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Defeat and Domination
Part 13 - Speed(o) dating
By Scorpio

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Speed(o) dating

Swimmerlad is tortured by the handsome Miles, supervised by Electro, whilst Swimmerboy is served up as an hors d’oeuvres to the evil Seed and angry MantaRay in the compound Boardroom as the new guests get to know each other with some show and tell.

MantaRay had departed the milking chamber and was headed to settle in to his quarters, he and his henchmen needed to get comfortable and decide their hero torture schedule, MantaRay was looking forward to exacting his revenge on the two heroes in the coming weeks, but he also had arrived at the compound in a busy period. The expansion of Seed’s quarters and research rooms in his own wing of the compound would ensure that Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s speedo powers were put to evil use, so he would need to prepare his revenge on them carefully. A joint torture session was foremost in his mind. He was thinking of putting Swimmerlad back into an electrocution pool to finish off what he had started, and Swimmerboy, hmmmn, he hadn’t decided yet. He definitely knew he needed a session of tandem torture, he would enjoy every revengeful moment!

Orgasmo left the dais and Swimmerboy, still bound to the presentation frame, he was still weak from the short and intense milking session, his body trembling as the pleasure still ebbed deep inside his powder blue nylon thong, his head remained thrust backward he was coated in semen and his hips still twisting with sensual rhythm, his erection abated quickly after the orgasmic level energy source had been extinguished and it once again created a spectacular hero bulge.

Nylon was busy preparing the drone to transport the defeated hero to his cell, he had specific duties to clean and service the gorgeous young hero for the important meeting scheduled in Scorpio’s compound board room in the coming hours.

Orgasmo approached Nylon, who stood tall to welcome his master therapist as he approached. Orgasmo smiled and put both hands on Nylon’s broad shoulders. “You are coming along so well Nylon!” he smiled at the henchman and glanced down to his tight yellow Lycra speedo, moving his right hand, down Nylon’s muscled chest and across his abs, he quickly and efficiently, moved to fondle his prized toy, enjoying the way Nylon’s bulge filled his palm as he caressed and lightly squeezed Nylon’s junk. “Mmmmmmmm, yes you have done very well, you’re so moist down there Nylon, I can see that you have enjoyed yourself. You have performed excellently and without fault. You have obeyed your sexual restrictions with exemplary precision. I was watching when you washed Swimmerboy in his cell, while you enjoyed his PleasureGEN bondage, you were in a sexual trance after we allowed you to worship at his speedo pouch on that Altar. Then you performed his preparation for the Pits, now at his final milking. We are impressed Nylon and therefore,” Orgasmo bent down to enjoy Nylon’s lycra speedo pouch and sucked on Nylon’s speedo bulge. His pre-cum soaked garment tasted of his hot steamy arousal in the previous hours, and Orgasmo enjoyed brushing his tongue along the length of Nylon’s forming erection. Orgasmo, still licking Nylon’s junk looked upward, his hands now enjoying the lifesaver’s beautiful buttocks, caressing him carefully, he gave his permission. “Take Swimmerboy back to his cell Nylon, you’ve earned this, take some time to enjoy him, he is yours to do whatever you like with, you know the prime compound rule though, and there are punishments for making him cum without priesthood approval.

Nylon looked down at Orgasmo’s lusty smiling face beaming up from his speedo bulge.

At fucking last- yesI Nylon thought to himself.

“Can I enjoy the jis he is covered in?” Nylon asked.

“Of course, Nylon! Oh remember that he must be presented in the Board Room at 12.00pm, I want a therapy session with you at 10.00am, while Swimmerboy is being restored to his full power.” Orgasmo looked forward to enjoying Nylon’s delights and extracting his cum before the session with Seed, it will set his day off to a great start.

“Off you go then Nylon, you have a few hours of enjoyment ahead, see you at 10.00 for therapy!”

With that Orgasmo, licked his lips and approached Swimmerboy to bid his farewell.

Nylon’s erection had formed and he felt his cock throb, the expectation of Swimmerboy’s private bondage session with him was excruciating, he couldn’t wait to get him back to the cell.

“Ohhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnn” Swimmerboy’s head lolled forward, he was defeated and exhausted, his body, his muscles, his speedo thong wet with his sacred juices, his speedo felt beautiful as the delicious pleasure slowly subsided. His light moaning and utterances were like a purring cat.

Orgasmo enjoyed the sight of Swimmerboy’s body still bound in presentation mode, he ran his finger around the edges of Swimmerboy’s wet, delicious bulge and this elicited a round of restrained and deeply personal moans from the defeated hero. Orgasmo licked his finger enjoying the milky hero froth.

“Mmmm the Milk Frother worked a treat Swimmerboy, I hope you enjoyed it’s delights?” Orgasmo said in an evil sexual gloat, he raised Swimmerboy’s head delicately with one finger.

“Open your eyes, hero and look at me. Your little ordeal is finally over for the time being. Nylon will take care of you now. You will get to meet some new guests soon, so get well and strengthen up dear boy, we need to replace that little load of cum and get you juiced up, so you will have a big day ahead.”

Swimmerboy’s eyes were open now, he was comprehending things, he felt his speedo power begin to nourish his body. He attempted to glare at the evil villain and his reply was merely a discreet grunt.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmpt ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Orgasmo let Swimmerboy’s head drop downward again.

“See you at noon, very important meeting, be on time!”

With that Orgasmo stepped off the presentation podium and out of the milking chamber through the anteroom, and out into the private labyrinth of corridors connecting the compound. Passing Nylon as he readied the transport drone.

Miles had spent his time with Scorpio, he had allowed the super villain to enjoy his body, Scorpio had licked and consumed Swimmerlad’s cum off Miles’ body after Swimmerlad’s huge orgasm. They had returned to Scorpio’s private rooms and Scorpio provided the stunning acolyte a tour of his private play facilities and the various devices he had installed in his play-rooms. Miles was impressed and star-struck, he was thrilled that Scorpio had singled him out from the ten beautiful acolytes learning the art of hero worship during Swimmerlad’s milking.

Scorpio gave Miles the rundown of the compound and shared some of his plans but had not let on about the impending arrival of the famous Robin, the boy wonder.

Scorpio let Miles try out some of the bondage systems and Scorpio made sure that he enjoyed all the delights that the stunning Miles had to offer. Miles was dressed in his most favourite of all his speedos, they were light and well worn, a faded purple, the nylon draped across his penis which looked spectacular as it flopped inside its well-worn nylon home.

Scorpio had taken great care not to allow Miles an orgasm, but he had enjoyed the beautiful young man in many ways. He allowed Miles to enjoy the very Altar that Scorpio had pleasured Swimmerboy on. He let him try out different pleasure systems and even one or two torture devices. Miles began to understand Scorpio’s deep needs much clearer after playing with the High Priest for several hours.

Scorpio had Miles restrained in a pleasure extractor frame, his beautiful body so sumptuous and wet, Scorpio had adjusted the intensity of the device, he wanted Miles super horny, he wanted his body so keyed up, he wanted Miles’ lust enflamed and raging with deep sexual desire for when he tortured Swimmerlad! Scorpio played the beautiful acolyte and tuned Miles’ body with sensual and sexual perfection. Miles looked up at Scorpio and then down to his raging speedo bulge, his erection was strong, his cock throbbing with exquisite pleasure as he sampled the pleasure extractor’s sensual delights.

“You’re not going to let me cum are you Scorpio?” Miles purred as he twisted in his bondage.

Scorpio smiled at his beautiful young captive, “Beautiful Miles, my horny young man, of course not! You will be torturing the magnificent Swimmerlad today, I need you so fucking horny, your mind must be consumed by your cock and your desires, your lusts as you enjoy the screams of your captive, he will be restrained for you and you will have complete control of his agony, just like I am controlling your pleasure, you have no avenue to relieve yourself, dear boy, get to understand the bondage, let it feed your desires. Feel the lust Miles, you will enjoy your power over the helpless Swimmerlad so much better!”

Miles looked up into Scorpio’s expectant excited eyes, just contemplating Swimmerlad’s bondage and torture was driving him wild with sexual expectation. Scorpio’s words were so erotic to Miles as he contemplated his upcoming role. He began to moan deeply.

“I’m going to cum Scorpio! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph”

Miles began to twist as he felt a raging orgasm, form, his beautiful face exuding, projecting the divine pleasure building inside his speedo and welling up deep inside his throbbing cock, he pulled on the bondage restraints, his moans deepening.

“Feel the bondage feed your pleasure Miles, understand what it does to your lust, feed on your lust Miles…” Scorpio kept up his training for a few more seconds.

“End Extraction.”

Miles panted and breathed out deep long breaths as his pleasure suddenly diminished, he looked down, over his spread-eagled body and could see his speedo wet with pre-cum, he felt his cock as it twitched inside his speedo pouch he needed to concentrate as best he could to ensure his beautiful sexual body did not erupt, he knew he wasn’t allowed to cum, with assistance or on his own. There was no telling what Scorpio might do if he succumbed to the divine feelings licking at his cock.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” “That was fucking hot Scorpio!” His face displaying his enjoyment of the subsiding pleasure.

Scorpio smiled and let Miles down from the pleasure extractor. Miles had to lean on Scorpio’s strong body as he adjusted to his freedom and he was still uneasy from the intensity of the pleasure he had been enjoying for the past hour.

“Good Miles, I’m glad you’re getting horny, as much as I would love to suck your cum out of your beautiful body, You don’t have the super capacity to replenish your semen stores like our magnificent heroes. I need you full of cum and super horny as you take control of Swimmerlad’s torture!”

They sat down in one of Scorpio’s lounge areas and set about discussing their plans for Swimmerlad.

Miles had decided that he wanted Swimmerboy to wear pure red nylon speedos, “they need the special gusset inside the pouch designed to lift and present his delicious manhood for him so I can enjoy the delicious view whilst Swimmerlad contorts his body in agony.” He said to Scorpio as they discussed the options for the torture session.

“Where do you want to torture him? The compound is at your disposal Miles!” Scorpio enquired.

“Hmmm, I’ve been considering one of the intimate torture rooms, I would love to suspend him in a cylindrical field and fill it with supercharged steam so that its pressure and heat wear him down slowly and as his power begins to subside, infuse the pressurised torture with increasing levels of electricity so that the steam pressure on his body saps him further, his screams agony will be delicious. What do you think Scorpio?”

“I think I am looking at a new handsome protégé! I will make the arrangements.”

“One more thing, his wet exhausted body must be delivered to the compound board room following the torture at 1.00pm and you will present your exhausted Swimmerlad to the evil Seed and talk him through a video of the torture session. We are welcoming him, his henchmen and his toy play toys, well that’s what he calls them, to the compound. In a little speed(o) speed dating, get-to-know-you session this afternoon.”

“You will be so horny by then and your own speedos will be wet with your precum, it will get nice and hot in that board room, before we all adjourn and return in the evening to a special milking of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, you can cum in that ceremony dear boy, come as much as you like as we show off the pleasure capacities available to our newest guests.”

Miles was becoming hornier with every word, as Scorpio announced his plans, he stood up walked over to the arch villain and presented his semi-erect speedo bulge for inspection. “Would you clean up my pre-cum Scorpio, it’s getting all over my favourite speedos!

“With pleasure dear boy, you are a very handsome, fast learner, you will go far with me!”

And with that, Scorpio caressed Miles with devoted and sensual attention as Miles continued to reveal his fantasies he had in store for both Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy, he was using his own sexual body to lure Scorpio, to hopefully bribe his way into even more hero fun. He was horny like fuck and his fantasies were dancing in his mind as Scorpio devoured his speedo pouch and caressed his buttocks, forcing the young acolyte’s speedo into his hungry face.

Scorpio was the one manipulating though, he was very pleased with his new disciple.

In the Milking Chamber

Nylon had felt his cock twitch the moment Orgasmo had provided permission for him to enjoy Swimmerboy. He had prepared the drone in the anteroom and looked out into the Milking Chamber, empty except for Swimmerboy, still restrained to the presentation device. Nylon was alone with Swimmerboy, he had less than hour to play, so he decided to return him to the private cell, he could enjoy Swimmerboy in privacy there.

He was taken back with the sheer beauty of the defeated cum soaked hero, lightly moaning, his speedo bulge oozing the last remnants of the orgasmic display. Swimmerboy looked fucking majestic and Nylon went about releasing the restraints and installing the drained hero in the pod. He would have his prize very, very soon.

It was the longest seven minutes of his life back to Swimmerboy’s recovery cell, and he ensured the door to the cell locked behind them as he and Swimmerboy’s drone arrived. Swimmerboy was still weak and dazed from the forceful, inhuman orgasm, his wet cum soaked body lethargic, but he heard Nylon’s commands through the fog in his mind.

“Bondage X frame!”

Swimmerboy found himself thrust inside a special room set off from the main recovery cell. An ominous X shaped frame was rising from the floor along with a series jets that were emerging from sections in the walls and the floor. The floor dropped to a wide drainage system that followed the circumference of the room.

