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Defeat and Domination
Part 14 - Milk Bar - Part One
By Scorpio

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Milk Bar - Part One

Marinating meat tenderises it and adds to the flavour if it is done properly!

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad are toyed with and tantalised before being served up as the main course in Scorpio’s Milk Bar.

“This is insanity, please for the love of God!” Swimmerlad fought the bonds as he watched Nylon manipulate Scorpio’s boardroom table, he had engaged the passageway to the centre of the huge table and Nylon was enjoying Swimmerboy, still helplessly tied to the centre of the Boardroom table, he had been the centrepiece in a torturous display as Scorpio hosted a villainous welcome for the newly arrived evil Seed and his entourage of henchmen: Thunder and Biff, and his two Play Toys: Nathan and Tyler.

Swimmerboy had been electro tortured on the table as entertainment while the villains assembled around the table, introducing themselves, plotting and scheming. Swimmerlad was still trussed in a presentation frame, he had been tortured by the handsome Miles in the hour preceding his arrival into the Boardroom and lifted in the presentation frame as a trophy, he was forced to watch Swimmerboy’s twisting body as the electro-torture swirled and ravaged his tight red Areena lycra speedos. Swimmerboy looked fucking hot stretched out, his sexual presence in the room was commanding and Scorpio’s selection of Swimmerlad’s positioning during the meeting was twofold; to add an extra erotic display to the introductory show and to tease Swimmerlad’s desires for Swimmerboy. The meeting had been a masterpiece of hero bondage, dominion, and a display of the sexual hold he had on the mighty speedo-clad heroes.

“Shut up Swimmerlad you mighty cum cow! You, along with your ravishing boyfriend here will be the main attraction as Scorpio parades your delicious speedo offerings to his guests. They will drain you and Swimmerboy of your speedo strength in a long and deliberate display of pleasure, before you supply them with your sweet nectar.” Lycra had moved over toward Swimmerlad, there were only the four of them left in the Boardroom and he and Nylon were in the process of preparing their hero charges for the upcoming cum extraction ceremony.

Swimmerlad’s body was an enormous turn-on and Lycra could feel the powerful attraction to his charge, Orgasmo had continued his evil control of the two henchmen in sexy sessions in his private labs. The mesmerising of the two lifesavers was a triumph and Orgasmo’ work was far from over. His two subjects were testament to his work, and although special attention was required now and then, Orgasmo had the two henchmen in a world of sexual tension and lust. Their respective desires for Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were powerful and lusty, yet specific and targeted obedience training ensured that the sexual tension raging inside them, remained and focused their energies. Orgasmo had given them a very special task for the afternoon, it was one which would test their obedience programming to the full!

Lycra looked at the helpless Swimmerlad as he twisted in his bondage, his power stores were building and he pulled on the restraints with vigour, especially as he watched Nylon’s hands caress and explore Swimmerboy’s delicious bound body right in front of him.

“Can you blame him Swimmerlad?” Lycra looked at the magnificent blonde beauty trussed up in front of him. “I mean look at that delicious body, spread out like a piece of sexual meat. Look at that hero mound, fuck your boyfriend is just absolute sexual tonic.” Lycra ran his finger around Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge he just had to toy with his captive. “Your delicious body is perrrrrrrrrrrfection too Swimmerlad!” Lycra looked up past the erotic red nylon speedo mound and into Swimmerlad’s defiant eyes.

“Fuck, snap out of it Lycra, they have you in some kind of mind control, fuck man, can’t you see?” Swimmerlad’s hero instincts were overriding his anger, If I can get him out of that mesmerised state of mind, I could get him to release these bonds and somehow disable the fucking emitter array. Must think fast, must get him to snap out of it. Swimmerlad’s thoughts were desperate, but he needed some kind of avenue, a path to freedom, however long the shot. But his thoughts returned to his private parts, Lycra’s smiling lustful face signalled that Swimmerlad’s attempt to get him to think outside his programming were a huge failure. He felt Lycra’s hand cup his balls, his delicious bulge and delicately direct it into Lycra’s face. Swimmerlad felt the pent-up sexual desires in Lycra as his tongue lashed his speedo, Lycra worshiped him completely, his tongue explored Swimmerlad’s speedo offering from hip to hip, he delicately and respectfully caressed and sucked on Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge with fervent devotion, causing Swimmerlad to emit several moans of delight. Nylon was also in the process of worshipping the helpless Swimmerboy with complete devotion and care.

Orgasmo and Scorpio watched on from their control room with glee. “Amazing work Orgasmo! Those two lifesavers are magnificent sexual drones, your work is just brilliant. We will bring them out that little lustful period soon as we prepare our two delicious speedo heroes for the Milk Bar. I think we should commence work on those two Play Toys, Nathan and Tyler as soon as we have milked Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad!”

“Agreed!” Orgasmo felt his cock ooze some pre-cum. “I’m getting wet just thinking about it!”

“Naughty Villain!” Scorpio bent down and licked Orgasmo’s red speedo. “Yep! You are so wet!”

They laughed and plotted as they watched Nylon and Lycra’s erotic little play time with the two heroes unfold and ten minutes later, Scorpio sent the order into the Boardroom.

His voice came across the speaker system clearly and with authority. “Now now, gentlemen, leave some of that hero candy for your masters. Time to prepare them! Get them trussed in the tantalizers, I want them tempted and sensitized, so sexually charged, that they will be bursting sexual dynamos for their next appearance! Get to it boys!”

Nylon arose from Swimmerboy’s now wet, tight mountain of lycra clad hero junk. Swimmerboy’s red bulge was a piece of erotic artwork as his penis and balls displayed with sexual mastery, his delicious red Areena speedo sat proudly on Swimmerboy’s heaving body. Nylon was in a daze; he was so enjoying his portion of Swimmerboy’s offering but the voice of Scorpio triggered the obedience programming and he lifted himself off Swimmerboy smiling.

“Thanks, I needed that hero boy!”

“Fuck off Nylon!” Swimmerboy fought his bonds, his strength, like Swimmerlad’s was dutifully returning to his body and as he felt the power energise up his arms and through his legs, he began to test his restraints valiantly, but without success. He looked up to see Swimmerlad’s head pointing to the ceiling and Lycra in the process of standing away from his worship. Swimmerlad’s speedo looked fucking awesome and Swimmerboy spent the moments he had admiring the exquisite beauty of his boyfriend in red nylon speedos, his bulging manhood and the way the fabric tented across his loins and the curve of fabric clinging to the apex of Swimmerlad’s penis was a beacon of sheer beauty and the sensual waves and folds of the fabric emerging out from his bulge were just delicious. Swimmerlad was absolute sexual beauty to Swimmerboy they had him tied and bound in front of him, they were teasing him, preparing him for something evil. He knew it.

Nylon shook his head and gave Lycra a small shake to help him out of his sexual trance, he had turned into a speedo freak as he worshipped his beloved Swimmerlad, he could not get enough of the delicious nylon hero mound.

“Let’s try the new personal disablers!” Nylon looked into Lycra’s eyes and they both began to grin from ear to ear. “Yeah lets!” was Lycra’s enthusiastic reply.

Swimmerlad watched Nylon as he danced to the control panel at the end of the room, he pressed several commands into the control systems, rubbed his speedo bulge and danced back to the centre of the room.

He looked longingly at the two trussed heroes, “Wow so much fun, Swimmerlad is almost done, Swimmerboy’s going to cum.” He sang his song as he and Lycra prepared for the next instalment in the day’s festivities. A loud sound indicated that the tantalizers had unlocked from their holding bays recessed into the Boardroom walls.

“Here they come boys,” two drone devices were arriving into place, they came to a halt facing each other. They stopped about two meters apart, their motors whirring and their systems humming.

“What the fuck are you up to Nylon?” Swimmerlad watched in horror as the two devices arrived at their assigned positions. “What are you doing?” Swimmerboy looked up from his predicament, he was still spreadeagled on the Boardroom table.

