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Defeat and Domination
Part 15 - Milk Bar - Part Two
By Scorpio

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Milk Bar - Part 2

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad are taken to the Milk Bar as the main menu items, Seed’s Play Toys learn their fates and Scorpio has an announcement.


After torturing Swimmerboy in the Boardroom as a welcome to Seed and his entourage to the speedo compound, and also after Swimmerlad’s torture by Miles, the two heroes were subjected to Orgasmo’s new toys: The Tantalizers. These devices not only tantalized their magnificent speedo pouches in delicious arrays of sweet enjoyment, but the virtual dildos also employed by the Tantalizers began to also tease out their sexual fantasies and innermost desires. Orgasmo and Scorpio enjoyed this process and just prior to being bound and taken into their pleasure drain fates in the Milk Bar, Orgasmo arranged for a very public Tantalization session outside the facility. The mighty Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were not only worshiped by horny men with special gloves that ignited the pre-pleasure tantalization, but the capstone to the process was another powerful light sabre dildo that impaled them and released the Elixir of Eros and a dose of Orgasmo’s Aphrodisium drug. The Elixir of Eros released powerful forces inside them that ignited those sexual fantasies and desires further, it fanned them into a raging blaze and hotbed of emotion within them. Scorpio and Orgasmo had plans, nefarious plans for their two heroes.

Seed, MantaRay, Electro, Orgasmo & Scorpio held the seats on the lower level of the circular room, they were positioned around the facility with plenty of room between each seat to provide space they each sat at expansive space known as a dock. MantaRay sat at one end and Seed sat at the opposite side in the same position. Behind the Villains and on the higher tier of the circular viewing array of docks were seats for their henchmen and some paying patrons.

The guests and patrons were in place and the room was a-buzz with anticipation, villains, henchmen, sat in anticipation, throbbing cocks waiting patiently for their display of delicious and carnal speedo clad delicacies, they were promised a special feeding ceremony and expectation and excitement filled the Milk Bar.

Seed rubbed his shiny suit, he was thinking of the magnificent Swimmerboy stretched out on that boardroom table, his muffled cries and moans were sheer beauty, he remembered these as standouts; the young delicious hero, tortured well, his pain was just lovely he thought to himself and the sounds from whatever Orgasmo was concocting outside the Milk Bar were just heavenly. Look at Scorpio’s face, he is so pleased with himself, we are in for a real treat, I am sure! Seed thought to himself as Scorpio stood to make his way to the centre of the glowing floor, as if he were heading to the centre of a circus ring.

Scorpio’s face was beaming! He was excited and proud to host his first joint villainous pleasure session with his new colleagues. He stood in the middle of the floor looking up to the higher tier and nodded to each of the henchmen sitting dutifully behind their villainous masters. Miles had not arrived, no one had noticed, and his arrival was to be a surprise!

“Welcome gentlemen,” Scorpio span around in the centre of the ring, only Electro sat in the lower tier along with MantaRay and Seed at that moment, Orgasmo was outside preparing the goods for arrival and Orgasmo would take the remaining first tier seat once the show was underway.

“We will be serving your treats very, very soon, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad are the perfect heroic offerings, their speedo clad bodies draw amazing power from the mystical bond, connection with their garments, amazing, beautiful and sexual, these two divine morsels have captivated a generation and have paraded themselves fighting crime, saving the world and do-gooding for so long. I will not go into my history with them, but needless to say, I had to capture them, I had to have them, so after escaping the clutches of the law, that was not that hard! I went, so to speak, underground to create this bunker, this secret world we now call home. A nerve centre and now a global command centre for evil and conquest.” Scorpio was in his element.

“Swimmerboy was lured first to rescue a couple of missing lifesavers, who unbeknownst to Swimmerboy, I had actually apprehended and, shall we say, modified them, you now know them as Nylon and Lycra. After luring and taking possession of the delicious Swimmerboy, we immediately used our speedo mapping devices to create a topographical map of his speedo pouch and his speedo bulge. The invasive device was a painful start to his new career as my bound speedo boy-toy. His screams were remarkable as the device probed every part of his anatomy that his speedo so deliciously caressed. He writhed as the centre piece of that torture session and the vision of his painful procedure sent directly to Swimmerlad as the next lure. Swimmerlad took the bait, I mean who wouldn’t? The vision of Swimmerboy, tied spreadeagled to an evil device shooting powerful energy beams into his speedo pouch is just exciting, don’t you think?” He smiled as he looked up and around the Milk Bar, his latest expression of his defeat and domination of the mighty heroes.

Continuing, “So their speedo essence, the very power that infests their bodies, that energises them, that restores them is becoming less mystical with each day. We have developed ways to use and warp the speedo signature, we know exactly how to drain them of their power, any exertion allows them to access their strength and use it, but they can be drained faster by applying more pressure on their speedo systems. Gentlemen, pain is that pressure! To our delight, we have also worked out that pleasure is also a means to drain them! Today’s session will be a beautiful expression and demonstration on how pleasure will engulf and sap their speedo power. By the end of today’s Milk Bar refreshments, they will be near the edge of death, their powers will be drained and sapped as we juice their magnificent bodies for your enjoyment!”

“One last thing to keep in mind gentlemen!” Scorpio’s face was still beaming as he looked around the circular theatre. “…their divine bodies, the exquisite speedo display of eroticism is revered in this place. We worship the beauty of their speedo clad bodies, they are consecrated, holy and perfect in his place and we expect you,” he looked at MantaRay and Seed and then upward to the higher tier, “…to respect and worship at the temple of speedo. We will present them to you as sacred offerings, their bodies, their speedo, their pain, and their pleasure are offerings. You will do well to respect and honour this one fast rule in this place!” Scorpio put on his serious face.

“That said,” he continued, “…it is time to worship!” Scorpio made his way toward the entrance area of the Milk Bar he returned to his usual beaming & expectant, evil villain, and ringmaster demeanour.

In the public area, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad remained trussed up in their presentation frames, their bodies filled with sensation, desire, and delicious licks of energy from the personal speedo sensitizers. Scorpio was serving a dish of lycra as well as a dish of nylon speedo perfection to his guests in the Milk Bar pleasure ceremony. Their bodies were bursting with energy as the Aphrodisium fired inside their chests and the Elixir of Eros, Orgasmo’s capstone on the tantalization process filled their thoughts with fantasy, their bodies tingled with desire. They had begun to fight the evil sexual energy toying with them, they had to, it was powerful and delicious, and they both knew it led to their next defeat and possible destruction if they allowed it to.

Orgasmo caressed Swimmerboy’s tight little red speedo, his bulge tingled as Orgasmo, ran his fingers across the soft beauty of Swimmerboy’s manhood, Swimmerboy hissed and threw his head back in response to the beauty of the sensations wracking his junk.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!”

Swimmerboy was captive to the sensation and he looked across to his boyfriend as Orgasmo moved over to Swimmerlad and was soon enjoying his bulge with delicate devotion, Swimmerlad’s beautiful body, his muscles flexed and twitched as the sensations attacked and delighted him.

“You boys are so ready; I’m delighted in the way my devices have prepared you for your milking today. Did you enjoy the tantalizers? I am quite proud of those! Just enough to lick your bodies, slowly, erotically and a final explosion of both my drugs and the sexual energy broadcast from your virtual dildos have filled your delicious, and must I say, fucking beautiful bodies with pure sexual energy. The effects of the tantalizers will continue for some time, but It is now time to display that energy and tantalize our distinguished guests with your erotic display of sexual subjugation!” Orgasmo smiled as he stood between the two helpless and beautiful young superheroes, “But I won’t go into the nitty gritty here, your time, my dear boys, is now! You are at peak sexual performance and your bodies are drugged and energised for your magnificent demise!”

Orgasmo, used the normal emitter array. “Stun One!”

The restraints unlocked and the Swimmerboy stumbled forward into Nylon’s waiting arms, Lycra caught Swimmerlad as his body tore free of the restraint system. They both were expertly tied with their arms bound behind their backs and they were marched toward the blinking Milk Bar sign. Every step set off their speedo sensitizers and their raging supercharged bodies writhed deliciously with every push from their handlers and their every step.

“Enjoy your pleasure drain boys, we will devour you alive and take all your juice!” Kyle and Hunter waved as the heroes were paraded in front of Orgasmo, he supervised the transition to the parlour. Kyle and Hunter had purchased two expensive passes to the Milk Bar and they quickly hurried off in order to take their places in the facility.

Inside, the parlour was abuzz, the emitters were flashing and the arrival of the two cum cows was imminent, play time was about to commence and he two new villains along with their henchmen waited patiently, expectantly for the arrival.

Doors swished open and Scorpio stood in the centre of the facility at floor level, his arms opened as he welcomed them to their fate.

“Welcome gentlemen! My two delicious young power-houses, full of semen, full of sweet pre-cum!” Scorpio motioned for Nylon and Lycra to direct the dazed heroes to the centre of the arena.

Swimmerboy wriggled in his bonds, he was helpless and powerless under the power of the emitters and his wrists were bound with ropes powerfully strengthened to be able to resist his Speedo Strength anyway. Swimmerlad was also fighting his bondage, he was dazed but well aware of his fate, he had no choice other than to fight the deviates that had he, and Swimmerboy bound helplessly before their captors.

Orgasmo arrived at the Milk Bar as the doors sealed behind him.

“Refreshments are served gentlemen!” Orgasmo walked around the base of the first tier looking up the privileged occupants and those up on the second tier.

Nylon and Lycra were also centre stage, they held firm grips on their wriggling, dazed speedo bombs. Swimmerlad moaned as a pleasure spike gripped his penis, he hissed as the sensation danced along the underside of his cock, he felt his junk tremble as the pleasure caressed him.

“Mmm, right on queue Swimmerlad!” Orgasmo looked at the two helpless heroes fighting their bonds in the centre of the floor.

He pressed a couple of buttons on his remote control and two presentation platforms began to make their way across the floor to the centre. As the platforms reached their designated positions, a central pole began to extend from the rear of the device before lifting and locking as a central restraint lock.

“Nylon, Lycra, if you will please!” Orgasmo smiled as he surveyed the horny young heroic offerings.

“So delicious, so desirable, so fucking horny!” Orgasmo gloated.

“I have delivered you Swimmerboy and his delicious partner, Swimmerlad. They have both been tantalized for hours, their bodies subjected to insatiable and erotic preparations, they are ready to provide you with the luxe speedo pleasure show, they will be thrilled for you, teased for you, they will perform for your every sexual desire today. I promise you gentlemen, you will have your fill, you will have your fantasies fulfilled as these beautiful offerings are pleasured before you, milked of their juices right before you!” Orgasmo was getting worked up, but he was proud of his work and loved showing off the merchandise. “Maybe you might like to book an intimate private session with one or both of these divine offerings!” Orgasmo looked at Seed and MantaRay specifically, but also directed his comments to the paying patrons on the second tier.

Nylon had forced Swimmerboy up onto his platform; he spread Swimmerboy’s legs and ensured the ankle restraints closed tightly, he clasped the ropes binding Swimmerboy’s arms to the central locking clasp of the pole. Swimmerboy was secured, he was slowly turning as his platform twirled on a central co-ordinate. Swimmerlad was also secured on his platform by Lycra and the two magnificent heroes were paraded slowly, their delicious speedos, draped across their bodies. They both moaned as the emitters powered down, allowing their Speedo Strength to once again, top their powerful bodies up. It was a sumptuous sight to behold, and it was just the beginning of the sexual session Scorpio had instore for his guests as the lights began to dim slightly, setting the mood for pleasure.

Scorpio took centre stage, between the slowly spinning offerings, writhing deliciously, awaiting the next instalment to their fate.

“Gentlemen, as Orgasmo has already announced, refreshments are indeed served, but before we proceed to the next stage of today’s sumptuous proceedings, please look up!” Scorpio could hardly hide his joy as the live cross was commencing.

The roof above the circular Milk Bar viewing tiers has flooded with static, television static; it buzzed across the speakers as the static hissed and hummed. But it started to dissipate and clear up with the sound of someone tapping on a microphone loudly as the huge screen came into focus. Beautiful white teeth were displayed on the screen.

“Is this blasted thing on?” Tap, tap tap. “…zoom back Bazza, I told you to check the zoom before we went live!”

The teeth belonged to Robin the Boy Wonder.

The camera zoomed back to view the face of the Boy Wonder, he was indeed gritting his teeth, his handsome face somewhat screwed up and he was moaning lightly. His dark hair was slightly damp, but its sexy waves of hair still draped across his forehead. It was also covered in sweat and his little Robin mask sat on his face to complete the picture! Robin turned his head away from the camera moaning lightly.

Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

The sound was deep and sexy.

The camera suddenly moved, and the jovial face of Joker flashed on and then off…

“Blasted thingy hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.”