Nylon enjoyed Swimmerboy’s bondage, he always looked forward to roping the hero’s wrists behind his back when he delivered the magnificent hero to his torture and pleasure engagements, it was such an erotic turn-on for him, so he had taken the liberty of binding Swimmerboy as his very own play toy for the next hour. Swimmerboy was groggy, but his speedo strength was returning, Nylon needed to work fast.

There was a final hum and locking sound in the anteroom, the bondage frame had locked into place. Nylon closed the door behind him, Swimmerboy was standing looking the frame, he was still slightly uneasy on his feet as he recovered from the push Nylon gave him to enter the room.

A hissing sound confirmed that the door was locked.

Nylon was inside the small room with the Mighty Swimmerboy, bound, wearing powder blue, cum soaked speedos arranged as the magnificent sacrificial thong. Swimmerboy writhed and tested his bonds as Nylon circled his prey.

“Just us now Swimmerboy, I have been waiting for this for ages! Look at you, fucking, fucking beautiful, that nylon speedo is too fucking erotic hero boy, watching you cum for MantaRay drove me wild with lust, and here you are. You are mine!

The punch landed across Swimmerboy’s left cheek and Swimmerboy’s head and shoulders took the brunt as his body twisted with the force of Nylon’s fist.

“Hahahahahahahahaha, Oh fucking wow, I just needed to do that!” Nylon nursed his wrist smiling, “That was lovely.” Swimmerboy, in his weakened state, his wrists bound, took the brunt of the punch, he didn’t have the luxury of nursing his chin, he slowly looked up toward his attacker, his chin feeling the sting and he shock his face slowly, pulling on the tight ropes binding his wrists.

“I won’t damage the merchandise, you have a big agenda, but I just wanted to feel what it was like to land that punch!” Nylon, looked back at his helpless captive.

Swimmerboy, looked upward fighting his bonds, his speedo strength was powering his recovery.

“That’s it, that’s all?” Swimmerboy looked toward his captor, taunting him.

“Actually, stun one!” Nylon’s reply was quick.

Nylon worked fast as Swimmerboy stumbled in his groggy response to the emitters. He moaned and writhed as Nylon went to work, untying his arms and attaching him onto the X frame. Within minutes Nylon had Swimmerboy safely restrained.

His vision came into focus and he found himself restrained with Nylon standing between his spread-eagled legs. The restraints were strong and held him down with ease.

“Don’t worry Swimmerboy, I’m not authorised to torture you or apply pleasure devices on you. I am allowed to clean you up though, and I’m going to start right here!” Nylon’s fingers caressed Swimmerboy’s moist cum soaked bulge.

“Oh yes, sensitise him five percent” “That won’t make you cum, but you’ll enjoy every touch of my worship Swimmerboy, they never said I couldn’t play nicely with you.” He smiled looking down at his beautiful, sexual present fighting his bonds.

Swimmerboy felt the sensitiser immediately, he drew in a long deep breath through gritted teeth as Nylon brushed his hungry fingers across Swimmerboy’s pouch and lovingly over the delicious curves and protrusions of the mighty hero’s speedo bulge.

Swimmerboy’s hips moved erotically, slowly and his face reflected the sexual sensations erupting inside his speedo.

“Oh fuck, noooot agaiiiiin!” Swimmerboy looked up from his bondage loningly toward his loins, they felt magnificent and erotic all over again.

“Wow Swimmerboy, you sound and look fucking hot gyrating your pelvis so sexually, I will suck your speedo dry, and then your body, when I am done, I’ll wash your body before changing you out of these fucking spectacular speedos. Don’t worry you’ll look just as erotic in the next pair for what they have instore for you.”

Nylon so enjoyed his power over the helplessly bound hero.

“Fuck you Nylon!” Swimmerboy then moaned deliciously as a spike of tingles enveloped his bulge, just as Nylon’s tongue extended to lick and devour Swimmerboy’s cum drenched blue bulge.

Nylon looked up from his worship, “Enjoy as I worship and clean you up my dear Swimmerboy! A boy’s gotta do what a boy’s gotta do!”

Swimmerboy’s moans filled the small room as Nylon went about his sexual tasks with precision and enthusiasm. The mighty hero writhed and thrust his hips in concert with Nylon’s hungry tongue and the suction he created as he allowed his sexual frenzy to unleash on Swimmerlad, he lapped up all the moist hero juices from Swimmerboy’s heaving speedo. This pair of speedos had seen the hero through a long pleasure session and milking, a torture session and they milked him a second time. Scorpio’s dominance, his lusts were become insistent and evil. Scorpio would take this light blue speedo as a trophy of Swimmerboy’s continued defeat.

Nylon took his time, ensuring he sucked Swimmerboy dry, he caressed Swimmerboy’s speedo pouch, devoured the hero’s bulge in slow determined loving ways, his mouth encircling, the young hero’s bulge while Nylon’s tongue explored and caressed every piece, every curve of Swimmerboy’s meat. Swimmerboy responded with intense moans and cries of delight as the sensitiser went about caressing his body in magnificent sensations enveloping his speedo in a blanket of tingling pleasure sensation.

Nylon finally arose like a vampire who had completed his feeding and looked into Swimmerboy’s pleading eyes. “Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck Swimmerboy, you’re so yummmmm!” He shook his head as his hands once again followed the contours of Swimmerboy’s most private region, the beautiful hero felt sumptuous, sexual as Nylon enjoyed the hero’s speedo pouch for a final time.

Nylon’s erection was pumping his pre-jis, he felt his pleasure rise and he rubbed his bulge erotically as he surveyed the beautiful helpless hero tied before him.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” this feels so lovely Swimmerboy, “Aaaaahhhhhhhh yes, ooohhhhhhh…My” Nylon was so turned on, his body was creaming, his cock was throbbing and moved toward Swimmerboy’s head.

“Eat me Swimmerboy!”

He lowered his heaving throbbing speedo bulge onto Swimmerboy’s face and pushed his pelvis violenty as he fucked Swimmerboy’s face violently.

Swimmerboy was still moaning from the sensitiser, he was engulfed in his own world of pleasure sensations as he felt the warmth and powerful force of Nylon as the his lycra encased speedo bulge, his hard penis pumped into his face, rubbing ferociously. He heard Nylon’s submission to his powerful pent up orgasm and he tasted the hot, salty cream pumping into his face. Nylon’s ejaculation was powerful and Swimmerboy’s face was soon coated in Nylon’s spunk.

Scorpio smiled from his control room as we watched Nylon’s enjoyment of Swimmerboy. “Good boy, he murmured to himself, “good boy!”

Nylon collapsed down onto Swimmerboy’s body, his face buried deep into Swimmerboy’s lower bulge, they were in a 69 position, Nylon’s body panting and oozing his remaining spunk into Swimmerboy’s face and Swimmerboy lay writhing beneath Nylon’s slumped body. The sensitiser continued its delicious sensations as Nylon caressed Swimmerboy’s speedo encased testicles with his tongue. Swimmerboy’s cries of delight were muffled by Nylon’s slowly thrusting hips as he enjoyed the aftermath of that pent-up orgasm.

Scorpio so enjoyed that display, he decided to increase Nylon’s therapy sessions, and he knew just the man to assist!

Seed was settling into his evil compound wing as all this was happening and the introductions were only a matter of hours away in the compound boardroom. His research devices had converted two cocky, university water polo jocks into pliable pleasure receptacles, Seed had created two play toys who exist to service his every sexual desire. Two stunning, strong young men bound and maintained for his every need. Seed had minions out in the world, on every continent, working toward his financial empire conducting waves of crime and violence which he orchestrated from his control room; his command was law, he so enjoyed his nefarious work of crime, but he ensured that he never got his hands dirty, he thrived on control and he would do so from his new ultra-secure, secret control centre deep in the mystical speedo compound of Scorpio, while he enjoyed the delights of his two play toys. He now had access to the magnificent Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, his options were increasing.

Nylon dismounted Swimmerboy, he was spent, Swimmerboy was just too erotic, too sexual as he looked at his captive, Swimmerboy looked delicious, his face was covered in jism, his jism. Finally!

“Fuck I needed that, but you’re all cummy Swimmerboy, look at your face, tsk, tsk, tsk, how could you get so creamy? He threw his head back laughing.

“We’ll need to clean you up!”

“Increase Sensitiser to ten percent”

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” Swimmerboy cried out in desperation as his body convulsed in a massive pleasure spike erupting deep in his testicles “ffffffffffffffffffffffffuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

“Enjoy that hero, just little thank you for eating my speedo bulge and my taking my load!” Nylon’s satisfied smirk erupted on his face as he surveyed the writhing young superhero.

“Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck yooooou!” Swimmerboy struggled and lifted his hips with all his remaining strength as the increase in sensations erupted.

Swimmerboy, has helpless, he was still spitting out Nylon’s cum, his body was enveloped in a hurricane of pleasure sensations as the sensitiser captivated and enthralled his speedo thong, he felt the sensitiser reach deep into his arse, it penetrated him as it explored deeply and satisfyingly, Swimmerboy’s moans were erotic and powerful, he was in a state of pure bliss when the jets exploded.

Hot, very hot water blasted all over his body, it jolted him from his sexual mind-fuck trance, he was only just regaining his speedo powers and he therefore felt the force of the supercharged jets as the pummelled his body. They also served to drive the sensitiser into a frenzy of sexual sensations, the moment was intense, it was an explosion of both pleasure and pain.

But then it stopped.

Nylon emerged with a container of cleaning chemical. He massaged Swimmerboy’s writhing wet body with dedication, his devotions were sexual with every massaging sweep of his body. Nylon paid very special attention ensuring the solution penetrated and caressed Swimmerboy’s wet drenched speedo, it clung to his body and it displayed magnificent detail of Swimmerboy’s majestic cock beneath the clingy wet nylon fabric.

Nylon untied the drawstring of Swimmerboy’s speedo and let his hand explore Swimmerboy’s cock, his soapy fingers caressed Swimmerboy’s penis with such erotic devotion, Swimmerboy shot his head up and screamed in a possessed, sexual outburst of pure abandon.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph.” “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”




Nylon retracted his hand. He knew he was at the limit of his permission and he suddenly remembered the obedience dildo.

“Oh that was a real treat Swimmerboy, fuck your cock is pure joy to behold. Fuck me!”

“But I am aware of the schedule, I must have you ready for your presentation.”

Nylon retied the drawstring and allowed a quick shower of hot water to cleanse Swimmerboy, as he moaned and twisted to the mastery of the sensitiser.

Powerful jets of hot air filled the small room and soon both young men were dry.

“Cancel sensitiser”

“Stun one”

The restraints released Swimmerboy and Nylon forced the dazed Swimmerboy out of the small room and into the main cell holding room. Nylon fastened Swimmerboy’s wrists to two restraint devices on the far wall of the recovery cell. They pulled the groggy Swimmerboy mercilessly against the wall.

Nylon removed the powder blue speedos from Swimmerboy’s delicious body and Swimmerboy felt the release of the tight thong as Nylon peeled the garment from between his tight buttocks.

Swimmerboy, was dazed, naked and helplessly restrained in the restraint system.

Orgasmo watched on with glee as Nylon went about his duties, they had cameras all over the recovery cells, he could watch every magnificent detail of Nylon’s devoted work.

Nylon stood back and looked at the beautiful naked Swimmerboy. He had no power, his speedos removed, he needed to work fast before his exhausted body gave in, Nylon knew he had to replace the speedo quickly or face the prospect of a dead superhero. He admired the magnificent six inches of Swimmerboy’s soft phallus, the magnificent penis head sat proudly, but limp in front of Swimmerboy’s generous testicles, his short dark pubic hair sat beautifully above. Swimmerboy was magnificent naked as he was sporting his bulging speedos.

The jet red lycra Areena pair sat on a plinth in the corner of the cell and Nylon quickly picked them up, he smelled them, they were brand new and he rubbed them into Swimmerboy’s dazed face.

“Smell them Swimmerboy, crisp new speedos! You will be tortured in these and then milked of all that jism later tonight! Scorpio has some sumptuous plans for you my beautiful young friend!”

Nylon lifted the speedos up Swimmerboy’s limp legs and as he wrapped them up over his loins and buttocks, Swimmerboy moaned and grunted, he felt his power begin re-energising him, his speedo power was dutifully filling his body as soon as the elasticised legs and waist band stretched around his body. He felt Nylon spread his legs and attach the ankle restraints.

Nylon picked up the powder blue speedos off the cell floor, he sniffed and licked them with devotion.

“Scorpio will enjoy this trophy Swimmerboy!”

“I must leave you for a while, so enjoy your time off, I’ll return soon though, so don’t fret. Hehehehehe!” he laughed as he went about his duties.

He turned to look at the beautiful young hero, the red lycra swim briefs clung to his delicious anatomy with unique perfection, the word Areena was printed in small characters on the left hip of the garment. Swimmerboy’s speedo bulge was round and it protruded excellently, the outline of Swimmerboy’s cock showed perfectly, it was alluring and inviting, his majestic soft cock demanding attention as the bright red fabric clung to him. Swimmerboy slowly stirred lifting his head to see Nylon disappear out of the cell.