“Just some fun boys!” Lycra stood behind Swimmerlad and caressed the hero’s delicious bubble butt carefully caressing every inch of Swimmerlad’s delicious nylon encased butt, “Mmmmmmm, just delicious!”

Nylon clapped his hands and spoke forcefully, “Swimmerboy disable level 2!”

Swimmerboy was caught off guard as his speedo raged with a spike of disabling energy, it began in his bulge, deep in his penis and the explosion peeled out of his anatomy and around the board table, waves of energy rippled outward into the room. His screams were majestic, his body twisted and strained in the bonds that released several seconds after the initial blast. He lay convulsing in the centre of the table, his face screwed up in the intensity of the disabling pain. He was free, but severely dazed and disoriented, yet he instinctively reached down to cup his manhood, to try and relieve the pain, but as soon as his hands neared his speedo, he was thrown into another eruption of force that prevented him from reaching his pouch.

“Tsk, tsk” Smiled Nylon, you can’t remove your speedo that easily hero boy, they must remain on so we can play and control you!”

Swimmerboy continued to writhe on the table as the pain of the personal control device maintained its devious hold over the beautiful hero.

“You bastards!” Swimmerlad screamed out, thrashing in his bonds as he witnessed the evil outburst unleashing on his boyfriend.

“Hahahahaha, it fucking well works!” Lycra laughed out loud in a fit of happiness, “Hahahaha Swimmerlad disable level 2! Fuck yeah!”

Swimmerlad felt his cock take the agonising powerful detonation, the power of the outburst of evil force was incomprehensible, and his body twisted several times, his speedo engulfed in a tornado of powerful energy, his speedo was shimmering.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Agggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh mnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

His restraints clicked open and he was thrown forward onto the board table, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad lay convulsing and crying out in desperation as the two henchmen jumped around dancing with each other in fits of laughter.

“Hahahahahaha the personal disablers work a treat!” Nylon hugged Lycra.

“Swimmerboy disable level 1, Swimmerlad disable level 1!”

The two heroes lay dazed and fuzzy on the Boardroom table. No longer contorting in pain, they were pliable, weak, and disorientated, their moans were just too sexy.

Nylon and Lycra dragged Swimmerlad first! They dragged his limp body to the edge of the table and forced him to his feet.

“Stand up hero!” Lycra took control of his delicious hero charge.

They positioned Swimmerlad onto the device, his arms stretched behind him, his legs extended and pulled backward as the device pushed Swimmerlad’s pelvis outward, he was bound, his speedo pouch pushed upward and outward.

“Cancel Swimmerlad disabler!”

Swimmerlad shook his head, the cobwebs of the evil control systems lifted from his consciousness and he quickly worked out that he was once again bound. He could only watch as Nylon and Lycra bound Swimmerboy in a mirror image of his bondage position.

“Cancel Swimmerboy disabler!”

Minutes later both heroes surveyed their sensual predicament. They looked at each other with desperation and they looked around the Boardroom anxiously seeking any form of avenue of escape. Swimmerboy tried his wrist restraints the titanium band was cold against his skin as were the ankle restraints, he looked directly in front of him, Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge was pushing upward and outward from his body, he was restrained in a mirror image of himself, he looked ravishingly sexual as he pulled in his bonds, Swimmerlad’s beautiful and handsome face looked determined as he fought the powerful bonds, his red nylon bulge looked magnificent and inviting, Swimmerboy was so turned on by Swimmerlad’s erotic display in front of him as they both twisted and fought their restraints!

“Mmmmmph” Swimmerboy attempted to free himself, but he was defenceless in the bondage system securing him to the device and he and Swimmerlad, after several minutes of struggle finally looked at each other.

“Are you ok Swimmerlad?” Swimmerboy asked.

“Yeah mate, you?” Swimmerlad looked loving and longingly back toward his delicious boyfriend.

Swimmerboy looked sexual and majestic, his muscles flexing as he fought his bonds, his body stretched in such an erotic display was a massive turn on to Swimmerlad, his beloved Swimmerboy was so close, so fucking close, but the void between them felt like they were miles apart. Swimmerboy’s speedo left nothing to the imagination, the sexy tight fabric clung to his boyfriend’s anatomy as the garment sat pertly clinging to his magnificent body.

“Fuck you look so hot Swimmerboy, I so need to hold you, have you, this is the worst torture of them all! They are playing on our sextual desires, they have tortured us to create our jism and now they bind us to these devices like this, teasing us. I am fucking horny, so fucking horny just looking at you, I need you in me, I need your sex, fuck them, fuck them! Swimmerlad was ready to cry, he felt so helpless as they had him trussed up, full of cum, horny as fuck and deprived of the majestic beautiful young man he loved bound up directly in front of him, they were sexual toys, destined to their captor’s evil desires and lusts.

Swimmerlad thrashed with all his might, his frustrations were bubbling to the surface and Swimmerboy mirrored his boyfriend’s vain attempts to release himself.

Whilst the two heroes came to realisation of their predicament and as they twisted and writhed helplessly in their bondage, Nylon and Lycra circled, they were like lions protecting their bounty, two of the most delicious heroes the world had ever witnessed were bound at their mercy, their sexual and potent bodies bound and being prepared as sexual milk cows, their juices waiting to be extracted in the impending pleasure ceremony to mark the beginning in the next chapter of their subjugation and the research devised to understand and control their mystical speedo powers. Their villainous captors edging closer and closer like a majestic orgasm, to the point of understanding their speedo strength and eventually using it somehow to ravage the world with powerful armies of juiced up drones.

Well, that was the ultimate plan, but Scorpio was determined to enjoy the ride as the tortured and pleasured the two helpless heroes toward that end! He now had alliances with evil cartels around the world and he intended to delight Seed and MantaRay with his sexual superhero boy-toys to maintain the vast array of global resources now at his disposal.

Lycra was becoming so horny! How could he not? He was responsible, along with Nylon to ensure the two erotically tied heroes were to be delivered to the Milk Bar, one of the compound’s pleasure parlours configured specially for the looming pleasure drain ceremony.

Lycra contemplated the hours ahead as he watched the two speedo clad superheros fighting their bondage, they were both replenishing their speedo strength nicely and the tantalizer devices hummed magnificently, foreboding. A small screen at the base of the tantalizer between the hero’s stretched legs, but out of view from Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy displayed their speedo strength. The way their bodies were pulled unforgivingly to prominently display their speedo pouches did not allow them to see the display screens.

“Status please!” Lycra ran his index finger down Swimmerlad’s side torso, he traced his finger sensually, sexually across Swimmerlad’s tight tanned skin, he passed the side of Swimmerlad’s nylon speedo and caressed the edges of the elasticised sides as they clung to the side of his delicious tight buttocks. Swimmerlad looked down watching his attendant play with his bound, helpless body.

Swimmerlad Speedo Strength replenishing – sixty two percent Cum stores full!

Swimmerboy Speedo Strength replenishing – fifty eight percent Cum stores full!

“Oh, that IS good news Nylon!” Lycra continued to caress Swimmerlad’s body, his fingers were tracing the edges of Swimmerlad’s speedo, toying with him, teasing him. Lycra knew how horny the hero was, he could see the desires building in Swimmerlad’s defiant eyes.

“You can’t hide it boys, you can put on the face of the defiant hero, but we can see the desire in your eyes, Swimmerboy is just too fucking erotic displayed like that isn’t he Swimmerlad!” It was not a question and Swimmerlad knew it.

“I mean look at that tight red speedo Swimmerlad, it must be driving you wild with pent up desire, the way the Swimmerboy’s penis shows beneath the tight sexy red fabric, his cock head is just pure eroticism as it displays proudly on his delicious body.

Swimmerlad’s sigh was sexual and confirmed the taunts that Lycra was delivering.

“Nylon has complete control of your delicious hero boyfriend! Watch as he enjoys Swimmerboy’s consecrated speedo offering!”

“You sick bastards!” Swimmerlad pulled his gaze away from Lycra and shook his head looking toward the ceiling, but as his gaze returned to the carnal view directly in front of him, he was forced to watch as Nylon caressed his boyfriend with determination and sexual tenderness.