“How’s that?”

His make-up was screaming through the screen looking down at the expectant horny crowd of men waiting for their erotic show to commence.

“Mmmmm, what have we here Scorpio? Your little show is being beamed into my Joker Jet, we’re somewhere over the Pacific right now, our secret dash is underway, and I do see you have your delicious Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad there, Zoom in Bazzy Boy!”

Baz, Joker’s pilot, and travel henchman adjusted the zoom on Scorpio’s camera array, he had already been given the control codes and had a little control panel in the cockpit of the private Citation X jet. His view of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad zoomed in nicely!

“Yesssssssssssssssssssssss! They look so good; I could lick them from here! But needless to say, birdy boy here is quite the piece of candy himself, he is slightly sedated, and we have a special birdy boy stroking device keeping his boy bulge moist and ready for his arrival at your speedo compound.

Joker pointed the camera down to his pants, which he had open and a thick hardon proudly sat inside his purple velour pants sticking out proudly from a purple speedo.

“I put a pair of speedos on for you lads down there, I know how you like these gorgeous little numbers, I don’t know why I haven’t worn them more often, they feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel so delightful!” He erupted in a fit a of laughter.

“Wanna see what I have brewing for you, a little show-n-tell?”

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were fighting their bonds as they looked up into the giant ceiling screen two floors, directly above them, two drone cameras circled them feeding the online stream of the pleasure session to the waiting global audience. Swimmerlad moaned and writhed as the sensitiser caressed his balls, he looked over to Swimmerboy who was also slowly thrusting his pelvis, the tight red speedo was awash with beautiful and delicious sensation, he was horny as fuck and the glimpse of Robin’s handsome face earlier had triggered his inner desires, he was in a state of divine sexual expectation, his bondage only fed the strong sexual urges flashing through his sumptuous body.

Joker moved the camera across Robin’s body, he was stretched out on some kind of narrow restraint stretcher, his arms were pulled to the sides and restrained by devices attached to the floor of the aircraft, the camera showed off his athletic chest, the special costume clung to the well-defined curves of his chest and abs, Joker showed of the trademark “R” on Robin’s outfit just above his heart. Joker ran his fingers across the boy wonder’s chest with dramatic sexual overtones. The young hero was breathing deeply.

“He does have beautiful bumps of man-flesh don’t you all think?” Joker knew he was patched into Scorpio’s global broadcast and wanted to make the most of his cross into the broadcast. “Robin is indeed a beautiful specimen, a product of the Bat, built for speed and built for sex, the Bat is quite a demanding man and believe me, he enjoyed developing this little powerhouse for his own dark sexual needs.

“Hey Batman, I hear Riddler has captured you and I hope Riddler is allowing you up late to watch the naughty movies, and if you are even capable of it right now, I know he has some very pent up sexual desires he wants you to enjoy, but if you’re watching tonight’s very sexy Milk Bar special on Speedoflix, I just wanted to let you know that blunder boy, your little bottom boy is safe and bound, just like you like him bat brain! He is in the Joker Jet heading south to a very secret place to pop his cherry! Just like you like him to do!”

Joker burst out in fit of laughter and the camera went a bit wonky.

“Oops carried away there!” Joker’s smile was infectious. “Now for the money shot.”

He panned the camera over Robin’s heaving abdominal muscles rising and falling as he maintained his deep breathing, the signature green costume nylon briefs clung to his tight body with perfection, and Robin was slowly twisting in his bondage as small laser device attached to the side of his restraint stretcher switched on and off lighting up the mound of Robin meat protruding proudly from Robin’s costume. Another sensual device with a small delicate arm covered in red velvet, gently stroked Robin’s bulge amplifying the laser’s sensual energy with every carefully placed stroke.

“Batman has created not only a deft fighting machine in his faithful young ward, but he has also created a mighty sexual Play Toy and something deep in Robin’s psyche comes out now and then that makes him needy, if you know what I mean.” Joker ran his finger around the edges of Robin’s green pouch, “The bat has trained him to endure pain and pleasure, so he will last the long flight, I’m sure. If he cums, we’ll fry his balls as punishment!” Joker burst out in laughter.

Joker ran his finger across Robin’s utility belt as he calmed down from his little outburst, “I left this on for the camera!” Joker stroked Robin’s face with one finger as his other hand stretched down to caress the mighty young hero’s nylon pouch.

“He is such a sexual young man! Look at the way my Joker Stroker tantalizes him, he is in an induced sexual trance right now, we wanted to make the loooooooooong journey more enjoyable. He fought gallantly just after take-off, but after we reached our safe cruising altitude and switched on my anti-tracking devices, we got bored of his insolence and decided to apply some erotic conditioning to get him ready for arrival! Phew, imagine trying to get this delicious horny hero through customs, glad we have a very secret insertion point, we’ll be on the ground at one of MantaRay’s landing strips in a jiffy!”

Joker’s face came back into view! “Like my smile boys?” Joker panned the camera around as if he were vainly looking in a mirror… “Can’t wait to see you all in person and to deliver my little sex pot here, see ya in few hours, we’ll be watching the pleasure draining with hard wet cocks, won’t we bat boy?”

The sound of Robin’s sexy voice as he moaned and tried to respond was charged with sexual tension.

“Jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjoker ngppppppppppppp, mmmmmmmmph ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you will payyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


“Oh, there he goes off again, my Joker Stroker is giving him warm sensational shots of love into his little boy blunder bulge! I want him all worked-up-n-wet for his arrival. We’ll enjoy your show from 46,000 feet, Baz has us on Auto-pilot, a bit like Robin right now…” He burst out in another burst of exuberance.

A fit of laughter filled the Milk Bar as the patrons sat looking upward.

“Enjoy the meal, I see you’re all dining in tonight and the delicious heroes you have on the menu look just sumptuous, not a dry crotch in the place tonight I can see. I can’t wait to taste you two, yes, I’m looking at you Swimmerboy, and you Swimmerlad, your beautiful cum filled bodies are looking ravishing, I will enjoy your sexual dance tonight albeit at 46,000 feet!”

The screen flickered off and all eyes returned to the main floor of the mini arena. Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy were still fighting their bonds, looking for escape routes as their slowly turning platforms span on their central axis.

Orgasmo was standing, his arms around Scorpio, they were between the two erotic display devices. Scorpio stepped forward, looking back toward Orgasmo.

“Thank you, my friend! Tonight’s refreshments are Orgasmo’s doing, they are his way of saying welcome! He looked up at the first tier and motioned toward Electro. “Our two delicious and juiced up heroes are full of cum, full of hero spunk and ready to serve you their juicy secretions as a result of Electro’s magnificent implements of pain. Thank you, Electro, love your work!”

“And!” he paused for effect, “…We now offer Robin the Wonder Boy to the menu of delights! These beautiful young heroes have been captured and bound for our purposes, we have devised ways to control and manipulate their sexy young bodies and we will continue to innovate in pleasure and in pain, they will never thwart us again!” He looked at the two heroes moaning quietly, the drugs were pumping through their veins, the Elixir of Eros also pulsated inside them, energising their muscles and synching with the Aphrodisium, maintaining their horny demeanours, as they squirmed in their bondage.

“These sexual young men are bound for your sexual lust gentlemen! I get goose bumps when I play with my little toy boys. My cock twitches as I look at their helpless bodies writhe so erotically and as they endure pain; they sound and look so fucking awesome.”

He turned to the spinning displays. Tonight, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad will be pleasured in a long, delicious ceremony, you will all have access to their sensitized and sensual bodies. They will writhe in the dance of pleasure for each of you, a public yet very intimate display of hero dominance. They will groan just the way you like, as you tease the pleasure, tease their juice from their bodies, their speedo’s will become wet with their hero juices, sweet, nourishing nectar will be exclusively yours tonight, a feast of speedo pouch, and their man bulges will be yours to toy with, your every worship will fill them with not only erotic sensation, the pleasure will infiltrate their souls, control their being, as they fight gallantly trying to resist the exquisite sensations that are draining them slowly and competently toward the oblivion! They will resist, they must, or they will die! The pleasure systems will detect any attempt to succumb early, and if they try that caper on, their pleasure devices will fill their bodies with enough voltage to fry their cocks first and then their hearts, Ka poot, all over, so just a reminder Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, your pleasure cannot be interrupted early unless you want to die a painful death in front of this little group of hungry patrons! Don’t tempt me, you must resist the pleasure and play my game of defeat!” He spun around in a fit of laughter, enough to challenge Joker’s little outbursts. “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!”

Swimmerboy cried out as a spike of amazing proportions enveloped the entirety of his tight red lycra speedo pouch, the sensation did not target a specific pleasure point, it was a generalised hit that erupted across the entire garment, it was powerful and without mercy. He thrust his hips forward in a vain and worthless attempt to deal with the provocative and delicious sensations attacking his speedo.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph” His head rolled to the side, he looked down at his bulge, then upward to the diners, who sat watching with utter delight on their faces.

“Fuck what a show! And we haven’t gotten started!” MantaRay stood up, rubbing his dark tight lycra suit. “I want to drink from that little offering of yours Swimmerboy, mmm sexy boy!” He returned to his seat, he was becoming particularly horny, first Robin, the Boy Wonder and now Swimmerboy! His sexual frustrations were erupting, and he desperately needed to let off some steam, he was becoming inpatient, but he played along with Scorpio’s gloating show, anticipating of the delicious sexual gifts he was about to enjoy.

Scorpio walked around the base of the tiers looking over his shoulder toward the two helpless heroes twisting in their bonds, moaning, and hissing as the sensual delights continued to erupt in their loins and fire up the desires penetrating their delicious bodies. “Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad are so ready, they can be no more ready to face their pleasure fates!” This, my dear colleagues is an official ceremony, their cum is consecrated, it is holy, it has been forged in the furnace of pain and torment, their pre-cum is also divine! You will do well to worship and revere the sexual offerings, tonight! Their bodies, their exquisite speedo presence, their pleasure, are offerings, divine and perfect. I, High Priest demand their pleasure, their divine sexual beauty, I demand they provide the bounty of hero nectar, this Milk Bar will flow with hero Jism, with pure carnal delights as we worship the speedo offerings before us!” Scorpio was really getting into his role as he twirled around like a ringmaster. He was addressing the privileged diners and the global audience tuning into the next erotically, explosive display of heroic proportions!

“I call upon my speedo priests to undertake their sacred duties!” Scorpio looked across to Orgasmo standing close to Swimmerboy’s rotating podium and then to Electro as he arose from his position on the first viewing tier. Electro arose and made his way down to the floor and across to Swimmerlad’s rotating podium. The sound of the two horny heroes was erotic and powerful, they were hyper horny, hyper erotic as they squirmed in their unforgiving bondage.

Orgasmo was almost salivating as he approached Swimmerboy’s podium. The sight and sounds of the seething young hero tied and presented to his captors was beautiful, his rippling muscles and those fucking beautiful tight and sexy red lycra speedos clung to his heaving body diligently, they showed every majestic bump and protrusion of his heroic man bulge. Swimmerboy glanced across to Orgasmo as he stepped up the two small steps to top of the display podium, Swimmerboy’s eyes reflected the sexual desires and urges engulfing his body but deep inside the sexual torrent erupting in his body, he knew he had to resist the evil draining ahead of him, his life depended on it, but they had prepared him well, they had refined the methods of his subjugation and were somehow twisting his inner sexual desires with long sexual tantalisation sessions to create a mental conflict. They were really fucking with his mind! He was vessel filled with erotic desire, his speedo was delivering amazingly sweet sensations through his loins and they were about to send him into a deep sexual drain of his power until his very possible death!

He came out of his deep thoughts, his body was buzzing, his speedo felt like it was vibrating against his flesh, he was horny as fuck. Orgasmo arrived and put both hands of Swimmerboy’s hips.

“My beautiful, young hero, my exquisite piece of man meat, my delicious reservoir of sweet hero nectar, my lovely Swimmerboy! How are you feeling?”

Swimmerboy had been looking downward away from Orgasmo’s gloating eyes, but as Orgasmo finished his sentence, he looked upward, and their eyes met. Swimmerboy’s face displayed the strain of the erotic torrent engulfing his soul and invading his speedo.

“Oh, I see you are captive to my little preparations Swimmerboy, they all worked so well, and we have a way to go tonight before your pleasure whips you into an almighty frenzy, a hotbed of pure sensation, your delicious cock will fizzle and fry as the pleasure energy I have in store for you and your delicious boyfriend.” Orgasmo surveyed the beautiful specimen his eyes absorbed the beauty of Swimmerboy’s heaving, helpless body.