In the compound control room

Torture room two is now ready and prepared to Mile’s specifications. Scorpio, Orgasmo and Electro had met in the control room to plot their next hero engagements and they enjoyed watching the replay of Nylon’s little personal time with Swimmerboy.

“He really needed to get that off his chest,” laughed Electro.

“He is a fucking horny young man; don’t you milk him enough in your therapy sessions Orgasmo?”

“Fuck, he gets his fair share, probably more than Lycra!” Orgasmo smiled as he thought about some of the pleasure sessions, he had enjoyed with the two henchmen. They will get lots more as soon as I get my hands on those two play toys Seed has to offer. He smiled in anticipation and caressed the tip of his cock protruding through his red speedo suit.

Scorpio looked at the two horny Villains, they could both tell that Scorpio was plotting or thinking up a plan, “You know with Seed settling in downstairs and all his research equipment, let’s see what we can do, I want to make Miles into a gorgeous evil masterpiece of a villain. He is fucking to die for, he is as beautiful as Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad, so we could make a fortune.”

“When is Joker arriving?” Electro chimed into the conversation. “I mean how much time do we have to play with Seed’s evil research?” “Perfect it?”

“Two weeks, he leaves Gotham next week, he will have his little birdy all bound up and ready. He is going to make sure the Robin is full of cum, we will milk him slowly introducing him to the pleasure transference and I can’t wait to hear his little song as he writhes in ecstasy twisting his athletic body.”

They all sat contemplating a rich scene of hero subjugation. Three villains sat together plotting, their cocks becoming harder and harder.

“So then gentlemen, we have several weeks to develop a way to apply our delicious hero inhibitor systems on mere mortal men and then begin the process of programming Robin’s body to perform and respond to the speedo AI. We can’t create the speedo strength; we know far too little about it. What we need is more fucking hero juice, a shit load, hahahahahahaahha get it?” “Load!”

Electro faked a laugh at the bad joke. “You will need better than that, when Joker’s big smiling face steps into our little secret world of bondage!” He laughed. “Keep working on those jokes, don’t give up your villain job, hahahahahaha!”

“So back to business gents” Scorpio tuned one of the huge wall screens into Swimmerlad’s cell. Lycra had arrived with his precious cargo.

“Look at that fucking awesome green speedo. Fuck Swimmerlad was just smouldering on the PleasureTron as they raped his pouch, he took the pleasure with ease and he gave them a show and a feed they will all cherish, hahahahahahahahaha. How was your little time with him Electro?”

“Just beautiful, let’s just say his cum production is in full swing and Miles will finish the job today, I drained the last of his power out of him on my classic ElectroTable device, he fried up nicely, I went pretty hard, hey you only gave me a short time with the gorgeous boy!”

Scorpio looked at Electro who was making a spoiled brat face looking back at Scorpio.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok!” Scorpio looked at Electro, “You better supervise Miles in Torture Room 2 then! Swimmerlad will take some time to replenish his strength now, start at 12noon, I want Swimmerlad’s torture complete by 1pm, he must be delivered to the boardroom and presented by Miles to Seed and his entourage; I’m hosting a bit of a get to know you session and I want Swimmerlad to arrive into the boardroom depleted and defeated, we’ll tie him to a presentation frame as they get to enjoy his helpless body. I want to make sure Miles arrives with Swimmerlad, he will enjoy his new-found promotion and I want his Speedo dripping in precum, hahahahahahaha. Swimmerlad’s torture session should get that beautiful Acolyte all worked up and horny. I think Seed will enjoy the possibilities when your little show arrives!” Scorpio looked satisfied as he glanced to his two colleagues.

“Nice plan!” Orgasmo’s smirk was beautiful, he was contemplating some powerful sessions coming up.

“Let’s ensure we torture Swimmerboy nice and slowly, deep powerful insistent electro torture of his speedo will ensure he produces a mighty store of cum, we will need it if we want a huge milking session! Swimmerlad can watch as his boyfriend writhes in agony, we will have Swimmerlad to enjoy and Seed’s Play Toys can witness what we have instore for them. I hear they are just delicious!” Orgasmo, rubbed his suit, he could feel his cock twitch at the mere thought of torture and pleasure.

“This will be a very hot speed(o) dating session!” Orgasmo clasped his hands as the plan continued to emerge.

“What of MantaRay?” Electro piped in.

“He’ll be in the welcoming party too, he can sit and stew, watch the torture session and be present at the milking, we’ll unleash him on our two heroes after that, he will get our speedo clad friends full of juice, let’s use that pent up rage to our advantage gentlemen!”

“I’ll make arrangements now!” Scorpio said with glee as he headed out of the control room, he wanted to check on the Boardroom’s installations, he wanted the scene just right for Seed’s arrival. He turned and smiled at the other two villains as they stood by the wall screen display, it was showing the cell of Swimmerlad. Scorpio made one last comment, “1pm Electro, don’t get carried away with Swimmerlad, hahahhaha, I need you on time! Orgasmo 12.00pm boardroom please!” With that he disappeared out of the control room.

In Swimmerlad’s recovery cell

He had been out of it throughout the journey back to his holding cell, Lycra had attended to his needs carefully, cleaned him up, washing and cleansing his exhausted and ravaged beautiful body. Lycra had enjoyed the moment when the beautiful hero lay naked in the cleansing bath process, he had removed the spectacular green speedos and quickly replaced them with the jet red pair of Nylon speedos, Swimmerlad’s power stores were extremely low at that time and like his partner, Swimmerboy, Swimmerlad’s devoted attendant had needed to work fast. Once Lycra had fitted the delicious red pair to Swimmerlad’s body and confirmed that Swimmerlad was on the recovery, he had relaxed, he laid himself on Swimmerlad’s restraint table, the green pair of Aussiebum speedos draped over his face as he breathed in the magnificent scent of the defeated hero. Lycra took long deep breaths; he enjoyed the lightness of the fabric as it caressed his face. It was intoxicating, he needed some special one-on-one time with his charge, he was super horny, and he knew that he was going to become even more horny as the day proceeded.

Lycra’s curly sandy blonde hair and his green eyes were the first thing Swimmerlad noticed as his eyes flickered open, he was almost horizontal, his arms were by his side, restrained, his legs slightly apart, his neck was held by the familiar choker restraint. His recovery table had been tilted forward almost 90 degrees. His eyes darted around the room and downward over his body as much as the choker restraint would allow him to move his head.

“You’re in one-piece Swimmerlad! I made careful attention to your recovery!”

“Mmmmph,” “Erhhhrrrrr” “Lycra, you low life, you fucking enjoyed the way Electro drained me, I was Mmmmmmmph, fffffffucking frying and you just laughed along with Electro as he tortured the life out of me!”

“Of course, dear Swimmerlad, your torture builds resistance, it builds your cum too. Mmmm delicious Swimmerlad juice. You had quite an experience and I have re-dressed you in red Aussiebum wonder jock speedos. Bright red, looks fucking beautiful on you!”

Swimmerlad pulled on the restraints holding his body, he wanted to rip Lycra apart, but his freedoms had been denied for weeks. They force fed him, they ensured he endured powerful work-out muscle tensioning programs, they controlled every part of his existence. They had complete control.

“Now, let’s adjust your junk, I need you looking fucking gorgeous for Miles and Electro. Miles has devised your torture, one of his fantasies, and he has ordered these red numbers. He has a thing for you Swimmerlad, hehehehehehehe, he also has access to a shit-load of money, so expect to see more of him in public events and sensual private play times, hahahahahahahahahaha,” Lycra’s look was erotic and lusty as he lowered himself down to Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch, the red fabric of the brand new garment was soft and it delicately licked Swimmerlad’s spectacular anatomy, his bulge stood out firm and commanding, it demanded attention. Lycra lifted the tight elastic against the top of Swimmerlad’s legs and he pinched the fabric pulling it up and slightly outward, the action allowed him to get his index finger inside the speedo pouch and manipulate Swimmerlad’s penis and balls. The garment’s gusset lifted Swimmerlad’s balls and as Lycra removed his finger, he allowed the delicious red nylon fabric to spring back to caress the Hero’s penis. The bulge was magnificent, and the tenting fabric caused delicious lines to reach across from the tip of Swimmerlad’s bulge to each of his hips.

Lycra positioned himself, backwards a bit, still in a squat, he looked directly to his handywork.

“Fuck you are so beautiful Swimmerlad, Miles has great taste, these speedos will drive him mad with fucking hot desire, he’ll probably cream his speedo as you twist your body in agony wearing these red numbers!”

“Fuck me!” Lycra stated as he stood upward, caressing his own junk as he surveyed the helpless Swimmerlad bound in front of him. Lycra looked around the room, looking for the cameras, he knew his every movement was being watched.

“What do you think, fucking AWSOME if you ask me!” He spoke to hidden cameras.

Orgasmo and Electro were in fact diligently watching, they were pleased, and it was drawing closer to show time.

In the control room

“Miles is so Horny, Orgasmo, hehehe, Scorpio tantalised him for a couple of hours and then discussed hero bondage protocols, hahahaha, he told me Miles was dripping by the time he had finished his little preparation and pep-talk!” Electro recounted his conversation with Scorpio to Orgasmo, Electro was looking forward to supervising the handsome Miles as he drained Swimmerlad down to 30 percent speedo strength.

“Sounds delicious, sounds like we will have cum explosions tonight, when our little get-to-know-you presentations have concluded. Swimmerboy looks fucking awesome in the red Lycra Areena numbers, the cut of that garment and the tight fabric make him look erotic and sumptuous. Seed and MantaRay will fucking cream themselves with this show of eye candy today. Hahahahahahaha.” The two villains smiled at each other as they returned their eyes to the screen.

In Swimmerlads’s cell

“Stun two” Lycra ordered the emitters to unleash on Swimmerlad.

“Nooooo Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Swimmerlad was convulsing and choking at the same time, but the restraints finally released, he was thrust forward convulsing and coughing into the arms of Lycra who quickly went about binding his captive’s arms.

In Torture room two.

The room had been converted and was ready; rounded walls surrounded the room and it domed upward across the ceiling. Small LED lights fanned out from the peak of the dome in lines travelling down the walls to the smooth floor and as Miles walked in, the room lit up with a semi-bright tone of yellow light. A ring of yellow LED lights about two meters in diameter identified the centre of the dome.

Miles couldn’t believe that one of his fantasies had been created for him and in the coming hour he would be given the magnificent Swimmerlad to enjoy. He was so horny, he could hump a piece of furniture right at that moment, but his fantasy called for what looked like an empty room. He remembered the lessons Scorpio had taught him earlier, he must dominate Swimmerlad, be in control, Swimmerlad’s bondage was for his enjoyment and he was to show no mercy. The superhero’s purpose is to endure what Miles has ordered. Swimmerlad’s captive body was his to enjoy. He would make him scream, he will agonise the beautiful hero with precision, he will ensure that Scorpio is delivered another huge load of hero cum, when it is time for Swimmerlad to be pleasured again. Miles was learning the deep interplay between pleasure and pain, Scorpio’s majestic plan of defeat.

Swimmerlad was thrust out into the corridor, outside his cell, he looked around and noticed the red pulsing LED outside Swimmerboy’s cell, he was inside, he was recovering, he was prepared and waiting to be presented to the evil Seed.

Swimmerlad’s attention was refocused by the next forceful push, he was stumbling forward and slightly groggy as the emitters pulsed blue along the corridors. “Where are you taking me?” Swimmerlad tried to turn his head as Lycra kept pushing and guiding him forward.

“Just keep your pretty head looking in front Swiimmerlad!” Lycra had become forceful and dominant; he directed the weakened and bound young hero with a sense of disdain. Yet he enjoyed watching Swimmerlad’s beautiful body, and his stunning red nylon speedos as they clung to Swimmerlad’s bubble butt. The hero was fucking sexy as he was pushed forward, the ropes binding his wrists were turning Lycra on and he looked forward to seeing Miles have his way with Swimmerlad.

The sign outside the Torture room was glowing and a couple of the acolytes were outside waiting to get a glimpse of Swimmerlad, they knew that something was happening, something huge and they had heard that Miles was chosen for the task. The sight of Swimmerlad’s bound body was electric, he looked so hot in the red nylon speedos, he looked fucking amazing bound and weakened as Lycra and he arrived outside the door to the room.

“Mmmm look at what we have here…” It was Hunter who made the first comment.

“Swimmerlad, not so powerful in here are you hero boy?”

Swimmerlad forced out a laboured comment, he was groggy and the world felt like it was in a slight haze, but he knew it was Hunter, he had vivid memories of Hunter as he fed on his bulge hours earlier. “Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck off ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fffffff, Hunter” was the extent that Swimmerlad could reply with.

Lycra, grabbed the top of Swimmerlad’s head and lifted it up so that Swimmerlad was looking directly toward Hunter, “Look at him when you speak to him hero!”

Swimmerlad grunted and twisted in his bonds gritting his teeth in disobedience to Lycra’s demands.