“Nylon has a thing for your boyfriend’s fucking hot speedo bulge! He just can’t peel himself away Swimmerlad!” Lycra caressed the warm curves of the tip of Swimmerlad’s erotic red nylon bulge.

“And I so like his taste in men!”

Nylon was playing with Swimmerboy’s speedo drawstring, he had tightened the garment and was arranging Swimmerboy’s penis and balls, he finished his work and revealed the results of his handy work, Swimmerboy’s bulge, his lycra speedo pouch, draped across his body with erotic electricity, the display of his assets and the delicious clinging garment was a masterpiece.

“F U C K, such mastery, you’re an artist Nylon!” Lycra was looking into Swimmerlad’s eyes as his fingers lightly played with Swimmerlad’s own magnificent speedo wares.

“To be honest, I can’t pick, which of you is the horniest, erotic, sexual toy, but as you might have guessed Swimmerlad, I do have soft spot for you, or should I say hard spot!” His fingers traversed Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch from hip to hip, rising across the hero’s sensual bulge as he worshiped, his sexual devotions were intense with pent up lust and desires, he continued to enjoy the tactile fabric of Swimmerlad’s offering.

Nylon purred, his hands were implanted on Swimmerboy’s heaving abs and he ran his fingers sensually around Swimmerboy’s body cupping the edges of the hero’s perfectly formed tight buttocks, he felt that fabric as it clung to Swimmerboy’s body and he lowered his face to hover an inch from Swimmerboy’s red bulging speedo. Swimmerboy could feel Nylon’s lusty breath on the tight clingy fabric caressing his penis, Nylon’s sexual desires purred, and his delightfully erotic sighs spoke of the deep sexual desires Orgasmo’s programming had instilled in him. Nylon was captive to the deep and powerful lust for Swimmerboy. Nylon almost came as his fingers followed the cut of Swimmerboy’s red lycra speedo around each of the hero’s beautiful hips and as he took in the majesty of the speedo pouch, it was sheer beauty, total sexual artwork and as he felt the warmth of Swimmerboy’s spongy bulge protruding upward and stretching erotically, he glanced over his shoulder to Swimmerlad, writhing in his own sexual submission to Lycra’s devoted attention. Nylon’s eyes were full of lust, he stuck out his tongue in an erotic display to tease the mighty Swimmerlad, he had Swimmerboy where he wanted him.

The moment was charged with sexual tension and Orgasmo and Scorpio watched like voyeurs from their control room.

“Love your work Orgasmo, your conditioning is working so well, I’m very impressed with Lycra, he is really enjoying his little gloat time with Swimmerlad!”

Orgasmo smiled before replying, “Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I am pleased! I’ll activate the tantalizers now, Nylon and Lycra will get the signal, our pleasure ceremony will start very soon Scorpio, the tantalizers will ensure we have two super horny superheroes for the Milk Bar!”

Scorpio smiled as he approached Orgasmo, his right-hand cupping Orgasmo’s signature red speedo, “I’m fucking horny already and we’ve not even begun yet, god you’re good my friend!”

Orgasmo moaned as his cock twitched. “This anticipation is so nice!” he caressed the fat bulge in Scorpio’s tight black suit, “Mmmmm, I think you’re getting wet Scorpio! Imagine what it will be like when get our hands-on Robin too? I dreamt of him creaming his little green Robin speedos the other night. He will be a magnificent trophy, Hahahahahahhahahhaha!”

Scorpio’s cock oozed a globule of precum at the thought of Robin’s orgasm control.

“You know, we should send several vials of Robin’s spunk back with Joker so he can deliver them to Batman. Hahahahahahahahaha!” His laugh was evil and determined, his mind considering how he would play with the Boy Wonder.

Now back to the job at hand, our delicious Speedo heroes must now begin their journey in the rivers of pleasure, let us begin, activate the tantalizers Orgasmo!”

Orgasmo gave the order and it boomed into the boardroom. “Activate the tantalizers boys!”

Swimmerboy looked toward Swimmerlad, “Fuck this cannot be good, we’re both not at full strength yet, if we resist, we will use up our speedo power stores, fuck, just go with it for now, we will need our speedo strength for whatever nefarious plans they have for us!” Swimmerboy pulled on his bonds, his body straining in the Tantalizer’s bondage system.

“Good reasoning Swimmerboy!” Nylon caressed the hero’s delicious tight buttocks as Swimmerboy looked around desperately looking for a way of escape.

The tantalizer devices had begun to glow, the two powerful rods holding their arms restrained behind their backs pulsed green, their titanium ankle restraints were glowing red, they pulled their legs outward and downward as the central plinth pushing their hips up and forward glowed with pulsating green LEDs.

“We’ll make a start then will we boys?” Lycra caressed Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge with delicate squeezes, this is going to feel really nice! Really soon boys! Scorpio has a delicious little preparation for you to enjoy, he wants you super horny when we deliver you to the Milk Bar for the pleasure ceremony, so yes, keep your speedo strength for later and let us guide you on your tantalizing journey to your pleasure draining, Hahahahahahahahaha.” Lycra had his other hand on his own speedo bulge, he was so aroused, his speedo moist as he continued playing with the two captive heroes.

“First! Let us tantalize your hot little bubble buts”

Swimmerboy felt the warm energy emerging from the central plinth, it was forming, it was becoming tactile, pushing, probing as he started to feel the warmth begin the fill the cavity of his anal walls, the virtual dildo energy force filled him, there was no escape!”

“Ffffffffffffffffffffffuck what is that?” Moaned Swimmerlad, his head started to loll up and down, the virtual dildo had entered him as well, the two heroes found themselves facing each other, their sexual bodies slowly humping upward and downward as the virtual dildos began to pump their bodies with slow deliberate strokes, the energy felt fucking amazing, their sexual desires and fantasies of bondage were dancing in their heads, somehow these probes were stimulating their innermost sexual desires, they probed deeply into each hero and their moans deliciously purred to the surface as they writhed in sync with the virtual fuck machines.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph, feels erotic, feels amazing Swimmerlad, they are fucking me somehow, filling my arse!” Swimmerboy’s head thrust up and down as he took the powerful dildo raping him. Swimmerlad’s moans were delicious sexual mastery, his body writhed and trembled, his head looking forward at his delicious boyfriend, but his mouth was open, and his moans were high pitched as the virtual dildo kept exploring deeper and deeper into his body.

“Looks like Scorpio’s tantalizers are agreeing with you two!”, Lycra was ready to cum, the sight of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad in states of sexual bliss were overwhelming and the eroticism of the moment was grandiose.

“The probes will keep you aroused boys, pity your erections are inhibited, in fact Scorpio has disabled all your sexual response options, your juices must be delivered in the Milk Bar, so just enjoy the sensations my delicious hero boys! They will build your lusts and desires and your horny bodies will be sacrificed soon for our special guests to enjoy” Nylon looked toward one of cameras in the ceiling, he knew his masters were watching the erotic display.

They were watching, and they were pleased!

“Let’s let them get accustomed with the virtual dildos and then we’ll sensitize their speedo pouches.” Orgasmo’s smile was infectious, it was dangerous! He voiced his plans, “we will fire up the sensitizer and they will be overcome with enticing sensations as we instruct their tantalizers to bring their exposed bulges together slowly. When they are just millimetres apart and they are engulfed in divine sexual sensations, we will increase the sensitizers and the dildos; their beautiful bodies will tremble as their speedo bulges connect for the first time since their capture, their writhing bodies will only set off the sensitizers with even more diabolical force! What do you think?” Orgasmo’s master plan was pure sexual evil and Scorpio’s evil grin communicated his approval.

“Can’t wait for the next level Orgasmo!” Scorpio looked at his raging hard-on, just thinking of it is driving me wild; your mind is such a devious force for evil Orgasmo!”

“I do my best Scorpio and with such divine subjects to work on, I am always motivated to produce the goods!” Orgasmo, looked at Scorpio and then to his red speedo… “Mmm I feel so nice already!” Scorpio laughed, “Control yourself you horny bad boy!”