“Must ressssssssssssssssssist, yu fffffffffffffffffffffffffu” Swimmerboy was unable to verbalise his words or emotions, he was taken by the immensity of the drugs and the Elixir or Eros, Orgasmo’s latest erotic control device. Swimmerboy’s face flexed and seethed, he was breathing deeply dealing with the sensations still tantalizing him.

“You look like you are enjoying my little presents, Swimmerboy, I hope you enjoyed my virtual dildo earlier, it is a bit invasive, I must say, but it does deliver you a gorgeous sensation, does it not?” Orgasmo smiled and moved in to lick the side of Swimmerboy’s handsome face. “You are just too beautiful for words” Orgasmo whispered into Swimmerboy’s left ear, “Now I’m going to make your speedo thong, this will probably feel incredible, I hope you enjoy! So, give them a delicious show!”

Swimmerboy’s eyes looked directly into Orgasmo’s eyes, there was defiance, behind the glazed sexual display, he looked down to watch as Orgasmo knelt in front of his speedo.

“FUCK me, oh such beauty!” Orgasmo announced, he was being broadcast globally now, several cameras captured the moment. “As your priest, I hereby make the ceremonial speedo thong!”

Swimmerboy watched helplessly and Swimmerlad could see from his podium, the ceremonial preparation of Swimmerboy’s offering. Swimmerlad fought the bonds in a display of defiance, somehow fighting the torrent of sexual desire invading his body, but he was forced to watch, knowing his turn was about take place.

Orgasmo ran his finger across the front of Swimmerboy’s pouch, the lycra felt tactile and sexy, it was warm to the touch, Swimmerboy’s body had heated up in the tantalizing hours in preparation for this pleasure ceremony. Orgasmo caressed the tight bulge of Swimmerboy’s cock, he felt the beauty of Swimmerboy’s sexual organs and pondered the delicious ways he was going to stimulate this piece of pure heaven he had in his grasp.

Swimmerboy cried out, Orgasmo’s handywork was sending massive tingles of pleasure around his entire speedo, it felt divine and pure, it was a sensation so magnificent, he thrust his head upward toward the now blankceiling screen.

Orgasmo slowly pulled the sides of the tight lycra across Swimmerboy’s buttocks, it pulled and gathered as he deftly pulled the material tighter between Swimmerboy’s buttocks and Orgasmo twisted the sides of the lycra garment to ensure the elasticised costume filled and tightened strongly against the flesh between his buttocks. Orgasmo then pinched and pulled the fabric caressing Swimmerboy’s penis and balls creating a perfect delicious V shape and allowing the hero’s penis and balls to display exquisitely in the reshaped speedo pouch.

Orgasmo stood up, he was salivating!

“Look at the beauty of Swimmerboy’s speedo thong! Worship his sexual offering gentlemen, his body, his pleasure, his juice, his magnificent erotic bulging hero-hood are ours to enjoy! We demand your pleasure Swimmerboy!” the moment was electric, and the black web was on fire as the underworld observed the beginning of the next conquest of heroic proportion.

The patrons stood and applauded and then sat to watch the creation of Swimmerlad’s speedo thong.

Swimmerlad was engulfed in his own torrent of sexual desire his body buzzed and pulsed with the gorgeous long sensations licking his balls and caressing his penis, his speedo felt amazing, the light nylon brushed the underside of his cock and the sensitiser program delivered insistent and delicious invasions of pleasure across his entire speedo pouch. The sight of Swimmerboy now adorning the erotic speedo thong, was fuelling his sexual desires, he was intensely horny, the drugs were delivering their usual sensual outbursts deep inside his chest and that devious dildo had sparked even deeper sexual desire, he felt the enjoyment of the bondage, his sexual fantasies and desires were incredibly amplified, by the tantalizer programming he had experienced in the hours since the boardroom and outside the pleasure parlour. He felt amazing, he felt his Speedo Strength, his power was with him, but it was not powerful enough to break Scorpio’s devious bondage systems, even the rope binding his wrists was too powerful for him. They had him in a vulnerable state of sexual frenzy, but he knew this was the start of a draining session of epic proportions.

Fuck, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph Electro is climbing the podium, he looks intent, he looks fucking delirious, fuck, fuck fuck!”

Swimmerlad’s thoughts were interrupted by Electro’s voice. “I am your priest Swimmerlad,” Electro began. “I have unfinished business with you my decisively beautiful horny young man!”

Electro looked away from Swimmerlad and to the Milk Bar viewing tiers, he then looked into one of the cameras following his sacrificial duties. “I am a sanctified priest and I present your offering for tonight, the magnificent Swimmerlad. His nectar has been produced in a series of magnificent sessions of torture and agony. He has endured the power of pain to deliver his precious and sanctified syrup, his cum, his pre-cum is holy and divine, produced inside a garment of amazing beauty, his speedo pouch, his bulge are a pure delicacy to behold.” Electro looked back toward the seething helpless, blond superhero behind him and he then moved toward Swimmerlad, still looking at the camera.

He bent down to worship at the red nylon speedo pouch admiring the beauty and evocative lines of red fabric as they folded away from the apex of Swimmerlad’s bulge toward his hips.

“This is a piece of beauty, an offering so divine and beautiful. I tortured this earlier today and his screams were fucking beautiful and inspiring. As he writhed in pain, my tentacles of electro power shot shards of current directly into this hero bulge and sound of his flesh crawling, and Swimmerboy’s fresh cum frying on tip of Swimmerlad’s bulge was just too erotic. But tonight we demand the fruit of his pain, we demand that this speedo pouch, and the bulging beauty of his manhood be engulfed in raging currents of pleasure, he will writhe in pure ecstasy as we tease his juices from his body through the sieve of his nylon suit, his nectar will feed you, his cum will enthral you as we bring him to an orgasmic level of pleasure so divine, so spiritual, he will inspire you as he delves into the pits of orgasmic oblivion!”

Swimmerlad thrashed in his bonds, a wave of tingles began to engulf his speedo, his bulge was being licked and tantalized as Electro gathered the nylon encasing Swimmerlad’s buttocks and pulled tightly and precisely between his tight buns. Swimmerlad cried out in sheer abandonment to the sensations created by Electro’s priestly duties. Electro tightened the sides of the thong and then went about adjusting Swimmerlad’s new V shaped pouch and bulge ensuring that the highly sensitive underside of Swimmerlad’s magnificent penis brushed against the nylon fabric. Camera’s zoomed in to broadcast the sheer magnificence of the Swimmerlad’s newly created speedo bulge. His manhood sat proudly, and the nylon pouch had become an enhanced sexual siren attracting the attention of every diner and every voyeur tuned into the Milk Bar broadcast.

“Fuck! Such utter beauty, such perfection!” Electro stood back from Swimmerlad and presented the bound blond bombshell to the world. “I present the delicious Swimmerlad for your sexual fantasies!” Electro’s thick hardon glistened with a small globule of pre-cum, he had to ignore his own throbbing desires as he stood in the powerful lights presenting his magnificent speedo clad hero to the world. “We demand your pleasure Swimmerlad!” with that Electro left the podium to meet Orgasmo and Scorpio between the two presentation plinths displaying their heaving sexual offerings.

“Thank you, my loyal priesthood!” Scorpio stood tall and surveyed the two magnificent men tied so expertly flanking the priests. “These delicious young heroes are now prepared for their ceremonial draining session, perfect bodies, their exhibition of sumptuous speedo is majestically erotic as is their bondage. My delicious toys,” Scorpio looked toward the beaming Seed on the first tier watching intently, “…are almost ready to meet your sexual needs and fulfil your fantasy. Almost!”

From either side of the Milk Bar there was a distinct sound of robotic movement as two devices began to undock and emerge from their bays inside the walls of the Milk Bar. They continued to unfold and form into two majestic X shaped bondage devices with a central support. They whirred into position as their supports unfurled pushing the devices toward the centre of the room and their awaiting heroes. On arrival into the centre of the Milk Bar they came to a stop with a definite sound of hydraulic joints locking into place.

Swimmerboy looked in horror toward the device that had come to a rest next to his presentation platform, he fought his bonds valiantly along with Swimmerlad who was also surveying the device awaiting his installation.

“Fight your bonds boys, you look so sexy when you do, so ravaging and hot, my dear beautiful cum cows, you do put on such a beautiful show!”

Swimmerboy felt the slow march of a new set of targeted tingles as they unfolded around the length of his penis, he felt them creep over his shaft and as they reached his sensitive glands and began to caress his cockhead, he moaned and hissed taking in the devious pleasure, he thrust his hips sideways trying to deal with the sensation, but they were deliciously insistent.

“They do so enjoy Orgasmo’s tantalisers, look at that face on Swimmerboy, he loves that special attention to his cock, don’t you boy?”

Scorpio looked over toward the mighty hero in the throes of the tantaliser program as it continued to target his penis.

“Gentlemen, we named these devices the Harvesters! They will take our two heroes in spectacular bondage and display their bodies in any position we desire, they are of course fully integrated into the Speedo AI systems of my compound and fitted with potent pleasure devices designed to synch with this victim’s speedo signature. They will competently control and tease our heroes for your enjoyment and of course theirs, hahahahahahahahahaha!” I promise you, there will not be a dry speedo in this place, these delicious heroes will be installed and milked by my Harvesters.”

He looked toward Swimmerlad, “Wow such a majestic powerful, young blond bombshell of hormones raging and his perfect speedo thong an offering to us, his captors, his masters, he, along with his outrageously beautiful boyfriend will be bought to orgasm slowly, we will give them a taste of the purity of the orgasmic power of the Harvester. They will scream in delights so outrageously powerful as the pleasure slowly drains their Speedo Strength. We will first drain their pre-cum, they have sufficient for all of us, beautiful and sweet, it will be warm and inviting as they ooze from the tips of those deliciously mouth-watering bulges of theirs, I’m sure you will be enthralled as they pump their pre-jis into your waiting mouth and their trembling bodies twist and writhe for your sexual enjoyment and entertainment!”

“Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuckers” Swimmerboy could barely mouth the words, his body captive to the sensations, the desires, and the lust swirling in his body.

“Our tantalised pretty boy heroes will be tied to their personal Harvester, which will be able to deliver them to any spot in the Milk Bar, they will arrive at your pleasure dock and you will have access to the beauty of the speedo offerings and their delights, their bound bodies as you worship them and pleasure them before they move onto the next station, this will occur throughout tonight’s dinner service as you are served your heroic refreshments, the Milk Bar will deliver directly to you!

“Boys!” Scorpio looked toward Nylon and Lycra and motioned for them to come to the floor, they passed Orgasmo and Electro, who were returning to their pleasure stations on the first tier.

“Swimmerlad will be installed first!” Scorpio was beaming! His master plan was unfolding into a show of power and dominion, he was showing the world his evil hold over the beautiful heroes.

Tie them to the Harvesters!

Lycra arrived onto the podium and the sight of Swimmerlad heaving and twisting his majestic nylon bulging package was such a beautiful piece of sexual artwork, he felt his cock murmur in his speedo. “Fuck, you are just too beautiful Swimmerlad, fuck!” He had to compose himself, control the lust consuming him as he looked into the glazed eyes of the helpless hero fighting his bonds, fighting the sensations consuming his speedo pouch.

“Swimmerlad Stun One!”

Swimmerlad moaned and arched his back, the display was an amazing tease for the audience, Swimmerlad’s face contorted as the personal emitter device engulfed his powerful body, he was dazed and disoriented as Lycra untied his arms and the ankle restraints unlocked, Nylon arrived and took the weight of the young hero on one shoulder as they guided him to the edge of the presentation platform. The Harvester had moved into position extending its arms to allow the henchmen to restrain Swimmerlad’s wrists, once he was held in place, they attached his ankles to the powerful restraints and the Harvester stretched its legs and arms, pulling the helpless hero spreadeagled as it retracted backward slightly to allow the presentation platform to move off the floor automatically and into its waiting dock near the entrance to the Milk Bar.

Nylon then led Lycra to Swimmerboy’s presentation platform, and they went about their duties disabling the hero, untying him, and restraining him to his waiting Harvester.

As the second presentation platform exited the centre ring Scorpio dismissed his henchmen to their places on the second tier, Nylon flanked Orgasmo and Lycra was situated above Electro.

Scorpio stood centre stage and his two captives were stretched on the robotic devices facing him, facing each other.

“Comfy boys?” Scorpio had his arms outstretched to each of the supremely erotic displays of heroic bondage facing him. Their bodies writhing and testing their bondage they moaned quietly and with sexual tones so perfect, signalling their readiness to enter the world of pleasure.

“The Tantalization process is complete, my beautiful heroes, time to drain, time to milk!” Scorpio was so enjoying the ceremony.

“Gorgeous displays of pure eroticism, wouldn’t you agree my dear Milk Bar patrons? These delicious milky delights will feed you and supply you with their nectar, forged in their agonising pain and extracted slowly and deliberately in exquisite pleasure! The sight of bound heroes in their skimpy speedo thongs is just too pleasurable for words and tonight we present them to you as your holy sacrificial offerings.