“You look so fucking hot Swimmerlad, I like those red numbers, they suit your body so well, pity we won’t be able to hear your screams, Miles has you all to himself.” Hunter was showing his disappointment, as he ran his fingers across Swimmerlad’s handsome face.

Swimmerlad twisted his shoulders in a vain attempt to escape Lycra’s strong grip.

“Check his bulge boys, I’ll keep him compliant!”

Hunter and Tyler did just that, they worshipped Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch with the respect they had been taught to express. He and Swimmerboy were to be revered as holy spiritual offerings within the confines of Scorpio’s compound!

Hunter returned to his feet, he was standing close to Swimmerlad, one hand lightly caressing Swimmerlad’s bulging speedo pouch, the other hand twisting the hero’s left nipple.

“Yes, just perfect, Miles will cream his tight little speedos when he gets to feel this piece of heaven. Swimmerlad, you have a fucking erotic speedo bulge, I will have it soon too, I don’t care the cost. You and me mate. Mmmmmm!”

Swimmerlad twisted as best he could, but Hunter held his grip on his delicious bulge with determination.

“Mmmmmmmmpf” Swimmerlad moaned, his eyes full of anger as he looked the beautiful, tall Hunter in the eye.

“Actually, Swimmerlad, Kyle and I were thinking of a threesome with you! What do you think?”

“Aggggghhhhh Mmmmmpph, Get ffffffucked!” Was the hero’s insubordinate response.

Hunter smiled, he stood back to get a better view of the delicious bound blond hero. He rubbed his tight white Adidas speedos; his erection was well on the way.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, I’m really liking that idea more and more Swimmerlad. A night of pleasure before we hand you to the milking chamber to watch them juice you. I’ll talk with Kyle and we’ll find a date in your diary Swimmerlad!” Hunter was smiling, his eyes darting between his own erection and Swimmerlad’s delicious hero offering.

“Hey, the sign is flashing Swimmerlad, looks like it is show time for you! Have a good morning sweet hero boy!” Hunter gave a pert little wave and the doors of Swimmerlad’s torture room swooshed open. Electro’s smiling face was there to welcome the sacrifice.

“Bye bye Swimmerlad.” Hunter looked sad but his face brightened, “I’ll make the arrangements, hehe, Kyle will be so excited!”

Lycra forcefully pushed on the back of Swimmerlad’s left shoulder, spinning the weakened hero before pushing Swimmerlad toward the opened door.

Electro stood at the door and motioned with his right hand for Swimmerlad to come through.

“Thanks for coming Swimmerlad!” Electro said with a wry smile as he watched the helpless, bound hero arrive inside the torture room to face his fate.

The doors locked.

“You’re here at last, but right on time Swimmerlad, Electro looked the bound hero up and down. “Mmmm yes, just perfect!” He was contemplating the day’s activities which would lead up toward the eventual hero pleasure session planned for later in the day.

“Now we have to continue making some more of that milky cum, Swimmerlad! I trust that you have recovered from our little elctro torture, pitty we had so little time to play, but I’ll arrange some more time so we can have another catch up.” Electro’s devilish smile and brooding eyes, sized Swimmerlad up and down as he admired the young hero’s beautiful bound body.

“Ffffuck you Electro, can’t break these bonds… rriipppp you to shreds, ifff I could!” Swimmerlad’s defiant response was laboured under the influence of the diabolical emitter array.

“Lycra tie him to the presenter, spread his legs, let’s get these nasty emitters off, so we can hold a normal conversation, Swimmerlad here is slurring his words, It’s not very becoming of a beautiful hero.”

The presenter was near the far edge of the domed room, the central plinth and two rear arms of the device lifted from the floor and Lycra forced Swimmerlad across to be bound and presented to Miles.

“Ugggh, Mmmmph Ffffucking bastards” were Swimmerlad’s responses as his legs were spread and attached to the ankle restraints. He was forced slightly backward ensuring his buttocks sat against the central padded plinth and his arms were untied and each wrist pulled backward into the restraint device which locked with a loud evil whirring sound and hefty click into place. The central plinth pushed Swimmerlad’s hips forward. His body presented, his speedo pouch and bulge pushing outward, his legs spread, and his arms pulled backward and outward. He was lit up by powerful lights.

Lycra draped the ropes used to bind his wrists across Swimmerlad’s torso and let it drop down over his body and across Swimmerlad’s speedo pouch.

The sacrificial speedo offering was presented to his tormentor.

The sound of a door swooshing behind him announced the arrival of his tormentor.

“Thank you, Electro, thank you Lycra!”

Miles walked into the centre of the domed facility and spun around laughing. He was living one of his erotic fantasies, the decision to join the compound was paying off.

Miles was dressed only in a pair of skimpy royal blue Areena lycra swimmer briefs. His shoulder length hair and his well-kept tight body looked delicious with that skimpy costume draped across his hips. Miles cast his smouldering eyes on his prize and moved forward toward the speedo offering presented to him, he couldn’t keep his eyes off, Swimmerlad’s bulging red nylon pouch. He so enjoyed watching Swimmerlad’s abs shimmer and flex as Swimmerlad tested the bonds. His body stretched and presented to his tormentor, his red speedo demanding attention. The scene was electric and sensual as Swimmerlad’s hips pushed outward, his body twisting within the confines of his bondage.

Swimmerlad felt the delicious tingles in his loins, his speedo power was flowing and gurgling in his system, the emmitters had powered down, and he felt his speedo strength as it replenished his body, he felt strong, but the bonds were too powerful, he was helpless.

“Ohhhh yes, that is just perfect Swimmerlad!”

Miles arrived and had both hands on Swimmerlad’s powerful hips. He ran his hands up Swimmerlad’s torso, enjoying the sensation of caressing the powerful hero’s heaving body as Swimmerlad breathed deeply, pulling on his restraints defiantly, sexually.

“Struggle my dear Swimmerlad, struggle as you might, you are mine to enjoy! Your body, your speedo, your pain are mine right now!” Miles shuddered with pleasure as he caressed the mighty hero.

“What do you intend to do?” Swimmerlad looked toward his tormentor his face and eyes shooting barbs of defiance and resistance.

“It doesn’t look much Swimmerlad, does it, just an empty room except for us four men!” Miles looked into Swimmerlad’s eyes and his right index finger brushed across the apex of Swimmerlad’s red bulging speedo pouch. His eyes left Swimmerlad’s and then focused on his sensual touch of Swimmerlad’s bulge, and then back to Swimmerlad’s eyes. “But!” He said with an evil smile, “Scorpio and Electro here have given me an instrument of pain, something I’ve fantasised about for years!”

“You’ll see!” His touch was sensual and invigorating, Swimmerlad’s warm bulge, the soft new red nylon fabric, felt erotic and sexual as Miles continued to run his finger over the delicious mound in Swimmerlad’s speedo. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I remember those hero juices as you pumped your precum all over my face Swimmerlad, your heaving speedo bulge wet with juice, erotic and sensual as you writhed in pleasure, remember how we made beautiful, sexual pleasure.”

“You fiend!!” Swimmerlad erupted in a frenzy of hate and thrashed, yet his bondage was secure, he could not escape.

“So fucking horny when you fight like that hero!” Miles was purring, his whole right hand was molesting Swimmerlad, he felt ever millimetre of the hero’s heaving speedo pouch, he cupped the hero and squeezed Swiimmerlad’s bulge delicately.

“So answer my fucking question!” Swimmerlad pulled desperately on his bonds.

“You’re not in the place to make demands Swimmerlad!” Miles squeezed Swimmerlad’s bulge with greater force and Swimmerlad hissed as he took the pain. Miles then let go of Swimmerlad reluctantly, and he walked toward the centre of the room turning to view the beautifully stretched superhero, bound magnificently just for him to enjoy. The red speedos screamed out for attention, they were spectacular, the bondage pushed Swimmerlad’s hips outward, presenting his bulging assets as a spectacular offering.

“You are so exquisite Swimmerlad!” Miles was holding his handsome face in his cupped hands.

“You will be overcome by a powerful field right about here, it will take a while to adjust yourself but it will lift you off the ground and suspend you in any shape or form I desire! Are you keeping up hero?”

Swimmerlad looked back at his captor, struggling in his bonds.

“Computer, bring Swimmerlad to the insertion point.”

Swimmerlad looked around him, the bondage system had risen him off the floor, the plinth and arm restraints lifting on the round dais. He was being transported toward the stunning Miles.

Miles smiled and extended his right hand with a “come here” motion of his index finger, “Come to me Swimmerlad, come to the centre of the room mighty hero. Come to me my, delicious captive offering, come to your torture.” Miles rubbed his tight speedo mound. His fantasies were being realised; Scorpio was delivering his promise!

Swimmerlad pulled desperately in vain attempts to free himself as he was transported to the hcentral insertion point. He arrived in place and the dais settled itself on its central target.

Swimmerlad was presented perfectly in the centre of the torture room, he was helpless and exposed.

Electro stood to the side with Lycra, they watched as Miles executed his devilish plan. They enjoyed the show with glee. Swimmerlad looked fucking hot as he struggled. Miles looked as handsome, his smouldering model features, his beautiful body dressed only in a skimpy Lycra speedo made him as desirable as the captive hero.

Miles walked over and caressed Swimmerlad’s chest, he ran his fingers evocatively across Swimmerlad’s beautiful body, he knelt down and took Swimmerlad’s speedo bulge into his mouth, his tongue lashing at Swimmerlad with sexual intent Miles entered into mild trance, intoxicated by the beautiful piece of superhero bound before him, Swimmerlad’s meat filling his mouth.

Pull it together Miles he through to himself, You have this superhero, your JOB is torture him, get to it! He snapped out of his little sexual stupor, standing back, licking his lips, he was salivating!

“Fuck me Swimmerlad, I fucking have to have you, I want you so bad. I’m going to enjoy your screams very soon!”

He stood back from the centre ring of LEDs that circled Swimmerlad’s bondage device.

“Restraint Beam activate”

Swimmerlad felt his body tense and tingle, he was still restrained, but surrounded by a purple beam of activated light. His restraints unlocked and the arm restraints and central plinth began to retrack into the dais. He was free of his bondage, but he was unable to move.

“Good!” Miles circled Swimmerlad, he took in the beauty of the suspended hero. “Mmmm, very nice!” Miles looked toward Electro, who was supervising from the edge of the torture room dome.

Swimmerlad tried moving, he was restricted, he could not move a muscle.

“What is this? Mmmmmmph, Fuck me, nooooooooooooooooooo! Can’t move, power too strong, holding me helpless.” Swimmerlad tried to make sense of his predicament.

“Yes Swimmerlad, you are correct on each count! It is stronger than you, you cannot move and yes you are helpless to resist its force and power over your delicious body.”

“Stretch him!” Miles gave the order in a forceful tone of authority.

Swimmerlad was powerless to resist, he was suspended off the floor his legs pushing outward by a formidable force, his arms lifting and pointing outward. He was being forced into a suspended X shape by the restraining beam.

“What is happening? Oh fuck, fuck, fuckin fuck, fuck!” Swimmerlad realised that his speedo power at full tilt was no match for this demonic restraint beam.

Several cameras circled Swimmerlad, they were capturing every aspect of Swimmerlad’s virtual bondage. Miles walked around to one of the cameras. “Wow what do you all think, I’ve always fantasised about beautiful superheros suspended and tortured. Well fuck me! Swimmerlad is almost ready to undergo his torment. Now Scorpio, has plans for him later, so I can only drain so much of his speedo strength, but I think this will be just so much fun.”

Swimmerlad called out “Hellllllllllllllllp, fuucccccck you!”

“He is so desperate!” Miles smiled at the camera. “No mercy!”

“Rotate him to horizontal, stretch his legs further”

Swimmerlad’s body began to rotate, he moaned deeply as the restraint beam spread his legs further during the roll sequence.

Swimmerlad found himself floating in a supine position his arms and legs being pulled in four directions by a diabolical force, far more powerful than his own powers. His head was looking up and the beam permitted him to look and turn his head, otherwise his body was immovable, he was helpless.

“Now Swimmerlad, Miles moved closer to his suspended prey.”

“Visitor rights approved”

The purple beam dissipated leaving Swimmerlad floating in a supine, stretched predicament. He looked up and looked over his body as much as he could, but his movement was severely restricted, he had no restraints to fight against, but he needed to fight the unbelievable force holding him in place as a helpless offering for Miles to torture, for his captors to enjoy.

“How’s that position Swimmerlad, I hope you are comfy! This torture room is equipped with suspension system designed by Scorpio’s personal engineers, it has been especially developed for you and Swimmerboy. It will hold you in any position that turns me on, and you know, seeing your magnificent suspended and stretched out like that is so fucking hot. I remember worshipping your speedo pouch on the PleasureTron, fuck, you tasted just perfect, your sweet hero juices so magnificent, I want them again, and again. But we drained you so well, so completely, we need to make some more Swimmerlad juice! Electro here,” Miles looked across to Electro, supervising on the edge of dome and near Lycra standing by one of the control panels. “Electro tells me he has made a good start on your torture, but our speedo systems monitoring you and Swimmerboy tell me you have some capacity for more cum. My job dear Swimmerlad is make sure I deliver a full load to Scorpio, for his pleasure.