Swimerboy looked downward over his body, his bondage was driving him wild with desire and the sight of his beautiful speedo mound as it gyrated and slowly thrust was sexual, he was somehow becoming extremely horny, he longed to reach and touch his penis, his delicious speedo bulge and he enjoyed the way the Lycra clung to his loins, it was so sensual as it fed his sexual frustrations and desires bursting within him. Then he looked at his wonderfully delicious boyfriend. Swimmerlad looked like sex-on-a-stick to him, his magnificent muscles rippling as his body contorted and twisted sexually, he looked fucking awesome, bound directly in front of him. Swimmerboy’s desires flared up as he watched Swimmerlad’s delicious red Aussiebum speedos caress and show off his boyfriend’s majestic bulge, the very bulge he had enjoyed for years, but now their evil captors had denied him! He knew they had arranged the tantalizer devices in that position, and they were building their sexual desires for something huge. He felt the power of the virtual dildo deep inside him, he felt it massage his anatomy and fire his desires like a drug, his sexual frustrations were bubbling deep within him and he was helpless to break free of their encroaching grip, he was helpless to break free of powerful restraints stretching his body in that erotic position, pumping him slowly.

Swimmerlad began to moan, the dildo device pulsed and warmed up inside him, the sensations were erotic, and he felt so sexual and needy, his desire for Swimmerboy was raging deep inside him as his prostrate enjoyed the sensual massage.

“Mmmmmmm – Nghphhhhhhh- Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – Mphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

The look on his face was perfect, it displayed his enjoyment of the powerful energy fucking him, he had his head tilted to the left, his mouth open, his eyes rolling as the enjoyment suddenly flared up inside his speedo pouch, it was amazing, the sensations rippled across the nylon of his speedo, his buttocks, his pouch, his balls, and his penis enjoyed the divine and tight high frequency sensations of the speedo sensitizer. It lifted him out of the trance that the dildo was conjuring, and he fought his wrist restraints, his arousal was flaring, his powerful lust was driving him, he needed his speedo bulge squeezed and caressed immediately, his body was tingling and raging.

“Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Swimmerlad’s voice was no longer defiant and sexy in that manner, it was now soft, sexual, and portrayed the powerful sexual forces that were now enveloping his magnificent body. Then he noticed Swimmerboy. The magnificent hero restrained so erotically and perfectly before him, it turbo charged the desires and needs bubbling and percolating deep within him, he felt his restraints pulling his body, it felt as though they were pulling him onto the virtual dildo it was a magnificent feeling, the sensitizer was a layer of pure sexual torment that fed the evil dildo’s work, his body was becoming a temple of desire deep within and his skin, his sex, his beautiful speedo were consumed by sensations so delicious, so consuming.

Must try hold on, must not use up my speedo strength, they are tantalizing us, feeding our secret desires with this machine, if I use up my strength, they will defeat us at this Milk Bar they keep talking about, fuck my body feels fucking awesome, fuck I need to squeeze my bulge intensely, NOW! Must relieve the sexual tension. Fuck look at Swimmerboy, he is driving my desires wild, I fucking want him, fuck, fuck, oh fuck, they are playing my body tuning it for their evil desires, this milking will be dangerous I just feel it! Swimmerlad’s mind reasoned, but his body was fast succumbing to the tantalizer. He did his best not to resist the device, he knew he, they needed to build their speedo strength right now, not use it up!

“Swimmerboy, Swimmerboy” Swimmerlad fought through the divine forces engulfing his body.

“Yes, my love” Swimmerboy was also somehow still able to think straight in some way, heroically amidst the onslaught of his tantalizer.

“Don’t fight it, let your speedo strength gnnnnnnnnnnnnnph mmmmmph, build, these ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh machines are preparing us for something. Mmmmmmmmmmpghhhhh, must hold through, my body is becoming a hot sauna grrrrrrrrrrmp of sexual desire and sensation, but mmmp, can’t let my strength be consumed!” Swimmerlad’s body twisted as the sensations in his speedo licked and caressed his penis with pure deliberate sensation.

“Ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, this bondage feels so nice, my desires are Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp, somehow being enriched and I fucking need to touch you my gorgeous boyfriend Nghhhhhhmmmf. Swimmerboy’s look was sexual and lusty, the sight of the mighty Swimmerlad, presented to him in his erotic bondage was fucking awesome and as the dildo warmed his body, he felt the desires build, his speedo pouch, his cock was singing as the high frequency tingle sensations incessantly stimulated his loins, his buttocks were crawling with divine energy and his body felt like velvet as he slowly twisted and writhed on his tantalizer.

Nylon and Lycra had been standing away from the devices watching as the heroes writhed and purred, their magnificent toned sexual bodies draped in red nylon and lycra fabric was magnificent to witness and as they watched the hero’s entry into a world of carnal desire, their faces beaming with the horny power erupting within their beautiful temple bodies, Nylon and Lycra became bewitched by the sheer eroticism in the room. They succumbed, Orgasmo’s programming fired up the deep sexual desires they held for their hero charges and it was Lycra who made the first move.

“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, now you are just a picture of sexual presence my dear Swimmerlad.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmph” Swimmerlad’s attention was drawn to the lustful eyes of Lycra.

“Pppppppppppppleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Lycra, please no, must conserve spee mmmmmppfff do mmmmmphhh power, please no!”

Swimmerlad’s pleading was just too inviting, Lycra felt his cock ooze pre-cum and his tongue emerged from his smiling face, Lycra’s eyes looked up across the heaving sweaty body of Swimmerlad directly into the torrent of lust enveloping the hero. He felt the tingles dance on his tongue as he contacted the divine red nylon caressing Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge.

Swimmerlad erupted in a frenzy of writhing and thrashing, the sensitizer exploded deep inside his penis, the tingles elongated up and down the length of his cock as it sat limp inside its nylon encasing, his moans were satisfying and erotic as Lycra sucked the hero bulge delicately and decisively.

It was Swimmerboy’s moans of desperation that next filled the boardroom, Nylon was attending to his delicious lycra clad hero bulge, the red fabric was alluring and sexy; Nylon was a slave to it! His fingers caressed and cupped the mighty Swimmerboy with exquisite sexual devotion and Swimmerboy felt the wrist and ancle restraints as he pushed his body to the limit, twisting and thrusting his pelvis.

“Enjoy your tantalizer Swimmerboy, Orgasmo has designed these little beauties to deliver you and your spectacular boyfriend here with such sumptuous feelings and sensations, your moans, your sexual vibrations are pure and holy, we are preparing you and Swimmerlad for your next pleasure drain and I think you both are looking and sounding just puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurfect.” Nylon caressed Swimmerboy’s cock head, it presented flawlessly as the lycra fabric dutifully and beautifully clung to his sexual organs. Swimmerboy’s moans were such a powerful turn on and Nylon was compelled to fondle and caress the hero, he was captive to the pull of the speedo bulge, his attraction was compelling him and urging him.

“That’s enough boys, don’t get too hero drunk!” Scorpio’s voice boomed through the Boardroom.

Nylon stepped back from his worship and he met Lycra doing the same, their obedience training had become a powerful and controlling force, the two henchmen spun around and laughed with each other.

“Wow such a delicious privilege!” Nylon rubbed his own wet speedo and Lycra smiled with understanding in his eyes, he looked downward to his raging hardon pushing outward inside his speedo.

Scorpio’s voice started to boom again. “I hope you are enjoying Orgasmo’s tantalizers boys, he has spent hours, weeks and months developing those instruments of sexual torment. Your desires are being fed by my speedo AI, the virtual dildos are delivering their payload directly into your bodies, their pulsating beacons consuming your bodies as you writhe and enjoy those speedo stimulators. Are you enjoying those boys?” He paused to listen to the submissive moans emanating from each of the helplessly bound writhing heroes.