“Now Boys,” Scorpio turned his attention toward Swimmerboy, he walked over to the beautiful young helpless hero, and ran his hands across Swimmerboy’s chest and downward across each delicious bump of Swimmerboy’s abdominal muscles. He reached Swimmerboy’s perfectly formed bulging speedo pouch, and his hands explored and caressed the warmth of the hero’s beautiful manhood.

“Oh my, you are so beautiful to touch Swimmerboy, your cock is majestic it will be thrilled tonight my dear boy, your sex, your pleasure is a holy sacrifice!” Scorpio bent down to kiss the tip of Swimmerboy’s bulge. And then stood back.

“Wrap him!”

Swimmerboy felt the central support resting against his exposed buttocks begin to warm up and vibrate, this set off the sensitiser program and Swimmerboy cried out as his bulge became a torrent of tingles and sensation but then he looked down in shock as he felt the encroaching blue energy field form at the apex of his speedo bulge and creep down around his bulge and across his speedo pouch, it was enveloping his speedo offering, it was gripping him with powerful force and he felt it grip his balls and march relentlessly between his legs and up between his buttocks. Once it had completely immersed his entire speedo thong, he felt it tighten and pull at his body, it was inescapable it had wrapped him in a field of energy.

Harvester welcomes Swimmerboy, speedo systems engaged, pleasure mapping synched, administering Wrap complete.

“You enjoy the warm sensations of my Wrap device Swimmerboy, I’m just going to enjoy Swimmerlad for a moment before I Wrap him too!”

Swimmerboy moaned as the sensitiser synced with the Wrap device, the sensations were delightful and tantalised him, his manhood was engaged in a sensation so delicate so sublime, he pushed his hips slowly, rhythmically and in perfect flow with the delicious energy caressing him. His moans were personal, and deliberate as he accustomed himself with the feelings delighting him.

“Look at this beautiful specimen of heroic sacrifice, he writhes so perfectly!” Swimmerlad was still enveloped in a delicious pulse of tingles and sensations engulfing the head of his penis, he was enthralled in the sensation and looked down to watch Scorpio bend his knee to worship. Scorpio looked at beauty of the red nylon soft bulge of the hero, it was exquisite to behold and as he ran his fingers around the base of Swimmerlad’s bulge, he began to trace the outline of the mountain of hero meat ensconced in the exquisite red nylon fabric.

Swimmerlad cried out as the sensation exploded across the entirety of his speedo pouch, Scorpio’s erotic attention had caused the sensitiser to morph and enthral Swimmerlad.


“Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck” Swimmerlad was in a state of sexual tension as Scorpio stood and looked directly at the cameras, then into Swimmerlad’s energised wide eyes.

“Wrap him!”

Swimmerlad looked down toward his speedo, he looked fucking amazing, his inner fantasies, his sexual desires invoked by the Elixir of Eros dildo were raging, he needed to cum, but Scorpio had inhibitors engaged on he and Swimmerboy’s sexual functions. He had hours of pleasure, hours of draining to endure, they would make sure of that! He writhed and pulled on the bondage, but this only fed into his deep sexual desires as well.

Fuck this is making me so horny, bondage is making me hot, cannot stop these desires, my cock feels fucking beautiful, their sensitiser is fucking beautiful, neeeeeed to cum, but cannot get hard, fuck, must resist, must free myself from this sexual dissonance they are fucking me up with. Fuck my speedo feels awesome, what is that? My bulge is glowing, feels so warm, delicious, delicate, it is coating my speedo bulge, caressing my balls, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck. Swimmerlad was captivated, in a trance, as Scorpio’s systems wrapped him in a field of exquisite, delicate pleasure. It took several minutes and the beautiful sexual offering of Swimmerlad was completely wrapped in the Harvester’s base pleasure field. Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy were both in perfect harmony. Their hips slowly thrusting, their bodies twisting in the waves of delicious c pleasure engulfing their loins.

Harvester welcomes Swimmerlad, speedo systems engaged, pleasure mapping synched, administering Wrap complete.

Scorpio span around in a fit of happiness, his two offerings were perfectly displayed and synced with the Pleasure Parlour’s Milk Bar pleasure systems.

“Their beauty, their bondage, their sacrificial offerings are magnificent, no?” Scorpio looked around the room and into several cameras recording the ceremony.

“They are both full of Jism, their torture and agony have produced fruit, sumptuous nectar will be drawn from these cum cows, slowly, deliberately! My speedo pleasure systems have complete control of their milk functions!” Scorpio gloated as the two heroes moaned softly, their bodies responding to the delicate licks of pleasure taking residence inside their speedo bulges. Their slowly pumping hips revealing the divine sensations caressing them.

“Now, before we continue with our harvesting, I have an extra dimension to add to our little miking display!” Scorpio pushed his arms out in a gesture of authority as if to push the two Harvester devices away from him. The Harvesters obeyed and with quiet whirring sounds they retracted from the centre of the Milk Bar and upwards slightly, tilting Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy facing downward slightly, their restraints and the Pleasure Wrap enveloping their speedos, held them in place with ease. Scorpio walked backward slightly and as he did, he motioned with his arms in another display of theatrical indulgence like Moses parting the seas.

To everyone’s delight watching, the centre floor of the Milk Bar began to retract toward the edges like a camera lens opening and as the floor nearly disappeared, a new section arose from below with two pleasure altars. Standing between the two altars was the handsome Miles and tied spread-eagle on the altars were Play Toy Nathan and Play Toy Tyler.

Miles was wearing a loose nylon royal blue speedo, it had white patches sewn into the hips and his smouldering handsome looks combined with his delicious speedo were adding a new level of eroticism to the evening’s proceedings.

Nathan and Tyler showed their fear as they twisted on the altars, awaiting their fates. They were tied to evil devices and they were keenly aware that they were not just pleasing Seed, they were in for a deep period of punishment. They writhed and twisted, looking across at each other and then up toward their master who was rising from his seat with a huge grin on his face.

“What are you going to do with us?” Nathan pulled on his restraints, he was powerfully held down, he was helpless, then he saw Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad moaning, struggling and engulfed in some kind pleasure power, they were looking down from their bondage devices suspended above their helplessly bound bodies on their Pleasure Altars.

“What are you doing? Why is Swimmerlad up there?” Tyler had also spotted the two heroes restrained above them.

Nathan and Tyler were wearing nylon Aussiebum speedo’s, matching powder blue with a white section sewn into the one-inch hips. They looked ravishing, they looked spectacular tied in such magnificent and competent bondage.

“Wow a bit of a speedo-fest tonight!” Miles looked around the room and up to Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. “Wow Scorpio, you have outdone yourself, I thought the Pits were a triumph, but this is just too H O T for words!” Miles was playing his part in the ceremony right to script, he had conferred with Scorpio, Electro and Orgasmo earlier and his arrival, accompanying Seed’s Play Toys tied to pleasure altars was designed to be a surprize of epic proportions, they needed something mind blowing after the announcement of Robin’s imminent arrival.

“Do you like my skimpy new nylon speedos?” Miles did a pirouette in the middle of the altars and then made out he was on the catwalk parading between the two altars showing off his smouldering model good looks.

“I’m so fucking horny, fuck, Scorpio has asked me torture Swimmerlad, he has let me partake of his personal pleasure devices and he made me hold on to my cum, I’m so horny! Do you like my bulge?” Miles cupped his manhood and fondled himself, his speedo oozed warm pre-cum, “See, I can’t help myself!”

“Biff and Thunder helped me on the quiet, Seed. We took your little Play Toys and I dressed them personally in these delicious little sexy speedos, just for tonight. Hope you don’t mind Seed; they were looking bored tied in their holding cells.

Seed clapped, “Be my guest, they look just ravishing!” He waved to Tyler and Nathan, “Hello Boys, I’ll be down to check on you later!”

Miles approached Tyler and ran his finger across Tyler’s soft speedo pouch the fabric was soft and warm, the new garment looked inviting and sexual, Tyler’s cock pushed up perfectly, his speedo bulge sat deliciously awaiting attention.

“Delish!” Miles removed his fingers from Tyler’s bulge in a theatrical swish and he turned to Nathan, his fingers caressing Nathan’s soft bulging testicles.

“Such good taste Seed, I bet you have lots of fun with these two delicious young men, mind if I enjoy them for a while? I’ll let you play with my cock?” Miles rubbed himself erotically, he was enjoying his segment of the show immensely.

Nathan and Tyler showed fear on their faces, and they looked at Miles with desperation in their eyes, they were tied spread-eagled with this hyped-up gorgeous weirdo prancing between them, and above them, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were restrained in two evil looking robotic devices. They had become accustomed to Seed’s enjoyment of their bodies, his raging fetish for their beautiful tight bodies wearing their speedos was Seed’s thing, but very rarely did he enjoy them together, he usually had them taken to his private playroom one by one and had them tied to his research devices. He usually pleasured them by hand, caressing their skimpy garments, threatening them with death if they did not concentrate and keep from cumming too soon. He had trained them over time to hold their loads for forty-five minutes. But Seed was becoming increasingly frustrated, he wanted to play longer, he wanted them to endure longer sessions with him. His deep desires were insatiable, and their orgasm always signalled the end of his attention and a turn in his mood. They lived in fear that either of them would be terminated if they failed to deliver Seed his sexual satisfaction, but there was just a limit to their endurance. Seed also enjoyed binding them in various ways, he forced them to lick and suck on his hot bulging tight suits, their arms always bound, they were forced to pleasure Seed while restrained, and with their mouths until Seed pumped them with his cum forcing them to eat his seed as he pumped his loins into their faces.

Seed loved blowing off steam with his Play Toys and to see them restrained on the pleasure altars was a real treat, he knew the decision to join Scorpio’s little bondage farm was the right one. He was more than willing to share his toys as long as he could get to play. He had a busy schedule touring the engineering sections of Electro and Orgasmo, he needed to learn some of their little secrets. He had been looking forward to the evening and now, this unexpected surprise, to see his Play Toys taking a central role was making him super horny!

“Thank you, Miles, you handsome horny little deviate you! Come here my delicious protégé, you!” Scorpio made his way to the pleasure altars and put his arm around Miles’ shoulders. “This gentleman is one awesome little devil! I have my eye on him. Such a handsome tight muscular package, wait till he gets his hands on Swimmerlad soon!” Scorpio glanced upward to Swimmerlad’s struggling body as he twisted and moaned quietly in the Harvester’s delicious clutches. “Miles has a soft spot and a hard cock for Swimmerlad! In fact, he sucked Swimmerlad’s seed right out of his speedo in the Pits as Swimmerlad’s orgasm exploded. He got Swimmerlad’s hero load all through his hair and over his face. Miles was a mess, weren’t you!

Miles smiled and looked around the tiers to the new faces, he looked upward to the two heroes struggling, waiting for their pleasure draining to increase and then toward the two play-toys spread-eagled on the pleasure altars. “And I will be happy to do it again!” he smiled at Nathan admiring his tight gorgeous body stretched out on the device unaware of the pleasure fate he was about to face.

“So, this is a pleasure ceremony my dear Miles and I would love for you to look the part, may I?” Miles knew what Scorpio had in mind.

“Be my guest!” Miles had a huge smile on his face as Scorpio reached across to create Miles’ speedo thong, the garment already felt amazingly exciting in his horny state, but the feeling of the elasticised fabric pulling between his buttocks and tightening as Scorpio twisted the sides was fucking beautiful. Miles looked downward and adjusted his pouch and bulge. It felt erotic, it made him so sexually charged and wet. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that feels so nice, I can just imagine what Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad experience dressed like this, fucking sexy.”

Miles fondled himself as Scorpio addressed the waiting diners and the global audience, I know you must all be getting hot and bothered, we have a big show to enjoy tonight, we will harvest pleasure, we will harvest the nectar of the gods in a ceremony of beautiful proportions. He approached the altars and circled the two frightened young men tied helplessly looking upward to the tiers and the two helplessly erotic heroes moaning above them.

“Welcome to the speedo compound boys! I see you have been settling in! Seed has updated me on your progress, and we have committed to developing you in so many ways, my delicious young men. We have some action-packed fun for you, he stood beside Tyler who was looking up from his bondage trying to lift his head to survey his helplessly stretched body.

“You are each tied to a Pleasure Altar, and these devices are full of special tech that will deliver thrilling sensation, amazing pleasure will fill your delicious little speedo’s, your cocks have never contemplated anything as amazing as what these little machines can deliver. You see Tyler, you and Nathan cannot escape your fate, you see, your pleasure altars are directly powered by my speedo AI. They are connected to the Harvesters above you and to the speedo power of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad!”