Miles had been circling Swimmerlad’s suspended body, gloating over his powerful, magnificent and erotic hero captive. He stopped by Swimmerlad’s left shoulder and ran his fingers evocatively across Swimmerlad’s tight muscles as they flexed taking the force of the powerful device pulling his limbs apart.

“Lower him”

Swimmerlad lowered and Miles stepped across Swimmerlad’s chest, he was straddling the mighty hero.

“Lift him”

Swimmerlad’s head was held in place and he could see Miles’ royal blue speedo bulge as he was lifted into its bosom, he felt the lycra fabric and the warmth of Miles’ lycra encased bulge as it started to smother his face. He was helpless, his head held firm by the powerful force of the restraining beam.

“Mmmmm, I’m so horny Swimmerlad, taste my bulge, I hope you like it, I want it rub all over your beautiful face!” Miles humped Swimmerlad’s face in slow erotic thrusts, his precum smearing on Swimmerlad’s face.

Swimmerlad muffled a moan as he tried to take a breath, Miles was forceful, he was so horny.

Miles dismounted Swimmerlad’s face. Rubbing his semi erect cock, he spun around and made his way between Swimmerlad’s stretched powerful legs.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” such a delicious sight! The mighty Swimmerlad, suspended, stretched in magnificent erotic speedos waiting for his torture. Fuck I need to cum! Hahahahah, we’ll leave that for later!” Miles smiled as his hands worshipped the helpless hero’s speedo pouch, Miles felt every piece of Swimmerlad’s speedo, he enjoyed toying with the red bulge, caressing the length of Swimmerlad’s penis as it sat erotically beneath the light tactile nylon fabric. He took a deep breath, the scent of Swimmerlad made him high, his deep sexual fantasies dancing in his head, hic cock twitching. He shook his head laughing, stepping backward from the heaving hero speedo offering.

“Ffffffffffffffffffffuck, just too erotic, but I am on the timer Swimmerlad and we have lots of cum to brew!”

Miles smiled at Swimmerlad and then toward his supervising villain. Electro looked pleased, he was sporting a huge thick hardon, his muscles flexed as he rubbed his mound.

“Proceed Miles” Electro’s wry smile gave Swimmerlad the clear message that his torture was imminent!”

“Fuck you all, I will resist whatever you throw at me, you fucking freaks” Swimmerlad’s body twisted slightly as the restraining device loosened its grip ever so slightly. It allowed Swimmerlad tantalising room to move, but only slightly.

“Lift him” Miles ordered.

“Now we will create a special sealed bubble of energy Swimmerlad, you can see through it, hear through it, but it will hold the superheated steam.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooo” Cried Swimmerlad, he twisted in his new found ability to move, but although he used his speedo strength, it was useless, powerless against the invisible restraint system, he was not able to wriggle out of the wicked bondage system.

“Build his suppression field!”

“Ffffffffffffffffuck!” Swimmerlad wrestled against the forces pulling him apart.

The room hummed and buzzed as dancing blue whisps of energy began to form around Swimmerlad, they joined each other with more buzzing energy and soon Swimmerlad was surrounded by shimmering field, it was hazy and powerful, surrounding the helpless hero, stretched out mercilessly within its grasp.

“Viewing mode!”

Miles was jumping up and down as Swimmerlad came into view, the bubble had become almost invisible, but the sound and flickering of energy here and there were stark reminders that the energised bubble was securely in place.

Electro walked over to Miles. “Well done dear boy, I am so enjoying the way you are gloating over Swimmerlad, dominating him, talking to him in his place! You are the tormentor; he is your hero, your toy!” Electro squeezed Miles’s tight royal blue speedos and looked Miles in the eye, smiling, “Now torture the shit of him! Do it!”

“Very well!” Miles returned Electro’s evil smile as he brushed his hand across Electro’s thick hard villain mound! Electro was throbbing, he was as horny as Miles!” And they both laughed.

“Commence fill” Miles looked Swimmerlad in the eye, Swimmerlad was writhing, vainly trying to escape the fate set before him.

Two thin rods extended from each wall and moved toward the torture bubble: one inserted between Swimmerlad’s legs at the edge of the bubble, the other pierced the bubble at the edge behind Swimmerlad’s head.

They pumped superheated steam into the sealed sphere, the hissing was powerful and formidable.

“Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck, please stop?” Swimmerlad’s head was thrashing upward and downward, the pressure of the steam and its immense heat filled the bubble sphere like a steam powered oven, Swimmerlad was enveloped in pure evil superheated steam and his screams soon began to erupt, resounding around the dome shaped torture room. His body was drenched, his speedo waterlogged within minutes, the fabric heating up as the diabolical oven pressure cooked the mighty hero without mercy.





“Swimmerlad’s body contorted, his face red and his breathing burned his throat as he laboured trying in vain to escape the power of the steam oven.

Miles danced around the room, Electro stood in awe looking up watching the magnificent hero writhe in the suspended bondage system.

“Mighty hero” screamed Miles as he danced around, “You are defeated Swimmerlad, your speedo strength is draining with every minute in the steam bath. Writhe hero, struggle. Mmmmmm, so fucking hot.”

After 15 minutes, Swimmerlad was drained to fifty percent. His screams were diabolical, and he cried out begging for the pain to be removed, he begged, he screamed, looking for any humanity in Electro, Miles or Lycra, but they did not respond, they looked on with glee, three straining hard-ons witnessed the powerful torturous display.

Swimmerlad was undergoing his consecrated torture, he was the offering, his screams acceptable offerings, it was pure, holy, consecrated torture. They were creating his sacred juices.

Miles noticed the time, he knew Swimmerlad was due in the board room very soon and he had an extra twenty percent of Swimmerlad’s speedo strength left to drain. He decided to ramp up the torture.

He gave the order, “Electrify the steam!”

Electro shuddered, he .almost came, he was so excited.

The two pipes delivering the steam into the torture bubble, glowed blue on each steam diffuser nozzle. It energised every droplet of superheated water infesting the sphere and enveloping Swimmerlad’s writhing, twisting body. Crackles of energy exploded throughout the sphere and Swimmerlad’s screams peeled around the torture room.



He begged as the electricity pierced his body, he felt it invade his speedo bulge, it shot through with such force, his penis was being cooked in the superheated steam and electrical torture, Swimmerlad contorted, crying and begging for the torture to abate.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiles”

Swimmerlad finally reached the required speedo strength level, he was down to 30 percent speedo power and the systems abated obeying the system constraints for the session. The piping system retracted from the sphere and the energy holding the steam began to abate. The hissing of escaping steam was deafening, and large suction filters drew the superheated water upward and out of the domed torture room.

Swimmerlad’s drenched, stretched body remained suspended, he was panting, trying to get fresh cool air into his lungs, his body dripping, the nylon clinging to his penis and balls, Swimmerlad was almost spent and dazed, he looked erotic and helpless as he was lowered to Lycra awaiting with ropes to tie his arms behind his back.

Swimmerlad was due in the Board Room.

Earlier that morning…

Swimmerboy was mercilessly left in his cell by Nylon, he was stretched out on the wall by a restraint system, the choker was tight across his neck. His speedo strength was gurgling at full power and his speedo sense was driving him wild, danger was around the corner, but he was helpless. His eyes darted around the room desperately looking for a way of escape.

The doors opened and Nylon appeared into the room. Nylon looked pretty sexy in a loose pair of Speedo branded jet black nylon speedos, he walked into the restraining room in a happy, jovial manner and instantly performed a twist in front of Swimmerboy. “

What do you think Swimmerboy? Pretty hot don’t you think?”

“Fuck off Nylon” was Swimmerboy’s snide response to the henchman’s little moment of glee.

“Have it your way Swimmerboy, anyway when we get to your little board meeting, I will be playing the forceful henchman.”

“Board Meeting? WTF” Swimmerboy looked at Nylon incredulously,

“Your one of the main participants in the meeting Swimmerboy!” You’ll see.”

Stun two

Swimmerboy fell forward and onto the floor as his restraints released. Nylon made no attempt to catch the disabled hero and he stood smiling and watching as Swimmerboy’s beautiful body curled and cocooned, his deep moaning and cries of pain were like music to Nylon’s ears.

“Mmmmmm, you’re so hot Swimmerboy!” Nylon bent down to speak with his charge.

“All that speedo power turning against you Swimmerboy, you’re at full power, but so weak. Let’s tie you up.”

Nylon rolled Swimmerboy over.

“Aggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” was Swimmerboy’s response.

His arms were tied tightly behind his back before nylon was satisfied.

“Hehe, Stun one!”

“Swimmerboy lay recovering somewhat, his body wriggled slowly on the floor he looked up directly into Nylon’s spread legs, he was straddling the weakened hero.

“Get up!” Nylon took Swimmerboy by one shoulder and underneath one of his tied arms. He lifted Swimmerboy as he arose in his groggy emitter affected state. He threw Swimmerboy against the cell wall.

“Nghhh” Swimmerboy’s face was screwed up in defiance, his teeth showing. “Ffuck!” He was shaking his head trying to rid himself of the cobwebs dazing his mind.

Nylon spread Swimmerboy’s legs helping him keep balance as Nylon went to work adjusting Swimmerboy’s tight red Areena speedos. The cut of the garment was both tight and very revealing. Swimmerboy looked fucking delicious as the speedo clung to every part of manhood with perfection. Nylon ensured that Swimmerboy’s penis sat upright, he ensured that it snaked and displayed proudly. The lycra fabric clung to Swimmerboy’s generous balls and with a few pinches and adjustments, Swimemrboy’s junk bulged perfectly, evocatively, sexually. His buttocks were covered in delicious red fabric and the whole package was pure delight to withhold.

Wow he looks perfect, god like. I fucking want him to play with Nylon thought to himself.

“That’s perfect hero boy!” with that Swimmerboy was thrust out of the cell and down one of the secret passages, twisting and turning, Nylon kept thrusting him as he half walked and half stumbled with every push along the journey.

There were voices in upcoming room, excitedly talking.

“Good, bring him in!” It was the familiar voice of Scorpio. Swimmerboy also recognised Orgasmo from the conversation, but it was the other voices that were puzzling.

Nylon looked at Swimmerboy, who was still gritting his teeth, fighting the ropes binding his wrists. “Meeting time Swimmerboy!” with that he thrust the dazed and defiant hero into the board room.

“Aghhhhhh, here he is gentlemen!” Scorpio looked at the powerful hero regaining his footing, Nylon grabbed his spiky dark hair and ensured Swimmerboy was looking directly at the group of villains assembled all with looks of lust, thirsty eyes devoured his entire hero package, his flexing muscles, his handsome features, bright teeth on show, the beautiful skimpy red lycra clinging to his male anatomy was popping like a piece of modern artwork.

“Fucking YUM! So much more erotic in person than through a screen.” Seed was tall, almost as tall as Scorpio, piercing blue eyes peered directly into Swimmerboy’s soul as he stared at the helplessly bound groggy hero. Seed wore a tight blue shiny, body hugging suit that reflected light off his muscles with every move he made. The shiny spandex glistened in the board room’s illumination.

He made his way to Swimmerboy and ran his finger up below Swimmerboy’s chin and followed the curves of the hero’s face across his lips and across his right cheek bone.

“You are the handsome devil aren’t you Swimmerboy?”

He stood back to look the hero up and down, he circled Swimmerboy and Nylon, humming and making suggestive lustful sounds.

“Yes that, Scorpio is one juicy piece of fruit!” he said looking at Scorpio and running his long fingers over his shiny bulging suit evocatively.

“You so know how I love my play time, Scorpio. Can I have him for a while, he is just too delicious!”

MantaRay was standing to the side, he too looked at the beautiful morsel with lust and desire.

“He cums with geishas of spunk! Fuck me, so hot and powerful.”

Scorpio put his hand on MantaRay’s shoulder, smiling “MantaRay arrived the other day and we provided him with a little welcome display of hero milk.” Scorpio’s smiling face beamed around the room.

“We have a bit to discuss gentlemen, so before we take our seat’s, Nylon tie Swimmerboy down.

The board table was wide, but a passage retracted for Nylon to direct Swimmerboy through.

“The emitters around the room, keep our two hero’s nice and pliable, don’t they MantaRay?” He looked at MantaRay, who was salivating watching Nylon as he went about his official duties. Swimmerboy was thrust up onto the centre of the table, his arms and legs were bound in restraints pulling him in Scorpio’s favourite spreadeagled position. Once installed and stretched erotically as the centrepiece, Nylon egressed out through the passage and stood with his arms behind his back against the back wall of the room. The table reformed, leaving Swimmerboy stretched out as the centrepiece. The edges of the table lifted several inches ensuring that its occupants all had a commanding view of the helpless, speedo clad superhero as its centrepiece.

Take your seats gentlemen.