Scorpio continued, “It sounds like you approve dear boys! “So, the sensitizers will continue to build your pleasure levels, your speedo strength is growing, good choice NOT to resist boys, you will need it in due course. Now, it has been a while since you have been so close to each other, are you enjoying the view of your sumptuous speedo pouches, we thought you would love to see each other in such an erotic position, so here’s what I am going to do boys.” He paused for emphasis, “Your tantalizer devices will begin to inch forward, your speedo bulges on a collision course, your bulges are on fire with divine sexual sensations and those sensations, my delicious boys, will increase as the void between your bulges reduces. This will be your first touch in weeks, Hahahahahahaha, that will be nice, but as your bodies connect your virtual dildos will expand inside you and intensify, your sexual desires will explode, and your writhing bodies will be consumed with sexual depravity it will drive you wild with sexual frustration. A perfect preparation for your milking, don’t you think?”

Scorpio’s face appeared on the huge screen his eyes looking intently at his two writhing cum cows.

“Let’s get your little journey underway boys!” Scorpio’s grin filled the huge screen.

“Tantalizers, begin approach sequence!”

Swimmerboy felt the movement initiate, he fought his bonds but they began to tighten and pull his body down on the plinth pushing his pelvis and speedo bulge upward and outward, he was less than a meter away from his struggling boyfriend, their speedo pouches engulfed is powerful tingling pleasure sensations, their bodies being fed by the relentless dildo devices, they were super horny, they were fucking delicious as they fought their restraints on the insistent slow travel trajectory to sexual sensory perfection.

Lycra and Nylon jumped in anticipation of the impending heroic speedo bulge connection, they laughed and taunted the two superheros as the tantalizer devices drew closer and closer.

“Enjoy your little trip boys, they say getting there is half the fun, hahahahahahaha!” Lycra watched intently and closely as Swimmerlad pulled and fought in his unforgiving bondage, his magnificent body was covered in a sheen of sweat and his body shimmered in the lights as it twisted in vain, his moans were such a turn on and Lycra could feel his hard cock enjoy the pressure of his tight speedo caressing his own junk, but his attention was on that of Swimmerlad’s bulge, inching closer and closer to that of the lycra clad bulge of Swimmerboy, the two young heroes engulfed in magnificent sensations, their bodies tingling with erotic sensations their spectacular speedo pouches so divine, so majestic, so close. They looked at each other through the fog of sensations raping their speedo bulges, their sexual desires alight and pumping through their bodies impaled on the evil virtual dildos pumping into their bodies.

“Swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” Swimmerboy could not complete his words, he had not resisted the evil tantalizer device and he was allowing it to rape and molest him without resistance, he needed his speedo strength to build, but he was becoming dazed and disoriented in the sexual tornado engulfing his body from deep within his arse and broadcasting outward from his delicious speedo pouch. He motioned toward Swimmerlad, his mouth opened his body fighting the bondage, every movement of his pelvis set off the speedo sensitizer and his body instinctively, sexually thrust and gyrated evocatively, but this only turned his boyfriend on more and the sight of Swimmerlad in the same powerful, sexual hold, writhing against his own torment and bondage was turning him on so much.

Swimmerboy felt the final incremental upsurge of the sensitizer.

“Nghhhhh mmmmpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppph”

Swimmerboy’s head was thrust backward as the sensations shot down his legs and up through his torso, he looked back toward Swimmerlad, he too was in an unintelligible state of erotic subjugation, he looked down their magnificent speedo bulges were millimetres apart, like two train couplings coming to join, he could see Swimmerlad’s beautiful penis pushing inside the confines of the erotic red nylon fabric, Swimmerboy longed for his erection, but that was denied by Scorpio’s control systems, he was longing to feel his boyfriend, the connection between their speedo essences, their speedo powers were at full power nearly, so potent and powerful.

Swimmerlad cried out in desperation, they were so close to each other.

“Pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssse Scorpio”

“Wherever you arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre, please!”

Scorpio’s voice boomed into the Boardroom

“Not today boys!”

He was denying them their touch, their speedo connection denied unforgivingly and with such evil intent.

They thrashed in their bonds, straining, and elongating their magnificent bodies vainly trying to accomplish their erotic touch, but the tantalizers had begun to retract almost immediately.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” Cried Swimmerboy.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” screamed Swimmerlad, he had tears in his eyes, he had been so tantalizingly close to Swimmerboy, their speedo connection teased and then denied. Their frustrated bodies moving away from each other and their moans of pure sexual delight continuing to fill the boardroom.

Nylon approached Swimmerboy, he did not speak, but his mouth opened, and his tongue lashed Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch with inspired fervour causing the mighty hero to scream out, Swimmerboy’s head thrown backward, looking at the ceiling, his lungs exhuming all the air as the tingles of the sensitizer and Nylon’s tongue raped him.

“Now they look almost done!” Orgasmo commented to Scorpio in the control room. “Their bodies are seething with sexual desire, their speedo strength is at full power and their bulges are now full of sensation, licking their cocks and driving their sexual needs, fanning the erotic flames of pent-up desire.”

“They are ready for the Milk Bar!” Orgasmo was one satisfied evil speedo priest, he had prepared his divine sex offerings for their next pleasure offering ceremony, tuning their beautiful bodies with precision.”

“Great work Orgasmo!” Your erotic mind is just magnificent, I can’t wait for the ceremony, Seed and MantaRay will fucking shudder in orgasmic delight when they see what we have on the menu today.” Scorpio stroked his fat erection through his tight black suit and then looked up toward his close friend.

“When the boy blunder arrives, you and I will enjoy him, in a little private session, let’s see what he can handle, you can be the first to taste his Robin juices, a little thank you for all your hard work these last weeks!”

Orgasmo smiled, his grin communicating his evil intentions as he contemplated the helpless boy wonder tied down to one of his pleasure devices. “That my dear Scorpio is a very nice gesture, I will look forward to enjoying Batman’s little sexual dynamo. Joker reports that the Bat has been conditioning the little birdie so we will test him slowly and enjoy watching his athletic body take his share of the pleasure therapy. I want to hear him sigh and moan as he is overtaken by it.” Orgasmo’s red speedo was wet, he was so excited, so ready; not only for the impending Milk Bar ceremony, but the arrival of Robin was something to cherish, plan for and plot.

“Swimmerlad looks fucking ravishing, his body is spectacular speedo artwork, he is engulfed in desires so erotic, so fucking intense that he will find it hard to resist the pleasure systems in the Milk Bar, he will writhe for each of our guests in personal displays of erotic enticement and Swimmerboy’s magnificent sexual display will be fucking awesome as his speedo offering is worshipped and raped!” Scoprio stood watching the screen, plotting, and running the impending pleasure ceremony through his head and speaking it out to Orgasmo. “We’ll pleasure them for 4 hours, that should be ample, their orgasm will be extended for 45 minutes, let them beg for their jism, their ejaculations, when we allow them, I want the pleasure systems to ensure their jism flows, pump for at least ten minutes, their juice filling everyone’s goblets in the process.”

The two villains were satisfied, they were ready, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were ready and it was time to make sure the pleasure parlour had been configured to their specifications.

Orgasmo, took to the microphone. His voice beamed into the Boardroom.

“Take our two delightful heroes to the public display area outside the pleasure parlour and tie them spread-eagled in the waiting presentation frames. I will meet with you there soon!”

Nylon and Lycra sprang to attention.

“Time to go gentlemen, they just called your flight!” Lycra looked at the two spectacular bound heroes as they twisted and writhed at the mercy of the speedo sensitizer and the virtual dildo devices broadcasting such divine energy throughout their bodies. They looked spectacular and their two red speedo pouches were now primed, swirling pouches of sensitized pleasure energy, gyrating, thrusting, heaving as their bodies twisted in their bondage.