“Synch positions!” Scorpio looked upward to the robotic devices which came to life and transported Swimmerlad directly above and between Tyler’s stretched legs on his Pleasure Altar. Swimmerboy was transported to the same position above Nathan’s stretched body.

Nathan and Tyler, thrashed in their bonds, they were helpless, they looked up to see two of the sexiest superheroes the world had produced, erotically spread-eagled, writhing in beautiful harmony with the sexual delights licking at their speedo bulges. They were in a powerplay and their delicious bodies were spectacularly erotic as they looked down on Seed’s speedo clad Play Toys.

“Swimmerlad, meet Play Toy Tyler, you can call him Tyler! Swimmerboy, meet Play Toy Nathan!”

Scorpio addressed the Play Toys, “Now, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad are powerhouses of Speedo Strength, we have them captured, like yourselves as both research subjects and as sexual toys. They look fucking sexy, do you like their red speedo bulges, their speedo pouches are fucking erotic as their mighty bodies gyrate and enjoy the delights of the Harvesters. Their pleasure will be extracted slowly, and their speedo clad bodies will be delivered to the diners in this room to enjoy, but as their pleasure increases my speedo AI will transfer a portion of that pleasure to your speedo, we call it pleasure transference. You will not be able to resist it boys, you have no Speedo Strength (yet), but as we pleasure and milk these superheroes, we will also milk you. I expect you might cum yourselves dry before the evening’s proceedings have, shall we say wrapped up! The genetic information provided in Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s super spunk is fuelling our research efforts and soon we will crack their mystical speedo powers and one day you too might be somehow infused with similar power, who knows? It is a matter of time. Rest assured boys, we will milk them and now, you for as long as it takes!”

Scorpio walked between Nathan’s spread legs, he stood at Nathan’s nylon speedo admiring the bulge and bumps of the young man’s manhood, he ran his fingers and hands enjoying the beauty of the soft nylon as it caressed Nathan’s loins. Scorpio lifted Nathan’s hips gently off the surface of the pleasure altar and created the ceremonial speedo thong. Nathan looked in horror as Scorpio adjusted his cock, playing with his speedo fashioning a piece of erotic art.

“Mmmm very nice Nathan, I bet your master approves!”

Nathan looked across to see Miles performing the same duties on Tyler’s hot speedo.

“We have just one more little adjustment to make boys. Miles, would you be a luv and hold Tyler’s head down on the surface of his pleasure altar please.”

Scorpio did the same with Nathan.

Swimmerboy, looked downward toward Nathan, he could feel his Pleasure Wrap caressing him, the warmth of the pleasure energy vibrated between his buttocks, he could feel his balls heating up and his cock purred with discrete sexual delight, “What are you up Scorpio?” He pulled in his bondage, but the Harvester was extremely powerful, even at full Speedo Strength, his power was no match for the evil pleasure device.

Scorpio looked over his shoulder and up to the struggling hero. “This my dear boy, will help Nathan tap into the eroticism of your experience, a direct connection will be made to my speedo AI, and the growing speedo intelligence will integrate with Nathan’s brain via my tiny implant. His Pleasure Altar will control his every sexual need and desire as long as the connection is made with your pleasure stream!” Scorpio’s evil smile sent shivers into Miles’ speedo as he described his control plan for the heroes and their symbionts.

Just a small prick my lovely Nathan, it will be over very quickly, but your mind will access the world of sexual nirvana when this miniature probe attaches itself to one of the most ancient parts of your brain, your Basolateral Amygdala-Hippocampus Circuits will be accessed and exposed to the power of my erotic pleasure systems and as they fuse together via your little probe, your speedo will begin to rule your desires, you will crave it, you will fantasise about it and the deep and ancient erotic part of your brain will flower, you mind will open up seeking sexual gratification. You will begin to lust after Swimmerboy, and Tyler will begin to lust after Swimmerlad!”

Scorpio caressed Nathan’s forehead as he pushed the young man’s handsome forehead, pushing his head down onto the surface of the Pleasure Altar.

Both Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were jolted from their sexual stupors as they realised the evil implantations about the take place in the helplessly bound Play Toys.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” They screamed, looking downward from their Harvesters hovering close to the evil scene below, Swimmerboy thrashed in his bonds, he did not care what the sensitiser would do to him, he just wanted to save Nathan and Tyler from their sexy fates.

They were helpless to stop the implants, the tiny probes were inserted with surgical precision, quickly and with nothing more than a fast flick on the back of their heads. Scorpio and Miles let go of Nathan’s and Tyler’s foreheads once the ultra-fast insertion had taken place.

“That wasn’t so bad was it? No Blood! I think Swimmerboy had a little over-reaction up there, hahahahaha!” Scorpio smiled surveying the two writhing young men as they twisted on their Pleasure Altars, their bodies looked amazing and sexual, their speedo thongs displayed their beautiful man bulges with erotic artistry.

Scorpio looked across to Seed, “What do you think my dear friend, they look fucking beautiful, two new sexual vessels for our pleasure, for us to enjoy! They look fucking beautiful and soon these two speedo pouches will experience a world of rich sexual experience which we will nurture over time, developing their flowering sexual lusts! I’ve sent you some information on their new implants, you will find it delicious reading, my dear friend!”

Scorpio returned his attention to the Pleasure Toys, “I hope you boys are ready, you will feel the probes as they settle into your brains and attach their microscopic tendrils to the very region of your brains that control emotion and pleasure. Go with the images they present you, go with the sexual energy about to unfold in your bodies. You will have unprecedented access symbiotically to your delicious superhero. Nathan, welcome to Swimmerboy’s eroticism and Tyler welcome to Swimmerlad. You will experience desires and sexual frustrations as your bodies enjoy the wonderful altars and the divine pleasure transference systems of my Speedo AI. We made sure to stir our two delicious hero’s fantasies up, they are simmering containers of emotion, fantasy and desire, and this will be transferred to you via their pleasure streams, enjoy exploring the deep needs of your superhero symbiont, there is no escape!” Scorpio was ecstatic, the next step in his evil plans were unfolding and the sight of the two young Water-Polo stars of the pool being introduced to a world of rich sexual expression was just too breathtaking. He looked up to Seed, who was watching intently. Seed rubbed his villainous bulge with delight and looked up to his two henchmen. They nodded in happiness, they loved playing with the Play Toys, and this was a major break-through in their sensual therapies, a new beginning of enjoyment and opportunity for them.

Scorpio called up to Seed, “Seed, press the glowing red button on your control screen to turn on the pleasure transference system to Nathan and Tyler’s Pleasure Altars, we must really make a start, shouldn’t we boys? This will also activate the probes. Enjoy your first super-sexual encounter!”

With that Scorpio and Miles made their way to their waiting spaces on their respective tiers of the Milk Bar. Nathan and Tyler thrashed in their bonds, their helpless bodies dressed only in their skimpy, sexy nylon speedo’s began to feel tactile and amazing, it was a sensation so beautiful, so carnal, they felt their bodies tingle all over, their speedo’s felt as if they had become one with their bodies they were entering a state of pure speedo erotic bliss and their thrashing bodies quieted down, replaced with deep moans and sexual desire, their beautiful bodies writhed and their slowly thrusting hips, syncopated with that of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad.

The pleasure transference had commenced, and their brand spanking new implants started to energise.

Swimmerlad looked down toward the helpless Tyler, Tyler’s body twisted as it accepted the sensations entering his body, somehow unfolding deep within his loins, Tyler felt deep desires, deep lust was enveloping his consciousness, he suddenly craved pleasure, he was hungering it and he was falling into the abyss of desire, emotion, and delight. His moans were deep and throaty, his every sexual desire was being powered and enhanced, he felt the pleasure dancing on his bulge, toying with him, playing with him, tantalising him. He looked up into the eyes of Swimmerlad.

Swimmerboy was slowly gyrating to the pleasure sensations kissing his speedo bulge, he twisted in his bonds, helplessly taking in the sheer evil, erotic situation he and Swimmerlad had been dealt. He spoke to Nathan as he twisted erotically, “Nathan, ughhhhhh, mmmmmmmm, must resist this erotic pleasure, but it will increase, I can’t hold out all night, they are draining us with their evil systems, uhhhhhhhh mppppp nchhhhhhh” He thrust his hips with delicious abandon to the delights licking his loins, his beautiful body stretched, his lycra speedo thong displayed his manhood it was a perfect sexual offering and he was unable to free himself from the clutches of the harvester as it continued its welcome program, tantalizing his body with lathers of delicate and delicious pleasure. He continued, “They will increase ughhhhhh, the plea suure nphhhhhpf, as the ceremony progresses, and we will be bought to a powerful orgasmic climax. Ffffffffffffffffffff aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, they restrict our sexual functions, not sure how much control they have of you and Tyler, those implants will control you, I’m sure!. They will harvest us, our cum, slowly, they will consume of our sacred nectar, be strong, I am sorry I can only slow the inevitable, my pleasure will transfer to you Nghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmphhhh! Too powerful, cannot break free of my bonds. Ughhh, Feels fucking beautiful, sexual desires are erupting, they are fucking with us, aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” his husky tone of voice was erotic and sexual.

Swimmerlad began to writhe rhythmically, he looked at Tyler, his young athletic body draped in the light blue and white speedo wrapped around his body was driving Swimmerlad’s sexual desires wild with lust, he was being pleasured by sweet running stokes of energy toying with his penis as it brushed on the nylon pouch encasing his loins, he felt the fabric between his buttocks, he felt erotic, he felt awesome, his desires were firing deep inside his soul and his speedo was alive, it was as if it was a living part of him he felt his needs deepen as the pleasure continued to tantalise him. He looked down to Tyler, “I will do my best Tyler, but gngggh can’t hold out forever, they will take us eventually in a tirade of pleasure and we will experience their wrath. I am sorry, must resist, but it will become too powerful for us as they wear our strength down. Our Cum will be harvested, they will make sure of it. Hold on Mnnnnnn, hold onnnnnn, can’t, break these bonds mppppphhhh, nghhhhh.”

Scorpio stood up, “Enough of the little pep talks boys, time to get down to business. I High Priest demand your pleasure, your nectar, your offerings will be enjoyed by my Milk Bar guests and patrons.

Harvesters, begin Milk Bar service!

Nathan could not believe the vibrations forming in his speedo, he looked across to Tyler, he too was taken in the delights erupting and forming in his speedo pouch. They were helpless, their heroic symbionts were being delivered to different places in the Milk Bar restaurant, their divine speedo offerings were being served up just as the next delicious level of pleasure extraction began to form in their speedo pouches.

Swimmerboy was delivered to Seed and Swimmerlad arrived to MantaRay’s pleasure dock, much to the evil villain’s delight.

Swimmerboy was presented to Seed and his Harvester docked with a delicious hissing sound as it came to rest at Seed’s dock. Seed sat as his control panel, he rose to welcome the divine sumptuous beauty of Swimmerboy’s writhing body, the Harvester pushed Swimmerboy in close and as Seed arose to welcome his delicious offering, he reached out to touch Swimmerboy’s heaving face as he contorted, dealing with the sensations erupting in his body. Swimmerboy was just fucking beautiful, he was majestic, a piece of heroic divinity an initially offered to Seed in the upright presentation position.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm at last Seed was salivating as he stood thinking and admiring his sexual Play Toy, “I think it would really like to eat you Swimmerboy, I hope you don’t mind, I’m a bit peckish and Scorpio has made me wait ages for this little moment.”

Swimmerboy tried glaring at his tormentor, he knew Seed’s speedo fetish, he knew his deep sexual lusts, he knew Seed would have his fill and his pleasure would spike and eat away at his Power, Nathan would be captive to the transference, he had to resist as best he could, for Nathan’s sake!

Fuck hold on Swimmerboy, he is going to fucking eat me, my speedo is ripe for his enjoyment, cannot break free, He felt the Harvester pivot on hundreds of joints, he was being rotated and served up to Seed, his legs spread, he was now supine, looking upward and over his body as the device locked him into the speedo offering position. Seed adjusted the height of his offering and the Harvester responded to his adjustments with precise movements.

Seed was standing between Swimmerboy’s stretched legs, his hands resting on the speedo V of Swimmerboy’s delicious speedo. Swimmerboy could not stop thrusting his hips slowly, evocatively as the Harvester prepared him with continuing magnificent sensitizer tingles.

“Now that is quite the mouthful!” His right hand felt the magnificence of Swimmerboy’s erotic speedo bulge, his fingers caressed every millimetre of the mighty Hero’s sexual offering. His Tongue extended and soon Swimmerboy was crying out in abandon as the sensitizer erupted shooting power around his balls, he felt the Harvester’s Wrap program tighten around his speedo as Seed’s tongue explored his beautiful speedo pouch.

