his fingers across Swimmerboy’s drenched throbbing bulge, “…it’s time for the main course and you two look so fucking ravishing, your bodies are singing to my pleasure systems your speedo thongs are dishes of divine beauty, so perfect, so beautiful, you will look exquisite tied helplessly to your Orgasmatroids as we bring you to your crescendo of climax, orgasmic waves will infiltrate every cell in your bodies as the intense pleasure broadcasts from your penis into your bodies. Delicious, don’t you think? And we will not leave your Pleasure Toys away from the action, they too will thrill my Milk Bar patrons in a carnal display of athletic eroticism.” Scorpio looked into Swimmerboy’s empty eyes, he was focusing his remaining Speedo Strength, fighting the massive pleasure spikes filling his oozing penis.

“Boys!” Scorpio motioned for Nylon, Lycra, Biff, and Thunder to join the sexual scene playing out in the Pleasure Altar section. “Once I release these two gorgeous heroes, they will squirm on the ground, make sure they do not reach for their speedo, they will be slippery and wet, I mean, look at their bodies, they are coated in pre-cum, bring them to the Orgasmatroids and tie them to their respective Altar, after they have been safely restrained ensure Tyler is removed from his Pleasure Altar, string him up in front of Swimmerlad, helplessly writhing in the Pleasure Presentation Frame. Tie Nathan to the Pleasure Presentation Frame in front of Swimmerboy. They will witness their symbiont’s cum show, a visual feast for their implants to process, driving their beautiful tight bodies with erotic desires.

Swimmerlad’s Harvester, whirred and was flashing red, warning of the imminent release of its captive.

“Your pleasure systems will cancel my delicious hero,” Scorpio was surveying Swimmerlad’s thrusting body, his moans insistent as the pleasure raped him. “...But once installed on your Orgasmatroids it’s systems will welcome your arrival with temptations, enjoyable and thrilling.” His smile was evil.

“Release them.”

Restraint devices unlocked in unison, the pleasure wrap dissipated, but the energy buzzed around Swimmerlad’s and Swimmerboy’s magnificent speedo thongs with delicious ebbs and flows.

He was alive! He was wracked in pleasure, and he was weak, the pleasure drain had been thorough! Four strong hands hoisted his body up and across the floor, his feet dragging behind him, leaving a trail of juice in their wake. He looked up as they approached the Orgasmatroids, they had been installed during the Symbiont pleasure loop session. All the diners were assembled on raised seating, it provided easy access and egress to the Altars, each position on the viewing platform had a special pleasure transference pad designed to fit of the user’s bulge with a strong suction action, its design was simple and effective and allowed the occupant to experience some of the pleasure stream as the heroes’ writhe and twist their erotic bodies on their rise to climax. 

The lights were still dim, but they were brighter than those in the Pleasure Altar section. Swimmerlad could see the Altar clearly as they approached. He was vainly twisting, but his remaining Speedo Strength was not able withstand the powerful hands of Nylon and Lycra as they dragged his body to his fate.


The Milk Bar will climax soon!


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