“Swimmerboy, mmmmmmph, feel so horny, my arse feels incredible, my cock is being devoured inside my speedo, you look fucking hot ngggghhhhhhmmmmmmp, this is bondage driving me wild.” Swimmerlad was not fighting the dildo’s effects and he was fast succumbing to the powerful sexual energy of his tantalizer, he had become potent cauldron of hormone, a dynamic sexual vessel, but deep down he knew he had to keep his speedo strength at full tilt, he had to conserve his speedo strength, he just had to keep sane within the sexual hurricane enveloping his body. He looked directly from the allure of Swimmerboy’s spectacular speedo, it was just too beautiful, too sexual, but he dragged his eyes from it and right into Swimmerboy’s eyes as his boyfriend’s head lolled forward, Swimmerboy was engulfed in a tirade of magnificent erotic sensation also. Swimmerlad saw within his boyfriend’s eyes, the look of lust, he was entering into a world of dynamic sensual proportions!

Swimmerboy, felt the magnificent tingling sensation of the speedo sensitizer as it masterfully engulfed his loins in its evil storm of delicious sensation, the tantalizer was syncing its energy broadcasts through his body perfectly timed with waves of divine energy that tormented and delighted his penis so delicately and completely, he was becoming a slave to the desires and the beauty the evil machine was evoking in his body.

“Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel so fucking hot, need you, need Nylon to worship my speedo bulge, my pouch, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph.” Swimmerboy thrashed and fought his bonds, “So magical, my body, my speedo, neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasure, frustrated, horny, muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust…” He looked at Swimmerlad, that magnificent body was writhing and thrusting in front of him, the sight of him was sexual, divine majesty and he needed get an erection, he wanted to cum there and then, he was bursting inside.

Both heroes suddenly screamed out in pure abandon as the tantalizers fired their final outburst of delicious energy into their bodies. The virtual dildos had grown and throbbed inside their victims and emitted a final parting gift so erotic, so consuming and synced with the speedo sensitizers, the heroes were bursting to the brim, they were now filled with sexual hormone and desires, their bodies tingled and raged, their tight bondage fuelling their deep-seated horny desires.

But it stopped!

Swimmerboy was calming down, twisting in frustration, his body welling up in pent up sexual desire, he felt the dildo, retract out of him, it left no trace, it did not pierce his speedo, he was intact, but his speedo bulge felt amazing, so sensitive, so delicious, but he knew this was a mere first course of what his captors had in mind for he and his fucking hot boyfriend, he latched his eyes on Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch, his erotic desires immediately flared as he watched his boyfriend’s bulge move and thrust, he could see the underside of Swimmerlad’s beautiful penis, the length of his cock inside the soft red nylon, the way his balls sat, perched within the red nylon garment was fucking beautiful, and the folds of the red fabric were beautiful. Swimmerlad would provide his worshippers with a carnal display of sexual perfection. Swimmerboy’s cock felt beautiful, charged, and sensitive! It never felt more apart of him, the feeling of the tight lycra as it caressed his loins made him want to purr, he enjoyed the feeling of the tactile elasticised fabric as it clung to his buttocks, he felt his speedo power gurgling as well, he was at full speedo strength and he could not keep these levels for too long, but he knew it would not be long before he would need to use it. Their captors had nefarious plans for he and Swimmerlad!

“Now boys, you heard Orgasmo!” Nylon laughed, “Well between all that moaning and writhing, I hope you heard Orgasmo!” Nylon and Lycra were standing close to their hero charges, Lycra was delicately running his index fingers up and down Swimmerlad’s quadricep muscles as they flexed and strained in the tight tantalizer bondage system.

“Pitty, I was so enjoying your little show!” Lycra looked up longingly toward Swimmerlad.

“Nggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I heard him Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp” was Swimmerlad’s response, he hissssssssssssssssssssssssed as a spike of pleasure erupted inside his penis and was working its way through his cock. “ngghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Swimmerlad looked in frustration down to his speedo, he felt the pleasure it fanned out across his speedo pouch”

“He is so fucking awesome when he moans like that, isn’t he Swimmerboy?” Nylon was so aroused, his black speedos were straining and stretching to contain the henchman’s raging throbbing cock.

“Oh fuck, I better control myself boys, I’m ready to cum already and we haven’t even got started yet. But the way you took that tantalizer program was fucking beautiful, sexual artistry, but it is really just to get you in the mood boys, you have mouths to feed and an erotic show to perform for our new guests. Oh fuck, I cannot wait to watch your holy hero juices feed the multitude as your delicious writhing bodies fight the pleasure forces of the parlour. Wow delicious tandem speedo hero pleasure for Scorpio’s Milk Bar play time. Your charged up, and you’re ready.” Nylon looked down to his jet-black speedo and across to Lycra, they were both dripping.

Two writhing sexually charged heroes remained trussed on their tantalizer devices, their moaning and deep breathing evidence of the delicious sensations pulsing through their bodies and syncing with their sensitized speedo bulges.

“Swimmerboy Stun 1, Swimmerlad Stun 1”

The bondage restraints whirred open as the tantalizers began to retract, leaving Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy standing uneasily on the evil devices, Nylon and Lycra helped the two stunned heroes off their respective plinths, down onto the floor of the Boardroom, they quickly and expertly ensured that they had their deliciously horny hero’s arms tied behind their backs as they marched them out of the boardroom and toward the public areas of the compound.

Every step was erotic. The sensitizer had charged their speedo pouches with pure energy, it licked at their loins as they were pushed forward toward their erotic fate. They passed the torture room used earlier for Swimmerlad’s steam suspension torture and soon they were in the open public area of the compound. The lights were brighter in this area and at the far end of the large room, the pleasure parlour awaited, it had a huge neon “Milk Bar” sign glowing above the entrance doorway, there were people congregating outside, two square frames awaited them, they were to be presented as a free gift to the compound before being escorted into the confines of the pleasure parlour - Milk Bar.

They looked on as Nylon and Lycra pushed the two heroes forward in their private emitter foggy state, they were at full speedo strength, so the effects of the emitters were potent, and they effortlessly disoriented the beautiful pleasure sacrifices as they were brought to a sudden stop in front of the assembled horny young men who had been invited to attend or had heard that the two heroes were to make a brief appearance outside their pleasure ceremony venue.

Nylon spread Swimmerboy’s legs, he used one hand to hold Swimmerboy’s bound wrists the other hand forcefully lifted his head to face the audience of horny disciples and acolytes. Lycra did the same with his delicious Swimmerlad captive, both heroes stood uneasy but supported by their devoted henchman, their slowly thrusting and twisting hips indicated that Scorpio had initiated his sensual work and that Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad were in for an erotic display of submission inside the Milk Bar.

Orgasmo appeared from a secret doorway from inside the pleasure parlour and made his way to the front of the crowd, he looked his two sumptuous sacrificial offerings up and down, their tanned skin and rippling muscles looked magnificent in the powerful lights of presentation stage. He paraded in front of the two confused young heroes, they squirmed and twisted fighting the strong ropes powerful enough to bind them, even at the full power, and out of the emitter influence.

“These two delicious boys are presented to you; they are the sexual offering demanded by the High Priest! They will be pleasured hard in the coming hours and their ordeal will, of course be broadcast on the compound streaming, it will go global as well. Both Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad have been tortured for hours, their bodies have also, as you can possibly tell, have been subject to exquisite erotic priming, their speedo offerings are a torrent of delicious sensual sensation, they have also been primed by my latest dildo arousal systems, they are bags of potent male hormone, and although their reasoning tells them to resist their fate, their sexual preparations have impregnated them with desires so primal, so carnal that their utterances in the coming hours will be unintelligible; they shall experience pleasure beyond their wildest imaginations! They will perform for the evil and pleasure hungry Seed, so we have prepared their performances with the greatest of care.” Orgasmo faced the two helpless heroes, he first caressed Swimmerlad, this beautiful young hero, was tortured by our newest recruit, Miles, check it out on channel 2, he was cleaned in a vacuum of superheated steam and electrocuted to round out his delicious defeat.” He caressed the extremity of Swimmerlad’s bulging red nylon speedo and Swimmerlad flinched and moaned as the sensitized fabric distributed the wave of sensual energy across his speedo pouch.