“Such beauty and majesty Swimmerboy, I was taken by the sheer magnificence of your body, and this glorious speedo the moment I latched my eyes on you in our meeting this afternoon. I just had to rub myself watching your delicious body writhe in pain, the way your body slowly twisted was just too sexual and the sight of this sumptuous red speedo bulging with sheer beauty was just too hot for words. And here you are! You are so much more sexy in person than on a screen, writhe for me hero boy, moan for your master.” Seed surveyed Swimmerboy’s exquisite body, his rippling muscles the red thong of lycra, slowly thrusting sexually for him, his head slightly raised as he concentrated his speedo power waiting for the onslaught of pleasure.

“Beautiful hero, you are mine to fucking enjoy! Your High Priest has demanded your pleasure, so you will have it!” He smiled, licking his lips, let me just have a look through my menu, hmmmm daaaa deeeee daaaaa,” he hummed in a gloating tone glancing at the beauty of Swimmerboy’s spectacular bulge as he flicked through the options on his control screen. He pressed his favoured option.

Executing the Tendrils of Achilles

Occupant Swimmerboy, Speedo Strength high

Pleasure level moderate.

Seed stood over the heaving hero, Swimmerboy was breathing heavily, preparing himself, he knew he no way of escape, the Harvester would inflict its first powerful pleasure onslaught on him, he thought of the lovely Nathan, hoping he would survive the assault. Seed smiled looking across Swimmerboy’s body, his left index finger toyed with the hero’s soft warm bulge, Seed then retracted his finger, he wanted to watch Swimmerboy succumb to the pleasure program, it was such a beautiful sight to behold and enjoy.

“Mmmmmm! I am a lucky boy Swimmerboy, so are you! The Harvester will devour you, and I get to watch every sumptuous moment of its pleasure program, hahahahahahaha!”

Swimmerboy felt the central pelvic support section of the harvester heat up beneath his buttocks, the micro vibrations were becoming more prominent, he pulled in his bondage, twisting seeking a way of release, he tried moving his hips away from the device, but he could not break the hold of the Wrapping device that buzzed across his speedo, he felt those micro-vibrations as well, they danced making the sensitizer lick his loins with constant sensual delights. He felt the warmth ignite and flare, the tight lycra pulled erotically between his buttocks, his thong was heating up, he felt the sensation caress his anus, he felt the tingles and the sweet touch of the energy lapping at the entrance of his man hole, it was sending shoots, roots of energy were climbing into his anatomy, coating the walls of his man hole.

Swimmerboy looked up over his body, Seed was eating him with his eyes, Seed was in a trance as he watched the Harvester take control. Swimmerboy was moaning and sighing in high pitched sexual tones and his speedo felt like a sumptuous sexual cocktail of magnificent sensation. His attention was diverted to Seed’s eyes, they were widening, Seed was reaching over Swimmerboy’s body, his hands playing with his nipples.

“This looks like absolute ecstasy Swimmerboy, how does your arse feel, hero? It’s just warming up.”

“Ngpffffffff, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Swimmerboy felt the Pleasure Wrap as its energy pleasure signature warped and changed the frequency of the powerful throbs it was pumping around his speedo, it was synching with the pleasure program and he pulled with his Speedo Strength, attempting vainly to free himself, his writhing and vain attempts to free himself only flaring up Seed’s evil desires.

“You do writhe so well, such artistry, sexual perfection Swimmerboy. Stretch him!” Seed gave the order in a tone so evil, so calm, so depraved and infused with carnal desire.

Swimmerboy moaned deeply as the Harvester pulled him in four directions, his head thrust backward as he dealt with the powerfully sensual sensations now enveloping him and the extra strain on his helplessly stretched body. As his head fell backward, he opened his eyes and he noticed the top of Swimmerlad’s head, he was being played with by MantaRay on the other side of the Milk Bar. He then thrust his head upward, the sensation between his buttocks had exploded, he felt awesome beauty encase his speedo.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck!”

Seed was awash with joy; he was rubbing his thick hard cock inside his shiny light blue suit as he kept his eyes on the display of spectacular sexual evil playing out before him. Swimmerboy’s body a picture of pure beauty as his twisted and writhed, Seed watched as the green glow took form, three tendrils were emerging from between Swimmerboy’s legs, they looked to be feeding on the delicious red lycra fabric as it clung to the superhero’s anatomy. They were forming into evil looking green tendrils, and they twisted and turned as they emerged between Swimmerboy’s powerful stretched legs from between his buttocks, they had laid their roots into his body and they emerged, hungry for hero bulge! Seed admired the beauty of the red fabric as it fanned out and bulged around Swimmerboy’s magnificent juice filled testicles, the base of the hero bulge was just too erotically charged and now these green hungry tendrils added to the sumptuous spectacle of the moment. Seed was poised, he wanted to suck the hero’s bulge he wanted to caress it, but he bided his time; the tendrils had to complete the subjugation of Swimmerboy first, then he would have his fill before Swimmerboy was whisked off to the next diner.

Swimmerboy felt the beauty of the evil pleasure device filling his body, he could feel it as it slipped in and out of his anus as if a divinely lubricated cock was infusing him with pleasure, he felt as the manifestation grew and emerged caressing his speedo it slithered and deposited shards of pleasure venom that began to fill his bulge, he felt warm and the deep sexual desires that his tantalizer had stirred earlier, they were brewing deep in his body, he was writhing and his breathing was erratic and excited as the tendrils turned upward and then back down.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he was screaming in deranged delight as the tendrils fanned out and began to lick his speedo pouch with exotically charged super concentrated pleasure, like snails they sucked and pulsated, the centre tendril had extended along the length of Swimmerboy’s penis and it coated his bulging manhood pumping its deliriously potent pleasure venom into his manhood through the lycra fabric.

Swimmerboy was being eaten by the device that slithered and worshipped his manhood delicately and without mercy, his body was twisting as the harvester went about its erotic duties filling Swimmerboy’s magnificent speedo offering with a blanket of supercharged thrills.

He was in the throes of the erotic process, his body singing to the tune of the Harvester, Seed could feel his cock ooze precum as he witnessed the sheer eroticism of the moment, the beautiful horny Swimmerboy being pleasured by the Harvester was a spectacle to behold.

Tendrils of Achilles deposit phase complete

Swimmerboy’s breathing was now long and laboured, every muscle was fighting his bondage, his speedo was a seething mass of highly charged pleasure, throbbing and pulsing, his deep moans deepened with every long drawn out throb of pleasure as it raped his body, his sexual desires, the feeling of his bondage, his helplessness, the look of depravity in Seed’s evil eyes making him horny as fuck! He thrusted his magnificent bulging red speedos erratically, moaning…

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeassssssssssssssssssse pleasssssssssssssssssssssssure, so fucking,”

Thrust, thrust, his body twisted and thrust in sexual abandon.

“…delicioussssssssssssssssssssssss mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!”

Seed watched as the tendrils retracted and the sound of pure ecstasy emitted from deep in Swimmerboy as the roots of the tendril device slithered out of his arse, leaving the mighty young erotic hero a writhing piece of erotic delicacy for Seed to tap and enjoy.

“You my dear Swimmerboy look and sound exquisite and ravishing, that is a menu item I must order again, your lovely sensual body is pure sexual delight!”

He stood up and over the heroic offering splayed out before him, his superhero was a seething cauldron of pleasure delivered for his sexual gratification. He caressed Swimmerboy’s chest, his sweaty smooth skin felt charged with delicious energy and Swimmerboy, hissed and writhed at Seed’s every touch. He moved to the speedo thong, the delicious red beacon of erotic beauty, thrusting deliciously and he bent down, extending his tongue to lick the red fabric as it emerged at the base of the hero bulge, he ran his fingers own the fabric as it clung between Swimmerboy’s buttocks, it felt amazing the pleasure energy buzzed and tingled on the tops of his fingers as he pushed against Swimmerboy’s flesh, tantalising his anus and then he let go.

Swimmerboy was a mass of raging sounds and motion, the pleasure was raping him, caressing his loins with ferocious force.

Seed devoured Swimmerboy’s balls, his tongue lashing and seeking every millimetre of the hero’s most private and sexual speedo region, his hands on each of the hero’s hips, he caressed and felt his fingers tingle as they set off the raging pleasure hurricane deposited by the tendrils.

It was loud and depraved. Swimmerboy exploded in a fit of cries and moans.

But Seed did not relent, he massaged the speedo with his fingers and his tongue as Swimmerboy writhed in sexual abandon, Seed was activating the pleasure deposited by the tendrils enjoying every moment of his worship.

Swimmerboy looked up, his head thrashing, his face grimacing and contorting as he watched Seed’s tongue lick the length of his magnificent penis. He cried out and pulled on his bonds as the pleasure fucked his cock pulsing up and down the length of appendage with insistent and delicious power. The pleasure was contained in his speedo, but this body was brimming with divine tingles and sexual sensation. They were playing his young body like a tuned instrument and he had no way of escape.



“Must r            e                        s isttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

“So beau                    t     i ful, must hold on…”

Swimmerboy knew deep down he had to hold on, he knew the sexual function inhibitors were deployed, he could not get a hardon no matter how hard he willed one, but he thought of Nathan and looked down and over to the two pleasure altars where Nathan and Tyler were tied, he could hear their moans and cries, their beautiful, toned bodies deliciously wrapped in matching nylon ceremonial speedo thongs were writhing in abandon. Nathan was almost crying, he had never felt sensation like this before, the beauty and majesty of the erotic juiced up pleasure caressing his young speedo bulge was gorgeous and pure, he felt his body in new unimaginable ways as if he were transported to a new plane of existence, he looked over to Tyler. Tyler had thrust his pelvis off the surface of his pleasure altar, his head lifting off the surface as well, he was staring intently at the magnificent blue and white nylon ceremonial speedo thong, he was also transported to the world of erotica in magnificent style, he was tethered to Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream and the sounds of the two hero’s cries and moans of delight mingled with their own deep groans and sighs, they were filling the Milk Bar with the sounds of pleasure! Nathan spotted Swimmerlad’s Harvester on one side of the parlour, he was being worshipped by MantaRay and Swimmerboy was being enjoyed on the opposite side by Seed. Scorpio and Miles were kissing, and the other villains and henchmen were watching intently on the viewing screens waiting patiently for their sweet pudding to be delivered.

Swimmerboy could hear his boyfriend’s distinctive tones of delicious enjoyment, the sounds made him recall the memories of their play times back at their secret apartment, their private bondage playtimes, he remembered how the mighty Swimmerlad would surrender his magnificent body to him in sexual and submissive ways and how Swimmerlad’s face would screw up so cutely as his pleasure built and the beautiful sound Swimmerlad made when he sucked him into orgasmic oblivion. But that was a distant past, that had been robbed of him, he, like Swimmerlad had become the consecrated sexual offerings in a secret domain built to house the likes of powerful superheroes like he and Swimmerlad and soon to be, the famous Robin!

Swimmerboy was rocketed out of his thoughts and fantasies by Seed, who was now sucking on the tip of his lycra clad cock. It felt delicious, the sensitiser was stoking him, licking his buttocks, his sexual appetite bubbling deep inside him, the pleasure being sucked through his cock was fucking erotic, he screamed in abandon, his head trust backward, he could just make out the top of Swimmerlad’s head on the opposite side of the Milk Bar.

Swimmerlad was stretched out in his harvester, his legs spread, is arms stretched away from his body, MantaRay stood between his legs he was at the pulpit of speedo, Swimmerlad’s spectacular fire engine, red nylon, bulging speedo thong was served up to the evil Villain, it was exposed, and it buzzed with divine sumptuous energy. He writhed and twisted his muscled body with artistic and erotic rhythm as the Pleasure Wrap continued its insistent and devoted ministry of caressing Swimmerlad’s loins.

Swimmerlad had been delivered to MantaRay at the same time Swimmerboy was transported to Seed, the Harvesters were programmed to deliver their seething, sexual and heroic cargo to each pleasure station in the Milk Bar, they were to be served up as private pleasure offerings and once the high priest was satisfied, he would release their pre-cum inhibitors. Their erotic speedo pouches with their spectacular bulges, would ooze and feed the diners with their juice. Scorpio planned to pleasure them for hours, he would edge them, deny them, and repeat the program. He aimed to make a fortune in block chain funds, each teasing session worth millions. Each teasing session fuelling sexual desires on a global scale. This ceremony was greater than the Milk Bar, it was bigger than his speedo compound, it was becoming a hit in every evil corner of the world!