Swimmerboy moaned as he felt his speedo power re-energise him, his speedo’s tingled, his penis felt delicious as the power caressed him. The emitters were on stand-by.

“First item on the agenda gentlemen is the welcome!”

“Begin speedo current 5%”

Swimmerboy felt the electricity as it invaded and infested his speedo like a creeping tide. It targeted the centre of his buttocks and was moving outward across his buttocks, it also commenced at the tip of his smouldering speedo bulge reaching inward grabbing his penis, licking at his testicles, it started fanning out across his entire Speedo pouch enveloping his every thought as he applied his speedo strength to resist the devilish encroaching torture.

He began to lightly moan and hiss, slowly thrusting his pelvis, twisting slowly as he took the torturous current and tried to accustom himself to its devious intent on his junk. He twisted his body and his breathing became shallow as the pain continued to wear at his powers.

“I trust the sight of Swimmerboy’s delicious body writhing like that is not too distracting gentlemen, we can gag him if he gets too vocal.” Scorpio looked at the other two villains, their eyes intently enjoying the sights and sounds of beautiful young hero stretched out before them, his slowly gyrating body delighting them as they began their welcomes.

“We will be fine,” Seed looked up and across to MantRay who was smiling back toward his new colleague. “You do know how to put on a good welcome show!”

Next order of business.

“Welcome Seed, welcome MantaRay, the speedo compound is here for your enjoyment and we look forward to your contributions. Our two Speedo heroes are, as you can see delicious young men in their sexual prime, they as you know are powered by their mystical speedo strength and have been a major force for good on recent years.” Scorpio began his welcome address, he looked at his two new colleagues intently.

“Yes I have been following their antics for quite some time, Scorpio,” MantaRay responded, “fuck the handsome little buggers LOVED the media, they pranced around in their delicious little speedos, do gooders, fighting crime and all that we hold dear! As soon as they stopped appearing on the news, I knew someone had captured them, well at least I hoped so!” MantaRay looked away from Scorpio and Seed, and watched intently as Swimmerboy twisted his body, looking back at him as MantaRay gloatingly gazed and admired the delicious hero. “…And look what we have here, all tied up and displayed for us to enjoy! The media are in a frenzy out there, the loss of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad is outrageous, whole taskforces and commissions are underway! You are pulling off a major, MAJOR event up in the outside world. People are distraught, hahahahahahahaha, they all deserve it. Relying on their beloved superheroes for all this time.”

“I knew we would make a stir!” Scorpio smiled twisting his hands together, “I’m glad you decided to join us MantaRay, your crime connections up the east coast are very impressive and your regular contributions will ensure the compound is financed nicely. Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad are at your disposal, they are here and consecrated to this place to serve your every sexual desire!”

Swimmerboy pulled on his bonds, he fought them stretching and flexing his muscles, he was at full speedo power and he needed to free himself and round this evil meeting of villainous freaks up for good, their outrageous sexual domination had to end, he had to stop it. “Mmmmmmmmmpg unnnghhhhh!”

“So valiant and so delicious, don’t you agree gentlemen!” Scorpio opened a small cover recessed into the board table and pressed a couple of buttons. The buzzing noise was powerful and a pungent smell of electricity suddenly filled the room.

Swimmerboy cried out, he wasn’t prepared for the quick onslaught of torturous energy that ripped up between his buttocks, it shot up his arse and infiltrated the depths of his body, attacking his anal wall, his prostrate and enveloped his buttocks in a shot pure evil and as fast as it hit him, it stopped, returning him to the devilish continual torturous speedo stimulant electrical flow. Swimmerboy’s body twisted, his teeth gritting as he took the shot, he hissed out a long deep breath and as he recovered his delicious body shimmered as his muscles twitched and flickered.

“An erotic little interlude gentlemen! He can withstand much more than that, but his writhing helpless body is just too sumptuous, he is at your disposal to enjoy!”

“Very Impressive Scorpio!” Seed sat back in his chair, looking down at Swimmerboy, he was mesmerised by the tight, skimpy lycra speedo caressing the beautiful curves of Swimmerboy’s sexual organs. The red fabric was strikingly beautiful, the sight of the hero, stretched like a piece of meat made every sexual desire and feeling deep in his soul dance with delight. “He is just sumptuous Scorpio, a pure pleasure to behold!”

Swimmerboy looked up from his bondage and looked at the three villains assembled around him, watching his every move, the lust in their eyes was formidable and the electricity flowing though his speedo, invading his loins was another formidable display confirming the tingles secreting from his speedo sense. “You fiends,” he spoke with disdain and with determination, “you ffffucking fiends!” He looked longingly at his impressive speedo pouch, concentrating his speedo strength in resistance to the torture erupting in his speedo bulge.

“His bondage is pure art gentlemen and his magnificent young virile body provides an erotic display second to none!” Scorpio watched his toy pulling against the restraints, smiling and enjoying his handywork.

“Our rule here Seed and MantaRay is simple. You must worship the speedo offering of Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad! Several weeks ago, they were consecrated in the pleasure temple as pure pleasure offerings, their juices consecrated each member of the speedo compound, and anointed me as High Priest, Orgasmo and Electro were anointed priests of speedo.” MantaRay was anointed in Swimmerboy’s precum only hours ago and you my dear friend Seed, will be anointed in the juices of our heroes later today as we pleasure them into another long and deliberate orgasmic abyss!”

Seed leaned forward and then stood up to view Swimmerboy’s helplessly stretched writhing body, “I will look forward to that and savour the anticipation, you know how I love a man in lycra swimwear Scorpio!”

“Shall we make our introductions gentlemen!” Scorpio motioned for Seed to return to his seat at the table.

MantaRay gave his story to Scorpio and Orgasmo, who was also sitting at the table enjoying the sights and sounds of Swimmerboy twisting in pain, MantaRay had met Orgasmo in the private milking session of Swimmerboy earlier. He outlined his business dealings and his deep-seated sexual needs to enjoy Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad’s bondage. He conveyed his need to revenge Swimmerlad’s daring rescue perpetrated by the mighty Swimmerboy. After he finished his introductions, he looked at Swimmerboy, “You my dear boy will suffer dearly for rescuing Swimmerlad, in fact I intend to re-create that little torture scenario, but you will both endure the long torture drain on your speedo strength, I will deliver your High Priest, two huge fucking loads of hero cum that this this compound has never seen before and then I will enjoy as you are both pleasured for hours and milked of your holy hero speedo spunk.

Swimmerboy thrashed and twisted in his bonds as Mantaray opened his little control panel recessed into the board table in front of him, he dialled up a delicious upgrade to Swimmerboy’s electro torture. Swimmerboy cried out “Unnnnnkghhhhhh, ffffffffffffff.” MantaRay, smiling, cancelled the upgrade after a short while and Swimmerboy returned to default level torture panting and catching his breath, his face showing the strain of the insistent delicious torturing his delicious speedo clad body.

“Yum, I needed that!” MantaRay advised. He then proceeded to introduce Remora and Sucker, his two faithful henchmen.

“Very tall and handsome!” Seed purred as the two blonde henchmen appeared into the room and stood behind their boss.

“They really enjoyed Swimmerboy’s little milk show earlier, I think they would like to see some more!” MantaRay smirked looking over his shoulder at them. The smirk on Remora’s face was delicious and Sucker had a slight smile flickering on the left-hand side of his lips. They both had their arms folded showing off huge biceps and rippling muscles beneath the tight white T-shirts. They both wore the same Hawaiian boardshorts, they were of course huge twins and the only way to tell them apart was the R and S on the right side tight short sleeve of their T-shirts.

Orgasmo, looked across to the two huge henchmen, “Mmmmmm, I think we might be able to give them the odd milk shake or two.” Their devious eyes lit up and they looked at each other with smirks on their faces.

Remora was the one to speak, “I’ll take a large milk shake thanks” He turned his gaze on the writhing piece of speedo heaven stretched out in the middle of the board table.

It was time for Seed to display his wares.

Seed rose from his seat and acknowledged MantaRay, Remora & Sucker, “It is very nice to meet you gentlemen, I have heard of your operations MantaRay, you have made a fortune out of the east coast here. I have made a long journey from the US, but these days you don’t need to be anywhere in person. I run whole cartels from my little control room, which is now situated in this amazing compound. Thank you for agreeing to host my little facility Scorpio, I’m happy to be here and to share in the spoils of our labours.” He smiled looking around the room. “This piece of candy tied here looks so delicious, I can’t wait to try his seed! His speedo bulge is just too fucking erotic!” he watched as Swimmerboy twisted and moaned as he dealt with the torturous power attacking his beautiful red speedo. “His moans are just divine!”

“Phew, it IS very distracting Scorpio!” He laughed glancing over again at Swimmerboy, “such a delicious morsel, you naughty, naughty villain you!” “It is ok, I will focus!” He said smiling.

“Let me introduce first of all my loyal henchmen.” “Boys come in!”

Biff wore blue wrestling speedos, his dark long locks of hair cascaded over his brutish shoulders, huge pecs and powerful legs, he was a formidable package. Biff was followed by Thunder, almost as tall as Biff, but with spiky sandy blonde hair, he was the more attractive of the two henchmen, he wore red wrestling speedos and his smouldering good looks were not lost on any of the men in the room.

“These gentlemen are Biff and Thunder! They look a bit boofy, but these two used to be big news in the underground wrestling scene until one day, I approached them after a wrestle meet and made them an offer, they were unable to resist. The three of them smiled. “Biff and Thunder get to enjoy my toys with me, they are sexual little boys with complex needs, nice cocks too!” Thunder was looking at Swimmerboy, his hand instinctively rubbing his own red speedo.

“Now! Talking of toys, I have them here for a little show and tell! Go get em boys!”

“Yes boss” Biff looked away from Swimmerboy and snapped to attention, he grabbed Thunder’s shoulder, “Stop gawking at Swimmerboy, hehehe.” They both disappeared quickly and then re-appeared quickly, each holding a rope attached to a collar attached to delicious young man.

Biff and Thunder tugged on the ropes and the two captives arrived in the Boardroom, Biff and Thunder moved to different ends of the board table as two presentation frames emerged from the floor. Their two captives fought their bonds but were under some kind of a spell mesmerising them, it kept them pliable and compliant. It was as though they knew their role as they moved into place in the middle of the presentation frames. They were soon tied spreadeagled, stretched, and presented to the evil congregation of villains and henchmen.

“Now we have a smorgasbord, a nice buffet of speedo” Seed stood up clasping his hands together in delight. “May I introduce Play Toy Nathan!” he walked around the Board table glancing at Swimmerboy, writhing in pain and vainly pulling on his bonds, Swimmerboy’s hero instinct was to free himself and save these two captives, but he helplessly thrashed and moaned, looking up from his bonds he attempted to see exactly what Seed had delivered.

“You ffffffffffffffffffffff aggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fffucking bastards!” Swimmerboy thrashed and fought with all his available speedo strength through the fog created by his torture.

“Play Toy Nathan is, sorry was a member of Duke University’s Water Polo team, he played forward and was a prolific goal scorer. He wears a Duke University royal blue speedo and his delicious cock is quite long, look how it forms a delicious bulge in the garment.” Seed ran his fingers over Nathan’s delicious speedo pouch. “I saw him emerge from the pool one day and my keen eye enjoyed the way his drenched speedo clung to that fucking awesome cock and I just had to have him. So I acquired him!” Seed smiled at Nathan over his shoulder as he started to make his way to the other end of the table.

Nathan looked up at his wrists, held tightly, he looked down over his lovely swimmers build body and surveyed the ancle restraints pulling his legs apart. He looked up to see Swimmerboy writhing, spreadeagled on the board table. At the far end of the table he could see the other presentation frame and its captive.

Seed arrived at the other end of the table, “Here we have Play Toy Tyler! Just as delicious as my dear Nathan, Tyler used to play wing, his powerful shoulders are just lovely to look at, but his navy-blue speedos are just a picture, aren’t they?” “Tyler’s cock has a delicious juicy head, and he oozes sweet spunk when you get him going!” Seed ran his fingers around Tyler’s bulge, “Look how it displays as the scrumptious nylon fabric drapes across his loins. Oh dear, I think I just felt some precum stir in my own cock!” Seed looked down to check for a wet spot as he started to make his way back to his seat.

In his mid-thirties, Seed had become a major force in in the underworld. He kept his low profile nice and low, yet he commanded a vast array of cartels and gangs around the globe. His word was law on many continents, and he ruled his empire through ruthless overlords. Seed maintained his muscular physique, with dark well-kept short hair with smouldering blue eyes, he was a magnificent and handsome villain. His penchant for men in speedos and male anatomy was outrageous and he had spent most of the last month or so keeping up to the latest of Scorpio’s now famous Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad broadcasts. The speedoflix broadcasts only fuelled his desire to partner in Scorpio’s venture and to move his little research facility, his shiny spandex suit showed off his tight and muscular body to an amazing effect, Seed looked as delicious as his captives. He had full-blown speedo fetish, he liked his men in their early twenties, he liked them helplessly bound. He enjoyed his pleasures more than anything in the world and always ensured his needs were met.