Orgasmo turned to Swimmerboy, “And this little piggy went to market! In fact, he has been tortured in front of our new guests, his tight red speedo was ablaze in delicious electricity, inescapable as we enjoyed and discussed his future torture and pleasure sessions.” He ran his fingers across Swimmerboy’s tight buttocks, Swimmerboy cried out as the sensitizer caressed his buttocks and reached into his sensitive arse, he was still enjoying the remnants of the virtual dildo device and the sensitizer fanned the flames deep within his body. The spikes of energy entered him and caressed his balls and lower bulge, causing his pelvis to gyrate and his moans to deepen.

“They, as you can see, our sacrificial cum cows, are ready; they have been tantalized and prepared, and we give them to you gentlemen. You each have a charged single-use nylon stimulator glove and you must carefully choose your hero; when your turn arrives, Nylon and Lycra will direct traffic, approach the heaving sacrificial speedo and caress it with your glove, you will feel the glove tingle against your flesh, but when you apply it to your chosen hero’s speedo bulge the particles will become charged as they detect the speedo signature of your captive hero, it will last no more than thirty seconds, but the result will be outstanding, it may shock you as your captive thrashes in your grip. Rub the fabric sensually across the speedo bulge and your delicious sacrificial offering will reward your efforts with pure erotic fanfare. We are depending on you boys; I need my delicious heroes so fucking horny when they enter the Milk Bar. Do you understand? Do you accept your task?”

They all screamed “YES” in anticipation. There was not a dry speedo or cock in the group.

“Tie them to the presentation frames!” Orgasmo motioned his hand theatrically toward the two waiting frames. That were pulsing with tiny red LED lights to match the speedo’s chosen for the evening’s sacrificial offerings.

As soon as Nylon had locked the restraints in place, Swimmerboy felt the stretch as the frame pulled his body in four directions, he was suspended his legs pulled apart, his arms pulling upward to each of the corners of his presentation frame. He looked across to his left and the sight of Swimmerlad stretched exactly the same, made his horny cock tingle, he was aroused by his bondage, his body engulfed in the raging sensitized energy produced by the tantalizer, he was helpless as he surveyed his situation, Swimmerlad was also helpless, their sexual preparations were continuing and the ominous Milk Bar sign glowed, reminding them of their forthcoming pleasure drain and milking ahead.

Orgasmo stood between the two helpless sacrificial pleasure toys.

“To the left choose the sumptuous Swimmerboy, his tight red Lycra speedos are pure and erotic, his speedo pouch so exquisite and enjoy his heroic speedo bulge, his penis head and cock snakes beneath the beautiful skimpy garment and it will feed your every erotic and sexual desire. OR, to the right, choose the loyal, beautiful blonde speedo hero - Swimmerlad, he wears red nylon, his speedo pouch is so fucking hot, and his bulging manhood is a beacon of sheer heroic eroticism as the light nylon fabric drapes across his speedo pouch. It is a difficult choice we make you consider, but I will promise you, your captive speedo clad hero will perform for you as you caress him, worship his speedo offering, he will not disappoint!”

“Gentlemen, make your sacred choice, will you choose lycra heaven or nylon perfection? Make your sacred choice. Nylon and Lycra here,” he motioned toward the two ex-lifeguards wearing jet black nylon speedos, “will issue you with your black nylon torment glove, enjoy your time with our delicious sexual offerings!”

Swimmerlad looked down, the worship plinth was rising between his spread legs, its red velvet kneeling surface, an ominous reminder of the sexual torment he was about to endure as they knelt to worship at his speedo. He fought the bondage, twisting his body, but it was fruitless, it only served to spark a pulse of pleasure deep within his cock and he moaned with delight and as it danced and licked his cock, his pelvis thrusting slowly and erotically, his head looking down longingly as his magnificent speedo pouch and the bulge of his penis, he looked up and he saw Hunter approaching him.

“You!” Swimmerlad pulled on his bonds, his powerful body a helpless vessel of sexual purity twisted and withed, his face contorting as he dealt with the sensitizer program licking, and tantalizing him, his insolent demeanour toward Hunter was the perfect welcome for the horny young acolyte.

“I raced to be first in line for you, my lovely Swimmerlad!” Hey, do you like my blue nylon speedos? I chose them just for you, I know how you like Swimmerboy to perform for you in that colour!” Hunter caressed his own magnificent speedo bulge and then stood face to face with Swimmerlad as he theatrically put on the charged nylon glove as a nurse would do before performing a procedure on a patient. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm, it does tingle on my palm and fingers, I can just imagine what it will do with you, shall we try?” His smile was full of lust, his eyes darting between the glove and the pure slice of hero speedo heaven being offered to him.

“Fucking get on with it Hunter, I can take whatever your ruthless mind can throw at me!”

Hunter looked up, he had become mesmerised by the sheer beauty of Swimmerlad’s red pouch, his lusty smile accompanied his words.

“With fucking pleasure!”

He bent down onto the worship plinth, he was face to face with the beautiful red nylon hero bulge, he admired how the fabric draped across Swimmerlad’s anatomy, his slowly thrusting body a siren of sexual essence, it was literally drawing his gloved hand forward. Hunter purred as he carefully moved his gloved hand toward the mountain of hero meat, the sacrificial mound. He felt the attraction as his hand drew closer, the glove seemed to melt onto his palm and become one with him and his hand was being powerfully drawn like a magnet to the hero’s red speedo bulge.

Swimmerlad was overcome, his speedo was micro-vibrating, somehow the sensitizer had recognized the glove, his penis was crawling with licks of erotic energy, they danced on his pleasure points, Scorpio’s speedo map of his anatomy was performing its evil work with ease, his speedo was engulfed in the torrent spectacular sensation, his cock a buzz.

Hunter felt the connection shoot through his fingers and palm, his glove attached itself, magnetised to Swimmerlad’s sexual speedo offering, he was not able to, not that he would, remove it, the glove began to unleash and heat up, Hunter could feel Swimmerlad’s balls, he could feel Swimmerlad’s penis like flesh on flesh, he enjoyed the majesty of the hero’s sex as the glove glided and slid across the hero’s magnificent speedo pouch, Hunter had his delicious Swimmerlad within the palm of his hand, he felt the majesty and the power of pleasure, his hand becoming one with the sacrificial offering.

Swimmerlad’s cries of delight peeled outward, his body twisting as he looked down in horror, Hunter’s head was intently looking at the black gloved had caressing his junk, his penis was afire and shooting tantalising multiple spikes and whisps of pleasure into his penis, it was baking his testicles in sheathes of energy and his sexual frustrations erupted from deep in his body it was as though power in his speedo was pushing his moans and cries of delight up through his body and outward into the open air.

Hunter was suddenly released his gloved hand ejected from Swimmerlad’s speedo forcefully, he panted and laughed as he arose to face the mighty Swimmerlad again.

“Oh, my fucking god! That must have felt amazing hero boy!” He peeled off the glove as Kyle appeared behind him.

“Out of the way, my turn!” the two delicious young acolytes played joyfully with each other, before Kyle took Hunter’s place.

“We don’t have lots of time Swimmerlad, it’s a bit like tag team here, but you will get a stream of worshippers to enjoy you!” he felt the glove assimilate on his hand and he bent down to worship.

The exact same sensations engulfed Swimmerlad, his speedo a beacon, pulsing with every gloved worshipper’s hand, his muscles shimmered in a sheen of sweat, his bondage pulling him effortlessly, his sexual offering drawing each worshipper to him.

Swimmerboy’s cries competed with Swimmerlad’s as he twisted and performed the sensitizer’s erotic dance, his Areena branded speedos were moist with his sweat, his cock was being lashed by pure, delicious nano sex particles and every touch of the gloves made his loins hum with pure sexual perfection, his bondage fed the moment and his deep erotic desires bubbled inside him, the tantalizer device had ensured that it had stirred up a cauldron of sensual, erotic craving within him and this pleasure entre session was Orgasmo’s master plan to ensure that he and Swimmerlad were delivered to their pleasure draining fate in a state of carnal extravagance! He felt his speedo buzzing, the micro-vibrations caressing his bulge, masterfully cooking his testicles, his juice factory, and consuming every millimetre of his magnificent cock held tightly inside the erotic lycra fabric wrapped tightly to his body.