…Earlier when Swimmerlad was delivered to MantaRay…

“Oh My, look what the cat dragged in!” MantaRay stood as the Harvester with its spectacular payload arrived at his pleasure dock. He licked his lips and rubbed his grey lycra suit, his cock was twitching inside and he didn’t have Remora or Sucker close by to serve him, they were on the next tier; he had to pleasure himself this time, but the sight of the sumptuous Swimmerlad twisting and writhing in front of him was just too hot, he looked fucking awesome, his tight body, muscles shimmering in the illumination, which powered up as soon as the Harvester locked into his pleasure dock, that red speedo thong was drawing him to worship, it was calling him to play, his fantasies and desires were filling his mind as he surveyed the erotic dish of delights that had been served to his table.

“My delish Swimmerlad, we meet again, finally! You escaped me once hero boy, but you cannot escape now! Your magnificent saviour is on the other side of the restaurant serving Seed, if I’m not wrong!”

Swimmerlad, lifted his head, his body was tingling, his speedo was awash in divine delicate pleasure as the Wrap program caressed his most private sexual parts with devoted attention, his body was writhing uncontrollably and he was applying his Speedo Strength with care, he could not allow himself to drain too fast, he had to ration his power, but that meant enduring hours of the devilish and diabolical pleasure drain. He looked up to see MantaRay surveying his spectacular body and speedo offering with lust filled eyes, he had stopped rubbing his mound, MantaRay held his hands together close to his mouth as he was addressing Swimmerlad.

Swimmerlad replied with disdain, he hated MantaRay, “You fucking fiend, I should have mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph, came after you nghhhhh, mmmmmp, when I had the fucking aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chance!” His words were difficult to get out as the pleasure and horny desires toyed with his body and mind.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM Scorpio has prepared you well Swimmerlad, are you enjoying the moment as much as I am, that tantalizer dildo must have stirred some very sexy Swimmerlad private fantasies. Fuck the mere thought of YOUR fantasies is just pure erotic brilliance! Well tonight we will pleasure the fuck out of you, you cocky piece of sex! I am playing this little pleasure dance tonight, but my mind is on your impending torture, and once we milk your juices dry tonight, I have put my hand up to torture you and Swimmerboy into oblivion, I will have the pleasure of creating your next loads of super speedo jism, ready for Scorpio and Joker to start work on Robin. Wow three of the fiercest and sexy young heroes in one room, sexual delights…”

“Nghhhhhhhhhhhhhffffff! Fuck you MMMMMannnnnnnnntaRaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!” Swimmerlad pulled on each of the restraints pulling him helplessly and delectably without mercy.

MantaRay moved closer to the red nylon mound of heroic pleasure, “Your speedo offering tonight is second to none, hero boy!” he ran his finger tantalising close to the surface of the heaving nylon pouch, his evil and lust filled eyes darting between, the red mound of speedo loveliness heaving beneath his hands and the eyes of Swimmerlad, so caught up in the sensations of divine pleasure licking and toying with his manhood.

“Your body, so powerful, so helpless, so sexual!” MantaRay let out a deep sexually charged sigh. “Your writhing body, so inviting, so stunning will drain with pleasure, long, deep pleasure, boy!” MantaRay slowly dropped his hands onto the nylon surface of the holy hero offering, he felt the nylon, warm and soft, his fingers and palms tingled as the Pleasure Wrap program adjusted to his touch and he felt Swimmerlad’s body tense up. He felt the beauty of Swimmerlad’s exquisite penis as it snaked and bulged in his pouch. The fabric clung to his anatomy with erotic perfection.


“You like that don’t you Swimmerlad, I fucking well do! The Pleasure Wrap is caressing you nicely, now my fingers will enjoy your sexual delights too! Increase sensitiser 1 percent every minute!”

Swimmerlad let out another delightful sigh, his enjoyment was beautiful, it was pure evil though, designed to drain him, defeat him, but the pleasure fed him, he was horny, he had been prepared and tantalised to perform this sexual display for his masters, he slowly thrust his hips to meet MantaRay’s hungry fingers. It felt pure and sensual as he thrust his head backward, his eyes wide open as the next powerful sensation enveloped his speedo.

MantaRay gloated over the helpless hero, “That dear boy is the beacon. I’ve selected this specific pleasure program to give your sumptuous body a little boost of love!” His sarcasm was profound, and he smiled and looked into the hero’s desperate eyes as Swimmerlad lifted his head to look over his stretched sexually charged body, “…It will germinate and form deep within your sexual organs and burst upward through the length of your penis like mini orgasms once they reach the tip of your delicious cock, they will pulsate for a second or two before bursting pleasure frequency across your speedo pouch and through your fucking beautiful tight buttocks. Shocking, I know, but intensely erotic to watch and I can only imagine the sheer beauty of each pulse and what it will bring to your enjoyment and as the sensitiser continues to increase. I expect, no, I demand that your cries of pleasure, fill this Milk Bar, do I make myself clear Swimmerlad?”

“You Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, feels so ffffffffffffuckin,” Swimmerlad’s head was lifting as high as his bondage would allow, he was gazing at his magnificent red bulge, he desperately needed to squeeze it and try and relieve the sensation attacking him, his manhood was on display, caressed by the sensual red nylon, it was raging with pleasure, he continued his strained sentence, “…fucking fiend.” He then cried out in abandon as he felt the initial beacon stimulate his body with powerful intent, he felt it build and grow and start to move through his penis, his pelvis was shaking and thrusting at the same time; it pushed like a huge seething blob of magnificent pleasure, leaving soft dainty whispers of delight in its wake as it moved with determined intent through his penis.

Swimmerlad screamed as it formed in the head of his penis, his member was on fire and he could feel the second ominous beacon form deep inside him, but his attention, as he screamed and lifted his magnificent bulging speedo thong, he was shaking in anticipation, was on the first burst!

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Swimmerlad’s cries were loud and sharp.

It exploded in a flurry of orgasmic brilliance filling his nylon pouch, his buttocks, his arse with extravagant pleasure, divine and breathtaking, his lungs were filled with air as he breathed in quickly, exhaling just as quickly with tones of sexual depravity.

The sensitiser increased and his body twisted and shuddered to the tune of the beacon, he had become enveloped in a sexual display of such depravity and wickedness, he had little chance to recover between pulses, they germinated, and formed with rhythmic regularity, they fed his penis with powerful pleasure and then exploded across his speedo pouch with such precision that Swimmerlad began to thrust, writhe, and emit sounds of delight in rhythmic syncopation with the pleasure program.

“That is right Swimmerlad, get lost in the sheer depravity of the beacon, it will not relent, it is programmed to delight you with sumptuous waves of majestic pleasure. Writhe for me hero, fuckin writhe hero!” MantaRay was lost in the sheer splendour of his special Swimmerlad time, the mighty hero was splayed out before him, his hips thrusting his sumptuous red speed pouch with its orgasmic, awesome red bulge moving in sexual and delirious syncopation with the pulses and explosions of diabolical, Speedo Strength draining pleasure being delivered by his Harvester.

Swimmerboy’s screams peeled around the Milk Bar and MantaRay, looked Swimmerlad in the eyes, sounds like your magnificent Swimmerboy is also enjoying a dose of pure love from Seed over there.

Swimmerlad thrashed and groaned as the sensitiser performed its next diabolical upgrade. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

MantaRay was beaming, he loved seeing the mighty Swimmerlad so helplessly stretched out before him, his personal offering, so sexual, so mighty, and powerful. Helpless in his bondage.

Scorpio used his time wisely, he played with Miles, he fondled the young horny acolyte, his blue nylon speedos were warm with Miles’ precum and as Scorpio caressed his trainee, he coated his hand with Miles’ warm pre-cum juices and smeared his face in the steamy, twinky nectar.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” you are almost as sweet as our two heroes, but it’s not time for your cum yet Miles, you need to hold on dear boy!”

“You really know how to string a boy on Scorpio!” Miles had a comical look of sadness on his face, “Give it lick Scorpio, it’s getting really intense down there in my speedo bulge, I’m half erect and all this heroic pleasure in here, sounds of defeat, of pleasure draining their awesome bodies is just driving me wild.” The sad face appeared again and Scorpio, pushed Miles backward onto the top surface of his pleasure dock, the place where the Harvesters docked their erotic cargo. He spread Miles’ legs and licked the young horny acolyte with a High Priestly energy and vigour, Miles purred and ran his hands through his hair as he felt the High Priest minister to his loins, it felt amazing as he enjoyed Scorpio sucking his youthful juices through the nylon bulge of his speedo.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Very nice dear boy, you are nearly ready to blow your cherry, but not now! Sit up boy!” Scorpio made a gesture that Miles knew he had to obey, Scorpio commanded a fleet of pleasure and torture devices and Miles knew what was best for him. Miles sat up, lightly caressing the sensual fabric encasing his manhood he enjoyed the glow of his almost orgasm as it began to fade.

“Now go and check on the Play Toys like a good boy. See how those implants are working and tease them, they will cum themselves dry tonight, those ceremonial speedos will be saturated in elite athlete juice, their pleasure will be overwhelming, even if it is filtered for them, we do not want to kill Seed’s little toys in their first pleasure ceremony. If they orgasm while you are down there, help them through it, be a good boy. I want to taste cum on your breath when you return. When you do, I will summon Swimmerlad’s Harvester, I know how you enjoy him so. We will authorise our delicious hero’s pre-cum flows and we will enjoy milking Swimmerlad of his pre-cum juice. I was thinking you might like to cum all over Swimmerlad’s bulge, mount him and as you rub your junk on him, lubricated in his sweet nectar, your cum will coat his bulge, his speedo will be ours to dine on, your sweet cum will make a fabulous cocktail mixed with the pre-cum of Swimmerlad! What do you think?”

The look of depravity on Miles’ face was breathtaking, he would dine on Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge with the High Priest, such an erotic honour! Miles purred and let out a sigh as huge glob of precum erupted from his semi-erect cock, the globule sat on the tip of his delicious bulge.

“Now, let me help you there Miles!” Scorpio lapped up the sticky nectar and Miles purred again.

“Now, I haven’t asked you to hold onto your cum without good reason, I wanted you to enjoy your sexual power and authority over the mighty Swimmerlad!” He smiled at his horny trainee. “I’ve been wanting to keep it a surprise for you!”

Miles stood up, touching himself. “I was horny Scorpio, now I’m supercharged! I will have to control myself if either Tyler or Nathan cum! I’ll suck them dry though, right through their bulging speedos.”

Scorpio smiled and his delicious trainee, “You are so very good at that!”

With that, horny as all fuck, Miles made his way to the stairs at the end of the tier and he headed downstairs to the waiting Pleasure Altars with their writhing cargo on the ground floor.

Miles reached the floor of the Milk Bar and looked up in awe, the first tier hosted each of the super villains, the second tier comprised of henchmen and several horny acolytes who had paid a small fortune to attend the private pleasure ceremony. Miles could see Swimmerboy’s head thrust backward, he was being molested by Seed. Swimmerlad was in the throes of powerful pleasure, he was moaning unintelligibly, his hips thrusting and MantaRay was enjoying the red bulge as Swimmerlad thrust it into the face of the horny villain. It will not be long Swimmerlad, I will have you again and I will dine on your juices, your milk so divine, hero boy… Miles came out of his thoughts, he was between the two pleasure altars. The two athletic stars of the pool stretched out in speedos so magnificent, they glistened in the lights, their juices oozing, their bodies twisting in their bonds.

“Mmmmmmmm, matching nylon thongs, you both look delicious. Good enough to eat!” Miles approached Tyler, “Now young man, you’re tethered to Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream, aren’t you?”

Tyler looked up at Miles, his moans were deep and troubled, his eyes wide open and the look of erotic abandon was causing the features of his handsome face to contort slightly. His nylon speedo pulled tightly between his arse cheeks made the picture of depravity so much more appealing. “You boys look awesome, seriously!”

Miles smiled as he toyed with Tyler’s body, it was tanned and tight, his swimmers build made him fucking sexy to toy with. Miles caressed the spiky blonde hair of the athlete and then ran his fingers delicately across Tyler’s jaw. Tyler was trembling, his mouth drooling, his hips gyrated as the pleasure altar’s transfer surface fed the delicious stream of Swimmerlad’s pleasure.

“Your first experience of a pleasure altar, I hope you are enjoying it, diabolically good and intense, isn’t it? You know a few days ago, I enjoyed a similar experience in my pleasure pod. Swimmerlad was the prime for the pits, his powerful pleasure transfer fed our pods, and we had a taste of that majestic enjoyment, it is like drug really. Wow! He delivers a great erotic sensation, doesn’t he?” Miles was enjoying his gloating and enjoyment of the two delicious young men, they looked so sexy and smoking hot as their young tight bodies writhed in their unforgiving bondage.

“But you’re both Seed’s Play Toys, you must be used to such enjoyment!” Miles watched as Tyler moaned and slowly twisted his athletic body to the left. Miles admired the tight buttocks and the way the speedo nylon fabric twisted on Tyler’s hips. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm, very nice Play Toy Tyler! You will go so well if you keep up that sexy display.”