“Thunder be a good boy will you!” Seed motioned toward Thunder standing dutifully at the end of the board room. Thunder handed Seed a small device and Seed simply nodded his head in gesture of thanks as the big man stepped backward to return to his position.

Seed stood at his position preparing to sit down, but his eyes were easily distracted at the beautiful hero stretched out and twisting in a world of pain. His eyes took in the majesty of Swimmerboy and the tight red Areena speedos, their sexual and sumptuous curves as the garment hugged the mighty hero’s body, the erotic display was calling him, Seed felt his cock twitch as a small globule of precum soaked into the spandex fabric.

“Mmmmmmmm, such a delicccccccccccccccccccccccious sight Scorpio, mind if I have a little, you know, play?”

Scorpio held out the palm of his hand, as if to say – feel free.

Seed aimed the little device and a red laser shot across the room and made its mark directly on Swimmerboy’s bellybutton.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Swimmerboy arched his body upward as if offering his speedo bulge as a gift, his cries resounded around the room as Seed aimed the device at random places of the hero’s body. Swimmerboy trembled and fought his bondage, he tried with his might, but the restraints held him firmly in his predicament.


Swimmerboy’s defiant face looked around the room, every set of eyes were fixated on him and the torture he was experiencing.

Seed, rubbed his bulge and arched his hips toward the table, showing off his own delicious mound, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that feels divine Swimmerboy, watching you writhe, listening to your voice as you articulate your pain, is such a sexual thing dear boy, I’m going to like it here!” He looked around the table at the smiling faces. He rubbed his mound and licked his fingers, “You make me wet Swimmerboy!” and with that Seed took his seat leaving the small laser device on the table in front of him, he liked to tease his captives and the device was well within Swimmerboy’s line of sight. “Keep moaning dear boy!”

“Now where were we?” Scorpio asked his horny group of Villains. “Tell us about your research Seed”

Seed composed himself, “I have been working on my two play toys since I had them abducted a year ago. Look I won’t mince words, I fuckin love men in speedo’s I love their bondage, I love their cum. I fucking love my own pleasure! I don’t get mixed up in the messy underworld, I have people for that, I focus on the things that I like, I focus on what gives me the most pleasure. So I created devices to control my play-toys. When I allow them time to rest, I have them restrained in the devices which tap into the ancient sections of their brains and programs them to seek pleasure. I have been working on their endurance of late, I hate it when they cum too early, I want their pleasure to be controlled and manipulated, I want their brains to respond to my wishes, my sexual needs. I have tapped into the erotic and sensual brain wave patterns and I’ll tell you now, these boys here are sexual dynamos. Aren’t they Bif?”

Bif was standing at attention at his end of the Board table, his blue speedos sported his growing erection.

“Oh yesssssssssssss boss!” Bif’s sly smile as he glanced toward Thunder told a story of sexual proportions.

“Oh calm down now boys, you’ll get your fill…” Seed laughed.

“I just need to work on endurance, Scorpio! I need to get them to last hours and I have been watching your control of this delicious offering” He motioned to Swimmerboy’s heaving speedo. “I would very much like to avail myself of your pleasure control technology, my two play-toys are at your disposal. I was thinking splicing DNA sequences or something like that, what do you think?”

Scorpio looked toward Orgasmo.

“Orgasmo is your man Seed!” Scorpio replied, “He is your go-to man, he has several engineers developing evil devices of pleasure control. Dear Swimmerboy knows only too well of some of his devices.”

Orgasmo looked at Seed, “I’ll get my boys down to your play-rooms and we will work on some integrations! Just look at the success we have had with Nylon and Lycra, these two virile young gentlemen, lifesavers if you will, are now conditioned as speedo lusting, ruthless henchmen, obedient and horny as fuck!”

Seed’s smile was outrageous, below the table, inside his shiny spandex suit he sported a throbbing penis, the fabric stretched to take his thickening and expanding cock.

Scorpio, checked the time and noticed the emitters in the room flashing blue. Swimmerboy arched his beautiful body, his head thrown to the left, his moans energised by the emitter array adding to his torture display.

Nylon opened the door using his security handprint and Scorpio stood to welcome the incoming party.

“Right on time! Boys!”

Electro entered the room, his suit recognisable by the large lightning bolt pointing down to his bulging manhood.

“Wow that was fun, and I hope I haven’t missed anything, looks like there is a whole speedo party happening here, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” He surveyed the room slowly. “I hope we’re not crashing the party, but I have another hero to enjoy!”

“Bring him in!”

Lycra pushed Swimmerlad into the room, the emiiters were on low, they kept him groggy and in his weakened state, he was no threat to anyone in the Boardroom, but his arms were bound behind his back and he fought his bonds valiantly. Swimmerlad was barely dry from his ordeal in the torture room. His damp red nylon speedos draped on his body were delicious and erotic, his bulge pushed outward and the sight of his penis encased in the light nylon fabric was a magnificent sight to behold.

“Swimmerlad gentlemen! Miles has had him steam cleaned!”

“I think I need to cum!” was Seed’s response. “This is a whole buffet of speedo delights Scorpio!” Seed stood up to reveal his raging hardon, his cock head was straining inside his costume. “Beautiful, and this beautiful thing must be Miles?” Seed watched intently as Miles followed Swimmerlad into the room.

Miles walked into the room beaming, his handsome features and tight body wrapped in the tight royal blue lycra speedo was as beautiful sight as his captive. Miles was sporting his skimpy blue lycra speedo, it was wet, his pre-cum a tell-tale of his play time with Swimmerlad.

“Come in dear boy,” Scorpio motioned to Miles to move toward the Board table, he motioned to the last empty seat. “Take a seat, we will take Swimmerlad from your custody!” he said with a smile.

“Miles, everyone and of course, my maestro of pain, Electro!” Scorpio introduced Miles and Electro firstly to the Villains and their respective henchmen and then the two play toys, Nathan and Tyler.

Swimmerlad was taken to a bondage frame which appeared from the side wall of the room and moved into place between the two ends of Board table, Nylon and Lycra tied Swimmerlad’s arms and ankles to the extremities of the device, he was stretched and suspended several feet from the ground as the device lifted. He was given the perfect viewing position and had a direct view of Swimmerboy as he lay stretched out on the board table, his torture continuing to ravage his loins in diabolical waves of electrical current.

“My two toys are at your bequest gentlemen!” Scorpio walked over to Swimmerlad and ran his hands across the hero’s legs, Swimmerlad’s speedo was just level with Scorpio’s face, Scorpio’s height put him in the perfect position to worship Swimmerlad’s delicious speedo offering. Scorpio looked up into the eyes of his weakened hero, his fingers caressing the curves and bumps of Swimmerlad’s balls encased in the red nylon Aussiebum garment. “So very impressive Swimmerlad, you are a beautiful and erotic delicacy from where I am standing!” Scorpio licked and sucked some of the remaining moisture from Swimmerlad’s speedo, his tongue feeling its way, enjoying the feeling of the nylon as it caressed Swimmerlad’s penis. Scorpio sucked diligently on Swimmerlad’s penis head as the helpless hero looked down watching his captor molest his speedo junk.

“Ffffuck you Scorpio” Swimmerlad pulled in his bondage, he still had 30 percent power remaining, he was weakened, but not totally defeated. “Get off me, you fiend!”

“But I bet you so enjoy having your cock worshipped and your speedo explored so erotically!” Scorpio smiled pulling his face away from the red bulge, looking up at Swimmerlad and then around to the room. Every eye was watching him, even Nathan and Tyler, both displayed in similar fashion at either end of the table.

Scoprio continued, “My two delicious speedo hero’s gentlemen, they generate such power, such endurance from their mystical speedo connection, their powerful speedo essence is a thing of beauty and their erotic and magnificent bodies are just pure sensual joy to behold, to torture and to pleasure. We have engineered their bodies, we have tapped into their speedo strength, we have devised ways to control and modulate the power signatures and we have built restraint systems with the ability to withstand their strength.”

“We only ask one thing, we demand it actually, you and your henchmen must revere and worship their speedo offerings. They have been consecrated in divine pleasure, anointed in their juices as pure and holy offerings. Their speedo clad bodies are objects of divine beauty in this secret compound!”

Seed stood, his raging hardon had subsided and his semi-erect cock was now encased inside his tight shiny suit, he looked down, admiring his bulging manhood as the shiny fabric reflected the lights in the room. He admired his huge bulge created by his semi-engorged penis, he gave it a rub and a pat. “Phew, got-ta control myself and not get too carried away!” he looked up and surveyed Swimmerboy’s writhing delicious body twisting, his tight red speedo’s and the outline of his magnificent cock, that magnificent mound of hero meat as it glided through the air as the torture stimulated and ravaged him. Swimmerboy’s moans were enthralling and a masterpiece of hero bondage theatre. He looked up at the ravishing Swimmerlad, stretched spread-eagled, his red nylon garment a commanding sight to behold, his handsome features and flexing muscles creating an irresistible and alluring vision of eroticism. “Of course, dear Scorpio, we would expect to do nothing less with these two ravishing helpless heroes!”

“I’m so happy to meet you both!” He looked between the two bound heroes.

Scorpio smiled, “Thank you seed! We will juice them tonight in special welcome ceremony, you will have plenty of pre-cum and jism to anoint yourself in to seal your worship oath!”

“I will look forward to that with a raging hardon for the rest of the day, I have been denying my play toys their ejaculations for over a week, we have so enjoyed bringing them to the peak of pleasure and then denying their cum flows.” Bif and Thunder stirred as they recalled enjoying the many pleasure sessions of the last week; the play toys had endured almost sixty hours of light pleasure sessions during their play time, they both had a week’s worth of cum build.

“I have been saving my play toys for a while, their cum denial is such an erotic turn on, I’m looking forward to tantalising them again soon and Orgasmo and I will discuss some pleasure technologies directly after our little intro session today!”

“We shall be off to a good start then!” Scoprio ran his fingers down Swimmerlad’s left leg, “My play toys will put on a show you won’t forget!”

MantaRay stood and looked toward Swimmerlad, “Remember me boy?”

“Fuck you, MantaRay!” Swimmerlad looked down at the Villain with hatred and disdain.

“You can’t escape me this time, Swimmerlad! I mean, look at your rescuer!” he motioned toward Swimmerboy as he opened the control panel in front of his seat, he dialled in several codes. The buzzing sounds enveloped the room in the sound of electro-torture.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.”

Swimmerboy’s body arched and he thrashed violently in his bondage, the electricity ensnared every millimetre of the tight lycra speedo caressing his body, the current inflicted every part of Swimmerboy’s skin in contact with the tight garment. It wrapped his balls and cooked his juices it barbequed Swimmerboy’s penis with violent pulses. Swimmerboy’s screams echoed around the room in the violent display of MantaRay’s sexual need to dominate and inflict pain.

MantaRay cancelled the outburst and span around with glee making his way to Swimmerlad. He arrived looking up at the delicious helpless hero, his fingers explored Swimmerlad’s tight buttocks, MantaRay’s arm extended between Swimmerlad’s stretched legs, and as he retracted his hands, he then motioned to feel up Swimmerlad’s entire erotic speedo pouch. MantaRay continued to abuse the young hero and looked upward into Swimmerlad’s seething angry eyes. “Your saviour is helpless, he writhes so deliciously Swimmerlad, he is as helpless as you. Guess what Swimmerlad, I am going to exact my revenge on you both, I will re-create your slow torture in the bath of pain, and you will both experience the encroaching agony as I drain your speedo strength. I have already booked a public torture space and I intend to put on a shocking show of power. Hahahahaha” With that he caressed Swimmerlad’s delicious bulging speedo one last time and returned to his seat as Swimmerlad thrashed in his bonds.

“You fucking piece of evil shit!” Swimmerlad twisted in his bonds in a vain attempt at freeing himself he needed to rip MantaRay’s head clean off, his anger seethed and bubbled to the surface as the hero thrashed violently.

“So who do we have here?” MantaRay was looking directly toward the deviously beautiful face Miles. “You walked in here behind a super villain and a delicious speedo hero and prance across to this table, like you own the place?” MantaRay’s look was one of puzzlement mixed with a growing desire for the handsome young man.

Electro arose holding out his hands gesturing the worked up MantaRay to calm down.

“My name is as you know Electro, I have a huge investment in time, money and lust in this place. This lovely young man is one of the compound Acolytes. His sexual needs are surpassed only by his good looks, stand up Miles and show them your wares.”

Miles stood up and performed one of his catwalk routines, his swimmers build tight delicious body wrapped in the tight lycra blue speedo was an amazing sight. He commanded their attention along with the special attention of Bif and Thunder, they were already sizing up the delicious young trainee for a session in their playrooms.

Electro smiled and noticed Bif playing with himself, “Hahahahaha no funny business Mr!” Electro addressed the henchman who nodded in affirmation of Electro’s authority.

‘Miles here made Swimmerlad cum, he drank Swimmerlad’s jism while he himself fucked the hero’s face, did you catch that episode gentlemen?” Electro looked around the room.