Orgasmo stood in front of the two heroes about five meters back from their presentation frames, he surveyed the moment of triumph as his two cum cows, writhed in pure bliss, horny men kneeling at the sexual speedo offerings and their gloved hands unleashing the gorgeous bursts of tantalising energy into the loins of each helpless hero, they molested the speedo offerings with lust and pent-up craving, one by one.

This is a piece of speedo sex heaven he thought to himself, his own signature red speedo over his pure white spandex suit was throbbing with delight as he watched the erotic display. Two of the most spectacular, handsome speedo clad superheroes helplessly bound, toyed with, sexual slaves heading to their pleasure fate! Fuck, such beauty such majesty. Orgasmo felt the pre-cum as it forced its way out of his penis. He was horny as fuck, excited and filled with pride as he prepared to ready the sacrificial heroes for their delivery to the Milk Bar. He needed to cum so bad, he was bursting, but he enjoyed the momentous occasion slowly caressing the tip of his bulge, he felt his pre-cum and lubricated his bulge in his fluid. He would pump lots of this in the coming hours!

Swimmerboy’s head was thrown backward, his breathing elongated and yet his powerful body held up to the molestation, he had learned over the past weeks, he had developed his ability to endure the sexual attacks, his torture, he was able to endure and ration his speedo strength. But the feelings he was experiencing, the luscious sensations licking at his tight speedo pouch, the hungry mouths, and erotic actions of the line of horny men worshiping at his speedo offering were wearing him down. His bondage was pulling his helpless body apart and he had no avenue of escape, he was filled with sexual desire, yet deep within him he felt his inner hero resist the evil sexual assault.

The assault unfortunately was not over. Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad had reached the end of their ques of horny acolytes and compound occupants. Their bodies were on display and the sounds of their luscious and deep breathing, their constant moans of delight as the spikes of sensation engulfed their loins was deliciously harmonious, they had been worked up into a sexual hot bed of sensation, erotic offerings ready to be abused and milked in the upcoming pleasure ceremony to anoint yet another powerful yet, highly sexual master villain to the compound. Orgasmo wanted one final shot to bring them into a new level of sexual bliss, a hyper horny state to fuck with their minds and bodies to create a dissonance of emotion & lust competing with their heroic defiance and struggles. Orgasmo wanted to deliver them fighting, their erotic surges and innermost desires, cauldrons of sexual beauty.

“Don’t they look ravishing gentlemen?” It was not really a question, but a villainous statement, gloating over the two horny heroes. Dressed in red, their delicious bodies were writhing within their presentation frames, they hissed and moaned and as they fought their bonds. “Such beauty, majestic and powerful, Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad will become milk cows their speedo offerings, their pleasure, their juices, their defeat will feed the desires of some of the most powerful evil minds on the planet. Our delicious heroes are becoming the centrepieces of our evil plan, their hero nectar, their delicious bodies, their speedo power will become cornerstones of an evil empire of underworld as we milk them and learn to harness such power and might!” Orgasmo was getting carried away, his villainous mind was ablaze as he watched his two beautiful powerhouses writhe and twist in front of him.

“But time marches on and my sex craving colleagues are taking their places in the pleasure parlour!” Orgasmo motioned toward the glowing Milk Bar sign outside the parlour.




Both heroes fought their bondage and the sensations molesting their speedos

“Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffiends, Ffffffffffffffffffffucking D e v ia t esssssssssssss” Swimmerlad thrashed in his restraints.

“So delicious, my beautiful young virile heroes” Orgasmo was beaming, he looked down to his raging bulge in his suit. “I’m getting wetter by the minute boys, you’re just too erotic, trussed up their moaning like that.

“One more adjustment and we’ll be ready to deliver you to your milking! You have gallantly held onto your speedo strength, both of you and you are adapting nicely to your torments, so I think we can add a little more, a final top up for your erotic desires, stir up your deep sexual hero fantasies, such delicious young virile heroes like you two must have deep secrets locked up in your psyche and we want to start to mine these, you know, enhance your sexual display, your pleasure drain!”

Aghhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Cried Swimmerboy, his head thrashing as a huge pleasure spike erupted engulfing his speedo bulge, he felt his cock tingle, he felt it almost squirm like a huge worm as the powerful energy erupted. “Nghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” He thrust his pelvis in a display of absolute submission.

“Oh, look at that gentlemen, Swimmerboy performs right on cue!” Orgasmo, smiled and looked at Swimmerlad. “Your delicious boyfriend is a sexual dynamo, such good taste you have!”

“Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Nghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck you!” Swimmerlad spat back at his tormentor.

“Tsk tsk, Swimmerlad! You can go first then, you insolent, young, helpless horn bag!” Orgasmo was frowning as he made the order, “Engage the anal stimulator, Swimmerlad, level 5, one short burst!”

The worship plinths in front of each hero began to retract into the floor between Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s legs, but at the same time, behind them an ominous device began to rise from the floor.

Orgasmo addressed the crowd of voyeurs all competing, all vying for a better view of the show, “These devices create a virtual light sabre dildo, they will pass directly through the speedo fabric, we can’t destroy the sanctified garment, it forcefully enters them, and it expands as it fucks them, it will take several minutes and then explode inside them pulsing them with sexual energy, the Elixir of Eros, and it will dissipate inside their bodies as fast as it enters them.”

“Engage sequence Swimmerlad”

The blue light emerged from the laser head and Swimmerlad tried in vain to look over his shoulder.

“You Ffffffffiend!”

Swimmerboy watched from his vantage point as the light sabre entered his boyfriend

“Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck you!” cried Swimmerboy but a yellow sabre was preparing to emerge behind him.

“Engage sequence Swimmerboy”

Orgasmo span around like a happy child.

The heroes were impaled on the evil devices, they squirmed and fought their bonds, and their deep throated moaning accompanied their thrusting hips as their bodies reacted to the fuck sequence pumping their bodies, the virtual dildos began to deliver Orgasmo’s Aphrodisium drug as they pumped inside them.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm f e e l s a m aaaaaaaaaaaaaa z i ng, Sw i m m er b ah” Swimmerlad was in a sexual trance, his body felt alive, it felt the beauty of the probe as it pumped and oozed the drug into the depths of his body. The sensitizer exploded across his speedo pouch and with his head pushed backward in total sexual abandon, the dildo exploded inside him with force and the Elixir of Eros filled his body with erotic power.

He had never felt more sexually charged than this moment, his body felt like it was going to pop, his speedo was a torrent of tantalizing sensation licking and stroking his penis, he felt his balls vibrating in a kind of sexual soup; his body was ready!

Swimmerboy’s body erupted next to him, his cries peeling throughout the public arena space and inside the pleasure parlour, Scorpio preparing his guests, burst out in a fit of joy.

“That gentlemen, is the sound of your pleasure primes being prepared for your sexual feast, they will arrive very soon, in a state of erotic frustration, sheer magnificent speedo beauty will infest this pleasure parlour for your enjoyment. My delicious hero offerings are at your disposal.”

Tantalization sequence complete! The evil sounding male AI voice beamed around the public space.

Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s writhing bodies continued their alluring beautiful and sexual dance, they pulled on their restraints, and twisted, they were horny and sexually primed, ready for their transfer to the waiting Milk Bar and their fates.

Inside the Milk Bar, Scorpio had his guests find their allotted space in the viewing tiers. The pleasure parlour had been completely transformed to Scorpio’s exact specifications; its refurbishment consisted of a colosseum type fit-out. The room had been enlarged slightly and two viewing tiers were established in a circle. The floor was an open space and special stairs arriving at the floor level from the tiers allowed participants access to the floor. The floor was lit in two halves by a series of honeycombed lighting panels, it glowed a light orange colour and pulsed every minute or so.

Around the edge of the Milk Bar was a track built into the circular walls, not unlike a rollercoaster track, but of smaller dimensions, attached to the track and at the far end of the room, facing the walls, two ominous machines sat waiting and folded like huge insects waiting to emerge.

The scene was set for the menu items to arrive.

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