Miles had moved around Tyler’s pleasure altar and was now standing between Tyler’s stretched legs. “I love this spot! So sexy to have a hot guy like you spread-eagled and helplessly writhing in sumptuous hero pleasure! Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy will be bought to orgasmic realms of majesty, so hold onto your seat’s boys, it is going to be a bumpy ride. Their pleasure streams are being filtered, we would kill you if you experienced the ferocious power being inflicted on them right now, so you are enjoying a splice of the majesty of their pleasure!

“Please, Pleasssssse?” Tyler did his best to form his words, he begged Miles with his eyes, “Please stoooooooop thissssssssss pleasuuuuuuuuuuure ngffffffffff?” Tyler’s head was thrashing, his voice straining.

“But we haven’t programmed you boys yet, there is so much more for you to experience…” Miles caressed Tyler’s cock head, it displayed itself demanding Miles’ attention, it oozed precum and the young athlete was almost erect. Miles played with the young athlete, Tyler’s hissing and grunting were outbursts of his submission to the sensations erupting symbiotically in his speedo pouch.

“Those probes will be settling in boys; we have integrated them with the Speedo AI which controls our delicious heroic powerhouses.” Miles gestured up to the Harvester machines.

Orgasmo will use them to feed your brains with erotic images and feelings, he will mould you, creating a sexually charged Play Toy to meet your master’s demands! And soon Scorpio will have your speedo pouches and delicious bulges mapped into the Speedo AI. It’s a bit invasive, well actually,” Miles bent down and licked Tyler’s heaving erection which had formed while Miles, delicately rubbed the nylon fabric. Tyler’s voice was humming with sexual overtones as he breathed out sighs so erotic and sensual. Miles continued speaking to his captive as he lifted his mouth from Tyler’s throbbing hard mound of speedo heaven, “…It’s actually so invasive, you will feel like your cock is being split open and being flayed, the speedo mapping device will record your every vulnerability, every special pleasure sensitive spot and it will communicate that with the implants in your brains.” He could not help himself, Miles bust into a fit of evil laughter.

“Hahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha” “Oh My, it’s just too much!” Miles was really enjoying himself toying with Seed’s Play Toys.

He is coming along so well Scorpio thought to himself as he watched from the first tier. That horny little evil dynamo will be a perfect addition to our compound. Hurry up boy, I need a piece of Swimmerlad and I’m getting a little thirsty. Scorpio smiled as he contemplated his upcoming play time, he started thinking about how he would work with Robin the Boy Wonder and his cock twitched, he felt alive, powerful, and sexual. His plans were cumming along like a helpless hero tied to a PleasureTron!

Miles tasted the sweetness of Tyler’s precum, he was just so hyper horny now, he walked over to Nathan, Nathan was also twisting his body slowly and sensually and Miles admired the beautiful young man, Seed definitely chose the cream of the crop! Nathan and Tyler are just beautiful to behold, fuck they look so HOT in those speedo thongs he thought to himself. Miles was taken by Nathan’s handsome features, he looked them up online before Seed’s arrival in the compound, they were well known and featured in the American media from time to time in the sports pages and editorials. He looked at Nathan and drooled as he watched Nathan’s nylon speedo caress the young water polo athlete’s delicious body, Nathan’s Bulge was sublime and Miles could understand how Seed would want these two beautiful young men trained as his Play Toys, his playthings. Nathan’s sandy hair was swept across his forehead, he could have been pop star with those smouldering good looks, he lay spread-eagled tied to the powerful device, the Pleasure Altar hummed. It was being fed Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream, it was filtering the stream and delivering it to the pleasure transference surface of the Altar. The pleasure stream jumping to the nylon speedo packaging Nathan and Tyler’s bodies and engulfing their juicy young manhood’s in exquisite delights, toying with their penises, cooking their testicles.

“So, Nathan, you handsome young devil, I better be careful, there seems to a bevy of young handsome speedo-wearing gods in this place!” Miles played with Nathan’s straight hair as it swept across his forehead. “Such a fucking handsome, sexual Play Toy, I can’t wait for you to cum! You will cum several times tonight, but just wait until we begin to map your junk and integrate your data into the Speedo AI. It will transform you boys!”

Miles moved around Nathan’s twisting and heaving body, he surveyed the beautiful young man with lust in his eyes. Arriving between Nathan’s spread legs, he surveyed the speedo thong as Nathan lifted his pelvis upward as Swimmerboy’s pleasure stream suddenly peaked.

“Ooooooh that must have been a lovely pleasure peak, listen,” Miles pretended to be listening intently, he had one hand cupping his right ear, “…Swimmerboy’s moans up there are fucking intense, Seed is really enjoying his sexual offering right now, strap in Nathan, Oh yeah! That is right,” Miles jumped up and down quickly and excitedly, “…you are strapped in!” Miles’ laugh was evil, sexual, and determined.

Nathan cried out as Miles began to molest his speedo, Miles used both hands, he explored the speedo with surgical precision, smiling he looked up into Nathan’s wide eyes, “It’s ok Nathan, I’m very skilled at this, I know my way around a speedo pouch, you are in good hands!”

Nathan sighed as he spoke, his voice possessed with the sensual, sexual power engulfing him. “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what isssssssssssssss thissssssssssssssss? Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cock, my COCK, feels” His sighs intensified, “Ohhhhh fuck me my cock is singing, can’t control the pleasure, buzzing, pushing me.” Nathan looked up to see the handsome acolyte toying with him, molesting him. Miles used both hands, he rubbed and appreciated the sheer sexual beauty of the handsome play-toy writhing and moaning.

“Enjoy Nathan, I’m going to suck on your speedo now, you are nice and hard, I so understand how Seed would want this to last long and deep, you are just sex-on-a-stick, don’t worry, once Scorpio and Orgasmo are finished with you and your sexy friend you will become sexual dynamos. Your pleasure controlled and managed, just like the mighty Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad.” Miles ran his right hand up and down Nathan’s throbbing penis, the blue and while nylon fabric was wet with Nathan’s precum, the young athlete was beginning to twist and hump his delicious body, his moans deepening. Miles bent down over Nathan’s heaving Speedo delight and as he descended to his meal, he looked into the Nathan’s expectant face and gloated, “Hold on Nathan, your cum will flow very soon, let the pleasure chip take control, feel my tongue and gush into my hungry mouth, you see, I’m not allowed back to play with Swimmerlad without cum on my breath. Enjoy your first Pleasure Altar orgasm, the pleasure will rape you, but for now, I demand your orgasm!”

Miles sucked the sweet and sweaty pre-cum that had soaked into Nathan’s speedo, his tongue lapped up Nathan’s bulge, he used two fingers to explore the space between Nathan’s buttocks, the tight nylon pulling upward between Nathan’s buttocks was moist and erotic. Miles was so horny, his own precum dripped from his speedo as he bent forward worshiping the young athlete’s bulge. Nathan’s testicles were warm, the beautiful young man’s cock was completely engorged, and Miles’ tongue lashed at every millimetre of the pleasure filled rod. As soon as Miles reached the straining tip of Nathan’s throbbing member, Miles used his tongue to massage the generous cock head. Miles sucked, he sucked hard and deliberately.

Nathan’s screams were immense, his orgasm was the sweetest pleasure his young twenty one year old body had ever experienced, his body trembled, and he pulled on his bondage in his orgasmic throws of pure passion and exuberance; his excited body twisted, but Miles, held onto Nathan’s hips, holding him to his hungry mouth. Miles felt to powerful orgasm rock into his mouth, Nathan was shaking beneath him, his cock vibrating as the Pleasure Altar shot streams of Swimmerboy’s pleasure upward through the young athlete’s cock, the process expanded the orgasm in mind-blowing power and Nathan’s speedo filtered juice shot into the back of Miles’ mouth, it coated Miles’ tongue and Miles sucked and licked the throbbing member for the duration of the climax.

Miles stood tall between Nathan’s spent young body. “Good boy!” Wiping his lips, he smiled. Tyler’s turn now, your pleasure chip will reset and start you onto your next pleasure phase Nathan!” Miles wiped some more spunk from Nathan’s oozing bulge, his erection was diminishing, and Miles admired the young athlete as he moaned, his speedo glistening in the lights, he looked fucking erotic and beautiful. The Pleasure Altar was not finished with Nathan yet!

Tyler was close, very close, his cock engorged and throbbing, the sight and sounds of Nathan’s orgasm were outrageous and he felt Swimmerlad’s powerful sexual pleasure stream throbbing between his buttocks, it was squeezing his balls, it was pulsating up the length of his engorged member, Miles arrived in the nick of time, the pleasure was erupting, and percolating in his loins with ferocious force.

Miles immediately caressed the long thick pre-cum oozing bulge of Tyler’s speedo offering, his hands were drawn to the sexual speedo beauty of the Tyler’s stretched body. He looked at the handsome boy’s face, his green eyes were wide, his mouth was open as the pleasure pressure erupted in his speedo. His spiky blonde hair dripping in sweat. He looked beautiful and sensual as his athletic body twisted and writhed.

“Your first Pleasure Altar orgasm Tyler, and your first for tonight!” Miles caressed and squeezed his own semi-erect cock, in his blue nylon Aussiebum speedos. “I’m so horny and wet, but I’m saving myself for Swimmerlad, but before I do that, I demand your cum Tyler, well, we are in the Milk Bar after all!”

Tyler’s body thrashed and he pulled on his bonds, he was helpless, his body immersed in ungodly pleasure, Miles was poised to take him, make his orgasm wrack his young horny body. Your role, my beautiful young delicious horn bag, is to give and take pleasure. Your master demands nothing more from you. So, you will give me your cum!”

Miles squeezed Tyler’s throbbing, straining bulge. It was warm and sticky, covered in pre-cum, Tyler thrust his pelvis and screamed. Miles could feel the power of the Pleasure Altar as it raped Tyler with a magnificent pulse of Swimmerlad’s pleasure stream.

“Cum Tyler, SPURT your spunk!” Miles was screaming with delirious power and authority as he squeezed the Tyler’s thick throbbing cock. “Give me your milky jism!”

He did! Tyler pumped Miles’ tight grip on his engorged slippery member, Tyler, cried out, the orgasm exploded with ferocity, he spurted nylon filtered jism onto his lifted head, it covered his heaving abs and his chest as he squirmed screaming.

“Nghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Good boy, give in to the power of the Pleasure Altar, let it direct your orgasm Tyler.” Miles caressed Tyler’s magnificent speedo bulge as his body vibrated and pushed through the sea of orgasmic sensation, his body tingled, and the warmth of his milk felt erotic as it coated his flesh.

Miles bent down and sucked the juice as the Pleasure Altar pushed Tyler’s cock, he tasted the warm athlete nectar filling his mouth.

Tyler lay trembling and sobbing, the orgasm was as emotional and spiritual as it was physical, the pleasure chip in his brain made sure of it. It was to be the first of his new role in the speedo compound. These two Play Toys were only discovering the delights of the speedo compound, their minds blown by the sensations, the bondage, the sheer spectacle of the Milk Bar.

Miles massaged the cum into Tyler’s body, he coated Tyler’s lips in it and forced it into his mouth. Taste your sacred milk Tyler, you and Nathan will be moulded and conditioned into magnificent pleasure vessels, Seed demands nothing less!”

Nathan and Tyler were slowly twisting in the afterglow of their first enhanced orgasm on the Pleasure Altar, it had blown their minds, yet within minutes they realised that the Altars were re-commencing the pleasure process, the chips in their brains firing into a new sequence, they felt the pleasure re-engage, delicately in their wet sticky speedos, they felt the tactile presence of the encroaching second build.

“Now Boys, It has been fun enjoying our little time together, but I must leave you now, thanks for your cum, your next pleasure round will be a little more intense, we’re about to release Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s pre-cum inhibitors!” Miles adjusted the controls on each of the Pleasure Altars, I have just increased the pleasure flows to your speedos boys, we can’t have you missing out on this next level of the fun! Let your implants work, give into the pleasure as it begins to rape you. Cum yourselves dry!” Miles rubbed his own wet speedo with sensual strokes, he was bending over, stretching, and enjoying himself, before standing tall. “Now I have Swimmerlad to enjoy boys, I have an important date and I have this beautiful urge to cum all over him. He is just too beautiful and sexual to resist, please don’t think me rude, but my speedo is demanding I satisfy its insatiable need for hero juice.” Miles had one last glance at the sheer sexual beauty of the two Play Toys, writhing and enjoying the next level of pleasure germinating in their wet cum soaked speedo bulges.

“Bye Bye beautiful boys, don’t fret we’ll be back!” With that Miles returned to Scorpio’s Pleasure Dock position on the first tier.

It was time to enjoy Swimmerlad!

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