Seed purred, “Yes I did and you’ll go far dear boy,” he pointed his finger directly at Miles’ smiling face, “MantaRay watch Swimmerlad’s milking video on Scorpio’s speedoflix, it’s amazing! And Miles here played his part perfectly, maybe you can give us some tips on speedo worship?” Seed’s lusty eyes latched onto Miles, “you do it so well, a real natural!”

Electro returned the attention to himself, “So gentlemen, Miles here lived out one of his sexual fantasies today, tell them boy, how did you torture Swimmerlad?”

Miles stood up and pranced directly behind MantaRay right up to Swimmerlad, he caressed the ankle restraints pulling Swimmerlad’s legs apart. “I have always lusted after Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy, I have dreamed up ways of tying them, binding them, torturing them and when I was provided the secret pathway compound admission, I jumped at it. Fuck never in my wildest dreams, fantasies did I think I would get close to either of my sexual idols, but only days ago I found myself at the source of Swimmerlad’s nectar, I had his speedo bulge, his pouch, his helpless body at my fingertips, I just went for broke. Cut a long story short, Swimmerlad was delivered to me hours ago as my delicious captive, mine to torture and enjoy as I saw fit!” Miles rubbed his rapidly growing hardon and needless to say every eye in the room watched as he squeezed a globule of pre-cum through his semi erect cock, his speedo stretching to accommodate his delicious growing hardon. “Mmmmm, such a lovely memory” Miles flicked his shoulder length hair across his shoulders, his smouldering handsome face distracting them from Swimmerboy writhing on the table.

“Get on with it man!” barked MantaRay.

Miles stared at MantaRay with a cheeky grin appearing on his face.

“So I told Scorpio one of my sexual fantasies, and he granted me access to one of his torture room facilities. Really awesome Scorpio, can we watch the video?”

The far wall of the boardroom lit up, it being a huge screen flickered into life. The video showed Swimmerlad suspended and stretched out in a large dome shaped room.

“Nice!” Miles exclaimed! “I used the Very Powerful Virtual Restraint System , One of Electro’s new toys, it totally disabled Swimmerlad and I controlled exactly how I wanted him, it levitated him off the ground , rotated him stretched his arms and legs, he could struggle, but he was held securely in the virtual bondage. It freaked him out, didn’t it Swimmerlad?” Miles looked up at the struggling young hero.

“Fuck off Miles, you fffffffucking deviate” Swimmerlad looked down with determined eyes and his teeth clinched.

“I then enveloped Swimmerlad in a containment bubble!” the villains watched the video demonstration as it displayed on the huge wall screen. I then inserted a piece of old technology, a special pipe and filled Swimmerlad’s sealed bubble with superheated steam, I fucking pressure cooked him. To top off the display of divine sacrificial torture, we introduced elctro-torture into the bubble of pain, Swimmerlad was just erotic as he screamed, fuck it almost make me cream. I drained his speedo strength for 40 minutes and enjoyed myself as I taunted him through his agony, his screams bellowed and shook the torture room with violent hero force.”

Miles caressed Swimmerlad’s evocatively sexual red speedo bulge with tenderness and devotion and as he was caressing Swimmerlad, Swimmerboy cried out in a fit of pain as his speedo became enveloped in a massive wave of electrical energy invading his most private sexual regions with a baptism of torment.

“Yoooooooooooooooooooou nghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ffffffffffffffffffffffffuckers” Swimmerboy fought through the onslaught of pain, looking longingly toward his ravaged speedo and then upwards toward the gruelling display of Swimmerlad’s torture sequence displayed on the screen. Around the room villainous eyes were drawn to the screen, the look of glee wrapped the board table as the sounds of Swimmerlad’s torture mixed with the sounds of Swimmerboy as he writhed in pure pain, his beautiful body, his speedo offering twisting and contorting as the electricity flowed unrelentingly and devoid of mercy.

Scorpio stood and spoke loudly into the dissonance of sound enveloping the Board Room, “So gentlemen here we are 5 master villains, 2 super sexy, speedo heroes, and now 2 sexual play toys to enjoy and develop, to fashion into sexual and evil dynamos. We are creating an empire of sexual domination and as we get to know each other, we will develop into a mighty secret force, our combine minions around the world will control the world of evil and we will become gods as we play with our toys secretly and safely in this mighty speedo temple. Swimmerboy is such a delicious morsel, he writhes here in pain for your pleasure, his torment and Swimmerlad’s torment are displayed for our pleasure and as they make their next loads of juice, we can contemplate how we will enjoy their pleasure drain.”

MantaRay stood and looked up at the mighty Swimmerlad as he thrashed in the presentation frame and then to the writhing morsel displayed helplessly in front of the band of villainous masterminds, “Quite the show Scorpio, and my apologies to that delicious new recruit, that display of hero domination and your creative combination of technology and good old torture implements was impressive. I will look forward to watching as you pleasure drain these two delicious heroes and I will continue to make plans to exact my revenge on them both, believe me it will be shhhhhhocking!” he looked lustfully up to the handsome and erotic Swimmerlad as he thrashed helplessly in his vain attempt at freedom.

Seed then proceeded to stand and lean forward to touch Swimmerboy lustfully on his extended right leg, “Very soon boy, you’ll see, you will get to enjoy deep pleasure, you’ll enjoy that, won’t you, so just hold on a little longer dear boy, the pain will help you, the pain prepares you, the pain makes your cum, enjoy your torture.”

Swimmerlad looked down at Seed in fit of rage, his anger was explosive as his magnificent body writhed watching the evil display of pure evil gloating over his boyfriend’s tortured body, he too had been through outrageous evil pain inflicted by Miles in the pressure cooker and now he was forced to watch and listen to them taunt his beloved Swimmerboy in depths of his electro torture!

“Get your evil hands off him Seed, fuck you are all demented and fucking twisted, we will fight you with all our speedo strength, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he cried out in a fit of frustration, he could feel his speedo strength replenish and nourish his body but he was secured and forced to watch as they toyed with Swimmerboy. He looked across at Play Toy Nathan and Play Toy Tyler, they both writhed in their presentation frames as the villains began circling the room and mingling. Food and drinks were provided and they enjoyed the refreshments surrounded by their speedo clad toys, they planned and plotted, laughing devising sensual sessions of pleasure, they cooked up ideas of how to inflict pain and suffering on the mighty heroes and what they would seek to create with the water polo play toys.

MantaRay downed his third horderve as he approached Swimmerlad “It’s been a while my delicious young hero Swimmerlad, and look at you, so helpless as we torture your stunning boyfriend, he makes a delicious party treat doesn’t he?” He glanced over at Swimmerboy stretched out his body rippling and his flexing muscles looked erotic as the sounds of the electro torture buzzed insistently, Swimmerboy’s face was screwed up in his desperate attempts to use his speedo strength to resist the evil pain enveloping his tight red lycra speedo. MantaRay reached up and caressed Swimmerlad’s balls, his red nylon bulge was a spectacular and remarkable sight, “You’re so handsome and so erotic trussed up there on display, look at Swimmerboy’s bulge Swimmerlad, you will never be permitted to have him again, we have stolen him from you. You only get to see him dominated as you are dominated. You might be powerful, but you are a captured toy, and we will enjoy all you have to offer.”

Swimmerlad looked down at his tormentor, his captor and through determined gritted teeth, he spoke with such defiance and boldness, he was filling with speedo power and his rage was percolating deep within his chest.

“We will fight your evil MantaRay, you are so weak, if I could break these bonds and disable those speedo emitters, I would tear your head off! You piece of low life shit! Yes I CAN see and hear Swimmerboy as you torture him, but his every writhe, his every sound represents his fight against your evil devices. We will never give in to you!”

MantaRay squeezed Swimmerlad’s balls decisively and in a fit of joy he spat out his next words “Hahaha such a defiant hero, he says that as I molest his helpless body, hahahahahaha, I’m so looking forward to fucking torturing you Swimmerlad, you and your hero boyfriend, just us and no one to rescue you this time. You will scream until you black out once I’m done and I will deliver your cum filled beautiful bodies to Orgasmo over there so we can pleasure your juices out of your bodies slowly and deliberately!”

He let go of Swimmerlad’s raging and thrashing body and turning, he made his way over to play with one of Seeds’s play toys. Swimmerlad watched him as he took Tyler’s, speedo pouch into his face and as he worshipped the young man’s bulge with delirious sexual fervour. Swimmerlad could only watch and look on as the party of villains enjoyed their time amongst their trophies.

An artificial voice filled the room and lulled the villains away from their discussions.

“Well gentlemen,” Scoprio stood forward and made the announcement. “I hope you have enjoyed our little get-to-know-you party, and you have had time to view and acquaint yourself with the merchandise, it seems we have a lot to do, a world to conquer and heroes to subdue. The more we dominate here in our world of hero bondage, the more our devoted workers can infiltrate the world with evil. Our dear Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad will now be rested as their speedo strength replenishes their bodies, we will convene in the intimate pleasure parlour in several hours, our two heroes will be pleasured in a cosy theatre style set up for twenty guests, you will all have front row VIP seats, of course. We have a delicious demonstration planned and I’m sure there won’t be a dry seat in room, it will be explosive and luscious! he laughed at his own joke as he dismissed the party in preparations for upcoming event.

Swimmerlad watched as the two Play Toys were freed from their bondage and marched out of the board room by Bif and Thunder, Seed followed his little entourage and as they departed the room. MantaRay, smiled over his shoulder at Swimmerlad as he departed with his two henchmen in tow. Swimmerlad knew he was going to be bad news; MantaRay had an axe to grind so that would now make two of them along with Scorpio’s insistent need to defeat he and Swimmerboy.

Swimmerboy lay on the table, his body splayed out in front of Swimmerlad still suspended up in the presentation frame. Swimmerboy was no longer writhing, the pain sequence had depleted him sufficiently for Scorpio’s purposes, he lay moaning his head lolling from side to side, his moans were unintelligible bursts of his consciousness, he still had 30 percent speedo power, but the insistent torture of his sexual organs had taken a deep toll, he was fragile as he laid spread out, his beautiful speedo presence, turned Swimmerlad on, the deep sexual connection he and Swimmerboy enjoyed was bursting within him as he fought his bonds suspended overlooking the board table.

Scorpio dismissed Miles, “You did really well today, and I am so pleased you chose not to ejaculate over Swimmerlad as you tortured him, I know just watching and listening to that piece of hero heaven spread out in front of you, writhing in pain must have been such a powerful turn-on, but you’ll get your chance in a few hours, you can cum for our new residents as Swimmerlad and Swimmerboy are pleasured you never know you might get one or two of them to suck you dry as they watch these two powerhouse, drop-dead gorgeous heroes being pleasured before their eyes.”

Miles smiled, he somehow understood Scorpio and the deviously evil plans he had for Swimmerboy and Swimmerlad. “I promise to restrain myself Scorpio, I’m so fuckin horny, I mean really fuckin horny. I promise not to cum between now and pleasure ceremony.” Miles was learning fast; he gave his new boss a comical sad face as he departed the board room.

“That boy is going places! He is gorgeous, he is speedo-mad and he fuckin worships you Swimmerlad!” Scorpio had turned his attention on the helpless hero suspended up in the presentation frame. “I saw you lusting over your delicious boyfriend, I mean look at that vision of delicious sexual beauty spread out there! Lower Swimmerlad down!”

Swimmerlad’s bondage device whirred into action and slowly positioned the beautiful Swimmerlad back to floor level.

“Miles will have you soon Swimmerlad, I’m going to approve your cum offering just for him, he will have you for say,” He touched his index finger to his lips, pretending to be deep in thought, “four or five hours, I’ll host you and Miles in my private pleasure rooms and Miles will ensure he extracts your pleasure slowly and deliberately, he will ensure your delicious speedo bulge is ravaged by unbelievable pleasure energy, you will writhe for him as he dines on your body, your pre-cum and your orgasmic offering of hero nectar. I will look forward to that Swimmerlad and I’ll put it in your diary.” Scorpio gloated over the ravishing blonde hero. Swimmerlad’s face was full of anger and disdain.

“You fucking twisted fiend!” Swimmerlad thrust his speedo energised body, his face glaring at Scorpio as he felt his speedo power gurgling deep within his loins. His anger and disdain were powerful motivators, but he remained helplessly bound and frustrated.

“You are so sexy like that Swimmerlad, fucking beautiful! By the way, my speedo AI reports you and your delicious boyfriend here have lots of nectar waiting to be harvested later today, Miles did well to torture you so superbly. We will pleasure you soon and will display your delicious bodies in an erotic dance to sexual oblivion. So, rest up dear boy, don’t get yourself so worked up! It’s not good for your health!” He laughed and motioned to Orgasmo and Electro to leave the room. “We’re off now Swimmerlad, look after your boyfriend, we need you both juiced up and ready to perform soon! Scorpio made his way to the door, behind his speedo priests. “Tat Ta boys, see you soon!”

That left Swimmerlad, Swimmerboy, Nylon and Lycra left in the boardroom.

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